"Bob Marley showed up in a bad mood" - Esther Anderson's best photo

"To loosen it up, I made it run. When he got warm, he took off his top. The camera loved him and he loved showing off' (Author: Gardener)

Bob MarleyI was in New York at a party hosted by Island Records and that's where I first met Bob. He and the Wailers had recently signed to the label and he was in town for promotional work. I wanted to find another way to express myself. Having learned the craft of photography from my friend Francine Winham, I decided to put my acting career aside to document Bob Marley and the Wailers for their forthcoming album, Catch a Fire. My partner at the time, Chris Blackwell - co-founder of Iceland - asked me to lead the group and help grow them into international artists. Shortly thereafter, I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti with Bob. We began to develop a very close relationship that led us to write together, including the lyrics for Get Up, Stand Up. He was serious about being an artist and was keen to get his voice out into the world. When we got back to Jamaica I suggested we go to Hellshire Beach for the shoot. It's a part of the island famous for its beautiful white sand, clear water, and Blue Mountain as a backdrop. I wanted to show Bob as himself, a young artist from Jamaica, on his own terms. It was of paramount importance to show how important he was to the Rastafarian philosophy and way of life. I wanted to show that without the Rastafari tradition, there is no Bob Marley. Back then, Rastafarianism was not considered part of Jamaican culture, and people on the island were disenfranchised and ostracized for being Rastafarians. I wanted Bob Marley and the Wailers to be a catalyst for changing the perception of Rastafarians in Jamaica and around the world, combining tradition with the beauty of reggae. On the day of shooting, Bob had a disagreement with Chris and was in a bad mood. To loosen him up, I let him run on the beach. He was getting very warm, so he took off his shirt. I wanted to photograph him in the light of Jamaica and show our skin color as it should be shown. I remember him saying, "Gosh, you take a lot of pictures of me!" He loved the camera and he loved showing off - he shot like a dream. By the time he stopped running, the evening sun had set, reflecting off the surface of the water like burnt gold. For me, the photo is like a prayer, like Bob saying, "I look to Babylon and I trust you." The pose was totally natural, but I knew the moment he struck it was the defining moment. I love the grainy quality it gives to a photo - I especially dislike when images are completely flat. The picture shows the essence of feeling good in your own skin and how self-expression comes from being true to yourself. Born: Jamaica, 1943. Educated: Photographer Francine Winham. Influences: Hiro, Richard Avedon, Jerry Schatzberg, Robert Freeman, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Man Ray. Highlight: "The success of my album art for Catch a Fire and Burnin'. The Burnin' album was selected by Time Magazine and the BBC to be placed in a capsule at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, which opens on the night of the year 3000. Low point: 1974, after the release of Catch a Fire albums, Jamaican police searched my home and studio and took away my film and photos, including the cover of Bob smoking a big spliff.


Why did I finally fall in love with the University Challenge?

PETER HITCHENS: I hate the University Challenge. That's actually because I used to love it so much and it cruelly betrayed me. (Author: Gardener)

the University ChallengeI hate the University Challenge. I still make my Monday night rendezvous with a program that I enjoyed a long time ago and appeared in once, but I generally leave completely disappointed and discouraged. The whole point of quizzes is that you'll be happy if you know the answer and get excited if you don't. Common knowledge is what an educated person should be ashamed of not knowing. But nowadays, if I can't answer a question, I usually don't care. Because the new, modernized University Challenge is a finger-wagging, politically correct bore obsessed with anything but general questions about specialized areas of science and math. Which of these current questions is real and which is false? 'Using differential calculus, how many surds represent the cube root of the function of minus 42 when x equals 14?'; 3. “These questions relate to the shorthand notation of electron configuration, in which chemical elements are indicated by the noble gas that precedes them followed by the configuration of their outer electrons. I want you to name the element represented.” I bet they all leave 99 percent of the audience equally clueless and amazed. When Jeremy Paxman starts off with a question like this, it's time to put the kettle on, because teams often spend several minutes discussing these questions before making wild, wrong assumptions. Eventually, Paxman reveals the answer, trying in vain to pretend he knows such a thing, when obviously he doesn't. Once or twice the team will include a future Nobel laureate who may actually provide the answer. But the number of cases in which eight intelligent university students stare blankly into space is large and growing. If you want to do well as a Nobel laureate in this program, you would do well to spend several evenings poring over such forgetful things. Admit it, you only have a vague idea of ​​who won the last Nobel Prizes. It's not common knowledge. Nonetheless, they are one of the key issues on which University Challenge questioners are concerned. Such questions are the cue for Paxman to snarl at the astonished participants: "Of course it was Emmelina Schwarzkopf!" as if he had the faintest idea. I just made them up, and while the program has yet to do this, who would notice if it did? Paxman's aura of omniscience is riddled with his odd attempts at pronouncing German and his insistence on using the French word tricolore instead of the perfectly good English term tricolor in all these flag questions I'll get to. If you don't know who painted a picture, you have a good chance of getting a five or even a ten if you answer Artemisia Gentileschi, since she - as one of the few notable female classical artists - seems to be the answer to at least one question almost every week. The quiz is also obsessed with the flags of obscure nations. The quiz is also obsessed with the flags of obscure nations. Since it is almost exclusively a matter of accumulations of longitudinal or transverse stripes, only hours of brooding remain in the days before appearance. Since it is almost exclusively a matter of accumulations of longitudinal or transverse stripes, only hours of brooding remain in the days before appearance. In this particular program, the winning team scored a tiny 85 points and the losers 80. A detailed knowledge of the Pacific archipelago usually earns you several points, as well as other things that any student doesn't know, like the geography of the United States or South America. Occasionally, questions about the geography of this country arise. And this reveals the deep, deep problem that caused the program's ruin. It is embarrassingly clear that modern college students have very little idea where the English counties are, or the rivers and other main features of this island. The same problem arises when asking the teams about English literature with increasing rarity. Paxman almost certainly had to read every word Shakespeare wrote as part of his English studies at Cambridge some 50 years ago. It is indeed unfair. Long gone are the days when schools would actually take their students line by line through Shakespeare plays, as they did in my school days and the Paxman days. Likewise the reasonably thorough introduction to the principal works of English poetry and literature which formerly was given to everyone destined for the university. Likewise, lessons in narrative English history or simple geography. All of this had become apparent in the years before the old Bamber-Gascoigne version of the program finally went off the air in 1987. The boys just didn't know as much as they used to. Launching in 1994, the new version of the show seemed determined to prove nothing was wrong, the establishment's standard response to an apparent educational decline. Launching in 1994, the new version of the show seemed determined to prove nothing was wrong, the establishment's standard response to an apparent educational decline. But they actually existed. I suspect the decision to stuff the program with specific science and math questions, and the rest of the boring stuff about flags, the Tang Dynasty, and Mesoamerican civilizations, was made so no one can actually claim it's been watered down. If they kept asking the old kind of questions, the problem would be obvious. But smart participants can delve into the new topics (some teams have real coaches) and audiences can snap at their knowledge. But the day will come when I'll see that the University Challenge is tonight and I'll find that I have something more interesting to do than watch it. I will miss it, but it will be the program from before that I will miss, not the one we have now.


