WWE SmackDown Results - New Champion Crowned, Ronda Rousey vs. Sonya Deville, Roman Reigns, More

Welcome to our Live WWE SmackDown Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the FTX Arena in Miami, FL. (Author: Gardener)

WWE- Tonight's WWE SmackDown on FOX begins with Paul Heyman backstage. Heyman introduces himself and we see stills of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on the screen. According to Heyman, SmackDown will be blessed with the presence of Reigns tonight and an opportunity to recognize him. Cheering on her in-ring debut with the blue badge, she says the match with Sonya Deville will be one to remember and she will show Deville that SmackDown isn't just the name of the show. She says the only thing memorable about Rousey's first SmackDown match will be her first SmackDown loss because nothing can match the power of authority. They say SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos played hide and seek, but Vikings don't play games, they raid and tonight they're gonna snatch the titles from what's left of them. He takes a shot at WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn but gives him some props for his work and says he won't be a champion after tonight. Sami mentions Johnny Knoxville and Shinsuke Nakamura and says that after tonight everyone will call him the greatest Intercontinental Champion. He will be joined ringside by Pat McAfee. We go straight to the ring and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn as Samantha Irvin introduces. The bell rings and Ricochet charges Zayn, knocking him down for a close 2 count. Sami with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Sami now grounds Ricochet and works on him with his right hand. Sami blocks a kick on the apron, then nails a big German suplex on the apron. Back off the break and Zayn talks trash off the second rope while Ricochet is down. Ricochet jumps up and rocks Sami with a kick for another close 2 count. Ricochet jumps in from the apron, but Sami catches him in mid-air and powerbombs him into a sitdown for a close 2 count. Ricochet works Sami, then blocks an exploder suplex and rolls it for a 2 count. Ricochet knocks out Sami's legs and hits a standing moonsault for another close 2 count. Ricochet comes right back with a stiff shot to drop Sami and send him to the ground to regroup. Ricochet runs the ropes and jumps over the top, sending Zayn to the ground for a big pop. Ricochet brings it back into the ring and goes upstairs. Zayn interrupts Ricochet and knocks him back to the ground. Sami smiles as the referee counts while Ricochet is down at ringside. Sami goes to get Ricochet back, but the Jackass music kicks in and Johnny Knoxville comes out with a pop. Knoxville shows off his t-shirt calling Zayn a fool. Zayn enters the ring and yells at Knoxville, but Knoxville jumps back off the apron, still taunting Sami. Ricochet comes back in the ring and pins Zayn to the mat with the modified Hurricanrana, then pins him for the win and the title. - After the game, Ricochet stands upright while the music plays and we go to the replays. Zayn cooks when Knoxville taunts him. Speaking about attending WrestleMania 38, McAfee says he may not be physically ready, but he's ready to go. We see a backstage shot of Mr. McMahon's office door and he's here tonight. - We see what happened to Sami Zayn, Johnny Knoxville and new WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet before the break. Sami is backstage now throwing a tantrum and cooking. Zayn then challenges Knoxville to a match at WrestleMania 38. - We go back to the ring and out comes RAW superstar Austin Theory booing. The theory goes that he competes at RAW and is the protégé of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who is here tonight. The theory goes that he goes where Vince goes. Theory reaches out to Pat McAfee and says Vince was on his show because he set him up. Ricochet says McAfee probably thinks Vince likes him, but he does everything for a reason and like everyone else, he thinks McAfee is a big mouth who needs to shut up. Theory asks McAfee what he'll do when his mouth is wired. The theory goes to the ring and McAfee stands up. The theory goes that he is McAfee's opponent for WrestleMania 38 and will beat McAfee to a pulp. Theory hits McAfee and walks away. McAfee stands at the top of the announcer's table and tells Theory to come back, calling him a little B---h. Theory backs onto the stage, taunts McAfee, and stops to take a selfie. McAfee watches from the announce booth as Michael Cole tries to calm him down. McAfee puts his headset back on and continues to ask who Theory is. McAfee is furious and at one point blames Cole for what just happened. Cole says he had no idea what was about to happen. Cole asks if what Theory did hurt, and McAfee replies that it didn't. We go back to the ring and out comes Naomi with Sasha Banks. Naomi throws herself onto the apron to pose as we return to the commercial. Back from the break and McAfee vs. Naomi and Banks wait in the ring as the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions come out next - Carmella with Queen Zelina Vega. We see a recorded backstage promo in which Carmella and Vega talk about their opponents. The bell rings and Carmella immediately goes to her ringside crew to put on her mask as the fans boo. Carmella comes back, but Naomi kicks her in the head on the apron. Naomi brings Carmella in and heads upstairs, but Carmella interrupts her with a Vega distraction. Carmella sends Naomi down to the mat, works her over and then grounds her. Naomi with a big kick in the face for a 2 count. Carmella flips it in the corner and fires left and right as the referee stops her. Vega climbs onto the apron to interfere, but Banks walks over and pulls her off, then slams a Meteora into the steel ring steps. Naomi drops Carmella and hits the split-legged moonsault to win the pin. - After the match, the music hits as Naomi and Banks celebrate and dance in the center of the ring. – Happy Baron Corbin is playing poker backstage with Madcap Moss and some of her friends. He gives Drew McIntyre some props but advertises some of his WrestleMania achievements, including his victory over WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. He says Drew will be just another feather in his fedora. The TV screen in the room turns on and shows McIntyre making his way to the ring. We go back to the ring and out comes Drew McIntyre with his sword Angela. Drew then walks to the ring and poses in the corner while fire shoots out of the ring. Drew stands tall as we return to the commercial. Back from break and Drew watches as Jinder Mahal sets off with Shanky. We see Happy Baron Corbin and his friends backstage, they have paused their poker game. Jinder and Drew close but drop out. Drew catches a kick, but Jinder cradles and knocks him down to get distracted by the referee. Drew runs over Jinder with one shoulder. Drew now with large chops. Jinder ducks after a chop and kicks Drew even for a two count. Jinder now grounds Drew on his arm. Drew comes back and lands a big throw across the ring. Pulls out of the corner with another throw. Drew ducks Jinder and drops him with a neckbreaker. Shanky swings on the apron but Drew ducks and sends him face first into the ring post. Jinder tries to get The Khallas out of the distraction, but Drew overpowers him and knocks him out with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Drew calls for the Claymore Kick as the fans count with him. Jinder stands up and Drew nails the Claymore for the pin to the win. - After the match, Drew stands upright while the music plays. Kayla Braxton interviews Drew in the ring and asks if he minds Corbin and his friends backstage laughing at Drew's expense. Drew goes on to say that no one can stand Corbin and that he has no respect in the dressing room. Drew says he'll be doing the world a favor by beating Corbin at WrestleMania. Drew says Corbin might be undefeated as Happy Corbin, but all good things must end and he will challenge Corbin at WrestleMania. Drew grabs his sword and celebrates some more as the music starts. We go backstage to the poker game while Moss makes another joke about Drew. - Back from intermission and we see Ronda Rousey warming up backstage. - Today's Match Flo video sponsored by Progressive looks back on last week's WrestleMania 38 contract signing between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. - We go back to the ring and out comes Rick Boogs with his guitar. They head to the ring together, but the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos suddenly attack from behind. Officials come over to check on Boogs and Nakamura as the Usos step back and put their fingers in the air. