Friday I'm in Love: Valentines for your romantic evening

The definitive list of the world's best love songs curated by the Mancunion Music section, ready for your Valentine's Day (Author: Gardener)

FridayA B-side on the Bloc Party 2007 album A Weekend in the City, "Sunday" was, for me, a track discovered through my love of early 2000's indie. It evokes an evening between two souls in love enjoying a heavy night on the town, their joy in dancing and indulging in the sound of life. "I'll love you in the morning when your still hungover" is the track's loveliest sentiment, with Kele Okereke's vocals punctuating Bloc Party's legendary guitar tones with a breathless quality. This song is beautiful and evokes the sound that escapes your lips after the first fireworks that set off a kiss with a new partner. This is my favorite love song of all time because it tells a story that is closest to my own love experience, perfect for dancing around your kitchen, 42's or the first dance at your wedding. A perfect reminder that your favorite love song can be whatever you want it to be. Her voice and music are stunningly beautiful, but that's definitely a standout element on Mark Ronson's 2019 album Late Night Feelings. Starting with Olsen's vocals, to a sizzling old Timey effect, to a funky groove driven by a pounding beat, the muddy disco feel gives you such a nighttime feeling of love. The lyrics include lines like "Love the way you read my eyes" and "I ran to you/and you know why," with the repetition encapsulating the bittersweet feeling of love. The feeling of longing and longing for your loved one plays through in every element of this track and I just love it. Off the Arctic Monkeys fifth album, AM, "I Wanna Be Yours" is the embodiment of a classic love song. The track features lyrics from the John Cooper Clarke poem of the same name and eccentric metaphors, beginning with "I wanna be your dust dust," humbling the atmospheric ballad. Cook's dreamy, reverberating guitar chords help create the alluring ambience the song is known for, complementing the simple baseline and drum pattern - a true representation of "less is more". Rounded out with Turner's heavy Sheffield accent, "I Wanna Be Yours" is an obsessive love song anyone can relate to. When it comes to favorite love songs, you can never tell if your choice is the size of a track or where you heard it and who you were with. But after one particular evening in a courtyard beer garden, where I and another were the only two people in sight, with the echoes of a tribute band playing the song across the street, I was smitten with his groove. This song is the perfect love song for me. Since the lyrics are accompanied only by piano, it's not overly complicated, it's understated but beautiful. The song's lyrical focus is on the romantic relationship between two gender non-confirming people, both of whom dress as they please, regardless of what gender society assigns to various items of clothing. Released in 1984, this song is a lyric that feels at home in 2022, when our society is becoming more tolerant. With lyrics like "closer than you know love each other so" this song sums up to me what we look for in a romantic partner. This song feels comforting, it's not describing super passionate love for blockbuster movies, but camaraderie. This song has to be one of the best of all time simply because when you find someone who loves you enough to listen to Kate Bush's glorious warbles, they must be absolutely obsessed. Of course, the fact that Prince shreds guitar and sings backing vocals on this track doesn't hurt either. This song is such a great love song because unlike your classic "Can't help falling in love with you" or "Make you feel my love" the beat drops halfway and it's an absolute bop. Bush's lyrics manage to describe the feeling of senseless love almost as a kind of overwhelming religious devotion. The whole song feels like a whirlwind romance that's over before you even realize it's started. "Of all the people in the world why should I love you?" The simple intro, hummable melody and beautiful lyrics make this Talking Heads classic my favorite love song of all time. Universally loved by snobby and casual fans, this song captures the simple and naïve beauty of love. It promises you comfort and care forever, which is confirmed by the beautiful melody. Every time I hear it in a coffee shop or coffee shop it reminds me of the moments you wish would never end and the people who make life worth living. From their 1987 slacker rock classic You're Living All Over Me, Just Like Heaven is an eccentric, buzzing cover of The Cure's originally tame song. Backed by powerful supporting howls, J Mascis's guitar really soars as the song hits a crushing crescendo in a maelstrom of distortion and manic guitars. While this may sound audibly confrontational, the acidic guitars sit perfectly alongside J Masics' syrupy yearning for companionship ("You lost and lonely, you just like heaven") and fulfillment. Said to be the Cure singers' favorite cover of the song, "just like heaven" is a remarkably sentimental and unconventional classic. To me, Easy Life's "Houseplants" perfectly describes the feeling of falling in love with someone for the first time, like Murray did with lyrics like "What the fuck? I'm actually in love," and explains how the heaviness of your feelings can suddenly hit you in the strangest of moments. The track laments the mundanity of a relationship in lyrics like "Grand Designs and Channel Surfin'" and what it's like in those otherwise uneventful moments when you realize how much you care for that person, as well as the comfort you just feel can due to their presence. Those moments that would normally be boring suddenly aren't, and you realize you'd much rather not be doing anything with the person you love than do something exciting with someone else.


