Lorraine has been replaced by Carol Vorderman after she tested positive for Covid

Lorraine replaced by Carol Vorderman after testing positive for Covid - (Author: Gardener)

LorraineCarol Vorderman fills in for Lorraine Kelly on her self-titled ITV daytime show after the Scottish TV star tested positive for Covid-19. Kelly, 62, gave fans a health update on social media on Monday and revealed Vorderman as her replacement. She also said she was "grateful to the scientists who developed the vaccine." She wrote: "The dreaded Covid has finally caught up with me. I am so grateful to the scientists who developed the vaccine! Supervised by @rosiekellysmith @rubyisasausage and @steveandangussmith - thanks to @carolvorders for hosting @lorraine until I'm back!" It seems like it all happened a bit at the last minute, as even Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, admitted they weren't quite sure what was going on when they introduced Vorderman during their show to preview what was to come on Lorraine. Reid, 51, said she didn't know the former Countdown star was hosting until she saw her in the green room just moments before. "We didn't think so either, but unfortunately Lorraine caught the dreaded you-know-what and I'm sitting here with you for a few days. But we wish her a speedy recovery,” Vorderman replied. Both women wished Kelly a speedy recovery with Vorderman, then joked, "I didn't look like this at five o'clock this morning, that's for sure!" She wrote, "So a little surprise this morning. Wonderful Lorraine is somewhat unwell with the dreaded Covid so I'm keeping her seat warm on her show for a few days until she's better. "Had a blast this morning with John McEnroe, Mystic Marcus, the psychic pig who predicts who our next Prime Minister will be, the wonderful journalist @shelaghfogarty on her new podcast FOLLOWERS, and Sarah Vine sharing a thing or two about the same policy as our white time."


Lorraine Kelly has been replaced on the ITV show after she tested positive for Covid

The ITV show confirmed who replaced Lorraine presenter Lorraine Kelly until she is ready to return after she tested positive for coronavirus - with Carol Vorderman in the seat (Author: Gardener)

Lorraine KellyThe ITV show confirmed who will replace Lorraine presenter Lorraine Kelly until she is ready to return after she tested positive for coronavirus - with Carol Vorderman in the seat taking Carol Vorderman for Lorraine as the star who covid Lorraine Kelly reveals she had to be replaced on ITV daytime show Lorraine after testing positive for Covid over the weekend. The TV presenter broke the news of her positive test on Twitter on Monday morning, before confirming who would be taking the show's hot seat until she's back. TV presenter Carol Vorderman has been confirmed to take over for the next few days, while it's not confirmed when Lorraine will return or if someone else will step in later. Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls unveiled their replacement during their own show on Monday, as Carol confirmed what was in store for the show. It seemed like a last-minute signing of sorts, as Susanna confessed she didn't think she'd be hosting the show until she spotted it in the studio. In response to Susanna, she explained: "We didn't think either, but unfortunately Lorraine caught the dreaded you-know-what and I'm sitting here for a few days. It has been confirmed that TV presenter Carol Vorderman took over Lorraine In the next few days, Susanna said, "Yes, get well soon Lorraine," while Carol repeated, "Get well soon." Lorraine broke the news on her official Twitter page on Monday morning, before the Show aired Shame," as she thanked Carol for taking over while she recovered. Lorraine Kelly had to be replaced on her ITV daytime show Lorraine. She told her followers: "Well the Covid finally got hold of me and I tested positive over the weekend. Susanna confessed that she didn't think she would host the show until she discovered it in the studio


Carol Vorderman's appearance on ITV's Lorraine distracts viewers

The former Countdown star even made Susanna Reid do a double take when she got to work (Author: Gardener)

