What Could Musk's Buying Twitter Mean for Free Speech?

At the heart of the debate over Twitter's model of content moderation is a deeper question: Is it possible to instill more trust in online information and discourse? (Author: Gardener)

Could Musk'sWe want to bridge gaps to reach everyone. By signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. A selection of this week's most watched stories on the Monitor website. Find out more about special editorial projects, new product information and upcoming events. Select stories from the monitor that empower and uplift you. A weekly roundup of Monitor views and insightful commentary on key events. What Could Musk's Buying Twitter Mean for Free Speech? Elon Musk attends the opening ceremony of the new Tesla Gigafactory for electric cars in Grünheide, Germany, on March 22, 2022. Last month, his multi-billion dollar bid to buy Twitter was accepted. Elon Musk's offer to buy Twitter, which operates as a digital marketplace, has exposed a widening rift in the culture of free speech. MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan accused Mr Musk of handing over "one of the most influential messaging machines in the world" to the far right. Similar battles have been played out whenever new technology like the Gutenberg printing press enables language that threatens established institutions, says Jeff Jarvis, media expert and professor of journalism. It's Times Square," he adds. When conservative news satire The Babylon Bee tweeted a joke that Twitter deemed offensive, it inadvertently triggered Elon Musk's billion-dollar bid to buy the social media platform, to which the company has agreed. S. Department of Health and Human Services, as one of its Women of the Year. In response, The Babylon Bee - whose motto is "fake news you can trust" - named Ms. Levine Man of the Year. Twitter suspended The Babylon Bee's account in March. Mr Musk, dismayed by Twitter's decision, reached out to Bee's CEO. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Musk took steps to buy Twitter outright. The entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX has also pointed out that freedom of speech should be Twitter's paramount principle. At the heart of the debate over Twitter's model of content moderation is a deeper question: Is it possible to instill more trust in online information and discourse? At the heart of the debate over Twitter's model of content moderation is a deeper question: Is it possible to instill more trust in online information and discourse? Mr Musk's proclamation sparked a backlash illustrated by Washington Post columnist Max Boot, who tweeted: "He seems to think anything goes on social media. For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less.” Mr Musk's offer to buy Twitter, which operates as a digital marketplace, has exposed a widening rift in the culture of free speech. On one side are institutional gatekeepers who favor top-down scrutiny of social media expression, filtering out vile rhetoric and false information that could influence citizens' voting behavior. On one side are institutional gatekeepers who favor top-down scrutiny of social media expression, filtering out vile rhetoric and false information that could influence citizens' voting behavior. On the other hand, Mr. Musk's classic liberal vision for speech - once prevalent in Silicon Valley, but no longer - which values ​​competition in a marketplace of ideas. On the other hand, Mr. Musk's classic liberal vision for speech - once prevalent in Silicon Valley, but no longer - which values ​​competition in a marketplace of ideas. Both the extreme right and extreme left increasingly favor top-down restrictions on speech they deem harmful and dangerous. Both the extreme right and extreme left increasingly favor top-down restrictions on speech they deem harmful and dangerous. The right advocates legal bans on content in school curricula and libraries. The right advocates legal bans on content in school curricula and libraries. The Left advocates language codes on campus and bans on hate speech, including on social media platforms. The Left advocates language codes on campus and bans on hate speech, including on social media platforms. Twitter, a relatively small platform, exerts outsized influence as a hub for journalists. Twitter, a relatively small platform, exerts outsized influence as a hub for journalists. MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan accused Mr Musk of handing over "one of the most influential messaging machines in the world" to the far right Online information and discourse? "What I think is happening in society right now, first of all, is that there's a new abundance of talking," says Jeff Jarvis, director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. “People who were absent from the mainstream mass media now have a seat at the table of negotiating norms in society. It resents those who controlled that table.” Similar battles have been fought whenever a new technology like the Gutenberg printing press enables language that threatens established institutions. Founded in 2006, Twitter hosts everything from sports to pornography to “Caturday” photos and an account titled @BoredElonMusk that parodies the multi-billionaire. (Example tweet: "Are astronauts putting their phones in spaceship mode?") "The barbarians are at the gate" However, some believe that Twitter's media and politics sectors have been monopolized by institutional gatekeepers. The day after Mr. Musk offered to buy Twitter, he tweeted, "The barbarians are at the gate." The platform -- whose staff have made political donations 98.7% to Democrats -- has been accused of providing visibility to non-progressive viewpoints covertly to suppress. "I'm on the left, but I can see it," says Batya Ungar-Sargon, deputy opinion editor at Newsweek and author of Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy. She recalls that Twitter once censored her tweet about a debate hosted by Newsweek about whether climate change is an emergency. "We didn't even ask, 'Is climate change happening?' Both sides acknowledge that the climate is naturally getting warmer. We were censored for asking if it was an emergency.” Twitter's gatekeepers try to control everything from prohibited content (e.g. fake or parody accounts). But one of Twitter's most controversial decisions apparently still irks Mr. Musk. A few weeks before the 2020 election, Twitter suspended the New York Post for reporting the contents of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, son of the Democratic presidential nominee, which allegedly showed corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China. Most corporate news organizations and online platforms, including Facebook, believed the computer was Russian disinformation aimed at skewing the election. That year, The New York Times quietly endorsed the laptop's legitimacy. At the time, Twitter defended its 16-day suspension, citing its policy against sharing hacked and private information. Last week, Mr. Musk tweeted, "Having the Twitter account of a major news organization suspended for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate." The multi-billionaire has stated that Twitter must be politically neutral to earn trust. As for standards for content moderation, Mr Musk has to grapple with a new law in the European Union aimed at regulating harmful speech on social media. "People don't hear Elon Musk's cry for free speech as a cry for free speech," said Karen Kovacs North, director of the Annenberg Program for Online Communities at the University of Southern California at Los Angeles. "People are hearing that Elon Musk is using the concept of free speech to allow people to come to Twitter and say things that were previously stopped or controlled because they are in some way hateful or hurtful." Although the Twitter's terms of service prohibit a glorification of violence, targeted harassment of individuals, or hateful behavior, the platform is still riddled with abusive behavior. "It's still an environment where black women, especially queer people, people with disabilities, are already experiencing high levels of toxicity," said André Brock, associate professor of media studies at Georgia Tech and author of Distributed Blackness: African American Cybercultures". "There will be a rise in harassment, toxicity, misogyny and racism, in part because a lot of people who had left the platform to go to places like Gab or Truth Social ... are coming back to Twitter because they feel that." they will not have to face the same consequences for their speech.”Mr. Musk isn't afraid to push the boundaries of taste and decency on Twitter. Quickly poking fun at "woke" points of view, he tweeted a meme that said, "Netflix is ​​waiting for the end of the war to make a movie about a Black Ukrainian man who falls in love with a transgender Russian." He has also fallen out with the Securities and Exchange Commission over what the agency alleges, multiple instances of inaccurate information about Tesla that have pushed the company's stock prices higher. A judge ruled against his lawsuit just last week to have the consent decree removed. Newsweek's Ungar-Sargon is concerned Mr Musk may quash speeches that harm his business interests, including Tesla's ties to China. That year, Tesla opened a dealership in Xinjiang, China, despite widespread reports that the province has been jailing Uyghur Muslims in "re-education" camps. Another high-profile question: Given that Mr. Musk says he prefers "time outs" to permanent bans on Twitter, will Donald Trump be allowed back into his favorite bullying booth then? The former president was banned from Twitter after the January 6 riots in the Capitol "due to the risk of further inciting violence". Many members of the progressive left argue that disinformation on Twitter is potentially dangerous and therefore exceeds the safe limits of acceptable speech. More recently, the platform has cracked down on misinformation about COVID-19, which it believes is damaging to public health. For example, feminist Naomi Wolf was ousted from Twitter after a series of tweets, including claims that mRNA vaccines are a software platform that can receive "uploads, which is a platform's right and responsibility to do so," says Mr Jarvis . When Twitter gets it wrong, it risks losing public trust. During the pandemic, Twitter censored heterodox views — from hypothesizing that the virus originated in a Chinese lab to questions about the effectiveness of cloth masks — that later found wider acceptance. Martin Kulldorff, a founder of the Great Barrington Declaration and a former member of the Vaccine Safety Subgroup of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, has been temporarily suspended for claiming vaccines are important for high-risk older people, but not for children. In fact, Mr. Kulldorff says Twitter has hosted misinformation disputing the effectiveness of natural immunity. However, the scientist doesn't think Twitter should censor wrong views, since the scientific process inevitably involves arguments. “What's the point of giving permission to people you think are wrong, or maybe even liars, to share the same spot in the public square with you? And the answer is because you know what? He can be right or she can be right,” says Martin Gurri, author of The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium. "We only find out what alternative possibilities there are to the world we're interpreting by listening to people who have radically different perspectives than we do." Jarvis, for example, believes it's time to move the discussion away from the bad ones To steer content away and acknowledge that it has always been and always will be. “Twitter is not the New York Times. “Twitter is not the New York Times. It's Times Square," says the media expert and journalism professor. "If you walk through Times Square ... you will hear smart people and stupid people. "If you walk through Times Square ... you will hear smart people and stupid people. We don't feel compelled to go through there and correct everything.” If anything, Mr Jarvis says efforts to debunk bad language only end up reinforcing. In his view, a better approach would be to treat such comments as spam. Twitter allows you to curate what you see and don't see by muting or blocking other users. Despite this, Twitter's algorithms can amplify some content that some might object to. An internal study the company conducted in a number of countries in 2020 found that its algorithm was biased towards recommending right-wing political content. In a bid to boost public trust in Twitter, Mr. Musk says he is keen on enabling transparency about his algorithms. By registering, you agree to our privacy policy. Ultimately, efforts to restore a modicum of trust in the institution may need to start at the top. “Trust is a human thing, not a technological thing. I almost hesitate to use the word, but it's almost a moral trait,” says Mr Gurri. As our elites learn to be good characters number one and number two and to project themselves as good characters in the digital world, trust will be restored.” I came across this one in the Harvard Business Review about a year ago Statement on the monitor - under the charming heading "Do things you don't care about": "Many things that end up making sense," writes social scientist Joseph Grenny, "come from conference workshops, articles, or online videos that started as a chore and ended with a realization. My work in Kenya, for example, was heavily influenced by a Christian Science Monitor article I had forced myself to read 10 years earlier. If you could think of a punch line to a joke about the monitor, it would probably be this. We are journalism's bran muffin. But, you know what? And I will argue that we change lives precisely because we force open this too small box that most people think they live in. The Monitor is a strange little publication that is difficult for the world to understand. We are considered fair even when the world is as polarized as it has been at any time since the paper was founded in 1908. We have a mission beyond circulation, we want to bridge divides. It's about kicking in the door of thought everywhere and saying, "You are bigger and more capable than you think. If you're looking for bran muffin journalism, you can subscribe to The Monitor for $15. You consent to our use of cookies.


