Tuchel on Chelsea sale

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says it's not a given that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will sell the club and expects 'a big change'. (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaChelsea coach Thomas Tuchel says it's not yet understood that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich should sell the club, the German expects "a big change". Abramovich has owned Chelsea since 2003 and has won 19 major trophies. "It's still a bit too early to talk about it because I can only think of Chelsea with Roman Abramovich," said Tuchel. It is, of course, a massive change of course. "The players have internet connections, they watch TV, so of course they knew, they got messages." And maybe some players are affected more, others less, but in the end we managed to focus, grow into this game and find the key to winning." Abramovich says it was "never about business or money, it was about pure passion for the game and the club" and will "not ask for the repayment of loans", said Abramovich, the sales proceeds will be donated to "victims of the war in Ukraine". Following is a statement on Saturday in which Abramovich said he would give Chelsea "stewardship and care" for Chelsea after Russia invaded Ukraine. "I don't think I need to talk about it, I don't know as much as you might think," added Tuchel. So I'm very sure the club will talk to us and the players not worrying that much because I still feel privileged and in a good place I'm not that much of a person who worries about things I can't control."It's big news, it's going to be a big change but I'm also never afraid of change and will focus on what I can influence and that is the Cobham staff and team." Speaking to BBC One, he added: "We've heard the rumors all the time Tag heard and it's on TV and of course when we have team meetings and when we eat together the lads talk about it, everyone talks about it. It's big news so let's wait and hope for the best and see what the day brings." BBC Radio 5 Live commentator John Murray says Abramovich's sale of the club is "one of the most significant moments in the entire history of Chelsea and the last two decades of the Premier League". "In their day they were the most successful of any team in the Premier League," he said. “It was the way he ran the club, the bottomless pockets. Before that, we had never known anything like Roman Abramovich. There will be another owner, maybe another super owner, but whoever - regardless of fortune - it's unlikely Chelsea will have another owner like Roman Abramovich." Before Chelsea, we were conditioned to believe that stability meant success , Chelsea under Roman Abramovich changed all that because they kept changing their managers and the only thing that didn't change, the conveyor belt was trophies." However, former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin said the news did not come as a complete surprise and that Abramovich "probably chose the right option" despite changing the fortunes of the club in his 19 years at Stamford Bridge. "The first couple of statements released by Chelsea were limp and that's kind, this one is stronger and close to doing the right thing," he told BBC Radio 5 Live. "Chelsea fans will be worried about the future of the club do. The club will survive and let's put this in perspective. It's a football club, it's just a game, there are bigger fish to fry right now. "Chelsea could get lucky and get a wealthy owner. Look at you what happened with Barca and Real Madrid, teams go through ups and downs, Real fans understand that." It would be good if the club were sold at a profit so it could help the Ukrainian people. The club has been trying for several years trying to get things back on track because Roman Abramovich knew all along that he wouldn't last forever, but Alan Shearer thinks it's the club's management that should face the media rather than the Ch elsea-Boss: "Thomas Tuchel feels uncomfortable when he has to answer the questions. It's nothing compared to the impossible situation of the poor." People of Ukraine are in this time. It affects everyone, we all watch the news. Shearer also hinted that a sale could take months or years, adding that It was a "big moment" for Chelsea because of the "massive success" during Abramovich's tenure."But more importantly, there's still no condemnation from Roman or the club for what's happening in Ukraine," Shearer added. Richard added: "It's a better statement than Saturday, there's a lot more clarity and Roman Abramovich did the right thing." It's so sad that after all the scenes we've seen we're talking about this on a football night have to. The sooner it happens, the better." * Our Chelsea coverage is bigger and better than ever - here's everything you need to know to make sure you don't miss a moment * All Chelsea - jump straight to the best content


Roman Abramovich's decision to sell Chelsea 'didn't go down' for Thomas Tuchel.

Abramovich has owned the Blues since 2003. (Author: Gardener)

Roman Abramovich'sThomas Tuchel has admitted he can't start contemplating post-Roman Abramovich life at Chelsea. Russian-Israeli billionaire Abramovich confirmed his "incredibly difficult decision" to sell Chelsea on Wednesday night amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The 55-year-old has owned the Blues since 2003 and helped guide Stamford Bridge Club to 19 major trophies. Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss and American investor Todd Boehly are said to be two of the parties joining forces and preparing a takeover for the Blues. Abramovich could face British government sanctions due to his proximity to the Russian state, although he is also said to have attempted to negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. Chelsea's players and coaches only found out about Abramovich's decision to sell the club late in the preparations for the Blues' 3-2 FA Cup fifth-round win at Luton. And a still-shocked Tuchel admitted he will need time to come to terms with the significant change in cards at Stamford Bridge. When asked to summarize Abramovich's influence at Chelsea, the Blues boss replied: "It's a little early because it's big news. "It's a bit early to talk about it because I can only think of Chelsea with Roman Abramovich. It is, of course, a massive change of course. “The players have internet connections, they watch TV, so of course they knew, they get messages. “And maybe some players are more affected, others less, but in the end we managed to focus, grow into this game and find the key that wins it. "I don't think I need to talk about this, I don't know as much as you might think. So I'm very sure that the club will talk to us and the players. I'm not so much the person who worries about things I can't control. "It's big news, it's going to be a big change, but I'm also never afraid of change and will focus on what I can influence and that is the people and team at Cobham." Abramovich confirmed his intention to Selling Chelsea, in a lengthy statement released on Wednesday night. He said: "As I said before, I have always made decisions in the best interests of the club. "In the current situation I have therefore made the decision to sell the club as I believe it is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the staff and the club's sponsors and partners. "Please know that this has been an incredibly difficult decision and it pains me to part ways with the club in this way. However, I believe it is in the best interest of the club. "I hope to be able to visit Stamford Bridge one last time to say a personal farewell to all of you. "It has been a privilege of my life to be part of Chelsea FC and I am proud of all our achievements together. Chelsea Football Club and its fans will always be in my heart.” Swiss businessman Wyss, 86, has already indicated his intention to bid for Chelsea in a move aimed at expediting a sale and possibly the final price to lower. American Boehly has been revealed as the first of a possible string of partners while Wyss tries to push a deal. Abramovich has vowed not to rush the sale of a club he guided to two Champions League titles as well as the Club World Cup title earlier this year. Abramovich pledged to repay his £1.5 billion loan and divert the proceeds to help those suffering from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. "The sale of the club will not be rushed but will follow due process," continued Abramovich's statement. It was never about business or money for me, but pure passion for the game and the club. “I have also tasked my team with setting up a charitable foundation to which all net proceeds from sales will be donated. “The foundation benefits all victims of the war in Ukraine.


