Anand Mahindra's Monday motivational post has a major photoshop error. Twitter responds

Anand Mahindra shared a picture of a roadside tea stand for his contribution to Monday motivation. (Author: Gardener)

MondayIndustrialist Anand Mahindra is known for his insightful and inspirational posts on Twitter. He regularly shares positive messages and stories from his childhood with his 8.8 million followers on Twitter. However, Mahindra's latest post has sparked conversations among netizens, and if you look closely enough, you'll see the problem as well. Anand Mahindra shared a picture of a roadside tea stand for his contribution to Monday motivation. The stand is called Oberoi Hotel and has a notice printed underneath it stating that the hotel has no other branches. Monday motivation,” the post's caption reads. Although the clip has garnered over 37,000 likes for its inspirational nature, many couldn't help but notice something fishy in the image. As it turns out, the image is actually of a roadside tea stall in Udaipur: identified as the tea stall of Bharuinath, a blog post claims the stall was set up in 2015.


Shilpa Shetty's new yoga video is your dose of Monday motivation. Seen?

In her Monday motivational post on Instagram, Shilpa Shetty shared a new yoga video with her fans and followers. (Author: Gardener)

MondayShilpa Shetty is one of the fittest celebs in B-Town. She swears by yoga to maintain her well-being and inspires her millions of fans to keep fit and healthy too. The fitness enthusiast kicked off her week with a yoga session. She shared a look at it and revealed how she keeps the monotony of her everyday life at bay. In the video shared by Shilpa Shetty, she was seen performing several asanas including Gatyatmak Anjaneyasana and Baddha Trikonasana. “Any routine begins to feel boring when monotony sets in. So if you ever find yourself feeling demotivated by your daily routine, make sure you keep experimenting with something new rather than quitting the habit altogether. I love practicing different combinations of asanas that focus on the mind, body and spirit. Today the flow of asanas included Gatyatmak Anjaneyasana and Baddha Trikonasana,” she wrote in the caption. She also shared the benefits of the above asanas. “This combination helps strengthen the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. It also opens the hip flexors, improving balance and flexibility while also helping to stretch and strengthen the ankles, knees, thighs and upper body. "Like I always say Yoga se Hi Hoga," she wrote to conclude the caption. Here are some more motivational yoga videos that Shilpa Shetty shared on her Instagram: On the work front, Shilpa Shetty is currently judging the TV reality show India's Got Talent Season 9 Starring Kirron Kher, Baadshah and Manoj Muntashir ALSO READ | Shilpa Shetty Says Yoga Helps Her Stay Positive at a Low Point in Life ALSO READ | Shilpa Shetty Shares the Benefits of Practicing Sirshasana in a new yoga post.


Mindy's Monday Motivation - Blog Post #36 - Give a little spark to help someone shine

I must say that I have received many of the lessons and insights I have gained over the years from others. So thanks to everyone who interacted with me, gave me advice and support. (Author: Gardener)

MindyI must say that I have received many of the lessons and insights I have gained over the years from others. So thanks to everyone who interacted with me, gave me advice and support. Such advice came a few Sundays ago while hiking in Phoenix with my favorite hiking group. That day we hiked up the Victory Steps in Verrado, Arizona with a large group, at least 24 people. You can look it up but there are 340 steps built into the side of the mountain and then there are a couple of short trails at the top that take you back to the parking lot if you don't want to walk back. We had a few beginners for this hike, one in particular had just moved to Arizona for a month. She came with a friend and had never hiked in Arizona before. She made it up the 340 steps but wasn't sure if she should continue hiking with us through the trail to the parking lot as it looked a bit bumpy. She thought it would be too difficult for her to get through. She explained that she would go back down the steps. The hike was estimated to be about 0.3 miles to get to the parking lot, but it was a daunting task for someone who had never hiked before. She wasn't mentally ready to assert herself. With some persuasion, she ended the hike. She mentioned that sometimes it was just a mental barrier more than anything, but once you can break through that mental block, you find you can conquer the challenge. So sometimes all we need is a little nudge to break through that mental barrier. This reminded me of a short video I saw that showed a young man putting a lighter in a cup. Of course, the lighter wouldn't work once he took it out. In his final words, he said that sometimes all it takes is a little spark from someone else to shine again. I honestly don't remember his exact words. That made me think how true that was. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement. On Sunday I went on a hike called Subway Cave. There is a narrow ledge that you can climb off and have incredible views of Mt. It's a bit scary and most people are afraid to go this route. There was a young man who asked me to take his photos. He asked if other people had gone further out on the ledge; I had said yes. For those who have already walked the path to success, I urge you to give this spark of light to the next person who wants to walk the same path. You may not realize how much your words and guidance mean at this point, but they do. You can help them overcome the mental barrier, start something new or embark on an unfamiliar path. How about overcoming mental barriers yourself? Now that we know how effective a little encouragement can be in breaking down mental barriers, I would say find someone who is a positive influence, someone who can give a little encouragement and help you create your own to overcome mental resistance. It's best if that person has been down this path before and can give you the sound advice you need to get closer to your goal. But having someone who is a close friend who cheers you on to motivate you can also help you take the next step towards your goal.


