Britney Spears lets little imagination run wild when it comes to nude photos

Britney Spears posted full-front nudes on Instagram, stating her "female free energy has never felt better" (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears lets little imagination run wild in nude photos praising the "energy of the free woman" in her inbox. An error occurred. Please try again later. Thanks for subscribing, the 40-year-old pop star used emojis made of pink flowers and love hearts to cover her modesty - and to make sure Instagram didn't remove the snaps - while holding her breasts with her hands at the same time. It's not the first time Britney has shared racy pictures of herself, leading to fans expressing concerns for their well-being. However, Britney has now started disabling comments on her posts so that followers cannot share her thoughts. The Toxic singer was recently fired from a conservatory agreement that allowed her father, Jamie Spears, to control her life and finances for nearly 14 years. The Toxic star used pink emojis to show her modesty. Receive with the daily newsletter from OK! Exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photo shoots delivered to your inbox. You can login at the top of the page. Britney has vowed to "become her own cheerleader" and has hinted that she may be releasing new music online. Shortly after posting the nude pics, she uploaded another picture showing her modeling a high-waisted pink and white bikini, white sunglasses and high heels. Claiming she wasn't sure what she thought of the outfit, she commented, "This is my first high-waisted swimsuit ever ... my fiance likes it, but I'm not sure ... Britney has also shared several videos in which she dances to this Madonna. She also posted a photo of meadow flowers with an explanation of how she felt now when she was free from her conservatory. "I'm sure it looks weird when I dance to Madonna so much that I see it ... it's like I don't try as hard as I indulge myself ..... the singer shares some of the Things She Could Do Since The End Of Her Conservatory For the latest celebrity updates, subscribe to OK! 'S daily newsletter.


Britney Spears posted a very frontal act on Instagram - good for her

Britney is 40, not 80 - and she has an absolute killer body no matter what you think of people who "bare everything" on social media (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears definitely embraces being a free woman. The star was officially discharged from the conservatory with her father Jamie in November - giving her control of her personal and financial independence for the first time since 2008 - and has been something of a whirling ball of energy and positivity ever since; at least when it comes to social media. One look at Britney's Instagram page is a dizzying kaleidoscope of tearful gratitude for good food; from unselfconscious dances to Madonna tracks; of raw honesty when hurt by hurtful comments on the Internet; of (coincidentally, but let's go with it) exuberant homage to her first high-waisted bikini. And now an act - I can't see it, so it must have been deleted by the tech giant (Instagram doesn't currently allow posts with nudity and previously deleted provocative snaps of stars like Madonna), but reports - and the inevitable screengrabs - say Tell me, it was from Britney, my new favorite follower, who wore nothing but a white lace collar and white knee socks and stood in front of a mirror with her arm over her breasts. To protect her modesty, the star had added a couple of emojis - a pink heart between her legs and a flower to cover her nipple (in line with its nudity policy, Instagram is particularly strict on nipples, an action that has long been controversial and even triggered the hashtag #freethenipple). She appropriately captioned the photo: “The free woman's energy has never felt better.” It's not the first time the singer has taken such a bold move - she previously had a number in the summer of 2021 during the court battle over her conservatory censored nude photos shared. At the time, some fans asked how good Britney was, suggesting that the stress of the legal process may have taken its emotional toll - a perfectly legitimate concern as we all want Britney to be both free and happy. But there is something sinister about her behavior at face value that, in my opinion, seems to outweigh any real concern for her well-being. I would risk that the social media attack on Britney for sharing snapshots of her body actually doesn't have much to do with who she is - but what people expect from women her age. Perhaps that's why Britney turned off comments on her post; Maybe that's why so many of us are doing the same thing - because being a woman online can be absolutely cruel. It's classic, isn't it: people pull Britney apart because they've exceeded the boundaries of what to expect of her, because of the kind of baseless, societal expectations we keep asking of women - an ancient attitude if we ever get them have seen one. But Britney is 40, not 80 - and she has an absolute killer body no matter what you think of people who "bare everything" on social media. And let's not forget, she looks like this and is the mother of two teenage sons. Britney, I greet you. Madonna, who is 63 (but looks 30 years younger), got the same backlash when she posted (now deleted) shots on Instagram wearing fishnet stockings and squirming, boticelli-esque, under (and on) a bed; and again, when she dashed down the catwalk at MTV's Video Music Awards ceremony last September - a move that I think proved her bum deserves its own distinction. To stay up to date with the latest opinions and comments, subscribe to our free weekly Voices Dispatches newsletter by clicking here It's the ultimate irony: From the moment teenage girls are old enough to be “ Fair game, ”we tell women that she“ should ”be sexy (and who can forget the sexualization of Britney's original“ Hit Me Baby One More Time ”schoolgirl outfit music video) - then turn her off as soon as she does have the confidence to show it. We “shame” them, tell them they are “too old” to look good, or assume that something must be terribly wrong. I'm not yet 45, so I can't play - but I'm 40, Britney's age. And while I don't post nudes on Instagram, I wholeheartedly support anyone who chooses to.