Carol Vorderman'sCarol Vorderman made a surprise return to our TV screens this morning as she made her debut as presenter of ITV's Lorraine. The former Countdown star even made Susanna Reid do a double take when she arrived for work on Good Morning Britain on Monday (July 11). When Susanna and co-host Ed Balls went to see Lorraine Kelly for her usual appearance on GMB to tease what's in store for her on her show, they were greeted by Carol, who was a guest on the show just a few weeks ago and spoke about her recent TV appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox. She said she was drafted in to replace Lorraine after the Scottish TV star tested positive for Covid. "Unfortunately, Lorraine caught the dreaded you-know-what and I'm sitting here for a few days, which I'm very happy to do," Carol explained. She added, "But we wish her a speedy recovery," while Susanna added, "Get well soon Lorraine!" Lorraine also tweeted to confirm her absence was due to the virus. She wrote: "Well Covid finally got hold of me and I tested positive over the weekend. Thanks to the vaccine it's not that bad and I'm hoping to be back to work very soon." She added: "A big thank you to @carolvorders who will be hosting @lorraine until I get back." Carol put on a sunny display, with Susanna commenting that she was a "vision" as she donned a bright yellow cut-out top that she tucked into a skirt. But viewers were quickly distracted from Carol thanks to her laughter. At the start of the show, the host was let down while chatting with Dr. Amir Khan entertained. That's because his mother called him and Amir admits that she always calls him when she sees him on TV. However, as mentioned earlier, viewers were distracted by Carol's laughter. @Di2409 asked: "Is the laugh real? #lorraine." @LowMoorCottages wrote, "Carol Vorderman's laugh is hilarious #lorraine." But @R3TRO8OY complained, "Carol Vorderman just beat Jimmy Carr for the title of 'Worlds Most Irritating Laugh' #lorraine." Carol had already confirmed she would be hosting the show and sharing a series of posed snaps as she donned a tight gym ensemble on social media. Carol said in her caption: "Really happy to be hosting the @lorraine show for a few days this week while The Boss is on a welcome break. See you tomorrow morning on TV, bright and early, gang.”


Carol Vorderman fills in for Lorraine Kelly as star tests positive for Covid

Lorraine Kelly has tested positive for coronavirus and will miss her ITV morning show this week as Carol Vorderman will step in to cover for the presenter while she recovers (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanGet exclusive celebrity tours and behind-the-scenes house tours straight to your inbox every day. Get exclusive celebrity tours and behind-the-scenes house tours straight to your inbox every day. Lorraine, 62, announced the news on her social media, updating fans that luckily she wasn't feeling "too bad" with the illness. Lorraine tweeted: "Well the Covid finally got hold of me and I tested positive over the weekend. Thanks to the vaccine it's not that bad and I hope to be able to go back to work soon. She also praised her last minute replacement, adding, "Big thanks to @carolvorders who will be hosting @lorraine until I get back." Get with OK! exclusive celebrity stories and reality TV news straight to your inbox! daily newsletter. As Good Morning Britain presenters Susanna Reid and Ed Balls crossed over to join Carol at the Lorraine studio, Susanna said: "I didn't think you were in for our program today." Carol revealed: "Well we have that too I didn't think so, but unfortunately Lorraine caught the dreaded you-know-what, so I'm sitting there for a few days, which I'm very happy to do.' 'But we wish her a speedy recovery,' Carol said, as Susanna echoed. Taking to Instagram, Lorraine posted a photo of her two cute dogs and once again praised the vaccine. She wrote: "The dreaded Covid has finally caught up with me. I'm so grateful to the scientists who developed the vaccine." Fans and friends flooded the comments section with good wishes for the presenter in her speedy recovery. Carol said that everyone at the studio sends Lorraine "their best and greatest love" while she rests and gets better. Keep up with everyone on the latest on Lorraine by signing up for OK!'s daily celebrity newsletter .


Lorraine Kelly has been replaced by Carol Vorderman after she tested positive for Covid

Taking to Twitter, the ITV presenter said: "Well the Covid finally got hold of me and I tested positive over the weekend." (Author: Gardener)

Lorraine KellyGet the latest entertainment news straight to your inbox with our weekly Showbiz newsletter. Get the latest entertainment news straight to your inbox with our weekly Showbiz newsletter. Taking to Twitter, the ITV presenter said: "Well Covid finally got hold of me and I tested positive over the weekend. Thanks to the vaccine it's not that bad and I hope to be back at work very soon. A big thank you to @carolvorders who will be hosting @lorraine until I'm back." Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls unveiled their replacement during their own show on Monday, as Carol confirmed what happened in the Show was coming up. Carol stepped in as a host at the last minute, and even Susanna confessed that she didn't think she would host the show until she spotted it in the studio. In response to Susanna, she explained: "We didn't think so either, but unfortunately Lorraine caught the dreaded you know what and I've been sitting here for a few days Susanna said 'Yes get well soon Lorraine' as Carol repeated 'Get well soon' Carol then joked 'I got this morning didn't look like it at five, that's for sure!" In an Instagram post, Lorraine said she was 'grateful to the scientists 'who developed the vaccine' after testing positive for the virus. Fans flocked to the comments , to wish her well. Feel your pain these days and thank God for the vaccines. Mowdie and Midge are sending their love This hope you are ok." A third said: "Thank god for the vaccine had my 4th in March and as soon as I can get a 5th I will. Get well soon." One tweeted: "Lorraine finally got it on me too! Had 4 vaccinations but months ago. I wish you a fast recovery! I wish you a fast recovery! Look forward to seeing you in the morning.” Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and the ITV Hub. Get the latest celebrity gossip and TV news straight to your inbox. Sign up for our weekly showbiz newsletter here.


