A look back at the long career of a local television legend

He's a television legend in the South and has hosted the local six o'clock newscast for nearly 38 years. (Author: Gardener)

SouthHe's a television legend in the South and has hosted the local six o'clock newscast for nearly 38 years. He's a television legend in the South and has hosted the local six o'clock newscast for nearly 38 years. Fred Dinenage's film career began in 1964 when he was hired by Southern Television on a seven-week contract. Fred Dinenage's film career began in 1964 when he was hired by Southern Television on a seven-week contract. Fred performed briefly on Three Go Round before starting work on How! became the longest-running children's program on ITV, with most of Southern's programs scrapped along with the hosts - but not Fred. He has presented a variety of programs including the 1984 nightly newscast, Coast to Coast starring Fern Britton, before co-hosting Meridian Tonight. It was Fern and Fred who said "Thanks for watching" on TVS 'last night when it was acquired by Meridian on January 1, 1993. This change resulted in further job losses, but Fred survived the cut again. He continued to run the broadcaster's news program - which became Meridian Tonight - until she joined London News as an entertainment reporter. Debbie Thrower was with Meridian from the start and when the channel launched she greeted viewers from outside Winchester Cathedral. Fred and Debbie worked together until she left the station in 1994 and Jane Whyatt was promoted to co-host. Whyatt's time on the sofa with Fred was short-lived, however. But Natasha's stint at the station was short - within a year she went to climb the corporate ladder as main presenter for the new London ITV service LNN. Fred was then reunited with Debbie Thrower, who had left Meridian for BBC Radio 2. Further layoffs came in 2009, with Debbie leaving and Fred staying. The 51-year-old was replaced by presenter Sangeeta Bhabra and the couple have been working together ever since. But now Fred, who was named an MBE for Services to Broadcasting in 2010, has decided to hang up his news hat from Christmas this year. But the 79-year-old doesn't disappear completely from our screens - How! and other programs. Fred, the official biographer of the notorious London gangster Kray Twins, also wants to write more books. He told ITV, “After nearly 38 years of co-presenting the ITV six o'clock show in the South and Southeast, I've finally decided to hang up my microphone. "It was a really tough decision, but I want to spend a few years now with my wife Beverley and our three dogs, who smell the roses in my garden and spend time in the mountains of Austria." I will continue my crime programs "and ITVs I will miss my dear co-host Sangeeta and my colleagues from ITV Meridian terribly. "I have been so lucky in my life and career - I have worked continuously on regional and network programs with ITV for 58 years and I am blessed to be to have a really special family.


Rylan tells fans they won't judge when he puts up the first of six Christmas trees

Rylan Clark has asked his Instagram followers not to judge him when he put the first of his six Christmas trees in his home six weeks before the big day (Author: Gardener)

RylanGet Daily Celebrity Exclusive and Behind the Scenes House Tours straight to your inbox Get Daily Celebrity Exclusive and Behind the Scenes House Tours straight to your inbox Rylan Clark has the first of six Christmas trees he owns in his house a month before the big day. The 33-year-old, who recently joked he was “poor” after hackers tried to break into his bank account, used his Instagram stories to share a snapshot of his beautiful and narrow tree at the bottom of his spiral staircase. The tree was adorned with gold decorations, including balls and tinsel, as he told his 1.5 million followers, "Don't judge I made one," followed by an emoji crying with laughter. In a second snapshot of the Christmas tree he added: "1 down .... Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photo shoots straight to your inbox with OK! 'S daily newsletter. Rylan isn't the only star to celebrate this early turns year Loose Women's Stacey Solomon, 32, made her pickle cottage glow with winter decorations. Love Island star Amy Hart proved she's most looking forward to Christmas when she recently showed off her winter home decorations, despite being loved by some The reality TV star is a big Christmas fan and made it clear that November 2nd is just around the corner, her countdown to December 25. Amy, 28, was previously of wild commentators faced backlash after planning their eagerness to hang decorate the ornaments and get in the festive mood. The gorgeous blonde e announced that she had received "offensive messages" from trolls after putting up her giant € 200 Christmas tree on her Instagram account last week of October, to mention the ones in her DMs. With 1.1 million followers, the star spoke openly about their stories, admitting that while it was still October someone putting their decorations up early is no excuse for trolling someone. She said last week, "Yeah, I know it's only October! I've said it many times, but I still get offensive messages." Amy continued, "I work Thursday and everything has to be Christmassy, ​​plus I'm starting rehearsals for Panto in two weeks, so I have to do it now or I never will!" Despite her previous backlash, the former Love Island contestant didn't take off her gorgeous decorations and instead adopted them. A week later, the star posted a short video showing her very festive home that looks perfect for the happy time of year. It showed her huge green artificial tree and was decorated with fairy lights and many red and gold balls. Amy wrote alongside the video, "November 2nd and they're up ... Anyway, I'll start Panto next week so it was literally now or never." She ended the post by asking her fans, "When are you doing ?!" Stay up to date on the latest on Rylan by subscribing to OK! 'S daily celebrity newsletter. Log In.


