Priti Patel, Britain's hardline home secretary, reveals the fault lines of a divided country

Britain’s hard-line Home Secretary Priti Patel is being re-examined after the deaths of dozen people in the English Channel - one of the worst tragedies to affect migrants en route to the UK in recent times. (Author: Gardener)

Priti PatelPriti Patel commands support among the conservative grassroots organizations, but her approach has polarized the British. Britain’s hard-line Home Secretary Priti Patel is being re-examined after the deaths of dozen people in the English Channel - one of the worst tragedies to affect migrants en route to the UK in recent times. Even in Britain's fragmented political landscape, few legislators are as polarizing as Patel, who held key positions in successive Conservative governments and whose name became known as the potential successor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. On the subject of immigration - and on Brexit, social justice, law and order, and much more - her name serves as a Rorschach test for a divided society and reflects the applause and anger from both sides of the nation's cultural division. To her admirers on the right, she is an unwavering standard-bearer for Brexit Britain; a principled patriot who, as the daughter of Indian immigrants with a state education, is in a unique position to remove the Conservative Party from its decades-long reputation as an elitist and from contact with the multicultural country it rules. But for others, Patel is an insubstantial ideologist who has failed to live up to her own uncompromising rhetoric; a central figure in Britain's tireless culture wars, once sacked for misleading her Prime Minister and investigated for bullying her staff, who remains politically bulletproof not thanks to her skills but rather her determined commitment to Johnson's populist project. "She knows how to push the buttons of her supporters and opponents," Tim Bale, a professor of politics at Queen Mary University and author of books on the Conservative Party and the rise of populism in Europe, told CNN. Few politicians take on the job of minister of interior with the expectation that they will be liked. The Home Office, which deals with migration, police, terrorism and other elements of national security, "covers many of the most divisive tasks in politics - and a number of residents have become divisive figures," said Rob Ford, professor of politics at the Manchester University and author of several books on British politics, said CNN. But Patel has shown his willingness to fight for unpopular pillars of politics. Wednesday's tragedy once again puts the spotlight on an issue for which it has become synonymous: illegal immigration to the UK and, more generally, the government's treatment of migrants, asylum seekers and foreigners moving to the UK. "She is very fluent in the language of the socially conservative right," said Ford. "It is not Boris Johnson's mother tongue," but Patel's "nationalist, threat-focused, sometimes authoritarian worldview" endeared her to large sections of the conservative base, he said . When it was reported last month that Patel was planning a purpose-built reception center for migrants that would require them to follow strict rules, Khan added, "I could ask this about any Priti Patel plan, but what possible purpose it can serve." ? ? "Patel said on Wednesday that the disaster" serves as the clearest reminder of the dangers of these canal crossings organized by ruthless criminal gangs. "In parliament, she said on Thursday that there is" no quick fix "to the problem of illegal migration and named it Incident “a terrible shock” but “no surprise.” French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin withdrew his invitation to a meeting in Calais on Friday after Johnson wrote a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron and passed it on to the media in Patel which he asked him to take back migrants traveling by boat to the UK. Patel has frequently vowed new raids on such trips and touted Brexit as an opportunity to control immigration to the UK. At the end of 2019, she promised French ministers the canal crossings can be reduced by half within a few months and make it a “rare phenomenon” by the end of 2020. more than 25,000 people arrived by boat this year, according to the Home Office, three times more than in 2020. And whether the UK is inside or outside the EU, it remains the end point of a long and complex migration route across Europe that Patel has to cross little control. "An eternal war on immigration is fit for the government," said Bale. However, polls show that public immigration has declined as a priority in recent years - and failure to keep promises could result in Johnson's government being overtaken by populist rivals on immigration issues. John Hayes, a conservative backbencher, told Patel on Thursday in the House of Commons: People who have voted to take back control have every right to ask the question, "If you cannot protect the integrity of the borders, what can you control?" ? " "The danger is that if you raise the importance of the problem and you are completely