Frank Lampard is focused on squad building after Everton avoided relegation

Everton manager Frank Lampard will immediately focus on making his squad better and more balanced, knowing without them they could fight relegation again. (Author: Gardener)

Frank LampardEverton manager Frank Lampard wants to make some quick decisions about his squad for next season (Peter Byrne/PA) Everton manager Frank Lampard wants to make some quick decisions about his squad for next season (Peter Byrne/PA) Everton manager Frank Lampard will immediately turn his attention to making his squad better and more balanced, knowing that without them they could fight relegation again. The Toffees could lose their top status for the first time in 71 years with a dramatic 3-2 win over Crystal Palace on Thursday, securing their future after a season of struggles. "It was obviously second on the priority list because we had to get that done (to avoid relegation)," he said. “We will now quickly think about that because we have to bring the club forward. Can we make the squad stronger and more balanced? “We now have Kevin Thelwell (the new director of football), we have the board who are interested in getting the best out of the club. "We don't want to be here next season but we understand that if we don't take positive steps it could be possible so we will be ready to move on as soon as possible." Six players - two backup goalkeepers Asmir Begovic and Andy Lonergan, defender Jonjoe Kenny, midfielder Fabian Delph and strikers Cenk Tosun and Gylfi Sigurdsson are all out of contract this summer. Of these, Everton might want to try and keep Begovic and Delph, for whom deals would be relatively cheap, but the squad needs an injection of fresh blood. Dele Alli's second-half performance against Palace gave him arguably his best performance in four disappointing months since joining from Tottenham and Lampard is hoping he can put the England international back in top form. The Everton manager is also hoping that extending his Premier League stint will convince some of his better players they can still enjoy a future at the club. Match-winner Dominic Calvert-Lewin may have had an injury-plagued season but he has been linked with a summer move, with Arsenal suggested among clubs as a suggested destination, while England number one Jordan Pickford and Richarlison, who came to life with six goals in nine games as the crisis peaked are the only other players who could be lured away. "Those talks were put on hold because everyone knew our situation," he said. Players want to play in the Premier League, all those players want, so those talks can start now. “You've seen the quality of Jordan throughout the season, but especially Dominic (against Palace) and Richarlison in the last six weeks. "We want to be successful, we want to continue that." What the manager doesn't yet know is the impact of the profit and sustainability rules, given that the club has made an overall loss of more than £370million over the last three years and he will be forced to to raise money before he can spend it. "To be honest, I didn't feel that, but if that's the case, we'll sit down and try to find the best way," he said. "If it were up to me let me keep players who are doing really well for the club and let's stay as high up the table as we can. "My biggest thing here is that I want a happy, determined camp moving in the same direction and we have to look at that in every way."


"Suck it," say Everton fans. Toffees are going to Europe next season

Everton fans react to Frank Lampard keeping them in Premier League: Also: Mails on pitch invasions, Trent and the final day... (Author: Gardener)

