Nia Sharma's training video is the Monday motivation we need

Nia Sharma, who started her career on the small screen, has impressed everyone with her bold on-screen presence in music videos like Do Ghoont, Phoonkh Le and more. In a video that recently went viral, Nia Sharma shows off her back while working out at the gym. (Author: Gardener)

Nia Sharma'sNia Sharma, who started her career on the small screen, has impressed everyone with her bold on-screen presence in music videos like Do Ghoont, Phoonkh Le and more. In a video that recently went viral, Nia Sharma shows off her back while working out at the gym. Tagging her trainer Sushil Khatri, Nia wrote, "Haven't been the one to ever step foot in a gym but once you do it kinda sucks you in." The video has garnered more than 50,000 likes so far, praising her fans and industry friends your engagement. Naagin 4 fame Shalin Bhanot, who played the role of Keshav in the series, commented, "Ufffff... never turn your back on us... hum toh maar hi jayenge pun intended." Nisha Rawal wrote, "Your hard work always shows. Recently, Nia Sharma's older brother Vinay tied the knot in a private event in Delhi. Nia shared some glimpses from the ceremony while congratulating her brother on Instagram. In the viral pictures, Nia looked stunning in a white lehenga and shared many fun moments from the event. In layman's terms, Nia Sharma made her TV debut in 2010's Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha. She was also last seen starring in the second season of her web series Jamai 2.0, starring Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma.


Anand Mahindra's Monday motivation is a man who rescued a girl trapped on the train

Anand Mahindra shares video of a 37-year-old man jumping in front of a moving freight train to rescue a woman who fell onto the tracks in Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal (Author: Gardener)

Anand Mahindra'sMahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra often uses Twitter to share "Monday motivation" quotes and videos, helping his fans and followers to end their "Monday blues". Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra often uses Twitter to share "Monday motivation" quotes and videos, helping his fans and followers to end their "Monday blues". In his latest post, the industrialist shared video of a daredevil carpenter jumping under a moving train to save a girl who had fallen onto the tracks. In his latest post, the industrialist shared video of a daredevil carpenter jumping under a moving train to save a girl who had fallen onto the tracks. Last week, the Bhopal-based carpenter's discouraging video went viral on social media. In the video, Mohammad Mehboob, 37, can be seen holding the woman's head down to prevent her from hitting anything protruding from the undercarriage. The incident happened around 8pm on February 5 in Barkhedi when Mehboob was walking near the scene after offering namaz. A woman in her 20s with a backpack was crossing the train tracks when a freight train approached. The woman became frightened and tripped over the tracks, unable to get up and move away from the train's lane. As onlookers began screaming in panic, Mehboob acted on impulse and jumped onto the tracks and ran towards the woman, dragging her to the center of the track bed and preventing her from raising her head as the train passed over her. People kept warning the duo to stay below until at least 28 cars from the train passed over them. After the near-death experience, the woman burst into tears and hugged her father and brother, who had not crossed the train tracks with her at the time.


Monday Motivation: Feed your mind

It's easy to find reasons to be sad, angry, or depressed. People die every day from homicides, suicides and fatal accidents. People are checking out because of drugs, alcoholism, and mental health issues. (Author: Gardener)

MondayWe live in a world where depression is so easy to fall into. It's easy to find reasons to be sad, angry, or depressed. People die every day from homicides, suicides and fatal accidents. People are checking out because of drugs, alcoholism, and mental health issues. Although it's perfectly normal to have emotions behind each of these situations as they involve people you know, let alone yourself. Finding ways to get yourself out of the dumps is imperative. As hard as this may seem at times, it is absolutely necessary. Being surrounded by situations that make you sad is never a fun thing, but if you're not careful to keep your mood up, depression and sadness can leave you living in grief for a lifetime. It's crazy because even the Bible tells us that “sorrow is better than laughter; for by the sadness of the face the heart is made better.” In other words, it makes you strong to see things through. You become stronger when you are forced to endure the realities of truth. It may not feel good, but it IS good for you. (That's a word in itself.) Aside from the power of having to go through situations that may not be as comfortable, there are things you can do to make yourself feel better every day. Making sure you step out of your current routine and create a new one is key. Doing things you don't normally do automatically changes the atmosphere. It creates a new space. It's so healthy to go outside the norm. It's hard to keep up with the negative all the time. It is better to find and stay positive. You have to force yourself to try new things. Let yourself be inspired. Sign up for a new course. Study someone who inspires you. Remember, no matter what happens, something bigger is always happening at the same time. Find that gratitude and never let go.