unsuccessful in trying to handle it, you can create a real expectation problem," said Bale. Patel came to the Home Office as a rising star in the Conservative ranks, but her reputation had already been damaged by a scandal. Then, last year, an investigation into allegations that Patel had bullied employees found that she had failed to treat her officers with consideration and respect and had committed what could be termed bullying. "In the civil service, that's not what uses your reputation," said Alex Thomas, program director at the Institute for Government and former senior civil servant and senior private secretary of Jeremy Heywood, the cabinet secretary. “That leaves its mark,” he said. The report came after a public spit and the resignation of Patel's permanent secretary, but Patel ultimately retained Johnson's support. "There aren't many politicians who would get away with it, which suggests it has a special place in (Johnson's) strategy or even in his heart," Bale said. Patel inherited a Home Office that was haunted by a longstanding affair of its own - the Windrush Scandal, which exposed hostile immigration regulations against a generation of people invited to Britain from the Caribbean in the 1940s and 1950s. The ensuing outrage challenged the then Interior Minister Amber Rudd's career and tarnished May's own reputation. Patel has promised to learn lessons from the scandal that preceded her inauguration, but critics say she did little to change attitudes and refused to prioritize reform in the department. Instead, she was accused of "deeply insulting" behavior by victims of the Windrush scandal last year after she wrote a newspaper column that "good celebrities" tried to stop deportation flights from the UK. When it was reported last year that Patel was considering a proposal to send asylum seekers to the UK territories of Ascension Island and St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of kilometers from Britain, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds called the idea "ridiculous "and" inhuman ". On Wednesday, a report by MPs found that a compensation system set up after the scandal only paid out on 5% of potential claims. An earlier legislative report in July warned that the Interior Ministry's ill-conceived plan is "at risk of failing again (Windrush victims)". And a CNN / Savanta ComRes poll last year found that most black Britons do not trust the government to prevent another Windrush-type scandal and that most view the Conservative Party as institutionally racist. A Home Office spokesman told CNN, "The Home Secretary and the department stand firm in our commitment to ensuring that members of the Windrush generation receive every penny of compensation they are entitled to. The Home Secretary revised the program in December to ensure more money. ”Paying out faster - since then, the amount of compensation paid has increased from less than £ 3 million to over £ 31.6 million, with an additional £ 5.6 million being offered became. Despite all the political struggles she has survived, Patel seems to enjoy the opportunity most of all to stir up the rifts in Britain's social conversation. She has called the protests against Black Lives Matter "terrible", Extinction Rebellion activists "eco-crusaders turned criminals" and after activists removed a bust of slaver Edward Colston last year in Bristol, Patel said, "It's not for Mobs to tear down statues ". "These tendencies have found expression in legislation; Patel has tabled a controversial police law that gives officials extensive powers to stamp out protests." Bale said. "She's a real culture fighter," he added of bright snowflakes who don't represent ordinary people. " There have been times when Patel's knee-jerk rejection of social problems has thrown her off balance with the nation as a whole. When part of the English football fans whistled the national team for taking a knee before the games - an anti-racism gesture that was carried over throughout the game last year - Patel stood by the supporters and pretended to be the knee "Gesture Politics" in an interview with GB News. But weeks later, as England's advance into the later rounds of competition in a tied nation, Patel posted pictures of herself cheering on the team on a television screen, draped in an England shirt. Nonetheless, some argue that Patel's background makes her a particularly effective standard bearer for the broader Conservative social agenda. "It can bring a perspective to the table (that) steers the conversation in a slightly different direction," said Ford. Recalling the typical claims of left-wing opponents that the Conservative Party pursues a racist policy, he added, "Those lines land just not as effective when run as ethnic minority women, and indeed they can backfire. " Patel's name continues to be listed among potential Conservative leaders, and her grassroots arsonist status would likely aid in any leadership election to control the party. But as a politician who has seldom been far removed from scandals, divisions and social debates, it is unlikely that she will try to shed her schismatic political style. "That's their brand," said Thomas.