The apprenticeship candidate was fired as a co-star when their romance was exposed

Apprentice stars Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor flirted during assignments in what turned out to be his downfall and the end of their romance, but remarkably, they got back together (Author: Gardener)

Kate WalshApprentice stars Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor flirted during assignments in what turned out to be his downfall and the end of their romance, but remarkably, they got back together. The Apprentice was meant to be all about business - but at times it feels more like Love Island. Despite a sex ban and Lord Sugar's alleged hatred of contestants meeting backstage during filming, there have been a number of secret romances over the years. The contestants have split from their partners to pursue a love interest, secretly stayed away from the cameras and one couple even had a baby together. The most surprising relationship of all, however, arose between Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor during series five in 2009. Licensing Development Manager Kate was the highly motivated and ambitious golden girl who smashed any task that came her way. While real estate agent Philip earned the unwelcome nickname "Pants Man" after designing the bizarre superhero character to put on a cereal box - and even dress up in the odd costume. The pair embarked on a full-blown romance between tasks set by Lord Sugar - but then Kate dramatically turned on her lover in the boardroom. Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh attacked each other in the boardroom of The Apprentice. Kate and Philip were spotted up close and personal in the first few episodes of Series A, as the show's source said: "Kate has been flirting with some of the boys from day one and Phillip made it clear he was interested. Their relationship was revealed when Kate and Philip were spotted flirting, fooling around and even cuddling in the car during one episode. They even decided to go to the pub together in the middle of a task, much to the annoyance of their project manager, Project Lorraine Tighe. An enraged Lorraine later told the cameras: "I want to know what's causing all the distractions. And I hope for Kate, Phil and Ben that it isn't Kate's beauty." A source from the show added, "Kate and Philip mix business and pleasure - and it's not affecting their sales in a positive way. Their relationship looked doomed when Kate brutally hit on Philip in the boardroom at week seven, resulting in his being fired. Philip and Kate have been spotted flirting during assignments. I have no loyalty here, Philip or anything. "I don't think it was Philip's strongest role. While Philip got the nod, Kate resolutely managed to reach the final but failed in her bid to be hired by Lord Sugar. After filming wrapped, their romance fizzled because they had been living so far apart — Kate lives in London and Phil just outside Durham. But after a two-month split, they rekindled their relationship and even went to see each other's parents. Phil told a friend: "I've definitely fallen in love with Kate - she's the greatest. It was said that the couple were 'happy' when they moved in together and there was even talk of wedding bells. Philip was born in 2009 at the launch of The Great North Run in his pants with Kate: "I went to apprenticeship for a job. I didn't get that job, but I got Kate Walsh. I know she's the one," he told the 2009 Magazine Grazia. Kate didn't seem to want things to move that fast, but she admitted she didn't feel that serious about any of her other friends." "Obviously this relationship has gone pretty fast and neither of us likes to be silly or appear hasty,” she said. "We're both adults and I don't need a ring on my finger to know how Phil feels. What I would say is that I never, ever wanted to get married, but now I would definitely consider it.” Unfortunately, it was reported in 2010 that their relationship had ended after arguments over her television career. Kate tried her hand as a TV presenter on Channel Five's Live From Studio Five, replacing Denise Van Outen, which took a long time. Friends say Phil finally found time for their relationship because Kate wanted to focus on her career while he wanted to get married and have kids. Kate transitioned into the world of TV presenting at the time, a source said: "Phil feels Kate isn't the same girl he fell in love with. He wants marriage and kids, but she's made it clear kids aren't part of the set. Ever since she got her TV job, her career has put a strain on the relationship: "Phil thinks Kate is too career oriented and they don't have as much fun as they used to. They added: Adding: "Kate is bitter because she feels Phil was holding her back. I don't think anyone else is involved - he's just fed up and wants out." Every couple has their ups and downs and we've had fights," Closer magazine said in 2010. "But despite the rumours, it worked Phil certainly doesn't want to get married and have babies - he wants that less than I do! Philip turned an idea he had on the show into a business. The couple were still together in 2012 when Philip spoke about how strong their relationship was three months later, but sadly they split. After The Apprentice was finished, Philip struck gold with the Body-Rocka, a fitness product he amazingly developed during an assignment.He turned his product into a business and began selling the portable board, which can tone key muscles and improve balance, to shops like Argos Elsewhere, Kate hosted a fashion segment on GMTV for a series of episodes before presenting Live From Studio Five on Channel 5 from September 2009 until its cancellation in February 2011. However, she then retired and worked further as a staff executive assistant for Pandora.


