Taste of Stanley Tucci

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"I started a relationship with a Negroni last year and I'm happy to say it's been going very well," writes Stanley Tucci in his memoir-with-recipe book Taste. And I, as a woman, on the 20th Tucci, who has occupied an intimate and comparatively secluded corner of pop culture for years, burst onto the world stage like an overripe peach during the pandemic when he shared a video of what appeared to be an average evening at Tucci Household: he mixes a cocktail for his wife Felicity Blunt, a literary agent. Lust aside, this period has shed light on the roles of The Devil Wear Prada actor that we haven't always seen: the foodie, the traveler, the history buff, and the charming writer, all of whom have a chance to breathe into delicious book. Like the man behind it, the book doesn't easily fit into a genre. With two cookbooks he already has under his belt - The Tucci Cookbook and The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends - it's less of rummaging through his weekly recipes and more of thinking deeply about food, cooking, and the experience of being a person to be who eats. This model becomes all the more passionate for Tucci's revelation of his diagnosis of larynx cancer, which he describes for the first time in this book. He remembers his upbringing in Katonah, New York, the son of two first-generation Italian Americans with strong roots in the seedy but old region of Calabria in southern Italy. Watch: Stanley Tucci on his role as Julie & Julia and the recording of his audiobook.Follow reflections on life as a teenager in Rome from here, good food on meal sets, share an unfortunate sausage incident with Meryl Streep and a brilliantly frank section just sharing the title "My stomach", which begins with the description of his irritable bowel and ends with his passionate plea for gluten-free pasta. “Perhaps one day there will be a pill to cure the scourge of gluten intolerance. Tucci's connection to his family is buzzing throughout the book, but especially in his sensitive portrayal of the Italian wave, the multitude of immigrants settling in the United States have settled. " and kept a connection to their homeland through carefully tended gardens, full tables and strict traditions. A truly moving moment comes when Tucci remembers how his first wife, Kate, who died of breast cancer in 2009, struggled with the lasagna recipe to be perfected by Tucci's mother After years of tweaking and asking for tips, the mother tries it and says to Kate: “I have nothing more to teach you.” “And then,” writes Tucci, “she started to cry.” As if she did If the book wanted to stop being too sane, Tucci will pepper his observations with the kind of lovable, bone-deep Italian contempt that made Sofia of Golden Girls famous, such as the way a restaurant partner cuts his spaghetti: "Some of me will hate me, most of them of them forever. " This contrasts with the cheerful naming of cooking friends like Massimo Bottura, the man who single-handedly made Cacio e pepe a global phenomenon. Watch: Stanley Tucci speaks Italian like a very old 12 year old as a food buff, it's no surprise that he has a touch of the food historian, but his ease of sharing this makes the reader wish they could do it on one Family holiday. He carefully corrects the history of well-known Italian dishes and questions what we think we know about how Italians really eat by revealing that there are certain shapes of pasta that can be served with certain sauces, and spaghetti Bolognese is arguably the worst example of Italian Food. Eggs poached in tomato sauce, garlic noodles, a classic martini, all as skillfully detailed as the author probably makes them. Half of the food depictions are accompanied by Tucci's admission that he salivates about it while writing. For Tucci, family recipes are family heirlooms, a feeling that is difficult to devour while reading. His recipe for the Tucci Tomato Sauce - a simple mix of shredded tomatoes cooked for hours and seasoned with fresh basil - truly strikes the reader as an incantation, a vast and ancient endeavor that requires two giant pots, a fire pit, and a cellar an alchemically delicious sauce. The timpani, an intimidatingly complex dish made of pasta filled in a pastry mold, has its own section, that's how much horror Tucci and his two wives carried off. I had never heard of a timpani before reading this book, and I'm afraid it might get on the table. All of these glimpses of a well and happily lived life seem to anticipate the ultimate reveal of Tucci's throat cancer ordeal, a harrowing experience that left him with no sense of taste or smell, barely any saliva to chop up food, and ultimately a feeding tube. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. We need your consent to load this YouTube content. We use YouTube to manage additional content that can set cookies on your device and collect data about your activities. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. Please check your details and accept them to load the content. After weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, writes Tucci, the food tasted like "old, wet cardboard". In this sense, his now famous Negroni video and even this book are considered a complaint about one of the star's greatest joys: tasting. As he himself says: “Eating not only nourishes me, it enriches me.


Leeds United v Leicester player ratings

Leeds United and Leicester played a thrilling 1-1 draw on Elland Road on Sunday afternoon, with Raphinha and Harvey Barnes meeting in quick succession halfway through the first half to share the booty for their teams. (Author: Gardener)