AC Milan vs. Atletico Madrid odds, tips, watch, live stream

European football model reveals the best Champions League bets for AC Milan vs. Atletico Madrid on Paramount + (Author: Gardener)

Atletico MadridMONACO - NOVEMBER 21: Timo Werner from RB Leipzig celebrates his second goal during the UEFA Champions League group G match between AS Monaco and RB Leipzig at Stade Louis II on November 21, 2017 in Monaco, Monaco. When it comes to Atletico Madrid's chances of reaching the 2021 UEFA Champions League round of 16, Los Colchoneros will determine their own fate. That starts with a win against AC Milan on Wednesday before the final game of the group stage against FC Porto. Atletico defeated Milan in the second leg on September 28, but both teams are at the bottom of Group B ahead of their game this week. You can see what happens this week when you stream the game live on Paramount +. Atletico are the -160 favorite (risk $ 160 to win $ 100) on the 90-minute money line in the final Atletico Madrid vs. Wednesday game will be streamed live on Paramount + with the must-have Premium plan. Paramount + now has membership levels so you can watch the UEFA Champions League and more. The premium plan costs $ 9.99 per month and you can watch your local CBS livestream (including many sports like SEC on CBS, NFL on CBS, and the PGA Tour) with no ads, on-demand, and the ability to episodes download for offline playback. Both plans include a free week to start, so sign up here now. Before you tune in to Wednesday's game, you must see AC Milan vs. Atletico Madrid selection from SportsLine's proprietary European soccer model. For Atletico Madrid v AC Milan, the model predicts the match will exceed 2.5 total goals, giving odds of -115. Five of Atletico's last seven games in all competitions have done just that, and three of Milan's last six have done it too. AC Milan entered the game on Wednesday with an embarrassed look after falling 3-0 against Fiorentina early and losing 4-3 in the Italian Serie A on Saturday. Zlatan Ibrahimovic did everything to get AC Milan back into the game with two goals five minutes apart. Ibrahimovic was unavailable in AC Milan's last clash with Atletico and is still looking for his first Champions League goal of the year. He has 48 Champions League goals in his career, the 10th highest ever, and should be looking for the goal with Milan's back against the wall on Wednesday. Diego Simeone's focus on Atletico's attack came at the expense of goals conceded in recent games. When Atletico entered the La Liga game against Osasuna on November 20 with four defenders in defense, it won 1-0. Atletico have scored 12 goals in their five previous league games, but with a back three. Simeone used four defenders in his last duel against AC Milan and it was still 2-1. Now that you know what to choose, get ready to watch the Champions League. Visit Paramount + now to see the UEFA Champions League, your local CBS live sporting events, some of the other top soccer games in the world, and more.


Best bets, prediction odds for Juventus-Atalanta, Manchester City-West Ham and more

Corner Picks wants to keep the ball rolling this weekend. (Author: Gardener)

Juventus-AtalantaI am always amazed at how incompetently Manchester United can be run as a club and still maintain a certain level of success. This is a club that had put together a young and exciting team that might not be ready to fight for a Premier League or Champions League title but were on the right track when they suddenly decided to turn everything upside down to ask and throw Cristiano Ronaldo into the mix. So now a fun and exciting team to see has to change their entire identity to do justice to an aging superstar, and things went the way they would be expected. Ronaldo scored goals and United wasn't that good. To make matters worse, United had a manager in Ole Gunnar Solsksaer who was clearly overwhelmed. It's not that he's a bad coach, but he wasn't ready to take responsibility for running Manchester United and then leave Ronaldo to him to only make things worse. The world knew it wasn't going to work, but United put their heads in the sand and insisted it would. United kept him, even if it was the perfect opportunity to sack him before the international break and give a new manager time to get to know the team. Now it looks like Ralf Rangnick will take over from placeholder manager Michael Carrick and I'm sure that won't affect United's chances of finishing in the top four. I'm not sure the people who run Manchester United understand that last part. Perhaps you will win enough money on these bets this weekend and use it to save them. Speaking of clubs that quickly regret having built their entire team around Cristiano Ronaldo in their mid-30s, Juventus got off to a slow start this season. The sale of Ronaldo to Manchester United left the club a little messed up as everyone had to learn what their new roles were now that they weren't "supposed to get the ball back and give Ronaldo as soon as possible". Even if things are not going as smoothly as Juve or new coach Max Allegri would like, there are signs of improvement and Juve were much more defensive at home in the league. While Juve only scored seven goals in six Serie A home games, they only allowed six with an expected goal (xG) of 5.0. Compare that to seven away games where the allowable xG is 8.7. Atalanta, on the other hand, may have won five out of six away games and beat their opponent 14-6, but those numbers are misleading. The five wins were achieved against Torino, Salernitana, Empoli, Sampdoria and Cagliari. Not a single one of these teams is in the top half of the Serie A table, and three of them are right in the middle of a relegation battle. Atalanta was also lucky enough to only allow six goals in those games considering they allowed 8.9 xG. I think this game will be similar to Atalanta's trip to San Siro when they drew Inter 2-2, but they were very lucky considering Inter had an xG of 3.9 that day. You're not good enough to win the Premier League but could certainly battle for a spot in the Champions League and possibly even win the Europa League this season. But West Ham isn't a big squad and despite the team's hot start, I'm worried about how they could catch up with European competitions during the busiest part of the season. I suspect we might see some of these effects this weekend. This season West Ham have been excellent away from home, scooping 13 points in six games, but their situation is not that different from Atalanta's. The Hammers won four road wins against Newcastle United, Leeds United, Everton and Aston Villa. Now they are going to Etihad to play Manchester City and I don't like their chances of taking home with points. Unfortunately, there's not much value to be found on the money line, but I think the Man City team sum offers a lot of value. Man City has scored an average of 3.3 goals per game in 10 home games in all competitions this season. The Pick: Manchester City Over 2.5 (+100) Betting over in Serie A games has been a solid game in recent seasons. A tale of Italian football that makes people believe that it is slow and scoring few goals, but it is anything but. At the beginning of the weekend, an average of 3.1 goals per game were scored in a Serie A game, the highest of the five top European leagues (the German Bundesliga ranks second with 2.98). This week I am hoping to capitalize on a Roma attack that has been running hot lately. After an ugly period in late October, the Roma have got things going again, scoring at least two goals in five of their last six games. This week they will host a team from Turin that has been difficult to break through away from home as they play defensively, but I am confident that Roma can take them down and uncover some rifts. In addition, Roma can loosen up a bit defensively, especially if they dominate possession, as I expect in this game. Roma can be caught on the counterattack and Torino has a good chance of catching Roma at least once. Thankfully, the parlay's losing streak ended last week and saved us from losing a ton of money. We hope it will add to our bottom line this week.