MUFC is in a good position for the top 4, says Dimitar Berbatov

In an exclusive chat with Khel Now, Dimitar Berbatov shares his favorite moments and his views on Ralf Rangnick. (Author: Gardener)

Dimitar BerbatovDimitar Berbatov still looks like he could score a goal or two every weekend at Old Trafford. The Bulgarian, who joined Manchester United at the start of the 2008/09 season, was already a recognized finisher. After a successful spell at Bayer Leverkusen, he joined Tottenham Hotspur for €16m, making him the most expensive Bulgarian player of all time. Berbatov has revisited some of those cases from his time at Old Trafford in an exclusive chat with Khel Now. As he recalled the memories of his time that had made him the greatest Bulgarian in all sports, an everlasting smile could be seen on his face. "My personal favorite moment was when I (Cristiano) gave Ronaldo that assist and I invented the 'Berba Spin'," said Dimitar Berbatov, recalling his best moment as a Manchester United player. It is worth noting that a striker of Berbatov's goalscoring abilities chose an assist as his best individual moment on the pitch. Consider the great moments he's produced for the Red Devils - from a hat-trick against Liverpool with an overhead kick to scoring five goals in a single game against Blackburn Rover - and it becomes a choice to think about. "It was fun sometimes to help others," said the Bulgarian. "The moment I turned with the ball, I heard the fans at Old Trafford yell 'Woah!' I knew I was doing something special," he said of his unique choice. However, the 41-year-old has no particular tips. "I'll answer that as a striker," Dimitar Berbatov began talking about his favorite opponent with a rather indelible approach. That's why I love all the goals I've scored.” Of the 216 goals he's scored over the course of his career – 56 of which he scored for Manchester United – he did, however, enjoy scoring some against selected clubs. "If you score and win against Manchester City, Liverpool or Chelsea, it automatically becomes more special. Because you know you've won against a good team," he added. But the former Tottenham Hotspur striker is quick to mention victories against smaller and bolder teams. He's quick to stress the importance of last-minute 'one-to-zero' victories and recognizes teams' commitment on the pitch. Dimitar Berbatov answers the question “favorite colleague” in a similar way. "The first thing I did after a goal was to look for the player who gave me the ball and celebrate with him." The Bulgarian's passion remains the same when speaking about the current state of Manchester United . Based on his experiences from his time at Bayer Leverkusen, Berbatov relies on Ralf Rangnick, but sees this "rebuild" as a long way off. "It's not an easy task to replace someone like Sir Alex Ferguson after 25 years," said Dimitar Berbatov. “I know how they (the Germans) like to approach football. It won't be easy, but with two games in hand, we should think about it.” Dimitar Berbatov joked about instances when he found football “cruel” and mentioned three Champions League final defeats. Two of those came during his years at Manchester United – a club he believes belongs at the top and should be back there soon. "Every single player should believe that they are a leader and that they have to show that on the pitch," Berbatov added of how the Red Devils can get back on top.


A €250,000 winner in Co Wexford after one lucky player won the Lotto Plus 2 top prize

A Wexford Lotto player won the €250,000 top prize in the Lotto Plus 2 draw tonight. The numbers drawn for tonight's main jackpot are: 06, 19, (Author: Gardener)

250,000The National Lottery has confirmed the lucky tickets were sold in Galway City and, incredibly, in two neighboring West Cork towns, Clonakilty and Dunmanway. The Spar shop, owned by Gerard Geraghty and run by his brother John, is no stranger to big EuroMillions wins after a similar €1million EuroMillions sweepstakes was sold in July 2018. Two separate retailers in Clonakilty and Dunmanway are also celebrating They were informed they had also sold two of the winning tickets from Friday night's EuroMillions draw. The two winning retailers, located just 20km apart, are Minihanes Gala store on Pearse Street in the town of Clonakilty and Healy's SuperValu store on Dunmanway in Co. Cork. Samantha Minihane, who took over running Minihane's Gala store last September, said West Cork was "absolutely buzzing" with the wins. She said: "West Cork have been absolutely on the move over the past few days as news broke of the two big wins at Clonakilty and Dunmanway. We have very loyal customers at the store here in Clonakilty so we're very happy for whoever it may be.” In the neighboring town of Dunmanway, Andrew Healy, who has run Healy's SuperValu with his wife Martina for the last 17 years, said that the EuroMillions -Wins are a big boost for West Cork. He said: "If you think about how many EuroMillions players there are across Europe and out of the lucky 100 players we get two people in West Cork to win this prize. “Ever since Friday night's drawing, people have been calling the store asking if we sold the winning ticket. The EuroMillions raffle draw guaranteed that 100 EuroMillions players from all nine participating countries would each win one of the €1 million raffle prizes. The National Lottery has confirmed that they are still waiting for the three winners of the €1 million prize from last Friday night's EuroMillions draw to be contacted.