Monday motivation with Derval O'Rourke

Each week I look at the "burden" I have versus my "limit" of what I can realistically achieve (Author: Gardener)

MondayAt this point in my life, I can honestly say that managing my time and being very conscious of where I spend it is my top priority. At this point in my life, I can honestly say that managing my time and being very conscious of where I spend it is my top priority. This week I'm going to share with you my top five time management considerations - and as for the recipe, I have a delicious fake pizza option for you. This week I'm going to share with you my top five time management considerations - and as for the recipe, I have a delicious fake pizza option for you. I will hold my hands up and admit that my time management has become a lot more important since having kids. I will hold my hands up and admit that my time management has become a lot more important since having kids. A simple example is: If I stay up late, I can't catch up on sleep the next morning because the kids get up bright and early. A simple example is: If I stay up late, I can't catch up on sleep the next morning because the kids get up bright and early. Each week I look at the "burden" I have versus my "limit" of what I can realistically achieve. 1. Stop saying yes to everything: If you hate disappointing people, this is important. Saying yes in the moment to avoid letting someone down easily is a lot better than disappointing them later when they need you for taking on more than you can handle. Or it's much better than saying yes and reluctantly doing something you don't have time for. 2. Divide your time: Divide your week so that you devote a portion of your time to each area that is important to you. There are certain areas that are necessary, but there is a lot of time where you decide what to do with them. Personally, I need time each week with people who make me laugh and give me energy, so I try to make sure I set aside some time for that. 3. Consider: If you're considering investing your precious time in something, think about the pros and cons. I go to a fitness class every week with a fabulous trainer (Kate Parfrey from The Squad), but committing to it means not being home at bedtime. This is a simple example of weighing up and deciding that the pros outweigh the cons. 4. Getting Rid of Guilt: Hands up, this is an area I struggle with, every time I say no to something or someone I get a terrible feeling of guilt. I have to work hard to remind myself that I can't be everywhere and that my "no" is coming from a very real place where I can't commit to the question. I know a lot of people feel guilty when they say no, so let's work on getting rid of the guilt. 5. Keep a list: Monday through Sunday, plan your week with as much information as you already know. There will always be things that come up, but having a clear plan for your week will give you a better idea of ​​whether or not you can take on extra chores. If you filled up your car with gas every week, the car would keep going. But a car needs more than just gas to run. It takes water, oil, filter changes, washing, vacuuming and freshening up. You can get by just on "gas" for so long, but in the long run you need other elements to help you feel comfortable and fulfilled. It's really important to care about where your time goes and how you feel after spending time doing certain things. Exercise tip: Run in place. Run in place for 30 seconds. Then walk in place for 20 seconds. (This is great if you're working from home and need to wake up your body after sitting for a while.) Wellness tip: plan your week ahead. Try to stick to your plan throughout the week. This quick and easy tortilla pizza is the ideal weeknight meal. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4. Place the tortilla wrap on the baking sheet. Add the onion and cook for 2 minutes. Add the ground beef and cook for 15 minutes or until cooked through. Use the back of a spoon to spread the pesto over the tortilla wrap. Spread the finished minced meat on the pizza. Scatter the jalapeño peppers on top and sprinkle the pizza with plain yoghurt. Bake for up to 10 minutes. Slice the finished pizza and place on a preheated serving platter. Saying “no” is an act of self-care: How to set healthy work boundaries


Man Utd's pathetic capitulation, revamped Villa attack, exciting arsenal and a Newcastle bargain

Daniel Storey gives his verdict on all 20 Premier League sides after big victories for Aston Villa, Brentford, Newcastle and Man City (Author: Gardener)

