Alec Baldwin denies claims he asked for a larger gun on the set of Rust

Alec Baldwin returned to Twitter on DENY, claiming he requested a larger gun when New Mexico police asked to search his iPhone prior to the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust. (Author: Gardener)

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin today tweeted that he requested a larger Colt gun prior to the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust after the New Mexico sheriffs of Sante Fe issued a search warrant for his iPhone. The 63-year-old actor tweeted an article from Newsweek claiming he requested a larger gun before accidentally shooting. "That's actually a lie," wrote Baldwin via the article link. “My selection of props for the film RUST was made weeks before production started. Claiming any changes were made "before fatal shooting" is wrong, "he added. His tweet came after New Mexico police issued a warrant for his iPhone following the fatal shooting on October 21. The one from A search warrant requested from the Santa Fe sheriffs authorizes police to review all text messages and photos on the actor's iPhone, as well as any stored location information, as part of their investigation. Baldwin was seen on his phone shortly after the shooting. Judge David Segura, a judge in Santa Fe, approved the motion Thursday afternoon. Detective Alexandria Hancock - referred to as "fiancée" on the warrant - said they had asked Baldwin to hand over his phone, but the actor and his lawyers said they would go first need an arrest warrant. ”Affiant called him and his attorney for Alec's phone and was ordered to receive an arrest warrant, "the warrant request said. In the warrant request, Hancock detailed what she wanted from Baldwin's phone - a list of his contacts, call recordings, photos, videos, and text messages. "Affiant is pending an arrest warrant for the seizure and search of Alec Baldwins 'cell phone in search of evidence related to the investigation into Halyna Hutchins' death," the warrant said. “Affiant believes there may be evidence over the phone that people may have used cell phones during and / or after the commission of crimes. “Such information, if any, may be material and relevant to this investigation. 'Affiant was also made aware that several emails and text messages were sent and received during interviews regarding the film production' Rust '.' According to the search warrant, Baldwin told police that he had exchanged emails with the film's armourer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, to learn what type of weapon would be used in the film. Baldwin, 63, had received the antique pistol for the crime scene and was told it was "cold" - not loaded. He rehearsed a scene where he pulled his gun and said in an interview with ABC on Dec. 2 that he never pulled the trigger, but the gun went off anyway. Hutchins, a 42-year-old cameraman, was shot dead. The film's director, Joel Souza, was shot in the shoulder and survived. It's unclear why it took so long for New Mexico police to seize Baldwin's phone. The actor has insisted that he cooperate fully with the investigation. Baldwin gave an emotional interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on December 2, in which he said he didn't pull the trigger and felt no guilt for believing he didn't do anything wrong. It's loud, ”he said. After the interview, the New York Post's Jon Levine attempted to question the actor about the claim. Baldwin refused to get engaged, and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, repeatedly urged the journalist to leave and "please go away," pointing her cell phone camera at him. Levine met the couple when they were leaving Woody Allen's townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When Levine didn't stop asking questions about the shootings, Alec rushed over to him while grabbing his umbrella and yelling that he couldn't be on anyone's private property. He did not contact the reporter, who pointed out that the sidewalk was actually public property. Baldwin spoke of his devastation in Hutchins' death and recognized her as a wonderful camerawoman and a great person. He told Stephanopoulos that he didn't know about her death until hours later, at the end of his police interview, in the sheriff's parking lot in Santa Fe. He said he was told by "knowledgeable people" that it was "very unlikely" that he would be prosecuted. "Someone is responsible for what happened and I can't tell who it is, but it's not me," Baldwin told Stephanopoulos. “Honestly to God, if I thought I was responsible I might have killed myself. He also took a punch on former President Donald Trump, his media enemy, whom he impersonated on Saturday Night Live, for claiming he "loaded the gun himself". “He said I did it on purpose. Just when you think things can't get more surreal, the President of the United States is commenting on this tragic situation. ' After the interview was broadcast on Instagram, Baldwin posted a photo of him weighing one of his six young children. “No matter what happens to me. No matter what I suffer. Nobody can take away the joy and love you gave me @hilariabaldwin, ”he wrote. But you gave me a reason to live Baldwin first described in detail the immediate aftermath of the October 21 accident. He was filming a scene in a church on the set of the film when he was given the gun. “She asks me to position the weapon - everything depends on her direction. I pull the gun to its mark. This was a completely random take that may not have ended up in the film. ' Baldwin says he cocked the gun and spoke to Hutchins about what she looked like on camera. The gun goes off. The gun goes off. “Nobody was - the gun should be empty. I was told I was given an empty gun. 'She goes down, I thought to myself,' Has she passed out? ' The thought that there was a live cartridge in this weapon only dawned on me "probably 45 minutes to an hour later". He added, "Well, she's lying there, and I say," Did cotton wool hit her? Sometimes these empty cartridges have a piece of cotton wool inside that can be wrapped up, like a cloth that encloses the gunpowder. Sometimes cotton wool comes out, it can hit people, and it might feel like a little sting. Because remember that the idea that someone put a sharp bullet into the gun wasn't even a reality. "" I never pulled the trigger. Dave Halls, the assistant director, who watched, confirmed Baldwin's report through his attorney for "about 60 seconds" and was then taken out. Was she conscious? ' asked Stephanopoulos. "My memory is," said Baldwin. He said, "Nobody had any idea" that live ammunition was being used until a police officer showed a photo of the shrapnel from Souza's arm. He said then began “the agony, madness, of someone putting a sharp bullet into the gun. She lay there and she was there for a while. I was amazed at how long they weren't put in or out of a car, but they waited until a helicopter came, "he said." And when the helicopter took off with her, we were literally all fed up with the process outside. She kept saying it's stable, just like you don't think there's a sharp bullet in the gun, don't think it's going. “Be a fatal accident.” At the end of my interview with the Sheriff's Department, they said 'We regret to tell you that she didn't make it,' they told me on the spot. ' He added, "So I went outside and called my wife."


