"The arrival of Reinildo gave me more motivation"

Lodi: "The arrival of Reinildo gave me more motivation" (Author: Gardener)

ReinildoSao Paulo, March 14 Brazilian Atlético de Madrid defender Renan Lodi announced on Monday that the arrival of Mozambican's Reinildo Mandava at the Red-Whites has given him "more motivation" and that he is now happy with his new position as coach be , Diego Pablo Simeone, who is more advanced on the left wing, has found him. Lodi also reported that he put himself in the hands of a psychologist to overcome the mistake he made in the final of the last Copa America that ultimately led to Argentina's victory in the Maracana. My head got bad and I went to see a psychologist, all because it was very difficult. It touched me a lot," the team said in an interview with TNT Sports Brasil. Lodi said that after this mistake, which allowed Argentine Angel Di María to score the only goal of the final, played at the Maracana on July 10, 2021, he called a psychologist whom he knew from his days as a player for Athletico Paranaense knew. “This problem came up during selection and I said to myself: I need to get my head in order. It wasn't depression, but I was on my way to training (with Atletico Madrid) and wanted to come back; I wanted to play and I wanted to get out of the game quickly. It was difficult," he explained. "So I said to myself: I have to call (the psychologist) and let off steam, I have to tell everything I'm feeling. Lodi, 23, is now through that phase and says he is now "very happy" with the moment he is living at Atletico Madrid, where he has recently played in a more advanced position than left-back. Commenting on the move, he said he initially resisted a bit, saying that his "favourite position was that of left-back" but that he was another worker at the club and that he should "help and complement". I'm very happy in this new position," he said. He also said the recent arrival of Mozambican's Reinildo Mandava, who also plays at left flank, gave him "more motivation". He also stressed that coach Diego Simeone is "doing a great job" this season, despite the criticism he has received for the side's erratic performance. "Mid-season, all teams will swing," he said, adding that Simeone asks them "not to settle." On the other hand, he announced the game against Manchester United they will play this Wednesday after going 1-1 in the first leg to return to the Champions League round of 16. "We are ready to play a great game (...) We drew but everything is open for Manchester, who have a fantastic team," he said.


WWE shares Touching Scott Hall tribute video on Raw

Following the official announcement of the death of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, WWE Monday Night Raw shared a touching tribute video dedicated to the Superstar formerly known as Razor Ramon. Hall died at the age of 63 after being taken off life support following complications from hip surgery. These [...] (Author: Gardener)

Scott HallFollowing the official announcement of the death of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, WWE Monday Night Raw shared a touching tribute video dedicated to the Superstar formerly known as Razor Ramon. Hall died at the age of 63 after being taken off life support following complications from hip surgery. Reports surfaced that Hall would be taken off life support, but WWE confirmed his death when Raw opened with a message dedicated to the star for the first time. During the third hour of Raw, WWE released a touching tribute video. "The WWE family will forever remember Scott Hall as a gifted entertainer, two-time WWE Hall of Famer, loving father and dear friend," the official WWE Twitter account said in a statement. It is accompanied by a nearly three-minute video showing some of Scott Hall's most iconic moments in WWE, where he went by the ring name Razor Ramon, as well as his time at WCW, where he went by his real name as a member of the WWE nWo. The WWE family will forever remember Scott Hall as a gifted entertainer, two-time WWE Hall of Famer, loving father and dear friend. "The WWE family is saddened by the passing of Scott Hall, the man who proved that being the bad guy is a good thing," begins the video's narrator. Scott Hall made his WWE debut in 1992 and featured his gimmick Razor Ramon in numerous vignettes. In 1996, Hall rejoined World Championship Wrestling, joining Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan as founding members of the nWo (New World Order). Scott Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Razor Ramon in 2014 and again as a member of the nWo in 2020. Wrestlers and fans paid tribute to Scott Hall during Monday Night Raw. Active Superstars like Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Damian Priest incorporated references to "The Bad Guy" into their matches, which was particularly touching given that news of his Scott Hall's death broke just before Raw aired. If you have any favorite memories of Scott Hall, Razor Ramon, or his time in the nWo, be sure to let us know in the comments.