Carol Vorderman is stepping in to host Lorraine "for a few days."

The Scottish presenter, 62, announced in a tweet on Monday that "Covid has finally gotten me" as Carol, 61, took over presenting duties on the ITV breakfast show. (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman has stepped in to host Lorraine Kelly's daytime TV show after she tested positive for Covid over the weekend. The Scottish presenter, 62, announced in a tweet on Monday that "Covid has finally gotten me" as Carol, 61, took over presenting duties on the ITV breakfast show. Carol wished the regular host a "speedy recovery" after being introduced by Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid and Ed Balls in what appeared to be last-minute substitutions. "Unfortunately, Lorraine caught the dreaded, you know what, and I'm going to be stuck here for a few days," she said. "But we wish her a speedy recovery." The presenter then quipped, "I didn't look like this at five o'clock this morning, that's for sure!" The former Countdown presenter sported a glamorous makeup look as she told viewers what to expect from the show. Lorraine announced Monday that "Covid finally got me" with a tweet. Sharing the post with her 707,600 followers, the presenter wrote: "Well the Covid finally got hold of me and I tested positive over the weekend. Big thanks to @carolvorders who will be hosting @lorraine until I get back.' Carol shared that she will be handling the hosting duties while 'the boss has a welcome break'. The star flaunted her ample assets in a form-fitting tank top as she posed for a series of sunny snaps in a post on Instagram on Sunday. In a letter to her 228,000 followers, the blonde beauty outlined her productive day. The stunner then revealed her latest impromptu temporary gig: "Really happy to be hosting the @lorraine show for a few days this week while The Boss is on a welcome break. The carousel saw the TV personality stir up a storm in a chic khaki Calvin Klein cami top and form-fitting black leggings. Carol wore oversized sunglasses as she grinned for snaps while enjoying the hot summer weather.


Brighton bands perform covers of The Pixies, T.Rex and The Smiths at a one-off event

PROJECTOR + ELLiS⋆D + THE FAMOUS PEOPLE - GREEN DOOR STORE, BRIGHTON 9.7.22 Something new was happening at the Green Door store in Brighton tonight as a trio of local talent lived out their teenage fantasies by performing live at 'Cover Party' . For just one night, PROJECTOR performed as The Pixies,... (Author: Gardener)

