Leeds United Women's debutantes shine to inspire an epic comeback and seal victory in the Yorkshire derby

Sarah Dobby and Katie Ramsden scored both days after signing for Leeds United Women as the Whites sealed a 3-2 Division One North win over Barnsley on Wednesday. (Author: Gardener)

United Women'sWith a seven-minute stint early in the second half, the pair - who joined Dan O'Hearne's side this week - equalized against United after the hosts went into half-time with a two-goal advantage at Wombwell. Dobby, an experienced midfielder relegated a league from Huddersfield Town to return to the club where her career began, headed home a corner shortly after the restart before Ramsden, an exciting 16-year-old winger, who came after an impressive Power made the step up to open age at the Regional Talent Center, storming through the Barnsley defense and beating the keeper to equalize for Leeds. On Wednesday United traveled to Barnsley hoping to repeat the success at the back when the Whites kept a clean sheet at the Global Stadium in September and won five against their South Yorkshire counterparts. This time the Whites conceded just four minutes before Ruby Jex-Oldfield took the lead for the hosts, completing the clean interplay between Natalie Shaw and Natalie Watson with a first shot from 20 yards that flew well out of reach of the Whites' keeper Lauren Joyce into the back net. Emily Pierrepont doubled the hosts' lead after half an hour, winning possession in the final third and joining forces with Shaw, who gave Barnsley's number nine another assist to fire from close range. Seven minutes later, Ramsden equalized against the Whites with an impressive solo performance. Hannon stepped forward and confidently dunked the ball into the far post to give Leeds the lead. "It shows the good character of the team, so I think we have to take the positive from it." With Los Blancos two goals down on a side who have only had three league wins this season, half-time was a turning point in the clash, said Hannon. "We talked at half-time, as you can imagine, and in the second half we were by far the better team. I don't think they had a shot on goal. "We said at half-time to win this game We need to score an early goal. "It was one of those Yorkshire derbies - they had more struggle and desire in the first half but I think in the second half we showed who we are and we played better football so I'm just so glad that we got the three points in the end."


what Leeds United fans have been saying about Marcelo Bielsa since Liverpool

Marcelo Bielsa admitted he was questioning himself after Leeds United were beaten 6-0 by Liverpool on Wednesday. Fans have reacted on social media: (Author: Gardener)

Marcelo Bielsa@Pollard500600: I want Bate and Joffy to get a number of games so the team can find some consistency until the end of the season. If Marcelo Bielsa refuses to play against other players after rejecting transfers and refusing to acknowledge, we have to adapt, then TIME TO GO. Will I still be at Elland Road on Saturday supporting Marcelo Bielsa & #LUFC... Yes!!! Now is not the time to whine about everything that is wrong. @Kavana25: Are we now seeing the infamous Bielsa burnout...? Square pegs in round holes, poxy recruiting, injuries and playing the team in just one system got us where we are. I know people will say the system got us here, but you certainly have to learn to adapt to different scenarios. Is Bielsa the answer? If we score 3/4 goals in every game, we're relegated. If we hire a coach now, can they gain something from this squad or would that guarantee relegation? @BarneyLUFC21: This venture we took in January seems to have blown up the club. Bielsa has everything under control and maybe he had too much control this time, he can certainly see now that he needs to give control back to some people at the club. @Jonprecious: It feels like a job being re-evaluated at the end of the season. We would sack Bielsa in the middle of the season, nobody could change the system and ensure the performance so far. My fear is that Bielsa is running now. @Lufc28: Keep him here until the end of the season, no point in changing now. But if Bielsa wants to stay beyond that, I think he has to be open to change. Go head-to-head with a small squad next season, it will be the same as this year. @Ellufc: If he leaves before the end of the season, we're definitely down. But at the same time we can't keep playing like we have been if we want to give ourselves any chance at all to stay up there. @BigscottALTV: Bielsa MUST update us to save his legacy. I really don't want him to feel bad. Need someone who encompasses the best parts of Bielsa and still develops for this league and its challenges. @Martinlcavetown: Bielsa has absolutely everything from this group of players but now we are under pressure with injuries etc, the real lack of quality in the squad is being revealed. I'm not sure we have enough left to avoid relegation. @Diddlysquattv3: Bielsa keeps us going and then leaves at the end of the season. He has nothing to gain by staying another season. He leaves us in a much better place than he found us with some fond memories. And this is how this chapter of LUFC should end. @Jscott8701: Lots of people talk about Bielsa tactics but I'm sorry that's just a schoolboy defending - it's the players on the pitch who aren't delivering, not the manager. @BigginsLondon: Bielsa seem to prefer a small squad. If he doesn't reevaluate that in the face of what's proving to be a disastrous season, he will have to leave. Support YEP and become a subscriber today. Enjoy unlimited access to local news and the latest from Leeds United. With a digital subscription, you'll see fewer ads, enjoy faster loading times, and get access to exclusive newsletters and content. Click here to login.


Leeds fans will be tired of being Premier League Whipping Boys

Another week, another significant defeat for Leeds United in the Premier League. One only had to watch what unfolded during the week. Nobody expected Leeds Liverpool, the... (Author: Gardener)

