Anand Mahindra shares his Monday motivation

The video, originally shared by filmmaker Vinod Kapri, shows the 19-year-old boy walking down the street. (Author: Gardener)

Anand MahindraMahindra Group Chairman and Padma Prize winner Anand Mahindra shared on Twitter a heartwarming video of a 19-year-old boy that has gone viral, calling it his Monday motivation. Sharing the 2 minute 20 second video, Mahindra tweeted, "This is really inspiring. But do you know what my Monday motivation is? That he is so independent and rejects the ride offer. The video, originally shared by filmmaker Vinod Kapri, shows the 19-year-old boy walking down the street. Kapri tweeted: "This is PURE GOLD. Last night at 12 o'clock on the street of Noida I saw this boy running very fast with a bag on his shoulder. I figured he was in trouble and I should offer him a ride. However, he turned down my repeated offers. The video has garnered 6.4 million views and over 69,400,000 retweets so far. In the video, the boy, Pradeep Mehra, refuses to help when Kapri offers to take him away. He says he walks 10 km from Noida Sector 16 to Barola every night. Mehra, who is from Uttarakhand and works at McDonalds, says: “I always walk home. I work at McDonalds, Sector 16. "In the morning I can't wake up and run like I used to go to work at 8am and cook food," says Mehra in the video. Kapri tells Mehra that the clip could go viral on the internet. He replies, "Who will recognize me?" Mehra then tells him, "If it goes viral, it's okay. Also read: A 19-year-old boy's midnight 10K run goes viral; here's why."


Britney Spears' struggle to have a baby after her conservatorship ended

BRITNEY Spears has revealed she is expecting a baby with fiancé Sam Asghari after months of talking about another child for the star. The circus singer has opened up about having a... (Author: Gardener)

Britney Spears'BRITNEY Spears has revealed she is expecting a baby with fiancé Sam Asghari after months of talking about another child for the star. The Circus singer has been open about the fact that she wanted another baby, but claimed her father Jamie Spears wouldn't allow it while she was a conservator. Britney, 40, announced her latest pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a photo of a teacup and flowers with a lengthy caption. After speaking out for months about her desire to have more children, the Louisiana native revealed in her caption, "I lost so much weight to go on my trip to Maui only to gain it back." So I have one Took a pregnancy test... and uhhhhh... I'm having a baby." Sam later confirmed the news in a post of his own. He shared a photo of three watercolor lions on Instagram and gushed about fatherhood in the caption. Britney and Sam have long talked about having children - long before they announced they were expecting. However, the Grammy-winning conservatory, long run by dad Jamie, would not allow her to conceive. Here's a look at Britney's journey to having a baby. Less than a year before her pregnancy announcement, the hitmaker appeared before a Los Angeles Superior Court to discuss the details of her conservatorship. In November 2021, Britney revealed that while she is under the scrutiny of her conservators, she wanted to have her IUD removed so she could have more children. Britney told the court, “I want to be able to get married and have a baby receive. "I was just told in conservatory that I can't get married or have a baby. I have an IUD in me right now so I don't get pregnant. I wanted to take the IUD out so I could start having another baby." She continued, "But this so-called team won't let me go to the doctor to take it out because they don't want me to have more kids. Britney has two sons — Sean and Jayden — with ex Kevin Federline. About a month later, Britney's fiancée suggested they could work on adding a baby to their family. Sam told TMZ about his and Britney's vacation plans. When asked a Reporters: "What are you and Britney up to for Christmas?" Sam replies, "Making a baby."The reporter then asked, "Anything special?" to which Sam said again, "Making a baby. Lots of making a baby." Duo added fuel to the fire by posting a video raising a new family member.The model shared a video of his bride-to-be standing with her back to the camera and holding something in her arms.In de In the caption, the musician teased: "New addition to the family, guess if it's a boy or a girl." Sam commented on the post with several shocked faces. In the video, a sliver of a cock can be seen sticking out of Britney's side. Insiders say Britney has "talked about wanting a little girl for years." A source close to the singer exclusively told The Sun: "Britney definitely wants more children and she would be so happy and grateful to have another son, but deep down, her desire is to be the mother of a little girl She wants to pass on her clothes and take her daughter to dance classes, things her sons aren't interested in." The insider continued, "It could potentially happen soon, but that's not her main focus right now. They both want kids together and now there's nothing stopping them." The source insisted that Britney and Sam would have "absolutely no" relationship with their parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, if they had kids. Baby, Britney will be everything do to protect and raise the child in a safe environment. Britney doesn't often post about her sons out of respect for their privacy. However, she recently shared a series of sexy photos of herself in a black and red dress with hearts printed on it and gushed about her boys in the caption. In the last photo in the set, she held her dog in her arms and smiled as the dog looked over her shoulder. Britney reflected on both pooches and their sons growing up in the caption. "My baby's getting bigger...I'll just say it, just like I did when my boys got bigger... Britney continued, "They don't need me anymore...Some fans believed her post was a pregnancy announcement.


