Bridgwater United players react to the Manchester United draw

BRIDGWATER United Women are drawn in the fourth round of the Women's FA Cup at home against Manchester United from the WSL. (Author: Gardener)

the Manchester UnitedWe spoke to some of the players to get their opinion on the draw and of course what it was like to beat the Crystal Palace championship club over the weekend. Laura Holden, the scorer in Sunday's 1-0 win over Palace, said she wasn't really aware of it yet. "If I'm honest, one minute we started, the next I scored and then we celebrated the win, it all happened so quickly and it didn't really get there yet." I'm so happy and proud to have the score but for me it's all about team performance and we all fought for each other over the weekend and are more than ready to do the same against Manchester United. "We know it will be a challenge, they are a WSL club but we are Bridgwater and we are not nervous, we are more than ready to take it," said Laura. ROCK: Amy Goddard had a great game against her former club Crystal Palace Amy Goddard, a devoted center-back and former Crystal Palace player, said it was great to beat her old team and is now looking forward to the challenge ahead. "Beating my old club felt good, as a team we fought hard to prevent Palace from scoring and the hard work paid off." see it as an opportunity to show everyone what we can do. "The confidence in our squad is higher than ever right now and we're excited to go into a game as underdogs. We'll be ready," said Amy. Leah Burridge, who captained the Crystal Palace win, said if they can repeat our game in the third round they can beat Manchester United. "If we can do the same against Manchester United, I feel like we can beat them." Round, "said Leah." It may have looked like a shock to everyone else that we beat Crystal Palace, but it wasn't for us, we knew we could do it. "I love to be the underdog and we definitely are against Manchester United, but that's where we want to be.


Ghislaine's sister sobs when she realizes that siblings will turn 60 in prison

In the Wednesday video, Christine Maxwell can be seen on the left being comforted by twin sister Isabel as she sobs after hearing that her siblings will be behind bars for their 60th birthday this Christmas. (Author: Gardener)

