Hugh Brasher on the evolution of the London Marathon

Hugh Brasher, Event Director, London Marathon Events tells Access of his determination that the Virgin Money London Marathon this year would take place as a physical event of some sort and how much his father, the event co-founder, had loved the fact a growing number of Runners from all over the world take part [...] (Author: Gardener)

Hugh BrasherHugh Brasher, Event Director, London Marathon Events tells Access about his determination that the Virgin Money London Marathon this year would be a physical event of some sort and how much his father, the event co-founder, loved the fact that more and more runners were getting out all over the world participate virtually. A hugely important event, not only because of its role in promoting improved mental and physical health, but also because of its massive impact on the economy and fundraising. The return of the London Marathon this year as a mass event was a great relief for everyone involved, at least its many suppliers. On October 3rd, more than 37,000 runners completed the 42.2 mile Blackheath to The Mall route, which includes some of London's most famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf. At a time of such uncertainty, Race Director Hugh Brasher's apparent commitment to running the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon in every possible way provided much-needed security for the supply chain. Keeping in mind the changing Covid containment measures ordered by the government later this year, Brasher and his team developed a series of contingency measures to ensure they can respond with agility to any scenario that is placed on them. The team had already hosted a Covid-safe version of the event on October 4th last year, which consisted of races for the elite only in a biosecure bubble around St. James's Park. At the same time, it hosted the first virtual edition of the marathon with 37,966 finishers. “Ultimately, it was able to move forward because of the trust our suppliers have placed in us.” “Ultimately, it was able to continue because of the trust our suppliers have placed in us.” London Marathon Events was also involved in the government's event research program. The Reunion 5K pilots on May 15 at Kempton Park, Surrey, each with 3,000 runners participating, tested a variety of scenarios, including social distancing. On July 11th, Vitality London with 10,000 runners took place in Hatfield Park. Says Brasher: "We had proven that in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, we could have an elite event at the St." We had some incredible eventualities, one of which was having 17 simultaneous events across the UK on the same day, each with 4,000 people walked. We had members of the team working on it and speaking to venues with NDAs. We followed the Covid-19 data, looked at what was going on around the world, and worked closely with the government. The elite men's race of the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon was won by Shura Kitata, while the elite women's race winner was Brigid Kosgei. While many enjoy watching the efforts of top athletes, it's the element of mass participation that has fueled the public imagination since the event was launched in 1981 by Hugh's father, Chris Brasher and John Disley. One of their original goals was to raise funds for public sports and recreational facilities. In the years since its inception, the marathon has raised more than £ 1 billion for charities. “The London Marathon was started in the Dysart Arms by my old man and the Ranelagh Harriers running club,” says Brasher. “This year's event was attended by people in 198 countries around the world. The virtual aspect fits 100% with the ethos of what my father and John Disley envisioned at the beginning. Born out of the pandemic, Brasher says the ability to run the London Marathon remotely will continue to evolve in the years to come and it is very much his intention to make it a permanent aspect of the event. He says, “Why should we limit ourselves to the streets of London? "Soon you will be able to run the London Marathon on treadmills and we are not far from running against someone you are watching on your glasses." Its interactive technology adapts the settings of the treadmills to the natural topography of the marathon route. The London Marathon has also signed a six-year naming agreement with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which will run from 2022. She developed the event app in 2019 and updated it in 2020 to provide virtual support for the participants. “There are some fantastic initiatives in terms of inspirational activities for all ages and you will be with them for the next three to five years,” says Brasher. One initiative he'd like to talk about is the hugely successful start of the Mini London Marathon, which sees elementary schools across the country running or walking 4.2 miles between September 28 and October 9. “We got half a million school kids into school this year, and we have some incredible goals to expand and reinforce,” says Brasher. Just a few weeks before the world leaders met in Glasgow at COP26, sustainability was of course a major focus of the London Marathon. After the use of bottle straps was successfully tested in 2019, they were used again this year. "We had some incredible contingencies, one of which was that 17 events across the UK were going to happen simultaneously on the same day." "We had some incredible eventualities, one of which was that 17 events across the UK were going to happen simultaneously on the same day." It is clear that hosting the London Marathon is a huge undertaking. A core team of around 85 employees is employed all year round, on that day around 4,500 volunteers and 160 doctors are on duty, not to mention the many suppliers (see box). “Around 6,000 people work directly on the event and there is a lot more indirectly - Docklands Light Railway had one of its busiest days in 2019 with more than 320,000 people attending on race day. In terms of suppliers, we've tried to work with most of those with whom we had existing relationships to ensure continuity and support them. ”New contractors this year included WS Transport, as well as Square One and Creative Technology, who involved in the new end portal and hospitality facility on the St. James's Park side of the mall. Ben Craddock, Senior Operations Manager at London Marathon Events, said: “We had some problems with supplies in certain areas, one of which was the toilets at the start of the event. Although an event this year is unlikely to have been immune to the effects of the shortage of equipment, services and personnel due to Brexit and the pandemic, Brasher said the announcement of the London Marathon date of 2021 on August 7, 2020 will take place on August 7, 2020 Suppliers helped with the planning. He says, “We always knew it was going to happen. I hope it was through the communication with our suppliers and through the events we held that they knew we were going to do something incredible this year. Ultimately, it came about because of the trust our suppliers have placed in us. "


Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 review

As Dexter Morgan falls into old habits, Dexter: New Blood reveals that there are some new tricks. (Author: Gardener)