FA Cup Fifth Round - Live Reaction!

Minute by minute: Chelsea head to Kenilworth Road after Roman Abramovich confirmed he plans to sell the club. Join Scott Murray (Author: Gardener)

FA Cup Fifth Round - Live ReactionPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Minute by minute: Chelsea head to Kenilworth Road after Roman Abramovich confirmed he plans to sell the club. Thomas Tuchel talks to his aunt. The difference between a final and then three days later here is huge, but I like how we played and never lost our heads. I may have heard the news [of Abramovich's announcement] a little earlier than you did, but it was still very close to kickoff. It's big news, but let's wait and hope for the best. Every decision he makes is the right decision: it's his decision, his club, and it's not my place to comment. Not much is changing in the short term, maybe nothing at all, but it's a big situation and there will be a lot of reports. Playing on the same day where focus was paramount makes it a bigger accomplishment and I'm happy.” Out of nowhere! Center circle quarterback Loftus-Cheek sends a perfectly weighted long pass down the inside left to Werner, who takes a touch to get away from Burke, opening his body and sliding gracefully into the bottom right corner. The European and world champions are united again! Timo Werner flicks the ball past Luton Town keeper Jed Steer... as it rolls into the net to bring Chelsea back level Under the circumstances, it's a big win for Chelsea. A shock FA Cup defeat, three days after their League Cup final disappointment and a few hours after Roman Abramovich announced his intention to sell the club, would have taken a toll on Stamford Bridge. But Timo Werner has scored and set up another to defeat the brave Luton and suddenly the mood is better. "Cup games are always very difficult, especially when you play away against a second division team who played very well, but in the end we were the better team," Werner told the BBC. Both games were difficult to play, so after the defeat we wanted to show that we want to go to the next final. It was hard work but we're glad we won.” Luton can be proud of her achievement and for a while dreamed of an eternity shock. But Chelsea are European and World champions for a reason, and they threw up an extra gear in the last quarter of the game to make it into the last eight. Thomas Tuchel jumps onto the field to celebrate a hard-fought victory. 90 min+2: Free kick for Luton just before the center line. Isted hoicks it long. Pulisic brings it back to the top with a time-wasting run. Chelsea is almost there now. 90min+1: The first of three extra minutes will be played deep in Luton territory, just like Chelsea like it. 90 min: A long Ave Mary towards the Chelsea box. James holds Bell back, plays the ball away from the Luton man and takes a shot on goal. The home fans are clamoring for a handball penalty, but the referee isn't interested, there's no VAR... and the ball still rattled off James' stomach. 89 minutes: Chelsea puts in a master class in watch management, lightly stroking the ball over their backs. Fed up with it, Hylton clatters Kepa mid-game. Kepa takes the opportunity to drop to the ground and eat up some more time. 87 min: Ruben Loftus-Cheek is named man of the match by the BBC. Seems fair enough he's been great in that second half, the key player at Chelsea causing a looming shock with the big body change. 85 min: Jerome almost robs possession of the ball from last man Sarr. The young Chelsea defender wasn't at his best tonight, failing to stop any of Luton's goals and getting away with a couple of other mistakes that could easily have spelled disaster. 83 min: Pulisic pushes Vale into the bottom right corner. The young man wins a corner against a tired looking Osho. Nothing comes of the set piece but for the first time tonight Luton looks a little ragged. 81 min: The ball is currently pinging around at 101 mph. Luton is chasing it all down while Chelsea yearn for a fourth goal that would surely seal the deal and send them into the velvet bag for the quarter-finals draw. 80 mins: Luton doesn't give up on that though and Hylton responds by winning a corner on the right. Space for Werner at the bottom right. Lukaku stretches out a leg and leads from six yards into the bottom left corner. 78 min: Sarr gives the ball directly to Hylton. The Luton forward would be clear if his first touch took him away from the Chelsea defender, but Sarr gets a boot just in time to avert disaster. 77 mins: Chelsea replace Jorginho with James while Luton swaps Muskwe and Mendes Gomes for Hylton and Snodgrass. 75 mins: Loftus-Cheek begins directing the show. He runs out of the deep before slipping a pass to the left for Mount, who continues to switch to Werner. Lukaku wants a low cross for a tap-in, but there's no way through. 73 min: Chelsea fans chant their support for Roman Abramovich. The Luton fans retaliate by accusing them of being embarrassing. 71 min: Chelsea's tails are now up again. Nothing is happening at the moment but Luton is struggling to persevere as they started daydreaming a few minutes ago as they entered the final quarter of the game. 69 min: No celebrations from Werner, but it was an extremely composed finish from the Chelsea striker, who scores for the first time since the sixth minute of Chelsea's third round win over Chesterfield a few months ago. 68 mins: Muskwe is booked for a cynical clip on the heel of a loftus cheek in flight. 67 min: Vale hovers on a cross from the right. Werner competes but loses to Isted, who plucks from the sky. 66 min: Chelsea want to release Lukaku whenever they can. Rüdiger hops down the inner right channel. Saul tries again, bottom left. Chelsea are a study in frustration right now. 65 mins: Sarr slides the ball wide to the left for Mount, who is in Acres. Mount heaves a terrible cross onto the roof of the grandstand behind. 63 min: Both teams make a double change. Chelsea swap Kenedy and Hudson-Odoi for Pulisic and 18-year-old Harvey Vale, while Luton send Campbell and Jerome in place of Berry and top scorer Cornick. 61 mins: Loftus-Cheek whizzes through the middle of the park in style but is eventually outnumbered. Chelsea once again betrayed their frustration. 