Norwich race postponed due to heat

Run Norwich - a 10k race across the city - has been postponed this weekend as temperatures continue to rise in Norfolk. (Author: Gardener)

10kOrganizers of the 10k Run Norwich race have confirmed the event has been postponed due to sweltering temperatures in Norfolk. The event, which has not been held since 2019 due to the pandemic, is drawing thousands of runners and spectators to Norwich. However, with the mercury expected to hit 25C on Sunday, the team behind Run Norwich have decided to postpone the race. It will now take place on Sunday October 23, the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation - which runs the event - has confirmed. The foundation added that with a clear amber weather warning, it would be irresponsible to urge thousands of people, including a significant number of first-time runners, to exert themselves. Dan Wynne, the Foundation's Head of Marketing and Communications, said: "While it is deeply disappointing to be postponing after so much work and anticipation, the decision was unanimous within the team after receiving information and guidance from our health and safety advisors and medical providers "We know there will be disappointments and disruptions to plans, but we hope most people will understand our decision and join us for the rescheduled race." Attorney Alison Armstrong, 40, was looking forward to the to direct the race again. "It's disappointing, but safety must be the top priority. "It's the best event in Norwich and really brings out the best in the city - both the runners and the spectators. “I was really excited to run after years of postponement. A lot of us did the virtual 10km because we wanted to support the event – ​​it's the highlight of the racing calendar.” Alison, who has been running for six years, said the decision to postpone the event was the right one. She added: "I've run marathons in 30C heat before, so it will be a shame for the more experienced runners who are used to adapting to the conditions. “But safety is the most important thing and I would be concerned for people using this as their first run. "My disappointment is nothing compared to all the work they have to do." Follower Luke Powell would have traveled from south London for his first run at Norwich. The 33-year-old senior associate said: "It's a real shame the event has been postponed." The fact that it's being postponed has softened the blow, it won't be that bad. "The weather forecast is for very high temperatures on Sunday and running in that heat would have been a challenge." Luke, who previously worked in Norwich, added: "This is a huge event for the city - it brings so many together people to Norwich. Registration for the 2022 race will remain open for the postponed date and there will be a window for those unable to attend the postponed date to transfer their place to others. Further information for runners and volunteers is available directly from Norwich City Community Sports Foundation available.


Critics attack JK Rowling for "praising" commentator's "transphobic" film.

Critics attack Harry Potter author. JK Rowling for "praising" the "transphobic" film by commentator Matt Walsh. (Author: Gardener)

Harry PotterJK Rowling seems to be at the center of the outrage after she appeared to praise the work of a self-proclaimed "theocratic fascist" over a documentary that asked people what it meant to be a woman. Ah yes, the question that seems to be asked by commenters almost every day seems like a malicious trick to many. People got furious overnight after the Harry Potter author - who has caused massive uproar with her consistent Twitter posts that are causing great concern to the trans community - engaged in a conversation with American conservative political commentator Matt Walsh was after Walsh Macy Gray's latest comments on "what it means to be a woman". Last week, the I Try hitmaker faced backlash (but support from Rowling) after telling Piers Morgans Uncensored when asked what a woman was: "I would say a human with boobs. After retracting her earlier comments and insisting "you are what you feel in your heart," Walsh, who has compared transgender child health care to molestation and rape, wrote, "Sorry but women who are public forsaking the definition of “woman” The fear of mean comments from trans activists deserves all the contempt they get. In response to Walsh's tweet, Rowling chimed in, telling those who "don't understand what happens to women who rise up on this issue" to "back off." She wrote: "Endless threats of murder and rape, threats of loss of livelihood, targeted employers, physical harassment, family addresses posted online with a picture of bomb-making instructions are not ' mean comments '. If you still don't understand what happens to women who speak out on this issue, hold off." Walsh — whose Twitter account was suspended earlier this year after he made a speech the platform found offensive to the trans Community how he had previously vowed to "lead an all-out assault on gender ideology" - insisting that "all of those things and then some" should come to him for his film The Daily Wire documentary What is a Woman?” had happened. He added: "But if I had backed down and collapsed with trans activists, I deserved to be despised for it. Cowardice is what empowers these people. Nothing will ever get better until people stop brooding." Walsh continued, "I respect the courage you have shown on this issue @jk_rowling. But many people have simply given in to the demands of trans activists, leaving the truth and reality entirely up to them. On top of that, and this is what people shared in her dismay, Rowling went on to praise Walsh's film for "exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory" — though she insisted she still wouldn't attack a woman like Gray. She wrote: "And your film did a good job of exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory and some of the damage it has done. However, after a Twitter user insisted to Rowling that Walsh was "standing up for people like her," the author insisted, "I'm not here for guys who call women cowards for giving into these things." never have to ask yourself. I also disagree with white men publicly telling black women how to behave. Walsh starred in the documentary What is a Woman?, which was released last month and coincided with Pride Month, in which Walsh posed the question, "What is a woman?" to strangers and experts alike. While the documentary faced allegations that people were solicited to participate under false pretenses, the commentator said: "Most of the people we spoke to either didn't want to talk about it or they seemed confused about something as simple as what a woman it is.” So it perhaps goes without saying that despite the controversial nature of Rowling's past views on trans people — though she has denied being transphobic — many were shocked by her praise for his documentary. One wrote in response: "Not usually what I like to talk about... but JK Rowling is just messing around with a guy who's a fascist (calling himself) and the cis world is just like 'that's fine' and maybe I was being naïve but I figured if that inevitably happened someone might care." While one asked for Rowling to "delete your positive response to this guy's account," another wrote, "The fact that JK Rowling being on the same side of the "trans 'debate' as Matt Walsh should be a huge red flag." Returning to the platform to clarify her stance on the issue, Rowling insisted that "men in my mentions were telling me I should bullying other women support 'right' position': 'You advocate that I become what I hate. These are the tactics of the misogynistic movement that women are currently fighting." She continued, "If your only contribution to the discussion about the erosion of women's rights is to step in and lecture and lecture women on how to behave and think They "have a lot more in common with what I stand against than you have with me." In recent years, Rowling has sparked controversy with her comments on the trans community, after she criticized an article about "people went who menstruate'. She criticized the wording and wrote: "People who menstruate". I'm sure there used to be a word for these people. Her remark drew immediate criticism, with many branding the author transphobic and explaining that it's not just cis women who menstruate. While the author denied being transphobic, she stoked tensions with trans equality groups in April this year when she attended a luncheon with women's rights activists, including her company Sex Matters co-founder Maya Forstater and Professor Kathleen Stock, who resigned from the University of Sussex back amid transphobia row. While Harry Potter stars including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint shared their support for the trans community following the comments, many came to Rowling's defense, with Countdown star Rachel Riley believing the attacks against Rowling were on her Support attributed to the Jewish people. Rowling reps declined to comment when approached by MORE : JK Rowling predictably vows to buy entire Macy Gray back catalog after 'transphobic' comments spark backlash MORE : Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright "prefers not to comment on JK". Rowling transrow no more