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns' music suddenly hits the spot and he comes out with Paul Heyman to mostly cheer it sounds like. Cole says it all makes sense now - The Usos eliminated Nakamura and Boogs because the tribal chief wanted recognition and felt it was time to get in the ring on his show. The Bloodline stands tall at the entrance and raises their fingers in the air as the Pyro goes off. Together they go to the ring. They raise their titles in the air as more pyro goes off. Reigns smiles and tells Miami to acknowledge him. Reigns says he and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will defend their titles at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. Reigns says we already know what he's going to do - he'll smash anyone who shows up and send them to the end of the line like he did. Reigns says Lesnar's defense is where it gets interesting. He says not all of us want to see Brock with that title or even make it to WrestleMania. Not Reigns, he wants Brock to make it to WrestleMania as champion and personally deliver the title to The Tribal Chief. Reigns tricks Heyman into saying his "not a prediction, it's a spoiler" line. Reigns asks if they should spoiler Miami tonight. Reigns says he's like Babe Ruth, he calls his shot and doesn't miss. Reigns says he'll take his shot again this year. He says in the biggest match ever he will smash Lesnar, pin Lesnar and stand over Lesnar with both titles in the air while fireworks worth about $5 million go off. He says Lesnar will have no choice but to acknowledge him. Reigns starts screaming for recognition. Cole says Lesnar is definitely on Roman's mind. Reigns says at WrestleMania... Brock Lesnar will acknowledge him. Reigns drops the mic and The Bloodline raises their fingers once more as the music starts. Reigns shows love to the Usos then exits the ring as they prepare to defend their titles. SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: The Viking Raiders vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, get excited together as they watch their cousin go to the back. They stand upright with the titles as we return to the commercial. Back from the break and out comes The Viking Raiders - Erik and Ivar. The Usos watch from the ring. The bell rings and Erik takes Jimmy down and then sends him out of the ring. Jey runs in and Erik throws him to the ground as well. Ivar takes the lead and hits Jimmy with a flying splash, but he kicks out just in time. Jey saves Jimmy from a Viking experience. Ivar is sent to the ring post. Jey comes in and they drop Erik with a big double team. Jey switches back and talks some trash while punching Erik around and against the barrier. Erik fights back but Jey sends him face first into the ring post. Jimmy tags back and they both throw Erik over the barrier into the timekeeper's area. The Usos stand tall and pose ringside as we return to the commercial. Ivar hits a big splash at one point, but Uso kicks out on 2. Jimmy goes up for a splash but Erik knees up. Jimmy has a great Viking experience, but Jey saves just in time and the Vikings can't believe it. Erik and Jey come in at the same time. Erik sends Jey into Ivar's arms. Jimmy with Distraction, allowing Jey to break free and super kicking Erik. Jey distracts the ref and allows Jimmy to superkick Erik. Jey rolls it for a close 2 count. Uso then kicks at 2. Jimmy tags in and superkicks Erik. - After the match, the Usos take the titles and celebrate while the music plays. Jimmy and Jey watch from the corner as Erik and Ivar recover. – We see footage of Big E and Kofi Kingston on their quad backstage today. We go back to the ring and out comes Big E with Kofi Kingston. You park it and go into the ring to pose while we return to the commercial. We see Sonya Deville backstage getting ready for the main event. We go back to the ring and out comes Sheamus with Ridge Holland. They stop and look at the four wheeler on the ring. We see footage from last week of Kofi and Big E riding away after chatting with Sheamus and Holland backstage. Sheamus argues with Big E and the umpire before the game begins. Holland comes from behind and hits Kofi on the back with a steel chair, causing him to be thrown off the quad. Big E comes to the ropes to see what's going on, but Sheamus chops him out from behind with a knee chop block. Holland hits the quad with the chair as Sheamus hits Big E in the ring. We see Big E trying to recover in the ring as we return to the commercial. Cole shows us footage of Sheamus and Ridge Holland destroying Big E's four-wheeler in the parking lot during the commercial break. - We see what happened before when Sami Zayn railed at the camera and challenged Johnny Knoxville to a WrestleMania 38 match after losing the WWE Intercontinental Title to Ricochet. Kayla Braxton is now backstage with Knoxville. Knoxville says Sami is a sad, weird little man and he just came here tonight to remind him he's the Intercontinental Chump, which is the message on his custom t-shirt tonight. Discussing how he's put his body through more than Zayn, Knoxville says he's not afraid to step into the ring with a low-down cheat like Zayn did. Knoxville says he will see Zayn at WrestleMania. Knoxville starts chanting "Sami sucks!" and some of the fans in the arena join him. – Happy Corbin is playing darts with Madcap Moss backstage. Corbin isn't looking as Drew McIntyre's sword suddenly shoots into the dartboard. Corbin pulls away and Drew smiles for the camera. - Cole brings us a video package of recent events in the feud between Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. We go back to the ring for tonight's main event and out first is Sonya Deville. Fans boo as Deville walks to the ring. Deville goes in the ring to pose and we return to the commercial. Back from the break and we see Deville talking to referee Charles Robinson. The music rolls in and out comes Ronda Rousey for her SmackDown in-ring debut. Rousey and Deville face each other in the center of the ring, but the music stops and out comes SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. The bell rings and Flair goes to the commentary table while Deville taunts Rousey. Deville attacks but is kicked. Rousey dodges a shot and brings Deville down, then delivers another takedown. Rousey struggles for the armbar, but Flair jumps onto the apron as a distraction. Rousey comes to Flair on the ropes, but Deville chops her down from behind on the injured knee. Deville now discharges himself with kicks in the corner. Deville plays with the crowd for a few boos while talking trash about Rousey. Rousey tries to get out of the corner, but Deville slams her back down, hitting a running knee in the face. Rousey exits at 2. The fans rally for Rousey as Deville grounds her with a chinlock. Deville keeps Rousey on the ground while he talks nonsense to her. Deville slams Rousey back down to the mat and puts her back in another hold. Rousey comes back and uses the ropes on Deville while the referee counts. Rousey with a running knee to corner Deville. Rousey with rights and lefts. Rousey blocks a shot and punches Deville in the arm three times. Rousey lifts Deville onto her shoulders and drops her with her Piper's Pit finisher. Rousey asks who wants a souvenir tonight, meaning Deville's arm. Rousey then drops on Deville with the armbar. - After the game, Rousey stands upright while the music plays and we go to the replays. Flair tells Cole and McAfee that she isn't impressed with the armbar and calls Rousey a one-trick pony. Rousey wants Flair in the ring. Flair notices this and takes off the headset and goes to the ring. Flair takes her time entering the ring and tells Rousey to back off. Rousey charges and takes Flair down, then goes straight into an ankle lock. Flair quickly begins to tap while Rousey tightens the grip in the center of the ring. Flair screams and the ref finally gets Rousey to let go. Flair limps around ringside while Rousey taunts her. Rousey beams as she gazes at the WrestleMania 38 sign. Rousey's music resumes as Flair sells the injured ankle ringside. Rousey bounces around a bit more and grins at Flair as SmackDown goes off the air.