LeicesterThe game started off entertainingly with fluid end-to-end football, with both teams having chances to take the lead in the early stages. Leeds took control after the first 15 minutes and rightly took the lead just before half an hour when Raphinha's thunderous free kick passed everyone, including a shot down Kasper Schmeichel. Leicester equalized immediately after kick-off. Jonny Evans pushed the ball forward and Boubakary Soumare's flick-on gave Harvey Barnes clean on the left. The attacker then switched to his preferred right foot and shot an incredible shot past Illan Meslier. Youri Tielemans missed a golden chance while Jack Harrison hit the ball over the bar from a few yards on either side of the break. Rodrigo missed a similar opportunity at the back post as neither team could take their chances and score a winning goal. Leeds shocked again shortly afterwards when Tielemans offered a chance with a sloppy game from behind, but Meslier parried it brilliantly. That was the last clear chance of the game as both sides were satisfied with one point. After an entertaining encounter on Elland Road, The Hard Tackle will now rule both groups of players. It's hard to criticize Meslier for Harvey Barnes' heavenly goal but the French goalkeeper had some shaky moments in goal again, especially after the break. He choked the ball late to help the whites hold a point. Dallas lost Lookman at the back post for the offside goal. He was energetic and kept Barnes away from the Leeds gate but could not do much more to close for the miracle blow. He showed a good reading of the game and hummed forward to great effect. Llorente had one of the Premier League's best strikers, Jamie Vardy, in his back pocket. An overall solid defensive performance as he made two crucial interventions. After a few erratic passes, he rarely got a foot wrong. He looked uncomfortable playing from behind and got his side in trouble twice with his poor pass. He's set up decent defensive numbers with three tackles, three interceptions and two clears, but he needs to get rid of his error-prone passes from his game. Phillips had better games than this one in a white jersey when he was struggling to keep an eye on Tielemans. At times he seemed ineffective on the ball, which is unusual for him. The Spaniard seems to have finally settled into the role of a striker. His incredible chemistry and interaction with Raphinha opened up several attack variants for the team. Although his finishing didn't live up to expectations, he kept Ndidi on their toes, which paved the way for Raphinha & Co. to put pressure on Leicester's backline. Some of the Leicester defenders were stunned by his feints and Raphinha was the main threat on the field. Scored the only goal for Leeds with a well-taken free kick. Harrison performed much better after some tough weeks on the court. Needs a destination sooner rather than later. James was lively from the start, but his shooting was a disaster that day as he couldn't keep any of his six shots on target. He pushed hard at his pace and seemed able to devastate the Leicester defense but his finish left a lot to be desired. Although his kicks were bad, he made a few important saves. There was nothing he could have done to save Raphinha's free kick. Schmeichel showed his flexes and made saves near the post when the foxes' backline struggled to handle outside balls. Ricardo was really struggling to gain a foothold in the game while he was everywhere thanks to Raphinha's footwork. He couldn't cope with long balls in the canals either. The Leicester captain was more controlled and commanding than his center-backs. It's important to keep him in shape or the Foxes' backline will look in ruins. He was again insured defensively and Leicester needed his composure to survive the early storm of the Leeds attacks. Soyuncu appears to have developed a bad habit of making hasty decisions and losing focus that has cost Leicester over time. Despite being in the right place to flawlessly defend numerous threatening crosses, his irregular passing game put his own team-mates under pressure. Castagne was as reliable as ever, whether he was tidying up the back, pacing up or down the left side, or allying himself with Barnes in interplay. He defended admirably for most of the game. However, he could have contributed more offensively. Leicester's full-backs had nine tackles between them in the first half against Leeds: Leeds wingers kept them busy. 💪 It was the kind of gritty midfield encounter that Ndidi usually thrives in, and he made the most of his challenges on the periphery of the box, right where the Foxes needed him to check out the back four . He was also one of the few serene players on the field who stayed calm in the face of heavy pressure from Leeds. The Nigerian destroyer was immense in terms of defensive performance that day, producing five tackles, two interceptions, and seven clears. The passports didn't always click for him that day. He played his role defensively and backtracked a lot. He was skipped far too easily by Leeds in the first half but he grew as the game progressed and ended up doing some great things outside the box and using his athleticism on defense. He set up Barnes with a flick-on. A few brilliant moments in a small space with his extraordinary ball control that drives his team forward. The decision-making in the last third could have been better. He had all the time in the world to weigh his passport, but he hit Tielemans too much. He was unlucky with the offside goal and has to be credited for doing a lot of defensive work and making five tackles. Vardy was completely anonymous for over an hour, with Leicester asking too much of him by throwing balls over the top that he couldn't hold on to, but as City improved his impact of the game increased too. He grabbed the ball a couple of times to create opportunities, but overall he would be disappointed as he couldn't register a single shot on goal. Harvey Barnes has been directly involved in 15 goals in the Premier League since the beginning of last season: finally wrong this season. A stunning finish to deserve Foxes a point and it caused some problems for the Leeds defense when running at pace. The youngster moved the ball well enough and put himself in good positions to influence play in and around the edge of the box. Maddison showed good footwork in a tight space, especially for Ndidi's late chance. He worked out a couple of half-chances.