EvertonEverton fans react to Frank Lampard keeping them in the Premier League: Also: Mails on pitch invasions, Trent Alexander-Arnold and the last day... Everton don't go under. I'm sure the sadness felt there will soon pass. All this despite Rafa trying to dismount us. Forward and upward we will be back in the top 5-7 next season. Steve Limerick Ireland...Too much to say so I won't. ...Well, John Nicholson can put Frank in his pipe and smoke it. ... Please post Frank Lampard's hatchet job you had ready at half-time ... A few weeks ago, when Everton were starting to get a little less trashy, I read a short article on a bookmaker's website that said Frank Lampard was introducing himself was destined to become the next Pep Guardiola, but he's had greater success imitating Jose Mourinho's style. Last night's game shattered all comparisons to The Special One. No Mourinho team has ever been so chaotic, at both ends of the pitch. But it got me thinking, is Frank Lampard really the new Joe F*cking Kinnear? The Toffees' survival was not the result of clever tactics, nor was it based on defensive solidity. The siege mentality Lampard instilled in this Everton side is reminiscent of the 'us against the world' approach favored by Kinnear. Admittedly, Lampard has yet to call someone who c*nt is a press conference, but he's still in the infancy of his managerial career, give him time. It may not be the career path Lampard was hoping for, but it's the perfect moment to carve out a niche for yourself as a firefighter. Of course, the first team to face looming relegation next season will nominate Sean Dyche, but who else is there in the escapologist market? As a Spurs fan I was glad Dele played well and enjoyed his football last night. There's an undercurrent of racism in some sections of the press but I don't really think that's the case with the fans, they just believe in narratives and it's snowing from there When he first showed up for Everton training he came in a Bentley Continental and was fined for being "lightning". Days later, he clearly decides to tone it down after the comments he unveiled to the crowd, and is accused of "dressing like he's homeless." It was so good to put all the circus aside last night and see him play well, contribute and help turn the game for his team. He was such an exciting talent when he broke onto the Premier League scene. I think he got distracted by things outside of football but I never believed in that narrative that he was 'lazy' because I watched him with my own eyes. The downward spiral began at the Russia World Cup. Southgate ran him to the ground and played him off injured. He was a regular part of Pochettino's last full season and struggled a lot with his fitness. I really feel like a combination of factors caused him to fall out of love with the game. I've never seen a move like him in the modern English game. He scored goals in big games despite everyone saying he didn't have the temperament for it. I hope this is the start of his comeback. He's got tons of talent and just needs to get his head back in the game and enjoy his football again and he'll fly. Ross THFC Watching Patrick Viera's video shows the need to protect players and managers. This is getting worse and someone really needs to be stabbed or trampled to death before the FA actually acts. Because that's where it's going. A fixed penalty and a 20-game or so ban for any fan who takes to the pitch should be mandatory at a minimum. Scaling to games behind closed doors and points docked over a few seasons for repeat offenses. Paul For a club proud of how 'big' they are and how long they've stayed in the top flight, a pitch invasion (yes, a pitch invasion!) for not being relegated despite the eighth highest wage bill League is beyond ridiculous. Even if one were to overlook the fact that passion and emotion are running high and spurring on the opposite manager, a certain Patrick Vieira who has conclusively proven to be more scholarly, articulate and clearly a far better manager than Frank Lampard, it is disgusting. Yes, this Patrick Vieira, whose team has a much lower wage bill and who, man for man, has the worse players compared to Everton. One can only imagine what Vieira could do with this Everton club. And then having the audacity to look shocked when the opposing manager you and your bunch goading on the pitch (which you have no right to be at all) retaliates, that's downright low. Now, I'm not advocating fighting fire with fire, but what person in this situation could resist bashing these moronic fans. That fault in this situation is 100% Everton and those fans (obviously not all but that subset) and not Patrick Vieira. As always, some media and television pundits will position this as Vieira attacking a fan. The implicit racism in it (and how different it would be if it was Lampard instead) just saddens me. Super Patrick Vieira, as Palace fans know better than the rest of us, will come out of it stronger. He has been a revelation this season and has been rightfully recognized as one of the 4 outstanding managers in the league. As for Frank Lampard, the silver lining is that he will remain Everton's manager next season, which is where the real pressure will begin and he will show once and for all that he just isn't that good. ... Is it time for much harsher penalties for large-scale pitch invasions? This week we saw an idiot jailed for headbutting Billy Sharp and also last night there was an incident where an idiot goaded Vieira who ended up snapping and aiming a kick at him. I don't know what the current penalty is for clubs, probably a small fine but the FA will have to look at games behind closed doors, large fines or possible point deductions. And before any Everton fans jump on the fact that I'm not a Leeds, Burnley or Liverpool fan, suggest you deduct points to ensure you're relegated. It's impossible for the number of stewards and police to stop thousands of fans pouring onto the pitch so the deterrent has to be something felt by those fans. Closed-door games and point deductions would do the trick and keep players and staff safe. Rich, AFC PS I look forward to the 'cheer police' taking Everton to task and the media applauding the job Lampard has done to lead his side deep into a relegation battle before finally cleaning up his own mess - just Alternatives to Penalty Shootouts For a fun action, overtime has all but one player on each team playing in flip-flops. The selected player is allowed to wear a pair of sneakers (cannot have studs and flip-flops after all). Guaranteed fouls, fun and goals galore (for the chosen one(s)). ...It's always interesting to read ideas for alternatives to penalties, but I think the solution already exists - albeit in a different sport. In hockey, they have a penalty shootout, but the "shooter" starts at the center line and dribbles in to try and make it 1-1. Goals would be less likely than with normal penalty shootouts and would be much more skill based - hence encouraging teams to keep attacking players on the pitch. Also, with Alisson's one-on-one superpowers, Liverpool would probably win every penalty shootout we go to which would be a bonus... It seems a lot of people are against penalties and are coming up with more and more complex ways to decide games without using the penalty shootout to settle them. For me there really is no better way. Penalties are part of the game and are a test of nerves when the pressure is on in a penalty shootout. All the ideas of playing with reduced numbers or goalkeepers who can't use their hands, which then results in a penalty, are just a little crazy. If that happened, guess what, the game would most likely still be decided by a penalty. The silver and gold goals were used and personally I felt they were a great idea and should be reconsidered as an additional way to decide a game. They may not have worked quite as intended to stimulate attacking play in overtime, but it was better than nothing. Players are usually shaken up by overtime and as Andy (MUFC) says, it usually often results in a penalty shootout when teams play overtime. However, I wouldn't go as far as Andy and remove extra time, maybe just reduce it to 15 minutes. Ultimately, I personally see a shootout as the fairest way, and it adds a layer of intrigue and danger at the end of a long game, and both teams really can't complain when the game has to be decided that way. ... I think the solution would be quite simple if penalties were replaced - remove one player from each team after 90 minutes and continue to do so every five minutes in extra time. A win could be allowed at either 105 minutes or 120 minutes. If the game is tied after 30 minutes of injury, the same process could continue until a golden goal is scored. At least tournaments are won by actual goals and not by the current scenario where one individual's failure becomes the most memorable moment. Likewise, the tactical decisions to remove specific players would be incredibly intriguing. I suggest starting all football matches with a pre-game penalty shootout that will determine a clear winner. If there is a clear winner within regulation time, penalty kick results will be voided before play. If the game ends in a draw (e.g. 2-2), at the end of regulation time (90+ overtime), the results of the pre-game penalties are taken into account and recognized as the final score. 1) The penalty taker does not feel the burden of over 90 minutes and stress before taking a penalty. 2) There is no psychological advantage for the team that equalizes in the last minute before the penalty shootout. 3) The team that may have lost the penalty shootout (pre-game) plays to win overall victory and avoid recourse to pre-game penalty shootout results. 4) No need for special substitutions (like Tim Krull) just for penalties. ... I'm not sure how to start this online but I would like to start a petition for the FA to read and consider. I just don't like it when cup finals are decided on penalties, we want goals, that's why we watch football. And that's not to say there aren't miles to see a really well-played goal conceded in a 0-0 draw...but a cup final shouldn't be decided by two penalties when a team has spent a whole season trying to beat their Perfecting the game to reach the final, the pinnacle of their season and in this case the FA Cup, the highest honor in club and player football. I don't know, but I'd rather wait for a golden goal than watch a penalty shootout. If the two teams contesting the final reach a tie at the end of the 90 minutes (full time), overtime will be played and the result is still a tie, the match should be awarded to the first team to score. This is the team that scored the first goal; They entertained the crowd. This would fuel the opposing side's passions to try to create more chances; come from behind and make a spectacle of the game. And what happens if it's 0-0 after full-time and overtime? Both teams should get a medal for second place as they didn't score. failed to excite the crowd; and failed to win the final. a bit like the Ryder Cup and the Ashes, there is a precedent here…. I consulted a small focus group who all agree this is far, far preferable to taking penalties. Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work. As I read the various proposals to replace a penalty shootout, I felt compelled to write. My two brothers and I had this very debate sometime in the 1990s, almost certainly after one of England's late-stage eliminations in a major competition when the level of perceived injustice was high. We came up with three scenarios, the first of which was essentially what was previously described by a Mailbox contributor; Remove players at defined intervals. But let me offer two more to try and guarantee high drama, and a quick (and undeniably deserved) conclusion: consider how many, if any, players stand on the goal line to go headfirst with every incoming shot to jump . Do we really doubt that we would score pretty quickly from open play? Kick off with two balls at the same time. While this poses some challenges for television coverage and even commentary, imagine the glorious chaos (and commentary) if opposing sides were to attack simultaneously. Better yet, imagine wingers from the same team charging forward on both flanks at once, raining crosses into the box. I could regret that the referee, or rather the referees, have to keep track of all this, but the spectacle would certainly be worth it. The first goal wins, and we would quickly get one. I look forward to leading the campaign needed to make Option 2 a reality. I suggest that the goal size needs to be increased, which will result in more goals for both teams. I'd rather see scores of 6-5, 7-4, 8-7 than have a penalty call. The top goalkeepers are huge men now, and with the well-organized defenders, it's difficult to score goals, but the fans want to see goals. Make scoring easier with wider and taller goal posts. Trent and a Team Game So Calum claims to be a data analyst in the weary TAA saga, but doesn't do any analysis. The output of data or individual facts is not an analysis. TAA are part of a chain of five that have kept 21 clean sheets and conceded just 25 goals in the league this year. I'm sure if you were to track the data for the defenders who played the most minutes for Liverpool in defense they wouldn't beat any of the individual stats per 90 mentioned. A comparison with the City players would also have been more interesting, as they have also kept 21 clean sheets and conceded only 24 goals. Both teams are holding a high line, Liverpool exceptionally high. Both teams use one or more full-backs as part of their attacking strategy. Both teams have a high percentage of possession per game, which means their defenders engage in less "traditional" defence. This debate started when AWB went to United and many United fans claimed he was a better 'defender' than TAA and should be in the England team before him. This year United have conceded 56 goals and kept just 8 clean sheets. To put it in perspective, Burnley have kept 9 clean sheets and conceded 50 goals. So not much yelling about United's defense this year - so would have thought that whole TAA debate would have died down. Defending and attacking is such a team game today. Liverpool's high line compresses the field, allowing their press to turn possession in the opposition half. Liverpool "tackles" more in advance. A Liverpool defender's number of attacks is significantly lower due to his possession, high line and forward pressing. They also catch their opponents offside far more often than any other team. By mid-February, Liverpool had been caught offside 101 times, City the next, 61, and it falls away from them. One could say that Liverpool defend from the front, although this is not entirely true, their playing strategy has the effect that the opponent does not get too many decent attacking opportunities. Liverpool can get caught occasionally and you'll see that their main objective is to drive opponents away from a scoring