Entertainers and three others are calling for name suppression

An entertainer facing drug and money laundering charges after a global crackdown has decided to keep his name private to protect his career. (Author: Gardener)

threeDetective Superintendent Greg Williams, director of the police's national organized crime group, briefs the media after 35 people have been arrested in the North Island. The damage to reputation of an entertainer charged in a global organized crime sting would be permanent even if he were named and then found not guilty, a lawyer said. The entertainer was arrested in June along with about 40 others across the country following the stabbing. He appeared in the Auckland High Court on Wednesday, along with three others, asking for the name to be suppressed. They are all charged with drug and money laundering. * Global organized crime: entertainer, naval officer on trial * Two men charged in big meth and money laundering ring called Operation Trojan Shield: Kiwi entertainer denies conspiracy to launder $6 million * Member of police hunting gang in arrest of international organized Crime * Two men appear in court in Hamilton after global attack on organized crime * Senior gang members arrested after global attack on organized crime Drugs and money were seized and 900 charges brought in Operation Trojan Shield. The entertainer faces charges along with a host of others, including suspected syndicate leaders Duax and Shane Ngakuru. Ron Mansfield QC, acting on behalf of the entertainer, said he was only seeking temporary suppression as he had to work. His work as an entertainer took a hit due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Mansfield said. "The damage to his reputation would be permanent even if it were found that he was not guilty of these allegations." Mansfield QC said on behalf of the second defendant that if he were named, his rights to a fair trial would be denied. The stabbing led to more than 800 arrests worldwide, according to Randy Grossman, acting US Attorney for the Southern District of California. Phil Hamlin, the attorney acting for a couple who are the third and fourth defendants, argued that they would suffer extreme hardship if named as children. Crown prosecutor Belle Archibald refused to withhold the names of all four defendants, saying their circumstances, if named, were not extremely harsh. Drugs were seized during the operation. The sting, Operation Trojan Shield, involved police operations in 16 countries that arrested more than 800 suspects, aided by an encrypted communications platform developed by the FBI. The stabbing was part of a global crackdown on organized crime that police have described as "the world's most sophisticated law enforcement operation". New Zealand Police said the FBI developed a closed-loop encryption system called "AN0M" to monitor people's communications and the alleged perpetrators unknowingly used the system for 18 months to talk about their criminal behavior. Users believed their AN0M devices were protected from law enforcement by impenetrable encryption, police said. Detective Superintendent Greg Williams, the director of the New Zealand Police's national organized crime group, previously said the transnational groups are preying on vulnerable people.


The drag race star opens up on heinous abuse as the queens prepare for the final between Britain and the world

The final of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Versus The World begins Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer as the queens battle it out for the title of Global Drag Race Superstar (Author: Gardener)

BritainThe final of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Versus The World begins Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer as the queens battle for the title of Global Drag Race Superstar Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea, Mo Heart and Jujubee battle it out for the crown and the chance to record a single with RuPaul himself. A first for the franchise, this series was a huge hit, with a dazzling cast of judges including Jade Thirlwall, Katie Price and Michelle Keegan. Tonight, the final four queens will take part in a "Lip Sync Smackdown for the Crown," while the eliminated queens return to the main stage to see RuPaul crown the first-ever "Queen of the Maternal World." In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Ireland's Blu Hydrangea said, "This isn't the Final Four I expected." Jimbo was probably a good contender for the Finals too. If it was a regular season and it was lip syncing to your life format, I, Mo, Pangina and Jimbo would have been in the top four." Blu Hydrangea will be in contention for the crown in Tuesday's finals, with Baga Chipz attempting one Recording single with RuPaul, she said, "I think it's really amazing. When asked who would be their closest competition in the finals, Blu Hydrangea responded by saying, "Mo is probably Mo the best lip sync left of the four of us , followed by Jujubee making good mouth." This toy lip syncing probably the best of the season." The World format was a first for the Drag Race franchise On the subject of their shock elimination by Pangina Heals early in the series, Blu Hydrangea said, "I d enke people are so obsessed with the show it's probably like football but for the gays. "They're so involved and I think it's because you bond so much with the queens' characters when they tell you such an intimate story that you feel like you relate to them." Boston's Jujubee has previously appeared on three occasions RuPaul's Drag Race and says she has endured some intense scrutiny from fans of the show, including vile insults and death threats. When asked about the intense reaction from fans, she said: "I've had quite a few eating disorders in my past so seeing comments like you're so fat you're so ugly it takes you back to high school. "As a queer person of color, it was always an older white man who told me what to do, how to dress, what to say, that I'm too fat, that my voice isn't good enough to sing." Keep an eye on The Mirror's Facebook page as we'll be interviewing the queens each week following their elimination