Pierce Brosnan pays tribute to the 'inspiring' James Caan

The legendary star had been working with former Bond actor Brosnan, 69, on location in Louisiana for more than a month despite being wheelchair-bound and in poor health. (Author: Gardener)

Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan has described James Caan as an inspiration, having worked with the actor shortly before his death was announced on Thursday. Hollywood veteran Caan died peacefully at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday night at the age of 82, just weeks after completing work on upcoming gangster thriller Fast Charlie. The legendary star had been working with former Bond actor Brosnan, 69, on location in Louisiana for more than a month despite being wheelchair-bound and in poor health. Taking to Instagram on Friday, a devastated Brosnan delivered a moving eulogy for his co-star alongside multiple pictures of the two friends relaxing between scenes. He wrote: "On the set of the movie Fast Charlie with the great man himself James Cann, goodbye Jimmy. We laughed a lot together during those five days in New Orleans... "You were an inspiration to me as a young actor in the beginning, and even greater than a man who watches you work through great physical pain and ailments every day. My heart felt sympathy for your family. The actor's death was confirmed in a tweet shared by family members on Thursday night. "It is with great sadness that we inform you that Jimmy passed away on the evening of July 6th," the statement said. Caan's manager Matt DelPiano also confirmed the news to AFP, adding: "Jimmy was one of the greatest. Not only was he one of the best actors our business has ever seen, he was funny, loyal, caring and popular.” Caan began acting in 1960s Hollywood, starring in films by acclaimed directors such as Billy Wilder (Irma La Douce), Howard Hawks (El Dorado) and Coppola (The Rain People). He had a breakthrough television role in the 1970 American football drama Brian's Song, portraying dying gridiron star Brian Piccolo. The actor, who also had roles in Misery, Thief, Rollerball and A Bridge Too Far, earned an Oscar nomination for his role as the hot-tempered Sonny Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 classic The Godfather. The Godfather - an adaptation of Mario Puzo's best-selling novel - won three Oscars, including best picture and best actor for Marlon Brando. Caan was among the three cast members nominated for Best Supporting Actor, along with Al Pacino and Robert Duvall. "Jimmy was someone who stretched longer and closer through my life than any movie character I've ever known," Coppola said in a statement to AFP. “His films and the many great roles he has played will never be forgotten. He will always be my old friend from Sunnyside, my co-worker, and one of the funniest people I've ever known.” Caan reprized his role in a small cameo for The Godfather Part II, which appeared in a flashback. When asked in 2010 if he ever gets tired of talking about the godfather, Caan replied, "No. I thank God for that." "Unlike actors who are in hiding or who don't like signing autographs or being recognized... I'm very thankful that people still remember that I'm alive and all of that." A Legend': Hollywood stars including Barbra Streisand and Adam Sandler pay tribute to 'Godfather' actor James Caan after his death at age 82 The actor - whose most memorable role was as Sonny Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece The Godfather - died on Wednesday night. His family said in a statement on Twitter: 'It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Jimmy on the evening of July 6 in privacy at this difficult time.' Barbra Streisand - who starred as Fanny Brice in 1975's Funny Lady while Caan played her husband Billy Rose - spoke heartily about her co-star in a tribute tweet. "I'm so sorry to hear about Jimmy. He was so talented," she wrote while sharing a black and white photo of the pair taken around the time of their film. Al Pacino, who played the lead role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather and its sequels, also shared a statement about Caan. "Jimmy was my fictional brother and my lifelong friend," he said. A great actor, a brilliant director and my dear friend. Caan starred in Francis Ford Coppola's first film The Rain People in 1969 and they made The Godfather in 1972. The filmmaker paid tribute to the late actor in Deadline. "Jimmy was someone who stretched farther and farther through my life than any movie character I've ever known," said Coppola. "Since my previous collaboration on The Rain People and all the milestones in my life, his films and the many great roles he has played will never be forgotten. He will always be my old friend from Sunnyside, my co-worker and one of the funniest people I've ever known.” Robert De Niro also shared a brief statement on Caan's death. De Niro had an important supporting role in The Godfather Part II (1974) as a young Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando in the original. Caan had a brief appearance in the sequel's final flashback scene, but he and De Niro did not share any scenes together. "I am very, very sad to hear of Jimmy's passing," De Niro said. Adam Sandler, who was joined by Caan in 1996's Bulletproof and That's My Boy (2012), tweeted that he "loved the veteran actor very much". I never stopped laughing when I was around this man. I am thinking of his family and sending my love.' Rob Reiner, who directed Caan's film Misery, wrote: "So sorry to hear the news. I loved working with him. love of family.' Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred with Caan in the 1996 action thriller Eraser, called him an "icon" and a "legend." I was fortunate to work with him and see firsthand his talent and fantastic sense of humor. He was a great gym buddy and true friend and I will miss him." Antonio Banderas tweeted, "A great actor has left us. Maria Shriver wrote: "So sad about Jimmy Caan. Sending my love to his family." Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn wrote: "Rest in peace James Caan. There are so many of his films that I love, The Godfather films top the list of course, but here are a few more that I adore (in particular, Thief was a Gunn family classic - I had the poster on my wall in the High School) .' The filmmaker included several posters for Caan's most famous films, including Michael Mann's thriller Thief (1981), The Gambler (1974), the buddy police comedy Freebie And The Bean (1974), and Wes Anderson's feature debut Bottle Rocket (1996), which Caan played with Luke and Owen Wilson. Forrest Gump actor Gary Sinise wrote that he was "heartbroken" for the family and friends of the late actors. Jimmy has been so supportive of the Gary Sinise Foundation and my work with our veterans. Thank you my friend. "Sad to hear of James Caan's death," tweeted Mark Wahlberg, who starred with him in James Gray's 2000 crime drama The Yards. "It was an honor and a pleasure to know and work with a true legend like Jimmy. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. Josh Brolin said Caan is his "friend" and "spirit animal". I love what you brought into this world: an old school, we're in it together, but we have to keep poking each other to keep the humility and connections tight. Knowing that you are an era of people whose sensibilities have saddened many. my friend [sic].' Zoe Saldaña, who starred with Caan in 2013's Blood Ties, wrote, "It's been an honor to have worked with you and shared jokes about being from Queens, New York." Thief has been among Caan's most acclaimed films, and the director of the film, Michael Mann - best known as the director of Heat and The Last Of The Mohicans - shared a moving tribute to his old friend and colleague. "What a terrible and tragic loss," he wrote while sharing a photo of the pair on the set of Thief. ' Not only was Jimmy a great actor with total dedication and enterprise, but he had a vitality at the core of his being that drives everything from his art and friendship to athletics and very good times. "I loved him and I loved working with him. He reached into his core during difficult personal times to be the rebellious, semi-wild, institutionalized misfit Frank in my first film, Thief. Frank is half Frank, half Jimmy. "The character and the man - like his Sonny in The Godfather - were made for each other," he concluded, adding, "One of a kind. Actress Jennifer Tilly shared a hilarious anecdote Caan once told her about the making of The Godfather. "James Caan always had the funniest stories," she wrote. "He once told me [director Francis Ford] Coppola had a habit of taking food off his plate and eating it, so one day he made a sandwich of very hot jalapeños between two pieces of buttered bread and waited out of Coppola's slipstream... Coppola came yelled out to direct the next scene, snatched the sandwich off the plate and gobbled it up. And Jimmy said sheepishly, "Did I ask you to eat my sandwich?" Comedian Andy Richter said he was 'shocked' to learn of Caan's death. He included a trailer for 1981's Thief, suggesting that it was his favorite film. Baby Driver director Edgar Wright called the late actor a "true megawatt movie star" and listed some of his classic films. Actor-director Alex Winter called Caan a "giant." and noted that he had recently seen him at a 50th anniversary screening of The Godfather with Coppola and his sister, actress Talia Shire.' RIP into a real one," he wrote. Piers Morgan wrote that Caan was a "brilliant actor" and praised his "great performance" in The Godfather as "savage" and "menacing." "I met him once at a party in LA and he was a very funny and extremely entertaining man. Sad news," he continued.


