'An economic crisis!' Rishi Sunak called for the national insurance increase to be postponed

The self-employed and small business owners have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and with a new variant of Omicron emerging, further difficulties could be imminent. Against this background, the government was asked to reduce the tax burden on workers. (Author: Gardener)

Rishi SunakThe self-employed face troubling months as economic instability emerges. Therefore, the Association of Independent Professionals and Self-Employed (IPSE) has called on the government to act. Specifically, the IPSE has called for the upcoming increase in national insurance to be postponed and the existing taxes to be reduced. As the infection rate of the Omicron variant rises, IPSE has warned that thousands will face financial hardship if the government does not support the self-employed by delaying planned social security increases and reducing the 5 percent VAT rate for the hospitality industry. With individuals scaling back their plans and curtailing their economic activity, as advised by the government, IPSE warned that it is very likely that this will reduce self-employed employment opportunities. As a result, IPSE called for changes to existing tax plans and improvements in government support. IPSE urged the government to postpone the planned implementation of the increase in social security and dividend taxation, which is expected from April. It also called for the five percent sales tax rate on the hospitality industry to be returned. In addition, the DWP has been asked to suspend the minimum income floor for universal loans, which has a direct impact on self-employed applicants. Taking into account the SEISS program, IPSE said the government could also consider designing financial assistance programs to find ways to include previously excluded groups if needed, and the state could provide Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) on retailers. Andy Chamberlain, Director of Policy at IPSE, commented: “IPSE has always said that the Covid pandemic is not just a health crisis, it is also an economic one. Rising infection rates will have a devastating financial impact on freelancers ”and the self-employed who have already lost savings and jobs after previous effects of COVID-19. “The government can reassure our smallest businesses by putting in place a number of measures that will help many get through this difficult time. Because of this we have to. The Chancellor wrote, urged him to take a number of measures that would bring a certain level of confidence to the sector: "Postpone planned tax increases, make universal credit easier to access, more flexibility in loan repayments to ensure that everyone - not workers only - have access to statutory sick pay, and the reintroduction of the five percent VAT rate for the hospitality industry could enable thousands of businesses to survive these extremely difficult circumstances Tax obligations are no longer needed. The tax returns for self-assessment, which are mainly completed by the self-employed, are due by January 31, 2022. While this may seem like a long time, existing evidence suggests many workers will attempt to complete their tax returns during the vacation season and added stress. Last year, 31,400 taxpayers filed self-assessment tax returns between December 24 and 26; with 20,200 tax returns on Christmas Eve, 2,700 on Christmas Day and a further 8,500 on Boxing Day. Many experts have warned not to do so this winter as the government will be difficult to contact over Christmas and it will be difficult to process returns. This is the last thing the self-employed will need, with FreeAgent research showing that over half (51 percent.)) Of small business owners surveyed said they had burned out since the pandemic began, and over a third (35.8 percent.) Percent) stated that they worked longer. With that in mind, FreeAgent said it was "critical" that this group take a "well-needed" break during the holidays. HMRC Releases Self-Assessment Tax Return Update - What You Should Know Fortunately, FreeAgent has released a self-employed guide to help them ensure their tax returns are filed on time. Roan Lavery, CEO and Co-Founder of FreeAgent, commented, "Small businesses and the self-employed have been hardest hit by the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit in the past 24 months." found that more than one in four (26 percent) UK SME owners say Brexit will have a negative impact on their business, with the main consequences of losing customers (57 percent), supply chain problems (43 percent) and higher costs of goods and services (42 percent) and a shortage of skilled workers (16 percent). We also found that over half (51 percent) of small business owners have had an impact on the mental health of small business owners since the pandemic began. Business owners surveyed said they have had burnout and over one since the pandemic began Third (35.8 percent) said they worked longer. It is critical that this group take a much-needed holiday break this year more than ever. ”To ensure workers didn't miss the self-assessment deadline, Mr. Lavery continued to advise business owners who were encouraged to come to the Registering HMRC and giving yourself a few weeks to complete the process. HMRC data showed that by January 31, 2021, more than 10.7 million customers had completed a tax return, 96 percent of whom filed it online - this is the fastest way to complete the process. Workers should also ensure that they have compiled all relevant files. You need to gather all the relevant information before you can file your tax return. If you are a limited liability company shareholder you must also provide evidence of all dividends received during the tax year: "Make sure you visit the HMRC website or get help from a professional accountant or tax advisor to make sure you are all for." Understanding your company's applicable regulations will quickly meet the tax return filing deadline.


Luke McCowan of Dundee on advancing from the championship, Zander Clark's wonderful defense and the confidence it takes to do the daunting task of the Rangers

Dundee winger Luke McCowan loves life in Dens Park right now and says the dark blues will confidently head into the Rangers weekend game. (Author: Gardener)

Luke McCowanLuke McCowan has just entered his third season as a regular first-team player. Now, however, confidence is high, wins are piling up and Dens Park Club is looking up rather than over its shoulder. And McCowan is more than just a schemer on the left who scores goals and is at home in the top division. But even he admits that it went better than he had hoped at the beginning of the season. "That was probably the thought in my head," he admitted. "I know I can reach this level and hopefully continue from here." After beating Aberdeen, McCowan scored his second league goal of the season with another key hit against Motherwell that led to the 3-0 win. And he thought he'd made it two-for-two only when he saw a curling performance by St. Johnstone goalkeeper Zander Clark in Wednesday's 1-0 win. McCowan said, “What a salvation that was. In the end, Zander said how he had put this on the post that he would never find out. “I spoke to the referee but he just said it was a kick. He added, “We transferred the faith from Saturday to Wednesday and just need to carry it on. "We are told, and we know it ourselves, that there is the fighting and the hard work first, then the talent gradually emerges." With their first straight wins this season, Dundee's next game couldn't be harder - a trip to Master Rangers. The Ibrox club has not lost a home game since the pandemic began. McCowan acknowledges how difficult the dark blues' task is this weekend, but it is precisely this kind of challenge that is why he rose from the championship. "We're in good shape but of course we know how tough the Rangers game will be," he added. “You have to go in with confidence. You go into a game and there is no point in thinking that you can't take anything out of it no matter where you go or where you play. “You want to take something out of the game, whether it's a win or a draw. “You just have to hope that day that you play as well as possible and they play as badly as possible. “I previously played in the Youth Cup semi-finals for Ayr at Ibrox - I was there for about four minutes or so. "But I've never played in front of a full Ibrox stadium so I'm really looking forward to it."