The BBC has announced its Christmas program for 2020

Strictly Come Dancing fans can expect something different this year as the coronavirus pandemic made the usual live show impossible (Author: Gardener)

BBCStrictly Come Dancing and Top of the Pops will not appear on this year's BBC Christmas program as social distancing guidelines have made certain shows impossible during the coronavirus pandemic. Strictly Come Dancing and Top of the Pops will not appear on this year's BBC Christmas program as social distancing guidelines have made certain shows impossible during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of the usual Christmas special, this year's Strictly Come Dancing will be a compilation episode of the 25 Most Memorable Dances of All Time, the BBC has revealed. Instead of the usual Christmas special, this year's Strictly Come Dancing will be a compilation episode of the 25 Most Memorable Dances of All Time, the BBC has revealed. Doctor Who will return with a feature-length episode called Revolution of the Daleks, and John Barrowman will reprise his role as Captain Jack Harkness and return to help the Doctor fend off their ancient enemies. The Doctor Who Christmas special was one of the few shows filmed before the pandemic and Executive Producer Chris Chibnall told the BBC fans can expect "an epic and emotional feature-length episode". "Call the Midwife" and "Mrs Brown's Boys" will also return in this year's Christmas television schedule as the production staff have been working hard to tape shows despite the restrictions in place. Charlotte Moore, the BBC's chief content officer, told BBC News that the stars of everyone's favorite shows had "pulled out all the stops". She said: "Some of the big talent and the production teams have come together and we think it's really important to have a merry Christmas. "We're trying to figure out what we could actually pull off for Christmas... The BBC's Christmas program will also include the return of The Vicar of Dibley, Not Going Out, The Goes Wrong Show, Ghosts, King Gary and Motherland.


top of the pops

(Author: Gardener)

Natasha was in the Christmas spirit and ready to celebrate an amazing 2005... TOTP: How are you feeling? Natasha: I feel very Christmassy. I'm so in the Christmas spirit, crazy! TOTP: There's also a good lineup of people to party with... Natasha: There's a nice group of people. I've traveled around with a lot of these guys at the summer road shows and events so it's really nice to celebrate the end of the year with them. TOTP: Did you bring your mistletoe? Natasha: No! I thought you were bringing this [laughs]. But Christmas isn't over yet, is it? There are still a few parties to go, then I'll bring some. TOTP: Do you feel the need for mistletoe when there's alcohol? Natasha: I think any encouragement to kiss someone is good. Sometimes you just need an excuse, don't you? If you're under the mistletoe and they kiss you, it's not like it's their fault or anything. TOTP: Do you get a lot of fans kissing you? Natasha: Hmm... People want hugs and stuff, or signatures, or talk to me; more of it really. I haven't had people try. TOTP: Do your fans talk about their problems? Natasha: No, they often want to talk about me. They want to know more about other people. Sometimes they seem very nervous and it's so strange because I'm such a normal person I guess. I love to talk and some of these people don't believe that their life is very important to me who's so jet around and glam and stuff. TOTP: Do you get things sent to you by fans? Natasha: I get some amazing things; Gifts, sometimes nice cards and things, sometimes say nice things about the music. TOTP: Wasn't there a story about someone sending you a ring? Natasha: I wish that were true! If you have rings, please send them! I would like to receive a ring in the mail. TOTP: Will you be with your family for Christmas? Natasha: Yes. I'm flying back to New Zealand for Christmas. It's gonna be incredible! TOTP: And New Year's? Natasha: I think I'll celebrate. I just need to relax. I need to take a breath. Impressive! Wow!" but none of that has leaked in yet. So I'll be sitting on the beach getting a tan and getting ready for the year ahead. I'm so excited because I've sung here and there, you know, a song or two and never on top of that came to do the whole thing and I'm just itching to do that TOTP: How are you going to prepare for it?Natasha: I train a lot.I love to train.It's really about the music and I really want to do something I can really be proud of.


Why multi-factor authentication isn't enough to protect businesses

Why the best security is knowledge and understanding combined with layers of technical security (Author: Gardener)

As was explained to me at the time, the device generated a secure token that only it and the server knew about. It was a simple form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that is still used with individual users today. That was the moment I learned that “passwords aren't enough” and the beginning of “know something, have something” (aka MFA) became ubiquitous in the authentication world. I was sold on this type of MFA or two-factor authentication solution. In the months and years that followed, I paid for a dongle for PayPal, a YubiKey for my MtGox account, and a challenge-based authenticator for my bank account. Dongles have fallen out of fashion over the years in favor of a Time Based One Time Password (TOTP) solution that could be implemented generically across many services. In addition to email and/or SMS-based two-factor authentication, authenticator-based MFA has a significant advantage in that it cannot be stolen, as we often think. It's true that if we use a TOTP authenticator, nobody can steal a code sent from a server to a user (unlike email or SMS). However, it is entirely possible for "bad guys" to steal this token on the way to the server. There are limits to this attack, and those limits are generally some form of social engineering such as phishing or spear phishing. The gist is that a "bad guy" sends you an email pretending to be your bank. You go to the wrong bank's website and enter your username and password, followed by your TOTP (or email/SMS) MFA token. So are MFA solutions like email, SMS, and TOTP tokens worthless? No. But here we learn that single access control like MFA is not enough when it comes to cybersecurity and critical access management. The truth is: every authentication solution is vulnerable to attacks. Because of this, we need to use multiple layers of security and protect every part of an access point. Because of this, we need to be aware of the “path of least certainty.” For example, if you're enforcing passwords: Increasing the password requirement to 90 characters won't give you any extra security! We need a holistic approach to network security that recognizes every attack vector and protects not only the periphery but also the inside. I always recommend multiple layers of authentication security, zero-trust network access, fine-grained access controls, and most importantly: training! We saw above how an MFA solution can be "hacked" using social engineering, and I'm sure you can think of a few more ways right off the bat. Therefore, the best solution is not to rely on a single solution like multi-factor authentication, but to create a cybersecurity net that mixes access policies, access controls, and access auditing to protect your assets from every angle. As mentioned above, no policy or control works fully unless every user is educated and educated. So instead of having to enter that 90-character password, we focus on protecting our critical entry points and resources through robust practices.


