The AFO regains momentum as Andrade is victorious in the big main event.

Last night's AEW Dynamite saw a stacked card overwritten by a grudge match between Andrade and Darby Allin. (Author: Gardener)

AndradeThis episode of AEW Dynamite saw CM Punk, The Bunny, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and FTR in action. CM Punk def. Max Caster – With championship gold in mind, CM Punk looked to add another win to his Dynamite résumé when he took on The Acclaimed's Max Caster. Caster looked strong in this match as he used his strength to dissect and slow Punk's speed. However, a piledriver by Punk knocked out Caster before finishing him off with the Anaconda Vice to earn another big win for his singles record. After the match, Punk took to the mic to finally reveal what his future holds. This conquers the AEW World Championship. Jon Moxley def. Jay Lethal – Blackpool Combat Club had a chance to show their dominance in the singles competition tonight as both Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson were in action. First it was Moxley who was in action as he went one on one with Jay Lethal. Lethal's honor was tested in this fight as Moxley repeatedly taunted and asked Lethal to hit him, even putting both hands behind his back so Lethal could get a free shot. As the game progressed, both men dealt a series of stiff lariats at each other, but ultimately Lethal fell victim to a devastating paradigm shift that saw Moxley go undefeated in 2022. FTR def. Gunn Club - FTR looking to bounce back after a few weeks of disappointment as they attempted to defeat AEW's #1 tag team, The Gunn Club. Before the match could begin, FTR was joined by Pinnacle member MJF, who cheered on his friends throughout the fight. The confident Gunn Club taunted FTR throughout the fight and even dominated for the most part. Whenever FTR tried to change the momentum of the game but was stopped by Billy Gunn's distraction. In the closing moments, Harwood attempted to secure a roll-up pin, but again, Billy Gunn's distraction gave the Gunn Club the advantage. This time, however, Cash Wheeler had an answer that led to FTR getting back on track after executing the Big Rig to claim a big win. After the game, MJF tried to congratulate his friends, but an angry FTR got none of it because the MJF, Wardlow situation wasn't smoldering but was heating up massively. The JSA continued to broadcast alerts and praise for their recent triumphs, insisting Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz would not show up. The brawl ended when the numbers game proved too much and Jericho hit Kingston with a series of lashes with his belt while the other members of the JSA let Santana and Ortiz look on. Bryan Danielson def. Wheeler Yuta - William Regal joined the commentary table to watch Danielson and Yuta's scout in this fight. Danielson would brutalize Yuta in this fight, punishing him with a series of huge shots in the chest, leaving Yuta with welts. He then even spat in Danielson's face. This resulted in Danielson grabbing and kicking Yuta's head before earning another victory by submission. Illegitimate AEW World and Tag Champions Adam Cole and reDragon took to the ring to present the titles they stole from World Champion Adam Page and Tag Champions Jurassic Express. Page was joined by Jurassic Express and Christian Cage as they reclaimed their championships. It had been known for a few days that The Bunny would face off against a mysterious opponent who would sign his AEW contract and officially become ALL ELITE. Strom would get a huge reaction from the crowd in South Carolina. However, The Bunny was a not to be missed opponent and heavily insulted Storm, giving her a hard introduction to AEW thanks to the ring post as she was whipped face first into the steel. As the game progressed, Storm regained momentum scouting Bunny's offense which allowed her to capitalize on nothing and hit Storm Zero, securing her place as the first official competitor of the Owen Hart Foundation tournament. Andrade El Idolo def. Darby Allin - Dynamite's main event saw the rivalry between the AFO, Sting and Darby Allin, and the Hardys heated up as Andrade took on Darby Allin one-on-one. Andrade wasted no time waiting for the bell as out of nowhere he hit Darby over the top rope with a flying corkscrew. Andrade's strength and speed proved too much for Allin in this match. Allin tried to fight back with everything he had and even hit Andrade out of nowhere with a huge Code Red, but Andrade would power out. Darby would shift the momentum after dropping Andrade off the top rope with a devastating avalanche crucifix, followed by the Fujiwara armbar. Averting his gaze from Andrade ended up ruining Allin's chances, however, as Andrade capitalized and dropped Allin with the Hammerlock DDT for a big win. After the game, the AFO attacked Sting and Allin before The Hardy's showed up to level the field. You can watch AEW international on FITE TV.


