England bowlers gather against Australia on the rain-interrupted opening day

Rain was the main instigator on the opening day of the fourth test, which ended evenly (Author: Gardener)

EnglandBut 13 days after an Ashes series in which the urn was settled in 12, England was finally able to leave an Australian field and feel content with their lot. They actually sprinted with the latest rain on a humid opening day at the Sydney Cricket Ground at 6:27 p.m. local time. Australia, which apparently had control of the majority of the 46.5 overs watched by a patient crowd of 25,000, had two fresh thugs in the middle at the time - Steve Smith and the returning Usman Khawaja - and ended with less conclusive 126 for three. Given that Joe Roots' tourists had easily stumbled upon this fourth test, ears were ringing after the existential fears eruption that followed their 68 in Melbourne and their preparations to be affected by a Covid-19 outbreak on the coaching staff Mini-fightback of two wickets in the space of seven balls was a blessing. At one point it looked like Stuart Broad's earlier removal from David Warner would be their only success. It was Jimmy Anderson, armed with a spare kookaburra ball and convincing root thanks to the damp conditions, who also detonated it, and Marcus Harris flew past with a good length over the wicket for 38 in the 40th, being the first flew underpants. Harris doesn't always project consistency thanks to his bouncing trigger movement, but for the previous 108 balls the left-handed appeared calm. He cut and drove the ball well, hinting that a second consecutive innings of substance was brewing. Nelson had struck here, Australia 111 for two, and then there was a sequel from Mark Wood almost immediately. For the second time in 10 balls in this series, England's fastest bowler Marnus Labuschagne had cut off by walking over the archway, cornering the ball and getting a hint of movement away. The world's no. 1 batsman, who had reached an airy 60 with Harris, had his chewing gum burst for a 59-ball 28, which also promised more. The arrival of locally raised Khawaja, 10 years after making his test debut on the site arguably sparked the biggest cheer of the day, and when he prettily pulled Wood for four to hit the mark, viewers had a nice picture lingering when they did finally filtered out. Four years later, after various farewells to Anderson and Broad were written in the Australian newspapers, the old company was reunited with the SCG, the latter fresh from displeasure over the recent absences. But there was no impact with the new ball, Anderson's initial rattle of Warner's glove with one that was jagged backwards, followed by 12 less threatening overs that Australia saw 30 for one in the first break in the rain. When he resumed after lunch, however, Broad claimed the breakthrough, bringing back memories of the Ashes of 2019 and his dominance from Warner when he got close to the wicket to get one to slip on 30 second. To mitigate the talk about bunnies or back pockets, this was the first time since the 2013-14 series that Broad had removed Warner in Australia, but the question still arose as to why their rematch hadn't started in Brisbane. By and large, England was a bit shabby when Harris and Labushagne accepted their alliance of 51 for one. Wood's numbers on the speedgun were impressive, but his radar didn't always match this one, while Ben Stokes, who often tires the ball in such humid conditions, bowled with no apparent plan. Extras, England's third top scorer with the bat in 2021, still let them down in the field, Stokes crossing three times and a total of 12 runs leaked. But shortly after sunshine broke for the first time that day, bringing with it hopes of a game by 7pm that were eventually dashed prematurely, Anderson shook his side with the removal of Harris from her torpor. The 39-year-old recently said this would likely be his last tour of Australia, but the locals are forgiven for being skeptical here.


"A strange couple, but it works": Sangeeta looks back on 12 years with Fred Dinenage

When Fred Dinenage resigns from the regional news, his co-host Sangeeta Bhabra has been thinking about working with the legendary broadcaster for over 12 years | ITV news meridian (Author: Gardener)

Fred DinenageI don't think anyone really forgets when they first meet Fred. I was a Newbury-based bulletin producer invited to a party at the great Meridian studios in Northam, Southampton. It was in 2002, my first 'showbiz' trip to the place where classic programs like Worzel Gummidge (I'm a kid of the 80s) were filmed and a group of us who had just started our TV journeys stood excitedly queuing for a picture next to How Fred's husband was courteous as always, asked a little about us and then it was time for the next picture. I was with Meridian for a few years when the shows for the South, Southeast and Thames Valley were being broadcast from a brand new digital complex in Hampshire. I used to see Fred in the elevator or in the parking lot and always tried to be natural by raising my hand in his typical way to acknowledge him. Like every move, it was an interesting time. Meridian colleagues who knew each other but didn't really know each other slowly got to know - let's call them - "Newsroom characters". I was obviously the shy and reserved Berkshire reporter who occasionally stopped by to present bulletins. You won't be surprised that I am happy to enter and always announce my arrival in the new, open building. Most people would like to ignore me, but my disappointment at the lack of attention always amused Fred. Our interactions didn't really go beyond that, so I never would have thought in a million years that one day I would sit next to Fred. But we came together on February 9th, 2009 as an onscreen partnership and presented our first Meridian Tonight. ITV's regional news had gone through a major reorganization, creating new ways of working and new presentation teams across the country. But it works. ”Just before we did our first show together, we were sent across the region to shoot a short commercial with“ Fred and Sangeeta ”. We were both cold, tired (and I'm definitely not a fan of elevation gain) so Fred pointed to the sea to distract me and said, “Is that Folkestone?” Since I couldn't pretend interest, I immediately replied, “Me Don't you know, I'm from Reading. ”That's a story Fred likes to tell. Presenting television when done well looks natural, engaging, and simple. In my early days, I regularly stumbled upon my words. Fred never made mistakes and I watched in awe and felt like I wasn't good enough. Fred always reassured me with "Sang, we come through thousands of words every day". I also often looked into the wrong camera. Until last week he will get me to look in the right direction by gently saying "to two sang". Fred has done this hundreds of times in the past 12 years and 10 months. We spent thousands of hours in our little studio box surrounded by the brilliant Meridian team. Fred and I have shared difficult news and uplifting stories, attended major events, and been involved in exciting outside broadcasts. We've dragged each other through difficult times, but the show always came first, especially for Fred. We got our daily Fred update on the wonderful things our viewers did to get through this terrible time. Fred's chatter, laughs, stories have fueled the Meridian newsroom and of course all of the ITV franchises in the south for the past 40 years. Viewers still keep me from talking about coast to coast and day in and day out. Today marks the end of a broadcast era in southern England as Fred uses his time to start a new chapter. It is definitely not retirement. He's still doing the new look How! on ITV, while he is working on a new book, his Murder Casebook series will continue and it will mean more time for his charity projects and his beautiful family and grandchildren. But after today he won't be sitting next to me at 6. Today has come the day that I knew was coming. Time to say thank you and celebrate the work of a great network. Your Fred!


