I've done 15 TV game shows including The Chase

Vivienne Radfar, sitting in her living room watching a September 2011 rerun of The Chase, is unimpressed. The mother-of-two was one of four contestants on the popular game show - Hoste... (Author: Gardener)

ChaseVivienne Radfar, sitting in her living room watching a September 2011 rerun of The Chase, is unimpressed. The mum-of-two was one of four contestants on the popular game show - hosted by Bradley Walsh - and she only got one rare question wrong. Vivienne, 61, from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, has appeared on 15 game shows including Tipping Point, Catchphrase and Mastermind and has won a total of £25,000 - enough to put her son through university. She sets high standards for herself and says getting her homework done ahead of time is key to her success. "I'm super competitive and a perfectionist, I cram before every game show appearance - it pays to be prepared," she tells The Sun. "Most people see me and think, 'She's a 'dumb blonde,' but they're wrong! "It's addicting, I love doing the shows and will keep coming back - but I can't look back on them. Vivienne faced Chaser Mark Labbett but says he's far from a "beast" in real life. "We didn't know who the hunters were going to be - they're being kept hidden - so we were all worried," she says. I actually think The Beast is a kitten - when I slapped him on a question about Lady Gaga, that was a great feeling! Vivienne also gushes about Tipping Point host Ben Shephard, whom she met on the show in 2015. "He's funny and likes to talk," she says. "Most people assume that the presenters have all the time in the world to talk to the contestants, but they have to tape up to five shows a day. “That means multiple changes of clothes and dealing with up to 25 participants plus spectators and a busy crew. Vivienne's biggest win came at In It To Win It hosted by Dale Winton in 2005 where she won £18,000. "Dale came into the Green Room before the show and chatted with all of us — he knew something about all of us, so we looked like best friends while filming," she says. "It's not something a lot of presenters did before a show. I wanted to win the money to get my son to college and when Dale told me I'd won I was shocked." "It was the most tiring show – I chose history of Arabic dance as my specialty because I was learning belly dancing at the time,” Vivienne explains. “A lot of people don't recover if they get the first few questions wrong. In her second appearance in 2021, her subject was Alfred Hitchcock films starring Cary Grant. Many people don't recover if they get the first few questions wrong. I've seen tears and people just sat in silence I've seen tears and people just sat in silence "I've always been a huge fan and I had to watch them over and over again because the questions are incredibly specific," she says . Vivienne says that applying for a game show usually involves auditioning — and there are a few common mistakes to avoid. "Catchphrase had 34,000 people apply for my year and I was cut down to 3,000 to audition and then down to the last 300 to get accepted," she says. "At the audition, a man in a red and orange suit showed up and tried to take over as the presenter. "Never try to outdo the host, even if you make it to the actual taping of the show. "You must bring at least four outfits to a taping - don't go black, white or striped. I always wear a nice, light-colored outfit, make sure my hair is neatly styled, and I have nice make-up. “Some contestants are confident they will win and may be rude to others to upset them. “Most contestants are friendly, and if you're on a show and someone doesn't win anything, we often have a whip in the Green Room afterwards. "When you audition, make sure you have something interesting to say about yourself. Don't be boring, contestants with a good backstory will get attention.” When auditioning, make sure you have something interesting to say about yourself. Vivienne urges aspiring candidates to prepare for long days. "Patience is the key," she says. Vivienne was 23 when she took part in her first quiz show - The Zodiac Game, hosted by Tom O'Connor - in 1984 - others would react in imaginary situations. In 1991 Vivienne joined Jeopardy, then the following year she appeared on Chain Letters - hosted by Ted Robbins - and Timekeepers. A highlight was chosen for Wheel of Fortune in 1994, for which she traveled to Glasgow and met presenters Carol Smillie and Nicky Campbell. "There was always a bevy of makeup artists and hairstylists around them making sure they looked perfect. "Carol's cloakroom mistress kept a close eye on her skimpy outfits - I couldn't figure out how they were holding up! There was a lot of waiting because shows with live audiences take a long time to film - they don't run like they do on TV. "Sometimes a crew member makes a mistake, a light won't come on, a buzzer doesn't work or a host stumbles and we start over." Vivienne appeared in "Charmer" Roy Walker's catchphrase and won £800. She says: "Those were the days when you could deposit cash on game shows and you could take home the winnings even if you weren't the first. In 2002, she was a standby contestant on The Weakest Link and had to be on camera ready in case anything went wrong. “Anne Robinson was the hostess and she was happy to turn up at the last minute,” Vivienne recalls. Vivienne says that most game shows give contestants a souvenir. "You'll get gift bags and your trip and hotel will be paid for if you stay the night," she adds. Vivienne says researching the show and its host will make you a more successful candidate. "Knowing how it works and its history makes you less nervous," she says. “I advise people to be themselves and not overdo it. Some people scream because they think they should. "Don't expect to become best friends with the hosts — I see people looking for selfies and autographs." If you're interested in applying, Vivienne recommends checking the show's websites, as each application opens at different times. "When you fill out the forms, make sure you include a location you want to audition and be prepared to take time off work," she says. "You have to be there to win it and keep trying even if you don't make it to the audition."