Maguire admits there is no "quick fix" for Tigers as he declares he will "never" quit

'Not an easy ride': Maguire admits there is no 'quick fix' for Tigers as he declares he will 'never' stop (Author: Gardener)

TigersMichael Maguire revealed he never considered resigning from the Tigers in the face of intense scrutiny and admits there is no quick fix to get the club to the top of the NRL mountain. In a wide-ranging Fox League interview with Jess Yates, Maguire revealed he remains committed to bringing the proud Tigers club back to their glory days. "During the turbulent times at the club, has it ever crossed your mind to leave?" Yates asked. Stream every game of every round of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership season live and ad-free during gameplay on Kayo. Test now for 14 days free of charge. “That comes from experience where I know where we need to go and the club and everyone around me knows where we need to go. “These are the times when you can show who you are as a player and as a staff. “You find out what actually makes the club and it's a tough club and a good club. "It's got so many supporters and we have two founding clubs coming together and when the time is right and everyone's behind us because the momentum has grown it's going to be huge." Football boss Tim Sheens is set to take over coaching the team but publicly Sheens has given his full support to Maguire to remain in charge of the team. "I was lucky enough to have known Tim for a long time," Maguire said of Sheens. “He debuted me a long time ago. Tim has been working behind the scenes to build the club from the ground up. 'BE CAREFUL': Warning to Tigers as major Brooks blunder is revealed. He's been in situations and that comes with experience. “He can see where we are at the moment when the younger players come through. "It's great (to have Tim's support). Our relationship is always fussy and we talk every day. "Having people like that at your club is important because it's not an easy path. There's no quick fix for a club that's had to work through the times we've worked through. “Having people around who have experience in these times. "To let people understand that you go through the hard times and the good times together, and that's what it's about." NRL coaching is a tough job at the best of times, but the pressures Maguire has been under during his tenure with the Tigers stood was intense and relentless. However, Maguire revealed he was able to block out the noise and focus on his day-to-day work coaching his players. "You're very aware of what's going on around you, but I also understand where we are with the playgroup and know where we want to be," Maguire said. “You want to get the results. "We want to keep our heads down and not listen to the noise around us because they all believe in what we're doing." However, Maguire admitted it's difficult for some of the younger, more inexperienced players in his squad, not to be affected by the constant media storm around the club. "I think experience certainly helps with things like this," Maguire said of dealing with the negative press surrounding the club. “But they are people, the players. They need to understand that they are human and they all want success. "There's a lot of passion in and around the players to build what we're trying to do here. “At the moment we have eight or nine first graders sitting on the sidelines so that everyone can play along. "But we don't want to use that as an excuse and it's the next man who gets an opportunity to play." Maguire believes the tough times the club are going through will make it all the sweeter as they celebrate their first major Returning finals since 2005. "The tougher times that we're feeling right now make up for the times that you succeed," Maguire said. "When you succeed, you realize that all the work you've put into it over a period of time is what makes it so special. "That's why it's so great when you get to a grand final."


What drives the action?

QuantumScape Corp (NYSE: QS) is booming on Monday afternoon after a report suggesting the company is working with Porsche to develop an electric... (Author: Gardener)

QuantumScape CorpQuantumScape Corp (NYSE: QS) rose Monday afternoon after a report suggesting the company is working with Porsche to develop an electric 911 powered by solid-state batteries. After early successes in electric vehicle development, Porsche updated its goal of electrifying 80% of its vehicles by 2030, noting that by 2025 half of all vehicles sold are expected to be electric. To achieve that goal, the company needs to electrify more of its vehicle models, hence the 911 rumours. QuantumScape is engaged in the development of next-generation solid-state lithium-metal batteries for use in electric vehicles.


Booing Harry Maguire for England is a ridiculous pantomime accumulation

The Manchester United defender has fought for his club but the idea that he deserves to be ridiculed for England is entirely off-screen (Author: Gardener)