Premiere of the season finale between Britain and the world?

RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World delivers new episodes every Tuesday. But what if you live in the US? How can you watch Drag Race UK vs the World Episode 6 in the US? (Author: Gardener)

BritainRuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs. Now it comes down to it - the season finale and a Final Four with the good to go all the way. And unlike previous All Stars seasons, the finalists will compete for the crown in a lip-sync tournament, much like how the American franchise determines a winner. If you want to know how to watch RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs. the World, you've come to the right place. Can you watch Drag Race: UK vs.? And when does episode 6 premiere? If you live in America or really anywhere in the world outside of the UK and Canada, you can stream RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs. the World via WOW Presents Plus. If you are not already a subscriber, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial of WOW Presents Plus. For all of you in the UK, you can watch RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs the World as it airs Tuesday at 9pm on BBC3. and you can stream it via iPlayer. If you're in Canada, you can catch RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs. the World Tuesday at 5 p.m. on the Crave Network. ET. The finale of RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs. the World arrives Tuesday, March 8th at 4pm on WOW Presents Plus in the US. ET/1pm Pt. If you want to know more about RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs. the World Episode 5, we have a summary for you below. Each queen wrote their own verse to RuPaul's "Living My Life in London," emphasizing their own hometown, and then they entered the "recording studio" (aka the main stage with a mixer on top) to drop the track . Janey Jacké struggled the most while Mo Heart predictably killed her verse. But when it came time to choreograph, Janey had it all covered while Baga Chipz and Jujubee struggled to figure out the wobble. When it came time to kill, every queen really pulled it off. Jujubee finally had a breakthrough with her verse, Baga served up comedy, Blu Hydrangea soared - even Janey's voice sounded solid! But really, come on, Mo Heart ended it all with her verse. Mo and Juju ended up on top, taking on Netta's "Toy" in a lip sync battle - Israel's winning entry at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Anyway - Jujubee won the lip sync and chose to give the punch to Janey Jacké. Now we're going to the finals and a lip sync tournament! You can stream episodes 1-5 of RuPaul's Drag Race: UK vs the World now on WOW Presents Plus. Viewers in the United States can stream Drag Race Thailand Season 2 as well as all of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Canada's Drag Race and Drag Race Holland on WOW Presents Plus.


Drag Race UK vs The World just crowned a winner baby

The first ever winner of Drag Race UK vs The World has just been beaten after six cutthroat weeks. Here's who won the crown. (Author: Gardener)