Lucas Hernandez avoids prison on appeal

France soccer player Hernandez avoids prison as Madrid court accepts appeal (Author: Gardener)

Lucas HernandezBayern defender Lucas Hernandez will not go to a Spanish prison in 2017 for violating an injunction after a court in Madrid upheld an appeal by the Frenchman on Wednesday. Bayern defender Lucas Hernandez will not go to a Spanish prison in 2017 for violating an injunction after a court in Madrid upheld an appeal by the Frenchman on Wednesday. "We believe that the appeal should be upheld and the prison entry order suspended," the court said in a statement. The sentence will be suspended for a period of four years as long as Hernandez does not commit further offenses and a fine of 96,000 euros (US $ 111,000) is paid, the court said. Hernandez, 2018 World Champion with France, was arrested in Spain four years ago for violating a court order prohibiting him from contacting his partner after a violent argument between the two. The then Atletico Madrid player and his girlfriend were each sentenced to 31 days of community service. They were also ordered not to see each other for six months. However, four months later, Hernandez was arrested at a Madrid airport. He was with Lorente, who was not arrested because her own injunction had not yet been formally served. Hernandez was sentenced to six months in prison in 2019, a verdict he had appealed. The rejection of this appeal on the grounds that he was a repeat offender led to this subpoena in a court in Madrid. The court said Wednesday it had accepted Hernandez's appeal based on his current family situation and the low likelihood that he would commit another crime. "It cannot be ignored that the person he was not supposed to address has consented to be approached," the court said in a reference to Lorente. The court also noted that Hernandez is living with Lorente and her son and that "there have been no new incidents between the couple". Hernandez became the most expensive player in Bundesliga history when he moved from Atletico to Bayern Munich for 80 million euros in 2019. Bayern are currently at the top of the Bundesliga and are at the top of Group E in the Champions League.


Megan Thee Stallion's natal chart shows why she's a real savage

Megan Thee Stallion's natal chart shows why the hip-hop artist is so iconic. Learn the astrology of the "Savage" rapper. (Author: Gardener)

No, it's a whole hot girl lifestyle for Megan Thee Stallion. The hip-hop it girl has won Grammys, released incredibly catchy songs, and inspired so many people to harness the power of their inner hot girl. Megan's music is a love letter to all hotties, so we can clearly see how passionate the rapper is about uplifting and empowering others. The "Body" singer went viral on several songs on TikTok and she has become one of the most famous women in music. So you might think that you know all about Megan Thee Stallion. We spoke to the astrologer from Girl and Her Moon, Jordane Maree, and the astrologer from TikTok, Astrodim, to find out all the details of Megan Thee Stallion's multilayer natal chart. You may recognize your "big three," also known as the sun, moon, and rising signs if you've tried your hand at astrology. Your sun is your core essence, your moon denotes your emotional responses, and your ascension or ascension indicates your social self. While the internet misses Megan's birth time, she has confirmed her ascending sign - and it makes so much sense! When it comes to your core identity or essence, your sun sign knows everything. This mark represents your outward personality, so others will likely recognize these personality traits. Megan's sun sign is in the humanitarian and free spirited sign of Aquarius. "People with their sun in Aquarius love the shock factor and will express this subtly through their clothing or dynamically with their actions," Astrodim told POPSUGAR. "Look at Megan: she gets a lot of criticism for what she raps about, what she wears, how she dances and more, but she does what she wants - and beautiful - because she knows it can inspire others to be herself without apology. " Megan has expressed in several interviews how little she cares about the opinions of others. What is close to Megan's heart is making a difference in society and in their community, a cornerstone in every Aquarian's mission. It is clear that in her music and beyond, Megan is showing off her Aquarian qualities by apologizing for herself and working to empower others as well. The rising or rising sign is often referred to as our social mask. It is the sign of the first impression and how we assert ourselves socially, so that you may be able to recognize these characteristics at the first meeting. Megan has been confirmed as a rising Taurus and these signs are all about safety, finance and beauty as they are ruled by Venus. "Their ascending sign in Taurus brings them to earth in a stable, safe, and practical way," explains Jordane. Taurus Ascents are down to earth and practical, which explains why, when asked about "Hollywood," she told the Breakfast Club, "I have no reason not to act otherwise. In natal charts, the moon rules our emotions Megan is a Leo -Moon, and Astrodim explains, "These people have a lot of energy and are always ready to express it." Megan embodies confidence and zest for life through her appearances, social media feeds and interviews. With a moon placement, Lions have a more sensitive side: "It can take some time to warm up [for a lion moon] but once they have confidence in their work they will proudly show it, "explains Astrodim Moon, representing our private selves, which could explain why Megan turned towards Vulture opened up that she kept a secret in high school and didn't tell anyone about her talents until she went to college, that's what drives her, her thing anytime tes to give, "adds Astrodim. Our natal chart is overlaid with celestial data. Aside from our "big three" planets, our unique horoscopes consist of our personal planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These celestial bodies make up parts of our identity, including our communication style, our aesthetics, our fashion choices and our ambition. Mercury rules everything related to communication, so it determines a lot of our habits in how we express ourselves. Megan's Mercury is stationed in Aquarius, which means that she has an unconventional way of expressing herself through communication, and since Aquarius is a fixed sign, she stands firm by her words on what is happening around her or what precedes her, " explains Jordane. That's probably why the trailblazer shaped the hot girl movement and effortlessly gave birth to a new culture of sexuality and self-confidence something different and unconventional when it comes to an Aquarian routine, "she explains. "The fact that she's a superstar rapper and college student at the same time is absolutely surprising and great." Venus is the planet of love, romance and aesthetics. Megan's Venus is stationed in Capricorn, the hardworking earth sign that is about public image and finances. According to Astrodim, a Venus in Capricorn can make someone quite closed in love, but once they gain a sense of trust and stability, love is always powerful. Since Venus rules finances too and Capricorns are hardworking earth signs, you can bet Megan's financial security is important to them. Combine that with their altruistic sun sign Aquarius and you have a true philanthropist in your hand. Everything that has to do with passion rules. Megan's sign of Mars is in the fiery and ambitious Leo. "Because Leo is a fire sign, passion is what drives Meg's actions and motivates him," says Astrodim. Having Mars in Leo can also be a light-hearted, fun-loving place. “The lion is a sign who likes to have fun; therefore, Megan always seems to enjoy doing anything, ”says Astrodim. Through her sensual poses on social media, provocative texts and her typical twerking choreography, it is obvious that the rapper "Captain Hook" is all about passion and fun. And luckily, she lets her fans partake of all the heavenly fun she's having.