Sam Asghari gushes about fatherhood after Britney Spears announces pregnancy

Sam Asghari gushes about fatherhood after Britney Spears announces pregnancy (Author: Gardener)

Sam AsghariAfter Britney Spears revealed she was pregnant with her third child, Sam Asghari gushed about his love for the family. "Marriage and children are a natural part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect," Asghari, 28, commented on Monday, April 11, in a print showing a lion family on Instagram. "Fatherhood is something I've always looked forward to and I don't take it lightly. Earlier that day, the 40-year-old Grammy winner shocked her followers by announcing she's expecting a baby. "I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip, only to gain it back... I was like, 'Gosh... what happened to my stomach???'" My husband said, 'No, you are stupid food pregnant!!!" So I got a pregnancy test...and uhhhhh...I'm having a baby," Spears wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday, April 11. “Four days later I got pregnant a little bit more food!!! The singer continued, "It's hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression... I have to say it's absolutely horrible... Women didn't talk about it back then... Some people thought it was dangerous for a woman to have a." Baby so lamented inside her...but now women talk about it every day...thank god we don't have to keep this pain to ourselves...This time I'll do yoga everyday!!! Spread much joy and love !!!” Spears and Asghari first met on the set of their "Slumber Party" music video in 2016 and officially took to Instagram a year later. The couple have been vocal about their plans to start a family over the years. In March 2021, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that the model was excited about his future with Spears. "Sam would love to start a family with Britney," a source revealed. He's a natural with young children.” The “Toxic” singer later opened up about how her conservatory prevented her from having a child with her then-boyfriend. “I want to develop gradually and I want to have the real business. I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I was just told in conservatory I can't get married or have a baby," Spears, who shares Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14, with ex Kevin Federline, told a judge in June 2021. "I have an IUD in me right now so I won't get pregnant. I wanted to remove the IUD so I could try to have another baby." A month before the Crossroads star's conservatory ended in November 2021, Asghari Spears popped the question. "The couple today made their long-term relationship official and are deeply touched by the support, dedication and love that has been expressed towards them," his manager Brandon Cohen told Us in September 2021. Ahead of Spears' surprise post, Asghari opened up about the couple's strong bond. "Everything is great," he told Entertainment Tonight in late March. “We are very excited to start a new chapter and everything is so positive from now on.


