Sending Dad viewers into stitches as Bradley Walsh left the choke by eating challenge to rival I'm A Celeb

BRADLEY Walsh vomited during a disgusting eating challenge on the latest episode of Breaking Dad. Spectators followed Bradley and his son Barney on the Scandinavian leg of the… (Author: Gardener)

Bradley WalshBRADLEY Walsh vomited during a disgusting eating challenge on the latest episode of Breaking Dad. Viewers followed Bradley and his son Barney on the Scandinavian leg of their tour as they headed to Sweden for the latest range of fun activities. But at one activity in particular, The Chase host grabbed the bucket. The couple started the day in Nordviken enjoying fresh Swedish sea air, albeit freezing cold. Barney presented his father with a can of surstromming - which amazed Bradley as he had never heard of it. "It's called surstromming, so we'll end our breakfast with that," Barney said. But his son insisted they bite the bullet and try, saying: "Because we're in Sweden we have to try." With tears in his eyes, the ITV presenter hurtled towards the sea and leaned over to choke. A glutton's punishment, Bradley picked up the foul-smelling fish and sniffed again, which turned his stomach. Barney told his father that they had planned to eat him, but Bradley had none of it and used the fermented Baltic herring as a deterrent to chase the camera crew. But Bradley couldn't stand the pungent odor and threw it into the sea, which immediately attracted a bird, which devoured the surstromming. "Very rarely does anything make me gag, I've fought against not actually being sick," Bradley told his son. Viewers found the scene reversed, with one writing: "Oh god this lazy fish is making people puke!!! BreakingDad In bursts of laughter as he watched Bradley choke - he tried well though," added a third. Bradley reveals he "dirtyed himself" while fighting his fear of heights. During a visit to the world's highest indoor ropes course, Barney, despite his fear of heights, forces his father on a terrifying climb. Bradley, however, tests his limits and pushes his limits, by attempting the intimidating 50m course. After successfully completing the zip lines alongside son Barney, the bewildered onlookers were then informed that he had 'soiled' himself during the final and most challenging part of the course. "I think I got Actua I soiled my new tracksuit," Bradley said to the laughter of his son Barney. Elsewhere in the episode, fans saw the couple enjoying a laughter yoga class. The couple also wowed viewers with a trip to the top of a wind turbine in Copenhagen After a short boat ride, the two began discussing a relationship climbing a 63 m high wind turbine from ladders. Breaking Dad can be viewed on the ITV Hub.


Olivia Rodrigo shows off her bump in a Fairy Tale crop top

The 18-year-old beauty flashed her stomach in a black Fairy Tale crop top and sported a pink hat that read "I Heart Fantasy" as she arrived at Disneyland in Anaheim, California with some friends. (Author: Gardener)

Fairy TaleOlivia Rodrigo had fun in new photos shared on Instagram this week. The 18-year-old beauty flashed her stomach in a black Fairy Tale crop top and sported a pink hat that read "I Heart Fantasy" as she arrived at Disneyland in Anaheim, California with some friends. This comes after the news that she split from Adam Faze "months ago". Princess: Olivia Rodrigo had fun in new photos shared on Instagram this week. She also wore the low rise Sia cargo pants in black by Edikted. The driving license hitmaker was also spotted flashing a peace sign with her friends on the drive. Fun in D-Land: The 18-year-old beauty flashed her stomach in a black Fairy Tale crop top and a pink hat that read I Heart Fantasy as she arrived at Disneyland in Anaheim, California with a bunch of pals Le Look: She also had the Sia Low Rise cargo pants in black from Edikted. The teen wore her hair down and minimal makeup as she showed off her cute black outfit in front of the princess castle that leads to Fantasyland at the 'New Legacy' premiere in California. However, Olivia admitted in June that she felt "a lot happier" than when she wrote her debut album SOUR. Have a good time everyone: And in this selfie, she was seen with two male pals. I write songs and I'm really happy. I'm a lot happier than when I wrote this record, which is great.' Olivia, who released her debut album in May, also admitted that as she gets older she feels more and more confident. The 'Good 4 U' hitmaker said: 'I'm a lot more confident which I think is a good part of growing up.' Meanwhile, Olivia previously admitted to being an "oversharer". The driving license hitmaker was also spotted driving with her friends. The pop star also feels she has benefited from breaking a record amid the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked about writing "brutally honest songs," she explained, "I think that's kind of the beauty of making a record during the pandemic, and I also think the funny thing about your first record is that you somehow are not caught in it, consumed. You just write how you feel and write to get it out. I've never worried about writing so vulnerable. "I've always been such an oversharer and it's kind of like the people around me who are like, 'Okay, but yeah, I love writing really brutally honest songs.' The pop star and the 24-year-old music video producer have reportedly ended their romance seven months after they were first spotted together. The pop star and the 24-year-old music video producer have reportedly ended their romance seven months after they were first spotted together. Here he is seen in a black suit and tie with pals


