Carol Vorderman is selling her staggering £ 2.6 million mansion to live in a van

The former countdown host has said goodbye to a mansion and greeted a delivery truck (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman Sells Her Stunning £ 2.6M Villa To Live In A Van Former Countdown Host said goodbye to a mansion and welcomed a van. An error has occurred. Please try again later. The former countdown genius and presenter of Pride of Britain says she has now sold Sloblock Hall on Cadbury Camp Lane near Weston-in-Gordano, North Somerset, and wants her new love, a 'front van' 'Renovation project, create some new memories. Read more: Stephen Merchant in crime drama Grindr killer Stephen Port didn't want anyone to see Carol bring the house she bought for £ 1.1million in 2007 to the market for £ 2.6million earlier this year , and usually posts pictures from what is believed to be an apartment in Clifton. But she said goodbye to the mansion by showing fans the curved, spacious, airy property with floor-to-ceiling windows that she lets go of. "Today I sold and passed a house that I built 15 years ago ... the house of a thousand parties," she wrote. In her latest post, 60-year-old Wishes describes the contemporary five-bedroom property as her "happy place," posing in a luxury kitchen and outdoor pool. "Goodbye, my happy place ..... So many bad parties ..... so many brilliant memories. I'm a happy woman," she posted on Instagram. "And now I'm moving on to more new adventures. Made me laugh every time I walked through the gates." The property was in the market with Knight Frank who said, “The living room has a glass ceiling and a hanging open log fire with a fully collapsible glass wall that opens onto a circular terrace with a large pond and waterfall. Fans wish their luck on the next stage of their life, which looks like they could spend in a van that they want to turn into a motorhome. Carol has posted several pictures of her with her "new love" in Mid Wales, which she will be heading to Bristol to be rebuilt in the New Year when some work is done. She titled a picture of her posing in front of the van: "It's a love thing" and on another she explains that she has invested in a foursome so that she can go off-road with her "little one." Lady "she bought in Aberystwyth. Carol tells her fans that in the New Year she will be driving her to @vanlifebuilds in Bristol, "where she will be converted into my new home." She added, "God! I'm excited about this. It is planned that she will be ready for real adventure by the end of March. Bliss." The company prides itself on transforming regular box vans to premium quality, a one-of-a-kind home on wheels. "We're celebrating the freedom and opportunity it creates for businesses, individuals, couples, or families!" The fans wished her all the best, but after watching it in the photos, there was a lot of thought as they said, "What a beautiful home, I'd have a hard time letting go."


Will Adam Woodyatt Return to EastEnders After I'm a Celebrity in 2021?

Will Ian Beale be back on the pitch after I'm A Celeb finishes? (Author: Gardener)

Will Adam Woodyatt ReturnAdam Woodyatt, 53, took part in this year's I'm A Celebrity series (Image: ITV / BBC / Rex) EastEnders actor Adam Woodyatt showed the nation in I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! The star, who portrayed Ian Beale on the longtime soap, arrived at Gwrych Castle last month when it was officially confirmed that he and fellow actor Simon Gregson would join the camp. Adam stated that he would like people to see a different side to him than his character, Ian. “I don't have a contract with the BBC, so I can come and do [I'm A Celeb]. Everyone thinks I am Ian Beale and it will be great to show that I am not, ”he said as he outlined his reasons for joining the cast. Adam and Olympic diver Matty Lee became the sixth and seventh celebrities eliminated from the ITV series. The Ian Beale legend told Ant McParlin that he "spent 36 years writing a script," which is why I'm A Celeb was such a massive contrast to his usual job. But with I'm A Celeb now over, fans are no doubt wondering if Adam will be returning to EastEnders. Ian Beale was last seen on EastEnders in January (Image: BBC). It is currently unknown whether or not we will see Adam on our screens again as Ian Beale at EastEnders, despite having said several times that he doesn't? know if or when he will return. "I just had one more chance," he told Frankie Bridge during "I'm A Celeb" when she asked him why he decided to leave the soap. Kadeena Cox asked, "Would you ever get into the movie?" And Adam then replied, "I'll be available from April." Originally, Adam had been assumed to be only 10 weeks away from Walford, but he later announced that he would would come back next year at the earliest. The actor will star in the stage production of Looking Good Dead and reunite with EastEnders star Laurie Brett. The 53-year-old left EastEnders earlier in the year when Ian's best pal Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) planned to kill him with the help of Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). Ian had married his best friend Sharon believing that she had fallen in love with him, but she was secretly planning his downfall for the role he played in the death of her son. However, despite her resentment towards Ian, she couldn't cope with it. EastEnders airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One. If you have a soap or TV story, video or picture, email us at [email protected] - we look forward to hearing from you. Join the community by leaving a comment below and stay up to date on all things soap operas on our home page.