Learn about Jogger and his killers who were convicted of hate crimes

Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed by two white men and Stars are calling for an investigation into his death. (Author: Gardener)

LearnUPDATE: (2/22/22): Gregory McMichael, his son Travis and their neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan have been found guilty on all counts of the Ahmaud Arbery hate crime. The 12-person panel of the S. District Court made its decision on February 22, the eve of the two-year anniversary of Ahmaud's death. Travis and Gregory were also found guilty of carrying and wielding a gun, according to the Washington Post, while Travis was also guilty of firing a firearm. UPDATE: (1/7/22 3:10pm ET): The killers of Ahmaud Arbery were convicted on Friday, January 7th. Travis McMichael and his father Gregory McMichael both received life imprisonment plus 20 years without parole. William "Roddie" Bryan was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole, according to CNN. UPDATE: (11/24/21): Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan have all been found guilty of the murder of Ahmaud. All three men faced nine charges. Travis was found guilty on all nine counts. He was acquitted of the malicious murder charge. Bryan was acquitted of charges of malicious murder, one charge of felony, and one charge of aggravated assault. He was found guilty on the remaining charges, according to CNN. NEW: Before sentencing men found guilty of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, the judge sits in silence for a full minute to depict "a fraction of the time Ahmaud Arbery ran away" from the suspects. UPDATE (7/17/2020 12:30 p.m. ET): Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan have all pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. As previously updated, each defendant faces one count of malicious murder, four counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of false imprisonment, and one count of criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. Along with a list of approximately 50 questions for potential jurors, William Bryan's attorney has requested to see all of Ahmaud Arbery's probation documents, any medical or mental health records, any juvenile court records, any DCFS records and any education authority records, according to TMZ. UPDATE (6/24/2020 4:08 pm ET): Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan have all been indicted by a grand jury in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Each defendant faces one count of malicious murder, four counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of false imprisonment, and one count of criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, according to Cobb County DA Joyette Holmes. Wanda Cooper-Jones, the mother of Ahmaud Arbery, is demanding the sentencing of three men convicted of the murder of her son to life in prison without parole. Let her fully commit to the consequences of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced on May 7, 2020. The charges of murder and aggravated assault came after scores of celebrities and people demanded justice for Ahmaud, who ran and fatally shot after him in a neighborhood being chased by Gregory, 64, and his 34-year-old son Travis, on February 23 2020. ORIGINAL: Ahmaud Arbery went for a jog on February 23, 2020 and did not come back alive. 25, was running through a quiet neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia, when two gunmen — Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34 — got into a white pickup truck to chase him, Gregory, a former police officer and former investigator of the Local prosecutors told Glynn County police officers that he thought Ahmaud (who is pictured above with his mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones) matched the description of a suspect in a string of recent burglaries, according to the Washington Post. During the chase, the McMichaels reportedly yelled, "Stop, stop, we want to talk to you." During a physical altercation, Gregory claims Ahmaud "started violently attacking" and tried to fight Travis over his shotgun. Travis reportedly fired his gun, and Ahmaud fell and died from his wounds on the sidewalk. The entire murder was filmed by the McMichaels' neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan. Lawyers for Ahmaud's family claim that this shows his moments of death. In the graphic shots, Ahmaud and the McMichaels have their physical altercation. Ahmaud, described by The New York Times as a "former high school football star," lived with his mother outside of the small town of Brunswick. Friends and family said he "liked to stay in good shape," and he was often spotted jogging in and around his neighborhood. Shortly after the shooting, the Brunswick Judicial Circuit prosecutor withdrew because Gregory McMichael worked in her officer's office, according to the New York Times. Barnhill eventually withdrew after Ahmaud's mother publicly argued that there was a conflict of interest (since George had also worked for the prosecutor's office). Before dropping the case, The New York Times reported that Mr. Barnhill wrote to the Glynn County Police Department, arguing that there was "no sufficient probable cause" to arrest the McMichaels and arguing that the two had "fatal use force” to protect themselves under Georgia law. He also reportedly argued that Ahmaud had a criminal record (The New York Times reports that Ahmaud was convicted of shoplifting and violating probation in 2018, and that he was allegedly charged in 2013 for taking a handgun to a high school basketball game ). said these priors "may help explain his apparent aggressive nature and possible thought pattern of attacking an armed man". He said a grand jury should decide whether criminal charges against those involved in Ahmaud's death were warranted. Lee Merritt, an attorney for Arbery's mother, was not afraid to use racist language in describing the murder. "These men were vigilantes, they were a group and they carried out a modern day lynching in the middle of the day," the lawyer said, according to The Guardian. Although the COVID-19 outbreak has dampened mass gatherings, people have still protested the lack of arrests over Ahmaud's killing. Activists organized #IRunWithMaud and asked their supporters to walk 2.23 miles (the date of his death) to express their anger. The assassination of Ahmaud and the lack of visible action by Georgian authorities have enraged many, including LeBron James. That anger was shared by Naomi Campbell (“Please let us not forget this young man's name, Ahmaud Arbery”), Justin Bieber (Pray for the family that is grieving the loss of Ahmaud Arbery. Pray for justice too!”), Justin Timberlake (“If You are not outraged, you should be") and other celebrities. The video is clear: Ahmaud Arbery was killed in cold blood. My heart goes out to his family who deserve and deserve justice now. May God guide Ahmaud Arbery's family and loved ones to the light of goodness and keep them there. "The video is clear: Ahmaud Arbery was killed in cold blood," President Joe Biden said in May 2020. "My heart goes out to his family who deserve and deserve justice now. It is time for a swift, full and transparent investigation into his murder. It is time for a swift, full and transparent investigation into his murder.”


Living in the poorest part of Stoke-on-Trent

Bentilee and Ubberley were considered the poorest parts of town, so we asked residents what they thought (Author: Gardener)

UbberleyFamilies living in the poorest area of ​​Stoke-on-Trent say there are some struggles - but they love where they live. The latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) named the area of ​​Bentilee and Ubberley as the poorest area in Stoke-on-Trent. Bentilee was known as Europe's largest council estate when it was built in the 1950s. Some who live there say there can be problems with troublemakers and that there are certain areas they wouldn't go to after dark. Still, many residents of Bentilee say they enjoy living there. READ MORE: Living in one of Staffordshire's poorest areas - and the people who love it They describe it as a nice place to live, with friendly neighbors and good links to Longton and Hanley. Alan Joinson, chairman of the East Bentilee Residents' Association, says he loves living on his Bentilee estate. "I've lived on the estate since I was eight years old and I love the estate. You can carry me off the estate in a box," he said. "I have cancer and my neighbors on either side of my house are brilliant. They ask me every day if I want something people have for the past 18 months and it's only going to get worse as prices go up. People cannot afford to live. I'm fine myself, but I only feel sorry for the people who aren't. "The community just raised the rents and doesn't think about the fact that people are trying to make a living from it. A can of spaghetti is up 40 percent, which is a lot of money for people with young children. “I think the community should do more in Bentilee. It looks bad because of the rubbish around the place, it's very rare to see a street sweeper now. I think the council should do more to tidy up the house.” David Leigh has lived in his Bentilee home on Truro Place in the cul-de-sac for 67 years. It was the house in which he was born. old said: “I like living here. It's usually quiet, it's very friendly and there's a good sense of community. “It used to be one of the largest social settlements in Europe. I used to know everyone at once and I still know many of them. There are parts I don't want to go to because of troublemakers, but it's always been like this. There are too many cars on the street. When I get off my scooter I have to go onto the street because people are parking on the sidewalk. The road wasn't built for that many cars.” I love I live here and have a lot of memories. I hope to live here for many more years. John and Tracey Williams have lived in Truro Place for 16 years. John, 67, said: "It didn't shock us that it's the poorest area because at the end of the day it's a council estate and it's a big estate and you get good and bad everywhere. It is convenient to live here to get there places. We have a number of shops on Twigg Street such as the Paper Shop and the Crisp Shop. “We have a big problem with parking, people double park. “When we moved here, there were only two cars on the road. Now everyone has cars and we just park where we can.” I've had a happy 16 years here.” Tracey says she was “born and raised” on the property. old. When we moved in we were the young and now we are the old. "I don't like the parks. That's not acceptable when there are small children there.” “We won't be staying here, but that's only because we don't need a three-bedroom house now. Ash Wint has lived in areas throughout Stoke-on-Trent but is now settled in Bentilee. The 28-year-old said: "I was surprised that it's the poorest area. I've lived everywhere.” I've lived in Bentilee for about three years. I don't want to move from here. I've moved five times. I have lived in Meir, Fenton, Chell Heath, Abbey Hulton and Bucknall. Bentilee isn't the worst. “We have a Lidl nearby that is good and a market on a Tuesday. It happens quite often and I have kids.” This street is quiet with old people so we like it here. But some areas are a bit dodgy with parks and outdoor bars.” Kyle Sawyer has lived in Truro Place his entire life. The 22-year-old added: "I'm not shocked that Bentilee is the poorest. It doesn't seem like a particularly prosperous area to me. "It's a decent place to live, it's certainly not the worst."