Boris Johnson to lift all Covid restrictions

Boris Johnson urged the nation to "get back to work" on the eve of his announcement to lift all remaining coronavirus rules. for self-isolation, which is expected to end by the end (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson will today celebrate a "moment of pride" for the nation as he announces the end of all remaining coronavirus restrictions in England. The Prime Minister will stress the importance of "personal responsibility" rather than government intervention as he unveils his plan for the country to "live with Covid". Vaccines will be used for the foreseeable future to maintain a high level of immunity in the population. Ahead of the release of the government plan, Johnson said: "[It] will mark a moment of pride after one of the most difficult times in our country's history as we begin to learn to live with Covid. "It would not be possible without the efforts of so many - the NHS, who have made the life-saving vaccine rollout at phenomenal speed, our world-leading scientists and experts and the general public for their commitment to protecting themselves and their loved ones. "The pandemic isn't over yet, but thanks to the incredible rollout of vaccines, we're now one step closer to returning to normal and finally giving people their freedom back while we continue to protect ourselves and others." The most controversial move, Johnson said Announcing today, the decision will be to lift the legal obligation to self-isolate after testing positive for the virus. Labor said it was too soon to end self-isolation and urged the PM to release scientific evidence before taking the step. The changes announced by Johnson will only apply to England, Scotland and Wales but are likely to follow next month. Northern Ireland scrapped all remaining Covid measures last week. The Prime Minister said yesterday that "the pandemic is not over yet" and insisted the end of restrictions was not a green light for people to "put caution to the winds completely" because Covid "remains a dangerous disease". He said it was now time to "shift the balance" away from "government mandate" towards personal responsibility, with the legal obligation to self-isolate expected to end in England by the end of the week. People should "feel confident again" thanks to the success of the UK's vaccine rollout and return to the office to help the country "get back on its feet". He added that today marks an important moment after "one of the most difficult times in our country's history" and urged the nation to "get back to work". He will chair a special meeting of his cabinet today to finalize details on ending the legal obligation to self-isolate and phasing out free coronavirus testing as part of efforts to reduce the government's huge pandemic bill. Johnson will then announce the plan to live with Covid in a statement in the House of Commons on a busy day in Westminster. Free lateral flow testing costs taxpayers £2billion a month and today's plan is expected to announce a date when testing will no longer be universally free, likely in the spring. Free trials are expected to be limited to a new list of key workers. Union leaders have said charging for coronavirus tests is an "act of insanity" amid a cost-of-living crisis. The TUC called for lateral flow and PCR testing to remain free for anyone who needs access to them. • Read more: Fourth vaccination in weeks for over 75s as coronavirus restrictions dropped • Read more: Queen tests positive for Covid The government has bought enough vaccines to cover the population twice over the next two years to vaccinate. Those over 75 and those with immunosuppressive disorders will be offered another booster shot within weeks. A government source said: "A certain level of population immunity will be needed to prevent the virus from reaching unsustainable levels. The unvaccinated and clinically vulnerable are particularly at risk from the decision to end self-isolation rules, he conceded, a sign the legal requirement will be replaced with guidance that will tell those who test positive how to deal with it to exercise caution with certain groups of people . Measures such as free coronavirus tests are likely to be phased out within weeks. But people aged 80 and over, as well as patients and staff in hospitals and other high-risk settings such as care homes, are set to continue receiving free tests, The Daily Telegraph reported. Johnson insisted the government would keep testing capacity to "raise back up as soon as necessary" if the virus resurfaces. Two sets of rules are set to be scrapped this week. The first will end the legal obligation to self-isolate for those testing positive and close contacts. The second means local authorities will be required to manage outbreaks through planning and pre-existing public health powers, rather than blanket lockdown rules. Cabinet will take a final decision on ending restrictions