Chase viewers were amazed at the contestant's underhanded tactic to bank £20,000

Chase viewers appeared split on yesterday's show over a player, with some suspecting he'd employed an interesting strategy to win £20,000 in a head-to-head race (Author: Gardener)

20,000Chase viewers appeared to be split over a player on yesterday's show, with some suspecting he had employed an interesting strategy to win £20,000 in a head-to-head. Chase viewers seemed to be at odds over a player who was suspected by some to have an interesting strategy that saw him deposit £20,000 in the head-to-head round. In an episode of the popular ITV quiz show yesterday, four contestants took on Mark Labbett, 56 - dubbed The Beast - in a bid to win thousands of pounds. This included Northumberland-based contestant Simon, who was the first of them to answer questions in the Cash Builder round before taking on Mark in a head-to-head. However, some viewers suspected the player had a specific first round strategy and took to social media during the episode to share their thoughts. Mark Labbett appeared as a chaser on the ITV quiz show yesterday. It came after Simon got just one question right during Cash Builder, meaning he had secured £1,000 in the prize pool at that point. The retired yacht skipper described his performance as "terrible", although going head-to-head with Mark would give him an opportunity to improve. He was offered £100 as his 'low bid' - to get closer to the bottom of the board - while the 'high bid' was a chance to get closer to the chaser for £20,000. Simon was the first player to take on the chaser in yesterday's episode. Simon decided to accept the hefty offer, explaining that there was "very little to lose". Mark agreed that staying in the middle of the board for a price of £1,000 isn't worth it. He then answered a series of questions - including on the monarchy - and slammed the pursuer to the bottom of the board. Some viewers wondered if Simon intentionally got some answers wrong in the cash builder in hopes of getting a higher offer in the head-to-head. The suspicion was echoed by some viewers on Twitter yesterday, with one speculating in a recent tweet: "He definitely played chase to get a higher offer." The potential strategy was praised by others, including one who wrote: "Definitely a rush there. However, others were instead impressed by his improved performance, with one viewer tweeting after the round: "Simon has bounced off a shaky start." The Chase and offshoot Beat the Chasers have proved popular quiz shows on ITV, so sign up for those here Best celebrity news from the Mirror A number of viewers had joked about his performance in the Cash Builder earlier in the episode, with one later adding, after watching his head-to-head go-round: "I'll get my coat. ' In response to such comments on his round of cash builders, one viewer said, 'What a player. "Considering he sucked at Cash Builder like that, he's fine," said one viewer. Bradley Walsh said he suspected Simon had more to give than his cash builder showed. He was complimented by Mark and host Bradley Walsh, who commented: "I would say you were portrayed a little better than your cash builder. The Chase airs weekdays on ITV from 5pm Contact us on [email protected] or call us directly on 0207 29 33033.


Boris Johnson has been accused of having "a cap on a foreign dictator" for Britain's energy