2As Dexter Morgan falls into old habits, Dexter: New Blood reveals that there are some new tricks. If it's not bad enough that the always clumsy former blood analyst has embedded himself so thoroughly in the city that even the locals on the nearby reservation use “Jim” by his first name, Dexter also had to cuddle up with a police chief, the has already proven to be far smarter than the incompetent Miami Metro staff. Dexter's closeness to the Angela and Iron Lake police force may have its advantages - he has a free hand to clean up after himself after Matt Caldwell's disappearance and the ensuing search party - but it's risky behavior for a man who may be a little more under the radar should. This is how Dexter's estranged son Harrison finds him. After Hannah died of pancreatic cancer and left Harrison to hop from nursing home to nursing home, the former blueberry pancake-loving Moppet began looking for his missing father. With a trip to Oregon and some internet detectives, Harrison found Dexter and now wants answers. Why did he give up sunny Miami for wintry Iron Lake? Thanks to Harrison actor Jack Alcott for making these scenes work. While it's always nice to see Dexter squirm (which he often has to do with Iron Lake PD camping out in his front yard looking for the man he hastily murdered), Alcott avoids with his performance too theatrical to get. Harrison is clearly wounded, overcompensating for the harshness, and is mysterious. Obviously the son is as intelligent as his father based on the scenes where he easily breaks into a locked shack and cleverly spies on the other teenagers, but there is no real evidence that darkness is brewing inside him. Having Dexter overwhelmed with trying to be a father while trying to learn about the son he doesn't know is an interesting new dynamic for a show that feels like it hurts, in old ones To fall back on routines. Old routines like the Matt Caldwell investigation. Just like the old days, Dexter can easily toss the police from the inside, plant Matt's glove, smear traces of blood, and lead the police to the wounded deer to make it appear like Matt killed the buck in the reservation area and then skipped the town around the avoid legal trouble. Thankfully, just as Dexter seems to be getting off too comfortably with things again, Matt's father Kurt (Clancy Brown) arrives to keep the search party going. Clancy Brown is an actor who yells Dexter Big Bad, but I feel like he's just a red herring or a simple thorn in the side to distract us from real trouble. On the other hand, Matt promised that Kurt would kill Dexter with his last breath. Meanwhile, the girl who bought Angela a burger at the bar and who said she was trying to leave Iron Lake seems in imminent danger. Could she be trapped by billionaire Edward Olsen, who exudes ominous vibes when Angela asks his help in finding Matt? We also get further evidence that several Indigenous women were missing in Iron Lake, with Angela's daughter and a local referring to a girl named Iris. Dexter has never been a show that was particularly graceful on slow storyline developments, but I am intrigued by the way they slowly roll out that information. Obviously these two threads are connected, but at the moment it's unclear how. While there isn't much meat on the bone in Storm of Fuck, there are some good things happening between Harrison, slowly building into a bigger secret, and Ghost Deb. While Ghost Harry's appearances got ridiculous at the end of Dexter's original run, with James Remar painstakingly repeating the exposure, Dexter: New Blood's new and improved version with Deb is great. Rather than a disapproving but easily ignored voice of sanity, Deb is a mocking, startling presence that unsettles Dexter every time she shows up. It's a solid way to use Jennifer Carpenter and make her feel like a dynamic element of the story being told. I am curious to see if the show will continue to give her such memorable appearances as this week with the ball and the window. So far, Dexter: New Blood is way more competent than Dexter's previous seasons from a storytelling perspective, but it still covers the table. Until we can determine what the show is aiming to achieve with this new version of Dexter, it's hard to gauge whether the revival will be successful or even necessary. Still, “Storm Of Fuck” feels like it's moving in the right direction. TV The Dexter Finale Could Have Been Weird TV Dexter Revival Will Have "No Resemblance" To The Original Finale How Fandom Forgets The Dark Side Of David Tennant's Doctor


This happened during the Aberfan disaster of 1966

Aberfan disaster: what happened during the 1966 tragedy shown? (Author: Gardener)

1966On Friday, October 21, 1966, around a quarter past nine, a disaster struck the coal-mining village of Aberfan in south Wales. What began as a typical morning 55 years ago this week quickly escalated into tragedy when a mine dump, located directly above the village, slid downhill. The devastating event - known as the Aberfan disaster - killed 144 people, including 116 children. The Queen and Prince Philip traveled to Aberfan on October 29, 1966, the day after the last victim was recovered from the rubble, to pay their respects to the deceased and his relatives. The colliery's dump - a pile of mining waste - that caused the Aberfan disaster had emerged eight years earlier on a hill overlooking the village. Despite the official regulations of the National Coal Board (NCB), the landfill was placed on an area that was partially above underground water sources. On the day of the incident, the top had reached a height of approximately 111 feet and contained nearly 300,000 cubic meters of overburden. Previously, concerns had been expressed that the dump is located directly above the local elementary school in the village, as in a 1963 letter to the NCB regarding the "danger of coal sludge tipping on the back of the Pantglas schools". However, the NCB did not take any action to prevent the catastrophic event. Hence the anger of the grieving village turned on the NCB as members of the community struggled to deal with the Aberfan disaster. In the weeks leading up to the avoidable tragedy, there was significant rainfall in the village. This caused rainwater to accumulate inside the top of the colliery, causing it to collapse and form a manure. The landslide drove down the mountainside at high speed and destroyed two farmhouses in the country before reaching Pantglas Junior School. If the landslide had happened just half an hour earlier before the kids got to school, or three hours later when they'd split up at half-year, many of the kids might not have died. Five teachers and 109 children lost their lives in the school that was devoured by the contents of the mine dump. In their final moments, several employees of the Pantglas Junior School did everything they could to protect the students they were supervising. Nansi Williams, a school dinner lady who died in the disaster, used her body to protect five children, all of whom survived thanks to her selfless act. Jeff Edwards, the last child rescued from the remains of the school, remembered hearing his classmates "cry and scream" after the landslide. “Over time, they became quieter as children died, they were buried and they ran out of breath,” he said. After the Aberfan disaster, local residents, miners and rescue workers, with the help of thousands of volunteers, tried to rescue as many people as possible from the rubble. While the rescue lasted for a week, the last survivor was discovered at 11 a.m. on the day of the landslide. Local Welsh broadcaster John Humphrys vividly recalled the desperate efforts of miners and parents desperately digging for survivors. "The moment the terrible news reached them, the miners had left the coal wall of the colliery that had created this monstrous spire and were racing to the surface," said Humphrys. The station described how the rescue operations continued even after the last screams of the survivors, whose only motivation was to rescue the deceased. After the destruction, many of Aberfan's residents developed medical problems and some suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder later in life. An investigation was conducted to find out who was responsible for the Aberfan disaster. The first public meeting took place on November 2nd. The report concluded that the NCB had a great deal of responsibility for the tragedy, stating that "Much of the time of the tribunal could have been saved if [...] must clearly rest - at their door." As the results of the Report released on August 3 of the following year, it said that blame for the disaster "is shared (albeit to varying degrees) between National Coal Board Headquarters, the South Western Divisional Board and certain individuals." ". "Our strong and unanimous view is that the Aberfan disaster could and should have been prevented," the report reads, highlighting the "ignorance, inability and failure of communication" that resulted in the serious loss of life . On the day of the Aberfan Disaster, the Aberfan Disaster Memorial Fund was launched, which received around 88,000 donations and grossed around £ 1.75 million. Further anger, however, was sparked when £ 150,000 was withdrawn from the fund to clear up the remaining mines. The £ 150,000 was repaid to the fund by the UK government more than three decades after the disaster. Another decade later, the Welsh Congregation donated £ 1.5 million to the fund and £ half a million to the Aberfan Education Charity. The Aberfan disaster was featured on The Crown season three, with many viewers commenting at the time that they were unaware of the tragedy prior to its portrayal. "When I watched #TheCrown's Aberfan disaster, I had no idea ... That's why it's so important to remember those disasters and educate people," wrote another. Others recalled how the pain of the Aberfan disaster in South Wales "is still felt today". "Even though I was only 10 years old at the time, I remember it very well since I saw my father cry for the first time," said a Twitter user. Some have criticized the manner in which the Queen, portrayed by Olivia Colman, is asked in a scene by The Crown to "show emotion" during her visit to the disaster-stricken Welsh village. One viewer stated that they found the portrayal of the Queen in the episode as "cold-hearted". It's ridiculous how they portrayed the Queen as callous during the Aberfan disaster. It was previously reported that one of the monarch's "greatest regrets" was waiting eight days to visit Aberfan after the coal mine top disaster. It was kind of a lesson for us that you have to show sympathy and be there for what I think people are asking of you, ”said Sir William Heseltine, who was working in the Royal Press Office at the time of the tragedy.