The Liverpool suicide bomber was a Christian convert

The level of national terrorist threat has risen to severe due to fears of Christmas bomb attacks (Author: Gardener)

LiverpoolEmad al-Swealmeen was sustained by Rt Rev Cyril Ashton at Liverpool Cathedral in 2017. Emad al-Swealmeen, 32, who came to the UK as an asylum seeker from Iraq, was confirmed by Rt Rev Cyril Ashton at Liverpool Cathedral in 2017. Swealmeen was killed on Sunday while carrying the improvised explosive device in the back of a taxi that exploded outside Liverpool Women's Hospital at 10:59 a.m. He had asked to be dropped off at the hospital after being picked up from his alleged bomb factory in Sefton. However, it is believed that Swealmeen, once arrested for knife wielding, was en route to Liverpool Cathedral - not far from the hospital - where hundreds, including military veterans and civil dignitaries, had gathered for a memorial service. Four men arrested in connection with the explosion have now been released from custody after an interview, the police said on Monday night. Security sources working on the investigation said the motive for the attack was unclear. It is not known whether Swealmeen followed the Christian faith at the time. On Monday the terrorist threat in the UK was increased from significant to severe, meaning another attack is very likely. On Monday, Boris Johnson urged the country to remain vigilant but said the British would never "be intimidated by terrorism - we will never give in to those who try to divide us with senseless acts of violence". A former counterterrorism chief warned that concerns about a possible terror bombing campaign this Christmas may be behind the decision to raise the threat level to severe. This could be the first of several - it is hard to believe that it is an isolated incident, "said former Scotland Yard commander Christian, who converted to launch such an attack. He is said to have arrived in the UK around 2014 and settled in Liverpool. He initially lived in an estate owned by a charity that helped asylum seekers, but was later supported by Christian volunteers Malcolm and Marion Hitchcott, who invited him to stay with them for several months. Mrs. Hitchcott said, “We are both very sad. Mr Hitchcott was working as a guide at Liverpool Cathedral when he first met Swealmeen in 2015. He studied with him in church every week for 18 months and last saw him in 2017 at a Christmas service. I didn't expect him to be. Before living with the couple, Swealmeen was involved in an incident in Liverpool city center that resulted in his being separated. Mr. Hitchcott stated, “He had an argument with the people he was living with so asked to be put on the sofa for one night. He converted to Christianity. I prayed with him in the dining room for half an hour every day. I don't think he pretended his belief. He was born in Iraq to a Syrian father. From there he came to the UK, I believe. "It is believed that Swealmeen arrived without a passport and tried to convince the authorities that he was Syrian and not Iraqi. After his conversion, Emad al-Swealmeen changed his name to Enzo Almeni Alpha course, a popular initiation and route to Christianity, and changed its name to Enzo Almeni detonators for the charge after his conversion in honor of Italian car designer Enzo Ferrari. A safety source said it was likely made from triacetone triperoxide (TATP) - the same substance used in the deadly suicide bomb in the Manchester Arena. TATP contains hydrogen peroxide, which is readily available and can be found in hair, bleach and some disinfectants. Videos posted online by terrorist organizations show step-by-step -Instructions on how to build such a device. Despite efforts by pol ice and safety authorities, to remove them, they are known to be available on the dark web. New controls put in place after previous terrorist attacks were designed to make buying and stockpiling chemicals for bomb-making more difficult. Hydrogen peroxide is also becoming increasingly difficult to obtain during the Covid pandemic, as it is used as a sterilizing disinfectant in hospitals. Forensic scientists will use materials discovered in the suspect's home and evidence recovered from the site of the bombing to understand how he obtained the materials used to build the device. You'll also try to piece together the last few moments in the taxi before the device went off. Shortly after the explosion, armed police raided two lots in Liverpool, including an apartment on Rutland Avenue, about a mile from the hospital. It is believed that the apartment in a large Victorian house was rented by Swealmeen a few weeks ago and used as a bomb factory. Another raid took place on Sutcliffe Street in the Kensington neighborhood of Liverpool, where three men were arrested on Sunday and a fourth on Monday morning. They were arrested under the Terrorism Act, but it is unclear whether they were in any way involved or were detained for being employees or roommates of the assassin. In a statement released Monday evening, Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson said, "After interviews with the arrested men, we are happy with the accounts they have presented and they have been released from police custody." We have made significant progress since Sunday morning and we have a much better one Understand the components of the device, how they were obtained, and how the parts were likely to be assembled. "There is a considerable way to understand how this incident was planned, prepared, and how it happened. We are gaining a better understanding every hour, but it will probably take some time, perhaps many weeks, to get down to our understanding Happened. " It is assumed that Swealmeen was not known to security sources, but the fact that he uses more than one name will make it harder to trace his background.