Britney Spears, free from conservatory, says she is pregnant

Britney Spears - who testified she was forced to keep her IUD in while she was a conservator - says she is pregnant. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is enjoying her newfound freedom after completing her 13-year conservatorship, and now the pop star says she's pregnant. Spears shared the news with her fans on her Instagram Monday afternoon, writing in part, "I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip, only to gain it back... I was like, 'Oh my gosh... what about my stomach happens? Husband said, "No you're pregnant stupid!!!" So I took a pregnancy test...and uhhhhh...I'm having a baby." Spears announced her engagement to actor Sam Asghari in September 2021. In recent posts, she has referred to Asghari as her "husband" but has not yet officially said if the couple is married. Spears and Asghari met on the set of their music video for their song "Slumber Party" in 2016. Variety has reached out to Asghari's manager for further comment on Spears' pregnancy post. Spears' conservatory ended in November 2021 after more than 13 years. Months before the judge terminated the legal agreement, Spears testified in court to share her explosive allegations of "conservatory abuse." These included her desire to start a family with Asghari, which she says was blocked by her conservators, who reportedly wouldn't allow her to remove her birth control. "I'd like to incrementally move forward and I want to have the right thing, I want to be able to get married and have a baby," Spears testified last June. "I was just told in conservatory that I can't get married or have a baby. I have an IUD in me right now so I don't get pregnant. I wanted to remove the IUD so I could try to have another baby. At the time of her testimony, a legal expert told Variety that Spears Conservatory's case was highly anomalous, but it's possible she was prevented from having her IUD removed. "Technically, they are in control of every facet of their lives, so yes, it's legal," explained attorney Sarah J. Also, as part of a conservatorship, all legal documents must be signed by a conservator. So in Spears' case, she wouldn't have been able to sign a marriage license without the support of her father, Jamie Spears, who served as her conservator before a judge suspended him from the conservatory in September 2021, before ending the arrangement altogether in November. (In other words, Spears can now marry.) Spears' father, in his role as a restorer, has always maintained his innocence. "Jamie loves and supports his daughter unconditionally," his attorney wrote in court filings last year. "As he has done all her life, Jamie will do everything to protect and care for her... for the past 13 years, which has included serving as her conservator. This will be the first child for Asghari and Spears, who share two teenage sons with Kevin Federline, her former backup dancer to whom she was married from 2004-2007. In Monday's post, the star said she'll be doing her best to keep her privacy, this time around. "Obviously I won't be going out that much because the paps get their money from me, as unfortunately they already have," Spears wrote. "It's hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression...I have to say it's absolutely horrible...Women didn't talk about it back then...Some people found it dangerous for a woman with a baby inside her to be like that." complained...but now women talk about it every day...thank god we don't have to keep this pain to ourselves...this time I'll do yoga everyday!!! In Spears' pregnancy post, the singer indicated that she may be expecting twins. "It's growing," she posted. Earlier this month, designer Donatella Versace spoke to Variety about designing the pop star's wedding dress, saying, "She's fine. Meanwhile, Spears' legal battle continues as the pop star's attorney fought her parents in court over conservatory-related finances.