Sheridan Smith's incredible new look after three hours of transformation

Fans will have a double mindset after seeing Sheridan Smith in her latest TV role as the mad fairy tale witch (Author: Gardener)

Sheridan Smith'sSheridan Smith looks unrecognizable after three hours of metamorphosis for a new show Fans will make a double take after seeing Sheridan Smith in her latest TV role as the crazy fairy tale witch wrong, please try again later. But now the all-rounder Sheridan Smith is doubling the fans to recognize her in her latest costume. Because the star, who, among other things, ran the dog care talent show Pooch Perfect in his last jobs, had to transform himself into a witch on the make-up chair for three hours a day for this year's Sky fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel: After Ever Nach. It was co-written by David Walliams, who plays the troll, and appeared in Jack and the Beanstalk alongside Sheridan last year. David Walliams co-wrote and starred the celebratory film. Get with the daily newsletter from OK! Exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photo shoots delivered to your inbox. “That was three hours of makeup,” recalls Sheridan, recalling the filming that took place a few weeks after filming Jack and the Beanstalk last year. “My call time was 4am every morning to be bewitched. There was a fake nose and this thing called Wrinkle Stimple. They squeeze you and it transforms your face. It's brilliant, big pockets, false teeth. Sheridan is unrecognizable in her form -up In fact, the transformation was so dramatic that not only the fans were amazed. Even Sheridan's nearest and dearest were deceived! "It doesn't look like me," laughs Sheridan. "I have a picture for my mom and she said, 'It's not you.' Even my mother couldn't see me in it. " But while some stars admit that spending a long time in the makeup chair before a long day of shooting is a chore, Sheridan didn't complain. "But I didn't mind the early make-up beginnings," she admitted. You come in and sit on the chair and they'll tackle you. Then you open your eyes and a witch stares back at you. " But the 40-year-old star, who recently retired from appearing on the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special after being in a car accident during Storm Arwen, announced that she has changed her plan to get son Billy on set to see her in costume. "He was originally supposed to be on set, but then he would have got stuck in the trailer with all the Covid regulations and the set was pretty far from that, so I would have seen him very rarely anyway," says the actress, who split this summer with Billy's father Jamie Horn together. I did FaceTiming him at home, I wanted to see Billy, but I didn't want him to see me all made up. He couldn't understand hearing Mama's voice, but seeing this terrible creature on the screen. ”So Sheridan plans to keep this special fairy tale to share with her boy, who is only one when he's a little older . Hopefully when he's older? "I'll see it and say, 'It's not you, mom' or maybe he just says, 'This is my mom,' which would be a worry!" Hansel & Gretel: After Ever After will be premiered on Thursday, December 23rd at 8 p.m. on Sky Max. For more TV gossip, contact OK!


Stacey Solomon's Loose Women return date has been confirmed after Rose was born

Stacey Solomon will be back on our screens very soon when she returns to the ITV show (Author: Gardener)

Stacey Solomon'sStacey Solomon will be back on our screens very soon when she returns on the ITV show Get daily celebrity exclusives and behind-the-scenes tours delivered to your inbox. Something went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for subscribing, so you'll be thrilled to hear that Stacey is making her very welcome comeback on the ITV lunchtime show in a few days - and she's bringing her daughter too. The 32-year-old TV star, who gave birth to Rose in October, will be along with her Loose Women co-stars for a special addition to the show, which will air on Christmas Eve (December 24th). Stacey, who recently featured on the fan-popular BBC lifestyle series Sort Your Life Out, will sit side by side with her fiancé Joe Swash for a joint interview with Little Rose. Stacey Solomon will be back with Loose Women soon Receive exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photo shoots delivered to your inbox with OK! 'S daily newsletter. In the short video, host Ruth Langsford tells Loose Women fans what to expect from the festive addition before adding, "Also, Stacey and Joe will be over for their first TV interview with Baby Rose." The married to Eamonn Holmes TV presenter continues: "These are Loose Women on Christmas Eve at the special time at 10 o'clock." The couple will join Loose Women ladies Stacey and Joe. The appearance of Stacey and Joe marks a year since their engagement when Joe fell on one knee in a magical forest Christmas Eve proposal. Previously, Stacey had spoken of the romantic moment: "We were all in the house, it was Christmas Eve, I had made everyone wear gnome sweaters." She continued, "We walk in the woods behind our house every day, it was a lockdown savior ... and Joe said," Come on, we have to go for a Christmas Eve walk. "Stacey is currently VIP on maternity leave with daughter Rose and see you all of our exclusives - for free! Stacey went on to say that while Joe tried to push her out of the house, he was ignoring his plans. However, as the reality of the situation dawned on her, Stacey said the emotions of the moment overwhelmed her. Stacey explained, "As soon as he said my full name he said 'Stacey Solomon' and I thought it was happening, it was finally happening to me and that was it." Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash got engaged on Christmas Eve 2020. He said, 'Guys, what should she say?' Then I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, get up! "” For more stories about Stacey Solomon and her family, sign up to our daily OK! Loose Women airs on ITV at 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve


Sheffield Wednesday Christmas record including legendary Newcastle United win

A look back at how Wednesday evolved over the past five seasons over the holidays (Author: Gardener)

SheffieldFrom win at Newcastle United to Burton Albion shocker: Sheffield Wednesday's festive record A look back at Wednesday's past five festive seasons Glenn Loovens scored a memorable winner in Sheffield Wednesday's win at Newcastle United on Boxing Day The holidays in the football calendar are always a crucial point in the campaign. The games are tight and fast for every team and they can often help shape the second half of a team. Sheffield Wednesday is a team that failed. Their game at Accrington Stanley this weekend has been postponed due to an outbreak at the club. But regardless, here's a look at the owls record for the past five years at Christmas, especially the games from Boxing Day through New Year's. Although Wednesday was finally relegated from the championship last season, the holidays were actually very successful. On Boxing Day, Adam Reach's goal helped them score a respectable point on the road at Blackburn Rovers ahead of two consecutive home games. The festive time on Wednesday of the previous season could not have been any different than the 2020/21 season. The owls finished third at Christmas and were well positioned to advance, but three consecutive losses were a sign of what was to come in the second half of the season. On Boxing Day, Garry Monk's side were beaten 3-2 by Stoke City before they suffered two straight home defeats to Cardiff and Hull City. That series of results marked the start of a major breakdown as they finished the season in 16th place. After a disappointing first half of the season, Wednesday went 17th in the championship into the 2018/19 Christmas season. The Owls beat Boro 1-0 at Riverside before drawing 1-1 in a row in their next two games against West Bromwich Albion and Birmingham City. The 2017-18 holidays for the owls were especially weird given the mixed results. But the next two games couldn't have gone worse, losing 2-0 in Brentford and a humiliating 3-0 loss to Burton Albion in Hillsborough. During the festive season of the 2016/17 season, Wednesday achieved one of her best championship results of all time. Occupying the final play-off spot, the Owls traveled to St James' Park to face Newcastle United and put in an outstanding performance to claim a 1-0 win that could in truth have been much more . However, Wednesday had to settle for two straight draws after that win in the Northeast, a 1-1 at Preston North End, before the Wolves held it to a 0-0 draw. The 2016/17 season was the last real quality campaign in the second division on Wednesday and secured fourth place.