tomorrow before the Prime Minister makes an announcement in the House of Commons outlining the Government's plan to live with Covid. The changes only apply to England, although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are likely to lift their own restrictions in the coming weeks. The Prime Minister said that thanks to the vaccination campaign, Britain is in a "different world" and can live with the coronavirus without legal requirements. Almost 53 million people, or 77 per cent of the UK population - 91 per cent of those over the age of 12 - have had one dose of the vaccine and almost 49 million have had a second dose. Ministers have also pointed to new treatments, including antivirals, that significantly reduce the risk of serious illness or death to justify ending restrictions. Boris Johnson has previously said any remaining coronavirus restrictions in England are likely to end this month and Cabinet will meet today to agree a plan for 'living with Covid-19'. With around 85 percent of people over the age of 12 fully vaccinated and new antibody and antiviral treatments available, the government believes the country has reached the end of the emergency pandemic phase and must now fully return to normal life. Is the free trial ending? Johnson has warned that the £2bn monthly cost of free lateral flow and PCR testing is unsustainable and changes to the testing policy are likely to be made over the next few weeks as part of a phased approach. Many European nations have already ended free lateral flow testing for people who are not showing symptoms or who have close contacts with someone who has the virus, and the government may choose to follow suit. It is expected that key workers such as health workers and truck drivers will continue to have access to free testing. The legal requirement to self-isolate for up to 10 days after a positive test is set to be dropped this week. Government guidance will continue to urge people to act responsibly and encourage those who have tested positive - or at least those showing symptoms - to isolate themselves. That will likely be the subject of debate this week, with unions warning that a decision to scrap the £500 test and trace support payment would mean less affluent people would ignore isolation guidelines because they can't afford it may miss paid work. There is no longer a legal requirement to wear masks, although individual operators such as Transport for London can make their own rules so that masks are required on the Tube. Masks are also required in healthcare facilities and nursing homes. Restrictions have already been largely lifted, with vaccinated passengers no longer required to take a test upon arrival in the UK. Unvaccinated travelers will be required to undergo pre- and post-arrival testing, but will no longer be required to self-quarantine. All of this is happening in England - what about the other British nations? All remaining measures in Northern Ireland, including mandatory masks and a limit on private home gatherings to 30 people, are no longer legally binding on February 15. Masks are still required in most indoor public spaces in Scotland. They must be worn in schools by people aged 12 and over, but the requirement for students to wear them in class will be dropped at the end of the month. Rules are being relaxed in Wales but masks are still mandatory in shops, schools and public transport. Masks New South Wales will end the mask requirement from the end of this week. Socializing Singing and dancing are now allowed as restrictions have been eased in New South Wales. Testing Lateral flow tests are only free for close contacts and people with Covid symptoms. Socializing Customers must show proof of vaccination in restaurants and bars and on long-distance trains. Testing France abolished free tests for citizens without a doctor's prescription in mid-October. 22 to 44 euros are charged for tests. Traveling Fully vaccinated travelers from the UK and many other countries will no longer have to provide proof of a negative Covid test. Conviviality From March 4, vaccinated people and people who have had Covid no longer need to show a recent negative test to enter restaurants and bars. Most restrictions on the size of gatherings and work-from-home measures are set to be lifted on March 20. Testing Free testing was suspended from October 11, but resumed a month later as cases rose. Travel Britain has been removed from a high risk list and anyone fully vaccinated can enter for any reason. Socializing Many venues require proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid test for entry, although rules vary from state to state. Testing Private health insurers will have to pay for up to eight lateral flow tests, and the Biden administration has pledged to buy a billion free tests for those without insurance. Travel Vaccinated travelers can enter, although a negative Covid test is required before departure.