EnglandIt was "ridiculous" for Jack Grealish, which works on several levels. With Time to Think, Jordan Henderson was deeply existential. By this time, Southgate, who is generally the most sane person in the room, had also compared the mockery of Harry Maguire before Tuesday night's kick-off to the ongoing racist abuse of John Barnes by ID-carrying neo-Nazis in the 1980s. At this point, it's hard not to wonder if this is really what it's about. Or when England's managers and players from elsewhere get caught up in a dig, a self-fueled play born of TV noise, chatter and the idiotic winds of social media. Harry Maguire: Anatomy of a Boo. This is how messages work now. At the most basic level, it's good to see that they care about their partner. And it's good energy in other ways too. Teams run on this type of fuel. But it's hard to avoid feeling dragged into some kind of cross-platform media event, a pantomime build-up that could still do serious damage to the only relationship that really matters in all of this. Fan jeers came as Maguire's name was read out. A double look prevailed around the press gallery. But it seemed like there were even more when Maguire got the ball for the first time, although it was hard to tell if those were actually aimed at a foul on Ollie Watkins. It seemed significant that there were other unexpected noises during the first half, from excited squeals when Grealish got the ball to waves of noise that didn't seem to relate to the usual manner of football. All of this had a panto feeling at times. There are discounted tickets for these games. The crowd that did emerge was younger, and more mixed in age and gender than is often the case at Premier League matches. It's good. New people are good. English football needs that. But there was perhaps one factor in the booing that, to a longtime boo watcher, didn't quite feel like other boos in the past. It was a mischievous brand of theatre, a confidence, like the kind of boos you might hear from the sofa on Saturday nights when a cinematic talent show rogue show hits the big screen. For the past year, the weekly slur of Maguire and his Manchester United colleagues has been one of English football's dominant images: a sort of splashy, salty theater of pain, club legend pundits taking turns to emote the tackiest, lewd moments the show rage. Here we have Roy Keane, seated on his throne like an unjustly treated tribal elder, his eyes glittering with an ancient noble rage. Here's another part of the ongoing investigation into the public health disaster, systemic scares and meltdown of Maguire's disappointing club season. This is now an established TV trope, hot content, a way to catch the eyeballs while also polishing your own expert brand. Maguire had a bad season in a bad Manchester United team. The idea that he deserves to be booed is totally mimetic, imitative, screen influenced, like singing your favorite TV catchphrase or yelling at soap opera characters in the street like they're real people. And in the end none of it seems very real; from those diffuse Wembley boos to the rolling aftermath, this having become the top story in Wednesday morning's breakfast bulletin, the subject of chin-smacking follow-up articles, the latest front in football's battle with its own odd furies. Drowning out the noise and suggesting Maguire doesn't deserve to play for England is nonsensical too. He has a serious job here. These were the Harry-Harry-Razza years, the backbone of the team in those doubles glory runs. Maguire has made 14 England appearances since October 2020, recording 12 wins, no defeats, 10 clean sheets and also six (really six) England goals. He played well at Wembley too, always there to be used as a wall or rest area while in possession and carried the ball forward to great effect. Maguire with England: That's the best of him. It's not difficult to understand why. Five years of solid selection and tournament training have left England with a more grooved defensive system than United's exasperating chopping and switching. This English defense moves together, communicates well and knows their positions at every stage. After 20 minutes Maguire was caught in upper field but dutifully came back and drifted into position unnoticed as James Ward-Prowse and Tyrone Mings smothered the danger. Compare this to the wild free jazz of the United backline. Maguire and England: it works. Perhaps a more productive form of expert opinion would be to ask why that is, to critique the structural reasons why so many talented players perform poorly in a United shirt, to examine why the club seems such an unfortunate place. Or you know, just go with the cinematic fury. It's worth noting that any feeling of hostility evaporated almost instantly. England fans generally like and admire Maguire. Throughout the game there were pounding trumpet performances of the song Haa-rry Mag-why-er, sung to the tune of La Bamba. After 20 minutes, he shielded a dangerous attack from the game and drew a warm round of applause from the same west side that had prompted those boos. All English eras have a durability. It's now six years of Southgate and more games than any English manager save for Bobby Robson and Alf Ramsey. England's players, fans and their absolutely admirable manager have been dragged through some pretty strange places in that time, not least the grueling tides of the past two years. But Maguire's booing feels like a false flag, learned behavior, TV distraction. Listen to Jack: It's ridiculous.


AEW Dynamite Results (03/30) - Toni Storm Debuts, Moxley Vs. Deadly, Punk Competes

Tonight, AEW Dynamite hosts the first Owen Hart Tournament qualifier, which sees the debut of a mysterious newcomer. (Author: Gardener)