"Here's what happened when I tried Holly Willoughby's skincare routine"

So I decided to spend a couple of weeks doing the skin care products she swears by. That's how I got on. (Author: Gardener)

Holly WilloughbyFrom uploading her outfit-of-the-day pics from This Morning to her viral DIY hair color tutorial, it seems like everyone wants to know what Holly Willoughby regularly shops ... so we can buy it, too. And while I'm sure genetics has a lot to do with it, there's no denying that the queen of daytime TV has pretty great skin. Case in point: Holly with a fresh face posted a few hours ago showing her skin in the morning without make-up and seriously radiant while her laboratory dozes by her side. To share her secrets with you, I scoured the archives and found Holly Willoughby's skin care routine. See what she used below (and how my skin reacted) ... Sure, Holly is the face of the brand - but who doesn't love Garnier Micellar Water? I will always use a second product to thoroughly cleanse my skin (which Holly sure does too) but as a first quick makeup remover or skin freshener in the gym, micellar water does the job and this Garnier product ticks all the boxes . Eye creams can split opinions - do we really need one? But Holly apparently swears by eye-specific products. Holly spoke live that morning, admitting her love for Liz Earle's eyebright soothing eye lotion. Holly explained that she soaks two cotton pads in the formula before holding it over her eyes for at least 30 seconds. "I use it every morning ... I feel like it just reduces this redness and puffiness, it has some nice natural things in there too." Not only that, she's also a huge fan of The Ordinary's Eye Caffeine Solution. Makeup artist Patsy O'Neill (who worked with Holly the time she was calling I'm A Celebrity ... down. O'Neill also revealed Holly's favorite moisturizer on Instagram - an antioxidant-rich free radical formula from pestle & Mortar. Now it's no secret that I'm very much in stock that people should ditch their moisturizer and invest in a great serum instead (Shiseido's Ultimune will always be my only true love) but I was willing to do so on behalf of True to try beauty journalism. Packed full of peptides and cleverly placed in an airtight container to keep the paraben free formula stable, this moisturizer really donates like a serum. As someone who works in the beauty industry, I am told every day how important it is is to wear SPF. Unsurprisingly, Holly seems to have heard the same advice as me - and not just that, she also uses the same dermatologist favorite: Heliocare SPF. In addition to thorough daily skin care, Holly likes to treat her skin to an occasional facial. Celebrity facial caregiver Claire Marie Peters (who also worked with Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne) took to Instagram to share what she used on Holly's skin. Holly Willoughby really has amazing skin to work with! Today we made my signature facial treatment with an outstanding result as a driven cocktail of radio frequency, photon light therapy, micro needling, skin care products, antioxidants and 111skin bio-cellulose mask. 111skin bio-cellulose mask. Holly is apparently a huge fan of facial sprays, which works for me too, because I am too. Speaking to beauty journalist Madeleine Spencer on her Beauty Full Lives podcast, Holly revealed that her must-have beauty purchase was Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. “For everyone who gets up very early in the morning or just needs a splash of life, there is this beautiful brand called Caudalie - and the product is called Beauty Elixir. It's a spray - I think it's like a spray-toner, "she told the audience. The moisturizing mist is ideal for hydration on the go - perfect for spraying over or under makeup. I pretty much understand that Holly received a lot of the same advice from makeup artists and facials that I got in the beauty business. From the dermatologist-beloved Heliocare to the iconic Caudalie face mist, it's pretty obvious my bathroom cabinet isn't all that dissimilar to Hollys. And after two weeks with the products she swears by? My skin looks pretty good for that. According to Holly's make-up artist Patsy O'Neill, the star uses shade 05 Surratt Surreal Skin Foundation Wand to achieve this dewy, flawless finish. O'Neil has also announced that she is using The Ordinary's recently launched concealer, available in a staggering 36 shades, for Holly's eye area. You might like it too


Meet Chris Daukaus, the cop who quit his job to become a UFC star

The UFC made an aggressive match for Chris Daukaus, who was only a part-time fighter until December 1. On Saturday, Daukaus will meet Derrick Lewis, who fought for the interim heavyweight title in his final fight for the interim heavyweight title, at the main event of the UFC Fight Night in Apex. Daukaus quit his job as a police officer in Philadelphia on December 1st to focus on an MMA career. (Author: Gardener)

