Real Madrid are keeping an eye on Florentino Luis

Real Madrid reportedly are following the progress of 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder Florentino Luis, who was loaned to Getafe by Benfica. (Author: Gardener)

Florentino LuisAccording to a report from Spanish outlet Defensa Central, Florentino Luis is the subject of Real Madrid's concern over a possible move in a future transfer window. The 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder is currently on loan from Benfica to La Liga club Getafe. Florentino Luis spent his formative years with three clubs, including Benfica. Florentino spent the 2020/21 season on loan at AS Monaco before moving to Getafe on a temporary basis last summer. All this time, Florentino was closely monitored by Real Madrid. Interestingly, Florentino played for Getafe when Real Madrid suffered a 1-0 loss to the Azulones on Sunday. This is because Casemiro will be 30 years old next year and Real Madrid will have to establish a succession plan for him. The Spanish giants seem to be approaching a crossroads in midfield as Luka Modric is already in the twilight of his glamorous career, while Toni Kroos is approaching the last few years of his playing days. Casemiro is the youngest of Real Madrid's three midfielders. To that end, several midfielders have appeared on the Merengues radar, including Gabriel Menino, with Florentino also being a viable target in theory. Real Madrid might not be able to start the offensive for the 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder as he hasn't shown enough potential at Getafe. While the La Liga heavyweights have been watching his progress closely, Florentino appears destined to return to Benfica at the end of the season. It remains to be seen who will become Real Madrid's main midfield target.


Live text updates: Getafe 1-0 Real Madrid

Live text updates: Getafe 1-0 Real Madrid (Author: Gardener)

Getafe 1, Real Madrid 0. Enes Ünal - Getafe - Right footed shot from the center of the box into the center of the goal. Nemanja Maksimovic - Getafe - left footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. Luka Modric - Real Madrid - hits the bar with his left foot from the center of the box. Support - Rodrygo. Toni Kroos - Real Madrid - Right footed shot from the center of the box but the ball goes off. Preparatory work - Lucas Vázquez with a cross. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid - right footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the right. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid - right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Preparatory work - Lucas Vázquez. Preparatory work - Lucas Vázquez. Damián Suárez - Getafe - right footed shot from more than 30 yards is saved in the center of the goal. Carles Aleñá - Getafe - right footed shot from the center of the box is blocked. Preparatory work - Damián Suárez. Sandro Ramírez - Getafe - right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the center of the goal. Assist - Enes Ünal. Luka Modric - Real Madrid - right footed shot from outside the box is saved by the goalkeeper on the right. Luka Modric - Real Madrid - right footed shot from outside the box is saved by the goalkeeper on the right. Preparatory work - Toni Kroos. Preparatory work - Toni Kroos. Enes Ünal - Getafe - right footed shot from the left side of the box is blocked. Preparatory work - Mathías Olivera. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid - right footed shot from the center of the box is blocked. Assist - Marcelo. Marcelo - Real Madrid - left footed shot from the left side of the box is blocked. Assist - Mariano. Casemiro - Real Madrid - right footed shot from outside the box is saved by the goalkeeper on the right. Shot blocked. Shot blocked. Shot blocked. Toni Kroos - Real Madrid right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Toni Kroos - Real Madrid right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Preparatory work - David Alaba. Preparatory work - David Alaba. Mariano - Real Madrid - headshot from the center of the box, but it goes up. Preparatory work - Eder Militão with a flank. Isco - Real Madrid - headed from the center of the box, saved by the goalkeeper on the left. Assist - Luka Modric with a cross. Offside - Real Madrid. Karim Benzema with pass, Mariano is offside. Peter - Real Madrid - won a free kick on the right wing. Peter - Real Madrid - won a free kick on the right wing.