Everything you need to know about Dawn French's husband, Mark Bignell

Walk The Line star Dawn French and her second husband Mark Bignell tied the knot over eight years ago (Author: Gardener)

Dawn FrenchWho is Dawn French's husband, Mark Bignell? Walk The Line star Dawn French and her second husband Mark Bignell tied the knot more than eight years ago Get exclusive celebrity deals and behind-the-scenes house tours straight to your inbox every day. Something went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for your subscription. Dawn, 64, joins Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon and Craig David on the show's jury as they seek to find the UK's next musical superstar. The actress is best known for her role on the BBC sketch show French and Saunders and for starring Geraldine Granger on the hit sitcom The Vicar of Dibley. But what do we know about Dawn's off-screen life? Here we take a look at her marriage to husband Mark Bignell. Dawn French is currently appearing as a juror on the ITV show Walk The Line. Get with the daily newsletter from OK! Exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photo shoots delivered to your inbox. Mark Bignell, 55, is a therapist who co-founded the Hamoaze House charity with Dawn's late mother, Roma. Dawn previously told Saga magazine that her husband's work was "calm and reserved" and that "it's best to keep it that way". Dawn met Mark through her late mother, Roma, and he became the executive director of Roma's charity. Dawn married her second husband, Mark, in 2013. The couple started dating and married a year later when they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in 2013. Alison Moyet and Richard Curtis watched them tie the knot. The Vicar of Dibley star previously revealed that Mark didn't know who she was when they first met, telling Saga magazine, "I'm not bragging about, but you actually haven't had a TV in the last 20 years looked years to avoid me, and that's exactly what he'd managed to do. "She also revealed that she wasn't looking for love when she met Mark and was more than content to be alone." And then did I only met him a few days later, of course. "Dawn and Mark now live with their dog Goodie and their cat Mowzer in a £ 3 million house in Fowey, Cornwall. The actress previously dated comedian Sir for 25 years Lenny Henry married, the couple gave up in 2010. Dawn was married to Sir Lenny Henry from 1984 to 2010. Having gotten rid of her signature brown bob haircut and full fringe, the star sported a dramatic, sleek silver hairstyle after her brown locks chopped off and opted for a trendy, cropped look. Walk The Line fans flocked to social media to praise Dawn's stylish look and branded her as "amazing" and "awesome" while on the jury. Walk The Line continues this week at 8 p.m. on ITV. Sign up for our daily newsletter here for the latest celebrity gossip.


What is it like to play for Ralf Rangnick?

Ralf Rangnick is four games in his interim tenure as Manchester United boss, but what can players and coaches expect from the German coach? (Author: Gardener)