AEW Dynamite ResultsKicking off today's show with CM Punk in action! Max Caster makes a Will Smith joke to start his rap while claiming CM Punk's movies will put him to sleep. The two men lock up to get going, and Caster then connects with a knee kick to take control. However, Punk responds by taking the younger star to the mat while he begins to work on his injured shoulder. Punk counters with a shoulder tackle and then goes for a crossbody, but Caster catches him in midair and drops him to his knee. Punk is then thrown into the corner but comes back with a dive down off the top turnbuckle, followed by an atomic drop and a lower suplex. Punk then knees to the corner but misses and then nails a big chop to the neck followed by a Fisherman Buster. However, punk can kick out. Caster then goes to the top rope, but Punk spots it and throws in some chops. He then hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. This time, Punk hits the knee kick, followed by the running bulldog, and this time Max kicks out of a pinfall attempt. Caster then distracts the officer and Anthony Bowens pulls Punk's leg as he tries to reach a diving board. He gets caught on the rope and Caster jumps off the top turnbuckle with a dropkick. Caster misses with his mic drop, causing Punk to hit a tombstone. – After the match, Tony Schiavone asks what Punk was referring to the match when he did the title belt pose. He says he doesn't know who the champion will be, either Adam Cole or Hangman Page. But he knows his beard will be even grayer, more scars on his head, and he'll be AEW World Champion before his time at AEW is over! – MJF is backstage at FTR as Mark Sterling hangs up pictures of Wardlow depicting safety warnings. MJF says he doesn't exist in this universe, but The Pinnacle does. He says that starting tonight they will have some wins with FTR. He says MJF is her friend, but Wardlow is her friend too. MJF says they're his family and Wardlow used to talk shit about them all the time. MJF then extends his hand and FTR slowly agrees to do it with him. Jey Lethal extends his hand, but Jon Moxley knocks it away. The former ROH star tries to work the arm but Moxley just throws it out of the ring and then steps out as Jay comes in. Jon uses a side headlock as Lethal tries to counter with his own headscissors. Again Lethal is sent out of the ring and then Moxley comes back and punches him. Lethal then goes back and forth with him in a forearm swap which Moxley dominates. He then hits a German suplex and a series of punches in the corner. They fight on the top turnbuckle and Lethal pushes him away as he reaches over his leg onto the top rope. Lethal follows with a huge dive to the outside, sending Moxley flying into the barricade. Lethal then starts working his opponent's leg, but when they go to the top turnbuckle, it's the former AEW World Champion who wins with a Superplex. The two then go back and forth in an exchange of blows, and Moxley then drops his opponent with the King Kong Lasso. Jon goes for another, but Jay counters with the Lethal Combination, dropping Moxley to the mat, but he kicks out. Moxley looks for a Paradigm Shift, but Jay counters and hits a rolling elbow instead. Moxley tries again but his knee gives out. This leads to a fatal injection attempt, which Moxley turns into a submission. Lethal gets away with a pinfall attempt and follows with a dropped Brainbuster. Jay then goes to the top rope and nails an elbow drop, but Jon kicks out at the last second! Lethal looks for the figure four, but Moxley backs up and nearly catches him with a cradle. When they get back up, Moxley is able to connect to and end the paradigm shift. – After the match, Jon holds out his hand and Lethal shakes it. Before the game starts, MJF makes his way to the commentator. Dax Harwood starts working with Colten Gunn and gets the best of things early on. Cash Wheeler comes in and he takes control of things, hitting some deep arm drags and then a dropkick. FTR is working on a great dual team swap, but it's going to be a close one. Austin escapes outside and this causes them to distract the officer as Billy Gunn drops Wheeler with a giant right hand. Gunn Club then work together to further isolate Cash while they distract the official again so Billy can take a few shots. Cash hits a background to give himself a break, but Colten makes the switch first and he stops the tag, hitting a splash the corner and then a dropkick. Austin comes in but that allows Dax in and he starts dropping Gunn Club with his right hand. He drops Austin with a lasso, but it's not enough to take the win. The two men then both attempt to hit a suplex while standing on either side of the ring apron, but while Harwood seemingly made it, Colten grabs his foot, which reverses the momentum. He goes straight to the ring and breaks through security. Meanwhile, Harwood is held down by Colten only for Dax to move and then pushes Austin into him. He goes for a roll up win but Billy Gun gets on the apron and grabs him. Wheeler knocks him out and they hit Big Rig to victory! – After the game, MJF goes partying with them, but it causes some tension between them. - Jericho Appreciation Society is shown backstage, with Chris saying it's the truth that he's the influencer. He says no one else can join and if they ask they can GFY. This causes the groups to scramble backstage and eventually to the ring area. Kingston and Jericho get in the ring and Eddie drops him with the spinning fist. The Jericho Appreciation Society then takes control of the situation, using the numbers game to their advantage. Jericho grabs his bat and knocks out all his rivals while the