Blade's true financial picture as an investment promise

CEO Stephen Bettis insists that failure to secure promotion to the Premier League will not put the club in financial trouble (Author: Gardener)

BladeSheffield United's true financial position and investment pledge than United World to play a bigger role CEO Stephen Bettis insists the club will not get into financial trouble if they do not get promoted back to the Premier League. Get the latest Sheffield United news delivered to your inbox every day - Sign up for free email updates. Something went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for signing upWe have more newslettersShow meSheffield United Board Member Abdullah Alghamdi said the club had spent or invested £ 430m in the past four years and promised to spend more over the next five years. Alghamdi, who is also the CEO of United World, gave an overview of the investments made in recent years at a briefing with the press yesterday. The owner, Prince Abdullah, reportedly wanted to sell the club recently, but Alghamdi revealed how to seek “strategic” investments in line with the club’s plan. Helping to paint the financial landscape of Bramall Lane straight, Alghamdi said, “On the investment side, we're in no rush in terms of deadlines. “We don't need the investment today or tomorrow. We are looking for strategic investors who can work with us on a long-term basis. The Sheffield United Plan is at the core of that plan as part of the United World Group. “I just want to shed some light on the January transfer window. The cost of this change (firing Jokanovic and his staff) is higher than the potential cost of transfers in this window, so it's more about the long-term "When I talk about a long-term plan, it's not about the next five or six Window but about the next five or six seasons that we want to plan for. "Each club will have its own plan within United World and with regards to Sheffield United, Paul [Heckingbottom] will give us a more detailed and solid plan for the next five Or present six years, which includes investing in players and investing in facilities "In the last four seasons we've been two seasons in the Championship and two seasons in the Premier League, we've got around £ 237m in TV revenue. At the same time we've spent or invested £ 430 million, and in the next five years we'll be investing and au Yes, certainly because the club and the staff are growing and we will have much better players. "The bottom line is we need a plan." No, we won't work like that, we will work with the football manager on a longer-term plan where they can develop players and staff from within. "We will have a new hotel here next season and, if we get the permits, hopefully a new academy, a new first team building. " sacked yesterday, the leaders insisted that the goal was still to fight for a place in the top division but as Stephen Bettis outlined, failure to do so will not put the club in dire financial straits. If we don't make promotion we'll be about £ 100million worse off in terms of next season revenue, "he said. The club are in a position where they will continue to be sustainable, whatever happened." Part of United's new plan is to forge a closer working relationship with the other clubs in the United World Group, Beerschot and Châteauroux. Leave it here and join our weekly Sheffield United web chat as we discuss the latest developments on Bramall Lane. United's head of recruitment, Paul Mitchell, will have a bigger role to play in identifying players and Bettis explained how they intend to use the clubs' network. "We have created a pyramid in terms of the clubs that we have acquired at different levels and different standards. We have worked on the top line strategies and plans for the future. There is always an opportunity for the players within the Group to go up and down. " "When we look at United World, we must not just look at Sheffield United because players can move between clubs and ultimately when one of those players becomes the real talent we think we can bring to those clubs there can." is the ability for them to come to us. “The first couple wasn't as successful as we would have liked with loans to Beerschot, but I think more of that will be seen in the future and it will have a positive effect.” Take Châteauroux if you want to know the story the club and the players who spawned them, and their scout network, which is a prime example of the pond they fish in, is known to produce some talent.


