Max Verstappen admits struggling with Charles Leclerc's 'clever tricks' in epic Saudi Arabia GP duel

Max Verstappen said it was "not easy" to overcome Charles Leclerc's "clever tricks" after he prevailed in an epic Saudi Arabian GP duel to claim his first win of the season. (Author: Gardener)

Charles Leclerc'sMax Verstappen said it was "not easy" to overcome Charles Leclerc's "clever tricks" after he prevailed in an epic Saudi Arabian GP duel to claim his first win of the season. The reigning Red Bull world champion passed Leclerc with four laps to go after a thrilling wheel-to-wheel battle over a series of laps that echoed scenes from last weekend's season opener in Bahrain, when the Ferrari came out on top before Verstappen late retired race. Leclerc's skillful use of the DRS zones was crucial for him to stay ahead of Verstappen in Bahrain and the same plan initially worked for him in Jeddah until the Dutchman changed his approach, waiting for the second of the two main straights to make his move and denied giving his rival a chance to strike back immediately. "It was really tough, but a good race," said Verstappen. "We fought hard up front and tried to play the long game. It wasn't easy to play smart tricks in the last corner, but eventually I managed to get through." This allows the cars to follow each other much more closely, increasing the chance of overtaking and although Leclerc lost on Sunday he is delighted with the results. I really enjoyed this race," said Leclerc. "It's tough but fair. Every race should be like this. At the penultimate race in a row, I only tried with part throttle for Max to overtake me and for me to have the DRS. "It was fun, I liked racing like that and it was a lot easier to follow than I initially thought." In fourth, Verstappen probably always had to overtake to get his first win of the season. Sergio Perez's sitting Red Bull was helped by timing was cruelly taken out of the competition by a safety car.This sequence of events left Verstappen and Leclerc, both aged 24 and having competed against each other since their karting days as children I also want to score, I want to win, but I don't want to give up either," said Verstappen: "The fights were really cool and very tough. We both have great respect for each other and that's important, that's why we have these good fights. "Leclerc, the Verstappen after clashes early in his F1 career, insisted he had always respected the Dutchman. "It was always there, especially when you finish a race like this," said Leclerc. While the Sky Sports F1 team unanimously praised Verstappen and Leclerc for their skills, Paul Di Resta remained adamant their cars would eventually run "I'm sure they will eventually meet because they are very, very aggressive are," said Di Rest. The result gave early championship leader Leclerc a 20-point lead over third-placed Verstappen, who has to catch up after his retirement in the opening race. While we are only in the very early stages of a 23-race season, does Anthony Davidson think this could just be the start of a season Special Competition This won't be the last; that's going to continue," Davidson said.


Verstappen, Leclerc entertain but shadow hangs over Saudi GP

Serious questions about the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix must be resolved before the sport can return following a missile attack near the F1 circuit earlier this week. (Author: Gardener)

LeclercMax Verstappen and Charles Leclerc made for a great on-track spectacle at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Sunday, but the headlines generated off the track this week will rightly linger over the event for a long time to come. It was an odd F1 race weekend, with the 48 hours leading up to the race dominated by a nearby missile attack on an oil depot 10km from the circuit. At one point it appeared that F1's 20 drivers would refuse to take part in the event and, having agreed to race, urged F1 to reconfirm its decision to continue racing in the country in the long term drive, reevaluate. It would be wrong to initially focus on the Grand Prix given the events of the days before. F1 drivers met for over four hours to discuss event safety. At one point they agreed to boycott the event, but were talked around by Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali, team bosses and Saudi government officials after assurances were given about safety. Saudi officials said they called off the race because of a real threat, which the attack on the oil depot was not, despite it being a facility owned by F1 sponsor Aramco. It is clear that the issue will not simply remain in Saudi Arabia when Formula 1 leaves the country in the next 24 hours. Drivers have already agreed to discuss the future of racing with F1 in the coming weeks and hopefully the talks can be productive. There is no doubt that F1 and Saudi officials are determined to continue racing, which has signed a 15-year deal to host the Grand Prix. Prince Abdulaziz, the kingdom's sports minister, said Saudi Arabia is ready to give any assurances teams and drivers want to ensure it remains part of the F1 calendar. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said: "Obviously there are tensions, there are things to improve, we don't want to get political about that, but I think we have a very important role to play in the modernization of this country, we're focused on making sure that is central to our agenda". From a racing perspective, the event delivered another dramatic race but there are serious questions about the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that F1 must address before the sport can return. That was the verdict of Charles Leclerc, after finishing the Grand Prix just half a second behind Max Verstappen, after another epic duel for victory - his second in eight days Based on the last two races and the comparable pace of their two cars, Formula One should Getting fans used to the idea of ​​Verstappen and Leclerc fighting for victories It feels like it took a long time A widely shared video of a young Verstappen and Leclerc after a kart race in 2012, reacting to an incident – ​​or “incident” as the young Monaco-born Leclerc puts it – went viral again this week, showing just how far back that great rivalry goes. The Jeddah battle was a reversal of what we saw in Bahrain, where Leclerc cleverly let Verstappen pass on the way down to Turn 1, knowing that with the help of DRS he could follow closely into Turns 2 and 3 and into was able to overtake turn 4. Verstappen had learned his lesson this time and there was a clear reluctance in their own struggle to get past each other in the final corner of the Saudi circuit, which lies ahead of the long start-finish straight where DRS is available. With four laps to go he resisted the urge to pass Leclerc at the final corner and won a drag race from there to Turn 1, taking a lead he didn't want to give up. It was a double whammy of an exciting battle and another ringing endorsement of F1's new cars, designed to offer closer pursuit and better racing. When asked how the last few laps were, Verstappen said: "Qualifying laps!" He added: "I had a good feeling with the car and the tires held up pretty well through the high speed, then I had a couple of good opportunities but Charles really played it was smart in the last corner so it wasn't easy for me to actually get past it and then of course I had to queue up again to try again. "Eventually I had tried and progressed, but once I had progressed it was like four laps trying to stay ahead because Charles was consistent in my DRS. "Obviously it's disappointing to win this late in the race to lose but it was a fun fight," said Leclerc. "It was very difficult, I tried to have the DRS on the last corner, it worked twice but it didn't work the last time. While it's nice to see the good natured fight developing, it is wrong to assume these two will drive clean all year.Verstappen pushed Leclerc out of the way to win the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix and his championship fight with Lewis Hamilton last year started in similarly good spirits only to be caught in Dating tension and involving three on-track collisions and a handful of other contentious moments, if Verstappen and Leclerc have been close throughout the season, you should expect them to be far less civil in their wheel-to-wheel encounters avoid - that's just in the nature of motorsport.


