LeBron James overtakes Kobe Bryant as NBA top scorer on Christmas Day

LeBron James overtook Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant as the NBA all-time scorer on Christmas Day. James' 13th point in the first half, coming from a free throw 3 minutes 52 seconds behind in the second quarter, gave him 396 ... (Author: Gardener)

LeBron JamesLeBron James overtook Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant as the NBA all-time scorer on Christmas Day. James' 13th point of the first half, from a 3 minutes 52 second free throw in the second quarter, earned him 396 career points over the holidays, beating Bryant's 395th James would finish with 39 points for the Lakers on Saturday 122 -115 loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Source: Dave McMenamin @ ESPN Eurohoops @ Eurohoopsnet James Harden, Patty Mills and the Nets are ruining LeBron James' big night… - 4:31 AM No team has missed the gifts from LeBron James maximized more than the Los Angeles Lakers, as was so clearly demonstrated in a Christmas flop of the NBA's most disappointing team.… - 2:05 AM New Story: The Nets were better off with one of their big three than the Lakers with LeBron and Westbrook when LA's new point guard struggled on Christmas Day. pn / 3FtHpoL - 1:44 AM LeBron James has scored at least 30 points in four games in a row. The Lakers lost them all. The newest one, a heartbreaker on Christmas Day against the nets, hurt a lot. David Fizdale said, "I hate that it is wasted on losses."… - 12:36 AM Kurt Helin @basketballtalk LeBron James breaks Christmas scoring record, reclaims Lakers from 23 but not via Nets 26 / live… - 12:02 AM In case you missed it: With his third free throw of the evening, LeBron James overtook Kobe Bryant and became the best scorer of all time on Christmas Day via Lakers PR. Ben Golliver @BenGolliver Column: A hectic and uneven Christmas defeat for the Nets has shown just how far LeBron James and the Lakers have to go @PostSports - 11:33 p.m. LeBron when he's dealing with more bumps and bruises in the center: “No, I don't feel anything. ... I feel pretty good other than stepping on Jae Crowder's foot the other day. "- 11:28 PM Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis Why James Harden ran this praise for Nic Claxton at such a big point, he said he have played the same game a couple of times before and LeBron James faked it. This time he just raised it and Claxton got it. #Nets - 11:14 p.m. James Harden on his praise to Nic Claxton on LeBron James, a game that parted them late in the game - 11:13 p.m. James Harden said he got that praise game performed with Claxton a few possessions earlier and LeBron has it fended off. He then realized he had to make it higher if he wanted it to go down. Lakers have a very cheap upcoming schedule: Rockets, Grizzlies, Blazers, Timberwolves, Kings, Hawks. But you have to help LeBron or he will be exhausted by All-Star. David Fizdale on what the Lakers should do when LeBron is out of the game: “We can clone him. Fizdale after @Dave McMenamin pointed out LeBron's Plus-9 rating tonight and what the Lakers can do if he's out. “We can clone him. Do you know good scientists? Do you know good scientists? I don't know. "- 11:04 pm I don't know." - 11:04 pm David Fizdale hates that LeBron's "incredible effort" is wasted on losses like tonight. David Fizdale sounds upset that the Lakers LeBron James' shot on goal during their five-game losing streak: "I kick myself in the head for giving me incredible basketball ... spectacular." - 11:00 PM David Fizdale on (another) monstrous game from LeBron: "Spectacular. I hate wasting this with losses." - 10:59 pm "It was huge - you had momentum." ⁃Bruce Brown on Nic Claxton's dunk on LeBron James, an emotional scene where LeBron remembers the Christmas presents he gave his teammates . "It was a great finish and an incredible passport. "⁃Steve Nash on Nic Claxton's poster of LeBron James. The Lakers were surpassed by 76 points in their losing streak of five games. It is the highest score any LeBron James team has ever scored in the five games it has played. His worst range so far was in January 2018 with the Cavaliers (exceeded with 74 points). @ESPNStatsInfo - 22:51 PM The Lakers lost five in