Britney Spears shows off her "first high-waisted swimsuit"

Britney Spears announced on Thursday that she is the proud owner of her "first high-waisted swimsuit". (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears announced on Thursday that she is the proud owner of her "first high-waisted swimsuit". The 40-year-old pop star took to Instagram to model her sexy new bikini but stated that she was still on the fence despite her fiancé Sam Asghari, 27, was a fan. "This is my first high-waisted swimsuit ever ... my fiancé likes it, but I'm not sure ... it's crazy because it can be set high or low," Spears wrote in her caption. The pink two-piece had white trimmings and button details and she combined the pool-ready look with a pair of brown heels. Britney seemed to be curating an entire pool look as she dressed up in oversized aviator sunglasses and an array of red string jewelry including a choker necklace. The former pop diva - best known for pioneering racy low-rise style in the '90s - seemed a bit out of her element as she pulled her bum down to reveal more of her stomach and hip tattoos. Earlier in the day, Spears let it all hang out when she shared a nude mirror selfie in thigh-high socks - just with two emojis to protect her modesty. "Women's free energy has never felt better," she wrote as she took on her new life in November after quitting 13 years at the conservatory. She also announced that she and her fiancé enjoyed a night out where she drank her first glass of red wine in 13 years - after being tightly locked under the supervision of her father, Jamie Spears. Describing her "magical dinner" at length, Spears said the food was so good that she "cried while eating," "wanted to stay in the bathroom forever," and confessed, "I felt sexier at this restaurant than ever before my whole life. ' And things only get better between Britney and her fiancé Asghari, who is reportedly "connected" to their two sons Sean, 16) and Jayden, 15, as the two continue to suggest they will one day have a family of their own.


Britney Spears hugs her Free Women Energy with a series of nude photos

The singer shared a few mirror selfies on social media, wearing nothing but a pair of white stockings and a lace collar (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is a "Brave New Girl" - and is celebrating the end of her conservatory! "The energy of the free woman has never felt better," she captioned the Instagram selfies with a pink heart and flower emoji that covered her private parts. In September, the "Toxic" singer shared a similar series of photos while on vacation with her fiancé Sam Asghari after a hearing for her now-closed conservatory. RELATED: Britney Spears Unfollows Sister Jamie Lynn on Instagram - Days After Calling Family Other photos showed the pop star standing topless on the beach while covering her bare breasts with her hands. This month Spears celebrated her newfound freedom by enjoying her first glass of wine since a judge quit the conservatories in November. On Wednesday, the star addressed a video she shared on Instagram the night before, in which she danced to Madonna's "Nobody's Perfect". RELATED: Britney Spears Posts 'Symbolic' Video About Freeing Birds From Cages She then said she finally got a glass of wine after a long hiatus and wrote, “I mean, I had my first glass of red wine 🍷 last weekend! !! After her conservatory, Spears has prioritized time with her sons, sources say. A source close to the star told PEOPLE on Wednesday that Spears "is making an effort to see her children more, and Sam is bonding with them too." "Britney had a wonderful Christmas with Sam. She also spent time with her boys, ”the insider said of sons Sean Preston, 16) and Jayden James, 15, adding that Spears is focused on staying healthy for her boys. shows a truckload of cage-free birds flying in the air.


Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn publishes memoirs I should have said this month

Jamie Lynn Spears shared details of the book with "What I Should Have Told The Family I Always Wanted". (Author: Gardener)

Britney Spears'Britney Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn, is releasing her memoir, Things I Should Have Said, in late January. In a post on Instagram, the star said the book was "MY STORY OF MY LIFE" and will include details of her time as a child actress and how she coped with being a teenage mom, as well as "breaking generation curses" and efforts to "To give my children the childhood and family I have always wanted". The release is slated for January 18 and comes two months after her older sister Britney Spears' monumental termination of her nearly 14-year conservatory career in November. Following Britney's first public court speech earlier this year - in which the star condemned the legal agreement and those responsible, including father Jamie Spears - Jamie Lynn, 30, publicly supported her sister and shared a video in which she said she was " so proud "of her for" using her voice ". Known for starring in shows such as Zoey 101 and Sweet Magnolias, Jamie Lynn's memoir was originally intended to be titled I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out, and was supposed to refer to the lyrics of Britney's debut hit ... Baby One More Time after US media reports have been changed. On Thursday, Jamie Lynn, a mother of two, shared details of the book: “MY story about MY life. Britney Spears has bonded more and more with fans after speaking before a public hearing in June and making the court's decision to quit Conservatory in November. Until then, under the complex arrangement that began in 2008, the star's personal and financial affairs were largely controlled by her father and others "by the people and the entertainment business."


Britney Spears had the "first red wine" in 13 years after leaving the conservatory

Britney Spears has confessed that she had her first glass of red wine in 13 years - just months after sipping her first champagne at the same time (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears has confessed that she's had her first glass of red wine in 13 years - just months after drinking her first champagne at the same time that Britney Spears is dancing to Madonna as she shows off her funky moves, Britney Spears has revealed that she has enjoyed her first glass of red wine in over a decade after her conservatory ended. The 40-year-old pop superstar confessed on Instagram Wednesday when she opened up about her life after her conservatory. The Toxic singer's life was directed by her father Jamie for 11 years before a judge ruled in November to end it. And now she reveals how she enjoys life - including Madonna's music. The star uploaded a video on Tuesday dancing to the Madonna tune Nobody's Perfect. She continued, "I mean, I had my first glass of red wine last weekend !!!" In a world where we all have the right to speak ... drive a car ... buy alcohol ... party ... have money ... crowds ... and something dance slower !!! The drink comes two months after the singer confessed that she also had her first glass of champagne in 13 years. She celebrated her engagement to her fiancé Sam Asghari with a glass of champagne and posted a similar message: "'I mean, after 13 years ... I think I've waited long enough !!!!", she said at the time. They also said that Sam "is connected to them too". "Britney had a wonderful Christmas with Sam. She also spent time with her boys," the source said, before adding that she is "focused on staying healthy for her boys." Britney Spears has been posting regularly on Instagram after graduating from her conservatory. She is also meant to stay in shape as she is ready to expand her family in 2022. It has been reported that Sam wants Britney to be as healthy as possible so she can raise a family, a source tells Heat magazine: "Britney is impressed with how disciplined and smart he is on this matter, and it really colors depend on them to make better decisions and take much more care of themselves. " Britney says she is all in and ready to make the switch, but time will tell if she can hold out and keep up with Sam's routine. "


Britney Spears Daringly Poses Naked, Says "It Feels Good To Be Free"

BRITNEY Spears broke off her conservatory, and now she's broke off her clothes. The pop superstar, 40, posed COMPLETELY naked on Instagram on Thursday in some daring photos and pr ... (Author: Gardener)