Sunak can rob Starmer of his only key weapon - making politics boring again

The Tory base is not as far-sighted as it is portrayed to be (Author: Gardener)

ToryRishi Sunak's start as an executive was professionally executed, strategically astute and even had a crucial sense of dynamism. It's no wonder so many shriveled Tory MPs from different wings of the party reduced themselves to truant posters (literally) alongside the fledgling volunteers who had gathered at the QEII conference center in Westminster. Recalling that the key element of a launch is a sense of surprise, Sunak introduced both Dominic Raab and Grant Shapps as his new supporters. The point here was to show that Sunak was not only the leader in the races, but that he started from the backstretch to extend his lead. Overall, however, Sunak's message was that he was a man who deliberately avoided surprises. In fact, his unique selling proposition in the leadership competition is that he is "honest" with the party about the limits of what a leader can and cannot credibly promise. His pledge to cut taxes only when the economy can afford it and his rejection of "arbitrary" targets for defense spending felt like the epitome of Treasury Department orthodoxy, but were also a throwback to what he called " called the "traditional" Tory value of not spending - you can't afford it. We were given the succinct outline of a new agenda, with vague words about a new emphasis on tackling violence against women and girls, protecting the natural environment (for which he received great applause), and technology-driven productivity gains to boost growth. Consistency and caution were Sunak's key characteristics, underscoring Johnson's 2019 manifesto pledge to invest in public services while emphasizing his own qualifications as an original Brexiteer. What will be most appealing to some MPs is the assertiveness of Sunak's campaign, particularly in contrast to rivals who have resorted to what colleagues see as increasingly desperate tactics that feel utterly inauthentic. To cite just a few examples: Jeremy Hunt pledges to make Esther McVey his Deputy Prime Minister; Sajid Javid, who abolishes his own health and social security contributions; Nadhim Zahawi, who is reversing his support for Johnson; Penny Mordaunt Tweets About Her Line On Trans Rights After Midnight; Tom Tugendhat supports the deportation policy in Rwanda. Today, a former minister told me that Liz Truss' decision to be joined by Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg meant "she has lost all hope of my vote, I will not be anywhere near those two." There are even strong rumors among MPs that Truss is seen as extremely beatable in the last two, that Sunak's team could "lend" her his back-up votes to ensure a neck-and-neck race (like Johnson's Team Hunt did in 2019 allegedly lent votes to get his way). Michael Gove). The downside for many in his party will be that the former chancellor sounded decidedly unexciting and centrist. His offerings of "hard work, patriotism, fairness, family love, pragmatism" were all things Keir Starmer could promise. His speech about "what works in business" was straight out of Tony Blair's script. They might prefer to sell its "sound money" rather than its rivals' "unfunded tax cuts now". Crucially, they've seen the poll showing only Sunak beats Starmer in a match-up. The Labor leader's real danger right now is that Sunak could sap his ambition to make politics boring again, the message of stability after the chaos that helped Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump. But if Sunak is a plausible 'non-Boris' Tory leader, Labor will have to work much harder. He's already stolen Rachel Reeves' big political offer of an unexpected tax. Just today, Starmer filmed a TV clip where he talked about "restarting the economy" and "a fresh start," both things Sunak is offering. The more Labor attack the "festival of irresponsibility" being put on by the other Tory leadership contenders, the more they emphasize Sunak's adamant refusal to squander money on unfunded tax cuts. Labor firmly believes he is a fragile opponent and that, as former Chancellor, he will be blamed for the looming economic downturn and lack of growth. Focus groups have shown that the Non-Dom tax dispute has done serious damage to his reputation, from which even the "rishi revival" is struggling to recover. Sunak's Geekery is also being targeted as his apparent social awkwardness is dubbed "Tory Ed Miliband" by his own pages. Coincidentally, it was Miliband who tore Sunak to pieces in the House of Commons earlier this year following revelations about his US green card and family non-dom status. Sunak looked broken as he was dubbed "the Silicon Valley guy." When challenged today over his treacherous decision to desert Johnson (while speaking on the Prime Minister's merits), he appeared decidedly uncomfortable and let out a nervous laugh that couldn't fool anyone. Barring fresh aid on living expenses and energy bills this autumn, Sunak could look more numb than ever and his multi-millionaire status will serve as proof he has no connection to the struggles of ordinary Brits. But while Sunak is clearly not a born politician, neither is Starmer. To too many voters, the Labor leader may look like the fade leading the fade.


Sue Barker in tears as she retires from Wimbledon broadcast after 30 years

Sue Barker was in tears as she stepped down from Wimbledon coverage shortly after Novak Djokovic defeated Nick Kyrgios in an electric 2022 final. (Author: Gardener)