WorldThe inaugural winner of the Drag Race UK vs The World has just been crowned by Ru-vealed. After six grueling weeks of conflama and contentious eliminations, RuPaul has crowned the first-ever "Queen of the Mothertuckin' World." After an emotional final runway, a tense reunion (Pangina confronted Blu and then got dragged into the dirt by Jimbo) and surprise performances from Elton John, Billy Porter and Naomi Campbell, the Drag Race UK vs The World finale culminated in a classic lip -Sync smackdown for the crown. Mo Heart was up first, mopping the floor with Baga Chipz to Jessie J's "Domino" before Blu defeated Hydrangea Jujubee to Duran Duran's "The Reflex." And after throwing it on Kylie Minogue's "Supernova," it was Blu Hydrangea who was crowned the winner of Drag Race UK vs The World. The finale capped a controversial first season for the international All Stars spin-off. Ever since the RuPaul empire went global, fans have been calling for a series that pits queens from different countries against each other. It certainly wasn't the casting - RuPaul invited back a brilliant mix of real heavyweights like Mo Heart and Jujubee and fan favorites who had something to prove like Lemon and Jimbo. Drag Race Thailand's taking on co-host Pangina - the first time a presenter has crossed the judges' table - was also an inspired move. The All-Stars rules were in effect, with queens given the power to cut their competitors. When week one winner Pangina sent Lemon to box (after an admittedly underwhelming talent show), the excitement was immediate. While the departure of Cheryl Hole in week two was sad for the Essex queen's fans, it felt fair enough. Pangina booted Jimbo in week three, sparking a wave of hatred towards the Thai queen. A week later she was kicked out by Blu Hydrangea herself and produced some of the most uncomfortable scenes the franchise has ever seen. To be honest, the queens were set up for failure from the start. We've seen queens use the All-Stars rules to eliminate the competition before - to stunning effect - but this time it felt less like a gimmick. The competition was tough, which meant some weeks were really tough. But there were weeks when RuPaul's assessment honestly didn't feel good and when other queens should have been in the bottom two. Many fans have said that maybe it's time to scrap the All-Stars rules and take responsibility for RuPaul sending home queens — and we're inclined to agree. We love shadow and drama, but we also want to see that the queens get a fair chance in the competition. Well, ultimately, the drag race machine will keep on whirring, fans will keep coming back, and any claims of manipulation will subside before you can say, "Let the music play" (and certainly before RuPaul unloads the big guns for the storied All Winners Season, aka the worst kept secret in drag race history, erupts later this year). All episodes of Drag Race UK vs The World are now streaming on BBC iPlayer.


Drag race royalty Jujubee received death threats after the queen 'humiliated' the shadow

Drag Race UK vs The World Queen Jujubee discusses death threats following the series, which is due to end in tonight's finals. (Author: Gardener)

