Rangers lack panache while Celtic benefit from Ange Postecoglou's game plans

Confidence is the magical yet often elusive potion for progress in virtually every area of ​​life. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't. (Author: Gardener)

CelticDistill what is often a simple game made unnecessarily boring and complex to ensure you have confidence in good players going and showing what they can do. Distill what is often a simple game made unnecessarily boring and complex to ensure you have confidence in good players going and showing what they can do. And in Glasgow, only one in two of the city's most important men seems to understand this simple equation. Celtic's players, even those who occasionally sit on the bench, trust their manager, Ange Postecoglou. His rotation policy is getting results and keeping everyone in the squad relatively happy. This is not an easy task when dealing with a multitude of egos. At Rangers, Giovanni van Bronckhorst's methods and team selection just seem so... Daring Postecoglou, for all his upset successes in Glasgow's East End to date, is unafraid to stir things up, potentially leading to some players' temporary disappointment. Even allowing for Celtic's intense schedule to squeeze in as much action as possible ahead of the World Cup, 'resting' those in a goal mood would perhaps cause a stir in the dressing room. However, when a team can push on and win games with vigour, as the Celts have been doing lately, it proves that the manager's strategy is being validated. A horses-for-courses policy applies to the hoops. Not many managers would opt to make five changes from a side Hibernian made for six in Premiership service before taking on Motherwell in the League Cup, particularly at Fir Park, one of the tougher venues to get results from . As it was, James Forrest and Giorgos Giakoumakis, who scored five against Hibs, found themselves on the bench when Well was swept aside midweek. Celtic's versatility and virtual level rotations secured a place in the semi-finals of the cup as they look to defend the trophy. Even better for Postecoglou was Kyogo Furuhashi, who ended a goal drought rare for the Japanese striker. Kyogo met at Motherwell and is now another refreshed option for the boss. While the league table itself shows Celtic currently leading Rangers by four points as usual, the evidence is that there is a bigger, more subtle difference between those lines that is likely to grow. Motherwell goalkeeper Liam Kelly, for example, spoke of the panache and confidence that flows through Celtic, which has been an unenviable task for the Steelmen in keeping the Premiership holder at bay. Conversely, the Rangers also beat Well, but the manner of their 2-1 win last Sunday was far less convincing. Essentially, this is due to what appears to be greater trust in Postecoglou's staff compared to Ibrox's Van Bronckhorst counterpart. While the latter's set-piece is oddly risk-averse, even against home opponents that Rangers are expected to put up with, the Aussie Postecoglou trusts his players to consistently use their superior talents and is therefore generally ready to play the Unleash artillery Chance of higher rewards. Celtic's diversity has also resulted in a sizable goal difference over the Gers, which can even prove crucial at the end of the season. Additionally, for those who come to Celtic Park and Ibrox week in and week out, there is a requirement not only to beat the everyday outfits, but to do so in style. Celtic manage to do this with a variety of gifts from the likes of Kyogo, Giakoumakis, Jota and Liel Abada, while Rangers' identities appear much more stilted and have undoubtedly contributed to their struggles. And that doesn't even include Liverpool's now infamous recent shellac. Celtic goals, meanwhile, are also shared well by the aforementioned quartet, while Rangers would have been in an overwhelming crisis at Ibrox without Antonio Colak and his 10-goal tally. Still, the pressured Van Bronckhorst has an alternative in this situation if he wants to see it: the Dutchman can see how fruitful a zesty attitude is across town. A tripartite strike force would not only pull much-needed targets into the Rangers' current work stats, but also prove a welcome relief to some of the absolute slags that patrons have faced. The 1-0 League Cup quarter-finals win over Dundee at Ibrox in midweek was, frankly, a cure for insomnia and a reliance on veteran Steven Davis to score the only goal says it all. Indeed, while talking about identities and goals is valid when it comes to whether or not Van Bronckhorst can find a way out of criticism - some valid, others exaggerated - it tends to be muted when outstanding victories are achieved will. Both halves of the Old Firm find the peak of expectations in the Champions League far too intense. But with Celtic taking on Shakhtar Donetsk and Rangers heading to Naples this week for what is likely to be a long night out against Group A leaders Napoli, their priorities are likely to remain firmer. There is no doubt that Postecoglou is getting the best out of his squad compared to his counterpart, which is a major concern for Rangers back in October.


Suella Braverman supports Rishi Sunak as she says 'Now is not the time for fantasies'

Tory leadership news: Suella Braverman supports Rishi Sunak as she says 'now is not the time for fantasies' (Author: Gardener)