PMQS latest LIVE: Boris Johnson accused of going 'to a foreign dictator' for Britain's energy - (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonLabor deputy leader Angela Rayner has accused the government of going "from one dictator to another" by urging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil after it divested itself of Russian fossil fuels. Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner has accused the government of going "from one dictator to another" by urging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil after it divested itself of Russian fossil fuels. Ms Rayner said Britain should not be "at the mercy of a foreign dictator" when it comes to its energy supply. Ms Rayner said Britain should not be "at the mercy of a foreign dictator" when it comes to its energy supply. "The government has had years to end its dependence on foreign we depend on another foreign dictator to keep the pumps pumping," she told the House of Commons on Wednesday, answering questions from the prime minister. "The government has had years to end its dependence on foreign we depend on another foreign dictator to keep the pumps pumping," she told the House of Commons on Wednesday, answering questions from the prime minister. In response, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab claimed former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn had "sided with Putin" in the past, citing Ms Rayner's earlier words that Mr Corbyn was a "very strong leader". In response, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab claimed former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn had "sided with Putin" in the past, citing Ms Rayner's earlier words that Mr Corbyn was a "very strong leader". The Prime Minister is currently meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Riyadh to discuss increasing oil exports to Britain. The Prime Minister is currently meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Riyadh to discuss increasing oil exports to Britain. It comes after imports of Russian oil and gas are due to be banned by the end of the year in response to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. It comes after imports of Russian oil and gas are due to be banned by the end of the year in response to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab will be going to the dispatch box for PMQs shortly. He is expected to be grilled by Labour's Angela Rayner. Here's what to expect:- The Homes for Ukraine scheme went live on Monday but was criticized by Labour. The party claims it is a "do-it-yourself asylum" scheme and unfairly forcing Ukrainians to join a family - Meanwhile, Ukrainian and Russian officials appear to be moving closer to a peace deal after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accepted that his country is unlikely to join NATO in the future. The Kremlin has called for a moratorium on Ukraine's membership of the alliance -- Boris Johnson is in the Middle East and is expected to meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman later today. The pair are set to discuss rising oil exports from the kingdom to the UK following a ban on Russian oil and gas. Four Ukrainian MPs present at PMQs 12:03 , Daniel Keane Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab notes that four members of the Ukrainian Parliament are currently seated in the Lower House. 12:08pm Sarah Harvey, Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner asks Mr Raab about the apparent release of Nazanin-Zaghari Ratcliffe and whether Boris Johnson's comments have worsened the situation. However, it feels like a positive sign. "She could not help the despotic regime that was holding our nationals in Iran by implying that everyone is responsible." our mistakes.” She then challenged Mr Raab over the appointment of Lord Lebedev to the House of Lords. She questioned the deputy prime minister about an alleged first security warning about the appointment, which was later reportedly withdrawn. Ms Rayner asked: "So can he tell the House what has changed between the security warning and the appointment?" She also questioned Mr Raab, who was Secretary of State, regardless of whether he had overridden or ignored intelligence warnings. Mr Raab said he had not done so, adding: "All individuals who have been nominated for a title of peerage are nominated in recognition of their contribution to society. This includes those of Russian descent who make outstanding contributions to our nation, many of whom are critics of the Putin regime in this country.” He stressed that the House of Lords' Appointments Committee screens lifetime volunteers for probity issues. Rayner: Britain 'should not be at the mercy of foreign energy dictator' 12:12, Daniel Keane Ms Rayner attacks government over Boris Johnson's trip to Saudi Arabia to discuss rising oil exports. "Last week the honorable MP said that Britain should never again be at the mercy of a foreign energy dictator," she says. "This week he has gone from one dictator to another... on a begging mission to the Saudi prince to save him Pumps open." 12:15 , Daniel Keane Mr Raab claims former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has resigned over the attack by Salisbury Novichok "sided with Putin" in 2018. to Scotland. Tory MP calls for military personnel to be recognized for role in NATO 12:48 Daniel Keane Conservative MP Claire Coutinho, for East Surrey, called for military personnel to be recognized for their role in 'collaborating with the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Supporting the support of NATO's eastern flank". During the PMQs, she said: "British soldiers and women have served in Operations Cabrit and Orbital since 2015, working with Ukrainian forces to support NATO's eastern flank, which is more important now as "Would the Deputy Prime Minister join me on the record of the gratitude of this House and what recognition we can give him for his service and his role in history?" Mr Raab replied: "She is absolutely right. 12:56 , Daniel Keane Ukraine's "absolute right" as a "free nation" remains to apply for NATO membership in the future, said former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith. Mr Duncan Smith asked Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab if he believed Ukraine had the "right as a free nation" to apply to be part of the Alliance in the future. Mr Raab replied: "One of the things that we have always said very clearly as a government is that if there is a diplomatic offer, and I have to say we are very skeptical that Putin could ever fulfill such a deal, but if it does, then it must be done with the will and will of the Ukrainian President and the Ukrainian people.” Raab: We will never allow our moral red lines to be blurred 13:20 , Daniel Keane Dominic Raab has said “we never will allow our moral red lines to be blurred' as he urges what more the government can do to 'reach out to the Saudis behave ethically', Labor MP Jeff Smith (Manchester Withington) told the House of Commons : "Given the state assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, given the brutal executions of 81 men over the weekend, why is the Deputy Prime Minister thinking that? the UK's narratives on human rights are so ineffective? And what else are we going to do to get the Saudis to behave ethically?" Mr Raab replied: "He mentions Jamal Khashoggi, which we have requested...


No motivation to exercise? Try these six tricks

When it's dark and dreary, how do you convince yourself to go to the gym or exercise outside? Overcoming the many mental barriers to physical activity is one (Author: Gardener)

sixWe've determined that there is a problem with your subscription billing information. Please update your billing information here. The subscription information associated with this account needs to be updated. Please update your billing information here to continue enjoying your subscription. Please update your billing details here to continue having access to the UK's most informative and respected journalism. No motivation to exercise? Try these six tricks from Dr. Jennifer Heisz used her brain health expertise to motivate herself to get fit. Here's How She Did When it's dark and dreary, how do you convince yourself to go to the gym or work out outside? Overcoming the many mental barriers to physical activity is a specialty of Jennifer Heisz, associate professor of kinesiology and director of the NeuroFit Lab, which she founded at McMaster University in Canada. Her work focuses on studying the intricate mechanics of the brain in response to physical activity, but despite her academic prowess, Heisz says she was a reluctant athlete.