Amazon is spending $100,000 to sponsor The Chase Gala and DAP Health Awards Ceremonies

The news comes as Amazon is increasing its overall presence in the Coachella Valley. (Author: Gardener)

AmazonAmazon Pays $100,000 to be the Presenting Sponsor of DAP Health's 28th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards. The news comes as Amazon is increasing its overall Coachella Valley presence with a new facility in Cathedral City and amid speculation about its grocery stores in Rancho Mirage and La Quinta. This is the first time in several years that The Chase awards will include a presenting sponsor - the highest level of sponsorship available. The event is scheduled for April 9th ​​at the Palm Springs Convention Center. "They've been in the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley for quite a while," Steven Henke, a representative for DAP Health, said Monday. The relationship between the two began after David Ambroz, Amazon's head of community engagement at Inland Empire, reached out to DAP Health and other nonprofits earlier this year, Henke said. David Brinkman, CEO of DAP Health, invited Ambrose to a tour that took place on February 4th. This tour "just opened their eyes to the work that DAP Health is doing and the impact that the organization is making," Henke said. "We recently toured the DAP Health campus and saw firsthand how the organization is applying the lessons learned from the AIDS crisis to fill the gaps in healthcare today," Ambroz said in an announcement released Monday by DAP Health has been published. When Ambroz asked how Amazon could make a contribution, the company was invited to sponsor The Chase Awards. The affinity group, which began as an email list in 1999, has been an official affinity group for Amazon employees since 2005, supporting the communities in which they are located – worldwide. The awards were first organized in 1994 by and named after famed interior designer Steve Chase. Since then, The Chase has raised millions of dollars for direct customer services at DAP Health. This year's honorees will reflect the community of volunteers and donors who have supported DAP Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, the announcement states: "We will be mission-centric with our program this year and share vital information about our plans for." the future of healthcare.” Related: DAP Health launches harm reduction program, second available in Riverside County More: DAP Health opens new clinic in Indio and forms new partnership for virtual wellness services These plans include expanding its campus to serve more than 25,000 Serving Community Members Donations raised will support DAP Health's ongoing mission to provide culturally competent total health care to marginalized people in addition to caring for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This year's event will be held on April 9 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. outdoors at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Last year's event was held virtually due to concerns and restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Want to go?: Tickets available for the 28th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, The Chase Amazon's sponsorship of The Chase is part of Amazon's commitment to being a "good neighbor," said Henke. "This is our home," said Ambroz. The Amazon spokesperson is also a former Palm Springs homeowner, according to DAP Health According to DAP Health's announcement, Amazon employs more than 40,000 people in the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley. Amazon's recently opened Cathedral City office cost the company an estimated $40-45 million and the project plans to employ 152 people. Related: Are Inland Empire Warehouses Moving Towards the Coachella Valley? According to its careers page, Amazon currently has “delivery partner” driver positions in Cathedral City starting at $16.50 an hour with overtime and benefits. At the end of last year, Amazon had 1.6 million employees worldwide, including warehouse workers, USA Today reported last month. Maria Sestito addresses issues of aging in the Coachella Valley.


How to ensure ethical investments in the face of the Russian invasion

OPINION: Ethical investing should be more than isolating the company, it should involve reviewing the system in which it operates. (Author: Gardener)

