Where the heck are you? Tigers boss goes to the outback in times of crisis

Revealed: The Tigers' six-year highway to hell... and the man responsible - Jimmy Brings (Author: Gardener)

TigersIt's a shame the power brokers at the Wests Tigers are taking so long to get the tip. In the tale of bizarre decisions comes Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe's call for annual leave to be taken in the Northern Territory after the club's 5-0 start to the year, the grand final of every season since 1908. Stream each one Play every round of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership season live and non-commercially in-game on Kayo. If the Wests Tigers need more proof of why their on-field performances often appear lacking - look no further. Like it or not, when you're raising $450,000 plus a year as the CEO of an NRL club and stumbling blindly from one disaster to the next, it's impossible to resist criticism. Spare us the financial charts, record membership numbers, and model charts of Concord's $75 million center of excellence — let's talk the scoreboard in relation to the football division and on-field results. Pascoe was named CEO of the Wests Tigers in September 2015. Below is the road to nowhere Pascoe has led the Wests Tigers in terms of on-field results over the past six years. INCLUDED: Panthers secure Cleary duo for FIVE years with huge contract extensions First big decision: Mark manager Jason Taylor wants to ditch club legend and captain Robbie Farah - a move that turns into a complete fiasco, pushing himself past 18 dragged on for months and cost the Tigers $700,000 for Farah to play for South Sydney in 2017. April 2017: Manager Jason Taylor sacked SIX months after Farah was finally sacked from the club. April 2017: Signs good pal Ivan Cleary as the new head coach of the Wests Tigers. April 2017: Ivan tells the unsigned Tigers star players to either get on the bus or get off the bus. May 2017: One of the worst days in Wests Tigers history. The Wests Tigers grant local star junior fifth Mitch Moses an immediate release to join the Parramatta Eels. The Tigers sign Russell Packer, Josh Reynolds and Ben Matulino to long-term, big-money deals. Word is beginning to spread that Nathan Cleary may be moving to the Wests Tigers to play under his old man Ivan. September 2017: The Tigers ended the year ranked 14th in the NRL with seven wins and 17 losses. May 2018: The Tigers sign Moses Mbye on a well-funded four-year deal from Canterbury-Bankstown. May 2018: Injured Panthers halfback Nathan Cleary sits in the Keith Barnes booth at Leichhardt Oval and watches the Tigers play. August 2018: Pascoe is stalked by his best pal and trainer Cleary, who is being linked with a return to the Penrith Panthers in a whopping five-year, $5 million deal - despite having two years left on his contract with the Wests Tiger's running. August 2018: It turns out that Pascoe's great pal Cleary has been in secret talks with Penrith for at least a month. September 2018: The Panthers offer Cleary a three-year contract beginning in 2021 - and pressure the Tigers to release him early. September 2018: The Wests Tigers sign Ryan Matterson to a three-year contract through the end of 2021. Cleary signs a five-year, $5 million deal with the Panthers, effective immediately. The Panthers are paying West's Tigers a $250,000 transfer fee. Cleary and Pascoe argue and in the end there is no talk. October 2018: Michael Maguire is named the new head coach of the Wests Tigers on a three-year contract. December 2018: Pascoe checks off Luke Brooks signing a new four-year deal through the end of 2023. Pascoe will be signed off by the NRL for six months for failing to disclose a four-year, $639,000 deal for Robbie Farah as club ambassador. June 2019: Pascoe is allowed to return to the role as CEO of the Wests Tigers. July 2019: Josh Reynolds is told he is free to seek another club despite being under contract for $750,000 a season through the end of 2021. July 2019: The club appoints Adam Hartigan as the new General Manager of Football. August 2019: The Wests Tigers sit ninth in the NRL standings with 11 wins and 13 losses. August 2019: The Wests Tigers sit ninth in the NRL standings with 11 wins and 13 losses. Wests Tigers sack Ryan Matterson with two years remaining on contract after explosion with club January 2020: Hail Mary. The Wests Tigers have signed Canberra Raiders center Joey Leilua to a two-year deal with an option for a third year in favor of the club. June 2020: Coach Michael Maguire pushes club legend Benji Marshall off the NRL side despite the playmaker being the Tigers' spiritual leader. August 2020: Some epic stuff. West's Tigers legend Marshall learns through media reports that the club will show him the door. August 2020: The Wests Tigers rank 11th with seven wins and 13 losses. November 2020: Another Ave Maria. The Tigers are trumpeting the signing of James Roberts, although no other NRL club is willing to take the risk. December 2020: The Tigers extend coach Michael Maguire's contract until the end of 2023, citing 'stability' as key to the club's future. April 2021: The Tigers are booed from Leichhardt Oval at half-time in the fifth round against North Queensland on a day when the club commemorate the death of club legend Tommy Raudonikis. May 2021: The Wests Tigers start the season with two wins and six losses as the pressure mounts on manager Maguire. June 2021: The club appoint Tim Sheens to return to the role of Director of Football, ten years after the four-time Premiership winner was sacked. June 2021: Wests Tigers are beaten 66-16 by Melbourne Storm on the Sunshine Coast. August 2021: In the final game of the season, the Tigers are whipped 38-0 by Canterbury-Bankstown. August 2021: The Tigers finish the season in 13th place with eight wins and 16 losses. August 2021: Pascoe leads an end-of-season internal review alongside Sheens, chairman Lee Hagipantelis, board member Danny Stapleton and football boss Adam Hartigan. September 2021: Coach Maguire survives the ax after internal end-of-season review. October 2021: Tigers head of football Hartigan and assistant coaches Shane Millard and Wayne Collins are released from the club. April 2022: The Tigers start the season with 0 wins from five games as coach Maguire puts the blowtorch on again. April 2022: Pascoe takes leave until April 21 to travel to the Northern Territory with family. We spoke to Pascoe on Tuesday night to review the reasons behind the pre-season stay in the Northern Territory and the Tigers boss detailed how COVID restrictions meant the family holiday was postponed three times. The Tigers boss also said his presence would not affect the result on the pitch on Easter Monday when the Tigers take on the high-flying Eels in round six. Pascoe also pointed out that his phone was still on, he had spoken to Tim Sheens and the club's leadership guru and was continuing to work on the club's Centers of Excellence project. For the record, we don't recall any other NRL club CEO taking annual leave when his club was 0-5 to start a season. A longtime rugby league administrator told us this was simply a no go. From October to March there is a low season for annual holidays and family holidays. We offered Pascoe to answer questions on the record about the free time, but he declined.