GhislaineCaptivating footage from the courtroom showed Ghislaine Maxwell's sister Christine collapsed in tears after the judge announced that the alleged sex trafficker would be 60 on Christmas Day.They were disturbed by the news that Ghislaine would not discover her fate until after Christmas - with the Celebrity who is now forced to spend Christmas Day - which is also her 60th birthday - behind bars. The sisters and their brothers Ian and Kevin Maxwell, also featured in the video, eagerly awaiting a verdict on Wednesday, will now have to wait at least 48 hours to learn the fate of their sister for the unspeakable crimes of which she is accused are confronted in a cage for up to 80 years. The Maxwells, children of notorious former English publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991 after falling from his yacht, were a constant presence in the courtroom to support their accused siblings who have been incarcerated at the infamous Brooklyn House of Detention since July 2020 are arrest. The jury examining the charges against Jeffrey Epstein's alleged wife will resume deliberations on Monday. Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty on six counts of recruiting and transporting underage girls for Epstein, who allegedly hanged himself while waiting to be tried at New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center on July 16, 2019, the victim who was first Were 14 years old denies the allegations. The jury broke Wednesday for the holidays after failing to reach a verdict after two full days of meticulous deliberations in the high-profile sex trafficking trial. However, when they were offered the opportunity to deliberate on Thursday, the jury replied with a note to the judge, “No, thank you. And since the court is closed on Friday for Christmas, the decision means Maxwell will be spending the holidays - and her 60th birthday - behind bars, eagerly awaiting a verdict. Maxwell, who faces 80 years in prison if convicted, has been at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, what she describes as a "hellhole" since her arrest in July 2020. Maxwell has protested her innocence and her lawyers have suggested her accusers with false memories and money motives. In court records earlier this year, Maxwell claimed that her treatment in prison was so bad that she was "fit for Hannibal Lecter." But they are not appropriate for a "59-year-old woman who poses no threat to anyone," claimed Maxwell's lawyers. At one point, Maxwell "barricaded" himself in the prison video conference room with a car full of legal documents, prosecutors claimed, and was classified as a "security threat" by blocking the door and preventing guards from entering the room. Judge Alison Nathan told the jury to be "safe" during the Christmas break because of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. She said she wanted her "healthy" back on Monday if anyone attending the New York court has to wear N95 or KN95 masks to enter the building. Towards the end of the day, the jury asked for another copy of Prosecutor Jane's testimony. They also asked for evidence from Kate, another prosecutor, and from Epstein's former Palm Beach House manager Juan Alessi. Maxwell, 59, is denying six cases of recruiting and transporting underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein. On Tuesday, the second day of the trial, the jury appeared to be targeting two accusers. They deliberated all day on Tuesday and sent the judge four notes, including one relating to Annie Farmer. They wanted to know if they could use their testimony in two cases of conspiracy to seduce and transport an underage girl into sexual acts. Judge Nathan said she would tell them they could. The jury had previously asked to see notes from an FBI interview Carolyn gave in 2007 when she first spoke to law enforcement about the Epstein abuse. Judge Nathan said it wasn't included in evidence so they couldn't see it. After a little more than an hour of deliberation on Tuesday, the jury sent its first note at 10:10 a.m. Judge Alison Nathan said the jury asked for Jane, Annie and Carolyn's testimony - but Kate didn't mention them. Kate is the only accuser whose allegations in the indictment shouldn't be considered a crime. The jury was not brought out, and Judge Nathan said she would give them the transcripts in the deliberation room. Maxwell's defense delivered closing arguments on Monday afternoon, telling jurors that she is "an innocent woman wrongly accused of the crimes she did not commit". In her closing remarks, Maxwell attorney Laura Menninger said: "The government has failed to prove beyond any doubt and the only correct judgment on this case is not guilty in all respects." The defense tried again to discredit the reports of the four prosecutors, as Menninger said: “The evidence has proven what we told you that the stories the government relies on are false memories, manipulation and money. The money took the prosecutors to the FBI, where their personal injury attorneys were right there. ' As for the portrayal of Maxwell, Menninger said it was made to look like "Cruella de Vil and the devil wears Prada rolled into one". Menninger said, "The lawyers manipulated their stories and the government accepted their stories without ever confirming them." Menninger said the prosecutors "suddenly" recovered their memories "years later". Menninger said prosecutors spent a lot of time talking about Epstein's lifestyle, his wealth and possessions, and his private planes, "like a sensational tabloid would". Menninger said Epstein was a "master manipulator" who "abused his money and power". She said, "We are not here to defend Jeffrey Epstein, he is not my client" but she added, "Ghislaine Maxwell is not Jeffrey Epstein". Menninger alleged that after Epstein's death, prosecutors "panned" to pursue Maxwell. Menninger criticized prosecutors for showing the jury dozens of photos of 38,000 photos of Epstein's New York home confiscated in 2019. Nor should the jury draw any conclusion that Epstein is keeping photos of Maxwell. Menninger asked the jury if an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend had photos of them, would that make them a "sex offender"? Regarding the prosecutors' recollections, Menninger said they "added Ghislaine Maxwell to their narrative" after they "accused" themselves. Menninger said, "You don't need a lawyer to speak to the FBI". Menninger said it was up to the defense to ask the prosecutors the "tough questions" and cross-examination showed that the "truth was manipulated and altered over time" in order to give victims a payday. Menninger went through discrepancies in what Jane and Carolyn said, saying they suffered from "post-event suggestions" as her "false memory" expert Elizabeth Loftus had described - and added new and inaccurate information after the event added. Prosecutor Maxwell's idea for Epstein to act as a "facilitator of sexual abuse" in order to maintain her affluent "lifestyle" was wrong. Menninger said Maxwell was a "beautiful woman in her thirties" at the time who was just beginning her career. Epstein "manipulated everyone around him" and "went with women behind their (Maxwell's) backs". Menninger said, "maybe it was Jeffrey who needed Ghislaine and her connections" instead of needing him for his money. Menninger told every accuser that Jane was like an "actress who forgot her lines" - Jane is an actress in a soap opera.


What You Need To Know From Eligibility to Side Effects

This is how you can find out if you are eligible, where to book and what booster vaccination you can get (Author: Gardener)