59 min: It pours down in Luton. Saul works his way down the right flank but fails to deliver a cross and ends up being robbed of possession by Bell. Saul frustrates his opponent. Luton is looking pretty comfortable at the moment, even if Chelsea are enjoying the lion's share of possession. That being said, Luton is back in control! On the center line while Chelsea push up, Muskwe lays down to Osho, who feeds a pass into an empty half and sends Cornick down the inside left channel. Cornick rampages towards the Chelsea box, pulling Kepa and powerfully pushing into the bottom right corner. Good move from Luton too as they played through the Chelsea press. Luton Town's Harry Cornick (right) scores his side's second goal. Cornick drives away solemnly. 57 min: Chelsea probe. Muskwe attempts to overpower Sarr in a one-on-one race for the ball, but accidentally ends up punching his opponent in the head. 55 min: Werner wins a corner with a determined dribbling over the left. From the set piece, Loftus-Cheek sends a header over the bar from close range. 54 min: A reminder that this tie has to be decided one way or the other tonight. Extension maybe? 53 min: ... Mount recoils at the near post, but only into the stands behind the goal. 52 mins: Mount leads a counterattack and slides the ball right for Hudson-Odoi, who fails to hit Bell but wins a corner. 51 min: Rüdiger rolls a simple pass under his boot and is forced to turn. The ball lands again in front of Kepa's feet, who shoots a free space into the stands. Chelsea aren't exactly upset - they finally threatened to take control before Luton's second - but they're not quite in their game at the moment. 49 min: Saul has a rasp from 25 meters. It's a decent uphill effort and the ball moves a bit in the air but it's handled well by Isted, who has done very well since coming on for the unlucky Steer. 47 mins: Muskwe engages in the lower right and is knocked upside down by a slightly irritated Saul. Berry takes the free kick. Throw the other side to Chelsea, who, according to BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce, looked a bit "grim and tense" as they waited for the restart. Luton gets the second half going. "Given the circumstances, this would NOT be a classic FA shock," argues Claire McConnell. And as a die-hard Chelsea fan, as soon as Roman released his statement, the importance of winning that game vanished.” Chelsea were either sent out early by an irate Thomas Tuchel, or were deliberately left waiting in the cold by a brave and cheeky Luton team. Ah, here come the hosts at last. 42 mins: Chelsea enjoyed a period of dominance in front of this sucker and now they are reeling. Sarr is booked for overzealously claiming Cornick was offside - it was certainly tight but just as safe and there's no VAR in any case - and then Muskwe is allowed to shoot from 20 yards. Kepa collects himself. The world and European champion could suddenly use the half-time whistle. Chelsea goes up the other end and scores out of nowhere. Mount intercepts, dashes down inside right and lays down on Werner, who is contemplating a shot. The ball instead breaks to Saul on his left. Saul opens his body and steers in brilliantly from the edge of the penalty area on the bottom right! And Chelsea are back on par. Photo: Javier García/Shutterstock Halftime entertainment. Max and Barry ask: Is it the end of the Abramovich era? - Football Weekly A brilliantly entertaining half of Ebb and Flow ends with the Championship Playoff hopefuls leading the champions of Europe and the world. A classic FA Cup shock is coming! 45 min +5: Kenedy hits down sweetly on the left to release Saul into the Luton box. Saul cannot find anyone with his cross, but settles for a corner. Kenedy fails to beat the first man with the set piece. Luton clear. Luton clear. 45 min +4: Rüdiger presents a few factual challenges that get the dander of Luton believers on their toes. 45 min +2: Luton has unsurprisingly rediscovered her former panache since Cornick's goal. 34 min: Luton and Chelsea fans give a minute of applause in memory of local hero and Stamford Bridge regular Jamal Edwards, the music pioneer who tragically passed away recently. 45 mins: There are five extra minutes in the first half, a result of Luton goalkeeper Steer's injury. 44 mins: Lukaku's miserable run of form continues as he gets in the way of Rudiger's speculative long-range shot and harmlessly deflects the ball over the Luton bar. 39 min: Luton pushed at warp speed during the early exchange. Min.37: Isted escapes with a huge mistake, misjudging a long ball on the edge of his box and letting the wind sweep the ball over his head. Lukaku can't put the loose ball in the goal and the danger is finally eliminated. 35 min: Chelsea are now putting pressure on. Lukaku pearls a low drive down right and pulls another nice save from Isted. Nothing comes out of the resulting corner. Burke hits Sarr for a header on the edge of the six-yard box and flicks a header over a rooted Kepa and into the top right corner! Reece Burke rises highest and heads in... and Luton Town take the lead. Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images Reece Burke is congratulated by his teammates. Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian 32 min: It could easily be two for Chelsea… Jorginho slides a pass down the inside left channel for Saul, who aims deep down left. Isted turns the ball around the post for a corner, a nice save. He also makes an even better one from the corner as Kenedy creams a rising shot to the top right. Isted is typing at full speed around the other post. Nothing comes of the second corner in the episode. 31st min: "You will be sold tomorrow morning," sing the local satirists. 29 min: That took some wind out of the sails of the Luton support. 26 min: Isted starts long. Sarr tries to pass back to Kepa but clangs for the corner. Kepa throws the ball away irritably. He didn't have a great 27 minutes of football, all things considered. The corner leads to a close-range header from Potts, which gently sends it towards the Chelsea keeper. 24 min: Mount crosses deep from the right. Saul, coming in from the other cross, hits the ball on the long stick and sends a header up and down into Isted's hands. The best Chelsea have done so far. 22 mins: Saul bundles into Muskwe's back as he fights to Chelsea's left. The whistle fires a free-kick and he's lucky enough to escape a booking after whipping the ball away in frustration. 