Every word Newcastle United owner Amanda Staveley said in her first interview with NUFC TV

Newcastle United co-owner Amanda Staveley has given her first major interview since the day she took over from Mike Ashley. (Author: Gardener)

Amanda StaveleyNewcastle United co-owner Amanda Staveley has given her first major interview since the day she took over from Mike Ashley. Newcastle United co-owner Amanda Staveley has given her first major interview since the day she took over from Mike Ashley. Staveley covered a wide range of subjects in an interview with the club's official media channel, NUFC TV. Staveley covered a wide range of subjects in an interview with the club's official media channel, NUFC TV. Here's everything she has to say about Eddie Howe, plans for infrastructural improvements and planning for the January transfer window: "We are very excited to have Eddie join and lead the first team. He's an incredible coach. We have conducted a very thorough manager search and were very proud to appoint such an incredible manager to take Newcastle United to the next stage in their development. One thing we've learned in football is that things happen incredibly quickly. “We had met and spoken to Eddie some time ago and we had discussed his appointment, back in fact when Mike (Ashley) was running the club. "Eddie fits perfectly. "Obviously he's had an incredible impact on Bournemouth and to have someone who's built a club from the Second Division to the Premier League is an incredible achievement. It's very easy to win trophies when you have a lot of money or a lot of infrastructure or a lot of people, but actually when you're limited by those set factors, your success really showed. He has a great team joining him that we are very proud of as well. Why Eddie Howe is the right man for Newcastle: "We needed to have someone at the top of the club who wasn't afraid of relegation. I remember Eddie and I talking about it at the Brighton game at the weekend and he's leaving back to a position that he is." "It's not one that we've sat in as an investor group. It wasn't bold but it would have been an easy decision for us not to buy the club yet and wait until after Christmas and publish the January window, see where the club stands in the league and then make the purchase . We had to take that risk and we felt that we took the risk because we knew the club were sitting in 19th place at the time. “Eddie took that risk with us because he knew there was always a chance of relegation. I think he's just going to do the most incredible job - and the first team. We have a fabulous team of players who I like a lot in a very short time. I know that you will work very well with him. On the first five weeks in Newcastle: "It's been quite exhausting. It's exhausting, exciting. The welcome we had in Newcastle was just so extraordinary and special. I think we just don't want to disappoint anyone. One of the things I do want to do is to be able to communicate with the fans and say if we make mistakes we will quickly agree to meet them and fix them." Investment is needed in all areas. We've spent time with the academy teams and we've spent time with the Foundation and all the other departments." It's clear there's a lot to invest in and we're trying to talk to the teams here. It's a big family and everyone is incredibly passionate about their job." One of the things I've felt is this extraordinary feeling of being in a family and people will come to you very quickly and suggest opportunities and better jobs iron, more efficient ways of working. Obviously getting Eddie in place was crucial. That appointment was the most important thing we could do. Then we now have to make sure that the infrastructure that surrounds the first team, whether it's new training facilities, we're considering building a new academy - that's something that's also on the agenda. “I attended the Newcastle United Foundation dinner last night and it was so much fun, like I was part of an amazing, incredibly close-knit group of people. When you look at the work of the Foundation and you see the stories of some of the honorees last night, it really puts into context how privileged I am to be sitting here in my job and I think how tough it is for a lot of people, just to feed their families. “That's one thing I love about Newcastle, that there's so much support from the whole community. On the future and plans for the January transfer window: "We have a solid business plan and we're evolving it every week. January is among us so we're getting ready for the January transfer window." It's not a window we normally want to invest in because you probably won't get the right deals, but that's something that's important at the moment. to prepare. “And then working with all the teams. I think we have a lot of meetings scheduled with the staff over the next few weeks and we look forward to working with everyone. “But I have to say that everyone was incredibly welcoming. We are very privileged – Mehrdad and I and the team at PIF to have such an incredible support base and team here at the club.”


In praise of Jorts the Cat, the unlikely labor leader

Instead of using internet fame to make a quick buck, the iconic feline has become an outspoken ally of the labor movement. (Author: Gardener)

Jorts the CatThe first thing that struck me as someone who has seen this countless times over my decades-long career was the way the (still anonymous) user approached merchandise. Rather than use virality to sell t-shirts and mugs, the human behind Jort's Twitter account urged fans to write "I LIKE JORTS THE CAT on something you already have," $28 to one donating strike funds or adopting a cat from an animal shelter. I've seen people use their platforms for good causes before, but never without trying for some personal gain. In fairness, not being able to monetize something is a bit of a privilege, but in a side hustle world, not using virality to make money is fairly unheard of. Since that initial flare-up of enthusiasm, the Jorts account has certainly been busy. In this role, I have seen a surge in interest in fair labor movements over the past year. Just last week, Jorts tweeted support for a miners' strike fund and farm workers' union, and offered a guide on cats to starting a union. I've seen a lot of wild internet moments in my career, helped a lot of good people get paid for their work, and watched a lot of others turn what they enjoy into something they make a living from be able. Jort's commitment to fair labor and anti-capitalist principles while supporting animal shelters and self-care feels unique in our current internet culture. In a world where we expect people who go viral to take advantage of the fame to launch a career — or, at worst, become a milkshake duck — this cat feels like a breath of fresh air. Seeing Jorts (and the person behind him) focus on community organization and empathy gives me hope for the future of the internet. Maybe it's not just about profits (and stupid cat videos) after all.