What is two-factor authentication and why should you use it?

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your online accounts and offers more security than a password alone. (Author: Gardener)

twoWhat is two-factor authentication and why should you use it? Extend your online security beyond passwords with two-factor authentication. From banking to email, much of our professional and personal lives now revolve around digital accounts on the internet. However, effectively securing these accounts is not as simple as setting a strong password. Even if you use unique passwords for each account, they could be quickly compromised by a keylogger or similar simple attack. To that end, it's worth adding an extra layer of security to your accounts in the form of two-factor authentication. These days, you'll find that most websites and security experts recommend turning on two-factor authentication — and you absolutely should, especially for your most sensitive accounts. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra verification step to a website's login process. The idea is to increase security by combining two separate pieces of information: something you know, like a password, and something you have, like a temporary code sent to your phone. This two-pronged approach ensures that no one but you can access your account — even if an attacker somehow knows your password. Two-factor authentication ensures that no one but you can access your online accounts. After entering your email address and password, you will be prompted to enter a secondary code. You can choose to receive this code via text message (as pictured above) or via an app on your smartphone. Because an attacker doesn't have access to this secondary code, they simply can't penetrate and gain access to your account. Two-factor authentication codes typically change every few seconds, making them impossible to memorize, guess, or use brute force. We will discuss how to enable two-factor authentication for your Google account in a later section. Types of Two-Factor Authentication: SMS, TOTP, and More Many websites and services offer more than one way to enable two-factor authentication. Here's a quick overview of the different methods and how they work: SMS-based 2FA: As the title suggests, a verification code, also known as a one-time password, is sent as a text message to your registered phone number during the sign-up process. This is the most common form of two-factor authentication, especially in financial services like banking apps. TOTP-based 2FA: TOTPs, or time-based one-time passwords, use an app on your smartphone to generate new codes. Registering a new account manually is pretty easy - just scan the provided QR code. The app can generate new codes as long as you have set the correct time on the device. Read more: 10 Best TOTP Apps for AndroidPrompt-based 2FA: This is a relatively new method of achieving two-factor authentication, most commonly used by Google and Apple. It's also the easiest - the service sends a security notification to your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. It requires less manual input than previous methods because you don't have to enter any code. Physical Hardware: Those serious about online security swear by using a physical hardware device to achieve two-factor authentication. The most well-known device in this class is the Yubikey, but there are also alternatives like Google's Titan Security Key. In either case, the device acts as a hardware "key" to access your account once you register it. In some cases, you can combine several of these multi-factor authentication methods for added security. Which 2FA method is the most secure? Of course, as a security feature, it is important to choose the most secure two-factor authentication solution available to you. So which method should you choose? SMS is notoriously bad for anything security related as you can become a victim of SIM swap scams where an attacker impersonates you in order to clone your SIM card and Hijack your SMS remotely. On the other end of the spectrum, while hardware-based 2FA is undeniably extremely secure, it requires you to pay extra and carry extra hardware around. Also, not all websites support the FIDO 2FA standard. Ultimately, TOTP offers the best mix of convenience and security. It also helps that most TOTP apps like Google Authenticator don't require a cellular or internet connection to work. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), for example, has been warning users about SMS-based 2FA since at least 2016. Time-based one-time passwords generated by an app on your smartphone offer the best mix of security and convenience. If you're wondering about the security of prompt-based authentication, it's usually considered more secure than SMS. This is because the prompts are sent directly to your smartphone over the internet. As long as you enable some form of screen lock, there is no way for an attacker to approve login requests without your consent. How to secure your Google account with 2FAThe first port of call for using two-factor authentication could also be your Google account. That way, if your Google password is ever compromised, new devices can't log into your email, access your Play Store account, or mess with your photos or Drive files. There are a few options for Google's two-step verification system. You can choose to receive a text message or call, use Google prompts, or use a security key. Update your recovery phone number and/or email address in case you need to recover your account. Below is a list of all devices currently connected to your account. Here you can turn on Google Prompt if you want, or choose an alternative like SMS. From now on you will receive a security notification every time you log into your Google account on a new device. If you want to switch to a different method or turn off 2-Step Verification, just go back to your Google security settings and repeat the steps. For more information on how to set up Google's 2-Step Verification on other devices like your PC, see Google's official information here. Don't forget to use two-factor authentication on other websites as well. It's an easy way to protect your financial apps and personal social media accounts like PayPal or WhatsApp from simple attacks. Next: How secure are password managers and should you be using one?


Five artists excluded from Top of the Pops

The long-running BBC show Top of the Pops was a cultural giant. Unfortunately, however, they were banned from playing their hits on it. (Author: Gardener)