Ralf RangnickAfter three games and a handful of training sessions, we're starting to see what Ralf Rangnick's Manchester United will look like. After the news of United's new interim manager broke, the stories of Rangnick's methods - and his impact on world football and counter-pressing as we know it - were well documented. From the conversations with players, coaches and other players who worked with Rangnick or were trained by Rangnick, there is a constant theme that runs through their memories or experiences: Clarity to work with Rangnick for the next six months. Ernst Tanner, the sports director of the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer, worked with Rangnick in Hoffenheim in 2010 and then reconnected with him in Austria after Rangnick became director of football at both FC Salzburg and RB Leipzig in June 2012. better suited than "idiot") ", said Tanner." Basically, if you want to lead without making decisions, it goes wrong. "With Ralf, he has a clear opinion and follows a clear philosophy, so that you can is always clear what to do. "A coaching meeting with Rangnick would be. He is often eager to hear other opinions on a certain topic, but in the end his decision is final:" That creates clarity and people like that, "says Tanner The same applies to his methods when he identifies transfer goals: he looks for certain ones. Once he has found the right man, he throws himself into the search for him. Ranknicks coaching tree is extensive Me and a wide range: The players he played during his stints in Stuttgart (1999-2001), Hanover (01-04), Schalke (04.05.) and Hoffenheim (06.11.) come with a huge list of current coaches, sports directors and Managers, including: Marco Rose (Borussia Dortmund), Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern Munich), Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea), Per Mertesacker (Arsenal), Adi Hutter (Borussia Mönchengladbach). Also coaches with whom he has worked during his management career are Jesse Marsch, Roger Schmidt (PSV Eindhoven) and Ralph Hasenhuttl (Southampton). in trainer function. Jaissle, the former defender, headed the U17 of RB Leipzig from 2014 to 2017 and the U18 of FC Salzburg from 2019 to 2021. As the coach of FC Salzburg, he is now in close contact with Rangnick as a mentor. As Tanner is Jaissle says, one of the most important things he learned from Rangnick is the need to "have a clear vision of what you stand for, what your philosophy is, how you play and what it looks like ... there is no question marks, "" Jaissle told ESPN. Jaissle also learned from Rangnick the importance of focusing on other sports, although his mentor was always interested in the heads of Germany's best hockey coaches such as Bernhard Peters (the Rangnicks academy director and Who left RB Leipzig earlier this month has worked with Rangnick for much of the past six years, having met Rangnick during his interview for the New York Red Bulls job in 2015. The two share a similar one Game philosophy of aggressive counter-pressing football. But on a more p. On a personal level, Marsch learned from Rangnick the importance of the N Keep messages to players as simple as possible. In an interview with ESPN in 2020, Marsch said of Rangnick: "The nice thing about Ralf is that he is really enthusiastic about new ideas. He has a gift." Rangnick also throws everything into coach development and has an unyielding attention to detail, but he expects the same commitment in return. "It's definitely a challenge [to work for Ralf]," said a former colleague. "He is focused on every detail out there, be it in the dressing room or the team management, scouting, video analysis ... he questions everyone about what can be done to get even better. Always on the move O'clock at night has an idea to do things better, he picks up the phone and calls his team manager. That's why he's so successful, he doesn't leave anything to chance. " Rangnick once wanted to scout out a player during the offseason. "He's not mainstream and sometimes he does the opposite of what you expect of him," says Tanner. "But that's Ralf and you have to accept that." When a coach was on vacation and we were exploring, the coach more or less told him the family outing was a priority. Ralf said: 'Yes, but you can go on vacation again after the exploration trip, it's only two days.' Before that, the coach was a bit scared and Ralf said, 'We don't work for Deutsche Post, we work for a club.' "- Stream ESPN FC Daily on ESPN + (US only) Get instant access as long as Rangnick is determined in his views about it How football should be played, those who worked with him adapted his own brand of rock and roll football and made their own tweaks. "Ralf has a special way of thinking about football," Nagelsmann told ESPN. " In Hoffenheim I used Ralf's philosophy: counter-pressing is a very important topic. When Ralf was the coach of Hoffenheim, we were really successful in attacking and counter-attacking in the first season, he improved football at RB Leipzig. "" He gives his coaches feedback in training and in the locker room before the game, at halftime and after the games. ", says Tanner." He always advises how to act and make decisions, according to his philosophy. "Alexander Zorniger, who from 2012 to 2015 is head of the Cypriot team Apollon Limassol, remembers a case from one Promotion campaign in which Rangnick Zorniger asked during a key game if he could speak to the team at halftime, "said Zorniger, who wanted the players to have no illusions about the day-to-day running of the team. "He came up to me the next day and said he had made a mistake." For United coaches like Kieran McKenna who have never worked with him, they will understand how Rangnick's brain works. "It's very challenging to talk to him because you can talk for hours," Zorniger told ESPN. He gives a picture of his thoughts: It's a puzzle with a hundred puzzle pieces. "What it's like to play for RangnickGermany striker Gerald Asamoah played for Schalke under Rangnick in his first term - he headed the Gelsenkirchen team from 2004 to 2005" Rangnick has things done that I had never seen before, "Asamoah told ESPN. He remembers how Rangnick's tactics were different from anything he had seen before from his other coaches, as well as his unique way of performing" He had some crazy ideas. I remember sitting there before a game and he rang the doorbell in the locker room, "said Asamoah. But it worked and we believed in his plans and we did well again. "As a seasoned player, Rangnick also has a remarkable track record in referring young players." He had time to explain things to young players, says Asamoah. "With older players we already have our ideas about how we want to play football, with younger players he can help them see the game the way he wants. He knows how to talk to them, how to teach them, and how "" Rangnick previously pointed out that younger players have a faster recovery process, a thirst for improvement, and a longer attention span. Looking for young players, Rangnick (a qualified teacher) works from this equation when assessing their potential, as described in the book "Mensch" by Jonathan Harding and in the chapter "Natural talent + acquired ability x mentality" = competence ", Yussuf Poulsen is the example that Rangnick uses to confirm this theory: he was identified nine years ago at the age of 18 as someone with huge potential, as RB Leipzig in the German third division and what is now Denmark was international is now a permanent fixture in RB Leipzig's squad in the Champions League. Poulsen spoke about his first meeting with Rangnick in 2013, when he was told exactly how his career would develop together with the success of RB Leipzig. Every prediction worked. "Rangnick is a perfectionist, he thinks of all the little details," said Poulsen. He remembers that Rangnick im Visited his parents' house at the age of 17 to discuss his hopes and prognoses for his career in Hoffenheim. "He showed me which way he wanted to go with me and where he sees my future in the next few years," he says. “He showed me my potential, gave me a career plan and what he wanted to achieve with the team. That's what he stands for: He can really show young players how they can develop. "" Not an easy task in a varied changing room. "He knows what each individual needs to get better," says Jaissle. Asamoah confirms this: " He was a coach who had time for everyone and was like a teacher and knew how to explain the game to you. "With his sense of" clarity ", which helps develop a player's potential." Ralf has a special quality, people to inspire and motivate, "said an ex-colleague. Tanner sees Rangnick's incredible ability to nurture young players due to his ability to" combine knowledge with empathy and the conviction that you are doing the right thing. It's something very strong and gives people courage. "Says ESPN:" It's unbelievable how meticulously he works. He's very detail-oriented and a perfectionist. "What Manchester United To Expect Under Rangnick Rangnick described his philosophy to ESPN in 2020 as" pretty simple "proactive football style," said Rangnick. "We like to push up, with a very intense counter-pressure. It is a fast, proactive, offensive, counter-attacking, counter-pressing, exciting and entertaining football." Rangnick has so far a 4- 2-2-2 formation with United. He will adapt his style to the players but he would not have adopted it if he had thought the players were so far removed from his style of play.Before United won against Crystal Palace, they only had a 45 minute session together, despite Jaissle warns that players will be lining up for "hard" training sessions over the next six months. but they will be intense, you would always know that you trained. [At Hoffenheim] it was mainly shorter repetitions at high intensity - lots of sprints - to lay the foundation for his style of play. ”He is also known for innovative ideas. The well-known story of the countdown clock that he installed in Hoffenheim - it ticks for eight seconds, the time his team has available to regain the ball, and also for 10 seconds, the time his team takes from the defense wants to go on to shoot, from - is "an old one", according to Tanner, but at the time "unique because it was the first time that someone had this idea". the Soccerbot, a machine that simulates previous games and allows players to rethink their actions so they can look for alternative options. As a Salzburg resident, he also introduced an anti-gravity running track and intelligence gym - an exercise program which is aimed at improving cognitive function. After every game, win or lose, his mentality remains the same. Even though we won several games in a row, he still pushed us, "says Oliver Glasner, manager of Eintracht Frankfurt and another Rangnick disciple from his work as assistant coach at Salzburg 2012." He is very demanding, but it never is personally, "added Glasner. He thought we could have scored four or five more goals." Aside from the obvious pressure at such a big club, the biggest challenge Rangnick at United faces is the short-term role of 'manager "to juggle (planned for six months until the end of the 2021/22 season), with the long-term project of the two-year consultancy that is to follow. A former colleague says Rangnick will "evaluate the status quo and analyze the entire setup" and try to implement solutions "not tomorrow, but yesterday". The long-term goal is to create a system that works like a "Swiss watch" without a hitch - but patience is required here. "It is important that the players are open to his new ideas," says Beck. "If every player goes his own way, everyone benefits, from 17-year-olds to world stars, and in the end the whole club."


