The saga of Swept Away, Madonna and Guy Ritchie's nightmarish holiday romance

Twenty years ago, a hot British director directed a sexually charged drama starring the most famous woman in the world - his wife. What could go wrong? (Author: Gardener)

Swept Away"We absolutely, terribly dislike her": Madonna in Swept Away In November 2002, filmmaker Guy Ritchie approached the Oxford Union. It was a full audience and Ritchie was in good form, enjoying bantering and making irreverent jokes with the students. A brave student asked him if Swept Away, the film he recently made with then-wife Madonna, would be coming to British cinemas. "It won't be published here because it's s___." "The idea was that the woman and I would do a cheeky little art film, but we got the shit kicked out. It has to be the first film to make headlines with a review. I think 21 newspapers in America ran a story about how horrific it was... But I have to say I still think it's a good movie. The combination of Ritchie, then eclipsing the double hits of his debut Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and its follow-up Snatch, and Madonna, then arguably the most famous woman alive, was theoretically intoxicating. The two had wed in December 2000, after giving birth to their son Rocco the previous August, and they were one of the most talked about and photographed couples in the world, even if their (very public) personal lives raised some eyebrows: the rigorous un PC comedian Bernard Manning was hired to perform for the pair at a party, and Madonna was dressed in tweed in London and spoken with a bizarre English accent. Their first collaboration was the music video for their single What It Feels Like For A Girl in 2001. Ritchie commented that "in a creative way we like the same things, so it just makes sense," while his wife said that "it's ironic because Guy is such a macho guy and his movies are so testosterone-driven, but I asked him." a long time ago which song on the album he reacted to the most, and this is the one.” The clip, however, was quintessential Ritchie returning to the high-speed comic book antics of his early films and portraying Madonna as a “nihilistic pissed-off girl ' showed on a killing spree in Los Angeles. Struggling to keep her tongue to her cheek, she commented, "[my intention was] to get people asking questions and opening up dialogue." But soon Madonna and Ritchie had a bigger plan for their first feature film together. After completing her 2001 Drowned World concerts - the highest-grossing tour by a solo artist of the year - she traveled to Malta and Sardinia in the autumn to begin work on Swept Away. Written and directed by Ritchie, the film was a remake of Linda Wertmuller's 1974 comedy-drama about a wealthy woman stranded on a desert island with a communist sailor whose shallow values ​​and arrogance are undone by his working-class machismo will. Wertmuller's film received rave reviews upon its release, winning the National Board of Review award for best foreign film, but its sexual politics were also rumored to be deeply problematic: the pretense that it was a parable of the class struggle excused the film not suggesting that all it took for an uptight, spoiled woman to bring her down to earth was the threat of rape. Nonetheless, Madonna and Ritchie watched the film together, and as they told the New York Times in an oddly tense 2002 interview, it was Ritchie's idea to remake it, although Madonna (who now calls herself Mrs Ritchie, which she thinks after "more intimate than her first name") indicated that the project had been proposed to both of them. She was cast in the role of Mariangela Melato in Wertmüller's film, opposite her was Italian actor Adriano Giannini: the son of Giancarlo Giannini, who played the male lead in the original. Admitting she had casting approval through her co-star, Madonna said, "I'm sure if I would have said, 'Eeeewww no way he's gross,' I'm pretty sure my man wouldn't have cast him." Giannini was thus put under almost unbearable pressure for a young actor, although Madonna commented of him, "He might have been nervous, but he never acted it. Guy Ritchie directs "The Missus" on the set of Swept Away But the reason the film garnered so much attention from the start wasn't because of any residual respect - or disdain - for the original, or even an expectation that Ritchie would follow two boastful macho crime comedies with a romance. Instead, it was thought to offer meta-commentary on their relationship, although comparing Ritchie - whose stepfather is Sir Michael Leighton, 11th Baronet of Loton Park - to compare Ritchie to an impoverished sailor was a stretch. As Madonna noted prior to the film's release, "There are elements in the film that I would say reflect the politics of our relationship... Guy's a real macho and I'm a real hardnose too. Ritchie's wife and star exerted an unusual degree of control over their appearance in the film — which was originally titled Love, Sex, Drugs and Money before reverting to its original name — and she later described it as "everyone Actor wants to get his two cents in about a scene at the end of the day". Ritchie, meanwhile, went to the other extreme, directing Madonna by saying, "OK, ma'am, over there... go ahead." There was also a growing tension between Ritchie and his producer, Matthew Vaughan, now better known as the director of the Kingsman films. Vaughan ventured to suggest that Madonna's commercial viability as an actor was limited and that Ritchie might have been better off casting Penélope Cruz; this suggestion was ignored. It's perhaps no coincidence that not only have the two stopped working, but that Vaughan switched to directing after inheriting another former Ritchie project, the Daniel Craig crime vehicle Layer Cake. The film's production process was largely uneventful, although there were some inevitable tensions in the love scenes between Madonna and Giannini; Ritchie later joked through gritted teeth that he "directed the whole scene from about three feet away with a very sharp stick." His wife said of the sequence: "We kept the physical stuff until the end of filming. Despite this, there was no seismic argument between the director and his star; as she quipped, "We still speak to each other," and prior to the release of Swept Away, they seemed open to the possibility of further collaboration should the opportunity arise. The reviews paid for this idea. A case in point of the outrage the film faced was Roger Ebert's observation that Swept Away is "a movie about a desert island that made me wish desperately the characters had chosen a movie to take away if." they were stranded on a desert island and pointed it at us instead of them," commenting, "The problem with the Madonna character is that she starts out so hateful that she can never really reverse it. We don't like her intensely and thoroughly." It had been cut from its original length of two hours to 87 minutes, meaning no nuance or character development remained, and was widely viewed as another cinematic failure of Madonna turning to similarly doomed as Body of Evidence joined. Shanghai Surprise and The Next Best Thing. The film opened in the United States on October 11, 2002 at a disastrous $598,645 and never managed to recoup even its modest $10 million budget; For comparison, Snatch had earned over $80 million two years earlier. As Ritchie had prophesied at the Oxford Union, it never had a theatrical release in the UK but was unceremoniously thrown straight to video. It was also condemned by Wertmuller, who said more in sadness than anger: "I don't understand why the picture is so horrible. Why did Madonna and her husband let it out? So why open like this? For Madonna, it's the name and the face. She had her own idea for a "very funny story" for a sequel to her original, but after seeing the remake she declared herself "very concerned" about its chances of being made, saying : "Maybe this is a disaster for me." Swept Away appropriately swept the boards at the Golden Raspberry Awards the following year, winning Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actress, Worst Movie Couple, and Worst Remake or Worst Sequel . Madonna was initially philosophical about the film's reception, saying, "The way critics take it out on me now is try anything that me and Guy do together... I think the knives were going to come out for Guy anyway." , even if he did it didn't end up with me. He had too much success with his first two films. But it was perhaps no coincidence that the couple divorced a few years later, citing irreconcilable differences. Lina Wertmuller and Giancarlo Giannini in the 1974 version of Swept Away Madonna has rarely spoken publicly about the experience of making the film since, but has specialized in directing herself. Her first two films, Filth and Wisdom and W. E' was widely panned, but there are higher hopes for her next film, the autobiographical Little Sparrow, in which Julia Garner will play the young Madonna. Ritchie, meanwhile, has continued a career that has spanned everything from well-received crime films (The Gentlemen) and billion-dollar Disney films (Aladdin) to epic flops like 2017's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. While promoting the latter , an interviewer inquires about the Swept Away experience, and Ritchie answered candidly. One shot it with my ex-wife and two shot it on the back of my previous films.” The critical reaction — “That was the first time I jumped out of my familiar territory, and boy was I punished for it” — saw he looked at it calmly, but continued to look back at it with regret. "I didn't enjoy the experience of releasing it." It would be nice to say that Swept Away was an underrated film, or even an interesting failure. His star is at the (considerable) peak of her narcissism, and her husband was apparently unable or unwilling to bring his usual directorial pizzazz to the production. The original film had an infamous semi-consensual bestiality scene, which Ritchie removed from the remake, commenting that audiences "couldn't take it... and that Buggery isn't as ​​fashionable as it used to be." So it could have been worse.