Paul Walker's daughter Meadow reveals successful tumor surgery

The daughter of the late Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros, Meadow, announced her recovery from her tumor surgery. (Author: Gardener)

MeadowMeadow Walker is grateful for how far she has come after the success of a delicate operation. The daughter of the late Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros announced her recovery after her tumor surgery. The young model spoke on social media about the incident and how blessed she felt after the ordeal. Meadow told the public about her recovery process in an Instagram post. She shared a retrospective photo of herself in a hospital two years ago. Meadow responded to the captions to explain that the photo was 2 years old. She said goodbye to her tumor and wrote, “I've come a very long way. Fans and friends flooded the comment area with congratulations and love. Her husband Louis Thorton-Allan sent prayer hands and a purple heart emoji. “Whatever medical situation came up, I'm glad you got through it. It's good to have you safe and sound! ”Meadow's godfather Vin Diesel was not left out in the congratulations. He summed up his gratitude with a simple prayer hands emoji. The motto of the "Fast & Furious" series is family, and that goes for the actors in real life as well. Paul Walker and Mark Sinclair, known professionally as Vin Diesel, have a close bond. After Paul's devastating death in a car accident in 2013, Diesel stayed in his family's life. The Blast reported that the "XXX" actor, who was crowned Meadow's godfather, made sure his goddaughter had a fatherly presence on their happy day. The Californian beauty shared an Instagram video to her followers to break the news of her marriage to Louis Thornton-Allan. In the clip, Diesel held his goddaughter's hands to lead her to the altar during the intimate ceremony by the sea. The “F9” star's deep bond with Meadow was evident when they took photos and chatted with his two daughters Pauline and Hania Riley. The intimate affair also featured Jordana Brewster, who plays Diesel's sister in the "Fast & Furious" series. Thornton-Allan and Meadow tied the knot at a small wedding with family and a few friends in the Dominican Republic. Describing the event in an interview with Vogue, Meadow stated that her husband's family were absent due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. Even so, the Meadow wedding ceremony was a success. The model credited herself and her partner with knowing from the start her expectations for the wedding, which was "a very intimate celebration". The 23-year-old shone in a bespoke Givenchy dress by fashion designer Matthew Williams. Meadow shared a black and white clip of the ceremony on Instagram and wrote, "We're married !!!!"


Between academics, scholarship holders in medicine and races around

There is no end in sight to the struggle for supremacy between doctorates in the university system and medical professionals (Author: Gardener)

