Licorice Pizza deserves the Best Picture award of 2022, and here's why

It's one of those rare movies where the plot progresses seamlessly without anything too dramatic really happening. Strengthened by its performances and visionary creative direction, it establishes itself as a realistic time capsule of California during the 1973 gas crisis. "Licorice Pizza" […] (Author: Gardener)

the Best PictureLicorice Pizza is by far the best movie of the year. It's one of those rare movies where the plot progresses seamlessly without anything too dramatic really happening. Drawing strength from his performances and visionary creative direction, he establishes himself as a realistic time capsule of California during the 1973 gas crisis. Licorice Pizza deserves to be this year's best picture. With 51 independent awards and 154 nominations to date, "Licorice Pizza" is a front-runner for Best Picture winner as the nominations were released by the Academy on February 8th. "Licorice Pizza" was nominated in three categories, all indicative of a great film. The Academy nominated this film for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. If Best Picture picks come down to a combination of acting skill, a visionary director and a lived-in world, then Licorice Pizza is a firm favorite for the crown. The film uses its inexperienced actors and plants itself in rich, believable soil, and the results it delivers speak for themselves. New leads Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim headline the roles of Gary Valentine and Alana Kane. For more on the film's plot, read our Licorice Pizza review here. There are two main benefits of pairing inexperienced actors with an experienced director. With no well-known actors in these lead roles, he had to rely on the story being told well enough to engage audiences. Given the huge critical and box office success that this film has had, it is reasonable to conclude that the film succeeded in sinking those hooks in audiences. "Licorice Pizza" meanders in the best possible way: you never know where it's going, but you can't wait to find out where it ends, and when it's over you don't want it to end." We did seen other films by legendary directors at the end of their careers garner tremendous attention. Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood received critical acclaim at the 2020 Academy Awards, winning Best Supporting Actor and Best Production Design. At the award ceremony, he was nominated for a total of 10 categories. This film, Licorice Pizza, is a similar film by a director who has a lot in common with Tarantino. This film, similar to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is a step back into California's past. However, what is different about this film is that this great film is not anchored by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. This amazing film takes advantage of its inexperienced actors and turns them into literal stars. Led by Paul Thomas Anderson, who is notorious for giving his actors the opportunity to contribute creatively to their characters and tailor the cinematography in their favour, the two young actors shine together. The protagonist is Alana Kane, played by Haim, and her real-world connection to the entertainment industry as a member of the famous family band HAIM lends itself to a great and believable performance on her part. Robert Butler, 38, film critic for and independent filmmaker whose 2019 credits include Blood Immortal, considers Licorice Pizza his definitive pick for Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards. "The film is really about two people finding themselves," said Butler. Many critics have called Haim one of the new actors with that "it" factor. Her long association with Anderson, who has directed several music videos for her band, lent itself to a true superstar performance in Licorice Pizza. Haim's recognition is well deserved. Prolific director JJ Abrams also praised both young leads, saying, "Really incredible debut performances. There's little better than walking into a PTA film.” When you consider the other films nominated for Best Picture, this could be a tightly contested competition. And while both are historical pieces, the release on Netflix gives Campion's film an extra boost, while 'Licorice Pizza' was a theatrical only. For real film lovers, the choice is clear: "Licorice Pizza" has to win. While Campion's film is an audience-pleasing western with social commentary, Anderson gives us something more real. The film's strength lies in Anderson's insistence on giving us a dreamy, bird's eye view of the Golden State where the possibilities are endless. It captures the sweet summertime of our childhoods with such ease and this film really connects a lot of people in that way. Given Anderson's past track record of Oscar nominations, of which he currently has 25, it's safe to assume he'll be a safe bet at this year's ceremony. Anderson also has just one win, however, with the well-deserved Daniel Day-Lewis taking home best actor for 2007's There Will Be Blood. Still, this is a different kind of film. The film's tone is enough to warrant high praise. There's a happy vibe to this hangout movie, and something less secure lurks beneath the surface. Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead's adored guitarist and himself a frequent collaborator with Paul Thomas Anderson, comes up with a brilliant score that has us a little nervous. It adds just enough darker elements to give the film that multi-faceted and full-bodied feel. Champions of this film have compared "Licorice Pizza" to Anderson's other 2002 romantic comedy, Punch Drunk Love. Butler cites this connection to the Adam Sandler film as one of the film's strongest points. "Very similar to Punch Drunk Love in the way two people come together," Butler said. "The collaboration between the actors and PTA (is one of the strengths of the film). His films have a jazz feel where they have these long takes and the actors can experiment," Butler continued. “This great scene with (Alana) and her father is an example of that. He uses long takes and handheld shots, just lets the camera roll and lets the characters breathe.” Additional credibility is given to the film's cast with aggressive cameos by Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn. Both actors keep it all on screen and don't waste a single moment of their limited screen time. The critics are also talking about "liquorice pizza". One of those rare films where everything is perfect on every level. No wasted moment, no wasted character," Butler said. This movie has a great spirit. It's one of those rare films, it has that kind of exuberant atmosphere that's rare in cinema."