a row to drop on 16-18 and LeBron James headed for the locker room in the final seconds. - 10:48 PM Lakers come back from 23 back to tie in Q4 but drop to BKN 122-115. That's five losses in a row for LAL. LeBron 39p 9r 7a 3s; Monk 20p at 8-of-13; Melody 17p 11r 4a 2s 3b; Westbrook 13p on 4-for-20 12r 11a. Lakers were +11 in the 40 minutes LJ played, -18 in 8 minutes he sat - 10:47 p.m. LeBron put the Lakers on their backs and almost wanted the team to win. LeBron first game in the Crypt: 39 PTS 9 REB 7 AST 3 STL For the first time since 2018 he has 4 games with 30 points in a row. The Lakers have lost five in a row. - 22:44 PM Nets finish with a 122-115 win over the Lakers on Christmas Day. Once again, LeBron James played brilliantly. But the rest of the team is too inconsistent. No winning or sustainable formula - 10:44 p.m. 39 points on 14-of-24 shooting The other four Lakers starters combined: 32 points on 10-of-36 - 10:43 p.m. LeBron James is 6-6 this season at 30+ points. This is a player's worst record with at least 10 such games. - 10:43 PM This Nic Claxton dunk on LeBron will be on the Nets' hype video while he's in Brooklyn. LeBron now has a game high of 39 points with 9 rebs, 7 branches and 3 stls. LeBron Goes Crazy - 10:38 PM When Lebron looks down and to the right, it goes up - 10:38 PM You just can't be who the best player in the league is and not have LeBron talking to anybody how you ultimately tilt - 10:38 p.m. I have to guess Lebron as long as we can, it's crazy he still plays at this level - 10:38 p.m. Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA LeBron does it on the track interesting - 10:37 pm David Locke @ DLocke09 LeBron is +12 Westbrook is -20 but he has a triple-double - 10:35 pm James Harden, can you at least pinch LeBron during the break? Gosh, terrible defense - 10:31 pm Couple missed on the edge of LeBron and Talen. Patty Mills drills a three and the Lakers have to hope the moment isn't over at 5:20 and a 110-101 game. LeBron versus Claxton when switching is not an advantage matchup - 10:24 p.m. Man, you would have thought the Lakers Nets Christmas game could have been so exhausted with both teams. But without KD, Kyrie Irving, LaMarcus Aldridge and five other players, the Nets led by 23 points. LeBron was right: this team has no chemistry. Ted Stepien could have told you that Bron and Russ were terribly fit - 10:09 p.m. LeBron sat 8 minutes tonight and the Lakers are minus 16 in those 8 lol - 10:05 p.m. Non-LeBron Lakers are shooting 18 out of 54 from the field. Kevin Pelton @kpelton The Nets are plus-16 at the 8:07 am LeBron was on the bench tonight. Lakers (except LeBron) just follow it at home on Christmas Day. The Nets got 'Houston Harden' for Christmas: 23 PTS, 8/15 FG, 6 AST for only 1 TO. Lakers won the second quarter 39:28, but the impressive first quarter gave Brooklyn some cushion. Patty Mills has 19 points but 4 fouls. LeBron has 22. Good game. HALF-TERM: Nets 66, Lakers 62. HALF-TERM: Nets 66, Lakers 62. Lakers scored 39 points in the second quarter when LeBron went off the ball and defeated Bruce Brown. However, the Lakers are still hunting. LeBron with 22 points, Russ with 7 assists, Harden with 23 points, Mills with 19. Bill Oram @billoram Somehow the Lakers are only 66-62 behind at halftime. It's not the star-laden matchup everyone was expecting, but LeBron (22 points) and Harden (23) do their part. Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne HALF: Nets 66, Lakers 62 James Harden (23 PTS, 7 ASTS), Patty Mills (19 PTS) & the Nets have cooled off. As expected, LeBron James (24 PTS, 7-10 FG) is playing great. It's hard to get the ball out of his hands. Brooklyn also needs more production from the bank. LeBron means mug for one and one against Blake Griffin. Reminds me of classic games in the old Staples Center. Dave McMenamin @mcten Dave McMenamin @mcten Dave McMenamin @mcten With his 13th point on this free throw in the second quarter, LeBron James overtook Kobe Bryant as the NBA's all-time scorer on Christmas Day. LeBron James overtakes Kobe Bryant to become the all-time top scorer on Christmas Day. With his third free throw of the evening, LeBron James overtook Kobe Bryant and became the all-time top scorer on Christmas Day. Lakers open 2nd Q with LeBron & Westbrook also attacking the rim, LeBron throws a cross-court pass to ignite a fast break, and Malik Monk cooks. Difficult to say with this team. Kyle Goon @kylegoon Malik Monk checks in for the first time in two weeks, doing a layup of Bron. Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina LeBron makes a point of getting THT up and running early - 8:10 p.m. Nets-Lakers tips brief. The Beard is back against LeBron. Bruce Brown goes from logs to the first five. Do the Nets have enough against the Lakers? Lakers start LeBron, Russ, THT, Wayne Ellington and Dwight Howard. Nets start James Harden, Patty Mills, Bruce Brown, De’Andre Bembry and Nic Claxton. Merry Christmas!! 🎄❤️ Here's what you need to know about LeBron James and one of his greatest gifts this holiday season: - 5:45 p.m. Kobe always had heat on #NBAXmas 3pm LeBron James @KingJames Christmas Playday is electrifying! ⚡️💪👑 #GMCAmbassador #GMCHummerEV - 3:15 p.m. Kobe Bryant once admitted he wanted to play with LeBron James. #Lakers #LakeShow… - 3:13 p.m. LeBron James' ideal Christmas show, he always dreamed of playing for the #Lakers #NBA #LakeShow… - 3:11 Merry Christmas from Phoenix. It is an honor and a privilege to report today on this game between the suns and the warriors. It's my sixth Christmas game, the first that LeBron isn't involved in. Thanks for reading and for helping @TheAthletic. - 2:43 p.m. Kemba Walker is the seventh player in NBA history to score a triple-double at Christmas, according to NBA PR. He joins Draymond Green (2017), Russell Westbrook (2013), LeBron James (2010), Billy Cunningham (1970), John Havlicek (1967) and Oscar Robertson (1960, 61, 63, 67) - 2:18 pm @ESPNStatsInfo, Kemba Walker's triple-double is only the 10th Christmas in NBA history. Four are from Oscar Robertson in the 1960s. The others: John Havlicek (67), Billy Cunningham (70), LeBron James (2010), Russell Westbrook (13) and Draymond Green (17). James Posey wrote about what it's like to play on Christmas Day. In 2005, @ James_Posey41 and the Miami Heat met Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers:… - 2:04 p.m. Best Christmas performances in 40 years, per @Alberto de Roas Global Rating: 4 LeBron James 2010 4. LeBron James 2010 5. Kevin Durant 2010 7. Kyrie Irving 2020 Yes, those Kobe 6 PEs broke out again. - 12:23 PM Dave Early @DavidEarly Having trouble graduation? Don't worry, Charles Bassey will turn your miss into a Kobe assistant - 8:59 PM Howard Beck @HowardBeck I'm about as sentimental juice as you'll find in this cynical business. I wrote about the Shaq Kobe era and all of its amazing moments. Still, I am completely amazed at all of the memorial services at the Staples Center. It's a company name change folks. The arena is not going anywhere. Two years ago, I rated my top 20 moments at the Staples Center for the arena’s 20th birthday. I leaned heavily on the championships I won there. I still think that one day we'll see a statue of # 1 - Kobe celebrates the Lakers' win over the Celtics in Game 7 at the top of the goalscorer table. - 1:33 PM CBS NBA @CBSSportsNBA NBA Christmas Day Stories: LeBron James Ready to Break Kobe Bryant's Record; The two top teams meet again… - 1:29 pm 📅 On that day in 2007, the @Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant scored 39 points in a win over the Knicks and were making it the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points (29 years, 122 days). Bryant's mark has since been surpassed by LeBron James (28-107) and Kevin Durant (29-103). - 12:01 PM Also, his second of three 3-pointers in the fourth quarter, James overtook Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored on a single date in NBA history. Abdul-Jabbar's 413 points on December 26th were surpassed by James, who ended Christmas Day with 422 points on that day. -via ESPN / December 26, 2021 Jim Owczarski: Khris Middleton overtook Milwaukee-born Latrell Sprewell in 98th place on the all-time three-point list with 1,105 after this last make. -via Twitter @JimOwczarski / December 25, 2021 Anthony Slater: Steph Curry refused to call himself the best shooter of all time until he recorded that record "I got that now baby" -via Twitter @anthonyVslater / May 15 December 2021