UFCLAS VEGAS - The UFC delivered an aggressive match to Chris Daukaus, who was only a part-time fighter until December 1st. On Saturday, Daukaus will meet Derrick Lewis, who fought for the interim heavyweight title in his final fight for the interim heavyweight title, at the main event of the UFC Fight Night in Apex. Daukaus quit his job as a police officer in Philadelphia on December 1st to focus on an MMA career. He's 4-0 in the UFC with four knockouts, three of which came in the first round. However, his background gave Lewis a little extra motivation, who changed his life after he was released from prison 13 years ago. And he noted that he isn't very interested in losing to a cop, despite yelling at several nameless Houston cops who made him slip after being stopped for speeding. "Whenever you fight a cop, you don't want Rodney King on ESPN," Lewis said on media day with a crooked grin on his face. “You have to go out there and fight hard, man. He knows Daukaus, whose brother Kyle is a UFC middleweight, is going to fight hard. Daukaus saw fighting as a part-time job and didn't always give all he had. He would skip training if it meant doing some overtime, and he didn't see himself necessarily being brought to the forefront of the sport. Chris Daukaus poses for a portrait after his win at UFC 266 in September (Mike Roach / Zuffa LLC) As he rose to prominence, he realized he had the opportunity to do something special in the sport. And while a job in the police force brings a lot of stability, including regular paychecks and a host of perks like health insurance, the UFC heavyweight champion will do things for a man that no police job could ever do. At first, however, Daukaus knew he had to change the way he approached the fight. "Especially early in my career, before I started taking it seriously, I skipped overtime training or all those little things at work that would make me extra money," said Daukaus. Lewis said he didn't start seeing Daukau's fights until he was offered the fight against him. He said he was impressed. Daukaus is black belted in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but 11 of his 12 career wins were by knockout. "We're heavyweights and anything can happen," he said. Daukaus has great respect for Lewis as a fighter. Lewis has 20 knockouts among his 25 career wins and his 12 KOs in the UFC tie him to Matt Brown for the advertising record. Chris Daukaus celebrates his KO against Shamil Abdurakhimov in the heavyweight fight at UFC 266 in September (Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC). But he still said he would take it any day to fight someone like Lewis instead of what he used to do as a police officer. When asked what was scarier about facing a tough thug like Lewis or responding to a domestic disturbance phone call, he didn't hesitate. "The domestic call is far [more terrifying]," said Daukaus. “With Derrick Lewis, at least I know what he's going to do. When making a national call, they're one of the most dangerous calls you can make. And they don't want their person locked up, so you're the enemy next. Daukaus trains at the Martinez BJJ Fitness Center in Philadelphia, which he believes is the best team in the world and has prepared him in a unique way to be successful at the highest level of the sport. He expects to see a desperate, dangerous opponent as Lewis has lackluster performance in his loss to Ciryl Gane. Lewis admitted that he was overwhelmed with pressure battles in his hometown and not shown the way he wanted. The fight with Gane had been 13 years to the day since he was released, and he thought winning the title that day would have been an incredible story. He didn't act like he did before the fight. Daukaus expects Lewis to be in tip top shape but is confident nonetheless. "I'm surrounded by great people and I'm just beginning to see what I can do in this sport," he said.


No Way Home 'contains 2 scenes in the credits that you absolutely have to watch. Here's what they mean for future Marvel films.

The latest Marvel movie, directed by Jon Watts, marks Tom Holland's sixth appearance as a webslinger, paving the way for upcoming MCU stories. (Author: Gardener)

Marvel* Warning: There are major spoilers in place for Marvel's Spider-Man: No Way Home. * There are two additional scenes after the end of the movie, one of which indicates that Spider-Man is going up against Venom. * We're also getting a teaser trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel's latest film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, has two must-see end credits. When you see the Jon Watts film that marks Tom Holland's sixth appearance as a web slinger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), stick around for an end credits scene and teaser trailer - both of which give a clue as to what Spidey and the are MCU expected in the future. At the end of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," we left Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his symbiotic buddy Venom captivated by the sight of Spider-Man on a television screen after they were suddenly transported from their earth to earth in the Peter Parker (Tom Holland) lives. We now know that her multiverse journey was traced back to the events in "No Way Home". In the first credits scene of "No Way Home" we find Brock in a bar who patters the bartender with questions about the MCU, the Blip and Thanos. Obviously, the scene takes place just moments before Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) casts a spell that will make anyone in the multiverse return to their home timeline. We learned from Let There Be Carnage that just a small piece of symbiote can cause big problems. Cletus Kassady (Woody Harrelson) bit Brock in the movie, causing him to ingest some of the alien goo and lead to the creation of Carnage. It is likely that the symbiote at the bar will invade someone's system and Spider-Man will have to face him. In "No Way Home", Ned (Jacob Batalon) swears to Peter that he will never turn against him and become a villain. He says this after learning what happened to Spider-Man's best friend in the Tobey Maguire films - James Franco's Harry Osborn died in Spidey's arms. But that was before what Doctor Strange does in the finale of the film. At the end of "No Way Home," to keep more multiverse characters from completely messing up Manhattan, Strange casts a spell that will make everyone forget who Peter Parker is, including his best friend Ned. So when we run with it, it's perfect for Ned to be the one that piece of the Venom symbiote is clinging to, and now Parker has to take on his best friend - who doesn't know he's Parker's best friend . This also helps Sony / Marvel Studios produce another movie or two before Brock and Venom finally face Parker. However, longstanding fan theory suggests that Ned will take inspiration from the comics and become a well-known Spidey archenemy, Hobgoblin. Batalon, Holland and Zendaya responded to the theory in a promotional video for "No Way Home" that was shared prior to the movie's release. It's unclear exactly what moment Holland was referring to - perhaps the scene where Ned assures Peter that he won't turn into a supervillain and kill him, leading to their exchanging strange looks - but Ned's plot in " No Way Home “suggests that perhaps his potential future in the MCU could involve magic. There are a few details in the film that could lay the groundwork for a bigger plot with Ned. When Ned first walked into the Sanctum Sanctorum at the beginning of the film, he mentions magic and says, "My Nana says we have it in our family." Elsewhere in the film, we see knives mounted on a board on the wall of Ned's house the Nana - which seems like an interesting design choice. The film leans heavily on magic, so perhaps "NWH" turns Ned into a merger of hobgoblin and a wizard. He also uses Doctor Strange's slinger to open portals that lead to the return of former Spider-Man actors Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Even the wizard is impressed to learn that Ned can open portals. Later, when he falls from the construction of the Statue of Liberty during the great fight scene, Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation saves him and envelops him. When Ned goes down safely with the cloak on, he looks like a wizard. Coincidentally, in the comics, Ned teams up with the villainous wizard named Baron Mordo. Karl Mordo had previously appeared in the MCU in "Doctor Strange" from 2016, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. The character became the villain at the end of the film and will return in the upcoming sequel. In the comics, Eddie Brock isn't the only person hosting the symbiote. Flash, Peter's high school bully, becomes Agent Venom as part of the Department of Homeland Security's plan to make a new super soldier. He loses the symbiote, but later connects to a new one and becomes Agent Anti-Venom. In the MCU, Flash (played by Tony Revolori) appears in the "Spider-Man" films in a subordinate role. He's mostly just making derogatory comments about Peter while praising Spider-Man, which he is dying to befriend. Brief moments in "Far From Home" and "No Way Home" suggest that there might be more to unpack with regards to Flash, at least as far as his family life is concerned. Benedict Cumberbatch in Spider-Man: No Way Home. If this line sounds familiar, it's because he said the same thing on "No Way Home". We see a series of short scenes that give a glimpse of what to expect from the sequel to "Doctor Strange". One moment shows people walking in the background of a shot that focuses on Doctor Strange. Wong (Benedict Wong) can be seen with a bloody face and there is also a short shot of the back of the Marvel character America Chavez / Miss America (played by Xochitl Gomez). I've made mistakes and people have been hurt, "says Wanda Stephen, referring to the events of her standalone Disney + show, WandaVision, in which she took control of the city of Westview while processing her grief over the death of Vision. "I'm not here to talk about Westview," Stephen replies, telling her that her help is needed. The teaser then cuts to scenes that show the return of Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo, who became Stephen's enemy at the end of “Doctor Strange”. "Another scene shows a bus being thrown at Doctor Strange and America Chavez. Strange uses his magic to cut the bus in half to narrowly avoid injuring him or America. The trailer ends with that Stephen is face to face with something evil version of himself who says, "Things are just getting out of hand." The teaser ends with a title card that reads, "Doctor Strange will return." Stephen at the end of "No Way Home. Speaks" to make the whole world forget who Peter Parker is has ripples in the MCU. "Doctor Strange 2" is directed by Sam Raimi, who directed Tobey Maguire's "Spider-Man" trilogy, and is due for release on May 6, 2022. In the most recent Marvel projects released this year, Marvel characters like Eli Bradley (on "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier") and Kate Bishop (on "Hawkeye") have led to a theory that the MCU formed a group from the comics known as Young Avengers. America Chavez's debut in Doctor Strange 2 further feeds this theory. Fans have known for a while that Olsen's MCU journey continues in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," so it's likely that the film will explore Wanda's witchcraft further. The film will likely address what exactly Wanda was up to during the closing credits of "WandaVision". Olsen previously described Glamor UK's sequel to “Doctor Strange” as “a crazy movie, they're definitely going for that horror show atmosphere”. The trailer alludes to the darker tone of the film with the appearance of a more sinister version of Doctor Strange. The inclusion of a darker strand in the upcoming film could also draw parallels to the Doctor Strange-centered episode of the Marvel animated series "What If ...?" draw. Season one, episode four of the Disney + show focuses on the question: what if Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands? Time that cannot be changed, no matter how many attempts he makes to turn back in time and undo it. Without her death, Stephen would never begin his journey and become the chief wizard. Contrary to the advice of the Ancient One, Stephen is researching methods of gaining more power that would enable him to reverse this Absolute Point. It was later revealed that the Great Old One was using the power of the Dark Dimension to split the timeline and separate Stephen into two beings so that two versions of him can coexist in the same universe, one version accepting Christine's fate and moving on while the grief of others leads him to seek more power and become an evil version of himself known as the Strange Supreme. The two versions of Stephen come face-to-face in the episode and fight against each other. But executive producer Brad Winderbaum told Deadline earlier, "Without going into too much detail, I can tell you, 'What if ...?' as a project, as a story that exists in the MCU is just as important as any other and is woven into this tapestry. " If "Doctor Strange 2" was different from "What if ...?" then watching the cartoon could pay off in the long run. "Spider-Man: No Way Home" is now out in theaters.