Martin Brundle on Max Verstappen title and the most controversial F1 final as Lewis Hamilton is disputed

Congratulations to Max Verstappen on his first Formula 1 World Championship, which he fought hard with speed, cunning and determination and has a great team behind him, over 22 races at the age of only 24. (Author: Gardener)

Martin BrundleMartin Brundle on Max Verstappen's title and the most controversial F1 final as Lewis Hamilton is denied Congratulations to Max Verstappen on his first Formula 1 World Championship, which he fought hard for with speed, cunning and determination and a great team behind him, over 22 races in just 24 years old. And just "wow and well done" for the unbelievable eighth Constructors' Championship in a row for the mighty Mercedes team. I wanted to start this column with some solemn words because, despite the most incredible and exciting Formula 1 season, arguably the best in its over 70 year history, there was mostly vitriol and anger along the way from one highly polarized paddock and one Fan base. Did Max deserve the championship? He left 15 of the 22 races at the top of the championship, including the last seven. He won 10 races versus eight for Lewis (yes I know we'll get to that in a moment) and it was 18 podiums against 17, Lewis deserved his eighth title too, I wish they could share it to be honest. His raw speed, consistency, determination, style, class and endurance, especially in the closing stages, were superb as he made another brilliant start at his 288th GP at the age of almost 37. The last few laps in Abu Dhabi, when the eyes of the world were overwhelmingly fixed on us, weren't our best moments and some things have to change this winter. Michael Masi is Race Director, succeeding our dear friend Charlie Whiting, who literally died in his Melbourne hotel room on the eve of the 2019 F1 season. Michael has a strong history directing the Australian V8 series, not exactly a sleepy job I would imagine but nothing like the spotlight and pressures of multi-billion dollar global F1. If Michael is going to move on and if F1 and the FIA ​​governing body want to keep him, things have to change. Charlie wrote most of the current 98-page sports regulations that work hand in hand with the 80-page bilingual Sporting Code. F1 and the FIA ​​have just played 39 races in 17 months in a global pandemic, including several hastily put together events and venues. Like Charlie, he's responsible for signing these things, except we now have a lot more races in far-reaching places. Charlie W was rightly admired and feared alike, and any indication that a team was playing games in any way would quickly show Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley, and then you'd be in trouble. Charlie also had his ultimate wingman, Herbie Blash, by his side, a man who had attended more F1 races than anyone. Herbie was practically the race director for the first lap or two, while Charlie returned from the starter desk for the typically 15-18 racing seasons. Jean Todt is retiring shortly after 12 years as President of the FIA, where he has achieved an incredible amount, especially in the field of road safety, an all-encompassing role. However, while we wait for a new president and his support team, I can imagine the FIA ​​being a little rudderless and certainly not feared by the teams who, terrified of Mosley and the “disrepute the sport” clause bring “lived. Until this year, no correspondence has been transmitted from the pit wall to the race control, and it is completely unacceptable that team bosses and team managers even anticipate situations and lobby. They just do their job, but would have missed out on Charlie earlier. Toto Wolff's outrageous call to Masi not to campaign for a safety car for Antonio Giovinazzi's ailing Alfa Romeo in Abu Dhabi, and Christian Horner, who told the world seven days earlier how much F1 had missed Charlie Whiting because the restart in Saudi Arabia felt like a "souk negotiation" - something that had not aged well for him simply would not have happened before. They are very competitive and pressured using all the tools at their disposal and the power base and direction of communication have changed completely. These tools need more regulation. And so we had anger and confusion in one of the most beautiful F1 moments of all time, when Nicholas Latifi, fresh from an off-track skirmish in the previous corners, lost his Williams against the wall at the newly accelerated Turn 14. Lewis had previously led quite comfortably after taking the lead from the start - Red Bull still has a lot to do there - and made very good use of its medium-sized compound tires. He and Max were again starting to split the field at a fast pace, but Mercedes had covered that and had simply tied for Red Bull