The BBC slammed as viewers made Beeb biased towards "irrelevant" panellists

THE BBC has faced criticism from Twitter users who believe there is a bias towards GB News when it comes to guest selection for the Question Time panel (Author: Gardener)

BBCWe use your registration to deliver content in a way you have consented to and to improve our understanding of you. We use your registration to deliver content in a way you have consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include advertising from us and third parties, as we understand it. This may include advertising from us and third parties, as we understand it. You can unsubscribe at any time. You can unsubscribe at any time. Last night's panel discussion in Leeds included GB News presenter Inaya Folarin Iman. Last night's panel discussion in Leeds included GB News presenter Inaya Folarin Iman. Twitter users seemed puzzled by the frequency with which GB News moderators and journalists appear on Question Time. From their point of view, this was all the more confusing as it was a new channel with relatively few viewers, presenting itself as a right-wing alternative to the BBC. One Twitter user, @Soc_Sciences, wrote: "I see that the BBC Question Time has another GB News presenter on the podium tonight. "Why is this new 'news' organization getting such regular spots on the BBCQT panel?"


"If we can't trust the Prime Minister, everything will fall apart!"

"Those who make the rules have to live by the rules," the Daily Mirror editor said. (Author: Gardener)

Daily MirrorThe Mirror's editor argued with a viewer about the meaning of Partygate during Thursday's BBC Question Time. The series of parties believed to have taken place at Downing Street during various lockdowns are the subject of an internal inquiry by officer Sue Gray and a separate Met Police inquiry. Many people are eagerly awaiting the results of Gray's report in particular as it could push Tory backbenchers to oust the Prime Minister. The journalist said: "A, I can't believe people would be stupid enough to do something like this at this point, and b, we were all sitting at home. “This was after last year when we brought the Dominic Cummings Gong story to Barnard Castle. "At the time we thought again, 'I can't believe this - no one I know goes out the front door, let alone Barnard Castle.'" She continued, "It was obvious why he [the Prime Minister] would stand by this man because they were all there all along. Referring to the photo of Downing Street staff and Johnson (along with his wife) pictured drinking on the terrace of No 10 in May 2020, she said: 'If this were a party invite me not one because I wouldn't bother putting on lipstick to go there. The viewer also pointed out that other "things are happening" -- like tensions between Ukraine and Russia -- and "we could be on the brink of a third world war and you're talking cheese and wine." The Spiegel editor then pointed out "we also got the police to look into it," only for the viewer to add, "Oh yeah, fine," before donning her face mask again and withdrawing from the conversation.


Question time for a completely unvaccinated audience tonight

QUESTION Time will have a completely unvaccinated audience tonight as the BBC seeks to shed some light on why some have refused the vaccine. (Author: Gardener)

tonightQUESTION Time tonight presents a totally unvaccinated audience as the BBC seeks to shed some light on why some have refused the vaccine. Fiona Bruce, the program's host, last month appealed to those who chose not to receive a vaccine to be part of the audience. The debate will aim to understand a wider range of opinions on the subject. Bruce said: "There are many different reasons why people have chosen not to get the vaccine, we would be interested in investigating these issues. "So if you're someone who has made the decision not to get vaccinated, we'd love to hear from you. Today's program will take place in London, where a relatively high proportion of the population is unvaccinated. The program has caused a stir on social media with many expressing concern at the BBC's decision.Meanwhile, others have expressed anger at the BBC's decision to screen viewers after fears over anti- Vaccination groups published Bruce's appeal online. Professor Linda Bauld, Chief Social Policy Advisor to the Scottish Government, said: "We are entering very difficult areas. However, Bauld was quick to commend the BBC for their efforts to combat misinformation about other broadcasters , The BBC specifically has a factual check function and is certainly an instrument for this work hard on dealing with misinformation. "She went to the potential benefits of today's program and said," When you get involved in the concerns of the people, or if they provide good, accurate information as part of the debate and the Men There could be some positives coming out of this.