Jesse Marsch calls Mikel Arteta the 'most underrated manager' in the Premier League

Arsenal have won 11 of their 12 games in all competitions this season under manager Mikel Arteta - just a year after some fans called for his sacking (Author: Gardener)

Jesse MarschArsenal have won 11 of their 12 games in all competitions under manager Mikel Arteta this season - just a year after some fans called for his sacking, Mikel Arteta's Arsenal are at the top of the Premier League. Jesse Marsch believes Mikel Arteta is the most underrated manager in the Premier League and believes Arsenal can win the title. The Gunners are currently at the top of the Premier League having won eight of their first nine games and are a point clear of champions Manchester City. Arteta's side will look to continue their good run against Marschs Leeds at Elland Road on Sunday afternoon. They have nine points from their first eight games and are in 14th place, which puts them at risk of being drawn into a relegation battle if they don't keep picking up points consistently. Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of Sunday's game, Marsch said: "He's the most underrated manager in the league. What an incredible job. Great work. We're confident we can play how we want at Elland Road, but Arsenal are very good. We." We know we have to do our best against a opponent like that." On the question of Arsenal being able to win the title, Marsch added: "You'd have to say yes. They look very strong and they've played against good opponents. We know that they are a good side with quality jesse marsch believes arsenal should be concerned as premier league title contenders do you think arsenal can win the premier league title this season let us know in the comments below arteta became Appointed by Arsenal in December 2019 and was immediately impressed by winning the FA Cup and Community Shield within the first nine months, but the Spaniard came under pressure after a poor 2020/21 season, finishing eighth in the Premier League and missing a first times in European football for more than two decades. There were calls for Arteta to be sacked after Arsenal lost their first three games of last season to Brentford, Chelsea and Ma nchester city. The club's hierarchy defied these demands and the Gunners now fly in the Premier League and Europa League. On Arsenal's way of playing, Arteta added: "The combination of their style of play and the clarity of their roles together with the individual quality makes them very difficult to deal with. The front three are incredibly dangerous one on one. "League leaders in takedowns and one-on-ones. Arsenal will aim to remain at the top of the Premier League or be within reach of the summit when the World Cup starts in November. They have games against Chelsea, Wolves , Nottingham Forest, Southampton and possibly Man City before the break: Arsenal have won all three group games in Europe so far.


White House 'disappointed' as Opec+ cuts production by 2m barrels per day - business live

The oil cartel and allies, including Russia, are making their biggest production cut since the pandemic began, despite pressure from the White House (Author: Gardener)