Rylan Clark returns to work at BBC Radio 2 after hospitalization

The 33-year-old presenter beamed as he left the studios to hop in a car after taping his first show since it was revealed he had spent an extended period in hospital. (Author: Gardener)

Rylan ClarkHe was forced to take a break from his television work after being hospitalized with a mysterious illness. But Rylan Clark was in good spirits on Saturday as he headed home from BBC Radio 2 after hosting his afternoon show. The 33-year-old presenter beamed as he left the studios to hop in a car after taping his first show since it was revealed he had spent an extended period in hospital. Rylan cut a casual figure in a camel sports sweater and black baseball cap as he hopped in the cab outside the radio studios. The star had been forced to miss his show for two weeks after being hospitalized for an "extended stay". On Thursday, Rylan updated on his health condition after rejoining Alex Jones as host of The One Show. He admitted he was having "a shady time" but insisted he was "fine now". Welsh star Alex asked her co-host Rylan: "How are you? I'm fine now thanks I've had a bit of a dodgy time but I'm fine. Alex claimed, "You look good and you're back on track," to which Rylan joked, "I'm — it's a lot of makeup!" It comes after Rylan took to social media last Friday morning, where he revealed that he was taken to the hospital, where he stayed for a "long period of time". The former Big Brother star posted a photo of herself with an IV in her arm after being bedridden with the flu. Rylan also shared that he was finally home and would be missing his BBC Radio 2 show again the next day while he rested. Rylan wrote alongside the worrying snap: "Finally home after a long trip to Costa del Hospital. Not on the radio tomorrow. The Supermarket Sweep host has not confirmed why he was in hospital. MailOnline contacted Rylan's rep for comment at the time. A week earlier, Rylan had to retire from hosting his Radio 2 show after contracting the flu. The presenter normally hosts Rylan On Saturday from 3pm to 6pm every week but underperformed and was replaced by Gary Davies. The TV star took to Twitter the day before to make the announcement to his followers, writing: "Went and got the flu (not surprised) in bed for a few days. “Tested Lat and luckily not Covid but can't go wireless tomorrow. It comes after Rylan stepped down from his BBC Radio 2 show for four months last year after splitting from former police officer Dan Neal. Sources close to the former Celebrity Big Brother star told The Mail on Sunday the couple have been trying to reconcile at their marital home after spending much of the summer with his mother Linda, who appears on his Saturday afternoon show. They said: "Things looked so good as if they were back together. They were hoping they could avoid divorce, but now it looks like the only way forward.' Friends insisted the couple had been "trying to work out their issues" for weeks, but the marriage is now said to be beyond repair. Rylan's absence from Radio 2, social media and hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in May led to speculation. In June, Rylan broke his silence to say: "Following reports of Dan and I spending time apart, I feel I have to speak out as the way this is being reported is unfair. "I made a number of mistakes that I deeply regret and which inevitably led to the failure of our marriage." The couple married at Braxted Park in Essex in 2015 with guests including his This Morning co-stars Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. In July 2016 they filled in for Eamonn and Ruth and became the first gay couple to present the ITV programme. He returned to Rylan on Saturday in September, assuring listeners, "I'm feeling better." In January, Rylan told The Sun On Sunday how he became "dangerously thin" and "mentally ill" after the collapse of his marriage to Dan. He said: "I got sick and lost weight, I went below 10 stone - and I'm six foot four inches tall so that's not good. I felt uncomfortable and it was a very difficult time for me. I'm not just disappearing for four months - it doesn't just happen.


Sinead O'Connor vows never to perform again after son Shane's tragic death

Singer Sinead O'Connor has tweeted that she will never perform again following the tragic death of her son Shane earlier this year (Author: Gardener)