Britney Spears Daringly Poses NakedBRITNEY Spears broke off her conservatory, and now she's broke off her clothes. The 40-year-old pop superstar posed FULLY naked in some daring photos on Instagram on Thursday and proudly exclaimed, "The free woman's energy has never felt better." On Thursday, Britney wore everything on her Instagram page and posted two mirror selfies in which the pop superstar was completely naked, with no socks. "Free women's energy has never felt better," she headed the fat post. Though comments were disabled, the empowering Instagram photos received nearly 1 million likes within the first hour of their being posted. Britney has shown revealing looks on Instagram and has loved posting carefree content since July. In July 2021, she won the great conservatory title, a legal agreement under which she stood for 13 years. Britney has been very vocal and unabashed on her Instagram page since winning the Conservatory. In July she published fiery news to selected members of her family who have "devastated" their lives. In the long caption to the cheeky quote, she wrote: “For those of you who criticize my dance videos, look, I won't be performing on any stage for the foreseeable future while my father deals with what I wear, say, do, or think! I'd much rather share videos of YES from my living room than on the stage in Vegas, where some people were so far away they couldn't even shake hands with me. Britney and her fiancée Sam Asghari speak openly about their common desire for children. When asked by a TMZ reporter, "What are you and Britney doing for Christmas?" Sam replied: "Make a baby". She shares it with ex-husband Kevin Federline. She is said to have hope of another child - a little girl - and Sam Insider says Britney had "been talking about wanting a little girl for years." A source close to the singer told The Sun exclusively, "Britney definitely wants more kids and she would be so happy and grateful with another son, but deep down is her desire to be a mother to a little girl." Dresses and takes her daughter to dance classes, things that her sons don't care about. "The insider added," It could possibly happen soon, but that's not her main focus right now. They both want children together and now there's nothing stopping them. "The source insisted that if Britney and Sam have children," no way "will they have a relationship with their parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears. If and if she has a baby, Britney will do everything possible to protect them and raise the child in a safe environment.


Britney Spears shares upbeat posts after she stopped following sister Jamie Lynn

In a series of pictures, the 40-year-old musical artist was seen petting her dog on an electric bike and donning a loose white top and pink shorts with white sneakers. (Author: Gardener)

Britney SpearsBritney Spears broke off after she stopped following her sister Jamie Lynn on social media when she went to Instagram on Monday to share a series of smiling snaps. The cheering singer, 40, looked excited as she set off on her electric bike and posed for a photo with her dog Porsche by her side. Britney added three loop emojis to the post. Earlier this week it was revealed that the singer is no longer following her younger sister Jamie on Instagram. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old former Nickelodeon star was still following her famous sibling on Sunday afternoon. Britney's testimony on June 23 revealed that she was trying to "sue" her family members for "living on my conservatory for 13 years." Britney currently follows 46 Instagram accounts, including her fiancé Sam Asghari and numerous pop legends such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé and Adele. In addition to the bike snaps, The Baby One More Time singer shared a video for the Calvin Harris-Rihanna collaboration This Is What You Came For, which shows the stunning resort she stayed at when she turned 40 partied in Mexico last month. Spears shared a complete panorama of the pool, house, sky, and ocean as she enjoyed a swim with her fiancé Sam Asghari, 27. "That was from my birthday trip last month ... it was absolutely beautiful !!!" said the pop star. I'm looking forward to the new year ... are you guys ??? I Did It Again singer also shared a text post with the message, "Make people feel good." She wrote, “Make people feel good all the time ... I mean always !!!! The Grammy winner also shared one of her signature dance clips in which she wore a red top with matching plaid shorts and loose hair. She pointed out the other angle from which she shot the clip to start the new year. 'Do you notice anything else ???' She said. Waaaay better that way… I've been dancing the wrong way for 2 years. ”Spears hit the headlines this week when she stopped following her sister amid her well-publicized problems with her family and whirled about her now-terminated conservatory community of her father, Jamie Spears formerly headed. Last summer Britney criticized Jamie Lynn, who performed a remix of Britney's song Till the World Ends at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. “I don't like my sister showing up at an awards ceremony and remixing MY SONGS !!!!! Amid Britney's battle for her court curator, Jamie Lynn said in an Instagram Stories post that she was "worried about [Brtiney's] luck." "From the day I was born, I've just loved and supported my sister," she said. 'I mean, this is my fucking big sister before one of those cops ***.' Jamie Lynn will be releasing his memoir, Things I Should Have Said, on January 18th.