BBCQT sparks outrage after viewers openly ridiculed Brexiteer claims

AT last night's BBC Question Time debate, 'everyone' in the audience laughed at George Eustice after he declared Britain was abandoning 'stifling' EU laws and taking back control. (Author: Gardener)

BBCQTThe BBC Question Time audience last night loudly mocked the Tory cabinet minister's panelist after he defended the decision to leave the EU. The debate program took place in Newport, where the 2016 referendum voted 56% to 44% to leave the European Union. The row over Brexit follows Jacob Rees-Mogg's new Cabinet role as Minister for Brexit Options. Responding to Mr Rees-Mogg's new role, one listener said: "Brexit is simply crippling industry in the UK. I live my work every day.” I work in wine making in Bristol. And every day, whether it's paperwork, fees, etc., there are problems and we don't get any help. The EU is exactly that freedom to regulate – to be able to make laws that work for us.” What do you think that answer means ?” The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs continued to defend Brexit, saying: “Look, I worked at DEFRA for eight years when we were in the EU and since we left.” I can say that 80 percent of the laws for which we are responsible came from Brussels and the aim was to avoid this or that legal dispute.” Brexit means that companies that are heavily dependent on exports will have to fill out a customs declaration, but it turns out that they are get used to it.” He pointed to the Scottish salmon industry, whose “exports have actually increased despite the additional administration”. Mr Eustice added: "Wales will have more power than ever because many of the powers we took back from Brussels will go straight to decentralized administration. "You will have far more freedom than you ever had as a member of the EU." One listener hit back at Mr Eustice, saying: "I think poor old George is doing his best to convince us it's a good idea was to leave the European Union, but I still can't think of a single benefit that came from it The Minister for Brexit Opportunities is the only job created by Brexit.


Leeds Question Time viewer distracts everyone as viewers complain

Prince Andrew, Leveling Up and the Ukraine-Russia crisis were discussed (Author: Gardener)

Leeds QuestionSeveral BBC Question Time viewers were fascinated by this Leeds viewer's glasses and mustache Several BBC Question Time viewers were fascinated by this Leeds viewer's glasses and mustache Get the latest news from all over our city - get in touch Sign up for our free email newsletter Get the latest news from all over our city - sign up for our free email newsletter. The BBC's first ever political question and answer session was held in Leeds on Thursday. Presenter Fiona Bruce was joined at Leeds Grammer School by Jake Berry MP, Chair of the Northern Research Group of Conservative MPs, and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. Frances O'Grady, General Secretary of the UK Trades Union Congress, Jürgen Maier, Deputy Chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, and GB News journalist Inaya Folarin Iman rounded out the five-person panel. Click here to see the latest political headlines. However, several people watching at home were baffled by the lack of Covid-19 safety measures. For filming in Leeds, the plexiglass walls that had separated panelists in many previous episodes were removed. Small distances were kept between spectators, but no one appeared to be wearing a mask in the school's large assembly hall. Although such measures are no longer required by law, many people on Twitter were confused by the decision. @vickyblack said: "So Covid is #bbcqt gone now? No distancing, no masks and no plexiglass screens between panels." @lizzieslists added: "It's disappointing to see #bbcqt taking the government's position that covid is suddenly gone." @Melonhead999: "Daily always die 150+ people left on Covid #bbcqt, why remove safety measures?” And @tmoraitauthor said: “Interesting: no masks and no plastic screens on #bbcqt. So Covid is gone now, or was it a dream?” Topics for discussion during the hour-long program included Prince Andrew's ongoing role within the Royal Family and the government's Leveling Up agenda. A man from York began by asking, "Is it now time for the 'grand ol' Duke of York to march down the hill and restore his title to His Majesty the Queen?". But the most frank opinion came from another viewer, who spoke up to say: "He should be an officer and a gentleman. Many of these were centered on Leeds' transport system. A woman in the audience said: "Leeds has the worst transport system in the country. There were also questions about the Government making a U-turn to bring HS2 to Leeds - a decision described by one viewer as a "body blow". Mr Burnham added: "A new railway line from Leeds to Manchester. A proud, young city like Bradford has completely cut off the grid. They came here to get the votes of the people. And they said we're going to equate you with the South. We “The problem is that reality doesn't match the rhetoric and the truth is that the North-South divide has widened in this pandemic.” Mr Berry responded by saying: “It's an aspiration, the economy change in the North of England, to reindustrialize the North with good quality jobs and it will also be the people of the North who will upgrade the North - the Ukraine-Russia crisis and the post scandal but one man in particular caught the attention of TV viewers on herself: Fiona Bruce twice questioned a man with "jazzy green glasses" and Twitter responded by saying he looks like The Riddler @bottomike posted a picture of the man next to him The caption: "A break from the hunt after Sonic the Hedgehog #bbcqt". @F4RUC said: "How did #Batman's nemesis #TheRiddler make it onto #bbcqt?". He has also been described as a "style icon" and a man who looked like he was "from the year 2047". @JCaramac said: "This is what they said the future would be like #bbcqt". Question Time is broadcast weekly on BBC One on Thursday evenings. The program is touring the country but the February 17 episode was the first time it has been hosted in Leeds in more than two years. To get the latest email updates from LeedsLive, click here.