McGrath'24: True Crime Media distorts our understanding of crime and the criminal justice system

From the immense popularity of the 20th century novels In Cold Blood and Helter Skelter, however, the rise of true crime podcasts in recent years has taken this age-old obsession to new heights. As of May 2021, 50% of iTunes' top ten podcasts are dedicated to this genre. The first season of "Serial," one of the oldest and most popular true crime podcasts with over 300 million downloads. (Author: Gardener)

the 20th centuryFrom the immense popularity of the 20th century novels In Cold Blood and Helter Skelter, however, the rise of true crime podcasts in recent years has taken this age-old obsession to new heights. As of May 2021, 50% of iTunes' top ten podcasts are dedicated to this genre. The first season of "Serial," one of the oldest and most popular true crime podcasts with over 300 million downloads. You probably know the tropes of the genre: a young, middle-class white woman with a bright future (and whose smile, whether sincere or not, has always lit a room) meets her untimely death at the hands of a sociopathic monster. True crime podcasts tend to stick to the same predictable formula - right up to the Hello Fresh and Squarespace sponsorships. However, it seems that this true crime media may not be that "true". By overrepresenting white victims of crime and underrepresenting cases of domestic violence, these media distort the true nature of violent crime. Because of this divide, I fear that the very media we found to deal with our fears is actually exacerbating them by dangerously skewing and misrepresenting the most likely victims of crime, while at the same time dehumanizing and typifying the perpetrators. It is also important to consider who these media are aimed at. True Crime's audience is clearly female: According to a 2018 study by the Journal of Radio and Audio, women make up 73% of True Crime podcast listeners. Compared to their male counterparts, female listeners said they tuned in more for three salient reasons: social interaction with other listeners, escape, and voyeurism. Given the ubiquitous violence against women, I have felt in my own life how valid media can be for true crime by reassuring women that their fear of violence is not only completely rational, but that they are not alone to feel it. True crime media are anything but representative. And while this content tends to focus on violence by strangers, in reality most of the violence is perpetrated by people we know. In addition, the victims in true crime stories are predominantly white: An analysis of the popular podcast “My Favorite Murder” found that around two-thirds of the first 150 episodes focused on white-on-white crime. In contrast, a 2015 study by the Violence Policy Center found that black women are two and a half times more likely to be murdered by men than white women. While there isn't widespread data on the effects of true crime media, we do know quite a bit about its sister genre, cop shows. Given the similarities between the two genres, we can extrapolate how true crime might similarly skew consumer perceptions of crime. According to a Color of Change report that examined 26 different criminal television shows from the 2017-2018 season, police media tend to misinterpret and apologize for incidents of police misconduct (especially when an otherwise personable protagonist is the perpetrator). As a result, the report's authors concluded that the popularity of police-centric media has actively contributed to the normalization of police violence. These media have undoubtedly distorted my own perception of law enforcement at times. Whenever I see a fictional police officer breaking into a house or making an illegal confession on television, in the heat of the narrative it is often difficult to actually identify these acts as brutality (after all, aren't we supposed to fight for the police?) . Of course, if we focus on the law enforcement perspective, the audience will identify with the law enforcement and not with the suspected criminals or crime victims. While cop shows are different from true crime in many ways, it all means that our perception of the criminal justice system is inevitably shaped by the media we consume. In the case of real crime, this is a clear problem. By focusing on the experiences of white women and severely underrepresenting the number of minority victims in our true crime narratives, we fail to identify the most likely victims of violence in the to show enough empathy towards the real world. This is reflected in the disproportionate media attention that we devote to white female victims of crimes that researcher Zach Sommers has called "Missing White Woman Syndrome". The type and severity of crime portrayed in the real crime media can also have a significant impact. By focusing on incidents of gruesome serial crime, for example, we risk fueling the very fears that women want to alleviate in the first place by watching this content: A 2016 study by Pew Research found that most Americans believe that crime increases. While this skewed perception of the crime rate certainly cannot be linked to the rise of the true crime media alone, I suspect our gruesome media diet is not helping to create a clearer sense of reality. I know it's statistically unlikely that I'll be killed by a serial killer, but that doesn't stop me from walking around like I am. Availability heuristics describe the mental shortcuts we take in making decisions - we tend to make judgments based on what we see most represented rather than what is statistically true. While we can intellectually recognize that the crimes of, say, Ted Bundy are just extreme anecdotes, the more we saturate our media diet with these selected examples, they inevitably shape our overall perception of crime and criminals. While it's not particularly important that we empathize with Ted Bundy, the problem arises when we think that most of the criminals are like Ted Bundy. As terrifying as these true crime cases may be, I can't help but wonder if my attraction to the true crime media isn't rooted in the genre's moral simplicity. In a world as chaotic as ours, it's easy to see why stories that feature clear heroes, victims, and villains can be attractive. "Bad Guy" Tales, True Crime, features women's stories in which the lines between psychopaths and victims are clear - a satisfying alternative to a world where friends, fathers, and teachers are so much more likely to abuse than a stranger. By pretending that real crime represents everyday violence, we avoid living with the disturbing reality that the people we love are the most likely to hurt us. I am really at odds over my own relationship with true crime media. When it comes down to it, I see no reason to stop using it entirely, and neither do I think others should. I also wonder if the widespread criticism of True Crime's popularity isn't itself rooted in misogyny (is True Crime the new chick flick?). It is important to understand how this genre falls short, however - how true crime obscures the statistical realities of violence and uses our most reactionary instincts to dehumanize criminals altogether. It is worth considering whether this conscious or unconscious metabolism of our fears actually increases it.