LeedsAnother week, another significant defeat for Leeds United in the Premier League. No one expected Leeds to give Liverpool, currently the best team in the world, a good game. Things could not have gone better for Leeds United fans in August 2020. They traveled to Anfield for their first top-flight game in over sixteen years. They took the game to the reigning Premier League champions, narrowly losing 4-3 to a late Salah penalty. Fast forward a season and a half and Mo Salah sunk two penalties from Illan Meslier as Liverpool drove to a 6-0 win. 4 – Leeds go three goals down at half-time in a Premier League game for the fourth time this season; Only Watford in 2016-17 (five times) has ever done so more in a single season in the competition. Losing to Tottenham, Leeds have now conceded twenty goals in their last five Premier League games. They have conceded the most goals of any team this season with 60. You have to go back 62 years to the last time Leeds conceded three or more goals against them in four straight league games. As for the Premier League table, they haven't crashed into the relegation zone yet. Sean Dyche's side have a game this afternoon and could overtake them on all three points. They have conceded 30 fewer goals than Leeds. LANDMARK: Leeds have become the first @PremierLeague team to concede 20 goals in a single calendar month in the history of the competition. WORST defensive record in a single month in Premier League history. #LUFC Burnley are known to be quite a rigid side but scoring thirty goals is amazing. What other stats jump out this season? Leeds have struggled with their discipline. They have by far the most yellow cards this season. They also had to make the most tackles in the league. They are in the top ten in most stats in attacking terms, but they have fancied themselves from afar more than any other team in the Premier League. Pass-wise, they have the deepest passes of any other team, possibly indicating a lack of a thorough forward who can aim in the penalty area. They also have the highest pressing number of any team, so they put pressure on the opponent, but could be open in other areas. People are pointing out Patrick Bamford's absence as a key element is missing from Leeds' attacking line, but the hole Kalvin Phillips has left since his injury is notable. Phillips has been out of action since the Brentford game on December 5. Up to that point, Leeds had conceded 22 goals in fifteen Premier League games. In the 11 games Phillips has missed, Leeds have conceded 38 goals. Bielsa couldn't find a direct replacement for him. Bamford's absence has not gone without notice. In their last eleven games, Leeds have remained goalless in six of them. Leeds will be without Patrick Bamford tomorrow. He has played in 89/90 of our last league and play-off games, scored 19% of our goals and is our top scorer under Bielsa (44/232). They would have to return for our last league game without him until December 29, 2019 (4-5 win in Birmingham). Seventeen goals last season is a huge miss, especially for a club from the last ten battling against teams that have a wealth of attacking options. They also haven't found a replacement for Bamford. Bielsa has opted to turn the likes of Daniel James and Raphinha into central roles and there has been some slight success but nothing compared to what Bamford brings at the helm. Positive cases affected the Leeds squad over Christmas and resulted in two of their Premier League games being postponed. Visible disappointment has been felt among Leeds fans in recent weeks following a string of disappointing league results. That air of disappointment has now quickly turned to frustration with a 4-0 loss to Tottenham. Leeds may have been overly complacent in the last two transfer windows. They're certainly not a financial powerhouse, so they can't compete with the bigger teams in that regard. The likes of Daniel James and Junior Firpo were happy to be added, but in the top flight it's not enough to lose two players and accept the problems. Marcelo Bielsa is now also being scrutinized for the next games. A manager who probably had as much approval from the fans before the season as anyone. not just from leeds, from every team. Whatever happens today the ridiculous amount he did for Leeds will never be forgotten, absolute hero. long live bielsa #lufc Bielsa have tried to change formations in the last couple of games but there was no significant difference on the pitch. Exciting football is praised, fun to watch, but these kinds of performances from Leeds United are slowly becoming the laughing stock of the Premier League. Fans of other clubs felt a sense of insecurity when they faced Leeds last season. After sixteen tough years in league and league football, this isn't a similar situation to Norwich, Watford or Fulham. This is a well supported club where surviving the Premier League is just as important to supporters as anywhere else. It won't be enough to become the Premier League's whipping boys.


While the battle for Kiev rages on, Putin's troops in Lviv are withdrawing

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released a defiant message this morning as rockets hit the cities of Sumy, Poltava and Mariupol and fighting continued on the streets of Kiev (Author: Gardener)

KievUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released a defiant message this morning as rockets hit the cities of Sumy, Poltava and Mariupol and fighting continued on the streets of Kiev. Russian soldiers were "neutralized and expelled from Kiev" after a night of fighting. , Sanctions and Rocket Attacks – What You May Have Missed Overnight Soldiers have been fighting in the streets overnight as the battle for Ukraine's cities rages amid heavy rocket and shell fire and Russian troops withdraw from Lviv. As Russian troops try to take the town of Melitopol in the south-eastern Zaporizhia region, a combination of trained troops and armed civilians have managed to repel attacks in most other areas. It comes amid fears that Vladimir Putin is preparing thermobaric weapons that will fire a barrage of explosive fuel-to-air warheads capable of "melting" an opposing army. The night of fighting with heavy shelling has taken a heavy toll on both sides, with an estimated between 1,000 and 3,500 Russian soldiers killed. This morning, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released a defiant video from Kyiv, in which he said: "I am here, we will not lie down, we will protect our state. This is our country, our country, our children, and we will defend it for you." Reporter Andy Lines from The Mirror and photographer Andrew Stenning are on the ground in Ukraine. Russian soldiers "neutralized and expelled from Kiev" after night-time fighting The mayor of Kiev said that there are currently no Russian troops in the capital, ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko said: "The night was tough, but there are no Russian troops in the capital." , Zhitomir, to enter the city." He further insisted that "the attackers were neutralized there." Fighting raged in Kiev overnight, firefighters broke out on highways near the city center. It appears the city is holding its own strongly after professional soldiers stood next to Ukrainian citizens and uncovered their weapons Ukrainian soldiers stand by a Burnt-out Ukrainian army vehicle on West Ukraine's capital Kiev side Poland will not play a World Cup qualifier against Russia next month because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Polish Football Association president Cezary Kulesza said on Saturday, who was also banned from participating in Eurovision. At the end of March, Poland will meet Russia at the Lev Yashin Stadium in Moscow. Children play in the rubble of buildings in Kiev on a 'surreal' morningA Kyiv resident described the damage in the Ukrainian capital as 'surreal' after sharing photos of children playing in the rubble of a decimated high-rise building. Maia Mikhaluk, 51, a part-time photographer, shared photos of damaged buildings near a playground in Kyiv's Darnytskyi region on Friday. She told the PA news agency she had read that a Russian missile had been hit by Ukrainian air defenses and the debris had fallen into the building seen in her photos. It's surreal to take these pictures in Kiev, in the capital of a European country, right in the center of Europe," she said. These shards of glass are like shards of people's lives.” Ms Mikhaluk said she lives in Kyiv with her husband, pregnant daughter and son-in-law. I just hope there's a miracle.” Among her photos of the damage Kiev has suffered is a picture of two children under the rubble. "I was kind of shocked when I saw the kids playing there in the rubble," she said. "I just thought it was just the picture of this crazy thing that wasn't supposed to happen." Parts of Kiev were reduced to rubble. A total of 198 Ukrainians, including three children, were killed in the Russian invasion, according to the country's health minister Lyashko. Another 1,115 people were injured, including 33 children, he wrote on Facebook. Some estimates of the death toll of Russian soldiers are more than 3,000, although this has not been officially confirmed. An air raid siren sounds in Kiev after a night of fighting Raid siren was heard in the Ukrainian capital Kiev around 11:20 am (9:20 GMT), Ukrainian authorities told Reuters earlier on Saturday that a residential building in the city was hit by a rocket in Ukrainian hands, was overnight bombed by Russian airstrikes Millions of Ukrainians across the country spent the night in bomb shelters, basements and underground stations last night hnstations.Russian soldiers retreat after fighting in the western city of LyivRussian soldiers retreat after fighting in Lyiv, according to the city's mayor. The city, the largest in the west of the country and located on the border with Poland, has been the target of Russian attacks for the past two days. Mayor Andriy Ivanovych Sadovyi's statement indicates that Lyiv's forces remain strong. Putin was widely compared to Adolf Hitler when protest graffiti condemned the invasion of Ukraine. Widespread protests erupted in cities across Russia on Thursday night, arresting 1,800 people. In Saint Petersburg, the Russian president's hometown, a protester scrawled "Adolf Putin" on the wall of a subway station. People gather in Tokyo's Shibuya district to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Women and children arrive in Romania after fleeing Ukraine. They were greeted by Romanian volunteers with food and drinks and free transportation and accommodation. "People are a little worried because there are three neighboring regions - Ivano-Frankivsk, Chmelnitsky and Vinnitsa - that have already been hit by rockets," Vasile Barbuta, a 28-year-old dual citizen of Chernivtsi, told Radio Free Europe. Around 180,000 Romanian-speakers live in the Chernivtsi region, according to official figures. Ukrainian citizens arrive at the Siret border crossing in Romania. Could the UK impose an embargo on Russian gas? They can attack Putin's country to force their troops to withdraw. Besides possible bans on the Swift payment scheme could cause the UK and EU to wreak havoc on Russia's economy by halting purchases of natural gas and oil, the two fossil fuels that account for 39% of government revenue in Russia, and Russia supplies 41% of Europe's natural gas Yesterday In the evening, the British government explained why the country is not nearly as dependent on russ ic gas is like our European neighbors. "Unlike other countries in Europe, the UK is in no way dependent on Russian gas supplies," a government statement said. “We cover about half of our annual gas supply from domestic production and the vast majority of imports come from reliable suppliers like Norway. Our largest single source of gas comes from the UK Continental Shelf and the vast majority of imports come from reliable suppliers like Norway: “There are no gas pipelines connecting the UK directly to Russia and imports from Russia accounted for less than 4 in 2021 % of the UK's total gas supply out.” Gun battles broke out on motorways near the center of Kiev last night. A section of the Prospekt Peremohy motorway turned into a war zone, with video showing fires burning underneath Wrecked cars strewn on the asphalt. The road runs east-west from the center of the city Ukrainian officials said no one was killed in a strike against an apa r rental house on Saturday morning. The building, which appears to have 22 floors, is located near a Kiev airport. Anton Herashchenko, who confirmed the strike was not fatal, also said Russia lied about not shelling civilian infrastructure. The housing campaign was hit overnight. Two children were injured overnight in Kiev, according to the city mayor Vitali Klitschko. The former boxer said a total of 35 people were injured in late-night bouts in Kiev. He added that there is currently no major Russian military presence in Kiev, but that Russian saboteur groups are active. Rescue workers carrying a person to the site of a damaged multi-storey residential building, Britain's Armed Forces Secretary James Heappey said on Saturday Britain did not believe Russian troops had taken the south-east Ukrainian town of Melitopol. and even Melitopol, which the Russians are said to have taken, but we can't see anything to substantiate that, they're all still in Ukrainian hands," Heappey told BBC Radio Officials say Russian forces fired cruise missiles from the Black Sea at Mariupol. Kiev authorities said one missile hit an apartment building and a Reuters witness said another hit an area near peace talks, sanctions and rocket attacks - which they said overnight Things unfolded very quickly overnight in several cities, including the capital Kiev.* Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the Ukrainian military to overthrow the country's leadership and negotiate peace. * Ukraine and Russia are discussing the time and place for talks, spokesman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on social media. * Russia on Friday vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution that would have deplored Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, while China abstained. * President Joe Biden directed the US State Department to release $350 million in military aid to Ukraine and asked Congress to authorize $6.4 billion in aid to address the humanitarian and security crisis. * The White House said the United States would, in a rare move, impose sanctions on Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. * Canada, the United States, Britain and the European Union said they could act to ban Russia from the global interbank payments system SWIFT. * Ukraine said more than 1,000 Russian soldiers had been killed. According to the United Nations, 25 civilians were killed and 102 injured. * The conflict could push up to 5 million people abroad, UN agencies said, adding that at least 100,000 people have been uprooted and are running out of fuel, cash and medical supplies The impact of intense fighting overnight. A large central square was covered in glass and stone debris when an artillery shell hit an apartment building. Despite the heavy bombardment, Kviy and important government buildings remain in Ukrainian hands, according to early morning reports. Former Putin spokesman: Ukraine wants to provoke Russia to kill its citizens A former spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wants to provoke the Russian army into killing citizens in order to get NATO to react . Sergei Markov, who is now deputy chairman of Russia's public forum on international affairs, told Times Radio on Saturday: "He wants to provoke the Russian army into using artillery to cause great damage to Ukrainian citizens." When asked if he would propose that President Zelenskyy wants the Russian army to kill Ukrainian citizens, Markov said: "Exactly. That's also its main political [goal].' He added, 'That's the main goal now - to ask NATO to stop the Russian army.' Mr Markov also said, 'The Russian army doesn't want to kill Ukrainian soldiers.' He then claimed that 87% of the Ukrainian army joined the Russian army in Crimea in 2014 and that with the current attack on Ukraine, “a majority of Ukrainian army soldiers will make the decision to join the Russian army”. This is the devastating At this moment, a missile is seen flying into the side of an apartment building in Kiev, Ukraine. Blue skies shine down on the city before the missile slams into the high-rise apartments, destroying one side and billowing smoke around them. The creepy clip surfaced on social media along with other videos and images, leading many to wonder if it had already been evacuated. The building appears to have 22 floors in the center of Kiev, but its exact location is not clear. Click here to read more. The Ukrainian embassy in Moscow has been evacuated and staff are traveling to Latvia. Russia began evacuating its embassy in Kyiv two days ago after Ukraine urged its citizens to leave the invaded country. The Russian flag stopped flying over the Kiev embassy on Wednesday afternoon and police surrounded the building. Glimmer of hope for diplomacy despite raging fighting As brutal as the overnight fighting was and the seemingly high loss of life, there is hope for diplomatic talks between Ukraine and Russia could happen soon. The Kremlin said late yesterday it had offered to meet in the Belarusian capital of Minsk after Ukraine indicated its willingness to discuss declaring itself a neutral country, while Ukraine had suggested Warsaw as the venue. "Ukraine was and is ready to talk about a ceasefire and peace," Zelenskyy's spokesman Sergii Nykyforov said in a Facebook post. "We agreed to the proposal of the President of the Russian Federation." But US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Russia's offer was an attempt to conduct diplomacy "with a gun barrel" and that Putin's military must stop bombing Ukraine if it takes the negotiations seriously. At the United Nations, Russia vetoed a draft Security Council resolution that would have deplored its invasion, while China abstained in what Western countries saw as evidence of Russia's isolation. The White House asked Congress for $6.4 billion in security and humanitarian assistance for the crisis, officials said, and Biden directed the US State Department to release $350 million in military aid. Zelensky rejected US offer to provide shelter, saying "I need ammunition, not a ride" Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy rejected an offer by Washington to help him evacuate from Ukraine, US media claimed. The Washington Post quotes US officials as saying the country has offered to harbor the leader A dissenting Mr Zelensky, who released video of the streets of Kiev this morning, said: "The fight is here. Not our backs. Ukraine's leaders have given the impression of leading from the front, with published images of Zelensky and Vitali Klitschko, who has been the Ukrainian capital's mayor since 2014, in military gear. Vladimir Putin has fueled fears after warning that "unprecedented" Hypersonic missiles are ready for use Experts have claimed that he could use an arsenal of devastating weapons in his all-out attack on Ukraine includes an array of thermobaric weapons that fire a barrage of propellant-air warheads capable of "melting" an enemy army. TOS-1 "Buratino" and TOS-1A "Solntsepek" are considered some of the more dangerous weapons on the modern battlefield. Click here to read more.Major Ukrainian cities were attacked by Russian rockets and shells overnight. Artillery shells exploded in heavily built-up and populated Kiev, a Reuters witness said. Ukrainian officials said Russian forces fired cruise missiles from the Black Sea at the cities of Sumy, Poltava and Mariupol and there was heavy fighting near the southern city of Mariupol. Russian troops have taken the town of Melitopol in southern Ukraine's Zaporizhia region, Russian news agencies Interfax and Sputnik have claimed, citing the country's defense ministry. Melitopol is a medium-sized city near the main Ukrainian port of Mariupol. Air Force Command had previously reported heavy fighting near an air base in Vasylkiv, southwest of the capital, which was said to be under attack by Russian paratroopers. It was said that one of his fighters shot down a Russian transport plane. Many videos were uploaded to social media overnight showing the effects of artillery strikes.