Question Time to present an unvaccinated audience in a controversial move

Question Time's latest show in London will feature an unvaccinated audience after presenter Fiona Bruce called it an "important debate". (Author: Gardener)

Question Time'sThe Question Time audience will consist of unvaccinated members of the public when it returns to London tonight. The long-running BBC current affairs show issued a call to viewers who chose not to get the vaccine in a previous episode in January. During a live broadcast from St Andrews, presenter Fiona Bruce urged those who remained unvaccinated to get in touch for her upcoming show in London. She told viewers: "There are many different reasons why people have chosen not to get vaccinated - we would be interested in exploring some of those issues." Fiona went on to describe it as an "important debate" before opening up , how viewers could apply to be part of the live program. She explained London was chosen because of a "relatively high proportion" of people who are still not taking the jab in the capital. Question Time previously tweeted: "Question Time is taking place in London on February 3rd and we are looking for those who have rejected the Covid vaccine to share their views." Fans gave mixed responses, with many taking the step on the social Media website called Twitter "irresponsible". One wrote: "You want to put actively unvaccinated people in a room together? Who takes responsibility for the death?" Another said: "Oh good because anti-vaccination doesn't get enough publicity anyway. Currently, listeners are required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test. They are also required to maintain social distancing and wear masks unless they are asking the panel a question. The BBC said in a statement: "There are still significant numbers of the UK public who are unvaccinated, particularly in certain areas and communities. “We think this is an interesting and worthy part of the debate. “Question Time always strives to discuss every side of every argument. “This is about listening and understanding our viewers. The BBC has always made the scientific consensus on vaccination very clear.”


Sophie from Apprentice shares behind-the-scenes boardroom facts, including retakes

Fired Apprentice contestant Sophie Wilding reveals to BBC One viewers some behind-the-scenes secrets - and what Lord Alan Sugar always does (Author: Gardener)