when they dumped Max's soft compound tires by pitting a lap later on Tour 14 to lead. This would leave both drivers 45 and 44 test laps respectively to the end, and we heard the Mercedes radio discussion where Lewis said he wasn't sure they would hold out and was asked which compound tires he would prefer, if there would be a safety car…. When this "virtual safety car" arrived on lap 35 despite Toto's assurances, Mercedes did not pit in Hamilton, they really wanted to hold onto their position. If Max had stayed outside, given Lewis' phenomenal speed and on fresh tires, he would certainly have regained the lead at some point, provided he could have passed safely. Nonetheless, Lewis still had the pace to comfortably win and had well covered Max's attack on fresh hard tires after the 'Virtual Safety Car'. This happened despite the fact that Checo Perez lost eight seconds in the sister Red Bull, which remained outside on its original tires. It was a good team play, something I would have pointed out very early on in the comments and undoubtedly would have orchestrated on the Red Bull pit wall myself, but it doesn't make me particularly proud of F1. Hamilton had reached out a hand in the direction of the title after dominating the race, right up to that full safety car for Latifi's shunt on the 53rd of the 58 scheduled lap. The Williams would have to be lifted off and so would be a vehicle and marshals on the route. In retrospect, this should have been a red flag so that everyone is reset, the track cleared and we have a clear final World Cup duel on suitable tires from a standing start. As it could possibly have happened in Azerbaijan, we don't want a race and thus the championship, with the cars standing still in the pit lane. The sporting regulations contain almost one thousand five hundred words that define the entire safety car procedure, including the passage of lapped cars. When cars, especially the leaders, inevitably pits, it is not easy to determine who is actually one lap behind. In the meantime, the race director must make sure the incident on the track is a priority, lobbying the teams at the pit wall asking to control what happens next or see if they can unlap that Collect cars that are still in the race and restart them as quickly as possible. This rule was put in place a long time ago to ensure that lapped cars would not get in the way of a leading battle. Nobody wants to see a safety car finish at a GP, but there is a procedure in which the safety car can drive into the pit lane on the last lap and see the field without further overtaking the checkered flag. This creates the right images without a street car with flashing lights appearing to win the race. Masi understandably did not want to release the lapped cars until the track was clear of the crashed car, a recovery vehicle and people. It is optional whether it is safe enough for lapped cars to extend themselves. Of course, a safety car always means either an accident, rubble on the track or heavy rain, but the regulations say "all lapped cars" and not "all". Give the lawyers a cue when only the top five were waved through to place Verstappen right behind and even next to Hamilton for the final round. Mercedes will forever have the feeling of spending the last lap behind the safety car. Max braked very late and sensationally took the lead in the new hairpin at turn five and then snaked down the straight to defend himself against Lewis' attack despite his worn hard rubber tires. Normally Max would have been warned about the weaving by the commissioners, but he didn't care, it was the last lap and he just kept the inside line on the next long straight towards turn nine. Given the route, there would be no overtaking from there to the finish. So what had just happened was a hybrid rendition of those 1,500 words that created a scenario that absolutely decided that Verstappen pitted on a new set of soft compound tires when Red Bull pitted again without losing, instead of Hamilton Would become world champion. I can understand why Mercedes and Team Hamilton are offended, just as Red Bull would have done if the race behind the safety car had ended. I have been saying for years that lapped drivers should fall behind the runners in the lead lap so as not to prolong the safety car procedure. The Race Director also needs a trusted and experienced wingman now, especially at the next 23-race marathon with a new venue in Miami, and teams should be very limited in the number of times they can challenge during the race during the race as a result they are used more strategically when there is a fair and relevant point. Have a good Christmas season with your family and friends and let's be excited to see what the dramatically changed 2022 cars can achieve in the next season.