Former Rangers boss Paul Murray feared the house was bugged after a burglary while the club was on the sidelines

In the first of the Paul Murray diaries, the former chairman opens the accounts of the financial crisis that shook Ibrox. (Author: Gardener)

Paul MurrayPaul Murray saw it coming long before most. So instead of waiting for the heartbreak of Valentine's Day, the Rangers board member took the family on a ski trip to France. It was 2012 and Rangers were on the brink of being dragged into a financial abyss and into the hands of administrators - the first step towards liquidation. Paul, 57, had been warning all along that this would be where the club he loved would end. He told David Murray that day was inevitable, but it fell on deaf ears. Rangers soccer fans support their club February 18, 2012 at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow. What Paul could not possibly foresee, however, was the sinister turn of events that unfolded in his empty Borders home in the middle of the night. The events of the hours leading up to the multi-million pound scandal that shook the game to its core are a chilling twist in a startlingly dark tale of deceit, deception and betrayal that he's never told before. Being ordered by police to search the family home for hearing aids was something he was reluctant to discuss in public. Paul would ultimately lead the group that saved the Rangers, but 10 years later he's still unnerved by what happened. He's finally ready to give his unedited account of the events that almost led to the demise of the club he loves. It's a story he tells with the help of his impeccably organized mind as a chartered accountant. He tells me, “Valentine's Day 10 years ago was actually a Tuesday. We went skiing in France on Saturday. “Late Sunday evening or early Monday morning I received a call from our housekeeper telling me that the burglar alarm had gone off. "It was about 4am and she was obviously very upset. But she told me the police would take care of it, so I told her to go back to bed and we'd work things out in the morning. "But when I came back I met the police officer in charge of the investigation and I was really quite surprised by what he told me. "He wasn't a big football fan but he knew who I was and that I was involved with Rangers. "He said to me, 'Something really strange is happening here. I've been doing this kind of work for a long time, but I've never seen a case like this. "What he found strange was that everyone who entered the house had spent a great deal of time and care removing the glass panes from the French doors. Administrator Paul Clark speaks to the media about Rangers' financial crisis in February 2012. They hadn't just crept in like a normal break and entry. The policeman said, "It's really strange. “The house was not damaged and nothing was stolen. "Then, completely unprompted, he said to me, 'It's almost like someone tried to plant something in your house — a bug or something — and then rushed off when the alarm went off'. It was weird saying that. Apparently I then swept the house and checked for bugs, there was nothing.” Paul and I first came into contact when The Record broke the news of David Murray's intention to sell control of the Ibrox Club. In the dizzying months that followed, leading up to the ill-fated takeover in May 2011, Paul became more than just a trusted whistleblower to me. We are still close friends to this day. He continues: "Over time, you and I have had our own reservations about phones suddenly acting weird and making strange clicking noises during a call. It's been a very strange time overall.” Sir David Murray sold Rangers to Craig Whyte for £1 while taking on commitments including a £18million bank debt. It's all true. At times it felt as if Paul - who by nature didn't fit into this gloomy world - could come crashing down on his head. "But it was the date that made it significant, as did what the police officer said to me. "I didn't give it much thought, but a lot of what's happened over the years just didn't feel right. The truth is, Paul had made himself a serious inconvenience to the people who took over. Let's put it this way, without his repeated and vocal warnings, this whole Rangers takeover would have been a lot easier. He nodded: "I'm pretty sure, if you look back at what was written - and it was your newspaper that did most of it - that I made my concerns known from the start. New Rangers owner Craig Whyte waved to fans in May 2011: "The week the club was taken over I did an interview saying this was going to end up in administration in 12 months . As it turned out, it was almost to the day. “In June 2011 you wrote a story about the club being funded by mortgages for future season tickets. "It was just a lot worse than anyone could have imagined." In January 2012, six months after the story, which the club denied, The Record revealed the full ruinous extent of this notorious deal with lender Ticketus. He sighed, "It had come. You guys at Record wrote the season ticket story that pretty much blew that thing up. “It was obvious there was no going back because the club's future earnings were sold out. “Nikica Jelavic was also sold on the last day of the January transfer window, so it was clear where the journey was going. HMRC tried to appoint their own administrator so they could look closely at the books. “But the club was able to stop that and appoint Duff and Phelps. And then, the next day, the inevitable happened.”