Sinead O'ConnorSinead O'Connor vows never to perform again after the tragic death of her son Shane House tours straight to your inboxSomething went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for subscribing!We have more NewsletterShow meIrish singer Sinead O'Connor has vowed she will never perform again following the tragic death of her son Shane earlier this year. The 55-year-old "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer revealed in a series of heartbreaking tweets on Friday January 7 that her son, aged 17, "has decided to end his earthly struggle." She has now taken to the social media platform again to reveal that she has no plans to perform again following the family tragedy. Heartbroken Sinead wrote: "Just for the record, suggestions that there will be any performances this year, next year or ever again are wrong. There will never be anything to sing again. #DropsMike.” She accompanied the post with a moving video that included some lyrics by Davy Spillane's Caoineadh cu Chulainn. Sinéad O'Connor has vowed never to perform again after his son's tragic death. Will you stay a while, kin of my weak and faltering heart, and spend a moment longer with me? It continued, "Would you tell me about Eilean Donan one more time... about who raised her and who brought her down. But for a moment you would sing of Coaincadh cu Chulainn. Sing like Davey. Hold on to my longing and now that I too want to return to my home.” Fans took to the post to send their well wishes to the star. The video is one of the most moving I've seen on the subject.” While a third simply shared a broken red heart emoji and a blue heart emoji. Shortly before Shane's tragic death, Sinéad announced that her son was released from Tallaght Hospital went missing in Dublin and asked for his return.Mum-of-four Sinéad shared a message with her son, who she claims was under suicide watch in hospital, directly in a heartbreaking tweet. She wrote: "This is a message for my son Shane. Shane, it's not funny anymore that this is all going away. VIP and check out all our exclusive offers - for free! VIP and you get access to all our big exclusives... Be the first to meet the latest showbiz babes, see the most coveted wedding pictures of the year or take a guided tour of your favorite celebrity's lavish multi-million pound site home - all for free! For his safety, if you are with Shane, please call the Gardai." The singer then added in another post, "Shane, your life is precious. You are my heart. "Please don't stop it from hitting. Please don't hurt yourself. Go to the Gardai and we'll take you to the hospital.” If you are affected by this story, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit To get updates on all your favorite stars and TV shows, sign up for our daily newsletter here.


Kim Kardashian flashes her middle fingers in sizzling black bikini snaps

The 41-year-old reality star looked completely at ease as she lounged under the stars after sources claimed the mother-of-four is "really happy" in her blossoming romance with comedian Pete Davidson. (Author: Gardener)

Kim KardashianAnd Kim Kardashian simply sizzled in a black string bikini as she dived into the pool and showed her middle fingers during an all-night swim in footage shared to Instagram on Saturday afternoon. The 41-year-old reality star looked completely at ease as she lounged under the stars after sources claimed the mother-of-four is "really happy" in her blossoming romance with comedian Pete Davidson. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star maintained her status as a fashion icon by jumping into the pool wearing black leather gloves that revealed her palms and only covered her fingers. A source told PEOPLE earlier this week that Kim's "friends are excited to see her really happy" in her relationship with the 28-year-old Saturday Night Live star. Kim began dating Pete shortly after she hosted "Saturday Night Live" in October, which was nearly nine months after she filed for divorce in Los Angeles in February to end her six-year marriage to Kanye West. Kanye has since waged a public war of words against Pete, his friends and followers in a series of abusive social media posts. He has also shared several posts with his 14.1 million followers, which appear to be screenshots of his text messages with Kim. His recent posts, including one in which Kanye berated Pete for an SNL segment where he poked fun at the Flashing Lights rapper, seem to have tipped the final straw in unfollowing her ex on Instagram. Kanye admitted in an Instagram post Thursday that he had "bittersweet" feelings about his ex's new Balenciaga campaign, which was deleted about an hour after it was released. The hitmaker shared a photo from Times Square in Manhattan showing several billboards featuring a monumental Kardashian in various outfits from the Spanish fashion house. He added that the performance was "amazing," making his post a rare positive note that involved his ex amid a bevy of posts that mocked boyfriend Pete Davidson and revealed what her private communications with the hitmaker were seemed to be. The exes both have a complicated relationship with Balenciaga, as Kardashian has become a face of the brand, while West is also an avid wearer of her clothes, announcing a collaboration with the brand for its ongoing Gap line last month. The photo West posted shows previously released images of his ex in a long leopard print coat over a black bodysuit and edgy black leather boots embellished with multiple buckles. The reality star was also seen walking down a hallway wearing a black coat and carrying a white bag in another picture. “This Balenciaga campaign premiered today in Times Square. It was not revealed from the campaign that the more positive end of his caption was wishing "positive energy" for his ex or the fashion house he has worked with. In January, he announced the campaign, titled Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga, which days later followed his Heaven And Hell video, which he premiered during the College Football National Championship Game, which aired on ESPN. "It's a vision come true to work with Gap and Demna, Balenciaga's creative director, to make incredible products available to everyone, anytime," the Flashing Lights hitmaker told Vogue after announcing the deal on Instagram. The collaboration is expected to release in June, with a second set of releases to follow later in 2022, and the video featured several masked characters wearing black hoodies who are part of West's Gap collaboration. Both West and Kardashian are longtime fans of Balenciaga and wear the fashion house's quirky designs, but their relationship intensified last year, even after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star filed for divorce in January 2021. Kim went on to wear a statement black bodysuit with a full face covering from the brand for The Met Gala in September, and she wore a hot pink Balenciaga suit when she hosted Saturday Night Live in October. Since then, both have continued to represent the fashion house, with Kanye even dressing his ex-girlfriend Julia Fox in his designs. West's potentially heartfelt comment on his ex comes as he continues to share mocking posts about her boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram, along with posts that appear to reveal his private conversations with her. The monster rapper seemed to have reached a turning point recently when he admitted in a since-deleted post that his behavior towards his ex had been "harassing" while vowing to "hold accountable". Those words soon seem to have been forgotten as the hitmaker attacked Pete again on social media. On Thursday, he posted a shot of the comedian wearing a red "Make Kanye 2006 Again" hat modeled after the MAGA hat he wore to show his support for former President Donald Trump. "HI SKETE, HAVE MORE MENTAL HEALTH JOBS FOR ME?" The rapper - who suffers from bipolar disorder - captioned his antagonistic post. Kanye then posted a photo of SNL creator Lorne Michaels suggesting he was "next" for mocking himself, as well as a post criticizing gossip blogger Perez Hilton. But he posted again later on Thursday, adding a new Perez post, this time referring to him by his birth name. Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Pete returned to Instagram on Wednesday after some time away from the platform and fans were surprised to see that Kanye had followed his account despite the constant attacks and mocking posts. Amidst Kanye's recent posts was an apparent screenshot of a text message from Kim criticizing him for his repeated attack on Pete, which she feared could escalate into violence. She told her ex that he's "creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone is going to hurt Pete and it's all going to be your fault," she later added, "There are dangerous people out there and it's scary and it doesn't have to be." ' But he didn't seem to care as he further escalated the situation by sharing a screenshot of a text in which Kim sounded annoyed when she asked why he couldn't keep their conversations private. In February 2021, Kardashian filed for divorce from West after nearly seven years of marriage.