Nadine Dorries spat with Kirstie Allsopp

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has clashed with TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp after the Cabinet Secretary blasted opponents of proposals to privatize Channel 4 as a "leftist Luvvie lynch mob". (Author: Gardener)

Kirstie AllsoppCulture Secretary Nadine Dorries has clashed with TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp after the enthusiastic Tory Cabinet minister blasted opponents of the government's proposed privatization of Channel 4 as a "leftist Luvvie lynch mob". The Twitter spat erupted after Boris Johnson's arguably most staunch ally in Cabinet warned that the publicly owned and ad-financed Wake broadcaster since 1982 would be sold. Miss Dorries wrote in The Mail on Sunday that Margaret Thatcher ultimately wanted C4 to be "free from the constraints of the state" and described opposition to the move as "lazy" and "overwhelmed". The government has been deliberating on plans to privatize C4, with sources insisting ministers believe public ownership of the channel prevents it from competing with streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. But Labor and C4 stars have accused the Johnson government of selling the channel for £1billion over a "small vendetta" against its left-leaning news bulletins and personal attacks on the Prime Minister. Critics claimed Miss Dorries' promise to take it out of public hands was "payback" for "biased reporting" including Brexit and climate change, with one hysterical MP branding it "fascism". Miss Allsopp, who hosts real estate show Location, Location, Location on C4, responded on Twitter by asking if it was "really ministerial" to call those who denied privatization a "lynch mob" while " at the same time complain about having been accused of fascism'. In an NPR article about the US Senate passing an anti-lynching bill, she added, "This article might make you think twice about using the term." - Why does the government want the broadcaster privatize? The government has argued that Channel 4's long-term future must be secured amid concerns about its survival in the streaming age. A statement from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said it made the decision to allow the channel "to thrive in the face of a rapidly changing media landscape," while a government source said the move would " removed". Channel 4's straitjacket.” The government has also argued that a sale would benefit the broadcaster, which has limited ability to borrow money or raise capital from the private sector to invest in new platforms and products, and has no original content own and sell, could enable to establish its own production house and generate its own intellectual property.- What is the current model? Channel 4, established in 1982 to cater to underserved audiences, is currently government-owned. It gets its funding from advertising, not the taxpayer.- What has happened so far? Ministers launched a public consultation on a possible change of ownership of the channel last July and Ms Dorries has processed 60,000 responses to the consultation. The government information informed the broadcaster on Monday of the decision to proceed with the sale. It comes after years of disputes between the two sides. The DCMS said further details would be announced "soon". Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon said "there will now be a long process ahead", writing in an internal email to staff on Monday that it could take 18 months or more for the necessary legislation to pass the House of Commons and then pass the House of Lords. "During this time we will continue to work with DCMS and the government, as well as our supporters across the industry, to make the case to ensure Channel 4 can continue to deliver on its mission," she said complete the sale in early 2024, ahead of the next general election, which is expected no later than May this year, the Daily Telegraph reported. A Channel 4 spokesman said he was "disappointed". with the decision, but w could continue to engage in the process with the Government to ensure Channel 4 continues to play its unique role in the creative ecology and national life of Britain and its future financial stability" and enable it to do more for the public, to do with the creative industries and the economy. Ms Mahon also said in the internal email to staff that they had proposed a "vision for the next 40 years" based on "continued public ownership" and "built on the tremendous amount of public value that this." model has delivered to date and on the possibility of delivering so much more in the future". and to decide Parliament" and that her priority now is "to look after you all and the wonderful spirit of Channel 4". and plans to do everything in its power to "ensure that Channel 4 continues to play its unique role in the creative ecology and national life of Britain". - What did the advocates of the sale say? Baron Grade of Yarmouth, who was the channel's chief executive between 1988 and 1997, has said that "the status quo is not an option" and that his current mandate is like a "straitjacket" in today's media landscape. He told the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee last October: "Channel 4 needs to do what every other free-to-air, advertiser-backed company does, which is own its own intellectual property and be able to scale." Everything in Channel 4's constitution is against it at the moment and so I think it will really start to struggle in a very short time.' Foreign ownership has not been ruled out so long as regulator Ofcom is 'suitable and reasonable', the ownership test has reportedly passed . The Telegraph reported that ITV was said to be interested while Discovery had held informal talks and Rupert Murdoch had been linked to a potential takeover. Offers from Sky, Channel 5 owner Paramount, Amazon and Netflix are also possible. A government source told the newspaper that ministers expect 'a lot of interest in buying C4 from a number of serious buyers who want to build on C4's strengths and help unlock its full potential.' - How much could it sell for ? The government has yet to set a price, but reports suggest the channel could sell for as much as £1billion. Ministers have announced that they will try to reinvest the proceeds in the creative industries. Labor has called the decision "cultural vandalism" - but some viewers have wondered whether a new owner could improve shows like Naked Attraction - an uncensored nude dating show that has repeatedly been called "the worst show ever shown on television". was branded. Ministers deny they are seeking revenge and the Culture Secretary is pushing ahead with plans to sell C4 in what will be the largest sale of a government asset since Royal Mail in 2013. Miss Allsopp responded to the government's announcement by tweeting that "no". a true conservative would sell Channel 4" and that "Lady T will be turning in her grave". In response to her contributions on Sunday night, Miss Dorries suggested that Thatcher's memoir The Downing Street Years proved that she intended to sell C4. She also claimed that the channel could not be sustained in its current state due to "declining advertising revenue and falling investment in new content." The Culture Minister added: "There is of course the bonus that a sale will bring to the whole sector, which is that the proceeds of the sale will be reinvested in people from all backgrounds, particularly those from communities left behind, because talent is everywhere, not just in the SE . "We will invest in capabilities to capitalize on incoming demand from our booming film and television sector due to the favorable tax breaks/reliefs and funding this government has put in place to encourage the film industry to make the UK their home consider. “I also love C4, especially Location Location, but as I say in my article, it's time to look to the future. The station's salad days are a thing of the past. Miss Dorries wrote in The Mail on Sunday: "Last week I made the decision that it was time to unleash the channel's full potential and open Channel 4 up to private ownership