Sue BarkerSue Barker couldn't hold back her tears as she stepped down from Wimbledon coverage just after Novak Djokovic defeated Nick Kyrgios in an electric 2022 final. The 66-year-old presenter announced she was retiring after 30 years as a famous presenter of BBC tennis coverage, saying in an official statement via the BBC: "What a wonderful time I've been at some of the biggest Sporting events of the world have worked world. I will miss it terribly but after 30 years I feel the time is right for me. I've worked with the best of the best.” In homage to her incredible career played out in front of her today, the presenter had a teary-eyed reaction as the crowd chanted her name. I loved it," a tearful Sue said after being referred to as G. The tribute video featured Sue from her early days presenting Wimbledon as well as clips from her time playing on the court. Before becoming a presenter, Sue was a professional tennis player and won a Grand Slam singles title after winning the 1976 French Open. The montage also included tributes from Des Lynam, Billie Jean King, Andy Murray, Virginia Wade, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe. Introducing the highlights clip, John McEnroe said, "Sue Barker is Wimbledon," while the video featured tennis champions around the world highlighting Sue's achievements. Elsewhere in the clip, former tennis player Tim Henman said: "I think my final message to Sue is that I'm going to miss her massively professionally. "She's been here at every Wimbledon I've ever been involved in as a professional player and now works on the tournament site and for the BBC. "We will miss her massively but hopefully this will give her more time to come down to the royal box in the evening and have a few more glasses of champagne. Former American tennis player Billie Jean King, the former world number one, stood alongside Sue as she was honored, saying: "She's the goat to so many men and women. "She's an amazing example, if you want to be a presenter, if you want to be the best in the field of broadcasting... Sue Barker, she's the best ever." Elsewhere in the tribute video, Federer thanked Sue for her "amazing ' 30 years and 'everything [she] did,' while Murray recalled watching her on TV growing up before being interviewed by her and said she was 'sung by everyone who does tennis look, sorely missed". 2022 Wimbledon men's singles champion Novak Djokovic said: 'Sue, please don't go. I heard bad news today that after 30 years you have decided to retire. “You are probably the most legendary tennis broadcaster in the UK so tennis will miss you, I will miss you and miss the interviews. "Hopefully I'll have a chance to interview you at least once before you go. Just days ago, Sue received a standing ovation from the Wimbledon crowd when McEnroe took a moment to celebrate her at the Centenary Celebration on Center Court. "A final word to the crowd," he said. After 30 years of great coverage of this tournament, please give it up for Sue Barker." "Thank you, but this is about the tournament and all I can say is that from now on, John McEnroe will comment on Court 17 that this is off script!” Sue joked. "But thank you it means the world to me it really does." The tributes continued online with Channel 5 News presenter Dan Walker tweeting: "What a superstar Sue Barker is. TV presenter Sue Perkins wrote: "I will miss Sue Barker so much. Thank you for being in my living room for thirty years.” If you have a celebrity story, video or pictures, please contact the entertainment team by emailing us at [email protected] or call 020 3615 2145 or visit our Submit Stuff page - we'd love to hear from you. MORE : 'Best result of my career!' - Nick Kyrgios upbeat despite losing Wimbledon final


How Wimbledon runner-up Nick Kyrgios became tennis's most controversial player

Bad boy or indomitable genius? Amy Francombe traces the rocky rise of "Nasty Nick." (Author: Gardener)