CFOs have a key role to play in reducing risk

Managing operational risk is just as important as managing financial risk in a post-pandemic world (Author: Gardener)

As senior members of the executive board, CFOs are able to coordinate efforts to identify and mitigate not only financial but also operational risks. "While the events of the past 18 months have been unprecedented, they have highlighted the importance of modeling different risk scenarios and understanding the potential impact on your business," said David Carrick, CFO of Apex Group. "By preparing for potential risk scenarios and understanding industry and macroeconomic trends and drivers, CFOs can help their organization be more resilient and adapt and manage these risks more effectively." According to Shirine Khoury-Haq, Co-op CFO and CEO of Co-op Life Services, it is also critical that CFOs understand that risk, whether operational or financial, is dynamic and can escalate quickly. "What could initially be classified as an operational risk, such as the nationwide shortage of truck drivers, quickly turns out to be a financial risk and reputational risk for many companies," she says. “Some challenges may require more urgent attention, but a good CFO should never ignore the importance of a risk and have the financial and operational expertise to take proactive action.” So it is critical that CFOs understand the risks they face their businesses are exposed to, understand, evaluate and measure. "A CFO, as part of the broader management team, must play an active role in assessing and measuring the level of risk in their organization," says Carrick, pointing out that Apex has a clear monitoring system in place in several key areas to proactively identify risk. . “Financial risks are part of our overall risk framework and are therefore subject to close monitoring, including the measurement of key performance indicators.” Carrick identifies compliance and regulatory, digital and data protection, transactional and calculation errors, human resources and outsourcing as the most important operational risks for the Apex Group. The most important financial risks include solvency and liquidity, interest rates and foreign exchange, and credit and inflation rates. “The management team, including the CFO, must prioritize identifying potential risks on a day-to-day basis,” he adds, indicating that Apex has appropriate procedures in place for each risk category. “Our internal auditing function also provides independent third-party verification of key risks,” she says. “As CFO, these teams and mechanisms are crucial for the management of current and emerging risks and thus for the subsequent financial and operational decisions.” “I not only review risks and measures, but also make sure that my management team stays close and speaks often to regularly uncover opportunities or challenges. Some of these may only apply to one company, but many apply to our entire portfolio, ”says Khoury Haq. “When we have a very solid understanding of the business, its environment, and how it works internally, we can make the right decisions.” In risk management, technology is an important part of ensuring that key risk controls are in place across the organization. "Technology and real-time data are important tools available to the CFO to ensure that an appropriate risk control framework is in place," said Carrick. While the role of technology is crucial, Khoury-Haq emphasizes the importance of the human teams that develop, maintain and oversee risk management processes. "A CFO and the board of directors must set the right tone at the top to ensure the organization understands the need for a robust but flexible control environment based on integrity and ethics."


TV host-run charity praised the council's work to reduce the use of harmful pesticides

A WILDLIFE charity led by Chris Packham has recognized advice for its work in reducing the use of harmful pesticides. (Author: Gardener)