and investment while also retaining its important public broadcasting mission protection. Plans for the sale will reportedly be set out in a white paper later this month and will be included in a new media bill for next spring. A number of Tory MPs and colleagues including Sir Peter Bottomley, former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee leader Julian Knight and former Cabinet ministers Damian Green and Jeremy Hunt have publicly questioned these plans. Sir Peter, representing Worthing West, said he was against the sale "because I'm a Conservative". US TV giants Paramount and Discovery are said to be vying with ITV and Sky to buy Channel 4 for £1bn and take it out of public ownership amid years of disputes over the treatment of the Conservatives. Its star presenter Jon Snow, who retired last year after 32 years, has been accused of shouting "F**k the Tories" in Glastonbury, while Channel 4 News has faced years of criticism for its reporting, most recently on Brexit and climate change. When Mr Johnson secured an 80-seat majority in 2019, boos erupted in the studio during C4's live coverage of the general election, hosted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Shadow Culture Secretary Lucy Powell said today the decision was a "little little revenge against Channel 4" which will "do no good for the British public", adding: "It doesn't make sense. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's former spin doctor, tweeted: "Channel 4's move is straight out of the Orban playbook and timed to be obvious. The Tory privatization of Channel 4 is a revenge for all the good journalism they have done. Former Minister Damian Green said: "The sale of Channel 4 has made politicians and officials think they know more about running a business than the people who run it. Ruth Davidson tweeted: "Channel 4 is publicly owned, not publicly funded. Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, touted as the future candidate for party leadership, said he was "quite doubtful" that the sale of Channel 4 would be a good move. He said: "Given the success that Channel 4 has had in promoting independent productions across the UK, I remain convinced that this will achieve the Government's objective." looks to compete with the BBC in so-called public service broadcasting, the kind of programs that aren't commercially viable – and it would be a shame to lose that,” said Jeremy Hunt. Channel 4 was launched by Margaret Thatcher in 1982 to provide a fourth UK not-for-profit television service alongside BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. It has been funded from the start by advertising and sponsorship deals, with revenue of around £1billion recently boosted by a surge in traffic on its All 4 streaming platform, where the most watched shows are The Great British Bake Off, Gogglebox, SAS: Who is Dares Wins as well as its archive of shows including Father Ted, The Inbetweeners, Friday Night Dinners and Peep Show. The shows are free to watch but £3.99 a month if you want to remove ads. But the channel has also faced repeated attacks from Conservatives who complain that some of its programming is anti-Tory biased. One MP said that while it is home to many popular shows, it has "sealed its own fate" with years of "one-sided" left-leaning newscasts. Speaking to Times Radio last Tuesday, Dorothy Byrne, former head of news and current affairs at C4, insisted the station was not left-wing, adding: "I think it's going to be privatized to give Tory supporters a little bit." throwing red meat very right-wing nature at a time when the government is in trouble. “I think the political agenda is to show that the government is doing something radically right to please the people. It's A Sin writer Russell T Davies previously said the privatization of Channel 4 was a "great crime" that would result in programs like his hit series not being produced. Channel 4 News, which was hosted by Jon Snow until last Christmas, has been repeatedly branded leftist and accused of unfairly slamming Conservatives, reportedly sparking complaints from its own journalists about the program's "anti-Tory bias". In 2017, it was even claimed that Mr Snow dropped into a chant of "F*** The Tories" while attending Glastonbury, and in 2019 there was a submissive apology after the veteran presenter said he had "never seen so many white people in it". one place,” while covering a pro-Brexit rally. And after an attack on two gay women on a London bus, a reporter has been accused of "persuading" the pair to blame Mr Johnson for the homophobic crime and saying he was "unfit to run Britain". In 2019, Ofcom dismissed a Conservative complaint about Channel 4's use of an ice sculpture to represent the Prime Minister during a climate change debate after a captioner incorrectly reported he said "people of colour" when saying "People of Talent" said Rallye. How the quiz show Countdown was the first program to be broadcast on Channel 4 after Margaret Thatcher ordered its launch in 1982 When it was launched in 1982 by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Channel 4 was given the task of appealing to tastes that were not catered for on the three existing television channels. By then, public broadcaster BBC and its commercial rival ITV had held a duopoly over UK television screens. The first voice to be heard on the new channel when it launched on November 2, 1982 was that of Continuity announcer Paul Coia. He said, "Hello. It's a pleasure to welcome you to Channel Four.” After a montage of clips playing to the sound of the station's theme song, the first show to air was an episode of the quiz show Countdown, hosted by Carol was moderated by Vordermann and Richard Whiteley. The first advertisement aired on the channel was for the car manufacturer Vauxhall. On the first day, the channel also aired the Phil Redmond-created soap opera Brookside, which Chief Executive Jeremy Isaacs would have to provide "a fair share of content calculated to appeal to tastes and interests not generally catered for." The channel was also asked to show "educational programming" that "encourages innovation and experimentation." Channel 4 is also known as Countdown and Brookside for hit comedy Father Ted, late night show The Word and many other popular programmes. Channel 4 was launched in 1982 by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to offer the UK a fourth television service alongside BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. Above: The Channel 4 studio on the day the station launched. Recent shows, including Naked Attraction and Sex Box, have drawn criticism from some viewers for alleged inappropriateness. The former is a dating show in which the contestants' bodies - including their private parts - are slowly revealed from the feet up. In the latter, couples who appeared on the show had sex in a box on the stage. The channel has also faced criticism in recent years for its alleged left-leaning bias. The creation of Channel 4 was part of a series of changes in the UK media landscape during Mrs Thatcher's tenure. Changes introduced by Mrs Thatcher also included the launch of the breakfast channel TV-am and an insistence that independent producers should make much of the programs that aired UK television screens in-house. Channel 4 was also required from the outset to obtain "a significant portion" of its programming from independent producers. It was funded through advertising and sponsorship deals. The first show to air was an episode of the quiz show Countdown presented by Carol Vorderman (pictured) and Richard Whiteley. Countdown proved extremely popular and continues to air on Channel 4. Above: Original presenters Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman before the launch of Channel 4, A government report concluded that "the younger generation of producers is bubbling over with ideas that are not allowed to surface." In a letter to mark the Celebrating Brookside's 30th anniversary in 2012, Redmond said that Channel 4 "had a tremendous, immediate impact" because it was given a mandate to "serve minorities and find voices that were