RussianOPINION: A question rose up among professional investors last week - can you claim to be a responsible investor and still hold Russian government bonds or Russian companies? Judging by the global scramble between fund managers, including local KiwiSaver managers, the answer is likely to be: "No, you cannot be a responsible investor with exposure to Russia." But what was about a month ago when you were a responsible investor were when you held Russian? Stocks and bonds before the invasion? Responsible investing, sustainable investing and ethical investing help create a better world and drive better environmental and social outcomes. Still, Morningstar estimates that just prior to the invasion of Ukraine, 14 percent of the world's funds that claim to be sustainable or invest with environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations were invested in Russia. * NZ investment funds had invested more than $100 million in Russia * Why you should think about this key KiwiSaver question for 2022 Holdings included Russian energy giants Gazprom and Rosneft, and Sberbank, the country's largest lender. Some held Russian government bonds, which directly fund the autocratic regime. A key question is whether responsible or sustainable investors should only focus on the company they invest in, or more broadly on the country in which it is based? There is no right answer, but I believe ethical investing is much more than just looking at the company's direct inputs and risks. This means that a responsible or ethical investor should not only evaluate a company in isolation, but should also review the system in which it operates. Russia does not have a fair, transparent and democratic structure of government, and human rights can be trampled on. In a note to clients last week, a KiwiSaver manager said they will sell their Russian securities because of the Russian invasion. The invasion is the trigger to make this topic public, but many investors probably didn't expect that they were invested in Russia in the first place. Don't believe me, believe it Paul Clements-Hunt, founder of Blended Capital and part of the group that formulated environmental, social and governance investing and coined the term "ESG". He is aware that "ESG investors have failed" by having holdings in Russia. Responsible investment advocates argue that ESG is merely a screening tool for analyzing a company's environmental, social and governance factors. Hortense Bioy, Morningstar's global head of sustainability research, said ahead of the invasion of Ukraine that "some [fund managers] are more credible than others" when it comes to their investments being positive for our planet. She cited the potential for “empty promises” and Morningstar withdrew ESG recognition from 1,200 funds globally. However, Vanguard's Ethically Conscious Global Index Bond Fund, used by at least one KiwiSaver provider, contains Russian government bonds. Blackrock manages the world's largest ESG-focused exchange-traded fund, which includes arms investments like Raytheon and fossil-fuel companies like Exxon Mobil. These sound like stocks of a fund that doesn't claim any special "responsible" qualities. Regulators around the world, including the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority, are increasingly demanding accountability from fund managers. When investors are sold a fund that is described as sustainable, responsible or ethical, the fund must live up to its label. Now is the perfect time to ask your fund provider to explain the true depth of their commitment to responsible or ESG investing. Disclosure - Pathfinder KiwiSaver does not invest in arms manufacturers, Russian companies or Russian government bonds. John Berry is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of ethical fund manager and KiwiSaver provider Pathfinder Asset Management. John Berry is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of ethical fund manager and KiwiSaver provider Pathfinder Asset Management. John Berry is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of ethical fund manager and KiwiSaver provider Pathfinder Asset Management.


Is Elden Ring too easy?