Max Verstappen beats Charles Leclerc for dramatic victory; Lewis Hamilton 10

Max Verstappen has bested Charles Leclerc to win the Saudi Arabian GP and get revenge on his rival after another spectacular battle between the drivers of Red Bull and Ferrari to start Formula 1 in 2022. (Author: Gardener)

Charles LeclercMax Verstappen passed Charles Leclerc to win the Saudi Arabian GP and take revenge on his rival after another spectacular battle between the drivers of Red Bull and Ferrari to start Formula 1 2022. The sport's young stars went in an epic Final of the wheel-to-wheel race - a week after their exploits in Bahrain - although this time Verstappen came out on top. The World Champion passed Leclerc at Turn 1 with just four laps remaining to claim an important first win of the season after his late DNF in the opener. Verstappen's eventual pass followed several laps of lively but fine racing. "Well done to Max, that was nice," said Leclerc in a clear message of respect for a rider he could fight as the season progresses. Every race should be like that.” Verstappen added: “I'm really happy that we finally started the season.” Carlos Sainz completed the podium in the other Ferrari ahead of Red Bull's Perez and Mercedes' George Russell. whose team-mate Lewis Hamilton scored just a single point in 10th place after a mixed evening.Things could get even more dramatic tonight, however, as the stewards said they are investigating the final two laps, with many drivers unlikely to slow down sufficiently when they double yellow after Alex Albon's fall. Perez comfortably led from pole before pitting on lap 14, which was immediately followed by a crash by Nicholas Latifi and an early safety car, allowing Leclerc, Verstappen and Sainz to pit and pass him. The seven-time world champion had moved up from 16th to sixth but after three retirements within moments - for Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas - Hamilton was looking to pit under the Virtual Safety Car before the pit stop. Trail closed when he tried. That dropped him to 12th place, although he returned late in the points. Lando Norris scored McLaren's first points of the season and Pierre Gasly's AlphaTauris, making up for Yuki Tsunoda's reliability failure on his way to the grid. Perez started on pole and controlled the first part of the race, more than two seconds ahead of Leclerc and Verstappen before Red Bull brought the Mexican into the pits. Cue agony for Perez when Latifi crashed his Williams - much like he had done in qualifying - to pull out a safety car and a chance for others. Leclerc and Verstappen took advantage of the slower pace to pit and take the top two positions, while Perez suffered more heartache than was credited for illegally overtaking Sainz under the safety car and was forced to relinquish third place . From there, Leclerc and Verstappen sped away before providing fans with a racing spectacle. Verstappen thought he had made the move on lap 43 after passing Leclerc on the last corner, although the Monegasque with DRS hit back immediately on the main straight. There were shades from Bahrain as Leclerc executed a similar maneuver and it looked like Ferrari were heading for two wins out of two. But Verstappen, while angry over team radio, remained focused on the track and caught up behind Leclerc in the closing stages in a significantly faster Red Bull, passing Leclerc at Turn 1. Leclerc was hanging on to him - which was an issue throughout the race War drivers were able to follow as hoped in the new cars for 2022 - but didn't come back. I loved that people could fight back, it's not like you can move and retreat," said Sky F1's Jenson Button. He added of Verstappen and Leclerc: "People say these guys are the future. Elsewhere, Hamilton made good progress from 15th after qualifying after his Q1 miss and was inside the top six ahead of a frustrating VSC. Both Hamilton and Magnussen had not stopped at the time of the VSC - necessitated by three DNFS in quick succession for Alonso, Ricciardo and Bottas - but the Haas driver managed to get into the pits before the pit entrance was closed due to the stricken McLaren , just like Mercedes, Hamilton called to box. When racing resumed on lap 41 Hamilton was finally able to pit fresh tires but that dropped him to 12th and he was only able to gain two positions from there. There has been tougher racing between the Alps - Alonso had ousted Ocon in their struggle and was enjoying a superb race before his retirement - and early signs for F1 2022 are very encouraging indeed.


Saudi Arabian Grand Prix result and reaction as Max Verstappen passes Charles Leclerc to win

F1 LIVE: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix result and reaction as Max Verstappen overtakes Charles Leclerc to win - Max Verstappen dramatically beats Charles Leclerc to win the second race of the new F1 season. Follow all reactions from Jeddah (Author: Gardener)