Getafe secured a shock win over Real Madrid

Getafe, led by former Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores, extended its unbeaten streak in La Liga to six games with a shocking 1-0 win over leaders Real Madrid; Atletico Madrid secure a 2-0 home win against Rayo Vallecano (Author: Gardener)

Real MadridAn early goal from Turkish striker Enes Unal shocked La Liga leaders Real Madrid as he lost 1-0 at Getafe on Sunday, ending an unbeaten run that lasted 15 games across all competitions. With 46 points from 20 games, Real Madrid are still at the top but are not feeling as comfortable as they were before. Getafe, led by former Watford coach Quique Sanchez Flores, extended its unbeaten streak in La Liga to six games and is in 16th place overall, three points ahead of relegation zone. Unal scored with a low, powerful shot in the ninth minute after pressuring Real defender Eder Militao to pass the ball into the penalty area. Defending champions Atletico Madrid are back on track after four straight defeats with a 2-0 home win over Rayo Vallecano thanks to two goals from Argentine winger Angel Correa. Atleti has overtaken Rayo in the overall standings and is now fourth with 32 points from 19 games. Real Madrid, who previously lost at Getafe, lead La Liga with 46 points from 20 games. Correa, who played out of position as a pure striker in the absence of Antoine Griezmann and Joao Felix, who both missed Atletico's first game of 2022 due to positive Covid-19 tests, led Atletico to a win that kept them from start to finish dominated. After a great game and a goal from Yannick Carrasco in the 28th minute, he hammered a rebound from the box, then in the 53rd minute he volleyed a perfect low cross from Renan Lodi.


How Joan Collins used "evil" in Dynasty

The actress broke new ground for women on television while leading a volatile off-screen life. But their success has rubbed some in the wrong direction (Author: Gardener)