Suella BravermanSuella Braverman is the latest high-profile Tory to back Rishi Sunak - Paul Grover Suella Braverman has endorsed Rishi Sunak as the next Conservative leader in place of Boris Johnson, saying now is not the time for 'fantasies'. Ms. Braverman writes: “Things have to change. We as a party have to change. We must offer leadership, stability and confidence to the British people.” Yes, I want a leader for our party and country to inspire hope for a brighter future and lift our spirits. And I need a leader to put our house in order and put a steady, careful hand at the helm. For me, this person is Rishi Sunak. What the country needs most now is stability. Until recently, the Conservatives had an unassailable record of their ability to govern wisely in tough economic times. Ms. Braverman's support is significant given her status as a rising figurehead for party rights. Ms Braverman also becomes the latest Brexiteer to endorse Mr Sunak this weekend, in a blow to Mr Johnson, who sees Brexit as one of his greatest achievements in office. There's something quite alluring about Johnson facing "Captain Hindsight" again for PMQs' déjà vu, writes Miriam Cates. Boris had many strengths as Prime Minister and led our party to a great election victory three years ago. But right now, the nation's call is not for a great entertainer or a great activist; rather, we need a period of political stability to address the serious economic circumstances we face. That's why I threw my support behind Rishi Sunak, one of the most gifted and capable people I've ever met. Boris Johnson has told his supporters that Rishi Sunak would also be pursued by the Partygate probe, The Telegraph can reveal. On an early morning Zoom call with loyalists, Mr Johnson was asked how his supporters should tackle the issue of the Privileges Committee's inquiry into whether he had misled the House of Commons about lockdown gatherings at Downing Street. Mr Johnson said he was "very confident" about the process and would respect its outcome, according to an MP in the tender. "They could call others, they could call Labour, they could call Rishi, it would never end." Boris Johnson's supporters are still convinced they have already reached the nomination threshold of 100 MPs, despite only 58 seeing him public support, reports Tony Diver. A supporter of Johnson's told The Telegraph that he "only knows" the line has already been crossed, suggesting at least 40 MPs have pledged their support but have remained silent about it. "He clearly wants it - he's clearly got the hundred," said the MP. But that line looks increasingly implausible as the afternoon progresses and Mr Johnson is holding meetings with his rivals to try and negotiate a deal. Boris Johnson was notable for his absence from Nus Ghani's description of "credible candidates" as Science Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed as leader: both Penny and Rishi are credible candidates and a credit to the party. We must unite and focus on delivery with integrity, professionalism and accountability. I support Rishi - leave behind the party division and focus on the country. Penny Mordaunt has rebuffed Boris Johnson's attempt to get her out of the Tory leadership race and backed him during a phone call, The Telegraph can reveal. The former Prime Minister spoke to Ms Mordaunt, his rival in leadership, early Sunday afternoon as he seeks to build his support base ahead of Monday's 2pm nominations deadline. The Telegraph understands Ms Mordaunt noted that most of her supporters would support Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor, rather than Mr Johnson if she gave up the race. Ms Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons, is also said to have made her own suggestion - that Mr Johnson should opt out instead and face her alone to Mr Sunak. Ben Riley-Smith, our political editor, has the scoop The Tory party would find itself in an "existential crisis" if Boris Johnson returned as Prime Minister, Andrew Mitchell has warned. Mr Mitchell, a senior Tory MP and former cabinet minister who supports Rishi Sunak, mentioned the circumstances surrounding Mr Johnson's eviction from Downing Street over the summer. "He was the Prime Minister, after all, from whose team no fewer than 60 of my colleagues have resigned and are now coming into office for him ... And that's before you think of the incredibly important and very, very serious investigation by the Privileges Committee into whether he misled the House of Commons. "Well, you know, he may be totally innocent, but the fact that this inquiry is taking place, with all the seriousness that goes with it, I think completely excludes him from any question of coming as Prime Minister." Rishi Sunak's lead over Boris Johnson in the UK public has grown, new Opinium polls show Mr Sunak commands 45 per cent of public support, compared to Mr Johnson's 27 per cent Mr Sunak rose a percentage point, while Mr Johnson rose four points, according to data from the same pollster on Friday On the economy, around 40 per cent of the 1,005 adults polled said a government led by Mr Sunak would be better able to manage the economy, versus 17 per cent by a government led by Mr Johnson Boris Johnson tells his allies he would Keeping Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor if he wins Tory leadership race The Daily Telegraph experienced. In an attempt to calm the economy, the former prime minister says he hopes to keep his old leadership rival at the Treasury. The message is interpreted as a push to make it clear that he would do whatever it takes to stabilize markets, including tightening public spending. However, it is unclear whether Mr Hunt, who declined to serve as Mr Johnson's defense secretary in 2019, would agree to stay in such circumstances. Ben Riley-Smith, our political editor, has story Former Minister Andrew Murrison, who supports Rishi Sunak, warned Boris Johnson about his hopes for leadership after Suella Braverman backed Mr Sunak. "Only Rishi can unite the conservatives - left, right and center," wrote Dr. Murrison. He also warned of "chaos" if Mr Johnson returned to No10 after Simon Clarke, the Leveling Up secretary, insisted there would be no vote to dissolve the Privileges Committee (see 11.35am ). We're in a show-me market and they're going to want very credible, clear signs that Britain's economic institutions are working, that Britain can deliver on its promises, and they're going to be extremely skeptical. And I think if there's any real move to make Johnson Prime Minister, the markets will vote and UK mortgages will get more expensive, the UK will get harder to finance and you'll have a version of what we've seen in the last few weeks . George Osborne will make the case for Rishi Sunak to be the next prime minister on tonight's episode of The Andrew Neil Show. Mr Osborne will say: “Two thirds of MPs will, I think, end up supporting Rishi Sunak when they do the final vote and that is why Rishi Sunak commands the party in Parliament. “This is crucial for market confidence, we are going through an economic crisis. Britain needs a Prime Minister who will restore confidence in our institutions and the credibility of our economic policies. "Boris Johnson can't anyway and he certainly can't without the party's support in Parliament and therefore it will be Rishi Sunak." Ms Baverman's support is given her political positioning and Mr Sunak's attempt to dissuade his colleagues convincing that he can unite the party after months of civil war is particularly important, writes Ben Riley-Smith, our political editor. During her bid for leadership earlier this summer, Ms Braverman became a rallying point for Conservative MPs on the party's right who opposed Mr Sunak. In that offer she called for tighter immigration controls, Britain's exit from the European Convention on Human Rights and a stronger retreat from political correctness. Ms. Braverman eventually supported Ms. Truss and was appointed Home Secretary, but the two fell out over Ms. Truss' hopes of issuing more visas to foreign workers to spur economic growth. Ms Braverman resigned last week after leaking strategy papers on migration to a Tory MP. Their support follows other leading Brexiteers in speaking out for Mr Sunak this weekend. Kemi Badenoch, another Tory leadership rival this summer who was on the right-wing of the party, was more supportive of Mr Sunak than Mr Johnson. Other Brexiteers doing so this weekend include Sir Geoffrey Cox, Theresa Villiers, Steve Baker, Lord Frost, David Davis and Steve Barclay. I remember election night 2019 when Boris led us to victory and put an end to the chaos of the post-Brexit parliament, writes Suella Braverman. He presented a clear and powerful message to the British people: "Get Brexit done". With Lord Frost, Boris rolled out the most comprehensive bilateral trade deal the world has ever seen, laying the groundwork for a strong trade relationship with Europe, free from the shackles of Brussels bureaucracy. And he restored UK leadership in the world with his vision and courage in supporting Ukraine. These remarkable achievements will mark him as one of our greatest prime ministers in history. Today the country is gripped by another crisis. Our Conservative Party is divided and headed for obliteration. Suella Braverman: We can't indulge in fantasies James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, agreed with Boris Johnson in the final moments. Mr Cleverly, a former Tory Party leader, said: "The last few weeks have shown that being Prime Minister is tough and no other job in Government is quite like it." I know Boris from his time learned in #10 and will ensure from day one the needs of the country are the focus. I will support him returning to the role of Prime Minister.” The endorsement of Suella Braverman, the former Attorney General and Home Secretary, is the latest in a series of high-profile endorsements from Tory right-wing Rishi Sunak. Her support comes after Kemi Badenoch, the international trade minister, also supported Mr Sunak in a newspaper column last night. Both Ms Badenoch and Ms Braverman ran for party leadership over the summer. Ms Braverman is a darling of the Tory right and she is the latest A string of Brexit supporters to rally behind Mr Sunak's leadership bid, which he formally announced on social media this morning, shows the scale of the challenge facing Boris Johnson, who may have hoped for the support of his Eurosceptic wing, is standing But in extraordinary times, Ms Braverman looks beyond the political groups - and insists only Mr Sunak can build a team to "compromise and unite." Suella Braverman has endorsed Rishi Sunak as the next Conservative leader in place of Boris Johnson, who says now is not the time for "fantasies," writes Ben Riley-Smith. In an exclusive article for The Telegraph, the former Home Secretary urges other Tory MPs not to be "naïve" when considering who should lead the country. In an exclusive article for The Telegraph, the former Home Secretary urges other Tory MPs not to be "naïve" when considering who should lead the country. Ms Braverman says Mr Sunak, the former chancellor, is the only candidate who can unite the party by working with all of its different factions. Ms Braverman says Mr Sunak, the former chancellor, is the only candidate who can unite the party by working with all of its different factions. The endorsement is a big boost for Mr Sunak as Ms Braverman is a leading figure on the right of the Tory party who backed Liz Truss and not Mr Sunak last summer. The endorsement is a big boost for Mr Sunak as Ms Braverman is a leading figure on the right of the Tory party who backed Liz Truss and not Mr Sunak last summer. The article also confirms that Ms. Braverman will not seek leadership herself after spending days debating whether to enter the competition. The article also confirms that Ms. Braverman will not seek leadership herself after spending days debating whether to enter the competition. Jeremy Hunt is considering tax hikes of up to £20bn in the Halloween budget, with high earners bearing the brunt of his bid to balance the books, writes Nick Gutteridge. The Chancellor has been told by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) that there is still a £40billion black hole in the nation's finances, even after scrapping almost the entire mini-budget. He wants to raise up to half that amount through tax hikes to lessen the need for painful and highly controversial public spending cuts. Boris Johnson was asked during the 8am meeting how his supporters should react when asked how many nominations he has and whether he will indeed reach the threshold to get on the final ballot, writes Camilla Turner. The former prime minister's supporters insist he has already received more than 100 endorsements - although as of Sunday morning just over 50 had publicly declared their support. Mr Johnson reportedly told MPs his numbers were "significantly higher" than reported but that not everyone "made a song and danced about it". But another of his supporters admitted that the campaign is "a bit coy" on the numbers. They said: "There are some who support him in the office of the whips, committee chairs, others who cannot explain themselves because of their positions. Boris Johnson appeared "very upbeat and very interested" as he spoke to around 50 of his core supporters on a Zoom call at 8am this morning, writes Camilla Turner. The former prime minister used the call to acknowledge that there had been "mistakes in the past" under his supervision, but said he would "learn from it" and "make sure we get things right this time," a said Member of the conference call. Mr Johnson updated his colleagues on his campaign's approach, stating that "we will not resort to attacking other sides, no attribution or statement will be a disaster [unless elected]". Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are neck and neck , when it comes to which Tory councillors want to become the next prime minister, a poll shows a direct choice between the two, with 48 per cent favoring the ex-chancellor and 45 per cent preferring the ex-PR I am minister also shows that grassroots members of the party have "buyer remorse" about Liz Truss, with half of those who voted for her saying she was right to quit, The poll of 241 council members conducted by Savanta ComRes for The Sunday Telegraph suggests Matt Vickers, MP for Stockton South's 'Red Wall' seat, has indicated that things could be close when the race for membership comes up agreed to support Rishi Sunak over Boris Johnson. Mr Vickers wrote: "I stood by Boris to the end and am honored to call him a friend. I'm confident and I told him I'm sure he has a big role to play in our country's future. “The next prime minister will have to tackle unprecedented economic challenges and unite our country and our party. I believe that Rishi Sunak is the best person to take on today's challenges. When Boris Johnson first ran for Tory leader I had a long list of reasons why his critics were wrong, even deranged, writes Fraser Nelson. Twice elected mayor of a Labor town, resulting in lower taxes and smoother government. "He's not the leader we thought he was," one of his advisors told me before quietly stepping back. He appeals to voters who tend to view all other candidates from all parties with contempt. After winning a historic landslide in 2019, he has a strong claim to complete the time given to him by millions of voters. Heather Wheeler, the Tory MP for South Derbyshire, this morning accused the 1922 Committee of a "stab" when she claimed the party was trying to keep Penny Mordaunt - her preferred candidate - out of the final vote. So that's just not acceptable. Tory MP Heather Wheeler says the 1922 committee took a 'stab' when Penny Mordaunt claimed she was told 'we can't have another wife, can we?' @AndrewCastle63 WpimVTALeA - LBC (@LBC) October 23, 2022 "It has to be a fair fight, I want Penny's name on the ballot and I want a vote from all members." Ms Wheeler also insisted that the total number of endorsements by Ms Mordaunt " far north" of her socialite of 24 years. Chloe Smith's endorsement of Rishi Sunak comes after she backed his potential rival Boris Johnson three years ago: Our country needs a Prime Minister who can deliver Brexit, but it also needs so much more. Our party needs to listen and reach out to marginal places. Is this a sign that Mr Johnson is getting less support from his fellow parliamentarians than he may have priced in? Or will there be enough “timid Boris” supporters to still get him over the line, at which stage he would be the clear favorite to win the Tory membership vote? Chloe Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, is Rishi Sunak's latest high-profile supporter. "I intend to support Rishi as Prime Minister to act in the national interest and achieve the stability and opportunity our nation needs," Ms Smith said at noon today. She backed Liz Truss during the last leadership contest, saying she has "a clear track record and will bring deep experience to serving the country...she can unite our party and win the next election." Nadhim Zahawi has declared his support for the return of 'Boris 2.0' as prime minister as he becomes the youngest cabinet minister to put his weight behind the former prime minister. Meanwhile Steve Baker, a minister in the Northern Ireland office, said on Sunday that Boris Johnson's return to Downing Street would be a "guaranteed disaster" as he backed Rishi Sunak. The latest round of public confirmations comes as those in Mr Johnson's camp insist he has the number of backers to surpass the 100 nomination threshold to make it onto the final ballot. Mr Sunak - who formally released his leadership bid this morning and said he has a "clear plan to solve the biggest problems we face" - has already garnered the public support of well over 100 of his peers. But as of this morning, Mr Johnson was nowhere near it, as just over 50 MPs have openly backed him. Penny Mordaunt's campaign insiders insist she's not out of the running today, meaning the three leadership camps are still open, writes Ben Riley-Smith. "There are a lot of people who really don't want Rishi to face Boris," a Mordaunt supporter told The Telegraph. They insisted the Commons leader would continue fighting for MPs until the 2pm deadline tomorrow. The Leveling Up secretary accused Steve Baker of a "straw man" row over the Privileges Committee investigation into Boris Johnson. A seven-member committee of MPs will begin hearing oral evidence from witnesses to decide whether Mr Johnson misled Parliament and this could ultimately recommend he be suspended from the House of Commons. "I'm afraid because of the privileges committee vote, Boris Johnson would be a guaranteed disaster," Mr Baker told Sky News this morning. But in a tweet moments ago, Simon Clarke said: "Boris is absolutely clear that there will be no vote to dissolve the Privileges Committee. Boris Johnson has told supporters he has not struck a deal with Rishi Sunak and will continue to seek Tory leadership, The Daily Telegraph understands. In an 8am call with supportive Tory MPs, the former Prime Minister urged them to pick up the phone to persuade colleagues to back his campaign. The news came after Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak held face-to-face talks in London last night as they debated their bids to become the next Prime Minister. Both Jacob Rees-Mogg and Dominic Raab, two of Mr Johnson's and Mr Sunak's most prominent supporters respectively, said yesterday no agreement had been reached. Speaking to BBC Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Rees-Mogg said: "I've spoken to Boris Johnson and he'll be very clear, there's a lot of support for him." Mr Shapps, the new Home Secretary, thinks there is t he former chancellor who will excel at number 10: We need someone who can provide stability and proven economic competence in these challenging times and @RishiSunak is that person. That's why I support him in the Conservative leadership contest - Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (@grantshapps) October 23, 2022 There are some concerns that it may be too soon for Boris Johnson to return to Downing Street because of the ongoing Privileges Committee inquiry into his conduct, writes Tony Diver. But there's also a feeling he could take a job in Rishi Sunak's cabinet and wait until the investigation is complete before submitting a new offer next year. One MP, undecided on who to support and speaking to both candidates, said he was "not sure if any offers were made at their meeting yesterday" but that it might be in Mr Johnson's interest that Downing Street yet to re-enter. "Each will want their own job and the other will not give way to them at that point," they said. "I'm not sure if this is the best time for Boris personally because of everything that's going on. Around 21 Tory MPs have publicly backed Rishi Sunak in the last 24 hours, the Telegraph analysis shows, compared to just four new endorsements from Boris Mr Sunak, who confirmed his candidacy for the Conservative leadership this morning, was endorsed by ministers like Kemi Badenoch, the International Trade Secretary, and Steve Baker, a Minister of State in the Office for Northern Ireland, supported right-wingers from his party - including Tom Hunt, a member of the Common Sense Group of Tory MPs, and Sir Desmond Swayne. Boris Johnson's new public supporters include Nadhim Zahawi, his former chancellor in the summer, and Red Wall MPs Lee Anderson and Ben Bradley. One of Carrie Johnson's best friends appears to be supporting Rishi Sunak in the leadership contest, writes Tony Diver. Nimco Ali, an anti-female genital mutilation (FGM) activist, often referred to as Mr Johnson's best friend, retweeted Mr Sunak's announcement that he was running for party leadership. Ms Ali is believed to be part of the "Court of Carrie" - a selection of political advisers, commentators and activists who have supported Boris Johnson because of their loyalty to her. Many of them are also linked to Michael Gove, who has fallen out with Mr Johnson and is now on the loose in the Tory backbench. Mr Gove has yet to declare his support for any candidate. Ms Villiers, a staunch Brexiteer who refused to serve under Theresa May, is the latest in a string of endorsements for Mr Sunak on the party's right, including Kemi Badenoch, Lord Frost and Steve Baker. "To move our country forward, we need a prime minister with the ability, experience and character to tackle the big issues we face. Rishi Sunak is the best candidate for this job,” Ms. Villiers said. "That's why I'm going to nominate him as the next leader of the Conservative Party. There is a global economic crisis and we need to emerge from the political turmoil of the past two months. “We have to make that choice Right. Rishi has guided our economy through very difficult times, including the pandemic. Sir Geoffrey Cox, the Tory MP for Torridge and West Devon, has backed Rishi Sunak after his leadership announcement. "I will support Rishi Sunak, who is now best suited to deal with the unique demands of this time and who is best qualified to form the credible and coherent government this country needs," he said. The Liberal Democrats responded to the announcement of Rishi Sunak's candidacy by criticizing his promotion to Social Security in April. Daisy Cooper, the party's deputy leader, said: "Rishi Sunak cannot be trusted to lead our country through this cost of living crisis. Apparently the British public simply does not trust the Conservative Party on who runs Britain.” Our country should be in the hands of the electorate, not the Conservative MPs who have caused all this chaos. We need a general election now.” With public support from more than 115 Tory MPs, it was only a matter of time before Rishi Sunak officially declared his leadership ambitions. In a statement, Mr Sunak hinted he was the only candidate who would "unite our party" after some Tory MPs suggested Boris Johnson's return would be too divisive. Mr Sunak was rejected from party membership in the summer but is now on course to make a remarkable political comeback of his own. He vowed to carry on with the landslide-victory manifesto of the 2019 general election, vowing "integrity and professionalism," which could be seen as yet another broadside against Mr Johnson in the wake of the Partygate scandals and the Chris Pincher affair. For all the frantic speculation surrounding one possible deal overnight, Mr Sunak is set at No 10. And all eyes are now on Mr Johnson to see if he follows suit.The decision our party makes now will determine whether the next one Generation von Briten mehr Möglichkeiten haben wird als die l Ast. Deshalb kandidiere ich für Ihren neuen Premierminister und Vorsitzenden der Konservativen Partei. Ich habe als Ihr Kanzler gedient und dabei geholfen, unsere Wirtschaft durch die härtesten Zeiten zu steuern. Ich habe die Erfolgsbilanz der Lieferung , einen klaren Plan, um die größten Probleme zu lösen, mit denen wir konfrontiert sind, und ich werde das Ve rsprechen des Manifests von 2019 einlösen. Auf allen Ebenen der Regierung, die ich leite, wird es Integrität, Professionalität und Rechenschaftspflicht geben, und ich werde Tag für Tag daran arbeiten, die Arbeit zu erledigen. Um unsere Partei und unser Land in Richtung der nächsten Parlamentswahlen zu führen, zuversichtlich in unsere Bilanz, fest in unseren Überzeugungen und bereit, erneut zu führen. Das Vereinigte Königreich ist ein großartiges Land, aber wir stehen vor einer tiefgreifenden Wirtschaftskrise. Das Vereinigte Königreich ist ein großartiges Land, aber wir stehen vor einer tiefgreifenden Wirtschaftskrise. Deshalb stehe ich als Vorsitzender der Konservativen Partei und als Ihr nächster Premierminister an. Ich möchte unsere Wirtschaft reparieren, unsere Partei vereinen und für unser Land liefern. Ich möchte unsere Wirtschaft reparieren, unsere Partei vereinen und für unser Land liefern. – Rishi Sunak (@RishiSunak) 23. Oktober 2022 Ein Verbündeter von Boris Johnson schlug vor, dass er Jeremy Hunt als seinen Kanzler behalten könnte, wenn er als Premierminister zurückkehrte. Auf die Frage, ob Herr Hunt weiterbeschäftigt werden sollte, um weitere Marktturbulenzen zu vermeiden, sagte Chris Heaton-Harris gegenüber Times Radio: „Ich denke, Sie haben Ihre eigene Frage beantwortet, ich denke, das ist die richtige Antwort.“ Er bestand jedoch auch darauf, dass „in unserer Kampagne überhaupt keine Stellen angeboten wurden“, nachdem hochkarätige Vermerke ehemaliger Minister des Kabinetts zugesagt hatten. Rishi Sunak wird seine Kandidatur bekannt geben, „wenn er das Gefühl hat, die Unterstützung zu bekommen, die er braucht“, sagte einer seiner Unterstützer. Robert Jenrick sagte gegenüber Times Radio: „Er möchte mit so vielen Parlamentskollegen wie möglich sprechen und eine möglichst breite Koalition erreichen.“ Er sagte, sein bester Rat an Boris Johnson sei „jetzt ist nicht der Moment für eine Rückkehr“, und fügte hinzu: „Er wird innerhalb weniger Wochen mit einer äußerst schmerzhaften Untersuchung des Privilegienausschusses konfrontiert sein.“ Diese Untersuchung wird wahrscheinlich zu einer Abstimmung im Unterhaus führen die entweder die Mitglieder des Parlaments auffordern würde, die Feststellungen dieses Ausschusses aufzuheben, und wir haben zuvor das Ergebnis einer ähnlichen Abstimmung in der Owen-Paterson-Affäre gesehen, oder sie wird zu seiner Entfernung aus dem Parlament führen. „Ich kann meinen Parlamentskollegen nicht in gutem Glauben empfehlen, dass wir den kürzesten Premierminister in der politischen Geschichte haben, der als erster aus dem Unterhaus ausgeschlossen wird.