That's what Tuchel's comments on Man Utd stars including Ronaldo as Chelsea boss are all about

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has been linked with the job of managing Manchester United and the German has already ruled a number of his players (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaChelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has been linked with the Manchester United manager's job and the German has already ruled a number of his players and had plenty to say about the Red Devils' current squad in the past. The Chelsea manager has insisted he remains committed to the London club despite the wave of uncertainty that has followed sanctions being imposed on owner Roman Abramovich. However, with questions lingering about the Blues' future, United have made the former Paris Saint-Germain boss their primary target. While Mauricio Pochettino and Erik ten Hag are expected to remain in contention, Tuchel has jumped to the front of the queue after winning the Champions League last season. He has taken charge of the Manchester club for multiple clubs on a number of occasions, which has allowed him to voice his views on current squad members on numerous occasions and Mirror Football has identified some of the more prominent examples. Before Ronaldo returned to Manchester United in the summer, Tuchel was quizzed about the Portuguese star. Chelsea were not linked with a move at the time but Manchester City had been mentioned in connection with the veteran before starting a second stint at Old Trafford. "I don't think it's good if he plays for one of our rivals!" said Tuchel in August: "If he ends up in the Premier League, that's good for the Premier League and shows how competitive and how difficult this league is. Ronaldo has been the top-scorer for Man Utd since returning to the club in January 2020, with Tuchel's PSG meeting the Red Devils in the Champions League group stage a few months later: "It's impressive because he made a big one from the first few minutes Had an impact on Manchester United, it's extraordinary. His personality has always improved as well. He's always taken responsibility on the ground," said the coach. He's one of the key players, but he's not the only one." Rashford was the bane of PSG's existence as they were surprisingly knocked out by United in the Champions League in 2019. The England international scored the injury time penalty to put the French out of contention but Tuchel was impressed with his all-around performance on both legs. "The last two appearances of his against us have been annoying," said Tuchel of the forward, adding: "He's a very young adult who is very impressive in his responsibilities on and off the pitch." He's a big threat with his Speed, his ability to score, his ability to find closure and his determination. He's a big influence and it's nice to see players like him do that from the academy of a big club like United." Rashford scored against PSG in 2019 and in 2020 Cavani played under Tuchel in Paris before being allowed to move to Old Trafford in 2020 The Uruguayan scored 23 goals in all competitions in his first season as coach of the coach, although his second was cut short by injury. Even as the veteran fell out of favor in 2019/20 and Mauro Icardi took his place at the top, Tuchel was full of praise for Cavani's character, but I can't give him much playing time at the moment," he said. "He showed his quality and determination in opposition, that's no surprise," said Tuchel after Cavani came on from the bench shortly before that meeting against Southampton. There was more of that in 2021 when Tuchel, then at Chelsea, compared Cavani to Olivier Giroud. He described both as "excellent finishers" who "don't get nervous" and praised both men's fitness and dedication. Your fitness is crucial. "Edi is a player like Oli, who as a number 9 is always concerned for the team, will suffer for the team, always ready to make sacrifices, always ready to run into open spaces. While PSG won their group game at Old Trafford in 2020 as they helped send United to the Europa League, they were beaten at Parc des Princes by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side. Aware of the Fernandes threat at the time, Tuchel also spoke highly of Pogba and Matic. "Pogba is still a key player, one of the best midfielders in the world for me," he said. "Pogba, Matic and Fernandes are really strong in midfield and they are also dangerous from free-kicks." Fernandes eventually scored the opener in Paris when Rashford struck a late winner after PSG equalized through an Anthony Martial own goal. Tuchel also stressed the importance of Fernandes then, saying: "Fernandes is key too, he has a lot of assists, delivers a lot and can deliver for players who are really deep like Martial and other players, re allies fast players". Tuchel has described Pogba as one of the best midfielders in the world. The comments echoed Tuchel's praise for Pogba ahead of United's two-legged clash with PSG in 2019. While the Frenchman didn't score in the 3-3 aggregate, he finished the 2018 -19 season as United's top scorer. "I don't think it's a surprise that Paul Pogba is a key player," said Tuchel before the first leg. "He's an incredible player, wonderful qualities. "Pogba is also dangerous in the penalty area when the ball comes in from the right and he lands at the right moment. He's a very good header. He's absolutely a key player and he's becoming a leader now."


The North Penn Water Board wants to use Qs on a proposed Worcester tank

Water storage reminiscent of an agricultural silo (Author: Gardener)