BrightonSomething new took place tonight at the Green Door store in Brighton as a trio of local talent lived out their teenage fantasies by performing live at a 'cover party'. For one night only, PROJECTOR performed as The Pixies, ELLiS⋆D as T. Rex and The Famous People as The Smiths instead of all performing their own original material. The Brighton & Hove News music team were on hand to witness this special, once in a lifetime event. First up that night was The Famous People, who call themselves “Slurry Jangle Jank”. They released their debut single 'Sultry Summer Blues' at the end of April which you can watch a live version of HERE recorded at The Loft Sessions at South Lanes Studios in Brighton. The Famous People consists of Bowie Bartlett (vocals), Alfie Beer (guitar), Bertie Beer (drums) and Scott Pearce (bass), but tonight as a special one-off they've invited some buddies to join them on stage for a few hours join songs. The quartet took to the Green Door elevated stage at 8:04 p.m. and performed a 28-minute set of seven tunes made famous by The Smiths. I'm sure the band were more than pleased to find that the uneven cobbled space, formerly the stable floor, was more than 50% full from the start of their set. Some poor bands are only allowed to play in front of a handful of people sometimes! This just reminded me of something an old school pal told me about a couple of his visits to The Basement Club at the Art College in Brighton in 1980 when he and literally a handful of other players were witnessing sets of New very early on in the days Order (who was apparently booked as Joy Division who never played Brighton) and U2 who played 30 September 1980. Back to Tonight and The Famous People admitted they've been practicing the seven twangy guitar-pop Smiths numbers for the past week. It was amazing how much they learned in just seven days! They opened with "Girlfriend In A Coma" and were well received by the players with this special on-off performance. Apparently, they're already building a following. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" and "Frankly, Mr. Shankly" came and went, and then came one of their two set highlights in the form of the John Peel Festive 50 No. 1 song for 1984, "How Soon Is Now?". . A bold tune to try, especially since it's filled with Marr-tastic, eye-catching, reverberant guitar riffs. Call on Finn Marlow (aka Johnny Marlow) on stage on guitar to assist. He stayed for the duration of the set. This was followed by "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" and then "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" which featured Kamran Kaur (aka "Kam") joining the quintet on Korg keyboards. followed by Charlie Jenkins on guitar for the closing highlight of "This Charming Man". This led to Alfie sharing vocal duties with Bowie, livening up the set, which ended at 8:32 p.m. This was an honorable tribute to a leading indie 80's band that some may consider sacrilege to touch their material, but hey, tonight was fun and not to be taken seriously. After just a week they were clearly never going to be as great as The Smiths, but that wasn't the point! As for the players and me, the experiment worked! The famous people are: Bowie Bartlett (vocals) Alfie Beer (guitar) Bertie Beer (drums) Finn Marlow (guitar) Charlie Jenkins (guitar) Famous people set list: "Please, please, please, let me get what I want" There's a light that never goes out' Apparently ELLiS⋆D, playing the role of T. rex, were keen to get on with their performance because just sixteen minutes into the set of The Famous People the stage was full again. In my opinion, ELLiS⋆D works just like Johnny Moped as it's both the band's name and their frontman! But those in the know and those who attended Varndean College may recognize that the towering person who took center stage was Ellis Dickson. Ellis has popped up a couple of times during previous Brighton & Hove News gig reports, where we saw him sitting backstage on drums for Strange Cages - who sadly ended it in February - and on drum kit for The Slaughter House Band, who recently released their "I Don't See You Dancing" off their forthcoming debut album And So It Goes on Sour Grapes Records. The Brighton & Hove News Music Team also reported on the ELLiS⋆D 'We Are The Last Generation' EP launch concert at the Green Door store last December, where we reported the following: 'Finally, headlining ELLiS⋆D was on the stage, opening with the title track of the new EP 'We Are The Last Generation'. It was immediately clear why this release was so excited, the powerful vocals mixed with melodic guitar accompaniment created an exciting atmosphere for the audience to immerse themselves in. Featuring other songs from the EP, "Unison" and "Pesticide," played alongside previous releases, "Homecoming Queen." The set held the crowd's attention for the full 45 minutes, with the players genuinely enjoying the powerful music and experience of ELLiS⋆D.” Rex tribute from the band, which featured the aforementioned ELLiS⋆D (lead vocals/ guitar) as well as Luke Norman (lead guitar), Sammy Jones (bass) and Jed Johnson (drums). There are no special guests from this outfit throughout their 32-minute, eight-track set. I heard a rumble of guitars tuning themselves louder and rushed back into the venue, afraid I'd miss something. ELLiS⋆D meets the requirements as champions of Marc Bolan and T. Rex. Filling the stage with their kaleidoscopically colorful clothes, they exude late '60s and early '70s psych rock influences. Rex early 70's glam rock era that I was a huge fan of and remember so well. For me, the boundaries of Glam Rock were more clearly defined then than they are today. You now often see Facebook pages related to the genre and they post songs by acts that were never glam rock e.g. B. Smokeie. The leaders of the scene back then were Slade, Sweet, Bowie, Mud, Wizard, The Glitter Band, Gary Glitter, Suzi Quatro and little elf Marc