opening while chasing the rest of the team. Some of the poorer pundits (less analysis-oriented) kept talking about Liverpool's highline earlier in the season but are saying it less now as the stats that count - goals conceded and goals conceded - remain low. It allows Trent and Robertson to go forward and still have midfielders who can cover effectively when needed. It takes a certain level of courage, but it's a tactic Klopp decided would give them an advantage, so train with it and use it well. I can see that a United fan's desire to tap a Liverpool player is not very good. But obviously TAA is doing very well within the construct of the team created by Klopp. Liverpool is about managing individual playing strengths within a structure that may require them to play differently than they otherwise would and would do elsewhere. It's also why we see some players who have been successful at Liverpool not doing as well elsewhere. At the end of the day, I'm sure TAA, as the youngest player to win the League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and World Club Cup, isn't worried about opposing fans throwing those stats away to say that he actually is a very crappy footballer. I think we all know he's not. And really, the only one he has to convince is Klopp. Paul McDevitt...On the subject of luck, it would be fair to say that almost all teams have a degree of luck. When I talk about luck I always think of a quote from Roberto Baggio when asked how he felt about being so unlucky after hitting both the post and the crossbar while playing for Fiorentina: “Luck ? if I hit the post, it's because I didn't shoot at goal.” On the subject of penalties as a lottery, that's just absurd. If that were true, we would see different winners quite often and players would randomly miss and get the same amount. But we all know there are some who (almost) never miss, and some teams who win it far more than others. Punish is an ability like any other. As we've recently seen, Liverpool are handling this quite well. While England does not. There's nothing wrong with penalties deciding a game because it's still based on skill and mentality. Finally an answer to the data analyst who picked my post apart. True, I'm not a data analyst, so I may have made mistakes, but I didn't start out believing Trent was a good defender. I really just wanted to know if he's as bad as everyone says, which even you said he's not. Oddly you mentioned that his stats are bolstered by playing in a good defense but then failed to recognize that he's part of that good defense, they don't prop him up, they all work together as a unit. However, to put it much more simply - if Trent was available for free, how many teams would turn him down? Just City I think (personally I think Cancelo is a better all-around defender so I'll take him). I'm pretty sure every other team in the league would be happy to swap their current right-back for Trento. Final Day Thoughts 2 days until the title is decided. Gerrard wins Liverpool title! Coutinho wins Liverpool title! Ings wins Liverpool the title! Or alternatively, Gerrard will cost Liverpool the title (not sure how that happens but someone will tell). Grealish defeats the old club and wins the title! So much story, so little time. However, in all likelihood, City will only win 3-0, Grealish will fail to score and headline writers will be very sad. If they do, they will do something that hasn't been done since soccer was invented in 1992. No team in the Premier League era has ever risen from 2nd to 1st on the last matchday. United were close but then AGUEROOOO and we know how that ended. 3. In fact, only once has the first-place team failed to win while the title is still at stake. That was Blackburn in 1995, who lost 2-1 to Liverpool. Luckily for them (and everyone at Anfield) United couldn't beat West Ham so Rovers still won the title. 4. Of course it has happened before the Premier League. Most recently and most famously when Arsenal won 2-0 at Anfield in 1989 to win the title. So it's not uncommon, but it happens very rarely. 5. The shape doesn't look good either. Villa have struggled to keep a clean sheet lately. Last time they played against a team with decent batting power they delivered 4. Against the top 7 in England they only picked up 4 points this year and that was against Man United which doesn't really count. 6. City, on the other hand, has rolled over teams. They have scored at least 2 goals in the last 8 league games. They have scored 21 goals in the last 5. They have only lost once to a team outside the top 7 points since January. 7. But football has a way of making you believe. One of the reasons AGUEROOOO was so good was the way it sounds. The 'o' at the end is nice. Does anyone play on Sundays with an "o" in their name? A man can dream. 8. After the Spurs draw, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek email predicting the results for the end of the season. I wrote: “City have a comfortable 3-0 win over Newcastle… Liverpool respond with a narrow 2-1 win over Villa, City then win 3-1 at Wolves… City fall at West Ham with a 2-0 Defeat. Liverpool capitalized on that slip and won 1-0 in Southampton. You'll find I got every score right for City (if you subtract 2 of the goals City scored for each game). With that in mind, I predict: Man City 0-3 Aston Villa. In all likelihood, City will win 3-0 or 4-0. Or, just to be annoying, concede early and then win 4-1. There is absolutely no logical reason why City should lose points. Soccer is a game where logic can fly out the window. Perhaps more than in any other sport, the impossible, the unpredictable, and the wonderful can happen. Therefore, despite all the above reasons, there is hope. And without being too cheesy, hope is a beautiful thing. The thing about hoping in the face of impossible odds is that while very occasionally you will be rewarded, most of the time you won't. City are likely to win and if they do, it's well deserved. I will not be discouraged or upset. I will just think back to what a wonderful season it has been and what a joy it is to watch this squad of players compete. And I can look forward to next weekend when the cycle of hope begins again. Mike, LFC, London... Obviously the last thing we need is another email about the prospect of Villa and her manager Liverpool doing a 'favour' (not a favour, just doing the job they're hugely paid to do) . so here it is. In 2018 Crystal Palace were an average middle table team going to the Etihad, completely dominated (City had 78.3% possession and 19 shots on Palace's 3) but came away with a 2-3 win (huge help from a worldie from Andros Townsend). Still an average midfield team in 2021, Palace went to the Etihad and aided by Laporte, who was sent off just before half-time, won 2-0 despite again falling behind in every other metric despite having one man Advantage for half the game. No one thought they would stand a chance in either game, just as no one thinks Villa stand a chance on Sunday. Villa will likely lose on Sunday and will likely be toned in the process, but possibly not. And that little intrigue is an integral part of the sporting experience and if you don't get that then I'm not sure what you are doing reading this. Sunday is all about the anti-climax because no matter how much you hate Liverpool, you sure want it to be exciting? If there's a chance of one of the teams being crowned champions with ten minutes left, aren't we all happy with that? I realize that happiness might be short-lived depending on what happens in those ten minutes, but surely we all want it to end? In reply to Chris who I think posted the same thing verbatim in the comments on the previous mailbag. I don't think many Liverpool supporters think Aston Villa are likely to score a result at City but damn sometimes football and a supporter has to be a game of the heart. There's no shame in having some hope for the next few days until, as you logically suggest, City have taken a 2-0 lead and done it. I occasionally buy a lottery ticket when the jackpot goes high enough. I know full well that there's a very good chance I won't win anything, but a small purchase gives you a little time before the draw to think 'what if?' Where would I buy my cottage, how cool would it be? When I retire from my job, what crazy super car will I buy? Plenty of time for hard logic once the dust settles on Sunday, it's a cool spot in FIFA/Football Manager's what-if land. Damn, the wolves played us well. Even if City make a mistake, there's still a job for a tired club with one eye on the Champions League final. Mark LFC (Don't tell me not to dream lol) So a quick question for the united Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Burnley and Leeds fans...if they get a chance to review the result/events of the last matchday writing in such a script A way that benefits your team and at the same time puts you in high spirits. What will your script look like? As a Liverpool fan who can only hope for the quadruple (let's face it, it's City's title to lose), the Liverpool boys at Villa may try to cause an upset, but ultimately they're more likely to coming up short as the town is miles better... so If Wishes Were Horses, here's my script; Wolves started off like a house on fire against Liverpool like they'd been signed by oil money... While Liverpool are still trying to find a rhythm about 30 minutes into the game... Anfield became tense and more broadly deflated as fans hit the pop-up notifications on her watched phones, Mahrez just scored a second of City's 2 rapid-fire goals, it's City 2-0 Villa now... The atmosphere from the stands seeps into the pitch and seems to be affecting the red men on the Anfield lawn , and they somehow fall back to one. Wolves' swift counter-attack was brilliantly dealt with by Neto just before half-time in the 44th minute. Also haben wir es HT-Ergebnis Zumindest Liverpool-Fans auf der ganzen Welt (einschließlich dieses Skripters) kann man vergeben, wenn sie ManCity widerwillig zum Abschöpfen gratulieren ein weiterer EPL-Titel am letzten Tag … nur damit sich dieser Drehbuchautor daran erinnert, dass er für die Ereignisse am letzten Tag verantwortlich ist … Liverpool konnte immer noch nicht in ihren Groove kommen (offensichtlich zerquetscht das HT-Ergebnis von City jede kleine Hoffnung, die sie haben Hafen und sie selbst liegen derzeit im Rückstand). 54 ‘Wölfe erhielten einen umstrittenen Elfmeter, der bei der Wiederholung nicht hätte gegeben werden dürfen, aber VAR hat irgendwie nicht überprüft und Moutinho hochgetreten, der es irgendwie geschafft hat, den Pfosten zu treffen…. Und dieser Moment scheint die Männer in Rot einfach lebendig zurückzudrängen (sie hören auf, sich selbst zu bemitleiden, und treten vor, um den Fans zumindest ein standesgemäßes Ende des letzten Heimligaspiels zu bereiten). (aber Torlinie irgendwie immer noch Stadt 2-0 Villa) 69' völlig gegen den Spielverlauf, McGinn zieht einen zurück für Villa 2-1 (immer noch Liverpool 1-1 Wölfe) 73' Wölfe ziehen sich unerklärlicherweise mit einem Standardtor ab Conor Coady – auch gegen den Spielverlauf Liverpool 1-2 Wolves … lauter Jubel der Heimfans im Etihad ohne ein Tor vor Ort signalisiert den Spielern ihren Aufwärtstrend. Dies lockt die Stadtspieler irgendwie in eine Art Sicherheit … Immer noch Stadt 2-1 Villa (die Liverpool-Jungs in der Villa geben wirklich alles) 81 'Konate geht von einer Robertson-Lieferung nach Hause, um das Ergebnis auf 2-2 (immer noch 2-1 im Etihad) 90 + 4' zu verbessern Zeit an der Anfield Road Liverpool 3-2 Wölfe. Das Titelrennen ist gelaufen und der zweite war alles, was sie holen konnten. Liverpool erwartet den Titel nicht, da die Stadt mit 90 + 5 '90 + 5' wirklich an ihrer Führung festhält Ball) für Villa, der vom Schiedsrichter nicht entdeckt wurde… Nach einer langen Überprüfung musste der Schiedsrichter selbst auf dem Bildschirm bestätigen… (zu diesem Zeitpunkt war Anfield immer noch gefüllt mit einer Reihe von Fans und Spielern, die auf das Endergebnis von warteten das unglaubliche Chaos am Etihad) Der Schiedsrichter zeigte auf den Punkt. (Ehrlich gesagt, ich kann mir die Szenen in Anfield zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht vorstellen 90 + 8 'Coutinho, ein ehemaliges Wunderkind von Liverpool, tritt auf und schultert die Hoffnung von Millionen von Reds-Fans ... einen Kick davon, Gerrard eine Erlösung zu geben ... einen Kick weg vom Wiederaufbau der verbrannten Brücke mit den Anfield-Gläubigen … Nur einen Kick davon entfernt, Liverpool den Titel zu überreichen … Ich schreibe dies, da wir drei vorletzte Spiele vor dem Ende der Saison sehen werden. mit Ausgaben, Nettoausgaben, Voreingenommenheit (wahrgenommen oder nicht), VAR usw. Also lasst uns zur Abwechslung mal nett zueinander sein Das ist meine Meinung zu jedem Team bisher: City: Überhaupt nicht schlecht, aber nicht so gut wie wir wissen, dass wir sein können. LFC: Mein Gott, sie waren brillant! THFC: Siehe unten. AFC: Siehe oben. MUFC: Tut mir leid, aber es war eine verdammt beschissene Saison für euch alle. WHUFC: Was für eine Saison! Brillant. AVFC: Steve hat es gut gemacht. Mal sehen, was er in der nächsten Saison tun kann. Das und Liverpool haben dich (noch) nicht wieder überfallen. EFC: Ich habe darüber nachgedacht lange und hart, und ich konnte wirklich nichts Gutes sagen. BFC: Du warst eine tragende Säule, und das ist großartig, aber vielleicht musst du die Dinge ein wenig ändern? WFC: Ich weiß nicht, wirklich nicht. Also, ich habe versucht, nett zu allen zu sein, ich habe wahrscheinlich hier und da versagt, aber ich war nicht böse, ich habe nicht versucht, Ausreden für mein Team zu finden, also jetzt vor Sonntag zu Ihnen. Als Antwort auf Mike, LFC, London, der offensichtlich eine tolle Zeit in Dubai hatte, möchte ich ihm für den Hinweis danken, dass ich nicht alle meine Fakten richtig gemacht habe. Zunächst hätte ich natürlich Abu Dhabi schreiben sollen, nicht VAE, da die 7 Emirate ja unterschiedliche Gesetze haben. Abu Dhabi verbüßt ​​tatsächlich nicht die Todesstrafe für Homosexualität, wie auch Mike betonte. Das wird laut Artikel 80 ihres Strafgesetzbuches nur mit Gefängnis bis zu 14 Jahren (in Dubai übrigens 10 Jahre) geahndet. Das sollten großartige Neuigkeiten für den jungen Jake Daniels sein – ich bin sicher, er wird erleichtert sein. Ich denke, nachdem Mike diesen wichtigen Punkt geklärt hat, können wir alle wieder Man City anfeuern, sicher in dem Wissen, dass ihre Besitzer tatsächlich großartige Menschen sind, die Jake nicht schaden würden (außer ihn ins Gefängnis zu stecken). für einen großen Teil seines Lebens natürlich). Ich habe auch meine 2 Jahre in Dubai genossen (The Lakes, außerhalb von Emirates Hills, da du gefragt hast, Mike). Wir waren ziemlich angewidert von der Art und Weise, wie die Arbeiter aus Westasien behandelt wurden, also beschlossen wir, wieder zu gehen, bevor mein 3-Jahres-Vertrag auslief, aber das ist wieder eine Geschichte für einen anderen Tag. Der Artikel „Suck it“, sagen Everton-Fans. Toffees gehen nächste Saison nach Europa erschien zuerst auf