5 areas Spurs need to step up in January after Antonio Conte calls for new signings

The Italian sent Daniel Levy a message insisting that "the quality of his squad must improve after the embarrassing defeat to NS Mura." (Author: Gardener)

SpursIf Antonio Conte wasn't fully aware of the size of the challenge at Tottenham Hotspur, he is certainly in office now after his first loss. Tottenham's 2-1 loss to NS Mura in the Uefa Europa Conference League will go down as one of the most humiliating defeats in the club's history. Just eight months ago, Spurs was kicked out of the Europa League by a managerless Dinamo Zagreb team stripped of its coach after being jailed a few days earlier. If Spurs fans thought that was bad, it was somehow worse. Conte, who made nine changes to the team that beat Leeds 2-1 last Sunday, didn't mince words after seeing his side make the 94th table and ranked 341th on the latest club coefficient ranking of Uefa. I have to be honest and tell you that after three and a half weeks I will start to understand the situation, ”he said afterwards. “I can tell you that the situation is not easy. It's not easy because Tottenham's standards are definitely not that high right now. "He added:" After three and a half weeks I am happy to stay here, but at the same time I have to be honest and tell you that we work a lot need to improve the quality of the [current] squad. " The message to Tottenham's chairman Daniel Levy and football manager Fabio Paratici couldn't have been clearer: Invest in the squad or I won't stay long. Conte's predecessors Mauricio Pochettino and Jose Mourinho both made similar demands, but only after having been in office for much longer than the Italian's 24 days. During his two decades at the helm, Levy has been criticized for not investing in the transfer market compared to its rivals. While it is historically correct that Spurs were unable to compete with the Premier League's richest clubs, Levy is referring to the club's expenses since reaching the Champions League final in 2019 as evidence of the ambitions of the Notify the association. In the last five transfer windows, Tottenham have signed 18 first-team players either permanently or on loan. In total, they have an estimated 291 million. They also spent loan fees on Gedson Fernandes and Carlos Vinicius and covered over a third of Gareth Bale's reported weekly salary of £ 600,000 during his loan from Real Madrid last season. Given the effort and regeneration of the squad, Levy must be concerned that the club's three most important players date before one of these additions: Hugo Lloris (2012 under contract), Son Heung-min (2015 under contract) and Harry Kane (developed in the academy). Of the 18 newcomers, only Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Sergio Reguilon can currently be considered successful acquisitions, while the currently injured Romero could be a key figure in the defense. In recent years, a well-known argument has been that Tottenham's squad is stronger than results and performances suggest. Pochettino, Mourinho and Nuno Espirito Santo have all been accused of failing to get the best out of their players and each one paid the ultimate price for not doing so. Conte has admitted that he is "rating" his players ahead of the January transfer window. Kane (should he stay), Son, Hojbjerg, Reguilon, Romero and possibly Emerson could form the core of Conte's roster. Persistent uncertainty over Lloris' contract, which expires in June, means its departure cannot be ruled out. Only six first-team players look like certain starters under Conte. The Spurs have not adequately replaced Mousa Dembele's ball-carrying capacities or Christian Eriksen's creativity since their departure, with neither Tanguy Ndombele nor Giovani Lo Celso living up to expectations. Dele Alli looks like a shadow of the player who won the PFA Young Player of the Year awards in a row under Pochettino, while Harry Winks and Oliver Skipp also battled for form. AC Milan's box-to-box player Franck Kessie is out of contract next summer and is rumored to be a target. Senegalese international Pape Matar Sarr will join Spurs next summer as soon as his loan from FC Metz ends. A new striker to either assist or replace Kane when he has his desire to move would also come in handy as Conte knows the options in this area. Fiorentina's Dusan Vlahovic appears to be the main target but has plenty of suitors including Arsenal. And for the first time in a decade, Spurs could be looking for a new goalkeeper as Lloris' contract expires at the end of the season. Gollini has yet to show he can be the Frenchman's long-term successor, while Manchester United's Dean Henderson and West Brom's Sam Johnstone are both on the club's radar.