unheard". "It certainly did justice to that. This allowed new people with new ideas and new voices to be seen on TV,” he added. However, the station was hit by controversy less than 24 hours on the air when members of the Deaf Broadcasting Campaign besieged its London headquarters complaining of a lack of news programs for the deaf. The first major drama to air on the station was Walter, the story of a mentally handicapped man, played by Ian McKellen. In recent years it has been known for its left-leaning coverage. The creation of Channel 4 was part of a series of changes in the UK media landscape during Mrs Thatcher's tenure. Some of the original Channel 4 News presenters can be seen above. These include Sir Trevor McDonald (pictured far left) in 1982. The first major drama to air on the channel was Walter, the story of a mentally handicapped man, played by Ian McKellen. In 2017 it was alleged that former headline presenter Jon Snow joined in a chant of 'F*** The Tories' while attending Glastonbury Festival and in 2019 there was a creeping apology after the veteran presenter said he "never had so many Whites seen in one place" while reporting on a pro-Brexit rally. And after an attack on two gay women on a London bus, a reporter has been accused of "persuading" the couple to blame Boris Johnson for the homophobic crime and saying he was "unfit to lead Britain". In 2019 Ofcom dismissed a Conservative complaint about Channel 4's use of an ice sculpture to represent the Prime Minister during a debate on climate change after a captionist incorrectly reported he had said 'people of colour' when speaking at a rally ' People of Talent" said. Channel 4 was also required from the outset to obtain "a significant portion" of its programming from independent producers. It was funded through advertising and sponsorship deals. The channel is also known for its youth programs and "property porn" shows such as Grand Designs and Location, Location, Location. It's also home to the Great British Bake Off and is known for its groundbreaking theatres. The recent show It's A Sin was praised for its portrayal of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Channel 4 is commercially funded. It made £985m in revenue in 2019 but made a pre-tax loss of £26m. The sale of Channel 4 could be seen as an easy win for the government as it seeks new savings. The taxpayer has 100 per cent ownership of Channel 4, but relatively few viewers even know it's a state-owned company. The original Channel 4 presenters can be seen above. From left to right: dr. Linda Barrett, Cathy Hytner, Beverly Isherwood and Carol Vorderman. The channel also aired the soap opera Brookside, created by Phil Redmond, on day one. Proposals to privatize the channel were first put forward in 1988, but Mrs Thatcher turned them down because she feared the channel would be forced to abandon its public service remit. After a series of meetings on the subject, Mrs Thatcher decided that facing commercial pressures on the newly privatized channel would mean that its role in serving underserved viewers and taking risks with new programming would be jeopardized. Minutes of the meeting, published in government papers last year, said: "It was extremely doubtful whether the channel's distinctive mission would be sustained by a profit-driven organization in a highly competitive climate." The committee was chaired by Ms Thatcher had also warned that the government would be vulnerable to defeat if privatization were put to a vote in Parliament. Recent shows, including the likes of Naked Attraction (pictured) and Sex Box, have been criticized by some viewers for allegedly being inappropriate MAIL ON SUNDAY Tories are said to detest Channel 4. And it doesn't always help itself by having its newscaster yell "f*** the Tories" or broadcast an alternative speech by Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad's queen or Her Majesty's deep fabrication. Having said that, and for the metropolitan elite who say I'm out to destroy the channel, I'd like to say that I really like Channel 4. Since it was founded in 1982 by radical leftist Margaret Thatcher, it has more than fulfilled her aim of stimulating the independent manufacturing sector - which has exploded from a £500m industry in 1995 to £3bn in 2019. However, as her memoirs show, in 1988 Mrs Thatcher concluded that Channel 4 should be sold. Broadcasting is now a completely different and digital world. Streaming giants have exploded onto the scene, with juggernauts like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ upending the old order. To say that Channel 4 isn't already competing with new platforms for market share, talent, ideas and qualified staff is willfully misleading. Netflix spent £779m on original UK productions in 2020 - more than double that of Channel 4. In fact, Channel 4 cut spending on new content by £158m at a time when it should be investing in new programmes. technology and skills. The channel is niche and state-owned, a restrictive incongruity in itself. And because of the way Channel 4 is owned, it can't create a back catalog for export or have an in-house studio to create and sell content. That's why I made the decision last week that it's time to unlock the channel's full potential and open Channel 4 up to private ownership and investment while protecting its important public service mission. Few opponents want to grapple with the question of how to guarantee Channel 4's long-term future. Few opponents want to grapple with the question of how to guarantee Channel 4's long-term future. A Labor MP claimed a sale of Channel 4 would "seed the seeds of fascism". A Labor MP claimed a sale of Channel 4 would "seed the seeds of fascism". His former news chief, Dorothy Byrne, who defended the station, is the same person who gave a speech comparing our Prime Minister to Vladimir Putin. His former news chief, Dorothy Byrne, who defended the station, is the same person who gave a speech comparing our Prime Minister to Vladimir Putin. But let's drop the lazy, overwrought, and ill-informed rhetoric of the left-wing Luvvie lynch mob and take a cool look at the facts. But let's drop the lazy, overwrought, and ill-informed rhetoric of the left-wing Luvvie lynch mob and take a cool look at the facts. Our independent production companies are thriving, with only seven percent of industry revenue coming from Channel 4. We shot more movies than Hollywood in the fourth quarter of 2021, and dozens of new studios are slated to open. Channel 4 is a special heritage that has produced some of the best programming we've ever seen. It's time to look to a grown-up future against the backdrop of a digital future. We believe we can sell Channel 4 to a buyer who will fund emerging talent, independent and impartial news and invest in every corner of the UK. The Government intervened to move Channel 4 to Leeds despite much opposition within the station and there is no reason for a sale lest this process be speeded up and more of the station moved north. After the sale, I would like to reinvest the proceeds to improve the creative sector and train skilled workers to fill the jobs in our booming film and television studios. Developing creative skills in left behind parts of the country. The sale of Channel 4 will not only benefit the broadcaster. This is a truly conservative and Thatcherist vision for Channel 4. One in which we protect the public service elements of broadcasting, ensure its sustainability and invest in creative skills, opening up the sector to a much broader segment of society. It's inherently conservative to want Channel 4 to grow so it can invest in better technology, content and people and have an even bigger impact on our creative industries than it already has. I intend to continue with that – and the ebullient reaction from the same people who snobbishly denounced my appointment as soon as I step through the doors of my department will not stop me. In 1988 Margaret Thatcher was right. She could see that Channel 4 would only reach its full potential if it were free from government restrictions - and that is the vision and outcome we will deliver.