Scott McTominay responds to criticism from Gary Neville and Roy Keane

The Premier League champions completely outclassed their rivals in the second half, with Riyad Mahrez scoring twice as United failed to put a glove on their rivals. United slipped to fifth place. (Author: Gardener)

Scott McTominayManchester United midfielder Scott McTominay hits back at Red Devils legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane, who insisted they had given up in their awful 4-1 defeat at the hands of rivals Manchester City. The 25-year-old Scotland international claims it's "incredibly disappointing when people think that" but they need to stick together - despite the painful defeat to their rivals. United scored a goal from Kevin De Bruyne after just five minutes, recovered and eventually found their footing in the game. He equalized midway through the first half thanks to a brilliant finish from Jadon Sancho. Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay has struck back at Red Devils legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane. The Scotland international insists it's 'incredibly disappointing' when people feel United gave up in the 4-1 defeat by Manchester City. De Bruyne restored City to the lead shortly afterwards but Ralf Rangnick's men stayed in the game until the end of the first half before the wheels went off spectacularly after the restart. The Premier League champions completely outclassed their rivals in the second half, with Riyad Mahrez scoring twice as United failed to put a glove on their rivals. "Manchester United's reaction to being 3-1 down was embarrassing. Ninety-two percent possession for City? They gave up," said Sky Sports pundit Neville. Gary Neville says it's not nearly good enough from his former club Manchester United. But as a Manchester United fan, it's embarrassing. “City played brilliantly in the second half. But United's commitment and intensity in the final 20 minutes were absent. "The worst thing that can be said about United is that they gave up," Keane added. The beauty of top-flight sport is that there's no hiding.” Roy Keane slams Man United players for giving up after a tough loss to leaders Man City “They gave up and shamed them” - Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) March 6, 2022 McTominay has reacted to these comments, admitting he will have to watch it again to see what he thinks of the performance. “From my perspective on the pitch, it's difficult to see what's going on around you. If people say so, so be it," McTominay told Sky Sports. "You are all entitled to your own opinion, but for me personally it's incredibly disappointing when people think that. McTominay (centre) admitted he will watch the game again to see the United players' body language. "Whatever happens behind the scenes is completely irrelevant to me." — Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) March 6, 2022 “I have to watch it again and see the body language and stuff like that but for myself it hurts. United slipped to fifth in the Premier League while Arsenal moved up to fourth and the Gunners have three games left - meaning Ralf Rangnick's side now face a difficult task in building their place for the Champions to qualify for the league. Moreover, rumors continue to circulate about the club and what is currently going wrong, as well as who the next permanent coach could be, with PSG boss Mauricio Pochettino and Ajax's Erik ten Hag still the hot favorites. Ralf Rangnick (pictured) and his side now face a tough battle to qualify for the Champions League after slipping to fifth place. "We have a big end to the season, we need to win the Champions League and we need to get in the top four and that's all I'm thinking about at the moment. I'm part of it but you just have to focus on your own game, you can get too distracted by other things that are going on at the football club." He added: "We have to stick together, stick together as a group, we we must not allow something like this to hurt us so badly when we lack confidence in the next game. "It's part of being a Manchester United player, you can't let your head down, we've had a lot of good times in the derby but this one hurts today." Playing alongside their rivals, City enjoyed 92 percent possession in the last 15 minutes, which McTominay says just isn't good enough. Manchester City played alongside their rivals and had 92 percent possession in the last 15 minutes. “We gave the ball away too much in the second half, pretty much every time we gave away the ball they held it for 15-20 passes and we found it difficult to get the ball back. In the first half we created good angles and moved the ball well and we had numerous chances. “For us the most disappointing thing is how we were so sloppy in the second half and that was talked about in the dressing room. "When you get to a place like this when you're still 2-1 in the game, you can't give the ball away as easily or as easily." “It depends on individuals, it depends on focus, it depends on how we deal with the expectation of playing for a club like Manchester United. "We can't go on like this.


Arteta 'exposed' Xhaka before his warning was ignored by the Arsenal captain

Granit Xhaka refused to wear the captain's armband after Alexandre Lacazette was substituted for Eddie Nketiah in the second half as Arsenal secured a 2-1 win over Brentford (Author: Gardener)

ArsenalGranit Xhaka refused to wear the captain's armband after Alexandre Lacazette was substituted for Eddie Nketiah in the second half as Arsenal secured a 2-1 win over Brentford, securing his uncertain Arsenal future. The Switzerland midfielder refused to wear the armband after Alexandre Lacazette was substituted in the second half in the Gunners' 2-1 win over the Bees. Eddie Nketiah tried to hand the armband to Xhaka when he replaced the Frenchman with five minutes remaining but the midfielder refused at close range. The forward, who has been on the fringes of Arteta's side and is due to leave as a free agent in the summer, was unsure how to react and wore the armband for a brief moment before passing it to Kieran Tierney. Mikel Arteta is running out of experienced players to count on in his 'leading group'. Should Arsenal sell Granit Xhaka in the summer? The former Chelsea boss was keen to sign the Arsenal man last summer but a move didn't materialize before Xhaka would sign a contract extension that quashed all speculation. But those rumors have surfaced again and his refusal to take the armband against the bees won't calm them down. He became skipper after winning a player vote among his teammates early in Emery's sophomore season. Xhaka was sacked just under two months later after gesturing at Arsenal fans who harassed him during his substitution. But despite his history, Arteta had included the Swiss star in a "leading group" of Arsenal players. "In the last game we had (Alexandre Lacazette) and we also have Xhaka," Arteta said when asked about the players who could wear the armband this season. The Spaniard stripped the Gabonese international of the captaincy over a disciplinary issue, banning him from the first-team before forcing him out of the club when he joined Barcelona in January. Granit Xhaka refused to accept the captain's armband, Arteta made it clear that he wasn't a bigger player than the club and there is a good chance , that Xhaka's actions exceeded the target as he failed to put the team first by not putting on the armband. which means that when a person isn't following these guidelines, it's pretty obvious." He said, "So when you see certain behaviors on a daily basis, they become habits, and those habits are easy to follow, and once they're inte I believe." not that anyone can escape and try to do something else because it will be exposed.


Aston Villa player ratings like Coutinho, Ramsey and Buendia are all struggling against Arsenal

Aston Villa 0 Arsenal 1 Player Ratings | It was a disappointing afternoon at Villa Park as Steven Gerrard's side barely put a glove on Bernd Leno in the Gunners' goal (Author: Gardener)