The Thursday Inbox compiles a list of the best video game horses as a reader worries the Sony formula is starting to tire. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayThe Thursday Inbox compiles a list of the best video game horses as a reader worries the Sony formula is starting to tire. Don't ask for help It's been great to see how successful Elden Ring has been in terms of sales and how many people love it. I haven't seen anyone really criticize, just a few people say it's not for them - which is totally understandable. There were some people who claimed it was going to be too difficult before it was released and asked for an easy mode etc. but they seem to have been reassured because the game was a huge hit. People have said it a hundred times, but level up and use staff and the game pretty much plays itself. Seriously, get three good players on your side (which is easy now that the game has been around for a while is), and you can literally sit back and watch them beat a boss for you while all four of you barely break a sweat. If that isn't an easy mode, I don't know what is. It's tempting to call for help, but I would really encourage people not to use it as beating the bosses alone is the ultimate reward in Elden Ring. If not, I honestly find the game too easy. Day off Happy Mario Day Allen! Since March 10th is MAR10 day! Also there are a few free things up for grabs at the moment, there is a free to play demo of the new Kirby game on the Switch eShop and also a new Aperture Desk job is free on Steam, it lasts around 30 minutes and also starts at 4pm on Thursday in the Epic Games Store you can get Cities: Skylines which was previously given away for free by Epic as I already have it in my library but people who missed it before can get it today. Currently playing: It Takes Two (Xbox One X), Borderlands 2 Co-op (Xbox One X) and Mafia 3 DLC (Xbox One X) RE: Your review of Babylon's Fall, that's the lowest score I've seen You give in a few years. I was wondering what is the lowest scoring game you reviewed recently and also woof how do you produce such a bad game? On a whole different tract, but do you think Final Fantasy 13 will ever release on PlayStation 4? I have high hopes for Project Spartacus and would love to play it again having not finished it on PlayStation 3 (I would ideally like to see a remaster given what a great job they did with Final Fantasy 12 ) when I was younger. GC: The last time we gave it a 1/10 was Indie Smash Bros. We wouldn't be surprised to see Final Fantasy 13 again, it showed up in Game Pass recently so Square Enix clearly haven't forgotten about it. The water is beautiful, I just wanted to write to attend the Elden Ring love festival. I haven't played a Soulsborne game since Dark Souls 3 launched and was previously worried that I was losing patience. The first few hours with Elden Ring were slow, but luckily the rhythm of the games kicked in again and I'm now enjoying my journey through the game to the fullest. I read your article about how to quickly complete Elden Ring and while I think it's great that everyone can enjoy the game in their own way, it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the game. I expect to play for several hundred hours and I enjoy collecting everything the most, armor sets, talismans, spells etc. I'm not a very good player so I like to level up when needed and use summons , whenever possible. The detail in the world, the complexity they have crafted, leaves me stunned at times. For me it is the most impressive game world that has ever been created in such detail. I thoroughly enjoyed Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and it generally had a softer, more inviting quality, but Elden Ring is a work of art. The only quality I have to say to advance in the game is patience. If you have another game to play next week, this might not be a good choice unless you have insane Twitch skills. However, give yourself time, check wikis if you get stuck, don't keep banging your head against the same axe, step back, level up, call for help, and gradually, step by step, you will become yourself improve and make progress. Anyone else had problems with Gran Turismo 7 getting stuck on the world map on PlayStation 5? Almost a week and I still can't play the game except five music races. I've tried messaging PlayStation on Twitter but no response yet. Also, I saw that a few other people on Twitter highlighted the same issue. After Cyberpunk 2077 and now I'll never buy another game on release day, absolute shambles. Well, Elden Ring certainly hasn't tarnished FromSoftware/Hidetaki Miyazaki's reputation. 36 hours has passed now, and I think the spectral steed could call Agro (Shadow Of The Colossus), Diamond Horse (Metal Gear Solid 5), Epona (Ocarina Of Time/Twilight Princess) and the horses in Breath Of The Wild as mine have passed favorite horse in gaming. Aside from the liveliest sense of speed and the feeling of riding very fluidly and responsively, it's the fun and effective jumping that give the Elden Ring's mount mechanics the edge for me. I especially like the rush of being hurled into the air by those magical updrafts. Love the mount's endearing, distinctive look, too, and how it materializes right beneath you when you call for its assistance, putting you in riding position instantly. Here's to many more hours with my trusty steed, aka My Mane Man, aka My Ride or Die! I'm currently playing through Zelda: Breath Of The Wild for the first time and just completed Divine Beast in the Desert after taking a while for the final puzzle to click. It got me thinking: when GC reviews a game — especially a massive release like Breath Of The Wild, where the expectation is for the review to be ready as soon as possible — there's added pressure on your playthrough if you're bragging for a while get stuck? I assume this must have happened at certain points during the playthrough of FromSoft games. GC: It's certainly a consideration, but with any game like this, we usually get it a few weeks before release. The only recent exception was Elden Ring, which only lasted a week - but we got a pretty comprehensive strategy guide for the first half of the game. Many players play Horizon Forbidden West, but the irony for me is that this was the turning point for me to buy a PlayStation 5 (from some scalper on eBay, of course). Ugly, huge, and this cheap plastic center piece looks ripe for a scratch if you just dust it off regularly. It's without a doubt the worst looking console I've ever owned. The user interface looks good, with no disturbing changes from PlayStation 4. At least the console can be seen but not heard. So on Horizon. The first impression was good. The graphics looked incredible until I switched to my preferred 60fps, which is a significant downgrade. I was shocked at the difference between the two modes and ended up sticking with the 30fps quality mode because the game's looks are a big part of its appeal. I was able to convince myself that the gameplay didn't require faster frames, but what I couldn't was that the beautiful game world was interesting to explore. The story didn't grab me either, along with the gameplay, which is all too familiar. I'll end my review there because not only do I feel like Horizon is to blame... I retired from Horizon to play Uncharted 4 (after paying a tenner). I was never able to finish The Last Of Us Part 2 because the story was so annoying, but I tried again. I couldn't bring myself to download Days Gone again, but the penny had already dropped. It wasn't necessarily Horizon's fault, it was the Sony formula I was fed up with. So I took note of all the praise for Elden Ring and bought it for the Xbox Series X. I have no idea what I'm doing in game and I've been killed many times. I've explored everything, taken on enemies I shouldn't have, and run away a lot. I'm playing a game that is my own story adventure and it's refreshing. Put simply, one tries to be a cinematic experience, the other a video game at its purest. The gaming industry goes through cycles of what's popular or not, inspiring many clones. Sony has been cloning their own work for years and I'm pretty sure they are aware of it. The Bungie acquisition is a good indication that they're looking to refresh their portfolio. I don't think the Sony formula is going away, but if the story isn't compelling and its leadership is rather dour, it can expose its flaws. I'll finish with this: The beginning of Elden Ring, the story is told via static images and a voiceover. Looking really cheap compared to Horizon's high-production cinematics, you'd think it's a different generation. Oddly enough, almost immediately I found myself much more invested in the story of Elden Ring. RE: Elden Ring Inventory. Seems like a lot of people don't know that on L3 you can click on any item to re-sort by, your new item is at the bottom. I'm not sure why it's not included in the help text. The topic for this weekend's inbox was suggested by reader Scooter, who asked you what your favorite video game universe is? Many video game franchises have existed for decades and have created their own unique worlds and backstories, but which do you most like returning to? It doesn't have to be a sequel game, but which fictional world or worlds are you having the most fun in? How important is the backstory and lore to you, and what else would you like to see in the same universe in terms of new games and spin-offs? New inbox updates appear every weekday morning, with special hot topic inboxes on weekends. You can also submit your own 500-600 word Reader's Feature at any time, which will be shown in the next available weekend slot if used. You can also leave your comments below and don't forget to follow us on Twitter. MORE : Gaming Inbox: Switch to Xbox for DualSense, State Of Play predictions and God Of War: The Movie MORE : Gaming Inbox: Give feedback on Horizon Forbidden West, Ubisoft's Elden Ring and Gran Turismo 7 Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at [email protected] For more stories like this, visit our gaming page.