David Beckham's eagle-eye fans discover funny details in the family's Christmas photo

David and Victoria Beckham shared a cute family photo for Christmas, but fans were a little distracted by what the soccer star was doing (Author: Gardener)

ChristmasDavid and Victoria Beckham shared a cute family photo for Christmas, but fans were a little distracted by what the soccer star was doing Victoria and David Beckham shared an adorable family Christmas photo on social media. The entire family, including Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven, were dressed in every detail as they posed in front of the Christmas tree. Brooklyn, 22, had his hands on 10-year-old Harper's shoulders while Romeo, 19, posed next to his father. "Christmas Kisses from the Beckhams!" Posh Spice, 47, titled the cute post. However, fans were a little too distracted by the footie icon to appreciate the classic family photo they shared. David and Victoria's followers went to the comment section to point out that David was actually standing on tiptoe. "Amazing picture especially Mr. Beckham on his tiptoe," joked one user while another said, "David is on tiptoe," along with a laughing emoji. Another added, "Wait, is David on tiptoe !! ??" I love the family photo AND the tiptoe cheers! "Posted one amused user while another commented," Does anyone else notice @davidbeckham has to keep going ? tiptoe to fit the size of his boys? "Some people even went to Twitter to share an enlarged version of the photo. The cute Beckham family photo comes after Victoria shared a clip of her husband singing in front of the fireplace. David was roasting chestnuts and singing Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song when Posh started filming it. Get the top Showbiz news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Mirror Showbiz newsletter. The Footie star took care about his business and toasting chestnuts David - while tossing the chestnuts - immediately replied, "Oh, I'm sorry. Victoria has given the sweet post a title: “Does someone love Christmas as much as my husband?!? @davidbeckham kisses @adele #burninghisnuts. "Followers burst into tears at David's quick reaction and went to the comments section to point it out. "Hahaha" I'm sorry, I'm sorry ... Adele "brutal", commented one user, while one said: "Oh, I'm sorry, Adele!" Iconic. ”“ The fact that he actually roasts nuts in a Santa hat, I can't, ”enthused a follower of David.


Father and two sons were killed in a house fire at Christmas after tree lights set off an inferno

Eric King and his sons Liam and Patrick were killed in a house fire on Christmas morning in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, while the boys' mother Kristen and older brother Brady escaped (Author: Gardener)

ChristmasEric King and his sons Liam and Patrick were killed in a house fire on Christmas morning in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, while the boy's mother, Kristen and older brother Brady, Eric King, 41, and two of his children, age 11, escape could. One-year-old Liam and eight-year-old Patrick died. A father and two sons were killed in a house fire on Christmas morning. Eric King, 41, and his children Liam, 11, and Patrick, 8, died in a fire believed to have been started by the lights on their Christmas tree. Liam and Patrick's mother Kristen managed to escape the inferno with their eldest son Brady, 13, but their two dogs failed. “The evidence is very clear that it started in the Christmas tree. It was a real tree, ”said Police Chief Scott McElree. McElree stated that a Christmas tree "burns very quickly and very hot". The fire broke out in the early hours of Christmas morning. The police chief continued to describe the deaths as "terrible". The fire destroyed both the House of Kings and the adjacent house that was attached to it. The three deaths of a family well known in their community and the city's baseball scene have resulted in great grief. The tragedy has caused great grief in the city. The equivalent of £ 280,000 was donated to help the family recover in less than a day. "Eric and Kristin were high school sweethearts and the happiest people you have ever met," wrote organizer Kristin Randazzo on the Gofundme page. The three boys, Eric and Kristin, were all a big part of the Quakertown Youth Baseball Association and spent their days and nights on the baseball fields. ”Quakertown School District said in a statement posted on Facebook Saturday that the Kings“ the kind of people that make this a special place to live and a school ”. Tim Zindorf was one of those who donated money to the family. He wrote: “Ms. King, I deeply regret your enormous loss, and my heart is broken. "But please know that you and your family are loved and that so many people are thinking of you right now."


What to do with an unwanted Christmas present

Recycle, give away again, give back - experts reveal what you can do with a Christmas present that you simply don't want. (Author: Gardener)