CoutinhoAston Villa have been subjected to another reality check from a side they really want to compete with next season, with England ace Bukayo Saka playing a leading role in condemning Steven Gerrard's side to their fourth defeat in the last seven. It was Saka who emerged with the winning goal as he processed a clean free-kick with Cedric Soares before the latter slammed a ball past the far post. Villa failed to process that very ball and Saka was on hand to fire past Emi Martinez home, with the Villa keeper's view blocked by a line of bodies in front of him. The warning signs for Villa in another crowded Villa Park were seen early on as Saka skinned Ashley Young - for the injured Lucas Digne - before Emile Smith had a chance to overtake Rowe, well-placed after just two minutes. Before kick-off, Gerrard changed his system to bring Emi Buendia back in for Danny Ings, while Ezri Konsa also hit back in for ex-gunner Calum Chambers. However, Villa struggled to get going and failed to register a single shot on Bernd Leno's goal while the German came on for the injured Aaron Ramsdale. Villa's frustration grew at referee Andy Madley's performance, who quickly scored Jacob Ramsey, John McGinn and Tyrone Mings in the first half, the latter a poor decision when Mings swished the ball away from Saka midway. After the break, Villa improved slightly when McGinn got closer with a right foot curl on the hour mark, while Ollie Watkins sliced ​​inside six minutes later before his attempt teed off Kieran Tierney and hit the outside of Leno's post. With just over 20 minutes to go, Gerrard made a substitution, bringing on Leon Bailey and Bertrand Traore for Ramsey and Buendia, while Philippe Coutinho - calm throughout - fell back in a midfield three-pointer alongside McGinn and Douglas Luiz. After that, Young did well to stop Alexandre Lacazette at 0-2 from the Holte End with a brave block, while Danny Ings was Villa's final change as he replaced Watkins with 10 minutes to go. And it was Ings who created Villa's next chance as he threw his header straight into Leno's net after a decent delivery from Bailey down that right. Coutinho registered Villa's first shot on goal in the fourth minute of added time when Leno smashed his free-kick away. That proved true, however, as Villa's season threatened to end on a whimper with nine games remaining. Emi Martinez: Reacted quickly and got the ball out after Konsa deflected Saka's cross into goal. Martinez's sight was obstructed for Saka's opening goal when the English ace fired low and just to Martinez's right. Matty Cash: Started bright with a snappy pass into the field and hissed a decent delivery over Leno's six-yard box that Watkins dodged. Matty Cash dribbles ball against Arsenal Ezri Konsa: Almost came up with an own goal but down for Martinez's lovely defense. Konsa produced an important block to deny Odegaard just after halftime. Mings kept Lacazette calm and stayed true to the task at hand alongside Konsa. Ashley Young: Was flushed by Saka in the first 45 minutes with the 20-year-old - 16 years younger than Young - making the Villa man feel his age well and truly. Young's best moment came just after the break when he looked back and delivered a pinpoint cross to Watkins at the far post, but Gabriel cleared well. Came in with a bold block to also deny Lacazette. Young did well in the second half, constantly trying to get balls into the box. The Scot challenged Lacazette early on, which got the crowd cheering while he made some dangerous deliveries in Arsenal's 18-yard box. McGinn registered Villa's first shot on goal after an hour after seeing his right-foot shot go a meter away. Douglas Luiz: Clean and tidy as he always is in there but in truth he was a passenger as Partey and Xhaka really dominated that area of ​​the pitch to stop players like Coutinho and Buendia. Douglas made Villa tick today but Arsenal drove to victory. Jacob Ramsey: Booked for scissoring Smith Rowe early on and was struggling to get into a proper rhythm. Ramsey's clearance fell straight to Saka for Arsenal's opener. Coutinho dropped to 8th when Bailey and Traore came on as the pair played up and alongside Watkins. Makes Leno cast Death with a Free Kick. Emi Buendia: Started for the first time in five games when he played alongside Coutinho behind Watkins. Buendia has defended a lot while his frustrations boiled over just before the break when he hit the grass just in front of Gerrard as Arsenal continued to dominate. Replaced by Gerrard, who wants to hold out with Coutinho instead. Watkins struggled to hit the outside of Leno's post, and he ran back the Gunners' backline when he ran towards them. The Arsenal fan was sadly unable to improve on his record of three goals in three games and was isolated when Gerrard changed his system. Leon Bailey for Ramsey, 68 minutes: He shot through immediately with a dangerous ball into Arsenal's near post. Bertrand Traore, coming on for Buendia, 68 minutes: His first appearance since January 2 at Brentford when Gerrard was looking for some magic. Traore headed wide of the post from Coutinho's corner late on. Danny Ings, coming on for Watkins, 80 minutes: Shortly after his substitution, a header shot at Leno's goal.


How the top pops flopped

"It's No. 1, it's the top of the pops." With these words DJ Jimmy Savile opened the new BBC pop music show on New Year's Day 1964 and… (Author: Gardener)

DJ Jimmy Savile"It's No. 1, it's the top of the pops." With these words, DJ Jimmy Savile opened the BBC's new pop music show on New Year's Day 1964, launching a series that would become a TV institution that seemed to go on forever. "It's No. 1, it's the top of the pops." With these words, DJ Jimmy Savile opened the BBC's new pop music show on New Year's Day 1964, launching a series that would become a TV institution that seemed to go on forever. But times are changing, viewers are growing up and ratings are falling. But times are changing, viewers are growing up and ratings are falling. The BBC tried to stem the decline - but not very hard, as it sometimes seemed - by moving the show's slot and even channel and relegating it to BBC2. The BBC tried to stem the decline - but not very hard, as it sometimes seemed - by moving the show's slot and even channel and relegating it to BBC2. After viewership fell from 19 million in September 1979 to around one million today, BBC bosses decided to scrap the show, blaming competition from 24-hour music channels and the internet for its demise. Top Of The Pops ends tomorrow after an incredible 42-year run. Savile (now Sir Jimmy) will return with Tony Blackburn, Janice Long and Mike Read to present the final show. The Rolling Stones will open the final show in archival footage from The Last Time, as they did the first, broadcast live from a converted church in Manchester. Dusty Springfield, Dave Clark Five, The Hollies and the Swinging Blue Jeans also performed at the studio. Cliff Richard & The Shadows and Freddie & The Dreamers were in the film, as were The Beatles, who played the week's chart-topping I Want To Hold Your Hand. Not everyone was content with letting TOTP die quietly. "It wasn't just a big part of people's childhoods, it was a big impetus to start a group, 'One day we're going to be in Top Of The Pops,'" he says. Dave Lee Travis, the former Radio One DJ who now presents a Northeastern Saturday morning show on Magic 1152, criticized the removal of "a great brand, a simple but effective format." "It was quite simply the only place where you could hear all the top bands and top sounds of the day in one place on one show," he says. "But for the kids, who it's basically aimed at, it's 'pee in the wind' these days. If you look at any TOTP we've done, everyone's having fun and it shows. TOTP was originally commissioned for only six shows, except this one was the Swinging Sixties and young people who had money and power for the first time took it on as their own show. That same year, Pan's People made their dance debut. Their skimpy costumes and sexy routines became part of the TOTP legend. The 1,000th Show aired in 1983 and it was only four years after that ITV attempted to take on TOTP with The Roxy, produced by Tyne Tees Television in Newcastle. The writing had been on the wall for TOTP for some time, with a number of revisions as a goal to increase viewership. In 1991, new producer Stan Appel decided that acts had to sing live. Five years later, the BBC moved the show to direct competition with Coronation Street on ITV He watched TOTP at his 2,000. show in 2002 before handing the show reins to former children's television station nter Andi Peters the following year. He too unveiled a new look for TOTP but failed to stem the decline in viewership, resulting in the show losing its BBC1 spot two years ago. It has since languished in a Sunday night slot where ratings have plummeted from three to just over a million. All that will remain after Sunday are the facts and figures, like the stats that the show was hosted by 65 hosts, not counting the many guest hosts in the mid-'90s. Cliff Richard holds the record for most appearances with nearly 160 appearances. R Kelly holds the record for the number of security guards accompanying him - a studio that fills 43 people. The record for most people on stage goes to Fat Les when they squeezed 75 people onto the stage to perform Jerusalem. And Sunday's final episode of Top Of The Pops will be 2,204. be output. * Top Of The Pops - The Final Countdown: BBC2, Sunday 7pm, followed by Top Of The Pops: The True Story, 10pm and Pan's People: Digging The Dancing Queens, 11:10pm.


Is Elden Ring too easy?