The North Penn Water BoardWORCESTER – Worcester Township residents will have two opportunities this month to see and hear a water tank that is planned for a site off Trooper Road. The tower is proposed by the North Penn Water Authority, who will present the case for the new tank to a group of residents on March 14 and to the community zoning hearing committee on March 22. “The proposed water tank (132ft high) will be designed to look exactly like the existing grain elevator (approximately 100ft high) at Merrymead Farm, including the shape and dark blue color to be compatible with the agricultural character of the farm his township,” said NPWA Executive Director Tony Bellitto. “The primary purpose of the proposed water tank is pressure reliability for our current customers, not the additional water volume to service additional new customers. The amount of water needed is not the issue that the tank is addressing,” he said. Based in Towamencin, North Penn Water Authority provides water services to more than 35,000 customers in 20 communities using a range of water storage tanks, pumping stations and pipelines overseen by a board of directors. In Worcester, the new tank project is expected to offer several benefits to local residents and other organizations, Bellitto said in a factsheet made available to a residents' group, Friends of Worcester, and The Reporter. “The tank will not promote further development in the community. The new water tank is designed to increase pressure reliability for current NPWA customers in this area, improving stability for system users, preventing fluctuations and improving fire safety by delivering consistently reliable pressure. Because the proposed new tank is elevated and relies on gravity for operation, it is 100 percent reliable compared to the older tanks currently in use. "NPWA is currently using a booster pump station near Peter Wentz Farmstead to provide the required fire protection for this area of ​​Worcester," Bellitto said. Instead, the gravity operation of an elevated water reservoir would prevent all of these problems from ever happening,” he said. The raised tank could also accommodate transmitting antennas for certain services, and Bellitto said Worcester Volunteer Fire Brigade said they needed to improve their communications in the area. "They would like to mount a communication antenna on top of this tank to solve this problem and improve public safety. According to Bellitto, the site was chosen based on the ground level, zoning of the property, the small number of nearby apartment buildings, and proximity to major water mains. Trooper Road, who wants to address Bellitto at the two upcoming meetings. “The termination of the property only became necessary because the property owner of the Techni-Tool site was unwilling to work with NPWA, even though we had carried out a third-party property appraisal and made a fair financial offer to purchase the small part of their property that we for tank building,” he said. The conviction became a last resort and within our preeminent domain rights as a municipal water utility because the project is critical and necessary to the public good," Bellitto said. Bellitto, who has lived in Worcester for 23 years, said he lives "about a mile and a half" from the Trooper Road site and will be joined at the March 14 meeting by Dan Preston, NPWA's project manager for the tank project. The tank does not serve the "Palmer property," which is in a different pressure zone in the agency's system, and those with specific questions can also contact the water agency at (215) 855-3617 to learn more. The next opportunity for the public to see and hear the plans is at a Worcester Zoning Hearing Committee hearing scheduled for 6 p.m. on March 22 at Worcester Township Community Hall, 1031 Valley Forge Road in Worcester.


Targovax ASA and Agenus Announce Collaboration on Mutant KRAS Cancer Vaccine Using QS-21 STIMULON™

The parties have entered into a collaboration agreement to develop Targovax's TG mutant KRAS cancer vaccines in combination with Agenus' QS-21 STIMULON adjuvant technology. The agreement may expand to an exclusive commercial partnership for the KRAS vaccine if the combination proves efficacy in exploratory clinical trials studies LEXINGTON, Mass., March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agenus (NASDAQ: AGEN), an immuno-oncology company with an extensive pipeline of checkpoint antibodies, adjuvants, and more (Author: Gardener)

QS-21* The parties have entered into a collaboration agreement to develop Targovax's TG mutant KRAS cancer vaccines in combination with Agenus' QS-21 STIMULON adjuvant technology. * Agreement may expand to an exclusive commercial partnership for the KRAS vaccine if the combination proves effective in exploratory clinical trials LEXINGTON, Mass., March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agenus (NASDAQ: AGEN), an immuno-oncology company with an extensive pipeline of checkpoint antibodies, adjuvants and vaccines to activate the immune response to cancer and infection; and Targovax ASA (OSE: TRVX), a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company developing immune activators to target hard-to-treat solids Tumore, today announce that they have entered into a clinical collaboration and supply agreement to combine Targovax's TG mutant KRAS cancer vaccines with Agenus' clinically validated and FDA-cleared QS-21 STIMULON adjuvant. The TG vaccines are peptide mixtures designed to elicit polyvalent immune responses against the most common mutations in the RAS gene family, which cause up to 30% of all cancers. TG01 has shown promise in phase 1/2 clinical trials and Targovax has recently been awarded two prestigious research grants providing up to NOK 18 million in funding to advance the TG programme. Cancer vaccines require combination with an adjuvant to stimulate antigen processing and T-cell priming, and Targovax has selected QS-21 STIMULON as the adjuvant of choice for further clinical development. It has been extensively studied in over 120 clinical trials and has consistently demonstrated strong antibody and cell-mediated immune responses and a favorable safety profile. QS-21 STIMULON is a key component of several vaccines, including GSK's FDA-approved shingles vaccine Shingrix® with more than 9 years of protection and the world's first malaria vaccine Mosquirix™. As part of the collaboration with Targovax, Agenus will provide QS-21 STIMULON and scientific support for up to three initial clinical trials of TG01 in multiple cancer indications. If clinical results meet certain pre-determined performance targets, the collaboration will be expanded into an exclusive pivotal development and commercialization agreement in which Agenus is entitled to tiered double-digit royalties on future sales of TG vaccines. Armen, Chief Executive Officer of Agenus Inc., said, “We look forward to working with Targovax to extend the benefit of QS-21 STIMULON to new patient populations, such as those with KRAS mutant cancer. It underscores the broad applicability of our QS-21 STIMULON technology and could open up a significant commercial opportunity in KRAS mutant cancers.” Erik Digman Wiklund, Chief Executive Officer of Targovax ASA, added: “QS-21 STIMULON is arguably the most clinically and commercially successful FDA-approved adjuvant for protein and peptide-based vaccines and has been shown to be highly effective in eliciting immune responses. We anticipate that this unique adjuvant will further enhance the efficacy of our TG01 and TG02 products and see it as a critical part of our development strategy as we prepare to bring the TG vaccines back into KRAS multiple mutant cancers E-mail: [email protected] Activating Patients' Immune Systems to Fight Cancer Targovax (OSE:TRVX) is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company developing immune activators that target hard-to-treat solid tumors aim Targovax's focus is to activate the patient's immune system to fight cancer, thereby helping cancer patients with few treatment alternatives available. Targovax is evaluating its product candidates in multiple cancer indications, including melanoma, mesothelioma and colorectal cancer, and has demonstrated a favorable safety and tolerability profile. Agenus is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company focused on the discovery and development of therapies that engage the body's immune system to fight cancer. The company's vision is to expand patient populations who benefit from cancer immunotherapy by pursuing combination approaches utilizing a broad repertoire of antibody therapeutics, adoptive cell therapies (through its subsidiary MiNK Therapeutics), adjuvants and proprietary cancer vaccine platforms. The Company is equipped with a range of antibody discovery platforms and a state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility with the capacity to support clinical programs. For more information, please visit and our twitter handle @agenus_bio. This press release contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the US federal securities laws, including statements regarding clinical development and regulatory approval plans and timelines, anticipated corporate milestones, new clinical data and program updates to be presented. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Agenus cautions investors not to place undue reliance on the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. These statements speak only as of the date of this press release, and Agenus undertakes no obligation to update or revise any statements, except as required by law.