Everything Newcastle boss Eddie Howe said ahead of Arsenal clash

Newcastle United head coach Eddie Howe will address the media today during his pre-match press conference ahead of Arsenal's visit to St James' Park on Monday night (Author: Gardener)

Eddie HoweEddie Howe is set to speak to reporters this morning ahead of Newcastle United's last home game of the season against Arsenal on Monday night. The Magpies are looking to bounce back from a 5-0 defeat by leaders Man City last time out and it already promises to be a special event at St James' Park as the Wor Flags plan their biggest outing yet . Given that support, it's perhaps no surprise that Newcastle have won six of their last seven home games. Although Newcastle are now mathematically secure, Howe will be desperate for his side to end the season strong and, in the words of captain Jamaal Lascelles, against Arsenal, who are leading the race for last place in the Champions League , "provides a surprise". Howe will address this challenge at his press conference and provide an update on the starting chances of Callum Wilson, Kieran Trippier and Fabian Schar. The Newcastle manager credited the support home and away this season but which club has the best and worst fans? We're going to ask that question this week. That's all from Eddie Howe this morning! You can find all his answers below this post ahead of Monday's clash with Arsenal. Thanks for being there and enjoy your weekend! We're aware that we need to change the squad and make improvements, but it's going to be a difficult balance." He needs a rest period, he's had a few injections, but we expect him to be fine for the pre-season ." "Jonjo has a fairly serious calf injury, similar to the one he picked up earlier in the season. He will be out for a while but we expect him to have no problems in the pre-season." Howe gets a tough question for every NUFC manager... Does he want Sunderland to escape League One? "Wow, a very difficult question... I've heard so much about the atmosphere that I would love to manage one of these games at some point. With two games to go, Howe wants to end the season on a high! We really want to end the season with two very good performances. It's so important that we perform well in our last home game and give our fans a good feeling for the summer and whet their appetite for what's to come next year.” Howe on the last home game “It was an incredible ride At home. But we felt like we had to win the first few games and we didn't. Cambridge sticks in my mind because the biggest compliment I can give fans is for staying with us. The Wor Flags pre-match ad ahead of Eddie Howe's first game in charge against Brentford Howe gushed about the support at St James' Park over the past few weeks. “An incredible feeling – great to have reached the goal. The biggest compliment I can give the fans is that they stood by us." "Both players would say they would love to start, but my job is to make sure I do the best I can for this team. We have to make sure they are fit enough to stay in the game for a long time." Callum Wilson and Kieran Trippier were pictured in training after long layoffs through injury. We didn't really want to put him in the second division. It's difficult to make a difference and he's made an incredible difference. We will take a close look at him in preparation. Staffel to decide what's next." Looks like the little man is back in training! "We're ambitious and the club have big plans for the future, but at the moment it's small steps. We need to improve , get better as a team, come back and leave. I know everyone wants to go fast, but it's very difficult to do." Jose Mourinho praised the work Howe has done at NUFC this season and admitted it's a club close to his heart thanks to Sir Bobby. What Jose has achieved in the game is incredible and it's brilliant to have nice things said from someone like him.” Their everyday environment is so important and we try to attract world-class players to the club. In doing so, you must provide them with an environment befitting their status in a remarkable reversal of form." Follow for updates from the NUFC Gaffer! Eddie Howe will be with us in about 15 minutes. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Gaffer after Newcastle last Night ensured safety! Monday promises to be a special night for the final home game of a historic season. And Wor Flags are doing their part to ensure the atmosphere is electric. What could we ask Eddie Howe about today? The reaction of the players after the Loss to City's last home game of the season, Wor Flags' greatest performance so far and St James who remains a fortress going forward Stylish message to Eddie Howe who reaffirms his affection for Newcastle Jose Mourinho credited Eddie Howe for his 'good work' paid tribute at Newcastle United as Sir Bobby Robson's former assistant reaffirmed his affection for the club hen Mourinho decided against following Sir Bobby to Tyneside as his number two in 1999, the Roma boss sees himself as a 'little magpie'. After all, during their time together at Sporting Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona, ​​Sir Bobby told his protégé all about his 26-mile pilgrimage from Langley Park to St James as a young boy. Mourinho may have become one of the most successful managers in history, having won trophies at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United, but the Portuguese have never forgotten those early years with Sir Bobby. To this day, after a loss, Mourinho recalls Sir Bobby reminding him how happy the winning players were in the other dressing room to try and ease the pain. You can read the whole story here. Would you form Callum Wilson? and Kieran Trippier vs Arsenal? Eddie Howe was clear when asked to play Chris Wood and Callum Wilson as Front Two. Eddie Howe has revealed he does not foresee Newcastle United playing with two forwards in the Premier League next season. The Newcastle head coach has operated with a 4-3-3 formation for much of his tenure so far but doesn't think the club will go down the central pairing route. This has brought much success to the club in the past with excellent partnerships such as Andy Cole and Peter Beardsley, Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand and Shearer and Craig Bellamy. But at a time when the majority of coaches play with a single forward, Howe doesn't sound like he'd let Callum Wilson or Chris Wood run together on the team. Of the possibility of playing with a front two, Howe said, "I would say that's not how we're playing at the moment. You can read the whole story here. We'll hear from Eddie Howe at 9am and updates will follow an hour later at 10am, so stay tuned for updates as the Newcastle United head coach looks ahead to Monday night's game against Arsenal!