The Thursday Inbox compiles a list of the best video game horses as a reader worries the Sony formula is starting to tire. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayThe Thursday Inbox compiles a list of the best video game horses as a reader worries the Sony formula is starting to tire. Don't ask for help It's been great to see how successful Elden Ring has been in terms of sales and how many people love it. I haven't seen anyone really criticize, just a few people say it's not for them - which is totally understandable. There were some people who claimed it was going to be too difficult before it was released and asked for an easy mode etc. but they seem to have been reassured because the game was a huge hit. People have said it a hundred times, but level up and use staff and the game pretty much plays itself. Seriously, get three good players on your side (which is easy now that the game has been around for a while is), and you can literally sit back and watch them beat a boss for you while all four of you barely break a sweat. If that isn't an easy mode, I don't know what is. It's tempting to call for help, but I would really encourage people not to use it as beating the bosses alone is the ultimate reward in Elden Ring. If not, I honestly find the game too easy. Day off Happy Mario Day Allen! Since March 10th is MAR10 day! Also there are a few free things up for grabs at the moment, there is a free to play demo of the new Kirby game on the Switch eShop and also a new Aperture Desk job is free on Steam, it lasts around 30 minutes and also starts at 4pm on Thursday in the Epic Games Store you can get Cities: Skylines which was previously given away for free by Epic as I already have it in my library but people who missed it before can get it today. Currently playing: It Takes Two (Xbox One X), Borderlands 2 Co-op (Xbox One X) and Mafia 3 DLC (Xbox One X) RE: Your review of Babylon's Fall, that's the lowest score I've seen You give in a few years. I was wondering what is the lowest scoring game you reviewed recently and also woof how do you produce such a bad game? On a whole different tract, but do you think Final Fantasy 13 will ever release on PlayStation 4? I have high hopes for Project Spartacus and would love to play it again having not finished it on PlayStation 3 (I would ideally like to see a remaster given what a great job they did with Final Fantasy 12 ) when I was younger. GC: The last time we gave it a 1/10 was Indie Smash Bros. We wouldn't be surprised to see Final Fantasy 13 again, it showed up in Game Pass recently so Square Enix clearly haven't forgotten about it. The water is beautiful, I just wanted to write to attend the Elden Ring love festival. I haven't played a Soulsborne game since Dark Souls 3 launched and was previously worried that I was losing patience. The first few hours with Elden Ring were slow, but luckily the rhythm of the games kicked in again and I'm now enjoying my journey through the game to the fullest. I read your article about how to quickly complete Elden Ring and while I think it's great that everyone can enjoy the game in their own way, it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the game. I expect to play for several hundred hours and I enjoy collecting everything the most, armor sets, talismans, spells etc. I'm not a very good player so I like to level up when needed and use summons , whenever possible. The detail in the world, the complexity they have crafted, leaves me stunned at times. For me it is the most impressive game world that has ever been created in such detail. I thoroughly enjoyed Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and it generally had a softer, more inviting quality, but Elden Ring is a work of art. The only quality I have to say to advance in the game is patience. If you have another game to play next week, this might not be a good choice unless you have insane Twitch skills. However, give yourself time, check wikis if you get stuck, don't keep banging your head against the same axe, step back, level up, call for help, and gradually, step by step, you will become yourself improve and make progress. Anyone else had problems with Gran Turismo 7 getting stuck on the world map on PlayStation 5? Almost a week and I still can't play the game except five music races. I've tried messaging PlayStation on Twitter but no response yet. Also, I saw that a few other people on Twitter highlighted the same issue. After Cyberpunk 2077 and now I'll never buy another game on release day, absolute shambles. Well, Elden Ring certainly hasn't tarnished FromSoftware/Hidetaki Miyazaki's reputation. 36 hours has passed now, and I think the spectral steed could call Agro (Shadow Of The Colossus), Diamond Horse (Metal Gear Solid 5), Epona (Ocarina Of Time/Twilight Princess) and the horses in Breath Of The Wild as mine have passed favorite horse in gaming. Aside from the liveliest sense of speed and the feeling of riding very fluidly and responsively, it's the fun and effective jumping that give the Elden Ring's mount mechanics the edge for me. I especially like the rush of being hurled into the air by those magical updrafts. Love the mount's endearing, distinctive look, too, and how it materializes right beneath you when you call for its assistance, putting you in riding position instantly. Here's to many more hours with my trusty steed, aka My Mane Man, aka My Ride or Die! I'm currently playing through Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for the first time and just completed Divine Beast in the Desert after taking a while for the final puzzle to click. It got me thinking: when GC reviews a game — especially a massive release like Breath Of The Wild, where the expectation is for the review to be ready as soon as possible — there's added pressure on your playthrough if you're bragging for a while get stuck? I assume this must have happened at certain points during the playthrough of FromSoft games. GC: It's certainly a consideration, but with any game like this, we usually get it a few weeks before release. The only recent exception was Elden Ring, which only lasted a week - but we got a pretty comprehensive strategy guide for the first half of the game. Many players play Horizon Forbidden West, but the irony for me is that this was the turning point for me to buy a PlayStation 5 (from some scalper on eBay, of course). Ugly, huge, and this cheap plastic center piece looks ripe for a scratch if you just dust it off regularly. It's without a doubt the worst looking console I've ever owned. The user interface looks good, with no disturbing changes from PlayStation 4. At least the console can be seen but not heard. So on Horizon. The first impression was good. The graphics looked incredible until I switched to my preferred 60fps, which is a significant downgrade. I was shocked at the difference between the two modes and ended up sticking with the 30fps quality mode because the game's looks are a big part of its appeal. I was able to convince myself that the gameplay didn't require faster frames, but what I couldn't was that the beautiful game world was interesting to explore. The story didn't grab me either, along with the gameplay, which is all too familiar. I'll end my review there because not only do I feel like Horizon is to blame... I retired from Horizon to play Uncharted 4 (after paying a tenner). I was never able to finish The Last Of Us Part 2 because the story was so annoying, but I tried again. I couldn't bring myself to download Days Gone again, but the penny had already dropped. It wasn't necessarily Horizon's fault, it was the Sony formula I was fed up with. So I took note of all the praise for Elden Ring and bought it for the Xbox Series X. I have no idea what I'm doing in game and I've been killed many times. I've explored everything, taken on enemies I shouldn't have, and run away a lot. I'm playing a game that is my own story adventure and it's refreshing. Put simply, one tries to be a cinematic experience, the other a video game at its purest. The gaming industry goes through cycles of what's popular or not, inspiring many clones. Sony has been cloning their own work for years and I'm pretty sure they are aware of it. The Bungie acquisition is a good indication that they're looking to refresh their portfolio. I don't think the Sony formula is going away, but if the story isn't compelling and its leadership is rather dour, it can expose its flaws. I'll finish with this: The beginning of Elden Ring, the story is told via static images and a voiceover. Looking really cheap compared to Horizon's high-production cinematics, you'd think it's a different generation. Oddly enough, almost immediately I found myself much more invested in the story of Elden Ring. RE: Elden Ring Inventory. Seems like a lot of people don't know that on L3 you can click on any item to re-sort by, your new item is at the bottom. I'm not sure why it's not included in the help text. The topic for this weekend's inbox was suggested by reader Scooter, who asked you what your favorite video game universe is? Many video game franchises have existed for decades and have created their own unique worlds and backstories, but which do you most like returning to? It doesn't have to be a sequel game, but which fictional world or worlds are you having the most fun in? How important is the backstory and lore to you, and what else would you like to see in the same universe in terms of new games and spin-offs? New inbox updates appear every weekday morning, with special hot topic inboxes on weekends. You can also submit your own 500-600 word Reader's Feature at any time, which will be shown in the next available weekend slot if used. You can also leave your comments below and don't forget to follow us on Twitter. MORE : Gaming Inbox: Switch to Xbox for DualSense, State Of Play predictions and God Of War: The Movie MORE : Gaming Inbox: Give feedback on Horizon Forbidden West, Ubisoft's Elden Ring and Gran Turismo 7 Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at [email protected] For more stories like this, visit our gaming page.


2nd test, day 4 – live!