Chris PackhamA WILDLIFE charity led by Chris Packham has recognized advice for its work in reducing the use of harmful pesticides. A WILDLIFE charity led by Chris Packham has recognized advice for its work in reducing the use of harmful pesticides. Wild Justice, co-founded by the television presenter and naturalist, said the Lewes County Council's efforts to reduce glyphosate use were "impressive". Wild Justice, co-founded by the television presenter and naturalist, said the Lewes County Council's efforts to reduce glyphosate use were "impressive". A spokesman for the charity said: “The council does not use glyphosate on its own land, except in rare cases for certain species such as Japanese knotweed. Glyphosate is a chemical used to treat weeds on paths and roads. The residents of Lewes initially joined forces in 2016 and collected over 2,000 signatures to stop the use of chemical pesticides. The council invested in a foam blasting machine after a report revealed the likely withdrawal of a license to use glyphosate for weed control. Councilor Julie Carr, Cabinet Member for Recycling, Waste and Open Spaces, said the council's approach is good for biodiversity. She said: “The change in the Council's approach to greener forms of weed control has been going on for several years. “Recently, the Cooperative Alliance launched a pesticide reduction policy that ties in with our Pollinator Strategy, Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy, and Biodiversity Strategy.” Councilor Matthew Bird, Cabinet Member for Sustainability, welcomed the charity's praise for the work of the council . He said: “I am really happy that Chris Packham and his colleagues at Wild Justice have made positive comments on our work. "Chris has long been telling it as it is, and Wild Justice's comments mean a lot to us and help us validate what we want to achieve in restoring nature in the face of climate and environmental emergencies." The council has others Methods tried to improve biodiversity and allow wildflowers to grow, such as: Wild Justice is led by Chris Packham, Mark Avery, a former RSPB conservation director, and Ruth Tingay, a conservationist. Send an email to [email protected] or contact us here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all the news.


Who has the worst Christmas schedule? Spurs play six in 17 days as Man United got lucky

The Premier League is set on another hectic festive schedule this winter, with elite clubs trying to juggle the game every few days. Players like To (Author: Gardener)

ChristmasThe Premier League is set on another hectic festive schedule this winter, with elite clubs trying to juggle the game every few days. Players like Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham and Leicester are still fighting on four fronts both domestically and in Europe. In comparison, the two Manchester teams have already cut their schedules with their early exit from the Carabao Cup. Arsenal, meanwhile, will enjoy its easiest festive period in years as the Gunners run out of European football for the first time in 25 years this season. Arsenal begin a difficult day away at Old Trafford to face Manchester United, which precedes a series of seven games before ending at home against Man City on January 1, 2022. The Gunners' lack of European football eases their schedule list somewhat, but they also have to move into a quarter-finals of the League Cup against Sunderland. This game takes place in the middle of Arsenal's busiest time when they have to play six times in 18 days - one game every three days on average! The Villains are playing one less than Arsenal over the same period as their third-round Carabao Cup loss to Chelsea clears their schedule for that extra game. But Villa has an extremely tough streak of games playing Man City, Leicester, Liverpool and Chelsea within a few weeks. The only consolation for the clubs is the rest time Villa is allowed between games compared to the rest of the Premier League. As with Arsenal, Thomas Frank's team will be deployed nine times during the festive season. But unlike the Gunners, Brentford's games have ensured the club have an average of four days off between most games. The bees never have less than three days from one game to another, but like Aston Villa, they have a difficult run in December. Brentford has Premier League games against Tottenham, Man United and Man City alongside a Carabao Cup clash with Chelsea. Brighton kicks off at West Ham in December before a trip to Southampton three days later precedes an eight-day break. Seagulls games pick up on December 12 when they host Spurs, three days before the Wolves are welcomed and then three days later at United. Sean Dyche's men will also enjoy the league cup absence as eight games give them at least a three day break between games. Burnley also has pretty cheap games in December as they battle Newcastle, Aston Villa and Watford. However, the Lancashire outfit has an intriguing Boxing Day clash with Everton before heading to Old Trafford four days later. The Blues were inundated by a hectic Christmas season with TEN games in just one month - including a clash with title rivals Liverpool. Chelsea will also face a 2,600-mile return journey to Russia for a Champions League game against Zenit St. Petersburg and a Carabao Cup quarter-finals. The first time Patrick Vieira navigates the Christmas season as a manager is much friendlier than his old club Arsenal or London rival Chelsea. The Eagles take a week off after opening at Man United in December before clashing against Everton, Southampton and Watford for just three days. The Selhurst Park outfit is also in action just two days after a Boxing Day game with Spurs as they host Norwich City. The extra calm is needed at Goodison Park considering they face Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester City. Unfortunately, however, these games have to face Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool in back-to-back away games while also hosting Arsenal. Leeds must ensure that rest is used every six days prior to the time following the December opening competition against Brentford. The Füchse are one of the clubs with a more crowded schedule, as they have to play ten games in a month due to their success in the Europa League. Brendan Rodgers' men must travel to Italy for a must-see game against Napoli while they face Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the Carabo Cup. Leicester also face the Reds six days later in the Premier League - just two days after a trip to Etihad to take on champions Man City. Leicester will play six games in just 17 days around Christmas - the most crowded schedule in the league next to Tottenham. The only boost is that the Reds have already led their Champions League group and can therefore afford to rest a few key stars for an away game against AC Milan. After that, however, Liverpool will play four games in eleven days with three Premier League games and a quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup. Pep Guardiola will have his lightest festive period since arriving in England with his side for the first time in five Carabao Cup seasons. City still have nine games in December with a difficult Champions League trip against RB Leipzig between a series of much friendlier Premier League games. The Etihad team has cheap away games in the away game against the top fighters Aston Villa, Watford and Newcastle. United are involved in the only game that does not take place on Boxing Day, while they also have to wait until January 3 to start the action in 2022. United's biggest Tests also take place at Old Trafford, with an opening game against Arsenal in December and a Champions League tie against Young Boys. Eddie Howe's side have just seven games left but face Leicester, Liverpool, Man City and Man United in four consecutive games. But things are not that easy for Norwich, who they will play against as north London rivals Arsenal and Spurs both have tough tests in December. The championship winners will also face Man United, Leicester and the soaring West Ham with a brief respite against Aston Villa. The Saints have one of the cheaper fixtures next month with eight games to play after they are eliminated from the Carabao Cup. Southampton is having tough testing with Leicester, Arsenal, West Ham and Tottenham but Ralph Hasenhuttl has days to rest his squad. Antonio Conte would not have missed the crowded festive games during his time outside the Premier League. Spurs, like Leicester, got one of the toughest hands for Christmas as they had to play six games in just 17 days! The Hornets have eight games to play in December and need the extra break to collect as many points as possible. Claudio Ranieri's team started in December with extremely difficult home games in a row against title rivals Chelsea and Man City. Watford has the advantage of having fewer away games as the two consecutive clashes on Vicarage Road against West Ham and Spurs occur in 2022. A cost factor for the high season of the Hammers is an increased schedule list, in which the club has to play five games in less than fourteen days. The Irons had three London derbies in December when they received Chelsea before facing other top 4 hopefuls Arsenal and Tottenham. West Ham can take a break after its Europa League successes but a win against Rapid Vienna this month secures the top spot in Group H. Bruno Lage's side may only have eight games to play but they have to play five of those Premier League play the Big Six over the holidays. Wolves host Liverpool earlier this month ahead of their next away game at Man City, just a week before they face Chelsea. The West Midlands team will then round off 2021 with a trip to London to face Arsenal before the New Year kicks off against United at Old Trafford.