Barry Humphries, comedian tour dates

Barry Humphries, comedian tour dates (Author: Gardener)

Barry HumphriesBorn in Kew, a suburb of Melbourne, Humphries attended Melbourne Grammar School and Melbourne University, where he studied law, philosophy and fine arts. He began his stage career in 1952 writing and performing songs and sketches in university revues. In the beginning Humphries had ambitions for pure theater and toured in Shakespearean plays and joined the newly formed Melbourne Theater Company. But the big turning point came in 1955 when he founded Mrs. Norm Everage, a suburban Melbourne housewife who over the years has blossomed into the glamorous, gladiolus-wielding "gigastar" Dame Edna who made his fortune. In the late 1950s Humphries joined Sydney's Philip Street Revue Theatre, Australia's premier home of intimate revue and satirical comedy, enabling him to secure a cast of characters such as grandfatherly Sandy Stone, seedy union official Lance Boyle and socialist academic Neil to develop singleton. In 1959 he moved to London and became part of the so-called satirical boom, working with the likes of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook - appearing in Cook's club The Establishment and starring in their film Bedazzled as Envy. He also worked with Joan Littlewood's groundbreaking Stratford East Theater Company and played Long John Silver at the Mermaid Theatre. While in the UK, he developed the cartoon about hardy outback adventurer Barry (Bazza) McKenzie, who predated Crocodile Dundee and the real-life Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. The character began life in Private Eye, but his exploits have also been filmed. Humphries has also appeared in numerous West End stage productions, including the Lionel Bart musical Oliver! Since that first foray into London, he's split his time between England, Australia and sometimes the US - something he didn't really crack until his Broadway show in 2000, one of countless solo shows he's performed around the world, mostly as Dame Edna with other characters in a supporting role. But his first London show in 1962 was panned by critics and it was seven years before he returned to the West End stage - eventually cracking it with his 1976 production Housewife, Superstar! The only other actor to ever share the stage with Humphries in his stage shows was Emily Perry, who played Edna's fake sidekick, Madge. Dame Edna has also had numerous television appearances including her own LWT chat show The Dame Edna Experience and a recurring guest role on Ally McBeal. Humprhie's most famous creation after Dame Edna is the slovenly Australian cultural attache Sir Les Paterson, who made his debut in 1974. The character was a hopeless drunk, and in reality, Humphries was struggling with a drinking problem as well. He was awarded a CBE in the 2007 Birthday Honors and other awards include an Order of Australia in 1982, an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Melbourne University in 2003, a Gold Rose of Montreaux for his show A Night On Mount Edna in 1991 and a Tony Award in 2000. Humphries has been married four times; his fourth wife, Lizziespender, is the daughter of British poet Sir Stephenspender. In late 2007 he underwent appendix surgery in Sydney but developed complications that forced him to stop working for six months.


AGT fan favorite Nightbirde dead at 31 after cancer battle; Howie Mandel recalls her 'inspirational light'

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Howie MandelMinka Kelly, who plays Samantha in the show's second season, recently spoke to Vanity Fair about her experiences on set. Kelly said her character Samantha was told to strip naked during her very first scene.


Monday motivation: Monalisa reveals her instant vacation theory

Earlier today, Bhojpuri actress Monalisa took to her social media account to give fans some Monday motivation. (Author: Gardener)

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Motivation Monday: Nostril breathing

Join us for Motivation Monday presented by Ochsner Health as New Orleans Saints yoga instructor Jessica Huneycutt shares a nostril breathing exercise to help calm your nervous system. (Author: Gardener)

MondayWith the Saints taking on the New York Jets in Week 14, we're offering a recipe to take your road trip tailgate to the next level. This week Theo Mitchell and our Saints Live Well crew are in the kitchen preparing New Jersey Salmon courtesy of HelloFresh.