Joan CollinsMost Hated Woman on TV: Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington in Dynasty In the course of the American soap opera Dynasty, many memorable characters came into the hot story of the life and romantic entanglements of the Carrington family. However, no one could compare with the standout character of the series, Alexis Carrington. Even for those who have never seen the show, Alexis has become the epitome of Machiavellian intrigue and sexual skull druggers, delivering caustic one-liners over a glass of champagne as she wends her way through yet another beneficial adventure. Another character notes of her: "For Alexis, death is always an easier solution than divorce." The actress who played Alexis, Joan Collins, played the role in 1981. She was a Rada-trained actress who began her career in the 1950s with appearances in big budget Hollywood epics such as Land of the Pharaohs and The Virgin Queen. Her days as a major movie star, however, ended in the early 1960s when she was passed over for the title role in Cleopatra, which went to Elizabeth Taylor, and she drifted into self-parody and low profile television appearances over the next two decades. It reached its lowest point in 1977 in the shlock monster film Empire of the Ants. In 1978 she took on the title role in her sister Jackie's adaptation of the novel "The Stud", which, like the hastily produced sequel "The Bitch", was a considerable box-office hit. Joan's autobiography Past Imperfect was a bestseller, and so she started the 1980s with a reputation as both a bankable star and someone who added a touch of decadence and glamor to every part that was offered to her. And Dynasty, created by prolific producer Aaron Spelling, was nothing but both decadent and glamorous. Inspired by both Robert Graves' novels I, Claudius and Claudius the God - as well as, from a less sophisticated perspective, the hugely successful CBS show Dallas - the idea behind Dynasty was to tell the saga of the almighty, amoral Clan of Carrington, the "Lived and sinned" from a huge mansion in Denver. It was a fortunate time for Spelling to create a series that would harmonize with the capitalist "greed-is-good" mantras of Reagan America and Thatcher Britain, and to have created iconic characters that audiences literally hated . And none was more amiable than Alexis, whose scheming recklessness drove the program's narrative of her appearance in the first episode of the second series, aptly titled "Enter Alexis". Commenting on Attitude in 2019 that there was "a lot of resentment" with the rest of the cast because of her higher status, she said of her co-star John Forsythe, who played her ex-husband Blake Harrington, "There wasn't a lot of love between Lost [many of] us, especially John. "She wrote with great frankness about her behind-the-scenes experiences in her memoir Act Two, The World After Joan and Passion for Life. But now, in the new full-length documentary, This Is Joan Collins, which airs on BBC2 on New Years Day, has her time on the show with all the witty vitriol that has made her a much-acclaimed grande dame of the stage and screen. A typical television interview began with journalist Ian Woolridge who said, " Joan, how you are sitting there, who you are and what you are and how you - if I may put it that way - look beautiful, millions of men would love to jump into bed with you. " Collins's exaggerated look of surprise, perhaps given the insolence of the statement, was only surpassed by Woolridge's question, "Does that give you a sense of great power?" In fact, as she says today, "I bore the brunt of the crackling anger, as if a half-naked woman over 40 was something really shocking." As Woolridge stated with barely disguised lasciviousness, "You are indeed a sex symbol - do you accept that?" Collins replied cautiously, “Well, I think that's only part of who I am” before saying, “I don't think it's wrong to be beautiful, glamorous, well dressed, well-groomed and sexually attractive ... if God were "kind enough to give you these things, I think you might as well appreciate them and not put your light under a bushel, so to speak." She was also not without humor in such things. When an interviewer overwhelmed her if any men she had met had undressed her, she laughed and said, "You've seen it all, why should you do this again?" The line between Joan Collins, a sexually provocative Movie star, and Alexis Carrington, an egg-breaking ogre, was a fine one, and the actress was happy to keep blurring it if it took her career in the right direction. She comments today that "I discovered that the part of a sultry, sexy b --- h was one that the public loved and actually believed in." She was voted the sexiest woman in the world (“Hurray,” she jokes now) and is the only conceivable cast for Alexis, who is greeted at film premieres with as many wolf whistles as flashlights. But after her daughter Katy was involved in a devastating accident that nearly killed her, and Collins discovered she was deeply in debt because of her husband's deceptions, it was time to look for well-paying work and get on with it to plunge into what would later become their formative role. It's a bit like Dallas, and it's a great role. She's a b____, but brilliantly smart. ”The actress hadn't heard of the show from her first series, as it was only a moderate success in America and had not yet found an audience abroad. She was not keen on a permanent role in an ongoing drama, preferring guest roles, but the chance to spend half a year in California with her recovering daughter instead of spending the English winter appealed to her. She