Allegedly 'assaulted' Everton fan's mum refuses to meet Man United star after phone incident

Cristiano Ronaldo: Allegedly 'assaulted' Everton fan's mother refuses to meet Man United star after phone incident (Author: Gardener)

Man United starThe mother of a young Everton fan who Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to have slapped the phone out of his hand in a controversial incident last weekend has turned down the Manchester United star's offer to meet him and attend a game at Old Trafford. A frustrated Ronaldo was caught on camera as he appeared to throw down the phone of 14-year-old Jake Harding as he left the pitch and the Goodison Park tunnel after United's dismal 1-0 defeat at Merseyside on Saturday went down. Merseyside Police have since confirmed they are investigating the incident, which Jake's mother Sarah Kelly described as an "assault" and said they smashed their son, who has autism and dyspraxia and was going to his first game over the weekend, with a smash phone and a bruise on his hand. "We can confirm that we are in connection with Manchester United Football Club and Everton FC following reports of an alleged attack at the Everton v Manchester United football match in Goodison," police said in a statement. "As the players left the pitch at 2:30pm, it was reported that a boy was attacked by one of the away teams as they left the pitch. "Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Merseyside Police Social Media Desk via Twitter MerPolCC or Facebook Merseyside Police Contact Center quoting reference number 228 dated 9 April 2022." Ronaldo apologized after the incident in the social media and wrote on Instagram: "It's never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments like the ones we're facing. "I would like to apologize for my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this supporter to watch a game at Old Trafford as a show of fair play and sportsmanship." Ms Kelly, however, says she has no intention of taking her son to Old Trafford to meet Ronaldo and watch a United game as she heavily criticized the Portuguese striker's apology. "I have nothing to say to him," she told Sky News. "Why should I travel to Old Trafford? Ms Kelly added: "If he [Ronaldo] was real, I think he should have turned around at the moment of the incident, picked up Jake's phone and said, 'I'm sorry'. If you can do that to a 14-year-old boy. It's not sportsmanship at all.” From a daily news briefing to insights into homes and real estate, plus lifestyle, going out, deals and more.


Alaska Army suicide crisis spurs bipartisan call to action

Members of Congress have called for answers about the Army's shortage of mental health advisers in Alaska, a key finding of the USA TODAY investigation. (Author: Gardener)

Alaska ArmyWASHINGTON -- A bipartisan group of lawmakers has urged the Army to address its alarming suicide problem in Alaska, calling for plans to improve living conditions and ensure soldiers have timely access to mental health counselors, a key finding of a USA TODAY investigation suicide deaths there. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., and Alaska Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan wrote to Army Sec. Christine Wormuth on the Army's suicide crisis responsible for the confirmed or suspected deaths of 17 soldiers in Alaska in 2021. "The epidemic of military suicides across America calls for immediate action, particularly in Alaska, where 2021 saw double the number of military deaths compared to 2020," Speier said in a statement. "I've previously spoken to the spouses and parents of soldiers who have died by suicide there, as well as other soldiers and behavioral health providers who are overwhelmed by demand in the area." "Like Suffocating": An Army base in Alaska is the epicenter of military suicides. Speier and Sullivan plan to travel to Alaska to speak with Army leaders about efforts to save soldiers from suicide. "It is a tragedy that the scourge of suicide is disproportionately damaging Alaska to military members and their families." , said Sullivan. "Alaska is home to thousands of military personnel and more veterans per capita than any other state. B Aside from this proud distinction, our state also has a staggeringly high rate of military suicide." According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alaska has the second-highest suicide rate in the country, after Wyoming. For the active-duty military as a whole, the suicide rate increased from 20.3 per 100,000 troops in 2015 to 28.7 per 100,000 troops in 2020, according to the Pentagon. The military's suicide rate is similar to that of society. However, troops are subject to far greater oversight than civilians, and the Pentagon expects a lower rate, defense officials said. Suicide in Alaska for the military in 2021 was almost exclusively an army issue. While there have been 17 confirmed or suspected suicides among soldiers, only one of the 10,000 Airmen stationed there died by suicide, according to the Air Force. Wormuth was in Alaska on Wednesday where she was meeting with soldiers and their families and behavioral health professionals, her spokesman, the lieutenant colonel, said. "She is very concerned about suicide deaths and is working with the (Pentagon) to prioritize the support needed to respond to the problem in Alaska and across the Army," Farrell said. About 11,500 troops are stationed there, most at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage and Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks.Fort Wainwright in cold Alaskan interior is the epicenter of the Army's suicide crisis.USA TODAY spent several days there in February and had access to Soldiers of all ranks who were open about delays in the Counseling spoke: "Our research and conversations have made several things clear: Military personnel stationed in Alaska are under undue stress from a variety of perspectives, including shortages of behavioral health professionals, financial challenges, infrastructure and transportation limitations, and adjusting to living in a remote location with extreme... cold," wrote the legislature r at Wormuth. "The problem is particularly acute at Fort Wainwright, a duty station for which many are not adequately screened or prepared." A defense official involved in overseeing health programs said the soldier likely would have been seen immediately or taken to an emergency room must. The Army acknowledged in a statement that some soldiers in Alaska had experienced supply delays. "Behavioural health capacity at Fort Wainwright and Fort Richardson is inadequate due to a shortage of providers," the lawmaker's letter said. “As of now, there are 11 vacant civilian mental health positions at Fort Wainwright. They asked Wormuth for a plan with a timeline for sending more behavioral counselors to Alaska and expanding video counseling. "We must do all our power to turn this tide and be there for our service members — to get them the right help they need so suicide is never the answer," Murkowski said in a statement to those who support ours Defend the nation.” The letter also urged Wormuth not to send soldiers with current or recent mental health problems or those from warm-weather locations to Alaska for their first deployment to the state. Lawmakers also called for a plan to incentivize service at Fort Wainwright, including reducing duty trips there from three to two years. If you are a Soldier or veteran in crisis or having suicidal thoughts (or you know someone who is), call the Military Crisis Line/Veterans Crisis Line for confidential assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at. This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Army's suicide crisis in Alaska spurs a bipartisan call to action


7 players who didn't do anything at Juventus but shone after leaving

Juventus have a reputation for not always being smart in the transfer market, so it's not surprising that the Serie A side are letting several players go early. So here are seven of them, from modern day sensations to all-time greats. (Author: Gardener)