20 min: Great atmosphere by the way on Kenilworth Road. Home fans are hoping for a famous exploit of giant murder against the eight-time FA Cup winners. Luton has only one last appearance on the honor roll, losing to Nottingham Forest in the 1959 Wembley showpiece. 18 min: Werner also had the opportunity to come down. Lockyer was dangerously close to shoving him in the back when the ball bounced off. There was indeed a small light touch and Werner could easily have crossed in hopes of a cheap penalty but he stayed honest. 16 min: Rüdiger starts the inside right channel for a long time for Werner, who will probably hit the volley right in the penalty area for a second. Werner hesitates as the ball falls over his shoulder and bounces off. The ball threatens to rear up and spin over Isted, who claims well after his cold introduction. 14 min: Steer, gloves over his face, is carried away on the stretcher. Warm applause around the corner. On comes Isted in, er, his place. 12 min: Steer knew the jig was up straight away. Here comes the stretcher. 11 min: Saul, quarterback from deep left, rolls in for Lukaku. Steer comes out to collect himself, but twists his ankle before he can reach the ball and crumbles to the ground, already screaming in pain. If Lukaku manages to go chest down, he has an empty net to roll the ball into. A major Chelsea opportunity passes but that's bad news for Steer, who looks badly injured. 9 mins: Luton is playing at a no-nonsense championship pace, with no lack of Premier League confidence and skill. A bit of room left for Bell outside. His low teasing cross is well anticipated by Kepa, who collects without fuss. A chance for Chelsea to take a deep breath. 7 min: Berry curls long. Burke finds himself in Acres, 12 yards down, just to the right of the penalty spot. He aims a looping header to the top left. Kepa hits halfway clear and the whistle goes offside. Chelsea look shocked and borderline insulted by Luton's brilliant start. 6 mins: Osho strides down the inner left channel with great determination and is cut off by Jorginho, who is currently in rabbit-in-the-headlights mode. Another free kick in a dangerous position for the Hatters. 5 min: Chelsea try to collect themselves and clear their heads. Werner gropes down the left and looks for his partner Lukaku in the middle, but his low cross is easily intercepted. 4 min: Sensational start for the hopefuls of the championship playoffs against the champions of Europe and the world. And there is no sign of letting go, because they win a free kick on the right side. It's whipped into the mixer where Muskwe flashes a header high and wide. Luton flew out of the traps! 2 min: Luton starts on front foot and wins a throw deep in enemy territory. Bell hurls it long and wins the first corner of the game down the left. Chelsea get the ball rolling... but only after they take the knee, while Luton lines up at the center circle to take a stand against prejudice. Luton in premium burnt orange, Chelsea in blue. "It's a big game. We had two big games against Chelsea and Man United with no fans, so it's a big game for players and fans alike. It's also a chance to test ourselves and it's different than Stamford Bridge.” Thomas Tuchel speaks to the BBC. “If you have to lose a cup final, that's how you want to lose it if you don't regret it. There are some things around and within the club that we cannot control.” No visit to Kenilworth Road should be without a respectful nod to the Oak Road Stand entrance. Come in! Photo: Matthew Childs/Reuters Luton Town make five changes from last weekend's 1-0 win over Derby County. Only two Chelsea players - Mason Mount and Antonio Rüdiger - retain their place in the starting XI after the penalty shoot-out defeat by Liverpool in the League Cup final. That means a start for the unfortunate Kepa in goal as well as for the out of line strike duo Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner. Team news to follow... In a statement published on Chelsea FC's official website, the club owner confirms that he intends to sell the club; that he considers the move to be in the best interest of the club; that it will not seek repayment of loans believed to amount to £2 billion; and that all net proceeds from sales will be donated to a charitable foundation established to benefit "all victims of the war in Ukraine." I would like to respond to the speculation in the media over the past few days regarding my involvement with Chelsea. As I've said before, I've always made decisions in the best interest of the club. In the current situation I have therefore made the decision to sell the club as I believe it is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the staff and the club's sponsors and partners. It was never about business or money for me, but pure passion for the game and the club. I have also commissioned my team to create a charitable foundation to which all net proceeds from sales will be donated. This includes providing critical resources to address the urgent and immediate needs of victims, as well as supporting long-term recovery work. Please note that this has been an incredibly difficult decision and it pains me to part with the club in this way. However, I believe it is in the best interest of the club. I hope to visit Stamford Bridge one last time to say goodbye to you all in person. It has been a privilege of my life to be a part of Chelsea FC and I am proud of all our achievements together. Chelsea Football Club and its fans will always be in my heart. Related: Roman Abramovich confirms Chelsea is for sale and writes 1.5bn in loans Those with longer memories may recall the 1994 semi-final when Gavin Peacock's brace sent Chelsea to the final for the first time in 24 years . But you have to be quite old to have many memories of their third-round encounter in 1935. Luton was then in the old Third Division but beat First Division Chelsea 2-0 in a replay after a 1-1 draw at the bridge that saw Sam Bell's shot shoveled off the line by Johnny Jackson, only for the referee to see Luton still awarded a goal. Chelsea may be glad there is no VAR tonight. Kick-off at Kenilworth Road is 19:15 and we have extra time and penalties if necessary. More from the era of The Guardian Roman Abramovich unraveled to plunge Chelsea into the unknown