Bolan and his T. rex. Back to tonight and ELLiS⋆D opens with what is arguably a lesser-known composition in “Mambo Sun”, but the party doesn't start until song two “Metal Guru”. Next comes another obscure one in the form of "Buick MacKane," which witnessed some great guitar playing from Luke, which was then surpassed by Jed's drumming. We learned that it was actually Luke's first gig with the band. He was a great addition and I couldn't help but wonder if it was just for that night or not? Ellis sure got hot and remarked "God knows how Marc did that" when referring to him wearing the feather boa fashion accessory. In fact, I shook hands with Ellis after the performance and he was soaked, he had given it his all. The set ramped up for the final trio of songs, namely the moving "Cosmic Dancer" - which my partner Jordan Mooney had at her funeral - "Hot Love" which mesmerized with its "La la la la -la la-la" chorus and finally "Get It On" which was greeted with cheers from the punters. This had been a "hubcap diamond star halo" performance ending at 9:20 p.m. I believe that the "cover party" that night was Projector's (stylized as PROJECTOR) idea, so it was only right that they should be the headliners for tonight. Brighton's PROJECTOR had decided to take on the enviable task of covering a dozen tracks made famous by US alternative rock band The Pixies, which formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986 and whose original line-up was Black Francis (real name Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV) (vocals, guitar), Kim Deal (bass, vocals (1986 to 2013), Joey Santiago (guitar) and Dave Lovering (drums). PROJECTOR, which formed in 2017, state that they " fusing the aggressive tendencies of Sonic Youth with the most exuberant alt-pop of the '90s, inhabiting a space where the most infectious melodies sit alongside experimental musicality," so choosing The Pixies was a natural progression in the band's sound. Playing tonight Lucy Sheehan (bass/vocals), Callum Marinho (drums), Edward Ensbury (guitar/vocals) and for tonight the addition of George Gershman on guitar, tilted their set in Worked towards the Pixies era of 1988/89 when the popular albums 'Surfa Rosa' and 'Doolittle' were released. They have been playing hard live since their inception and have graced many stages at The Great Escape and Latitude Festival and seen how they blasted their wares with support slots featuring Blood Red Shoes, Kid Kapichi, Deap Vally, Tigercub and the Xcerts. In 2018, PROJECTOR were the inaugural winners of PRS & Festival Republic's "Rebalance" initiative and their debut EP "How Does It Feel?" was welcomed by DIY, Clash and Dork, praising its "cinematic noir", "stabbing urgency" and 'visceral grunge pop'. In 2019 they were awarded the PRS Open Fund to release their second EP. With EP2, Projector are transitioning beyond trio territory into more sonically adventurous territory, and a year ago they released their 'ZERO' EP, which is a brutal expansion of their grunge-pop palette. They opened their Green Door Store 40 minute set at 9:44pm with the closing track from the Doolittle album Gouge Away. The night had clearly taken a heavier musical turn and the strobe lights went on, adding to the excitement of their energetic performance. By now the room was more than three quarters full, which is quite admirable for a local band performing on a hot, muggy Saturday summer evening. That night's punters were learning to be in their early 20s, but the ages in the room almost reached OAP status, but hey, they're only numbers right! “Wave Of Mutilation” came and went and then came “Cactus”! I must clarify here that I forgot that this was not a David Bowie original composition as found on his wonderful 2002 album "Heathen". Lucy did a great vocal job here, but clearly this version could have been done by Nirvana. A fact frontman Edward Ensbury, who wears a shirtless jacket, alluded to when the band first took the stage when he jokingly announced that they were "Nirvana". Edward's guitar has clearly seen some serious action since the ensemble formed 5 years ago as his Fender guitar has certainly taken some hits. He provided today's vocals on the tracks he is responsible for as if he had always sung them. The same could be said for the performance of the entire band. It was quite remarkable that these are tunes the band doesn't usually plan for, so fair game to them! "Hey" came and went, and the quirky, foot-tapping "La La Love You" was hot on his heels. Next came “Debaser” which got the band back on track, like a dirty Rolling Stones meets The Fall, and it was their best yet! Monkey Gone To Heaven can only have been written by an American band inspired by the sound of CBGB more than a decade before they formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986. "I Bleed" was unleashed next and so the jacket and other tops were thrown away by the trio of PROJECTOR bandmates. Guest George kept his on, although I'm not 100% sure what it's called as it could actually be Porge Santiago judging by the band's Facebook post. Lucy (or could that really be "Lucinda") took on lead vocals on "Gigantic" and then continued to do so on "Tame" which certainly wasn't the case as she jumped off the stage and screamed excitedly into the mic in front of us punters. Needless to say, this was very well received, thank you. The penultimate number was "Bone Machine" and the final number of the night was "Where Is My Mind" which had many in the crowd immediately raising their hands to the sky in high spirits. The sound and lighting were just as good! The tune ended at 10:24 p.m. and the faithful left and went into the bar or outside for some fresh air. PROJECTOR are: Lucy Sheehan (bass/vocals) Callum Marinho (drums) Edward Ensbury (guitar/vocals) Support this evening also came from: Support this evening also came from: George Gershman/Porge Santiago (guitar) PROJECTOR Setlist: Find out more about the band at