Exact Date The Easter weekend heatwave ends after the Good Friday fire

FORECASTERS have revealed the exact date the Easter holiday scorcher will end, encouraging Brits to make the best of the weather. Today's temperature in St James' Park reached 22C, bea... (Author: Gardener)

weekendToday's temperature in St James' Park reached 22ºC, beating the previous record of 20.8ºC set on March 23 in London and March 25 in Cornwall. Sizzling sunshine will continue throughout the weekend, with most of the UK basking in 23C this weekend, beating Ibiza and Mallorca. But the good weather will only last until Tuesday 19th April when some showers and cooler temperatures set in. Millions of people will head out to make the most of the hot Easter weekend weather. Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst told The Sun: "It's looking like a pretty good Easter weekend across the country. "There will be plenty of dry weather and sunny spells, with some light showers in Scotland. “The weather will become more changeable over the next week and temperatures are expected to return to average on Tuesday or Wednesday, but many places will still see sunny spells then. Sunshine and showers on Tuesday.” However, hay fever sufferers have been warned to exercise caution as pollen counts will rise as temperatures rise. Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: "Most people will see some spells of decent bank holiday weather this weekend and it will feel warm in places, particularly during the first half of the Easter holidays. "However, later on Sunday a low pressure area will hit the north west of the UK bringing unsettled weather to the north with some strong winds and rain in the north west which could affect driving conditions for some but it will be drier further south. especially in the southeast. "But where the sun is shining, people can expect very pleasant spring conditions."


10 takeaways from Celtics Bucks Game 6

Jayson Tatum edged out Giannis Antetokounmpo by 46 points as Boston fended off elimination and forced Game 7 (Author: Gardener)

Celtics Bucks Game 6Game of Thrones fans will recognize this quote as one of the series' most famous lines. Boston Celtics fans will recognize it as the boys in green refusing to return to Boston without playing another basketball game. With the upcoming season, the Milwaukee Bucks reduced their former 18-point lead to just four points with 7:48 to play. It looked like the Celtics were about to collapse again. Instead, they steeled their backs and said, "Not today." A few minutes later, the Bucks cut the lead to five. Again, the Celtics replied, "Not today." Boston made plays throughout the game. These big games play in the flow of the game. As Jayson Tatum said after the game, “I believe in everyone in this dressing room that we have what it takes. Boston generated a lot of good threes throughout the game, most of them from movement and drives. This was Jayson Tatum starting early after driving, moving and shooting against the discrepancy: Coloring against these bucks can be difficult, but Tatum made a great play to get the layup here: This is a great time. Tatum makes the perfect find for Jaylen Brown in the corner, but look at Derrick White's cut, dragging the defense to open Brown: If Tatum really feels it, he gets a mismatch and continues to destroy that player, as he does Here to Grayson Allen: Tatum has a toe on the line: Take it to your best player when he's on fire: Great movement and passing here and Pat Connaughton might as well be invisible. At this point it was just Tatum and the rim: But if you really want to finish off an opponent, drive and crush his spirit like this: 3. Jayson Tatum will make headlines (including here!), but he had plenty of help from his Friends. Jaylen Brown got it going in the second half and had a number of big plays of his own. This was great work to foul Giannis Antetokounmpo in transition: 22 big points for Brown to bring things back to Boston. 4. Game 5 was a meltdown mess. And the Celtics did a wonderful job getting it over with. Marcus Smart said: “It was actually more balanced than ever before. Two days after the collapse, Boston kept things under control for the entire 48 and evened the series. 5. Speaking of Marcus Smart… he was destroyed by many after Game 5. Smart felt he let the team down with his game late in the game. He's giving up eight inches here and probably 30-40 pounds. But Smart forces Giannis Antetokounmpo into the tricky fallaway, and he competes without fouling: Smart hits a couple of threes, but he's also done a good job coming down the hill. This is how you recover and this is why he is loved and trusted. 6. Ime Udoka used some of his ATO magic in this game. In the first quarter, this is a perfect set to give Marcus Smart an open corner three. Great pass from Al Horford on the short roll too: This one came while Jayson Tatum was shooting flames out of his body. Knowing the Bucks would focus on Tatum after the time-out, Udoka ran that set to select Jaylen Brown and deliver Brown: 7. Derrick White scored all nine of his first-half points, but he was the whole time the key to this victory . His defense against a series of bucks was huge. And white is key to gain pace and keep the ball moving. When he can make plays like that driving floater, White is even more dangerous: Milwaukee want White to shoot knights, but they don't want him shooting them so wide open: White also joined a growing list of Celtics who one-on-one attack on Bobby Portis: It's not a flashy statistic, but White did exactly what he was called to do and he did it when Boston needed it most. 8. The Celtics finished the game with 22 assists and 38 baskets. The ball movement was really solid throughout the game and got everyone involved. This is the kind of runout Boston can get, especially after stopping Giannis way down on the other end of the floor. Great hit-ahead pass from Jayson Tatum to Marcus Smart here: Smart gets the shooter's rebound here, but this is so nice basketball. Tatum starts it off with a nice swing to Derrick White, who then attacks the paint. Drive, kick and stick: Daniel Theis, who again delivered a solid game in relatively short minutes, starts with a kickout pass. Then Grant Williams drives and kicks again. But the ball has a way of finding you if you play it right, and Smart sends it back to Theis for the short jumper: 9. Al Horford and Grant Williams didn't score much what they scored, but they didn't need to . Instead, they made themselves felt on the defensive. Horford had four big blocks while Williams had two steals. And of course they had about a million contests at Gianni Antetokounmpo forays to the brink. Horford started early by fending off Grayson Allen on the edge: Early in the fourth quarter, Horford cleaned up this mess by blocking George Hill's putback attempt: A little later, Williams made a great steal on that inside pass: Game 7. Game 7 The 2022 Celtics were resilient and tough. That game, Game 7 at home, is why Boston played it in Game 82. Game 7 takes place on Sunday, May 15 at 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC.