NewcastleThe Score is Daniel Storey's weekly assessment of the performance of all 20 Premier League teams. Amid talk of the Premier League title race resuming, Manchester City made a mark with a 4-1 win over Manchester United on Sunday. That lopsided win restored City's six-point lead after Liverpool beat West Ham 1-0 at Anfield on Saturday night. At the other end of the table, Newcastle and Brentford both picked up big victories as Burnley fell to Chelsea while Aston Villa ended Southampton's fine form in style. There were also victories for Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Leicester. Tottenham meet Everton in the last game of the round on Monday night. This column has written extensively about how young this Arsenal team is at various points this season, but after the win at Watford, where their goals were scored by Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, it's still worth mentioning Once again to reiterate how exciting this team could be. Arsenal are responsible for the 18 youngest starting XIs in the Premier League this season and are sure to complete the top 20 in the next two games. These young players make a huge difference, especially in the last third. Arsenal players take first, second and joint seventh (with two players at this rank) for goals scored by players currently under the age of 23 in the Premier League this season. They have second and third place players for assists in the same age category. They're also second in the parades, with Aaron Ramsdale not turning 24 until May. Mikel Arteta doesn't just give youth a chance; he builds all around it. There are currently 30 players aged 23 and under in the Premier League who have played 20 or more games in the division this season. This was Aston Villa's most dominant league win (in terms of expected goal difference) since December 2020 and the first time they have kept back-to-back clean sheets since August (and one of those opponents was Barrow). But the headlines for Villa supporters have been the way their forward line has worked so beautifully together. Last weekend Philippe Coutinho, Danny Ings and Ollie Watkins started together for the first time; Villa have scored six goals in the two games since then and have not conceded. Effective play with three attackers forces Steven Gerrard to seek more balance in midfield. Jacob Ramsey thrived when he was licensed to push forward, but he hasn't created a single chance in either of his last two wins. But he doesn't have to if the trio in front of him makes it work. Ings, Watkins and Coutinho created seven chances against Southampton. But those are the perks of having deeper attacking options than at any point in the Premier League era. Although Villa is notionally set up as a 4-3-3 with Coutinho on the left, the system is more fluid than that. On Saturday, Watkins and Ings regularly played as front two, with Coutinho allowed to roam at will. He had an accumulation of touches on the left but also drifted to the right to link up with Matty Cash or dropped a little lower and starred in the No. 10 role. If Coutinho can't be persuaded, in the summer signing a permanent contract (and we shouldn't rule it out if the price is right), his absence leaves a void and may mean a switch back to another system or the reintroduction of Bundia. It's only been a fortnight since we wondered if this attacking unit could work together. A victory that was good for the soul of every Brentford supporter. Losing to Newcastle was deeply damaging, but Thomas Frank knew his side would have been safe if they could pick up six points from their three games against Newcastle, Norwich and Burnley. If Newcastle stays up anyway, Norwich and Burnley were the two crunch matches. Brentford's top attacker had scored two league goals since the end of November and surpassed that total in 26 minutes on either side of half-time. Their victory was also the best moment of this Premier League weekend, as Brandon Williams and Christian Eriksen wrestled briefly on the floor before Williams realized who he was staring in the face. Cue a quick cuddle, good wishes and both players stand up with a smile. It's wonderful to see that Eriksen is back in the starting blocks. Brighton probably earned a point and went back to type, missing out on the presentable chances they created, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that Webster is the glue holding this defense together (especially since Dan Burn left for Newcastle). Brighton have started 16 games this season without Webster in the starting XI and have won just three - two of them against Championship opponents in the EFL Cup. His injury setback cost him a place in the squad against Newcastle and likely means he also misses games against Liverpool and Tottenham. Not the best time to play against some of Europe's best strikers. On the plus side, games in hand would allow Burnley to pull themselves out of the bottom three. Victories over Brighton and Tottenham have certainly made survival a definite possibility, but Sean Dyche's side have almost caught up on their games and are still in the relegation zone. Nobody really expected Burnley to beat Chelsea, but Dyche admitted it was unsettling to see how quickly his side capitulated after conceding. Their mini-revival was built on a return to defensive principles and a seven-game streak in which they conceded just three goals. On Saturday they conceded more than that in 23 minutes of the second half. We'd normally expect a team to avoid trouble by relying on their home form, but you're wondering if the opposite could be true for Burnley. Dwight McNeil was jeered by fans at Turf Moor against Chelsea (something Dyche couldn't understand after the game). Given the freedom they played with at Brighton and their string of games on the road - Brentford, Norwich, Watford - it may be their away form that saves or damns them. James has made just 17 league appearances this season (two of them as a substitute) but has scored or assisted 11 goals. Against Burnley, James had more touches in the opponent's box than his own and most of his touches went down the center line. His recovery speed allows him to sprint back into position in a way Azpilicueta just can't. That makes a difference to Chelsea. They have scored 37 goals in James' last 15 starts for the club. In the last seven games he has missed, they have only scored nine goals. We should also commend Tuchel for the harshness with which he criticized Chelsea supporters who, during the minute-long applause, chanted Roman Abramovich's name to express thoughts and sympathy to the people of Ukraine. No one says you can't thank Abramovich for how his money changed Chelsea's modern history, but pick your damn moments. "That was a really good performance," said Patrick Vieira after the 2-0 win at Wolves. “I loved every single part of the game. I think we played very well, especially in the first half. And in the second half, when we were a bit tired, we showed differences in the game - we defended well when it was necessary. Overall it was a very good team performance. I think the first half was one of the best [of the season].” What was interesting about Saturday's impressive win at Wolves was how little possession Vieira's team had. That stat was skewed by a second half where they defended deep to fend off their opponents and maintain their lead (Roy Hodgson football by and large) but even in the first half Palace built a lead with 40 percent possession of the ball two gates. We've talked a lot in this column this season about Vieira's attempts to turn Palace into a side that tries to dominate possession, but the three games in which they have had the least possession (Wolves away, Manchester City away, Brighton away) returned seven points. Conversely, they have won just one (at home to Nunos Tottenham in September) of the nine games in which they have had the most possession. But this season has been a repeated battle between a manager changing the mindset of a group of players (without being able to make sweeping changes in the transfer market) and trying not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Finished no lower than 15th in his formative years at West Ham, then played exclusively for title clubs, was appointed by Derby County after they finished sixth and then got the job at Chelsea. Monday's trip to Tottenham is something of a free-kick, a game Everton are unlikely to take anything from. But it comes ahead of a string of incredibly important league games that Lampard must juggle with progress in the FA Cup offering a chance to lift Everton's first trophy in 27 years. All you have to do is read this article on Leeds, who impressed in Jesse Marsch's first game in charge before being undone by known errors. Leicester have become a very strange team indeed. For most of Saturday lunchtime's game against Leeds it was as if they were the side with a new manager trying to figure out how this team can work and struggle. They played long balls over the top, a perfectly viable tactic given the presence of Jamie Vardy, Leeds' high defensive line and Pascal Struijk, who was booked early for withdrawing Vardy. But for a 15-minute period early in the second half, Leicester could barely make a pass. And for all the joy of those supporters who left the King Power after a first home win in 2022, Leicester should have lost the match considering how many chances they allowed Leeds to create. Rodgers has been in charge for more than three years and it is sometimes very difficult to know what this team's actual style is. The first is that Leicester won with their plan B. Rodgers knew full well Vardy could only give him an hour due to his injury rehab but the introduction of Ademola Lookman and Kelechi Iheanacho startled Leeds. Instead of looking long, Leicester capitalized on short passes between their attacking players which resulted in Harvey Barnes' match-winning goal. And Leicester kept a clean sheet once again (although they were very happy to do so). Leeds had 10 corners and didn't score on any of them, which is as rare as blue moons and flying pigs at Leicester. This is the first time Rodgers' team have kept a clean sheet in the league in more than two years. Virgil van Dijk became the Premier League record-breaker on Saturday night when he avoided a home defeat for the 60th straight game as a Liverpool player. That stat is a little tenuous, not least because the player he outplayed was Lee Sharpe, but it points to Van Dijk's immense influence at Liverpool. As an exemplary leader, it's hard to imagine that many Premier League signings since Eric Cantona at Manchester