Kanye West insists Instagram wasn't hacked after the posts sparked concern

Kanye West has insisted his Instagram account wasn't hacked after he posted multiple times on Sunday, mostly to criticize Pete Davidson. (Author: Gardener)

Kanye WestKanye West has insisted his Instagram account wasn't hacked after he went on a posting spree on Sunday and said he doesn't want Pete Davidson to see his and ex Kim Kardashian's children. On his social media account, the rapper shared a picture of himself looking directly at the camera and holding up a yellow legal pad on which he had written "My account has not been hacked" and "2 13 22" to commemorate that to reflect the date of Sunday . Alongside the upload, he wrote, "MY ACCOUNT IS NOT HACKED, I WILL BE ON SUNDAY SERVICE AT 12PM AND I WILL [sic] TAKING NORTH AND SAINT TO THE SUPERBOWL SHORTLY THEN." He tagged one of Pete Davidson's Saturday Night Live colleagues, Weekend Update host Michael Che, the 44-year-old, added: "@chethinks - I WILL DOUBLE WHAT THEY PAY FOR THEM JUST SO THEY NEVER HAVE TO LOOK AT THAT FARMER AGAIN BIG LOVE." Earlier in the day he had started what to appeared to be a tirade against Pete, 28, who has been linked to Kim since she hosted SNL in October 2021. The comic referred to 41-year-old Kim as his "girlfriend" last week, suggesting things are truly official after a string of hookups and even a short vacation in the Bahamas. His uploads included a picture of Pete's body in a post in which he called the comedian "a moron" and accused him of being Hillary Clinton's "ex-boyfriend." The Donda star then doubled down on his criticism of Pete, sharing in his most direct of a series of posts an image of the comic trying to catch popcorn from a bowl held by Machine Gun Kelly with both men in his mouth Pants pulled down to the knees. He captioned the post, "NO, YOU WILL NEVER MET MY KIDS." It also appeared to imply that the sender, allegedly Pete, "hoped to meet her someday" and be "friends" with Kanye and the kids. The rapper shares North, eight, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and the two-year-old Psalm with Kim. Over the weekend, Kanye also pulled friend and collaborator Kid Cudi from his new album Donda 2 because of his friendship with King of Staten Island star Pete. Announcing the news in a handwritten note on a since-deleted Instagram post, Day N Nite rapper Kid reportedly fired back in the comments, branding Kanye a "dinosaur" and adding, "Everybody knows I'm the best in your albums was since i met you. Kanye has publicly stated that he wants to reconcile with his estranged wife Kim, who filed for divorce in February 2021 after six marriages to the rapper. MORE : John Mayer abandons concert after seeing fan in distress as Kanye West blasts Billie Eilish for doing it MORE : Kim Kardashian wows in stunning shoot as she discusses divorce in well-timed interview with US Vogue of Kanye West says: "You gotta be your co-parent's biggest cheerleader


Mistakes galore as Spurs slip to third straight loss

Match report and free highlights as Wolves skip Spurs in the Premier League table and slot firmly into the European picture; Raul Jimenez and Leander Dendoncker did the damage in the first half (Author: Gardener)