WimbledonHe's tennis' "bad boy" who has been dubbed the "most cretinous player" in the history of the sport, but Nick Kyrgios — or "Nasty Nick" — doesn't care what you think. "Um...because I do what I want," the hot-headed Australian replied on Sunday when a reporter asked why he was breaking the strict "all white" dress code. All publicity is good publicity, right?” He continued while brazenly donning a red baseball cap to collect his second trophy from the Duchess of Cambridge after beating Novak Djokovic 4-6, 6 in the Wimbedon men's final : 3, 6: 4, 7: 6 had lost. Although the weekend's match marked the 27-year-old's first bid for a Grand Slam title, Kyrgios rose to the top at age 19 after beating Rafael Nadal to claim his first Grand Slam quarterfinal at Wimbledon tournament in 2014 - and has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since. He is the most fined player in the sport's history, having picked up a staggering A$800,000 (£452,000) worth of fines in his career. But he has also amassed over £8million in singles and doubles prize money and won the Australian Open earlier this year. He is currently ranked No. 45 in the world and has a career high of No. 13 in individual rankings. Despite those impressive accolades, his former high school Radford College removed the sports star from the school's Hall of Fame following his on-court antics in 2015. While attending the Rogers Cup in Montreal, Kyrgios branded fellow Australian Bernard Tomic "stupid". and "irrelevant," before telling Swiss Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka during the match that his boyfriend had "slapped your girlfriend, mate," earning him a £10,000 fine and a 28-day match suspension. Also on his criminal record: Spitting on a spectator, asking the crowd to get him a beer, imitating lewd sex acts with his water bottle on live television, refusing to use a tournament towel and receiving the highest fine ever - a staggering $113,000 dollars for a code of conduct violation in a clash with Karen Khachanov in 2019. The violation included smashing two thugs in a tunnel before walking back onto the pitch, appearing to spit on the official's chair, and refusing to shake hands with referee Fergus Murphy after he accused him of starting the 25-second shot clock too early. During Sunday's thrilling final, the controversial player threw a tantrum after claiming a "drunk" woman had distracted him. Kyrgios went on to remove her from center court (she claims she had two drinks and was simply "cheering for him") before embroiling himself in the aforementioned red cap gate. The two meltdowns come after last Tuesday's announcement that the player was charged in Australia with assaulting his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari, leading many to wonder: has Kyrgios finally gone too far? He is due to appear in court in Canberra next month. From his royal legacy to his on-court outbursts, here's how the 27-year-old stormed the tennis world for all the right (and wrong) reasons. His royal lineage and childhood favorite sport (spoilers: it's not tennis) Kyrgios was born in Canberra on April 27, 1995, the third child of Greek father Giorgos, a self-employed house painter who moved to Australia as a teenager, and mother Norlaila , a former Malaysian princess affectionately known as Nill. She married Giorgos in 1988 and shares son Christos, daughter Halimah and tennis supremo Nick. Despite Kyrgios barking at his players' box for their apparent lack of support as Sunday's game turned in favor of the Serbian tennis legend, Kyrgios is very close to his family. Giorgos, who calls himself George, is always present in his son's box throughout the tennis season, but his mother has stayed away from Kyrgios' games for years due to a cocktail of fear and illness. In September 2021, Kyrgios withdrew from all remaining tournaments that year to spend time at home with his mother, who was struggling with severe kidney problems. After being scarred by the death of his grandmother, Julianah Foster, in 2014, Kyrgios often chooses to spend as much family time as possible to ensure the regrets he harbors for his grandmother are not repeated. "The week she died I was supposed to visit her with mum but I was quite busy," said Kyrgios, who spoke candidly in 2015 after the death of 74-year-old Julianah. He also has his parents to thank for his illustrious tennis career. Surprisingly, it was basketball that stole his heart first, not tennis, and without the intervention of father George and mother Nill he might never have made his way to the Grand Slam at Wimbledon. "When I was 14, they said I couldn't play basketball anymore. It still hurts my heart," Kyrgios said previously. I love basketball." It quickly proved a decision well made as Kyrgios raced to become world No. 1 at juniors. His mental health struggles and the sports legend who helped him overcome them are the underpinnings of his scandals was a mental health struggle the player revealed earlier this year.'That was me at the Australian Open three years ago,' began the remarkable confession on Kyrgios' Instagram, where he was posted ahead of his Australian Open match against Rafael Nadal shared a thoughtful picture of herself. If you look closely you can see my self-harm on my right arm." I was lonely, depressed, negative, abusing alcohol, drugs, pushing away from family and friends This was the result of not opening up and refusing to open up to me Supporting loved ones and just gradually pushing myself to be positive.” Kyrgio's mother recently revealed to the Sydney Morning Herald that two-time former Wimbledon champion Andy Murrary played a key role in discovering Kyrgio's self-harm. She said: "The self-harm ... I asked him about it and he didn't want to talk about it at the time. John Morris (Kyrgios' former manager) spoke to me about Andy worrying about Nick because he can see some signs of self-harm." , have a healthier view of everything. In a post-match interview following Sunday's defeat, the player also admitted that he never really felt good in his tennis career until he reached the final at Wimbledon. "I feel like if I had won today I would have struggled with my motivation," he added, minimizing the loss. "I've been told my whole life that winning Wimbledon is the ultimate achievement." One who understands the pressures of top-level tennis and the impact it can have on mental health is John McEnroe. Speaking to the BBC, he said: "I understand a lot of what's going on here, more than most people. He's a good boy, the players like him, he's very popular in the dressing room, he does a lot of charity work , but he kind of has demons, you know, we all have these fears of failure and it's a matter of how best you deal with that." The notoriously unpredictable seven-time Grand Slam champion added, "You know he's sitting there and obviously being tortured in some way. Has Kyrgios finally gone too far? It emerged last Tuesday that the Australian tennis player was summoned to appear at a Canberra on August 2 over allegations of mutual assault against his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari.Speaking to reporters after beating Chilean Cristian in the quarterfinals on Wednesday Garin in straight sentences, Kyrgios said he had "things I want to say" but had been advised The alleged incident occurred in December 2021, as confirmed by Canberra Police, when Kyrgios is said to have grabbed Passari - with a maximum sentence of two years in prison.His current girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, a Sydney-based influencer with nearly 100,000 Instagram followers, publicly sided with the athlete in the face of the allegations.Last Wednesday, the day after au, reported Kyrgios was charged with assault, Hatzi attended a training session with the controversial athlete, and the two weren't shy about packing the PDA - something they also do on Instagram, where Kyrgios has uploaded multiple selfies of the pair under mushy captions proclaiming his love for the lifestyle business owner. 1. He stayed out drinking at the Dog & Fox the night before his second-round encounter with Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2019. 2. Kyrgios told Wawrinka that his boyfriend "hit his girlfriend" during a game in 2015. 3. His $113,000 (£95,000) clash with referee Fergus Murphy where he walked off the pitch, smashed two racquets and spat. 4. Kyrgios mimicked a lewd gesture with a water bottle at Queens in 2018. While facing the player's box, he held the water bottle to his groin and pretended to perform a sex act. 5. At the 2019 Rogers Cup, he refused to use a tournament-branded towel, requesting a white one instead.


The big dream at the Stockport estate where Angela Rayner grew up and Phil Foden went to school

"Steve and Tony's work is really making a difference in people's lives," said Labor front bench leader Angela Rayner (Author: Gardener)