United have made such a difference to their new club. More than any niche statistic or even his own performance (which is almost always supreme), the best way to judge Van Dijk, like any great defender, is how much easier he makes it for his defensive partners. Dejan Lovren, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip and Ibrahim Konate; All are good defenders in their own right, but have been able (or are in Konate's case) to settle into the team and grow because they feel so comfortable with the person next to them. In this scenario, the selection of Van Dijk means the selection of one and a half players. It's hard to say how much we should give Manchester City credit for and how much of Sunday was just a scathing indictment of United given the rift between the two clubs (more on that next), but there are few things we pep up Really have to credit Guardiola and his team for: 1) Guardiola clearly recognized that the right-back was Manchester United's weakness, whether they chose Aaron Wan Bissaka or Diogo Dalot. Jack Grealish's pick over Raheem Sterling came as a surprise but Guardiola's reasoning was that Wan Bissaka is pretty good against pace but struggles a lot more with fast feet. Grealish was excellent on Sunday (and, just as importantly, appeared to be having great fun) but it was the combination that sufficed for Wan Bissaka, who received precious little help. This is the benefit of picking players in multiple positions. Bernardo Silva, Grealish, Joao Cancelo and Phil Foden are all comfortable in the area to the left of the box and at times all four occupied it to drown Wan Bissaka. Riyad Mahrez became a latent danger, comparatively little possession of the ball and yet a two-time goal scorer. 2) Watch City's second goal again in replay and in slow motion. See how quickly they react to chances curated by either excellent passes or saved shots. Within five seconds, three players in blue not only reacted first, but also predicted where the ball might go. Bernardo goes left if the ball breaks this way. Foden stays where he is in case the ball runs out. Mahrez hangs directly on the edge of the penalty area. They play the percentage like no other team in England. 3) But if you want to see what makes City brilliant, forget the endlessly circling statues and 92 percent possession over a 15-minute period. Instead look at the six seconds after they lost the ball on the edge of United's penalty area when they were already 3-1 up. Six different City players are chasing the red shirt. As they inevitably recaptured it by edging United, one of them actively celebrated and the others made moves to show the ball. Those second-half stats that need to be repeated because they're so humbling: 21 percent possession against 79. That Manchester United conceded just two goals after the break should be something to hold onto, so strong was City's dominance . Now it's United to draw the curtains and pick up the phone if anyone calls. Ralf Rangnick came up with a plan, a team of midfielders who would press as a unit and force City to use shorter passes than they would like. It worked in the first 30 minutes as United made mistakes and became dangerous on the break. But City just waited for the intensity of the press to subside, which it always would. At this point, they were choosing passes and building attacking moves like they were playing at double the speed of their visitors. A lack of quality can be excused with the isolation of a game. The most miserable conclusion for any United supporter is that they were outclassed by City because City are light years ahead. Manchester United have spent over a billion pounds under several different managers to build a team of mismatched individuals; City and Liverpool formed a team. We can understand that being sent off is demoralizing and nobody likes chasing shadows at the end of what should be a tight game. There were thousands of supporters in the away game who paid good money to at least witness a team try. United are chasing a global fan base but what must one of them think of such a pathetic surrender? At Liverpool and City, those two clubs that United used to refer to as their peers, they wouldn't condone it. Can we trust United to follow the same path, a club where history, fame and revenue are everything and nobody seems to notice that the team is either unable or unwilling to keep up. Had you spoken to most Newcastle United season ticket holders the day after the January transfer window closed, they would have been aware of the potential impact of Kieran Trippier, the cover provided by Chris Wood and Matt Targett and the excitement that a box-to-box game entails, midfielders such as Bruno Guimarães have been delighted. But Dan Burn was the signing that impressed her the most. Newcastle were too weak, too easy to score. They believed that Burn was the difference maker. Burn have played four games for their hometown club and Newcastle have won three of them and conceded just two goals. Half of their clean sheets in the league came from those four games. A word also for Ryan Fraser, the currently fit Newcastle player who Eddie Howe already knew when he took the job. With Allan Saint-Maximin recently unavailable, fans may have worried about where the creativity on this team would come from. Now Saint-Maximin didn't deserve to dribble straight back into the team. Fraser has contributed 28 shooting actions in his last seven appearances; he had managed 12 ahead of them in the remainder of the season. One thing that really annoys me about football managers is when they blame the officials for underperforming their teams. One of the reasons Marcelo Bielsa was so easily warmed to at Leeds was his adamant refusal to blame refereeing decisions and his brutal honesty in assessing his own performance. Following their defeat by Brentford, Dean Smith claimed Norwich had been 'released from the VAR'; He claimed the second penalty should not have been missed because Ivan Toney put his foot across to initiate contact. Watch the replay for yourself and try to figure out where Smith's logic lies. They missed a great opportunity to take the lead and then made silly mistakes that ended up costing them any chance of a point. And given the results all around them, that's probably the one for their hopes of staying on top. They have 12 points from Smith's 16 games in charge. This usually happens to Southampton, heavy defeats that appear almost out of nowhere. If neither happens, it becomes incredibly easy to play against them. Aston Villa scored four goals and could easily have added two or three more to that total. The Ghanaian has been their best defender this season and they have lost one of their last 12 games with him in the starting XI. Without wanting to criticize individual players, the relegation to Jack Stephens is significant. Southampton have kept just two of the last 18 league games in which Stephens has started and in one of those two he was substituted after 37 minutes. The positive twist (and it takes some selective vision) of Tottenham's exit from the FA Cup is that Antonio Conte will enjoy a full few weeks at the training ground with a group of players in dire need of improvement. You can argue that Conte, effectively saying his players are either not good enough, not mentally strong enough, or both, isn't helpful (and it's certainly a niche motivational strategy), but it must be incredibly frustrating for him to watch , how his team played so brilliantly against Manchester City and Leeds and then fell through against Burnley and Middlesbrough. Your exit from the FA Cup - in such mild circumstances - when you haven't won a trophy in years was almost unacceptable. Tottenham's results since the start of the year have been hilariously up and down: win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, lose, win, lose, win, lose. Only a midfield team can do that. Under his three different managers, Watford has picked up the same number of away points as Leicester and more than Newcastle, Leeds, Burnley, Norwich and Everton, any of the clubs around them. Watford have now lost ten of their last 11 home league games and the exception was the 4-1 win over Manchester United that ended Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's tenure. They have conceded three, four, two and three goals in their last four games there and Hodgson's appointment seems to have done nothing to solve the problem. Those opponents included Crystal Palace (four goals) and Norwich City (three). ). Eventually, if Watford sits back and tries to defend himself, they will be picked off. Hodgson saw evidence of that theory against West Ham last month when they had 35 per cent possession but lost 1-0. So they try to attack to make up for their defensive weaknesses, score twice and still concede three goals to lose. Watford aren't done yet but they have Everton, Leeds, Brentford and Burnley all playing at home and have taken seven points at Vicarage Road all season. David Moyes' away record against Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United in the Premier League is an absolute marvel: won – 0, draw 21, lose 45. They created chances and Moyes has no doubt they deserve a point. The pattern is so established that Moyes is well aware of it, and his players need to be too. That's just conjecture, but at what point do you feel defeat is inevitable because you're usually defeated under the same circumstances? The bigger picture is that West Ham's season is in danger of drifting after two wins in seven league games, a weak midweek FA Cup exit and a Europa League draw that has left them with the competition's specialists. "Ki is a good example of a young kid who wants everything to happen (quickly)," Lage told Palace after the defeat. "When you're out or your teammate is playing, don't train hard or prepare. Then when you have the opportunity, these things happen. “I have too many kids on my team and sometimes they don't work the way they should work. They're not prepared as they should be, and after things like that happen... these things (the injury) happen because they're pushing their limits and they're not prepared. Sometimes Ki doesn't work with the same intensity.” Although Lage has extended this criticism to other young players, he is no fool. It also reflects how quickly an above-average season can come to an end at a non-elite club; Wolves have now lost three on the spin - and how, with these non-elite clubs, only the best is good enough to maintain over-performance. This is clearly what annoyed Lage the most: he knows that when the intensity in training drops, everything suffers.