Boris Johnson has warned that a million Brits need the third dose every day. "The rate has doubled in some regions as well, under two days and we are also seeing hospital admissions in London have increased by a third," he said. And people have responded with an amazing sense of duty and obligation to others, "he added, referring to the 20,000 vaccine volunteer volunteers who signed up on the mission to deliver millions of vaccinations by December 31st , 42 military planning teams will be deployed in every health area, additional vaccination sites and mobile units, extended clinic opening hours and the training of thousands more volunteer vaccinators. The acceleration, however, will mean that some NHS appointments will have to be postponed until the New Year On December 12th, the UK Covid Alert was raised from Level 3 to Level 4 after the number of registered Omicron cases had increased rapidly. Who is now eligible for Covid Booster Jabs? On December 12, Boris Johnson confirmed the introduction of the Omicron Emergency Boost, "a National Mission we have been doing so far in Imp fprogram have never done ". d 18 and older who received their second vaccine at least three months ago on Wednesday December 15. The opening hours of vaccination centers will be extended and centers open seven days a week should be available in every area of ​​the country. There are already nearly 3,000 locations across the country - more than at any time since NHS Covid-19 vaccination was rolled out. Dr. Emily Lawson, Director of the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Program, said, "The best way to get your vaccine is to book online or call 119. Please keep checking availability as we have more appointments in every day load the system. " How often are booster syringes needed? Professor Saul Faust, who led a study that looked at the effectiveness of seven different boosters given after two doses of AstraZeneca or Pfizer, says anyone willing to answer this in certain terms is just "speculating." ". “We don't know at this point,” explains Prof. Faust, Professor of Pediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Southampton. "At this point in time, nobody can know whether we will need boosters every year." He says that immunity in people was much higher after a third dose than after the first two. Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, said at a news conference on Dec. 15 that he was not sure how often boosters would be needed to fend off variants like Omicron. He added that "in the long run - maybe not this year - we would expect that we will receive so-called polyvalent vaccines with different forms of the virus in the same vaccine, mutated variants will" become less common, "said Prof. Whitty. Boosters not only improve immunity, but also protect well above the peak levels of the second dose Prof. Faust's study - published in the Lancet and examined AstraZeneca, Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, Janssen, Valneva and CureVac - found that, although all when the third dose worked well, some were more effective than others. "The RNAs - Pfizer and Moderna - were very high, but there were also very effective boosts from Novavax, Janssen and AstraZeneca too," he said. As with the first round of vaccination, you can not picking which vaccine to get so you might get a booster shot of a different brand. An Oxford University study found that mixing and matching vaccines can actually induce more immunity than using the same brand of jab. What are those Main side effects of booster / third dose? Possible side effects are similar to those you may experience after receiving it first and second dose of the Covid vaccine. The NHS website also advises that if you have a high temperature for more than two days, or notice a new, persistent cough or loss, or a change in your sense of smell or taste, you may have Covid-19 and must do so isolate and test. You may not get Covid-19 from the booster dose, but it is possible to contract the virus before you have the third dose of the vaccine. Does the vaccine need to be tweaked to make it more effective? The flu vaccination has to be reformulated every year as a different strain is in circulation every season. This is an imperfect solution because scientists need to make an educated guess as to which strain is likely to dominate - in some years they will miss the mark, meaning vaccine effectiveness is only 10 percent. It's too early to say if Covid jabs will have to go through the same process. The vaccines we are currently using were all designed to work against the original Wuhan, or “wild” variety, and we have known from last year that they are effective against the Alpha and Delta strains. But whether they are effective against all future variants is another question. "People need to get boosters as soon as possible." Scientists from the UK Health Security Agency are currently examining samples from Prof. Faust's study to see how well the Omicron variant can be neutralized by vaccines. So it could be that our current boosters are good enough. Young people's immunity to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines is "high," he added. Recent studies have found that booster doses provide 93 percent protection against serious illness. It is currently not known how well the vaccinations against the new Omicron variant work, and there may be a certain “mismatch” between the vaccine and the variant. However, scientists believe the stings are still likely to prevent serious illness. Similarly, an analysis by the UKHSA found that the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines offer "much lower" protection against symptomatic Omicron infections compared to Delta. However, the UKHSA said a booster dose offers about 70 to 75 percent protection from symptomatic infection with Omicron as it urged people to get their booster vaccination. Will a future vaccine replace the need for a booster? Several studies are ongoing to test vaccines that work against multiple variants - to eliminate the need to tweak one vaccine each year. Scientists don't know how long immunity to these “variant-destroying” vaccines will last, so an annual top-up may still be required. There are now 3,000 vaccination centers nationwide - more than twice as many as at the beginning of the year - and pop-up clinics will make vaccinations even more accessible. You can use the NHS finder to find the nearest walk-in clinic that offers booster vaccinations. The NHS has also recruited 10,000 paid vaccinees and volunteers as the introduction of vaccination expands again. Primary care teams are asked to clinically prioritize their services in order to free up maximum capacity to support the Covid-19 vaccination program and to take on critical appointments such as cancer, emergency and emergency care. This could mean that for some people, routine appointments are being postponed as part of the national booster launch mission. Chances of hospitalization and severe Covid cases after booster drops By December 18, 28,060,874 booster vaccinations were administered in the UK. More than 23 million doses have been given in England since booster vaccinations began in September. The best day was reported as December 18th when a record 904,598 boosters were given.


Meghan could be summoned as a witness in Prince Andrew's sex trial

The Duke of York's brother Prince Charles and his ex-wife Sarah could be asked to testify in a civil lawsuit brought by Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre in New York. (Author: Gardener)