An end to the struggle for supremacy between doctoral candidates in the university system and doctors in science for the requirements for the appointment of Vice Chancellor does not seem in sight. The Academic Personal Union of Universities (ASUU) and medical professionals already agree that they do not agree on whether medical professionals in science can submit a medical scholarship instead of a doctorate as a prerequisite for being appointed Vice Chancellor. The union claimed that a medical scholarship does not equate to a doctorate, and therefore holders of such certificates are not qualified to compete for the position of vice chancellor. However, medical professionals argued that the doctorate was inferior to the National Medical College of Nigeria (NMCN) postdoctoral fellowship, West African Postgraduate Medical College (WAPMC) or any other recognized overseas postgraduate medical college as its content was already overrepresented in depth and researched . They claimed that degrees from NMCN and WAPMC are internationally recognized for practice, teaching and advanced research in medical schools and beyond, and wondered why this is not accepted by the relevant authorities. This year, many institutions applied for the position of Vice Chancellor after the incumbent's five-year term in office had expired. Regularly, when a job is advertised, executives from the Nigerian Medical Association and ASUU take firmly established positions on the subject of qualifications. In developed democracies in Europe and North America, procedures for selecting university heads have long been established and firmly anchored. This is not the case in Nigeria and some African countries, where the criteria for appointing Vice Chancellors have been changing for decades. According to Dr. Olu Aluko far outweighs the medical postgraduate scholarship in terms of both content and content of any doctorate. Aluko found that the standard of entry into medicine was higher than in other academic disciplines and that the academic year for the Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery was 11 months, compared to eight months in the non-medical areas. “In contrast to the doctorate, the admission to the scholarship program takes place through a very competitive international joint admission and selection process, while the contents of the medical postgraduate scholarship studies and training programs last at least six years, those of the doctorate only three years, a whole 100% difference. "The units of credit for scholarships calculated in educational metrics and curriculum training programs have been rated by experts as at least three times that of a PhD," he said. Aluko added that Postgraduate Medical Scholarship holders have a track record of efficiency, skill and meritorious service in university administration in Nigeria. For his part, Olumuyiwa Odusanya, a public health professor and former provost of the Faculty of Medicine at Lagos State University (LASU), said the issue of scholarships was disproportionate to doctoral degrees as there was no fundamental difference between the holders of the two give degree, "he said. However, James Ekpo of Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka argued that while the doctorate was a university-awarded degree, the medical scholarship was a professional diploma awarded by a non-university. “It must be clearly stated that the National Postgraduate Medical College is not a university and is not on an equal footing with any university. A certificate issued by such an institution is and cannot be equated with a doctorate, ”he argued. Ekpo wondered why people get masters degrees after receiving scholarships from the West African College of Physicians or the National Postgraduate Medical College, saying the reason is because the scholarship is not comparable to academic degrees. The controversy stalled selection processes for the appointment of vice chancellors in some institutions, and some universities have had to bend the rule to accept scholars. For example, as the position of Vice Chancellor at Bayero University Kano. As expected, professors with medical scholarships sent a letter of protest demanding that the prescribed guidelines be lifted so that interested medical scholarship holders can apply. Political science professor Abdullahi Sule Kano said that management explained to fellow medical scholars that it is a tradition at the university that “only PhD professors can apply because they understand the issues of postgraduate education and development. Sule recalled that before the advent of military rule, only doctoral professors from medical schools could become vice chancellors or chief physicians at a university hospital. "Since the military intervention, our colleagues on medical grants have flexed their muscles," he said. Just like at the College of Medicine, where the doctorate is gradually becoming compulsory in order to be admitted to the academic circle, virtually all law schools in Nigerian universities have a doctorate degree required for an academic aspiring to a professorship. The National Universities Commission (NUC), the regulator of the Nigerian university system, has stated that the NPMCN scholarship and other scholarships are not equivalent to a PhD degree. The NUC declaration has eliminated the controversial argument among academics and university management that scholarship holders do not have to complete a doctoral program because the scholarship is equivalent to a doctorate. Aside from the NPMCN scholarship, NUC said that West African College of Physicians (WACP) or West African College of Surgeons (WACS) holders or any other recognized overseas scholarship does not equate to a PhD degree. The NUC's clarification may not be unrelated to recent arguments from scholarship professors who have applied for the post of vice