"Missed Euro 2020 penalty great for his career"

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta: I think Bukayo had an experience in the summer that not many players would ever have and I think it was great for his career because the football world showed how much they love him and how much they love him respect him. (Author: Gardener)

2020Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta believes Bukayo Saka's penalty miss at Euro 2020 was "great for his career" after the England international scored a goal and assisted another in the 3-2 win at Watford. Saka provided the assist for Martin Odegaard's early opener at Vicarage Road, which was soon nullified by an overhead kick from Cucho Hernandez. The Arsenal academy graduate then restored his side's lead after a well-crafted one-two with Alexandre Lacazette before Gabriel Martinelli added a third. The Gunners appeared to be in full swing before Moussa Sissoko scored in the 87th minute, but the Hornets were unable to level. Saka missed the crucial penalty during England's agonizing Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy at Wembley Stadium and was then subjected to racial abuse online, along with Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, who also missed penalties. "I think Bukayo had an experience in the summer that not many players would ever have and I think it was great for his career because the football world showed how much they love him and how much they respect him," said arteta “I think it was a big boost for him to realize in difficult moments that people will support him and the club did exactly the same as his teammates. "Football is his priority in life and you see that every day in training and he has to keep acting and living the way he does. "Arteta believes that Saka, who has had an impressive season so far, is better for the experience. I think so," Arteta added. "I think such experiences shape your career. And what you learn from those difficult moments is much more likely than if you had scored that goal.” “We absolutely have to win these games and we showed that we can win like this. “This is the dream this year, to be in the top four and qualify for the Champions League. Sky Sports' team of experts queued up to praise man of the match Bukayo Saka after the game. Jamie Redknapp said: "Saka was the standout player on the show. Everything about his game was great. "He showed great strength for his goal and played a nice one-two and the finish into the far corner is so difficult to stop. It was a brilliant goal. Roy Keane added: "We've mentioned Saka before and he was absolutely outstanding. It was very simple but very effective, the nice and clean give and go with Odegaard for the first goal. To be fair to Watford they carried on but lacked quality. Alan Smith, meanwhile, said: “The best players make the game look easy and Bukayo Saka did that today. Arsenal moved up to fourth with their 3-2 win over Watford at Vicarage Road and there seems little risk of complacency creeping in Mikel Arteta: the Arsenal manager put on a frustrated figure for much of the encounter the touchline - he even berated his players immediately after their second goal - and later used the opening segment of his post-match press conference to chide their defensive performance. "We were really good up front," he said. "We had the right organization and energy to do that and we scored three great goals but we didn't have the same energy and dedication in defence," he said. Their goals were beautifully crafted, with skillful passing changes reminiscent of Arsenal's best teams under Arsene Wenger, but on the other hand their negligence afforded Watford chances which a better side would have seized in the end They continued and survived five minutes of added time after Moussa Sissoko reduced their lead late on, but Arteta's eagerness to focus on the flaws in their performance shows he knows there's still a long way to go in the Champions League race do gives goal. His exciting young Arsenal side have firmly placed their destiny in their own hands with a run of eight wins from ten Premier League games. But there are bigger tests ahead if they are to make it across the line and at least at the back, Arteta knows they need to be stronger. Watford manager Roy Hodgson said he could not have asked for more from his players after they pushed the Gunners to the limit and scored twice in one game for the first time since November. "This is Watford at the bottom against Arsenal," said Hodgson. “We always knew we had to make a lot of stops to get something out of the game. I don't think I can ask more from the players and what they gave to Watford Football Club and the fans today, I really don't." Watford travels to Wolves in the Premier League on Thursday (7:30pm CEST) while Arsenal play next Sunday live against Leicester City (4:30pm) on Super Sunday.