“ Dominic Raab sagte, Rishi Sunak sei am besten geeignet, Großbritannien voranzubringen, trotz der „sehr vielen positiven Dinge“, die Boris Johnson im Amt erreicht habe. “Ich denke, in Bezug auf die grundlegenden Forderungen an die Wirtschaft hat Rishi Recht, und ich denke, er hat zum Beispiel mit dem Urlaubsprogramm gezeigt, dass er die Erfahrung hat, die er liefern kann”, sagte Herr Raab am Sonntag mit Laura Kuenssberg. „Aber natürlich sehe ich als Mitglied der konservativen Familie auch, dass es ein politisches Chaos gibt und wir alle als Mitglieder der konservativen Familie die Pflicht haben, es zu beheben.“ Dominic Raab hat Vorschläge für einen Pakt zwischen Boris Johnson und Rishi Sunak verworfen. „Ich glaube nicht, dass es hier Probleme mit Deals gibt, das ist nicht der richtige Weg“, sagte er. "Was sie hatten, war ein sehr gutes Gespräch über die Notwendigkeit der Einheit, Iain Duncan Smith hat darüber gesprochen. "Sie können an der Dynamik, aber auch an der Bandbreite der Unterstützung für Rishi sehen, dass er am besten aufgestellt ist", wiederholte Herr Raab das „Hauptproblem“ von Partygate, das zu den Ereignissen führte, die Herrn Johnsons Rücktritt erzwangen, und sagte zur Wirtschaft: „Ich denke, Rishi hatte damals Recht und er hat es jetzt. Jeremy Hunt hat den von Rishi befürworteten Ansatz effektiv eingeführt, aber es gibt noch mehr zu tun.“ Jacob Rees-Mogg sagte, Boris Johnson würde „eindeutig“ dafür stehen, Tory-Führer zu werden Sie haben die Zahlen, also sind die 100, die notwendig sind, da.“ Im Gespräch mit Laura Kuenssberg am Sonntag sagte er, es gebe „große Unterstützung“ für Herrn Johnson und wies auf die heutige Umfrage hin, die darauf hindeutet, dass er am besten dafür geeignet wäre weiterhin die Unterstützung der Tory-Wähler von 2019. Auf die Frage nach dem R ücktritt von mehr als 60 Ministern in den letzten Tagen der Amtszeit von Johnson behauptete Herr Rees-Mogg, es habe eine „Umschreibung der Geschichte“ gegeben, bei der die Ukraine und der Brexit übersehen wurden: „Boris Johnson ist es die Person, die das Mandat gewonnen hat. Die Forderung nach allgemeinen Wahlen ist ziemlich hohl, wenn die Person, die das Mandat gewonnen hat, tatsächlich der Premierminister ist.“ Behauptungen, Boris Johnson habe „aus seinen Fehlern gelernt“, werden bei den Abgeordneten kein Eis schneiden, warnte Steve Baker heute Morgen. Nadhim Zahawi, der Der frühere Bundeskanzler sagte, Herr Johnson sei „zerknirscht und ehrlich", nachdem er seinem Rücktritt zugestimmt hatte. „Das sind großartige Neuigkeiten von Nadhim und auch völlig richtig", sagte Zahawi. „Aber ich fürchte, es wird die Meinung der Abgeordneten einfach nicht ändern. Wir waren zu oft auf demselben Kurs. Natürlich brauchen sie mehr Geld, aber sie brauchen auch Reformen“, sagte der Labour-Chef der BBC am Sonntag mit Laura Kuenssberg. Boris Johnson sagte seinen Anhängern bei einem Anruf um 8 Uhr morgens, dass er es immer noch anstrebe und sich nicht zurückziehe, schreibt Ben Riley-Smith , unser politischer Redakteur. Er forderte sie auf, die Telefone anzurufen, und ein Abgeordneter in der Telefonkonferenz sagte, es gebe „keinen Zweifel“, dass er immer noch kandidiere. In einem Twitter-Thread sagte der Kanzler des Herzogtums Lancaster: Ich unterstütze Boris. He got the big calls right, whether it was ordering more vaccines ahead of more waves of Covid, arming early against the advice of some, or stepping down for the sake of unity. But now, Britain needs him back. We need to unite to deliver on our manifesto. When I was Chancellor, I saw a preview of what Boris 2.0 would look like. He'd learned from those mistakes how he could run No10 and the country better. Sir Iain Duncan Smith said the prospect of Boris Johnson's return was a sign of "peculiar times". The pros for Boris are very clearl y that he cuts through with the public and is a great campaigner," he told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg. "The downsides are that he's going to face this inquiry right now. The problem is going to be how many of his colleagues are going to decide they won't support him." "People just want things to work better, that's what we have to do. "That's our mandate, and I also think it's incredibly important that we remember that as a party, and we actually start to work on that." Penny Mordaunt said she was a "savvy campaigner" and "very confident about the progress we are making" as she insisted she would reach 100 nominations. I think it's important for our party we have a contest. And the reason why I am doing this is I think I am best-placed to bring the party together. Ms Mordaunt said reports she had approached Boris Johnson's camp had been "completely false", and refused to say whether Mr Johnson or Rishi Sunak would make a better prime minister. Asked if she would cut the health service, Penny Mordaunt described herself as a "halfway house" between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss on the economy. Pressed on this, she said no Conservative government had rolled back on health spending but "we have to make efficiency services". She also refused to be drawn on d efence spending commitments, the pensions triple-lock or whether benefits should rise in line with inflation - something she committed to at the Conservative Party Conference just a couple of weeks ago. Asked if she still thought Liz Truss's policies were "great", Penny Mordaunt said she was "right that we need to focus on growth... Ms Mordaunt, who currently has the public backing of 24 MPs, told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg she "very much regrets" the mini-Budget and confirmed she would keep Jeremy Hunt on as Chancellor. "I've sat in the Treasury and I've been briefed by him and I think it's helpful to set out to your viewers what is going to happen. I think it is incredibly important [the] timetable stays, I am the candidate that has said Hunt must stay as Chancellor. That would be wrong, we've got to put the country first. What is very important is we recognise we are going into a very difficult winter, we recognise people need to be supported through that." The privileges committee must be allowed to get on with its work, allies of Boris Johnson insisted this morning. It came after Steve Baker said the committee's ongoing investigation into 'partygate' and whether Mr Johnson deliberately misled the Commons made the prospect of his political comeback a "political disaster". Nadine Dorries, the former culture secretary, wrote on Twitter: "The privileges committee will and must be allowed to get on with its work and Boris Johnson will co-operate fully as, I am sure, will Rishi Sunak." Sir James Duddridge, who is helping to run Mr Johnson's campaign, added: "Boris on good form at the 8am meeting with MPs. In a first for Boris, he was rather smartly dressed! "He made it very clear the privileges committee must and will be allowed to get on with their process. Asked if he had made up his mind on the next Tory leader, Sir Iain Duncan Smith - a former leader himself - said: "No." "I desperately want my party to settle down," he told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg. "Internally at the moment in the Conservative Party, I just question whether any leader is going to be supported in quite the way they should be. "The problem is right now we have to decide whether or not we're going to make a go of these last two years... Asked about Boris Johnson's economic strategy, Chris Heaton-Harris said: "To be frank, we've only been working out a campaign for the last 24 hours. "As a member of the Government, I don't think the economy strategy can change much because we need to make sure the economy is completely safe." He pointed to Jeremy Hunt's medium-term economic plan and said he was "quite sure all of the candidates will want to commit to something like that". "Boris Johnson absolutely wants a stable financial and economic background for the country to move forward on." Chris Heaton-Harris, the Northern Ireland Secretary, said he was "calling" for Boris Johnson to run as he was the "big player" needed in the current political climate. Asked about the discrepancy between public endorsements for Mr Johnson and claims he had already reached the required threshold of 100, Mr Heaton-Harris said he was "confident" the support was there for the former prime minister. "We've already booked the appointment with Bob Blackman [of the 1922 Committee executive] tomorrow," he told Sky. "He's keen to see what the parliamentary party thinks. "He is, actually, a great unifier, a great campaigner, and someone who has a solid sense of what the country wanted to hear. Damian Green insisted Penny Mordaunt will reach the threshold of 100 Tory MP nominations that is required for her to progress to a vote of the party membership, saying this morning despite her 24 public nominations: "She'll win." Mr Green also defended Ms Mordaunt's judgment in endorsing Liz Truss, and said she "shared the overall vision of a lower tax, smaller state, but recognises the reality of stabilising the economy" to ensure international credibility. Speaking to Sky, he praised the "very strong message" she was sending in her promise to keep Jeremy Hunt in place as the chancellor. Asked about the incident and Mr Guru-Murthy having been taken off air for a week, Mr Baker told Sophy Ridge on Sunday: "That's really a matter for Channel 4. I've accepted his apology and God bless him. Steve Baker said he was "very proud" to back Rishi Sunak and urged Boris Johnson to wait until after the privileges committee to even consider a run at the highest office. "I think he'd make an amazing chairman of the party," he told Sophy Ridge on Sunday. "Make him chairman of the party, he can lead the campaign, he can front this Government but we cannot have him as prime minister." On the Northern Ireland Protocol, he warned eurosceptics could "implode" the government if it diverged from its current policy but said he was "absolutely not concerned" about Mr Sunak reneging on the existing stance. Everyone needs to understand the legitimate interest of unionists is to end the jurisdiction of EU law in Northern Ireland." Steve Baker praised Boris Johnson as a "wonderful man" but the Tory party had to "ruthlessly have to face the truth as it is". Mr Baker told Sky News: "This isn't the time for Boris's style. I'm afraid the trouble is because of the privileges vote, Boris would be a guaranteed disaster. "In that vote it's guaranteed there'll be a large number of Conservatives who will refuse as they see it to lay down their integrity to save him. Sixty-two MPs resigned from his government over the Pincher affair. "At the moment that there's a vote in the House of Commons on the privileges committee, his premiership would collapse. I'm not willing to lay down my integrity for Boris Johnson." Steve Baker - a former chairman of the influential European Research Group (ERG) who previously backed Liz Truss via Suella Braverman over the summer - has endorsed Rishi Sunak. The next couple of hours will be dominated by the weekly political shows - and both line-ups promise plenty of intrigue. On Sky News's Sophy Ridge on Sunday are Chris Heaton-Harris, the Northern Ireland Secretary who is backing Boris Johnson, Damian Green, who is supporting Penny Mordaunt, and Steve Baker, a Northern Ireland Office minister who has yet to declare. From 9am on the BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme are Ms Mordaunt, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Business Secretary who is backing Boris Johnson, and former deputy prime minister Dominic Raab, who has endorsed Rishi Sunak. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been urged to strike a deal to avert a Conservative civil war, amid fears that the party is on course for a historic split. The former prime minister and his ex-chancellor held talks on Saturday about agreeing to a joint ticket, as Mr Johnson's allies claimed that he had joined Mr Sunak in reaching the threshold of 100 MP supporters needed to move to the next stage of the leadership contest. Yesterday, Mr Johnson flew into London from the Caribbean as Priti Patel, the former home secretary, joined prominent MPs on the Right of the party, including Jacob Rees-Mogg and Bill Cash, in backing him. But Kemi Badenoch, the Trade Secretary, Lord Frost, the former Cabinet Office minister, and David Davis, the ex-Brexit secretary, all declared their support for Mr Sunak. Conservative chairman Sir Jake Berry has told the Telegraph's Christopher Hope the current situation represented "an existential crisis for the Conservative Party". "If we believe in democracy, members cannot be denied a say on who the next leader of the party is," Sir Jake said, noting the removal of both Boris Johnson and Liz Truss from office "despite the fact that they have won the membership". "I fear that it might be a point where members think: 'What is really the point of being a member of the Conservative Party?' "I had an email from a member today, he said 'it feels like I am being told I was wrong and now if we don't have a membership vote I am being told I am too stupid even to have an opinion'." Dominic Penna here, the Telegraph's Political Reporter, guiding you through what promises to be another hugely significant day in Westminster. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak - neither of whom have formally declared their prime ministerial ambitions - were last night urged to strike a deal amid fears of another bitterly divisive Tory leadership contest. But Jake Berry, the party chairman, last night warned against a scenario in which members were denied a say on Britain's next prime minister.