was allowed to play Alexis as an Englishwoman, although her agent feared Central America would find her accent incomprehensible, and showed off her perfect Rada diction. Collins knew that Alexis was “a bit clichéd” as written, but saw that there was the potential to bring the sublime humor out of the character, aided by lines like, “Nobody takes me to cleanup and to bed the same day . ”Within three months she had proudly established herself as“ the most hated woman on television ”. As one chat show host quipped, "When you see Joan Collins on this show, you know who put 'bad' on Dynasty." She was amused to be recognized in the street by young children waving and saying enthusiastically : "Alexis, Alexis! Collins with Sydney Chaplin in Land of the Pharaohs Also when she complained to Spelling and the scriptwriters about how bad their dialogue was - and was therefore allowed to rewrite it - she described the character as "strong and assertive and a big b ____ ... but that is Okay. "As a newspaper headline put it," Being bad is good business for Joan Collins. "Unimaginative journalists now called her" the Super____, "but Collins didn't think Alexis was a simple villain. Her appearance got the show to the top of the ratings, to the chagrin of Collins' co-star Forsythe, who considered himself the main attraction of Dynasty. He contracted to be the focus of all promotional photos, but it was Collins who got all the attention. The producers tried anything to capitalize on Alexis' notoriety, not the least an ongoing storyline that the rivalry between her and her archfeel indin Krystle, played by Linda Evans, is investigating. Once again the on-screen antipathy turned into real mutual disdain, and Collins notices that during one of the many fight scenes the two shared, she discovered that Evans had "a real hook like Tyson" than a fist not-so - accidentally connected to her head. Alexis' exploits were watched by over 150 million viewers each week, and Collins became better known in the United States than ever before in the UK. She must have been pleased that a newscaster commented: “Joan Collins was once called the poor man's Elizabeth Taylor. There was even a limited edition doll of her priced at $ 10,000 as she enjoyed all of the mega-celebrity's trappings: a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, the Christmas lights turned on on Regent Street, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She even won a Golden Globe for her performance in 1983, noting, "The last time I got a Most Promising Actress award was in 1957, so it took me a little time." Well known at the time as a real estate mogul, Donald Trump tried to ingratiate himself on the show, announcing, "I would be great to be one of Alexis' lovers." One wonders if he hoped life would imitate art; it's a shame the ball-crushing Alexis wasn't let loose on him. Collins notes today that "it was the right show at the right time ... there were beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful backdrops, real flowers, real caviar ... and real anger behind the scenes from some of us." It helped that she personally of her 1980s icon status (“I love Gordon Gekko!”) As she says, “I've been to this rodeo before.” Her personal life was miserable when her marriage to former Beatles executive Ron Kass broke up and one Short-lived fourth association with Swedish pop singer and playboy Peter Holm ("a kind of male version of Britt Ekland") she did not bring luck as he acted ineffectively as her manager and, she claims, exposed her to jealous outbursts. She posed for Playboy ("the only one of hundreds of magazine covers I got paid for") and the outraged Forsythe, who announced to producers that "she's a shame on our good show!" In 1986 he was publicly reminded that Collins, not him, was the real star of Dynasty when she accepted the People's Choice Award for Most Popular Show; ironically, she referred to him as "the big boss" because he was scowling behind her. But the rules of the industry meant he made way more money than they did, so asked - and got - her an additional $ 20,000 a week to play Alexis, which meant she was $ 1.5 million a year earned: an incredible sum for a 1980s television show. Collins says today, “I learned a lot from Alexis and her business acumen.” The Real Star of Dynasty: Collins at her London home in 1983 As the decade drew to a close, Collins was done with Dynasty. As she writes in her recent book My Unapologetic Diaries, “The show had gone downhill so quickly in both ratings and audiences that it had become a joke and impossible to take seriously as an actor or understand the childish acts. "And dialogue." The equal pay problem was resolved by having Alexis write halfway through the episodes ("Although I was now apparently the highest paid television actress in the world, it was a sheer Pyrrhic victory as I was effectively earning the same as before ... so much "for sexual equality in the industry") and "a workable lawyer" persuaded her to write off her remaining rights to reruns of the show on the grounds that "series are not sold when syndicated". In April 1989, at the age of 55, Collins left the show that made her a household name and starred. Since then, of course, Collins has maintained an eclectic career combining acting, writing, and iconography. The latter is what defines her today, but she knows that when the obituaries are written, the headline will forever be "Alexis Carrington Actress Joan Collins Dies". Love her, hate her, or envy her, it's hard to disagree with her This is Joan Collins remark: “Who wants reality? This is Joan Collins is now on BBC iPlayer