Over-by-Over Coverage: Join our writers for the latest from Saturday's game at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown (Author: Gardener)

day 4This website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Woakes, the most obvious fisherman in this series (and I say that as a fan of him both as a cricketer and as a guy), is belatedly given the new ball he allegedly picked on that tour to use for the first time . It is reasonably probing and accurate. Brathwaite, of course facing Leach, shovels in the middle and makes a quick single to get to 150. He used 458 balls and hit 16 of them for four. Kraigg Brathwaite salutes the crowd after scoring 150. And it's not a no ball! Saqib Mahmood finally gets his first Test wicket as Holder pulls skyward and Matt Fisher makes a fine swirling catch in the middle. Matt Fisher takes off and hangs on. After the PA rolls out a bombastic and inappropriate blast of We Will Rock You between overs, Roach hits the mark with a single-to-fine leg. Leach now has a proper attacking field, one close to the wicket on off and one on the leg, but Roach reads it well and dabs a girl out. Can England get those last three wickets in time to struggle a bit in the later stages today? 169th via: West Indies 385-7 (Da Silva 18, Roach 0). 169th via: West Indies 385-7 (Da Silva 18, Roach 0). 169th via: West Indies 385-7 (Da Silva 18, Roach 0). 169th via: West Indies 385-7 (Da Silva 18, Roach 0). Leach tries his hand at this new ball and makes him sing by saying goodbye to Brathwaite with a beauty. Shortly before that I had received this email from Liam Taylor jinxing the home captain: 'The main excitement now surely is to see how long Brathwaite can bat? He has now seen more balls than Babar Azam for Pakistan last week. We're watching history being made - very slowly.” BRATHWAITE IS OUT! Leach gets the new ball and finishes it off with a mid and leg pitched beauty that snaps for lift. And so ends a marathon display of focus and defiance from the West Indies captain. Dasilva is looking pretty comfortable now after a rapid start and he knocks Fisher through the roof for two. This is not the time or place for a closer to begin his Testing career. Remember how - a few weeks ago - Stokes was only talked about as a backup bowler on this tour? Well, he's now thrown more overs in the series than any other seaman. He gets as much out of the field as any of them, and he even induces a loose edge from Brathwaite, but she flies over the slips for four. And he comes back at him with an inswinger that almost knocks out the blunt. A really good over in the circumstances 166. Over: West Indies 375-6 (Brathwaite 154, Da Silva 14). Brathwaite takes a leisurely single from Fisher, and not much else happens. 165th via: West Indies 374-6 (Brathwaite 153, Da Silva 14). 165th via: West Indies 374-6 (Brathwaite 153, Da Silva 14). 165th via: West Indies 374-6 (Brathwaite 153, Da Silva 14). Stokes continues and Dasilva - who is currently monopolizing the punch to give his captain a breather - flicks him through the side of the leg for two. He's also beaten all ends from a beautifully formed scrambled seam outswinger 164: West Indies 372-6 (Brathwaite 153, Da Silva 12). Fisher is preferred to Woakes on the other end, gifting Dasilva a lightly carved two followed by a lightly carved single square offside with wide deliveries. Is it worth letting a spinner see if they can get some grip and rip with the new ball? And now it's time for a sponsored drink break. 163rd over: West Indies 369-6 (Brathwaite 153, Da Silva 9) The new ball is taken and Ben Stokes makes his first use of it, not a privilege bestowed on him often. Dasilva pockets the widest ball of the over-down-to-fine leg for his only run. 162nd over: West Indies 368-6 (Brathwaite 153, Da Silva 8) Third Fisher replaces Saqib and has an immediate call to lbw, but he is denied and England are out of ratings. "As a frontline attacking hoop, I find Alex Lee's leg twist throws bowls," writes Tim Sanders, "with a top-flight bowling average of 32; His batting average is a shade better than a wicket every four overs. Just don't tell Jack Leach that most of this stems from a fragrant bowling in the 2016 Lords game that denied Somerset the county championship. What was that game. And the old-school county championship bowling might be the only thing reviving this match now. 161st over: West Indies 366-6 (Brathwaite 152, Da Silva 7) The third — count them — new ball is now available, but Root is dangling it for now, thinking the old ball is dangling his bowlers could give . However, Brathwaite is absolutely unflappable, spinning a single continuous square leg. Dasilva then gets a four with a low edge through the slips that were never catchable. "Why the snide remarks about the way Windies approach this Test match?" writes Paul Sokhy. “They are not going to cede this match to England, why should they. If the boot was on the other foot people would say what a back down action by England to save the game with a character like that toughness blah blah. One thing is certain, England will not win this game. I think the expectation was that they would roll over the winds on day three, not what they get from strong disciplined resistance and good cricket. Oh well, the Barmy army is a bit quiet.” I think West Indies did everything they needed to, to be honest, when faced with 500 on the board against them, but when neither the pitch nor the When bowling attacks give you a match, it's understandable to get bored and irritable. 160th over: West Indies 361-6 (151st Brathwaite, 3rd Da Silva) but it's clearly going down the leg. He still gets a lift or two, too, and finishes his over with a bouncer that Dasilva goes down. Brathwaite can go on forever, Leach can match him point for point but I'm exhausted just watching them so I hand over to Tom Davies who will thoroughly entertain you in a way the match might not. Thank you for your company, correspondence and support for my campaign to free Joe Root from the burden of captaincy. 159th via: West Indies 361-6 (Brathwaite 151, Da Silva 3) Thanks Tim and evening/afternoon to all. A result - like world peace and social justice - is theoretically possible, it's just not known exactly how. 158th over: West Indies 360-6 (Brathwaite 150, Da Silva 3) Mahmood, who was bowling length, suddenly digs in and produces a rip-sniffing lifter. Da Silva might have found two or three ways to get out, but Brathwaite can let it pass. Mahmood's spell since lunch looks more like a pin number: 4-1-5-1. 157th over: West Indies 360-6 (Brathwaite 150, Da Silva 3) England think they have Da Silva back when a ball from Leach lands in the hands of the short leg. They check but it's just a pad and well outside the leg stump. Somewhere in South West London, a Mr J Buttler rolls his eyes. 156th over: West Indies 359-6 (Brathwaite 149, Da Silva 3) Da Silva does his best to eventually be LBW, shuffling over, planting his left pad in front of the stump and playing with a half bat. Mahmood can smell the second wicket but he rolls a no-ball. Jonny Bairstow is in the middle, offering advice, possibly along the lines of "do whatever you want, but don't exceed it". 155th over: West Indies 357-6 (Brathwaite 148, Da Silva 3) Another over from Leach, another single for Brathwaite. One day these two will be a double and tour the province's theaters under the banner "Test Match Special" and reminisce about their marathon together. 154th over: West Indies 356-6 (Brathwaite 147, Da Silva 3) Great to see Mahmood making an impression. More than any Englishman since Jofra Archer, he behaves like a fast bowler - confident, aggressive, charismatic. Mahmood spikes another and Da Silva gets LBW, but he checks and escapes due to Snicko spiked. Da Silva himself obviously didn't think he'd hit it, as it took him ages to give the signal. 153rd over: West Indies 356-6 (Brathwaite 147, Da Silva 3) So if the ball flips, who will bowl from the other end? He rolls through over 61, and each batter takes a single. 