Bright sealed three points for the Blues

KATHRYN BATTE: Chelsea made an English double in France when they beat Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 after Arsenal defeated Lyon. (Author: Gardener)

threeChelsea made an English double in France as they followed Arsenal's win over Lyon with a 1-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain. The Gunners had beaten the Champions League holders 5-1 the night before and while the Blues' win in Paris wasn't as emphatic, it was still impressive. Millie Bright's first-half strike was the difference between the two teams as Chelsea nullified PSG's attacking threats. They got the job done, which they failed to do last season when they were eliminated in the group stage. They should have made it to the round of 16, but a 4-0 defeat by Wolfsburg in the last game saw them eliminated. The memory of that night will still haunt Hayes and her team, but their determination to emulate their performance to reach the finals in 2021 is stronger than ever. Paris is not an easy place for opposing teams as PSG ultras make for an intimidating atmosphere. But Chelsea were out of phase and it was the English side that started the game brighter. Sam Kerr had a couple of half-chances before forcing PSG goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi to make a fine save with her feet after deflecting a cross from Guro Reit towards goal. The Blues were more than ahead in the early stages and the breakthrough came just before the half-hour mark. Erin Cuthbert's corner was initially cleared but the ball returned to the midfielder, who lashed a cross at the back post and Bright got off her marker to kick into the roof of the net. PSG didn't miss a shot in the first half and they didn't fare much better in the second either. The Blues are trying to avoid a group stage elimination they suffered last season. Kadidiatou Diani and Ashley Lawrence both had tame shots that went straight into the hands of Chelsea goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger and those efforts rather summed up their night. In games like this, the absence of star striker Marie-Antoinette Katoto, PSG's top scorer last season, is particularly noticeable. Kerr could have handled things for Chelsea when she was picked by Johanna Rytting Kaneryd at the back post, but the striker was only able to send a header over the bar. PSG camped in the opposition half in the closing stages but failed to break through a stubborn Chelsea defence.