Angela RaynerThe initiative that made such a difference in one corner of Stockport was born out of tragedy. Tony Farrar and Steve Cunningham both grew up on the same street in Adswood, one of Stockport's largest council estates. Tony, 42, and Steve, 47, who both lost friends and relatives to mental health struggles, met a funeral. At the wake, Steve told Tony he had failed in his attempt to secure a thousand pounds' worth of funding for a community fun day at the Bridgehall estate next to Adswood, where Steve has lived for almost 30 years. The couple agreed that something needed to be done to improve the lives of people in the area, and they decided to take matters into their own hands. And so they started an organization that the couple hopes can be a blueprint for how people across the country can improve their communities. "We wanted to give the community something to do, a place to go, someone to talk to," says Tony, sitting on a bench in the park in the middle of the triangular compound. Tony and Steve developed their plan after meeting at a funeral. Around 5,000 people live in Adswood and Bridgehall together. Although Bridgehall lies between Adswood and Edgeley, it does not consider itself part of either, but a place in its own right. Built in the 1930s on a site previously occupied by a shed and farm from which it takes its name, local housing provider Stockport Homes has around 600 properties on the estate. Edgeley-raised Manchester City and England star Phil Foden attended Bridge Hall Primary School as a youngster. And Labour's frontbencher Angela Rayner grew up here and even launched her successful bid for the party's deputy leadership from the community centre. According to a 2018 public health report, the area scores significantly below the national average on unemployment, income deprivation, child poverty and child development. "It's a typical council estate," says grandfather Steve. "And I can say that because I live here and don't put anyone or anything down. Phil Foden went to Bridgehall Primary School before moving on to nearby Stockport Academy where he is pictured here in Year 7. "But it's a typical council estate where you have poverty and deprivation. You have people who, for whatever reason, can't work. Tony and Steve felt well positioned to address these issues. A well-known figure in the community, Steve was previously the manager of local football team Adswood United, for whom he played as a boy and oversaw the reinstatement of their youth teams. Meanwhile, Tony was no stranger to getting things done - having previously spent over two decades helping UK government agencies design and implement policy in his day-to-day work. The property is one of the most deprived areas in Stockport. "We were tired of listening to politics but not practice," says Tony. "This gave us an opportunity to actually implement some of the political aspirations that we hear from government left, right and centre, in an area where we grew up." I've been here at the two properties for 50 years says Steve. “My children went to school. So I know the people inside and out. Tony understands the guidelines around everything. The couple's shared mantra is that physical activity is a "natural human right that everyone should have access to." In the summer of 2019, they partnered with the school at the heart of the property and formed the non-profit organization Active Community Experiences, better known by the acronym ACE, to provide affordable activities for local children. For just £10 a month, people in the area could take part in a range of 40 to 50 courses in a range of sports and other activities. Although many of the early members were teenagers, the dozens of activities they offer are "cross-generational" and go well beyond football, Steve points out. Angela Rayner launches her campaign as Labor Deputy Leader at Bridgehall Community Center in 2020 “This has been the perfect opportunity and place to start.” Activities range from gymnastics to netball, zumba, dodgeball, music, arts, crafts and much more. “Everyone has something that they will excel at or believe in and want to focus on,” says Steve. ACE now has over 350 members participating in activities in buildings such as the community center. "There are also other things that we have planned, like mechanics sessions," he continues. "A lot of kids on lots like this want to tinker with motorcycles and they want to tinker with cars." So if we can point that in the right direction while also being able to explain the dangers of why you shouldn't just do it on the property, you have a chance to change someone's life before they realize how wrong they were." They have already gained a great deal of trust from people of all ages on the estate, which Steve believes was key to their early success." Justin Moorhouse opened the new library at the community center As much as you want people to be loyal to one another, we kind of have to be the glue that gets it all going again." ACE has grown to the point that there are now 350 on the Bridgehall estate alone monthly paying members. They also employ around a dozen staff from the estate who joined as interns and trainees and have a large volunteer base. Bridge Hall Head Boy Oscar and Head Girl Nadine at the library opening. According to ACE, children on the estate have a 1,500 word deficit compared to children in more affluent areas when they start school. "Not only do we give the community something to do and improve their health and well-being, we also provide employment opportunities and avenues," says Tony The people living on the property, along with some grants for specific projects.After initially being stationed at the school, they were allowed to use community-owned facilities such as the community center.In their short lifespan, they not only turned political heads in the district and beyond, but have also received numerous awards for their work and now offer a range of official programs such as holiday activities and a children's meal program with free school meals. Steve and Tony hope to see their business model spread more widely Interests can manage when given the opportunity to do so through the intelligent use of public assets,” says Tony. The latest project in which ACE has been involved is helping convert a previously underused library at the Bridgehall Community Center into a children's library, used by the school but also open at weekends to allow children who have fallen onto the property who have lagged behind in literacy during the pandemic to catch up. They say children starting school on the estate have a word deficit of 1,500 words compared to children in more affluent areas, and they also want to help close that gap. The library was officially opened by Tameside-born comedian and Phoenix Nights star Justin Moorhouse at a ceremony late last month. Tony says he hopes one day their model can be rolled out across Stockport and possibly even further afield. “There are already other schools that have seen what happened in Bridgehall. Word got around and the school is now overbooked,” he says. "I want this to be a place where people who used to live here come back and say, 'Wow, that's changed,'" adds Steve. Adjacent to Adswood, the Bridgehall estate has a proud identity of its own. Angela Rayner was so impressed by what the couple had accomplished that she joined the board of ACE: "I grew up on the Bridgehall estate and I still have a lot of friends who live there," she told the Manchester Evening News . “The sense of community on the property is incredible, everyone knows everyone and everyone looks out for each other. "I have decided to start my campaign to become Labour's Deputy Leader at Bridgehall Community Center in January 2020 because I am so proud of where I come from and it means the world to me. It always feels like home when I come back. “I am a very proud ACE ambassador and I know that the work of Steve and Tony is making a really positive impact on people's lives. Your efforts open up brilliant opportunities for people that they otherwise would not have access to. ACE has received awards and praise for its work Steve and Tony took inspiration from sad things that happened to them and used them to create something that would truly change their lives. Former leader of Stockport Council and leader of the Borough's Labor group, Coun Elise Wilson is also on the board. "I really think the work that Tony, Steve and ACE are doing is amazing," she said. “It's about our community, it's about making a difference for the local people. And as a local resident I see that, I see the work and the passion and the care that the lads have for here, for Adswood and for Bridgehall and how important it is. Stockport Homes has around 600 properties on the estate “What we're doing with the school, with the Bridge Hall Primary, the work they're doing with the Headmaster, the new library and opening on a Saturday. “The difference is that people are going somewhere being able to go to do their homework or just sit and read and spend time with their parents and together is really important to me.” Those who have the least end up being disproportionately affected and the gap widens, and we've seen that through the pandemic and now through the cost of living crisis. But we have such a community here. We care about each other here and that makes this a special place, a place that I'm proud to call home."