MeghanPrince Charles, Meghan Markle and Sarah, Duchess of York, could all be called as witnesses in Prince Andrew's sex case if he is on trial. The Duke of York's brother, the Prince of Wales, and his ex-wife Sarah could be called upon to testify on a civil lawsuit brought against him by Virginia Giuffre. A judge will decide in two weeks on January 4th in New York whether the Jeffrey Epstein victim's abuse suit will be brought to justice. And David Boies, the lawyer representing Ms. Giuffre in her lawsuit, told the Daily Beast that the Duchess of Sussex could be relied upon to “tell the truth” - one of three reasons he said she is potentially involved. Mr Boies also said Meghan was a potential witness because she lived in the US rather than the UK and was therefore under the jurisdiction of the US courts. And he said Meghan was considered because she was "a close confidante of Prince Andrew and therefore able to perhaps have seen what he did". Mr Boies emphasized that Meghan was just "one of the people we are considering, we have not yet made a decision". He added, “We would likely take a testimony or two from people close to Andrew who knew about his actions. Clarence House has not yet addressed the allegation about Charles to MailOnline, while a representative from the Duchess of York was also contacted today. Ms. Giuffre, 38, claimed she was forced to have sex with Andrew three times in 2001 when she was only 17 years old. District Judge Lewis Kaplan will hear arguments from the Duke's Legal Department on January 4th to dismiss the lawsuit. The Daily Beast reported that Sarah Ferguson was also being considered but would be a tougher target for deposition given the fact that she lives in the UK. Andrew's attorneys want the civil suit dismissed, saying it was "baseless" adding that "sensationality and innuendo prevailed over the truth." In October, the Duke's lawyers refuted the “flimsy” lawsuit and included media reports and Ms. Giuffre's manuscript as evidence. Last week, the Duke failed in his attempt to get the New York judge examining her lawsuit against him into account of the newspaper clippings describing his accuser as a "money-hungry sex kitten". Judge Kaplan rejected the motion as a PR gag and refused to consider Ms. Giuffre's press reports or a 139-page manuscript about Epstein. Judge Kaplan said there was "no adequate basis" to look at Ms. Giuffre's articles or manuscript of The Billionaire's Playboy Club - published in 2011 - which he added "appears to have been submitted for any public relations purpose, which the counselors of the accused may have had in mind ”. '. In a media report, a US newspaper quoted former friends who beat Ms. Giuffre for bragging about her money. She never looked like she was being held captive, ”he added. An interview Ms. Giuffre gave The Mail on Sunday in 2011 about alleged $ 160,000 was also presented as evidence. From the manuscript, the Duke's lawyers want to use a description of a connection with Andrew in Mexico, which Ms. Giuffre later admitted to prove her case. The judge agreed to consider a 2009 settlement agreement between Ms. Giuffre and Epstein, which the Duke's legal team previously said absolved him of all responsibility, the Daily Telegraph reported. Judge Kaplan will hear arguments on the Duke's motion to dismiss on January 4th.


Reading's strongest line-up when they get back into action against Fulham

Reading FC have postponed their Boxing Day fight at Peterborough United due to Covid but they could get back into action shortly before New Years if they are to host Fulham (Author: Gardener)

FulhamWhole back crisis and Liam Moore decision - Reading FC's strongest team to return against Fulham Reading FC have been postponed at Peterborough United on Boxing Day due to Covid but they could get back on track just before New Years if they host Fulham Get the latest Royals transfers, team news, game updates and analysis straight to your inbox. Something went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for signing up. The Royals' game on Boxing Day this Sunday at Peterborough United has been postponed due to Covid - the second game in a row to be canceled. READ MORE: Reading FC striker Lucas Joao teases comeback after a long sideline injury break. Aside from Covid, Reading has many injured players although some are close to returning and could even return for this game. Coupled with reports that Rafael may be leaving Royals in the coming weeks, the position is very much that of Southwood. The full-back areas will be a big topic for Reading in the coming weeks as Andy Yiadom and Baba Rahman represent Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations. This means that Paunovic will likely have to make some key decisions in the coming weeks to step up the defense, with few backups in those positions. The most likely option is to play four back, with center-back Tom Holmes potentially stepping in on the right, as he did brilliantly on numerous occasions last season. However, should Paunovic Holmes want to use Holmes as a center-back, young midfielder Dejan Tetek is a potential right-back option as he has played a number of games there this season, while 17-year-old Tyrell Ashcroft is an option when he played right winger at West Brom and Millwall . Reading will likely be missed for a few more weeks without Michael Morrison and Tom McIntyre. Another alternative is to play Holmes alongside Dann, with utility man Felipe Araruna playing as right-back, although the Brazilian is likely to start on the bench due to his lack of sharpness in the game. Tom Holmes is an option as right-back center-back pairing will be Scott Dann and another, with Holmes having the preference, but should he be used as right-back Liam Moore could start despite the club captain's lack of form this season. The defender is fit again after an injury and could well play a role in this game. The 20-year-old played the first four games of the season but has not played since. With Andy Rinomhota not expected back with an ankle injury, Josh Laurent and Danny Drinkwater will be the holding midfield pair. Although both players have had more up and down seasons so far, the two Readings add presence and energy to the center of the pitch, as well as cover for defense. Before them, John Swift, who was in great shape this year, is a steady starter. With Swift in the middle of an offensive trio, Alen Halilovic should be on his right. The Croatian midfielder has only played ten games since joining Reading last summer due to injury, but has shown that he is the most creative player on the team behind Swift. On the left, Paunovic has to weigh up whether to go for Tom Dele-Bashiru or Ovie Ejaria - if he has recovered from a soft tissue injury. Although Dele-Bashiru had some good positions last time at West Brom, the finishing was very poor, although his form has generally been solid this season. Midfielder Tom Dele-Bashiru during the draw against Nottingham Forest Ejaria has had few games to stand out in this season and has not yet reached the standards he has set in recent years. Dele-Bashiru's goal threat could move Paunovic to select him, although it is a close decision as Ejaria looks to win his place back on the team. Andy Carroll is the obvious option to lead the attack. With George Puscas still without a goal this season, the Romanian will have to watch the game again from the bench. Carroll is in the final month of his two month contract with the club and Reading hopes to get the best out of him while he is still in Berkshire. Lucas Joao's return next month should help take some pressure off the players in the final third, but in the short term Carroll remains arguably the most important player for Reading and their chances of promotion in the league.