Sports personality favorite Emma Raducanu isolated after Covid-positive

Raducanu's success at the US Open has made her the odds favorite for the BBC Prize. (Author: Gardener)

Emma RaducanuEmma Raducanu will be in isolation in Abu Dhabi when the BBC Sports Personality of the Year takes place on Sunday (ZUMA / PA). PA Media Emma Raducanu will have to party alone if she is voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021 after testing positive for Covid-19. The 19-year-old, hot favorite for the award after her shocking US Open win in September, always planned to be in the United Arab Emirates that weekend rather than the BBC event in Salford's Media City. However, she will now isolate herself in a hotel room when the ceremony takes place after testing positive in Abu Dhabi, where she was scheduled to compete in the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. The organizers of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship unfortunately confirm that @EmmaRaducanu tested positive for COVID-19 and has withdrawn from this week's championship. (1/4) #MWTC - Mubadala World Tennis Championship (@MubadalaWTC) December 13, 2021 Raducanu said: “I was really looking forward to playing in front of the fans here in Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately I have to postpone to the next opportunity after a positive COVID-19 test. Raducanu is shortlisted by heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury - who threatened to sue the BBC for shortlisting him last year but has not commented this time - as well as Olympians Tom Daley and Adam Peaty, 17 - multiple Paralympics gold medalist Dame Sarah Storey and England and Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling. One important omission is Lewis Hamilton, who missed Max Verstappen's eighth Formula 1 driver's title on Sunday. The 36-year-old won Sports Personality for the second time last year after breaking Michael Schumacher's record of seven titles. Six candidates made it onto the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021. You can vote for your winner during the live show on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday 19th December! # SPOTY— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) December 13, 2021 Raducanu has the chance to win the award after becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam title since Virginia Wade won Wimbledon in 1977. She was the first female qualifier to ever win a Grand Slam without losing a set. Fury was shortlisted for the first time in 2015 after beating Wladimir Klitschko, but a petition was set up demanding his removal after comments surfaced linking homosexuality to pedophilia. Diver Daley's place on this year's shortlist comes after he and Matty Lee won an emotional first Olympic gold medal in synchronized 10-meter platform competition before taking bronze in the individual competition, 13 years after he first won at age 14 Years ago at the Beijing Games shone in the pool and became the first British female swimmer to defend an Olympic title over 100 meters chest, while cyclist Storey and three others broke the record for most Paralympic gold medals in Tokyo after winning the 1992 competed in the Barcelona games for the first time as a swimmer.


Emma Raducanu tests positive for Covid and is self-isolating in Abu Dhabi

The Brit will miss the tournament in Dubai this week. (Author: Gardener)

Emma RaducanuRaducanu was scheduled to play in Dubai this week (Image: Getty) Emma Raducanu has tested positive for Covid-19 and has withdrawn from the Aubadala World Tennis Championships in Dubai. The UK number one was scheduled to play in the competition on Thursday but will now begin a 10-day isolation period. "I was really looking forward to playing in front of the fans here in Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately I have to postpone the next opportunity after a positive Covid-19 test," said Raducanu. "I isolate according to the rules and hopefully I can go back on the field soon." Raducanu was supposed to compete against Olympic champion Belinda Bencic. Raducanu has to wait to start preparations for the new season (Image: Getty) In a statement from the organizers, it said: “Emma is now isolating herself and following all necessary protocols. Raducanu was due to compete in her first competition this week with new coach Torben Beltz by her side. Your positive test could disrupt preparations for the Australian Open, as the first major of the new season is scheduled to start on January 17th. Raducanu's isolation phase will also ensure she won't be able to attend the British Sports Personality of the Year ceremony on Sunday. Follow Metro Sport for the latest news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Emma Raducanu tests positive for Covid and goes into self-isolation before the Australian Open 2022 in Abu Dhabi

The positive test is unlikely to affect the UK number 1's participation in the Australian Open next month - their first Grand Slam since winning at Flushing Meadows (Author: Gardener)