Katie Price's ex-husband Kieran Hayler says 'she should be in jail'

Katie Price, 43, was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison with a one year suspended sentence after turning her BMW drunk, locked and high in West Sussex. (Author: Gardener)

Katie Price'sKatie Price's ex-husband Kieran Hayler said she should be "in jail" after admitting drink-driving while disqualified and high. The 43-year-old former glamor model was given a 16-week jail sentence, with a one-year suspended sentence and a two-year ban on driving, after being drunk, locked and high and flipping her BMW in West Sussex in September. Despite being told by a judge that she deserved to be behind bars for Christmas, Price escaped on suspended sentence after completing requirements to be treated at The Priory rehab center. But Price's former husband Kieran Hayler, 34, who shares son Jett and daughter Bunny with the former model, now said he was "shocked" when he heard about the incident and the "sentence seemed indulgent." His comments come after road safety activists shared how they were "surprised" by Price's verdict. Kieran told The Sun, "It's one of the hardest things you can do on the street without killing anyone. The former bodybuilder, who split with Price in 2018 on allegations of infidelity, said she was" very "Good luck" getting out. I'm not sure if her lawyers told her that, but she is very, very lucky. She should go to jail. ' Kieran also said that he and Price, as parents, “had to raise their children to learn not to break the law.” He added, “If you break the law, bad things will happen. When they go to jail had gone, I would have explained that to the children. ' His comments come after anger grew over Katie Price's conviction yesterday, when activists said they were “surprised” to escape jail, John Scruby, a trustee of the Campaign Against Drink Driving charity, told MailOnline The conviction was "yet another case where a celebrity twisted the rules to escape justice." Weekly rehab center. "Price was sentenced to 16-week suspended and two-year suspension in Crawley Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, three months after she left her BMW on the 28th. In a statement on her Instagram page, Price apologized, saying she “realized the harm my actions could have done.” She added, “I want to thank my family - mine Children, my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my partner Carl, Leigh and my friends who lasted me have supported n months. “It was a really difficult time and I am incredibly sorry for what I did - I am sincerely grateful that no one was hurt - I understand the harm my actions could have caused not only to another family but also to my own. “I try to understand the triggers that cause my fear and my behavior, to process and to learn to control progress. Sources close to Price say she was "terrified" when she was about to go to jail, and she is determined to use that experience to change her life. However, her family fear that she checked out of the priory “too early” and urge her to continue treatment, fearing she may relapse. "Katie knows she's lucky not to wake up in a prison cell this morning," a source said. Everyone seemed to be saying she was getting out of jail, but Katie wasn't sure and was in the dock with her heart in her mouth. "But she is determined to learn from what has happened and turn things around in 2022." However, her family continues to worry about Price, MailOnline understands. "You are of course relieved that she was not sent to jail," added the source. “But there are concerns that Katie checked out of rehab a little early and hasn't given herself enough time to recover. “Carl [Woods] told everyone he was going to get promoted. He was ready to stand with Katie whatever happened in court. “The only person who can help Katie is Katie and she needs to step in now and take this second chance she was given. She is determined to do that, but this is Katie and time will tell. ' Following the incident, a judge said Price would avoid going to jail after completing a stint at the celebrity rehab clinic and staying out of anger. But anti-drink driver activist Mr. Scruby said, “I'm absolutely amazed, I just can't believe it, I really can't. On average, 270 people are on trial for drink-driving every day - 269 of those people cannot afford to go to a rehab center for £ 6,000 a week. Katie Price recently filed for bankruptcy. "I would love it if she came and met a victim or the family of a victim of a drink driver and looked them in the eye." Police have announced that they will appeal Price's suspended sentence. Superintendent James Collis, Head of Roads Policing, Sussex Police and Surrey Police, said after the hearing: “Today's conviction, the judge said, could and should have been much worse and we believe Price is very lucky not to be. ”Spending Christmas behind bars. “Given the circumstances and her history of traffic offenses, it is clear that she did not consider the risk of her actions to the general public or the impact on her own family. District Judge Amanda Kelly told Price, “You seem to think you are above the law. They have one of the worst driving records I've ever seen. They have been banned from driving five times. “The public may be appalled to hear that I cannot send you to jail today. But the law says that if a person met the terms of their release, one has legitimate expectations of not going to jail today, even though one deserves to spend Christmas behind bars. ' Price was driving to visit a friend nearby when the accident happened around 6:20 a.m. Price's vehicle was discovered by a citizen. As he approached the vehicle, which had turned on its left, he found Price slumped in the passenger seat. Price admitted she shouldn't have driven. Prosecutor Jonathan Karani told the court that no witnesses were identified in the incident. He told the court, “She said,“ I know I shouldn't have driven, but I did. I've been banned four times. ' Mr Karani said Price had five previous driving bans instead of four. Price was arrested at the scene and taken to the hospital. A urine sample was taken but has yet to be tested, Karani said. At the hospital, Price told the police, "I had alcohol, I did drugs, I shouldn't drive, I admit everything." The court heard that a drug wipe gave a positive value for cocaine and a roadside breath test tested positive for 66 mg of alcohol. A picture shared by the police at the scene showed a car turned on its side. Joe Harrington, Defense, said, “This is a lady who has a lot going on. In relation to her son Harvey, she was the only adult in his life. Mr Harrington told the court that "things are usually quite complicated" with his client. “It's a complicated driving story. Things are rather complicated with this lady. Price admitted the offenses in an earlier hearing in the same court on Sept. 29. At that hearing, her conviction