Celebrate a life of service

A local pays homage to a 30-year military career. (Author: Gardener)

30-yearMAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) – This week's “Feel Good Friday” is dedicated to celebrating a man from Perrysburg who has dedicated three decades of his life to serving our country. This month he ended his military career and started a new chapter. The party for Master Chief William Sherman was held at Elks Lodge in Maumee. Friends, family and other service members gathered to recognize his ministry and his family's commitment to make it possible. Absolute team effort, right,” joked his friend Admiral Robert Nowakowski. “I have visited almost every country you can imagine. I mean I've spent time in Africa, Iraq, Syria, whatever, I've been there. Afghanistan; It was the best time ever," he recalls. Having made countless close friends throughout his military career, Master Chief Sherman now looks forward to spending more time being a husband, father and grandfather. “Probably the worst thing in my career is saying goodbye after a one-year assignment. A lot of close friends have died and I've learned that life is short - and if you don't take advantage of these moments with your family, tomorrow isn't guaranteed."


What's on TV and radio tonight?

For full TV listings for the week see guide, by James Jackson Pachinko Apple TV+Pachinko, the bestselling 2017 novel by Min J (Author: Gardener)

tonightWe've determined that there is a problem with your subscription billing information. Please update your billing information here. The subscription information associated with this account needs to be updated. Please update your billing information here to continue enjoying your subscription. Please update your billing details here to continue having access to the UK's most informative and respected journalism. Pachinko weaves individual stories within four generations of a Korean family through the 20th century. For full TV listings for the week go to admired for the way it wove the individual stories of four generations of a Korean family through the 20th century. This gorgeous (judging by the first two episodes) eight-part adaptation accomplishes the same feat, epic in scope but intimate in feel - and while it bounces between characters at different times in their lives, it's never confusing. Shot with cinematic panache, it begins in 1915 in Japanese-occupied Korea, where key character Sunja is born to a humble couple who have lost four children and feel cursed.


The 10 best albums for a Friday night

From David Bowie to Arctic Monkeys and Iggy Pop to The Streets, we bring you ten of the best albums to ignite your weekend on a Friday night. (Author: Gardener)