AustralianEmma Raducanu tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss the Mubadala Tennis World Cup in Abu Dhabi. The UK No. 1 was set to play Olympic gold medalist Belinda Bencic at the show event but will now self-isolate under the UAE's coronavirus protocols. "I was really looking forward to playing in front of the fans here in Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately I have to postpone the next opportunity after a positive Covid-19 test," said Raducanu. Raducanu is in the Middle East preparing to compete in next month's 2022 Australian Open, starting January 17th. Although her training has been interrupted by this outbreak of the virus, it is expected that she will fly to Melbourne one day out of self-isolation as planned. However, the positive test means that she will isolate herself at the Sports Personality of the Year award on Sunday. The Australian Open is the 19-year-old's first Grand Slam tournament since winning at Flushing Meadows. Raducanu has had mixed hits on the WTA tour since then, winning just two out of five games and planning to spend a major training block in the Middle East over Christmas to familiarize herself with the grueling demands of what promises to be one big season in 2022. "I knew that you spend birthdays playing tennis, that Christmas and New Years are not at home and I feel like I don't care," said Raducanu after beating Elena-Gabriela Ruse last month in an exhibition game at the Royal Albert Hall. The best thing for me is to stay in the Middle East instead of flying back and forth for seven hours. The Middle East provides the perfect opportunity for warm weather training before traveling to Melbourne, where January temperatures average around 26 degrees Celsius but can be much higher. The Mubadala World Tennis Championship is a three-day exhibition tournament held at the Zayed Sports City facility featuring Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal. The organizers of the Mubadala event are now looking for a replacement for Bencic.


Xavi will have to act cautiously to break Barcelona’s defeatist mentality

Xavi is understandably frustrated with Barcelona's form but he would do well to hide some of the shock as a public announcement could backfire. (Author: Gardener)