Smith vs. Official DAZN Weights & Photos by Fowler - Boxing News

Things got heated when Liam Smith and Anthony Fowler were weighed prior to the fight between the two men that weekend. Anthony Fowler, Liam Smith, Ted Cheeseman (Author: Gardener)

SmithThings got heated when Liam Smith and Anthony Fowler were weighed prior to the fight between the two men that weekend. A huge Liverpool derby takes place when former world champion Smith (29-3-1, 16 KOs) meets DAZN and Fowler (15-1, 12 KOs) live in the M&S Bank Arena on Saturday. Elsewhere on the map, Troy Williamson (16-0-1, 12 KOs) challenges Ted Cheeseman (17-2-1, 10 KOs) for the British super welterweight title, Kieron Conway (16-2-1, 3 KOs) out. Clashes with JJ Metcalf (21-1, 13 KOs) and Blane Hyland (4-1) return. The weigh-in was held on Friday, Smith looked in fantastic shape as he weighed 154 pounds and Fowler weighed 153.75 pounds. In the British super welterweight title showdown, Williamson came in at 153.75 pounds and defending champion Cheeseman weighed 153 pounds, while in the other super welterweight bout Conway weighed 156.75 pounds and Metcalf was slightly lighter at 156.5 pounds. “This is a great place, a great city, but especially when you have a great fight. I think everyone here knows his boxing; Everyone here knows we have a fantastic Main Event, but everyone knows we have a great menu from top to bottom - live and exclusive to DAZN around the world this Saturday. Anthony Fowler, it's a breathtaking matchup, but what an undercard we have too. So many great fighters and fights speaking of the show's opening bell on Saturday over 50/50. “I feel good, as the fighter should feel during fight week. Were here; If I'm not ready now, I never will be so I just look forward to Saturday and back. I've had a long hiatus, 17 months, I got the cobwebs in Russia and you'll see a better Liam Smith. Longing, I've lived with three brothers in a house where boxing was our life, we have to have the passion to do things we've done, it's not like I've won British titles and stuff. We all feel like it, and we can all push for it, we'll see, Saturday. "I still think it's a step too far for him, you can do twelve rounds of the gym with as many sparring partners as you want, but under the light with ten ounce gloves and when you have adrenaline inside, that's different She. Shane can help as much as he wants, but when the doorbell rings, it's only Anthony and I inside. "You have a fight with me and I'll take it, I guess right, okay, what are the pros and cons of that? I said to my manager let me know if the Fowler fight is the way we go because if this is the way we go then so be it. In hindsight, I obviously didn't really see Anthony as an opponent; he was supposed to fight for the British title I had for a long time. He got past that; he's fighting now and we're gone three days - we'll see. “Of course I do; I have things in my career and pride that I want to keep. I've never lost to a local fighter and I plan to keep that on Saturday night. My ambition to fight for a world title again if I lose to Anthony Fowler I don't have a chance, so the stake is a lot and that's why I feel dejected in this way. "Liam agrees with me Unique, I think that's a jump too far for Anthony Fowler. They have Kieran Conway, JJ Metcalf, Troy Williamson, Sergio Garcia, European Champions. He should really have earned his way, waiting in line for a chance on this one Man to get and that will show on Saturday night. "We have no illusions that Anthony Fowler is a quality fighter, a good amateur background that was a bit too long in my opinion. Shane did a good job of expanding his reach and Fine-tune altitude to suit the type of fighter he's fought. Liam has left no stone unturned, and that will definitely say it Saturday night. "Liam is egg n Pro, he's not a minute late and you don't ask him twice to do something; it will be done; it keeps Liam Smith back in the gym, which is the hardest part. Let's not get around the bush; If Magomed Kurbanov hadn't shit his kegs to come here and fight Liam, Fowler wouldn't have been fighting - it should have been Kurbanov. You [Eddie] named this fight, you and Shane, Anthony didn't mean it and Liam called your bluff. “Liam will win in style, whether it's a knockout or a punch win. Liam has left no stone unturned and he will win; I really think that's not what Fowler does; it's what Liam Smith shows up. “I am grateful for the opportunity; I'm here because I want to be here and win; I will fight. We don't call bluffs; we accept fights that we believe we can win. I've got four knockouts in a row and I've been very active so let's do it. He is world champion, not me. I've had this insane wish since I was 11; That's all I've wanted all of my life. I've dedicated my whole life to boxing, luckily it all paid off, but it means nothing without victory; I'm not here to make up the numbers. I did twelve rounds and was fresh as a daisy; I'm in an unreal state because I didn't get tired, just trained and thought about this fight - I didn't stop. I'm just in a great place. “We both have two arms, two legs, and it's that simple - we're both men. I've been active for the past two years; Liam had a fight in two years so that will definitely play a role. “We just keep going as usual, obviously Anthony likes to promote himself and I think he understands that he doesn't have to go out and scream about this fight, it sold out quickly and the hype is there. He's down and sticking to his training, we're calmly confident about this fight. "It's not that Anthony isn't putting pressure on, there is a lot of pressure on him. We think that's not the upper limit for Anthony Fowler, but we want to win a world title. We took it easy, but I think he did." is ready for it; he's 30 years old, has the experience in the amateurs, he failed the acid test, but I'm very confident and I believe there will only be one winner on Saturday night. "Look at Liam Smith, him does well and has great defense, he doesn't rush into his attacks, he's intelligent behind his pressures, we've had incredible sparring for this camp so I think Anthony raised the bar and I'm looking forward to Saturday night. "Anthony's not up to boring fights, but neither is Liam Smith. We have a game plan, I know, and Anthony knows what to