White House 'UK prepares for winter blackouts as energy rationing campaign debatesWhite House: We must be less dependent on Opec+ DECISION: Opec+ agrees to increase oil production by 2mn Tesco results: what the analysts sayGordon Brown warns at risk of more shadow banking crises Tesco's fuel sales have risen by over 38% in the last six months on rising prices and higher demand. This took petrol and diesel revenue to £4.28 billion, up from just over £3 billion a year earlier. This comes as supermarkets are accused of taking 10p extra margin on fuel - even though the cost of filling up a car with petrol falls below £90 for the first time since May. The RAC said the average price of petrol fell by almost 7p a liter to 162.89p in September - the sixth-biggest monthly fall since 2000. The fall means the cost of filling a typical 55-litre tank The petrol tank is up for the first time Dropped below 90 pounds for the first time since early May. The car group claimed drivers enjoyed a further 10p cut in petrol prices, but big retailers opted to increase their margins instead. Gordon Brown warns of more shadow banking crisesFormer UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on the Bank of England to step up its scrutiny of the shadow banking sector. Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme, Brown warned that the crisis in the financial markets was not over and there could be "serious difficulties" for some companies if interest rates rise. In particular, he is concerned about shadow banking – where unregulated institutions engage in lending and other financial activities. Brown warns that the UK faces inflation problems, potential liquidity and solvency problems for companies and potential market dysfunctions. I would be concerned about shadow banking - that is the unbanked financial sector in this country. However, I fear that as inflation and interest rates rise, a number of companies and organizations will find themselves in serious trouble. Money markets expect UK interest rates to have more than doubled to around 5.5% by next summer. Brown adds that he doesn't believe the crisis is over just because pension funds were bailed out last week by the Bank of England's pledge of up to £65bn to stave off the financial crisis. Instead, he called for "eternal vigilance" to try to avoid a re-escalation of the problems: I do think there needs to be constant vigilance over what has happened to the shadow banking sector. Tesco's non-food sales fell 6% year-on-year in the six months to the end of August. The supermarket chain says it competed with strong sales a year ago when the Covid-19 lockdown resulted in "exceptionally strong demand". But it could also indicate that consumers are saving where they can. Tesco non-food sales down -6%; with biting pressures on the cost of living. — Steve Dresser (@dresserman) October 5, 2022 Tesco has warned its consumers are facing tough times as the cost of living crisis rages on and its own profits suffer as well. The UK's largest supermarket chain has reported that its pre-tax profits fell by almost 64% in the first half of its financial year despite a 6.7% rise in sales (partly due to soaring petrol prices). Acknowledging the pressure on households, Ken Murphy, CEO of Tesco, says: "We know our customers are facing a difficult time and are watching every penny to make ends meet." From branded ranges to own branded goods, there they tried to manage household budgets. Tesco still grew its UK like-for-like sales by 0.7% year-on-year -- almost 10% above pre-pandemic levels. Various offers such as Aldi Price Match and lower prices for Clubcard members helped ease the pressure on the cost of living. Operating profits fell 43% year over year in the 26 weeks ended Aug. 27. The strategy of raising prices "a little bit less and a little bit later," it says, has helped it retain market share. But Murphy warns that it's too early to know how households will behave in the coming months as inflation is now at its highest level in about 40 years. Looking ahead to the second half of the year, cost inflation remains significant and it is too early to predict how customers will adapt to ongoing market changes. Tesco - unsurprisingly no positive H1 progress across the board but at least lower debt. We have the right long-term strategy and will continue to align the needs of all our stakeholders.” 9am call – Chris Bailey (@Financial_Orbit) October 5, 2022 Good morning and welcome to our ongoing coverage on business, the global economy and financial markets.Opec and its allies are meeting today to discuss whether to refrain from making the biggest cut in oil production since the pandemic, despite intense pressure from the White House.The oil producers' cartel led by Saudi -Arabia and Russia are holding their first in-person meeting since 2020 today in Vienna to discuss production strategy. Opec sources have suggested the group could cut production by as much as 2 million barrels a day. That would take about 2% . of global oil production was taken off the market to support crude oil prices, which were battered by recession concerns. Opec already cut production in 2020 as the world went into lockdown, but in 2021 it started reversing those cuts d production by 100,000 barrels a day, but fears of a slowing economy and a drop in demand are now facing a bigger cut on the table. The US government, which is keen to slash gasoline prices ahead of November's midterm elections, is appalled by the prospect, however. According to CNN, the Biden administration has launched a full-scale pressure campaign to dissuade its Middle East allies from drastically cutting oil production. Some of the draft talking points distributed by the White House to the Treasury Department on Monday, obtained by CNN, portrayed the prospect of a production cut as a "total disaster" and warned it could be construed as "hostile action." "It's important that everyone is aware of the stakes," a US official said of what has been described as a broad-based administrative effort expected to continue ahead of Wednesday's OPEC+ meeting. Saudis, Russians plan big oil production cuts at tomorrow's OPEC meeting Mohammed bin Salman is friendlier to Putin than Biden, I wrote two weeks ago:— Edward Luce (@EdwardGLuce) October 4, 2022 Tue Prospects of OPEC cuts lifted Brent cude to a near two-week high of $92 a barrel last night, up from $84/barrel at the end of September. That will make it harder to bring inflation down to more normal levels and could hurt motorists this winter. Hovering over the OPEC+ meeting in Vienna is an unspoken fact: Beyond Russia, many, many member countries despise the G7 oil price cap. For them, it sets a terrible precedent for consumers trying to dictate oil prices. It may or may not affect the conversations, but it's there #OOTT— Javier Blas (@JavierBlas) Octob er 4, 2022 Rail services in the UK are disrupted today by another large-scale strike in a longstanding dispute over jobs, wages and working conditions.Members of drivers' union Aslef and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) , comprising 12 train operators will be eliminated, which means more chaos for travelers. British train drivers are on strike on Wednesday over pay and conditions. Many Conservative Party conference attendees are expected to leave Birmingham early to avoid disruption - rather than hear Liz Truss' speech. Investors will be watching However, the Prime Minister is expected to claim the "disruption" caused by her economic policies will be worth it Previously, Kwasi Kwarteng said there was "more to come" in terms of tax changes and the pound tanked. Liz Truss will go one step further on Wednesday, saying at the Tory conference: "Whenever there is change there is disruption." Some Tory MPs are questioning the prudence of her framing. — Pippa Crerar (@PippaCrerar) October 5, 2022 There is no shortage of disruption at the conference either, as the home secretary accuses other Tory MPs of a coup d'état against the prime minister and cabinet ministers in open conflict over the 45p tax turn and whether the Benefits should increase with inflation. Truss cabinet in open war over key policies and allegations of coup Last night the pound hit a two-week high near $1.15 as it recovered from the post-mini-budget turmoil. European equity markets face quiet openings on both sides of the Atlantic and Asia-Pacific markets after strong rally yesterday Openings fueled highlights of Fed narrative - Prashant Nair (@_prashantnair) October 5, 2022