5 ways to improve the mental health of software developers

With World Mental Health Day right behind us, I thought about how difficult the technology industry can be to staying sane. Working remotely, especially in unprecedented circumstances, can make a difficult situation worse. (Author: Gardener)

5With World Mental Health Day right behind us, I thought about how difficult the technology industry can be to staying sane. Working remotely, especially in unprecedented circumstances, can make a difficult situation worse. I've been working remotely in technology for over a decade and I'll share my tips on how fast-paced tech startups can take good care of their software development talents. Software development at its best is a creative endeavor. Developers need a certain level of comfort in order to be able to do high-quality work. Boring tasks, noisy offices, and too many meetings can slow productivity even in the best of times. Software developers need a good brain to get their job done, and sometimes when something isn't going well we can see it in our colleagues' code before the real problem is even communicated. The distributed nature of remote startup teams makes this difficult. When working remotely, the office lacks the features that can help support your team's wellbeing. When we're not in the same place, it's harder to tell who is late, early, or just looking a little ... flat. Help TechCrunch find the best software consultants for startups. As remote teams, we need to communicate more, and when it comes to mental health, it's better to say something and find out that someone is fine and that you don't worry about anything, rather than pushing them to the limit on their own . I have been working remotely for more than a decade - volunteering for a selection of employers, large and small, as well as for my own freelance consultancy. What I like most about working from home is the flexibility, especially when my work as a software developer is more on the manufacturer's schedule. I've discovered a number of life hacks that have helped me get more of my best work, like doing an 11 a.m. fitness workout after an early start in the office or having dinner before the last meeting of the day in the Place the oven. This opportunity to have a little more “life” outside of work has been beneficial to my own wellbeing, especially at times when I have been struggling. Motivation, recognition and self-confidence are the keys to successful software development work. The ability to use your skills to contribute to a wider goal is very rewarding, and for startups, where there is usually more freedom to choose and prioritize work, it can be very satisfying for developers. However, according to a study by Haystack, 83% of developers report burnout. So set realistic expectations for your software developers. It is more difficult to send her home at a reasonable time when there is no physical office. Hence, these expectations need to be carefully set, especially when there is flexible working hours and large projects can be easily taken on. Developers are lifelong learners; they have to be because the industry is changing so quickly. Some companies offer generous training budgets or free time. I once worked for a small software company that didn't have a budget for studying, but you could book a day of the month just to study and either help yourself to textbooks from the shelves or after an hour-long tutorial from someone otherwise ask to get you started on a new topic. Rewarding developers with money isn't a motivator, but giving them time and trusting them to do something other than direct product development work can go a long way. It is well known that Google uses the approach of spending 20% ​​of an employee's time on anything they find interesting. It even produced some useful products, but the main point is that the developers felt involved and familiar with the work. Atlassian is also known for doing something similar: all employees work 24 hours a day on projects of their choice, producing surprising innovations and improvements that might otherwise never have been delivered. Many developers dedicate a large part of their time to open source projects. However, developers identify strongly with this world and 91% of developers say that open source is in their future. Giving developers permission to contribute to open source can make them feel more valued. These open source communities can be an important part of a developer's social and support networks as well as their identity, which is critical to their overall well-being. Our modern workplace can learn a lot from open source by allowing others to participate in projects with us. Open source projects serve as a reasonable model of how a truly remote workflow can work. Some of the basic building blocks of our software world were built by people who only knew each other through mailing lists or IRC channels. Software was developed, but, perhaps more importantly, strong connections were made. Remote software teams today have much more impressive tools at their disposal, whether of their own free will or by circumstance. Source control and collaboration tools are now more than a mailing list, and we can all stay in touch at all times via text chat, audio or video calls. We can even pair programs remotely using screen sharing or tools like VSCode Live Share. Remember that software developers are all different; One person's style of work will not be exactly that of another. Open source projects work in a way that respects everyone's time and does not expect much that a person will be there at any given time - rather, within an expected window of time. For remote teams doing advanced technology work, scheduling as few meetings as possible that leave thinking time - and setting expectations of how quickly everyone should respond to Slack messages - can really help create a quiet work environment create. Even if your developers have been working from home for a long time, it's never a bad idea to check if they need a monitor upgrade, replacement power supply, or even a new keyboard. Many employers now offer work-from-home budgets, but a little is enough when it comes to making sure your developers have the tools they need. Take the time to socialize at work. If your company offers an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) make sure that all of your employees know about it and have access to it. It doesn't hurt to remind managers that the programs are there for them, not just the people on their teams. When it comes to mental health, a startup can be a difficult place. My best advice is to take care of each other - and it's not just managers who take care of the employees who report to them. We have to find ways to make our work sustainable in the long term and to be something that we do alongside our healthy life. Easier said than done, but busy startups need to take the time to remind their employees that they matter. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has thought of harming or killing themselves, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) offers free 24/7 and confidential support for people in need, as well as best practices for professionals and resources to provide support in prevention and crisis situations.