Inspirational quotes from Biden, Trump, Obama and more

Here are some inspirational quotes from notable American Presidents. (Author: Gardener)

Biden, Trump, ObamaPresidents Day is celebrated annually on the third Monday in February to honor past and present US Presidents. Although the day was originally instituted to commemorate the birth of George Washington, who was born on February 22, 1732, it is now recognized as a time to celebrate all presidents and the contributions they made to the country . Here are some inspirational quotes, courtesy of Brainy Quote, from notable American presidents: 1. "Failure at some point in life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable." ― Joe Biden 2. "Without passion you have no energy, without energy you have nothing.” ― Donald Trump 3. “Change will not come if we wait for another person or another time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. 4. "A leader is someone who brings people together." ― George W. 5. "When your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams 6. “I hold that the union of these States is eternal in the light of universal law and the Constitution. Eternity is implied, if not expressed, in the constitution of all national governments.” – Abraham Lincoln 8. “The test of leadership is not in bringing greatness into mankind, but in producing it, for greatness is already there.” ― James Buchanan 9. "While people living in different parts of this vast continent cannot be expected to hold the same opinions, they can unite in a common purpose and uphold common principles." ― Franklin Pierce Donald Trump and Joe Biden are very different presidents — as are their White Houses


The boy who learned to swim

A little boy once wanted to learn to swim. His parents took him to the local swimming pool and signed him up with an instructor. (Author: Gardener)

A little boy once wanted to learn to swim. His parents took him to the local swimming pool and signed him up with an instructor. After a few weeks he had learned the basics of swimming and was able to do a few strokes, covering a few meters before stopping. So he continued to take swimming lessons and after a few more weeks he was able to swim through the small pool where he was learning. He continued to train and after a few more months he was able to swim a full length of the main pool. He continued training and was eventually able to turn around and swim back the other way. After a few more months, he was able to do a few laps in the pool in one effort. He began competing in swimming and eventually won his first race. He went to the sea and swam from the beach to a pier a few hundred meters away. He took part in an ocean race several kilometers long and won straight away. But the boy thought he could do even better. So he stood on the beach and looked out at the ocean, out at the horizon beyond. He wondered where the limits of what he could achieve were, and if he had already reached them. And he aspired to something bigger and set about planning how to achieve it. We're all this little boy. We all have some basic skill at something. Let's move from basic skills to proficient. Look to the horizon, dream big, and find a way to be great.


Vaisshnav Tej works out with Uncle Naga Babu at the gym while they "chasing a fit body"; VIDEO

It is well known that the mega clan is very close to each other. From the oldest Chiranjeevi to the youngest Akira Nanda, everyone shares a very loving bond in their family. The nephew and uncle duo became gym partners and sweated in their... (Author: Gardener)

Vaisshnav TejYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Monday Motivation: Vaisshnav Tej works out in the gym with Uncle Naga Babu as they “chase a fit body”; VIDEO Every now and then, during family reunions and festivals, the mega tribe always treats us to epic images, now we have a video, the coolest straight from the gym of Vaisshnav Tej and Naga Babu. The nephew and uncle duo became gym partners and worked up a sweat in search of a perfectly fit body. Naga Babu took to his Instagram and shared a video to introduce his new fitness partner, Panja Vaisshnav Tej. The duo can be seen flaunting their biceps while lifting dumbbells at the gym. We think they definitely serve as the perfect Monday motivation you need today. The video names family and fitness goals, a total win-win. Naga Babu shared the video on Instagram and wrote: "I found a 'new' GymMate in my 'nephew' @panja_vaishnav_tej. The hunt for the perfect body continues with the Perfect Gym Buddy#GymBuds. The Mama & Nephew Mania.” Sai Dharam Tej responded with a heart emoticon while Niharika wrote “Love it” in the comments section , Panja Vaisshnav Tej is teaming up with Ketika Sharma for a romantic film titled Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga. The creators recently announced that the film hits theaters on May 27, clashing at the box office with Adivi Sesh's biographical film Major.


What is the fresh start effect and how can you start fresh this Monday

The average Monday tends to be a lot stronger than say the average first of the month and definitely more than January 1st to make a fresh start. (Author: Gardener)