was adjourned on the condition that she seek treatment at the Priory Center, commit no further offenses, and be banned from driving in the meantime. After telling her that she would not go to jail, the judge said to Price, “If you break this order, you will go to jail. If you fail to show up or do unpaid work, you will most likely go to jail. ' Prosecutor Jon Karani told the court that Price fell into the passenger seat closest to the ground after rolling her car. He added that Price told police that she had been banned from driving four times when there were in fact five. He said, “They told police,“ I know I shouldn't have driven, but I did, I was banned four times. ”Price will be on trial again next month to take enforcement action on the unpaid fines. Joseph Harrington defended her and asked the court for a brief driving ban. He said, "She was in an accident. He added," She has five children, is the only consistent adult in Harvey's life, has four other children aged six and up 16 years old and her mother has terminal cancer. "Debbie Jones of the Crown Prosecution Service said Price lost control of her car and crashed. She gave a positive roadside breath test and a positive value for cocaine." Price took full responsibility and apologized for the crash in a statement released by her family, which said, "Kate acknowledges your actions and takes full responsibility for them. But Mr. Scruby added," I am absolutely amazed, me just can't believe it, I really can't. "It's a slap in the teeth for everyone else - the last number we got was that over 270 people across the UK are on trial for drink-driving every day." They go to jail and are not given a suspended sentence: "It is the wrong message and it is a kick in the teeth when a responsible person like a judge looks at it and says it is worthy of a 16-week suspended sentence." Mr. Scruby, a former traffic officer who has been involved in more than 30 deaths from alcohol use, added, “I would like to think that everyone else who has been there is a Liberty Street afe for what she did expect. “Sixteen weeks is way, way below the minimum recommended sentence, and I don't know how the judges can look at themselves tonight and say they did their job because they didn't. And AA's head of road policy, Jack Cousens, told MailOnline: “Around 1 million British drivers are uninsured. We hope this sends a clear message to those who drive outside the law. With the police's Christmas actions in full swing, the ruling is a timely reminder of what happens when drunk drivers are caught. ' Friends told MailOnline that Price was "afraid" that she would be behind bars for Christmas, saying it was a "reality she had never faced before" and that she was concerned about her children's "possible reaction" . She came to court in the back seat of a black Porsche sports car, wearing a face mask and a designer handbag. Price then dropped her phone as she walked into the court before picking it up. Mr Woods was also in court this afternoon to support her from the public stands - and brought a coffee with her stepfather Paul, a 59-year-old fencer who carried two more. Price has already been banned five times. She was banned for six months in February 2018 after getting 12 points on her driver's license. She was also banned for three months and fined in January 2019 after completing driving with disqualification. The model was banned again for three months in September 2019 because of drunk driving. In July 2019, she was banned for 18 months. The two-year ban she served while rolling her BMW was imposed in December 2019. A family statement shared on Price's Instagram account following the incident said: "As a family, we have been concerned about Kate's wellbeing and general mental health for some time. “Today our worst fears have almost been fulfilled. As a family, we have been and will be helping Kate get the help she needs. At that hearing, her conviction was adjourned on condition that Price was treated at the Priory Center, did not commit further offenses and was banned from driving in the meantime. Last month, public records revealed that Price and her partner Carl Woods, a car salesman, received a marriage license in Las Vegas. Price reached the city, which calls itself the marriage capital of the world, the week the US reopened its borders to tourists. Yesterday friends revealed how shocked Price was at the thought of going to jail. A friend told MailOnline: “The devastating reality of your situation is slowly taking hold and Katie is shocked. Price has a long history of traffic offenses dating back to 2003 when she escaped speeding after police failed to arrest her within 12 weeks after allegedly doing 70 mph in a 40 mph in her Range Rover had driven. In 2008, Price landed three penalty points after using his cell phone while driving on April 18. The following year, Price failed to provide the driver's identity after her car was caught too quickly in a 30-mile zone and later received four penalty points for being handed over at 99 mph and four points on her driver's license . In 2009, Price was found guilty of not properly controlling her horse truck after turning onto a different lane in February 2010 and was awarded three points on her driver's license, bringing her total to 10. In December of that year, she was banned from driving for six years after driving 83 mph in a 70 mph zone in her home West Sussex district. Two years later, Katie was disqualified for 12 months for failing to respond to two parking tickets in September. In 2018, Katie received a six-month speeding ban in February 2018 after collecting 12 speeding penalty points. In July of that year, photos of her emerged while she was still banned. In October, she was arrested on suspicion of drinking and was in custody for 13 hours after crashing into a VW Golf and a hedge at 2 a.m. on a fenced property. In 2019, she was banned from driving for three months, while she was disqualified in January of the same year. And then, in October, Price was banned from driving for another 18 months for failing to inform the police behind the wheel of her pink Range Rover during an accident in Bexley, southeast London. The bang came the day after Price said she couldn't attend her disabled son Harvey at his residential college in Gloucestershire. She told ITV's Good Morning Britain at the time, “Harvey is in Cheltenham now, he keeps calling me and says, 'Mummy, I miss you, I need your kisses and cuddles,' so it's pretty hard. Mr Woods said he will “always be there” for the “diamond in the rough” and wrote on Instagram after the crash: “Relationships are being tested, people are testing each other. “But when you love someone the way I love Katie, you enjoy the highs and the good times together. And that bond is put to the test together in the low and difficult times. “Katie's a diamond in the rough. I love you Katie 100 percent.