Sunday's La Liga predictions, including Mallorca vs.

Sports Mole provides result predictions and previews for all of today's La Liga matches including Mallorca vs Barcelona. (Author: Gardener)

La LigaReal Madrid will look to strengthen their first place in the La Liga table when it comes to Coliseum Alfonso Perez against Getafe on Sunday afternoon. Los Blancos are currently eight points ahead of second-placed Sevilla at the top of the league, while Getafe is in 16th place and tied with 18th Real Madrid are looking to take their 15th LaLiga win of the season this weekend and it falls to us hard to fight against the championship leaders. Getafe have improved in recent weeks but the home side could be close against Ancelotti's side here. > How Real Madrid could face Getafe Atletico Madrid are looking to avoid a fifth straight defeat at the Wanda Metropolitano on Sunday afternoon against soaring Rayo Vallecano. The reigning Spanish champions are currently fifth on the table, 17 points behind leaders Real Madrid, while Rayo has amassed 30 points from their 18 games this season, placing them fourth. Under normal circumstances we would have supported Rayo to give Atletico an incredibly difficult game and we could possibly have drawn in that competition; However, the guests will be missing some key players, so we are supporting Atletico to get the much-needed three points. With La Liga coming off the winter break, Elche kicks off the year 2022 by welcoming Granada to the Estadio Martinez Valero on Sunday. While the hosts were beaten by a late goal from Barcelona last time, their guests paused for the festive season after recording back-to-back wins - their second win against reigning champions Atletico Madrid. Another illness-related game in both squads will most likely go down the path of the visiting team, who picked up the pace just before the break and apparently have fewer men in their first choice. Two Basque clubs at different ends of the Primera Division table start the second half of their La Liga season on Sunday when Alaves host Real Sociedad in Mendizorroza. While the hosts will continue their battle against relegation under new leadership, despite a pre-Christmas downturn, La Real go with ambitions of a return to the Champions League in 2022. Events will be determined by the visitors' ability, from their few available players put together a functioning team, and Alaves will feel the opportunity on Sunday to collect three valuable points. However, the home side's shortcomings on goal could cost a rare win in this Basque derby and La Real could hold out with a draw. Continuing their pursuit of a top four place in La Liga after a good first half of the season, Real Betis welcome Celta Vigo to the Benito Villamarin on Sunday. The Verdiblancos lost just before the winter break but have realistic Champions League ambitions while their guests hope to continue their recent improvement as they linger a little too close to the relegation zone. So if they get enough of their regulars on the field on Sunday, Betis can start the new year with another three-point win at home - where they score at odds of over two goals per game. Coronavirus-ridden Barcelona will try to get back on the winning road in La Liga when they head to Palma on Sunday evening to face Mallorca. The guests are currently in seventh place in the table, two points behind fourth-placed Rayo Vallecano, while Mallorca is 15th. Barcelona will miss a number of important players this weekend, but Mallorca will also be far from being at full strength, making it a fascinating competition power; We expect it to be an incredibly close game, but we support the guests to bring three important points to the board. > How Barcelona could face Mallorca


Barcelona and Manchester United discuss shock swap deal for 2-star players

Both Barcelona and Manchester United will have to take some steps in the January transfer window if either club has any hope of ending their disappointing campaigns. With two of the biggest clubs in the world struggling to find shape, they may be looking to improve their [...] (Author: Gardener)

Manchester UnitedBoth Barcelona and Manchester United will have to take some steps in the January transfer window if either club has any hope of ending their disappointing campaigns. Recent rumors from Catalan outlet ARA suggest that Manchester United and Barcelona may consider a shocking swap deal that sees Anthony Martial move to Barca while Ousmane Dembele is sent the other way. 🚨 Barcelona and Manchester United are negotiating a possible exchange deal between Ousmane Dembélé and Anthony Martial. Ousmane would join United this January and Martial would join Barça for 6 months. Martial is frustrated with his lack of playing opportunities for Manchester United and Ralf Rangnick's arrival doesn't suggest the Frenchman will see any more of the pitch in the second half of the season. The often-injured French winger is rumored to be claiming more than $ 40 million per season on top of a large signing bonus. Given that Barcelona are hit by their own financial crisis, coupled with the recent signing of former Manchester City man Ferran Torres for $ 62 million plus add-ons, it seems unlikely that the Catalan side will be ready to meet their demands to meet. Both teams are desperate for a mid-season refresher so they might consider a swap deal to give two unlucky players a chance to find form elsewhere. Dembele's contract expires at the end of the season so that would mean the end of his tenure at Barcelona. However, the deal would result in Martial joining Barca for six months before returning to England.