Charles LeclercPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. F1 LIVE: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix result and reaction as Max Verstappen overtakes Charles Leclerc to win Follow the reactions from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc battle to the finish line and Verstappen a dramatic one in Jeddah achieve victory. Sergio Perez had started from pole for the first time in his F1 career after the Mexican put in a flawless lap through the narrow streets of Jeddah in Q3 of qualifying to move to the front of the grid. On race day, however, a safety car dropped Perez from pole to fourth at an awkward time, failing to overtake Carlos Sainz's Ferrari to take the final podium spot. Mercedes' George Russell finished sixth after qualifying and moved up to fifth during the race ahead of Alpine's Esteban Ocon. Lewis Hamilton started the race 15th after struggling in a disastrous qualifying session and retiring in Q1, but the seven-time world champion climbed through the checkered flag to 10th. Meanwhile, a Saudi GP marshal had been removed after saying on Twitter he hopes to become seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton suffered a similar accident to Romain Grosjean in Bahrain in 2020. A spokesman for the Formula 1 board said the unnamed marshal, who wrote in Arabic, would no longer play a role at the Jeddah race weekend. Follow all the reactions from Saudi Arabia below: Two safety cars drop Sergio Perez from pole to 4th while Carlos Sainz is sidelined in 3rd. Nicholas Latifi (Williams) crashes causing the first safety car, rattling leaders Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso and Valtteri Bottas a lap 20:26, Dan Austin Alpine duo Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso delivered in Jeddah tonight an incredibly close fight early on that on a few occasions almost resulted in one or both of the pink cars hitting the guardrail. However, the French team was happy for its drivers to compete and Ocon finished sixth while Alonso retired with an engine failure. "It was a fair race in the end," Ocon told Sky Sports F1. “Obviously the team is telling us we get to race and racing so closely with Fernando is fun. These new cars mean you can't leave DRS. 20:15 Dan Austin Lando Norris secured a strong seventh place finish for McLaren in Saudi Arabia to give the team their first points of the 2022 season. The 22-year-old went around the line with Esteban Ocon but narrowly missed sixth by a few tenths of a second and was quick to praise the impact the new generation of cars is having on overtaking. "We were helped a little with the safety car," Norris said on Sky Sports F1. You can advance, but there's a much better chance that guy can get you back.” 20:07 , Dan Austin A dejected Sergio Perez has spoken out about his bad luck with the safety car that lost him three places from the lead has after coming into the pits just before Nicholas Latifi hit the wall. "It's just racing, especially at this place we knew we could be in this situation," Perez told Sky Sports F1. "Things were looking really good but unfortunately Latifi just stuck it in the wall at the wrong time for me. Eventually it will come back." 19:52 , Dan Austin With Mercedes down the running order for the first time in almost a decade, Red Bull's challenge this season comes from a resurgent rival, the former Ferrari. Team boss Christian Horner says, "The Scuderia is growing in strength and the battle is fascinating. "Ferrari is a big team," said Horner. It was a tough race but fair and we enjoyed it." 19:50 , Dan Austin Red Bull Team Principal has Max Verstappen's 'patience' praised in Saudi Arabia win 'What a great race,' Horner told Sky Sports F1 It was a very patient race from Max, watching the tires and posting the last safety car "He really put his foot down. It's really unlucky for Checo, he did all the hard work in the early stages of the race." S Prepare for this season, it's going to be epic.” 19:47 , Dan Austin Here's an update on the top drivers' standings after Max Verstappen's win in Jeddah: 19:42 , Dan Austin A message has come from the stewards that various drivers are under investigation , for not slowing down sufficiently under yellow flags. Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen are the men who could potentially be in hot water. Final race results may change later tonight... 19:40 , Dan Austin Charles Leclerc looks disappointed after failing to score a second straight win but is full of praise for the winner. "It wasn't enough today but oh my god I really enjoyed this race!" he told Sky Sports F1. [Respect] has always been there, especially when you finish a race like this. We pushed like I've rarely done before, to the absolute limit.” 19:39, Dan Austin Max Verstappen has spoken about his victory in Saudi Arabia and enjoyed the fight with Charles Leclerc in the closing stages. "It was really tough but a good race," he told Sky Sports F1. Really happy we finally started the season. “It looks like when you're pretty close you can have a good exit and that makes it a lot harder to fit into the final corner. 19:38 , Dan Austin Here are the latest race results from Saudi Arabia: 19:30 , Dan Austin That was an absolutely exciting race for the line between Verstappen and Leclerc. The Dutchman finally picked his moment perfectly and Leclerc just didn't have enough life in the tires to overtake again. The world champion is at the start for 2022. Leclerc is a few too many car lengths behind and can't try to make a pass for the lead! Surely that's Verstappen's victory now? Leclerc tries to find a way through 19:26, Dan Austin ROUND 49/50: Charles Leclerc still has a chance to retake the lead. Can he make it into Turn 1 one last time? 19:23 , Dan Austin The Dutchman finally manages to keep the train going, patiently entering the final corner, Leclerc keeping the lead before following him as close as possible and using DRS to make the pass. He covers Leclerc in turn 1 and runs away. 19:18 , Dan Austin LAP 44/50: Both Leclerc and Verstappen suffer massive blockages in the last corner! Smoke rises from both front tires and the drivers try to avoid contact. Leclerc plays it brilliantly, managing traction on exit and retaining the lead again. 19:17, Dan Austin LAP 43/50: Leclerc lets Verstappen overtake in the last corner and then uses DRS to retake the lead! It's a sensational run from the pair and Leclerc is using exactly the same tactics he used to win in Bahrain. We could have some exciting final laps ahead of us now... 19:16 , Dan Austin LAP 42/50: After the At the restart, Max Verstappen has bunched himself up just behind Charles Leclerc and is putting enormous pressure on the Ferrari man to take the lead. The Dutchman is within DRS range and will surely try to overtake at Turn 1... Hamilton comes on first pit stop 19:15 , Dan Austin LAP 41/50: The virtual safety car period is over and Lewis Hamilton is finally there for his first stop of the race in the pits. The Mercedes man was down to sixth but has now dropped to twelfth floor as he can by the end. 19:09, Dan Austin LAP 38/50: Daniel Ricciardo's car is pushed through the pit lane by marshals while Fernando Alonso also comes to a halt at the very beginning of the lane. Nobody else can come into the pits while the entrance is blocked by both cars. 19:08 , Dan Austin ROUND 38/50: What's going on out there? Ricciardo also retires with a loss of performance 19:07 , Dan Austin ROUND 37/50: Now Daniel Ricciardo also stops! He lost power and pulled to the side of the road. 19:06 , Dan Austin LAP 36/50: Just as I am discussing how great his race is going, Fernando Alonso has lost power... His engine seems to have overheated and he is rolling back into the pits at a very slow speed. The Spaniard seems to be giving up and it's such a shame for him and the Alpine team. 19:04 , Dan Austin LAP 35/50: Finally more wheel to wheel racing as Fernando Alonso passes Kevin Magnussen. The Spaniard refuses to fall for the trap set by the Dane by leaving the inside free in the last corner, instead he waits and overtakes with DRS on the pit straight. Both men are enjoying strong races here, but Magnussen is yet to stop. The race has settled down, Leclerc leads 19:00, Dan Austin LAP 32/50: After an action packed first half of the race, things have settled down over the last few laps and there hasn't been much fighting on the track. Charles Leclerc is managing that Runs very well and extended his lead in the tight and twisty first sector before Max Verstappen later regained some time thanks to his speed advantage on the straight. Poor Sergio Perez is still stuck in fourth place after only losing by one pit stop before the safety car. 18:52 , Dan Austin ROUND 27/50: Guanyu Zhou received a drive-through penalty from the stewards. The 22-year-old was due to serve a five-second penalty on his pit stop after gaining an advantage by retiring from the track, but failed to do so. The Alfa Romeo team appeared to have a problem with the front jack and now a drive-through costs them around 15 seconds instead. 18:48, Dan Austin LAP 25/50: Lewis Hamilton has learned his lesson and is waiting until the DRS is straight to go for Magnussen this time. t fight back. After fourteenth place on the grid, Hamilton is now sixth in this race. 18:46 , Dan Austin LAP 24/50: Lewis Hamilton overtakes Kevin Magnussen very easily on the final hairpin, but the Dane has a trick up his sleeve. The Haas driver appeared to let the Mercedes pass so he would have DRS next straight ahead and took the advantage with a very clean and clean pass at Turn 1. 18:41, Dan Austin LAP 21/50: George Russell makes a great move on the restart to pass Kevin Magnussen on the inside at Turn 1. Sergio Perez, meanwhile, has dropped to fourth place after giving back a spot to Carlos Sainz. 18:40, Dan Austin Charles Leclerc now leads and maintains his advantage over Max Verstappen in the corner, with the Dutchman unable to pull alongside and make an overtake. Every driver is now on the hard tires as the race restarts. 18:39, Dan Austin LAP 20/50: Sergio Perez is now under investigation and could face a penalty for an incident involving Carlos Sainz behind the safety car. Perez pushed Sainz wide as the Spaniard exited the pits to make sure he was safe behind the safety car in front, but the Ferrari appeared to be in front at the safety car line and should be in third place to lie. Perez will likely have to give up the spot and could also receive a five-second penalty. Magnussen and Hamilton advanced by staying out 18:37, Dan Austin LAP 19/50: Kevin Magnussen and Lewis Hamilton improved to sixth and seventh during this safety car period after struggling with their hard tyres stayed the course. Riders ahead of them, including Fernando Alonso and Valtteri Bottas, took the opportunity to switch to fresh rubber. Magnussen and Hamilton are hoping everyone else in this race will stop again so they can take advantage. 