Britney Spears broadcasts "Free Woman Energy" in a new, completely naked selfie

"Women's free energy has never felt better." (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsWhile many of us get back to work after the holidays, some Hollywood stars are still heating the beaches in tropical locations for an extra long vacation. Count Heather Graham on this list when she shared a sun-drenched photo in a beautiful location by the sea. The 51-year-old actress posted a picture on Instagram with the [...]


Britney Spears has received fan support after sharing nude photos on Instagram

"Better leave them all alone and let them live their best lives," said one fan (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears receives support after posting an almost nude photo on Instagram as a "free woman". The singer had previously shared a series of censored nude photos in the summer of 2021 as she was battling to have her father Jamie, 69, removed as her restorer. Spears shared another on Thursday (Jan. 6) with the caption, "The free woman's energy has never felt better." She turned off comments on the post after previously saying that she "hated" many of them. finds. While the series of similar pictures she posted last year worried her fans, they are now praising the singer for her decision, believing she is in a much happier place since she was exempted by the Conservatory Authority. One fan spoke out against possible critics of the photo and wrote on Twitter: “I don't care what Britney Spears does as long as she's happy. Another added, "I stand by Britney Spears and everything she posts on Instagram." A fan said that Spears posting the photo is "the energy we need more of in 2022". In November, Spears said she believed her parents "should be in jail" for putting her under a preservation order for 13 years. The singer had her personal affairs, career dates and finances regulated by the ruling filed by her father in 2008.


Britney Spears posts a picture of herself in a flower crown

Britney Spears took to Instagram Tuesday to repost an older pic of herself. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears took to Instagram Tuesday to repost an older pic of herself. The 40-year-old singer, who shared multiple photos from the same photo shoot at home last year, couldn't leave a blurry picture for her 38.3 million followers and decided to post a clearer version of the snap. 'I had to repost because it was blurry ... Rose !!!!' She titled the beautiful photo and added an emoji of a red rose. Britney - who is known for posting quirky pictures on her social media - looked serene in the portrait and wore a crown of flowers on her head. The star seems to particularly like the backyard photoshoot and has shared lots of pictures from it. In August she posted another picture and wrote, 'The first picture is the original ... no filter.' In November, fans seemed sick of the photo shoot when she released another shot titled "A Never Seen Shot of Project Rose." One follower replied quickly and wrote, "I think we saw this recording a million times". Spears, whose conservatory ended Nov. 12, recently stopped following her younger sister Jamie on Instagram. In Britney's testimony in court on June 23, she revealed that she wanted to "sue" her family members for "living on my conservatory for 13 years." The star has criticized her family - including her sister - for not supporting them.


Britney Spears shares nude photos on Instagram while hugging Free Woman Energy

The Toxic singer was fired from her long-term conservatory substitution last year. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears shared a series of nude photos on her Instagram Thursday before worrying and deleting them. The Toxic singer posted two pictures wearing nothing but white stockings with well-placed love hearts and flower emojis. The 39-year-old star, who was fired from her longtime conservatory last November, cited the images: "Women's free energy has never felt better". It's not the first time the singer has shared nude pictures since becoming a free woman. Britney was released from the controversial arrangement in November that allowed her father, Jamie Spears, to control her life and finances for nearly 14 years. Now that she has her legal liberty, the star of the charts said she wants to be her own cheerleader ... after what my family tried with me three years ago. Britney shared a video last month of her singing out loud in front of a mirror on Instagram and stated, "No ... I don't audition for anything. At the height of her personal troubles in 2008, Britney was placed under what was supposed to be a temporary conservatory position. The law made her father, Jamie Spears and others, responsible for various aspects of their personal life and finances. After being largely silent for 13 years, Britney denounced her legal position for the first time at a public hearing last year.


Britney Spears posts revealing Instagram pic, says "It feels good to be free"

Britney Spears has continued to embrace her "woman free energy" in a series of nudes she shared online. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsThe pop star was recently exempt from the controversial arrangement that allowed her father, Jamie Spears, to control her life and finances for nearly 14 years. The Toxic singer previously said the years she spent under her controlling conservatory made her "scared" of people and the entertainment business. But she vowed to "be my own cheerleader" and pointed out a new online music release. The 40-year-old said, “I only realized this today, folks ... after what my family tried with me three years ago ... I had to be my own cheerleader. Here's what I found out: ⁣ Multi-platinum, Grammy-winning pop icon Britney Spears is one of the most successful and celebrated entertainers in pop history, with nearly 100 million records sold worldwide. ”No further details were released about the potential new material, although a recent video featured the musician singing sheet music in front of a mirror. Meanwhile, the star's father is reportedly asking a court for his daughter to pay his legal fees. According to Variety, 69-year-old Mr. Spears has sought court approval for his daughter to pay his lawyers who are "involved in running" the conservatories. The conservatory began in 2008 when the Toxic singer's family argued that there was a need to protect her. In November, a judge released Spears from the arrangement after she said it traumatized the pop star and harmed her more than it helped.