group rampages. - Mark Sterling is backstage and says they dated Jade Cargill's most renowned adversary...The Librarian. Cargill tells her to walk away and Mark says they have to go to Option B, which is Marina Shafir. Bryan Danielson takes control early and hits his forearm punch to the chest. He then looks for several pinfall attempts, but Yuta blocks them with a bridge. Danielson drops him with a shoulder tackle and then unloads several kicks. However, Yuta then storms out of the corner with a dropkick. Yuta goes for a drop off the top turnbuckle, but gets caught by a mid-air kick. Bryan suspends Wheeler from the top rope and continues with more kicks, and he finishes it by dropping on Yuta's neck with one knee. Wheeler attempts a few kicks, but Bryan drops him to the ground with just one of his own. Bryan hits several big chops, but Yuta fires and fights back, only for Bryan to take him back with several more. The two men then go back and forth with punches and punches, with Bryan hitting a rolling elbow punch. However, Yuta bounces off the bottom rope and then hits a German suplex. Bryan then hits a dragon suplex and puts his own skills to the test, but Yuta kicks out again. Bryan hits a few elbows to the head, but Yuta then fires a few of her own after a smart counterattack. Yuta then goes for a savage attack, but Bryan avoids it and then hits the Psycho Knee! Bryan looks for his head stomp, but Yuta spits in his face! Bryan then stomps away, hitting a piledriver and then locking in a submission to secure the win. – Adam Cole and reDRagon appear, and they wrote the titles on tape with their names on them. Adam Cole says the real champions aren't here tonight because they weren't invited to the party and they're ashamed they took the titles away from them. Cole says AEW needs a new era to take control. But Kyle says they're evil and everyone loves them. Cole says the celebration will last all week. He storms to the ring and starts brawling with the Undisputed Elite! He finishes off reDRagon and then throws Cole through the ring. But when he goes for a buckshot lariat, the tag team pulls Cole away. They fight with the group and then Cole is thrown outside and takes out his buddies. The champions then take control of their own titles! – Thunder Rosa says it's a shame her performances were curtailed, but she's the champion and the first Mexican to do so. She fought her way through to be the face of this division, but she doesn't want to just be the face. Donner says pillars will be torn down but foundations remain, and that will be them. Thunder says she's ready. - FTR are shown backstage and say they may be taking things too seriously, but this Friday they become the ROH Tag Team Champions. Dax says they came here to build a reputation and that's why they want to face The Young Bucks. She starts with a huge forearm to The Bunny and keeps throwing hands until The Bunny responds with a slap in the face. She performs a knee lift, but Toni then goes on a misdirection and connects with a knee kick. The bunny then connects with one of her own, sending Toni out of the ring. The Bunny then sends her opponent headfirst into the ring post and back in the ring hits a sliding elbow strike. Storm hits a backslide but that doesn't do the job and Bunny hits a clothesline. She drives Storm into the turnbuckle several times before colliding with a running knee. However, she goes to the fountain too often and Storm turns around and sets The Bunny face first on the mat. They then go back and forth with punches, but Toni then hits an elbow punch and lasso to take control. Storm hits a headbutt and then a hip attack in the corner followed by a fisherman suplex but Bunny kicks out. Storm hits a German suplex and then Storm Zero, securing their victory! – Backstage, Vickie Guerrero says Thunder fears Rosa Nyla. Sting leaves the match to Darby Allin alone. However, when Allin comes down on his skateboard, Andrade jumps out of the ring to take him out. He follows up by throwing Darby face first onto the ring apron. However, when he tries to continue the attack, Allin moves and Andrade hits the stairs. Andrade spurs Allin on and tries to drop him onto the guardrail, but he fights back. That doesn't last long, however, as Andrade grabs Darby and throws him onto the stairs that are pointing up, and he bounces off them. Darby gets back in the ring and agrees to the match, and the bell rings. Andrade then turns Darby inside out in the turnbuckles. He then hits the running knees in the corner but Allin gets a rope break. Andrade continues to dominate the match and stay in control. He tries to fight back, but Andrade stops him, only for Darby to hit Code Red! However, Andrade can kick out. The former WWE Star quickly replies with a tall boot in the corner while then stepping on Allin multiple times. But it's Andrade who wins in the end. Andrade tries to use a belt but the official takes it away, while that's happening Allin uses his own to trip him up and send Andrade face first into the turnbuckle. He then hits with a stunner but that's not enough and Andrade then nails a backbreaker. From the top turnbuckle, Allin hits a crucifix and then looks for a submission but Jose tries to come down and interfere. Sting appears and, not allowing this, attacks him. However, The Burcher and The Blade then attack him, only for Allin to jump out of the ring to attack them. Darby looks for an attack by jumping backwards, but Andrade catches him, hitting a buckle bomb and then the El Idolo for the win. After the match, the group attack Sting, but the Hardy Boyz save with some chairs and run through interference to end the show!