18:33 , Dan Austin LAP 17/50: The reason why the safety car is out is actually a pretty bad mistake by Nicholas Latifi. The Canadian pushed the power a little too early after exiting the first hairpin and the car oversteered and wobbled into the wall on the outside and Latifi is unable to react in time and salvage the situation. He will be disappointed to end the race like this. 18:30 , Dan Austin LAP 16/50: It's a virtual safety car! Nicholas Latifi crashed into the wall and his Williams was blown to bits. The safety car is out meaning Leclerc, Verstappen and Sainz all pit. They return to the track ahead of Perez, who has to brake behind the safety car. What bad luck for the Mexican. Leclerc is now leading the race, with Verstappen second and Perez third. Perez in pits as Leclerc continues 18:29, Dan Austin LAP 15/50: Sergio Perez is in the pits for Red Bull after Ferrari radioed Charles Leclerc to 'box to pass'. on the contrary, stay on the track and try to make the overcut work with clean air. 18:27, Dan Austin LAP 14/50: Esteban Ocon is being told by his race engineer to "hold his ground" and stop challenging Fernando Alonso, but that's the least of his worries about the pass around the outside at Turn 1 to avoid the take seventh place. Ocon pays the price for wasting time bickering with his teammate. 18:25 , Dan Austin LAP 13/50: Guany Zhou issued a time penalty for Alfa Romeo. The Chinese rider went off the track and gained a lasting advantage, according to the stewards. He is currently back in 13th place after falling down the back at the start. 18:23 Dan Austin LAP 12/50: Lewis Hamilton has passed Lando Norris and is now 11th in the race. The seven-time World Champion appears to have chosen the final hairpin as the optimum overtaking spot, and makes work again by carrying too much overspeed into the corner for his McLaren rival to defend against. Hamilton is now one spot outside of the points. 18:21 , Dan Austin LAP 11/50: Not much going on outside at the moment, but Ferrari have given interesting information for their drivers on the team radio. Both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are told that tire degradation is "good" and "better than Red Bull", which could put them back in contention for the win. 6:19 p.m., Dan Austin LAP 10/50: The duel in the Alps has now turned into a four-way battle for sixth place, with Valtteri Bottas and Kevin Magnussen following closely behind Alonso and Ocon. The four sit in a DRS train vying for positions at Turn 1, but all are maintaining their order so far. Ocon passes Alonso again but has to give back 18:17, Dan Austin managed to do that by going off the track at Turn 1 and having to give up on a later straight. Valtteri Bottas is now right at the rear of the pair and the French team really compromised their own race here. Very strange, 18:15, Dan Austin LAP 7/50: Alonso finally makes it through, but there were no team orders here! The Spaniard will have to do it the hard way, taking the outside line at Turn 1 and aggressively pressuring his team. mate as they rounded the slow corner. Now he will try to chase George Russell in the Mercedes which is three seconds down the road. 18:14 , Dan Austin LAP 6/50: Fernando Alonso is the much faster of the two Alpine riders at the moment but Esteban Ocon continues to block a pass on corner entry, costing them time for George Russell in front of them and them could fall into the clutches of Valtteri Bottas behind. Feels a bit silly for the team to let this go on much longer... 18:12 , Dan Austin LAP 5/50: The Alpines almost end up in the wall! It's Fernando Alonso He challenges Esteban Ocon for sixth and the Frenchman moves to the left side of the circuit very, very late, forcing his teammate to slam on the brakes hard to avoid a serious crash. The team will not be happy with Ocon's behavior there. 18:10 , Dan Austin LAP 4/50: George Russell made up a place by passing Esteban Ocon for fifth. It's a great move from the Brit as he finds a gap on the inside of the final hairpin and gains enough traction exiting the corner to maintain the lead and keep the Frenchman behind. Some really strong overtakes in the early laps of this race. 18:09 , Dan Austin LAP 3/50: Guanyu Zhou fell into the back of the park from the start after his Alfa Romeo appeared to go into an anti-stall mood as the lights went out. The Chinese driver is frustrated team radio and is only ahead of Nicholas Latifi. 18:07 , Dan Austin LAP 2/50: It's a tough start for Pierre Gasly who has fallen two places down in just over a lap of the race, with Kevin Magnussen making an excellent pass on the straights at high speed and a narrow gap between them creates and the wall before Norris is patient on the outside of Turn 1 to pass the Frenchman and make the tenth sport. The Alpha Tauri is now lined up by Lance Stroll, who is in 11th place. 18:06 , Dan Austin LAP 1/50: It's a superb start for Red Bull who stayed in the lead and saw Max Verstappen pass Carlos Sainz outside of Turn 2. The Ferraris had started arguing and that left Sainz slow entering Turn 1, with room for Verstappen on the inside, and he found traction on the exit of the following corner to take full advantage. Lights out in Saudi Arabia and Perez remains in the lead! 18:04 , Dan Austin LAP 1/50: It's light in Saudi Arabia and the race is on! Sergio Perez made it safely through Turn 1 and leads ahead of Charles Leclerc in second and Max Verstappen in third. Cars on formation lap in Saudi Arabia 18:01 , Dan Austin All 18 cars competing in this evening's race are now on the formation lap, taking a slow loop around the track while all the mechanics and media exit the grid. With just minutes to go until the start of the race, Sergio Perez is leading the field from the front for the first time in his 216-race career. Yuki Tsunoda is missing en route to the grid after suffering an engine failure, while Mick Schumacher is also absent after his qualifying crash yesterday. Can he defend under pressure from both Ferraris at Turn 1? 17:53 , Dan Austin Sergio Perez is starting ahead of Max Verstappen for Red Bull for the second time since they became teammates in early 2021, and team boss Christian Horner says his priority is for both drivers to have a clean race “Checo is one yesterday drove an incredible lap, the lap of his life," Horner told Sky Sports F1. “Hopefully we have a good car for the race. We don't really know what Ferrari's race pace is. We have very good speed at the end of the straight, we trimmed the car a bit and could maybe be a little lighter on the tyres. The most important thing is a clean race.” Magnussen hopes to come out of the race with intact neck muscles 17:49, Dan Austin Kevin Magnussen says he is looking forward to competing in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for the first time and hopes that his neck muscles withstand the pressure of Jeddah race track. The 29-year-old returns to Formula 1 after a year's break and spoke about the neck pain he suffered in qualifying yesterday's race," Magnussen told Sky Sports F1. I'm so glad Mick [Schumacher] is doing well, that comes first and nothing else matters.” 5:46pm, Dan Austin Max Verstappen starts fourth in Saudi Arabia tonight but doesn't expect any favors from teammates Sergio Perez starting from pole position. Ferrari duo Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz separate the two Red Bulls' start, but the world champion doesn't expect the Mexican to hold off Scuderia to help him get ahead. "I'm looking forward to it," he told Sky Sports F1. “We have a good fight ahead of us with the Ferraris. We have good straight line speed and they are strong in the corners. Let's see what works best. It's not about Checo doing a job [holding up the Ferraris for me], it's about getting as many points as possible.” 5:43pm, Dan Austin Charles Leclerc is hoping for a “clean race tonight around Jeddah. The Monegasque won the season opener in Bahrain last weekend and will start second in Jeddah behind polesitter Sergio Perez. "Hopefully a good race!" he told Sky Sports. “Race pace looked pretty strong [in free practice], we're in the mix and there haven't been any real problems. We have to run a clean race, which is very difficult at a track like this.” 17:38 , Franz Tost, Dan Austin Team Principal, Alpha Tauri, says that Yuki Tsunoda is due to an engine problem that he suffered on the way to the Starting grid performance lost, failing at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. "I don't know exactly what happened yet, but it looks like something in the powertrain and we have to stop," explained Tost. "He won't be racing." With Mick Schumacher also absent after his qualifying crash yesterday, only 18 drivers will take part in the race. The Spaniard has left the garage and is making his way onto the grid. The wiring harness was obviously the cause of concern, but after 40 minutes of work the car is ready to go. Ferrari have a great opportunity to put pressure on pole sitter Sergio Perez with both cars behind them. Perez has not started a race from the front since his GP2 days in 2010. Tsunoda jumps out of the car and will not start the race 17:28 , Dan Austin Yuki Tsunoda has now jumped out of the car which is being recovered It looks like the Japanese driver will not be racing as of today, Alpha Tauri suffered an engine failure in Bahrain with Pierre Gasly's car catching fire as he retired with a power cut and it seems he retired. A similar thing happened to the team here. Tsunoda stops on track on the way to the grid 17:27 , Dan Austin Yuki Tsunoda has a big problem when his Alpha Tauri car stalls in the middle of the track on the way to the grid. The Japanese rider missed yesterday's qualifying with an ignition problem and is dead on the track right now. “I lost the engine!” the 21-year-old yells over the radio. 17:22 , Dan Austin tells Max Verstappen that he enjoys battling Charles Leclerc at the top for race wins in Formula 1 and that the dynamics he knows so well from his junior career knows the Ferrari man so well knows the dynamic is different from what he went through with Lewis Hamilton last season. The pair put up an excellent battle for the lead at the season opener in Bahrain last season, with Leclerc eventually taking the win while Verstappen retired. "I've known Charles longer [than Hamilton] and have raced with him for a very long time," Verstappen told Sky Sports. Every driver has tiny changes in the way they defend or attack, but you adapt to that.” 5:15pm, Dan Austin Mick Schumacher has praised the safety technology in Formula 1 cars after winning the Saudi Grand Prix -Arabia emerged unscathed from a high-speed crash Top 10 in qualifying. The 23-year-old was flown to a hospital for further evaluation before returning to his hotel and will not compete in today's race. "I feel good," said Schumacher upon his return to the paddock on Sunday. 17:11 , Dan Austin There's quite a fuss about Carlos Sainz's car in the Ferrari garage. The team have discovered a problem with a part on the Spaniard's F1-75 and Scuderia are working very quickly to try and replace it. It's not clear which part is causing the problem, but the team says it's within rules to change it. Hopefully this can be fixed before the car goes on the grid in a few minutes. 