ChristmasHowever, at one point or another we all received a gift that did not live up to our hopes. The sweater that doesn't fit, that we're allergic to ... The list goes on, and as grateful as we are for the thought, sometimes we get stuck in that unwanted gift. So what can you do with a gift that you don't like other than just gathering dust in your closet? If you have a gift receipt, you should be able to return the item to the store and receive a full refund. However, if you don't have a proof of purchase, bad news: you may not be able to take the item back. Some stores, especially larger ones, may take back an item without a proof of purchase. However, they give you the current price - so if it is discounted significantly now, that price will be refunded to you. If you throw away the toiletries or food items from baskets and cardboard boxes, save the container for re-use or even as a trash can. Use cups as pencils-pots, bowls for the birds, socks for dolls - you can even turn a sweater into a pillow! Sometimes you like an item and just wish it was a difficult color. Lyndsey Edwards of Reimagise Personal Stylist suggests, “Consider coloring it at home using a Dylon pod. Also, if the item is too large, you can take it to your local tailor or seamstress to make it a perfect fit for you. You can also tweak the overall style of the item if it doesn't quite suit your taste. She suggests remodeling jewelry into something new. Claire Stitt of Stapos Thrifty Life Hacks advises that whenever you get a gift that you don't particularly want, need, or like, think carefully about other ways you can use it to make your life a little bit easier. Lateral thinking. He says that if you don't love a gift and give it back to the giver, you could be honest. We know it's a brave choice, but it might be worth trying - and a win-win in the end. “It could be that you already have the item, or you just don't like it,” says Joseph. “Whatever the reason, you bought it and if you don't need or want it you can use it or get your own money back. “This openness could help you avoid a similar situation for the next year.” However, if you have a drawer full of these items, make a note of who gave you what. It's not uncommon for people to pass something on to the person who gave it to them, and it would certainly be embarrassing. Focused on positivity, self-care, and mental wellbeing, Stacie Cherry Swift says people on her street regularly give away things when they have an clearance - why not try the same thing? “Put the presents in front of the door with a 'FREE' sign,” says Stacie, who took candles, books and kitchen utensils with her on the way into town or on the school run. “It's nice to pass it on to someone else, but it is also gentle on the giver's feelings (unless they're your neighbors).” “Attach an anonymous note to the item and intentionally put it in a place with it he can be found by someone who might appreciate it more, 'she says. You could really change someone's day. Charity shops are in need of things to sell on a regular basis and are in need of money more than ever. However, consider more than just the charity shop. Your charity shop may still be backlogged after the lockdown. If you've received perishable items, see if there is a communal kitchen or something similar that can take the items for you. Baskets of groceries and toiletries can be broken into and delivered to your local board. Or you can give toiletries to a local hospital for families who were unable to bring them. Hold back some items for your child's raffle for the summer school party. Storing items for later in the year can help charities - especially those that have more problems at other times. Teachers often receive numerous gifts, and while grateful for the thought, they sometimes end up with some unwanted items. 30 candles can be tricky to use! She advises teachers and other members of the school community to donate to raise funds: “The school can create a few gift baskets out of all the unwanted gifts, which are then raffled off to raise money for the school or a selected charity. You can sell your items on auction websites, marketplaces, and trunk sales. “Have an unwanted gift swap party,” recommends Hayley Muncey of Miss Many Pennies. “Everyone brings an unwanted gift and exchanges for someone else's unwanted gift. "Hopefully everyone ends up having something they like better, and if not, it's still a good excuse to have some fun and socializing after Christmas while the calendar is blank after the festivities." You can also use well-preserved clothes and jewelry take a swish event and swap them. Organize an event yourself or search for a local one online. The aim is to help people through loneliness, isolation and mental health problems. On Boxing Day Keith will host a Zoom session "to have some fun, to bring people together who are on their own." "We'll also give people the opportunity to exchange or give away unwanted gifts," he says. Perhaps this year is the year you talk to people about the next time you cut down on current purchases. Suggest giving only to the kids, having wishlists, making a secret Santa, setting a cost limit on things, or agreeing to have everyone donate a lump sum to a selected charity. If you'd like more tips and tricks on saving money, as well as chatting over cash and notifications about offers and discounts, join our Facebook group, Money Pot. MORE: "For us Christmas is a reminder of our freedom": What alienation looks like at Christmas


"Is it offensive to return or sell a Christmas present that I am not going to use?"