Penny Lancaster looks glamorous after fearing she's lost her sex appeal

Penny's stunning snapshot of herself sitting on a lounger in the sun was taken with lovely comments by her thousands of followers. (Author: Gardener)

Penny LancasterGet the latest entertainment news straight to your inbox with our weekly Showbiz newsletter. An error has occurred. Please try again later. Thank you for your subscription. The 50-year-old former model, who is married to Maggie May singer Rod Stewart, was enjoying herself in the sunshine on her Instagram stories in T-shirt and shorts. The couple saw each other in Florida’s Palm Beach at the rocker villa there at the turn of the year. Along with the snapshot, she wrote: "50 has never looked so good". Penny's stunning snapshot of herself sitting on a lounger in the sun was taken with lovely comments by her thousands of followers. Penny's stunning snapshot of herself sitting on a lounger in the sun was taken with lovely comments by her thousands of followers. However, according to The Mirror, the model previously said she was concerned she had "lost her looks" after openly speaking about menopause. I will no longer have sex appeal. "I have to say goodbye to old Penny and say hello to the new one." Even Penny's husband, Rod, said his wife was "no longer the woman I married" after her hormonal changes began. The couple spoke to Hello! Magazine after Penny joined their campaign for the Menopause Work Pledge, which aims to raise employers' awareness of the changes female employees may go through. "You have a coffee with a friend and they say, 'How are you?' And then you burst into tears and you don't know why you're crying. " She also announced that she had been prescribed antidepressants for anxiety and sadness. "My fear has gone through the roof," she explained. But despite her initial fears, Penny said to Hello !: "As you get older, you take on each stage of life with more maturity and take a little break." The stunning model married Rod in 2007 and the couple share two children, Alastair Wallace (16) and Aiden Patrick (10). The family, with their children and some of Rods from previous relationships, gathered in front of their huge Christmas tree as they celebrated the holiday season at their home. Rod and Penny looked as loved as ever when Rod wrapped his arms around his wife. Penny's 127,000 Instagram followers loved the cute snap as they raved about the comments: "Nice pictures of a wonderful family." Get the latest celebrity gossip and TV news straight to your inbox.


Michelle Obama pays tribute to Betty White

Former First Lady Michelle Obama posted a bizarre picture of her husband Barack to commemorate New Year's Eve just hours after paying homage to Betty White, who died on Friday at the age of 99 (Author: Gardener)

Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama shared an adorable New Years Eve photo of herself and her “Boo” Barack wearing 2022 glasses as she wished everyone a Happy New Year. The funny post came a day after the former first lady posted a tribute to actress Betty White, who died the same day. Michelle, 57, posted a tribute to the late Golden Girls actress on her Instagram page, which features White with family dog ​​Bo, who died in May 2021. Photo shows the smiling actress who held the family's Portuguese Water Dog during a visit to the White House in 2012. The former first lady remembered White and the time she spent with the Obama family. "Betty White broke barriers, defied expectations, served her country and made us all laugh," wrote Obama in her post. "She was also an animal lover and activist, and Bo loved hanging out with her." “There was no one like her, and Barack and I join so many who will miss the joy she has brought to the world. Shortly after the post was published, the former first couple ushered in the New Year when the couple wore the themed glasses with Michelles over Barack's shoulder. 'Happy New Year from me and my Boo! I wish you all a year of happiness, love and health, "said Obama in the Twitter post. White, who died Friday at the age of 99, was just two and a half weeks from her 100th birthday in January. "Even though Betty was almost 100 years old, I thought she would live forever," said White's agent and friend Jeff Witjas PEOPLE. “I will miss her terribly and the wildlife that she loved so much. “I don't think Betty was ever afraid of dying because she always wanted to be with her beloved husband, Allen Ludden. Since the announcement of her death, fans and celebrities have used social media to pay tribute to the late Golden Girls actress. Other White House officials like President Joe Biden paid tribute to the late Golden Girls actress, former White House photographer posted a photo of White speaking with Barack Obama in the Oval Office. White House members also paid tribute to white, including President Joe Biden. "Betty White has put a smile on the face of generations of Americans," Biden wrote on Twitter. Jill and I think of her family and everyone who loved her for New Years Eve. ' Pete Souza, a former White House photographer, also posted a photo of White with Barack that saw the couple laughing in the Oval Office. We all, ”Souza wrote in the mail. 'RIP Betty White.' In addition to her work as an actress, White was also an avid dog lover. White's passion for animals began as a child when her father built radios to make extra money during the Great Depression. Above, Betty poses with her beloved Chow Betty White, an outspoken animal rights activist, who poses for you with her dog in 1972. Her undying love for animals began as a child when her father built radios to make extra money during the Great Depression. Nobody had money for the radios, so he would often trade them in for other goods, including dogs. Nobody had money for the radios, so he would often trade them in for other goods, including dogs. At one point in time, whites owned up to 15 "beloved" dogs. At one point in time, whites owned up to 15 "beloved" dogs. “Well, radios didn't eat, but the dogs did. White died on December 31, 2021 at the age of 99, just weeks before her 100th birthday. White was best known for her iconic role as Rose Nylund on NBC's Golden Girls, which premiered on September 14, 1985, showing her love of animals over human society. “Animals don't lie. Animals don't criticize. The animals have been collected over the years - I don't actually go out and buy them. "


Packer back on top, plus New Year's resolutions for all 32 teams

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks need to be better on the third down, while Harold Landry III and Justin Herbert should get raises from the Titans and Chargers. (Author: Gardener)