Vladimir Putin says massive new attacks on Ukraine are not needed

Mr Putin says most of the designated targets have been hit and his call-up of Russian reservists would be over within two weeks with no plans for further mobilization. (Author: Gardener)

Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin has said there is "no need" for massive new attacks on Ukraine and that Russia is not trying to destroy the country. Mr Putin also said his call-up of Russian reservists was over within two weeks and there were no plans for further mobilization. According to Putin, 222,000 of the 300,000 reservists targeted by the Russian Defense Ministry have been mobilized. The call-up, announced in September when Russian forces lost occupied territory to a Ukrainian counter-offensive, has provoked public discontent in Russia, where nearly all men under the age of 65 are registered as reservists. At the same time, Russian nationalists have criticized the Kremlin's handling of the war and increased pressure on Mr Putin to do more to turn the tide in Russia's favour. Although Mr Putin and other senior officials said the mobilization would affect about 300,000 people, the decree the president signed to kick-start the draft did not mention an exact figure. Russian media reports suggest the actual number could be as high as 1.2 million reservists. Friday was Defenders' Day in Ukraine, but celebrations were muted because of the war. In Kyiv, a concert at the central opera house has been canceled amid planned rotating power outages across the city as repairs to the city's energy infrastructure continue in the wake of Russia's wide-ranging missile strikes. Missile, drone and rocket attacks on Ukraine have kept the country in suspense, with airstrike sirens blaring more frequently and creating a heightened sense of urgency after Monday's strike killed 19 people and injured more than 100, including many in the capital . Russian officials reported on Friday that Ukrainian shelling blew up a munitions depot in Russia's Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine. According to the Russian investigative committee, an unspecified number of people were killed and injured in the incident. According to unconfirmed media reports, three Russian National Guard officers were killed and more than ten injured. In a speech on Friday, Vladimir Putin reiterated the Kremlin's position that Russia was ready to hold talks, although he said they would need international mediation if Ukraine was ready to take part. Taken together, Putin's comments seemed to indicate a slight softening of his tone as the war nears the end of its eighth month after weeks of Ukrainian advances and significant Russian defeats. Last week Russia launched its heaviest rocket attacks on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities since it began its invasion on February 24 - in what Putin said was in retaliation for an attack that damaged a Russian bridge to unilaterally annexed Crimea. Russia's faltering invasion has confronted Mr Putin with the deepest crisis of his 22 years as Russia's supreme leader, as even loyal Kremlin allies have attacked his generals' mistakes and the chaotic nature of the mobilization. But when asked if he regretted it, he replied "no" and said not acting in Ukraine would have been worse. For a fifth day, Russia continued missile attacks on critical infrastructure that began Monday in retaliation for an explosion on the Kerch Bridge last weekend that Moscow says was caused by a truck bomb. The bridge connecting Crimea to mainland Russia has important strategic and symbolic value for Russia in its stalled war in Ukraine. At least nine civilians have been killed and 15 injured in the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian President's office said on Friday morning (local time). The victims included an 11-year-old boy and six other people who died after a rocket attack in the city of Mykolayiv that destroyed a residential building, regional governor Vitaliy Kim said. Russian forces carried out at least four rocket attacks on Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, on Friday. The Ukrainian army has recaptured most of the previously occupied areas of the Kharkiv region, which includes the city of the same name, during a fierce counter-offensive last month that forced Russian troops to withdraw and dealt a severe blow to Moscow's military prestige. Earlier Russian strikes on Thursday night cut power in the region's capital, which had a population of 1.4 million before the war. The capital of the annexed region remains in Ukrainian hands and has been bombed repeatedly as Ukraine presses ahead with its southern counter-offensive. Regional governor Oleksandr Starukh told Ukrainian state television that Russian soldiers are still unable to enter the city, but their "missiles remind us of the evil and sadness carried by the occupying army". In addition to the rocket attacks on the regional capital, there was also shelling in three cities closer to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. In Nikopol, Marhanets, Chervonohryhorivka, drone and artillery strikes destroyed residential buildings and damaged water supply and power lines.


Kylian Mbappe, PSG and Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe wants out at PSG and Real Madrid but what's really going on? ESPN's Insider Notebook has the latest. (Author: Gardener)