While we are contractually bound to say "honesty is the best policy", it is not always easy to do. So here is Martyn James' guide on how to return gifts and get away with it (Author: Gardener)

ChristmasWhile we are contractually bound to say "honesty is the best policy", it is not always easy to do. So here is Martyn James' guide to sending gifts and getting through. The big question I am asked every year is: How can I return a gift that I don't like without hurting people's feelings? Although I am contractually obliged to say "honest is the best policy", it is not always easy. So here is my guide on how to return gifts and get away with it. But while faking joy, did you remember having a sneaky eyeball of the packaging, looking for that all-important gift receipt? A gift receipt is the holy grail for returning gifts and your ticket to a guilt-free New Year. It's pretty much the same as a regular receipt, but the price isn't listed. Be careful not to tear up your gift receipt. There are a few things you unfortunately have to live with: Perishable goods - from groceries to flowers, if time is limited in this world, chances are you can't give it back. Package Penetrated - Refunds for goods that are not damaged are at store's discretion and most have opened or damaged packaging rules. Made for you and refined gifts - if the gift has been personalized, from monograms to ornate items made just for you, stick with it. When you buy goods there are actually some laws and rules on your side when it comes to returning goods. In short, it depends on whether the goods were bought online or on the high street and whether the item is damaged or incorrect rather than changing your mind or an unwanted gift. Damaged goods are easier for you as you can simply ask the gift giver to return the item and get a refund. Then if you wanted to get the money and * um * reorder the gift yourself, you could do that yourself. You have more rights if the article is defective. If the goods are crooked or do not match the description, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the article - this period can be extended by the retailer over Christmas. You are entitled to a full refund if items are returned within these 30 days. Remember, the refund will go to the account of the person sending it back. So if the goods were bought online, the person who bought the gift will have to organize the refund. If you've exceeded 30 days, you have up to six months to return the items if they break or don't work. Do you think it's fair to return gifts? The retailer is allowed to make a mistake in repairing or replacing the item, but after that the buyer can request a refund. Even in the six months, all is not lost, although you have to prove why you didn't notice the item was damaged or that the problem wasn't just due to wear and tear. You might be looking for a repair or a replacement - and if the product has been updated since then, you won't be eligible for the updated version. But if you happen to have the item you already bought, or there is some other good reason why you can't use the gift, then if purchased online in the last 14 days, the buyer can get a full refund She. This period can also be extended after Christmas. If you buy online, you have 14 days to return an item if it is not intended for you, in accordance with the 2013 Consumer Agreement. You have to notify the company within this 14-day period, sometimes filling out a form to do so. Check online or use the resolver returns calendar to see if this period has been extended. Check the store's website and write down the return policy. Remember if you go to the main drag the staff will take care of sales and the long lines of grumpy people so be nice. In all cases it is helpful to have the right of return to hand. So why not save a screenshot on your smartphone or print it out? Resolver has a special calendar that covers the extended Christmas return dates for most of the dealers here. If you want to give back something that you don't like, doesn't fit, or just isn't your thing, then the rules are a little different. Some stores allow you to return items with standard or gift receipts. The shop is allowed to set the rules and deadlines for returning items you don't want, but they may insist that you show the receipt so you don't lose it. The jury isn't sure if a photo of a receipt counts, so speak to the store before entering to avoid any tills arguments. The gift receipt mentioned above is basically an additional receipt provided by the retailer, not including the price, so the person receiving the gift can return and exchange items. The traditional receipt works similarly, although the buyer must return the goods and receive the refund. You may have to settle for credit for a return, if that's the store's policy. But remember - if the item is damaged or not as advertised, you can get a full refund. Of course, you can take matters into your own hands and resell the item. There are literally hundreds of "vintage", specialized or wide-ranging online or app-based marketplaces where you can sell pretty much anything you can think of. However, watch out for the buyer / seller contract rules - and make sure you've checked the shipping rules too. Quite a few budding retailers have failed when the buyer brings a delivery dispute. If you have a problem with a return, Resolver can help!


Victoria Beckham toasting David's husband's Christmas carols

Victoria Beckham playfully made fun of David's singing skills in a video posted to Instagram on Friday (Author: Gardener)

Victoria BeckhamDavid and Victoria Beckham know how to get in the holiday mood! In a celebratory video posted on Victoria's Instagram on Friday, David, 46, was seen taking his Christmas carol literally, singing "The Christmas Song" while roasting chestnuts over an open fire and wearing a Santa hat. "Oh my god, he really is - you really try this voice," says Victoria, 47, laughing to her husband of over two decades, to which David cheekily replies: "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Adele. "RELATED: Cook It Like Beckham!" Does Anyone Love Christmas More Than My Husband?!? "Victoria subtitled the adorable and hilarious video, tagged Adele, and added the hashtag" #burninghisnuts " Christmas is all about hanging out for the Beckham family. On Thursday, Victoria shared a cute snapshot of David and her youngest child, 10-year-old Harper, enjoying father-daughter time before Christmas weekend. Kisses @davidbeckham, Harper and Fig, "the singer labeled the adorable photos. In the first picture, David piggybacks Harper while they both grin from ear to ear, while the second photo shows the former professional soccer player cuddled up to the family's puppy, PIC RELATED: Victoria Beckham asks husband David to lead her new beauty campaign: "He Got My Back "Earlier this month, the couple got festive by putting on ugly Christmas sweaters together, with David rocking a blue sweater with white snowflakes and a large" Spice World "logo in the middle. RELATED VIDEO: David Beckham and his kids enjoying themselves Vacation Fun in London's Winter Wonderland Though Victoria didn't quite match her husband - she chose a Christmas jumper herself - the "I really wish I had the courage to do it more now," Victoria said of matching David during an appearance on The Tonight S like. We just had fun and thought, 'Hey, let's wear matching leather.' And that's what we did. "