How people over 40 can book their booster vaccines after the vaccine roll-out expands

The government has announced that 40 to 49-year-olds will soon be eligible for the Covid booster vaccination to prevent a winter lockdown (Author: Gardener)

49-year-oldsThe government is extending the introduction of Covid-19 booster vaccinations to 40- to 49-year-olds to reduce infection rates and hospital admissions this winter. The Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee (JCVI) also announced that 16- and 17-year-olds are eligible to have their second vaccination - which should be given at least 12 weeks after the first. Previously, only people over 50 and clinically susceptible people were eligible for the booster vaccination, which is issued at least six months after their second vaccination. Other beneficiaries have been frontline health and care workers or those with duties to care for someone who falls into a high-risk category. The broader rollout will begin "as soon as possible" after the government accepts the JCVI's new advice on Monday. Professor Wei Shen Lim, chairman of the JCVI's Covid-19 Immunization, said, "Booster doses in more vulnerable adults and second doses in 16-17 year olds are important ways to increase our protection against COVID-19 infection." major illness. If you are eligible, please make sure you have these vaccines and protect yourself as we go into winter. "Sajid Javid, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, said:" Our introduction of Covid-19 vaccination was a phenomenal success, saving countless lives, easing pressure on the NHS and helping us stop the virus from spreading. “We are expanding the program even further and today I accepted the advice of the independent experts of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) to extend the additional offer of a booster to people aged 40 and over and to offer a second dose of a vaccine for all young people between the ages of 16 and 17 as part of the basic immunization plan. "I asked the NHS to prepare to offer a vaccine to those eligible as soon as possible." The move to extend the booster vaccination is an offer from my ministers to lessen the effects of Covid-19 in the winter months and save Christmas, where an increase in infection rates is seen as inevitable. “I am confident that if we stay on course, people will take the boosters when prompted. As soon as you are entitled to the booster jab, you will be notified by your GP by SMS or letter to arrange a booking. If you think you are eligible but have not been notified, you can book it online through the NHS website or by calling 119. By changing the booking system, you can now schedule your vaccination appointment after five months. All the details about booking and managing your appointment on the NHS website can be found here. The NHS advises that if you get a positive Covid-19 test, you must wait four weeks (28 days) before booking your booster. All people who are clinically extremely at risk and all between the ages of 16 and 65 in a risk group for Covid were already suitable for the vaccine. These were the same general criteria covered by groups one through nine of the Covid Vaccine Priority List made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) last September, as follows: Nursing home residents for older adults and Their caregiversAll those 80 ages and over and frontline health and social servicesAll people aged 75 and overAll people aged 70 and over and people at extreme riskAll people aged 65 and overAll people aged 16 to 64 years of age with underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk for serious illness and mortalityAll people aged 60 and overAll people aged 55 and overAll people aged 50 and overAll people between 40 and 49 years old for people under 65 - what has changed affects how asthmatics feel for the booster qualify. Guidelines in the government's Covid Green Book of vaccine information for health professionals have been narrowed to "poorly controlled asthma" in a recently updated update. This definition tightens the criteria for steroid use and hospitalization within 24 months, potentially limiting the number of people eligible for the booster. So far, around 12.6 million people have had a third Covid-19 vaccination. Dr. Nikki Kanani, general practitioner and assistant director of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination program, said, “The booster is not all nice to have. Although vaccines offer a high level of protection, immunity declines over time, especially in older adults and at risk groups. While Covid infection rates fell in November, they are now rising again, with more than 1,000 deaths related to the virus recorded last week. Booster vaccinations are given half a dose instead of a full dose after it has been demonstrated that a full dose is not required to boost immunization.


ABBA achieves the most successful charting album to date on Billboard 200 with the debut of "Voyage"

The pop legends ABBA achieved their highest charting album of all time on the Billboard 200 and the first Top 10 when "Voyage" debuted at number 2 on the charts on November 20th. (Author: Gardener)