What life without Roman Abramovich could mean for Chelsea

Telegraph Sport analyzes what the post-Abramovich era could mean - in terms of a new ownership model, prospects on the pitch and staff (Author: Gardener)

Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich has confirmed he plans to sell Chelsea, with the Russian billionaire pledging to donate all net proceeds from the sale to help victims of the war in Ukraine. Telegraph Sport analyzes what changes the club could expect under a new regime. Fear for Chelsea has always been what the club would look like once Abramovich left. The Russian billionaire not only bailed out Chelsea and dissolved the Manchester United-Arsenal duopoly in 2003, he created an unprecedented ownership model. Rich men have bought clubs in the past - Jack Walker had acquired his hometown club Blackburn Rovers and won the league title - but Abramovich's plan (and wealth) was of a different magnitude. That moment is here now. Offers have been made in the past, Abramovich first hired US investment bank Raine Group to rate Chelsea four years ago, but he's always been in a position of strength to turn them down. Now he's asking for a sale - and has made it public - and only has to accept half of the £4billion he wants. The oligarch is owed £1.51 billion in loans and has promised he will not walk on that debt. In theory, a sale can be completed quickly, although Abramovich has insisted it won't be "rushed." Chelsea is owned by an Abramovich company called Fordstam Limited which is registered off the coast of the British Virgin Islands and ownership transfer is relatively easy through a deed of sale which can be arranged through a notary public. But will the UK government sit back and let this happen, or will they just let him go? Abramovich would leave Chelsea in reasonable condition - as long as his liabilities can be met. Between 2009 and 2020, Chelsea were responsible for almost a fifth (£803m) of total Premier League club losses (£4.1bn). That means Chelsea's current operations depend on Abramovich or a similarly wealthy owner. The most pressing question for a buyer is Stamford Bridge. How Telegraph Sport led the way in reporting Roman Abramovich's plan to sell Chelsea This is the "$64,000 question" - or the £4billion question as Abramovich would have liked it. But the latest accounts not only included a loss of £145.6million, but came with an admission that the club "rely on Fordstam Limited for their continued financial support". Fordstam is owned by Abramovich and said he will continue to support Chelsea "for the foreseeable future". What will it replace? So far, it has allowed Chelsea to absorb the financial losses incurred and continue to exist as one of the strongest clubs in the transfer market while paying high wages to attract the best players. But that can change. For example, if it were a hedge fund or an owner taking a similar approach to the Glazers when they bought Manchester United and putting debt (rather than personal loans) on the club, then things might have to change quite dramatically. Even billionaire duo Hansjorg Wyss and Todd Boehly are unlikely to follow Abramovich's example. Crucially – and this is an unknown factor – it can affect the mentality of the club and the players and how attractive Chelsea is to them. Abramovich was actually an attraction for some players and of course their agents who remained interested in keeping him happy. When he leaves, they might feel different. It has given Chelsea an advantage and built trust in the team, even with managers coming and going so frequently. Abramovich, and through him key director Marina Granovskaia, and more recently technical and performance advisor and former player Petr Cech, have provided far more security and stability than the seemingly volatile approach would ordinarily warrant. If Chelsea is sold it will be difficult to see a similar owner as Abramovich come in. Despite hiring and firing managers over the past two decades, Abramovich is incredibly loyal to his employees and business partners, and it is reciprocated. In fact, little has changed in the club's hierarchy and advisors since 2003. CEOs came and went with varying degrees of power, as did football directors, but the core group has remained the same. Abramovich's friends, including Eugene Shvidler, are referred to as the 'golden circle', although that mainly refers to his business partners outside the club and is not directly related to Chelsea. The three key figures at Chelsea have been there from the start: chairman Bruce Buck, a Chelsea fan who was brought in after the takeover was complete, having served as a lawyer on the deal; Eugene Tenenbaum (who was actually born in Ukraine), who is a director and has worked with Abramovich for decades, and Granovskaia, the Russian-born de facto boss (although there is a boss in Guy Laurence). She is listed simply as a director but is far more than that. Granovskaia, who had moved away from Moscow at the time of the takeover, is managing Chelsea for Abramovich and has learned quickly and is held in high regard in football. Both Tenenbaum and Granovskaia used to work for Sibneft, the oil company that Abramovich sold in 2006. If Chelsea were sold, Tenenbaum and Granovskaia would obviously go with Abramovich, although it would be wise of any buyer to keep Buck in place, at least for now, and not least because of his close ties to the Premier League, where he has been for many years Key figure is, during a delivery period.