SophieThe Apprentice's Sophie Wilding shares session secrets from reshoots to clues InboxSomething went wrong, please try again later. Thanks for signing up! We have more newsletter Show meThe Apprentice's latest fired contestant, Sophie Wilding, has shared with viewers some behind-the-scenes secrets of the boardroom, including why everyone is always fighting for a seat and the promotional hint that you're on the losing team. Sophie, who became the latest victim in the boardroom after failing to impress Lord Alan Sugar, shared what really happens when the candidates are called to their destiny. The 32-year-old cocktail bar owner, who took on the role of project manager on the driverless vehicle task, explained that the process is completely different than at home. The Apprentice's latest fired candidate, Sophie Wilding, has let viewers in on some behind-the-scenes boardroom secrets. Get the daily newsletter from OK! exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox. Sophie said that's why candidates always hope they'll be given a chair when they enter the boardroom, rather than having to stand behind their team. She laughed, "One thing is you always wanted to sit. Sophie said that everyone wanted a chair in the boardroom. Sophie then recalled a particularly memorable moment when her leg cramped and they had to re-spin a section. She explained: "One time I was on the winning team and my leg went dead. Sophie recalled a time when her spasm caused the segment to have to be reshot. Meanwhile, Sophie said she noticed that Lord Sugar has a big clue as to who will be on the losing team. She explained, "When Lord Sugar, Karren [Brady] and Tim [Campbell] talk about the different teams, you're always like, 'Ooh, are they winning or are they losing?'" "Something I picked. Also, Lord Sugar is speaking in Boardroom always more with the winning team than the losing team.” VIP and check out all our exclusive offers – it's free! VIP and you get access to all our big exclusives... Be the first to meet the latest showbiz babes, see the most coveted wedding pictures of the year or take a guided tour of your favorite celebrity's lavish multi-million pound site home - all for free! Sophie added, "So I've always tried to remember how long he would talk to each side before the actual verdict is made on who is the winner or who is the loser." Sophie continued to say what it feels like to be part of the famous board scenes, saying: "It's a big process you go through from the moment you're on the losing team to going to the cafe. But it goes really fast when you're in the last three." Sophie continued, "You try to think of things in your head, but it's also exhausting. You sit there and think, 'If you don't want me to stay, just let me go.'” For the latest stories about The Apprentice, subscribe to our daily OK!


Jodie Whittaker announces her second pregnancy

Jodie Whittaker announced her second pregnancy while cradling her belly at the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday. (Author: Gardener)

Jodie WhittakerJodie Whittaker announced her second pregnancy while cradling her belly at the Brit Awards at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday. The show began with a spectacular theatrical performance by Ed performing a new version of Bad Habits, for which he was joined by special guests, Bring Me The Horizon. With medleys and music legends at the heart of BRIT's on-stage performances, Anne-Marie - who fell during her performance - and KSI delivered a stunning three-song set alongside Digital Farm Animals, while rock king Liam Gallagher braved a helicopter into the O2- Arena to perform his new single Everything's Electric. The 2022 BRIT Awards really were Adele's night and she performed a stripped-down version of her power ballad I Drink Wine before winning three awards, bringing her total number of BRIT trophies to 12 since winning the first-ever Rising Star Award in 2008. Adele has been awarded the prestigious Mastercard Album of the Year for the third time, having won for her previous two albums in 2012 and 2016 - the only solo artist in BRIT history to have won the award three times. The singer also became the inaugural recipient of the BRITs' inaugural Female Artist of the Year award, with her third win, which came with winning Song of the Year for Easy On Me. The international counterparts to these new categories similarly saw two unbeatable global artists celebrate; with Billie Eilish as International Artist of the Year and Olivia Rodrigo with International Song of the Year for Good 4 U - the UK's best-selling international single of the year. Making her BRIT debut both on stage with an electrifying two-song performance and in this year's shortlists, Little Simz was named Best New Artist, beating out competition from Central Cee, Griff, Joy Crookes and Self Esteem. She was joined on stage by actress Emma Corrin. Mercury Prize-winning London band Wolf Alice won Best Group, the second year they had been nominated in the category. Shortlisted for BRIT's Rising Star 2022, three incredible female artists competed for the coveted award, chosen by critics and music minds to identify the future stars of British music. Winner Holly Humberstone performed a rendition of her new single 'London is Lonely' to her biggest audience yet and was introduced on stage by Griff, last year's Rising Star award winner. The 2022 BRITs saw a number of changes in award categories to create even more opportunities for artists to be recognized. The recipient of the BRITs' first-ever Songwriter of the Year award went to Ed Sheeran tonight, before performing a second number, The Joker and The Queen, later on in the show. After receiving two awards last year, Dua Lipa was honored with Pop/R&B Act and after receiving her first ever BRIT nomination this year, Becky Hill was honored with Dance Act. Alternative/Rock Act went to Sam Fender (who took his British record label Polydor's trophy list to 5), who later in the show wowed audiences with a performance of his top ten hit single Seventeen Going Under. British rap king Dave was presented with the Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Act award by Arsenal legends Ian Wright and Bukayo Saka and closed the ceremony with a triumphant performance of In The Fire, where he was surrounded by fellow rappers Ghetts, Giggs, Fredo, Konyikeh, and Meekz. This evening's presenters included Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid, Brian Cox, Vicky McClure, Jodie Whittaker, Mo Farah, Tom Daley and Ronnie Wood.