The bitter resistance of the Ukraine brakes the Russian advance in Kiev

Explosions and heavy gunfire were heard in the streets of central Kiev this morning as Russian troops advanced in the most devastated Ukrainian capital (Author: Gardener)

KievExplosions and heavy gunfire were heard in the streets of downtown Kiev this morning as Russian troops advanced on the Ukrainian capital in the most devastating attack the city has faced since the German invasion in 1941. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the country to "stand firm," adding, "Ukraine's fate is being decided." Urging people not to believe "fake news," saying: "I'm here... Residents in Kyiv have been told to stay in temporary shelters as gunfire was heard near government areas but there were signs that fierce fighting." of the Ukrainian armed forces slowed down the momentum of the invasion. As tales of heroic resistance spread across the country, civilians flocked to armories to collect assault rifles and others were called upon to prepare petrol bombs while uniformed troops fought the advance of Russian ground forces. A spokesman for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said the two sides had started talks on the format and location of the ceasefire talks, despite the Kremlin's previous insistence that Ukrainian forces first lay down their arms. A Pentagon official said that President Putin failed to achieve his early goals. The official feared that the Russian leader could "recourse to any means necessary" as a result, even if it involved indiscriminate use of force. The Pentagon added that another "amphibious assault" was underway on the Sea of ​​Azov west of the city of Mariupol. The Russians are "potentially bringing thousands of marines ashore there now," the official said. Western allies fear Russia could use thermobaric weapons against Ukrainian forces if they continue to hold off the advance. Unlike conventional explosives, the explosive action of such weapons causes damage to internal organs, including the lungs. Officials believe Russian forces have missed most of their daily targets and may resort to indiscriminate fire to gain ground. Ukrainian troops take position as firefights with Russian units near Saint Sophia Cathedral were heard across the city. US President Joe Biden yesterday signed an executive order authorizing the delivery of up to $600 million (£448 million) in military aid, as NATO leaders announced more weapons for Ukraine, including air defense systems, and some members considered deploying more troops to bolster the alliance's eastern flanks. • Britain and the EU announced that all assets of President Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would be frozen. • Chinese President Xi urged Putin to negotiate with Ukraine, telling him: "China supports Russia and Ukraine to resolve the issue through negotiations." • The Kremlin banned British airlines from flying to Russia and its airspace . • Addressing the Russian people from No. 10, Boris Johnson said in Russian: “I don't think this war is being fought in your name.” • Facebook restricted Russian state media's ability to use social media Site to make money. "We are now banning Russian state media worldwide from advertising or making money on our platform," said the head of security policy, Nathaniel Gleicher. • European football's governing body Uefa is ready to end an £80m sponsorship deal with Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom. Natali Sevriukova is overcome with emotion after a barrage of rocket attacks on Kiev damaged her home. Zelensky used video appearances released throughout the day as he protected himself from Russian "saboteurs" sent to kill or capture him to urge Russian citizens to protest the war. Last night he posted another video showing himself alongside senior government officials and says he wants to show the Ukrainian people that their leaders did not flee Kiev. ● Message from Anthony Loyd: "If we don't fight the Russian invasion, we will lose everything" Putin, reportedly angered by the level of resistance, called on Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms. The Russian leader claimed his army has not yet encountered regular Ukrainian troops but is fighting "nationalist groups" on all fronts across the country. "Take power into your own hands," he said, addressing the Ukrainian armed forces. "It seems like we would find it easier to settle with you than with this gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have set up shop in Kiev and have taken the entire Ukrainian people hostage." Russian social media, however, told a different story. Influencers, celebrities and young Russians, including the daughters of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, shared the hashtag #NoToWar. Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev took a black marker to write "No War Please" on a courtside TV camera during a match in Dubai. It's Ukraine's stately capital, Kiev, with its candy-colored baroque buildings and pear-shaped golden domes, that's the prize Russian troops seek. Gunfights near St. Sophia Cathedral could be heard across Kiev as Russian forces, supported by artillery, tried to force their way through the city. Many observers believed that yesterday would bring Moscow's tanks into the city center, but by nightfall Ukrainian forces kept the battle going. "Yeah, maybe they'll take the city in two or three days," a Kyiv resident told The Times. Russian soldiers will never sleep peacefully in Kyiv - we'll scare them at any moment.” Later, former heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko, who is Kyiv's mayor, said five blasts hit the CHP-6 power plant northeast of the city. "The situation is now - without exaggeration - threatening for Kiev," he said. "The night just before morning will be very difficult." In a phone call with reporters, Peskov struggled to understand conflicting messages about whether negotiations between Russia and Ukraine could take place. After rejecting an offer of talks from Zelenskyy, the Kremlin proposed a meeting in Minsk, the capital of his client state of Belarus, before claiming Ukraine had waited too long. A soldier looks at the remains of a Russian plane that was shot down over Kiev Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's foreign minister, mocked Putin for only making his offer after Russian forces met stiff resistance. He responded to a call for Ukraine to surrender by telling the Russian president to "go to hell". "Putin said yesterday that there is nothing to discuss with Ukraine," Kuleba said. "Today the Kremlin counted the number of planes and helicopters down, the number of tanks and armored personnel carriers burned, and saw how many Russian racists disposed of our soldiers per day." Pentagon officials said Russian forces were losing momentum and not progressing as quickly as their intelligence estimates had predicted. "They are not moving towards Kiev as quickly as they expected," said one. Airstrikes near the cities of Sumy, Poltava and Mariupol were reported yesterday as Russian Kalibr cruise missiles were fired at the country from the Black Sea. This morning, the Russian military claimed it had taken the southern city of Melitopol, but it was unclear how much of the area was under its control. Despite Russian forces attacking air defense and missile systems, the Ukrainian Air Force flew sorties and two Russian military transport planes were shot down south of Kiev. US officials believe Russia's plan is to encircle Kiev and launch attacks on the city in an attempt to behead the government or force it into submission in a siege. Ukrainian soldiers took up firing positions in the city center and on bridges over the Dnipro River in preparation for a ground push or a special forces attack. ● The high-spirited Putin could be dragged into an unwinnable war. ● What else can Britain and the West do to stop Russia? Uncertainty still prevailed over the status of Antonov airfield at Hostomel, north of Kiev and near Obolon, where ground fighting was raging. Verified videos appeared to show two bridges leading to Kiev on the northern and western edges that were destroyed by Ukrainian forces to slow an advance of Russian tanks. In the far south of the country, a naval engineer lost his life in a similar operation when he blew up the easternmost bridge from Russian-controlled Crimea to mainland Ukraine. Ukraine's Defense Ministry said another bridge across the Teterev River west of Kiev had been demolished to stop "overwhelming enemy forces". Soldiers erected roadblocks on major thoroughfares in Kiev, but there was concern over reports of Russian soldiers hijacking Ukrainian vehicles and stealing uniforms to enter the city center in friendly garb. The heavily armed commandos guarding government buildings near St Sofia, where the cobblestone streets were deserted and dead silent, had little friendliness. Chaotic scenes erupted at the main train station as people tried to squeeze into trains heading west towards the Polish border without a ticket. Ukrainian men of military age between 18 and 60 are barred by law from leaving the country as martial law was imposed on Thursday. The Ukrainian military yesterday said it would waive all age restrictions on volunteers. "Today Ukraine needs everyone," said Yuri Galushkin, commander of the Territorial Defense Force. In one of his video appearances, Zelenskyy accused the West of not standing by Ukraine. He condemned Western sanctions and called for urgent arms deliveries. "The most powerful powers in the world are watching from afar," he said. “Have the sanctions convinced Russia? His appeals appeared to be bearing fruit as Biden approved military aid and French leader Emmanuel Macron promised help. "Weapons and equipment from our partners are on their way to Ukraine," he tweeted this morning. "The anti-war coalition is working!" British Armed Forces Secretary James Heappey said the government was working to provide military aid and, if Kiev falls, to support a resistance movement and a government-in-exile. “We know what the Ukrainians want. Western leaders have defended their sanctions as the strongest imposed on a world power, but others said they were unlikely to affect events on the ground. "These sanctions will not change Putin's thinking as this war unfolds," said Michael McFaul, a former US ambassador to Russia. “We will not count and measure the impact of sanctions in weeks. Kuleba called for the banning of all Russian ambassadors from foreign posts, the country's disconnection from the Swift payments mechanism, and Russia's expulsion from the UN Security Council, which it currently chairs. He also called for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, a move that NATO has already ruled out, along with military intervention. Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to the attack on Ukraine and the withdrawal of all troops.