Put all your questions about the convention to TPM reporters Friday at 1:00 p.m. European daylight saving time

Join DC reporters Tierney Sneed and Alice Ollstein of Talking Points Memo for a live chat on all things Congressional. They answer questions about what… (Author: Gardener)

FridayJoin DC reporters Tierney Sneed and Alice Ollstein of Talking Points Memo for a live chat to discuss all things congressional. Feel free to ask your questions here or come see us on Friday at 1:00 p.m. EUROPEAN DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME! If you want to participate but don't have a Prime membership, sign up here.


Public health sought justification for the curfew before it was imposed

"The CAQ government's fragile house of cards is beginning to collapse," QS MNA Vincent Marissal said in a communiqué. "The government owes us explanations, not... (Author: Gardener)

Vincent MarissalFormer Quebec Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda. A report that the Legault government was still looking for scientific reasons to impose a curfew on Quebec just hours before announcing it on Dec. 30 is another example of the government's "improvisation and lack of transparency," Quebec lamented solidaire on Wednesday. "The government owes us explanations, not redacted notes." Marissal's comments followed a report by Radio-Canada that the office of then-director of public health Horacio Arruda on Dec. 30 called officials from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec a Email asking to "present an argument related to the curfew from questions from journalists at 5pm press conference tonight." The email was sent to INSPQ at 10:31am. While no scientific arguments were found, studies conducted abroad and in Ontario were presented to support the decision, although these were later criticized. Radio-Canada's report also cites emails relating to an "ethical statement" on the imposition of the lockdown that was circulated internally at the Department of Health. An attempt to obtain this opinion through a request for information resulted in the news network receiving two completely redacted pages. For all of our coronavirus-related news, visit Sign up for our email newsletter dedicated to local COVID-19 coverage at


Quebec Public Health struggled to justify the second curfew hours before the announcement

Quebec officials said the decision to reinstate the province's curfew in December was based on evidence collected by various organizations, including the province's Institute of Public Health, but the institute says it has not produced any documents that prove the effectiveness of the curfew. (Author: Gardener)

Quebec Public HealthHours before Quebec announced the reinstatement of a province-wide curfew in December, which began the next day, emails from Radio-Canada show the province's public health chief was still seeking studies to justify the decision. In an email timestamped 10:31 a.m. on Dec. 30, the assistant to the former public health director, Dr. Horacio Arruda, the provincial institute for public health, and a senior strategic medical adviser for Quebec Public Health for help to streamline the curfew to reporters at a press conference later that day. "Horacio would like you and your teams (!) to give him an argument regarding the curfew pending questions from journalists at the 5pm press conference tonight," wrote Renée Levaque. 2) What is being done elsewhere?" the email reads, adding that Arruda wants it "all in a close argument." At 2:36 p.m., less than three hours before the press conference, Éric Litvak, Vice President for Scientific Affairs at the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) replied that the request could not be fulfilled, but Litvak sent material he had used to support the proposal of the first curfew, which will be imposed in January 2021 This material was sent to journalists in a Dec. 30 press release from the Ministry of Health, in which they claimed the decision to reintroduce the curfew on Dec. 31 was backed by science, three preliminary studies said, in which investigating the impact of curfews in France, Jordan and Quebec, which later took place, were criticized by experts The Ministry of Health rejected the B from CBC for an interview with Arruda. In January, Radio-Canada questioned the Department of Health under the Access to Documents Act about what it had used to evaluate the restrictive measure to determine whether it had been effective in slowing the spread of the virus. "The decisions made are based on evidence collected from various organizations, including INSPQ, and the opinion of experts from other organizations." However, in response to another query, the INSPQ stated that it had "no documents" proving the effectiveness of the set curfew. In January, Quebec's three main opposition parties all criticized the provincial government's decision to impose the curfew, arguing the health regulation was a sign the government had failed to prepare. On Wednesday, Québec Solidaire (QS) said Radio-Canada's new findings were another example of the Legault administration's "improvisation and lack of transparency". Spokeswoman Manon Massé says the revelations add to the "long list of reasons" why a public inquiry into the entire management of the pandemic has been called for for months. Another email exchange received by Radio-Canada showed that an ethical statement was circulated internally on December 29, 2021, but the two sides of the document were redacted in full. The ethical advice was given by Horacio Arruda from Dr. Mylène Drouin, director of public health in Montreal, who opposed the lockdown out of concern for vulnerable populations, according to emails Radio-Canada received in January. The ethical opinion prepared by Quebec Public Health was fully redacted in response to Radio-Canada's request for access to documents. (Thomas Gerbet/Radio-Canada) In a reply to Radio-Canada later that month, Premier François Legault's office said the lockdown was a public health recommendation and was reluctantly imposed. On January 13, Quebec announced that it would lift the curfew after just two weeks. Three days earlier, on January 10, Arruda resigned his position, writing in his resignation letter that "recent comments on the credibility of our opinions and our scientific accuracy are undoubtedly leading to some erosion of public support."