Bad 14 days for Premier League umpires, with Jordan Pickford stealing the show

Plus: Kevin De Bruyne recalls his alien quality; Jacob Ramsey's brilliant breakthrough at Aston Villa continues; Ruben Neves shows he will become a complete midfielder for the Wolves; James Ward-Prowse is one of the greats when it comes to free kicks (Author: Gardener)

14 daysBut it was another bad night for the Premier League referees. Over the past few weeks the way in which the referees' initial decisions on the pitch have been steadfastly maintained without adequate intervention from the VAR has been confusing. After the referees in the Premier League went through every decision with a fine comb for the last two seasons, they have now gone too far in the other direction. The first mistake here, Mike Dean seemingly ignoring Isaac Hayden, who was holding his head in the box when Diogo Jota scored, didn't even qualify for VAR intervention. Eddie Howe revealed that Dean thought Hayden was holding back: there is little evidence of this. There was a strong penalty shout for a Trent Alexander Arnold challenge against Ryan Fraser - it didn't look much different from Vladimir Coufal on Alexandre Lacazette the night before - but little stood in the way of a proper VAR check. As feared, the Premier League has tried to replicate itself after Euro 2020 put in some quick, excellent refereeing work (but with more officials in each game) and lowered its bar too low. The story of those who support VAR is that the technology is there to spot the Howlers, not to guide the referee in making subjective decisions. But we see too many soft penalties - twice as many as at the beginning of the century - and not enough correct intervention. If VAR persists, we have to find a better balance between overuse and underuse, otherwise the question remains: what is the point behind it? Jordan Pickford was the busiest man at Stamford Bridge on a night when Chelsea's title ambitions took another dip in a difficult December for Thomas Tuchel's men. To do justice to the West Londoners, they built up enough chances to win three games and scored an expected 2.9 goals in the 90 minutes but only one Mason Mount goal to prove their work. Pickford was the main driver behind Everton's ability to keep the score low, which meant Jarrad Branthwaite's goal was enough to leave London with one important point. Pickford made nine saves in the 90 minutes, no goalkeeper was challenged in a Premier League game this season. If anyone had any doubts about Pickford's position as England's goalkeeper of choice, that performance was a timely reminder of his qualities. Mikel Arteta's decision to take Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang out of captaincy and remove him from his squad again dominated the pre-game discussion when Arsenal faced West Ham. However, what happened on the pitch showed that the future of the club does not lie with him, but with its young players. The 2-0 win was secured thanks to goals from Gabriel Martinelli (20) and Emile Smith Rowe (21) and included a man-of-the-match show by Bukayo Saka (20). This allowed Arsenal to move into the top 4 and justification for Arteta's boldness in the process. "It was a statement," Arteta said afterwards with a smile. A statement, perhaps, that Aubameyang is no longer the decisive figure he once was. The 32-year-old has only scored four goals in 14 Premier League games this season and has not been missed. Alexandre Lacazette stepped in as both striker and captain, but it was the young Tires floating around him that really upset West Ham. Saka was a constant source of danger and so was Martinelli, who regained his best form at exactly the right time. The Brazilian’s clinical opener, along with Smith Rowe's runner-up, means that 10 of Arsenal’s 23 Premier League goals this season have been scored by players aged 21 or younger. In fact, it's not just Saka, Smith Rowe, and Martinelli who are impressive. Against West Ham, Arsenal kept their eighth goal of the season thanks to a five-man defense with an average age of just 23. In context, only Manchester City and Liverpool have held more in the Premier League. But perhaps the more relevant question is whether this exciting, young team really needs him. If you had consulted the Premier League standings before this final round, it would have been a long way to come to the conclusion that Manchester City missed Kevin De Bruyne. The reigning champions have juggled the sideline injuries and Covid-related seizures suffered by his talisman and gained a point lead at the top of the table while playing crucial roles in front of his main challengers for their crown, Liverpool and Chelsea. Visiting Leeds offered Pep Guardiola the chance to give De Bruyne his first Premier League start since the Manchester derby in November. After Phil Foden opened the gate with the 500th Premier League goal of Guardiola's City reign and Jack Grealish nodded on his first Premier League header, De Bruyne stole the show and led a dazzling attacking show when City hit seven . De Bruyne was responsible for two of these, ramming the third of the hosts home with an on-target near-post drive, but it was his second to get everyone - City, Leeds and the Premier League as a whole - stand up and alert. From there, the Belgian produced another vintage moment, unleashing a thunderous drive that only he seems to be producing, which almost tore the net from the Leeds Gate. Two exquisite goals hit the headlines, but it was his commanding performance as Man of the Game that will delight City, with "King Kevin" at the helm as they stand a chance to carry on in this overcrowded Premier League title race. Just 38 days after being fired from Aston Villa, Dean Smith saw the rift between the team he inherited and his former employers when Villa won 2-0. It was the fourth time in six games that Norwich failed to score under new boss Smith, who has no illusions about the size of the task at hand. It was entirely fitting that Jacob Ramsey - a player he developed at Villa - had the final say on this highly one-sided affair in East Anglia when his snapshot in the final act was put down by Tim Krul. The 20-year-old has played 14 of Villa's 16 Premier League games this season and after initially instilling trust from his previous manager, Smith's loss is now Steven Gerrard's win. Villa reinvested the £ 100m Jack Grealish received in Leon Bailey and Emi Buendia, but Ramsey appears to have benefited most from last summer's transfer activity. Fittingly against Arsenal earlier this season, Ramsey Villas became the youngest Premier League scorer since Grealish's goal in September 2015. While the players are very diverse and this was a poor performance by Norwich, early signs suggest he is hugely off will benefit from the work under Gerrard, firmly anchored in Smith's foundations. Ramsey said afterward, "I was watching clips of the gaffer and he was one of the best midfielders and that's what I want to be." If any young player reading this is looking to hone their free kick technique, click Play above and watch James Ward-Prowse's great performance against Crystal Palace. Every time he lines up a ball within reach, you expect him to get close, and it was spot on - lavishly curled up in the top corner and through the fingertips of Jack Butland. One of Southampton's best guns - as described by coach Ralph Hasenhuttl - and now one of the Premier League's best for direct free kicks. Wednesday's goal was his eleventh Premier League goal from a direct free kick, putting him behind Gianfranco Zola and Thierry Henry. Those names are some of the best in the Premier League, and it's time to recognize Ward-Prowse among them for free kicks. Hasenhüttl said of his skipper: "It's such a good weapon that we often have to be here when they have to foul us ... If he always finds the best moments to score, he can do it all the time." I'm happy I am very happy to have him in my squad, I am very happy that he has that quality and we have to get even more free kicks in this position. "Ward-Prowse almost missed the Euro 2020 cohort. Although many say that He should be included solely for his standard delivery. This will of course be another point of discussion for the next few months - especially if he closes that Beckham record - and Gareth Southgate faces a tough decision after a season of stagnation in Nuno's regulated system Espirito Santo, the Portuguese midfielder alongside Joao Moutinho seems to play a more action-packed style and pause the game when necessary, with only Declan Rice and Rodri having won in this season more possession for their team than Neves as he seems to be enjoying the ugly part of the game. But what Neves brings to the party that sets him apart as a midfielder with the ability to go to the very top is his vision. He made that crucial moment of quality on an evening that was lacking in most areas of the pitch when he hit Roman Saiss with a beautifully chipped pass that put the Brighton defense out of the game. The away game, which was crammed full-time with Wolf fans, sang his name. In this form he is your most important player.