Mallorca vs Barcelona: TV channels, live stream, team news & preview

Mallorca meets Barcelona in La Liga - Here's how to watch it live, team news, betting odds and more (Author: Gardener)

MallorcaBarcelona travel to Mallorca in La Liga on Sunday night as Xavi Hernandez's side look to start the new year on three points. The past 12 months have been some of the most tumultuous in the club's recent history, but fans are hoping 2022 brings better luck and the players try to move on with a win at Visit Mallorca’s stadium. In the lead up to the game, GOAL gives you everything you need to know, including watching, team news, odds and more. LaLiga TV is showing Mallorca vs Barcelona live on TV in the United Kingdom (UK) and the game can also be streamed live online with Premier Sports' Premier Player as well as Amazon Prime. Mallorca confirmed that four players tested positive for Covid-19 on their return from the Christmas break, but their identities have not been officially confirmed. The Catalans have a number of players missing from Covid-19 including Ousmane Dembele, Jordi Alba, Clement Lenglet, Ez Abde, Philippe Coutinho and Gavi who tested positive. Then there are Memphis Depay, Pedri, Ansu Fati and Sergi Roberto, who are all injured, and Sergio Busquets, who is suspended. Barcelona are favorites to beat Mallorca 19/20 with bet365. To win with 29/10 Mallorca is a clear outsider. Luuk De Jong is the lowest priced player who is the first goalscorer at 5/1 while Abdon Prats can be assisted at 7/1. Both teams to score have paid off in seven of Mallorca's last nine league games and six of Barca's last eight games. The guests are moving to the island of Mallorca with a strongly decimated squad and the game on Sunday evening will be a real test of character for Xavi Hernandez's young team.


Football De Jong header gives Barcelona 1-0 victory in Mallorca

Football De Jong header gives Barcelona 1-0 victory in Mallorca (Author: Gardener)

Football De Jong(Reuters) - The header from Barcelona striker Luuk de Jong in the first half and a breathtaking parade in stoppage time by Marc-Andre ter Stegen secured a 1-0 win on Mallorca on Sunday in a game in which the Catalans owed from COVID 14 players were missing. 19, Injuries and Bans. It was time to justify striker De Jong after multiple media reports reported that Barca are planning to postpone him this month. He scored his second goal since arriving from Seville in the postseason - his first in more than three months. The Dutchman was Barca's best player on Sunday as he also hit the post twice in the first half, once with a bike kick. The goal came just before half-time when he headed home from close range after a cross from Oscar Mingueza. Barca dominated the game until the last few minutes when Mallorca started pushing for an equalizer and almost did it. Ter Stegen saved Barca in stoppage time with an incredible handball-style reflex with his right arm, denying Jaume Costa, whose close-range shot looked like a sure goal. "It was a historic victory for us, I'm not exaggerating," Xavi told reporters. “To miss so many players, to go home with a win, that's worth three points in gold.” The young players appeared and Ter Stegen took a break for eternity. Coach Xavi Hernandez, who said the game was "ridiculous" on Saturday, had to call on nine players from Barca's youth academy, including two of them, Ilias Akhomach and Ferran Jutgla, alongside De Jong. "It was important to win on a Sunday when Real Madrid, Betis, Rayo Vallecano and Real Sociedad lost all points," Barca defender Eric Garcia told reporters. "We managed to overcome a very complicated situation in which many key players were missing. In the end, we owe 71% of our profit to Ter Stegen.


Rebel clubs hold important Super League talks to get controversial plans back on track

Key figures from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus hope 2022 will prove to be a successful year in their attempts to reshape football with the launch of a European Super League (Author: Gardener)