New police documentary series set in Brighton comes to Channel 4

A NEW police documentary series set in Brighton is coming to Channel 4. (Author: Gardener)

Channel 4Sri Lankan protesters set fire to the prime minister's private home hours after chasing the president from his residence as months of frustration over an unprecedented economic crisis boiled over on Saturday. Hundreds of thousands of people rallied throughout the morning in the capital Colombo to demand the government take responsibility for mismanaging the country's finances and for months of crippling food and fuel shortages. After the gates of the presidential palace were stormed, live feeds on social media showed hundreds of people walking through the rooms, and some from the boisterous crowd jumped into the grounds' pool. Others were seen laughing and lounging in the residence's stately bedrooms, one pulling out what he claimed was a pair of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa's underwear. Just before this, troops guarding the residence shot in the air to hold the crowd back until Rajapaksa was safely removed. The colonial-era mansion he left behind is one of the key symbols of Sri Lankan state power and officials said Rajapaksa's departure raised questions about whether he intended to remain in office. Shortly after the crowd stormed the presidential palace, Rajapaksa's nearby seafront office also fell into the hands of the protesters. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Rajapaksa's first successor, called a meeting with political leaders and said he was ready to step down to pave the way for a unity government. But that failed to mollify the protesters, who stormed the prime minister's private home and set it ablaze after nightfall. Footage shared on social media showed a crowd cheering the fire, which broke out shortly after a security detail guarding Wickremesinghe attacked several journalists outside the home. Earlier, a spokeswoman for Colombo's main hospital said three people were being treated for gunshot wounds, along with 36 others who were suffering from breathing difficulties after being hit by barrages of tear gas. - 'No deterrent' - Sri Lanka has suffered for months from shortages of basic necessities, prolonged power outages and runaway inflation after running out of foreign exchange to import necessities. Thousands of people had flocked to the capital for Saturday's demonstration, the latest outbreak of unrest sparked by the crisis. Police lifted a curfew imposed on Friday after opposition parties, rights activists and the Bar Association threatened to sue the police chief. Thousands of anti-government protesters ignored stay-at-home orders and even forced railway authorities to run trains to take them to Colombo for Saturday's rally, officials said. In fact, it has encouraged more people to take to the streets defiantly," the defense official said. Sri Lanka has nearly exhausted its already-scarce petrol supplies, and people unable to travel to the capital protested in other cities across the island. Demonstrators had already maintained a month-long protest camp outside Rajapaksa's seafront office, demanding his resignation. The camp was the scene of clashes in May when a band of Rajapaksa loyalists attacked peaceful protesters gathered there. Nine people were killed and hundreds injured, sparking reprisals against pro-government mobs and arson attacks on lawmakers' homes. - Cricket continues - The riots come at the end of Australia's ongoing cricket tour of Sri Lanka, with the Pakistan side also on the island for their upcoming series. Cricket officials said there were no plans to change their schedules, adding that the sport has not been affected by the political turmoil and we will start the Pakistan series," a cricket board official told AFP .


Where Tom Holland supposedly stands with Marvel and Sony when it comes to making more Spider-Man movies

A new report has provided alleged details on where things stand regarding Tom Holland's future as Spider-Man. (Author: Gardener)