5:08pm, Dan Austin Lewis Hamilton says he 'lost' confidence in the rear of his Mercedes in qualifying yesterday when he retired on the first lap for the first time since 2017. The seven-time world champion will start as 15 Jeddah, with teammate George Russell in sixth place. “I felt just like me [in qualifying],” explained the 37-year-old. “I made some changes to the car and he really didn't like the changes. I lost confidence in the back of the car and a couple of times I was almost in the wall. What makes me really happy is that Mick [Schumacher] is here with us and healthy. “I'm 15th, but the car is always different when it's full. So yes, positive.” No “question marks” over Saudi Arabia's future on the F1 calendar 17:00 Dan Austin Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says there are no “question marks” over the long-term future of Saudi Arabia's place in the Calendar. The bombing of the Aramco oil facility 10km from the Jeddah Corniche Circuit nearly prompted a driver boycott earlier this weekend, and the state has been heavily criticized for its appalling human rights record. However, Domenicali insists F1 is helping Saudi Arabia make improvements. "It's not about question marks, it's about understanding the situation," Domenicali said. "Our position is always that we believe that what we do will have a very positive impact in all political directions at all levels." Magnussen's race could be affected by neck problems 16:52 , Dan Austin Kevin Magnussen says that suffered from severe neck pain in qualifying yesterday and that the problem could affect his race tonight in Jeddah. The 29-year-old returns to Formula 1 after a year's absence and neck muscle problems are common among drivers when trying to build their strength, he said. “When you've come out of an F1 car for a year and a track like this – a great track, that's not for the track – but I'm just not prepared for it. So yes the car was great, I think the car had a P5 in it but I only had a P10.” Schumacher says discussion needed on Jeddah track change 16:43 , Dan Austin After his horrific crash in the second part of qualifying last night Mick Schumacher says there needs to be a "serious discussion" about safety on the Corniche circuit in Jeddah. The year-old suffered a serious crash here last autumn at the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix at a track that is a combination of tremendously fast and impossibly narrow, with heavy concrete barriers on either side. "I think there are things we need to do look at that," the Haas driver told Sky Sports F1. "We have to seriously discuss that." Schumacher will not take part in today's race. Mercedes has to "rethink" the W13," says Russell Russell is sixth on the grid this afternoon, teammate Lewis Hamilton is only 15th after his failure in the first qualifying lap. The Silver Arrows suffer enormously from the high speed jumps on the straights. known as the porpoises. "It's exactly the same thing we've seen since day one," the newcomer told The Race. but we cannot achieve that at the moment. It's all well and good to say that, but we can't physically accomplish that right now. So we have to rethink." Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Marshal removed from F1 race after tweet about Lewis Hamilton Bahrain crash in 2020. A spokesman for Formula 1's governing body said the unnamed marshal would be present at the race weekend no longer play a role in Jeddah Mercedes driver Hamilton who said on Friday he wanted to see more change in the kingdom You can read the full story here: The Saudi Arabian GP marshal was kicked out of the F1 team after a tweet about Lewis Hamilton Race away 16:20, Dan Austin The traditional Sunday drivers' parade is underway in Saudi Arabia and all 19 of today's participants wave to the crowd nd the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, minus the absent Mick Schumacher.Lewis Hamilton remains a particular favorite with den Fans. Bottas zögert zu sagen, ob er glücklich ist, in Saudi-Arabien zu fahren 16:13 , Dan Austin Alle 20 Formel-1-Fahrer verbrachten vier Stunden damit, Gespräche darüber zu führen, ob sie nach dem Raketenangriff auf eine Ölanlage von Aramco weiterhin Rennen in Saudi-Arabien fahren sollten 10 km von der Rennstrecke entfernt. Valtteri Bottas von Alfa Romeo sagt, die Fahrer hätten in Betracht gezogen, das Rennen zu verweigern. „Außerdem haben wir alle Optionen durchgespielt, wie zum Beispiel, was wäre, wenn wir nicht fahren würden, und das bedeutet zum Beispiel, dass das Team noch einige Zeit hier bleiben muss days packing stuff and it's not like that we can suddenly create new flights to get home,” the Finn explained. “We’re already here so the best option was to race here. They increased all the safety facilities and all these defences, so I think everyone agreed we might as well do the race and hope for the best.”When asked whether he personally was happy to be racing in Saudi Arabia, Bottas said: “I prefer not to answer that question.” Hamilton “looking forward to going home” from Saudi Arabia already 15:58 , Dan Austin Lewis Hamilton says he is already “looking forward to going home” after a chaotic few days ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.A missile strike at an oil facility 10km from the Jeddah Circuit has led to significant safety concerns, with drivers at once stage seeming set to refuse to race before being convinced to continue by F1 chiefs. Mick Schumacher suffered an awful crash in qualifying, meanwhile, and questions have been repeatedly posed to drivers about Saudi Arabia’s abominable record on human rights and F1’s decision to race there.What’s more, Hamilton was knocked out in the first round of qualifying ad is set to start 15th on the grid later today.“I just apologise to my team,” he added. “Everybody works so hard and when you don’t deliver for them it is gutting.” 15:43 , Dan Austin Felipe Drugovich has been celebrating his feature race victory in Jeddah, which has taken him to the top of the Formula 2 standings.“It was pretty much a perfect race for me,” the 21-year-old said. “I was really worried about the start but I closed the door into Turn 1 and from there it was pretty straight forward.“I need to thank the team for all the hand work. I love the boys but it is really early in the championship.” 15:33 , Dan Austin Felipe Drugovich has won the Formula 2 feature race in Saudi Arabia after starting on pole and dominating from start to finish.That is the Brazilian’s fourth victory in the series since he made his first appearance in the 2020 season, and retirements for Liam Lawson and Theo Pourchaire mean he has taken the lead of the championship.Richard Verschoor is enjoying a strong start to the campaign and finished second beyond Drugovich, with Jehan Daruvala driving excellently to finish third after starting 15th on the grid. 15:22 , Dan Austin After a terrifying high speed crash at the Jeddah circuit in the second part of yesterday’s qualifying session, Mick Schumacher will not be racing for Haas in today’s race.The 23-year-old was taken to hospital as a precaution after his collision with the barriers, which caused the car to split into two as it was removed by a recovery vehicle, but had suffered no injuries and was back in the paddock by late evening.The damage caused to his car, though, meant that the Haas team would have had to rush a repair job which could have cost them performance today and at the subsequent Australian Grand Prix in a fortnight’s team.The team elected instead to withdraw Schumacher’s entry, and so only 19 drivers will take part in today’s race. Favourites out of Formula 2 race early on 15:07 , Dan Austin The second Formula 2 feature race of the year is underway and two championship favourites have been forced to retire early on.Frenchman Theo Pourchaire’s gearbox gave way halfway down one of the Jeddah circuit’s fast straights and he nursed his ART car back to the pits and out of the race.Just a few laps later Carlin’s Liam Lawson, who had been on the podium in every feature and sprint race so far this season, was forced to stop before exiting the pits as his front left tyre had not been properly attached by a mechanic.Dennis Hauger currently leads but has yet to stop. Hamilton could struggle to make it into the points 15:00 , Dan Austin As off the pace as Mercedes’ new W13 car in comparison with the 2022 machinery designed by Ferrari and Red Bull, George Russell’s performance in qualifying showed that it is still among the fastest cars in the rest of the Formula 1 field.Lewis Hamilton, though, was knocked out in the first round of qualifying after struggling with poor straight line speed and low grip. That suggests that setup changes made on Hamilton’s car were errors, and that 16th place was the ultimate pace of the car in the configuration.Cars cannot have their setup changed once qualifying has begun, so Hamilton is likely going to be suffering from the same issues in today’s race and could find it very difficult to make his way into the points, even if the Mercedes should theoretically be capable of doing so. Ferrari set to battle Red Bull again in the Middle East 14:44 , Dan Austin Just like at Bahrain last weekend, it is Ferrari and Red Bull who occupy for the front two rows of the grid in Jeddah, with Sergio Perez ahead of the Ferrari pair and world champion Max Verstappen in fourth.These two teams have by far the fastest cars in the field at the start of the season, with Esteban Ocon qualifying fifth as best of the rest for the Alpine a long way off the pace of the frontrunners.Barring an enormous surprise, or a return of the reliability troubles which cost Perez and Verstappen at Sakhir, it will be Ferrari and Red Bull competing for the race win and the podium places again.If other teams, particularly Mercedes, are unable to develop their cars significantly within a few races then these two squads could be in a league of their own very soon indeed. Welcome to live coverage of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 14:00 , Luke Baker Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - the second race of the 2022 F1 season.A dramatic opening weekend in Bahrain saw the long-awaited renaissance of the Ferraris, as Charles Leclerc took the win ahead of his teammate Carlos Sainz, while Lewis Hamilton took a creditable third despite Mercedes struggling for speed.Red Bull had a disaster with both their drivers - reigning champion Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez - failing to finish and are looking for redemption a week later.They’ve made a good start, with Perez on pole for today’s Saudi Arabian GP, followed by the two Ferraris, then Verstappen in fourth. However, Hamilton had a nightmare qualifying as he exited in Q1 and will start 16th on the grid, a full ten places behind his Mercedes teammate George Russell.Mick Schumacher suffered a nasty crash when his Haas was going well during to qualifying and he was airlifted to hospital. Thankfully, the medical updates on the German are positive but he won’t be competing in the race around the street circuit in Jeddah this evening.Stick with us for all the build-up and then race updates once the action gets underway in the Middle East. 20:24 , Dan Austin Max Verstappen passed Charles Leclerc with four laps to go to win Sunday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.Forty-eight hours after a nearby missile strike threatened to cancel the second round of the new Formula One season, Verstappen claimed the first victory of his title defence following a thrilling battle with Leclerc which went to the wire.Verstappen crossed the line only half-a-second ahead of Leclerc, with Carlos Sainz third and pole-sitter Sergio Perez fourth.You can read the full race report here:


Max Verstappen beats Charles Leclerc to win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - live!

Join Alex Hess for lap by lap coverage of the second race of the 2022 season at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit (Author: Gardener)

MaxPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Join Alex Hess for lap by lap coverage of the second race of the 2022 season at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. And here is Charles Leclerc: “It wasn't enough today but oh my god – I really enjoyed this race! We're on a stretch of road, we've been pushing like I've rarely done before, so there's respect. But I'm also a bit disappointed.” Verstappen speaks: “It was a good race, we fought hard. We just had to play the long game, the tires wore out pretty quickly. It wasn't easy but eventually I managed to progress - I'm just really happy to start the season." Leclerc can't - quite - and Verstappen comes out the front of the last corner, Leclerc just too far behind, to end up making a proper move against his rival. Ferrari finishes second and third, Sainz just behind his teammate but victory goes to Verstappen and that late drama! Will Verstappen vs Leclerc be the story of the season? Lap 46/50: Verstappen attacks again and he and Leclerc go wheel to wheel but the Dutchman has DRS and roars in the lead and the cars cross the line! Leclerc doesn't have much time to fight back. Max Verstappen takes the lead. Lap 49/50: It looks like Hamilton will have to settle for a point and if Leclerc can't come up with the goods on the final corner, this is Verstappen's race... Lap 48/50: As Hamilton passed Magnussen, Verstappen learned his lesson was exchanged as overtaking maneuvers and awaiting the move of the second DRS zone, giving Leclerc no chance to retake the lead. Lap 45/50: Verstappen is told over the radio to 'calm down' and may have a flat tyre. Leclerc's lead is 0.4 seconds. Hamilton overtakes Stroll and is back in the points. Lap 43/50: Verstapen shoots into the last corner and both drivers block! Leclerc gets better traction and escapes faster! Verstappen is not happy: He again claims that Leclerc crossed the pit lane entry line. Round 41/50: Hamilton now comes into the pits without VSC and comes out on P12. Now Verstappen, who has reached top speed much faster than Leclerc, is attacking Leclerc's lead! He's speeding down the stretch ahead of him but – as we've seen a number of times tonight – falling behind can't be a bad thing and Leclerc smashes past his rival at turn one with DRS! Round 40/50: The VSC is still out. It's still a Leclerc-Verstappen-Sainz-Perez-Russell Top 5. The green flag is out and Hamilton missed his chance to pit under the VSC. Round 39/50: The virtual safety car is outside. Magnussen pits, but Hamilton doesn't, the only driver to have done so. Confirmation that Alonso has resigned along with Bottas while Ricciardo is still in the pits for now. Round 38/50: Now it's Ricciardo, whose car has apparently let him down. I can't accelerate," he says - and he doesn't come into the pits, so he just stands next to the entrance. And now Bottas has stopped abruptly – his race is over! Lap 36/50: But Magnussen has regained P7 and something looks out with Alonso's Alpine, which he inch by inch brings to the pits. It looks like there will be a power outage which would be a shame for Alonso who is having a great race. Lap 34/50: Hamilton has made up nine places so far, great stuff from him - and with his 33 lap old tires he's making it look like a one-stop race. Now Alonso has his eye on Magnussen in P7 and sneaks in front of him in turn one lap 35/50: Verstappen receives instructions over the radio: "Let's just stay reasonable at the high speed at the moment, we can put pressure on later in the race. Let Leclerc use up his tires first.” Lap 32/50: Leclerc's lead has increased slightly to 1.7 seconds, so far no joy for the stubborn Verstappen. Lap 31/50: The Perez/Sainz incident deserves no further investigation, it is said: Perez gave his place back to Sainz - and just drove his best lap of the race. Round 30/50: "Tires are still OK," says Hamilton, who has not yet changed his hards. But Sainz is not entirely happy with his car: "I had a faulty gearshift," he says. "I don't know why, strange." Lap 28/50: Apart from that, Leclerc does well to keep his lead of over 1 second as Verstappen doesn't give him an inch. Perez is now 6 seconds off the lead in fourth place with Sainz 1.5 seconds ahead of him. Lap 26/50: Ricciardo attacks Hulkenberg, who has just been overtaken by Ocon, and takes P11. There are now rumors that Leclerc could be in trouble for crossing the white pit lane line just before the safety car drama - you can't do that if you don't pit. Lap 25/50: A lap later, Hamilton attacks again, but this time he hesitates, not to give Magnussen a chance to retaliate. At turn one he sprints ahead, P6 is his and this time he keeps it. Lap 23/50: ... but he waits for his time, then he attacks coming into the last corner and overtakes the Dane cleanly, but Magnussen has DRS and snatches P6 right away from him in turn one! Lap 16/50: Perez comes into the pits as the leader. Ferrari prepared for this but pulled the plug when they saw Perez's pits. And now Latifi drives into the crash barriers - and we have a virtual safety car! Canada's Nicholas Latifi and Williams' car is removed from the track after falling out of the race. Photo: Joe Portlock/Formula 1/Getty Images Photo: Joe Portlock/Formula 1/Getty Images Photo: Joe Portlock/Formula 1/Getty Images Lap 22/50: Leclerc's lead is hovering around the one-second mark and he's straight finished the fastest lap. Hamilton is still chasing Magnussen, who has a tenth or two ahead. Round 21/50: The green flag goes up, pedals hit metal. Russell steams past Magnussen into P5 at Turn 1 while Hamilton fends off Alonso overtures to hold P7. Leclerc holds lead but Sainz passes Perez for P3. Lap 20/50: Latifi's race is over and the safety car is still out and ends immediately. The leaders all brought Hamilton into the pits, initially in P7, and stayed out on tough tracks. Round 19/50: Is Perez's race getting worse? Sainz believes he was the victim of a foul when the Mexican came out of the box: "He pushed me away. I was ahead at the safety car line.” Lap 17/50: Leclerc was told to do the opposite of Perez, so he stayed out. But the virtual safety car has been upgraded to a real one, and Leclerc and Verstappen take the opportunity to pit... and they prevail over the brutally unlucky Perez. And suddenly it's Leclerc-Verstappen-Perez Top 3! Lap 7/50: More fun: Ocon takes P7 back from Alonso, but leaves the track and has to give up his place. In the garage, the Alpine team watches with clenched teeth. Lap 15/50: Hamilton performs an identical trick, beats Gasly in the same way and fights his way into the points. Lap 14/50: Zhou Guanyu receives a five-second penalty for leaving the track. Bottas brings himself between the warlike Alps and uses DRS to cruise around Ocon on the home stretch. Lap 10/50: A confident Perez leads 2.2 seconds ahead of Leclerc, followed by Verstappen, Sainz and Russell. Lewis Hamilton passed Stroll and sprinted to P12. Lap 12/50: Magnussen wants to attack Bottas on P8, but the Finn gets his elbows out early and keeps his spot. Before that, Alonso and Ocon are still there. Hamilton takes Norris for P11. Lap 9/50: "Leclerc's lights on the back of his car don't work," Verstappen yells into the radio. Lap 6/50: We have a nice duel here between Alpine teammates Alonso and Ocon. At first, Ocon uses some aggressive moves to keep the eager Alonso behind, but a little later Alonso ups the ante and makes the deal with DRS down the stretch. Lap 2/50: Perez covered Leclerc into turn one and pushed Sainz out allowing Verstappen to crash. Meanwhile, Gasly has already been passed by Magnussen and now Norris, while Hamilton's battle of attrition begins as he passes Albon in P14. Verstappen advances to P3. Photo: Andrej Isaković/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Andrej Isaković/AFP/Getty Images Lap 5/50: Zhou Guanyu has problems with his car – his wheels spin early in the first corner – and is right back in P18. Lap 3/50: Russell shimmy past Ocon in the last hairpin and sneaks up to P5. The stewards investigate an incident between Norris and Magnussen. Perez's lead has leveled off at around 1.5 seconds. Hamilton is dissatisfied with his tires - "No grip". Round 1/50: Let's go! Perez holds his from the Ferraris at turn one and holds it brilliantly. Verstappen immediately attacks Sainz and the two go side-by-side into turn one before the Dutchman gets ahead. Sergio Perez leads the cars for the formation lap for the first time in his career. Yuki Tsunoda retires from the race "Lost engine, lost engine", the AlphaTauri driver wails as he makes his way onto the starting grid. He struggled in qualifying yesterday and that's the end of his GP - his team called him back to the pits. From: Yuki Tsunoda of Japan and Scuderia AlphaTauri reflected in his wing mirror in the garage before the F1 Grand Prix. Photo: Peter Fox/Getty Images Here's Lando Norris: “The tires are pretty interesting. There will be many degrees, so whoever can handle them best will have a much better result today.” He's not wrong, but how will they deal with that, especially now that all drivers have free choice of tires from the start? How they are set up Max Verstappen is keen to get started: “I'm looking forward to it, we have good top speed, [Ferrari] has good cornering. Let's see what works best.” The riders are at the front of the grid for the Saudi national anthem. It has affected all the teams going into the new season with all-new regulations, but Mercedes seems to have struggled the most by far (although Carlos Sainz also complained about it on the radio). The smoother surface at this track should make it less of an issue than last week... but time will tell. A few details about Tsunoda's exit from AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost: "It looks like something in the drive train and he can't race. We hope that everything goes well for Pierre and that he can score a few points.” Cat on the track horn! Charles Leclerc sounds more cheerful: "Whenever you go into race day, you have to be self-confident. Hopefully we'll have a good start and then we'll see." Christian Horner also had a battle talk: "[Verstappen] is absolutely still possible. We tried to focus our setup to be good in the race, maybe that affected a little bit of qualifying speed. Max struggled a bit yesterday but I think his runs were very impressive so hopefully we can put up a tough fight against the Ferraris today.” In counterpoint here is our F1 correspondent Giles Richards on the very same subject: There is no evidence that that a change ever occurs. Since the mass protests in Bahrain in 2011, Formula 1 has continued to race in the country and human rights groups insist the situation has worsened for anyone speaking out against the regime and that prison sentences and torture have indeed increased. Read his full article here: Related: Formula 1 bosses continue to bury their heads in increasingly blood-stained sand | Giles Richards Here is Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali speaking to Sky Sports about the Saudi Arabian event: “We are not blind but this country is making huge strides forward which cannot be changed in a moment. We believe what we are doing will have a very positive impact on the political situation.” Hustle and bustle in the Ferrari garage, where Carlos Sainz's car appears to have been modified at the last minute - an electrical component by the looks of it. Also in yesterday's qualifying, Mick Schumacher was involved in a bad crash - so bad that he sat out today's race as a precaution, leaving Kevin Magnussen as the only Haas driver. "Thank you for the nice news." Meanwhile, Max Verstappen blames his tires for his below-average performance in qualifying. "I had no grip and to be honest I don't understand it because there wasn't really anything weird going on." Precision engineered carbon fiber body with aluminum honeycomb. Red Bull's all-new RB18 car certainly sounds impressive. However, last week we got a slightly hilarious reminder of the most basic requirement of an F1 car: crossing the finish line. It was a test failed by a slapstick-style $140 million team whose high-end cars both stalled as the race reached its end of business - proving that the best sports drama comes with a healthy dose glee goes hand in hand. If the tinkerers in Red Bull's garage found a solution last week, then we can expect a thrilling battle between them and Ferrari today after Sergio Perez's impeccable performance claimed the first pole of his 215-race career in Q3 He was two-hundredths ahead of Charles Leclerc - who proved his title qualifications by winning last week after a thrilling duel with Max Verstappen - while Carlos Sainz shot up to third. Ferrari's hugely impressive one-two in Bahrain gives the impression that the decision to write off last season to develop this year's car is a gamble that could pay off. Ahead of the Bahrain opener, the big questions centered on Mercedes, whose new car was plagued with technical problems and whose drivers grew surly. And despite Lewis Hamilton's surprise late-stage podium, those problems haven't gone away: Hamilton suffered a rare exit in qualifying yesterday, his car still plagued by the porpoise problems that had plagued the previous season. "I'm looking forward to going home" This week, however, the really big question is whether that should even happen. This Grand Prix takes place in a state accused by Human Rights Watch of "brutally cracking down on peaceful dissidents" where same-sex relationships are illegal, and at a race track 10 miles from a location that was on Friday afternoon from missiles was attacked.