"I'm sorry Adele" Victoria Beckham pokes fun at husband David's singing skills

VICTORIA BECKHAM shared a hilarious video of her husband David singing while he cooks chestnuts over a fire. (Author: Gardener)

DavidSign up for the latest news from the world of showbiz, We use your sign up to deliver content in a way that you have consented to and to improve our understanding of you. Victoria Beckham, 47, took to Instagram to get her followers in the Christmas spirit and posted a video of her husband, David Beckham, 46. David can be seen roasting chestnuts over the fire while singing the Christmas carol, with the two mocking each other over the video. David wore a Santa hat while he prepared the festive treats over the flames. Victoria secretly filmed the retired footballer while he was belting out the Christmas tune. Victoria heard her laugh at his voice and commented, "You put a lot of effort into that voice," Does anyone love Christmas as much as my husband does?!? @Davidbeckham kisses @adele #burninghisnuts. " Brightbazaar said, "'Oh, I'm sorry Adele!' Iconic! " SkintherapyandWellness added, "That he actually roasts nuts in a Santa hat, I can't." Sonk59 commented: "There's a bit of competition to Victoria. He posted a video on his Instagram where he got in a festive mood singing the classic hit Driving Home For Christmas. Brooklyn looked casual in a yellow shirt and sunglasses, as he wheeled and sang the catchy tune. It comes after David got in the really festive mood when he put on a Santa hat in one of two new snapshots also shared on Instagram today. He wrote, "Very Christmassy here ! "on a cup of coffee while he was wearing his festive clothes on the Christmas Eve photo. A second picture saw the footballer in cozy knitted clothes after opening a bottle of wine and pouring himself a glass. @victoriabeckham." The Beckham couple recently took to Instagram to share their heartfelt congratulations as their son Romeo landed a major sponsorship deal.


Victoria Beckham shares leisurely snaps of husband David and daughter Harper

Victoria Beckham, 47, gave fans a glimpse into her family life when she shared pictures of husband David, 46, and daughter Harper, 10, on Instagram Thursday. (Author: Gardener)

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham gave fans a glimpse of her family's Christmas preparations by sharing cute snaps of husband David and their daughter Harper on Instagram on Thursday. Former Spice Girl, 47, posted a snapshot of ex-soccer player David, 46, piggybacking Harper, 10, while grinning from ear to ear. Athlete David was wearing a khaki jacket and a dark blue peaked cap when he smiled at the camera. Harper wore a light blue jacket as she clung to her famous parents as she walked. David and Victoria's son Romeo (19) meanwhile announced that he signed a long-term contract with the sports brand PUMA just hours before his mother's post on Thursday. The budding footballer is following in his father David's footsteps and now has a new branding deal to help him along the way. On Instagram, PUMA revealed that the footballer will wear his FUTURE Z 1.2 boots when he takes to the field in his second season as a professional footballer. Romeo signed his first professional contract in September - he moved to the USL League One team Fort Lauderdale - the reserve team for the MLS team Inter Miami, owned by David. The teenager said his new partnership with the brand will allow him to live up to his passion for fashion. He added, "I love the colors in the Under the Lights package, which combine my passions for fashion and football." Earlier this year, Romeo signed for USL League One Fort Lauderdale CF, a reserve subsidiary of his father's franchise, Inter Miami CF. When asked about his sporting heroes, Romeo added that he was very fond of people like Neymar and Thierry Henry. He said, “Neymar is great and I love watching him play. He sent me a message when he saw me in Puma. Romeo went on to include his legendary soccer player dad, whom he looks up to for inspiration. The young player said: "If there were two players I would like to have, it would be Thierry and of course my father!"