Ben White on Arsenal's squad opinion on Aubameyang's absence

Arsenal star Ben White opened up on Friday about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's recent absence from the club's first team (Author: Gardener)

Ben WhiteArsenal star Ben White opened up on Friday about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's recent absence from the club's first team. The name of the Gabonese hit man Aubameyang has of course been in the center of the headlines in recent weeks. This is due to a chain of events that ultimately resulted in the Gabonese being stripped of their armband in the Emirates. Aubameyang is said to have returned late from a trip abroad at the beginning of the month, a violation in which the ex-Borussia Dortmund was initially deposed for a Premier League meeting with Southampton. 🚨 EXCLUSIVELY: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was eliminated from Arsenal's squad last week due to a late return from a trip abroad. Add to this the fact that the 32-year-old has been battling for form and his commitment to Arsenal has been questioned this season and coach Arteta eventually making the decision to recruit a new leader to his panel of young stars is all the more understandable . After Mikel Arteta was asked about the situation of his now ex-captain during a media exchange outside Norwich on Thursday, it should come as no surprise that Ben White was too intrusive in his own interview on Friday in Aubameyang's recent absence. Speaking to talkSPORT today, Stopper White was asked if the recent controversy surrounding his high profile teammate has proven to be a distraction for the rest of the Arsenal squad. However, the former Brighton standout was quick to point out the formidable form of his side in the absence of Aubameyang, if only before admitting "we all miss him": we played well. "" It is disappointing to Auba, of course, but we " We all have our heads down and we're working hard. He's a really nice guy, we all miss him, but it is what it is. '


Strictly Come Dancing crowns Santa Claus in a dazzling episode

Strictly Come Dancing crowns Santa Claus in a dazzling episode - The festive special with tinsel, dancing hologram penguins and a happy Santa Claus. (Author: Gardener)

Santa ClausSinger Anne-Marie was crowned winner of the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2021. The 30-year-old pop star and professional dancer Graziano Di Prima won after an exciting cha-cha-cha, which earned them the perfect score of 40 from the jury. Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2021 Picture Shows: Anne Marie, Graziano Di Prima - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy Anne Marie, who is also the coach at The Voice, looked visibly shocked when her name was called during the festive episode the BBC One show which airs on Christmas Day. She said, “I can't believe it. Thanks to Graz and the whole team. She wrote on Twitter after the episode aired, adding, “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT !!!! It brought out a side of me that I hadn't seen in a long time. It brought out a side of me that I hadn't seen in a long time. “It brought out a side of me that I hadn't seen in a long time. Thanks to @GrazianoDiPrima and the whole team. Thanks to @GrazianoDiPrima and the whole team. You made my Christmas so special! "You made my Christmas so special!" You made my Christmas so special! "The judges - Shirley Ballas, Craig Revel Horwood, Anton Du Beke and Motsi Mabuse - were full of praise for Giedroycs weirdly pervaded routine that also included dancing penguin holograms. Ballas said: “You absolutely sum up the joy of Christmas. Picture Shows: Luba Mushtuk, Jay Blades - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy The Jay Blades and Luba Mushtuk from The Repair Shop were awarded a total of 34 points by the jury for their Jive to the Only Fools And Horses theme song Hooky Street . Blades was surprised with a message from Only Fools And Horses star Sir David Jason before they got their judges' scores for their routine which started with a chandelier, a nod to one of the sitcom's most popular episodes. Sir David, 81, best known for playing Derek "Del Boy" Trotter on the BBC sitcom, joked in a video message that they danced to the show's theme song, "There Will A Royalty," and ended his message on one of the shows famous lines that say, "You know it makes sense." ATTENTION: Publication is blocked until December 19, 2021 00:00:01 - Program name: Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2021 - TX: December 25, 2021 - Episode: Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2021 (No. n / a.)) - Picture shows: Fred Sirieix, Dianne Buswell - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy First Dates presenters Fred Sirieix and Dianne Buswell opened the show with a quickstep that got them three 10s and a total of 38. Horwood told the TV star, "Me thought you were trotting around like a turkey, but maybe that was the whole point, darling, "praised Sirieix for the" fantastic energy "he brought into the routine. The news anchors Moira Stuart and Aljaz Skorjanec performed a salsa that Revel Horwood raved about: "I really, really enjoyed it." so warming ". Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2021. Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2021. Picture shows: Neil Jones, Mel Giedroyc - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy determine the winner after all routines. Last year, a special Christmas episode looked back on the 25 best performances in the show's history.