Internet jokers mock Madonna's cheeky fishnet Instagram pics

Madonna fans shuddered after the pop sensation posted explicit bedroom photos showing her freeing her nipple and spreading her legs on Wednesday. (Author: Gardener)

MadonnaIn a series of pictures taken on a bed and posted Wednesday night, the 63-year-old mother of six wore lingerie while positioning herself in a series of compromising snapshots, including pictures of her bare chest and hers with fishnet stockings showing clad buttocks. The singer showed off her breasts in a bondage-inspired bra with cutouts in the body to best show off her luscious cleavage. Her pictures sparked a wave of memes on social media, with one person commenting, “Discovered a new species of spider. Another reviewer posted a snapshot of the image with a logo added that read, “Life Alert, Help! They commented: 'As a chameleon, Madonna has once again taken on a new personality for us older fans and I'm here for that!' But celebrities and internet trolls were quick to comment on the Instagram pics with memes on Twitter targeting her bum poking out from under a bed. When Madonna shared the raw racy snaps on Instagram on Wednesday night, she sparked shock waves on social media and even went so far as to alert her devout fan base. In the series of images captured on a bed, the six-year-old mother of six wore lingerie while positioning herself in a series of compromising snapshots, including images showing her bare chest and fishnet stockings. Her stunned fans quickly flooded the comment section, with the majority being shocked by the "porn" -style footage while others praising the star for her daring post, which comes after further controversy on the site. Madonna showed off her breasts in a bondage-inspired bra with cutouts to show off her luscious cleavage. She flaunted her perky bum as she kneeled in front and center in front of the bed with her thong-clad bum and later bent over to reveal more meat. She flaunted her perky bum as she kneeled in front and center in front of the bed with her thong-clad bum and later bent over to reveal more meat. In another pic, the hitmaker from Like A Virgin completely lost her top while using a duvet to partially cover her eye-catching cleavage, but still exposing much of her bare chest. In another pic, the hitmaker from Like A Virgin completely lost her top while using a duvet to partially cover her eye-catching cleavage, but still exposing much of her bare chest. The NSFW photos showed Madonna in various positions, from topless lying on her sheets to under the bed with her legs wide apart. The NSFW photos showed Madonna in various positions, from topless lying on her sheets to under the bed with her legs wide apart. Last night, Madonna reposted edited versions of the explicit, nipple-bared portraits shared on her Instagram account after being removed for violating community guidelines. In a long caption, the hitmaker described the social media platform's strict nudity policy as "sexist" and compared the unshakable social stigma surrounding the female nipple with that of the "lies" about the "peaceful" treatment of the Native Americans by pilgrims were told on Thanksgiving. "I post photos that Instagram removed without warning or notification ... The reason they told my management that doesn't manage my account was because a small part of my nipple was exposed," she began. “It still amazes me that we live in a culture that allows us to show every inch of the female body with the exception of a nipple. As if that were the only part of the female anatomy that could be sexualized. The nipple that feeds the baby! 'Can't you experience a man's nipple as erotic ?? !! And what about the a ** of a woman who is not censored anywhere. Instagram's official community guidelines explicitly state that nudity is not allowed on the platform and that the female nipple falls under this umbrella. There are exceptions to the rule such as “photos related to breastfeeding, birth and postbirth moments, health-related situations (e.g., nudity in paintings and sculptures is also allowed.


"I was trapped in my own bladder with a baby"

The Australian midfielder tells Suzanne Wrack that she was six months apart from her wife and daughter and what her playing has shown in eight countries (Author: Gardener)

Australianew can say the pandemic came at a good time, but Australian midfielder Tameka Yallop is one of the exceptions. On August 21, 2020, Yallop and her wife Kirsty welcomed their daughter Harley Rose into the world and suddenly the virus that had stopped football and the globetrotter's travel had a positive side. "It was definitely weird," said Yallop, who competed in eight countries and joined West Ham in May. “I was pretty lucky in terms of timing because by that point my daughter was due and she is our first baby so all the nerves and ignorance of what to do took up a lot of time and it was actually time that I really appreciated with my family. So for me it was a happy time as the world was locked because I was trapped in my own bladder with a new little baby anyway. Yallop and Kirsty, a former New Zealand international, had time to prepare and went to their parents' house, where Kirsty and Harley are staying. "They have good support and enjoy living in the moment and watching Harley grow," she says. "I haven't seen her in about six months so I'm fighting on the other side of the world, but I think Christmas will change that and I'll see her." Yallop has three brothers and three sisters and they and an older brother started playing for the same club when she was about five and he was six. Football wasn't meant to be serious, it was fun and one of many outdoor sports she enjoyed as a kid on the Gold Coast. I definitely didn't think about that until much later. Women's football was not a professional sport in Australia, that's for sure, but there were some things that started to change and conversations became real. I know when I first entered QAS, a sports academy in Australia, I was playing with Senior Matildas and they were in Australia at the top level back then and still had to work and study and the pay for playing wasn't really any Thing. "This kind of change only started when Yallop was in her early 20s, she says. The 30-year-old now has a résumé in Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway and England - which is her one gives a unique insight into the development of women's football around the world. "In the last few years in particular, I've seen a massive improvement in standards in many leagues around the world and I think that the professionalism is slowly becoming comparable to that of men," says she. "I think a lot of this is due to exposure. Now you can watch every league around the world online and I think that's playing a big one Role. ”Yallop and Kirsty met when they were teammates at Norwegian side Klepp IL, and it wasn't until she started that relationship that she felt comfortable opening up her sexuality to her family and to the public. “It's been a long time hiding that side of me and it was football that was the escape for me and in a place where I felt I didn't have to worry. That has changed a bit now. Yes, my family knows, but there is a lot of support outside of football too. With Rainbow Laces Day approaching December 8th and West Ham being the only Premier League club where both men's and women's first-team teams also wear rainbow bracelets, what is it like to lace up and as a player? to step openly on the field? about their sexuality and marriage? “It's a pretty unusual feeling to know that everyone is doing it just because they support it and don't think, 'Oh, every teammate is doing it, so I have to do it too.' You don't get the feeling, that's what drives it at all. ”“ Whether it affects the team culture or the way you play football, he has proven beforehand that he can definitely do it and raise the level of the club, ”says Yallop, who works under Harder in Norway played. “It's only the beginning of the season so we have to focus on the final, but I think if someone is they'll definitely be able to get us there this season. And that just depends on the type of football we play and the performance we deliver on the pitch. "