Louise Minchin's husband-brand star is "so brave" as she fears old injuries may come back to haunt her at the castle

Cast of I'm A Celebrity 2021: What "health concerns" did Louise Minchin address and what happened to the man who stalked her? (Author: Gardener)

Louise Minchin'sTV presenter and "I'm A Celebrity 2021" star Louise Minchin is best known as the BBC breakfast presenter. She left the series in September after sitting on the show's red sofa for two decades. She's now entertaining viewers on I'm A Celebrity 2021, but here are a few things you may not know about the 53-year-old journalist. Louise Minchin was born in Hong Kong but educated in the UK. While at Beeb, she also hosted Sunday Life, Missing Live and The One Show. Read more: I'm a Star: The Most Famous Bushtucker Trials in the Series' 20-Year History Louise was linked to the flagship series BBC Breakfast for 20 years and took over as the main presenter from Sian Williams in 2011. During this time, Louise hosted alongside Bill Turnbull, Charlie Stayt and Dan Walker. Apart from her work, Louise is an enthusiastic hobby triathlete. Louise announced to viewers that she would be leaving BBC Breakfast in early September. She said, “In December it would have been 20 years. It's a big change. It's going to be a big change. It is right for me. I have the most extraordinary anxiety dreams. “I need some space to sleep, some time for things that I enjoy. I'm planning a couple of long swimming laps and start running again. ”Louise later noted that her next project would be on a program about menopause. David made a rare appearance on television during her final episode of BBC Breakfast, along with her father Patrick. He reflected on her time on the show: “I'm in awe, so brave. Louise proved to be a powerful force in the kitchen at Celebrity Masterchef - despite claiming that she was unable to cook before the series began. She's also hinted that the role of camp cook could be the role she thrives in on I'm A Celebrity. Louise said, "I'll give hugs and make the food more edible!" However, she may have competition for the chef from her competitor Kadeena Cox, who won the series in 2021! "Carrying out I'm A Celebrity is a great adventure," said Louise. "It's very different from sitting on the BBC breakfast sofa and it will be scary and daunting, but it will also be great fun." Louise added, "The idea of ​​small, enclosed spaces with roaches and spiders is terrible!" Louise endured ankle problems, partly due to her love of endurance activities, so she needs to remain stable in the castle. As part of her recovery, she even had to take a short break from the BBC breakfast chores. Louise showed the viewers a footprint and revealed, “I had foot surgery to fix it and it is mending now. Commenting on her triathlon injuries in September, Louise's husband David said, “I've seen some of the pain she went through and the surgeries and she was just brilliant. Louise has also previously commented on excruciating pain she experienced during her first pregnancy. Louise and her daughter Mia suffered "extremely alarming" intimidation in July 2020 from a man previously convicted and given a suspended sentence for persecuting Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts. Read more: Where is I'm a Celebrity's castle and can I book a stay there? He was ordered not to mention Louise or Mia on any social media site and will be sentenced on December 15. I'm A Celebrity 2021 starts on Sunday November 21st on ITV at 9 p.m.


Chelsea's system is shorted to Everton and needs to be reset

Thomas Tuchel's team lost their agility in the last third and managed to lose two points to Everton. As injuries and illness increase, the blues could use a break they cannot afford (Author: Gardener)

EvertonAfter a match in which he snorted and snorted furiously from his technical department, berated every wrong decision his team made and wasted passports in a constant monologue, Thomas Tuchel was finally lost. In truth, the pain of the inexplicable tie with the injury-ridden Everton was painfully familiar despite all of Chelsea's relentless, almost machine-like successes under the German. A system that is normally and obsessively perfected cannot avoid the fact that Tuchel's team has been short-circuited in the last few weeks, with their spark spraying again and again in the last third and their defenses being regularly broken. It was a slump hastened by a flurry of injuries and is now getting worse after Covid left four of its strikers in isolation on Wednesday. But despite all these obvious reservations, there can still be few excuses for Chelsea not taking all three points against a second-rate Everton yesterday. Rafael Benitez's side had already been hollowed out after a pathetic run of form and the injuries hit the bare bones before kick-off at Stamford Bridge, with a debut for striker Ellis Simms in the absence of Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison, Demarai Gray, and Andros Townsend. As if there was more need to emphasize the difference in squad depth, Everton didn't even manage to fill all eight seats on the bench. In a first half, which was a constant attack, Chelsea had over 80 percent possession and more than a dozen shots as Everton stumbled, holding wave after wave of attack. Tuchel's side should have been out of sight within minutes after Reece chased James Everton's inexperienced teenage center-back Jarrad Branthwaite and how they continued to fail to break the impasse became a source of despair, especially when Mason missed Mount up close Palette. This is a pattern that has been around for some time, with Chelsea Kommando playing with no killer instinct, and the problem is that familiarity creates contempt and concern. The sense of urgency was palpable in the stands and carried over to the players with every missed opportunity and every extra minute it suffered. After working unnecessarily for well over an hour to finally take the lead, Chelsea gambled it away moments later - the tenth time this season - which was a sign that their recklessness had been weakened by recent setbacks. This season's title race so far has been so relentless that any point lost can feel like a fatal blow. Chelsea are still only four points behind Manchester City and this barely qualifies as a crisis, but they are giving up at an alarming rate and Liverpool are showing no signs of easing either. If Chelsea's incoherence is repeatedly reflected in lost points in the last third, the gap could very quickly become too great to recover. The current chaos and uncertainty surrounding the Premier League, as already exhausted squads continue to be depleted by Covid outbreaks, should in truth give Chelsea some advantage. They have a remarkably deep arsenal to fall back on, as evidenced by the fact that their top three of reserves included Christian Pulisic, Mason Mount and Hakim Ziyech yesterday. "I would be more worried if we were completely out of shape, conceded the first goal and then struggled to come back," said Tuchel of his team's performance. At some point, after such a drum rhythm to her success, it was inevitable that Chelsea's form would eventually falter. The problems caused Tuchel's system to overheat. Much like so many other clubs, Chelsea could use a break that time simply doesn't allow them.