Rain, thunderstorm likely to slow morning ride

The most influential weather of the entire 7 day forecast is likely to occur overnight through Tuesday. A round of rain and thunderstorms could mess up the morning drive. (Author: Gardener)

morningThe most influential weather of the entire 7 day forecast is likely to occur overnight through Tuesday. A round of rain and thunderstorms could mess up the morning drive. Next 24 hours: With temperatures as low as 60 degrees, showers and thunderstorms can be expected to increase across the region - particularly after midnight. While the overall risk of severe weather is low, some of the thunderstorms could bring hail, downpours and frequent lightning. Most showers and thunderstorms will end around 9am on Tuesday, with skies clearing throughout the day. Scattered showers could develop later in the afternoon, but most will remain dry. Thanks to the returning sun, high temperatures will drop back into the low 70s. Wednesday and Thursday should have mostly clear skies with high temps in the 70's and low temps in the 50's. Another fast-acting storm system will deliver showers and thunderstorms through Thursday night through Friday. It's too early to rule out the likelihood of severe weather, but for now it looks like another possible garden variety shower and thunderstorm event. Clearing is expected to end the week with dry, seasonal weather over the weekend. The explanation: A strong upper-level low-pressure valley will cut through the country's southern plain and move over the local area tonight. Uplifting, upwelling movements will spread across the area tonight, causing a surface low to form near the I-20 corridor. In response, a series of showers and thunderstorms will develop in Texas, spreading rapidly eastward. Fortunately, instability is expected to remain elevated with this system - that is - it will have no connection with the surface, making it difficult for tornadoes to form. However, there is some instability at altitude, and together with strong winds and a low freezing point in the atmosphere, hail and even gusty winds are possible. Most activities take place between 2am and 8am, with skies clearing in the afternoon when drier air rushes to the region. With the associated upper level trough passing by this time, there will be enough instability in the atmosphere for a few rain showers, but the increasingly dry air will make it difficult for much more than some persistent cloud into Wednesday morning. The cold pool in the wake of this system is not significant and temperatures will remain near average as a surface high pressure system prevails through Thursday. Then another high low with low pressure will move through the region, albeit a little further north than its predecessor. Winds turn back south increasing humidity Thursday night. More showers and thunderstorms are expected for Friday morning. With the upper level overriding system and surface low tracking further from the local area, this activity should be less intense than Tuesday morning. As this trough exits to the northeast, clear skies are expected later Friday through the weekend. That front is expected to stall in the northern Gulf of Mexico this weekend, but with a lack of moisture in the upper tier, dry conditions should persist on Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will remain near average through Sunday.