MondayWhat is the Fresh Start Effect and how can you start fresh this Monday? January 1st is usually the big day when millions of people decide to start something new. That could be finally hitting the gym, quitting unhealthy habits like smoking, or working toward a career goal they set months earlier. The beginning of each year marks a new beginning in the calendar, so it seems appropriate to start something new on that day as well. dr Katherine Milkman and her colleagues call this motivation the fresh-start effect—when special days in our lives inspire us to believe we're starting over with a clean slate. “Restart” days also serve as a watershed as we step back to look at the bigger picture of where our lives are going – this too can inspire us to take responsibility and correct course. Whatever you do on January 1st - start eating healthy, quit smoking, start exercising - you can of course start on any other day of the year. It's just that certain dates lead us to believe that a new era is upon us and that from that point forward we can take charge. Can the new beginning effect actually be manipulated? While January 1st is the big one, other dates are also good starting points to change our lives: a birthday for example, an anniversary or even the first of a new month. But perhaps the most underrated Fresh Start Day, if you could call it that, is Monday. If you look beyond the much-vaunted Monday morning blues, this is the day that will give you a fresh start like no other. You've probably subconsciously known this if you've been writing down your to-dos for the week or have suffered from Sunday night insomnia driven by anxiety about the new week. That's because the average Monday tends to be a lot stronger than, say, the average first of the month, and definitely stronger than January 1st. According to Milkman, who calls it the day of the week effect, this is because the weekends are very different from the rest of the week. “…there is a very real difference between the weekends and the week. Monday, you haven't been at your desk for a while, hopefully when you've had a good weekend and managed to put everything aside. That juice runs out a bit by the 17th Zoom view of the week, but I'm excited at the start of a week." But what makes Monday a bigger deal, even for the laziest of us, is the fact that it's every month there are four to five of them and at least 52 every year. That's 52 new opportunities to click reset and start over. How can you start fresh this Monday? The easiest way to do this is to bring in that fresh start energy you've reserved for the big days leading up to Monday. See Every Monday as January 1st Say you were so unproductive last week that you had to carry half your to-do list forward this week. Look at this list for what it's worth - a list of this week's tasks - and just focus on getting them done. Spending too much time on past failures can diminish this week's achievements, and worrying about the week after can demotivate and derail your current week. Make the most of new beginnings One of Milkman's studies suggests that we're more likely to commit to a goal that's set earlier in the week. So, sure you missed a week at the gym or that cheat day turned into a cheat week. Instead of waiting for next month to start to get back on track, click Reset this Monday.


The switch from VUCA to BANI

VUCA For years, "VUCA" has been gaining popularity as a term intended to cover the various dimensions of the uncontrollable environment in which we find ourselves. The concept of VUCA was developed in 1987 by students at the U. (Author: Gardener)

VUCAFor years, "VUCA" has been gaining popularity as a term meant to cover the different dimensions of the uncontrollable environment we find ourselves in. In an article for Forbes, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink explained the relationship of the four terms. “For example, the more complex and volatile an industry is, the more difficult it is to predict and therefore more uncertain. However, all four represent different elements that make our environment - the world, a market, an industry - more elusive and controllable. In a purely volatile (but not uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, there are many rapid but predictable changes. On the other hand, in a purely uncertain (but not volatile, complex and ambiguous) world, it's just hard to tell how things are going. And in a purely complex (but not volatile, uncertain and ambiguous) world, things are difficult to unravel and understand. After all, things are difficult to see in a purely ambiguous (but not volatile, uncertain and complex) world,” he said of the VUCA model. But today, when the VUCA model has been used for over three decades, the current scenario has proved that the VUCA model is losing importance. The problems we are currently facing, namely political changes, technological changes, global warming, pandemic, etc., have forced the creation of a new model that could better describe and adapt the new situations and it is called the BANI model. The BANI model, developed by American anthropologist, author and futurist Jamais Cascio, has described the challenges of the decade more accurately than VUCA. In the BANI model, what was volatile in the VUCA model became brittle because it is fragile and unreliable; Uncertainty turned to fear; Complexity became non-linear and ambiguity became incomprehensible. Mr. Cascio said in an article Facing the Age of Chaos: “BANI is a way to better understand and respond to the current state of the world. Some of the changes we're seeing in our politics, our environment, our society, and our technologies are familiar—perhaps stressful in their own way, but of a kind we've seen and covered before. They manifest in a way that not only amplifies the stress we experience, but multiplies that stress.” · B = Brittle – the idea behind this is that we are vulnerable to disaster at any time and all businesses are built on fragile foundations are set up can collapse overnight. · A = Anxious – Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms today, not only in private life but also in the job market. We live on the edge, creating a sense of urgency that guides decision making. Today, the media, as well as "misinformation" from various sources, have created a sense of anxiety caused by constant and continuous change. · N = Nonlinear – In this era, we live in a world where events seem disjointed and disproportionate. Therefore, detailed, long-term planning may no longer make sense. · I = Incomprehensible - the excess information available has its own consequences. Misunderstandings arise when we find answers that don't make sense. So we have to understand that we don't have everything under control. What is still incomprehensible today may no longer apply tomorrow. Today it is important not to see the VUCA and BANI models as different entities, but to understand that nothing but a shift is taking place. The VUCA world has evolved into the BANI world. Preparing an organization for a BANI world means preparing your people for the fragility, fear, non-linearity and incomprehensibility of today's world. In the context of fragility, empowering your team through collaboration, adopting well-distributed structures, and investing in training are tools that can make your people and your organization resilient. In a non-linear world, rigid plans tend to be a burden for companies. BANI enables a more accurate representation of current realities, paves the way for an approach to make the world easier to understand again, and creates opportunities to adequately address each of these challenges. The term Humbition was created and introduced by Mr. Sanjiv Mehta, CMD HUL, India and President of Unilever South Asia.