How to watch the Premier League at BT Sport, Norwich vs. Aston Villa online and on TV

Here's how to watch Premier League football on BT Sport. Read on for our guide to everything BT Sport ... (Author: Gardener)

the Premier LeagueBT Sport has the rights to over fifty Premier League 2021/22 football matches, including all midweek games from Tuesday to Thursday of that week. That starts with today's Norwich vs Aston Villa game at 7.45pm and includes Arsenal vs West Ham, Liverpool vs Newcastle, Chelsea vs Everton and the Christmas and New Years games. With the no contract BT Sport Monthly Pass, UK fans can stream BT Sport games for just £ 25 a month. The BT Sports Monthly Pass gives you instant access to all BT sports channels. Remember that you can also use your BT Sport access with a VPN when traveling outside the UK. Of course, football fans in the US do not have access to Premier League games at BT Sport. Instead, US viewers can watch world-class games on NBC through the company's NBC Sports Network, Peacock TV, and USA Networks cable channel. Peacock requires its own subscription (new users get a free 7-day trial) while the other channels are available through cable cutting services like Sling TV and FuboTV, which also offer free trials. Remember: if you are a Peacock, Sling, FuboTV or BT Sport customer, you can always use a VPN to watch your premier soccer games from the US, Australia, UK or wherever you are. Read on for the details of all BT Sport soccer matches 2021-22 and how to watch them from anywhere. BT Sport has the rights to 52 Premier League 2021/22 football matches in the UK, including several major clashes over Christmas and New Years. A BT Sport Monthly Pass costs just £ 25 a month in the UK, making it one of the most affordable ways to watch Premier League football without signing a long-term contract. You can add BT Sport to your plan for just £ 15 per month (plus £ 20 joining fee). Virgin Media customers can watch the football when it is available by subscribing to BT Sport as desired. Virgin Media's Bigger + Sports package includes both Sky and BT television games. Even if you have a subscription to BT Sport, you will not be able to access your Premier League football streams outside of the UK. A VPN creates a private connection between your device so you can access geoblocked websites and save money. 2. Open the VPN app and select the location of the service you want to access. For BT Sports Games, select "UK" for BT Sports. 3. Then go to BT Sport on your browser or device and enjoy the BT Sport Premier League live streams. If for some reason you can't get it to work, remember that with ExpressVPN, you have the convenience of a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also try NordVPN, which also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and Surfshark, which has 24-hour support. You can access BT Sport via your web browser or via the BT Sport app, which offers access to all live BT Sport channels as well as exclusive highlights. The BT Sport app is free for subscribers to the BT Sport monthly pass. BT Sport has the rights to 52 Premier League games this season, but also shows UFC games and Heineken Cup rugby games, not to mention UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and Europa League games. The BT Sport monthly pass gives you full and unrestricted access to all BT Sport channels, making it an affordable way to watch BT Sport Premier League matches. The monthly ticket includes: BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN. It also includes live events on BT Sport Ultimate and BT Sport Extra. At £ 25 a month (30 days) it's fabulous value for money. Your BT Sport monthly pass is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time. Are you ready to blow the final whistle with your BT Sport monthly pass? Simply log into MyBT, find the BT Sport monthly pass and select "Cancel subscription". If you cancel, you can continue to watch BT Sport until the end of your 30-day viewing period. You must cancel your subscription no later than the day before renewal. All of the games listed below are available on BT Sport. Sunday 26 December 2021 Sunday 26 December 2021 Liverpool - Leeds - 11.30am (KO 12.30pm), BT Sport 1 HD & BT Sport Ultimate Aston Villa - Chelsea - 5.30pm, NOW via BT TV Arsenal - Wolves - 12.30pm , Prime Video via BT TV Southampton - Tottenham - 3pm, Prime Video via BT TV Crystal Palace - Norwich - 3pm, Prime Video via BT TV Watford - West Ham - 3pm, Prime Video via BT TV Leeds - Aston Villa - 5.30pm PM, Prime Video via BT TV Leicester - Liverpool - 8pm, Prime Video via BT TV Brentford - Aston Villa - 2pm, NOW via BT TV Chelsea - Liverpool - 4.30pm, NOW via BT TV


Why I Disagree with Billie Eilish on Porn

A lot of things are put on the door of porn that should be put on society instead (Author: Gardener)