Jesse Marsch frustrated with Leeds' lack of discipline in relegation battle

United have sent off players in the first half of their last two defeats. (Author: Gardener)

Jesse MarschLeeds boss Jesse Marsch admitted his players weren't giving themselves a chance after defeat by Chelsea brought them closer to the Premier League trapdoor. In the second game against a top four opponent, Leeds lost their heads in the heat of the relegation battle as they played most of the game with 10 men. Dan James was shown a red card against Chelsea for his reckless first-half challenge on Mateo Kovacic after Mason Mount gave the visitors an early lead. Goals from Christian Pulisic and Romelu Lukaku in the second half sent Leeds to a third straight defeat which saw them finish in the last three with two games to go. Marsch, who saw skipper Luke Ayling sent off in similar circumstances in Sunday's loss to Arsenal, said: "The lads are disappointed because we're not giving ourselves the chances we want to get into the game. "It's just the level of the opponents and if you play 60 minutes in two games with one man down you limit your ability to win the game." Leeds have two games to salvage a miserable season - on Sunday at home against Brighton and at Brentford on the final day – and will be without Ayling and James for both. Marsch was asked if he saw enough quality in his team in back-to-back defeats to Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea to suggest Leeds can still stay on top. "You're talking about City, Arsenal and Chelsea, three of the best teams in the league at the moment," said the American. "The frustrating part is that we're losing players in the process, which affects our ability to recover and get through the next game. Chelsea had dropped 10 points in their last five games but got their Champions League hopes back on track, returning to their form in time for Saturday's FA Cup final against Liverpool. Boss Thomas Tuchel was particularly happy for Romelu Lukaku, who was almost withdrawn as a precaution before he scored his team's third goal. Tuchel said: "It's always the right time to find rhythm. I'm glad he scored again and he wanted to stay on the pitch to score his goal. "I'm also happy for Puli (Christian Pulisic) and Mason (Mount) that we were decisive with the offensive players. Lukaku was a major threat throughout the game against Leeds and Tuchel was delighted to see the Belgian striker get his reward. "We asked him how he felt because after 75 minutes it might have been good for a heavier player with a lot of physical effort to go out after two games," added Tuchel. Puli and Mason already scored so we left him on the pitch to try and score his goal and we're happy with how that went."


Do you love the arts? Find out about the best arts festivals coming to Des Moines

Guest writer Val Van Horne of River City Art and Music takes us on a tour of some of the best arts festivals heading to Des Moines, starting in Valley Junction. (Author: Gardener)

Des MoinesI'm Val Van Horne, an Iowa artist who promotes and supports Iowa Creatives through social media with something called River City Art and Music, and I live in an elementary school that was built in 1939. This week I spoke to Felica Coe, Larry Kaster and Steve Frevert, Susan Ode Watts and Annie Williams about the Valley Junction Arts Festival. Welcome to Off Hours, your free weekly newsletter from the Des Moines Register highlighting all things to do in central Iowa. Get updates on all things Iowa politics delivered to your inbox. Here's the deal: I love history, festivals, art and serving Iowa's arts community and I'm going to pour all of my loves into this newsletter just for you. I discovered fascinating stories about my roots, some related to Des Moines and an uncle who worked for the Register and Tribune, and some to Valley Junction, where I live today. And one of my favorite festivals is right in my neighborhood. the Valley Junction Arts Festival. Festivals are a big part of Des Moines culture, and as a lifelong Subway resident and artist, I look forward to the start of the festival season every year. Little did I know when I began this article that Valley Junction incorporated on October 9, 1893 with only 500 residents. Today, Valley Junction is part of West Des Moines, which has a population of over 68,000, and Valley Junction's annual arts festival is the longest-running event of all time, and I've seen it be the first-ever poster in the offices of the Historic Valley Junction Foundation is. The hand-made poster states that the festival was held at the Fifth and Railroad on Sunday, August 13, 1972 from 12pm to 10pm. Back then it was called the Valley Arts Festival. This year marks the 50th Golden Anniversary of the Arts Festival at Valley Junction. The very first poster of the 1973 Valley Junction Arts Festival. In addition to this amazing piece of festival history, I also got to see another poster created for the 1973 festival which took place on Sunday 23rd September from 2pm to 9pm. The festival also took place in the fall, as documented on another poster celebrating its 10th anniversary, stating that it took place on Sunday September. The Valley Junction Arts Festival takes place this Sunday, May 15th from 10am to 4pm. If you haven't gone yet, you really should. It's a juried exhibition of visual arts and crafts, giving everyone the opportunity to meet, interact with and shop for cool artists. Poster celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Valley Arts Festival, September 20, 1982, and Steve Frevert, the executive director of the Historic Valley Junction Foundation. I met with Steve Frevert, executive director of the Historic Valley Junction Foundation, Annie Williams Temple of Artisan Gallery 218, and Susan Watts of Olson-Larsen Galleries. This year, more than 50 local and regional artists will be presenting their work at the festival, with the furthest being from Madison, South Dakota. More: After Hours: When the Spirit Says Sing, Join a Des Moines Choir. In addition to the fine arts and crafts, musical entertainment from Kirk Sloan and an instrumental soloist on classical guitar will also be part of the celebrations. Throughout the day there are art activities for kids, live painting and throw your own pottery demonstrations. Food and drink vendors will line up on Maple Street and all of the restaurants in Valley Junction and most shops will be open including Big Acai Bowls, one of my favorites. Susan Watts (left) and Annie Williams Temple (center) are my friends with me from the Valley Junction Arts Festival Committee. So what about my love of service to the Iowa arts community? Well, in 2014 I decided to get back into my art and connect with local artists, so I started a group called River City Art and Music. We went to many art gallery openings, music events etc etc coupled with a meal at a delicious restaurant. One thing that rang a bell was that the members of the group loved hanging out with cool Iowa artists and wanted to get to know them. I think Iowa artists are definitely cool. My view of Fifth Street in Valley Junction. With years of experience in hospitality management and event planning, I created an event called the Riverview Artist Salon so people could hang out with and meet cool artists from Iowa. I will