Victoria Beckham stuns in a green dress as she poses with David and Brut

The fashion designer, 47, and the soccer ace, 46, beamed alongside Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16 and Harper, ten. (Author: Gardener)

Victoria BeckhamAnd Victoria and David Beckham shared a family portrait with their four children on Christmas Day. The fashion designer, 47, and the soccer ace, 46, beamed alongside Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16 and Harper, ten. Victoria put on a long green dress that clung to her sleek frame, while David and the boys all looked smart in matching black suits. Harper looked adorable in a dark blue dress and cream cardigan as the family posed in front of a Christmas tree. Victoria titled the cute snapshot: "Christmas Kisses from the Beckhams!" The Beckhams gave fans another glimpse into their celebrations on Saturday when Cruz - the youngest son of the high profile clan - headed over to his Instagram story to share the family fun. The short clip waved a prepared dining table and shows a glamorous Victoria casting a peace sign before the camera zooms in on Romeo, who was entertaining with a "seedy" Christmas joke. Cruz titled the moment: "Christmas Dinner and Shady Jokes from @romeobeckham," followed by laughing emojis. It comes after Victoria shared a cute clip of her husband David roasting chestnuts in front of an open fire on Christmas Eve Friday. The couple got into the Christmas party mood when David wore a Santa hat and was cooking some festive goodies over the flames. Victoria was obviously amused by David's enthusiastic nut roasting and captioned the post: "Does anyone love Christmas as much as my husband?!?" when the sports star smashed out the hit "The Christmas Song". Victoria could be heard laughing at his 'singing' before David cheekily threw back, 'Oh, I'm sorry, Adele!' Across the pond in the US, Brooklyn got into a festive mood as he sang the classic Driving Home For Christmas. David was right and right in the festive mood when he put on a Santa hat in one of two new snapshots that were also shared on Instagram on Friday. He revealed that it was 'very Christmassy' here! when he sipped a cup of coffee while wearing his festive attire in the Christmas Eve photo. Under his post he wrote: “Very Christmassy here.


David Beckham's wild dig against Mrs. Victoria's singing while roasting chestnuts

Footie legend David Beckham was trying to roast some chestnuts on an open fire when Victoria started laughing at him (Author: Gardener)

VictoriaFootie legend David Beckham was trying to roast some chestnuts on an open fire when Victoria started laughing at him on an open fire. He was putting on a Santa hat as he leaned over to keep an eye on the chestnuts when Posh Spice, 47, walked up to him, giggling. "You try very hard with that voice," laughed the Spice Girls singer as he turned to look at her. David - while tossing the chestnuts - immediately replied, "Oh, I'm sorry. Victoria subtitled the cute post:" Does anyone love Christmas as much as my husband?!? @davidbeckham kisses @adele #burninghisnuts. "Friends and followers found the joke hilarious and went in the comments section to joke about it. It wasn't just the chestnuts that were roasted David also shared a snapshot of his pups in Christmas sweaters" Hahaha "It I'm sorry, I'm sorry .... Adele "brutal", commented a user, while one said: "Oh, I'm sorry, Adele!" Iconic. " "The fact that he's actually roasting nuts in a Santa hat, I can't," raved one follower about David. The footie star also shared a snap of the family's pups wearing 'Ho ho ho' Christmas sweaters, why not? David has always been a super supportive husband when it comes to Victoria's career and success. He was spotted wearing a Spice Girls-themed Christmas jumper earlier this month. David beamed for the cameras as he showed off a blue Spice World sweater that covered his shirt and tie - complete with a Christmas snowglobe print and snowflakes. Mrs. Victoria stood proudly next to him - also in a festive shirt and trousers, as she made the iconic peace sign with her left hand. Sign up for the free Mirror Showbiz newsletter. "This is a Christmas sweater, Mr Beckham! Meanwhile, her followers and former bandmates couldn't get enough of the epic sweater. Baby Spice Emma Bunton called it 'the best Christmas sweater ever !!!!' Sporty Spice Mel C also endorsed the cute Christmas pic - and added a laughing face to Victoria's latest Instagram post on Sunday night. David was so proud to wear the Spice Girls sweater that he even posted the same snaps on his own social Media accounts. "Yes, I'm a fan of @victoriabeckham @spicegirl's Christmas sweaters are out," the former Manchester United player told his followers as he republished his wife's content.