JujubeeAt Drag Race UK vs. The World finalists Jujubee, a certain level of negativity from fans can be like water off a duck's back. It's very, very emotionally involved," she tells us with impressive grace. Viewers will remember that Jujubee survived the elimination when Pangina Heals elected to send Canada's Drag Race graduate Jimbo home instead of her. Since leaving the show, the Canadian Queen has hinted to various publications that she doesn't think Jujubee earned her spot in the competition based on her performance on the runway, telling us back in February, "I was of Jujubee's costume choice surprised. Given her experience and legacy, I was kind of hoping for "Next Level Jujubee." Our sanity has been challenged and our finances have been challenged. She did her best and I love her but I was definitely surprised by what she showed." Taking a step forward to Attitude magazine, she said, "I think this could be a product of exhaustion in connection with the pandemic and a lack of funds as well as a misjudgment and a small pinch of disappointment. And I think she's trying her best, but her best just isn't good enough.” At a time when she was already struggling with the pressure of fan reaction, that lack of solidarity disappointed Jujubee. "To see a drag race sister go out and drag you but not answer when she has your phone number... that's really interesting," she told us. "Jimbo specifically went out and said some really horrible things about me and was demeaning. I will always be there to lift their spirits, even now because I'm just a kind person, but I got death threats because of that headline. I've been racially abused, you know, and it's awful. "Whenever I spoke about it, people would say, 'You just have to be the bigger person. She's a character.' I think hiding behind a character makes you a bloody coward," lamented the finalist. Despite her apparent hurt at Jimbo's remarks, she insisted that she wished the Queen well. "I just think we should support Jimbo. I think they are really talented. They asked me to work with them on music...which probably won't happen." Jujubee also explained that prior to the competition, she knew she was at a disadvantage when it came to her looks, given a number of designers she was working with had worked together in the past had let them down. "The hardest part was actually going in there and knowing I didn't have the best fashion. We like to say it's not about fashion, but it is. You see me spreading light and love in the study and everything is fine, but as soon as I walk the runway and you don't like what I'm wearing you talk a lot of shit. “In the run-up to [Drag Race] you rely on designers and hairdressers. This one person who worked on my last two looks, including the gorgeous one you just saw, had to do the other looks. And I'm not sure any of the queens who said something about me could handle it the way I did," she surmised. "It's a testament to my ability to continue to be a kind person even when people s**t me." Of course, it can't be stressed enough that it's incredibly uncool whether you're another drag queen or a Being a fan watching at home, it's incredibly uncool to mindlessly berate Queens (or anyone) on social media. In recent years, drag racing in particular has gained a reputation for evoking nasty reactions from so-called "fans" of certain participants on social media. Time and time again, competing queens have had to take to social media to defend their on-screen rivals and plead with their fans to stop spreading hate. When we asked Jujubee why she thinks drag race fandom in particular can induce such toxicity, she revealed that viewers' mental health probably often plays a part. "As a person who lives with depression themselves, sometimes if you don't deal with some things you think the whole world is out there to attack you or hurt you, right? "So if there are people out there who are a beacon to them, they have an expectation. And when it's not what they want, they cry, or they get angry — or they tell you to kill yourself, or they embarrass you, which is all I've had in the last 30 days." "All these amazing ones Things happen for me, but the noise of people uncomfortable in this world is so loud. "It's like, 'Wait, I'm human.' Baga is human, you know, we're all human. And just because we put on a smiling face doesn't mean we won't be hurt or bothered by it. I don't go on the internet and tell someone to kill themselves just because they don't like someone's fashion.” In the face of such adversity, it's even more impressive how the Queen manages to maintain such a composed outlook on life. "Nevertheless, I'm still shedding love and light. You bitches haven't seen me get into a debate or an argument or tell anyone to fuck themselves on the internet. I laughed with the people who laughed at me for a month.” This isn't the first time Jujubee has spoken out on the topic of mental health. A recent episode of Drag Race UK vs. The World featured a poignant conversation between Jujubee and Baga Chipz in which the two discuss their respective mental health journeys and battles with alcoholism, with Jujubee explaining that they are a total teetotaler approach to sobriety. Though she hasn't had a chance to watch the episode herself yet, she said she's grateful for the "outpouring of love and support" she's received from viewers. “There was a person on Twitter who said they had been binge drinking for two weeks and they turned on the TV and that was the conversation that showed. "I think it's beautiful. I think drinking is part of the culture in the queer community, especially here in the UK — they all love to drink and that's okay. I'm not here to judge. I go out and have a glass of water and a drunk bitch comes up to me and says “what's in there?” like surveilling me and it's so interesting because that's not your story jujubee is hands down one of the hottest Competitors in her Drag Race history, a literal record-breaking queen who has also found success outside of the Drag Race universe in her music and television careers.Last week she released her first remix album entitled Back For More , which includes collaborations with her All Stars 5 castmate Shea Couleé and UK vs The World castmate Pangina Despite her many accomplishments, Juju's most impressive trait remains her amazingly positive attitude, even though she Nothing of extreme adversity such as mental health issues, addiction, hatred and grief on social media. And I could have gone down the street, but I'm sitting here doing this amazing interview with you - it's pretty crazy. And now I have the opportunity to share love and grace with people.” When we first spoke at the beginning of the Drag Race UK vs The World series, she explained her decision to return for a fourth part of the show, simply saying, "When Ru calls, you answer and do exactly what she wants you to do!" And so we asked, bearing in mind that she told us that this fourth experience was "absolutely" the so far hardest was – if Mama Ru called her again, will she still answer? I would answer, but I'd like to be a part of it in a different way than competing," she explains. "...And maybe some of the queens are tired of seeing me compete,” she adds with a proud smile.