VoyageBILLBOARD is a registered trademark of Billboard IP Holdings, LLC Video How It Went DownEmerging Artists: You Should KnowPro - Music On TV: What Works NowSummer Walker's “Still Over It” Receives First No. 1 Album on the Billboard 200 Charts | Billboard NewsView AllThe Weeknd & Post Malone Duel to the Death in Bloody 'One Right Now' Music VideoView All ABBA Hits Highest Charting Album Ever on Billboard 200, 200 and Top 10 with Voyage ranked 2nd on November 20th debuts on the charts. The set was released on November 5 and is the quartet's first new studio album since The Visitors of 1982. As of this week, ABBA's top-charting album on the Billboard 200 1978 was The Album, which hit number 14 on the 22nd December charts. July 1978 peaked. The album includes the hit single "Take a Chance on Me," which climbed to # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart. The album was the successor to Arrival, which peaked at number 20 and the act's only Hot 100 hit, number 1, "Dancing Queen", contains multimetric consumption, measured in equivalent album units. The units include album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). Each unit is equivalent to one album sale or 10 individual tracks of an album sold, or 3,750 ad-supported or 1,250 paid / subscription on-demand audio and video streams generated from tracks on an album. The new November 20, 2021 chart (where Summer Walker's Still Over It begins at number 1 and ABBA's Voyage begins at number 2) will be fully released on the Billboard website on November 16. You can find all chart news here @billboard and @billboardcharts on both Twitter and Instagram. Overall, Voyage marks ABBA's 14th charting album on the Billboard 200 and seventh in the Top 40. Both albums were very successful, with the first Mamma Mia! Soundtrack, which reached # 1 in 2008, and Mamma Mia! Soundtrack peaked at # 3 in 2018.) Voyage starts with 82,000 equivalent album units earned in the US in the week ending November 11, according to MRC Data. Of this total, album sales totaled 78,000 (making it the best-selling album of the week and the biggest sales week for an album by a group in 2021); SEA units comprise 4,000 (equivalent to 4.9 million on-demand streams of the songs on the set) and TEA units comprise a negligible number. While the audio content of all editions is identical (all contain the standard 10 tracks from the album), there were eight vinyl LPs (one black standard LP, two picture discs and five additional color versions), six cassettes (one standard edition plus five with alternative cover art) and several CD variants (a standard edition, two box sets and a number of editions with alternative cover types). Of the total album sales of 78,000 for the week, physical sales are 60,500 (of which 42,000 are on CD, 17,500 on vinyl LP, and 1,000 on cassette), and digital album sales are 17,500 in the spring of 1982 and now we've decided that it is time to end it ... To tell the truth, the main inspiration for re-recording comes from our involvement in creating the strangest, most spectacular concert you could ever dream of, ”titled ABBA Voyage, opens on May 27th at the ABBA Arena in London - an arena specially built for the show with 3,000 seats. ABBA will appear in concert as a digital version of itself around 1979, created by Industrial Light & Magic. According to a press release, the digital representations of ABBA were realized after "weeks and months of motion capture and performance techniques with the four band members". On stage, the digital versions of ABBA will be supported by a 10-piece live band. London next spring, ”explained ABBA.


Canelo Alvarez cemented his legacy with a devastating finish to take out Caleb Plant

Plant was smart and brave in his endeavors to disrupt the great Canelo, but it still wasn't enough as the Mexican was only the sixth man to hold all four versions of the World Cup since 1988 (Author: Gardener)

Canelo AlvarezIt was a cold finish on lap 11 of Saul Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas late Saturday night. Caleb Plant had the desire, the tactic, the belief and then a left hook severed him from his senses and began his heavy fall onto the canvas. Plant was both distressed and injured, with 2 minutes 11 seconds remaining from Round 11 at this point. Plant got up again, the fight continued, but his fight was over. Canelo never gives a second chance. Canelo, with about 17,000 fans on her back, moved across the MGM ring screen in hostile pursuit of a wobbly, vulnerable, but still resilient Plant. At this point in time, however, resistance was useless against the Mexican idol and fighting genius. The fight was abandoned and the time was 2 minutes 5 seconds of round 11. Canelo was soon wrapped in championship belts and had a gold crown on his head. Plant lost for the first time in 22 fights and was told in the ring, during the loving hug at the very end, that he would become the champion again. And he probably will; on Saturday it felt like a close fight that Plant had prepared in his head and in the gym for. He knew he had to avoid falling prey to Canelo's pressure. Avoiding that pressure, however, requires a heavy physical response - one that requires risk - and Plant had the reins but not the power to stop Canelo. So far, no one has found the strength to hurt Canelo and keep them away. As always in boxing, there are two ways to look at Plant's tactics. Avoiding getting hit in the chin was high on Plant's list of priorities, and he did his best to take Canelo's power, but his plan was viewed negatively in the rapidly fading afterglow of the event. Plant was able to choke many of Canelo's blows, the kind of blows that usually cause the pain and suffering he so enjoys. Plant was smart, mobile, tough and won many of the first rounds. Canelo loses some of the first five rounds I should add. The noise of the crowd had subsided by about nine; not because Canelo was beaten, but because he didn't win big, didn't harass Plant, didn't frighten Plant. It was a great fight. Canelo was read the riot by his trainer Eddy Reynoso at the end of the ninth round. Plant made Canelo work. Plant was tired too, and his face was marked. I had Plant through the 10th but I had Canelo as a favorite to finish it off. There was a serious race; Plant listened to the last bell, Canelo looked for the last shot. It was Canelo who found what he was looking for. The fight spun in seconds, alternating between joy and pain with just a few blows. Plant was brave in the last really desperate seconds of lap 11 and Canelo was possibly in his most ruthless form. Canelo was only the sixth man to hold all four versions of the World Cup since 1988. Both talked about the Belts and the story before the fight, but that night it was strictly personal, a fight with real sharpness. The belts only function as a glittering distraction in a fight of such intensity and rivalry. Canelo won world titles with four weights, is still only 31 years old, has lost only once in 60 fights and is leaving Las Vegas with a $ 40 million guarantee. Canelo will buy a couple of trophy horses and then look into his options. Chances are he is fighting in the UK, part of a mission to become a world star. Incidentally, Plant went to the hospital for a routine check-up, and then, in the chaos that followed the wild end of the fight, the full scores of the three judges at the ring circulated; Plant was six, four, and two laps behind. The six-round lead was tough, but it wasn't a fight that would ever be determined by a few numbers. It was a real fight for pride and the big Canelo is all about pride.