be holding my 22nd event on Thursday, June 23rd during Des Moines Art Week at The Venue in Valley Junction. Art Week Des Moines begins on Friday, June 17th and ends on Thursday, June 23rd, the day before the Des Moines Arts Festival opens. Do you have memories or photos from the Valley Arts Festival? What is your favorite type of art or music? What's your favorite festival? Are there cool art and music events in your neighborhood? Send me a message at [email protected] 1. Valley Junction Arts Festival on Sunday, May 15 from 10am to 4pm at Historic Valley Junction. Since Sunday, August 13, 1972, the Valley Junction Arts Festival has been held at Historic Valley Junction, a six-square-block area filled with antique and specialty shops, art galleries, fashion boutiques, hair salons, service businesses and restaurants. Many of these shops will be open to the public during the festival. In 2014, the "Urban Visionaries" at the now-defunct Des Moines Social Club prompted both to have a 2015 repeat exhibition during Art Week. 2nd Art Week Des Moines from Friday 17th June to Thursday 23rd June. Art Week Des Moines is back for the eighth year and exists to activate art, connect artists, and provide opportunities for the people of Des Moines to engage and think differently about art. Anchored in neighborhood inns such as Columbus Park, Drake/Dogtown, Franklin Area, Oak Park/Highland Park, The Avenues and Valley Junction, neighborhood events will be held both indoors and outdoors. More: Your guide to vendors, parking, groceries and more at the 2022 Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market Jamila Johnson, 23, signs a print she sold at her booth at the Des Moines Arts Festival in 2021. 3. Des Moines Arts Festival at Western Gateway Park from Friday 24th June to Sunday 26th June. The Des Moines Arts Festival is a multi-day festival that brings vitality to central Iowa by creating opportunities for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to celebrate the arts. This festival takes place in the heart of Des Moines around the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Western Gateway Park. Which art festivals do you like to visit? Send me some of your favorites to [email protected] I love the Mediterranean toast at Big Acai. Mediterranean Toast, $7: Anna at the counter recommended the Mediterranean Toast, a slice of freshly toasted surfboard-sized sourdough topped with avocado spread, tons of tiny, perfectly diced chunks of tomatoes and cucumbers, freshly chopped parsley, crumbled feta cheese, some sliced ​​Kalamata olives, and a nice pesto with strong garlic. Get It: Big Acai Bowls at 117 Fifth St., West Des Moines is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Saturday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; 515-608-2816. Made with white chocolate, lavender and Grounds for Celebration roasted coffee, it's just the right combination to make every day a "Caturday". Start your day at Iowa's only cat cafe, cafe and cat lounge that accepts cats from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) for adoption. Get it: Coffee Cats, 312 Fifth St., West Des Moines, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday: 10am to 5pm; 515-897-5410. In the middle of the Map Tattoo Convention we're headed to Des Moines this weekend. Tattoo artists from across the United States will gather to showcase their skills at the second annual Middle of the Map Tattoo Convention. There will be live music and people will watch as people put art on the skin. Hy-Vee Hall, 730 Third Street, Des Moines, on Fridays from 2:00 p.m. to midnight. Cumming is just a 10 minute drive south of Des Moines and home of the Ted Lare Design Build & Garden Center. This place is beautiful and has everything you need to create your own little slice of paradise. This weekend, the design center hosts more than 20 local artists showing jewelry, photography, garden art, pottery, fiber art, woodwork and sculpture. In my book, where there is art and nature, there is serenity and not, we all need that these days. There will be a food truck and live music from some of my favorite musicians, Joshua Sinclair and Jodi Sussman Stanfield. Ted Lare Design Build & Garden Center, 2701 Cumming Ave., Cumming, on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; 515-981-1073. Sunday Afternoon: I spend my "Sunday" at the Valley Junction Arts Festival, you guessed it. The Valley Junction Arts Committee has put a lot of work into this arts festival, and it's better than ever. I love meeting new artists and discovering the behind-the-scenes stories of their work. Don't be afraid to ask the artists questions about their work, they're happy to share and appreciate your interest. Historic Valley Junction, blocks 100 and 200 of Fifth Street, West Des Moines on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; 515-222-3642. But what about this uncle who worked for the Des Moines Register and Tribune? Bob couldn't drive a car, but he could ride a bike. There was no place in Des Moines on his bike that he couldn't reach. He preferred downtown and visited his friends at the fire stations, particularly on Ninth Street and Mulberry Street, a place that would one day become the Des Moines Social Club, where I held my very first Riverview Artist Salon. Bob attended diner at the old Kirkwood Hotel and delivered newspapers for the Register at incredibly early hours, whatever the weather. I remember a story about how he worked in the press room of the Des Moines Register building at 715 Locust St. for a short time, but it didn't work for him. Did you know that in 1985, when the register was sold to Gannett, only the New York Times had won more Pulitzer Prizes for national reporting? Want to share your memories of the Seventh and Locust Street Register? Send me your favorites to [email protected] * Adventureland opens under new ownership. What amusement park fans should know about the 2022 season * Here are the best restaurant and bar terraces in Des Moines for al fresco dining and drinking * Meet the six roller coasters at Adventureland opening May 14 for the season * Here are 11 Must- try Des Moines brunches, which range from classic diner breakfasts to hip-hop-inspired fare. Since 2014, as River City Art and Music, I have nurtured and supported Iowa's creatives through Facebook and Instagram, attended many networking and educational events, spoke at the Des Moines Arts Festival, created a Silent Rivers VIP Club, created a website and hosted 21 events with the Names Riverview Artist Salon (my 22nd is taking place during Art Week on Thursday 23rd June at The Venue on Fifth Street in Valley Junction) from 4pm to 8pm. I did all of this while having a full-time job. Last fall, I became part of the "great migration," transitioning from full-time to part-time, and really enjoy spending more time with what I love -- family, festivals, art, and serving Iowa's arts community. Next week, our politics editor, Nic Garcia, has his friend show off everything he loves in Des Moines, including goats. If someone forwarded this email to you, sign up for your own copy, delivered free to your inbox on Thursday mornings. This article originally appeared on Des Moines Register: Off Hours: Love the arts? Find out about the best arts festivals coming to Des Moines