Britney Spears announces she is PREGNANT with her third child

Britney Spears has announced that she is pregnant with her third child. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears has announced that she is pregnant with her third child. The 40-year-old pop star announced the news in a lengthy Instagram post Monday morning, writing, "So I took a pregnancy test... and uhhhhh... I'm having a baby." However, the Baby One More Time hitmaker confused fans when she added in her caption that she was "a little bit pregnant" and took a pregnancy test after realizing she had gained weight while on vacation. It will be the first child for singer and fiancé Sam Asghari, while Britney has two sons, Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, from her previous marriage to Kevin Federline. Sister Jamie Lynn Spears - with whom she fell out over her telltale memoir - is also said to have liked the post. In her announcement post, Britney also opened up about suffering from perinatal depression during her first two pregnancies. Perinatal distress is an umbrella term used to describe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress that women can experience from conception up to a year after birth. Britney explained, "It's hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression." "I have to say it's absolutely awful...women didn't talk about it back then...some people thought it was dangerous for a woman with a baby inside her to complain like that, but now women talk about it every day...thank god they do." we don't have to keep that pain a reserved right secret.' Last week, the mother-of-two was spotted swimming naked with her assistant Vicky after rolling around on the beach in a bikini. Britney previously posted a snap of herself swimming topless in the sea while on vacation. The pregnancy news comes after claims the Toxic singer was forced to use birth control during her 13-year conservatorship, which ended last November. In a court hearing last June, Britney spoke out publicly against her conservatorship, saying she felt "traumatized" by the system of controls she was subjected to. I just want my life back. “I want to finish this conservatorship without being judged. This conservatory does me more harm than good. I deserve a two to three year break.” The Toxic hitmaker blamed her father and her conservatory team for not allowing her to marry or have children with boyfriend Sam, 28. Britney claimed her conservators prescribed her an IUD as a form of birth control, so she is currently unable to have children, although she wanted to "get married and have a baby" with Sam. She added: "I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I have a spiral in me not to get pregnant, but [my team doesn't want] that I have more children." The star slammed their situation as "abusive" and even called for the "imprisonment" of her father and those who who were involved in their conservatorship. “I truly believe that conservatorship is abusive. I don't feel like I can live a full life. In the meantime, I want this therapist to come to my house, I'm not ready to go to Westlake... "My father and everyone involved in this conservatorship, including my management... they should be in jail be." Following Britney's distant court appearance, Jamie Spears' legal team released a statement insisting he "loves his daughter very much". They said: "He is sorry to see his daughter suffering and in so much pain. Mr. Spears loves his daughter very much.' Since then, the singer has made no secret of her desire to have children. In a topless beach photo from Sam Asghari's birthday vacation, Britney captioned the post, "Planning to have babies in Polynesia!!!!!!" Britney's divorce from Kevin Federline was finalized in July 2007. Last year it was reported that Kevin was receiving $20,000 a month in child support for his and Britney's two sons.


Toxic singer expecting third child with fiancé Sam Asghari

Britney and Sam have been together since 2016. (Author: Gardener)

fiancé Sam AsghariBritney Spears is pregnant with her third child, with Sam Asghari (Image: FilmMagic) Britney Spears has announced that she is pregnant with her third child - her first with fiancé Sam Asghari. The Toxic singer - who shares sons Jayden and Sean with ex-husband Kevin Federline - appeared to confirm her baby news on Instagram. Taking to the social media platform, the 40-year-old shared a snap of pink flowers sipping coffee in a pink cup and saucer. "My husband said 'no you're silly pregnant!!!' So I took a pregnancy test... and uhhhhh... I'm having a baby... 👶🏼 '4 days later I got pregnant a little bit more food 🤰🏼🙈🙈🙈 It grows !!! If there's 2 in there...I might just lose it...I obviously won't date that much because the dads get their money off me, which unfortunately they already have." Britney and Sam started dating in 2016 (Image: Instagram) Discussing the tough time she had in a previous pregnancy, Britney continued, "It's hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression...I have to say it's absolutely horrible..." Women did back then didn't talk about it... Some people thought it was dangerous for a woman with a baby inside her to complain like that... Britney confirmed her baby news in a lengthy Instagram caption (Image: Instagram) She closed the post: "This I will do yoga every day!!! Spread lots of joy and love!!!' Just like on cue, fans rushed to congratulate the mother-to-be on her baby joy. Pal Paris Hilton ushered in the love-in with the message: "Happy Birthday Sis!! 🥳 I'm so excited for you!!😍 I love you!!!" Sending you so much love!!" Fans flooded her announcement post with congratulatory messages (Picture: Getty) One Instagram user replied, "Happy birthday B.. Take it easy, okay, I love you!" "Sending you so much love, Britney! Britney first met Sam in 2016 when she hired him to star as her love interest in her music video "Slumber Party." Britney and Sam got engaged last year (Image: Instagram) They started dating shortly after and have been inseparable ever since, with the personal trainer at the musician's side throughout her conservatory ordeal. After being expelled from her conservatory last year, she recently shared how badly she wanted to start a family with her boyfriend. "Happy Birthday to my Fiancé... I love you so much..." she said at the time. Britney shares sons Sean and Jayden with Kevin Federline (Picture: Getty) Well, it looks like Britney is finally getting her wish. This will be the couple's first baby and Sam's first child - the Gimme More star, who welcomed son Sean in 2005 and Jayden with ex Kevin the following year. She previously revealed that she wanted to have children with her partner but was prevented from doing so due to her guardianship. In a shocking statement last year, she explained that she was banned from removing her IUD - a method of birth control that is inserted into the womb to prevent pregnancy. "I have an IUD in my body right now that won't let me have a baby and my restorers won't let me go to the doctor to take it out," she told the court. I want to be able to get married and have a baby." It ended in November after 13 years, and the superstar has since regained control of her life. This is breaking news, more coming soon... Check back soon for more updates. If you have a celebrity story, video or pictures, please contact the entertainment team by emailing us at [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or our page Visit to submit content - we'd love to hear from you. For more stories like this, visit our entertainment page. Follow Entertainment on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity and entertainment updates.