chancellor at some universities in the country. "One of the frontline issues is postgraduate education for medical academics, which has no clear guidelines for Masters and PhD programs in clinical science," noted NUC. In a memo to a federal university, the NUC informed the management that there was no equivalent degree or certificate for the PhD degree. NUC said, “For the avoidance of doubt, PhD holders must have a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts (B. In a circular to the Vice Chancellors and Registrar, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria dated March 3) , 2020 and signed by the Director of Academic Planning of the NUC, Dr Consulting at a series of meetings between the Commission and the management of the NPMCN, the stakeholders unanimously agreed to introduce PhD programs in clinical sciences in the Nigerian university system to train interested medical professionals and theirs Advancing careers, particularly for those in the The commission has issued criteria for PhD programs in clinical sciences and is available to candidates with full scholarships from the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, the West African College of Physicians (WACP) or the West African College of Surgeon (WACS) or another recognized au Dutch scholarship. A recent example was the screening and selection process for the appointment of a new VC at LASU. Olumuyiwa Odusanya, does not have a doctorate, but has a scholarship. The ASUU insisted that the line of argument equating the medical school scholarship with a doctorate was blatantly contradicting itself, stating: “If one was actually the same as the other, a moratorium would not have been necessary. According to ASUU National President Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, the Medical School Scholarship qualifies those who own it as experts in their field as it is a discipline-specific certification. “Certification in practice, however, is not the same as acquiring basic knowledge as a teacher and researcher. For all scientists, regardless of their field of study, the ability to teach, research, train and supervise other scientists is a doctorate. He said, “There was a time in this country when you didn't need a PhD / ICAN to become a professor. But today, most of the faculty who fall into this category have their qualifications regulated, except in the medical field. Engineers have their own professional body, the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), but to become a university graduate or rise to the top you must have a PhD; it is the minimum qualification set by the National University Commission (NUC). ”“ In all professions there are two options, either professional practice or an academic career. If you want to get into professional practice, you can move up anywhere, but if you know you want to be in science, you must have your undergraduate degree, masters and PhD to supervise a PhD student. “You can't supervise a doctoral student if you haven't got a doctorate. Those who do not have a doctorate can no longer be a senior lecturer or less professor, even if you have all the necessary qualifications, ”said the ASUU boss. But the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and former Provost of the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, argued that medical professionals in academia do not need a PhD to become Vice Chancellor. But the NMA, while criticizing ASUU, argued that PhD was inferior to the NMCN and WAPMC postdoctoral medical scholarship or an accredited foreign postgraduate medical college because its content is "already over-represented in depth and research." NMA said the NMCN and WAPMC qualifications are internationally recognized for practice, teaching and advanced research in medical schools and beyond. "He and NUC can recruit PhD students to teach and train doctors for the university and the health sector," the statement said. For her part, Prof. Ogunsola found that medical professionals around the world do not need a doctorate but a scholarship to work at a university and become Vice Chancellor. She said, “When others are employed at a university, they get PhDs, but medical professionals come on a scholarship. Until the university promotes you to professor, they can't turn around and say, because they didn't accept you with a PhD, you can't become a VC. they never had that contract with the doctors. It's all over the world, in most places medical doctors don't graduate; That's not how we get into science. You can't work as a medical doctor with a doctorate in a university and say you are a surgeon. You cannot train medical students on the basis of a doctorate; You don't have the Locus stand. What gets you to the university is your scholarship. PhD is just a degree that says you have been trained in research. If others are employed at a university, admission is through a PhD, but medical professionals come on a scholarship. In order for you to become a professor, you need to do your research and do it well. PhD is an entry point and it means you can do research. Now the medical scholarship has the research incorporated into the scholarship because you have to do a dissertation and even if you say the dissertation is not as long as the PhD, they have been in the university for a long time and are due to the research advanced. “As a university, you said you were good at research, and that’s why you’re professors. What does your doctorate have to do with becoming Vice Chancellor? Commenting on allegations that an undocumented lecturer cannot supervise doctoral students, the former acting vice chancellor said: “Go and check the laws of a university; As soon as you are a professor, you can mentor (any student). I have a PhD and am a professor of medicine, but what is it really about? They weren't the worst professors or vice chancellors.