Is the QuantumScape Stock Rally a Good Time to Buy?

Off and on the chart, investors would be right to have questions about QuantumScape, but an investment in QS stock can still be a buy. (Author: Gardener)

QuantumScapeOn Thursday, bulls found themselves buying shares in EV battery game QuantumScape (NYSE:QS). QS stock ended February 23 at $14.11 and has surged through February 24th. But does the excited optimism justify buying QS stock in investors' portfolios? Let's take a look at what's happening both off and on the QuantumScape price chart, and then offer a risk-adjusted determination tuned to those results. Nasdaq's dismal 2022 is now officially a bear market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has confirmed its corrective status, while the S&P 500 is somewhere in between after making new relative lows during the session. However, the same cannot be said for QS stock's next-generation battery outfits. After a financial misstep on Thursday, shares snapped back aggressively from about 6% losses to about 7% gains. But while QuantumScape leads the market, energy complex aside, one day doesn't make a trend. And unlike the broader averages, QS stock has been in a definite bear market cycle in a stock market for more than a year. Since peaking at $132.73 in December 2020, QuantumScape has traded for around $15 per share. And you could say all bull markets have to start somewhere. That's true, and as with EV rivals Tesla (NYSE:TSLA), Rivian Automotive (NYSE:RIV), or ChargePoint Holdings (NYSE:CHAR) and others, Thursday's revised Wall Street ruling could be a bigger trigger around the group to flock to higher oil prices. That's more true of an EV technology that's still a few years away from ever being commercially viable. And that is the state of affairs in the QS camp. And while Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Volkswagen's (OTCMKTS:VWAGY) Bill Gates opened their wallets as early and enduring partners of QuantumScape, even today that's not enough to make QS stock a buy. That's not to say QS stock isn't a buy. But I don't see that kind of positional advantage on the price chart right now. A bear flag could take shape today. And with a weakening and neutralized stochastic in motion, don't think for a second that a materially lower QS stock isn't possible. At $10 or $11, QuantumScape would still be valued as a mid-cap north of $4 billion. That's significant given the make-or-break stakes and a result that's still a few years away. Just ask investors in competitor Solid Power (NASDAQ:SOLID) or any number of even more challenged SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) than QS stock. However, what I continue to see is a more volatile stock in QuantumScape stocks. A long position in QS shares, which come with options to hedge risk and manage risk more actively, seems sensible. Bottom line, this is the pony that I bet has a better chance of making the winner's circle, regardless of a shiny new battery champion or alternate reality raining down on QuantumScape's ambitions. At the time of publication, Chris Tyler held no position (neither directly nor indirectly) in the securities mentioned in this article. Chris Tyler is a former listed futures market maker on the American and Pacific stock exchanges. Follow Chris on Twitter @Options_CAT and StockTwits for more market insights and related thoughts.


Find out about This Is Us, Abbott Elementary, Magnum P.I., NCIS, Walking Dead, Reacher, Bull and more

Which This Is Us episode could ruin you? Is Magnum P.I. because of a blast from his past? Will 'Open House Night' turn Abbott Elementary upside down? Could Reacher get bigger? (Author: Gardener)