nightToday I have the wonderful privilege of preparing you for the weekend with ten albums to spice up your Friday night. We all need to let off a little steam after five days in the office - or wherever else we happen to be to make ends meet. If, like me, you think of a Friday, you may have stumbled upon The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love" while flipping through the shelves of your mind. I'm afraid you won't find this song on the soundtrack below, as you certainly don't need a reminder that the album Wish is on, Friday I'm In Love, is a Cure album. so of course it has its fair share of depressing (Montag?) songs. Most albums worth listening to tend to balance a selection of upbeat and slower tracks, ranging from ecstasy to melancholy. Today, of course, we want to focus on the former, so I've sought out albums that are broadly upbeat, danceable music. As I made my choices, I became increasingly aware of how depressing my taste in music tends to be. Unfortunately, I've braved the odds to bring you ten albums that give me that uplifting Friday feeling and maybe even get me dancing after a few bike rides. As a heads up, there will be a song or two on some of the albums that will set the tone for your busy Friday party. I suggest putting these tracks aside for the early evening, perhaps as a soundtrack to your prep routine or while you wait for your friends to arrive. Friday is for letting off steam, Sunday for resting. Today you need something that makes you want to exercise. So, as our funky friend James Brown would say, get off that thing and shuffle through the following top ten albums for one Friday. Is there a better album to set the mood for a wild Friday night? Iggy's third and final studio album with his proto-punk group The Stooges was among the most seductive rock albums of the early 1970s. The iconic photo of the androgynous Iggy, taken by the late photographer Mick Rock, first draws you into The Stooge's trademark provocative and depraved sounds. The album starts off strong with "Search and Destroy" and "Gimme Danger," two tracks that will shake off any residual lethargy from the work week and set you up for a wild Friday night. Sheffield indie rock group Arctic Monkeys hit us hard and fast with two number one hits in quick succession. Thankfully, we only had to wait a week after the release of 'When The Sun Goes Down' for the group's highly anticipated debut album to grace our presence, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The album was a generation-defining classic, peppered with upbeat indie anthems that would find a good home on any alternative club night. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not has always seemed like the perfect album to punctuate a Friday night with its poignant imagery of British youth culture. Alex Turner's insightful lyrics inspire nostalgia, while the music cheers you up, ready for a weekend of youthful frolic. While on any other day I would place Talking Heads' previous two albums, Fear Of Music (1979) and Remain In Light (1980) much higher on the ladder of musical excellence than 1983's Speaking In Tongues, I do on a Friday an exception. Talking Heads have carved out their own brand of rock music, which many people call post-punk, but in reality their unique blend is something that cannot and should not be tied to any genre classification. Speaking In Tongues was the New York group's most consistently upbeat and danceable album. Each track oozes with unbridled optimism while remaining effortlessly cool, something that will forever go with the Friday vibe. These new wave giants from Athens, Georgia really knew how to pull off a danceable rock anthem. Their early gigs drew crowds of University of Georgia students with the irresistible groove of formative hits like "Planet Claire," "Rock Lobster," and "52 Girls." The debut album was even supported by John Lennon. "I was at a dance club in Bermuda one night," Lennon said in a 1980 interview. "Upstairs they were playing disco and downstairs I suddenly heard 'Rock Lobster' by the B-52s for the first time. It sounds exactly like Yoko's music.” Lennon cited “Rock Lobster” as one of the main inspirations for his return to music with Double Fantasy. Skinner demonstrates his skill as an accomplished wordsmith as he paints the good, bad and ugly aspects of young life in South London. The garage beats give the album the pace it needs to set the tone for any Friday night party worth its salt. With hits like "Has It Come To This?", "Let's Push Things Forward" and "Same Old Thing", need I say more? The album showcases Marc Bolan at his best with a plethora of groovy glam rock anthems including "Get It On", "Jeepster", "Mambo Sun" and "The Motivator". Admittedly, there are a few acoustic songs that are a bit slow for a Friday night, like "Cosmic Dancer" and "Life's A Gas". But the lively tracks definitely prevail, offering something that can equally be applied to a prep bedroom scene when applying your pre-party makeup, or indeed as a main course when showing off your best moves on the dance floor in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Can you really afford not to have a little bolan to spice up your Friday? As a peace offering, I bring you the unfettered beauty of Parcels' first album. Released in 2018, the record is a classic, funky electro-rock masterclass from the Australian five-piece. The album is packed with rousing tracks that will liven up your Friday from the minute you wake up until the wee hours of Saturday morning. The music oozes positive energy and draws from a variety of musical flavors in a unique blend of rock, funk and disco that I personally can't help but dance to. In the mid-1970s, David Bowie made a marked departure from his glam rock ties as he delved into a more soul-oriented direction. The album is by no means the late Starman's finest artistry, but few of Bowie's albums are as good at getting down and groovy as this one. "Fame," Bowie's famous collaboration with John Lennon, is a particularly danceable number. In true soul fashion, the album doesn't have a dark moment. While there are slower tracks like "Win" and "Can You Hear Me," the album retains that air of optimism needed on a Friday. Maybe play "Win" in the car on the way home from work and save titles like "Fame" and "Fascination" for later parties. A little bit of hip hop needs to be thrown into the mix every weekend. So, of course, when sizing these albums up for the perfect Friday listen, at least 10% would have to be set aside for the genre. The group's seminal debut album, Straight Outta Compton, oozes with the confidence you need on a Friday to really "express yourself". We can thank the producer Dr. Dre and DJ Yella for the seamless blend of synthesized beats, funky guitar riffs and groovy samples that run throughout the album. Throw in some of the greatest rappers of their generation and you've got one hell of an album. This list would not be complete without Manchester's dance-rock giants Happy Mondays. Their funky music seemed to ignite the 1990s rave scene that grew out of Happy Mondays' spiritual home, the Hacienda Club. Happy Monday's had been around since 1980, but they didn't reach their peak until the release of their third studio LP, Pills 'n' Thrills and Belyaches, in 1990. Led by the charismatic Shaun Ryder and his pill-popping, maraca-shaking pal Bez The group delivered some of their biggest hits on this album, including "Step On", "Kinky Afro" and "Loose Fit".