Richarlison blasts Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher after Everton survive

Richarlison targeted Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher after Everton ensured their safety in the Premier League with a comeback win over Crystal Palace. It seemed like Everton's struggle for survival was... (Author: Gardener)

Jamie CarragherRicharlison targeted Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher after Everton ensured their safety in the Premier League with a comeback win over Crystal Palace. It seemed like Everton's fight for survival would continue until the last day of the season when Patrick Vieira's Eagles took a 2-0 lead at Goodison Park on Thursday night. Goals from Jean-Philippe Mateta and Jordan Ayew gave Palace the lead at half-time but Everton made a superb comeback and equalized the game through Michael Keane and Richarlison. Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored a priceless goal with five minutes remaining to complete the turnaround and secure the club's Premier League status. Anfield hero Carragher has criticized Richarlison in recent weeks and the Brazilian striker clearly hasn't forgotten to blast the pundit on social media following Everton's win. Richarlison tweeted to Carragher: "Wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I don't respect you." Carragher was unimpressed by Richarlison's performance during April's Merseyside derby and Everton's win over Chelsea last month. He later said on social media: "Talking about the sinking of Richarlison has nothing to do with bias. “Every Everton game I do, he goes down three times like he has a big injury and then just gets up! It's not about getting a penalty or a foul, it's about pretending he's injured when he's not.” Everton's comeback win over Palace put them 16th in the Premier League, four points above the relegation zone. Burnley were also in action on Thursday, holding Aston Villa to a 1-1 draw to level on points with 18th-placed Leeds United. After Everton avoided the fall, manager Frank Lampard said: "It's one of the greatest moments of my football life and career. “I've been very fortunate to have great times, especially at Chelsea as a player and as a manager. But when you feel the emotions and despair that comes with the descent, it's different. People think you should fly up the table, and you never do. "I came here three and a half months ago with my amazing staff, positive people who work so hard and try to influence things and get a reaction from the players and fans and feel unity when it looked divided. “This club is special and I am proud to be manager of Everton this evening. I thought I could cry [full time], I thought I could jump out of my body. You know what, come and work at this club for a few months and see the difficulties and what it means for people to stay in this league. 'See us down 2-0 at half-time, play poorly, a ridiculous second goal and then see the character they showed. But the players also deserve a lot of credit. Great night.” For more stories like this, visit our sports page.


Crystal Palace players feared for their safety in chaotic pitch invasion at Everton

Palace will tell FA players they have been aggressively targeted by fans on the pitch - and what action could be taken to stop this wave of abuse (Author: Gardener)

Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace players feared for their safety amid the chaotic scenes that followed Thursday's dramatic 3-2 Everton win at Goodison Park. The south London club will make the finding to the Football Association's inquiry into Thursday's incidents, including Patrick Vieira, who appeared to aim a kick at a provocative home fan after the final whistle during the invasion of the main pitch. Palace are unhappy that their players have been aggressively spoken to on the pitch by Everton fans. Some Palace players failed to reach the tunnel at the end of the game Early in the game, a fan also appeared to smack Palace defender Joachim Andersen as he attempted to retrieve the ball for a throw-in. When the final whistle came, some of the Palace players were unable to leave the pitch and went straight to the dressing room - which sits between Bullens Road and Park End stands for the away team - and were brought back to rejoin their team-mates through the lounges and halls. Palace staff and officials had no wish to complain that night and understood what an important result it had been for Everton as they secured their Premier League status. However, the club will fight any attempt by the FA to discipline their manager Vieira for his altercation with the supporter who spoke to him on the pitch after the game. Vieira said he did not want to speak about the incident when asked by reporters on Thursday night but that the club was preparing a formal statement on the matter. The view is that given a Nottingham Forest supporter's attack on Sheffield United striker Billy Sharp on Tuesday night at the City Ground, the Palace manager had no desire to wait and see if he was pushed or slapped before defending himself. Palace have noted there were also Everton fans who tried to help Vieira in the episode. As Telegraph Sport revealed, talks are planned on imposing stadium closures for the type of violent pitch invasions seen over the past week. As one senior figure in English football said: "The mantra is always 'You can't punish the fans'. The English Football League also issued a statement on Wednesday warning it would "consider the possible deployment of capacity reductions or other similar reductions". English football authorities already have the power to impose such sanctions but they rarely use them. That is in stark contrast to Fifa and Uefa, the latter of which forced England to play next month's Nations League game against Italy behind closed doors over hooliganism at last summer's European Championship final. Another sanction available, which appears to be reserved for matters that could affect the "integrity of competition", such as: B. the bankruptcy of clubs. Pitch invasions that cause games to be abandoned sometimes fall into this category. In 2015, Blackpool received a suspended three-point deduction over a fan protest that forced their Championship game against Huddersfield Town to be abandoned. A point deduction would be arguably the biggest drag on fans invading the pitch en masse, especially given that such invasions tend to happen when a team has secured promotion or avoided relegation. Fences were erected on English football pitches to curb the kind of hooliganism that blighted the game in the 1970s and 80s. Hillsborough was caused by the police's fatal decision to allow thousands of Liverpool fans to crowd onto a terrace behind one of the goals and pin them against the fences. An unbroken human ring of steel around each stand would help stop the pitch invasions before they begin. Given that such pitch invasions result in players being attacked by fans, it could be argued that they face an unsafe working environment and that strike action would be warranted.


Everton fan hits Crystal Palace player Joachim Andersen on the BOTTOM

The middle-aged woman was spotted last night trying to protect Alli in the final minutes of the crucial game which Everton won 3-2 at home in Goodison Park after coming from a 2-0 deficit. (Author: Gardener)

EvertonA protective Everton fan was caught on video slapping Crystal Palace player Joachim Andersen on the rear after shoving Dele Alli during the chaotic end of the two sides' fiery Premier League clash last night. The middle-aged woman was spotted last night trying to protect Alli in the final minutes of the crucial game which Everton won 3-2 at home in Goodison Park after coming from a 2-0 deficit. The video clip posted to Twitter showed England player Alli, 26, battling for the ball with Crystal Palace's Andersen before the Denmark player pushed his opponent close to the billboards. Everton's win over Palace caused cheers among their fans as it secured Premier League status after looming relegation. However, the final minutes of the game were overshadowed by an invasion of the pitch, with fans running onto the pitch even after the final whistle. Amid the chaos, Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira was seen kicking an Everton fan who had verbally abused him. As well as the ugly scenes at Goodison Park, Port Vale fans who invaded the pitch appeared to be beating Swindon players following their League Two semi-final victory. Yesterday's scenes followed Tuesday night's violence during a pitch invasion in Nottingham Forest's clash with Sheffield United. A Northhampton fan threw a flare at opposing players after confronting them on the pitch. After Everton's win yesterday, Palace manager Vieira was spotted being goaded by a fan as he walked across the pitch towards the visitors' dressing room. The man made what appeared to be obscene gestures and the enraged Palace boss responded by punching first with his hand and then his foot. Vieira was then seemingly shoved by another Everton fan before others stepped in to ensure the 45-year-old was safely off the pitch. In a speech on Sky, pundit Dion Dublin criticized fans' behavior and suggested not blaming Vieira for the reaction. "We know how overjoyed Everton fans are, but you can't do that. You can't push managers and players, touch players and yell in their faces," Dublin said. Vieira now faces an FA investigation. After the game he said: "I have nothing to say about that." Everton manager Frank Lampard offered his support to Vieira after the incident. "I feel for Patrick because I didn't get to speak to him at the end because everything broke out for us," he said. “Obviously he runs across the 80-metre pitch over a lot of our fans, so it's not easy. "If done right, I'm happy for the fans to stay on the pitch and enjoy it. As long as everyone behaves and we don't see scenes like the other day, let her have her moment.