beautiful gardenWell done, Billie Eilish. Well done that you spoke openly about your sex life and started this much-needed conversation. "I think porn is a shame," said the singer in a radio interview this week. “To be honest, I used to watch a lot of porn. I started watching porn when I was around 11 ... I think it really destroyed my brain and I'm incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn. “The first few times I had sex, I didn't say no to things that weren't good. I'm so mad that porn is so loved, and I'm so mad at myself that I think it's okay. ”But Billie, there are two things I want to recommend to you and everyone else. It's like using the word "literature" to describe all scriptures. The porn that Billie is referring to is the mainstream male-centered variety that can be found quickly and easily on tube sites like Pornhub. But there are actually plenty of brilliant female, non-binary, and queer pornographers who do innovative, creative porn that is very different. Unfortunately, however, Mindgeek's industry stranglehold (the company that owns Pornhub and virtually every other tube site) doesn't mean the awareness, traffic, and revenue they deserve. The second is that it is not porn. The problem is, in the real world, we're not talking about sex. A lot of things are put on the door of porn that should be put on society instead. I date younger men. When I slept with younger men 14 years ago, I realized that if we don't talk about sex openly and honestly - and not for good - porn becomes standard sex education. In 2009 I started MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP) as a chunky little public service site “Porn World vs Real World” with this TED talk. My talk went viral and generated a huge response that I never expected. I realized that I had uncovered a global social problem that led me to make MakeLoveNotPorn what it is today: the world's first user-generated, human-curated #realworldsex video platform. Pro porn. We are pioneers in a new category that has never been seen on the internet: social sex. We would be what Facebook would be if it allowed you to express yourself socially sexually in an open and healthy way. If porn is the Hollywood movie, MLNP is the documentary - a unique window into how we all have fun, chaotic, wonderful, and loving sex in the real world. The important thing is that I designed MLNP around human curation. Our curators watch every video submitted from start to finish, reviewing every profile post, comment on every video before approving (or rejecting) and posting it, which is why MLNP is the safest place on the web. We solve what Billie Eilish is talking about. We'll show you how wonderful consensual, communicative sex is in the real world; our social sex videos promote good sexual values ​​and behaviors; and we make all of this worth striving for, contrary to what you see in mainstream porn and popular culture. But obviously MLNP is for teens and adults over the age of 18. What about the kids who were Billie Eilish's age when she first started watching porn - 11? Parents have been writing to me since MLNP started and I encourage them to do two things. First, talk to your child about sex as early as possible. I don't mean to “keep the conversation”, but when you first ask where babies are from or play with their genitals, the most important thing is not even what you say, but how you say it. Instead, answer them calmly, directly, and honestly, and you will open a channel of communication with them that is always there as they get older. Second, these days, when you talk to your child about sex, you have to talk to them about porn as well. Just say one version of the following (moving up or down depending on the child's age): “So, honey, we were just talking about sex. Do you know how we watch films, videos and cartoons together, where things happen that are not real? Well, there are movies and videos about sex and they're not real either. Because of this, they can be pretty confusing, and that's why I would prefer you not to see them until you are older. But if someone shows you something like this or you trip over it, come talk to me and I can explain it to you. ”With that said, you did two important things. You told them that porn wasn't real and you told them they can talk to you about it. They'll want them to do that because, like Billie Eilish, what they see can be traumatizing when they stumble upon porn - and they will. But there's a reason Billie Eilish doesn't know MLNP exists and why I couldn't help more people. Myself and my team fight for the growth of MLNP every day, because we cannot every piece of business infrastructure that other technology startups take for granted - the small print always says “No content for adults”. We are banned from advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - which also censor and block healthy sex education content - as well as in traditional media. We all need to encourage more openness to sex in the real world and break down the barriers that prevent it, which also hinder companies like mine that are trying to change this for all of us. Socialize and normalize to talk about sex; bring it into sunlight; Find out what a wonderful, pleasant thing it can be; make it easier for everyone to communicate about sex both in and out of bed; and save millions of young people from going through what Billie Eilish describes. If there is one thing I would ask anyone reading this, it is just this. Do what Billie did: speak openly and directly about sex. At MLNP we call that the Social Sex Revolution: The revolutionary part is not sex, but the social.


What that means now during yet another pandemic holiday - Sunday update

Editor's Note: The original story included a mistaken characterization of the Puerto Rican characters in West Side Story as immigrants, which was removed. We regret the mistake. Sunday AM Update: After the Saturday update for further analysis, update the updated weekend chart (Author: Gardener)