The Brighton owner is 'the smartest man to have ever placed a bet' ahead of the Cheltenham Festival

Tony Bloom owns Energumene, the Cheltenham Festival runner, which renews the rivalry with Shishkin. It's 1-0 to Nicky Henderson's pursuers but Willie Mullins is hoping for an equaliser (Author: Gardener)

BrightonTony Bloom owns Energumene, the Cheltenham Festival runner, which renews the rivalry with Shishkin. Forget Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte, THE heavyweight duel of the year is at Prestbury Park this week. It's Shishkin versus Energumene, it's Nicky Henderson versus Willie Mullins, Nico de Boinville versus Paul Townend. And it's Joe Donnelly versus Tony Bloom. An ex-Irish bookmaker against a UK Premier League club owner. The respect between all parties is mutual, but Donnelly has special admiration for Bloom given Energumene's owner has a reputation for being a fearless gambler. When the pair met at Ascot earlier this year, a bookmaker took a £360,000 bet on Energumene. Bloom, 51, has neither confirmed nor denied that he was behind the monster gambling game, but all signs point to the man, described by Matt Chapman as "one of the greatest gamblers in the world". Like all great punters, Bloom doesn't go around boasting about his successes or bemoaning his losses. That same year, Bloom had his first festival winner and after Penhill's 16-1 win in the Albert Bartlett Novices' Hurdle, Betfair's Barry Orr called the Brighton and Hove Albion owner "the smartest man that ever placed a bet". He must be quite adept at it, surely, because through gambling Bloom has made a fortune large enough to earn him a place at the top of the wealthy Premier League. While making his name as a City dealer, Bloom branched out into professional poker, winning six titles, more than £2million and earning the nickname 'The Lizard'. Since then, Bloom has had a variety of business interests, including Starlizard, a betting consultancy for high-rollers that is said to bring in over £100m a year. Shishkin (right) won the SBK Clarence House Chase from Paul Townend's Mount Energumene "Poker has helped me understand risk, manage risk, but it also means I keep my cards close to my chest in conversation," says Bloom. Get £60 in FREE BETS & BONUSES when you wager just £10 on the Cheltenham Festival Betfred is offering new customers £60 in FREE BETS & BONUSES when you sign up and wager £10 on any race at the 2022 Cheltenham Festival. Simply register, place a £10 bet on the race of your choice and receive £60 in bonuses! It became even more family when Bloom bought the club in 2009, investing more than £100m of his own money. In 2017, they were promoted to the top flight and since then Brighton has been considered a model club in the Premier League - ambitious but extremely well run. Racing is probably a riskier business for Bloom, whose Energumene races in the Brighton blue and white. If it had indeed been Bloom who had the £360,000 bet - at 6-4 - on Energumene in the Clarence House Chase, he would have been forgiven for counting his winnings two when Shishkin seemed genuinely beaten. But De Boinville drew his horse to a remarkable win, and Henderson's eight-year-old now has a shot at winning the Champion Chase. The loss at Ascot was the first of Energumene's career and some shrewd judges believe Bloom's horse Shishkin can turn the tables. Bloom has yet to know what he's thinking, but if the big bucks go down before the Champion Chase bands go up, we can all take a good ol' guess as to where it'll come from. Because Shishkin vs Energumene is pretty much THE Premier League race at Cheltenham 2022.