152nd over: West Indies 354-6 (Brathwaite 146, Da Silva 2) Saqib, tail up, reverses a long ball into Joshua Da Silva's pads, but the appeal is stifled because there's an inside edge. Da Silva hits the mark with a stab to the third man. Did the West Indians sit down over lunch and decide it was time to attack? Is play the right word for it? Jack Leach has bowled 60 overs in this game. "A stunning Test in Barbados," Andy Zaltzman said on Twitter, "has allowed Jack Leach to become the third England bowler in 30 years to bowl more than 60 overs in a Test inning. George Geary's all-time record of 81 (MCG, 1928-29) may be within reach. Sixty overs without a wicket! “I have loved cricket for more than 30 years (only Test cricket really on the international stage). I don't mind big losses from either side given my English (e.g. 1988-2004) and love mentioned above but damn it. Test cricket is already in trouble. “I live in Kenya where cricket used to be a pretty big deal but not really anymore. I recently played over 40 in a T10 because at the local level people don't even have the patience for T20. “Fear has already ruined the 2020s in so many ways; but hitting the windies in barbados like it's a 9 day test? Brathwaite blocks in the 140s (maybe not entirely his fault). He says, 'When does something happen?' "Those memories come back and haunt me. They haunt me like a curse Is a dream a lie if it doesn't come true Or is it something worse? "Keep up the good work, you don't have to post anything unless you think there's something interesting. We have another break, although it doesn't look like it's going to be any longer than the earlier ones. Lunch: All quiet on the West Indies Front 151st by: West Indies 351-5 (Brathwaite 145, Halter 12) Halter dabs Woakes' first ball for a single, and the prospect of what Ian Bishop would describe as a flurry of runs , emerges. But then Brathwaite remembers who he is and plays out five points. He has now faced 444 balls. And that's lunch while West Indies still sits pretty in a somber way. They added 63 of 34 overs this morning and are now up to 156. Time for some fresh air - see you in half an hour. 150th Over: West Indies 350-5 (Brathwaite 145, Holder 11) Leach bowls the 150th over, which could well feel like his 150th over. The first ball is good, taking the edge of Holder's stick but splashing away for a single. Brathwaite, awakened from his slumber, cuts for two to get up the 350. 149th by: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Owner 10) Awakens to Brathwaite: another girl. This partnership was a real bundle of laughs, adding 11 balls out of 77. 148th over: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Defending Champion 10) Leach has bowled seven overs in this spell and conceded exactly one run. For Holder, he now has a silly point, something you don't see often in the age of DRS. Do those eight overs for a run. 147th by: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Owner 10) Out goes Stokes, comes Woakes. And he almost takes a wicket! He finds an extra bounce somewhere and persuades Brathwaite to throw the ball down the short leg - but not the short leg, which is actually there, more of a short midwicket. 146th via: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Holder 10) Leach to Holder: another girl. I'm not sure he'll be a test batter when he grows up. What most people don't know is that they helped with a version that includes all the dirty parts as well. You can find it in the Son of Rogues Gallery if you're so inclined.” 145. via: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Holder 10) With Holder on Leach's end, someone else will maiden Brathwaite. 144th Over: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Holder 10) Correction: This over is the first over Leach has bowled against Holder. For some reason, This Morning's correspondents weren't keen on capital letters, which is fine when you're emailing a pal, but a bit of a chore when you're expecting to be published on one of the world's leading news sites. 143rd over: West Indies 347-5 (Brathwaite 143, Holder 10) Stokes gains the upper hand on Holder again, but again finds no joy: the ledge falls close to slipping. Soft hands, soft field, soft ball, hard yakka. This was the test cricket I grew up with, calm, composed and thoughtful. I sat in front of the TV broadcast live by the BBC all day and watched the weirdos drive off. Mind you, the stuff you're commenting on now is boring and Joe Root is a trash captain. 142nd over: West Indies 346-5 (Brathwaite 143, Holder 9) Leach Bowls first time to Holder. And takes on a girl for the 21st time. 141st by: West Indies 346-5 (Brathwaite 143, Holders 9) A single! To Holder dabbing Stokes to the third man. And another to Brathwaite, who tucks himself behind the square leg. Stokes then attacks Holder again and hits the bat, getting a long ball to hold his line. "Hello, Tim," says Mark Little. "Kirsty Mac/Fairytale is always nice to remember, but it occurred to me that I couldn't remember any other Pogues song, despite many happy nights in her company at the Town & Country Club and Electric Ballroom, Kilburn National and other lowlife venues in north London.” That's fine, Shane MacGowan doesn't remember her either. "Speaking of lowlife venues, do you think anything will happen today?" I wouldn't bet on it. 140th over: West Indies 344-5 (Brathwaite 142, Defending Champion 8) Leach to Brathwaite, one more time. Brathwaite has now faced 332 point balls, many from Leach. Their personal duel occupied 190 balls and resulted in 43 runs. 139th over: West Indies 344-5 (Brathwaite 142, Holder 8) Stokes to Holder again, one star all-rounder at the other. Holder brathwaites and stamps his authority on the first ball of the over - a half-volley that's propelled past the center with the greatest of ease. 138th over: West Indies 340-5 (Brathwaite 142, halter 4) Jack Leach looks absolutely ready to bowl all day, which is fortunate as that's exactly what Joe Root has in mind for him. He gets a pitch, but Brathwaite's hands are soft and the ball slips behind Zak Crawley when he slips. This shipment is the 400th Brathwaite by the way. Stokes lures Joseph into a slash and Dan Lawrence, at a deep gully, does very well to see it, much less hold onto it. Ben Stokes is congratulated after the breakthrough. 137th over: West Indies 340-5 (Brathwaite 142, defending champions 4) When England batted, Lawrence and Stokes were the two men who advanced the game and now they've done it again. That's the good news. The bad news is that Joseph has been replaced by Jason Holder, who went a double century unbeaten the last time he faced England on this ground. Stokes finds his advantage right away, but it's a controlled one, walking across the floor and dribbling away for four. 136th over: West Indies 336-4 (Brathwaite 142, Joseph 19) Leach is denied another girl as Joseph goes back to play a classic shot, a power through the ceilings worthy of more than a single. "Root's overuse of Jack Leach takes me back," says Martin Crookall, "to the tests of the early '70s and sessions played through by Ray Illingworth on the one hand and Derek Underwood on the other, straight and unaltered through Up Maidens." the score. I miss those times." Can it be assumed that you are joking? 135. Over: West Indies 335-4 (Brathwaite 142, Joseph 18) Brathwaite again pushes Stokes to the third man, this time for two and that brings the fifty partnership after 22-1 overs 134th over: West Indies 333-4 (Brathwaite 140, Joseph 18) Yeah Leach just switched sides so here he is bowling his 52nd over If the West Indies are all out he might be at 100. For such a nice guy, Joe Root can be a bit of a gangster 133. Over: West Indies 333-4 (Brathwaite 140, Joseph 18) You'd think England would have realized by now that Brathwaite was at the distance and delighted on the first ball of an over.Ben Stokes comes on and his loser is out so Brathwaite just has to dab it to pick up the fourth-third man.On the plus side, Leach gets a breather - unless he switches ends. 132. via: West Indies 329-4 (Brathwaite 136, J oseph 18) Where Leach drives away, Lawrence spins away. And while he's done well in that streak, he has a part-timer's habit of bowling one bad ball per over. After five points, he gives Joseph a juicy long jump and is drawn for six, just above the man in the deep square. 131st over: West Indies 323-4 (Brathwaite 136, Joseph 12) Leach continues and maintains his policy of producing one ripper per over. This one, Brathwaite says, takes off from a length and goes so high that Ben Foakes does very well to reach it: if it had been a tennis ball, he could have smashed it. Maybe it's a tennis ball and that's why it bounced so high and so harmlessly. 130th Over: West Indies 323-4 (Brathwaite 136, Joseph 12) Brathwaite drives the first ball of Lawrence's second over for three. He loves to assert himself at the start of an over or a ban. 129th over: West Indies 320-4 (Brathwaite 133, Joseph 12) Another one from Leach, another single to Brathwaite. It's a match made in purgatory. 128th over: West Indies 319-4 (Brathwaite 132, Joseph 12) Lawrence finishes his over, Joseph has a mow and gets away with an uppish slice. "A flurry of runs this morning," says Ian Bishop. "Let's move on," says David McCairley, "why does the captain even have to be alive? Yes, still alive but he was only ever a stand-in when Mike Brearley got injured and it was going so well that Ian Botham kicked him out on purpose. 127.5 overs: West Indies 317-4 (Brathwaite 132, Joseph 10) Root was more proactive with his bowling changes this morning, at least on one end. He replaces Mahmood with Dan Lawrence, or as Butcher calls him, the Chingford Chandrasekhar. We had a third of a session and it belonged to the West Indies, although Jack Leach was inches away from finding some joy with his regular rippers. 