New Year'sNow that 2021 is in retrospect, and we are in 2022, the NFL Power Rankings are looking forward. While there are still playoff berths to be earned and championships to be won, we've decided this is the perfect time to give every franchise a New Year's resolution for 2022. To do that, we asked our NFL Nation reporters to write their version of "Auld" Lang Syne "for the teams they cover and come up with a primary goal for next year. While the New England Patriots do a little When they went rogue, the rest of the responses fell mostly into a few categories - for competitors like the Green Bay Packers, short-term goals to get a run at the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season were paramount, for other teams it is Rewarding reporters attention, deserving players or surrounding stars with better help. And for your downtrodden franchises (sorry, Jacksonville), it was time to just take a positive step on the long road to seriousness. How We Determine Our Power Rankings : Our power panel - a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities - evaluates how teams behave during the season play in the injured reserve - and not just any players, but also starters and some pro bowlers - who have a chance to return for the playoffs. Among them are CB Jaire Alexander, OLB Za'Darius Smith, LT David Bakhtiari, C Josh Myers and WR Randall Cobb. After Sunday's game, Aaron Rodgers spoke up optimistically that some or all of them will be back this year, although coach Matt LaFleur slightly downplayed it. The return of one of them could help in the postseason. The Chiefs must keep Mathieu beyond the end of his contract in a few months. The Chiefs would have a hard time finding anything he brings for less than what it would take to sign him again. They haven't invested much in their secondary education other than Mathieu and he's a player they can't do without. New Years Resolution: Getting Healthy for the Postseason Chris Godwin did for the year. Leonard Fournette, Lavonte David and Giovani Bernard are on IR but could come back. Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul are out with knee and shoulder injuries. Mike Evans has just returned from an Achilles tendon injury and Antoine Winfield Jr. from a foot injury. Ronald Jones II left the game on Sunday with an ankle injury. They are limping into the postseason on a large scale. To make matters worse, they now have to replace Antonio Brown, who has left the team. Matthew Stafford undoubtedly sparked the offensive, but if only the 13th year quarterback could clean up some of his churning streaks, the Rams would be unstoppable. Stafford ranks second in the NFL with 38 passing touchdowns, but also ranks second with 15 interceptions - including four pick sixes leading the league. The wild part is that the Rams have overcome consecutive multi-turnover feats to get wins, creating a five-game winning streak. Imagine how dominant they could be if Stafford found a way to reduce or eliminate the multi-turnover games (he has five). The Titans haven't had a pass rusher finish with double digit sack totals since Brian Orakpo had 10.5 sacks in 2016. Suddenly, the Titans have a massive pass frenzy, led by Landry, who has 41 sacks, the sixth most in the NFL. The Titans take Landry for cover sometimes, and he's tough against the barrel. Landry was also one of the longest-running players on the team, having only missed one game in four seasons. The Bills are on their way to the playoffs and need a win over the Jets or a loss for the Patriots to the Dolphins to win the division for the second straight year. But Buffalo had the potential to make its way into the playoffs much earlier. Instead, the Bills lost 0-5 in single-point games, with the offense having late chances to win the game or tied in four of them, and they fell just short. It's not easy to fix, like finding gloves for Sean McDermott's clapping hands or a dominant future running back, but it's something that needs to be corrected for a team that should be competitive for years to come. New Years Resolution: Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore to keep Jerry Jones can only do so much if another team offers one of the assistant coaches a head coach position, but he has done well with other coaches in the past. Moore was on quarterback Dak Prescott's ear from the start. Starting over with a third defensive coordinator in three seasons under Mike McCarthy, and perhaps changing the offensive scheme, wouldn't be the best way to start the new year. Though Arizona won in Dallas on Sunday, the Cardinals lost five of their last nine, slipping Kliff Kingsbury in the second half of every season he was head coach. If the slide hadn't happened this season, the Cardinals would likely have won the NFC West by now, and possibly contested or won the number 1 spot in the entire conference. In addition, they could have expected 14 or 15 wins. Kingsbury has to work on it because it is lowering its cap, and with a quarterback like Kyler Murray, winning Super Bowls is not the way to go when a team on the field has a limit. New Years Resolution: Stop Asking Bill Belichick For Resolutions After the team's home loss in Week 16 to the Bills, Belichick was asked if he had any resolutions. Then six days later he was asked to follow up on the videoconference and he said, "That would all be personal anyway, so they probably wouldn't mean much to you anyway." - Mike Reiss Stop me if you've heard this before: the Bengals QB is a bit more at risk in the pocket than anyone is probably comfortable with. Before we let positive comments dissuade us from this resolution, let's take a look at the numbers. The Bengals are 31st, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. Burrow was contacted 89 times in the bag - the third highest sum in the league, according to ESPN Stats & Information Research. The Bengals need improvements from current players and some off-season acquisitions to finally hit the pass blocking near the level. The Niners have poured vital resources into key roles such as quarterback, left tackle and pass rusher since the arrival of GM John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan when he got off a torn Achilles in 2017. In the draft, the Niners did not take a cornerback from 66th place. San Francisco's legal numbers for raw passing yards are okay, but it tops the NFL with 19 defensive pass interference penalties. The Colts should be grateful to have the NFL's leading rusher in Jonathan Taylor (1,734 yards) as he's a primary reason they win the playoffs. Wentz, whom the Colts skipped a first-round selection last off-season to purchase from Philadelphia, doesn't have the persistence to show that they can win with him in the long run. Wentz looked great in the fourth quarter against Arizona on Christmas night, but has problems with falls and too often takes risks that still cause discomfort. The Eagles want to be a "quarterback factory," as General Manager Howie Roseman famously once said, and that's not a bad attitude - investing in the most important position in professional sport is generally wise. But the QB1 must also feel supported. When Carson Wentz felt this was being questioned after the Eagles picked Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, things quickly collapsed. It may be tempting for the Eagles to use some of their handsome draft capital (they have three first-round picks this April) to attract a notable quarterback, but Hurts fully led his team to the playoffs in his freshman year - time starter and at the age of 23 earns some breathing space before the Philly bosses whip the factory back into shape and crank it up. From Jon Gruden's emails and quick resignation, to Henry Ruggs III's fatal car accident, to Damon Arnette's social media profile, five playoff wins and an unlikely playoff chase, to an off-season of uncertainty (where GM Mike Mayock - Interim Coach Rich Bisaccia - They have been evolving lately under adversity and are a win having made the playoffs for the second time since (see notes) 2002! Herbert is in his second year rookie contract and his base salary is $ 1,818,125. It's tending towards a big overtime, but the Chargers won't be able to negotiate a new deal until after Herbert's third season. The Chargers must be ready to make Herbert one of the highest paid players in the QB position, if he continues to do big numbers like he has 66 TD passes, nearly 9,000 yards and only 24 interceptions in his first two seasons. Herbert is ready, tue e leading Chargers to the playoffs if they can beat the Raiders on Sunday night. There is no doubt that Herbert b is a compelling argument for his second contract. New Years Resolution: Find a Way to Stay Healthy From training camp to the last week of the regular season, overcoming injuries has been a constant challenge. The Ravens have fielded 75 players this season and have the most in team history in 2020. Baltimore has started 45 different players for at least one game. Lamar Jackson, who had never missed a game due to injury in his first three seasons, could not avoid being sidelined. A right ankle injury has forced him to miss the last three games. But Baltimore was a shell of its