Ralf Rangnick believes Jadon Sancho is nearing his best form for Man United

Sancho looked like a shell of the player who made the Bundesliga shine in the first part of this season (Author: Gardener)

Jadon SanchoRalf Rangnick says Manchester United are beginning to see Jadon Sancho's true talent after the summer signing adjusted to the rigors of Premier League football and restored his confidence. Sancho looked like a shell of the player who lit up the Bundesliga for the first half of this season, only Rangnick's arrival gradually saw a surge in performance and confidence. The 21-year-old striker put in another impressive performance as United beat Tottenham 3-2 on Saturday night and Rangnick is delighted with his progress. "They paid quite a lot of pounds for him to lure him away from Borussia Dortmund and when you're paying that kind of money in exchange for a player he should be playing at that level," said Rangnick. The mere fact that he cost a lot of money does not mean that he has played at this level from the start. “He told me that of course it was a problem for him to get used to the intensity of the league, to the physicality of the league. I'm happy to see him play at this level now." Rangnick said the winger "is now getting closer to the Jadon Sancho that I know from Germany", adding: "In the end it's about confidence." And the same – I repeat – goes for a player like Marcus Rashford, for example.” Sancho has the ability to get fans on their feet and is likely to play an important role in Tuesday's Champions League round of 16 second leg against Atletico Madrid , as well as Cristiano Ronaldo. The 37-year-old missed the humiliating derby defeat at Manchester City with a hip flexor problem but returned with a bang on Saturday as he scored a hat-trick and led from the front. "Of course he's an important player," said Rangnick. "He certainly has an impact on the team with his reputation and the way he plays, but there are other players in the team who have to take responsibility, who have to perform, who can lead the team. “With a performance like that, he can be a leader. That's what I've been telling him since I arrived, that with a performance like (Saturday) he can be one of the engines of the team. "Edi (Cavani) also showed when he came on in the last 10 or 15 minutes how important and what role he can still play for the team. "I wish he would be available by the end of the season. It was a real shame and not good for our team not to have him available for the last six weeks.” Cavani should be available again when Atleti comes to town but Rangnick is unsure if Scott McTominay will be after one calf discomfort will be back. Luke Shaw was supposed to be available post-Covid-19 but Bruno Fernandes 'will probably be a last-minute race' after testing positive at a time of testing troubles at the club. "We have to be careful with Covid testing," Rangnick added. "David (on Friday) was out, he wasn't supposed to play, but then it turned out that the first rapid test was wrong. "He did one or two quick tests, then a PCR test and it was negative. I only decided on (Saturday) morning that he would play.”


City of Crawley (H)

Exeter City rounds out three straight home games on Tuesday night, while Crawley Town visits the Park for the 19:45 kick-off. (Author: Gardener)