What are the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics?

Pro-Russian separatist regions declared their independence from Kiev in 2014 (Author: Gardener)

Pro-RussianAfter weeks of mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine over Moscow's build-up of military forces along its western border with its neighbor, war has finally returned to Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a "special military operation" in a televised address to his citizens in the early hours of Thursday morning, putting an end to the West's diplomatic efforts to avert disaster and restore peace. Soon after, explosions were reported from the outskirts of the cities of Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Mariupol and the capital Kiev, prompting many Ukrainians to form queues at supermarkets, ATMs and gas stations in preparation to survive the siege or flee. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his government had introduced martial law in all areas of the state and urged citizens to stay at home as much as possible. Meanwhile, the country's airports have been temporarily closed and secured against possible landings by Russian planes, while Russia has closed its own airspace around the border to civilian access for the next four months. In the opening battles, the Ukrainian military said it destroyed four Russian tanks on a road near the eastern city of Kharkiv, killed 50 soldiers near a city in the Luhansk region and shot down a sixth Russian plane, also in the east of the country . Zelenskyy said 137 Ukrainian civilians and soldiers were killed and another 316 injured on the first day of fighting as he appealed to the international community for more help. He vowed to stay in Kiev when Russian missile attacks targeted the city in the early hours of Friday morning. Tensions in Eastern Europe have been smoldering since December, when Russia deployed an estimated 130,000 troops along its western border and then another 30,000 in Belarus, consistently denying it had any attention to an invasion of Ukraine. Frantic diplomatic negotiations have been waged by figures such as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in hopes of averting disaster, but ultimately appear to have come to nothing. Then the situation escalated drastically on Monday, when Putin officially recognized two eastern Ukrainian regions held by pro-Russian separatist groups as independent states. Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik, leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) respectively, made a direct appeal to the Kremlin asking for military and financial assistance as the situation in those regions became increasingly critical. The Russian leader duly notified his Security Council that there was a need to seriously consider their appeals. Mr Putin was told by his predecessor, Dmitry Medvedev, who is now deputy chairman of the council, that he believes a majority of Russians would support the two regions' claims to independence, adding that around 800,000 Russian citizens in the DPR and the LVR live. Recognition of their status as independent states quickly followed, giving Mr Putin an excuse to send troops across the border while arguing he was doing so to protect the breakaway regions as allies against Kiev. Vassily Nebenzia, Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, insisted there would be no "new bloodbath" in eastern Ukraine but warned the West to "think twice" before things get any worse. The sanctions unveiled by the West so far, including steps taken to prevent Russian banks and wealthy plutocrats from doing business abroad and the blocking of regulatory approval for the lucrative Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, have been criticized as insufficient, and high-ranking Russian officials like Mr Medvedev and Sergei Lavrov dismissed them with a grin. Both the DPR and the LPR declared their independence on May 12, 2014 after Mr Putin annexed the Crimean Peninsula in response to his favorite pro-Moscow presidential candidate, Viktor Yanukovych, who had been ousted from power by mass protests. An estimated 14,000 people have been killed in the region's ongoing conflict over the past eight years, with NATO and Ukraine accusing Russia of arming the Separatist rebels, an accusation the Kremlin denies. The DPR and LPR are officially considered terrorist organizations by Kyiv, although this is not a designation agreed upon by the US, EU or other international bodies. Russia insisted that it was not a party to the conflict and that the agreement therefore did not apply to it, arguing that it could not remove forces and military equipment from Donetsk and Luhansk as the combatants were part of a separatist insurgency and not its own. The two sides continued to disagree, with Ukraine viewing the Minsk Accords as a means to restore control of its border, while Russia saw them as a chance to grant autonomy to the rebel areas and effectively give it a voice in Ukraine's foreign policy per deputy. The prospect of elections in the industrial heartland of Donbass, where the DPR and LPR are based, was also controversial as it raised the possibility that former separatist warlords could sit in parliament or win high posts in the police force, a result which many Ukrainians consider unacceptable.


The anti-Semitism that fuels Putin's claim to "denazify" Ukraine.

The Russian leader's pretense for the invasion portrays Ukraine's Jewish President as a Nazi and Russian Christians as true victims of the Holocaust (Author: Gardener)