Cambridge's cozy pub perfect for your Friday night

If you want a pint in a pub with a local atmosphere then this is it (Author: Gardener)

CambridgeCambridge's cozy pub perfect for your Friday night If you want a pint in a pub with a local atmosphere then this is it. Chat with our weekly What's On emailSomething went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for subscribing!We have more newslettersShow meIf you're looking for a cozy night out in a quirky pub this weekend then look no further. The Free Press in Cambridge is the perfect Friday night destination if you're looking for a relaxing drink. The Free Press is a traditional British pub in the heart of Cambridge, known for its quality draft beer. This local gem has been a pub for over 120 years and has seen many changes in the area. On the fireplace wall you can look at an overview map from 1888, where you can see for yourself what is and isn't nearby. Read more: What's on in Cambridge The pub got its name when part of it was a printing press that circulated a free Cambridge newspaper. The hand pumps still used in the pub today date from the 1940s. Featured at the Free Press Pub in Cambridge And is the perfect place to enjoy a nice cold drink. The walls are steeped in history from the locals and students who have visited over the years - the main bar features the prow of the Cambridge boat that was wrecked in the 1984 boat race. The Free Press offers a delicious selection of classic British dishes and is known for its famous fish and chips. The Free Press also has an extensive drinks menu with many gins to choose from and award winning beer. It was awarded the Cask Marque for outstanding draft beer quality. The Free Press hosts meet on Mondays, which take place on the first Monday of every month from 10am to 12pm for the community to come together and have tea, coffee and company. And of course the famous Freie Presse street party and beer festival again on Saturday 9 July. You'll find this beautiful pub on Prospect Row in Cambridge, a stone's throw from the Grafton Centre.


Daily guide to what your zodiac sign holds for your zodiac dates

♈ ARIES March 21 to April 20 With a Moon and Uranus bond in your money zone, you feel lucky. But also spend time… (Author: Gardener)

March 21 to April 20With a Lunar and Uranus bond in your cash zone, you'll feel lucky. But also spend time absorbing information or starting money deals as your mind is super sharp. Partners can't keep up, and that makes you irresistible. Your zodiac sign shines with planetary generosity and originality, allowing you to end any period of uncertainty by taking the first step your way. Your future is changing in brilliant ways, so don't cling to the past. If you are looking for love, someone picking up a package can unpack your heart. You are ready to let deep feelings surface and find out if they are welcome. They can also acknowledge ambitions that had to be pushed aside - and take a step towards them and new romance. Already in love? Surprise a partner with a "yes." New Love can be linked to an online neighborhood group. If you dream of making a self makeover, you can get a boost today. More organized planning within a family helps everyone achieve something, so tasks feel more evenly shared. New passion is deep, strong and connected to "A". Tight bonds and fun times take the spotlight as you reevaluate who gives you back as much as they take. An honest look at yourself can reveal a loyalty deficit that you should address. You bring lunar sentiment and Uranus genius to home situations - and time spent together can give you surprising rewards. When the Sun and Moon challenge your ability to work together, you can break free from a relationship in ways that deepen emotional bonds with others. New love can move to the next level. All the words you have been striving for are within you and your sensitive horoscope can set them free. So you speak from the heart, but also add a caution of the mind, keeping promises and implementing plans. No scar is so deep that it cannot heal. Lucky links to a recently published book or magazine. A career path that started slowly is accelerating, so prepare for some developments. Also, love and happiness combine for you in a way that stimulates your emotional imagination. Whatever your status, you are the one no one will forget today. There is a holiday mood in your horoscope when the sun and moon challenge each other - and you find extra energy to pull off a project at home. Solid love feels good, so focus on mutual loyalty. This is what a partner has been waiting for. Singles? Singles? A makeover—perhaps just a new outfit or haircut—can trigger an emotional transformation. Finally your dreams can be taken seriously. Partners are willing to walk the same path instead of going in different directions. If you are single, your soul mate works in a transport job.


Heavy rain turns into a sunny Friday with occasional showers

Video: Heavy rain turns into a sunny Friday with occasional showers (Author: Gardener)

FridayPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. First responders trained in mental health among officials WATCH: Cooler days coming with freezing concerns President Biden says it's time for G20 to remove Russia and warns US of reaction if Russia attacks Ukraine with chemical weapons 'something Elon won't can' : CEO's dance moves light up the internet 'How dangerous is he right now?': Hear ex-oligarchs discuss Putin's state of mind CNN10: Today's Big Stories Explained in 10 Minutes CNN10: Today's Big Stories Explained in 10 Minutes President Biden says it's time for G20 to remove Russia and warns US will respond if Russia attacks Ukraine with chemical weapons 'We want him out': Preschoolers recite anti-Biden cheer 'We want him out': Preschoolers recite anti-Biden cheer 'Total destruction': CNN reporter reacts to scenes of devastation in Mariupol 'Total destruction': CNN reporter reacts to scenes of devastation in Mariupol This reporter found out why her kids are always on the alert at dawn This reporter found out why her kids always get up at dawn But until now, try not to laugh Check out this 12 -year-old star goaltender - spotted holding one arm Tom Cruise high in the sky filming a stunt for new Mission Impossible film Injuries after toppling over a highway barrier The inspirational story of how a Ghanaian skateboarder found her freedom to teach girls to ride Why summer 2022 will be the best for travel British taxi drivers turn off taximeters and drive with hope for ukrainisc he Refugees to Poland The cost of a move has been increasing rapidly, here's why you need to wash your new clothes before wearing them Air New Zealand is launching direct flights from the US and it's going to be one of the longest in the world. Cancer Patients Have Their Drawings Turned Into Toys Try These Affordable Protein Sources Beat That Afternoon Sickness? Poll shows coffee less preferred this drink time after dino-killing asteroid hits Earth, likely much worse than previously thought. The Adorable Way Prince George Pins His Parents During a Royal Tour! The London company has created a lifelike invisibility shield that you can buy now. These horses are helping people with special needs to look their best Walking on Void Here's Why You Should Probably Kick Your Shoes Off Outside Moving video shows baby elephants reuniting with their mother after being trapped in a waterhole These Racehorses have a second career Easter is just around the corner! Check out these Instant Pot Recipes that would make your life so much easier! A New Way To The Nose You Want How to shop strategically at a dollar store How to clean and care for non-stick pans The best way to cook chicken wings at home What NOT to cook in an air fryer How to clean and care for pillows How To Find The Best Ergonomic Mouse How To Prepare A Holiday Meal In An Air Fryer How To Thoroughly Clean An Air Fryer Camping Tip: How To Fold An Air Mattress How To Clean A Toilet Properly


A zodiac sign is inches away from achieving a goal

One horoscope feels apathetic when it comes to one of their closest relationships, while another zodiac sign gets annoyed when a friend shares information (Author: Gardener)

OneOne horoscope feels apathetic when it comes to one of their closest relationships, while another zodiac sign gets annoyed when a friend shares information. Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope - and what you can do to be prepared. A job that you thought would only take a short time will turn out to be time consuming. Since this task requires you to spend more time than expected, other things have to be pushed aside. This will be frustrating as people will be disappointed. You will particularly enjoy working in partnership with people who share your intellectual wavelength. It has taken a lot of effort, but you can be proud of what you have recently achieved. Feelings are discussed. A task is done and you won't feel guilty rushing into social arrangements. You already know what they will ask and what they expect from your response. You are only inches away from achieving a goal. This will bring a mixture of joy and sadness as you say goodbye to some people and commitments that have been a part of your life for some time. You start noticing the same symptoms that bother you whenever you have to face a task or a job you don't want to do. There is a correlation between the two and you will also find that the symptoms go away the moment the job is done. You might feel like you are drowning in a pond of apathy when it comes to a close relationship. They're tired of going through all the trouble. When a partner can't see how their behavior shows how little they respect and care for you, it's time to call it quits. Disappointments and difficulties that once prevented you from achieving your goals will not necessarily repeat themselves. Because of your past experiences, you start imagining the worst. Banish negative thoughts and think positive. Imagine the future you want. An independent process will now investigate a past matter with a view to bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion. Be honest when discussing a common matter that you no longer wish to be a part of. After you discuss the issue, it will either be put on hold for a while longer or someone will decide to proceed without you. Get things straight today to avoid any misunderstandings about your future engagement. Tying up loose ends will feel satisfying. By stripping decks of anything that no longer serves a useful purpose, you'll have more time to work on plans and projects that feel more meaningful. An organized approach brings efficiency and results. A friend or neighbor will insist on sharing information about a past event or situation, even though they know how much it will upset you. Their implicit knowledge will sound contrived to hurt you or make you feel inferior, and you may wonder why they want to upset you in this way.