own this season. Dolphins general manager Chris Grier has spent four top 90 picks on offensive linemen since 2019 - and they still own the worst offensive line in 2021 with pass blocking attacking this problem and starting to spend big bucks on it . While he's at it, design an impact that rolls back on the second day of design; Grier's preference is to wait until day 3 and that shows in the field. Miami will have a decision to make after next season when it comes to quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. It has to either build a supportive cast around him who can help him succeed, or set the course for Tagovailoa's successor if the team decides to move on. With the plethora of issues to be addressed on the offensive for next season, it probably isn't the latter, but the Steelers have to come up with something. With Roethlisberger extending his career, the Steelers have postponed succession planning for the quarterback, but the assignment is due. The running game also goes into the off-season and needs significant help for the third year in a row, but it all starts with determining who is the next caller. New Years Resolution: Surround the Next QB With More Talent Choosing the right quarterback in 2022 is obviously a top priority for a Saints team that deployed five different QBs over the past calendar year. Jameis Winston will likely remain the front runner, but the Saints will consider all options - blockbusters and others - as Winston is an unsigned free agent recovering from a cracked ACL. Whichever they choose, the Saints will need to surround their next QB with better pass catchers and a more complete line of attack. Injuries were a big factor in 2021. WR Michael Thomas missed the entire season while linemen Terron Armstead, Ryan Ramczyk and Andrus Peat missed out on time. Now the Saints will face tough financial decisions on how many of these guys to bring back in 2022, in addition to further reinforcements. - Mike Triplett It's far too lazy to attribute Cleveland's airborne battles to quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has been playing through a torn labrum on his non-throwing left shoulder since Week 2. But he's not the only reason the Browns suddenly own one of the league's least dangerous passing attacks. The Browns need to improve their wide receiver talent, especially the downfield toy. In yet another enticing WR design, look for the Browns targeting a recipient with their first pick. The Broncos have started 10 different quarterbacks since 2016, as well as Phillip Lindsay, who has been behind the center since 2016. But this team's problems with the ball go much deeper than they do with their quarterback. The Broncos have refused to adapt their offensive scheme to the staff they drafted or signed for much of the past four seasons. They have broken two basic principles of the offensive - they routinely call what they can't block, and if their own defense was asked, "Is your offensive difficult to defend" the answer would be "no". Yes, try every resource they have to become one of the happiest teams in the league with a long-term response at the quarterback, but even the best option at the quarterback will struggle if they can't match a playbook to the team that actually does in the game there is a crush. They tried to re-arm their defenses to bring back the glory days of the 2017 season and they failed. Mike Zimmer brought this team to the playoffs three times in eight seasons, General Manager Rick Spielman picked up draft picks like Brian O'Neill and Justin Jefferson and quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​had one of the best years of his career in 2021 to start over and this franchise with him fresh ideas, new leadership and changes across the board in a different direction in 2022 and cornerback AJ Terrell - two of Atlanta's best players. One of the things Falcons head coach Arthur Smith wants for his team is physically on the lines - and despite the other holes in his roster, that should start with looking at the off-season. Atlanta continues to fail to generate a pass rush - no Falcons player has more than 4.5 sacks (Dante Fowler Jr.) or 12 quarterback hits (Grady Jarrett) - and quarterbacks sit back and too often even take apart Atlanta's secondary with Terrell. On offense, Ryan was released at least once in every game but two. He was sacked three times in half of Atlanta's games. So if the Falcons want to take a step forward in 2022, fixing the fronts must have a high priority. There could be so many resolutions starting with getting the new name right. But if Washington is to win back fans, it will take more than a new name. Fans need hope, and nothing is more than a quarterback. Washington must look aggressively for one - whether to act for an established veteran or to find the right man in the draft. For many reasons, fans in Washington have been lacking hope for some time; give them reason to believe that the next year might be better. The franchise has started with 32 quarterbacks since the last Super Bowl win after the 1991 season; No stat better explains why it has only won two playoff games since owner Dan Snyder took control in 1999. Sometimes New Year's resolutions aren't complicated. The bears find themselves in an endless cycle of anemic attacks, including this season when they averaged just 18 points per game. Will a new trainer help? Again, maybe, but without proper plans and coaching it's hard to tell. This is why the bears need divine intervention. Nothing else worked, so maybe a simple New Years resolution is the way to go. Explain it that way and maybe the points will come. On the other hand, Bears fans have also tried this route. Praying didn't work much, so if we think twice, we'll just get the new head coach. New Year's resolution: Better in third place It was the Achilles' heel of the offense and one of the most head-scratching aspects of the 6-10 season. The Seahawks are 28th in the offensive EPA and 28th in yards per game on the third down, but they are fifth in both categories before the first and second down. So it's not that their battles for third place are just another symptom of some dire crime. And before you assume Russell Wilson's finger injury was to blame, consider that in the first four games before he went down in the second half of Week 5, the Seahawks 27-27 by getting one in their blowout win over Detroit Season high of 7 out of 12 achieved. New Years Resolution: Invest In An Offensive Line I'm not saying Sam Darnold is the quarterback answer for the Panthers. But there is no way you can really know how often he's under duress. No quarterback should endure the lack of protection Darnold has come under since joining the NFL, first with the New York Jets and now with Carolina. He has been sacked 2.67 times per game since 2018 and 3.3 times per game for the Panthers this season. While the Texans and Dolphins attempted to close a deal at the close of trade, lawsuits against Watson of alleged sexual assault and inappropriate behavior prevented it from doing so. Obviously, there are still a lot of unknowns about how Watson's legal position will play out, but at some point the Texans will be able to move up from quarterback and move on to the next chapter in the franchise. New Years Resolution: Put Some Players On The Defensive Robert Saleh The Jets, ranked 32nd in points and yards allowed, have broken a franchise record of 477 points. It's not a coaching problem, it's a talent problem. Note: the previous high was 457, which was set with a completely different staff and scheme last season. Saleh, who made his bones as a defensive coach, needs help on all three levels, especially linebacker and safety. The Jets have four draft picks in the first two rounds. If at least two are off the defense, an investigation should be initiated. The Giants have lost double-digit games for five consecutive seasons. Joe Judge insisted this "is not a clown show organization" after losing to the Bears on Sunday. How about some tangible on-site evidence to prove it? The bar is set low for the Giants in this year's dissolution, what happens when an organization misses the playoffs for five years in a row and nine out of ten seasons. God knows how much Lions fans have suffered over the years. With only one playoff win since 1957, the city is starving for some football successes. The Lions have had star players and solid coaching at times, but just can't bring it all together. But let's not even think about the playoffs, let's focus on the regular season for this New Years resolution. We can start with a winning record. That hasn't happened since 2017, the second of consecutive 9-7 seasons under Jim Caldwell. New Years Resolution: Hire the Manager Right Shad Khan has rarely done this in his 10 years as the owner. Even the decision he made right - bringing Tom Coughlin back as a football tsar and hiring Doug Marrone - backfired spectacularly after a good season. This has been a lost year for Trevor Lawrence, and the franchise is in real danger of ruining its career if Khan hires another head coach. Unfortunately, given his record so far, there is little confidence that Khan will make the right choice. - Mike DiRocco