Drag Race UK vs World

For their final challenge, the final four queens of the UK vs the World drag race went head-to-head in an epic lip-synched smackdown. (Author: Gardener)

UKSpoilers ahead for the grand finale of RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World. In their sixth and final Maxi Challenge, the top four contestants from Drag Race UK vs the World - Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea, Jujubee and Mo Heart - raced down the catwalk in their best drag before battling it out in lip-synched smackdowns for the crown . Before the eliminated queens - Lemon, Cheryl Hole, Jimbo, Pangina Heals and Janey Jacké - the finalists were criticized for their performances throughout the competition. The panel commended Baga for her "classic" runway and for being relatable for viewers, as well as for Blu's growth since Drag Race UK season one. Though Michelle Visage admitted Jujubee's performance in the first half of the contest was "confusing" as she didn't win any RuPeter badges (undeservedly!) until episode five, RuPaul said it was "satisfying" for her to reach the finals a fourth time – something no other participant in history has ever managed to do. Mo's entire UK vs the World performance was praised, including her stage presence, her portrayal of Billy Porter on Snatch Game and the "epic" runway of Butch Queen. After Alan Carr, Billy Porter and damn Naomi Campbell offered satellite advice to the finalists, Baga, Blu, Juju and Mo floated backstage for their final Untucked of the series, where they were joined by the eliminated queens. The cast soon returned to the stage, where Sir Elton John revealed the lip-synching format introduced in US season 9 would be making a comeback, leaving their fate to the – please, dramatic drum roll – of the steering wheel. After the wheel landed on Mo, the Brown Cow Stunning singer chose Baga as her lip-synch opponent from "Strategy" for hilarious reasons. Unsurprisingly, RuPaul announced Mo as the winner of the lip sync showdown, leaving it up to Jujubee and Blu to take on Duran Duran's The Reflex. Both contestants gave it their all, but in the end Blu emerged victorious – once again relegating Juju to third (slash fourth) place. Following the epic final lip-sync smackdown that pitted Blu and Mo against Kylie Minogue's latest disco-cut Supernova, RuPaul announced the former as the first "Queen of the Mothertucking World." With her victory, Blu made history as the first Queen of Ireland to win a season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Here's how viewers reacted to the Drag Race UK vs the World finale, including the epic lip sync and winner. GO BLUE!!! EaXvqz1O2S Calling BBC Headquarters after Mo ate the last lip sync to avoid being crowned #DragRaceUK #TeamMo They keep bringing it up as Blu eliminated Pangina as the strongest competition. Jimbo right now: Rumor has it you'll win all the stars if you dress up as a Covid sparkler #DragRaceUK Jimbo is trying to seize the reins XD Kylie's Supernova as the last lip sync song was everything! #DragRaceUK At the end of this week's episode they say Jujubee will return like it's the end of a wonder movie #DragRaceUK Jujubee just took 3rd place for the FOURTH TIME 💀 #dragraceuk pic I would have been happy with any queen but so happy of the winner #DragRaceUK but second place was stolen 😩 #UKvsTheWorld THAT UNTUCKED ALL LMAOOO PANGINA WAS AND JIMBO CHOOSE VIOLENCE #DragRaceUK “Jimbo got robbed” “Pangina got robbed” The real robbery of the season was Lemon #DragRaceUK


Drag Race UK vs. the World's Blu Hydrangea is anything but a wallflower

Drag Race UK vs the World star Blu Hydrangea talks Snatch Game, her gender identity and reaching the finals. (Author: Gardener)