JuventusJuventus former players is a list that includes some of the most notable names in football. From Italian stars like Antionio Conte or Andrea Pirlo to European legends like Pavel Nedved or Zinedine Zidane. But they also made some undeniable mistakes when it comes to their former players. Both in modern times and in the past, they have let many go far too soon and watched as players who saw them get ripped up as flops across Europe. Here are seven players who didn't do anything at the Old Lady but found success elsewhere. Laudrup was perhaps the best midfielder of his generation. And it was Juventus who first saw his potential at Danish club Bronby, signing him in 1983. But at that time in Italy there was a strict rule that a club could only register two non-Italian players. The club had already filled his spots and as a result he was loaned out to Lazio for two years. When Laudrup returned he impressed but it wasn't enough for the Turin club and he went to Barcelona in 1989 where he was more than good. "When Michael plays, it's like a dream, a magical illusion, and nobody in the world even comes close to his level," Cruyff once said. This is Cruyff. Yes, we know he's only just joined Spurs, but to put it another way, the Swede, who's the same age as Phil Foden, is just starting out... It probably hurt Juventus fans to see Cancelo as one of the most complete right-backs will be seen in the world. And if not, then it definitely hurt to see him grow into one of the most complete left-backs in the world at the same time. "I feel like a more complete player now, both technically and tactically," Cancelo told Manchester City's official website of his time at the club. "My favorite position is at right-back, but I've always liked being versatile and doing different things on the pitch. I think a player of my ability can play in more than one position and that also helps the team when it needs to.” Why on earth Juventus let him go to City after just one season in Turin is insane . The club have reportedly branded the right-back 'tactically naïve'... so they sold him to the world's most tactically obsessed manager, under whose tutelage he thrived. This is just an all-around terrible deal from Juve, who signed the Argentine for just under £30m and sold him to Atalanta for around £15m last season. Romero never stood a chance at Juventus. Signed in 2019 after an impressive debut season with Genoa, he was loaned to his old club and then to Atalanta in consecutive seasons. He was immediately signed by Gian Piero Gasperini's team on loan, made exactly zero appearances for Juve and probably spent little to no time in Turin, except of course when playing against them. Romero has also never played a game as a permanent Atalanta player and almost immediately signed for Spurs on loan with an option to buy. He only spent six months in Turin in 1999 so presumably he didn't do anything special after leaving Juventus for Arsenal. READ: How Thierry Henry's first hat-trick with Arsenal signaled his legendary status Ahead of that goal there were rumors Coman would leave Bayern, but he came as little surprise after scoring the winner against PSG to propel Bayern European champions. He had developed at PSG but the French club let him go to Juventus, where he was expected to take the stage. But Juventus' patience waned after just one season with him, as did his with them. He joined Bayern, first on a two-year loan, then on a permanent basis, and for Fabio Capello the whole story was proof that Juventus are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. “Obviously, Juventus keep repeating the same mistakes. Henry came to Juventus so young they let him go and then he blossomed at Arsenal," the former England manager told Sky Italia. "You can't expect a young player to immediately be a protagonist at the highest level." When Bayern and PSG met last time, Kingsley Coman's goal made the difference 🏆 Bentacur is a former Juventus player like Romero and Kulusevski Player, now at Spurs. It's another one that seems confusing from a Juventus perspective; The club aren't exactly blessed in midfield, so why sell one of your key players in that position? The fee could not be disclosed but it was unlikely to be high enough to force Juve to sell. The Uruguayan is the latest in Favio Paratici's attempts to seemingly turn Spurs into 'Juventus Inghilterra', with Conte, Romero, Kulusevski and Bentacur joining this season. Comparing Ronaldo's first 30 Man Utd games to last 30 at Juventus The nine players to play for both Chelsea and Juventus: Morata, Anelka...


Man United fan AG Baby praises Chelsea despite Champions League collapse

The singer's statement of support didn't go down well with all Nigerian blues fans (Author: Gardener)

UnitedNigerian singer AG Baby, also known as Adekunle Gold, is among those singing Chelsea's praises after Thomas Tuchel's side put in a remarkable performance in the Uefa Champions League quarter-final second leg against Real Madrid before their defeat in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday extension was eliminated. The Blues were leading 3-0 at the Bernabeu and 4-3 on aggregate with 10 minutes to go before Rodrygo closed the gap for Madrid. Los Blancos had won the first leg 3-1 at Stamford Bridge to force the game into extra time where Karim Benzema scored the hosts' winner. "Chelsea players will always have my respect, always," AG Baby wrote on Twitter after the game, to mixed reactions from fans. “Why does everyone say they respect Chelsea when it should be easy? Someone was obviously down with two goals, should they just let Madrid come and win?” posed @HassanOlabisi1, who sees nothing unusual in Chelsea's comeback. However, @samueloni112 was quick to react, saying: "Has the Nigerian sun affected you so much that you don't understand that people respect Chelsea players because they've been robbed and you just want to dilute that effort?" I'm a die-hard Barca -Fan, but I supported Real Madrid. On a very good day I would have backed any English team against Madrid. Glad they lost so planet earth is at peace," replied @ekenematthew10, who doesn't seem to feel anything for the Stamford Bridge heavyweights. For others, however, Chelsea deserve credit for almost catching up from the first-leg deficit. “Big love to all fans, players and coaches. "I'm a Madrid fan but tonight [Tuesday] I'm proud of Chelsea. [Mason] Mount, [Reece] James and [Timo] Werner impressed me for the first time tonight. We may have lost the game but I'm impressed with their performance. @Homothayoshida believes the singer, who he claims is a Manchester United fan, shouldn't have seen the game because it's a 'bad omen'. “Abeg, keep your respects, you jinxed this game, I swear. If you hadn't seen this game, we would have won. Don't watch our games again," she replied. “Only Man United fans say something nice about Chelsea tonight. Goals from Mason Mount and Antonio Rudiger had given Chelsea a 2-0 lead at half-time before Werner made it 3-0 with 15 minutes to go. However, the Blues were unable to hold on to the lead and secure a memorable place in the semis as Rodrygo met a great pass from Luka Modric to make it 3-1 and forced the game into extra time where Benzema took it for Madrid won.