FiveWhen it comes to British institutions, few are more iconic than the BBC's Top of the Pops (TOTP), surpassing even the likes of the 'Desert Island Discs' in terms of cultural heritage. Originally broadcast weekly between January 1, 1964 and July 30, 2006, TOTP was the longest-running weekly music show in the world, and for people of a certain generation they remember it as the pinnacle of their musical development. Each weekly edition consisted of performances of some of the week's best-selling pop music, excluding tracks that moved down the chart. For many, it was the place to discover their favorite artists and catch up on the current state of music. It was considered an honor to perform on the show as it indicated a musical artist had just entered the big leagues. Dusty Springfield's early classic "I Only Want To Be With You" was the very first song performed on the show, while English heroes The Rolling Stones were the first band to take the stage with "I Wanna Be Your Man". . Interestingly, stadium-fillers Snow Patrol were the last to appear on the weekly show as they delivered their colossal hit "Chasing Cars" to an audience of screaming fans. Remarkably, the show delivered some of the most seminal performances in music history. The image of Bob Geldof playing the saxophone on his candelabra evokes both the brilliance and downright silliness of TOTP. However, some musical acts have not been able to perform their hits on TOTP. Given that the BBC was once notorious for censorship, some artists found themselves on the wrong side of conservative Britain's anger. Whether for political, provocative, or downright hilarious reasons, some of the most iconic acts of all time never got a chance to perform their most beloved tunes. It's one of the strangest stories of all time that the BBC got so into censorship given the darkness it once harbored, but we won't get into that. Join us as we list five artists who have been banned from Top of the Pops. In 1994, Chicago alternative rock legends The Smashing Pumpkins were at the top of their game when they released their seminal sophomore album Siamese Dream in July 1993, which included tracks like "Cherub Rock" and "Today." The third single from the album was called "Disarm" and, like its predecessors, had become a hit. Despite this, the BBC and TOTP criticized the song. The song is said to be about frontman Billy Corgan's broken relationship with his parents, the emotional abuse he suffered and the abortion. The title and lyrics were taken as a very literal reference to the gruesome murder of Merseyside toddler James Bulger, who was killed by two ten-year-olds who then abandoned his body on a railway track to be dismembered. Although the story is shocking, it was little known outside the UK, so the chances that Disarm was about the murder were slim. A few lines drew the ire of many on the BBC, "Cut that little child / Inside of me and such a part of you" and "The killer in me is the killer in you". Due to its implications, the BBC banned the song from TOTP. Despite this band, the song endures and remains a fan favorite. Serge Gainsbourg was no stranger to controversy, but when his taboo-breaking love song with Jane Birkin, "Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus," topped the charts in 1969, the establishment around the world was greatly offended. Not surprisingly, the BBC was so furious that they refused to even play it, denying Gainsbourg and Birkin a chance to perform on TOTP. At the time, this was an unprecedented move, as the institution had long since allowed the chart-topping artist to appear on TOTP, regardless of content. It's also odd that the French-language song is so easily offended, but it wasn't the lyrical content that made the BBC chief honchos angry. It was the now iconic sexual gasps Birkin plays in the background of the track. You can understand exactly why the stuffy older generation got angry when they thought they were literally listening to two people make love. Gainsbourg was upset at the controversy the song caused, as he felt it was a "pure" reflection of his love for Birkin. It's a real farce that the pair never got to play it on TOTP. Another shame is that British punk icons Sex Pistols never got to perform their anthemic sophomore single "God Save the Queen" on TOTP. Shortly after the release, Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten remarked, "There aren't many songs written at the breakfast table about baked beans that would divide a nation and force a shift in popular culture." A stroke of genius commissioned by band executive Malcolm McLaren, the Song released on May 27, 1977, in the midst of the 25th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne. The BBC banned the song, the Independent Broadcasting Authority did not play it and Woolworths refused to stock it. The BBC even called the track "gross bad taste". Due to the furore it caused, the single sold 150,000 copies a day in its first month and it seemed certain that it would reach number one on the charts. Unfortunately, it only made it to second place, beaten by Rod Stewart's unforgettable hit "I Don't Want to Talk About It." If the BBC was directly involved in God Save the Queen not getting number one so they couldn't play on TOTP, that was a damn good trick. Another band on this list who are no strangers to controversy are Manchester based indie rockers Happy Mondays. The band debuted on TOTP in 1989 with their heady favorite "Hallelujah," featuring the late Kirsty MacColl on backing vocals. However, this was the only time the BBC allowed one of the biggest British bands yet to release Kinky Afro and Step On on the show. In 2018, Ryder explained how the band were banned from the BBC and TOTP on Joe Presents: Unfiltered with James O'Brien. "We giggled and this guy didn't like us giggling who was the boss at the time," he said. English dance legend The Prodigy is known to have never had an affectionate relationship with the BBC. In 1996 they released their best known single "Firestarter" which teenagers and ravers loved but everyone else hated. The video was banned by the BBC after TOTP viewers complained about the song's arson theme and frontman Keith Flint's subversive punk look. By this time The Prodigy were at the top of their game and their third album The Fat of the Land was a huge hit. The album's final single, "Smack My Bitch Up," was also a smash hit, but in many ways, understandably, more offensive than "Firestarter." The line "Change my pitch up / Smack my bitch up" made many people cringe, including the BBC. Due to the BBC restricting their airplay, The Prodigy never played the track on TOTP.


In "Zenzile", jazz singer Somi reinvents Miriam Makeba's legacy

Somi's new album gives voice to the silenced sides of Mama Africa. (Author: Gardener)