UkraineWhen Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia's invasion of Ukraine at dawn on Thursday, he justified the "special military operation" with the aim of "denazifying" Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is a fascist autocrat himself, one who jails democratic opposition leaders and critics. He is the acknowledged leader of the global far right, which is increasingly looking like a global fascist movement. Ukraine has a far-right movement, and its armed defenders include the Azov Battalion, a far-right nationalist militia group. But no democratic country is free from far-right nationalist groups, including the United States. That's far less support than far-right parties receive across Western Europe, including undeniably democratic countries like France and Germany. Ukraine is a democratic country with a popular president elected in a free and fair election with over 70% of the vote. But understanding why Putin is justifying the invasion of democratic Ukraine in this way sheds an important light on what is happening not only in Eastern Europe but worldwide. Fascism is a cult of the leader that promises national restoration in the face of perceived humiliation at the hands of ethnic or religious minorities, liberals, feminists, immigrants and homosexuals. The fascist leader claims the nation has been humiliated and its manhood threatened by these forces. Central to European fascism is the idea that the Jews are the agents of moral decay. According to European fascism, it is the Jews who bring a country under the rule of the (Jewish) global elite, using the tools of liberal democracy, secular humanism, feminism and gay rights used to stamp out decadence , to introduce weakness and impurity. Racial rather than religious in origin, fascist anti-Semitism targets Jews as a corrupt stateless race striving for global dominance. Fascism justifies its violence by offering to protect a supposedly pure religious and national identity from the forces of liberalism. In the West, fascism presents itself as the defender of European Christianity against these forces, as well as against mass Muslim migration. Fascism in the West is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from Christian nationalism. Putin, the leader of Russian Christian nationalism, now sees himself as the world leader of Christian nationalism, and is increasingly viewed as such by Christian nationalists around the world, including in the United States. Putin has emerged as the leader of this movement, in part due to the global reach of newer Russian fascist thinkers like Alexander Dugin and Alexander Prokhanov, who have laid their foundations. It is easy to see in Putin's invasion of Ukraine the roadmap that has been laid out in recent years by Dugin and Prokhanov, key figures in Putin's Russia. Both Dugin and Prokhanov viewed an independent Ukraine as an existential threat to their goal, which Timothy Snyder describes in his 2018 book The Road to Unfreedom as “a desire for the return of Soviet power in fascist form.” The form of Russian fascism that Dugin and Prokhanov defended is like the central versions of European fascism - explicitly anti-Semitic. The dominant version of anti-Semitism living in parts of Eastern Europe today is that Jews are using the Holocaust to borrow the victim narrative from the "real" victims of the Nazis, who are Russian Christians (or other non-Jewish Eastern Europeans). Those who embrace Russian Christian nationalist ideology will be particularly vulnerable to this type of anti-Semitism. Ukraine has always been the main target of those who wanted to restore "Soviet power in fascist form". Echoing well-known fascist anti-Semitic tropes, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev denounced Zelenskyy as obnoxious, corrupt and disloyal in a 2021 article. The free democratic election of a Jewish president confirms in fascist thought that the fascist specter of liberal democracy as a tool for global Jewish domination is real. By claiming that the aim of the invasion was to "denazify" Ukraine, Putin appeals to the myths of contemporary Eastern European anti-Semitism - that a global cabal of Jews were the real agents of violence against Russian Christians and the real victims of violence ( and are). the Nazis were not the Jews, but this group. Russian Christians are the target of a conspiracy by a global elite attacking the Christian faith and the Russian nation using the vocabulary of liberal democracy and human rights. Putin's propaganda is not aimed at an obviously skeptical West, but appeals domestically to this form of Christian nationalism. The attack on liberal democracy in the West comes from a global fascist movement centered on Christian nationalism. It will be difficult to separate this movement from anti-Semitism (albeit a version of anti-Semitism allied with forces pushing for a Jewish nationalist state in Israel). Not surprisingly, when the faces of a free, secular, tolerant liberal democracy prominently include Jewish faces, proponents of the view that a Christian nation needs protection and defense against liberalism, “globalism” and its supposed decadence are called to their most violent acts .


Russian troops advance into Ukraine

Russian forces have entered the outskirts of the capital Kyiv as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of a tough night (Author: Gardener)

RussianCity authorities have urged residents to stay home but prepare Molotov cocktails for a civil uprising against Russian militants if they break through the defense lines. City authorities have urged residents to stay home but prepare Molotov cocktails for a civil uprising against Russian militants if they break through the defense lines. In one district, they handed out guns to any citizen who wanted to fight, and the Defense Ministry opened up the army to any Ukrainian citizen. In one district, they handed out guns to any citizen who wanted to fight, and the Defense Ministry opened up the army to any Ukrainian citizen. Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of a difficult night for the capital: "Tonight will be the hardest," said the Ukrainian President in a speech. Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned of a difficult night for the capital: "Tonight will be the hardest," said the Ukrainian President in a speech. The past day was all about the capital Kiev. The past day was all about the capital Kiev. Russian forces pushed into the outskirts on Friday, threatening an attack from the northwest and east aimed at capturing the city. Russian forces pushed into the outskirts on Friday, threatening an attack from the northwest and east aimed at capturing the city. "More than 50,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled their country in less than 48 hours - most to Poland and Moldova," said UN refugee agency director Filippo Grandi, adding that "many more are moving towards its borders." . "More than 50,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled their country in less than 48 hours - most to Poland and Moldova," said UN refugee agency director Filippo Grandi, adding that "many more are moving towards its borders." . On Friday, guards fired warning shots to deter a rush to Kiev's main train station as thousands of people tried to force themselves onto evacuation trains. On Friday, guards fired warning shots to deter a rush to Kiev's main train station as thousands of people tried to force themselves onto evacuation trains. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed its forces had taken control of the strategic Hostomel airfield in north-west Kiev, while Russian tanks were filmed by people in the Obolonskyi district about six miles north of the city center in the morning. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed its forces had taken control of the strategic Hostomel airfield in north-west Kiev, while Russian tanks were filmed by people in the Obolonskyi district about six miles north of the city center in the morning. Explosions shook Kiev, and residents hid in shelters and subway stations. Explosions shook Kiev, and residents hid in shelters and subway stations. A woman has reportedly given birth at a ward where she was sheltering with other residents. A woman has reportedly given birth at a ward where she was sheltering with other residents. Zelenskyy called for international help and for Western powers to act faster to cut off Russia's economy and provide military aid to Ukraine. Zelenskyy called for international help and for Western powers to act faster to cut off Russia's economy and provide military aid to Ukraine. "When bombs fall on Kiev, it happens in Europe, not just in Ukraine," he said. "When bombs fall on Kiev, it happens in Europe, not just in Ukraine," he said. The US Department of Defense has confirmed that a Russian "amphibious assault" has been launched in Mariupol, a coastal city in southeastern Ukraine. The US Department of Defense has confirmed that a Russian "amphibious assault" has been launched in Mariupol, a coastal city in southeastern Ukraine. "Many cities of our state are under attack: Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, our boys and girls in Donbass, the cities of the south, special attention to Kiev," said Zelenskyy. "Many cities of our state are under attack: Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, our boys and girls in Donbass, the cities of the south, special attention to Kiev," said Zelenskyy. Vladimir Putin called on the Ukrainian army to overthrow its leadership, which he described as a "gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have settled in Kiev and taken the entire Ukrainian people hostage". Vladimir Putin called on the Ukrainian army to overthrow its leadership, which he described as a "gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have settled in Kiev and taken the entire Ukrainian people hostage". Prominent Russians have joined protests in Russia or spoken out against the invasion, amid at least 1,800 arrests at anti-war rallies. NATO will send significant additional troops to Eastern European countries that are part of the alliance, its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. British ministers warned that no military forces would travel to Ukraine itself to avoid an "existential" war between Russia and the West. The EU and the UK have started freezing assets held abroad by Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The UN Security Council has voted on a resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Eleven member states voted in favor of the resolution, three abstained (China, India and the United Arab Emirates) and one voted against (Russia). Due to Russia's veto, the resolution was not confirmed. The Council of Europe has suspended Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. The 47-nation council announced that Russia was suspended from the organization's Committee of Ministers and Parliamentary Assembly on Friday "as a result of the Russian Federation's armed attack on Ukraine" with "immediate effect".