Piers Corbyn failed to conform when he was asked to leave the anti-lockdown protest, the court said

Piers Corbyn is denying two charges of attending a public gathering of more than two people in England during the coronavirus emergency period. (Author: Gardener)

CorbynPiers Corbyn was "non-compliant" with police and used a megaphone to "talk over" officers who were urging him to leave anti-lockdown protests in central London in May, a court has been told. Piers Corbyn was "non-compliant" with police and used a megaphone to "talk over" officers who were urging him to leave anti-lockdown protests in central London in May, a court has been told. Corbyn, 73, of East Street, Southwark, south London, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday to start his trial for allegedly breaching coronavirus restrictions in Hyde Park earlier this year. Corbyn, 73, of East Street, Southwark, south London, appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday to start his trial for allegedly breaching coronavirus restrictions in Hyde Park earlier this year. The weather forecaster and brother of former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn is denying two charges of attending a public gathering of more than two people in England during the coronavirus emergency period. Prosecutor David Povall told the court that gatherings near the park's Speakers Corner on May 16 and 30 included around a hundred people or more and could be described as "anti-lockdown," with those present "taking part in a protest were involved on topics related to the corona virus". and the Corona Ordinance". He said that each time Corbyn allegedly participated in the protests by "addressing the gathering and by his presence and actions encouraging others to gather around him to listen to what he was saying". Officers took a "light touch policing" approach, encouraging congregations "to disperse without the need for enforcement action," Mr Povall said. Mr Povall said Corbyn "deliberately" attended the gatherings "by public speaking" and allegedly "disregarded police advice and orders over an extended period of time". Bodyworn police camera footage of the May 16 incident was played in court, showing an officer approaching Corbyn to ask him to leave the area. Corbyn was shown being handcuffed and led away surrounded by a group of police officers while people were heard shouting "shame on you". Mr Povall told the court the protest was "peaceful and generally in good spirits" and stressed that Corbyn had been "polite and cooperative" with officers following his second arrest. Police Officer Necla Diker testified in court that she arrested Corbyn on May 16 as a "last resort" after failing to receive his details to issue a fixed sentence. She said there was a "large number of people around me" and added: "I felt that if I didn't get the arrest done, things would get out of hand." Cross-examined by Corbyn's lawyer Ben Cooper QC she was questioned about the instructions given to officers on how to deal with protesters. He said his content suggested "not prematurely" stepping in with an arrest and asked PC Diker if she accepted that she "didn't follow that guidance." During his questioning, Mr Cooper also said Corbyn "suffered injuries to his hands" from being handcuffed. Second, he claimed Corbyn was subjected to "arbitrary application of the law by the police" and attacked in "discriminatory ways" as officers enforced the coronavirus regulations. But District Judge Samuel Goozee denied both requests, first noting that there was "no evidence of bad faith" or "willful misrepresentation" by the court and that he was not satisfied that the "mishandling" of material amounted to an abuse of procedure. During the trial, the judge said he was alerted by police that footage captured at the courthouse had been uploaded online. He ordered a woman in the courtroom's public gallery to speak to a police officer present to confirm the footage was removed from Facebook, which the officer later confirmed. The judge issued a warning that the court would "take action" if it found people recording what would be considered contempt of court. In court, he urged his supporters to show up for his next performance on Wednesday and also urged them to take part in anti-lockdown protests over the weekend.


Argument for the reform of the probation system "clear and agreed" - Raab

The proposed reforms could result in ministers overriding the parole board when it comes to releasing dangerous criminals from prison. (Author: Gardener)

Dominic Raab said the arguments for reforming the process were "clear and strong" as he proposed regaining powers so ministers could prevent dangerous criminals from being freed from prison. The shock comes after public outcry over the decision to release double child killer Colin Pitchfork and London cabbie-rapist John Worboys from prison. Worboys' release was later officially overturned after the case was reviewed by a new panel, while Pitchfork was recalled to prison in November for violating license terms. Mr Raab also said on Wednesday that he plans to appeal the parole board's decision recommending that baby P's mother, who died after months of abuse, be released from prison. Explaining his review of the parole system, Mr Raab told MPs: "Our reforms will ensure those offenders who pose the highest risk to public safety are subject to more stringent scrutiny with additional ministerial oversight. The proposals in this review will enforce public safety.” He added: “Following the review we conducted and published today, I believe the case for reform is clear and strong.” Mr Raab said he believed that "the focus of this critical decision-making has shifted from its original anchoring," adding, "Therefore, this administration will re-root the parole board's decision-making to the fundamental principle of public protection." "When it comes to assessing risk to victims and public safety, we will adopt a precautionary principle to increase public confidence in the system, and in cases involving those who committed the most serious crimes, we will introduce ministerial control of release decisions exercised by the Secretary of State for Justice. "The package of reforms released today will place an increased focus on public protection at every stage." Offenders facing life sentences, indefinite public protection sentences, extended prison sentences and certain recall cases are all subject to the parole process, which means their release is open must be ordered by the parole board. The proposed reforms could see ministers overruling the Parole Board when it comes to releasing dangerous criminals from prison, with the aim of focusing on protecting the public rather than the rights of offenders. The justice minister, other ministers and senior officials expect to review about 100 cases a year of these so-called "top" offenders for whom the parole board has recommended their release. It is estimated that of those released, between 1,000 and 2,000 criminals serving life sentences could fall into the "highest tier" category, raising questions about the criteria used to decide which are the most dangerous offenders requiring ministerial oversight, and how all cases are handled are personally reviewed. Mr Raab told MPs that in the same 20/21 period, 27 offenders were charged with another serious offense after being ordered to be released by the parole board, adding: "It is fair to say that this is only a fraction of all." cases, but it's still every two weeks that a released offender commits a serious crime under supervision.” The parole board now has to consider submissions from victims, and they're allowed to ask questions. Mr Raab said it was "striking" that last year only 5% of all parole board members had a law enforcement background, and told MPs he believed that was a "significant deficit". Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reed said: "It is critical that public protection comes first and that victims are at the center of the criminal justice system. "Today, too many victims feel that their views are not being adequately taken into account in parole decisions or sentencing, and this directly raises more serious public safety concerns." Ahead of the announcement, a spokesman said the agency would like that the system "becomes more transparent and operates more efficiently to ensure a better process for all parties involved, while public protection remains a top priority."