Arsenal driven by Saka, Odegaard to boost top 4 hopes

A dynamic forward line once again fired on all cylinders to ensure Arsenal remain in control of their Champions League qualifying destiny. (Author: Gardener)

SakaJanusz Michallik is full of praise for Mikel Arteta for turning Arsenal into a team fighting for the top four. Janusz Michallik is full of praise for Mikel Arteta for turning Arsenal into a team fighting for the top four. WATFORD, England — Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the man nicknamed 'Little Chilli' is coping with the heat. Bukayo Saka scored and scored another as Arsenal celebrated a 3-2 win at Watford on Sunday to take another important step forward in their quest for Champions League qualification. The Premier League's top four race intensifies with each passing week, but Saka and Martin Odegaard embodied a freedom of expression that belied the idea that the Gunners are under pressure to deliver at the end of the season. Sources have told ESPN that senior figures at Arsenal believe the club are ahead of schedule under Mikel Arteta and were only expecting a serious boost to Champions League football next year. And while it shouldn't be forgotten that Watford are struggling at the wrong end of the table and this was their eighth consecutive home defeat, Arsenal showed a desire to capitalize on this unexpected opportunity and were delighted at the chance to enter Europe's elite competition for the first time return 5 years. Their game was joyful from the start, and in the fifth minute they scored an excellent opening goal. Odegaard majestically pirouetted to find Saka down the right before the England international had the presence of mind to clip the ball back into the box for a back pass, allowing Odegaard to slide a low finish past helpless Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster . Cucho Hernandez's brilliant overhead kick in the 11th minute equalized for the hosts and briefly threatened an upset, only for Saka to emphasize that his real talent is matched by a good work ethic. As Watford midfielder Tom Cleverley dallyed in possession, Saka won the ball, then traded passes with Alexandre Lacazette before delivering a high finish in the blink of an eye. The aforementioned Little Chilli nickname was given to him by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who was impressed by Saka's efficiency in a target practice session, and this clinical finish showed why he is an integral part of Arsenal's present and future, especially with a previous goal source. Aubameyang, left for Barcelona. Saka was also instrumental in Arsenal's third goal, although Arteta could also claim an assist of sorts after he immediately handed the ball out of play to Saka for a quick throw-in seven minutes after half-time. Cedric Soares was released down the right flank and his cross was helped by another magnificent touch from Odegaard before Lacazette found Gabriel Martinelli. Moussa Sissoko scored for Watford three minutes from time to set up a grandstand finish but Arsenal held on and in truth a draw would have been a farce given the football played by the visitors. There was a time when Emile Smith Rowe's absence - explained here by a positive COVID-19 test - made Saka look somewhat isolated given the understanding the two Hale End Academy graduates possess, but there are signs of it that he begins to show the same connection with Odegaard. Together, the two have made the most common combination of completed passes in the last third by Arsenal players in league games this season: Saka has struck Ödegaard 78 times; The next best combination is Odegaard against Saka at 68. The time Arsenal have had to work away from European football - and mid-season to Dubai - is paying off. After that fourth consecutive league win, their manager cited reasons for player development that inspired him. "[Saka and Odegaard] trust each other better," Arteta said. The more they play together, the better they'll understand, it's easy." Saka and Odegaard's ability to influence games is a key advantage for a team still lacking a strong No.9; Lacazette finished that game with two more assists. Saka has scored 13 goals in the league this season, the most under the age of 21 in Europe's top five leagues other than Bayer Leverkusen's Florian Wirtz.These numbers are all the more remarkable given the difficulties that faced his start into the campaign as the 20-year-old coped with the aftermath of racial abuse online as one of three black players to miss a penalty in England's last penalty shoot-out defeat at Euro 2020 to Italy applauded as he cried in the home Football returned and Arteta has seen him grow from everything he's endured into an even better player who continues to make great things t players will ever have and I think it's been great for his career because the football world has shown how much they like him and how much they respect him," Arteta said. “I don't think you get much more than winning trophies in football. At his age, what he's already doing is phenomenal and he needs that space.


Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard shine as Arsenal hold off the spirited Watford to finish in the top four

Watford 2-3 Arsenal: Moussa Sissoko struck late but the Gunners held on to move up to fourth in the Premier League (Author: Gardener)