Spurs showed why a Champions League spot would be wasted on Arsenal

The Mailbox says the north London derby proved why everyone should want Spurs to lead Arsenal to a Champions League spot... (Author: Gardener)

Champions LeagueAccording to The Mailbox, the north London derby proved why anyone should want Spurs to claim last place in the Champions League at the expense of Arsenal. Send your thoughts to [email protected] It was an extremely high pressure game that could have ended our season and we came out on top and beat our biggest rivals. The improvement in our whole squad since Conte came on has been amazing. Players like Emerson Royal, Ben Davies, Ryan Sessengon and Hojberg all looked a level below what is required under Nuno, and all of them have become highly skilled, focused and effective players under Conte. Davinson Sanchez also looks like a competent central defender, Romero's absence was hardly noticeable. While qualifying for the Champions League is obviously crucial for Spurs, I think it's also important for English football that Spurs qualify instead of Arsenal. We have four Champions League spots in this country and the teams that qualify represent the English game. If Arsenal qualified it would be a waste of one of those places. They have an average team and an average manager and I can guarantee you they wouldn't do anything in the competition. Champions League games are all about handling high-pressure situations and tonight they proved they were not up to the job, while Spurs and Conte thrived under the pressure of the opportunity. Our record against Man City and Liverpool this season proves we can compete with the top clubs in Europe and we deserve the chance to prove it. Spurs fans will support Newcastle on Monday and the rest of the country should do the same. ... I slept on the result and while I'm disappointed as an Arsenal fan, I feel encouraged by some of Arteta's tactics. Arteta's tactical flexibility has improved during his tenure as manager. I was also struck by the illustration of why strength in guilt is so important. It is no coincidence that Arsenal's two weakest links were squad players rather than first choice. There is currently a noticeable gap between Arsenal's top 11 and squad players, which is particularly noticeable against the better sides. Neither Cedric nor Holding are first-choice Arsenal players. Tierney was absent (again) with a long-term injury, resulting in Tomiyasu playing at left back and Cedric coming on at right back. White was not fit enough to start which resulted in Holding playing in central defence. Cedric and Holding were wisely targeted by Son, a player at the top of his game and currently one of the best footballers in the world. Cedric and Holding just aren't good enough to keep up with world-class attackers, resulting in a penalty and a red card. I was wondering how things would have gone with Tierney and White, and I think there's a good chance the game might look different. Obviously this is irrelevant as neither White nor Tierney played and Arsenal lost 3-0. However, it does show a) why team strength matters at the highest level, b) why Liverpool and Manchester City are considered so good and c) how Arsenal can improve over time. Arsenal never take it easy so let's beat Newcastle and Everton now. Croydon Gooner... Now what I would say to any T*ttenham fan (or any Arsenal fan) is that it's hope that kills you. t*ttenham could win their next two games with a 20-0 aggregate score and still not reach the Champions League. I just hope we can win our next two games. Spiros, Gooner In Roscommon… Burnley after an important league win, right? Maybe it's just the American bias in me, but boy, boy, Jesse Marsch isn't taking it from everyone right now. I don't think I understand that as things clearly went in the wrong direction with Bielsa when Leeds made the move so I can only imagine the general thought is that Marsch was the wrong man for the job. Well, I'm not sure how you could come to that conclusion after ten games. Maybe, but I'd bet my mortgage that more attention would have been paid to the dismissals and injuries and less to the man at the top and his 'quotes'. .” Tactics that are mostly difficult to use when playing with ten instead of eleven. I can't claim to know the ins and outs of Leeds football this season unless we've played them, so I'd like to thank Leeds fans (and would love to hear from them) for their thoughts on Marsch ten games in a tough flex season and Bielsa's dismissal. But from my perspective, it seems like there's a little more coming than usual from the cheap seats and Monday morning quarterbacks because Jesse is coming here, not because of the work he's done under the circumstances. Again, I'm a Leeds supporter all ears. I work in private equity and things can get a little long winded but I'll try to keep things simple. One of the things we've seen lately, especially since the pandemic, is the appetite of private equity firms to get more involved in esports, with some of the bigger players having funds to do so. In general football views these PE firms as value hogs trying to extract payments from how the Glazers run United, take their dividends and invest as little as possible in the club. But that's not what PE firms do. The general model is to buy a company (or in this case a sports team), spend some money to solve its problems, use connections and experiences to put the right people in the right place, the company as valuable as possible and then sell it to a) a larger PE firm, b) a strategic buyer (a company that could take over the smaller one), or c) by taking it public. Without the descent there is much less chance of your investment going to zero, making the sale easier. But recently it has come across the continent. Atletico Madrid has a large share of preferred equity with Ares Capital, AC Milan is wholly owned by Elliot Management, Liverpool has a small stake from Redbird Capital, Silverlake has 10% of City Football Group (Manchester City, Girona, Troyes et al) and Todd Boelhy's deal for Chelsea are majority PE funded. What do these deals mean for the clubs? If your club were bought tomorrow there would be a lot of resources available, PE firms often spend money beyond the original purchase but I don't think transfers would be high on the list. After that, expect the owners to want some growth. The goal is typically a 20% increase in value per year, which doubles in just four years. This likely means an increase in commercialization, so expect preseason to be further away, maybe more kit launches and lots of "official partnerships". But what about the management of the club? Many PE firms, especially the larger ones, are generalists with no industry specialization. Despite this, they come into some of the largest companies in the world and make operational changes to (hopefully) improve them. The general view of top PE players is that they can run just about anything well. A particularly extreme example was the private equity firm's actual employees coming in for data analysis and other operational changes. This has worked remarkably well and the team has improved tremendously. All in all some good things, some bad. Often, and especially with larger deals, the company itself does not provide the money. They use other people's money through fixed-term contracts, usually around 10 years. You can usually extend it by a year or two, but time is of the essence. That means everything the club does is geared toward that sale. They want the maximum value in 10 years, but in 12 years they really don't care. Many will say that if our club is worth three times that, it must be in better shape - and they are probably right. But it doesn't have a long-term financing model, it could be turned over several times or most likely resold as a vanity project. Time will tell if Chelsea are more AC Milan than Swansea under Elliot if he is relegated. Modern players don't remember Liverpool's success. I don't want to get into the pointless argument about whether players will do better against Liverpool or City (it's May, realistically only 5 of the 20 clubs in the PL have anything left to play). - City & 'Pool above & Leeds, Burnley & Everton below - for everyone else it's after lunch on Friday before they go on holiday, they just go through the motions until they can reach the beach) . Anyway, Minty said something yesterday that I think is out of date, to say the least. Speaking about players trying harder against Liverpool than against City, Minty said: "I wonder if it's more like players growing up when Liverpool were... mega successful...". Minty, I suspect you've fallen into the same trap as many of us, thinking your childhood is a lot closer than it actually is! Assuming the vast majority of players in the Premier League are now in their 20s-30s, they would have been in their formative footballing years (aged 8-18) between 2000-2019. Can the Liverpool teams of these two decades be described? as "super successful"? I don't think they can be, especially considering there are 3 other English clubs who have been more successful over these 20 years: 1) Man United - 17 trophies in 6 different competitions (8 Premier League titles, 1st Champions League, 2 FA Cups). , 1 Europa League, 4 League Cups and 1 Club World Cup); 2) Chelsea - 17 trophies in 5 different competitions (5 Premier League titles, 1 Champions League, 2 FA Cups, 2 Europa Leagues and 3 League Cups); 3) Man City - 10 trophies in 3 different competitions (4 Premier League titles, 2 FA Cups and 4 League Cups); 4) Liverpool - 9 trophies in 4 different competitions (2 Champions Leagues, 2 FA Cups, 1 UEFA Cup and 4 League Cups); and 5) Arsenal - 8 trophies in 2 different competitions (2 Premier League titles and 6 FA Cups). When players play better against Liverpool than against Man City (which I don't think is the case - Fergie played that mind game 2.5 decades ago, it's time to move on) it definitely can't be put down to Liverpool being "mega." successful” when these players were growing up. Or maybe it's because we pay more attention to the games when our team is playing and we see the opposing players making an effort? Jerry (formative years in football – 1992-2000 so obviously a Man United fan chasing glory) In reply to Jon L from Kew, pretty straight forward actually – Man Utd. United's real rivals (by Jon's definition of teams who hate this team more than any other team) are clearly Liverpool, Man City and Leeds Utd. In fact, Arsenal could have been added to that mix in the 1990s/2000s. Chelsea > City I have to disagree with Eoin that neutrals have apathy towards Chelsea and City. As a neutral (Leeds fan) I just have apathy towards City. Chelsea brought the fight to Man United when no one else did, spending nowhere near what City have. Even though Roman is a rogue, I don't see the two clubs anywhere near as equal. City totally bores me. Inspired by the Gandhi quotes that f365 occupies today, I looked up Gandhi and football and to my surprise (and to my shame for not knowing this as an Indian who loves history) Gandhi founded South in his time two football clubs Africa. Apparently he loved football more than any other sport. These two lobes were, to no one's surprise, dubbed passive resistors. Obviously Gandhi, the old boy, wasn't familiar with banter between clubs, otherwise he would surely have thought of better names…. Another iconic figure in Indian history was a Hindu monk named Swami Vivekananda, who also loved soccer and claimed that an hour of soccer was better than meditation. Thought I'd share pointless historical trifles with the F365 community as I nervously wait to see if my beloved arsenal gets toned at the NLD today. Abhilash (Gandhi studied in London so it's very likely that at some point the words "The gunners will mop the floor with spurs" crossed his path.) Just a thought, in case Pep reads the mailbox, regarding the youngest bee in his bonnet on Liverpool bias - the media will love Liverpool even more if they win the Champions League again. So here's the plan, Pep: Deliberately lose 4-0 to West Ham this weekend, give Liverpool just a tinge of titles and force them to play their best players in their remaining league games and tire them out for Paris/too injure. Then City definitely wins their last game, wins the league anyway on GD and everyone loves pep and his plucky team's ability to hit back, while the media forever turns on the Reds for failing the country in the grand final, with Darren BT Sport's Steve McManaman's Fletcher huddles in disgust under a Eurostar train. It's foolproof 4D chess at its finest - you might as well tell Grealish and Sterling to start at center back now on Sunday. If our plan can injure Henderson for the final, Klopp could feel like he has to play without a defensive midfielder in a Champions League final. The article Spurs revealed why a Champions League spot would be wasted on Arsenal first appeared on


Debuting at Question Time, Vettel proved critics wrong on all fronts

The German made himself and Formula 1 proud... (Author: Gardener)