'Blue Bloods' cast answers more of your questions about Burning Season 12

Wasn't your question answered in the TVGM cover story? Find out here if they made it! (Author: Gardener)

Blue Bloods'For fans who have submitted questions to the Blue Bloods cast and Executive Producer Kevin Wade, who didn't see their entries in the TV Guide Magazine cover story - and for the rest of you Friday Night Cop/Family series lovers – we have a treat ! Read below for some more of the many questions we received on BB's 250th episode, along with answers from Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, Marisa Ramirez and the aforementioned EP Calf. It's not a question, but I want to tell Tom how much I love Frank's brain trust Baker (Abigail Hawk), Gormley (Robert Clohessy), and Garrett (Gregory Jbara)! Tom Selleck (NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan): I love her! They are all good friends. You know, at the beginning of the show I think they pictured me on the street directing military operations against the bad guys. I told them if Frank has to prove he's boss all the time, then you've cast the wrong guy. I'm so proud to have Abigail. She had a line on the show (announcing a visitor to the police commissioner's office) and I was frustrated because I didn't have an aide to talk to. We go back to the elevator, I get off and we talk.” She did, and I could tell that she was a trained actress. For the audience, I think she's Radar in M*A*S*H. She really knows what's going on. She, like Garrett, has now earned an irreplaceable position at 1PP. I worked with Greg on In and Out - a great film - and I put him in a couple of pilots that I produced that didn't sell. So I figured I needed an assistant public information officer alongside Baker and suggested Greg, who had just won a Tony. And then I got Robert Clohessy, who plays Sid. He was Danny's boss and I had a scene with him when Danny had a problem. So I spoke to Donnie and Kevin Wade. I said, "Frank is so concerned about losing touch with the base - which is why he got the job - that he wanted someone to remind him. And he brings Gormley in.” This universe allowed us to tell what happens when the commissioner's office door closes, because his stories are different from the stories on the street. They got close to the karaoke scene. Donnie Wahlberg (Det. Danny Reagan): The karaoke scene was so well received that Danny was bound to sing again at some point. Why is Danny the only one who actually eats some of the meals in the Sunday lunch scenes? Wahlberg: Danny probably eats the most because Donnie is the hungriest. But seriously, Danny's kind of a cop in a china shop. The best way to play this at dinner is to talk a lot with your mouth full. How many of the main cast have seen Donnie Wahlberg in concert with NKOTB? Wahlberg: I ​​think nine. But I'm still trying to get Tom and Len [Cariou] to come. Marisa Ramirez (Det. Maria Baez): It would be fun to see everyone together at a show. My first NKOTB concert was in 7th or 8th grade with some of my friends and our moms at Dodger Stadium. Ever since I started working with Donnie it's been so much fun to revisit that part of my life every time I see her in concert again. I think I've been to five shows in the last nine years. I hope to see more of [Erin's ex-husband] Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann) this season. Bridget Moynahan (Head of Negotiations Office Erin Reagan): We had a couple of scenes with Jack Boyle that really felt like something was cooking there. I want to say that off-screen it's still boiling. And I want to say that they would bring him back next season! When we have a next season. I don't know if we do, but hopefully Jack Boyle will come back. I love working with him. I always think they have such beautiful on-screen chemistry. And he came to the family dinner! That was such a nice scene where he would sit down and stuff. Could there be a fast forward when Jamie becomes a police commissioner in the future? Will Estes (Sgt. Jamie Reagan): Jamie Reagan will probably be the P.C. someday, but I'm not sure he'll ever fit into the structure of these Blue Bloods. Who is the prankster in the cast? – Karlene Kincaid Estes: Vanessa and I laugh together all day. It's just the nature of our friendship at this point, and I think it drives us through the day. We often deal with heavier issues in front of the camera, so maybe it's a balancing act. I can imagine that from the outside it might look like we're joking, but we're both very focused on our performance. Why do newlyweds Eddie and Jamie never kiss and hug? Vanessa Ray (Officer Eddie Janko): There's been a few hot kisses over the years! But so often we see her at work and at the Reagan family dinner table where PDA doesn't feel appropriate. It's all in the flirtatious eyes for these scenes. What performers ruin a take by cracking up? Ray: I don't want to name names, but historically there's a specific end of the table that has the church giggling around hour 2 of filming the dinner scenes... I may or may not be at that end of the table. (I'm absolutely at that end of the table.) Will we ever see an episode that focuses a little more on Baez's backstory? She's my favorite, but I feel like we don't actually know much about her. Ramirez: I would also like to know more about Baez's backstory. We had some little glimpses of family life with the couple of episodes of her brother Javi and a scene with her mother and sister but sadly we didn't see them again. It's fun that Baez is a bit mysterious. Maybe she has some deep dark secrets that we can one day uncover, or some deep layers that we can peel off and really get to know her. Executive Producer Kevin Wade: Absolutely! Nicky and Jack will definitely show up. Why were there so many people named Jack on the show? Besides Danny's son and Erin's ex, are there any other guest characters named Jack? Wade: Lazy writing. I would have to check and verify your account but I wasn't aware that we used so many jacks. I will pay attention to that in the future.