Manchester United's Diogo Dalot emerges as a target for Real Madrid

Plus: Chelsea have reportedly received hints from Frenkie de Jongs' camp that he would be ready to consider a move to Stamford Bridge in January; Manchester United are ready to attack Cody Gakpo should Marcus Rashford leave the club next summer (Author: Gardener)

Manchester United'sArsenal were interested in signing Calvin Bassey from Rangers in the summer transfer window but didn't go through with the deal. Erling Haaland's agent Rafaela Pimenta has hinted he would be open to signing a new and improved contract at Manchester City in the not too distant future. Chelsea have reportedly received hints from Frenkie de Jong's camp that he would be ready to consider a move to Stamford Bridge in January amid growing frustration at Barcelona. Manchester United are reportedly ready to attack Cody Gakpo should Marcus Rashford leave the club next summer. Tottenham Hotspur director of football Fabio Paratici could once again use his links with Juventus to bolster Antonio Conte's squad in the January transfer window. England fringe players like James Maddison have been left in the dark as to whether their World Cup dream remains alive as Gareth Southgate opted not to inform those he called up in his provisional squad on Friday night. LaLiga president Javier Tebas has issued a serious warning to Barcelona ahead of the start of next season. The Nou Camp side found themselves in a precarious financial position ahead of the start of the current season and Tebas has stated that the club are in the same boat for the 2023/24 season. Roberto Mancini has announced that he is considering stepping down as Italy coach after failing to qualify for the World Cup. Inter Milan owners Suning are finally selling the club in a deal that could reach around €1.2bn (£1bn) - with boss Steven Zhang fast moving towards a sale amid a financial crisis. Turkish club Galatasaray are reportedly furious with their striker Mauro Icardi after he flew to Argentina to confront his ex-wife Wanda Nara - after a video showed her kissing a rapper. Champions League winner and World Cup finalist Franck Ribery broke down in tears after retiring from football. He played for third-tier side J. Everton manager Frank Lampard stressed the need to give managers time following the sacking of his former England team-mate Steven Gerrard at Aston Villa. Raphael Varane faces an anxious wait to find out if he will miss the World Cup with the muscle injury that caused him to walk away in tears in Manchester United's draw with Chelsea. Republic of Ireland manager Vera Pauw says it is correct that Uefa launched an investigation after their players were filmed singing a pro-IRA song after qualifying for their first World Cup. Brighton honorary president Dick Knight has handed himself a 10-game suspension after a heated clash at the turnstile when he was unable to get to Brentford's stadium to watch his team play last week. Manchester United are set to fight Liverpool for Colombia's next star Jhon Duran. Real Madrid are reported to have to pay Lyon £870,000 following Karim Benzema's Ballon d'Or triumph. Aston Villa captain John McGinn has been dropped by new caretaker Aaron Danks, who was in charge after Steven Gerrard was sacked on Thursday night, for Sunday's crucial Premier League game against Brentford. The BBC has cut its team for the World Cup in Qatar to save money after spending heavily on its coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Jeremie Frimpong is reportedly in line for a stunning move to the Premier League, with Manchester United rumored to be keeping an eye on the former City defender. Rangers are said to have been "close" to signing starlet Gamid Agalarov from FC Ufa last summer - before opting for prolific striker Antonio Colak instead, according to his agent.


Awoniyi pursues Klopp as Premier League fighters cause excitement

The forward spent six years at Liverpool without playing a competitive game but scored against them to give Steve Cooper's side a shock win (Author: Gardener)

KloppAwoniyi scored the only goal as Forest stunned Liverpool (Picture: Getty) Nottingham Forest celebrated just their second Premier League win of the season and their first since August, beating Liverpool thanks to Taiwo Awoniyi's second-half goal at the City Ground. Virgil van Dijk had the clearest opportunity of the first half but oddly tried – and failed – to pick out Roberto Firmino instead of going on target himself when he was unmarked and just five yards away. Liverpool's lethargy was punished 10 minutes after the restart when Awoniyi, a former Red, put the hosts ahead with a tap-in from close range after his first try bounced off the post back into his path. Without Alisson, Forest could have won the game better against a side from Liverpool who were second best for practically the entire game. Ahead of the game, Klopp explained the absence of Darwin Nunez and Thiago Alcantara from his matchday squad. Nunez was substituted at the start of the second half of Wednesday's 1-0 win over West Ham after scoring the only goal. “For Darwin the game comes too early, he still feels the intensity of the game muscularly so there was no chance he could play today. Dean Henderson - made an excellent stop to deny Elliott at a crucial point in the game just after Forest went ahead and then an even better one to keep Van Dijk out in second-half injury time - a moment he with a passionate fist bump. Serge Aurier - Considering he's nowhere near fresh after a full pre-season, the Ivorian bravely stuck to his task against the lively Carvalho, passing Robertson. His defensive skills were questioned when he was at Spurs but he was extremely solid from start to finish. One of the few players in this squad with Premier League experience and he had to draw on all that when Forest faced a late attack. Neco Williams – Chosen to face his former teammates and performed well at his less preferred position at left-back. Has diligently stuck to his task and made a good game before making way with 20 minutes to go. He thought he had sealed a famous win by jumping on a Gibbs-White pass but was thwarted by a fantastic Alisson save. Remo Freuler - A vital player for a very good Swiss side and for former club Atalanta during their recent rise - perhaps given the spate of arrivals at the City Ground his arrival flew under the radar. Cheikou Kouyate - set the tone for the home side, making some crunching tackles but playing right on the edge. Made a great, lung-busting run to set up substitute Johnson and received a well-deserved ovation as he headed out late after a great performance. Morgan Gibbs-White – Nominally played down the right flank but had a free roll to drift centrally and seemed the most likely to make a difference for the hosts in the first half. Denied an almost certain goal by Milner's intervention and unluckily received an assist after knocking off Yates. Jesse Lingard - Had Forest's best shot in the first half but went straight for Alisson. Was criticized after a slow start to his career on the City Ground and while he again had limited impact in the last third he worked hard before being substituted. Taiwo Awoniyi - Spent six years in Liverpool without making a competitive appearance, mainly due to work permit issues. A willing runner who troubled Van Dijk and Gomez in every game, the Nigerian's persistence was rewarded with an open goal to put Forest ahead. Alisson - Was a lot busier than expected and made an excellent stop to keep Yates out late. Liverpool's player of the season so far and it's not even that close. James Milner – Replaced Alexander-Arnold at right-back and whipped in some crosses his team-mate would have been proud of, particularly for Van Dijk and Salah. Made an excellent and vital block to deny Gibbs-White a second. One of the first players to be substituted as Klopp sought a way back into the game but that didn't reflect on his performance. Joe Gomez - Praised by his manager on Friday after impressing lately, but played a crucial role in the opener by conceding the free-kick from which Awoniyi scored the opener with a cynical foul on the forward. Virgil van Dijk - Missed a glorious chance to open the scoring by instead bizarrely trying to knock Firmino off, missing another good chance from an Alexander-Arnold free-kick and making it a hat-trick of missed chances in injury time. Andy Robertson - Was recalled in place of Tsimikas but is still looking for his best form after a slow and injury-hit start to the campaign. Had created a good chance for Alexander-Arnold late on, but it was too little, too late. Harvey Elliott – Developed the first opener for Liverpool, making an excellent selection for Carvalho and delivering a flying stop from Henderson shortly after his side went behind. Always tried to make an impact when too many of his older teammates were gone. Fabinho – Far from at his best and not for the first time this season. Keeping losing the ball in his own half and looking lost without Thiago's sure presence at his side. Curtis Jones – Had his first start of the season in the Premier League alongside Fabinho in midfield before moving to the left after being substituted on by Henderson. Given his lack of playing time, he was less to blame for a poor result than most. Uncharacteristically, he missed his free-kick completely freely in the penalty area and had practically no influence on the game in the center forward position. Roberto Firmino - Was one of Liverpool's more consistent players in the early weeks but was behaving oddly on this occasion. The Brazilian's impact was so limited that he was substituted with 15 minutes remaining as Liverpool attempted to reverse a 1-0 deficit.