Richarlison blasts Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher after surviving Everton's Premier League

"I don't respect you" (Author: Gardener)

LiverpoolRicharlison has told Jamie Carragher to wash his mouth (Pictures: Getty) Richarlison took aim at Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher after Everton ensured their safety in the Premier League with a comeback win over Crystal Palace. It seemed like Everton's fight for survival would continue until the last day of the season when Patrick Vieira's Eagles took a 2-0 lead at Goodison Park on Thursday night. Goals from Jean-Philippe Mateta and Jordan Ayew gave Palace the lead at half-time but Everton made a superb comeback and equalized the game through Michael Keane and Richarlison. Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored a priceless goal with five minutes remaining to complete the turnaround and secure the club's Premier League status. Anfield hero Carragher has criticized Richarlison in recent weeks and the Brazilian striker clearly hasn't forgotten to blast the pundit on social media following Everton's win. Richarlison tweeted Carragher: "Wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I don't respect you." and Everton's win over Chelsea last month. He later said on social media: "Talking about the sinking of Richarlison has nothing to do with bias. “Every Everton game I do, he goes down three times like he has a big injury and then just gets up! It's not about getting a penalty or a foul, it's about pretending he's injured when he's not.” Everton's comeback win over Palace put them 16th in the Premier League, four points above the relegation zone. After Everton avoided the fall, manager Frank Lampard said: "It's one of the greatest moments of my football life and career. “I've been very fortunate to have great times, especially at Chelsea as a player and as a manager. But when you feel the emotions and despair that comes with the descent, it's different. People think you should fly up the table, and you never do. "I came here three and a half months ago with my amazing staff, positive people who work so hard and try to influence things and get a reaction from the players and fans and feel unity when it looked divided. “This club is special and I am proud to be manager of Everton this evening. I thought I could cry [full time], I thought I could jump out of my body. You know what, come and work at this club for a few months and see the difficulties and what it means for people to stay in this league. 'See us down 2-0 at half-time, play poorly, a ridiculous second goal and then see the character they showed. Great night.” For more stories like this, visit our sports page.


From unlucky to heroic, Everton finally have something to celebrate

A stunning comeback at Goodison Park guaranteed Frank Lampard's side of safety after a miserable season (Author: Gardener)

EvertonThousands of them took to the pitch celebrating Everton's worst season in 24 years. Or more accurately, celebrating that it hadn't turned out to be the worst in seven decades. Relegation battles can do strange things and Everton, a fractured club and an ailing side, have come together, a form of inspiration that comes amid desperation, a fan base that was often unhappy when they were higher up in the league now jubilant and frolicking because safety was assured. "People will say you celebrate staying up, but it means so much," Frank Lampard said. "People won't forget that." In a way, Everton were fueled by their hopelessness, from a run that spanned most of the season as they picked up 11 points from 22 games. They were saved last, saved symbolically. The team that dug into trouble conjured up a great escape. Crystal Palace, like Manchester United and Chelsea before them, were smitten by the crowd as well as the players. Happiness followed by heroics produced the kind of scenes that even Lampard, with his two decades of experience in defining games, has rarely seen things and that's right up there," he said. “It was the sheer excitement of the fans wanting to stay in the Premier League. Lampard has been embraced by the wider Everton family. He reflected, "What that means for the club from top to bottom, bottom to top: fans, board, players, staff." He was the unlikely unifier. "When I came to the club there were a lot of splits and we managed to bring them together," he said. He woke up Everton. He is perhaps the first manager the Evertonians have liked since the turbulent days of Roberto Martinez's first season, which brought them to the brink of Champions League qualification, not the brink of the Championship. "I'm so grateful, thank you to the fans for bringing me on board," said Lampard. His credentials have been questioned outside Goodison Park, with his lack of relegation battle experience cited. He inherited a 16th place team and they're 16th now, but he saved them anyway. "When I came here, we had won one out of 14," he recalls. "Keep it up and we'll dismount." The low point on the pitch came at Burnley when Everton led and lost 3-2 as Sean Dyche claimed they didn't know how to win games. "Getting into the swing of things wasn't easy after Burnley," Lampard said, but they whipped up four more victories. Off the field, however, the most worrying point came when Burnley beat Watford while Everton were not playing. Lampard's men were five points from safety. "The realization of the situation is a slap in the face," Lampard said. Everton have taken 10 points from five straight games, starting with their win over Chelsea, and nine more than either Clarets or Leeds in that span. There were rearguard actions and excellent saves from Jordan Pickford. They've been outplayed by Palace at times, but that's hardly a new phenomenon. "The character of this club pulled us through," said Lampard. After their last meeting with Palace, the 4-0 FA Cup defeat in March, he wondered if his players had the requisite "bullshit". He benefited from having Dominic Calvert-Lewin at his best for the first time in his reign and the best performance of Dele Alli's Everton career after a disastrous move. By extension, neither had a season to enjoy. Neither does Everton. "Everton was fighting for his life," said Lampard. "We have heart and soul and we wanted to stay in the Premier League." They have, and in a way they won't forget for years to come.


Premier League result and goal as fans rush onto the pitch after Calvert-Lewin's goal

Everton vs Crystal Palace LIVE: Premier League result and goal as fans rush onto the pitch after Calvert-Lewin's goal – Everton 3-2 Crystal Palace: Follow the live reaction as Dominic Calvert-Lewins later header the Host saved and ensured their survival (Author: Gardener)

EvertonPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Everton vs Crystal Palace LIVE: Premier League result and goal as fans rush onto the pitch after Calvert-Lewin's goal. Dominic Calvert-Lewin's 85th-minute winner saved Frank Lampard's side and sparked a field invasion from the home fans after goals from Michael Keane and Richarlison leveled them. At half-time and with Burnley at the helm of Aston Villa, Everton faced the possibility of going to Arsenal on the last day of the season and needing a result. Despite a positive start in the noisy atmosphere at Goodison Park, the visitors took the lead when Jean-Philippe Mateta was given space for a free header from Eberechi Eze's free-kick. Things went from bad to worse for Everton as Jordan Ayew, who luckily avoided a red card for a high foul on Anthony Gordon, punished a series of defensive errors to double Palace's lead. Michael Keane got one back after half-time to spark the comeback and Richarlison equalized with 15 minutes remaining with a muddled end of regular time. But Calvert-Lewin's header was greeted by wild scenes - which continued into full-time as the Toffees celebrated their Premier League stay. Ayew, luckily not seeing red, doubles Palace's lead (0-2) 22:04 , Dylan Terry Watch our report from tonight's sensational game at Goodison Park as Everton, two goals down, beat Crystal Palace 3-2 and Premier became League Security. 22:00 , Dylan Terry How the Premier League bottom looks after today's action. 21:55 , Dylan Terry Could this be the mistake that sends Burnley down? Wout Weghorst had an opportunity to win the game for Mike Jackson's side with five minutes remaining. 21:53 , Dylan Terry Burnley has drawn with Aston Villa. They're out of the relegation zone on goal difference while Leeds slip into the bottom three. What a last day it will be then. Chelsea also drew against Leicester tonight, which is a dead rubber in theory. 21:48 , Dylan Terry It looks like Burnley and Leeds will go into the final day on points. Leeds will be in the relegation zone on goal difference. 21:47 , Dylan Terry Everton has avoided humiliating relegation from the Premier League thanks to a superb comeback at Goodison Park. They beat Crystal Palace 3-2 to ensure survival with one game remaining. Frank Lampard's side score THREE goals in a phenomenal second half comeback to ensure #PL safety 🔵— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 19th 2022 9:43pm Dylan Terry Everton nailed it. 21:42 , Dylan Terry 90 + 6 mins: Benteke takes a long ball in the box but he used his arm to do it. Everton have a free kick with 60 seconds left. 21:41, Dylan Terry 90+5 mins: Calvert-Lewin tries to keep it in the corner but Palace wins it back. Here the visitors come back. 21:40 , Dylan Terry 90 + 4 minutes: Calvert-Lewin goes down on the edge of the Palace area, but doesn't get a free kick, which Goodison is demanding. Palace throws it into the box and Ayew flicks it on but Pickford then earns a foul after getting the ball in front of Benteke. 21:38, Dylan Terry 90+2 mins: Holgate puts his head on two crosses while Everton look to defend valiantly in the final moments here. Dele Alli fails to hold a clearing ball. Palace comes forward again. 21:37, Dylan Terry 90 min: Everton is sitting so low now. He is eventually replaced by Jonjoe Kenny. There will be SEVEN minutes of stoppage time. 21:35 , Dylan Terry 88 minutes: We're back on the road after this delay. This game is not over yet. Palace were dangerous throughout the game. But the momentum is now with Everton. 21:34, Dylan Terry 87 min: The fans have now left the field. What a header from Calvert-Lewin! 21:31 , Dylan Terry The ball is swung into the penalty area and Calvert-Lewin completes it beautifully! There's a pitch invasion! Doucoure pulls Eze back as the Palace forward tries to fire into the last third. A goal too late for the visitors would be a dagger in the heart of those Everton supporters. A goal for the home side would set off an eruption on Merseyside. Mateta makes room for Christian Benteke. Will there be late drama at Goodison Park? 21:26, Dylan Terry 80 mins: As it stands, Everton are still two points above the drop as Burnley are also tied. So it will still be until the last day, but one point here could be crucial. Another goal for the Toffees would give security. 21:25 , Dylan Terry 78 min: Palace reacts almost immediately! Eze shoves it to Zaha, who slices inside and blasts a deflected shot just over the bar. The flag went up afterwards, but Zaha had no idea. This match could end with any result. 21:22, Dylan Terry 76 mins: WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?! Coleman hangs a hopeful ball to Alli at the back post. The Brazilian lands a shot which also takes a big rebound off a Palace body but lands in the back of the net! Schlupp is the man who gives way to Gallagher with fifteen minutes to go. Recall that Gallagher scored a brace against Everton earlier this season at Selhurst Park. 21:19, Dylan Terry 73 minutes: Everton come forward again. Mykolenko swings a cross in the middle, Calvert-Lewin climbs for the goal but can only see it wide of Jack Butland's goal. Conor Gallagher getting ready to come in for Crystal Palace. 21:17, Dylan Terry 71 mins: Everton wins a corner which Palace handles before Doucoure's shot from the edge of the area is saved comfortably by Butland. In the last 20 minutes we go. Everton are still behind but they have improved a lot in this second half. Wilfried Zaha is the last to enter the book as Dele Alli is pulled back by the palace man. 21:14, Dylan Terry 68 mins: Coleman punches Mitchell down the right and fires in a cross down the middle, which Guehi defends well. Everton are now enjoying great periods in the palace half but when the visitors break they look very dangerous indeed. YELLOW ! Palace nod the ball and make one more attempt to break it before Keane knocks Eze down and gets a caution. Palace break wonderful as they slice open Everton with a skillful pass. Eze eventually feeds Mateta and he stabs the palms of Pickford, who has positioned himself well to slap the effort away. Shortly thereafter, Schlupp also tries his luck in the penalty area, but it's directly at Pickford. 21:09 , Dylan Terry Richarlison works some space down the right and sends a nasty cross to Calvert-Lewin at the back post but the England international gets his feet in a mess and clears the Palace! Had to do better. 21:07, Dylan Terry 62 mins: Palace break after an Everton attack when Ayew Mateta plays into the left channel and he wins a corner from Holgate. Eze whips it up the middle, but Calvert-Lewin does it brilliantly to make the danger clear. Everton try to find Palace on the break and Milivojevic rips down Alli to prevent the attack. 21:05 , Dylan Terry Emi Buendia has scored for Aston Villa and Burnley have been plowed back. 21:05 , Dylan Terry 59 mins: Mykolenko's delivery from the free-kick is routinely cleared by Palace's first man. However, Everton have it right back. Alli pushes Gordon to the right and his low cross is cleared away. The tide has really turned. 21:03 , Dylan Terry 57 mins: Hughes misses another free-kick midway in the Palace half. 21:01 , Dylan Terry Everton launches a high ball into the penalty area from a free kick on the halfway line. Holgate nods back for Keane and he controls him before volleying into the far corner. What a finish from the middle! 21:00 , Dylan Terry 54 mins: Alli looks frustrated since coming on. He looks a yard or two off pace - which is understandable given the lack of football he's had. Schlupp smacks the ball over the line and is body checked by the former Tottenham man. Everton recovers it from the free-kick but Doucoure then plays a square pass straight to a Palace shirt. More moans from the Goodison loyalists. 20:57, Dylan Terry 51 minutes: However, there is a warning from Palace. Zaha shoves a nice ball into the area for a slip. He pulls it back for Ayew and Holgate is well over to hit it back for a corner. The ensuing corner is cleared at the front post but Palace remain a real threat if they come forward. And this is a wonderful game by Eze! He dribbles past one, two, three Everton players and goes down in the area but Anthony Taylor remains unmoved. He was so, so close to pulling the trigger there. 20:55, Dylan Terry 49 minutes: Good start to Everton's second half! Iwobi plays an incisive pass into Gordon. He fakes it for Coleman, who hisses a low cross down the middle but misses all Everton attackers down the middle. The hosts' game definitely has more urgency. 20:53 , Dylan Terry 47 mins: You can tell Goodison Park heard the news from Villa Park. The tension in the stadium has risen again since the half-time whistle. Everton start the second half up front and are looking for a way back in this game. 20:51 , Dylan Terry 46 minutes: SUB! 20:51 , Dylan Terry 46 minutes: SUB! 20:51 , Dylan Terry 46 minutes: SUB! Underway again at Goodison Park and we have a staff change. Dele Alli came in to replace Andre Gomes. Everton need a whopping 45 minutes if they want to turn things around. 20:47 , Dylan Terry So how do Everton react to that? The fans will know that Burnley took the lead. The second half at Goodison Park is about to begin. 8:45pm Dylan Terry Ashley Barnes has given Burnley the lead from the penalty spot. They move about Everton as it stands. 20:42 , Dylan Terry It looks like Burnley is moving out of the bottom three and a point behind Everton. Everton will remain two points above the drop ahead of the final day. 20:36 , Dylan Terry Goals from Jean-Philippe Mateta and Andre Ayew have given Crystal Palace a 2-0 lead at the break. Everton was absolutely sad from the first quarter of an hour. So much work for Frank Lampard his team talk at halftime. 20:34, Dylan Terry 45+3 mins: Pickford launches a long ball at Calvert-Lewin, who climbs well and nods him down, but Mitchell is ahead of Gordon to clear. Palace look so comfortable with the ball incorporated into their final 3. There's handball appeal. 20:33, Dylan Terry 45+2 minutes: Four minutes of stoppage time at the end of the first half. Hughes is pulled back down the center line by Gomes and Palace win another free-kick. Everton have been guilty of that far too many times in those 45 minutes of football. The Toffees have now conceded 61 goals in 37 games this season. 20:32 , Jamie Braidwood Nick Pope holds Burnley at Villa Park. It remains goalless with 30 minutes played. 20:31, Dylan Terry 45 mins: Decent move from Everton. Her first in the last half hour. Mykolenko worked well sending a dangerous cross down the middle and Richarlison falls behind but still manages to get a header on target that goes just over the top. Better from the hosts, but they're still a long way from getting back into this one. 20:29, Dylan Terry 43 mins: Everton have an opportunity to break when Guehi Gordon plays a loose pass. The young winger sprints towards it but Mitchell makes a brilliant comeback to take the ball from him on the edge of the box. Great defence. Everton tries to send the ball to Calvert-Lewin for a long time but he can't save it and Palace easily regains the ball. No sign of Everton coming back. You need halftime. 20:26 , Dylan Terry 40 minutes: It's been total one-way traffic for about 10 minutes since opening. Palace totally dominated Everton at Goodison Park. Alex Iwobi has entered central midfield from the left as the hosts try to take control of the game. Gomes tries his luck from the edge of the box but Butland comes down deftly to save and hold the ball. 20:25 , Dylan Terry 38 mins: Frank Lampard looked absolutely devastated when the second goal came in. Everton now need three goals if they are to avoid a relegation battle on the final day. 20:22, Dylan Terry 36 mins: EVERTHING GOES WRONG FOR EVERTON! Shortly after Ayew could have been sent off, he made it 2-0! Coleman slips and Palace Break. It's cut back into the box and as Pickford saves the first try it falls to Ayew who pools the ball from close range. 20:21, Dylan Terry 35 minutes: YELLOW! 20:21, Dylan Terry 35 minutes: YELLOW! 20:21, Dylan Terry 35 minutes: YELLOW! It's another booking for Palace and this time it's Ayew who terribly knocks out Gordon. There's a scissor motion in there and it's over the top of the ball. VAR says a yellow is fine. 20:19 , Dylan Terry 34 min: Zaha now looks extremely lively. He slips a couple of tackles in the middle of the field and slacks off, but the platoon then breaks down. YELLOW! Hughes knocked out Gordon and the Palace midfielder became the first player of the night to be booked by Anthony Taylor. Another opportunity for Gordon to put a free-kick into the box...again with no problem with a header. 