Question TimeMany raised eyebrows or rolled their eyes when Sebastian Vettel's Question Time appearance was announced - it proved them all wrong. In recent years, the German has been much more vocal on non-racing issues close to his heart, like protecting LQBTQ rights and tackling the climate crisis. However, others, both inside and outside the Formula 1 world, have criticized the Aston Martin man for his ever-increasing activism and were therefore not too pleased when it was revealed he would be appearing on Question Time, a British political show , in which a panel of panelists answers questions posed by a live audience. However, not only did he survive and debunk claims that he was way over his head, he thrived on his debut. Fiona Bruce - "I want to tell you where we're going to be next week. We will be in Hackney, London, where we will be joined by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Vettel's invitation to the show would have confused at best and angered at worst than his profession most of those who don't follow Formula 1 and therefore know little about him. After all, he's a wealthy German superstar who travels the world driving fast cars to make a living. What is his place in a show like this? He was eloquent and engaging throughout the show, being extremely knowledgeable on most subjects presented to him and fully acknowledging when he wasn't, being careful not to express opinions on things about which he didn't know much. Such knowledge was evident when the climate was discussed; Instead of making vague comments about how the world needs to tackle global warming, he was clear and detailed about what he felt needed to be done going forward and offered concrete solutions. "We have to stop being dependent [on fossil fuels] and we can because there are solutions," he said. In recent years, some have urged him to stay in Formula 1 because that seems to be the only thing he might know about as an F1 driver. It was never a particularly strong argument in the first place, but he's really debunked it now. Far fairer criticism thrown at him than lack of knowledge is hypocrisy, and he did not duck such allegations when confronted with them on Thursday night. I'm in a good mood, but not at all surprised. When presenter Fiona Bruce asked him if his job made him a hypocrite, rather than beating around the question or denying the allegation, he gave a refreshingly honest and direct response. "You're right when you laugh because there are questions I ask myself every day. I am not a saint. I wonder that.” “Yes,” he added, when asked if he was referring to being an F1 driver, “and traveling the world.” “I mean, it's my passion to drive a car. I love it and every time I get in the car. “Of course when I get out of the car I also think, should we do that, travel the world, waste resources.” Many will say that if they don't like the fact that the sport is damaging to the environment, then they should just do it and end his riding days sooner rather than later. However, as evidenced by his passionate defense immediately following the above comments outlining his importance in society, he clearly cares too much about Formula 1 to turn his back on it. After all, although he is a driver, he is also a fan; It's his job, but it's also his hobby. This is a man who could name the title winner of every single season - nobody loves it more than him. That love and his desire to tackle the climate crisis has caught him between a rock and a hard place where he's being criticized from both sides. The quick and obvious solution to this dilemma would be to walk away from Formula 1, but it's clear he'd rather stay in such a difficult position and try to help the sport become greener than take the easy way out Select . It will undoubtedly need to do so in the future, and in Vettel, with his knowledge and passion, he could not ask for a better helping hand and ambassador.


Madonna, 63, is fighting back against backlash for graphic NFT videos

The music icon, 63, released a bizarre collection of NFT videos featuring graphic digital scans of her own vagina as well as nude depictions of herself giving birth to trees and bugs. (Author: Gardener)

NFTMadonna has slammed the backlash over her explicit NFT nude videos, arguing that she's just "doing what women have been doing since the dawn of time." The music icon, 63, released a bizarre collection of NFT videos featuring graphic digital scans of her own vagina as well as nude depictions of herself giving birth to trees, butterflies and robotic centipedes. The pop icon - who is no stranger to the shock factor - sparked confusion and even consternation on social media on Wednesday as she unveiled the daring NFT collection. She explained: "I'm doing what women have been doing since the beginning of time, which is giving birth. "But on a more existential level, I give birth to art and creativity, and without both we would be lost." She added, "I think it's really important that a lot of thought and conversation went into making these videos." Madonna has teamed up with digital artist, graphic designer and animator Beeple to create the three NFT videos - aka non-fungible tokens - that leave very little to the imagination. Among the most graphic aspects of the clips are the close-up shots of the Like a Virgin singer's privates, created using scans of the singer's own genitals - which have sparked most of the controversy and outrage on social media. Madonna shared the interview on her Instagram page and recorded conversations between her Beeple in which the couple discussed their vision. It's not often that a robotic centipede crawls out of my vagina," the singer joked. After the videos were posted, they quickly sparked a firestorm of reactions on Twitter, with users branding them "desperate for attention" and calling the clips "twitchy," "creepy," and "scary." "Technology was a mistake," one person wrote after watching the clips. Just what the world needs right now, Madonna," said another sarcastically. Another said the Vogue singer "never stops surprising her," while another user claimed that "nobody asked for it." "Leave it to Madonna to shake things up," read another tweet. It's a sick, sick, evil world,” said someone else. Another person said they wanted to "get the f**k off the planet" after seeing the videos, while another called them "scary but hilarious." Another wrote that the "world has gone mad," while one user joked that her clips were killing the NFT community altogether. "And there's the last shred of heterosexuality I have left," said one Twitter user. Someone else simply tweeted "Cringe" in response to the videos. "Can someone please kindly teach @Madonna that not everyone wants to see her vagina?" asked another person. "Anyone want a 3D model of Madonna's body parts? Another person slammed Madonna for "desperately seeking attention to stay relevant." "She really needs some attention for her age," agreed another user. Another tweet read: "She just keeps driving until she's totally cranky. "She's completely freaked out," read another message, while another person added, "She definitely needs an intervention." I have her to thank for managing to still be shocking in her 60s," said another. Some people responded to the NFTs by sharing GIFs, including one that showed Family Guy's Peter Griffin saying, "Why?" Another showed a man rolling his eyes, while a third showed someone looking disgusted, which the Twitter user captioned "yikes." One person even compared their privates to roast beef. Collectively titled "Mother of Creation," Madonna bared it all in the fast-paced digital artworks, which, according to her website, aim to convey the message that "you never know where you'll find life and you can never give up hope." . The first video, entitled Mother of Nature, shows a digitized version of Madonna sitting completely naked on a metal examination table in an empty lab. The clip begins with tendrils coming out of the 63-year-old's vagina before she then gives birth to a giant tree. Moss and flowers, themselves shaped like vaginas, then begin to cover the tree. “My path through life as a woman is like that of a tree. The endless weight of gravity," she was heard saying during the minute-long clip. "In a cold lab environment, with no sign of life, an opening gives way to a branch that morphs into a full, living tree," reads a description on the NFT's website. “It pushes against gravity and flowers bloom. The tree can bend or even break, but it always rebuilds and thrives.” The second clip, entitled Mother of Evolution, features the digitized version of Madonna – who is once again naked – on a rusty old truck. With her legs spread wide, butterflies could be seen flying out of her vagina as she recited the lyrics to her song Justify My Love. "I don't want to be your mother. I want to be your baby," she says. According to the description, the NFT touches on "the metamorphic journey of butterflies, which are one of nature's most beautiful creations and a beacon of hope." "The butterflies are a metaphor for the paradox that the world is burning down in a post-apocalyptic scene, but there is still evidence of life," it continues. “We keep giving birth no matter what destruction is going on, no matter what oppression we face. “It conveys the important message that if you wait for the world to be perfect or for your life to be perfect to create art, it will never happen. The third and final video, entitled Mother of Technology, shows the Like a Virgin singer lying naked in the woods while metal centipedes crawl from her genital area. “In my hallucination I saw my beloved's flower garden. In my vertigo, in my vertigo, in my drunken haze, twirling and dancing like a spinning wheel," she says in the video, reciting a poem by 13th-century poet Rumi. I was there in the beginning and I was the spirit of love. "I crave happiness, I've asked for help, I want mercy. My love says: "Look at me and hear me, because that's what I'm here for." The robot bugs get out of their vagina and make their way into the forest, "to show how science also gives birth to light in the world can, but only if used with the right awareness.' A description of the clip reads: "The centipede represents technology - both the life-giving force and the dangers that come with it, the juxtaposition of darkness and light. “Technology is evolving in the physical, natural and real world; We can do what we want, but there are consequences. The duo made the NFTs using 3D scans of Madonna and took more than a year to complete. "When [Beeple] and I decided to work together on this project a year ago, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my vision of the world as a mother and an artist with Mike's unique perspective," Madonna said in a statement. "It has been an amazing journey to build this together from an intellectual idea to an emotional story and thus create art. "I wanted to explore the concept of creation, not just the way a child comes into the world through a woman's vagina, but also the way an artist brings forth creativity." All proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will be donated to three charities chosen by the pop star and digital creator, all of which "further their missions of supporting mothers around the world." Yesterday, Madonna posted some behind-the-scenes snaps of the making of the NFTs on her Instagram account. The images showed her posing while undergoing the 3D scan, protecting her eyes with whimsical visor sunglasses that wrapped all the way around her face. She paired the look with fishnet tights and black boots. Speaking about the project alongside Beeple in an Instagram video, she explained, "The opening of each video is essentially my birth. 'Whether I'm giving birth in a tank in a post-apocalyptic city or in a hospital bed in a very sterile hospital environment, I'm doing what women have always been doing, but on a more existential level - birthing art and creativity.' She continued, "It's not often that robotic centipedes crawl out of my vagina. I think it's really important for people to know that a lot of thought and conversation went into making these videos." The hitmaker is no stranger to showing off her body, and she's had numerous near-nude snaps over the past few months posted on their social media accounts. How Madonna has been revealing everything on social media for months ... Back in February, Madonna uploaded a topless photo of herself to Instagram, to the shock of her fans. The sultry snap showed the superstar posing shirtless while her hair extensions covered her breasts. She wore a range of necklaces including a smiley face choker and a silver crucifix jewel. Leave it all open: Back in February, Madonna uploaded a topless photo of herself to Instagram, to the shock of her fans. She was hanging from her bed frame in fishnet tights and a black thong, while in another she was topless wearing a hat and a short wig wore Marilyn Monroe style. She joked in the caption, "2021 is almost over... Merry Christmas." In December, the mother-of-six posted another series of racy snaps to her Instagram as she reflects on 2021. One showed her hanging from her bed frame in fishnet tights and a black thong. Leaving little to the imagination: A month earlier, she shared a series of pictures that showed her lounging on a bed in lingerie. A month earlier, she shared a series of pictures that showed her lounging on a bed in lingerie. She posed in a number of compromising positions, also showing off her bare breasts as her thong clad rear end in some of them. In September 2021, she stripped once more for the 'Gram - posing seductively on her bed wearing nothing but a thong, fishnet tights and long silk evening gloves. Madonna used her hand to cover her breasts as she turned her head away from the camera in one of the pictures. Topless: In September 2021, she stripped once more for the 'Gram - posing seductively on her bed in nothing but a thong, fishnet tights and long silk evening gloves Dashing: Madonna used her hand to cover her breasts as she covered her head turned away from the camera in one of the pictures, and in April of the same year she posted another shirtless photo on her social media. This one showed her looking away from the camera while her long, blonde hair covered her breasts. The hitmaker came under fire after she revealed she wasn't paying her staff while working on a V Magazine photo shoot at the time because of tiny braids . In April of the same year, she posted another topless picture on her social media. This one showed her looking away from the camera while her long hair covered her breasts. Angry fans quickly flooded the comments section, slamming the multimillionaire for allowing unpaid work. Others were furious at her braided hairstyle - accusing it of cultural appropriation - and some insisted she glorified violence. Her caption read: "Proud of my collaboration with @stevenkleinstudio for @vmagazine, although I know that against all odds... and with very little support from non-artistic people who have kept pushing back - the fact that we almost made it." have zero budget, we could still make ART! Thanks to everyone who has supported us and slept on couches and worked long hours and for free everyone to support Madame X who is not only here to disturb the peace but to keep the art alive. ' In November 2021, the hitmaker came under fire after revealing she hadn't paid her staff while working on a photoshoot for V Magazine at the time