Bukayo SakaEven factoring in Cucho Hernandez's spectacular overhead kick, the irresistible skills of Martin Odegaard and Bukayo Saka proved an unbridgeable divide in the class as Arsenal maintained their top-four charge with a 3-2 win over Watford at Vicarage Road . This was hardly to be expected as a potential upset as Watford's miserable home form was at the heart of their increasingly certain slide down to the Second Division, but this was never a cruise for Mikel Arteta's side and contained an unnecessarily nerve-wracking finish. Arsenal looked set for a fourth straight Premier League win after Odegaard and Saka made a devastating impact in the opening five minutes. But Hernandez's unparalleled resourcefulness drove Watford and even after Saka and Gabriel Martinelli bolstered Arsenal's rise, Roy Hodgson's side remained dangerous and should have closed the gap before Moussa Sissoko struck their second after 86 minutes. It was a resilient performance that can still inspire faint hopes in the relegation battle, but the winning streak that has underscored Arsenal's pursuit of a Champions League spot didn't end there. He can take great credit for that, but there's no denying that Saka and Odegaard were the leading figures again. However, it is in the nature of Arsenal that even when things are calm, the yearning for chaos never stretches too far over the horizon. And so, after just 17 seconds of play, the stumbling fans who sauntered to their seats were left in their lanes. Right after kick-off, Joao Pedro sliced ​​up a defense that was still pulling its socks up and Emmanuel Dennis rolled a shot past Aaron Ramsdale. Cucho Hernandez celebrates after rousing Watford Level (AP) Jolted, an unchanged Arsenal side have quickly settled into the smooth rhythm that has propelled their march into the top four. Odegaard's exquisite flick left Hassane Kamara stunned and unleashed Saka down the right wing, his back pass no less accurate. The Norwegian took the ball calmly and flicked it into the far corner with great nonchalance. By this time obituaries had already been written for a Watford side who had lost their last seven home games. Kiko Femenia's cross fired wide from goal and well behind the Colombian but his overhead kick was timed perfectly, with Ramsdale wrong-footed and far from the only one suspended in disbelief as the ball slammed into the net. This time the celebrations were uninterrupted and for brief minutes Watford even threatened to encroach further on that foothold. With Ismaila Sarr ruled out, Dennis was left to almost single-handedly conjure up the danger and there was panic as he sliced ​​inside and fired a low shot on goal that almost wriggled out of Ramsdale's palms. It was a goal that encapsulated what makes Saka such a fantastic and unreasonably versatile player at 20, with the urgency and desire to steal the ball from a dawdling Tom Cleverley; the intelligence and speed to jump on target with a skillful one-two with Alexandre Lacazette; and then the attitude in front of goal to leave Ben Foster as a virtual spectator. Arsenal striker Gabriel Martinelli celebrates after scoring (AFP via Getty Images) Just seven minutes into the second half, Saka literally had a hand in Arsenal's third half. Arteta caught the ball as it bounced out of play, passing it to the winger and daring him to throw quickly. While Watford was inattentive, Cedric Soares sped across the line and sliced ​​the ball back to Odegaard, who produced another magnificent swerve into Lacazette's path. His filing sent Martinelli to the edge of the box and the Brazilian used the ample space to circle a shot into the top corner. Moussa Sissoko set up a thrilling final (REUTERS) In Watford's defence, as defeat loomed on all sides, they didn't collapse. Cleverley forced Ramsdale into a smart save at his near post and Dennis weaved past two defenders in the box only to see his own attempt blocked. Roy Hodgson was met with boos as he pulled Imran Louza back, but they didn't match the groans when Dennis horribly misread what should have been a tap-in at the far post. Arsenal had the chance to decide the game when Eddie Nketiah hit the post just after coming on and their sloppy defense led to an unnecessarily nervous finish. A speculative cross found Sissoko in the box and he shook off Ben White and Granit Xhaka all too easily before beating Ramsdale. But despite all the fear that promptly befell Arsenal's traveling fans in the final minutes, Arteta's side held on once more.


How does Maguire's form compare to his opponents in the top 6?

His form and captaincy continue to be questioned, as does his continued selection by interim boss Ralf Rangnick, reportedly by some of his own United team-mates amid all the alleged struggles. (Author: Gardener)