Wolves' Neves won't quash interest from Barcelona

Wolves star Ruben Neves hasn't downplayed rumors of a potential move to Barcelona. Transfer Talk has the latest. (Author: Gardener)

BarcelonaTransfer Talk brings you the latest rumours, rumours, arrivals, departures and of course deals done! Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder Ruben Neves hasn't downplayed rumors of a potential move to Barcelona despite repeated links with the Catalan side. I think that's a question every footballer would ask themselves. To leave the Spanish giants in the summer, Barcelona quickly found a possible replacement. Frenkie de Jong has come on for Busquets but ESPN sources say the Dutchman is not seen as a long-term option given interest from Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. Neves, 25, has been a mainstay for Wolves in the Premier League and is also known for his tendency to throw spectacular long-distance shots. Zubimendi, 23, recently signed a new deal at La Real that sees him stay at the club until 2027, but that's unlikely to stop Barcelona from making a move. Zubimendi has established himself as one of the best defensive midfielders in LaLiga, despite being He has a €60m release clause in his contract.- Internazionale are looking for a possible replacement should Milan Skriniar leave the Italian club, according to Le 10 Sport. With 27-year-old Skriniar's contract due to expire in June 2023 and Paris Saint-Germain keen interest, Inter's options include Seville's Tanguy Nianzou and Valencia's Mouctar Diakhaby. Gabriel Magalhaes' new contract at Arsenal means Juventus will have to look elsewhere for a new centre-back, according to Fabrizio Romano. The Brazilian signed a new deal with the Gunners on Friday, which runs until 2027. According to journalist Ekrem Konur, Bayern Munich are keen to sign Marcus Thuram from German rivals Borussia Mönchengladbach. Thuram, 25, is out of contract in the summer and has been in brilliant form for Mönchengladbach, scoring eight goals in ten games. Since the departure of Robert Lewandowski, Bayern have been linked with a number of strikers, with Thuram seemingly seen as a suitable replacement. Juventus, PSG and Barcelona will fight for Jorginho's signing, according to Calciomercato. The 30-year-old Italian midfielder's contract with Chelsea expires in June 2023. Caden Clark said goodbye to the New York Red Bulls after the team was eliminated from the MLS Cup playoffs. The 19-year-old youngster from the United States was on loan to RBNY (where he started his career) from RB Leipzig, with whom he signed in 2021.


Marquez leads Saturday morning's sensational FP3 session

Daily updated motorcycle news, racing and test reports. (Author: Gardener)

MarquezJack Miller had a lot at stake this morning at Phillip Island after a difficult Friday held the Australian back, ending the opening day in just 13th place on the timesheets. Johann Zarco led both sessions on Friday, the best time of 1'29.475 coming late in FP2 and putting him ahead of fellow Ducati rider Marco Bezzecchi. Repsol Honda's Pol Espargaro was third ahead of Fabio Quartararo on Friday. The pace in the earlier Moto3 session on Saturday morning was much quicker than what the Moto3 riders managed on Friday, which indicated we were set for a very fast FP3 MotoGP session... The riders settled down this morning however time before they prepared to try and cement their automatic climb into Q2. Miguel Oliveira was the first of the big improvers this morning, jumping from the 11th he finished yesterday to fifth on the combined time. Jack Miller put in ten early laps before returning to pit lane and exiting halfway through the session with a soft front and mid-rear. Fabio Quartararo was on a soft-soft combination halfway through the session and was making laps quickly but was unable to improve on his mark from Friday at this stage of the procedure. Conditions were quite chilly and incredibly the front tire pressure actually dropped on track compared to when the tire warmers were removed and the drivers exited the pit lane. Michelin told us the tires ran out at 36psi and then dropped to as low as 27psi during the session as they cooled. With 15 minutes to go, Oliveira made further progress on his first lap on a new soft rear wheel, moving up to fourth on the combined times. The Portuguese went faster again on his next lap, a 1'29.510 propelling him to P2 on the combined times. Bezzecchi was then P2 with a 1m29.138, Vinales P3 with a 1m29.196, Mir P4 with a 1m29.259, Bagnaia P5 with a 1m29.289 while Zarco had slipped to sixth on combined times. Bezzechi then improved to 1m28.738s but remained in P2, while Marc Marquez then dropped to P3 with 1m28.993s. Alex Marquez then fell back to P3 with a time of 1m28.964s, relegating his brother to P4. On the next lap, however, the Frenchman improved to 1:29.039s, good enough for P6. With less than five minutes to go, riders were outside the top ten including Friday's pacesetter Johann Zarco, along with Joan Mir and Aleix Espargaro... Pecco Bagnaia then managed to separate the Marquez brothers in P5 after scoring his first 1: 28 of the weekend had lost. Marc Marquez then went into P2, edging out Jack Miller in P4, although the Australian improved his mark to 1'28.721. Aleix Espargaro also did a great final lap in P4, towing Marquez in the process... Aleix Espargaro pushed Bezzecchi back to P5 and Miller to P6. Fabio Quartararo had been pushed back to P13 but saved the day on his last lap with a 1'28.858 that put him in tenth place and automatically moved up to Q2. One of the infamous Cape Barren Geese caused a red flag in the final seconds of the day's opening session at Phillip Island this morning. Ayumu Sasaki led FP3 with a best time of 1:36.112. This mark below the lap record of 1m36.302s set here by Jack Miller on a newly paved track in 2014. But just outside the lap record of 1:36.050 minutes that Alex Marquez set for pole here in 2014. Alonso Lopez led the session with a 1'32.616, well ahead of Fermin Aldeguer and Augusto Fernandez in FP3.


Elon Musk will continue to fund Ukraine's Starlink satellite internet

News from Ukraine - live: Elon Musk will continue to fund Ukraine's Starlink satellite internet - SpaceX has reportedly written to the US Pentagon asking the US military to cover its costs for satellite internet in Ukraine (Author: Gardener)

UkraineTesla CEO Elon Musk has re-committed to providing Starlink satellite internet services to war-torn Ukraine days after complaints it was too expensive for his company. "To hell with that...even though Starlink is still losing money and other companies are getting billions in taxpayers' money, we will continue to fund the Ukrainian government for free," the multi-billionaire tweeted yesterday. SpaceX reportedly wrote to the US Pentagon last month asking the US military to cover its costs for satellite internet in Ukraine, valuing it at around $400 million for next year. This comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin said the "partial mobilization" of army reservists ordered last month would be completed in two weeks, which would bolster Russia's military force in Ukraine. The Russian president added he had no regrets over the conflict in Ukraine and insisted Russia was doing the right thing after previously complaining it was too expensive for his company. Last month, SpaceX reportedly wrote to the US Pentagon that the company was "unable to donate more terminals to Ukraine or fund the existing terminals indefinitely." To hell with that...although Starlink still exists Losing money and other companies getting billions from taxpayers, we'll just keep funding the Ukrainian government for free - Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 15, 2022Now as he does an about-face, the multi-billionaire tweeted that even though Starlink is "still making money." lose...we'll just keep funding the Ukrainian government for free." has approved a training plan that will make it possible to welcome up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers into France," French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said on Saturday. flying rockets and planes. According to the French newspaper Le Parisien, Ukrainian soldiers will be assigned to French units for several weeks. 05:39 , Vishwam Sankaran Two volunteer soldiers at a military compound in the Belgorod region of south-west Russia shot at other Russian forces preparing to fight Ukraine, killing 11 and wounding 15, the country's defense ministry said. The ministry described the shootings as a "terrorist attack". It said the two volunteers, hailing from an unnamed former Soviet state, fired at other soldiers during target practice and were killed by return fire. During a special military operation, the terrorists opened fire with small arms on the unit's personnel," the state domestic said RIA news agency, citing a statement from the Ministry of Defense. Russia's deportations of Ukrainians likely amount to ethnic cleansing, says report 06:15 , Vishwam Sankaran A report by the Institute for the Study of War suggests that Russia's deportations of Ukrainians amount to deliberate ethnic cleansing. “Russia continues to carry out massive forced deportations of Ukrainians that, alongside blatant violations of the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, may amount to a targeted campaign of ethnic cleansing,” the report said. Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast “is already in other regions of Russia and dormant in convalescent homes and children's camps". US 'growing frustrated' by EU delay in aiding Ukraine 06:43 , Vishwam Sankaran US 'growing frustrated' by EU delay in providing financial aid to Ukraine reportedly. The Washington Post reported that "tensions are rising" between the US and the EU Ukraine's deteriorating economy. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has reportedly urged her Western allies to speed up cash flows to Ukraine and increase economic support. No civilians killed in attack on a Russian military base, says the governor of the region happened on our territory, on the territory of one of the military units," Belgorod region governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said in a post in the Telegram. "Many soldiers were killed and wounded ... There are no residents of the Belgorod region among the wounded and killed," he added. 08:05 , Vishwam Sankaran Shelling by Ukrainian forces damaged the administration building in the city of Donetsk, the Russian-backed administration of the city said on Sunday. The city has been controlled by the Russian-backed Donetsk People's Republic since 2014. The administration said in a post on the Telegram messaging app that the main entrance to the administration building was hit and many cars nearby were damaged. 08:30 , Vishwam Sankaran Over 40 Russian shells were reportedly fired at Nikopol overnight. The shelling injured a 47-year-old man, according to a telegram post from the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Valentyn Reznichenko. More than 30 high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, cars and gas lines were damaged in Nikopol, he said.