Christopher Walken deleted a Banksy (original)

While filming the latest episode in The Outlaws series, Christopher Walken deleted an original Banksy. (Author: Gardener)

Christopher WalkenThe Italian photographer Corrado Dalcò told about the importance of his erotic photographs. Using provocation and censorship, the photographer spoke about the current state of photography and how it could change in the coming years. When and how did you start taking photos? When I was younger I wanted to be a comic book artist, but comic school didn't like my job and I got off to a difficult start. When I was nine my dad gave me a camera and then I started taking pictures of friends on the street. I studied art and communication, then, as I said, I went through various disciplines before moving on to photography. I've also worked as a DoP and have had some adventures in filmmaking mainly to see how far I can go in research. What do you like to tell through photography? Usually I want to tell stories. I would say that my photos tell my stories and those of the people I interact with. A thousand photos, a thousand thousand stories. The female body is at the center of Corrado Dalcò's paintings. Would you like to communicate something through these forms? My female nude project came about a few years ago, and I noticed the lack of eroticism in many nudes. I was used to women flaunting caricatured femininity, this helped me take a different path and work on highlighting what is being portrayed through an identification process and the relationship between the photographer and the person being photographed. I choose women in whom I feel a potential that I can translate into a picture in order to be able to bring out as much naturalness as possible that makes the situation sexual and thus realistic. The more real the subject, the more erotic the photo is for me. I work a lot on set to get a sense of the central role women play as a person before they become a subject and the relationship that is made between the person who is photographing and the person who is being photographed . This passage is very important, that is, the importance of photographing a person and photographing a naked person. What are the reasons why it is preferred to photograph a naked person and why are people photographed naked? Photography is useful for reinforcing things because it is a means of mechanical reproduction. Personally, I think it's nice when you find a touch of provocation in art, and almost a necessity for me. I think there is an essential difference between work that aims to provoke reactions and provocation as an end in itself. Mere provocation is not an art, but a compulsion. There is always this fund of provocation and experimentation in my pictures, as well as my desire to always push myself a little beyond given limits. I doubt I would ever be able to get a picture that would satisfy everyone, that would calm the viewer, at least when it comes to artistic photography. It's not easy to portray sensuality in a photo, so I get inspiration from people who want to tell me something in one way or another. Lately I have been studying a lot of sensuality and I try not to fall into provocation, but it is very difficult. I love to have very difficult tasks so that I can work as I want. I have always sought transgression, if you want to call it that, for the reasons mentioned above, or better said above all out of provocation, to establish a dialogue with those who read the images and those who create them. You can see everything thanks to social media, but the point is that those who look don't now have a visual culture trained enough to be able to differentiate between what is really borderline and what is not. Someone from me and my photographs used the nice term "obscene" and the use of this adjective is not accidental. The answer to your question is, yes, it's hard to be transgressive in 2021, mostly because a cultural chasm has emerged that withers the minds of young artists and only creates panic. What do you think of the moral panic that has invaded the arts in recent years and the censorship of the naked body on social platforms? Photography, not just that defined as erotic, has changed profoundly for two reasons: censorship that follows guidelines and guidelines; the indiscriminate use of the commercialization of the image to fit into the commercial canon of the social. I believe that what you call "moral panic" (an adjective that I think is correct) is just one of the consequences of censorship. I believe that it is pointless for a photographer to continue to publish photos with more or less ridiculous censorship, to create a non-photograph, and to tarnish the beauty and purity of art. I don't believe in the hypocrisy of censorship, in the simplification of the guidelines set by the media to be used only commercially and not to express a concept, a way of being that has changed radically in recent years. Nudity is normal, nudity is not "forbidden". submitting to or accepting social media guidelines only impoverishes freedom of expression. I believe that a photographer as an artist has to open a bracket and try to "interpret" social media censorship if you want to share your work on these media. That is why I have been switching my production to social media for years and focus on certain projects on the publication of limited edition projects; I work with DIY, a community of photographers who regularly organize exhibitions with self-produced fanzines and more; It is a kind of exchange of our experiences and projects, including criticism and suggestions, together with a lot of beer. Beyond that, do you think attitudes towards the beauty canon are really changing? In the fashion industry, the beauty canons are mostly imposed by designers, although lately the forays into new beauty models have intensified, probably because fashion always needs new stimuli. But let's take it positive that new ideas emerge and solidify, even if the overall impression doesn't seem to work so well. My impression is that things are going in the right direction, but it will only be a moment before we revert to a feudal concept of beauty standards. I've always steered my projects outside the guidelines of normality, outside the beauty canons imposed first by fashion, then by social media, and yet I always feel like I'm standing in front of a sagging rubber wall; As I said at the beginning, I was always the opposite of me.