Britney Spears posted a very frontal act on Instagram - good for her

People pull Britney apart because she's pushing the boundaries of what they want her to be because of the kind of baseless social standards we keep demanding of women (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears definitely embraces being a free woman. The star was officially discharged from the conservatory with her father Jamie in November, gave her control of her personal and financial independence for the first time since 2008, and has been a wildly swirling ball of energy and positivity ever since - at least on social media. Taking a look at Britney's Instagram page is like a dizzying kaleidoscope of tearful gratitude for good food, uninhibited dancing to Madonna, raw honesty when hurt by hurtful comments on the internet, an exuberant tribute to her first high-waisted bikini ( random, but let's go with it). While Instagram doesn't allow posts with nudity and has previously deleted provocative snapshots of stars like Madonna, Britney, my new favorite follower, wore nothing in the photo but a white lace collar and white knee socks and stood with her arm over her breasts in front of a mirror. To protect her modesty, the star added a pink heart emoji between her legs and a flower to cover her nipple (Instagram is particularly strict on nipples as per its nudity policy, a move that has long been controversial, and broke the hashtag #freethenipple off). She captioned the photo appropriately: "The free woman's energy has never felt better." It's not the first time the singer has taken such a bold move - she previously shared a series in the summer of 2021 during the court battle over her conservatory of censored nude photos. Some fans asked how well Britney was doing at the time, suggesting that the stress of the case may have taken its emotional toll - a perfectly legitimate concern as we all want Britney to be both free and happy. However, when you take their posts at face value, there is something sinister about the backlash to their behavior that seems to outweigh any real concerns for their well-being. I would risk that the social media attacks on Britney for sharing snapshots of her body didn't really have much to do with who she is, but rather what people expect from women her age. Perhaps that is why Britney turned off comments on her post; Maybe that's why so many of us are doing the same thing - because being a woman online can be absolutely cruel. It's classic isn't it? People who pull Britney apart for pushing the boundaries of what they want her to be because of the kind of baseless social standards we keep demanding of women - an ancient attitude if we've ever seen one. But Britney is 40, not 80 - and she has an absolute killer body no matter what you think of people who "bare everything" on social media. And let's not forget, she looks like this and is the mother of two teenage sons. Britney, I greet you. Madonna, who is 63 (but looks 30 years younger) got the same backlash when she posted (now deleted) shots of herself on Instagram wearing fishnet stockings and squirming, boticelli-esque, on a bed, and Once again when she walked the catwalk at MTV's Video Music Awards ceremony last September - a move that I think proved her bum deserves its own distinction. To stay up to date with the latest opinions and comments, subscribe to our free weekly Voices Dispatches newsletter by clicking here It's the ultimate irony: From the moment teenage girls are old enough to be " Fair game "say we women that they" should "be sexy (and who can forget the sexualization of Britney's school girl outfit music video" Hit Me Baby One More Time "), then turn them off the moment in which they have the confidence to show it. We “shame” them, tell them they are “too old” to look good, or assume that something must be terribly wrong. I'm not yet 45, so I can't play - but I'm 40, Britney's age. And while I don't post nudes on Instagram, I wholeheartedly support anyone who chooses to.


Britney Spears says she drank her first glass of red wine in 13 years

The "Toxic" singer wrote on Instagram that she has happily "pampered" herself since the end of her 13-year conservatory in November. (Author: Gardener)

Britney Spears* Britney Spears revealed on Instagram that she had her "first glass of red wine" last weekend. * "I've waited 13 years ... that's long enough !!!" She wrote. * The singer's 13-year-old conservatory recently ended by a judge. Britney Spears said she has been happily "spoiled" since she finished her 13 years at the conservatory last November. In a long Instagram caption on Wednesday, the 40-year-old singer said she enjoyed her “first glass of red wine” last weekend. "I've waited 13 years ... that's long enough !!!" she added. In addition to the flower photo Spears attributed to Instagram user @meldaorcan, she also reached out to "hateful" critics of her recent posts, particularly in connection with a video shared Tuesday showing the singer listening to Madonna's 2000 song "Nobody's Perfect "dances. "I'm sure it looks weird when I dance to @madonna so much," Spears wrote, adding three shrug emojis. The "Toxic" singer even turned to her family, who repeatedly criticized her for allowing her to stay in the strict conservatories of her father Jamie Spears. keep playing, "Spears wrote. Spears '13-year conservatory stint ended last November after she told a Los Angeles judge that she was" traumatized "by the deal. In 2008, Spears' father filed a motion Termination of the Conservatory on account of a week after Spears 'new attorney told him to hand over 13 years' worth of documents on the Conservatory administration The weekend after its official termination, Spears said she celebrated with her "first glass of champagne." I was on cloud nine the whole time, "she wrote on Instagram in November 2021. I mean after 13 years ... I think I've waited ENOUGH !! "