Blu HydrangeaNext we catch up with Blu Hydrangea about her triumphant time in the Drag Race UK vs. the World. Blu Hydrangea has absolutely blossomed this season, perhaps more so than any other queen in the UK vs the World drag race. That's not to say that this cheeky Irish girl did poorly in her first season, by any means. But this time around, it's clear that Blu has grown into her potential, both as a drag artist and as a person outside of drag. Ahead of the finals, Digital Spy caught up with winner Blu Hydrangea to talk about the snatch game, lipstick controversies and the growing conversations about her gender identity. We love everything you've done at UK Vs the World. [laughs] I know. Some people have said that. They smiled when I won and cried when she went home. Now come on in, do you feel you had a home advantage coming from the UK or did you feel more pressure than the host country representatives? The team running Drag Race is amazing especially in the UK. Well that's all I know. But standing in front of Ru for the first time I think has its perks because you're new to it. For example, Jamie and Pangina had never been before Ru. Jimbo, I don't think so either, or Lemon. They were then able to see Ru's eyes fresh, while Ru had already seen all this "much better" stuff, you know? [laughs] We almost had to do more to impress her, you know? You are very honest and direct on the show, especially in the Werk Room when you reminded Mo that you had an awkward meeting before Drag Race. I think it's a very Northern Irish thing. I told myself before I went in that I wouldn't be the same wallflower as I was in the first season — even though I kept saying, "Despunk my balls" and all that. I felt like I'd watched the episodes back, and I was barely present in the room. While this time I was willing to just walk in and say how I felt. Because the reality of Drag Race is that you only get this opportunity — well, for Jujubee, about five times. For me or a normal person maybe twice. I just didn't want to have any regrets for things I didn't say because I think everything can be a learning moment. When you talk about things, other people can kind of see themselves in those moments, you know? Speaking of growth, it was wonderful to see you win the Snatch Game. Did you expect to do so well this time? Well I put a lot of preparation into this snatch game. Me and my partner, we got the call, and we just put rhinestones on things, and we said, "What movie should we do? Great." And then we said, "Eureka, that's it!" I feel like it was very stressful. The UK has a lot going for Snatch Game as UK Season 1 killed it with Snatch Game, with Viv and Baga - this was possibly one of the best Snatch Game moments ever. I'm definitely not a stand-up comedian or anything. But Snatch Game is strategic. You have to direct RuPaul and have all those conversational moments. But you have to have it all under control because it's your jokes that you then have to incorporate into those moments. So I think the first time I got into Snatch Game a bit. But this time I kind of understood, "This is what I have to do." It's absolutely the worst challenge in drag racing. I imagine even its biggest competitors will tell you it's the scariest - apart from Baga, who just plain loves it. But with Baga, a lot goes in one ear and out the other. Snatch Game, but she gets it. In the Werkraum you dealt with your gender identity in a really beautiful way. Thanks a lot for this. Thanks a lot for this. Do you feel more liberated a year later after this conversation was broadcast on TV? Absolutely yes. I've actually had members of my family texting me and saying, "I didn't know you felt that way" and stuff like that. Maybe that's just a thing in Ireland or something. But my family is usually like this: We don't always talk about problems and things like that and how we feel. It's more of a joke thing. So it was really nice to be able to do that -- without having to go around every single person and say, "This is how I feel." It was just broadcasting to the world. I feel like I'm still learning a lot about myself. I've done a lot for Blu up until this moment - getting to the finals and stuff like that. I felt like I could say, 'Right, I achieved that for Blu. It's time to make some time for Josh.” I feel like I'm in a better place and that's important. I love that this conversation I had was able to touch people, which is the main reason I had the conversation. Normally I wouldn't put myself in such vulnerable positions, but that's an important thing when you're on a show like Drag Race. We must use it. There are many controversies surrounding the lipsticks these days. I think it's good television. For example, if you want to be a great drag queen, win your original season, you know? All-Stars is like, "We've got to up the ante. We need to add some obstacles.” I think that's just the way it is. You have to be strategic. You have to be nice to the people around you. You must be good at towing. People say, "These aren't the top 4 that deserve the crown." That's what they're saying about us right now. But the reality is we survived this crazy season. We had to cross all these crocodiles that came out from under us and we made it to the end and that's the most important thing, you know? I mean, apart from juju – no, just kidding [laughs]. What would it mean for you to win UK against The World? Drag Race is my favorite series on TV. I literally remember watching Drag Race on a Thursday at 2am on a school night on E4 at a volume of one percent and just being so obsessed with these beautiful creatures. I think I should go all the way from there – oh my god. It will just be life changing. For the whole island of Ireland to be represented at the global level would be incredible. Because if I won that, I think it would be about All-Stars, because All-Stars is where you compete against people from the same country as you. If you win this, you're the queen of the mom world. It would just be epic and I would be so grateful. And I would just love to represent for the queerdos like me. Drag Race: The UK vs The World is available in the UK on BBC Three and internationally on WOW Presents Plus. The Wheel of Time s2: Everything you need to know High School Musical Season 3: Everything you need to know Drag Race: UK vs the World Air Queen name change Cruel Summer Season 2: Everything you need to know