Christmas Day in a coronavirus ward at Royal Preston Hospital

NHS staff give up their Christmas days to care for the sick as pressures on the NHS grow and more staff become isolated. (Author: Gardener)

Christmas DayJust because it's Christmas doesn't make life in a COVID ward any easier. Like hospitals across the country, the Royal Preston is feeling the pressure of the pandemic again. At the entrance to the hospital there wasn't the usual hectic pace, the parking lot was happily empty, but when you go to the ventilation station, which is dominated by COVID-19 patients, the pace changes completely. The staff is constantly on the move, taking care of very sick patients who have difficulty breathing because of the virus. The congregation itself had small but significant memories that it was Christmas Day; a nurse with reindeer antlers, mugs of candy on the sides, and at lunchtime the breath of Christmas dinner pouring onto the occupied beds. Professor Mohammed Munavvar showed us around this station immediately after his morning round. We met several employees who worked when they shouldn't. Nurses, doctors, cleaners, and porters in the NHS are getting sick with COVID, and with the rapid spread of Omicron, this has been tremendous additional pressure on Dr. Munavvar. "It has been a big challenge for us the last few days and today we have people who tested positive and now need to isolate themselves," he said. As we walk down the corridor, Dr. Munavvar pointed out the red zone, which is home to a number of suspected COVID patients, and the blue zone, where beds are occupied by people who have tested positive for the virus. If you look through the windows into the bays, it is clear that these people are doing very badly and are fighting. "In this COVID ward and in the intensive care unit, people who are very seriously ill and at risk of dying are the ones who haven't vaccinated their full dose," he said. “Many of them had no vaccination at all. This was a clear message from Dr. Munavvar, from someone who has been on the front lines since the beginning of the pandemic, things can go terribly wrong. “That's why sometimes when I'm doing my chores here on the COVID ward, I step out and I feel like I'm living in two different parallel universes because people go about their business, they don't seem to care or understand what happening here Outside these hospital walls, the refresher program is quick to respond, but the doctors inside are all too aware that it takes two weeks for the vaccines to take effect, and so without urgent action, the NHS could face some of the most difficult Weeks in its history again.


From festive markets to shopping - this is what Christmas 2021 will look like

Find out what Christmas 2021 will be like, including if there will be a lockdown, Plan B rules, Christmas markets, shopping and events. (Author: Gardener)