ZenzileOn March 4th, Grammy-nominated singer Somi will release a new album - Zenzile: The Reimagination of Miriam Makeba. Makeba (first name Zenzile) was one of Africa's first international superstars, best known for her song Pata Pata, but also used her voice to speak and sing for justice in her native South Africa and the United States . With special guests including Angelique Kidjo, Gregory Porter, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Seun Kuti and more, Zenzile aims not only to celebrate the legendary artist's musical contributions, but also to explore the lesser-recognized sides of Makeba's art, activism and life. Through the album, Somi helps listeners reinterpret the Miriam Makeba they thought they knew - and sheds light on the role each of our voices can play in creating a more just world. Makeba's voice raised the spirit of a continent, but her courage came at a high price: her anti-apartheid testimony at the United Nations led to three decades of political exile from South Africa, when the apartheid government stripped her of her passport. And after marrying civil rights activist and Black Panther leader Stokely Carmichael, she was dropped from her record label and effectively blacklisted in the United States. In Zenzile, Somi, a multidisciplinary artist and activist of Rwandan and Ugandan heritage and recipient of awards including TED Senior Fellow and Soros Equality Fellow, imagines what could have been had Makeba's voice been heard in its richness – and what we can learn from it today. I spoke to Somi about the project and her forthcoming release, her research into the life of Miriam Makeba and how she hopes to bring the voice of "Mama Africa" ​​(as Makeba was known) to today's ongoing struggles for justice. Somi: I thought I knew Mama Miriam's story, but I actually didn't - because I didn't know how much she was carrying. We knew how much she contributed to the anti-apartheid movement by raising awareness with her global voice—but we didn't know how much else she wore. What would African music be without Miriam Makeba? So much talk about her "native" or "exotic" state of being while also being "but don't worry, she's actually pretty nifty." I can't imagine how it must have felt to be so different. When you think of Miriam Makeba, you don't think of melancholic music; you think of joy, you even think of wildness. It was deeply humbling to lean into her story in this way and understand it. Somi: Something I've noticed is the ongoing nature of the violent cultural erasure she experienced in the US when she married Stokely Carmichael. Miriam Makeba was at the height of her fame in the US, but she was blacklisted overnight because everyone thought she was an extension of her husband and spreading his message on stage. But overall, this country can now understand the wrongs of the civil rights era and why it actually happened - and now the same industry that blacklisted them would likely celebrate Stokely Carmichael in many ways. People were talking about Mama Africa and she came back and toured, but it wasn't until the '80s that she came back and that was through the association with Paul Simon and the Graceland tour. In the 1960s, twenty years earlier, everything was taken from her in this country; So her career took place in Africa, Europe and other parts of America. It's interesting when I talk about this project who actually knows who she is/was. The reality is that Miriam Makeba was the first African artist to emerge on the global stage - she paved the way for me, made space for me to perform. The first to have that kind of fame and power singing at the JFK birthday party was friends with Nina Simone; She was active at the upper level of culture and politics. That speaks to their influence. But it is grossly untold, and in my opinion she has not been honored in this country as she should be. In Cuba, they remember when she came to perform. There are people who know why their story needs to be told, and then there are people who say, 'Oh, 'Pata Pata' - I didn't know who that was.' Somi: I didn't want 'Pata Pata' on them Bring record - it kind of frustrated Miriam Makeba that this was the song that became her big hit. She wrote it quickly, perhaps even carelessly; it was a ditty, and it ended up being this big hit that she had to perform every time she went on stage. So I said, "I'm not going to do it, I want to get involved in those other stories" — but then how do you do a Makeba tribute and not "pata pata"? So this one is more down tempo, in a minor key, strings and vocoder are unexpected and for me it specifically places her voice in it to talk about the politics that talks about its context. People will definitely press play on "Pata Pata" - and when they press play on "Pata Pata" they will understand who she was and what she actually stood for. Somi: I am very honored to have this gathering of artists from across the [African] diaspora and especially from South Africa. It was important to me that the South Africans also had the feeling of being part of the storytelling; featured singers Thandiswa Mazwai and Msaki and pianist Nduduzo Makhathini are all well loved there. They are in their lineage from Mama Miriam in a very real way. I am deeply grateful to have South Africans telling this story. And then there's Seun Kuti, who comes from the pan-African narrative, Angelique and Gregory Porter to honor that connection to the diaspora and to honor the duet to be able to honor the duets Makeba and Harry Belafonte were known for. Miriam Makeba was the first African woman to be nominated for a Grammy - to honor this moment in her life, to also honor Uncle Hugh. Hugh Masakela was the first to say to me years ago, "You should sing 'Love Tastes Like Strawberries'" - it was important to me to honor him in this project. Somi: The album and the piece should start a conversation with each other. I originally intended to make an album that would reinterpret her work as a singer - but I had to research where she was in her life when she wrote the songs and what the social, cultural, political, economic, spiritual and psychological ones were Aspects were contexts belonged to the repertoire. It led to me needing to know more - if I needed to know more, that meant surely a lot of people who aren't singers and don't already admire their work certainly don't know. So the project became more multidimensional and more multidisciplinary storytelling started. The play takes place on the last day of her life, after her last performance; She left the stage and had a heart attack and died. Zenzile was her first name, Miriam was her middle name. Zenzile means "You did it to yourself" - the piece Dreaming Zenzile is meant to be a meditation on the freedom of choice she had in her life and death. Dreaming Zenzile explores the questions, "what was the intimacy of her own heart, what were the thoughts when she decided to quit." Zenzile is in this concert and the ancestors decide it's time to go - but she has to make a choice and is taken on this journey where she makes a choice. It is a meditation on how she negotiated, shared, survived and lived through the gifts of the song. What it means for her to step down, with the understanding that the struggle goes on, even though she is now an ancestor. Somi: What I found on the journey of this work is that the problems are the same, the struggle goes on. It was a little discouraging at times. The idea that so much of what Miriam Makeba fought for, we still have those fights and battles to win. I hope that people will not only hear my record, but also be curious about its legacy. It asks, "Why don't we remember? Why aren't there more tribute projects to Miriam Makeba considering how much she's contributed to popular and global music?" Look at the ongoing nature of her obliteration - at which point do we realize she is indeed the told the truth? At what point do we acknowledge that and place them in their proper place in this country's cultural archive? There is an undo of a certain type of mute that I hope this does work on a small scale. It's taken seven years of work on this project, but Zenzile is coming out when it's meant to come out. With everything we've all experienced over the past two years, I hope this album will resonate in a deeper way and as a direct response to the more honest conversations we're finally having about race, immigration and more. Miriam Makeba warns to keep fighting - to the end.


More Mo Salah, Chelsea games, who captains in the FPL, Leeds United, Leicester City is all discussed

Join the Scotsman Fantasy Football Show as we look at which players could transform your FPL campaign this week. (Author: Gardener)

FPLJoin the Scotsman Fantasy Football Show as we look at which players could transform your FPL campaign this week. © Liverpool's Mo Salah and Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger are both in action in a double game week. The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season is approaching the commercial end of the season. Whatever your goal, managers across the UK will be looking to stay ahead of friends and family as we head towards another double-match week, while slow starters aim to regain lost ground by transferring some of the league's top point-scorers. Whether you want to use your wild card or be smart and make those little free transfer changes to your team, the Scotsman Fantasy Football Show is here to help as we assess which players you should add to your FPL ahead of the big week of Premier League Football. The FPL rules offer four options, specifically Wild Card, Free Hit, Bench Boost, and Triple Captain - all offering ways to improve your score in any given week of play, although the timing of using each option is a crucial moment in your quest for the fantasy game. League could be glory. The wildcard option allows you to make unlimited changes to your team - and - crucially - incurs no point hits. All FPL managers get one free transfer per week - or two free transfers if you have a rollover transfer - while the FPL wildcard gives you unlimited transfers. The following teams are in a double game week: The highest scoring goaltender in the FPL and a double game week? Wolves number one is a no-brainer, especially with two home games coming up this week. He hasn't exactly caught fire since his return to the Premier League but after Aston Villa clinched all three points at Brighton last week we may see the former Liverpool striker come to life. A home game against Southampton is viewed as winnable while Steven Gerrard's side are aiming for maximum points later in the week at Elland Road. All the good things the Saints do tend to come from their England captain's boot. Ralph Hasenhüttl faces two tough games this week but they are on form and with the skipper already having six goals and four assists this season you can expect him to add to your points tally in matchweek 28. The Liverpool striker is arguably the best player in the world at the moment and while many of your friends and family will be thinking about captaining Mo this week, you really can afford to take the risk of not putting the armband on him ? Don't take the risk we say Salah is guaranteed points weekly. The Germany international is another in double Matchweek action and - despite his attacking talents - is currently Chelsea's top points-scorer in the FPL. Thomas Tuchel's side face relegation this week, threatening Burnley and Norwich City so expect clean points.