Super LeagueKey figures from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus hope 2022 will prove to be a successful year in their attempts to reshape football with the launch of a European Super League as they attempt to revive their plans for what is known as the European Super League. The project launched last April but quickly fell apart at the seams after nine of the 12 founding member clubs withdrew their support for the plans. However, Madrid, Barca and Juve continued to publicly support the controversial proposals and the project will now return with several reforms to garner widespread support. In October, the trio agreed on five major changes to the proposed competition rules - the first big step in their attempt to revive the idea. The so-called "Big Six" clubs of the Premier League were involved in the first Super League plans before withdrawing their support The so-called "Big Six" clubs of the Premier League, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham all quickly distanced themselves from the plans after a significant backlash from backers in April. Madrid, Barca and Juve now hope to bring the proposal back on the market this year and are discussing a legal approach that would create a sustainable project. Last August, Florentino Perez, Joan Laporta and Andre Agnelli - the clubs' top three managers - held a meeting to discuss the fundamentals of a project they continue to believe in. Real Madrid's Florentino Perez has refused to rule out the possibility that the Super League will take place in any form yet Real Madrid's President Perez is believed to be the driving force behind the proposals, while Agnelli, CEO of Juventus, is the most public supporter of the plans ahead of their launch in the last year. Laporta was elected President of Barcelona last March - after a decade-long absence from office - and put aside traditional rivalries with Perez and Madrid to join forces on that front in a clear break with UEFA. The original proposals were primarily aimed at replacing governance of European football with UEFA, including the current Champions League and Europa League formats. Andrea Agnelli is an important driving force behind the proposals for the Super League.The club trio then hired the large PR firm Flint to clean up the image of the idea and create a salable product that would not face the criticism that the plans were exposed to were at their launch. The PR firm is now about to launch a major campaign portraying UEFA as an "abusive monopoly" while portraying the Super League plans as the only alternative that can save the sport. A court in Madrid ruled that UEFA should lift sanctions against clubs pursuing the Super League project, while the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg will decide this year whether the project is legal. The Super League was resolutely rejected by fans across the UK last year after club officials withdrew their support, but the project does not seem dead.


Madonna posts VERY racy snapshot of daughter Lourdes, 25

Madonna shared a very racy photo of NYE daughter Lourdes posing with her bum at the camera in a supple, skin-tight dress while a man stuck his tongue out near her buttocks. (Author: Gardener)

MadonnaMadonna kicked off 2022 by sharing an extremely racy photo of her 25-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon's bum on social media on Saturday. The 63-year-old Queen of Pop hosted an intimate party with friends and family at a quaint snow-covered castle to ring in the New Year, and posted photos and videos of the celebration. Not a typical mother-daughter moment, Lourdes posed with her buttocks in a supple, skin-tight dress at the camera while a man with pink glasses stuck his tongue out near her buttocks. Madonna celebrated the New Year with a series of photos for her Instagram story, including several snowy snaps from her family ski trip. Her daughter Lourdes showed significantly more skin in a flimsy, tight white dress with a deep, oversized keyhole neckline that hugged her curves and had patterned necklines throughout. God is good, ”Madonna captioned a video of the crowd cheering at midnight. The Material Girl singer toasts with emerald-colored crystal glasses with party celebrations and gives hugs and kisses to her loved ones. She also posed for a very cute photo that she cuddled with her nine-year-old daughter, Stella, who flashed a megawatt smile at the camera in a festive silver sequin dress. Madonna recently revealed on her Insta Stories that she escaped to a snowy place with her family and lover Ahlamalik Williams, 27, during their vacation in Activities. She posted a heartwarming video singing with her nine-year-old twin daughters Stella and Estere in the car on their way to their vacation dig. Her favorite song was the Elvis Presley number I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, which both Stella and Estere knew the words about. Together with her four adopted children, Madonna also fathered a daughter named Lourdes Leon (25) and a son named Rocco Ritchie (21). Madonna shares Rocco with her second ex-husband, British action director Guy Ritchie, and Lourdes with fitness trainer Carlos Leon. Stepping into the modeling business, Lourdes recently attracted attention by landing a '90s-themed photoshoot for PAPER - and when the pictures were posted on Instagram, Madonna dwarfed her daughter by doing a version of one of Published Lourdes' snapshots in which she herself was incorporated.