The trainee winner Harpreet Kaur grew up in her parents' shop

Despite the 30-year-old's assertiveness, determination and track record that set her apart from the other contestants, she claims to have been a "quiet" kid who didn't mind alone time. (Author: Gardener)

Harpreet KaurShe has secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar after eclipsing 15 other hopefuls in the latest high-octane series of The Apprentice. But despite Harpreet Kaur's assertiveness, determination, and track record that sets her apart from the other contestants, she claims to have been a "quiet" kid who didn't mind alone time. The 30-year-old, described by Karren Brady as "domineering", started out working at her parents' convenience store before juggling an Open University degree with a full-time job at a bank. Thinking she could be her own boss, Harpreet and her sister Gurvinder started a dessert shop that she's confident can grow with the billionaire's help. Harpreet grew up in a 'loud' Punjabi family in Birmingham before her parents and siblings moved to Yorkshire where they ran the corner shop. She said on BBC special The Apprentice: The Final Four: "I had the shock of my life moving up from Birmingham. “Everything was new to me and because I was so shy at the time, I found it really difficult. Working in the store behind the cash register and talking to a lot of different people was probably really good for me. Her first work experience was helping her mother Jasbir behind the counter, and at the age of 18 she took a full-time job at a major bank while she was studying. Harpreet graduated with a first class degree and was running the bank branch at the tender age of 22. "My parents were so proud to finally be able to say, 'My daughter is a bank manager.' That's pretty much the moment every Indian parent is waiting for.” One day she decided to split up and start her own business. She explained, "I worked so hard for someone else, but I knew I had the talent and ability to do it myself and make some of my own money." Along with Gurvinder, Harpreet founded Barni's Dessertsalon. During the program she explained that she hoped to use Lord Sugar's investment to expand her business with six new stores. She said: "We have these two cafes now, I've perfected the model, it can be scaled up. Harpreet's daredevil attitude was evident in The Apprentice. She has the combined best record in the process, including two wins as project manager. Now she has her eyes on the future: “I feel like I've taken my business to a fantastic level, but I want to grow, I want to improve. 'I am really confident that Lord Sugar will see the opportunity in me and my business.' Baroness Brady added, "Harpreet has been a solid candidate throughout the process, but now none of that matters, it all depends on the business plan." During the interviews, however, Harpreet's relationship with her sister was questioned by Claude — the she accused of being a liar for saying she was the "founder and CEO of the company." He said: "It's not straight. You're not the owner... You're taking it lightly, but Lord Sugar might have a problem. Speaking to Lord Sugar later on the show, Claude said: "I was impressed with her but who runs the business? But Harpreet later said the relationship wasn't an issue, saying, "If it's an issue, she's willing to step down. "I have already had this conversation with her on a personal level, it would not affect further business." “If you don't want to invest in the business with the current structure, I've already had the conversation with her. Harpreet Kaur was crowned the winner of The Apprentice, taking home Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment after a dramatic final showdown against Kathryn Burn. The dessert salon owner, 30, said she plans to 'level' her successful coffee and cake business following her victory in a bid to become a leading brand in the UK. When Harpreet, who also runs a candy delivery service, gushed about her win, she gushed, "I can't believe Lord Sugar chose me to be his business partner! "I dreamed of this moment, and it just proves that dreams come true when you work hard and believe in yourself." The dedicated businesswoman said she's not in the business to "make friends," but plans to be in "making money" from her new partnership with business tycoon Lord Sugar. She said: "I'm definitely not in the business to make friends, I'm here to make money and I'm pretty sure Lord Sugar isn't looking for a new partner." In the explosive all-female finale, Harpreet and Kathryn went head-to-head to prove to Lord Sugar, 75, why they deserved the £250,000 investment money. In the final boardroom before Lord Sugar made his decision, Karren Brady and Tim Campbell called Harpreet "respected" but questioned whether their company was "scalable". Tim, 44, said: "She was a really good candidate. A lot of the other people in the process really respect her, they've followed her and she's delivered several times. Speaking about Harpreet's opponent Kathryn, who owns an online pajama shop, Karren said she considered herself an "expert" when she was just starting out with building her business. She added: "She thinks of herself as an expert when she's just starting to build her business - when you questioned the jungle trend, she didn't have it. The whole part of being your business partner is being yours advice to heed." But Tim said, "If she's listening, taking the words of wisdom, this could be one." After a final passionate pitch from each