thirdWolves racked up three Premier League defeats for Tottenham after two first-half goals punished Antonio Conte's slack side in a 2-0 win. In a game where Tottenham fans defied a request from the club by continuing to chant the Y-word, their side fell behind after six minutes when a misfortune spell from Hugo Lloris allowed Raul Jimenez to head home in great fashion to shoot. Spurs were entirely to blame for their own downfall and could not have been more generous in helping Wolves to a two-goal lead. Things turned from bad to worse in Tottenham's backline when a poor pass from Ben Davies sparked an attack from Wolves and after Daniel Podence's try came back off the post Leandro Dendoncker was on hand to double the lead. Conte, who has lost three straight games for the first time since 2009, decided to replace Ryan Sessegnon with Dejan Kulusevski after 27 minutes, but Spurs remained flat and lacked ideas against the Wolves defence, who have now played nine times this season remained without a goal. Spurs improved after the break but despite 17 shots on goal - eight of them by Harry Kane - Jose Sa was relatively comfortable with what was thrown at him. Harry Winks hit the post with a deflected try but it was another disappointing day for the hosts. The win puts Wolves in seventh place ahead of Tottenham. With the top four contenders falling over themselves in slapstick fashion, consistency could be crucial in the race to qualify for the Champions League. Wolves may lack the individual quality of Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United but they make up for it in terms of team cohesion and a desire to defend. The Wolves' outstanding strength was their watertight defense. Their 17 clean sheets this season are only surpassed by Manchester City and no other side in the division have conceded fewer open-game goals than Wolves' 10. Spurs managed 17 shots but only managed an expected goal total of 1.07 - pointing to plenty of low-probability chances as they do excellent defense against the Wolves in their box. All successful teams need a top goalkeeper and Wolves' Sa was one of the bargains of the season - Olympiakos' £6.8million purchase last summer has the best savings rate in the Premier League this season. To single out a Wolves player is a little unfair given what was a complete team effort, but once again the safety and quality of Kilman's game stood out. Confident on the ball to drive forward and adept at being in the right place at the right time to obliterate danger, he managed to keep tabs on Heung-min Son, who had a rare day off in all aspects of his game . Kilman's standout moment came midway through the second half when the Wolves defender out of nowhere stopped Kane from testing Sa from close range. It was an impressive piece of defense and summed up his performance. Tottenham's defense in the opening 20 minutes of that defeat left Conte speechless as he pressed the issue in the post-match media. Spurs' criminal start to the game gave a team whose defensive record this season is only surpassed by Manchester City a two-goal lead. Tottenham threatened in patches but Jose Sa was rarely troubled, although Conte claimed it was one of Tottenham's best attacking performances since joining the club. But something that was as daylight as day was how disorganized and ragged the Spurs were in the early stages. World champion Lloris set the tone for six minutes with two goalkeepers who wouldn't have been out of place on a Sunday morning at Hackney Marshes. Sensing the nervousness, Wolves ran for the kill, scoring the second goal when Dendoncker gobbled up close range after another kamikaze play from Lloris and his defenders. It seemed like Tottenham were completely off work from the first whistle as they sometimes passed out from behind and the lack of reaction to danger in their box was just as bad. Conte has to take some responsibility for that. Spurs' task of qualifying for the Champions League is getting harder by the week. Antonio Conte said: "It's difficult to describe the loss. It was one of the best games we've ever played - we created a lot of chances to score. We had possession, but it's also difficult to explain how we started with two goals conceded - It's difficult to comment on the two goals we conceded. It's not easy when you start the game like that. But we're talking about another defeat. We'll keep working and we have to fight every time, for three points "The environment is used to playing for fourth place and the Champions League, but now I think everyone has to realize that something has changed compared to the past. "If you play two games at home and against Losing Chelsea to a side that wants to qualify for the Champions League is impossible. Maybe our fans shouldn't be disappointed with the loss but try to push us and stay behind." The players have to find the right atmosphere and not feel the pressure on a goal that you can't believe in at that moment. that they achieve that goal Bruno Lage, meanwhile, downplayed Wolves' own top four hopes despite the eminent win Wanderers are The former Benfica boss insisted he wasn't just dreaming of the promised land "I won't dream, I will can only dream of Leicester, they are a very strong side, very difficult to beat," said Lage ahead of next week's game against the Foxes. "That's why every game is a tough game." I was talki ng about character for the last week. "[We will] keep working hard as we are working. One day at a time, practice after practice, game and game. "The goal every time is to improve the way we work. "For me, the challenge is to win the team back, to try to understand our game, to try to get our best starting XI on the pitch determine and try to play the way we played today." Tottenham visit Manchester City next Saturday at 17.30 live on Sky Sports in the Premier League. Wolves host Leicester live on Sky Sports the following day at 16.30.