Real MadridCraig Burley says Kylian Mbappe's ego took over after rumors of his desire to leave PSG. Craig Burley says Kylian Mbappe's ego took over after rumors of his desire to leave PSG. Kylian Mbappe wants out at PSG and Real Madrid but what's really going on? Move to: Xabi Alonso typed as potential Real Madrid coach | Man Utd wary of Barcelona's Dalot interest | Man City identify key area for rebuild Real Madrid are not considering another move for longtime top target Kylian Mbappe, sources told ESPN after being scorned by his last-minute about-face, which saw the star striker snubbed them into staying in May Paris Saint Germain. ESPN reported on Tuesday that Mbappe, 23, is pushing to leave PSG - just five months after signing a new contract - after his relationship with club managers collapsed over what he saw as broken promises over team tactics and recruitment. PSG sporting director Luis Campos has denied the reports, saying Mbappe had expressed no desire to leave in the January transfer window. Sources say Madrid are not planning to rekindle their long-standing interest in Mbappe and while a move cannot be ruled out entirely should he become available, the La Liga club are now focusing on other targets. Mbappe was set to join Madrid on a free transfer last June, ending a years-long saga in which he had become the top priority for president Florentino Perez. But Mbappe's later change of heart, which saw the France international scorn Madrid from renewing his contract at the Parc des Princes, did not go down well at the Bernabeu. Mbappe initially cited PSG's "sporting project" that convinced him to stay, but later said he had come under pressure from President Emmanuel Macron to continue his career in France. Sources told ESPN that Mbappe now feels that assurances he received regarding his role in the PSG team - he would like to play alongside a conventional No9 and want an exit for his teammate Neymar - have not been fulfilled . Madrid decided against an alternative after missing out on Mbappe, relying on Brazilian strikers Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes, who will deliver alongside Karim Benzema. Vinicius, 22, has followed his winner in the Champions League final and has scored seven goals in all competitions so far this season, while Rodrygo, 21, added four goals to Madrid's unbeaten start. In the longer term - and when the time comes to replace Benzema, now 34 - the club could rekindle their interest in Erling Haaland after the pursuit of Mbappe and Benzema's career-best have put them out of the running to sign him this year. Haaland has made a spectacular start to the Premier League with Manchester City, scoring 20 goals in his first 12 games. LaLiga president Javier Tebas told ESPN the league would welcome a player of Mbappe's caliber if Real Madrid went ahead with a move. "When I talk about Madrid I think of most of their fans who are always looking for exceptional players and world class. And Mbappe is one of those players," he said. "I see it's difficult for the club because it hurts what he did to Madrid in the summer, but I don't think the fans will say no if they add a player like that to their squad. I'm convinced ." - Alex Kirkland and Rodrigo Faez Real Madrid will be following Xabi Alonso's performance as Bayer Leverkusen manager with interest, sources told ESPN, seeing the former Liverpool, Madrid and Bayern Munich midfielder as a potential candidate to take over the Bernabeu. Alonso, 40, was called up by Leverkusen on October 5 as the Bundesliga club seek to reverse a dreadful start to the season in which they took just five points from their first eight league games. Madrid will be keeping a close eye on Alonso's progress, sources said, as the LaLiga giants believe he fits the profile of a possible future Real Madrid coach. Alonso is a familiar face at Madrid, having coached the U14 national team in the 2018/19 season after spending five years as a player there. Madrid now want to see how Alonso develops in this next phase of his coaching career at Leverkusen, which is his first top-flight appointment. - Alex Kirkland and Rodrigo Faez Manchester United will extend Diogo Dalot's contract to fend off interest from Barcelona, ​​sources have told ESPN. Dalot is in the last year of the deal he signed after joining from Porto in 2018, but United have the option to extend his stay until 2024. Barcelona are one of several clubs monitoring his situation but the 23-year-old won't be available on a free transfer next summer. Dalot has established himself as a first-choice right-back since the arrival of Erik ten Hag as coach, making 11 appearances in all competitions so far this season. The Portugal international is entering his fifth season at Old Trafford and is nearing 100 appearances for the club. He will also be part of the Portugal squad at the World Cup in Qatar alongside teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes. Manchester City have made a central midfielder their priority ahead of next summer's transfer window, sources have told ESPN. City initially spent £42million to sign England midfielder Kalvin Phillips from Leeds United last summer and they are expected to invest again at the end of the season. Gündogan has entered the last year of his contract and could leave on a free transfer at the end of the season.


Inside Jack Grealish's stunning new £6million mansion

The footballer, 27, has reportedly bought an impressive £6million mansion in the North West with 20 acres of land. (Author: Gardener)

Jack Grealish'sJack Grealish has reportedly bought an impressive £6million mansion in the north west with 20 acres of land. The footballer, 27, lives with his girlfriend Sasha Attwood, 26, in a rented flat in Manchester that has a small-sided football pitch on the roof. But the Manchester City and England winger has now dreamed up a stunning new pitch, complete with incredible features including a tennis court, swimming pool, fishing lake and helipad. Purchase: Jack Grealish has reportedly bought an impressive £6million mansion in the North West with 20 acres of land. "It's the culmination of a dream for him. "It gives him everything - if he wants to hide a huge party from prying eyes, he can do that. "Likewise, if he wants to relax and sunbathe or do a bit of fishing, he has everything on his doorstep." Impressive: The Manchester City and England winger has now come up with a stunning new pad that's packed with incredible features including a tennis court, a swimming pool, a fishing lake and a helipad. A source told The Sun: 'Jack has a taste for the finer things in life and this home has really taken his breath away.' A source told The Sun: "Jack has a taste for the finer things in life and this home has really taken his breath away." The seven-bedroom home is fully equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras and lighting to keep the £100million man's life private and safe. One of the most impressive features is the huge garden with a fishing lake, tennis court, golf tee and vegetable patch. Keeping his fitness in mind, the home is equipped with a gym, swimming pool and leisure suite. There is also a small cottage on the premises in case Jack's friends and family come to visit. It comes after Jack revealed he will be learning to DJ but admitted he's still "junk" and needs time to perfect the skills. The England winger "loves all kinds of music" and said his style mixes a range of different music genres. Speaking to Josh Denzel for BT Sport, Grealish said: "I like all kinds of music. I'm trying to learn DJ Grealo right now! The insider continued, "For him, it's the culmination of a dream. Couple: The footballer, 27, lives with his girlfriend Sasha Attwood, 26, in a rented flat in Manchester, which has a five-a-side football pitch on the roof of which Grealish went on to talk about trying to find interests outside of his day-to-day work . He said: "I want to try to learn something outside of football. "I'm also trying to learn Spanish, Spanish with a Brummy accent!" Aside from his hobbies, Grealish is beginning to live up to his high price tag on the field. He was criticized last season for not making a huge impact at the Etihad after arriving for £100m but he has impressed in recent weeks and kept Manchester United's Casemiro quiet in last week's derby. New hobby: It comes after Jack revealed he'll be learning to DJ but admitted he's still "junk" and needs time to perfect his skills


Jordan defends Rangers after being called an 'embarrassment' in 7-1 loss to Liverpool

Simon Jordan has defended Rangers' 7-1 defeat by Liverpool in the Champions League as he compared the two clubs' earnings. Giovanni van Bronckhorst se (Author: Gardener)