Result and updates from the FA Cup

Everton vs Boreham Wood live: Result and updates from the FA Cup (Author: Gardener)

the FA CupPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Everton vs Boreham Wood live: FA Cup results and updates Everton vs Boreham Wood live: FA Cup results and updates - Stu Forster/Getty Images Sixth round draw: Palace vs Everton/Boreham Wood; Forest/Huddersfied v Liverpool; Middlesbrough versus Chelsea; Southampton vs Man City Sign up for free for The Front Page newsletter: your essential guide to The Telegraph's agenda - straight to your inbox, seven days a week. 09:07 PMIt's been a pretty dismal year for lovers of the beautiful game, but Boreham Wood's diligence and guts have kept Everton at bay without much drama. Gordon was a bright spark for Everton but playing full-backs and wide forwards would, one might think, encourage them to capitalize on the crosses and their speed, but they keep getting sucked in and choked on trying balls to throw into congested channels. 21:04 Verton corner on the left. Branthwaite blasted a pass into the center circle, Gordon's flawless touch brought him down and he turned and played Patterson on the right. A full-back tried to spot the other as he entered the box from the left, but Mykolenko couldn't stretch enough to reach him. 9pm: The poor person walks away under the care of the paramedics and Boreham Wood throws her pitcher and catches Everton napping. Marsh slides in behind Doucoure and gets to the touchline, but his cross/shot is fired into Begovic's midriff. 8:58 p.m.: There appears to be a medical emergency in the crowd. Everton paramedics sprint across the pitch to Bullens Road from the tunnel side. 08:57 PMRees attacks Gordon and secures a throw-in for Boreham Wood as Gordona and Mykolenko attempt to regain the ball. 08:55 PMEverton play like Arshavin-era Arsenal and exaggerate around the box. Patterson and Mykolenko need to get around the back and use the angle to cross rather than that tippy-tappy stuff interspersed with diagonals all the way to Rondon's head from midfield to give Stephens time to get a run to walk away . 08:53 PM That's better, Mendy pulls a foul right in the Everton half. The long diagonal into the box is won at the 18-yard line by Boreham Wood. Boden's eyes light up as the ball bounces past Keanb and into the box, but Begovic, like Flynn, is there to run off his line and gobble it up. 20:51 Good run from Patterson down right. He charges past Mendy, reaches the sidelines but slips as he crosses and Boreham Wood hacks them free. However, they can't keep the ball in Everton's half, a topic of the last 20 minutes and it's coming back. 08:48 PM David Stephens is a solid defender, very good in the air and those airballs looking for Rondon are food and drink for him. Townsend hits a couple of left-footed inswingers from the right and both are frankly not good enough to disrupt the National League side's defense. 08:45 Dooucoure lingers for a moment and gets mugged by Raymond but the ball breaks back and he drives up to the right. An earlier pass, looking for Townsend who had made the run, was a better option than a long dribble. 08:43 PMEverton haven't been in any danger but it's very rough and their irregulars and stiffs haven't clicked in the last few months after so few minutes on the pitch. Everton's Ukrainian defender Vitaliy Mykolenko shoots but fails to score in English FA Cup fifth round - LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images 08:41 Townsend decides to swing his left into the box but manages to take the first sentry leading him not hit path. 20:40 Boreham Wood free-kick just outside their penalty area after a snappy foul by Mykolenko. Ashby-Hammond launches it on the right and they win a throw-in and advance down the line to win another. Smith weaves past Mykolenko and Gordon to hiss a cross but Everton clear their lines without drama, breaking the right and earning a free-kick. 08:37 PMSchmied comes to the right just in time to stop Mykolenko from entering the penalty area. Ally McCoist points out Everton should try to stretch the game by having their full-backs embrace the whitewash more. 8:35 p.m.: They hold their own Boreham Wood and retire to a bank of five and a bank of four. 08:32 PMPatterson opens Boreham Wood's defense down the left, Branthwaite and Gordon combine to hit the sidenet again. 08:32 PMEvrton Free kick after a foul on Gordon. When Everton put the ball inside right again while Boreham Wood pushes out. Ashby-Hammond makes a solid save from Rondon's right-footed ramming forward, but ultimately that's immaterial as he was flagged for offside. 08:28 Dooucoure catches Connor Stevens on his left side, pushes past him but slams his shot into the side netting. 08:27 Rondon sprints to the right after flipping the ball over Mendy. He slides the ball inside to Doucoure, who takes a touch and then threads it through to Mykolenko, who comes in from the left. The night's captain puts his laces through the ball to shoot, but it's too close for Ashley-Hammond, who parries it to the right. Doucoure grabs it and plays it back to Townsend, who fires his shot over the bar from 18 yards. 08:24 PMEvans and Ricketts combine to slam the ball inside left and into range for Marsh, but Kenny gets there first and after a moment's hesitation, turns and makes the clearance. 08:23 PMEverton's players look a little rusty wait a minute. Everton fans hold a banner in the colors of the national flag of Ukraine showing Everton's Ukrainian defender Vitaliy Mykolenko ahead of the English FA Cup fifth round -  Lindsey Parnaby / AFP 08:20 PMEverton has a throw high left but goes backwards, He recycles it back to Branthwaite and they sweep it right and back again. Another switch to Patterson, who marauds to the right, flips and rolls it back to Townsend, who sticks his cross in Ashby-Hammond's throat. 8:19 p.m.: Players kneel and Boreham Wood in black steps up and attacks the Gwladys. Stevens takes a long throw down the left but Everton saves him for a goal kick. Everton gift the ball with a chip into midfield, Rees hooks it and sends Marsh to the left. He bends over a cross street behind Boden and Everton. 08:14 PMAs teams line up in support of Ukraine. 8:13 p.m. Of course, the teams from To Z Cars come out, followed by Imagine. 8:13 p.m. The BBC understands Everton to line up 3-4-3 with Patterson and Mykolenko at full-back, Boreham Wood 3-4-1-2 with Josh Rees in the hole, Will Evans and homonyms Stephens and Stevens in the back three. 8:07 p.m. 7:51 p.m. 7:51 p.m. 7:50 p.m. 7:50 p.m. 7:45 p.m.Lisher Usmanov, the suspended Everton sponsor, is to be hit with British sanctions, as revealed on Thursday evening as club owner Farhad Moshiri also died Business ties with the billionaire severed. Usmanov, who has already frozen assets in the EU because of "close ties" with Vladimir Putin, is said to be on a new list signed by Liz Truss, the foreign minister. However, Roman Abramovich , who says he will sell Chelsea FC, is unlikely to be in the latest tranche after acknowledging it could take "weeks and months" to build legally sound cases. 19:44 The sixth round draw arrives from Wembley, and is being carried out by the holder of an FA Cup runners-up medal from the last final at old Wembley, one Gareth Southgate. 19:39 Your teams in black and white 19:18 Here is YOUR Wood Army line-up for Round 5 of the FA Cup!!! 🤩#WeAreTheWood — Boreham Wood FC (@BOREHAM_WOODFC) Mar 3 2022 7:17am Verton makes six changes and names Ukrainian Mykolenko captain Your team faces Boreham Wood! 🔵#EmiratesFACup—Everton (@Everton) March 3, 2022 6:44pm Mark Ricketts tells it all: killing giants, targeting promotion – and that he's older than his manager Mark Ricketts, captain of Boreham Wood, has been playing non-league football for 16 years. And he figured his moment in the FA Cup spotlight was long over the horizon. But here he is, preparing to lead his team into the fifth round of the FA Cup at Goodison Park, with the chance of a place in the last eight of football's oldest competition still an enticing possibility. "Even at my age you wonder if you missed those great days," says the 37-year-old defensive midfielder. "I remember when I was in my early twenties and we lost in the early rounds of the FA Cup, I thought: well, there's always next year. As I got older, in my thirties, the disappointment of dating started to hurt. Something very special.” And Ricketts has done more than his part in Boreham Wood's progress this season. They can even take on Everton thanks to the winning goal he scored in the group stage at Vitality Stadium. "I never thought I could win and score at Bournemouth," he admits. Boreham Wood's Mark Ricketts on giant FA Cup kills, eyeing promotion - and older than his manager - GEOFF PUGH for the TELEGRAPH Boreham Wood manager Luke Garrard had told Telegraph Sport ahead of the Bournemouth tie that the best hope his team's progress was against the World Cup pacesetter was a set piece. And indeed the goal came from a corner of Boreham Wood. "They toeded the ball and it came at me at a really nice pace," recalled Ricketts, who was lurking outside the Bournemouth penalty area at the time. "All I could think when it came to me was, 'Don't hit it over the bar.' I sent him towards goal and he came off the post very slowly and crawled over the line. Boreham Wood is a club on a dizzying rise. This season's cup run is not an isolated case. Ricketts is currently fourth in the National League and has several games ahead of promotion rivals. A place in the Football League for the first time in its history is a goal Ricketts believes is entirely achievable. "Sometimes you're in a club and you just feel comfortable in the dressing room," he says. “I remember winning the league years ago when I was at Woking and the feeling was the same. We have one of the smallest budgets in the league, but the gaffer put together a roster of real quality.” Indeed, Ricketts believes Garrard, the manager who took charge in 2015, is the youngest in the top-five -Divisions is the main reason for the team's dynamism. "He plays a big part in our success, in the game plans he makes, in the way he organizes us. "Aging has never been something I thought about," says Ricketts. "I just have the utmost respect for him." When he's not taking care of his family, Ricketts spends much of his free time studying IT and preparing for his retirement, which he knows is imminent. That's why he's so keen to seize the opportunity presented by the Everton clash. Whoever's in the team, they're going to be internationals, brilliant players," he says. "But we've done our analysis, we know the forms they're going to play. And how we can get our chances from set pieces.” So if his team wins a corner kick, will he go back to the edge of the penalty area and dream of the crucial chance? "I know the correct answer to that question is: I hadn't even thought of that," he says. “But you have thoughts in your head that anything could happen. This is the FA Cup after all.” 18:39 Welcome to the coverage of the seventh match of the fifth round of the FA Cup between Everton, 17th in the Premier League and Boreham Wood, fourth in the National League, 78 places below them in the pyramid. Following Mike Riley's apology to Frank Lampard over the Var error that denied them a penalty chance to equalize against champions Manchester City last Saturday, the focus on Goodison has largely centered on the role of sanctioned oligarch Alisher Usmanov and his relationship with association and its owner. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine last week and the confiscation of his yacht in Hamburg as the EU-27 imposed sanctions, the club suspended their training ground sponsorship deal with him this week and his former business partner Farhad Moshiri says he is have severed all ties, something Everton and Ukraine full-back Vitaliy Mykolenko must have been relieved to hear. I wish the FA would wait until after Monday's tie eight between Nottingham Forest and Huddersfield before playing the sixth round tie, but they're pushing ahead early as it now seems as usual at 7.45pm, 30 minutes from kick-off here , with the quarter-final draw. The names in the hat are as follows: We'll be covering the draw live right after the team news at 19:15 and then moving on to the main event from Merseyside. Jim White spent some time with Boreham Wood this week and here's his preview: The Chelsea trio fear being left in contract limbo while Roman Abramovich seeks to sell the club