City of Crawley (HEverything you need to know ahead of Tuesday night's clash. Exeter City rounds out three straight home games on Tuesday night, while Crawley Town visits the Park for the 19:45 kick-off. The Greeks are looking to build up in Saturday's draw against Salford City and aim to climb up the table with a full round tonight. City's last two games under the SJP lights have been full of scenes and drama, as Jack Sparkes beat Harrogate Town in the last minute and an impressive performance against promotion pursuers Swindon Town last week saw the Greeks take three points. City meet a side from Crawley Town who were beaten 4-1 in Port Vale on Saturday and are currently thirteenth in the Second Division. Once again it was incredible to see over 5,700 in the park supporting the boys, we appreciate everyone's support and the Greeks' loud support! Exeter City defender Jack Sparkes thanked fans for their fantastic support this season before Crawley Town under the lights on Tuesday night. The academy graduate made his 100th appearance for the club in Saturday's game and was delighted to have reached this milestone. "If you had asked me on my debut when I was sixteen that I would play over 100 games for the club I would have accepted it, so I'm really happy to get there." Games with Crawley Town in recent seasons have been tough and close affairs and Jack expects the same on Tuesday. "But for us the crowd has been brilliant, the fans have been showing their numbers and supporting the lads this season and if we're to move up this year we're going to need every single one of them." You can watch Jack's full interview below: By the Buying tickets in advance can save you money and skip the match day lines. E-tickets are the easiest and fastest way to buy City match tickets. When ordering you can choose to have an e-ticket emailed to your phone for you to show at the turnstile - no printing required! To purchase tickets online, please click here. Please note that you must be logged in to purchase. Junior Grecian members get access to free game tickets when purchased with a paying adult. There are three family-friendly areas in St James Park, Section E in the IP Office Main Stand, Block A of the Stagecoach Adam Stansfield Stand and a section of Thatchers Big Bank identified by the white barriers). To book Junior Grecian tickets please make sure you are logged in first. Then select an adult ticket and either one or two Greek child tickets. The system will validate you and convert the Junior Grecian tickets to free ones. Please note that this will not work when adding under 18 tickets or selecting tickets in non-family sections. Tickets are limited and it is advisable to book early. Click here to learn more about the Junior Grecian. Can't make it to St James Park when City take on Crawley Town? Buying a Matchpass priced at just £10 in the UK gives you access to the stream, which includes BBC Radio Devon commentary, score overlays and replays. For more details on iFollow, please click here. For a first-time guide to iFollow, please click here. After the game we bring you the reaction of manager Matt Taylor and one player. As this is an evening game, fan zone activity will be slightly reduced, but all remaining free balloons and posters will be displayed for younger fans. There will also be an opportunity for first-time visitors to take away a welcome brochure that will define everything new fans need to know about their local club. New members are particularly welcome to find out about the work of the Trust. The information point is stocked with programs - tonight's game, previous home and away games and a variety of additional football articles. The player being picked up by the Ambassador team tonight is one of us, Jack Sparkes. There is an option to enroll your child as part of the flag-waving team to welcome players onto the field. Post-game draft pints will be available from Tribute, Carlsberg and Thatchers for just £3 a pint. The Center Spot is also home to the famous Exeter City Real Ale and Cider Emporium which offers a wide range of real ales and ciders. The Junior Grecian Zone is open from 6pm for members and 6.30pm for everyone, with lots of activities for all our young Greek supporters. Also in Red Square, Kenniford Farm's bar and van are open for refreshments and hot food. The club shop is open until Tuesday's kick-off and is stocked with all three City kits for the 21/22 season, as well as a range of training gear and spending money items. From Saturday, the kiosk on the Jungle Path will sell pints of Thatcher's Big Apple, cans of Thatcher's Gold and a bottle of Carlsberg, as well as all the usual half-time snacks including cakes, pies and drinks. One of the most important parts of every game day! For guest fans, we have a large selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks available at the kiosk. In Red Square you'll find Van der Kenniford Farm, which serves local delicious cooked food like roast pork and chips. Despite an early lead, Crawley was comprehensively beaten at Port Vale's Vale Park on Saturday. Three second-half goals gave Exeter City the points as Matt Jay, Nigel Atangana and Sam Nombe beat ten-man Crawley Town.


From bookstore hopping with Navya Naveli Nanda to Sunday binge with Shilpa Shetty

Ananya Panday, who recently starred in the Amazon Prime Video movie Gehraiyaan, spent her Sunday with Navya Naveli Nanda and Shilpa Shetty. (Author: Gardener)

SundayAnanya Panday seems to have had a busy Sunday. While Ananya first met Shilpa Shetty Kundra at Binge Mumbai restaurant for a "Sunday Bash", the Gehraiyaan star later toured the bookstore with her good friend Navya Naveli Nanda. Also Read|Suhana Khan Treats a Little Girl to a Selfie While Dating Ananya Panday, Shanaya Kapoor: "So cute," say fans, who Ananya Panday posted to her Instagram story to caption the photo of herself and Navya Share Naveli Nanda. Tagging Navya, the actor wrote, "Bookstore hopping with this 🐛." Previously, Shilpa Shetty Kundra posted a video starring herself, Ananya Panday, and Chunky Panday. Shilpa captioned the video: "Well this is a REAL BINGE @ananyapanday & I binged the real binge and it tastes better when paid for. Binge at binge! ♥ @bingemumbai. At work, Ananya has Panday Liger and Kho Gaye Hum Kahan in the pipeline.