LiverpoolSimon Jordan has defended Rangers after their 7-1 defeat by Liverpool in the Champions League - and insisted you simply can't compare the two clubs. Giovanni van Bronckhorst's side were beaten at Ibrox on Wednesday night despite taking the lead through Scott Arfield's 17th-minute strike. Liverpool were level at half-time thanks to Roberto Firmino's header, but they looked different in the second half as they plundered six more unanswered goals - including a record-breaking Mohamed Salah hat-trick. It was the fourth consecutive group stage defeat of the season for Rangers, who were subsequently eliminated from Europe's premier competition. The result was also the heaviest home defeat of all time for the Glasgow side, while also being their worst defeat, matching their League Cup final defeat by Celtic at Hampden Park in 1957, a defeat described as a "shocking result for Scottish football" on talkSPORT. Many fans have attacked Rangers over their performance, including Sports Bar presenter Jason Cundy, who branded them and great Scottish rivals Celtic - who lost 2-0 to RB Leipzig - as "embarrassing". But Jordan has come to her defence, insisting that Old Firm teams simply cannot be expected to challenge Europe's elite given their comparatively tight finances. Speaking on talkSPORT, he said: "If you look at the comparisons and I don't give [Rangers manager] Giovanni van Bronckhorst a pass, I'm looking at the reality of the situation. Rangers are probably at the top at £60m/£70m/£80m and might get a little boost from this Champions League." Co-host Jim White then spoke about some of Rangers' recent high-profile departures of Calvin Bassey [£23m], Nathan Patterson [£16m] and Joe Aribo [£8m], as well as the £25m he has made through qualifying table had earned for Europe's top. “But we can look at the fact that Liverpool alone gets £150m a year – the Scottish League as a whole gets £40m. "Liverpool are playing three games in the Premier League to get what the whole Scottish league gets." After the game, Van Bronckhorst said: "The first half and the last half hour were day and night compared to our game and theirs Level difference in the Champions League is too big. “We were there for the first hour and we can make it difficult for a lot of opponents at Ibrox, but the way we've played the last 25 minutes you're going to lose to any team we play here. I have to process that, I can't explain it to myself at the moment. We need to find a way to ensure these moments don't happen again in games. We've suffered a few big losses this season. We have to work on that because there are still a lot of big games in the league before the break.”


Richarlison was preparing for an emotional reunion with Everton

Richarlison's admiration for the Evertonians is mutual but his former club need to show they too have evolved and are now stronger together, writes Ben Grounds. (Author: Gardener)