BarcelonaWhile Real Madrid put a great stranglehold on the LaLiga title race, it was fascinating to see and hear Xavi Hernandez's early attempts to elicit and even mock Barcelona for a reaction as they are seven places and 18 points behind their eternal rivals remains behind. When Bayern beat Barcelona in Munich last week and sent the Spanish giants out of the Champions League into the group stage for the first time since 2003/04, they were rendered an important service when Thomas Müller uttered the inedible but precise truth that the camp was Nou's team is neither physically nor athletically capable of playing the football that is currently needed at the elite level. The irrepressible, haughty, extremely demanding world champion and Champions League winner commented: "Barcelona cannot withstand our game intensity. Technically they still have" a lot ", great players on both a technical and a tactical level. But they are not in the Able to compete at the most demanding level of European football with maximum intensity. " - ESPN + viewer guide: LaLiga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, more The upcoming Barcelona coach could have said something like this: "I inherited a squad that has had both injury and fitness issues approaching the intensity of competition; I have our medical department has already been upgraded significantly ... but to expect a big change in physical preparation in the middle of the season when we play three times a week, most of the weeks, is unrealistic. " Instead, he fully disagreed with Muller and began expressing his feelings about the lack of psychological strength, confidence and attitude in some of his players. After giving an absolute lecture to the squad at both halftime and full-time in Bayern, the Catalan coach spoke about seeing a "smaller" Barcelona against Bayern and how before the 2-2 draw on Sunday in Osasuna he felt that he was fighting the "defeatism" instilled in his club. "Here in my squad there is a better level than we are showing," said Xavi. "I followed the Barcelona season before I came to Barcelona, ​​but now I would say that the players are lower than I thought. It's more psychological than footballing. There were footballing weaknesses against Bayern, but “I think the thing that bothered us the most was psychological.” Then, after a tremendously improved performance against Osasuna in Pamplona, ​​when Barcelona (that's also true) gave up the chance to win and, according to their coach, certain tactical ones Ignoring demands he made on them on Friday and Saturday, he took up his topic again: Players shrink under the ongoing stress. "We are in a negative dynamic," said Xavi, "one that will cost us to escape. The positive and negative side is that it was 17, 18 and 19 year old players who made big changes for us, so we have to ask a lot more of some of the other players. "But the risks of revealing trust issues or pointing out the fragility of your team are considerable. Telling players as a group that they are psychologically shaky risks some of them turning off completely out of pride; there is also the danger that some the underperformer continues to sink into the subconscious funk they feel. Saying such things in public need not be a product of frustration and anger, and deciding what "truths" in the dressing room to reveal to the media is one extremely treacherous path - one where the benefits of getting the message, getting the timing and getting it right are potentially catalytic (in the positive Senses), while the negatives can be disastrous, long-lasting, divisive and serve as nectar for your enemies. For anyone who has closely watched either Xavi or Barcelona over the past quarter century, this vortex of psychological revelations is doubly interesting. Xavi stormed into the Barcelona team as a midfielder at the age of 18, is an ultra talent and is about to win the U20 World Cup with Spain in Nigeria. His first Champions League season included group stage elimination to Bayern Munich and Manchester United - an echo that season - and while that Louis van Gaal-led squad won the Spanish title in Xavi's first season, both he and the club fell then into a negative spiral, with Barcelona not winning a single trophy in the next six years. Interestingly, the club's executive director, Javier Perez Farguell, conducted a comprehensive internal review in the winter of 2002/03, which concluded that the club had a “defeatist mentality”. He was also of the opinion that players like Xavi "with a low profile, low marketing and sponsorship effects" were dispensable. He even gave permission to at least one intermediary I knew to look for a new club for the young midfielder. "Defeatist Mentality" is essentially a phrase from 2002 that surfaced again last week that sums up the malaise Xavi says he is now trying to avoid / heal in the club he inherited. Meanwhile, as a player, Xavi suffered from whistles when he replaced the club's hero Pep Guardiola. The club atmosphere was toxic, debts grew disproportionate, and the first team was populated by Dutch and South American players whose time had come and gone when the club had done nothing smart to deal with the fact. Xavi has been in this exact situation before, and he survived thanks to two key traits: He was tremendously talented (like Gavi, Nicolas Gonzalez, Ansu Fati, Pedri, Abde Ezzalzouli, Ronald Araujo and Alex Balde), and he was so profoundly stubborn that he simply refused to be pushed out of the club that was so important to him. We are dealing with a man who is now not just a talented coach, a brilliant communicator and a supporter of the very kind of football his aspiring youngsters previously learned during their academy years. But will his approach to "shock therapy" of speaking openly about the psychological deficits and the lack of confidence in his cadre work? There are countless examples of how trying to deal with the mood / confidence / winning mentality of a group can be challenging. What about Xavi's mentor Guardiola herself? His point of view is essentially: "I need time, but we have to create team spirit as soon as possible. Unai Emery, winner of four Europa League titles at two different clubs (a competition in which Xavi and Barcelona must now absolutely triumph") To draw a draw in the knockout round against Napoli - at two different clubs - this season is a good benchmark: Villarreal's coach says, "The most important thing is to gain the trust of the players: to lead, with lead by example, do what you ask of them ... your players will trust an idea and go after it when they are convinced of it, it is very difficult to build a climate of trust and at the same time it is very easy to break A hundred things that inspire confidence, but only one thing that inspires distrust can ruin the other 100. "Maria Ruiz de Ona was a sports psychologist at the Athletic Club for many years, especially others in their academy and is now with Aspire Academy in Doha. “The first important step, if we want to change and improve a corporate culture, is a common language: What does it mean to“ compete ”in this club? What is 'success' at this club? "She said." And this process is not only evident on the pitch, but also in the hallways of the club, in the dressing rooms, in meetings, in conversations between players and coaches. "Football needs coaches who understand that their job is not to bring eleven little 'soldiers' onto the field, who understand that these 'soldiers' have emotions: that they think, decide, learn. This understanding of the coach will be produce a different type. " the relationship. "In terms of the harshness of language and the implacable nature, Xavi is a few degrees less intense than his former teammate, former coach and longtime friend of Spain coach Luis Enrique. During his successful career, the coach of La Roja has always had a sports psychologist , Joaquin Valdes, literally at his side. Whether in training sessions, press conferences, interviews or meetings, Valdes is like an extension of the Spaniard's personality - he always listens, evaluates, advises and offers the players services that make Luis Enrique successful or The Spanish coach himself says: "Since Xavi took office, I've seen an improvement - maybe not what the fans are longing for, but it will take time. When you have a team that is so far from their potential, the boss is "Cause is confidence. Xavi has taken over a team that has had very little of its players in the past few months, and building confidence is nothing What To Prescribe A Pill For: It takes time and patience, and maybe Xavi, who was obviously shocked and publicly frustrated by the mentality of some of his new students, could use some digestive advice.