After a late attack by Mads Roerslev, Bees comes from behind to Villa. to defeat

Report and free highlights as Danny Ings fires Aston Villa into the lead early in the first half; an excellent goal from Yoane Wissa for Brentford before half-time; Mads Roerslev scores his first Premier League goal to win the game for the Bees late (Author: Gardener)

BeesAfter a late goal from Mads Roerslev, Brentford came from behind to beat Aston Villa 2-1 and claim his first Premier League win in 2022. A hectic end to the game mirrored that of Brentford's win over Watford on December 10th when Pontus. late Jansson and Bryan Mbeumo secured all three points. The winning goal came a little earlier on Sunday when Roerslev saved Emiliano Martinez's first attempt before shooting into the far corner (83) for his first Premier League goal. But Brentford proved to be a smart team again when they came back with another goal. Danny Ings had put Villa in the lead with a fine shot at the beginning of the first half (16), which dominated Steven Gerrard's team. But Yoane Wissa - not averse to his own late winner - equaled shortly before the break (42nd) with a terrific curling performance out of nowhere for Brentford. Roerslev's goal sparked a number of late chances - although a very clear opening had taken place shortly before, only for Martinez to push Frank Onyeka's attempt to the bottom post - as Villa looked for their own equalizer but the Bees held for another impressive by victory. Brentford displaces Villa from 12th place and is tied with Crystal Palace with 23 points. Villa drops to 13th place and loses games under Gerrard for the first time in a row. The first 15 minutes were unlikely to be a chance, but Villa soon found the net. Emiliano Buendia was a great turnaround in midfield to break away from his marker before pushing Ings through. The Brentford defense couldn't get back in time when Ings slid into the far corner with a fine finish for his fourth Premier League goal of the season. In the further course of the game, both teams continued to see half-chances. The game snaked towards halftime but a great moment of Wissa magic made Brentford level. His first touch was great, it hit the ball before rolling into the top corner. Brentford put his swing into the second half but Villa saw the early shots. Buendia shot just over the bar before Bertrand Traore tricked the away fans into believing he had scored - only to find the side of the net and be warned offside. Similar to the first half, there was a lack of real flow or sustained tension in the second period until Brentford had a great chance of a second goal in the 75th minute. He tried to bring the ball home, but Martinez jumped to push the attempt on the post. Roerslev slipped into the box on the right as his first shot was saved by Martinez. But the rebound fell at his feet and the Villa goalkeeper was unable to recover in time when the ball shot past him into the far corner. As expected, Brentford's late goal sparked an urgency at Villa that was not seen for much of the second half. Even Martinez came to a late corner but there was no goalkeeping goal for the Argentine as Brentford was determined to win. A goal and an assist is not a bad job for the Dane. It was a real striker's goal for the winner when he ricocheted off a save. He also played a nice ball in Wissa's feet while sliding and had a real hand in Brentford's comeback win. In this league, every point is crucial and I really enjoy helping the team. I knew if he had perfect contact with the ball he would find the far corner. "Brentford coach Thomas Frank:" We played a very bad first half in many ways. Aston Villa may have been up a bit, but I think it was a bad football game in the first half. Before the game, I talked about our mentality and how we can get three points out of the game because I knew it would be an even game. At halftime, I said to keep the discipline, keep the structure high and low. We're going to do something ... I can't praise the players enough for their mentality. "We needed a magical moment from one of our players and Wissa had that moment - what a goal." I think Mads deserves a lot of praise. It's a very good Brentford story - we're going to take a young player who no one really knows. We've worked hard with him for two years and now he's made four or five Premier League starts, a good assist, a good goal and he deserves a lot of praise. "In a way, it shouldn't be possible for us to be above Villa. With the amount of money they have spent on their team over the past three years, I think they have a very good squad. I think they are To be a good club in many ways, so we're above them, is pretty good. "Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard:" It was a really good first half. We gave them three chances and conceded two goals. " That's the big disappointment and inevitably we lost the game. But from what I saw in the 90 minutes, we were a much better team. We were the only team that wanted to play and create, and we created enough to: "We scored more than one goal. We didn't make it and we conceded two poor goals so it's no surprise we're disappointed . "We showed a lot of courage in the first few games, a lot of struggle. The second goal is a catalog of errors. There is no courage, no struggle, there is no one who really shows the right aggression. "It was too easy to score against us today because we didn't have 10 chances today. We experienced three dangerous moments and conceded two goals. What we scored and given today should have been at least one draw." "There were opportunities today for the players to move up and claim, but I'm not sure we can take away any positive aspects." * Only West Ham (12) and Everton (11) have gained more points by losing positions in the Premier League than Brentford this season (9). * Since the start of last season, Aston Villa have lost more Premier League games after scoring the first goal than any other team in the competition (8). * Brentford equalized their first Premier League goal outside the box, making Watford the only team without a long-range goal this season at 7:55 p.m.


Laura Kuenssberg will step down as political editor for the BBC at Easter

Laura Kuenssberg will step down as political editor of the BBC at Easter and take on a leading role as presenter and reporting, the broadcaster announced. (Author: Gardener)