Spider-ManLast December, Tom Holland, along with director Jon Watts and company, delivered a strong conclusion to his Spider-Man trilogy with No Way Home. Of course, at this point, fans are still wondering what's in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the popular web-slinger. Both Marvel Studios and Sony have kept all plans and/or negotiations close to hand. Now, however, a new report has provided some alleged details on where things stand with Holland and the studios in relation to his status as Spidey. Even before the release of No Way Home, there was speculation about the future of the Spider-Man film series. Ahead of the film's release, producer Amy Pascal surprisingly announced that Sony and Marvel would be collaborating on another film starring the iconic comic book hero and the Cherry alum. This new report claims there are indeed more projects in the works, but it doesn't sound like the lead man has already signed on the dotted line: Tom Holland has previously had thoughts about his Spider-Man status following the release of his third solo shared outing, albeit in a cryptic way. Shortly after Amy Pascal declared that more films were on the way, Holland responded to the news, saying that he and those in power "have some very, very exciting things to talk about." But he also said he "doesn't know what these things are or what they're going to be." A few months later, the actor went on to mention that "talks" had taken place, but didn't say for sure if he would officially return. Industry insider Jeff Sneider goes on to say that Sony is still actively working to stay in the Spider-Man business and maintain its overall relationship with the 26-year-old British actor: it would certainly be fitting to stick with Tom Holland, considering how valuable it is He was for the company. Spider-Man: No Way Home alone grossed $1.9 billion at the box office, and Uncharted hit some impressive numbers again that year. So you'd think the studio would do whatever it takes to keep Holland in the fold. No Way Home ended with Peter Parker, with the help of Doctor Strange, saving the world by erasing the public's memory of its existence. The film's writers have since spoken out about the ending, explaining that they wrote it while unsure if Tom Holland would make another film. Spider-Man: No Way Home is available now in Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. While you wait for news on a fourth film, stay tuned for other upcoming Marvel movies.


The 10 Greatest Top of the Pops Debuts of All Time

From The Smiths to Pink Floyd or Sex Pistols to Kate Bush, here are ten moments from the history of the 'Top of the Pops' that changed Britain's cultural makeup. (Author: Gardener)