20:17 , Dylan Terry 32 minutes: Now everything is Crystal Palace. Everton gives the ball away at will. Hughes attempts a dinked cross towards Eze, which Keane intercepts but Palace have it back straight away. Ayew slides Clyne to the bottom right and his low cross is collected by Pickford. Everton then try to counter but Richarlison's tame effort is comfortable for Butland. 20:15 , Dylan Terry 30 minutes: Nice game from Palace. Zaha works it out on Mitchell and he sends a wonderful cross for Mateta but Holgate gets it just in time for the Palace man to prevent what would surely have been a second goal. Everton lives on the fringes. They have a feeling that a two-goal cushion for Palace could already be over. 20:14 , Dylan Terry You work it well from right to left. Gordon eventually sends the cross past Richarlison and Mykolenko flies in at the back post, but his effort fails. Everton need to be more productive in front of goal because Palace look strong in the last third. 20:12, Dylan Terry 26 minutes: Everton gives the ball away in their own half and the first few noticeable moans begin to reverberate at Goodison Park. Palace now plays some delightful stuff while Zaha, Mateta and Eze connect deliciously down the middle of the park before Ayew's cross is cleared. 20:10, Dylan Terry 24 min: How do Everton react to that? Goodison Park was stunned into silence. Crystal Palace have now raised their tails. You can feel blood under those nervous Everton players. It was a positive start for the hosts but nothing came of it and Palace now lead. It comes from a long downfield from Leicester and Maddison is allowed to sit on the edge of the box. 20:08 , Dylan Terry 22 mins: PALACE TAKE THE LEAD FROM THE STANDARD ROTATION! It's the easiest goal you'll ever see. Eze whips the free-kick into the box and Mateta - who is completely unmarked - nods home from six yards. 20:07, Dylan Terry 21 mins: Palace try again to take the sting out of the game as they spend about a minute slapping the ball around the back line. Clever stuff from the visitors who don't want those crowds interfering at Goodison Park any more than they already have. Everton eventually win back but Gordon's poor control immediately gift Palace a throw-in. And here's a free-kick for the visitors as Schlupp goes down on the wide touchline midway through the Everton half. 20:04 , Dylan Terry 18 mins: GET OFF THE BAR! Butland takes it with the tip of his finger and takes it to the top of the bar! Wonderful save from the palace keeper. However, he does not get any recognition from the referee because he signals a goal kick! 20:01, Dylan Terry 16 mins: Zaha leaps away from Iwobi and slides a dangerous pass into Mateta, but Holgate does well to put his body between the ball and the Palace striker to take him out of the game. Another long ball is then thrown all the way to Calvert-Lewin. He flicks it for Richarlison and Andersen opts to roll over the Brazilian on the edge of the box. Chance for an Everton player to have a shot on goal here. 19:59, Dylan Terry 14 mins: Richarlison does well to throw a high ball at Gordon but the young Evertonian can't find a place through a trio of Palace shirts at the edge of the area. The home side were undoubtedly the brighter ones but one would say Palace look more organized defensively. They also look like they'll need a lot fewer attacks to find the back of the web. Nathaniel Clyne gets booed by the way. 19:57, Dylan Terry 12 mins: Everton back on the front foot when Mykolenko sends a dangerous ball into the box but no one is there to hit it. Holgate then tries to find Gordon with a crossfield pass and gets too much of it as the Palace backline watches it drift out for the goal kick. Palace then attempt a break as Zaha puts it on slack and he sprints to the left before clipping it back for Holgate to clear. 19:54 , Dylan Terry 9 minutes: Everton are not giving Palace a second on the ball at the moment. Exactly what the home fans wanted to see from the start. Palace tried to blunt the hosts' early momentum with a series of throw-ins. Oh, and there's a half chance for the score out of nowhere. Ayew finds a cross from the left on the edge of the box and he heads the ball well, but always flies over the bar. 19:52 , Dylan Terry 6 minutes: Palace struggles in the early stages to get out of their own half. They throw it at Mateta but he can't hit it at Zaha and Everton come forward. Richarlison's cross is deflected to the corner but Gordon's delivery is deflected off the front post. Everton's standard delivery has to be better tonight than he was against Brentford at the weekend. 19:49 , Dylan Terry 3 minutes: Brilliant atmosphere at Goodison Park at the start of this one. Crystal Palace players receive a chorus of boos every time they get touched. Richarlison goes down under pressure from Mitchell and Everton fans want a free kick in a dangerous position but nothing is given. Oh, and an early argument! Anthony Gordon and Wilfried Zaha come together after tackling the ball and Zaha jabs Gordon in the throat. No red, but unnecessary from the palace man. 19:47, Dylan Terry 1 min: We're in Goodison Park! Will Everton be safe in two hours? 19:43 , Dylan Terry Here's how things look ahead of tonight's games: These scores could be very different in a few hours. Kick-off at Goodison Park is next. 19:40 , Dylan Terry Right then! Kick-off is just around the corner at Goodison Park. As a reminder, a win tonight for Frank Lampard's men would save them from relegation to the Premier League. A draw or a loss would send the fight for relegation into the final day. 19:38 , Dylan Terry He said: “I have to thank our fans for their influence on the team, especially over the past few weeks. It's a really critical game, but they can use the pressure well and play with control on top of that. “We're playing a game we love so we have to be ready for those moments of great pressure. Everyone has to be ready.” 19:35 , Dylan Terry This was the scene when the Everton team bus arrived tonight. They got behind her side like no one else. Even so, the atmosphere at Goodison Park can change very quickly if something goes wrong. That's why it's so important that they get off to a good start against Palace. The Blues are here 🔵#EVECRY— Everton (@Everton) May 19, 2022 7:30pm , Dylan Terry So Michael Keane returns to the Everton starting line-up tonight. He replaces the suspended Jarrad Branthwaite, who was one of two players sent off in the Brentford defeat. Keane's experience of battling relegation with Burnley could prove crucial against Crystal Palace tonight. Vieira talks Gueye support with Kouyate 19:25 , Dylan Terry Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has promised to seek talks with midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate about the reason for his messages of support on social media to compatriot Idrissa Gueye. Gueye has come under fire after Paris St Germain's 4-0 win over Montpellier on Saturday, the weekend Ligue 1 had chosen for its clubs to show solidarity ahead of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, he was absent on Saturday. Numbers colored to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community, but Gueye was absent for "personal reasons" after also missing the relevant game last year. Kouyate and his Senegalese team-mate Ismaila Sarr have both sent messages of support to their international colleague after Gueye faced criticism and the Palace boss is eager to get the 'full facts' from his player. Patrick Vieira talks to Cheikhou Kouyate about supporting Idrissa Gueye 19:20 , Dylan Terry Simply a must for Everton. A sea of ​​blue has already settled over Goodison Park. 19:15 , Dylan Terry A reminder that if Everton don't win tonight they will have to go to Arsenal on Sunday knowing their Premier League safety is still at stake. The Gunners will still be fighting for fourth place and will be hoping Spurs slip up against Norwich. So tonight is really huge for Everton. It's their last home game of the season but they shouldn't need the crowd to explain the importance of this game to them. 19:10 , Dylan Terry And here's the team news from Villa Park. 19:06 , Dylan Terry team news from Stamford Bridge is in. 19:05 , Dylan Terry By the way, you don't have to go anywhere else tonight. I will give you live updates from Everton vs Crystal Palace as well as result updates from the other two games in the Premier League. Aside from the two games affecting the bottom of the table, Chelsea also host Leicester at Stamford Bridge at 8pm. Regarding Thomas Tuchel's team, however, we will focus on the fight for relegation. 19:00 , Dylan Terry Well, a win for Patrick Vieira's side tonight would see them move up four places to ninth in the Premier League table. Palace are just six points behind Wolves in eighth place and have a better goal difference than those around them. So everything is still to play. Lampard insists Everton are not a dirty team despite red card issues 18:55 , Dylan Terry Frank Lampard has insisted Everton are not a dirty team despite the club's most Premier League red cards during his tenure received. "I just think you need to look at the red cards," he said. On the two dismissals against Brentford, he added: "The first red was a football mistake and the second a serious foul. We got red cards and I'm not proud of that, but a lot of them were football mistakes. “I don't think Allan was red against Newcastle because it's a lunge we see a lot. I saw one last night in the semi-finals of the [championship] play-offs, yellow card foul. So that's gone but the others were double yellows where it dips and lunges when you don't need it, it's not a ruthless tackle. “These are football mistakes because at that point you should stay on your feet and stay away. Frank Lampard insists Everton are not a dirty team despite red card issues 18:52 , Dylan Terry Here's how the teams line up tonight: 18:50 , Dylan Terry If Everton don't win tonight it will be a lot It's of interest what happens at Villa Park as Aston Villa hosts Burnley - the game starts at 8pm, 15 minutes after the Toffees' game. A defeat for Everton and a win for Burnley would mean alarm bells will be ringing louder than ever at Goodison Park and Elland Road. It goes without saying that Leeds fans will be fans of Crystal Palace and Aston Villa in the next few hours. 18:45 , Dylan Terry So Everton are two points ahead of Burnley and one point ahead of Leeds going into tonight's game against Crystal Palace. A win tonight would ensure safety for Frank Lampard's men but anything less than that would see it into the final day. Here's what's to come in the next 72 hours. 18:40 , Dylan Terry And so Palace looks at their penultimate game of the season. Crystal Palace will miss Michael Olise after his recent strike, the striker joining long-absent Nathan Ferguson on the injury list. James McArthur's calf strain could also see him sidelined, but goalkeeper Vicente Guaita should be available again and goalscorer against Aston Villa Jeffrey Schlupp is pushing for a start with Eberechi Eze - who Vieira is wary of after his own lengthy stint. Long-term injury - the most likely candidate for termination. 18:35 , Dylan Terry Some early Everton team news for you. Everton duo Jarrad Branthwaite and Salomon Rondon will be serving a suspension after being sent off against Brentford, although Michael Keane is expected to have recovered from the illness that ruled him out of that game. Nathan Patterson, Andros Townsend, Fabian Delph and Yerry Mina are all absent but Andre Gomes has survived his first start since February against the Bees and is able to maintain his place ahead of Donny van de Beek, Allan and Tom Davies. 18:30 , Jamie Braidwood Good evening and welcome to tonight's live text coverage of the Premier League as Everton hosts Crystal Palace and Burnley take on Aston Villa in a big night of relegation battles. Everton can secure their Premier League status with a win at Goodison Park as it would put them four points clear of Leeds United with just one game left, but anything else would put Frank Lampard's side in big with a forthcoming trip to Arsenal bring danger The last matchday of the season on Sunday. Brentford's 3-2 win at Goodison last weekend showed just how unpredictable the fight for survival can be, and Leeds and Burnley will have their part to play for Patrick Vieira's side. It's Burnley who sit last in the relegation zone, with Mike Jackson's side sitting a point behind Leeds, but if they avoided defeat at Villa Park their hopes of survival would be back in their own hands. It would mean a win over Newcastle at Turf Moor on the final day would be enough regardless of how Leeds fare at Brentford. There will be exciting final days of the season at both ends of the table, but tonight the focus is all about survival. Who can keep their nerves and get their hopes up before the final day?