Christmas 2021Last year's Christmas was one many would rather forget thanks to a quick lockdown. Families were prevented from spending time together for Christmas 2020 as Boris Johnson ordered another national lockdown days before the big day. Now that Christmas 2021 is almost here, it's time to tackle the rest of the Christmas season and all that that entails: shopping for gifts, enjoying festive markets, pantomime fun, and planning who will be hosting the Christmas dinner this year. But with Covid cases rising again in Europe - and concerns about the spread of the Omicron variant - will Christmas be canceled again? No lockdown is currently planned over Christmas 2021. This is despite concerns about the Omicron variant, which led to the government's Plan B restrictions being put in place in England. Some restrictions - including mandatory face masks in shops, many indoor spaces, and public transportation - were reintroduced in the wake of Omicron amid concerns that it is spreading faster than the dominant Delta variant and has the ability to vaccine or immunity from an earlier one Covid to bypass infection. This, of course, has raised concerns that Christmas could be compromised again - although Mr Johnson said he believed "Christmas this year will be vastly better than Christmas last year". He said: "We are still in a strong position largely thanks to the speed of the vaccine roll-out, one more booster roll-out and I think I'll stick with the formula I used before which means I'm pretty confident." " I am absolutely confident this Christmas will be a lot better than last Christmas. ”For now, however, it appears that the celebrations are going within the boundaries of Plan B - which means there is no full lockdown. We forecast what some of the top Christmas activities might look like this year. The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for Christmas 2021 is that it is important to be prepared. If 2020 and the last minute lockdown taught us anything, it's our emergency shopping days on Christmas Eve. If you want to hit the high street in the days leading up to Christmas, be prepared as many stores are still implementing a queuing policy to avoid overcrowding and coronavirus transmission. And when it comes to grocery shopping, you've probably seen recent reports of the empty supermarket shelves crisis and shortage of truck drivers. We'll see a lot more of this, according to the head of the Food and Drink Federation, Ian Wright. Describing how the food industry used to work, Wright said, “The UK shopper and consumer could previously have expected just about any product they want on the [supermarket] shelf or restaurant all the time. And I don't think it's coming back. ”However, Downing Street confirmed in November that Christmas turkey deliveries will not be impacted. It is currently expected that families can gather at home for Christmas parties. However, some large Christmas parties or meals could be at risk again from the Omicron spread. Many companies have canceled plans for a large Christmas party - while others have already opted for smaller gatherings this year. raised the alarm after telling Raido 4 that people should cut off their social contacts and only socialize "if need be". Speaking to the Today program, she said, “We have to be careful. Our behavior in winter - and especially around Christmas - tends to make more socializing, so I think all of this needs to be taken into account. ”Although many big Christmas parties will still take place despite the concerns, we can still see businesses who opt for virtual celebrations - due to security measures or remote workers who now live much further from the office. Gregor Sey, director of Boozy Events, told “Last year we saw all corporate Christmas parties either go virtual or postponed. This year, companies that can manage personally are certainly trying. ”However, Sey adds,“ Many larger companies are continuing with a virtual Christmas party this year because it's cheaper and easier to organize. ”Is Ian McCulloch, Managing Director of Silent Pool Distillers suggesting it will be risky for businesses to throw parties this year. For example, do you ask all of your employees to be tested before the big Christmas party? "If you're a small business and multiple members get Covid-19 from the Christmas party, it could have serious ramifications - especially if there is no more vacation." Still, some venues will be busy - despite Plan B, which throws the bill the works. Richard Wynne, founder of Duchess Of Dalston and the Callooh Callay group, told in November that they had already received bookings. He said, “This year seems to be accelerating and we are preparing for our busiest Christmas season yet in all four locations. "We noticed that people in general are really looking forward to a big party - and no surprise after the 18 months everyone just had." Nevertheless, the staff shortage still has an impact on the hospitality industry, with Covid -19 positive Cases and Brexit implications like Visa make life much more difficult for employers. Andrei Lussmann, founder and managing director of the sustainable restaurant group Lussmanns, told “The problem is not so much supply bottlenecks, but you can round them off, you can constantly adapt the menus ... have a huge problem. Most restaurateurs I know aren't worried about a busy Christmas in terms of bookings - they worry about the staffing problem. "Ian McCulloch also said," There is a risk of party facility workers getting Covid-19 or have to isolate themselves, which means that "many venues will be short of staff." However, it seems that the local areas have their own approaches this year. Leeds City Council announced early that its German Christmas market would not take place, and Harrogate Borough Council has also canceled its market. Others have been canceled, such as Glasgow's iconic Christmas market in George Square. Meanwhile, Bath's is now virtual, allowing shoppers to purchase their festive goodies online. As one of London's most popular Christmas markets, those looking to visit Winter Wonderland will be delighted to hear that the damp tents, rides and games are open. There's a catch: you need to pre-book the date and time of entry, as well as the attractions you will visit. And one of the most magical Christmas markets in the UK is East Princes Street Gardens Market in Edinburgh, which runs until Tuesday 4th January this year. At the event, festive huts full of goodies, food, and drink are lined up - plus a ferris wheel so you can see the sights. The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham runs until just before Christmas this year. It's located in Victoria Square and New Street. You can also check out some of Manchester's Christmas markets in six squares across the city through Wednesday December 22nd. The magical winter gardens are also open until Monday 3rd January this year, enjoying a return to art. And what could be nicer than going to a Christmas show? A true Christmas classic, The Nutcracker, performed by the English National Ballet, returns to the stage at London's Coliseum on Thursday December 16 20, at the Peacock Theater in London. Treat the family to a dash of Disney magic with a festive screening of Frozen The Musical on the stage of the Theater Royal in Drury Lane. When it comes to concerts, Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall is a surefire way out - that's when The Nutcracker, to Christmas with The Salvation Army and the London Community Gospel Choir to Christmas perform. The Muppet Christmas Carol concert is also touring the UK with shows in cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. And if you want to see a selection of Christmas hits from top artists like Ronan Keating, Rag’n’Bone Man and Will Young, then get tickets for Magic Radio’s Magic of Christmas. However, if you want to get closer to the Christmas concert, Street Theater offers an unusual concept. People in London and Manchester can treat friends, family or colleagues to a brief performance of Christmas classics sung by West End actresses featured in shows like Mamma Mia! and opera singers from the Royal Opera House. The company also creates a £ 25 musical Christmas Advent Calendar with daily festive musical performances delivered to your inbox every December morning before Christmas. The enchanting Christmas at Kew is also back with its sparkling winter light path that is guaranteed to make you feel warm and cozy inside. You must also book tickets and a time slot in advance. The ice rinks are back for 2021, so it's time to put your skates on and enjoy one of the funniest - or scariest - winter experiences. There are also rides and circus shows at the venue, which opens Thursday, December 9th. Windsor On Ice is back for 2021 too, and in addition to ice skating, Santa Claus is also on the 4th, 12th, 18th, 19th and 24th, so bring the kids with you for a special treat. This ice rink also offers date night events with child-free ice rink times and disabled skate nights on selected Wednesdays. There are currently no confirmed line or train cancellations during the holiday season - but keep an eye out for updates as your trip approaches to avoid disappointment. National Rail stated, “A significant amount of the engineering work is done during the holiday season. Network Rail is doing significant upgrades and engineering across the rail network during this time as fewer people will travel. ”However, if you want to go on holiday on Boxing Day or Boxing Day, National Rail has confirmed that the Heathrow Express will be serving not executed. For those looking to fly abroad, this is a different story given the recent changes in travel restrictions. A number of countries returned to the red list due to concerns about Omicron. Travelers traveling to England from anywhere are now required to take a PCR test before departure - as well as a PCR test on arrival in the country. This applies to all passengers, including those who are fully vaccinated - while unvaccinated travelers are required to self-isolate for 10 days upon arrival in England. The changes could affect anyone planning a celebratory getaway - as passengers will have to pay for PCR testing as well as the cost of a quarantine hotel when returning from a red list country. Given the currently evolving situation, anyone planning to fly to the holidays - or coming here from abroad - should be aware that the situation could change at any time as more countries may be added to the Red List, when Omicron infections increase. Last year's celebrations were a quiet affair due to the lockdown, and London was treated to a drone light show and small fireworks display. In Scotland, Edinburgh's traditional street festival at Hogmanay has been replaced by videos of a drone display. London's fireworks display has again been put on hold this year and replaced with a live show in Trafalgar Square - for which tickets are available, although it is not yet clear how those tickets will be distributed. The Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh, on the other hand, are set to continue - with a full program of events planned here. MORE: This week in London, Christmassy places to eat, drink and party