Andy Cousins ​​deals 'major' injury damage to Stoke City ahead of Barnsley clash

Nick Powell's campaign could be over, while Tommy Smith, Liam Moore and Morgan Fox are also all set for lengthy layoffs. (Author: Gardener)

Andy CousinsNick Powell's campaign could be over, while Tommy Smith, Liam Moore and Morgan Fox are also all set for lengthy layoffs. Nick Powell has been a key figure under Michael O'Neill since the first game in 2020. Get the latest Stoke broadcasts, team news, game updates and analysis straight to your inbox. Something went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for your subscription! We have more newsletters, Show MeAndy Cousins ​​has revealed Nick Powell may have participated in his final action of the season after suffering a repeat quad injury. The former Manchester United player limped out of the weekend's home defeat to Blackpool and Stoke City's performance manager admits the player could now be forced to miss most of the remainder of the season. His absence from the squad against Barnsley tonight is one of five changes Michael O'Neill has made to the squad, with Liam Moore and Tommy Smith also sidelined through injury while Romaine Sawyers and Mario Vrancic are on the bench. Speaking to BBC Radio Stoke ahead of kick-off, Cousins ​​said: "We've had a real hit with injuries this week, Powelly in particular (Nick Powell). "He'll be out for about six weeks and it's an almost identical setback to the one he suffered earlier in the season. "He's a big loss, Tommy Smith will miss a few games, Liam Moore may be out until the international break and so is Morgan Fox." Her absence from the side has paved the way for O'Neill to tinker with his starting line-up as he searches for a win in Yorkshire to reignite the Potters campaign. "I think the changes are because of the result, more so because of the performance," added Cousins. "We also had to look at ourselves as a staff, so there are a few changes there. "Jordan Thompson, for example, was absent on Saturday because he was unable to play three games in a week on the back of his injury. "We picked a team tonight that we think is more than good enough to go out there and win the game." Cousins ​​is the first to admit Stoke's performance was well below average against Blackpool on Saturday and while he said it was hard to take the boos that rang out at the stadium after the full-time whistle blew, he couldn't disagree the reaction of the supporters. "The fans follow the team in numbers and we know boos are an integral part of the game, it's not pretty but we couldn't disagree with that reaction.


Mick Fleetwood is the new face of Harry Styles' beauty brand and we're obsessed with it

Fleetwood Mac co-founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood has been announced as the new face of Harry Sryle's beauty brand Pleasing. (Author: Gardener)