Everton are mobilizing all of their reserves to sustain a 69th season in the top flight

Everton faced relegation at half-time against Crystal Palace for the first time in decades, but they had been there before. (Author: Gardener)

EvertonEverton faced relegation at half-time against Crystal Palace for the first time in decades, but they had been there before. It would be an exaggeration to say that Everton developed into a great team in the second half of the game against Crystal Palace. But when it really hit the fan, as the prep became a fading memory, muscle memory found a way to kick in and they muddled through. Everton, the grand old team, will be a top club for the 69th year in a row. And although they've cut it finer before, the sense of relief when the final whistle blew will have felt just as satisfying. To say Goodison Park was ready for the occasion would be an understatement. Before the game outside the field, a demonstrative salute to the players and blue clouds of smoke. Inside, the slightly discordant tones of Z-Cars' theme music rarely sounded more dystopian, with the swelling urgency of the crowd enveloping them as players took to the field. In the closing days of the 1994 and 1998 seasons, the Toffees took to the grass at Goodison Park on the final day of the season, with the Premier League trapdoor beginning to move beneath their feet. This time there was one game left after that, but away at Arsenal there was hardly a game from which Everton could expect a result. For 22 minutes this noise did not seem to abate. Crystal Palace appeared to have brought their A game but the chances were slim. That noise level could only be increased further when Everton crossed the halfway line. They shot the ball over the bar after just over 15 minutes from a Richarlison free-kick. The game gradually evolved into a pattern of few chances, high volume, and some level of nervousness. The second goal felt like the defining moment of madness but the events of the last 15 minutes built on it. Twenty minutes had just elapsed when Jean-Philippe Mateta leaped from the far post to head an Eberechi Eze free-kick past Jordan Pickford, while Everton's central defense surprisingly seemed to have something better to do. But with 11 minutes remaining, Jordan Ayew lunged at Anthony Gordon, who seemed to have little contact with the ball, instead his foot slammed into the side of Gordon's leg. It wasn't inevitable that Ayew would emerge a few minutes later to double Palace's lead, but such was the absolute state of Everton's defense throughout the run that led to it becoming so. The disaster began when Seamus Coleman mishandled the ball and snapped it from Mateta, whose cross was only half-pinned by Pickford, to Wilfried Zaha on the edge of the box. Zaha's shot was blocked by Pickford, who was still flapping around, and Ayew, six yards away and unmarked (of course), headed the ball down to dribble across the line between two static defenders, both of whom appeared to be waiting for the other to act. The second goal was a combination of lack of concentration, panic, disorganization and bad luck. Most of the time he's an excellent goalkeeper, but sometimes the adrenaline seems to get to his head and his judgment clouded a bit. But overall, Everton's defensive disorganization was a group effort - in short, there was no way that ball should have gone over the goal-line - and the bad luck was negligible. Ayew probably shouldn't have been on the pitch in the first place. The half-time whistle was greeted by a chorus of boos. Just as no Premier League stadium offers an atmosphere quite like Goodison Park, the same goes for boos. And then, during the break, word leaked out from Villa Park, where the game between Aston Villa and Burnley had started 15 minutes after that, that Burnley had taken the lead. In a way, it didn't matter what Burnley did. Everton's fate was in their own hands but they didn't take very good care of it. But at the same time, this half of football really embodied their season. Yes, there was some level of bad luck to a degree, but so much of what they did wrong was so self-inflicted that it was difficult to have much sympathy for things that were beyond their control. Everton attacked the end of Gwladys Street in the second half and charged forward as they had to. And when they saw the whites of Crystal Palace's eyes, they began to carve their way back into the game. Eleven minutes in the door marked 'hope' opened just a crack as Vitaliy Mykolenko's deep free-kick was directed down rather than away. Michael Keane, who had returned to the team after Jarrad Branthwaite was sent off in the previous home game against Brentford, stepped in to deflect a sweet shot over the goal and in with the outside of his foot. When Keane's shot hit the net, the news began filtering that Aston Villa had equalized against Burnley. When Palace broke they still looked dangerous, but those breaks were becoming increasingly rare. Everton may be limited but they snapped at their heels, bothering themselves and gaining more and more possession. For all their fragility, their players found a hint of something somewhere, perhaps an echo of those two Sunday afternoons in the 1990s or even an emulation of the great Everton teams that had preceded them. And with 14 minutes to go, Richarlison scrambled a header over the line and they tied 2-2. It's at these points, where tactics go out of the window and players have to resort to things they weren't told, that football reaches its absolute pinnacle. The boos at half-time, the fear as Palace's second goal dribbled over the line, it all felt like fading memories. Everton rushed forward and swamped the midfield. One point made it harder for the other two teams next to it at the end. A win was survival, and with a game to spare. And when the goal came, it had felt inevitable for the previous few minutes. Demarai Gray's free-kick from the right was headed by Dominic Calvert-Lewin, a man on whose shoulders a fair amount had been placed earlier in the season, with just five minutes left through injury to limit its impact headed in After the goal, some of the spectators streamed onto the field, which quickly became difficult to see behind clouds of blue smoke. The celebrations in the stands quickly turned into booing to scare away the occupants. When the pitch was cleared, there was a significant disruption in proceedings, reflected in the stomach-churning announcement of seven minutes of stoppage time. But Everton, for once, held on and the final minutes passed without incident. And when the full-time whistle went, it continued to pour. Twenty minutes later they were still there when the PA guy ripped through his Everton's Greatest Hits CD. Z-Cars no longer sounded like a premonition. Despite the evidence from the last 37 games, for those who really care, it was still a "big old team to play for". The article Everton mobilize all their reserves to maintain a top-flight 69th season appeared first on


Stunning comeback from Everton secures Premier League status

Everton secured their Premier League status in an incredible game in which they beat Crystal Palace by two goals. (Author: Gardener)

Premier LeagueEverton secured their Premier League status with an incredible comeback that saw them beat Crystal Palace by two goals. However, Everton once again evoked fighting spirit and were spurred on by their vociferous support. Everton turned the game around in the second half thanks to a more attacking approach. Nine minutes after the break, Michael Keane smashed in to give Frank Lampard's side hope and when Richarlison found the bottom corner with a miss with 15 minutes to go, Goodison Park elated as a valuable point looked likely. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who scored his first goal since August against Brentford last Sunday during an injury-plagued season, caused chaos with a header from Demarai Gray's free-kick. Excitement boiled over as fans took to the pitch to celebrate as blue fog blanketed the stadium as smoke flares were fired. The decisive result avoided the kind of last-day jitters that Everton fans experienced in 1998 and 1994, where the team also retained their Premier League status. This time, with a trip to Arsenal on Sunday, they can at least enjoy the fact that difficult as this season has been, they will remain in the top flight and hope to build on the spirit shown in the closing stages of the season . The party started with the final whistle as thousands of fans poured onto the pitch, letting off more smoke flares and greeting their team and manager Lampard. Lampard described that game as "all or nothing" given Everton's miserable away record, which they have won once on the road since August. And despite a poor performance in the first half which saw Everton once again seem inferior to their opponents, they somehow managed to turn things around again in the second half which was instrumental in keeping them in the Premier League. The scenes after the final whistle were in stark contrast to those before the break, when a stormy game simmered on the pitch and caused a sensation in the stands. But after the introduction of Dele Alli at the break and a switch to a more attacking formation, Everton were able to even out their second-half performances against Newcastle, Leicester and Chelsea who recorded two draws and one win. Lampard may wonder why his side need to play poorly to find inspiration, but backed by a support that has played a big part in their survival, they turned the game around against a Palace side they have already twice this season had struck. Sunday's defeat by Brentford threatened to derail Everton's momentum, gained by their superior home form, but the hand fans played to keep the Toffees in the loop cannot be underestimated. Lampard and the fans tried to recreate the spirit of the last games from the start, with the team manager being greeted by a wall of blue smoke outside the stadium. That all but boiled over early on when Anthony Gordon and Wifried Zaha charged at each other and caused a melee, but once Palace had calmed down they quickly pulled out an Everton side struggling to keep the ball. There were moments in the first half that made Everton fans happy, like Richarlison's free-kick which hit the bar. But the passionate home support mostly turned to anger as Mateta scored his seventh goal of the season before helping score Palace's second. But a half-time switch to a back four by Lampard, who replaced the ineffective Andre Gomes with Alli, breathed life into Everton. Nine minutes after the break, Keane fired in after Mason Holgate headed in a Mykolenko free-kick towards the centre-back. And with 15 minutes to go, Everton managed to conjure up another goal. Alli had a hand in hand and crossed the ball but when the Palace defense failed to clear Richarlison's shot it landed in the bottom corner and sparked wild celebrations. Everton fans couldn't contain their joy as they rushed onto the pitch as Zaha seemed to distract some fans' attention. The pitch was eventually cleared but there was little hope for the stewards as thousands celebrated with their heroes after the final whistle.