Arsenal's Mikel Arteta says he would be banned for discussing Paul Tierney's derby performance in north London

Mikel Arteta after Arsenal's 3-0 defeat at Tottenham: If I say what I think, I'll be banned for six months; Antonio Conte says Arteta complains too much; Tottenham are a point behind Arsenal in the race for the top four with two games left (Author: Gardener)

Paul Tierney'sMikel Arteta accused the referees of "destroying a beautiful game" after the 10-man arsenal suffered a 3-0 defeat in the north London derby and was then accused by Tottenham boss Antonio Conte of overdoing it to have complained. Arsenal trailed behind Harry Kane's first-half penalty when Rob Holding shoulder-butted Heung-Min Son from chasing and saw red for a second bookable foul. Referee Paul Tierney and VAR had previously ignored an apparent elbowing from Son on Holding but showed no hesitation and gave the Gunners centre-back his marching orders, a decision that angered Arteta. "If I say what I think, I'll be banned for six months," Arteta told Sky Sports. "I can't lie, so I'd rather not say what I think. I can't say what I think. "I want the referees to come in front of the camera and explain his decisions. It's a shame, because such a beautiful game was destroyed today. The referee has to make a decision in football." The defeat at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium reduced Arsenal's lead over north London rivals in the race to qualify for the Champions League to one point with two games remaining. The Gunners travel to Newcastle football on Monday night - live on Sky Sports - for a crucial penultimate game of the season, Arteta was keen to draw a line under Thursday's derby defeat." Our focus is on Newcastle," added Arteta. "This game is history. Now we need the team be that you saw from the start. We have two games each to play. It's in our hands and now we have to do our job. We showed his own temper in this game from the start when Liverpool's Fabinho showed 1 1-1 draw at Anfield in the previous game on Saturday, not shown a red card for a poor tackle against Heung-Min Son became. He said: "[Arteta] is a really good coach, he can become an important coach in the future. But in six months I've heard him complain a lot. "He's just started in his job and I've often listened to him how he complains. I think he needs to focus more on his team and not complain. I think he needs to be calmer and try to keep working because he's very good. But a coach who complains a lot is not good.” The red card was clear to me. Don't forget, against Liverpool I didn't say anything about what happened to Fabinho. If we want to complain, we have the opportunity to talk about referees, decisions, postponed games at every game. "If you recall, he complained about the [postponed] game. At the time I said it wasn't good to complain because Arsenal were happy to reschedule the game in an incredible way for Covid positives and they only had one player with Covid So much the North London derby that was postponed in January the Spurs head coach was clearly remembered, Conte said his players also used Arsenal's late cancellation as inspiration for their win four months later. He added: "I think for sure [the postponement was a motivation]. It wasn't a good situation, we were ready to play at that point and seeing it postponed like that made us a bit angry. “I have said before that I would like to play against Arsenal with all the players available. I think my players were also a bit angry in the first game because we lost 3-1. In the latest edition of Ref Watch, former Premier League official Dermot Gallagher gives his verdict on the decisions taken in Thursday's north London derby, including whether Rob Holding deserved the dismissal "The referee was consistent. DERMOT SAYS: He took a risk, he tried to calm him down. Paul Tierney has perfect vision and he's been refereed like that up to that point. He's been consistent so there's not much of it." Argument. DERMOT SAYS: I guess for the first it's not for the challenge. It's been like this for 25 minutes you see when Paul Tierney cards him he says this is his third time. And when you see it, I just thought it was inevitable that he'd get a scream ow card very soon. INCIDENT: Rob Holding sent off for second yellow card for contesting Son. DERMOT SAYS: People have been asking if that's a yellow card. If you look at it, he doesn't walk with his shoulder, he doesn't make contact with his shoulder, he gives a straight arm. And it was checked for a direct red card by VAR. So last night I tried to point out to people that it was definitely a second yellow card, it was being checked for a red card. “What happens to Conte at the end of the season? Tonight there won't be many clubs in Europe for Conte to go to. That's the league right now," Gary Neville said on the Gary Neville Podcast. "I criticized this league four or five years ago when it was underperforming in Europe, but this is a great league at the moment with great managers. I think you want to be a manager there to showcase yourself. “I think it was great for Conte tonight. Champions League? The only problem is that he wants to be in the Champions League, he has to be in the Champions League. So I think it's a big night. But regardless of whether they get to the Champions League, it must have an impact on Conte. “Those players out there will see something building when they get into this Champions League. It will do incredible things for Spurs. Arsenal looks more fragile. In the last week of the season, you want that reliability.