Premier League result, match stream and latest updates today

Jimenez puts Wolves ahead Kick-off time and location: 14:00 GMT, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium As to watch: Non-television match, Match of the day highlights 2 Prediction: Tottenham win 2-0 Tottenham line-up confirmed Wolves confirmed- Lineup FT: Tottenham 0-2 Wolves15:56 , Jonathan Gorrie A miserable day for Spurs. Game ends 15:53, Jonathan Gorrie 90:00 - Hard to see Spurs score. Look absolutely unimaginative. (Author: Gardener)

todayAntonio Conte lost his third straight game for the first time since 2009 after a comedy error dealt Spurs a major blow in the race to qualify for next season's Champions League. Raul Jimenez and Leander Dendocker pounced on a series of defensive errors in the first half, forcing Conte into a brutal early substitution before his team was whistled at half-time. After a change of formation and the introduction of new signing Dejan Kulusevski, Spurs had more possession in attacking areas but simply couldn't find a way past a Wolves side with an enormously impressive defensive record. Wolves are now properly in seventh ahead of Spurs, while Conte plots how to turn this season around after a miserable week. Follow all the action LIVE with Standard Sport's dedicated match blog. * As Watched: Game Not Televised, Highlights of Match of the Day 2 86:00 - Son is doing very well to make room for a sideline cut, but it's crowded once again. Spurs are still pushing but have lost some of the intensity of a few minutes ago which should make Wolves think they can hold on. 78:00 - Spurs aren't happy with the perceived waste of time but Podence has been struggling with an ankle problem throughout the game. 76:00 - Kulusevski pulls a narrow wide after Davies' knockdown. 74:00 - Son's searing pace knocked Saiss to the ball in the six-yard box, but the Moroccan does well to cover. Lots of promising signs from Spurs but very few clear chances. 72:00 - Wolves appear to have recovered, making better decisions on the ball and playing around the Tottenham press. 66:00 - Wolves look nevy, Sa with an odd clearance to grant them a corner. Need a gate here to set up a grandstand closure. Spurs close in and Winks' deflected try hits the post. If they can score in the next five or ten minutes, it would potentially lead to a frantic final with the spectators at their backs. 64:00 - Clear header but Winks hits a stunning volley which is deflected and saved well by Sa. 62:00 - Bentancur wins a free kick in a great area just wide of the box. Saiss got caught in the face by Bentancur but it looked random. 62:00 - Wolves look a lot more open now but boast quality on the counterattack. 60:00 - So much better in this half where Son and Kane are close. 57:00 - Kane sees his attempt saved by Sa after another breakaway. 56:00 - Kilman does so well to clear as Son looks at goal. Much better build from Spurs. 52:00 - Cundle picks up a loose ball, freeing Jimenez but his touch dodges it. A better touch there and the Wolves would be clear. 48:00 - It's a shame it's taken so long but Son drives towards the opposition and offers plenty of pace behind the Wolves' defence. Oh, being a fly on the wall of that halftime team chat. 45:00 - Spurs close after Moura heads over. 45:00 - Just in time for halftime, this could be huge. 12:00 - With the change of system, Spurs get better access to the ball in the lower areas, but are almost constantly caught on the counterattack. 39:00 - Saiss' move to clear allows Kane a shot, but once again he's blocked. The crowd loses patience and there are roars of frustration as Winks gives the ball away cheaply. It leads to another good opening for Wolves but Lloris saves from Podence. Spurs look menacing in the final third but it's incredibly easy for Wolves to play through. 35:00 - Kulusevski gave Spurs more presence in the last third but Wolves are trying to keep the ball in the middle of the park to take the sting out of the game. 32:00 - Son's great work almost tips Kane, but Sa does well to block him. Not necessarily with him, but the atmosphere doesn't look good. 24:00 - Kilman dances deep in her half for Tottenham challenges. It's been a nightmare afternoon for Hugo Lloris so far but the keeper has denied Wolves at least a third with a one-handed save from Jimenez. Spurs threatens to quickly become embarrassing. The next goal is huge and Conte's team must get it. Brings the ball down well to get a shot into the box after flipping his defender but ends up being blocked. 21:00 - Jimenez is AGAIN after a poor clearance but Lloris saves well. 20:00 - Kane with a dive shot almost beats Sa but the keeper pulls it off well. 18:00 - Comedy of mistakes in defense after Lloris loses the ball trying to play from behind. 16:00 - A brilliant through ball from Bentancur gets Son past the Wolves' defense but his shot is blocked by Coady. 15:00 - Walks away from Saiss, drags the team forward and earns applause. 13:00 - Playing through the middle doesn't suit Spurs, they keep losing the ball and letting Wolves counterattack. 12:00 - Wolves are so strong defensively and cause Spurs a lot of problems going forward as well. Terrible start for Spurs and the form book would suggest they have everything they need to do. Spurs defenders made a series of mistakes against Southampton and today it's Lloris' turn. 05:00 - Lloris flaps after a Neves cross, saves into traffic but the ball lands at Jimenez' feet, who poaches home. 05:00 - Kane loses the ball trying to switch, Winks then misses a tackle and Wolves are gone. However, Podence forced himself a little far onto the counter. 04:00 - Romero looks like a playmaker in the center of defence. 04:00 - When the wolves hit the ball around their backs, they get their game going. 03:00 - Kilman cuts out Wink's through ball but really fast stuff from Spurs so far. 02:00 - Sa Moura's cross holds well but really good start from Spurs. Antonio Conte must decide whether to hand over Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski, first starters in the Premier League in January, after both came on as substitutes in the Southampton defeat. Eric Dier remains injured, as does Oliver Skipp, and Conte has acknowledged it could be a risk to start Cristian Romero and Heung-min Son for the third time in a week after returning from hamstring injuries, but has said that the couple it is also important to rest. TV Channels: The game will not be broadcast live in the UK. Highlights will be shown on BBC One's Match of the Day 2 on Sunday evening from 10:30pm. You can follow all the action here on Standard Sport's LIVE blog. Hello and welcome to Standard Sport's LIVE coverage of Tottenham's Premier League clash with Wolves.