Bantam King's Fried Chicken and Donut Waffle is our new brunch obsession

Grab chicken + doffle from the Sunday menu drizzled with Szechuan chilli syrup. (Author: Gardener)

Bantam King'sBantam King chef Mary Mendoza has created an off-menu brunch special at Daikaya Group's ramen shop in Chinatown: Chicken + Doffles, a Hawaiian-style donut waffle mashup with crispy spiced chicken and maple honey Szechuan chili -Syrup. It's only available from noon on Sundays, exclusively for dine-in customers and absolutely worth the trip. Trained as a pastry chef at some of DC's top kitchens, including Kinship and Centrolina, Mendoza was designing desserts for Bantam King's sister restaurant Tonari when the pandemic struck and the newcomer was shut down for over a year. She's slowly been adding more desserts to Bantam King's menu, including a gorgeous dark chocolate cake moistened with chicken fat. "I love sweet breakfasts. Anything is tasty growing up in the Philippines,” says Mendoza. I want that [sundae] breakfast.” The chicken + doffles dish meets brunch halfway, mixing sweet and savory. Mendoza says she was inspired by Liege waffles — a thicker, crispier Belgian variety — and malasadas, Hawaiian-style fried yeast fritters. She ferments a yeast dough using the same Hokkaido flour from Japan that's in Bantam King's ramen noodles. The Doffle ($13.50) is topped with your choice of white or dark fried chicken — seasoned but not spicy — drizzled with Szechuan chili syrup and topped with a healthy knob of butter. We recommend pairing it with a yuzu mimosa for maximum Sunday cheer.