NUFC players promised a free bachelorette party if they reach the Champions League

The Newcastle United stars have been promised a free bachelorette party - if they qualify for the Champions League this season. (Author: Gardener)

the Champions LeagueThe Newcastle United stars have been promised a free bachelorette party by a local company if they qualify for the Champions League this season. The Newcastle United stars have been promised a free bachelorette party by a local company if they qualify for the Champions League this season. The Magpies first-team will also get the benefit if they win a trophy and end the club's 53-year drought. The Magpies first-team will also get the benefit if they win a trophy and end the club's 53-year drought. The freebie was pledged by Newcastle-mad bachelor party company Last Night of Freedom. Matt Mavir, chief executive of the Gateshead-based firm, said paying for the team's goodbye to marriage was a "small price" to see the glory days return to Tyneside. Matt said: "There hasn't been this much excitement around the club in 20 years. We just want to give players that little extra incentive.” Matt Mavir, CEO of Last Night of Freedom, who made the offer to toon players. With the new Premier League season set to start this weekend, expectations for Newcastle are sky high. And it hasn't gone unnoticed by the company that several of the club's stars are in relationships - some have recently popped the question. Matt added: "Both Joelinton and Bruno Guimaraes got engaged this summer and Sven Botman seems loved up, so we know at least part of the squad will be thinking about booking a bachelorette party at the end of the season. We even have a party strip, Honeypot House, at Bigg Market and I can't think of a better place for some pre-season bonding. "Plus we'll throw in the t-shirts and bouncy castles for free -- and organize a game of bubble football for them if they want." The benefit will be offered to anyone who makes up Eddie Howe's 25-man first-team roster. Bookmakers think Eddie Howe's side could be dark horses this season. Online odds maker SkyBet has given them a 7/1 to crack the top 4 - although they are a whopping 150/1 to win the league. However, the bookmaker has given them a 14/1 to win the FA Cup or the EPL Cup - and are among the favorites in both markets. NUFC reportedly had an offer of around £45m for Leicester and England star James Maddison, which was rejected this weekend although he reportedly remains the main target for the North East side. The club have already signed Botman and England goalkeeper Nick Pope - Last Night of Freedom welcomed both players to St James by handing out free T-shirts featuring the players to eager fans. If you want to read more great stories, why not subscribe to your Northern Echo for just £1.25 a week.


PM 'denies how bad the situation is'

MPs on all sides believe the release of the government's "medium-term financial plan" on October 31 is now central to the survival of both the prime minister and the chancellor. (Author: Gardener)

October 31Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt are also set to fill in as "Dream Cards." Liz Truss is desperate for solutions after she was accused of "destroying the work of the last 10 years" in a brutal showdown with Tory MPs last night. The PM has been described as "denying how bad the situation is" and is being warned that she must reconsider key measures in Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-budget, which helped spark market chaos that sent the pound plummeting and government borrowing Costs have skyrocketed in the last month. The grim situation facing the Conservatives was underscored by a poll showing Labor leads in the so-called 'blue wall' by 13 points - suggesting Keir Starmer are capturing a number of previously secure seats in the heartland would. And some Tory MPs are planning to replace Ms Truss with a 'dream ticket' from her rivals Penny Mordaunt and Rishi Sunak in the leadership contest, while others want a comeback for Boris Johnson. The immediate cause of the Prime Minister's troubles is the negative market reaction to last month's emergency mini-budget. Tory MPs have been appalled by the fall in sterling and the subsequent rise in mortgage rates, which they fear will be blamed on the government, fair or not. They were also stunned by a series of opinion polls that suggested Labor had climbed to a 30-point lead that would see dozens of them lose their seats. But MPs were also unfazed by the Prime Minister's failure to try to carry the party with her. Under Tory party rules, MPs cannot force a vote of confidence in a new Conservative leader for 12 months, regardless of how many of them table a letter of no confidence. Bob Blackman, secretary of the 1922 committee, said yesterday that next September is "the earliest a vote of confidence can take place" and urged recalcitrant MPs to "stop snooping on the Prime Minister". And senior Tories argue that no leader can move on if he has clearly lost the confidence of his MPs. They cite the example of 2019 when Theresa May decided to resign after being warned the rules would be changed to allow another vote against her. Some Tory MPs also fear another change in leadership would ridicule the party and face heavy pressure to hold general elections. MPs on all sides believe the release of the government's "medium-term financial plan" on October 31 is now central to the survival of both the prime minister and the chancellor. MPs on all sides believe the release of the government's "medium-term financial plan" on October 31 is now central to the survival of both the prime minister and the chancellor. The dry-sounding document aims to set out how the government will balance the balance sheet after last month's tax-cutting mini-budget. Miss Truss has ruled out deep cuts in public spending and ministers are now examining whether parts of the mini-budget may need to be scrapped. Rebellious MPs warn that unless the prime minister calms markets, she could face an imminent leadership challenge. Miss Truss' pledge to reverse Rishi Sunak's £18billion corporate tax hike was a key element of her leadership campaign and the biggest single measure in last month's mini-budget. The prime minister publicly defended the plan on Wednesday, saying: "It would be wrong to raise taxes at a time when we are trying to attract investment to our country and at a time of global economic slowdown." The measure will fall to failing to do so would be a humiliating descent for both the prime minister and chancellor and a devastating blow to the government's growth agenda. But Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng last night didn't deny reports it might be dropped, saying only: "Let's see." The prime minister has conceded that she "should have laid the ground better" for the radical mini-budget. The Prime Minister believes the Government has been given too little credit for the £10bn-a-month energy price guarantee that will help millions of homes and businesses this winter and which eclipses any tax measures in the mini-budget. And Miss Truss allies say too little attention has been paid to the international context, pointing out that European countries like Germany and the Netherlands are facing double-digit inflation and interest rates are rising fast in the West. Senior Conservatives agree the two-month leadership contest won by Miss Truss has gone on for far too long and could not be repeated at a time of national crisis. As a result, Rebel MPs are now discussing whether to produce a repeat of the 2003 competition, when rivals stepped aside to allow Michael Howard to take charge without a membership vote. Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt are among the names touted. But as the wounds of the recent leadership contest are still fresh, they are nowhere near the consensus needed for a so-called "crowning". As the outgoing leader, Boris Johnson was barred from running in the last contest despite a grassroots campaign to get his name on the ballot. But nothing in the Conservative Party rules prevents him from running again if the Prime Minister falls. Supporters believe he is the only candidate who could turn the tide of the Tories and potentially save the seats of dozens of Conservative MPs. However, a friend said the Prime Minister was still "sick" by the coup against him and was keen to secure his finances by making money in international parlance. And critics warn that if he's given another chance, the mistakes that led to his sacking could repeat themselves. The prime minister and chancellor are the closest allies with a longstanding friendship. They also share a clear belief that tax cuts are needed to pull the economy out of years of stagnation. Mr Kwarteng was offered the job informally in early August - almost a month before the prime minister won the leadership contest and the two worked hand in hand as they charted their growth plan in the weeks that followed. But the Prime Minister has already forced Mr Kwarteng to reverse his plan to scrap the top 45p tax rate after being warned Tory MPs would join Labor in opposing it. If he has to cut other important measures in his mini-budget, he would have serious doubts about his own credibility and might feel the need to resign.