BT enters into exclusive talks with Discovery on BT Sports

Potential joint venture with US pay-TV firm and Eurosport owner is a blow to Dazn, the 'Netflix of sport' (Author: Gardener)

DiscoveryBT has entered exclusive talks with US pay-TV company Discovery to set up a joint venture company that will include BT Sport, which owns the rights to sports including the Premier League and Champions League. The joint venture, which BT expects to be operational later this year, subject to regulatory approval, ends nearly a year of uncertainty about the future of the telecoms company's decades-old pay-TV sports operation. Discovery owns Eurosport, which broadcasts a wide range of sports including tennis and cycling, and holds the pan-European rights to the Olympic Games. The decision to join forces with Discovery, which has considered bidding for UK TV rights to the Premier League in the past, comes as a blow to sports streaming company Dazn. Backed by billionaire Sir Leonard Blavatnik, Dazn, dubbed the 'Netflix of sport', has been pushing hard for a deal to buy BT Sport to fuel its growth plans in the UK. "The proposed joint venture with Discovery would create an exciting new sports broadcasting business for the UK and serve as the perfect home for our BT sports business," said Marc Allera, Chief Executive of BT's Consumer Division. "With a shared drive for growth, and combining our world-class sports resources with Discovery's premium sports and entertainment content, our customers will benefit from even more content in even more places." BT seeking Premier League and Champions League approval The telecoms company has spent billions on sports rights to fuel the growth of BT Sport since it was founded a decade ago to stem the loss of millions of broadband customers lured by the offerings of competitor Sky, which bundles internet connectivity with sports and entertainment programming. The company has successfully delivered on its mission despite having just a few million customers and modest profit, and BT is now focusing on its £15billion plans to roll out next-generation broadband and 5G mobile networks across the UK . Dazn said its plans for the UK are ongoing but the deal it has discussed with BT Sport is not commercially viable. "We remain fully committed to growing our business and investing in the UK, as you will see in the near future," said Kevin Mayer, Chairman of Dazn. “However, on this occasion the deal for BT Sport became uneconomic for Dazn. Despite the positive news, BT's shares fell 4% in early trade, making it the biggest drop among FTSE 100 stocks as the company warned of a fall in full-year earnings on the back of a delayed recovery from Covid-19 and ongoing supply chain issues. BT said it has revised its revenue guidance due to a lag in the expected performance of its global and corporate operations, which focus on business-to-business customers, as companies struggle to get back on track. The company said it was suffering from a slowdown in companies' expected business, as well as some supply issues related to the equipment it needs from its own suppliers. "Everyone was hoping that this supply chain issue would be resolved sooner than it is," said Philip Jansen, BT's chief executive. Jansen was asked if he thought his new largest shareholder, activist investor Patrick Drahi, intended to further increase his stake. "We have strong, large shareholders who all support the direction of this company 100%," said Jansen.