10 GreatestFor a good couple of decades there was only one show that could really seal the deal and confirm that your band had "the big hit" in the UK and that was Top of the Pops. The BBC star might have been the home of the official charts, providing a decent rundown of the singles released that week, but it also gave the few acts who had just made their way onto the charts a national audience and TV gig that few networks could compete with. Originally airing weekly between January 1, 1964 and July 30, 2006, TOTP was the longest-running weekly music show in the world, and for people of a certain generation they remember it as the culmination of their generational musical development. It's incredibly difficult to summarize the cultural potency TOTP once had now that it's reduced to a horrific Christmas special every year. Each weekly edition consisted of performances of some of the week's best-selling pop music, excluding tracks that moved down the chart. For many, it was the place to discover their favorite artists and catch up on the current state of music. It was considered an honor to perform on the show as it indicated a musical artist had just entered the big leagues. An estimated 15 million people would tune in each week to catch the latest trends in music, and some artists would capitalize on their audience and launch their careers into the stratosphere. While there have been some really great performances over the years, here's just a look back at some of our favorite debut performances on Top of the Pops. Well, we can't say that every single performance at Top of the Pops is to our liking. For large chunks of the show's most popular moments, it tended to promote pop's saccharine side, quickly abandoning the edge it had effectively honed in the 1960s in favor of dull but more profitable acts. Your debut on Top of the Pops was a serious moment for any band given the opportunities it offered, and below we have ten of our favorites. It all arguably began in the summer, and the month of June became a pivotal moment in their careers, setting the Mancunian legends on a starry trajectory that few could stop. Within days, the band made their Glastonbury and Top of the Pops debuts. Her flawless debut album, Definitely Maybe, which has now sold over 15 million copies worldwide and is rightly considered one of the best of the decade and beyond, was due to hit shelves in late August and the months leading up to , turned the whole of Britain into an oasis fever dream involved. Carried away by the swagger and showmanship of brand new rock 'n' roll, this was the first moment the group really landed in the collective consciousness. Two months after the release of "Supersonic" came their second single "Shakermaker", which peaked at number eleven on the chart, which meant one thing; The Gallagher's wanted to bring their unique brand of Britpop to the masses with "Top of the Pops". But not only did Happy Mondays put on a pretty strong rendition of their song "Hallelujah" on the show, complete with Kirsty MacColl on backing vocals, it also signaled the last time the group would ever make an appearance on Top of the Pops so quickly from the BBC banned from still appearing in the Green Room. In 2018, Ryder explained how the band were banned from the BBC and TOTP on Joe Presents: Unfiltered with James O'Brien. "We giggled and this guy didn't like us giggling who was the boss at the time," he said. "He's the big boss at Top Of The Pops, and some snotty guy says, 'Fuck off you moron. By the time The Smiths surfaced on Top of the Pops in 1983, the show had lost a lot of its collective collar strength, but it had also lost its edge. Moz may have stolen the show with his onstage antics, but the event would etch The Smiths into the memory of a generation and change the face of music. It would be a performance that would change the way people spoke, the books they read, the artists they listened to and most certainly which band they now fully loved. The Smiths performed "This Charming Man" to a young audience of millions and garnered a huge following with every romantic note. Syd Barret was briefly one of the brightest lights in British music. As leader of the band Pink Floyd alongside bassist Roger Waters, Barett quickly became a cultural icon of the counterculture movement. The singer's crowning achievement would be the Floyd song "See Emily Play," and the group would perform the song wherever they could. Footage of Pink Floyd way back when they began their journey in 1967, when they performed the song on the seminal BBC show Top of the Pops, may be a little dirty, but it still has a serious presence. For many fans, searches for footage of Pink Floyd's 1967 performance on the BBC music show have been unsuccessful. Music historian and author Andy Neill alerted the British Film Institute to the existence of the once 'lost' tape, and the organization set about recovering it from the collection of 'an eminent rock musician'. It sees Roger Waters, along with Syd Barett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, perform their newly acquired hit on the now legendary music show with all the swinging pride of Sixties London. It's a piece of time capsule that takes us right back to the beginning of the acid rock revolution. In 1991, Nirvana had made the big breakthrough. The album the single was taken from, Nirvana's second release Nevermind, was the biggest album of the year and decade. Rather than use their position on Europe's biggest music show to put on a consummate and professional performance (which was clearly emulated on the landmark show), Cobain, Grohl and Novoselic decided to poke fun at the limitations of their performances. In front of an enthusiastic live audience and millions of viewers, this was a brilliant way to show what Nirvana was really about and to rebel against the consumption-oriented MTV age. Wearing sunglasses and a slightly sinister grin, Cobain's vocal performance was somewhere between a lounge act (pardon the pun) and Morrissey on Quaaludes. If there's a more iconic, top-of-the-pop performance than when Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols spat across the stage and vowed to deliver a gory rendition of "Pretty Vacant," we'll let you tell them. Their song "God Save The Queen" had rocked Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II's jubilee celebrations as the band tore down the Thames and cried out their desperate need for revolution, or at least their desperate need to be heard. It was a song that sent shockwaves across the country and as a result was routinely banned by radio and TV stations - BBC was no different and prevented the band from getting the single's number two (a hotly debated topic) in the famous weekly Top of the Pops to list diagram show. That all changed, however, when the band performed the promo video for their next single, Pretty Vacant — a lip-synching establishment-fuck-you-fest. While it might not have been in the famous studio or been received by an awed Top of the Pops audience, it sent cultural shocks across the country. The year 1970 really was the time of Black Sabbath. While their self-titled album was out in February - which was phenomenal success for a debut album - it was the band's second LP, Paranoid, that sent the Birmingham band into the stratosphere. Black Sabbath's appearance on Top Of The Pops was a moment that signaled a change was on the horizon. The other acts they performed alongside were Australian doo-wop group The Delltones and American singer Oliver, best known for his soundtrack for The Musical Hair. It's hard to imagine what it must have been like to have been a young adolescent sitting at home watching Sabbath, a group of Midlands boys who looked and sounded like people you would know personally. John Lennon was the first member of The Beatles to appear on the legendary chart show Top of the Pops since arriving with the Plastic Ono Band in 1966 to perform Instant Karma! It remains one of Lennon's best works to this day, either in or out of one of the biggest bands in the world. As part of the show, the larger acts invited to perform often contributed videos or mock performances, the Beatles for example pre-taped most of their performances on the show. But Lennon was keen to do a live recording of the song, in part because he was desperate to get the single out as soon as possible and didn't have time to shoot a video. The rest of the band had emulated the song, but Lennon's vocals are live. One of the most spirited talents of the past 50 years has now become one of the hottest properties on TikTok as Kate Bush and her song "Running Up That Hill" climb the charts again after being included in Stranger Things. However, it was her debut single, "Wuthering Heights," that really validated the singer as a truly one-of-a-kind artist. Given her penchant for performing, the teenage singer delivered a simple, mesmerizing performance for her debut single. Bush provided perhaps the track's ultimate vision, showing himself to be truly dynamic and artistically daring in every single moment. "They are a four letter word, they are... Blur!" is the phrase that launched a brand new band that would soon take over the decade as the other bookend of our Britpop spectrum. But before they became Oasis' mortal enemies, Blur already found themselves charting with their classic single "There's No Other Way" off their second album "Leisure," which showcased the group as one of the hottest properties around. With this performance, the band threw down the gauntlet and challenged themselves to become heroes of a generation.