Emma Raducanu, 19, was named Sportswoman of the Year by the Sunday Times

Raducanu, who celebrated her 19th birthday earlier this month, made history earlier this year when she became the first female qualifier to win a Grand Slam at the US Open in September. (Author: Gardener)

Emma RaducanuBritish tennis sensation Emma Raducanu was named Sportswoman of the Year by the Sunday Times. Raducanu, who celebrated her 19th birthday earlier this month, made history in September when she became the first female qualifier to win a Grand Slam at the US Open. She crossed the qualifying rounds in New York to storm the finals, where she defeated Canadian Leylah Fernandez 6-4, 6-3 to win her first Grand Slam title and prize money of £ 1.8 million. The first British woman to win an individual Grand Slam title in 44 years did not drop a set during the tournament. Jonathan Licht, MD of Sky Sports, said, “In the wake of the pandemic, it's more important than ever to celebrate the advances and phenomenal achievements in women's sports. “We have had some amazing moments throughout the year, not just in women's sports but in how these nominees contributed to the sport in general, from the success of The Hundred to the extraordinary story of Emma Raducanu that moved the nation. "Sky Sports is excited to play a role in celebrating these incredible women." Raducanu also had a dream run into the fourth round at Wimbledon in July before she had to retire in her round of 16 game against the Australian Ajla Tomljanovic due to breathing difficulties. Raducanu was back in training this week after enjoying a vacation for the first time in seven years after her breakthrough season. Raducanu will end their outstanding season on Sunday with an exhibition game against Romanian Elena-Gabriela Ruse at London's Royal Albert Hall. Raducanu will be looking to make a statement after having mixed experiences since her Grand Slam triumph on the tour, losing early in Indian Wells and knocking out in the quarter-finals in Romania before being knocked out in the first round of Wang Xiyu's Linz Open . was beaten. She is joined by tennis icons such as former British number 1 Greg Rusedski, Goran Ivanisevic, Marcos Baghdatis and Radek Stepanek. After the game in London, Raducanu will begin preparations for the Australian Open, which will start on January 17th. Raducanu also achieved fame with her first Grand Slam win at Flushing Meadows with her on the front page. Meanwhile, the teenager was revealed to be the face of jewelry brand Tiffany and Co in a deal valued at over £ 2 million. Announcing the title on Instagram, Emma said, “Very excited to be joining the iconic @tiffanyandco family as their house ambassador. And in October, she became the latest celebrity to be announced as the ambassador for high-end fashion house Dior. It is unknown how much Emma is being paid for her role as Dior's ambassador. Emma further cemented her place as a household name when she was revealed to be the face of Sports Direct's 2021 Christmas campaign. The youthful tennis sensation was joined by the euro heartbeat Jack Grealish and a number of British top young sports stars in the ad. The tennis star is considered a "sponsor's dream" and is well on the way to becoming the highest-earning female sports star of all time.