Mick FleetwoodIn an announcement no one saw coming, but now it's here where we throw our full weight on it, Mick Fleetwood has been announced as the new campaign star for beauty brand Pleasing by Harry Styles. The 74-year-old drummer and Fleetwood Mac co-founder is seen in a purple zebra-print suit and top hat while modeling the brand's colorful new nail polishes as part of their psychedelic Shroom Bloom collection. Styles, 28, launched the brand in November, which offers unisex nail polishes, skincare products and branded clothing. Speaking to Vogue magazine, the former One Direction star described the new face of his brand as a "magical man" and musical hero. I felt like there couldn't be a better embodiment of Pleasing, or a person who could so naturally capture the magic we love." Styles is known for his androgynous style that subverts gender stereotypes, and in 2020 he stepped out as the first man to go solo on the cover of fashion bible Vogue in a light blue lace Gucci ball gown and black tuxedo jacket. Fleetwood also recalled to the publication how the pair were first introduced through a One Direction meet-and-greet when his twin daughters asked to see the singer in concert, and how relatable is that? The star shared that they were "really connected" as Styles grew up with Fleetwood Mac's extensive back catalogue, and has since worked with band member Stevie Nicks and performed some of the group's music. The rocker noted that their connection was "music-driven," but as a person he found Styles "incredibly kind and thoughtful," saying that despite the fame he experienced, he was drawn to his lack of ego. Fleetwood added that he loved "every moment" filming the Pleasing campaign, which was filmed at his home in Maui, Hawaii. He explained that he joined the campaign because he believes it is an experience that gets people thinking about 'why not' and allows individuals to express themselves. Recalling his generation's sense of freedom, Fleetwood added: "But now imagine the '60s with social media. One might be so bold as to say that this slightly naïve pipe dream of everyone not judging could spread like wildfire. "Recalling that premise, I think there's a strong resemblance now that's asking, 'Why not? Nowadays, if someone goes to a concert with blue paint all over their face, you're like, "How cool is that?" You wouldn't say one way or the other. "That's how I've always felt. Don't judge and have fun with it. That's what Favor represents.'


Steven Gerrard makes candid confession to Philippe Coutinho after his outrageous portrayal

Brazil international Coutinho has been sensational since he was loaned from Barcelona in January and beat Southampton 4-0 on Saturday (Author: Gardener)

Steven GerrardBrazil international Coutinho has been sensational since he was loaned from Barcelona in January and beat Southampton 4-0 on Saturday. Steven Gerrard hugs Philippe Coutinho during the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Southampton Aston Villa stars admit the Brazilian is sometimes on a different wavelength from them. Villa boss Steven Gerrard is sympathetic after admitting Coutinho's form and brilliance in training at Liverpool hastened the end of his playing days as he tried to keep up. But the Villa manager is not complaining now as his loanee for Coutinho, 29, from Barcelona is looking better every day. The star got a late standing ovation after inspiring Villa to defeat Saints with a goal and an assist. But Ollie Watkins, who opened the scoring, admitted: “Sometimes he thinks too fast for you and I've gone the opposite way. Gerrard said: "I can definitely understand what Ollie is saying because Phil was one of the reasons I broke up and went to America. Philippe Coutinho was a brilliant loan for Aston Villa Coutinho, who Villa could sign for £33m in the summer, was usually available as a No. 10 for the ball in the hole and was able to use his wide range of skills to build the game Touches and clever passes. He was instrumental in Watkins' opener before Coutinho unselfishly hit the ball on Douglas Luiz to make it 2-0. Coutinho then went on to score himself with his third Villa goal in seven games after stunning Saints defenders before Danny Ings sealed the win. Gerrard added: "I think he deserved the ovation with his performance. “In terms of the training and games he's had, he's in a really good place physically now. "When you're dealing with that talent, I think it's important that he's comfortable around him. "It's important that his family also feels welcome because he's been in a place in Barcelona where he's had success in terms of what he's going to take with him, but he's also had difficult periods. "He got to a point where he needed a scene change and another movie. "We want that film to be for him because if we're going to get where we want to be over the long term we need to build it around talent like Phil because he's at a high level when he's at it. "All good teams have that kind of players, game changers that the opposition really worry about before kicking a ball." Gerrard is trying to develop Villa into a more possession-based team, but it's a work-in Progress as even Saints had 62% possession. But in Coutinho, Gerrard knows he has a fabulous talent capable of making his plans a reality. He said: "I want us to enjoy the ball and hold it better for longer."