127th via: West Indies 315-4 (Brathwaite 131, Joseph 9) "How did that miss?" exclaims Curtly Ambrose, while Leach outwits Brathwaite with another Jaffa - and still doesn't find the edge. "So," says Mark Butcher, "maybe something is starting to happen on this pitch." We can only hope. 126th over: West Indies 313-4 (Brathwaite 130, Joseph 8) Mahmood finds his groove but still no threat. This is his second tour of the Caribbean this year and he has yet to win a wicket in four games – three T20s and this one. But at least he's not going to 13 runs per over. 125th over: West Indies 312-4 (Brathwaite 129, Joseph 8) Poor Old Leach: Still not good enough to sack top batters on this surface, but way too good for Alzarri Joseph, who gets another ripper. This is another girl, but the edge flying to the empty leg slip spawned Leach's hundreds. His numbers are 48-16-100-1, and that's the most overs he's bowled in a Test inning. “On the captain's front,” says Kim Thonger, “one trick is overlooked. Mark Wood could be a wonderful captain with a variety of imaginary animal advisors. He could gallop across the field on his imaginary horse, ordering the troops, deploying an imaginary owl to make wise DRS decisions, unleashing an imaginary parrot to sled on his behalf, unleashing an imaginary tiger to cheer on tempo bowlers, with the prospect of being eaten does not give her everything. Besides, what a top guy.” 124th over: West Indies 312-4 (Brathwaite 129, Joseph 8) Fisher makes way for Saqib Mahmood, one debutant replacing the other. The result is pretty much the same, only more so: a wide battered by Brathwaite for four, also picking up two twos in the same area. West Indies have avoided the episode: they are just 195 runs behind. 123rd over: West Indies 304-4 (Brathwaite 121, Joseph 8) Leach throws a peach at Joseph, far too good to take the edge of a tail-ender bat — pitching middle, lifting and turning and heading for a slip . "Why do we need a captain on the field these days?" says Andrew Benton. Why not let the players play and the captain can become captain remotely from the pavilion. And might even be a woman in a men's match.” 122nd Over: West Indies 304-4 (Brathwaite 121, Joseph 8) Brathwaite, across from Fisher, awaits the bad ball that comes at the end of the over: a long bounce, cut away for four. 121st over: West Indies 300-4 (Brathwaite 117, Joseph 8) Leach chats with Root and they remove his leg slip for Brathwaite - after which a ledge leads up from the inside ledge, right where the guy is no more. That's more bad luck than poor judgment, although it's fairly early in the day to make a defensive change. "It's nice to see that Kirsty MacColl remembered," says John Starbuck, "but Shakespeare came first. Hotspur: Why, I can do that too, any man can do that; But will they come when you call them? One of the great knockdowns.” 120th over: West Indies 299-4 (Brathwaite 116, Joseph 8) Fisher goes full on Joseph hoping for a nick to the cordon only slip. Joseph is a match for him, driving square for four. He apparently has a test best of 86, so maybe he's eyeing the hundred. 119th via: West Indies 295-4 (Brathwaite 116, Joseph 4) And at the other end it's... Jack Leach! Jack Leach! With an odd field, a slip, and two short legs, as if they think the armball is more dangerous than Leach's merchandise. Brathwaite, very happy to have Leach aim for his legs, nudges the first ball for two. "Poor old Root," says David Alcock. "Regarding yet another discussion of a Broad captain - I thought that sort of babble was the main reason he and Anderson were dropped... or am I being too cynical?" 118th over: West Indies 293-4 (Brathwaite 114, Joseph 4) Root passes the ball to Matthew Fisher, perhaps to make up for spurning it when that ball was new. His slacker is a little too slack, so Brathwaite shows the first ball for a four with a leg look. Warming up to the task, Fisher throws a good bouncer at night watchman Alzarri Joseph, who freezes and takes a slap in the hand. It's cloudy at the moment, but the forecast is for bright sunshine. This series is all about the imbalance between the bat and the ball. You can see this in the series stats: Dan Lawrence, not content with being at the top of the series averages, is the only bowler with a batting average of more than 66 balls per wicket. All proper bowlers need at least 11 overs to get past a wicket. England's special sailors are all playing at over 100 balls per wicket, poor old Chris Woakes at 330. It rained in Bridgetown this morning. "If that had been a few years ago," he argues, "my choice would have been for substitute captain Anderson, who, if I recall correctly, has filled in in the past. Now he's being eased out of the setup, then it would probably have to be Stokes or Broad as long as they don't mess with my namesake's mistakes which would roll too much on their own and indirectly shorten their Test careers. "Up until now, this Test has been the cricket equivalent of Mogadon," says Jo Pridmore. "Kill me now...!!" "To be fair to Root," says Gary Naylor, "if he had those two guys to bowl at their own ends, he'd look like a world champion." Marshall and Garner? "He's been more offensive than usual with his fielding placements and I'm not sure you can overrule your most experienced bowler when he says it's not worth checking." As a captain, you can overrule anyone. And here's John Starbuck joining the campaign. "Yeah, Root's no match," he says, "so why don't we take a page out of the Aussies' book and appoint an experienced fast bowler to run the team properly? Broad really does fit the bill as a good game analyst, willing to throw in the hard yards but also change the bowling round to suit both the players and the court. He also plays center regularly and would keep a close eye on all of his bowlers. And England need another fast bowler to cover all the pots.” An email! "It's hard to disagree with your assessment of Root's shortcomings as captain," he says, "especially since he seems like a very easy-going guy and is popular with the team. It's great to see some younger players getting blood in this series and maybe over time a candidate will emerge. But I feel like the 'reset' isn't ready for root and branch changes.” Ha. Well, Mike Brearley thinks it's about time for Stokes - and he was very good leading a one-day B-Team to a whitewash against Pakistan last summer. Although he would have needed a lot of help with the reviews. As you know, Test Cricket is called that for a reason. It is the ultimate test for the players. And it can be quite a test even for the mere spectator. Imagine the scene: years of saving up to follow England on tour. After three days of this game, there were 13 wickets. At this rate, it would still be six days before any conclusion was approached. While tests elsewhere often end earlier, West Indies groundsmen are hellbent on restoring the draw. It was somewhat tense in Antigua, with a possible result early in the last session. It's not just the groundskeepers. The West Indies mostly batted like it was 1959, Alex Lees did the same for England and even Joe Root, usually so fluid, only found the limit once every 22 balls. Dan Lawrence and Ben Stokes went three times as fast and deserve medals for it. But in the field England were almost as passive as the West Indies with the racquet. Root made Jack Leach drive off for hours, doing the same thing and expecting a different result. After bowling Jofra Archer and Mark Wood into the ground he's now working on Leach - who can handle it better as a spinner but still didn't make sense giving him the new ball when it was broken and there were three specialized ones Nearer that tread their heels. As captain, Root remains excellent at one aspect of the job (leading from the front), good at another (being an ambassador), and hopeless at the rest: picking the team, reading the field, having a plan, having a back—planning, making things happen , running the show. A strong captain is always one step ahead, but Root was so dazed with his bowling changes yesterday that some OBOers had time to figure out what it took, compose an email, wait for us writers to go through the inbox came, and still be half an hour before the game. Jos Buttler caught some flak for his poor Ashes with the bat, but without his keen eye and cool head, Root struggles even with the reviews. If you watched England yesterday you would never have known that Root has guided them in more Tests than anyone in their history. Das heißt, die Hoffnung springt ewig, und ich würde mich freuen, wenn er heute da rausgeht und diese Meinung albern aussehen lässt. Das Spiel beginnt um 14:00 Uhr GMT: Bis dann. Es ist möglich, dass Evgeny Lebedevs einziges Verbrechen Absurdität ist.