do; we worked it out day in and day out at the gym. Ic h don't think Liam will be able to bring anything new to the table. We know what he's doing, but I think Anthony will win anyway. “We'll get the win; I think both the interruption and the point gain are possible. ”“ It will be a tough fight; She comes here with fire, just like I did when I won the World Cup, so see - I've been there. I'm a world champion and there is nothing she can bring on Saturday night that can take this belt away from me. I worked my ass off getting here and I'm not going anywhere. “I don't think she [Jamie] has ever run ten laps before, I have that experience in my pocket. Whatever she brings I will adapt, I think I will drag her into deep waters where she has never been before and a rude awakening awaits. “I'm so excited to actually be here in Liverpool, everyone gave me a wonderful welcome, I had the option to fight either on the Joshua card or here, and I wanted to fight in Liverpool. I'm dying to put on a good show for everyone and to make sure I come home with this belt on Saturday. ”“ It's a fantastic opportunity and I'm so happy to be here and to show my performance for you and to show all of my talents and abilities. “I haven't had an easy life in my life, I grew up in foster care so this is a great opportunity for me because it mimics my past and it has a hard time - I'm used to hard times. I'll make it easy for myself on Saturday night. ”He'll do his best not to. I believe that with the experience I've gained, the way I've matured, how I've become an all around fight, I'm one step higher. I have to prove that and do a good job on Saturday evening. It's different than when I did it before. I've done it many times, it's the first time for Troy and he's going to have to do that belly check. “He keeps saying about his power, but no disrespect for Troy; he hasn't been hit yet, I have. He has to worry about the force with which I hit him, not the force with which he can hit me. Anyone can tell I have a great chin, but how good is his chin. ”“ I think Ted and I are the top two super welterweights in the division and we're going to risk everything on Saturday night. Obviously I didn't have the opportunity to show that I can do twelve laps because I never needed it. I am very fit and very tough; it's gonna be a great fight. I've done the laps at the gym and I'll see it on Saturday night. ”“ This fight is a must for me, but the Texas experience in and out of the ring has been invaluable to me. I think I learned a lot; I've worked on a hell of a lot in training, it's going well, I'm in the best shape and form I've ever had. I don't see a home advantage for James because I think I'll come over here and make it look easy. “I have to make a statement, if the opportunity arises to get him out of there I'll do it. I think I can take it too, I don't see this fight over 10 rounds, the form I'm in, I think I'm on a different level now. My last appearance was supposed to kick my ass, I have everything under control now, I'm ready to show everyone what I'm about. ”You know you say you don't know if I would show up if I did agree to something, i will do it, i will be there in the night and i will win as good. “I haven't been to a big city in front of such a large audience in a long time, I'm really looking forward to it. “He [Kamil] said it himself, he will fight everyone. He's a tough guy, but I have the same attitude. No disrespect to journeymen, but I will fight everyone. Kamil has already tested good prospects and pushed them to the limit - I need that if I want to become world champion. I need tough tests that will prepare me for better things. I'm looking for better fights and I hope for even better things. ”“ This is my first fight with Matchroom, my record may not look that good, but I'm a very good boxer. I came here and am looking forward to Saturday, I will check the skills of the young prospect Solomon Dacres. I can fight anyone, I don't mind, just let me know and I'll fight. ”“ I'm looking forward to Saturday and a master class in front of my own city. Look forward to sitting back afterwards and seeing the rest of the bill, it's a great card. “He [Rylan] does what he says on the can, he comes up to the front and brandishes bombs. I'm not saying he's the worst boxer in the world, but he's got all he has in power. I think he underestimates my power and will find out on Saturday. I have power, he says he'll come to my town and knock me down, he'll find out what I'm up to on Saturday. “I've always been a 135 pound fighter, we just had welterweight opportunities and it was great because I have my name out there. Now it's time to show everyone what I'm really capable of and how effective my strength is at Lightweight. "Everyone has their own style, you have a hindfoot fighter for what he is, you have a forward fighter, and whoever is better at implementing his game plan during the night." I'm just looking forward to putting on a show for the audience, it's been a long time since boxing on a big stage in front of my friends and family - my city. I'm just looking forward to it now. “I've been training with Fowler on Team GB for years and Beefy has always wished me all the best over the years if I ever needed advice. I wish both of them a very good fight and may the best man win. “I'm going to bring the world title back to the city of Liverpool, I've always managed to perform well on the amateur stage and I've always been at a high level. For me, over the next year or two I want to be as busy as possible, boxing as many stars and gaining as much experience as possible - we'll go from there. ”“ I'm looking forward to getting out on Saturday, really excited If the ring were set up outside, I would wait for Saturday evening. I want to thank Matchroom for getting me on the bill, and I look forward to putting on a show in front of my own audience. ”I'm just looking forward to retiring from my career and trying to be as active as possible to stay. “I am not coming from the conventional route, but now I have a crash course in boxing, I am learning from the best in Joe, Sparring Natasha (Jonas), Anthony (Crolla) has taken me under his wing, he is world champion and he knows what he is does. I can't wait to show everyone what I'm about and what I've done. "