Get your daily dose of vitamin D like Shilpa Shetty with a sunbath, read the benefits

Our body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. (Author: Gardener)

dailyIt helps keep many diseases and health conditions at bay, including promoting the health of your bones and teeth. Getting our daily dose of vitamins is crucial to staying healthy. Recently, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra shared in an Instagram post how she's getting her much-needed dose of vitamin D. While she was shooting her film Sukhee, she took some time out and enjoyed sunbathing on the terrace. She captioned her post: "Sunday sunbathing scenes 😋🧘🏻♀️😍 I got some much needed Vit D before dressing #Sukhee for the day😉 (Don't miss the roof!🤣) #Sunday #morning ritual #peace #sunbathing #sundayvibes #shootdiaries". We spoke to Pachahara and he informed us that sitting in the sun early in the morning is the best way to get vitamin D. Do you know that sunbathing is an ancient method of treating autoimmune diseases? Daily sunbathing helps you to strengthen your body's immune system. Soaking in the sunlight for a few minutes each day can help you relax. Sunbathing increases the absorption of calcium in the body and strengthens your bones. If you have suffered from insomnia, you should try sunbathing. Bathing in the sun stimulates the production of melatonin in the body, which further helps you improve your sleep patterns. Expectant mothers should sunbathe for a few minutes every day. Don't Miss: How to Eat a Vitamin D Rich Diet? When you lie in the sun, the sunlight stimulates the brain to release a hormone called serotonin, which elevates your mood and calms you down. Not everyone has the time to sit in the sun and enjoy the sunlight. Many of us spend more time indoors, which is why our bodies aren't exposed to sunlight and don't get vitamin D. Eating foods rich in vitamin D on a daily basis can help fuel your body with the essential nutrient. Some foods rich in vitamin D are - The expert further shared that one can take vitamin D supplements to ensure one is getting a good dose of the vitamin. He further shared that vitamin D sachets are readily available and can be taken with a glass of milk once a week. Don't Miss: 5 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Vitamin D Immediately In conclusion, the expert suggested seeking other possible causes with consultation if the vitamin D deficiency in the body is still low.


Sunday vibes: Amrita Arora spent an afternoon at BFF Kareena Kapoor Khan's home; Jeh seen at Babita Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan has just come home from a family vacation and now it's time to catch up with her friends again. Maybe that's the reason for the actress and Kareena (Author: Gardener)

SundayKajol's fans react to trolls shaming her on social media: "She's not overweight, let her live." Sunday vibes: Amrita Arora spent an afternoon at BFF Kareena Kapoor Khan's house; Jeh seen at Babita Kapoor Kajol's fans react to trolls shaming her on social media: "She's not overweight, let her live." Times Excellence in Education, West Bengal, 2022 celebrates the excellence in post-COVID reopening and recovery 19 Govinda wishes to explore the OTT space as an actor. We will be serving personalized stories based on selected city lock horns at April box office Telugu 'Baahubali' Producer says will be non-Rajamouli records from now on! Balakrishna's "Aditya 369" to "Ismart Shankar" - Here's a look at the most popular South Indian sci-fi movies!MalayalamRenji Panicker and Shanthi Krishna star in "Section 306 IPC"Malayalam mov ies that will make you fill your bag to pack and travel. Pranav Mohanlal main actor "Hridayam" gets a remake in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Don't miss these last picnic videos of actor Abhishek Chatterjee before his sudden demise enchanted in her dreamy saree lookAbir Chatterjee returns to captivate everyone with his Byomkesh and Sonada avatarsPunjabiHoneymoon: Jasmine Bhasin is having fun playing the Guess The Country" in this BTS video - check out Parmish Verma and his father Dr. Satish Verma starring 'Main Te Bapu' on a new release date Shehnaaz Gill's Boho Style in Latest Daboo Ratnani Shoot Wins HeartsShaheed Divas 2022! 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Ghira'; See ImageBhojpuri 'Hum Hain Dulha Hindustani': Aamarapli Dubey Impresses Fans With Her Acting In Latest Song 'He Bhagwan'Prachi Singh Unveils Poster For Upcoming Song 'Neela Neela Paani'Kajal Raghwani Looks Beautiful As She In A White LehengaGujaratiPuja Joshi poses looking radiant in THIS sun-kissed throwback picDevarshi Shah looks suave and dapper in his latest post; See ImageExcited to be on stage after two years: Dipna PatelMalhar Thakar in "Gajab Thai Gayo": Happy to stick with the character as she was new to me - Exclusive! » » » » Sunday Vibes: Amrita Arora Spent An Afternoon At BFF Kareena Kapoor Khan's Home; Jeh seen at Babita Kapoor Place Sunday Vibes: Amrita Arora spent an afternoon at BFF Kareena Kapoor Khan's home; Jeh spotted at Babita Kapoor's Sunday vibes: Amrita Arora spent an afternoon at BFF Kareena Kapoor Khan's house; Jeh spotted at Babita Kapoor Kareena Kapoor Khan has just come home from a family vacation and now it's time to catch up with her friends again. Perhaps Amrita Arora, one of Kareena's best friends and actress, was spotted on Bebo this afternoon. Amrita Arora was seen dressed in a very pretty yellow maxi sundress paired with shades of black. She was accompanied by her handsome son, who looked like a little rock star in a casual white t-shirt and pants. On the other hand, Kareena Kapoor's younger son Jeh was also spotted at Babita Kapoor's house this afternoon. Right arrowDid you know these words were invented by Charles Dickens?The celeb summer outfits we'd love to copyHow to make your cleavage look bigger with makeup to catch the latest news, gossip about your favorite stars and freshly baked movie reviews from top reviewers received in your inbox. 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Pub that helps the Church of England strengthen their flock by holding Sunday services

A PUB helps the Church of England strengthen its flock by holding Sunday morning services. Rev. Ben Woodfield, who… (Author: Gardener)

SundayA PUB helps the Church of England strengthen its flock by holding Sunday morning services. The function room at the Mosley Arms serves as a 100-person chapel. Rev. Ben Woodfield, who chaired last week's meeting, said: “Our goal is for people to relax. Bernie said his weekly 10.30am service appeals to people who are reluctant to attend or cannot access a traditional church. She added: "Our first service attracted people of all ages - from babies in arms to adults in their 80s." Mr Woodfield is co-leader of the Antioch Network - an organization which aims to establish modern Anglican ministries in urban communities . He said: "The Mosley Arms is at the heart of the community and is the perfect place to start a regular Sunday service."


Sunday morning weather at your fingertips

Mostly sunny today with highs in the mid 80s. (Author: Gardener)

SundayTYLER, Texas (KLTV/KTRE) - Happy Sunday East Texas! Mostly sunny today with highs in the mid 80s. Similar to yesterday, it will be a nice, warm afternoon, but sometimes windy. Continued dry and windy conditions will keep our fire risk in the Moderate and High categories for today, I still recommend not burning outdoors for now. We'll hold highs in the 80's through Tuesday, then our next cold front and storm system will pull through on Wednesday. The Storm Prediction Center has included parts of East Texas in its Day 3 and Day 4 severe weather forecasts, but due to the timing of that system, the severe weather risk for East Texas looks relatively low. This system will run through the morning and early afternoon hours on Wednesday, which will help limit the severe potential. However, there is still a chance that we could see isolated strong to severe storms. After Wednesday we have another chance for rain and a cold front moving through next weekend. Highs for next Saturday are in the low 70's and there is currently a chance of rain. We'll have to wait and see how that plays out as we're still a week away, but something to keep in mind if you're postponing any outdoor projects to next weekend. Enjoy the sun and this beautiful Sunday.