RicharlisonJust under a year ago, Antonio Conte took over the lead from Tottenham in the Premier League for the first time. The Italian had only completed a few training sessions with his players and defeated Vitesse in the Europa Conference League when a hard-fought goalless draw at Everton in early November last year already suggested a Spurs side was programmed in his image. The game wasn't particularly notable - Spurs extended an unwanted run in the league to three hours without a shot on target - but it was a real benchmark of the Italian's task, who is known for making his teams tactically robust, intense and energetic. Premier League table - as it looks | Tottenham GamesGet NOW to Stream Big Moments | Get Sky Sports Everton were effectively asleep in their plight, believing their squad were good enough and that Benitez was the right appointment at a footballing level, regardless of his Liverpool ties. The sale of Richarlison to Tottenham was seen as a financial necessity due to previous missteps under majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, but their narrow escape made it inevitable. For Conte, his meticulous changes have been designed by the Goodison Park dugout since that first day in office when he might have seen a part of himself wearing Richarlison carrying Everton's fight. For this reason, the sad death of Gian Piero Ventrone, who made Juventus and Italy so well at the beginning of his career before joining Spurs, is felt not only on a human level, but also in relation to the breakdown he suffered in Contes machine leaves. Costa opened up after his emotional return to Chelsea that "that manager" was the reason his love affair at Stamford Bridge ended. Richarlison shares Costa's license for thrills, his occasional dark arts, but he has to live up to Conte's expectations. How his Tottenham career unfolds will be an intriguing watch. No longer in a team that played to its strengths during a powerful goal run that saw Everton safe, Richarlison was forced to fit into Conte's style of play. "It's always difficult when you have such strong ties to your club and that was definitely the case for me," Richarlison said of his Everton departure in an interview with Four Four Two last month. It's a big club with a lot of history. “I spent four years there and I could see that there was still a very long way to go to achieve great things. I felt it was the right time to move on and the club needed to make some money too. It's a challenge.” Richarlison took over during a World Cup year, but the 25-year-old has not shied away from competition at a team whose front three were more or less set in stone. South American football expert Tim Vickery told Sky Sports: "If Brazil play with a centre-forward, it's him. He has scored seven goals for his country in six games. “With fast wingers and both Neymar and Lucas Paqueta building the game, Richarlison is like a racehorse. He doesn't have much recourse to the back-to-goal game, but when you put him in front of goal, he has that strength of character.” You can see that in the fact that he joined Tottenham in the summer because it's for his international ambitions was a gamble. There's no question that playing for Brazil is the most important thing for him. “When he joined Tottenham it was widely believed that the best part of that side towards the end of last season was the top three. Richarlison has settled in seamlessly at Spurs, scoring both goals in the Champions League win over Marseille, but there's obviously still an understanding that needs to develop with Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son. Kane and Son scored at Brighton last weekend scoring for the 43rd time in the Premier League, the best of any duo in the history of the competition is a double act that Richarlison bought to complement - not separate - but Conte is still working to find the right balance to find for the team. There's too much quality for the trio not to click, but Son's hat-trick in the 6-2 win over Leicester came when Conte switched back to a 3-5-2 formation when Richarlison was off the pitch .The South Korean on Wednesday night against Eintracht Frankfurt was his first goal, while Richarlison was also with the team in nine games . Conte's luxury problem is no different than the league's big hitters, and it's healthy competition that should benefit the team overall. Dejan Kulusevski's recent injury has taken another dimension from Spurs, rather than providing clarity on the front line depending on availability. Asked if Richarlison missed the start against Brighton last weekend, Conte said: "At the moment we have Kulusevski injured and it's the same with Lucas Moura. We only have Bryan Gil and then if you have to play every three days , you have to give yourself a little rest. Richy played every game in the last period. "If you play every game and especially with a different pressure than at Everton, he needed a bit of rest. That's why I preferred to play with the two strikers and with the addition of midfielder Yves Bissouma.” There is certainly a time and place for a more comprehensive approach and this Saturday's Everton reunion, live on Sky Sports, looks like an opportune moment to do so remembering Spurs' ability to entertain Last Saturday's win at the Amex showed how Conte's DNA is now imprinted throughout this Tottenham squad The 60m p fund-signing of Richarlison from Everton in the summer corrected what some viewers thought was possible for an Antonio Conte side, but his decision to switch from a 3-4-3 to a 3-5-2 on the south coast made this possible doing to achieve a positive result is his ethos and essence. For the time being, the alleged elimination of an attacker for a more defensive player in Bissouma can be seen as mere adaptation to the opponent. It's something Everton boss Frank Lampard didn't want to focus too much on in March, when a 4-3-3 formation was hastily broken in reverse at Spurs and his side were 3-0 down at half-time. An Everton side featuring Richarlison were eventually beaten 5-0. Lampard cited "crucial mistakes" and playing Michael Keane despite illness as contributing factors, but a soft belly was ruthlessly ripped open by a Harry Kane-inspired Tottenham. Dominic Calvert-Lewin played his opening minutes of the season against Manchester United last Sunday so could return from time off but Anthony Gordon, the only other field starter to have played against United after the grueling defeat, is suspended. The rift between the two sides highlighted years of mismanagement, Everton's mix-and-match group of individuals personified by the spirit of Dele Alli, who made a cameo appearance in the second half. Everton were drifting and an overhaul was needed. Sunday's home defeat to Manchester United was a setback but now there are signs his project is really taking shape. An unbeaten run of seven games in all competitions was Everton's best since December 2017. It's not difficult to see the improvement, despite back-to-back defeats to Chelsea and United in games they narrowly won towards the end of last season – two isolated cup finals' given the club's predicament. Record against the Big Six sides was better than 11 Premier League rivals last season, but picking up points against the other 13 teams was the problem. Lampard is looking for consistency and this weekend's visit to Tottenham should provide a far more accurate barometer of progress than last weekend's night's rest. The deserved defeat to United is seen as more of an outlier than anything with long-term implications. Kane loves it against Everton and has scored in four consecutive Premier League games to set his personal best. But the signing of James Tarkowski and Conor Coady - two centre-backs who love nothing more than to defend - will give him a far more stubborn resistance. To conclude that he hasn't cultivated a larger team ethos that reflects a more unified fan base would be unkind. In the same way that the club's management listened to Richarlison's ambition, negotiated his exit adroitly and without any sense of bitterness, Lampard has addressed leadership issues felt most strongly in defence. Often compared to Steven Gerrard during his playing days, he now shares his former England team-mate's offensive weaknesses with Aston Villa. The next step is to challenge those currently available to him to fill the Richarlison Void. Towards the end of his time at Chelsea in autumn 2020, Lampard's side conceded just two goals in ten games. Now with Everton, early-season form was seen as encouraging on the back of a defensive improvement - the joint best defensive record after nine games - but the lack of creativity left by Richarlison's departure has been somewhat discounted. The underlying stats suggest Lampard is still aiming for that state of equilibrium in the post-Richarlison era, in part due to Calvert-Lewin's cautious return from his injury woes. Each of the last five goalscorers has been different since Gordon scored in two away games at Brentford and Leeds. The recent 2-1 win at Southampton is the only time Everton have scored more than once in a game this season, including the Carabao Cup win over Fleetwood. Lampard is learning on the job and has made sweeping changes to the way Everton are expected to play. For the outsider, and indeed the Tottenham fans who will be goading the former Chelsea midfielder on the touchline this weekend, it seemed unlikely to envision a world where Lampard and Everton were linked and intertwined. Proving the haters wrong is something Richarlison has used as fuel throughout his playing career. "He can only be Richarlison - he can't be anything else," adds Vickery. “He's a scary strong character and he can only play like that. He can only play with that kamikaze intensity.” Richarlison still holds Everton in his heart and the club's supporters still see him as one of their own. After his departure, Richarlison wrote an emotional farewell message to those fans. "It's very difficult to say goodbye to a place that has become my home; fans who have welcomed me not just as a different player, but as if I were one of them; and a club that treats me and me kindly helped develop my sense of community and "empathy. No words and not all the love I have for this club is enough to thank you. The last time Everton amassed such a meager total was in the 2003/04 season. Everton had Wayne Rooney in their ranks but became David Moyes' second full tenure as manager in just 17. The following season – following the sale of Rooney to United – Everton finished fourth, just missing out on a place in the Champions League group stage. Richarlison was the last big name to feel the club couldn't live up to their ambitions in their current state. Everton and Lampard need to show that they too have evolved and are now stronger together. How to watch Tottenham vs Everton Tottenham vs Everton is live Saturday night football on Sky Sports Premier League from 17:00; Kick-off 5:30 p.m. Sky Sports customers can watch in-game clips on the live match blog on the Sky Sports website and app. The highlights will also be released shortly after the final whistle on Sky Sports' digital platforms and the Sky Sports Football YouTube channel. Download the Sky Sports Scores app: Apple | AndroidThe UK's #1 Scores App: Learn moreStream this game with a NOW Pass | Get Sky SportsWatch free highlights of this game by full-timeFollow Everton with Sky Sports Follow every Everton game in the Premier League this season with our live blogs on the Sky Sports website and app and see match- Highlights shortly after full-time for free. Want the latest from Everton? 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Katie Price admits she was suicidal at the time of her drunk driving arrest

Katie Price detailed her traumatic ordeal in a Channel 4 documentary Katie Price: Trauma and Me, which aired on World Mental Health Day. Source: Katie Price: Trauma and Me, Channel 4 (Author: Gardener)