Real Madrid "ready to DELAY talks with Mbappe out of respect for PSG"

The Spanish giants have made no secret of their pursuit of Mbappe and with his contract with PSG running out at the end of the season, Real Madrid believe he will play for them is growing. (Author: Gardener)

MbappeKylian Mbappe will be free to speak to other clubs from January 1, but Real Madrid are reportedly ready to put negotiations on hold until March as a gesture of goodwill towards Paris Saint-Germain. The Spanish giants have made no secret of their pursuit of number 1 target Mbappe and with his contract with PSG running out at the end of the season, Real Madrid believes he will play for them next season is growing. But after the tie in the Champions League round of 16, the Spanish publication Diario AS has reported that Real Madrid are ready to chill until after the second leg with Mbappe. Carlo Ancelotti's team will travel to Paris for the first leg on February 15 and then return to Spain for the second leg at the Santiago Bernabéu on March 9. Out of respect for PSG, who have not given up hope of getting Mbappe to stay, Real Madrid are reportedly ready to put the brakes on negotiations with the star striker until the tie is resolved. According to reports in France, PSG have resumed their own negotiations with Mbappe but have so far made no progress towards an extension. Mbappe asked the club for permission to leave last summer, but that request was blocked. Real Madrid were ready to spend up to £ 197m to sign the 22-year-old over the summer window but PSG again refused to sell as they pushed to keep their star. Mbappe has always remained shy about his future and has refused to get involved in his plan in one way or another. Either way, I'll be playing for a big club, ”Mbappe recently told Amazon Prime. But well, I'm not in the third division, I'm in a club that wants to win the Champions League. I just wanted to discover something else. ' Former Arsenal and France striker Thierry Henry is furious at how PSG got themselves into this situation. Henry stood on the field to watch Mbappe score a brace against Monaco, taking him over 100 Ligue 1 goals for PSG. Speaking to Amazon, Henry said, as reported by RMC Sport: “It should have been settled two years ago. “I think if they sat down with Mbappe two years ago to tell him, 'This will be your team, we will build this team around you, you will be the boss.” He will be able to sign wherever he wants. ' Mbappe is entitled to start negotiations to sign a pre-contract agreement from January 1, but it now appears Real Madrid will not take any action, or at least make no announcement, ahead of the March 9 second leg against PSG at the Bernabeu.


Premier League preview, team news, statistics, predictions, kick-off time

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will again be absent from Arsenal's squad, while West Ham is hoping for Aaron Cresswell; Check out free game highlights on the Sky Sports digital platforms and YouTube channel shortly after full-time (Author: Gardener)

Pierre-Emerick AubameyangTeam news, statistics and predictions ahead of Arsenal against West Ham in the Premier League on Wednesday (kick-off 8 p.m.). Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will suspend the game for Arsenal following internal disciplinary measures. West Ham is hoping Aaron Cresswell will be in the race after a lower back injury. Cresswell missed the Brighton and Burnley draw, both sides of the Chelsea win, but boss David Moyes is optimistic the left-back will make the trip to north London. Follow Arsenal v West Ham on our dedicated live game blog. I want to support you here at 23/20 with Sky Bet. They have won eight of the last nine home games, the last four without conceding a goal. One area of ​​the pitch where West Ham will have an advantage is central midfield as Declan Rice's form continues to impress. I like the look of the 9/2 so it can shoot the target from out of range. He has fired six shots on goal in his last seven Premier League games and narrowly missed a goal in the Burnley draw. Arsenal should also give Rice plenty of space to work. They like to defend a little deeper than most teams in the Premier League and no team has received more shots on goal from outside this season (29). To expand this even further, since Mikel Arteta in December 2019 only Aston Villa, Newcastle and Crystal Palace have conceded more shots on goal from outside the penalty area (93). The 12/1 with Sky Bet for an Arsenal win and Rice to hit the target from outside the box is very clunky. COMPETITION ANGLE: Arsenal win & Declan Rice has a shot from outside the box (12/1 with Sky Bet) * Arsenal have won 10 of their last 11 home games against West Ham and lost the others 2-0 in August 2015. * After West Ham between February Having won three consecutive Premier League games against Arsenal in 2006 and April 2007, West Ham has only won two of the last 26 games against the Gunners in the competition (U5, 19). * Arsenal have only lost one of their 22 Premier League games in the Emirates, which were played on a Wednesday (S14, N7) and lost 2-1 to Swansea in March 2016. Before that, they had also won 12 of the last 14 Wednesday league games in Highbury (U1 L1), with a loss to West Ham in February 2006. * Between January 29, 2019 and July 8, 2020, West Ham lost nine of its 11 weekday Premier League games (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) (W2). Since then, the Hammers have been unbeaten in eight such games in the competition (S4, D4). * Arsenal have lost two of their four Derby games in the Premier League in London this season (S1 U1), more than in the entire 2020/21 season (S6 U3 U1). Meanwhile, West Ham aim to win three consecutive league derbies in London for the first time since January 2019, with the third game being played against Arsenal. * Arsenal have won their last four home games in the Premier League and have been clean in each of their last three. Most recently, in April / May 2017, the Gunners won four straight home wins without conceding a goal, with their fourth win of the run being against David Moyes' Sunderland. * Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette has scored five Premier League goals against West Ham and has scored in each of his last three games against the Hammers. He has not scored against any other team in the competition (including five against Southampton). * West Ham coach David Moyes has never won away against Arsenal in 17 attempts in the Premier League (U4, 13). * This is the 600th Premier League game of West Ham boss David Moyes as coach (currently W236 D161 L202), after Arsène Wenger, Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp only the fourth coach to reach the milestone in the competition. * West Ham's Mikhail Antonio has been directly involved in 11 goals (5 goals, 6 assists) in his last 11 derbies in the Premier League in London. Only Carlton Cole (14) has scored more Derby goals in the Premier League London for the Hammers than Antonio (11).