holiday - SundaySunday AM Update: After the Saturday update, update the rooftops over for further analysis, updated weekend charts. It had a Friday of $ 4.1 million including previews, a Saturday of $ 3.8 million, and a weekend of $ 10.5 million. West Side Story will be released with a cinema window, and the results will be below those of any other Broadway musical starring Hispanic and Latino released earlier this year. In the Heights, which fizzled out for $ 11.5 million, made a theatrical and HBO Max day-and-date debut. Now it is natural for the mainstream cinema media to write that a Spielberg film with a production cost of more than $ 100 million (pre-P&A) is a bomb. But we have to take a few breaths and know that even after we poke a few holes here, the endgame for West Side Story is a marathon, not a sprint. This isn't necessarily a replay of Cats, which got an "A" CinemaScore, 88% positive, and 4 1/2 stars on the PostTrak by Comscore / Screen Engine and a from the start with 95M West Side Story over the 2019 Holidays clear recommendation of 70%, together with 93% certified freshness, on Rotten Tomatoes. If there are any “WTF, why did they do this?” Reviews of the West Side Story and its opening weekend, it is definitely Disney's decision to release the film that weekend. West Side Story is a film aimed directly at older women (it attracted 57% women, 52% over 35) and this demo just isn't coming out because of the holiday season and it's coming out even slower because of the pandemic. So, yeah, Disney, why didn't you release the film much closer to Christmas (if the audience really comes out) like Mary Poppins Returns, which debuted on a Wednesday and made $ 15.5 million in 5 days and went on ? to $ 172 million? This pre-Christmas weekend is best reserved for fanboy or event films, as the recent demos have proven. An insider close to the movie tells me that Disney implemented this distribution strategy because they looked at the sleepways of Spielberg's adult films and developed their plan from it. A rival studio boss notes that West Side Story will be fine in the long run, with only two weeks of paid pre-Christmas previews before it really gets going. Specifically from another studio insider, that Disney picked this date for the West Side Story so they could smartly get the PLF and Imax auditoriums they'll lose for Spider-Man: No Way Home next weekend and move forward and build momentum instead of being buried between the MCU movie Matrix Resurrections, Sing 2, etc. With previous fourth quarter releases of Spielberg's Lincoln and The Post, Disney and 20th Century Fox respectively made the wise decision to give those films a limited release before they go far. A limited buzz start for West Side Story before a big bang over Christmas might have been a better course for the remake of the Jerome Robbins-Robert Wise film. Disney evaluated this option, but the feeling was that the limited market is a bit shaky right now, despite hits like UAR / MGM's Licorice Pizza, which grossed $ 1 million on the third weekend. Disney / Searchlight even changed the release schedule for Guillermo del Toro's Nightmare Alley, and instead of limiting this film on December 3rd, they chose Wide the next weekend, again because of the dubious specialty adult cinema. But there are other studio marketing sources who have their doubts about West Side Story, Steven Spielberg's first attempt at a major musical, and that's ... why West Side Story? But there are some who ask, even by pre-pandemic standards, who is this movie for? Moviegoers want to see their stars on screen, and those last three feature musicals - West Side Story, In the Heights, and Dear Evan Hansen - didn't have megawatt stars on screen. Interestingly, the opening day of West Side Story isn't that far from that of Mary Poppins Returns (4.7MM Wednesday. I want to keep composing West Side Story for Greatest Showman, but I'm warned: Hugh Jackman's original musical had, though it did panned by the audience and very much loved, a soundtrack with radio play. West Side Story, despite its humble, classic and breathtaking melodies, has no new radio play songs; and this is a great marketing tool that a musical can carry. What is the difference between West Side Story and Sony's remake of Annie, which opened for $ 15.5 million in mid-December 2015? By the way, that movie had a first Friday of $ 5.3 million and hit just under $ 86 million in the US. Also said Before the weekend began, many industry executives told me that West Side Story would face the same dilemma as In the Heights, and that's just because it is a Latino and Hispanic musical, it does not mean that it will appeal to the general population. West Side Story and In the Heights are stories from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and stories from islanders, stories that don't necessarily resonate with Mexican Americans. For West Side Story, Comscore / Screen Engine's PostTrak shows an audience of 30% Latinos / Hispans, 52% Caucasians, 6% Blacks and 12% Asians / other. Latinos and Hispanic viewers gave West Side Story an 88% rating on PostTrak for 90% of Caucasians. In the Heights, Latinos and Hispanics had a 40% turnout. Much like In the Heights, West Side Story has most of its business in the Broadway capital, New York City, with AMC Lincoln Square and Regal Empire in prime locations on 42nd Street. Box office analyst EntTelligence reports that NYC has twice the national average occupancy this weekend. Eight hundred thousand have bought tickets to the West Side Story to date, and 88% of the film's ticket holders will watch this two-hour, 36-minute film before 8:00 p.m. So far, the average national ticket price has been $ 12.68, while NY movie lovers pay an average of $ 16.87. Others argue that West Side Story is an IP that is simply too old for a cinema audience between 18 and 34 years of age. Cynics about the performance this weekend tell me that even if Disney tries to energize the young crowd out there for this movie over the next few weeks, it will face a lot of competition in terms of musicals: Illumination / Universal's Sing 2 on Wednesday , December 22nd. I was told that Disney has booked theaters for the next three weeks and plans to see over the vacation. Though West Side Story is out of tune, it's not like nobody's going to the movies: the projections I'm hearing for Spider-Man: No Way Home next weekend are enormous, some comparing them to the domestic launches of the youngest stars Wars Films ($ 150M +). iSpot reports that nearly $ 10 million has been spent on TV advertising since late November, while Disney spent $ 21 million on West Side Story, which began putting ads in mid-November. Disney ran ads for West Side Story on Hallmark, ABC, NBC, Freeform and Fox, in shows like NFL games, Good Morning America, The Voice, Today and college football. But when assessing these adult films, we must remember: these films were released to a different audience at a different time, and these films come out much later in a market that is still being hit by a pandemic. At the end of the day, a streaming release from West Side Story would have been a more prudent financial choice, right? In a war between cinematic aesthetics and economics, uh, no: West Side Story was meant for the big screen, and you have to see it to experience it; the dance numbers have a visual immersion on par with Avatar. And with that in mind, with studios getting drunk with streaming, it's clear they're working on a business model where the value of content and how it's monetized doesn't necessarily have to be subject to the old rules of a first-theatrical movie theater. But before you bomb the West Side Story, what's the loss to Netflix on a $ 200 million betting game like Red Notice? With 354 million hours worldwide, this is the streamer's most-watched film of all time. STX, which successfully parted ways with the financial chaos of Eros earlier this week, launched the Ric Roman Waugh-directed football movie National Champions that follows a star quarterback who lit a players strike hours before the biggest game of the year to fight for fairness Remuneration, equality and respect for the student athletes. STX releases their films by different means than they did before the pandemic, with PVOD and the sale of additional streaming windows saving them with every picture. National Champions was priced at $ 8 million prior to P&A and is being released here in 1,197 theaters at a discount before its PVOD release. The picture grossed $ 120,000 on Friday, $ 107,000 on Saturday, and $ 74,000 today for a first weekend of $ 300,000. Theatrically, it's nothing special as most of the picture's money comes from the south, south, and west. But it's all about getting this film out, so its home release is tied to the National Championship game in January, the height of the NFL and the on-demand holiday season. PostTrak showed a low rating of 63% from moviegoers and 45% recommend from ticket buyers, 68% relying on men, with 47% of the movie's audience being over 45 years old. The film made $ 84,000 on Friday en route to an opening of $ 257,5,000. A24's Red Rocket about a washed-up pornstar returning to his small Texas hometown has booked six runs in NYC and LA, with respectable results of an estimated $ 40,000 on Friday, $ 96,6,000 over the weekend for a theatrical average of $ 25.6K. Streamers with cinema titles that hide their bulk in Comscore include Netflix with the Adam McKay-directed big star ensemble Don't Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, etc. at 500 locations, including Alamo , Cinemark and Harkins are among the celebrities, with an opening weekend worth $ 26,000 on Friday and $ 700,000. Amazon's Aaron Sorkin directed Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's feature Being the Ricardos, looks to be an estimated $ 150,000 on Friday and $ 450,000 for the weekend with 400 runs. AMC has almost half of these locations, with Cinemark and Harkins also playing the film. The film debuts on December 21 on Amazon Prime. Sources told me the numbers for Don't Look Up and Being the Ricardos were consistently soft. Friday Morning Update: 20th Century Studios / Ablin / Disney’s West Side Story grossed $ 800,000 in Thursday night previews that started at 5:00 p.m. at 2,820 locations last night. Industry forecasts for Steven Spielberg's first feature musical are between $ 12 million and $ 17 million. West Side Story Thursday night coincides with Universals Dear Evan Hansen's, who also grossed $ 800,000 in 2,700 theaters when the shows started at 7:00 p.m. didn't report previews for his Lin-Manuel Miranda musical In the Heights in June, but I was told that Jon M. In the Heights had the opening weekend with 11.5 million days and dates on HBO Max). Though technically not an exact composition, West Side Story Thursday night beats the pre-pandemic pre-pandemic pre-pandemic pre-pandemic 2015 preview of Steven Spielberg's pre-pandemic thriller Bridge of Spies before the $ 15.3 million opening -Dollars. It's true, Dear Evan Hansen has a box office opening of 7.4 million. But that was a completely different song even though it was also over 2 hours long like West Side Story: Dear Evan Hansen was too depressing for one Pandemic audience looking for escapism and hit 30% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics. West Side Story is a big big screen dance number, with lots of songs that tap on your toes for you to hum as you leave the theater. It's already armed with the awards season buzz and 93% freshly certified by critics. Aside from opening in a marketplace where adults are still wary of Covid, the Christmas time distractions are e.g. Usually the only films that show a sign of life before Christmas are event titles like Jumanji: The Next Level and Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. For an adult demo musical that is a remake of a Hollywood classic before Christmas, you can't expect big revenue, even before the pandemic. I hear Disney plans to take the whole vacation on West Side Story and make this a place to sleep. Who would have thought that The Greatest Showman, which also opened before Christmas and had an award-winning awards season of $ 13.5 million for 5 days, and the film wasn't even based on a Broadway IP. I was told by a rival sales executive yesterday that it's hard to get screens for the holiday season this year, and again, Disney's way to get ahead is likely to be Disney's way ahead of Spider-Man: No Way Home next weekend World conquered, I am now hearing well over $ 150 million for this Sony / Disney / Marvel team. Disney's Encanto tops all of the regular titles that were released yesterday at an estimated $ 794,000 in 3,980 theaters for a two-week running grand total of $ 61.9 million. Fathom Events' Christmas With the Chosen ranked second with $ 767,000 for a week with $ 7.5 million and a running grand total of $ 12.3 million. MGM / UAR's House of Gucci finished third Thursday for $ 692,000, a second week of $ 10.1 million, and a running grand of $ 36.97 million prior to its third weekend. Sony's Ghostbusters: Afterlife ends its third week at $ 13 million, up from nearly $ 600,000 on Thursday with a running grand total of $ 104.9 million.