The Celtic scrapbook reads like a fairy tale after a dramatic career turnaround

Before this season, it seemed to the whole world that Anthony Ralston's Celtic scrapbook was going to be a pretty sad, sparse-entry affair. (Author: Gardener)

CelticBefore this season, it seemed to the whole world that Anthony Ralston's Celtic scrapbook was going to be a pretty sad, sparse-entry affair. © Celtic Anthony Ralston full-time during a Cinch Premiership game between Ross County and Celti ... The right-back's moments to be captured for posterity since July prior to his rebirth under Ange Postecoglou were not many. There was a first goal for the club in the 5-0 league cup rash against Kilmarnock in September 2017 - 16 months after his senior debut in an away defeat at St Talente, he would graduate to the national team. The memories of Ralston versus Paris Saint-Germain go no further than a staid 18-year-old Celtic Academy product that steals the Brazilian by screaming for a crunchy tackle in the face with a clenched fist. There was also Alfredo Morelos' off-the-ball brawl in a derby defeat at Ibrox four years ago. Between his loan periods at Dundee United and St. Johnstone, his rare Celtic senior appearances have been known only for grumbling over his presence from a sponsorship that includes himself. Indeed, the same support led him to loud cheers in Dingwall full-time on Wednesday evening - Ralston orchestrated them because he would surely avoid them with a crashing header in 97. It made for another cut-out-and-keep experience throughout the campaign that doesn't seem like they'll ever stop piling up for the 23-year-old ... he's a banker for his Australian Manager, has scored five goals and is entitled to the Celtic full-back feeling with which he can fulfill all possible football dreams. A task he can move forward by earning a first winners medal earned by playing an integral role on the field, an opportunity presented by the Premier Sports Cup final on Sunday. "I hope so," he said when he finally took part in such a showpiece as an established first-team professional. But it's important that we go into every game with the same mentality. ”© Ralston celebrates Celtic's first goal of the Cinch Premiership season. (Photo by Alan Harve ... Ralston is not denying that he will travel to Hampden after a match-winning goal that gave him personal “with everything” satisfaction from his time in Celtic colors. I've never been on a last minute -Winners involved, "he said. It's mid-week and they drove all the way to Dingwall. The right-back doesn't seem to think these fans deserve the strongest condemnation for the large-scale invasion of the field, while it was a short one Assault but injuries to stewards underscores the folly of the fans who push onto the field where they never have a right to end up with their effusions - in every way - Ralston advocates understanding how high the emotions can be in a competitive title race The Celts are loyal to dejection. "It was a hot thing [from me in the leadership at the end] and we all got carried away a little, but that's a bit of a problem Necessary part of the game, "he said. Acutely weakened by the loss of injuries to six attackers in Kyogo Furuhashi, Jota, James Forrest, Albian Ajeti, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Mikey Johnston and a man on the evening after Carl Starfelt's red card late in the evening, in the face of such handicaps Postecoglous men never gave up with a tie. This reflects the mindset that the 56-year-old has practiced in his Celtic roster. In fact, Postecoglou sent Joe Hart back towards his goal at one point when the England international indicated he was about to take the corner. Instead, they created a winner in Tom Rogic who spawned an ornate crossbreed that Ralston confidently buried. "We all know that no matter what the circumstances or challenges we face, no matter what happens in a game, we can master them." And Ralston has overcome recent fitness challenges himself to become Celtic's top scorer outside of attack with three headers and two left footers. "We have a great physics team and I did the right things and now I feel good and ready to play," he said. “It's one of those things, if you hurt yourself right now, you're not sure what it is. I just wanted to come back and add to the team as soon as I could, and in the most positive way possible. ”As befits Ralston, he has exceeded expectations in this regard. © Ralston's injury to Hearts wasn't as bad as initially feared. (Photo by Craig Williamson / SNS ...