6Harry Maguire's fortune has changed since joining Manchester United in 2019 as the world's most expensive defender, but few moments at Old Trafford have been as tough as the present. His form and captaincy continue to be questioned, as does his continued selection by interim boss Ralf Rangnick, reportedly by some of his own United team-mates amid all the alleged struggles at the club this season. Harry Maguire's form and Manchester United captaincy continue to be questioned The England international's form has fallen at an alarming rate this season and even Rangnick recently admitted Maguire has suffered some 'weaker moments'. Former United stars Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen have been among his harshest critics this season and focus on him is likely to increase in the summer once the transfer window opens. Sportsmail understands while Rangnick has publicly backed Maguire, a new centre-back will be high on United's list of targets for the summer, with Antonio Rudiger and Ronald Araujo among the candidates to partner with Raphael Varane in 2022-23. So how does Maguire compare to the leading centre-backs at the other top six clubs, as well as the defenders United want in the summer? And was he really worse under Rangnick than he was at the start of the campaign when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Michael Carrick were in charge? Players such as Chelsea defender Rüdiger, as well as Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk and Manchester City's Ruben Dias have established themselves as the pre-eminent central defenders in English football. Meanwhile, Arsenal's Gabriel Magalhaes and Tottenham centre-back Cristian Romero are among two of the better rising defenders at the heart of the defense in the league. Well, the stats provided by Opta might surprise even the most cynical critic of the England defender and they seem pretty fair considering all but Romero have played at least 20 Premier League games this season. Chelsea centre-back Antonio Rudiger (left) has been linked with a move to United this summer. His duel success rate of 63 percent is higher than that of Rüdiger (62 percent) and Dias (51 percent), although still just under van Dijk's 71 percent. No defender on the list can match Dutch defender van Dijk's 160 recoveries, but Maguire again boasts a superior number (119) in this category than Arsenal's Gabriel (96) and his Portuguese-speaking defender Dias (97) and Romero (73 ). Rudiger and Van Dijk lead on the air front with 77 and 73 percent success rates, respectively, but Maguire is close behind with a 70 percent aerial dogfight win rate from his total duels in the air. Manchester City's Ruben Dias was named Premier League Player of the Year last year. Virgil van Dijk (centre) has long been a leader at the heart of Liverpool's defence. In tackles, Maguire has a better success rate (68 percent) than Rüdiger (66 percent) and Gabriel (60 percent), while only van Dijk in the defensive third (87) gained more possession than Maguire (63) on the list. Maguire's tendency to concede silly fouls is also a concern, but his 15-season record is far less than Rudiger's (23) and Dias' (27). Only Maguire and Gabriel have made a mistake this season that resulted in a goal, the latter in Arsenal's last win against Wolves. The pair are also the only centre-backs on this six-man list to commit errors that resulted in shots, although this time the Brazilian is top with four compared to Maguire's three. Arsenal's Maguire and Gabriel Magalhaes (above) have the worst disciplinary records on the list. The duo are also the only two centre-backs to have seen red this season, with Maguire's dismissal in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's last game in charge in the Watford defeat, while Gabriel's early shower against City came in a bizarre way. Maguire, 28, is also level with Argentina's Romero this season when it comes to yellow cards (six) but neither have their combined total of seven. In fact, the only standout stat against Maguire is that no defender on the list has had more dribbles this season (11). So while he's doing pretty well compared to a summer destination in Ruediger, how does he fare against Barcelona's Araujo? United have been linked with a summer move from Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo. None of the previous six defenders has recorded fewer than Araujo's 16 in the Spanish league this season, averaging 0.8 per game. Van Dijk is the only defender who can take on the 22-year-old, who has only been dribbled over twice this season, and his disciplinary record is exemplary too, with just three yellow cards and no reds. With a success rate of 71 per cent in head-to-head duels, he is also among the best in the Premier League while, like Dias and van Dijk, he does not make a mistake that results in a shot or goal. How is he faring among the various United managers this season? United fans might have no trouble listing examples of games from this campaign where Maguire has come under fire. His worst performances under Solskjaer undoubtedly came in the Leicester defeat, a game he played after just one training session, while some blamed him for all five goals in Liverpool's win at Old Trafford. Defending and being sent off at Vicarage Road will be remembered for a variety of reasons, but those struggles continued in appearances among the likes of Ralf Rangnick at Burnley and Southampton. Typically, then, there is very little that separates his form when the Norwegian was in charge from Michael Carrick's interim period and Germany boss Rangnick's current tenure. Maguire's form under Rangnick isn't much different from that under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (L) and Michael Carrick (R). Surprisingly, Maguire has not made a single mistake under Rangnick that has resulted in a shot or goal, while three mistakes leading to the former and one leading to the latter have been made among the German's predecessors this season. His tackle success rate is up more than 25 per cent, from 60 per cent under Solskjaer and Carrick to almost 86 per cent under Rangnick. Maguire has also committed fewer fouls in his 10 games under Rangnick than the dozen under Solskjaer and Carrick. His tackle success rate is up more than 25 percent under Rangnick, although Maguire's aerial win percentage was 77 percent early in the season, compared to 64 percent under Rangnick, while the number of recoveries and dueling successes was also far superior in the first half of the campaign. He also made more blocks, made better passing accuracy in his own half, dribbled less often and won possession in his own defensive third under Solskjaer and Carrick more often, despite playing two more games under them than under Rangnick. Ultimately, the stats can do very little to highlight a number of areas where performances suggest Maguire has struggled this term. Statistics could prove a factor in recruitment this summer too, but it seems little will dissuade Old Trafford bosses that a new centre-back isn't the way to go when the window opens. But his aerial win percentage was 77 percent earlier in the season, compared to 64 percent now


Ralf Rangnick offers damning explanation from Marcus Rashford with Man Utd decision

Marcus Rashford was set to lead Manchester United's attack at the Etihad in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani - instead the out-of-form England international was left out again despite being the only recognized striker available (Author: Gardener)

Marcus RashfordMarcus Rashford was set to lead Manchester United's attack at the Etihad in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani - instead the out-of-form England international was left out again despite being the only recognized forward available due to the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ralf Rangnick had to change his attack from Manchester United for Sunday's derby with Manchester City. And with Edinson Cavani also unavailable, the German opted to put his trust in Anthony Elanga rather than turn to Marcus Rashford or Jesse Lingard at the Etihad. Rangnick named Elanga, Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes as United's attacking triumvirate, with Paul Pogba, Fred and Scott McTominay in midfield. Those first six left United without a recognized centre-forward on ground where Rashford had twice previously scored victories for the Red Devils. It was to be expected for Lingard, who is now in his final months at the club. Rashford, now 23, has had a difficult 2021-22 season so far, only completing 90 minutes twice a year and scoring just five goals in 23 games. He has scored just two Premier League goals in his last 14 games. Despite this, Gary Neville still expected Rashford to start against a City defense with a penchant for high defending. “With Ronaldo out of the team I think they are better off today with Rashford's pace on the counterattack. They move him left, right, center, I don't think he settled down and got a position, people relate to the stuff off the field, whether it's a distraction or not, and he's had too Injuries, to be fair, his authority off the pitch does not carry over to the Manchester United pitch. "He's done well here in the past (when he played at Etihad) so it's a great chance for him to show his quality again today when he plays." Marcus Rashford during the pre-match warm-up Indeed , fellow former United skipper Roy Keane similarly believed that in Ronaldo's absence: "There's an opportunity for the likes of Rashford to come in and make an impact." Rangnick had other ideas, however, and relinquished what is arguably his side's most likely available goalscorer. It was a similar story for the wanton Lingard, who hadn't gotten a move in January - the club wouldn't let him and Donny Van de Beek retire - again just different substitutes Lingard has made 18 appearances this season, but only for 366 minutes in total – that's just four full games.Once upon a time, not long ago, both Rashford and Lingar were there when the club's future was pinned Well, Lingards The long-term future certainly looks like she's away from the club, as has frankly been the case for quite some time.