Katie PriceKatie Price admits she was suicidal at the time of her drunk driving arrestKatie Price described her traumatic ordeal in a Channel 4 documentary Katie Price: Trauma and Me, which aired on World Mental Health Day. Source: Katie Price: Trauma and Me, Channel 4 The quality of tourism businesses across the county will be celebrated this year with the inaugural Croeso Awards. Organized by visit Pembrokeshire and sponsored by, the awards ceremonies will be hosted by TV and radio personality Jason Mohammad. The Supreme Court will hear the independence referendum case in the next two days. The Scottish and UK governments will hear their cases before a panel of five judges Mind & Me, released on Monday to mark World Mental Health Day, reflects on the singer/actress about her various health issues, including struggles with anxiety and depression and a Kidney transplant in 2017 as a result of her battle with the autoimmune disease lupus. I am grateful to be alive' Martin: Words cannot express the unfathomable sadness at the Creeslough blast The Taoiseach led expressions of sympathy in Ireland's Parliament for the 10 victims of the Co Donegal tragedy A parent stepped inside their 'attacking baby', Lucy Letby told the mother of one of the babies she killed, "Trust me, I'm a nurse," a court has heard The album included Billboard Top 100 hits "Just a Girl," "Don't Speak” and “Spiderwebs”. Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion trailer Kyle Richards got emotional and at one point told host Andy Cohen, "I'm really not feeling well right now. RabbiJPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon says the US, not Saudi Arabia, is the "swing producer" of oil and urges them to pump more oil days after OPEC announced a production cut. The US is the world's largest oil producer, but Saudi Arabia and Russia are the world's two largest exporters of the fuel. Maxine Review - a series about the Soham murders that is both senseless and dangerous By focusing on Maxine Carr, this drama comes dangerously close to lumping her together with her murderous lover, Ian Huntley. Instead, why not make sure the police don't stop him? I've got it!". Two hundred years ago, in September 1822, French Egyptologist Jean-Françoise Champollion ran down the street to shout those words at his brother before collapsing from overexcited exhaustion. The discovery that sparked such an outburst—and which is now the subject of the British Museum's extensive exhibition, Hieroglyphs: Unlocking Ancient Egypt - was significant.By studying the Rosetta Stone, Champollion had managed to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs that are believed to be The best eye creams that actually work by 2022 buyI have never used eye cream. The skin around the eye area is thinner, but creams and serums are so sophisticated these days that many experts tell me they work well around the eye socket. Ofcom received more than 400 complaints about comments from the American author and journalist Naomi Wolf Stoker also starred in "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" and "Roots". "national association". Deby named Saleh Kebzabo, 75, a former journalist who ran for the presidency four times against his ironclad father Idriss Deby Itno. The 38-year-old five-star general took over from the elder Deby, who had been in power for three decades , was killed during an operationMothers and babies shelter in basement of Kiev hospital amid Russian bombsMothers and babies shelter in basement of Kiev hospital amid Russian bombs of Living CrisisNicola Sturgeon: Scottish Government will use powers to help those most in need Officers charged with traffic offenses in fatal accident in Brixton Two Metropolitan Police officers have been charged with driving offenses after a 25-year-old woman was killed as she was caught by one was hit by a patrol car in south London. PC Nadeem Patel, 27, who drove the car, has been charged with causing the death by dangerous driving, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) watchdog said. has changed her mind.


Wednesday's game in Sheffield is in doubt as Derby County's favorite for the World Cup squad has been tipped

DerbyshireLive's latest Derby County news brings you a round-up of the latest headlines from Pride Park (Author: Gardener)

WednesdayFormer Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has reportedly been in talks over a deal to buy ailing rugby club Wasps. Ashley was interested in taking Derby County out of administration before David Clowes, the club's current owner, completed a purchase of the Pride Park side. The Daily Mail reports that Ashley has been in talks with Wasps about a takeover of the Premiership rugby side after offering to refinance £35million in bonds Wasps Holdings took out in 2014 to fund their move from London to Coventry. Wasps, whose owner Derek Richardson reportedly wants around £50million to part with the club, plays at the Coventry Building Society Arena, the former Ricoh Arena they share with Championship side Coventry City. Wasps own the CBS arena and it's been said Ashley might find that side of a deal attractive, as well as the possibility of returning to football club ownership with a possible purchase of City. Ashley has yet to break his silence on his attempts to buy Derby, which went into administration by former owner Mel Morris in September last year. Former Derby Player of the Season supports World Cup squad Shay Given says former Derby County defender Fikayo Tomori is at the peak of his game at AC Milan and feels he could make England's World Cup squad . Tomori spent the 2018/19 season on loan from Chelsea at Pride Park under former boss Frank Lampard and excelled at the Rams alongside former Stamford Bridge team-mate Mason Mount. Mount has since become an established member of the England squad and is sure to bring the Three Lions squad to Qatar. However, Tomori's place is far from secure and he seemed to have dealt a blow when he was dropped from the squad to face Italy and Germany in the Nations League. And that despite Milan being in excellent form after making the decision to play in Serie A. Given, who has seen Tomori's qualities during his time on the Pride Park coaching staff, feels his form has proven his worth for Milan. READ MORE: Paul Warne reveals what he could change during James Collins' Derby County lockdown in doubt after it was confirmed King Charles III's coronation could go ahead will take place on the same day. The coronation will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023, when the Rams are due to end their campaign in Hillsborough. A statement on the royal website confirmed: "Buckingham Palace is pleased to announce that the coronation of His Majesty the King will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023. The coronation ceremony will be held at Westminster Abbey in London and will be presided over by The Archbishop of Canterbury. At the ceremony, His Majesty King Charles III. crowned alongside The Queen Consort. Jake Rooney, Liam Thompson and Kwaku Oduroh all featured for Derby County Under-21s as they were beaten at Nottingham Forest's Pride Park on Monday night.