the top news of the week

This week's top hospitality news includes operators abandoning Russian products following the invasion of Ukraine, the closure of Mãos in London's Shoreditch and concerns over energy supplies to hospitality businesses. (Author: Gardener)

the week- Bar group Arc Inspirations has stopped serving Russian vodka at their venues in response to Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Announcing the move on Twitter, the northern-based bar group said: "To show our support to the people of Ukraine, we will no longer be serving Russian vodka in any of our bars. Arc is among a growing number of hospitality companies around the world that are forgoing Russian vodka in solidarity with Ukraine. Bar owners in the US and Canada are posting videos online of them pouring the liquid away. Chefs and restaurateurs are promising to raise funds and sponsor visas to help people displaced by the invasion, and a number of restaurants also announced plans to host fundraiser meals as part of the sector's effort to support humanitarian relief efforts. - The Michelin-starred Mãos restaurant in Shoreditch is set to close after four years. Founder James Brown emailed the Redchurch Street restaurant's database announcing the last service would be on April 20. - The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has warned hospitality businesses across the UK are being denied energy contracts from suppliers, further hampering their ability to recover from the pandemic. In recent months, the trade organization said there has been an increase in the number of utilities refusing to accept new accounts or renew contracts if they are associated with the hospitality industry. When pubs are split between domestic and non-domestic energy use, the BBPA states that a refusal to supply energy raises serious concerns and represents a failure by energy suppliers to meet the obligations they are subject to under the supervision of the Energy Ombudsman. In addition, continued increases in utility costs further threaten the viability of businesses. - Allium at Askham Hall in Cumbria and Ácléaf at Borringdon Hall in Devon were awarded four AA Rosettes at a virtual ceremony this week. The AA's recent announcement also saw 15 restaurants awarded three Rosettes, including Prévost @ the Haycock in Cumbria; The Walnut Inn in Oxfordshire; and The Camellia Restaurant at South Lodge in West Sussex. Outside England, Dean Banks also received three rosettes at The Pompadour, which opened in Edinburgh last year; as is the Michelin-starred Bohemia Restaurant in St Helier, Jersey. - Warwickshire-based burger restaurant Libertine Burger says it is eyeing national expansion after moving its flagship to a new home. The burger brand recently closed its 37-seat Leamington Spa restaurant and moved to a larger 59-seat eatery in the city, and now plans to open more locations across the country this year. The new flagship restaurant will become the blueprint model for the group as it expands, it said. The group, which also runs a 110-seat restaurant in Rugby, plans to expand into Birmingham and also along the M40/M42, which runs into London, to find venues in the capital and further south.