Who won this week's PMQs? We met Boris Johnson and Angela Rayner

Who won this week's PMQs? We met Boris Johnson and Angela Rayner - (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonThe first PMQs of 2022 happened this afternoon at 3 p.m. later than usual and luckily they've saved a few New Years Eve fireworks for today. With today's lively supply, your chin wagged at booster jabs, inflation and the energy crisis. Labor leader Keir Starmer was absent as he tested positive for Covid, so the party's vice chairwoman Angela Rayner took the helm instead of Johnson: "Anyone who hasn't done this should come forward and be empowered will." 10/10 The Prime Minister started the process by asking people to get their third trick if they haven't already. We hit him with top marks from the start because the booster is so important to keep people away from intensive care units. Rayner: I want to thank the formidable Sue Gray, who I know was busier than Santa Claus during the holiday season. 8/10 Labor Vice-Chair Angela Rayner began with a tribute to the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu and thanks to everyone who worked over the Christmas break, especially vaccination sites. Rayner: “Working people across the country are starting the new year with bills rising and prices skyrocketing. Rayner cited how Johnson had fought off inflation fears the previous October. She warned that inflation could reach 6 percent, the highest rate since the early 1990s. Johnson: "I didn't say anything like that." 0/10 The Prime Minister apparently has a short memory for doing it - in front of the camera. . @ AngelaRayner says in October @BorisJohnson claimed the inflation fears were "unfounded" PM: "I didn't say anything like that" He did it in front of the camera 👇🏻 - Beth Rigby (@BethRigby) Jan 5th, 2022 In the House of Commons, he said that inflation is something we must always be careful about, but nonetheless, Rayner comes out on top for this exchange because of his short memory. Johnson: "We know the future job [Rayner] has in mind, I wish her the best." 5/10 When Rayner said Labor was "ready to take over and give Britain a better future," joked Johnson on how Rayner might get off his job one day. The camera cut to Rayner, who giggled as the House of Commons roared. A 5/10 given the amount of joviality it inspired in the House of Commons, with reduced grades as Johnson apparently forgot that she is the Labor Party's vice-chair. He said 420,000 more people are working than before the pandemic began before saying Labor's "instinctive response" to Omicron was a "roadmap to lockdown." On Twitter, Guardian Political Correspondent Peter Walker said, "As far as I remember, [Labor] was just calling for Plan B ... which Johnson did." Boris Johnson of #PMQs kept arguing that Labor wanted a lockdown when Omicron arrived, but as far as I remember they just called for Plan B in place ... which Johnson then did.— Peter Walker (@ peterwalker99) 5. January, 2022 Rayner: "I heard there might be a prime minister position soon." 10/10 She added that Johnson "should be more ambitious for this country" as working families "take the bill for his incompetence". She said, “His government has failed to invest in long-term energy security, his government has decided to collapse the gas storage facilities. His government let the energy market spiral out of control. 27 energy companies went bankrupt last year. Johnson: “[Rayner] talks about energy. I think the House would agree that she has a lot more energy than the current chairman. ”8/10 But we're giving Johnson this. Johnson: "We've managed to keep this country moving, the economy growing, and the money flowing into people's pockets." 4/10 Okay, but there isn't necessarily the full picture of how it is is currently working in the UK. It was reported today that the isolation rules for Covid could be relaxed to alleviate the bottlenecks. That news follows that the UK registered an additional 194,747 cases of the virus today, up from 218,724 yesterday. Rayner: "Prime Minister, how is it going? Before she said the Prime Minister and Chancellor had talked about "economic mismanagement, low growth and neglect of our public services", she hit him with a passively aggressive "Are you okay?" She went on to say that with soaring taxes and soaring energy prices, the average family is facing a £ 1,200 strike. Rayner: "It's not about brushing your hair, it's about freshening up what you've done." Another little comment from Rayner, this time addressed to Johnson's mop. She said inflation will have dire consequences and will require a serious solution, but "instead we have this Prime Minister with his incompetent leadership". "It's not about brushing your hair, it's about polishing up your actions," Laboratory's Angela Rayner told PM, accusing him of "incompetence". co / Sj1rK2SVlo - BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) Jan 5, 2022 Johnson hit back by saying Labor had failed to invest in utilities, diminishing our ability to have cheaper, cleaner energy today to have. He went on to talk about economic growth and the unemployment rate, and again criticized how Labor “reached out to leverage further restrictions” when Omicron hit Britain. What better way to start the New Year than with a lively parliamentary session? Rayner was in tip top shape with her Santa Claus references and sarcastic taunts. Rayner will automatically win this week if he catches the Prime Minister rejecting his inflation comments. From news to politics, travel to sports, culture to climate, The Independent offers a variety of free newsletters for your interests.