Is it insensitive to say that you enjoy giving birth?

Holly Willoughby spoke to a listener on This Morning about the potential joy of work. Clover Stroud and Helena Frith Powell discuss whether the TV presenter's comments were insensitive. (Author: Gardener)

Holly WilloughbyPain in childbirth is often described as a secret that women keep from one another, but in my experience the opposite is true. I've often sat with friends while they exchanged gruesome birth stories that sound more like life on a battlefield. For me, childbirth is the least terrifying and challenging aspect of motherhood. So I applaud the way TV presenter Holly Willoughby has spoken so boldly about the potential joy of labor and urged a listener on This Morning who had a baby over Christmas to "really enjoy it!" She added added that for her contractions "was" the best experience ever ". I have given birth five times, and while each has been excruciatingly painful, it has been without a doubt the best and most extraordinary days of my life. Even so, I often feel ashamed to keep silent about it, as if to say that this extraterrestrial experience is incredible would upset those who haven't felt the same thing, or worse, would be viewed as a boast. I'm not saying for a moment that the contractions weren't torture or that I wasn't afraid of how my body would behave during each of those five contractions, but that didn't ruin how amazing it was. either. I'm fortunate that nothing went wrong and I don't underestimate how scary it must be to go through labor that requires emergency surgery. But just as our children are all individuals, so are our experiences at birth. It's important to remind women that labor can - and often is - a really impressive rite of passage. I don't want to be ashamed of myself for enjoying it or telling me to keep quiet just because other women didn't feel the same way. Motherhood is hard enough without being told to keep quiet about the moments of real joy, so I cheer Holly for being brave enough to be so open, and hope it encourages other women to do the same do without fear of being labeled a freak. After all, there is a lot about motherhood that I don't really like. If you gave me the choice of cooking dinner, bathing and going to bed with my three youngest children, or giving birth again, I would go to childbirth every time. Sitting in a fiberglass tub at a birthing home in Crowborough, East Sussex 22 years ago, many things crossed my mind as I worked to welcome my first child. “When does this stop?” Was the predominant word, followed closely by “Why the hell did I choose a natural birth? Girlfriend who I decided early in my pregnancy would be more useful than my husband) that "it really, really hurts," and once when I asked a poor innocent gardener in front of the window, "who for The devil is mowing the lawn "a time like this?" The adjectives that best describe the day include excruciating, excruciating, even unbearable. There wasn't a single moment that I would call my "best experience ever" even when it was finally over. I am happy that Holly Willoughby has such positive memories of her three births and maybe there are many women like her. But for those of you who are pregnant and have thought gently (like me) that the arrival of this baby is likely to hurt, you shouldn't feel like something is wrong if you don't enjoy the view as much as Holly does. And I'm not sure how helpful it is to think of childbirth as an almost sublime experience, as it will inevitably lead to women either feeling betrayed or failed when they feel like me. I can't count on a finger the many friends who called me after the birth and chirp how funny it was. The second time I decided to have a caesarean section. And the third time, with no apology for a caesarean section, I took as many drugs as was legal. As for the popular myth that you forget the pain of childbirth to a point ... But I immediately remembered the excruciating pain that followed them. And all I could think was, 'Thank god I'm not going to go through this again.'