finalist, Lord Sugar made his much-anticipated final decision, ending a packed series. He said: "It's a very, very difficult situation for me ... Harpreet, I'm not sure if this business has the potential to scale or if you're trying to do too much and that's what I'm worried about at the moment. "Kathryn, I'm worried about longevity and popularity, it's very difficult, that's difficult for me... "A lot of the companies that I invest in are a situation where I'm starting from scratch, basically that, what Kathryn is proposing so ladies I think I've made my decision now... Harpreet you'll be my business partner.' Harpreet was deemed a worthy winner by BBC One viewers who took to Twitter to celebrate their win following the announcement. One person said: "Was there ever a doubt! The winner of The Apprentice. I said she will win from point day!' Another person agreed, saying: "The right person won The Apprentice - it's going to scale. The pajama business is risky, it's a start-up. "Whereas the winner already has an established business." A third said: "Is it just me or did Alan Sugar make the quickest decision on who would win? I'm glad Harpreet won!' Another said: "Sis deserved the win. But I want to know what happened to the sister." Another person said, "Worthy winner. Another said: "Well done Harpreet Kaur you are an inspiration." While another said: "Aw I knew she would. Harpreet is discontinued. Another person said, "Really happy for the winner." The series finale also saw previously fired hopefuls return to the show while constantly being at each other's throats throughout the episode. Lord Sugar called the two frontrunners to the British Museum in central London for their final challenge - a chance to start their own business within three days, with the support of some of the dismissed candidates. The finalists had to rebrand their business, produce a digital billboard and direct and edit a television spot before approaching Lord Sugar and a room full of industry experts at London's Pennington Street Warehouse. But her fired teammates closed horns during the duties - with first contestant eliminated Harry Mahmood feuding with Amy Anzel while filming a commercial before dealing with her brief stint as an actress. Meanwhile, in the boardroom, Navid Sole directs his anger at Nick Showering while telling Lord Sugar that he feels "ripped off" with his co-star. As Amy summarized her group's events, the Amstrad founder quickly pulled her up and told the embarrassed contestant, "I just asked for a little synopsis." While Kathryn hoped to impress with her plan for a pajama brand, Pyjamily , her competitor tried to lure her customers' sweet tooths with a dessert company, Oh So Yum. As a result, Navid starred in an advertisement for Harpreet's Oh So Yum brand, but he soon started rowing with Akshay Thakrar. Akshay declared, "Next, next, don't touch him yet" while bossing around Navid, who is pretending to eat the cakes. All you have to do is pick up the cake, ready to pick up, show it to the camera, hold up, hold up, hold up. Irritatedly, he continued: "Only, only, just before you eat a cake, take the brown one. He then ranted to the camera: "Navid just had to show a facial expression, eat the cake, show it to the camera. I really didn't think it was a difficult thing.' Meanwhile, Harry and Amy got into a fight while filming an ad for Kathryn's brand Pyjamily. “You have to let the whole thing happen, and then we can cut it short. Afterwards she said: "Harry is more of a hindrance than a help. Harry said: "I thought Amy was an actress" - citing the star's past as an actress. Amy has appeared in musicals such as the US Tour of Annie, the European Tour of Grease, Happy Days and a Cinderella Panto with Jimmy Osmond. The boardroom also saw Navid announce he's "flip" with Nick over his micromanagement, prompting gasps from the room. Navid told Lord Sugar: "Literally at the last minute Akshay said 'Nick try it' but obviously I was kind of screwed by Akshay. you know all the hard work of bending over." Amy added, "We got the job done and that was the most important thing and Katheryn was very happy, we were all so happy with the billboard and the commercial despite some interruptions...Amy was banned from her latest celebration show after complaining that Lord Alan Sugar had posted "hurtful" tweets about her, it has been claimed. The American entrepreneur was reportedly not invited to join the spin-off You're Hired, which will air right after the highly-anticipated finale. Amy was said to be devastated after Lord Sugar, 74, posted "insulting" comments about her on Twitter and expressed her feelings in an email to bosses, according to The Sun. In January, the business magnate tweeted: "Amy didn't sell, she was so slow. When she was fired from the show just weeks later, he wrote, "I think if I could come up with an assignment from the life and times of Amy Anzel, she would still be a sub-team leader." Speaking of the tweets, Amy's friend told The Sun: "When Lord Sugar released his tweets she found them nasty, hurtful and offensive and shared it with them in an email." The friend said the beauty brand owner didn't understand why she was being fired, saying she felt she used the fact she didn't take a project manager role as an "excuse to get rid of her," and claimed Amy volunteered to work the second week. They also claimed Amy's calls and emails were "ignored" by bosses when she reached out about the spin-off series, saying Amy received an email saying invitations