Boris Johnson announces 'living with COVID' plan as he considers lifting all restrictions in England

Self-isolation for those who have tested positive will be scrapped by the end of the week when the government presents its plan for 'living with COVID'. (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson is expected to announce on Monday how England will "live with COVID" as he considers lifting all remaining restrictions, Downing Street has said. The Prime Minister is due to meet his Cabinet ministers on Monday morning to agree the plan for living with the virus after nearly three years of Number 10 restrictions. It will include positive cases and their close contacts, who are no longer required to self-isolate at the end of next week, confirming Downing Street on Saturday. Mr Johnson said: "Today will be a moment of pride after one of the most difficult times in our country's history as we begin to learn to live with COVID." Without the efforts of so many - the NHS who have delivered would be this is not possible the introduction of life-saving vaccines at phenomenal speed, our world's leading scientists and experts and the general public for their commitment to protecting themselves and their loved ones. "The pandemic isn't over yet, but thanks to the incredible rollout of vaccines, we're now one step closer to returning to normal and finally giving people their freedom back while we continue to protect ourselves and others." Read more: Boris Johnson shouldn't to resign if police find he has broken COVID rules, the minister says the country is "in a strong position but must remain cautious". in a "strong position" to consider lifting remaining restrictions after a successful vaccination program. The government is planning a "vaccine-led" approach, saying living with the virus will depend on the "sustained immunity of the population from vaccines". The government has promised to take a "cautious approach" by maintaining some surveillance regimes and plans to reintroduce measures "if necessary to respond to new variants". Praising the public's compliance with Plan B restrictions, No. 10 said broader behavior change had slowed the growth of the virus, adding that more than 81% of adults had now received booster shots. The Government has not said whether the changes will mean people can go to work after testing positive, but the Prime Minister's official spokesman previously said: "There would be guidance, that's not what we recommend". It also hasn't been confirmed whether the provision of free lateral flow tests could end after reports people would have to pay for it. On Sunday morning, Mr Johnson said BBC testing would take place "at a much lower level" as continuing to spend £2billion a month on the program was unsustainable. The plan to end self-isolation has drawn criticism from some, including three-quarters of NHS leaders in England who disagree, according to an NHS Confederation poll. Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents NHS trusts, told Sky News it was "too soon" to end mandatory testing and said there was no plan on what to do without the scheme. He said if isolation is no longer mandatory then what is the advice for the NHS and carers, adding that he does not understand why all restrictions need to be lifted at the same time. but at the same time we know about this virus that it is not good for people and to just treat it as if it is a harmless virus we think is unwise. he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. The 'living with COVID' approach will only apply to England so far, but Britain's three devolved nations have generally followed suit, albeit reluctantly, during the pandemic. In Scotland, the SNP's Ian Blackford said his government will be more cautious as he reiterated the importance of self-isolation rules and free testing - and accused Mr Johnson of lifting restrictions "to save his own political skin".