Two players stood out, changing pace, creating overloads and getting the most out of Morelos

As a snapshot of how new coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst wants the Rangers to perform, Thursday's Europa League win against Sparta Prague offered fans a seductive glimpse into what they could experience under the Dutchman's leadership. (Author: Gardener)

MorelosHe may only have had two days of training with the squad he inherited from Steven Gerrard, but the changes Van Bronckhorst sought to make to their style of play were already evident in the 2-0 win at Ibrox that secured Rangers see. Place in the knockout phase of the tournament with one game round at your disposal. While openly admitting that he instinctively believes in the 4-3-3 system that Gerrard generally favored throughout the former English captain's tenure, van Bronckhorst immediately displayed a tactical flexibility that was different from a group of players who had trouble immediately paying off to find their best form since the start of this season together. With Steven Davis and Glen Kamara as defensive midfielders in front of the central defenders Connor Goldson and Calvin Bassey - the latter impressed as substitute for the injured Leon Balogun - it gave the full-backs James Tavernier and Borna Barisic all the freedom they needed to plunge down the flanks. Left-back Barisic, in particular, looked far more effective than it had been in a long time. It was van Bronckhorst's adaptation to the advanced midfield trio that had perhaps the greatest impact on the performance of a team that lacked momentum and direction during their 3-1 loss to Hibs in the semi-finals of the Premier Sports Cup at Hampden for four days previously. Joe Aribo was used by Gerrard as a right player, either in midfield or in the attacking trio of his 4-3-3 line-up. Van Bronckhorst's decision to play Aribo in the central role of "Number 10" paid off well. His contribution enabled Alfredo Morelos to do exactly what van Bronckhorst wanted the Colombian striker to do - to stay in and around the opponent's penalty area rather than delving deeper to try to connect the game. It was also more important that the two broad men of the attacking midfield trio - this time Ianis Hagi and Ryan Kent - stay as close to the sidelines as possible and, as van Bronckhorst says, create more "one-on-one" and overloads ". The Rangers showed a more dynamic performance that was sustained when Nathan Patterson and Fashion Sakala filled those broader positions in the second half. Patterson seemed more than comfortable in a role that could provide the solution to giving the exciting Scottish international more regular time in the coming months.


What the press in Holland and the Czech Republic says about Giovanni van Bronckhorst's victory

The Netherlands' eyes were on Ibrox last night, as were Scotland and the Czech Republic. (Author: Gardener)

the Czech RepublicThe Netherlands' eyes were on Ibrox last night, as were Scotland and the Czech Republic. With the new Rangers manager Giovanni vn Bronckhorst, who made his coaching debut in Scotland, the fans in his Dutch homeland also watched closely how the former Feyenoord championship winner would fare just a few days after taking over the Scottish champions. The Rangers were at times vigorously defeating Sparta Prague and securing progress in the Europa League - where they have been confronted with one of the Champions League dropouts in the last 32 play-offs, including FC Sherriff, Borussia Dortmund or his old club could belong to Barcelona. The win was a revenge to Prague for a 1-0 win in the Czech Republic, tarnished by hostile treatment to Glen Kamara by the home team - but while Ibrox crackled on another electric European night, journalist Jan Vacek said: “Hellish one Atmosphere was expected… but it wasn't anything that crossed the line, ”and there was no sign of failure on or off the pitch. © Giovanni van Bronckhorst celebrates full time after qualifying for the UE knockout round ... Czech newspaper Blesk blamed defender Filip Panak for the defeat, whose mistake Alfredo Morelos made his second place with a costly mistake. Czech reporters lifted for the first time also highlight its weaknesses. "He did what the player wanted to get off the field. That allowed Morelos to take the second and decisive goal unchallenged, which ensured the Rangers couldn't be caught by Sparta, even in the head-to-head Ranking list. " The worst that can happen in the field. But he has to be a realist, know his possibilities and keep working with the players, ”said Štěpán Filípek on the show. Jan Vacek wrote of a “convincing triumph” for the Rangers, whose “primarily on their performance was clear at the beginning. With Rangers new Dutch coaching team and Peter Bosz, who led Lyon to qualify directly from the group, the Netherlands had a particular interest in Group A and De Telegraaf noted: “Giovanni van Bronckhorst had a successful debut as Rangers manager. Sparta Prague was defeated 2-0 in the Europa League. Because Peter Bosz won in the same group with Olympique Lyon when visiting Brøndby IF (1: 3), the Scots will surely spend the winter in the second tournament in Europe. ”AD in Rotterdam added the comments of one of the city's most famous football sons and quoted the Rangers manager: It's important to show who we are from the first minute. "The crowd is our twelfth man and with a sold out Ibrox behind us the atmosphere can be great and I think it will help our team."