Britney Spears celebrates “women's free energy” with a topless Instagram post

Britney Spears bared everything on her latest Instagram photo as she celebrated "woman's free energy" after being exempted from her conservatory. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears exposed it all in a recent Instagram photo as she celebrates "woman's free energy" after being freed from her conservatism. The singer lives her best life and her fans are excited to see her in a much better place with her newfound freedom. Britney took to Instagram on Thursday (January 6th) celebrating that she is a free woman with a topless picture for her latest social media post. In the picture, the singer wears nothing but white knee socks and a white collar, while her body parts are covered with flower and heart emojis. “Women's free energy has never felt better,” she headed her contribution. Britney followed up with her almost nude picture with two more posts that also had her comments disabled as the singer previously said some might be "hateful". Fans have praised Britney after her posts, as many of them believe the singer will be much better after being released from her conservatory. "Britney Spears posting a full nude on her Instagram is the energy we need more of in 2022," tweeted one fan. Another added, "I don't care what Britney Spears does as long as she's happy. Better leave her alone and let her live her best life. In an Instagram post in December, Britney addressed the break from her music career and hinted that a new song is in the works. "Pssss new song in the works ... I'll let you know what I mean," she wrote in the post's now-deleted caption. Recently, a PEOPLE source told the outlet that Britney's fiancé Sam Asghari had "hooked up" with their two sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15. “Britney had a wonderful Christmas with Sam. She also spent time with her boys, ”the source said, saying that Britney is focused on staying healthy for her boys. In July last year, the singer, expressing her desire to expand her family and have another child, said at the time, “I would like to step forward and have the real business.


What is Britney Spears net worth in 2022?

Britney Spears celebrated the recent end of her longtime conservatory. But what is her fortune after her litigation? (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is on everyone's lips as fans celebrate the recent end of their long-running conservatory party. Today she is 40 years old and is considered one of the best-selling music artists of all time, despite the conservatory that accompanied her for over a decade. Last year, Forbes estimated the value of Spears' estate at $ 60 million (£ 44 million). Court documents verified from the release last year showed the star had approximately $ 56.5 million (£ 42 million) in investments in brokerage accounts, businesses and real estate - the rest in cash. Despite Spears' career being so successful, Forbes found her net worth is significantly lower than that of her fellow pop princess Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Taylor Swift, even though they started their careers long before them. Britney Spears is engaged to Sam Asghari, a 27-year-old personal trainer and actor. The two met on the set of their slippery music video "Slumber Party" from 2016, in which Asghari plays her love interest. The lovebirds got engaged in September after 5 years of dating, during the climax of the Spears Conservatory Battle that prevented the couple from marrying or having children together. Sam now credits his fiancé Spears for putting his acting career "on the map". He said in a recent interview with Variety, “I want to thank [Spears] so much for putting me on the map for everything else that's going on in my career. Let's be real Let's be real now, shall we? "


Britney Spears shares liberated nudes after having her first glass of red wine in 13 years

Britney Spears celebrated her "woman free energy" by posting liberated nude selfies and drinking her first glass of red wine in 13 years. (Author: Gardener)

13 yearsBritney Spears celebrated her “woman free energy” by posting liberated selfies and sipping her first glass of wine in 13 years. The pop icon took to Instagram on Thursday (Jan. 6) and spoke about the freedoms she has enjoyed since her conservatory ended, including being able to just enjoy a glass of wine. In a series of Notes app screenshots posted on Instagram, Britney Spears described a healthy and “magical” night in an unnamed but “very beautiful place in Los Angeles”. She admitted that she had no expectations for the evening as she had just been told that "the food here was great". Britney asked the restaurant "to surprise her with her order, and said the meal had" felt my body come to life ". She also enjoyed her first glass of red wine "for 13 years," she wrote. “I felt sexier in this restaurant than I have ever felt in my entire life.” To keep that energy going, Britney shared a second post with a series of nude selfies. "Women's free energy has never felt better," she captioned the pictures, showing how she wore nothing but a collar and a pair of white knee socks with some cleverly placed emojis. Since being exempt from her conservatory last year, the pop icon has often taken to Instagram to share personal milestones and indulge in her newfound freedom. She previously shared a series of censored nude photos after her father was suspended from law in October. Britney said her evening was so good it "made me cry" - so she did. “I cried while I ate in this lovely restaurant,” she said. "I couldn't believe what I experienced with this meal." Britney ended her first post by saying that her night was honestly "one of the most magical experiences of my life" and that she will "never forget" it. She remembered asking "13 years to do new songs and remix my songs" but was told "no" each time. Spears added that not performing her music is, in a sense, a "way to say 'f ** k you' even though it benefits my family by ignoring my real work".