Laura KuenssbergLaura Kuenssberg will step down as political editor of the BBC at Easter and take on a leading moderation and reporting role, the broadcaster has confirmed - which has sparked speculation about who will replace her. Kuenssberg, 45, is leaving the position after seven years in this role after taking over Nick Robinson in 2015. She was the first woman to hold the BBC's political editor role and has covered a feverish phase of politics, including the Brexit referendum and two general elections and the Covid pandemic. Her future role at the company has yet to be announced, but the BBC said she will be participating in a number of news and current affairs projects on TV, radio and online, and that more details will be announced in the New Year. It was previously suggested that Kuenssberg, who was earning £ 250,000, could become a presenter on Radio 4's flagship Today, as part of a major redeployment of the station's senior staff. However, she was also discussed as a potential replacement for Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning political show. Marr presented the final episode of his long-running Sunday political show yesterday and left the BBC after 21 years to host radio shows on LBC and Classic FM for competing broadcaster Global. Künssberg's successor has yet to be announced, but deputy political editor Vicki Young, Jon Sopel, who recently left the North American editorial post, and business editor Faisal Islam are all linked to the job. When rumors of Künssberg's resignation first surfaced in October, Sopel was considered the favorite to replace her. He has been replaced in Washington, DC by Sarah Smith, editor of BBC Scotland. BBC News Director Fran Unsworth is also on the verge of stepping down after the appointment of former Huffington Post editor Jess Brammar as chief news editor for the company. After the news of her role change, Künssberg said today: “I was very fortunate to do the best daily reporting in the industry with the best colleagues one could wish for. Who could replace Laura Kuenssberg as political editor for the BBC? Sopel resigned as North America editor for the BBC in October to "write a book". He has been on BBC News, BBC World News and its Politics Show. In 2014 he was named editor for North America, based in Washington. He held the position for seven years before stepping down in October. Salary: Not published by the BBC suggesting it is under £ 150,000. Young began working for the BBC as a reporter for BBC Wales before joining One O'Clock News as a political correspondent. In 2015 she was promoted to chief correspondent for BBC News. She has been Deputy Political Editor at Beeb since 2020. Controversial Amol Rajan recently came under fire after historical tweets against the royal family came to light. Rajan spent several years at the Independent, working in various reporter and editorial roles. Rajan's role as editor for The Independent website ended after he was named the BBC's first media editor in November 2016. Earlier this year he was named the fifth Today program presented by the BBC. Ahmed was previously a business correspondent for The Observer newspaper before becoming a business correspondent for Channel 4 News in May 2004. He became the business editor for Channel 4 before becoming the political editor for Sky in 2014. In November 2018 it was announced that he would replace Kamal Ahmed as business editor for BBC News. Salary: Not published by the BBC suggesting it is under £ 150,000. Goodall began his career as a producer and reporter for the BBC in 2012 and worked there until 2016 before moving to Sky News as a political correspondent. In January 2020, he returned to the BBC to work as the Guidelines Editor at Newsnight. Salary: Not published by the BBC suggesting it is under £ 150,000. Alex Forsyth started working for the BBC as a political reporter in 2010. She later worked as a home affairs and Middle East correspondent before joining Newsnight for politics. Two months later, she became the political correspondent for BBC News and has been in that position since 2014. "But after nearly seven years and what feels like decades of headlines, it's time to take the next step." She added, "Anyway, I'm taking a Christmas break, but there will be a lot of news over the next few weeks and while I'm still sitting through April." With a salary of more than £ 250,000 as a political editor, Kuenssberg also found new audiences by appearing on the Brexitcast podcast during the UK's Brexit negotiations with the EU. However, it has faced bias allegations from across the political spectrum. Last year she came under fire after appearing to defend Dominic Cummings after he reportedly broke the lockdown rules. Within 30 minutes of the story breaking, Kuenssberg had shared a rebuttal from an unnamed source claiming that the then Prime Minister's 260 mile trip from London to his parents' house in Durham was "within guidelines". Miss Kuenssberg was exposed as the only regular contact person of Mr. Cummings due to the "special position" of the station in the country. During his bombastic hearing of evidence before MPs earlier this year, the former Downing Street agent said the political editor was the "lead journalist" he would speak to - but insisted that they would only speak every "three or four weeks" around "Guidelines to give" great stories ". Mr Cummings then made a number of scathing claims about the Prime Minister's handling of the Covid pandemic in an interview with Ms. Kuenssberg - including that Boris Johnson allegedly viewed the virus as a "horror story" just a month before the initial lockdown. She had to be protected by security guards at the 2017 Labor Congress after she was ill-treated for reporting on Jeremy Corbyn. Kuenssberg also sparked controversy earlier this year after a complaint was filed against her for using the phrase "nitty gritty" when speaking about the Downing Street deal during Brexit. Anti-racism activists claim the term stems from the slave trade and was reportedly banned last year out of concern by Sky Sports. Prior to becoming the BBC's political editor, Kuenssberg was the company's chief political correspondent. Previously, she also held senior positions at ITV News and BBC Two's Newsnight. In 2016, Künssberg was named “Sender of the Year” by the Political Studies Association and recognized her work on the Brexit referendum and subsequent follow-up reports. BBC Director General Tim Davie said: “Laura has been a preeminent political editor for the BBC in some of the most tumultuous political times in living memory. Her succinct comment, tough questions, and astute insight have guided our audiences through the past seven years. BBC News Director Fran Unsworth said: “Laura is a born journalist and did a great job as a political editor. “Our political reporting would have been immeasurably poorer without Laura as the political editor. Unsworth, who worked on £ 342,000 a year, is leaving the BBC news team during a time of crisis, with 250 jobs set to be cut while it is being remodeled. Appointed to her current position in January 2018, she has been with the BBC for more than four decades, having started her career on Radio 1's Newsbeat in 1980. But the 63-year-old was responsible for some of the BBC's most humiliating moments as he was blamed for broadcasting the police raid on Sir Cliff Richard's house. Unsworth will leave her current position as director of news and current affairs in late January. With a salary in excess of £ 250,000 as a political editor, Kuenssberg has faced allegations of bias from across the political spectrum. Last year she came under fire after appearing to defend Dominic Cummings after he reportedly broke the lockdown rules. Within 30 minutes of breaking the story, Kuenssberg had shared a rebuttal from an unnamed source claiming that the then Prime Minister's 260 mile trip from London to his parents' house in Durham was "within guidelines". In response to the Daily Mirror journalist who published the story, Kuenssberg tweeted, "The source says his trip was within guidelines when Cummings stayed with his parents so they could help with childcare while he and his wife were in." were sick - they insist they don't lock up the rules. In response to the Daily Mirror journalist who published the story, Kuenssberg tweeted, "The source says his trip was within guidelines when Cummings stayed with his parents so they could help with childcare while he and his wife were in." were sick - they insist they don't lock up the rules. Her response was promptly answered by a chorus of condemnations of Labor-supporting trolls, some accusing her of being a "government mouthpiece" and a "Tory henchman". Miss Kuenssberg was unmasked as the only regular contact person of Mr. Cummings because of the "special position" of the station in the country. During his bombastic hearing of evidence before MPs earlier this year, the former Downing Street aide said the political editor was the "lead journalist" he would speak to - but insisted they would only speak once. three or four weeks ”to“ give guidelines on great stories ”. Mr Cummings then made a series of damning claims about the Prime Minister's handling of the Covid pandemic - including that Boris Johnson allegedly viewed the virus as a "scare story" for just a month before the initial lockdown - in a sit-down interview Mrs. Künssberg. During the 2019 general election, Kuenssberg, along with ITV Political Editor Robert Peston, tweeted the false claim that an adviser to disgraced ex-minister Matt Hancock had been beaten by a Labor activist. During the 2019 general election, Kuenssberg, along with ITV Political Editor Robert Peston, tweeted the false claim that an adviser to disgraced ex-minister Matt Hancock had been beaten by a Labor activist. The claim was quickly refuted by video evidence, forcing them to give in and apologize for the misleading information. She had to be protected by security forces at the Labor Party conference in 2017 after she was ill-treated for reporting on Jeremy Corbyn. Kuenssberg also sparked controversy earlier this year after a complaint was filed against her for using the phrase "nitty gritty" when speaking about Downing Street business during Brexit. Anti-racism activists claim the term stems from the slave trade and was reportedly banned by Sky Sports last year amid concerns. However, the program directors threw back the lawsuit against Künssberg. However, the program directors threw back the lawsuit against Künssberg. BBC sources say the company is keen to have an "impartial and safe" person to replace Ms. Unsworth, not least because of the controversy surrounding the appointment of Jess Brammar to a senior position in the news department last year previously very critical comments on the Tory government. When she left, Unsworth said, “After more than 40 years with the BBC, I have decided that the time is right for me to step down as head of the world's top news organization. “But I'm proud to have done them all - and to work for an organization that plays such an important and valuable role in the UK and around the world. “I leave BBC News in the hands of an incredibly strong team that is committed to staying at the forefront of journalism around the world. “It will make the BBC as relevant as it has been for the past 100 years. I am proud to have served BBC News and our audience. ' Unsworth's previous positions have included BBC home news editor, policy director, and news collection director. She was the acting director of news and current affairs for the BBC from 2012 to 2013. But she's also seen a lot of controversy in her career, most recently regarding the fall of Brammar. Relations between number 10 became turmoil after the BBC ignored opposition to the nomination of the left-wing journalist as head of its news network. Brammar, who has posted a number of now-deleted tweets criticizing Boris Johnson, Brexit and the British Empire, is expected to be confirmed as senior news editor. Sir Robbie, Theresa May's former communications director, warned Unsworth that she "will not be able to make this appointment" because the "government's fragile trust in the BBC is being shaken". Ms. Brammar, 38, promoted controversial opinion while working for the Huffington Post. This included an article suggesting that blacks would leave the UK if Boris Johnson were re-elected in 2019. Since then, she has deleted 16,000 posts, including "woke up" as a "whistle" and an advertisement for a job advertisement from one of her own employees for "non-binary" applicants only. Unsworth was defiant despite the argument, saying the BBC management is responsible for hiring people. It claimed it was "an independent process that is free from any corporate interest". She added that BBC News must "withstand any pressure that comes from anywhere" in a thinly veiled attack on the government.


The Cabins lineup is revealed when the Love Island-style show returns

THE Cabins, ITV-Winter Love Island, is back and we can reveal the participating lineup when it returns tonight. There are girls who love everyone from Joey Essex to Tommy Fury and even a Pai ... (Author: Gardener)