Chelsea beat up Man City; Everton holds Manchester United

Free highlights as Chelsea beat Man City 4-0 in the Womens Super League thanks to goals from Jessie Fleming, Sam Kerr, Fran Kirby and Magdalena Eriksson; Everton Women and Man Utd Women tie 1-1 at Walton Hall Park (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaChelsea beat Man City 4-0 at the City Football Academy, putting them just one point behind Arsenal at the top of the Women's Super League. Despite the pressure from the home team, Chelsea beat their rivals in first-half stoppage time at break when Stanway lost the ball in half, allowing So-Yun Ji to break open the field before hitting the unmarked Guro riding the far post. And after their clever header knockdown, it was Sam Kerr who acrobatically crocheted in their sixth WSL goal of the season, with the champions adding a third seven minutes after half-time. Three to zero then became four minutes later, when Magdalena Eriksson rose highest to hit a left corner with her head, Academy, a place where City has now lost the last three games and falls back to ninth place in the table. Simone Magill's second-half goal earned Everton a 1-1 home draw with Man Utd in the WSL. The guests led at halftime at Walton Hall Park deservedly thanks to a well-made goal by Ella Toone after just 10 minutes. However, the hosts equalized 14 minutes left after a mix-up in United's defense, their first goal and a point under new coach Jean-Luc Vasseur as Everton advanced to ninth place while Marc Skinner's side up remained in fifth place. New Everton coach Vasseur wanted to score his first goal under him but it was the guests who started brighter and took an early lead after a well-crafted team goal. Vilde Boe Risa started the counterattack after an Everton attack collapsed, then released Martha Thomas into half of the home team MacIver rooted in her line. However, despite her territorial pressures, Mary Earps wasn't really in demand at the guest goal, that is, shortly after handling a knock she somehow let Magill score a goal after being mistaken for Maria Thorisdottir, who was trying to guard against a long throw back to their keeper. Aston Villa Women climbed to seventh place in the WSL with a 1-0 win at Birmingham City Women in the Second City Derby. Asante's hit proved sufficient to take all three points, although Birmingham delivered an improved but fruitless performance in the second half. With the win, Villa rises to 10 points after seven games and skips Manchester City to seventh place, while Birmingham with only one point on the board remains without a win and penultimate in the table. Brighton clinched a late 1-0 win over Leicester, with 18-year-old Maisie Symonds' free kick giving the Seagulls their third consecutive WSL win. Jonathan Morgan's side were two minutes away from their first goal and the first point of the season after a much improved second half, but Symonds' impressive performance means they remain bottom of the table. Reading went two goals down at halftime to a 2-2 draw with West Ham on Victoria Road. Reading's resuscitation, however, was sparked by an own goal from Abbey-Leigh Stringer in the 70th minute before a dramatic turnaround in added time. West Ham seemed to have seen the win before Emma Harries's effort was judged to have crossed the entire goal line by officials as Reading's late show kept the two-point gap between the two teams in the WSL.


Taste of Stanley Tucci

(Author: Gardener)

"I started a relationship with a Negroni last year and I'm happy to say it's been going very well," writes Stanley Tucci in his memoir-with-recipe book Taste. And I, as a woman, on the 20th Tucci, who has occupied an intimate and comparatively secluded corner of pop culture for years, burst onto the world stage like an overripe peach during the pandemic when he shared a video of what appeared to be an average evening at Tucci Household: he mixes a cocktail for his wife Felicity Blunt, a literary agent. Lust aside, this period has shed light on the roles of The Devil Wear Prada actor that we haven't always seen: the foodie, the traveler, the history buff, and the charming writer, all of whom have a chance to breathe into delicious book. Like the man behind it, the book doesn't easily fit into a genre. With two cookbooks he already has under his belt - The Tucci Cookbook and The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends - it's less of rummaging through his weekly recipes and more of thinking deeply about food, cooking, and the experience of being a person to be who eats. This model becomes all the more passionate for Tucci's revelation of his diagnosis of larynx cancer, which he describes for the first time in this book. He remembers his upbringing in Katonah, New York, the son of two first-generation Italian Americans with strong roots in the seedy but old region of Calabria in southern Italy. Watch: Stanley Tucci on his role as Julie & Julia and the recording of his audiobook.Follow reflections on life as a teenager in Rome from here, good food on meal sets, share an unfortunate sausage incident with Meryl Streep and a brilliantly frank section just sharing the title "My stomach", which begins with the description of his irritable bowel and ends with his passionate plea for gluten-free pasta. “Perhaps one day there will be a pill to cure the scourge of gluten intolerance. Tucci's connection to his family is buzzing throughout the book, but especially in his sensitive portrayal of the Italian wave, the multitude of immigrants settling in the United States have settled. " and kept a connection to their homeland through carefully tended gardens, full tables and strict traditions. A truly moving moment comes when Tucci remembers how his first wife, Kate, who died of breast cancer in 2009, struggled with the lasagna recipe to be perfected by Tucci's mother After years of tweaking and asking for tips, the mother tries it and says to Kate: “I have nothing more to teach you.” “And then,” writes Tucci, “she started to cry.” As if she did If the book wanted to stop being too sane, Tucci will pepper his observations with the kind of lovable, bone-deep Italian contempt that made Sofia of Golden Girls famous, such as the way a restaurant partner cuts his spaghetti: "Some of me will hate me, most of them of them forever. " This contrasts with the cheerful naming of cooking friends like Massimo Bottura, the man who single-handedly made Cacio e pepe a global phenomenon. Watch: Stanley Tucci speaks Italian like a very old 12 year old as a food buff, it's no surprise that he has a touch of the food historian, but his ease of sharing this makes the reader wish they could do it on one Family holiday. He carefully corrects the history of well-known Italian dishes and questions what we think we know about how Italians really eat by revealing that there are certain shapes of pasta that can be served with certain sauces, and spaghetti Bolognese is arguably the worst example of Italian Food. Eggs poached in tomato sauce, garlic noodles, a classic martini, all as skillfully detailed as the author probably makes them. Half of the food depictions are accompanied by Tucci's admission that he salivates about it while writing. For Tucci, family recipes are family heirlooms, a feeling that is difficult to devour while reading. His recipe for the Tucci Tomato Sauce - a simple mix of shredded tomatoes cooked for hours and seasoned with fresh basil - truly strikes the reader as an incantation, a vast and ancient endeavor that requires two giant pots, a fire pit, and a cellar an alchemically delicious sauce. The timpani, an intimidatingly complex dish made of pasta filled in a pastry mold, has its own section, that's how much horror Tucci and his two wives carried off. I had never heard of a timpani before reading this book, and I'm afraid it might get on the table. All of these glimpses of a well and happily lived life seem to anticipate the ultimate reveal of Tucci's throat cancer ordeal, a harrowing experience that left him with no sense of taste or smell, barely any saliva to chop up food, and ultimately a feeding tube. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. After weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, writes Tucci, the food tasted like "old, wet cardboard". In this sense, his now famous Negroni video and even this book are considered a complaint about one of the star's greatest joys: tasting. As he himself says: “Eating not only nourishes me, it enriches me.