A tribute to the stars of the ITV show we loved and lost

The ITV show Dancing on Ice was rocked by the death of former professional skater Sean Rice last month. Here we pay tribute to all those who lost the show (Author: Gardener)

ITVOn the ITV ice skating show Dancing On Ice, many famous contestants have wowed the judges over the years. Unfortunately, however, there are a handful of stars who took part in the show and are no longer with us. Following the passing of former pro skater Sean Rice, here we pay tribute to all of the cast and crew of Dancing On Ice who have sadly passed away over the years. Former DOI pro skater Sean Rice died in January at the age of just 49. ITV came under fire for failing to pay tribute to Sean on the live show immediately after his death on Sunday (16 January). READ ALSO: Dancing On Ice star Bez makes a shocking admission about his time on the show. However, the show did air a tribute skate to Sean on last week's show (February 6). Introducing the performance, Stephen Mulhern said, "First off, we have a stunning performance choreographed by two of the professional skaters that they want to dedicate to someone very special." Holly Willoughby added, "Former Dancing On Ice pro Sean Rice sadly passed away in January and will be missed by all who knew him. "So here with a beautiful routine dedicated to Sean, here are two of his closest friends, Lukasz and Alexandra." The official DOI Twitter account also reported on his untimely death. Sean was a wonderful skater and friend of many members of the Dancing On Ice team. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.” Sean was on the show for two years. He ran with former news anchor Angela Rippon in 2011 and alpine ski racer Chemmy Alcott a year later. Chemmy posted a tribute on social media following his death. She said: "I just heard the tragic news that Sean Rice, my partner at DOI, has passed away. A week after her husband's death, Sean's wife Jodeyne Higgins, 47, broke her silence. Jodeyne took to Instagram on Friday, January 21 to pay tribute to her late husband. In a picture shared with her 1.5k followers, Jodeyne and Sean can be seen sitting on a log and hugging. The 47-year-old posted a lengthy caption as she wrote a heartbreaking message to Sean. "I wish heaven had visiting hours so I could tell you I love you one more time." He died in the arms of his husband Andrew Cowles after suffering from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. The singer was so excited to take part in the 2007 series of ITV ice skating show Dancing on Ice. READ ALSO: Jason Gardiner Brutally Attacks Phillip Schofield After Missing Dancing On Ice Due To COVID. However, he ended up finishing eighth alongside his professional partner Kristina Lenko. Westlife star Brian McFadden paid a touching tribute to Stephen before trying it on the ice in 2019. He said: "I remember seeing my old pal Stephen Gately on the show and watching Stephen do it, I just saw how happy he was he was doing it and how much he loved it. "If I could have as much fun as Stephen did, I would be very happy." His family said, "He had endured a long battle with a progressive lung condition that rapidly worsened towards the end of this year." Keith is one of the few celebrities , who have competed twice in Dancing On Ice. The comedian was forced to retire but later returned to the show in 2013 with his professional partner Olga Sharutenko. Tony Gubba was the original commentator for Dancing On Ice who sadly passed away in 2013. Commenting on eight series of DOI from 2006 to 2013 and wowing fans with his tongue-in-cheek jokes, Tony said of nightlife-loving former Manchester United footballer Lee Sharpe: "He's not usually that active before midnight!" Tony was on at the time of his death Leukemia only 69 years old. Dancing on Ice is on ITV on Sunday (11 February) at 6pm.


Daily guide to what your zodiac sign has in store for you

♈ ARIES March 21 to April 20 You have excellent creative abilities as the full moon brings forth deep inspiration. Ideas may not be what everyone expects, but you will immediately know which ones work best... (Author: Gardener)

March 21 to April 20You have outstanding creative abilities as the full moon brings forth deep inspiration. Ideas may not be what everyone expects, but you'll immediately know which ones work best for you. Your passion chart is off the scale as Venus and Mars make a hot couple. Make this a family day, even if you didn't plan it, because feelings that have been ignored need to be addressed. You have the words you need. Love is on a journey that can twist and turn but keep the price of passion in mind as it can be yours. Your communication center glows with the intensity of the full moon and you realize you have the words to ask for something you really need. Love has a physical power that may feel overwhelming at first, but pursue it. When fiery and loyal planets join forces in your marriage sector, you can expect more from long-term commitments, no matter what stage they have reached. If you are single, the first step is to know your worth. Step two makes sure everyone else knows too. A quick fix can be tempting, in love and in life. But a balance of the power of the great planet will help you overcome challenges. At work, slipping into an "M" role changes everything, even if it's temporary. A fitness goal is reached faster when you love the journey to get there. When a Full Moon full of mystery and fantasy sends feelings through your horoscope, get ready to unveil long-held secrets or speak honestly about recent developments that you've found difficult. Opposites attract, not only in love but also at work. The moon and sun occupy opposite positions in your horoscope and you have an extraordinary ability to present ideas and speak to unique people. So if there's a chance to level up, take it. Romance is rooted in a familiar setting and the new face in an established group could be The One. Finding the right line of communication in a love situation is easier when Venus and Mars connect. You can be stronger in what you say, but love remains at the heart of a bond. If you are single, a love quest that you abandoned some time ago can be resumed with surprising success. Everything you love about love gets bigger and bolder when Power Planets focus on passion. You can advance a relationship faster than expected or, if you are free from fantasies, find the person who fulfills your fantasies. Experience counts at work, so mention yours. A super sensual full moon can distract you . Even the longest love relationships can feel as exciting as a first date. Away from love, take the time to properly concretize plans and to review appointments and agreements. Secret crushes and long-term desires are part of your passion profile, but you handle them well when you trust that you can express those feelings at the right time. Love and friendship can work well together if you break the set rules you usually apply to both. Treat strangers as potential friends, not enemies, to increase the chances of success.