Maguire, Man United react to Leeds hostility

A long-standing rivalry was renewed in the rain on Sunday as Man United answered critics' questions about their willingness to fight. (Author: Gardener)

LeedsLEEDS, England -- Elland Road had been waiting 19 years in front of fans for a Premier League clash between Leeds United and Manchester United. If the world is wondering what all the fuss is about, Sunday's teams delivered a classic encounter that ended in a 4-2 win for Ralf Rangnick's visitors. This game showed the good, the bad and the ugly of this bitter rivalry, with goals, end-to-end excitement and a passionate, noisy atmosphere, as well as nine yellow cards from referee Paul Tierney and a late confrontation between both sets of players who saw Rangnick run onto the pitch to intervene. And there were unsavory scenes off the pitch too, with objects thrown at various Man United goalscorers - Anthony Elanga was hit in the head - and a series of insulting chants from both groups of supporters. There have been instances of Leeds supporters chanting about the Munich disaster, a 1958 plane crash that killed eight Man United players, and waving their arms to mimic an aeroplane. The away fans responded with songs about two Leeds fans who were stabbed to death in Istanbul before a game against Galatasaray in 2000. Unfortunately, this is the reality of a Leeds-Man United rivalry that has been in cold storage for so long. While clubs met in the league last season, following Leeds' promotion from the Championship in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic ensured that games at Old Trafford and Elland Road were played behind closed doors. And so the first meeting with fans at Elland Road saw 900 police officers on duty, a record number for a Premier League game. It has become the norm for Man United to face more hostility when visiting Leeds than they do at Liverpool or Manchester City. In terms of football, the animosity stems more from Leeds fans' long-standing complaint that their great side of the 1960s and 1970s never received the recognition they felt was showered on by more glamorous sides at Man United. The French striker, who helped Leeds win the title at Man United's expense last season, won the Premier League four times and became a legend in the Pennines, a range of mountains and hills separating the two cities. At this most recent meeting, played in torrential rain, the sheer volume and support of the home side clearly caught the Man United players off guard in the early stages. Rangnick's side needed time to adjust in a game that would test their resolve and fighting spirit. Initially, the response was positive as Harry Maguire responded to negative headlines about his captaincy by scoring his first league goal of the season. Luke Shaw's header from a corner ended a run of 139 set-pieces without success and when Bruno Fernandes doubled the lead just before half-time the points looked certain. The desire of the Man United players was rightly questioned, however, and when Leeds scored twice through Rodrigo and Raphinha within 58 seconds early in the second half, the visitors came under scrutiny again. Would they respond positively or flinch in the face of a challenge and throw away crucial points? A crucial step towards a place in the top four has been taken thanks to goals from substitutes Fred and Elanga, and the performance will benefit Man United in forthcoming trips to Atletico Madrid in Europe, as well as Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal in the league . “It took us 15 minutes to get the game under control but then we started playing well; at half-time we were fully aware that we had to be up front, but we conceded two goals in two minutes and that obviously changed the whole game," Rangnick told BBC Sport. Maguire, Shaw and Scott McTominay helped inspire their team-mates their engagement, while Jadon Sancho, who was mocked by Leeds fans with chants about letting England down with his missed penalty shootout in the Euro 2020 final, backed Fernandes and Fred in one of his best performances since arriving at Borussia Dortmund said at half time we need to score more goals in the second half and we managed to do that backdoor open, both goals conceded by Leeds in the second half were thanks to failure to defend against counterattacks but the atmosphere in of Elland Road and their aggressiveness should be enough to sustain them.