Abbott ElementaryWhich This Is Us episode could ruin you? Will Magnum P. 'Open House Night' Turn Abbott Elementary Upside Down? Read on for answers to these questions, as well as teases from other shows. (Email any brand new Qs to [email protected]) Really enjoying this final season of This Is Us, so much emotion! Any information on upcoming episodes? Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, told TVLine that episodes 11 and 12 "ruined me ... By the end of 12 I was kind of gutted." Making her point, she added, "I'm the one in of the cast, who aren't the biggest screamers, but I'll tell you now that [episode 12, written by showrunners Dan Fogelman, Isaac Aptaker, and Elizabeth Berger] hit hard, and it hit different. I know the Kate and Toby ['s split] story is coming, we all know it's coming, but it's going to be different when you read it. Nicely done." The previous episode "reads like a novel that you just want to keep reading," SKW said. (This Is Us returns March 8 with Episode 7.) I love Abbott Elementary! How many episodes is it going to be giving this season and do you have any funny teasers? When the well-received ABC sitcom resumes its 13-episode season on Tuesday, March 22, it will be an open house at the titular school that Janine is nervous about to meet one parent of their students, and viewers will meet another family member of the teachers.Have you caught a glimpse of the final season of Bull?How about this first look at Lou Diamond Phillips' former guest-star of The Prodigal Son on Thursday, May 12th March 3, as Colonel Victor Taggert, a U Any news on if and when there will be a second season of Amazon's Hunters with Al Pacino Season 2 was already ordered in August 2020. But I asked around and e Unfortunately there are still no updates. It looks like Nuzo could make a reappearance at Magnum P.I. this season. Are we in for a flashback episode? In fact, Domenick Lombardozzi will reprise his role as Magnum's late BUDS bud in this season's 18th episode, directed by Jay Hernandez. As a result, Nuzo is posthumously implicated in a murder from four years ago and the ohana sets out to prove his innocence. It is an opportunity for redemption for Magnum as he failed to save Nuzo's life but can now uphold his friend's honor. "It's a very different kind of episode and unlike anything we've ever done before," says EP Eric Guggenheim. "We think it's going to be very special and we're excited for everyone to see it." Any news on Harley Quinn Season 3? Only it's on the way to hitting HBO Max later this year. Negan isn't actually off The Walking Dead, is he? Showrunner Angela Kang recently told TVLine, "It's safe to say that we haven't seen Negan last." In fact, his split from the core crew in the season 11B premiere "wasn't meant to be a cliffhanger, like, 'Did he leave the show ?'", added her. "It's more of a cliffhanger of 'Where are we going to see him next?'" Is Leah returning to The Walking Dead? When TVLine showrunner Angela Kang asked that exact question, she insisted that "I can't go into this without spoilers, so let people speculate as they will." (Which, in a way, probably tells you everything you can about Daryl's ex need to know.) Any news on the next seasons of Yellowjackets and War of the Worlds? Yellowjackets was renewed by Showtime in December and could, just might, premiere before the end of the year. Epix' War of the Worlds has now completed production on Season 3, which will premiere later this year. The NBC newcomer's next episode, #3 of 10, will shed a lot of light on the seemingly damning photo of Val's husband Owen in the company of Elena and Sergey. As Morena Baccarin told me, "You'll see exactly how they met - there's a very important business deal that goes wrong - and you'll see how that relationship has been cemented and that Val doesn't really know much about that situation .” Thanks for all the news on Reacher Season 2 so far. Any chance the next season will be longer? The good news is that it could be. Because when I asked showrunner Nick Santora if the Prime Video adaptation was set in eight-episode runs, he pushed back: "This is really an Amazon call; if they want more, I'll give them more! I like writing." Any word on Resident Alien's D'Arcy and Ben getting together? I bring showrunner Chris Sheridan your Q, and he said, "I don't want to go into too much detail, but Ben and Darcy are the ones They're best friends and have known each other all their lives. Sometimes, to get through tough times, you need a solid friendship. Let's just say, as we head into the second half of the season, they're both going to really need that friendship." and Morty? I was told that Adult Swim is currently in production on Season 6 to premiere later this year. We need more Fornell on NCIS! Any plans for his next appearance? When I spoke to Brian Dietzen he said, that we'll "definitely" be seeing Joe Spano again as Fornell this season.(He also assured David McCallum is expecting a few more appearances as Jimmy Palmer's mentor Ducky.) Want a glimpse of a Liebl got a shipment? Email [email protected]! Questions left in the comments will not be read and may very well count towards your final grade. Launch Gallery: "Missing" Shows, Found! Get more from Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter Click here to read the full article.


Drag Race fans are shocked by Blu Hydrangea's happy reaction to Pangina's exit

Drag Race UK Vs The World fans were thunderstruck by Blu Hydrangea's happy reaction to Pangina's tearful elimination last week. (Author: Gardener)

Blu Hydrangea'sWarning: Spoilers follow for Drag Race UK Vs The World Episode 5. Many Drag Race UK Vs The World fans are still in shock at the unexpected elimination of Pangina Heals last week... with Blu Hydrangea rubbing more salt into the wound by she admits she "enjoyed it." it. During today's episode of the BBC Three programme, the five remaining queens discussed the emotional exit which saw the performer walk off the stage in tears after Blu chose her to go home. Many viewers were surprised to see the Drag Race Thailand star axed as she was seen as one of the strongest contenders for the crown. When Blu initially witnessed Pangina's reaction, it seemed as if some regret crossed her face after sending home such a talented competitor. However, the latest issue made it clear that Blu hasn't regretted her decision one bit, although she added that she "loves Pangina with all her heart". She later added - much to the surprise of some queens - that she really enjoyed the moment she sent Pangina to pack. Blu later enjoyed the brutal elimination even more when she recorded her verse of the track "London" with Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall, saying, "My first line has Eliminator on it, because I just eliminated the strongest queen in the competition, and I am." just very happy about it.” Jade cried out in amazement at Blu's admission, while viewers were left in a similar state of shock at Blu's remarks. After her elimination from the competition last week, Pangina threw her support behind Blu after some people sent her derogatory messages. Speaking to and other members of the press, the Queen urged Blu and the show's other stars not to bother with the trolls, explaining: "I would just use the lock button because there's no reason to be with anyone arguing who does that can't be reasoned with." She added, "I feel okay. I mean I haven't watched it yet because it's a traumatic experience, but I'm fine. Me and Blu, we're fine and we don't have any uncomfortable feelings. Maybe she thought I was the worst in the challenge then I'm going home - it has nothing to do with track record so c'est la vie!' Drag Race UK Versus The World returns next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Three back and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. MORE: Ant and Dec fend off complaints about legendary Saturday Night Takeaway drag performance while paying homage to alter egos