Where is Aaron Ramsey going next?

Aaron Ramsey's time at Juventus seems to be over, so what's next for the Welsh midfielder? (Author: Gardener)

Aaron RamseyAaron Ramsey: what's next for the unwanted Juventus midfielder? WalesAaron Ramsey has scored six goals for Juventus Aaron Ramsey's time at Juventus seems to be over. with Ramsey apparently ready to leave now, maybe this month. The 31-year-old signed for Juventus in 2019 for a free transfer but it is now more of a fact than expectation that he will be overwhelmed at Turin, with Ramsey's salary likely to be an issue for many clubs, with Juventus paying him over £ 400,000 a week. Ramsey is a star for his country despite being undesirable to his club. For the former Arsenal midfielder, a move to the Premier League now seems quite possible. "Aaron hasn't started since the first game of the season. He hasn't started in any of the next 25 games. That's the problem you have," said former Welsh striker Iwan Roberts on the Elis James Feast of Football podcast Aaron is Didn't appear at Juventus, the main reason being that he was injured for a long time. And now the clubs are taking the risk of signing him. "Aaron Ramsey played for Cardiff City before joining Arsenal in 2008 Why do Juventus want him to leave?? In Serie A, Ramsey is struggling to improve his form for Wales and Arsenal repeat regularly in Italy. Ramsey has only played 69 games for Juventus since joining in 2019 due to a combination of injury problems and tough midfield competition at Allianz Stadium. This season has been a disaster for Ramsey. He is under Allegri, who returned to coach in May to replace Andrea Pirlo, fell completely out of favor and played less than 100 minutes in total. Ramsey has not played for Juventus since September and has not played in a row since March. The signs were ahead Allegri's comments this week not good. Now what? League site. It may not come as a surprise that Newcastle United are the fav given their newfound fortune orit the current bookmaker is to sign Ramsey. Crystal Palace, run by another former Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira and assisted by former Wales technical director Osian Roberts, is also seen as a likely candidate. A return to Arsenal seems less likely, with Everton and Leeds United also reportedly showing some interest, along with clubs in Spain, Germany and France. However, given the financial impact of Covid-19 and Ramsey's prohibitive wages, a return to the Premier League seems more likely than a move to another European league. Ramsey's friend and former Welsh team mate Danny Gabbidon says it will be difficult to find the right club given his salary. "If you don't talk about salaries and just look at him and first-team football? I can't imagine Burnley happening, not with how they play," said Gabbidon. "It's the biggest comedown of all time, from Juventus to Burnley. With the way you play, the connection with Osian Roberts." What about West Ham? I can't see him going there. "Arsenal? Well they say never to go back." Roberts believes Newcastle's financial position gives them an advantage, but says it would be a gamble for Ramsey to sign at St James' Park. "Newcastle could afford him, however, they can pay Juventus salaries and more if he goes there he could be in the championship next season, "he added. "I could see that Leicester suits him well." Unlike Newcastle perhaps, it's hard to see that any of Ramsey's applicants match his current contract, so any move could be contingent on Juventus' willingness to subsidize his wages or Ramsey cutting his pay - or both. "I'm not sure Juventus would even look into it for a fee for Aaron he could possibly go ahead for free, it sounds like they are dying to get rid of him. They might be able to work something out," Gabbidon said. Another season, Ramsey might be more pragmatic about his future and see what happens in the summer, but his situation is complicated by Wales' bid for the 2022 World Cup. Wales will play in Cardiff in March -off against Austria and if they win they are only one game away from Qatar, while Scotland or Ukraine visit Cardiff and have a World Cup place at stake in hopes of their first World Cup in 64 years, and for Ramsey and Wales' other big star, Gareth Bale, it will surely be their last chance to play at a World Cup. Both players would like to be at their best for Wales' big game-off game, which may add to the need to sort out their club futures this month. "Aaron is still an important player for Wales," added Gabbidon. "His options are a little limited. It will be up to him what he wants from his salary and he will be genuinely interested in only playing football in the first team as fit as possible for that kind of opportunity." as England aim to get a big result on day three of Ashes' fourth TestHaaland at Barca is possible - Balague