CabinsTHE Cabins, ITV's wintery Love Island, is back and we can reveal the participating line-up when it returns tonight. There are girls everyone likes from Joey Essex to Tommy Fury and even a pair of Scottish twins. As always, participants have 24 hours in their cabin to decide whether they want to spend more time in The Cabins - or run for the mountains. So it's time to heat up the hot tubs and let the fun begin ... When asked about her celebrity crush, she said, "I think the way Tommy Fury treats Molly-Mae is so nice." They always look like they did 'fun so I'll probably go with Tommy Fury. "Hairdresser Amy is from Ayr, Scotland and her ideal husband is Joey Essex. She is an avowed drama queen and warns," I think so "Maybe I'm working a little hard. I think it takes a lot for someone to stand me." Recruitment consultant Roxanne from London says she is “loud” but “empathetic” - just try not to make her laugh because “I'm not looking for a joker.” The Londoner added: “I have pretty high expectations. I want them a man lifts me up. Most of the time the boys don't lift me up. " She added that her best date was on a cable car - see you have to get her up! Make-up artist, office manager and part-time SuDuko fan Denni has a very special type. "So someone who is a scaffolding builder, a builder, a skilled person. The entertainer on cruise ships Jessica says what gets her going is ... She raved:" Persistence in a man is so attractive to me. I love a daredevil guy. Someone who wakes up and thinks, 'What's next?' someone who just says, "Oh, I have a day off, I'll chill at home." The London leisure center boy Cory said he was single because he "chose the wrong people" in life I wouldn't say that I have a certain type, but when I was in school I had a crush on a celebrity, it was Ashanti. "And then it turned into J-Lo sometimes. But one guy locks you up ... as long as you have a personality and the chemistry. Okay, time to play, find the difference. This is Scottish college student Callum who says his friends would describe him as "an idiot." More promisingly, he says he can play guitar, cook and loves the party game beer pong. Callum says his brother's dating skills are "far superior to mine," but time will tell right in The Cabins. The Fife college student said, "My guy would be someone who knows who he is." Has ambitions in life and is kind. My celebrity crush should be Elizabeth Olsen. "The salesman Prince has been single all his life." Probably because I'm a picky little guy, "he says, but admits," I've been fished before, but ended up being it worked out fine, she was a nice person, met her. "He added," Take me back to the old days when people just met. "He said," I've never had a real date. This is the first time I've met someone to settle down with. "He said friends would say I have a great sense of humor - if I say that myself! He added," Great body! Very adventurous, always having a good time and seeing the easier side of life. "This car salesman insists he is definitely not Jad the Lad. He said," I didn't do the whole dating scene ... I'll bring this one Quite a lot up and running in the pub. "In that order? The dream man for Devonian real estate agent Taryck is Gorka from Strictly Come Dancing." I want someone who gives me freedom; Time with your friends, time with your family, but also time for me. "London-based Scottish entrepreneur Harry can play the bagpipes - and he's with them just to prove it here. He said," I've got the team from The Cabins said that I am happy to be with either a man or a woman. "In life I attract personalities, it's not about gender. I am looking for someone who is very friendly, who is easy to get along with and it's a lot of fun. " . "Someone who is arrogant or self-righteous, or who loves themselves arrogantly, someone who is ignorant - of the things that are going on in the world - I just want someone to be open-minded and not judgmental." Leicester salon owner George wants all of his potential dates off the treadmill. He said, “Nothing would be a red flag. I would just think that I will never see you because you are always in the gym. The Cabins continues tonight at 9 p.m. on ITV2 and ITV Hub


England's Ashes series was a disaster

England's tour of Australia to recapture the famous ash urn was chaotic in the eyes of many. Some even believe it's the worst squad to ever grace Australian shores. (Author: Gardener)

EnglandHow bad is this English cricket team, hey? Ricky Ponting thinks they are the worst English team he has ever seen on a tour of Australia and after the first three tests on the current Ashes streak it's hard to argue with that. Fortunately, cricket is a game of numbers, stats, and records, which means that comparing players and teams from different eras is not only possible, but also relatively easy. So let's see how Joe Root's team fares against some of the worst English outfits of the past. Her second innings score of 68 on the Boxing Day Test was the lowest total for an English team since the war, and Australia's first innings lead of 82 was the smallest for an innings win in Ashes history. The Aussie's first innings were the lowest total ever cashed by an English team to lose an innings at 267, and the game ended up with the lowest number of overs (180.5) since the introduction of the six-ball -Overs finished in 1979. The Melbourne loss took them to 13 consecutive Tests in Australia without a win, which is the worst ever for an English team, beating the run of 12 Tests suffered between 1937 and 1951. And their nine Test losses in the calendar year matched Bangladesh's record in 2003. If you look at the teams individually, there is some good news and some bad news. First the good news. Rory Burns isn't the least successful England opener to have ever toured Australia. He is the second worst. His two tests before he was dropped from the side received points of 0, 13, 4, and 34, for a total of 51 and an average of 12.75. In the shadows leaves him Reg Simpson, who played the first two Tests of the 1950-51 series, before he too was dropped after scores of 12, 0, 4 and 23 for an overall average of 39 and 9.75. Of course, Rory achieved something that Reg didn't. He got out for a first ball in the series, but there is good news too. He was second, after Thomas Worthington in 1936. But let's not be too strict with Rory. He's in good company. England's opening games were sacked 14 times for ducks in the 2021 calendar year - double the previous seven in 1998 and 1986. And despite his disastrous start to the current series, Rory was the best of them, scoring 530 runs at 27.89 in 19 Innings (although he scored six ducks). Second best was Dom Sibley, who managed 356 runs at 19.77 in 20 innings with four ducks. In fact, Rory was the second highest overall scorer of any English batsman in the calendar year, behind Joe Root, who amassed the third highest in test history in 1708. The 1178 difference between England's two best was another record. But while we're on the subject of Root, the question arises: is he the worst English captain to have ever toured Australia? Of course, there is no doubt about Root's ability with the bat, but the statistics don't lie and his record as an Ashes skipper is appalling. He has led England to two series defeats in Australia and has not yet celebrated a win with two tests pending in this series, his record is 0-7 (with one draw). The second worst to lose 0-5 are Andrew Flintoff in 2006-2007 and Kevin Pietersen (2013-14). All of which brings us back to the original question: is this English team the worst that has ever toured Australia? Well, it must be said it would take an incredibly bad team to beat them. 1. Rory Burns. There have been many England opening games that failed to get a grip on Australian conditions, but Burns' first ball duck in Brisbane gives him a place on the team. 2. Thomas Worthington. How could we not have the only other English batsman to open an Ashes series with a Golden Duck team, Burns? The only question is who is facing the first ball. Not known as number three, but as the worst-played England opener to ever toured Australia, it has to be squeezed in somewhere. Plus, he's going to open with Burns and Worthington ahead of him anyway. Another specialist for openers who simply cannot be missing. Got 5 and 17 in the first test of the 1958-59 series before being dropped for the second test. Called back for the third, he scored eight in each innings and never played in Australia again. But a very good footballer. 5. Joe Root. Just deserves a spot on his captain's record. If anyone can make this team worse, it can be him. A solid medium-level batsman known for scoring great centuries against all opponents - except Australia. He began his career with 11 Ashes Tests in 1968 with a pair of ducks and finished it in 1975 with four others. Overall test average 46.3. Against Australia 15.25. A Papua New Guinea-born Welshman who grew up in Brisbane took a detour to become a wicketkeeper batsman for the England Test, though his many critics would argue that description. The biggest moment was the Edgbaston catch that ripped the ashes from Australia in 2005, but 12 months later it was a different story on Australian soil. After scores of 19, 33, 1, 10, 0, 0 and a less than convincing form behind the stumps in the first three tests, he was dropped and never played for England again. Don't even bother looking up his career stats. Harmison wins an automatic spot on every Worst Ever page simply for throwing the most terrifying opening ball in Ashes history. The crowd fell silent when the great English Paceman storms in to bowl for Australian opener Justin Langer, he lets go of it and it flies ... straight to his captain Freddie Flintoff in the second slip. Never toured in Australia, but got the sympathy vote. Elliott went on to score 199. Smith finished 0/89 and didn't play another Test. He only won 5/398 at 79.6 in four tests with his off-spin during the 2003-03 Ashes series but will always be remembered for a no-wicket delivery. With Steve Waugh taking two runs for a career-saving century on the final ball of the second day of the SCG Test, England Captain Nasser Hussein and Dawson spent ages preparing the field and planning their next move. Dawson sent a flat, fast ball outside the stump and Waugh hit it to the limit to hit Don Bradman's career record of 29 tons. The purists would say this site doesn't need two spinners, but Tufnell isn't picked for its meager booty of 17 wickets at 46.29 on two tours (1990-91, 1994-95). Arguably the worst batter to ever play the game, Australian spectators rolled down the aisles for 13 memorable innings, for a total of 19 runs averaging 1.9. And there you have it: a team so bad that even the current English squad would beat them.