Nagelsmann is fooling himself - the embarrassing Champions League exit from FC Bayern Munich shouldn't come as a surprise

Bayern Munich have won just six of their last 12 games following Tuesday's costly draw with Villarreal that eliminated them from the Champions League, meaning their elimination shouldn't have come as a surprise (Author: Gardener)

NagelsmannIt was approaching an hour after the final whistle at the Allianz Arena and Julian Nagelsmann had still not turned up for his post-match press conference. Meanwhile, Villarreal had managed to celebrate his famous Champions League triumph over Bayern Munich with his fans in the upper tier of the stadium, retiring to the dressing rooms to continue the celebrations before reappearing on the pitch to their delight traveling trailer. Man of the Match Raul Albiol had been part of the celebrations but also found time to hold his own press conference after putting in an excellent defensive performance from Unai Emery's side. When he finally appeared in the press conference room, he looked decidedly grim but composed. “If you look at our performance today – good tactically, defensively and offensively by the way – the first leg is put in a worse light.” The Bayern coach later described his team’s performance as “very good”, but it’s hard to imagine that he's kidding himself; tries to put on a brave face and pass off this failure as the result of bad luck. In reality, it was neither a feat to be proud of nor one that came as a huge shock given Bayern's recent form. Tuesday's 1-1 draw means Bayern have won just six of their last 12 games since beating RB Leipzig on February 5 - an appalling run for a side that have been so dominant both domestically and in Europe . Despite dominating the game in terms of possession and territory, their total expected goals (xG) against Villarreal was 1.58. It has only been worse since the winter break in the first leg in Spain and in the narrow win on Saturday against Augsburg, who was threatened with relegation. Bayern may have a more talented squad than Villarreal, who are currently seventh in La Liga, but they showed little creativity when trying to break their visitors, instead sending almost endless crosses into the box. In total, they attempted 39 crosses in the game, only a few of which resulted in meaningful shots on goal. They had a few moments where Kingsley Coman struggled with his dribbling while Robert Lewandowski's finish to the evening's opener was superb but overall they lacked the ideas to get through the yellow wall that Villarreal presented them with. The 34-year-old has regularly spoken of his players not having been at their 'peak' in recent weeks, but there are signs that the peak of Nagelsmann's first season in charge has returned in the early weeks of winter. When Bayern played well under the ex-RB Leipzig coach, the key for them in an attacking sense was down the left flank, where Alphonso Davies and Leroy Sane made a devastating impact. The 3-2-3-2 formation, first revealed by Nagelsmann on Tuesday, would have theoretically been perfect for this duo, but circumstances meant both weren't positioned on the left flank against Villarreal. Davies was on the bench as he continues his recovery from the heart problem that kept him out of action for over two months, while Sane was pushed to the right in hopes a change of position could revive his season after an alarming dip in form. That Nagelsmann would try such a system in the most important game of the season without the players he needed to make it work either available for launch or playing to the required level is worrying, but hopefully something from which he can learn. Joshua Kimmich lacked his usual presence in central midfield, while the link between Thomas Muller and Lewandowski didn't seem to be the first in recent weeks. It was also significant that Nagelsmann waited until the 82nd minute to come on and Serge Gnabry came on from the bench to signal that he was not happy with the form of the ex-Arsenal player or the strength of his squad. Gnabry is one of many players with just one year left on his contract and GOAL have learned the winger is considering his future amid interest from Real Madrid and Liverpool. That result came as a shock at the time, but Bayern's European exit was far more predictable, even if few outside Munich saw it coming. Nagelsmann will still have plenty of time to think about what went wrong, but one thing is certain: there was nothing "good" about Bayern's departure.


Don't be toxic about Britney Spears' pregnancy

Here on the other side of the #FreeBritney movement, people have started to understand what she was struggling with. (Author: Gardener)

Britney Spears'To give the obvious clue: baby again! Yes, Britney Spears is pregnant. The definitive pop queen of the 21st century announced the news on Instagram earlier this week - 22 years to the day since the release of Oops! I Did It Again and, perhaps more importantly, 292 days after she claimed before a US court judge that her conservators would not allow her to remove an IUD from her body. The announcement was met with near-universal joy and excitement on social media; with people rushing to post how happy they are that the beloved icon and her incredibly attractive partner Sam Asghari are expecting. I say almost universally rather than unanimously because, as with pretty much everything on this damn internet, there was a minority of people - almost all hiding behind fake names and profile pictures - making fun of the news; mainly because of Britney's age. Of course we could spend ages, paragraphs and paragraphs deconstructing how stupid it is to ridicule someone for wanting a child at that age or any age, but I hope it goes without saying. Damn, they're even derided by the term "geriatric mom," used to describe anyone who becomes pregnant after the age of, uh, 35. I'm sure no one reading this needs me to tell them that, although various biological factors come into play at various times in a person's life, the right age to have a child is "the damn age." that you want". So let's put that toxic mix of misogyny and ageism aside for now and focus on the specific fact that anyone who isn't completely and absolutely smitten with Britney Jean Spears needs to have a good word with themselves. But the years surrounding those pregnancies were tough, to say the least: Much has been said and written about the difficulties Britney was facing at the time; Difficulties she alluded to herself in her recent announcement. "It's hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression," she wrote on Instagram. "Some people thought it was dangerous for a woman with a baby inside her to complain like that...but now women talk about it every day...thank god we don't have to keep that pain to ourselves." Britney isn't just about that pregnancy in a world where women struggling during and after pregnancy are much less taboo; She also approaches the matter as a more liberated woman than she did then. Yes, she is still watched by the whole world; Yes, she's still under the constant scrutiny that comes with being in the public eye; Yes, she still has to deal with the paparazzi. People have heard accounts of what life was like under their Conservatorship and the impact of being at the center of a media circus without having much control over their personal or business affairs. As anyone who watched last year's documentary Framing Britney Spears will know, the time she had her first two children was when the binge eating around her reached a critical point with every movement; the end result was the godforsaken conservatory that was only just being abolished. Speaking so movingly in court in 2021, she said one of her greatest desires was to get married and have another child without her conservators allegedly standing in her way. "I want to be able to get married and have a baby," she said. "I've got an [IUD] in me right now so I'm not going to get pregnant," she added. "They don't want me to have kids." I'm so mad it's crazy. And I'm depressed. Of all the allegations that came to light at the time, it was this detail – implying that she didn't even have autonomy over her basic reproductive rights – that arguably caught the most attention in the world; the part that was most disturbing to those of us keeping the whole sad affair in view. Now, after all the oppression and trauma, knowing that she's finally getting her wish is actually quite emotional. If Britney's story was a TV drama - and god knows it was certainly harrowing enough - this would be the perfect joyous season finale. Now her wish seems to have finally come true. Do you have a story you would like to share? MORE : Britney Spears' journey to have a baby after conservatory 'stopped' her fiancé Sam Asghari