Leeds United fans bemoan defensive failures in 'struggling' loss to Man United

Leeds United fans have slammed their side's defense in Manchester United defeat (Author: Gardener)

UnitedGet the latest Leeds United news straight to your inbox every day - sign up for free email updates Get the latest Leeds United news straight to your inbox every day - sign up for free email -Updates to Leeds United fans have given their verdict after this afternoon's 4-2 loss to Manchester United. Despite a positive start from the Whites, the visitors took the lead through Harry Maguire before Bruno Fernandes doubled their advantage before half-time. However, Leeds came out with a spring in their stride, retiring a goal as Rodrigo's cross slid into the top corner. Moments later, Daniel James' delivery was steered home by Raphinha as the visitors' lead was quickly wiped out. Despite having chances to add a third, the Whites were punished by the Red Devils with the counterattack, with Fred and Anthony Elanga wrapping up the three points at Elland Road. The result leaves Marcelo Bielsa's side in 15th place, just five points above the relegation zone, while the Red Devils have cemented their place in the Champions League spots. Leeds fans have reacted to their side's performance and many have slammed the defense after conceding their 50th Premier League goal of the season. @B_Huds0n: put up a good fight there... but the defense needs to be better. #lufc, we need to start racking up some points. Great comeback and the second half was there. @BillyLUFCHornby Regardless of the outcome, what a game it was! I wish we had that fighting mentality in every game. @MattinhoGotGame: Great defense at first after losing two, but again it's silly little mistakes that happen over and over again. @scottsimo1985: For the first time this season I really fear for our survival in the #PremierLeague. We literally don't have zero midfield in transition and against the world's best players in the world's best league we give teams far too much time on the ball. I pray for #lufc @phillipjones09: there's no point blaming Bielsa. Those Man Utd goals were terrible defensive and defensive errors. Defenders need to start playing better! @davewalkeilsa4 we may be missing players but #lufc can't understand the basic principles of defending if you ask me we need to stop the kamikaze football and get on the defensive now because 10 out of 3 is not good and 50 goals conceded so far is a shocking no sorry for the defenders but can’t help but feel the game has changed with Koch going off as we immediately lost control in midfield. Great response in the second and in the finish from Rodrigo. @JackThomas91: Defensive mess, get back in the game and throw it away! Better performance up front in the second but same old pathetic defense. So needed a point from today that was there and shoots us in the foot! #lufc #lufc #lufc #lufc Leeds are next in action as they travel to Liverpool on Wednesday.


Huge boost: MUFC have given a big injury lift ahead of Leeds, Rangnick will be relieved

Manchester United can head to Elland Road today with an almost fully fit Premier League squad as Ralf receives a triple boost. (Author: Gardener)

LeedsManchester United are set to travel to Elland Road this afternoon in their first visit to Leeds in the Premier League since supporters have been allowed back into stadiums, with the Roses derby always a busy event for both clubs, and the visiting fans will have something to do pre-game party as Ralf Rangnick got a triple boost. The Red Devils manager has given an update on the returning players who will be available for selection on Sunday afternoon, with Raphaël Varane, Eric Bailly and Nemanja Matić all fit to be selected for the Leeds United game. Back in training for the first time today, Nemanja Matic has done reasonably well and may be available against Leeds on Sunday, if not for the next two games. Bailly is fully fit again after injury at AFCON and Varane is recovering from illness ahead of the game in Brighton earlier in the week, both have been in full training and will be available for selection. Although the two teams currently have no rivalry for league position in the Premier League, Rangnick will be relieved to see experienced players returning to the squad as the game against Leeds is likely to be a hostile and physical affair. The German manager will also be relieved to see Varane returning to the side in time for the all-important Champions League round of 16 match against Atletico Madrid, which Man United will play in just a few days, adding invaluable European pedigree as the four-time Champions League winners will be a tremendous one be a boost for the team. The Red Devils have an opportunity to pull away from West Ham and Arsenal by taking all three points from Elland Road today which would put them in fourth place by four points as the top four races in the remaining Months of the season get tighter. Therefore, the idea of ​​Varane returning to the team will be a seismic boost for everyone linked to the club. However, taming Leeds' Marcelo Bielsa's side will not be an easy task for Rangnick and his players as fierce derby games are rarely based on form.