Dan Walker on Strictly Curse Rumors with Nadiya after THAT backstage cuddling

STRICTLYS Dan Walker lifted the lid on the uproar that led to his cuddling party with dance partner Nadiya Bychkova - and said, "I felt much better afterwards." The couple shared a comforting moment b ... (Author: Gardener)

Dan WalkerSTRICTLYS Dan Walker lifted the lid on the commotion that led to his cuddling with dance partner Nadiya Bychkova - and said, "I felt much better afterwards." The couple shared a reassuring moment backstage, with Dan admitting, " I just had to hug someone. "I had to free myself emotionally from everything that I had replenished during the week." Married Dan, 44, had been cut up by the death of a buddy and sought solace in the beauty Nadiya, 32, because the Covid rules prevented them from approaching others. He added, “There was only one person in the entire production that I was allowed to touch that night and that was my partner. “I needed someone to hug, and it literally was. She said nice things and I felt a lot better. We all need that sometimes. ”Cruel gossip suggested that the hug was longer and that the Strictly Curse had hit BBC Breakfast Host Dan's marriage to Mrs. Sarah, mother of their three children. But Dan insisted that he and Ukrainian-Slovenian star Nadiya were just friends, and Chinese whispering on the set of the show was "disappointing". Dan got upset after filming a Football Focus special on the tenth anniversary of his friend, Welsh boss Gary Speed's death. And he'd burst into tears at Elstree Studios after seeing the touching tribute he shot that week. 🔵 Read our live Strictly Come Dancing blog for the latest updates. In an exclusive conversation with The Sun, Dan revealed: “Man is alive, I was somehow broken. It was the busiest week of my life and the most emotional. “But then the show aired on Saturday November 28th and everyone was so nice. “People who have been affected by their suicidal tendencies contacted me to tell how it had helped them. "Then Gary's sister texted her to say 'thank you' and what exactly the family wanted was like." He said, “The rumors were about us. I know this happens every year on Strictly, and there have been cases of what is called the curse in the past, and it's only on TV. But it's just not nice. "Dan had been the last person to interview ex-Leeds winger Speed, and the two had grown closer. He was in church when the news of Speed's death was at his house in Cheshire and said, "Anyone who's been through this thinks, 'Is there something I could have done? Could I have said something? Could I have been a better friend?' " After making it through the odds in Strictly's quarterfinals, Dan quickly paid tribute to his ballroom partner, a two-time world champion. The night they were eliminated, he described them as someone who "turned on some of the lights" in his life. The couple constantly posted loving pictures on the internet, fueling rumors from fans desperate for more Strictly scandal. Dan, who left Football Focus earlier this year after 12 years at the helm, has been happily married to Sarah for 20 years. The two met during their time together at Sheffield University. He admits the couple spoke about the curse phenomenon when he knew his professional partner would be Nadiya. Dan giggled as he described the 5-foot-9-inch dancer as “not a walrus” and added, “When Sarah saw who I was working with, we laughed at it. Obviously you're discussing these things, the curse, but it wasn't a long discussion. “I think we tried to make it light-hearted in order to have fun with it. “But on the first Monday I trained with Nadiya, she came over and had dinner with my family. "So no, to answer your question, it was never a problem to be paired with Nadiya. And I think from the moment we first met, Nadiya and I knew we would get along. Dan quoted a Viennese waltz that the couple performed as one of their most cherished dances to the Billy Joel hit She’s Always a Woman - one of Sarah’s favorite songs. He said Nadiya choreographed it with Sarah in mind. The ballroom star, engaged to the Slovenian soccer player Matija Škarabot, 33, also supported Dan's daughter Susie (14) with her dance moves and gave tips. Dan said he loved his time on the show and lost a quarry thanks to their rehearsals and appearances. He laughed, "I made it through 11 weeks without even using the J-word!" After his eviction, Dan received over 8,000 direct messages from fans - 99 percent "overwhelmingly positive and nice". After writing the bestselling Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Lives, Dan will be releasing a sequel next year. His rigorous success has resulted in several exciting new offers, and he says his dream job is running a quiz show. So, as ex-breakfast host Susanna Reid once claimed, would Dan "make the BBC bleed if he was cut open"? “I feel like one of those footballers who dodges when you ask if he's going to take a big step somewhere. I like to talk to people. I like an exciting challenge and love live television more than anything. "I would love to do some television that makes a difference - to shed some light on some of the people doing amazing things."