Carol Vorderman strips makeup as she fills in for Covid-positive Lorraine Kelly

Carol has revealed that showbiz life isn't all glitz and glamor as she shared a behind-the-scenes snap of her dressing room at the ITV studios on Tuesday morning (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman fills in for Lorraine as Star catches Covid Carol Vorderman has filled in for Lorraine Kelly on her ITV daytime show Lorraine after she tested positive for Covid over the weekend. And the former Countdown presenter, 61, wowed her fans when they saw her beaming face on TV two mornings in a row. But Carol has revealed showbiz life isn't all glitz and glamor as she shared a behind-the-scenes snap of her dressing room at the ITV studios on Tuesday morning. But Carol has revealed showbiz life isn't all glitz and glamor as she shared a behind-the-scenes snap of her dressing room at the ITV studios on Tuesday morning. Carol posted a selfie on her Instagram story as she put on her makeup before getting ready to face the cameras. Carol Vorderman exuded confidence as she went makeup-free on Lorraine ahead of her presenting appearance. Carol wore a white t-shirt that read 'STRONGER' and a pair of black subtle striped leggings from the same brand. I'm ready for this amazing day...join me at 9 on @lorraine...don't worry make up will be on by then!!! Her last television appearance comes after speculation began that Carol could be the next host of Countdown after Anne Robinson left the show after a year as presenter. Rumors that Carol could be the next to follow in the presenter's footsteps have excited her fans, who have backed a comeback to Countdown von Vorders. Carol has represented Lorraine Kelly who has tested positive for Covid-19. Carol hasn't done much to dampen speculation about her return and seemed to fan the flames of anticipation with an Instagram post. Fans immediately concluded that Carol would be back on the show, which she starred in from 1982 to 2008.


Carol Vorderman, 61, wows in leopard print leggings amid a "scary" fresh-faced selfie

CAROL VORDERMAN has taken to social media to showcase her phenomenal healings in leopard print leggings while replacing Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show this week. (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanWe use your registration to deliver content in a way you have consented to and to improve our understanding of you. We use your registration to deliver content in a way you have consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include advertising from us and third parties, as we understand it. This may include advertising from us and third parties, as we understand it. You can unsubscribe at any time. The Countdown star, 61, posed in her Lorraine dressing room and put on a striking display in the leopard print leggings that accentuated her incredible curves. Carol paired the printed pants with a pretty white shirt over them that showed just a hint of cleavage. The day before, the Welsh native upped the glamor in a khaki midi skirt, nude stiletto heels and a lemon yellow top with a cut-out panel. This morning, Carol shared a makeup-free selfie with her 229,000 followers and vowed to be fully made-up before appearing on national TV. She wrote: "Morning early campers. 5.30am...ready for this amazing day to get going. Join me at 9am on @lorraine for a great show... don't worry, the makeup will be on by then.


Carol Vorderman issues a health update for Lorraine Kelly as she replaces her back on ITV

Carol laid claim to Ed Balls and Susanna Reid today (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanITV Lorraine's deputy Carol Vorderman has given a health update for the Scottish TV presenter. Lorraine Kelly is missing her show this week due to Covid. Carol said: "She's feeling great, which is fantastic." She added: "Hopefully she'll be here later in the week but there's still all the testing and everything. Carol made the claim to Ed Balls and Susanna Reid today. Kelly, 62, tweeted early Monday morning saying the virus "finally got me" and she had given a positive result over the weekend. "Big thanks to @carolvorders who will be hosting @lorraine until I get back." Yesterday, Balls and Reid announced that Vorderman would be stepping in at the opening of their own show on Monday, which takes place before Lorraine. Vorderman, 61, later told viewers that Kelly caught "the dreaded guess what" and wished her a "speedy recovery." It certainly doesn't look like it at 5am this morning.” ITV Lorraine will continue to air every weekday from 9am on ITV 1 and also on the ITV Hub. Keep up to date with the latest news and opinion on day trips, nights out, shopping and more with our Daily What's On email update newsletter - and it's completely free.