Beware the ides of March madness

Hackers have countless ways to trick you into engaging with them. These tricks include promises of bigger wins or inside information about teams. (Author: Gardener)

MarchTechNewsWorld's full-service marketing programs deliver sales-ready leads. Get started now. TechNewsWorld's full-service marketing programs deliver sales-ready leads. Get started now. Don't lose your jersey when betting on teams participating in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. This annual event is a very popular time for betting communities and tournament challenges - when employees often use websites, online platforms or shared spreadsheets to organize. According to Hank Schless, senior manager of security solutions at endpoint-to-cloud security company Lookout, these tricks include promises of bigger profits or inside information about teams. “Threat actors see this event as low-hanging fruit for social engineering and phishing. They can easily spoof the URL of popular sports and betting websites like ESPN, DraftKings and FanDuel,” he told TechNewsWorld. Recently, there have been numerous reports of attackers using fake Google Drive and Office 365 sharing links to trick corporate users into revealing their credentials. Phishing has become the most popular method for attackers to gain access to corporate infrastructure. "But that also poses risks when your IT and security teams don't have visibility into the context in which users are accessing apps and data," he said. Cyber ​​attackers use events like March Madness to lure their targets and trick them into ignoring any red flags that indicate malicious intent. When it comes to credential phishing, a simple text or social media message can be very effective, Schless observed. Protect yourself against the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to your sensitive data. Use security software to detect and block phishing attacks and web traffic from any device to disrupt connections to malicious websites. “Additionally, you need visibility into the context in which users are logging into your infrastructure and accessing data. Abnormal locations, devices, and number of login attempts can all be indicators of compromised credentials,” he said. All major sporting events can lead to a rise in phishing scams, fake domains and adware, admitted Jasmine Henry, field security director at cyber asset management and governance firm JupiterOne. "March Madness poses a unique risk for employers because it occurs during business hours when fans are generally using work-related devices and network resources," she told TechNewsWorld. Security officials should consider whether a brief update to their acceptable use policy might reduce March Madness's security risks, she suggested. When official NCAA and ESPN websites are blocked on the network, sports fans will find alternative ways to watch the streams and may use more patchy, malware-ridden websites to circumvent the policy. "Security professionals should also talk to users about what risks they should look for in their inboxes and text messages, including links, attachments, and clip invites sent by a threat actor rather than a co-worker," Henry suggested. March Madness' chaotic atmosphere provides the perfect cover for evil actors looking to commit cybercrime. According to Ray Kelly, Fellow at NTT Application Security, popular sports and betting apps tend to do a good job of fixing critical vulnerabilities once they are identified. "However, March Madness fans will need to ensure they update mobile apps frequently, as security fixes within those updates will be made available through the App Store and Google Play," he told TechNewsWorld. Users' personal information is more likely to be compromised through targeted email or SMS phishing campaigns. It's relatively easy for hackers to craft emails or landing pages that look legitimate and trick users into entering their personal information on a malicious website, he explained. “A good rule of thumb is to never open links sent via email. In fact, it's much safer to always go straight to the website or mobile app," Kelly urged. Just before March Madness, professionals and sports fans alike are starting to prepare schedules to fill out their brackets and stream the games online. We think little about security, observes Joseph Carson, chief security scientist and consulting CISO at privileged access management (PAM) provider Delinea. We like to click on things. Always use caution when receiving messages containing a hyperlink, he told TechNewsWorld. Occasionally check with the sender to make sure they actually sent you an email before aimlessly clicking on what could be malware, ransomware, a remote access tool, or a virus stealing your data or on your data access, suggested Carson. “Before clicking, everyone needs to stop and think. Check the URL, make sure the URL uses HTTPS, and also verify that this URL is from a legitimate source," Carson said. "Find out where the hyperlink takes you before you click, because you might be in for a nasty surprise." There might be a retro experience worthy of keeping safe this March Madness season, Richard Fleeman warned , Vice President of Penetration Testing Ops at cybersecurity consultancy Coalfire. “Consider managing pools of offices using old-school methods of manual tracking and having one person coordinate. If you're using a document to track, you should share that document through Box, Google Docs, etc.," he told TechNewsWorld. Consider using known and trusted platforms for March Madness brackets, tracking, betting and spreads. Use multi-factor authentication, use a password vault to generate unique passwords, verify email headers and URL links. Don't open unfamiliar attachments, bookmark, or log into the online platform directly instead of clicking links in an email, etc. Be wary of applications that use common authentication frameworks and third-party trusts - Google Auth or Facebook - without verifying the elements that are requesting or trusting access. Blindly allowing access and trust could potentially compromise your accounts.