Arsenal, Man Utd, Tottenham and West Ham games left in comparison

The race for that crucial Premier League fourth place heats up as Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and West Ham battle to secure Champions League football next season (Author: Gardener)

West HamThe race for that all-important fourth place in the Premier League heats up as Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and West Ham battle it out to secure Champions League football next season. Mikel Arteta's Arsenal still have some massive games ahead of their Premier League season out In recent Premier League action, the race for a top-four finish and subsequent Champions League qualification had even more twists and turns. Arsenal were fourth ahead of the weekend but a surprise home defeat by Brighton days after they were beaten 3-0 by Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park dashed their European ambitions. Both Manchester United and West Ham failed to capitalize on the Gunners' mishap. The Red Devils suffered a bitter 1-0 defeat by Everton at Goodison Park, while the Hammers suffered a 2-0 defeat at Brentford. The string of slips allowed Tottenham to take full advantage as a hat-trick from Son Heung-min in their 4-0 win over Aston Villa left Spurs as favorites for fourth place. With a handful of games remaining in this dramatic Premier League season, Mirror Football takes a closer look at the games remaining for the quartet as they battle for fourth place. Mikel Arteta's side have enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in recent months after losing their first three games of the season and finding themselves at rock bottom in the Premier League. Arsenal have eight Premier League games left this season - the most of any Champions League contender - but their double bump on the road has wiped out their advantage. The Gunners have slipped to fifth after losing to Brighton and are three behind Tottenham on 54 points (by a far smaller goal difference) despite having a game in hand against their fierce rivals. Arsenal will hope to get back on track when they next travel to a shocked Southampton, who shipped six home to Chelsea on Saturday. In a challenging final set of games, Arteta's side travel to United and face Test trips to Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham. Ralf Rangnick's Manchester United are at risk of missing out on Champions League football next season. Which team will finish fourth in the Premier League this season? United's hot season continued at the weekend as a deflected goal from Anthony Gordon gave relegation-threatened Everton a vital win over the Red Devils at Goodison Park on Saturday. Ralf Rangnick's side have recorded just one win in their last five Premier League games and face a daunting challenge of returning to the Champions League next season. United are currently seventh on 51 points - six behind Tottenham in fourth - with seven games to go. The Red Devils will be desperate to emerge victorious when they host bottom-placed Norwich next weekend before embarking on two challenging trips against Liverpool and Arsenal. In May, Rangnick's side will see hosts Brentford before traveling to Brighton in two games that are likely to be must-sees. United round of their Premier League season with a tricky trip to Selhurst Park to face Crystal Palace on the final day of the season. Antonio Conte's Tottenham benefited from this weekend's slip-ups and now find themselves in the driver's seat for a top-four result. After taking full advantage of this weekend's series of slip-ups, Tottenham have now emerged as the front runners to win the Premier League and the all-important fourth place and therefore the Champions League next season. The Villa mauling saw Antonio Conte's men put a three-point lead over their north London rivals Arsenal, pushing them to fourth place on 57 points. Before April ends, Spurs will host Brighton and Leicester, with an away trip to Brentford in between. David Moyes' West Ham still has a chance of finishing fourth this season David Moyes' West Ham have had an excellent season but Saturday's defeat by Brentford was a significant setback. The Irons welcome Burnley to the London Stadium when they return to the Premier League next Sunday before rounding off the month of April with a tasty London derby against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The Hammers end their Premier League season with trips to Brighton and Norwich, interspersed with visits from current leaders Manchester City.