to " at their discretion”. "She knew the last taping was last Wednesday but again they ignored her calls and emails," they added. Her pal also claimed that Amy felt "humiliated" after making a Zoom call with the production bosses at Naked TV, which makes the BBC series. An Apprentice source told The Sun: "Invitations to You're Hired are always voluntary and never guaranteed." MailOnline contacted Amy's reps and Naked TV for comment at the time. This came as finalists Harpreet and Kathryn described how they became close friends during the process and always hoped they would end up in the finals together. Kathryn, who owns an online pajama shop, said: "My closest friend throughout the process and from the beginning was Harpreet, which is really weird now that we were roommates (on the show). “And as the process went on, we grew closer. Though they ended up being rivals, the two women said they supported each other in Lord Sugar's hunt for his next business partner. Harpreet said: “We went through the process hoping to be in the finals, that's what we wanted, so it worked out. "We're 100 per cent supportive of each other and we'll be happy for one another because we know how hard we've worked to get to this point and I'm sure we'll both succeed no matter what, whoever." wins.' The women were also pleased with the success of the candidates in the series. Kathryn also spoke about working with Lord Sugar, revealing that he's not as scary as people might think: "I don't think he's that scary, even on TV. He's just straight forward but a lot of business people are, you have to be straight to the point and he is. "He's not rude, he's just direct and that's how he is in real life." Harpreet attributed her success to being a "tough cookie" and suggested that future contestants should avoid the show if they are hinted at by Lord Sugar. She said: "If you're a sensitive person you might be offended, but if you're a tough nut and can just take the feedback on board, you'll be absolutely fine. "At the end of the day, if you're intimidated by someone like that, because you're applying to invest with that person, don't apply for the process. After her win, Harpreet said: "I'm a confident person and I gave 110% throughout the process and the final but at the end of the day you just don't know because Lord Sugar is going to invest in 'No', so that was a bit Panic at the interview stage, I'm looking to expand across the UK with lots and lots of stores but I've been working really hard to ensure my delivery brand Oh So Yum opens in time for the finals. “I absolutely loved the whole element, but from there it was just fire. I don't think you can go far in business without strong, supportive women around me. I have a really good support network so when we were in the process and we got into the final as a foursome, they were just so supportive, so nice and I didn't feel like we were against each other. "We presented the best versions of ourselves and our business plans and we were almost like 4 friends and we couldn't believe we had made it this far so I was really happy because I'm all about girl power and I believe in women really very strong. "But I don't think we made it to the final because we're female or anything, I think it's because all four of us worked hard to get to this point. "You know what gives you a little bit of satisfaction as a woman when you beat the men, but to be honest man or woman I'm not excited, gender doesn't matter to me, it's just skill, you can." be any gender, any color, any race, when you're a team everyone gets involved so I guess I don't really change my behavior whether I'm male or female so I really enjoyed being with the guys to work. “I've only just found out that Lord Sugar is investing in my business, but I've been working behind the scenes non-stop anyway because I see my business as my passion and my growth plans. "I'm still going to make them happen, but now I have the investment and I know I'm the winner of the show, I can take it to the next level, so I'm really looking forward to working with Lord Sugar and bringing the investment." to reality. Speaking of working with Lord Sugar, she said: “We have run the business for 6 years and together we have brought it to where it is today. "He's not going anywhere and we're a great team so we'll be a powerhouse with Lord Sugar too. "We're an amazing dynamic duo, we actually have amazing personalities, we complement each other's skills and that ensures we'll be successful in our business, so it's going to really fuel our growth, both of us are still involved, and yes it will be brilliant. She added: "I applied because I thought it would be easy and I could crush it, but when I got there, the exhaustion, the difficulty of the tasks, you don't know anyone around and you try to work as a team , but you've never met them before, the intensity of the boardroom, the cameras, everything is busier, more than you can imagine unless you're there. "I found it really difficult and because I was taking it so seriously I couldn't relax, I was like a machine running from exhaustion. But I made it and I believe focus, determination and purpose got me through it, it's by far the hardest thing I've ever done. "I just loved the last boardroom as the contestants left after helping me and Kathryn, I couldn't believe that moment, I honestly felt like I was watching it because I really dreamed about that moment. I will never forget that moment when I was chasing my dreams, I did and I got there.'