Ashes: Live updates from day 1 of the 4th test

Australia's triumphs in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne have resulted in them taking an unassailable 3-0 lead in the five-game series, ensuring the urn remains with Pat Cummins' men through 2023. (Author: Gardener)

day 1You are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Australia v England - Ashes: Live updates from day 1 of the 4th for the injured Ollie Robinson in the only change of tourists Australia kept the ashes in a humiliating third test for EnglandEngland can only be proud of its first test win in the Ashes series to be won in Sydney. Australia's triumphs in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne have resulted in them taking an unassailable 3-0 lead in the five-game series and ensuring that the ballot box remains with Pat Cummins' men through 2023. English skipper Joe Root insists that he was "deeply injured". through his team's performances Down Under, but they will now seek to remove the prospect of a glossing over at the SCG, with Stuart Broad replacing Ollie Robinson. Follow Sportsmails JACK BEZANTS for live coverage of the start of the fourth Ashes Test , including building and gradually updates. 2:33 am, Jack Bezant's Warner starts in style, digs up a Yorker and takes two before pushing the ball to the limit for four. 2:30 am, had early lunch, the players back on the field, and Warner and Harris continue with Mark Wood in the middle of his over at goal. 02:05, The game will resume in a little less than 30 minutes - the usual caveats apply, of course! 1:38 AM, More as we get but suggestions that there will be an early lunch and then see what the conditions are. Warner and Harris will enjoy their food more than the English players. They began to look reassured before it started raining again. 1:37 AM, Let's go for some more rain, but so far it has been a completely disappointing performance by England's seafarers. It looked like a few clouds were coming up and yes, there is another downpour properly. England trots back from the field, Australia 30-0 amid all the back and forth to the pavilion. 1:31, A Warner single pays 30 for Australia in a preliminary first over for Stokes. Wood is now taking over Anderson on the other side. 1:27, Two from the last ball of Anderson's last over and they go to Harris. Ben Stokes replaces Broad. 1:24 AM, Harris walks after Broad and hits a shorter ball by graciously turning it away for four. 1:18 AM, Anderson continues and this time he comes around the wicket. The second ball goes for four for Warner, who shoots past Anderson and Broad in the middle. Anderson is then interested in an LBW appeal, the referee is not and he is probably missing the stump. 1:14, Harris chases a long throw from Broad for the first ball, but misses. Harris plays and misses the last ball of the overs ... 01:10, A sweet shot from Warner who threads the ball offside for four. 01:07, Haseeb Hammed starts the overs in the short leg, but Broad fails to convince Harris to put the bat on the ball. 01:01, Anderson misses the last three balls of his overs by conceding a run off. Now wide to target Harris. 00:59, you lost 40 minutes here in Sydney but you say that only two overs were lost. I wonder if Joe Root spoke to his senior bowlers about their lengths during the rain break. 00:58, Let's go, Warner and Harris back in the middle. Anderson has three more balls in front of him, Warner in the face. Only 20 minutes are possible before the rain returns, with James Anderson and Stuart Broad posing little threat to David Warner and Marcus Harris so far. Even more heartwarming, Bangladesh beat New Zealand by eight wickets on Mount Maunganui - the biggest result in their history. 00:22, Anderson's third over at halftime and the covers are out. 12:19 AM, and Harris does, with a peek at a spout for Hameed, but he misses. It was half a chance. First blood for Warner against Broad, who gets on one knee and drives one for four - nice shot and one to calm him down. He then gets a thick ledge in the direction of the gully, where the ball is stopped and he only takes one. 00:15, Another girl, this time for Anderson. We hope Harris gets an early single to strike Warner on Broad. 00:10, It's a virgin for Broad at first when Harris fights off the end. We're still waiting for the Warner-Broad duel ... 00:05, Anderson's first ball of the day rears up at Warner, a nasty first ball. Warner turns the fifth ball away for a single to hit the mark. Harris sneaks a single off the final ball to hold the blow. Warner and Harris set out to strike at 12:01 am, James Anderson has the ball first but it's Stuart Broad who really wants to prove a point considering how his tour has gone so far. Let's see how it goes, can England fly? The hymns will be played at 11:57 p.m. So it's about 30 minutes later than expected, but we're only moments away from the start of the fourth test. #Ashes | 🇦🇺 #AUSvENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿— England Cricket (@englandcricket) Jan 4th 2022 11:38 PM, Pat Cummins has decided to hit, which is a brave call for a green pitch under gray skies - but maybe it is it's the kind of call you make when you're 3-0 and your confidence is high. 11:37 pm, Root admits he would have hit first too, but with some grass on the wicket and some rain this morning, Broad and Anderson won't mind trying first. Cummins himself even admitted that there was a little more grass there than he expected. A reminder that there is a change in the English roster with Stuart Broad for Ollie Robinson. Australia WIN the throw and decide to hit 23:34, Joe Root called Tails, it was heads and Pat Cummins took the hit. “The SCG is always a wicket where the bat arrives first, no reason to switch here,” he says. 23:33, No, it really looks like it's going to happen, you are preparing for it right now. Or do we get the litter now? 11:30 p.m., LAWRENCE BOOTH IN SYDNEY: Um, it's raining again, but only lightly. Meanwhile, Bangladesh lost an early wicket in the pursuit of 40 across the Tasman Territory to claim the biggest Test win in its history against New Zealand. 11:22 p.m., A reminder as we wait for the throw that Joe Root sets a new record today - taking on his 60th friendly as captain of England and overtaking Alastair Cook's record of 59. It was a tough ride for Root, and anyone connected to England, but it is a phenomenal performance by the batsman. 11:10 p.m., Both the litter and the start of the fourth Ashes test have been postponed by half an hour due to the rain in Sydney. All of this gives us the opportunity to focus on what is happening at Mount Maunganui, where it will take Bangladesh 40 to beat New Zealand. 11:02 pm, news only in that there is a 30 minute delay before the throw is made, but by then we should be well on our way to playing a full game day - the players are out on the pitch to themselves to warm up, so there is little suggestion or fear that things will be delayed any further. Or is the throw in five minutes? Incremental weather, say in Sydney, could delay us a little here. The blankets had to be out, but they are currently being taken off, so if the litter isn't in the next five minutes, it shouldn't have been long ago. 22:54, back to the fourth test, with the whole series. Joe Root's men now play out of pride and we all know how they need it considering how the first three meetings with Australia went. Toss is coming soon. just over five minutes.