Enda Stevens talks about the Sheffield United team-mates before running in

The Blades are currently sixth and remain there in seventh place over a two-point gap between themselves and Blackburn. They did exceptionally well […] (Author: Gardener)

Enda StevensSheffield United have their sights set on a place in the playoffs this season - and with five games to go there's still a chance of clinching one of those top six spots. The Blades are currently sixth and remain there in seventh place over a two-point gap between themselves and Blackburn. Now, Enda Stevens has revealed to The Star how influential each member of the current United squad has been - even those who haven't been able to make all that regular appearances. Stevens easily falls into that category as the 31-year-old is often a first-team regular but an injury is hampering his ability to play too often this season. However, he still has 17 league games and three assists from his place on the left and remains a very capable player at this level. He's not the only name who hasn't always been part of the matchday squad - but the player himself has admitted that even those not in and around the starting XI have been key in creating a mentality that has the Blades back in the premier league could see league soon. It's not just about the guys who are actually on the pitch at a game. Stevens then believes that spirit of being able to support each other even when they're not getting minutes on the field has seen the side gain form this season and continue up the table. Now, with just five games left, that work has almost paid off. Enda Stevens remains a solid player for Sheffield United and his performances when he took the field for Blades showed just that. He just hasn't been able to get onto the field as much as he probably would have liked - but there have been plenty of substitutes for the player and everyone on that squad seems to be pulling their weight and helping in some way with that they can. This has resulted in the team moving up the table and at times the playoffs didn't even seem possible - now that everyone is pulling together the dream is a reality. There's still work to be done, but everything they've done so far has seen them settle comfortably in the top 6 as of today. You still have a chance to lose points, just as you still have a chance to shoot even higher. However, as long as they stay in those play-offs at the end of the season, that's all that matters to everyone involved at Bramall Lane.


Fulham shocked as sky blues rampant

Coventry City upset the odds as they swept aside Fulham at Craven Cottage on Sunday afternoon. We learned that from the Sky Blues' 3-1 win. (Author: Gardener)