Harry Maguire accidentally HEADS Cristiano Ronaldo on a corner

Maguire struggled again with another poor defensive performance and was ironically cheered by some home fans when he was replaced by Juan Mata. (Author: Gardener)

Harry MaguireFootage has emerged showing Harry Maguire accidentally colliding with Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United's loss to Atletico Madrid. The duo endured a night to remember as United's last chance at trophies vanished with a 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford and a 2-1 aggregate loss to the Spanish champions in the Champions League round of 16. Maguire struggled again with another poor defensive performance and was ironically cheered by some home fans when he was replaced by Juan Mata with six minutes left. Maguire clashing with Ronaldo and then slamming himself in the face with Mandava's hand is the most slapstick thing I've seen in football in years - BRACE - Newcastle United Discussion (@NUFCBrace) March 15, 2022 His However, his most awkward moment came when he seemingly accidentally banged his head against his own team-mate's as United tried to score in a dangerous area from a set piece after 66 minutes. Maguire - a threat from set pieces - tried to stop a couple of Atletico Madrid players to make room for either himself or his Portuguese team-mate Ronaldo to test goalkeeper Jan Oblak. But the England defender only managed to leave the 37-year-old feeling slightly uneasy, jerking his head back and then colliding with Ronaldo, who was clutching his teeth in pain moments later. However, the comedic element of that passage seemed to reach a new level as Maguire appeared to smack himself in the face with Atletico defender Reinildo Mandava's hand. Ronaldo covered his mouth again because the ball was out of play. The England defender's actions resulted in the 37-year-old Portuguese clenching his teeth in pain after a slap to the face, but was then seen again uncomfortably covering his mouth because the ball was out of play. Fans on social media were instantaneously poking fun at Maguire for the bizarre incident, with one posting: "The headbutt is great but the fact that Maguire hit himself is even better." Another added: "Best thing Maguire did all night was headbutt" Best thing Maguire did all night was Ronaldo with the - Depressive Mode (@XwisebloodX) March 15, 2022 probably could have scored with that free kick if Maguire hadn't headbutted Ronaldo ffs - Mannchunian (@mannchunian) March 15, 2022 Only Maguire would headbutt Ronaldo before going for the header. This season's bloopers are going to be our biggest ever.— Sun 🇮🇷 پسر خورشید 🦉 (@1Afshin) March 15, 2022 That moment when Maguire accidentally headbutted him and delayed his run, stopping him from hitting the back post going in just sums us up- . However, other United fans believed their side prevented an equalizer after Renan Lodi's header in the first half, commenting: "Probably that free-kick could have scored if Maguire hadn't head-butted Ronaldo." Other United fans believed it was typical of their upside-down season, with another adding: "That moment when Maguire accidentally headbutted him and delayed his run and prevented him from getting in at the back post, just sums us up." However, others could only see the funny side, with one stating: "Only Maguire would headbutt Ronaldo before going for a header. This season's slip-ups will be our biggest ever.' However the fans saw it, it was another night in which Maguire and United failed to excite as their last chance to end their trophy drought since 2017 eluded them . The defender was ironically cheered for Juan Mata (right) in the 84th minute of defeat and ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes time is ticking for Maguire to retain his place at Old Trafford. "The £80million Manchester United captain was dropped at the game," Carragher told CBS Sports. "He's going through the worst moment of his career right now. We all have that moment, I can imagine it now when I was playing. “It's something Harry Maguire is going through right now and he needs to come out very quickly otherwise he won't be at the club because the standards at Manchester United are so high. Maguire struggled again in defense as United's last chance for a silver this season slipped away. “Of course he wants [to come out] but his head will be everywhere, he will be criticized from left, right and centre. "I've always been a fan of Harry Maguire. Virgil van Dijk cost £75m and is the best defender in the world. "Harry Maguire isn't, but he doesn't set the price.