Christina Ricci is joining the Wednesday Addams Netflix series, but fans are divided

Christina Ricci has joined Wednesday Addams' Netflix series as an "exciting new character," the streaming platform has confirmed. (Author: Gardener)

Christina RicciThe 42-year-old actress has been confirmed as part of the cast and even gets a brand new role, but there has been mixed reactions online. Netflix confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, "Yes it's true - the amazing Christina Ricci joins the cast of the new Wednesday Addams series as an exciting new character *snap snap*." Many fans are looking forward to seeing Christina Addams Family universe, as she previously starred as Wednesday in the 1990s Addams Family feature film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. However, not everyone is as excited as some loyal Addams Family fans questioned why she didn't return as an older version of Wednesday or her mother, Morticia. Nostalgia casting is cheap and lame," replied one fan. "Would be nice if she played an adult Wednesday herself," said another, with one adding that "she would be a great Morticia". However, there was also plenty of excitement on Twitter as fans "screamed, cried and threw up" as Tim Burton's TV debut began to take shape. "Yes it's true - I'm screaming and crying," wrote another. Another fan said the news is "the reason I love Netflix more every day" as the quick-witted, miserable, murderous character has long been the poster child for goth girls around the world. Christina will be a regular in the upcoming series titled Wednesday, while the rest of the cast is being kept secret for now. Details of Christina's role are being kept under wraps to ensure the ultimate surprise for viewers, but it's definitely something to be intrigued by as Deadline reports that the actress has been "working quietly for weeks" as of Wednesday and filming is "expected to be complete." in Romania at the end of the month”. Netflix's Teddy Biaselli, Director of Original Series at Netflix, described Wednesday Addams as the "ultimate lone wolf" and explained why the streamer jumped at the chance to host the show, which is being written by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar became. He said: "When we first heard Al Gough and Miles Millar's pitch for Wednesday, we were shot like an arrow from a crossbow right through our hearts. They nailed the tone, spirit and characters but gave us a fresh approach to this story. "Then we got the call that visionary director and lifelong Addams Family fan Tim Burton wanted to make his directorial debut on television with this series. And now he brings his unique vision to Wednesday and her creepy classmates at Nevermore Academy.” The Addams Family was founded by cartoonist Charles Addams way back in 1938 and has been brought to both the big and small screens on numerous occasions over the years . The family - especially on Wednesday - have also been providing trick-or-treating inspiration everywhere, as it's very unlikely you'll open Instagram on Halloween and not see anyone wearing a Wednesday Addams black dress and braids. Wednesday was originally played by Lisa Loring in the sixties sitcom and most recently voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz in the 2019 animated comedy The Addams Family, which also features the voices of Allison Janney, Bette Midler, Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac were heard a sequel is set to be released later this year. MORE: Holly Willoughby's return This Morning confirmed after being crushed by Covid


The four reasons why fans are booing Harry Maguire and why Ralf Rangnick is complicit

Maguire was a cult hero and was called up to the tournament's Euro 2020 team - so why did things go wrong? (Author: Gardener)