Leeds United v Leicester player ratings

Leeds United and Leicester played a thrilling 1-1 draw on Elland Road on Sunday afternoon, with Raphinha and Harvey Barnes meeting in quick succession halfway through the first half to share the booty for their teams. (Author: Gardener)

LeicesterThe game started off entertainingly with fluid end-to-end football, with both teams having chances to take the lead in the early stages. Leeds took control after the first 15 minutes and rightly took the lead just before half an hour when Raphinha's thunderous free kick passed everyone, including a shot down Kasper Schmeichel. Leicester equalized immediately after kick-off. Jonny Evans pushed the ball forward and Boubakary Soumare's flick-on gave Harvey Barnes clean on the left. The attacker then switched to his preferred right foot and shot an incredible shot past Illan Meslier. Youri Tielemans missed a golden chance while Jack Harrison hit the ball over the bar from a few yards on either side of the break. Rodrigo missed a similar opportunity at the back post as neither team could take their chances and score a winning goal. Leeds shocked again shortly afterwards when Tielemans offered a chance with a sloppy game from behind, but Meslier parried it brilliantly. That was the last clear chance of the game as both sides were satisfied with one point. After an entertaining encounter on Elland Road, The Hard Tackle will now rule both groups of players. It's hard to criticize Meslier for Harvey Barnes' heavenly goal but the French goalkeeper had some shaky moments in goal again, especially after the break. He choked the ball late to help the whites hold a point. Dallas lost Lookman at the back post for the offside goal. He was energetic and kept Barnes away from the Leeds gate but could not do much more to close for the miracle blow. He showed a good reading of the game and hummed forward to great effect. Llorente had one of the Premier League's best strikers, Jamie Vardy, in his back pocket. An overall solid defensive performance as he made two crucial interventions. After a few erratic passes, he rarely got a foot wrong. He looked uncomfortable playing from behind and got his side in trouble twice with his poor pass. He's set up decent defensive numbers with three tackles, three interceptions and two clears, but he needs to get rid of his error-prone passes from his game. Phillips had better games than this one in a white jersey when he was struggling to keep an eye on Tielemans. At times he seemed ineffective on the ball, which is unusual for him. The Spaniard seems to have finally settled into the role of a striker. His incredible chemistry and interaction with Raphinha opened up several attack variants for the team. Although his finishing didn't live up to expectations, he kept Ndidi on their toes, which paved the way for Raphinha & Co. to put pressure on Leicester's backline. Some of the Leicester defenders were stunned by his feints and Raphinha was the main threat on the field. Scored the only goal for Leeds with a well-taken free kick. Harrison performed much better after some tough weeks on the court. Needs a destination sooner rather than later. James was lively from the start, but his shooting was a disaster that day as he couldn't keep any of his six shots on target. He pushed hard at his pace and seemed able to devastate the Leicester defense but his finish left a lot to be desired. Although his kicks were bad, he made a few important saves. There was nothing he could have done to save Raphinha's free kick. Schmeichel showed his flexes and made saves near the post when the foxes' backline struggled to handle outside balls. Ricardo was really struggling to gain a foothold in the game while he was everywhere thanks to Raphinha's footwork. He couldn't cope with long balls in the canals either. The Leicester captain was more controlled and commanding than his center-backs. It's important to keep him in shape or the Foxes' backline will look in ruins. He was again insured defensively and Leicester needed his composure to survive the early storm of the Leeds attacks. Soyuncu appears to have developed a bad habit of making hasty decisions and losing focus that has cost Leicester over time. Despite being in the right place to flawlessly defend numerous threatening crosses, his irregular passing game put his own team-mates under pressure. Castagne was as reliable as ever, whether he was tidying up the back, pacing up or down the left side, or allying himself with Barnes in interplay. He defended admirably for most of the game. However, he could have contributed more offensively. Leicester's full-backs had nine tackles between them in the first half against Leeds: Leeds wingers kept them busy. 💪 It was the kind of gritty midfield encounter that Ndidi usually thrives in, and he made the most of his challenges on the periphery of the box, right where the Foxes needed him to check out the back four . He was also one of the few serene players on the field who stayed calm in the face of heavy pressure from Leeds. The Nigerian destroyer was immense in terms of defensive performance that day, producing five tackles, two interceptions, and seven clears. The passports didn't always click for him that day. He played his role defensively and backtracked a lot. He was skipped far too easily by Leeds in the first half but he grew as the game progressed and ended up doing some great things outside the box and using his athleticism on defense. He set up Barnes with a flick-on. A few brilliant moments in a small space with his extraordinary ball control that drives his team forward. The decision-making in the last third could have been better. He had all the time in the world to weigh his passport, but he hit Tielemans too much. He was unlucky with the offside goal and has to be credited for doing a lot of defensive work and making five tackles. Vardy was completely anonymous for over an hour, with Leicester asking too much of him by throwing balls over the top that he couldn't hold on to, but as City improved his impact of the game increased too. He grabbed the ball a couple of times to create opportunities, but overall he would be disappointed as he couldn't register a single shot on goal. Harvey Barnes has been directly involved in 15 goals in the Premier League since the beginning of last season: finally wrong this season. A stunning finish to deserve Foxes a point and it caused some problems for the Leeds defense when running at pace. The youngster moved the ball well enough and put himself in good positions to influence play in and around the edge of the box. Maddison showed good footwork in a tight space, especially for Ndidi's late chance. He worked out a couple of half-chances.