Emma Raducanu aims to play to 30 as she reacts to Ash Barty's shock retirement

Emma Raducanu admitted she hopes to play into her 30s following Ash Barty's shock decision to retire. Reigning Wimbledon and Australia (Author: Gardener)

Emma RaducanuEmma Raducanu admitted she hopes to play into her 30s following Ash Barty's shock decision to retire. The reigning Wimbledon and Australian Open champion announced this week that she has decided to retire aged just 25. The three-time Grad Slam winner has decided to retire from sport to "pursue other dreams." Raducanu is six years younger and is still in the early stages of her career, having only appeared on stage last year. Having made history by winning the US Open and reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon, she's already packed up a lot, but the 19-year-old doesn't have a quick exit like Barty in mind. "I just want to wish Ash well because she's had a great career," she said at a press conference ahead of the Miami Open. “I think she achieved everything she wanted when she started the sport. "I think she was a great player and she brought a lot of variety into the game. I got a lot of inspiration from her on how she can shake things up. "I think Ash's resignation just shows how personal everyone's goals and objectives are. "I feel like if I start with a goal, if I start playing tennis I'll achieve that, once I'm happy it kind of makes sense to end on a high if you know what I mean. I feel like it's personal. “For me, I want to be in the game for as long as possible. I've just started touring, which is pretty young. Now I think the tour is getting younger. There are many great players who are also young. "I want to be in the game until I'm in my 30s. Barty previously left the game when she played professional cricket aged 18 before returning to tennis and taking it by storm. Raducanu says being consumed by tennis isn't healthy and revealed how she keeps busy off the court. "I think that probably helped her. When you're oversaturated with one thing, whatever you do, it's not healthy," she added. "I feel like that just shows when you take some time off, you're coming back, you're hungry, you're ready. “I feel like I took 18 months off in 2020. I feel like I got some great results last summer too. “At the moment my interests are – I like motorsport a lot, so Formula 1, Moto GP. “I can't really do a lot of those things now because unfortunately it's a bit dangerous for tennis.


Raducanu is eliminated in the second round of the Miami Open

Britain's Emma Raducanu suffers another early exit when she is beaten by Katerina Siniakova in the second round of the Miami Open. (Author: Gardener)

secondBritain's Emma Raducanu suffered another early exit when she was beaten by Katerina Siniakova in the second round of the Miami Open. The 19-year-old US Open champion has won just two of her seven games this season. Earlier, her compatriot Heather Watson celebrated her first win over a top-20 player since 2020 with a 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (7-4) win over Elina Svitolina. Watson saved a match point on her way to defeating the 20th-place Ukraine. It's the first time Watson has reached the third round in Miami in six years. I've been coming here for so long it feels like it's my home," Watson told Amazon Prime. She was nervous as she tried to finish the match. She started the stronger of the two and took a 4-1 lead while a tear-stained Siniakova took a medical time-out with what appeared to be a rib problem in the set, Raducanu raced to a break lead in the second set before the world No. 53 forced a deciding set. Raducanu left Again in the break lead early in the third set and had a chance to take a 3-0 lead before Siniakova rolled off three games in a row. Nevertheless, Raducanu countered and served up to make it 5-4, but a double fault gave the initiative to Siniakova back, the Czech, number one in women's doubles, was then able to capitalize on a visibly disappointed Raducanu to finish the win. Dropping out of the top 100, Watson has opted to miss Britain's Billie Jean King Cup tie with the Czech Republic in April to focus on her singles rankings. She played well against an out of line Svitolina and maintained her confidence after slipping a 4-2 lead in the opening set. She saved a match point when she served to lead the deciding set into a tie-break before reeling off three straight points to claim the win. "I'm really happy to be back in shape this year," added Watson. Watson next meets either Belinda Bencic or Marta Kostyuk, who is seeded at No. 22. Previously, Naomi Osaka had beaten Angelique Kerber in a clash between two former world number ones. Japan's Osaka needed just 60 minutes to defeat the No. 15 seed Germany 6-2, 6-3. The win is Osaka's first victory over a top-20 player since last year's Miami Open, when she defeated Elise Mertens in the fourth round. She meets Karolina Muchova next after the Czech defeated US Open runner-up Leylah Fernandez 6-4, 7-6 (7-3) in the second round. Danielle Collins was victorious in her first match since the Australian Open final where she finished second to Ashleigh Barty. Simona Halep retired from the tournament before her opening match with a hamstring injury. Spain's seventh Garbine Muguruza also retired on Thursday with a shoulder injury.