FulhamCoventry City rode to a comfortable 3-1 win over Fulham on Sunday as the Championship League leaders suffered yet another shock defeat to City. Goals from Michael Rose and Viktor Gyokeres got the Sky Blues back on track before Bobby Reid got the Whites back on track in the 82nd minute. However, Mark Robins' men sealed the deal in added time as Callum O'Hare scored Coventry's third game and fourth Championship goal of the season. A lifeline under Robins for Coventry has been the sides' ability to take the game to the top teams in the division. That has been demonstrated time and again this season and Sunday's away win in west London was just the latest example. It completes a league double against Fulham for the Sky Blues and is likely to raise questions from both the team and fans about what would have been possible this season had City not been so inconsistent. For every 4-1 home win over Sheffield United, there was a 2-0 loss to Hull around the corner. And while Coventry have exceeded expectations this season, it's victories like this that will leave a bittersweet aftertaste as the season draws to a close. Fulham's talisman Aleksandar Mitrovic could have been well on his way to a piece of Championship history with a goal on Sunday. Had he increased his Championship goal tally against Coventry to 39, Mitrovic would likely have scored against every single opponent in a single Championship season. Before Sunday, Mitrovic had failed to score against only Coventry, Bournemouth, Derby, Preston and Sheffield United and Fulham were yet to play all of those sides in the run-in. ⚽️ The full list of Championship clubs Aleksandar Mitrovic has scored 𝗡𝗢𝗧 against this season: Coventry City Fulham have yet to play all of them. Unfortunately for the Cottagers, the Serbia international failed to find a goal against Sky Blues as they lost. However, there is no doubt that the forward is still having an amazing season, breaking Ivan Toney's record of 31 league goals with 14 games remaining. Mitrovic is currently averaging more than a goal in each game and has scored 38 goals in 37 games for Fulham. One of Coventry's stars, Gustavo Hamer, was once again at the heart of a Coventry City victory and all aspects of his game were on display. First, his wicked set piece delivery was a handful for Fulham and resulted in the Sky Blues taking the lead. Hamer's corner was teasingly whipped at the near post and slammed into the bottom corner by Rose, leaving Fulham stunned as they failed to defend the delivery. And finally, Hamer showed his class again as O'Hare ended the game in injury time. He beat Marek Rodak to a loose ball on the right side of the Fulham penalty area before looking up with presence of mind and selecting O'Hare, who sealed the deal for the Sky Blues and gave Hamer his eighth assist of the Championship season. Despite Hamer signing a contract extension until 2024 in early March, Football League World also reported that Celtic and Rangers remained interested in the midfielder around the same time. While the new deal likely means Hamer will remain at Sky Blues, there's no guarantee Coventry will be able to stave off the lure of European football with one of Glasgow's biggest clubs.


Kevin Sinfield says the 'inspirational' Rob Burrow has changed his attitude towards MND

A Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon will take place on 14 May 2023. (Author: Gardener)

Kevin SinfieldKevin Sinfield continues to take inspiration from Rob Burrow and believes his former Leeds team-mate has 'galvanised' public perceptions of motor neuron disease. The pair shared a dressing room at the Rhinos for almost 15 years and returned to their old turf of Headingley Stadium on Monday morning to celebrate the start of the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon on May 14, 2023. Burrow was diagnosed with MND, a degenerative disease that affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord, in December 2019, but Sinfield remains impressed by his close friend's determination and fighting spirit. Sinfield told the PA news agency: "It's been incredible what Rob has achieved. Because of Rob and a few others, everyone now understands what MND is. "We have to help these people and Rob is at the forefront of that and while he's ready to fight the way he did, we will continue to do what we do." Sinfield raised more than £2million for the MND Association when he ran seven marathons in seven days in December 2020 - a nod to Burrow's shirt number during a successful playing career. Next year's marathon, the first to be held in Leeds in 20 years, will have 7,777 seats and feature an all-new course that will start and finish at Headingley Stadium. Sinfield, who appeared alongside Burrow in 12 victorious finals during a golden period in Leeds history, hopes the fundraiser can accelerate plans to open a new MND care center in Leeds. Sinfield said: "It's crazy that a city like Leeds doesn't have a marathon and should have one. The fact that it will be in Rob's name is brilliant. “He's going to be at that starting line and drop us off and I think (Burrow's wife) Lindsey is running and we're going to get so many former teammates together and try to hobble around. We need to find a cure, it's a terrible disease and it has been massively underfunded over the years. “We have to keep fighting. Every cent helps. We'd love to have the center built in Leeds, the Rob Burrow Center would be amazing.” Burrow received his MBE at Windsor Castle last week in recognition of his services to rugby league and charities. Sinfield added: "It was a very special day for him and the family. It's brilliant recognition for what he did while wearing a rugby shirt, but the last couple of years have been incredible with what he's been able to do. Burrow won eight Super League titles, two in the Challenge Cup and three in the World Club Challenge during a 17-year career which also included representing England and Great Britain. He said: "It's wonderful to see the marathon return to the streets of Leeds and I know it will be a fantastic opportunity. "Any opportunity to raise awareness and funds to fight MND is wonderful and I know attendees will be raising so much money for so many great causes that are personal to each runner."