The Queen made no mention of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle in the Christmas message, but praised Wills & Kate's charitable work

THE Queen neglected to mention Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in her Christmas address while praising Prince William and Kate. Her Majesty delivered a butt (Author: Gardener)

ChristmasThe Queen neglected to mention Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in her Christmas address while praising Prince William and Kate. Her Majesty delivered a poignant traditional celebratory address this year when she lamented Christmas without her "beloved" husband after he died in April at the age of 99. She spoke movingly about the fact that she had missed the "scolding sparkle" and the "familiar laugh" of Prince Philip in her Christmas message. This Christmas is the first she has not spent with Prince Philip in 73 years. In a deeply personal message, the monarch fondly remembered his fun, but also said she was “indescribably proud” of his achievements. The Queen said her late husband was an "early advocate of taking our environmental responsibility seriously". She spoke about how Prince Philip's legacy was carried on by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. "I am indescribably proud that his pioneering work was taken over and enlarged by our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William - admirably supported by Camilla and Catherine - most recently at the COP climate summit in Glasgow." But there was no mention of Meghan and Harry, who now reside in California after leaving their royal duties. Earlier this year, the Duchess used a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey to raise allegations of racism against the Royal Family 🔵 Read our Royal Family live blog for the latest updates In her speech, the Queen said that although Prince Philip was not with the family, to celebrate Christmas, "we all felt his presence" and he wants them to enjoy themselves. Besides her words, there were other touching tributes to the Duke of Edinburgh. And unlike previous years when there were many family photos around them, in 2007 a framed photo of the diamond wedding couple was the only photo on display. "While it is a time of great happiness and good spirits for many, Christmas can be tough for those who have lost loved ones," she said. "But for me, in the months since my beloved Philip's death, I have taken great comfort in the warmth and affection of the many honors for his life and work - from all over the country, the Commonwealth and the world. Her Majesty added": " But life, of course, consists of last farewells and first encounters - and as much as I and my family miss him, I know he wants us to enjoy Christmas. She then paid tribute to her husband's accomplishments in establishing the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and raising awareness for the environment. "We see our own children and their families adopt the roles, traditions and values ​​that mean so much to us as they are passed on from one generation to the next and sometimes adapted to changing times," she said. “I see it in my own family and it is a source of great happiness. Prince Philip was always aware of this feeling of passing on the baton. “That's why he created the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which offers young people across the Commonwealth and beyond.” The chance for discovery and adventure. The Queen touched on the current Covid situation, which means that “we may not celebrate quite as we wished, but we can still enjoy the many happy traditions”. “Whether it's singing Christmas carols - if the melody is known - decorating the tree, giving and receiving gifts, or watching a favorite movie that we already know when we end, it's no surprise that families get into their Christmas routine so often treasure. “And for me and my family, even if a familiar laugh is missing this year, Christmas will be a joy as we will have the opportunity to reminisce and see the wonders of the Christmas season through the eyes of our young children anew from them we were delighted to have four more this year. "You teach us all a lesson - just like the Christmas story - that the birth of a child is a new tomorrow with infinite potential." You hope it does. there will be an opportunity for people everywhere to enjoy a feeling of togetherness, a chance to say thank you for the enormous changes in the past 70 years - socially, scientifically and culturally - and also to look confidently ahead. "Her Majesty ended her speech with a note on their own Christian faith and the lasting message of Christmas: "It is this simplicity of the Christmas story that makes it so uni universally attractive, simple events that formed the starting point of the life of Jesus - a man "whose teachings have been passed down from generation to generation and have been the foundation of my faith. "As the Christmas carol says, 'The hopes and fears of all these years will be fulfilled in you tonight.' I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. "