Harry MaguireHarry Maguire's deafening celebrations didn't sit well with fans England defender Harry Maguire was booed by his own fans during England's two friendlies at Wembley in March, in what manager Gareth Southgate described as an "absolute joke". Maguire is an integral part of the England defense that reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup and the first major final since 1966 at last summer's European Championships when he was named to the team of the tournament. Maguire also scored in both of England's quarter-final victories at those tournaments. In a sharp reversal of form this season, Maguire has been either a victim of Manchester United's general malaise or a key cause of the team's struggles, depending on your perspective. When he came on as a substitute for Ralf Rangnick in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid, the decision was cheered by the Old Trafford crowd, anticipating the reactions of England fans at Wembley. How did this come about for a player who not so long ago achieved cult hero status? For club and country, Maguire is part of a team trying to move towards a more aggressive and dominant style of football based on a higher defensive line. Whoever is chosen to appoint Man Utd as the next permanent manager, that process is likely to continue. When Maguire signed for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's United in 2019, their standout results were mostly counterattacks - giving up possession, absorbing pressure and breaking quickly. As Solskjaer unsuccessfully tried to develop his team into potential title challengers, Maguire was asked to defend more space closer to the center line, indicating a lack of mobility. It wasn't just the pace that Maguire struggled with - his performance in that season's 4-2 defeat by Leicester City was just plain bad and drew Roy Keane's wrath. That could be due to a loss of confidence or United trying to build the game in other ways. United supporters are frustrated with Rangnick for not taking him out of the line of fire. Harry Maguire: Carries in the Premier League for Manchester United completed after 90 minutes While Rangnick's self-confessed high-pressing style has yet to be fully realized, he wants his defenders to pressure the pitch. United's right centre-back benefits from Aaron Wan-Bissaka staying at right-back's seat at home, while Maguire is usually flanked by United's more attacking full-back Luke Shaw. Average positions of Manchester United against Atletico Madrid at home: Maguire (No. 5) attacks from left to right against a defensive opponent and has to defend five against better opponents in isolation. Jude Bellingham's performance against Ivory Coast reinforced that case on a night when Phil Foden, Mason Mount, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho were not in England's starting XI. However, it should be noted that Maguire's struggles with England were not that acute. In November he became the most successful defender in the history of the national team. Declan Rice is better than United's central midfielders and tends to shuffle into the left half-space to collect and intercept second balls. International football is played at a slower pace and apart from a few matches, England control territory and possession for long periods of time. Jordan Pickford is much more proactive while David De Gea stays true to his line. A centre-back not gifted with pace will always prefer Pickford's style of goalkeeping, which makes the space behind the defense smaller than it appears. According to FBREF data, Manchester United goalkeepers have made just six saves from outside their penalty area this season in the Premier League: no team has fewer. The accusation that England's "Big Six" players are immune to the consequences of poor club form is a well-known criticism. Of course, if the England side were really 'on form' that would change at every international break and the manager would be ridiculed for not knowing his best team. It's safe to assume that fans of London clubs have a strong presence at Wembley and they tend not to have warm feelings towards Manchester United. Gary Neville and Phil Neville have been targeted by England fans and while United's glory years have faded, simmering grudges are not. Chelsea players Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole were booed by England fans at a time when they were winning medals with their club. Those who play for the biggest clubs with the highest wages will always hyper analyze their games and hold them to higher standards. When Maguire scored against Albania at Wembley in November, he celebrated by running to the corner flag and pricking up his ears. Maguire said his celebration was "not addressed to anyone" and was more in response to criticism from certain experts than fans. Not that the response had the desired effect on Keane, who told ITV: "He thinks he's silencing the critics. In an interview with Gary Neville last year, Maguire admitted that expert criticism was part of the game, but that it "can change the confidence of the players". While Maguire may not have intended to upset fans with his celebration, perhaps he did Failed to bring his club baggage into the English sphere and now the fans are doing the same.Booing one's own player is usually reserved when there is a suspicion mercenary calls it with unprofessional appearances.Instead his crime seems more like a 30- Million pound defender to look like an 80million pound defender - which was the then world record fee Man Utd paid for him.There's an unrelenting desire to win a transfer game against opposing clubs and a possibility of doing just that to do is undermine their big signings.The health of a club is only judged through the prism of transfers looked at, with a breathless urge to declare them "done", i.e. if a purchase doesn't work out or they don't land a goal. While England players have historically been booed, the fascination with Maguire feels like the online culture of modern football is seeping into real life.


QuantumScape Corporation (QS) dives into more than broader markets

That move lagged the S&P 500's 0.04% drop on the day. At the same time, the Dow lost 0.58% and the tech-heavy Nasdaq lost 0.18%. As of today, the company's shares were up 9.35% over the past month, compensating for the auto-tire-truck sector's 2.24% loss and the S&P 500's 2.67% gain over the period surpassed. (Author: Gardener)

QuantumScape CorporationAs of today, the company's shares were up 9.35% over the past month, compensating for the auto-tire-truck sector's 2.24% loss and the S&P 500's 2.67% gain over the period surpassed. Wall Street will be waiting for positivity from QuantumScape Corporation as it nears its next earnings report. It is also important to note recent changes in analyst estimates for QuantumScape Corporation. These revisions help show the ever-changing nature of short-term business trends. Therefore, positive estimate revisions reflect analysts' optimism about the company's business and profitability. Our research shows that these estimate changes are directly correlated to short-term stock prices. To take advantage of this, we developed the Zacks Rank, a proprietary model that accounts for these changes in estimates and provides an actionable scoring system. Ranging from #1 (Strong Buy) to #5 (Strong Sell), the Zacks Rank system has an impressive, peer-reviewed track record of outperformance, with the #1 stocks posting average annual returns since 1988 +25% The Zacks Consensus EPS estimate is down 43.64% over the past month. QuantumScape Corporation currently has a Zacks Rank of #5 (Strong Sell). The Automotive - Original Equipment industry is part of the Car-Tires-Trucks sector. This group has a Zacks Industry Rank of 221, placing it in the bottom 13% of all 250+ industries. Our research shows that the top 50% of industries outperform the bottom half by a factor of 2 to 1.