Paul Rudd reacts to headlines about "Sexiest Man Alive"

Paul Rudd caught up with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to discuss his Sexiest Man Alive title and massage (Author: Gardener)

Paul RuddPaul Rudd is just as shocked as the New York Post by his "Sexiest Man Alive" title. After the official announcement last week on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that Rudd would be awarded the annual title by People Magazine, stars Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Shrink Next Door returned to the late night show on Monday to share his experience and Reactions to the news. During the chat, host Colbert offered two very different headline responses to Rudd's celebrity sexiness, including a headline in the New York Post questioning whether Rudd should have got the title. “Do you fancy Paul Rudd? If you say no, you are either a sociopath or a liar ”, Colbert read aloud before an embarrassed Rudd jokingly thanked the publication,“ for my mother's attitude ”. “If you ever read an article by The Guardian it says at the end - I know because I read it online - if you want to help support journalism for The Guardian we'd love, so I think everyone should, ”Rudd followed. Colbert then shared the headline on the New York Post in response to Rudd's honor, with the Late Show host pointing out that the outlet had published an article citing unnamed sources claiming Chris Evans would be this year Be a winner. Colbert called the point of sale "bitter" because he was wrong, but Rudd allowed Chris Evans, the other Avengers star, to receive the title "Certainly Sensible." After seeing the Post's negative reaction to People's actual choices, Rudd said, "This may be the first thing I ever read on the New York Post that I agree with." Either way, Rudd said he was "honored to be recognized for something other than my talent and humility," and explained how he learned he was named the Sexiest Man Alive in 2021. "Well, I found out - I got an email about it," Rudd said after earning the annual "out of the blue" title. “It was shocking. When asked by Colbert what the email was, Rudd joked, “It says' Well, congratulations. The Late Show guest also addressed the surprise massage he gave his comedian colleague Seth Rogen in Las Vegas, which Rogen first revealed on Twitter in July. “I think we shot a scene from Knocked Up and we had to shoot it in Las Vegas,” recalls Rudd. "We went to the gym / spa - like it was an hour before we started shooting and I knew he was getting a massage or went to get a massage - and I just said to them, 'Can I go in?'" After After giving the OK and typing it in, Rudd began massaging Rogen's shoulders and arms, the actor only noticing Rudd's presence after he turned and opened his eyes. And I was like, 'Oh, I'll just keep doing this,' ”Rudd said, admitting Rogen was face down and jokingly admitted to Colbert that Rogen was stoned. "I worked on his shoulders and arms and then [thought], 'He won't open his eyes' and then I just started massaging his face." When Rudd went to Rye's face, the revelation came in a short time. "But I mean, I must have massaged him for at least 40 minutes," Rudd added with a laugh before massaging Colbert on stage.


Natalie Imbruglia reveals that Daniel Johns was "the love of my life"

The notoriously private Australian singer, 46, was married to Silverchair frontman, 42, from 2003 to 2008 and has rarely commented on their breakup (Author: Gardener)

Natalie ImbrugliaNatalie Imbruglia said ex-husband Daniel Johns was "the love of my life". The infamous private Australian singer, 46, was married to Silverchair frontman, 42, from 2003 to 2008 and has rarely commented on their breakup. But she did talk about John's troubled life on a Spotify podcast series released this week, about their relationship and breakup. Despite the bitter nature of their divorce, Imbruglia now regards her unhappy marriage to Johns as a gift. She said on the Who is Daniel Johns? Podcast: “He was the love of my life and I think over time you realize that this is something very special and you fondly remember it, and it doesn't often happen that you both feel that way for each other. .. It's a beautiful thing. ' Imbruglia also told interviewer Kaitlin Sawrey that her relationship with Johns was "difficult" and insisted that she make an effort to make things work. The singer, best known for 1997 world hit Torn, said, “It was really, really tough; It's a difficult time to talk about and to be honest all I remember is trying to get things going again ... doesn't work because they had different goals in life. “She taught me how to be a man, you know? Johns recently spoke about his high profile breakup with Imbruglia on The Project. But to be honest, we haven't spoken in 10 years, ”he said last month. I didn't know how to use a phone. 'And then, I don't know, I took it of my own accord and said,' Why don't we talk? ' I didn't really get it and she said, “I don't know why we're not talking either!” Imbruglia met the rocker at an awards ceremony in 1999 and they married four years later, on New Year's Eve, at a beach ceremony in Queensland. Over time, they became the subject of split rumors, in part due to the long time they were apart. Imbruglia wrote her hit Counting Down the Days in 2005 about their long-distance relationship and often talked about how she missed Johns. Speculation about the breakup grew after Johns failed to thank his then wife when he collected the five Silverchair gongs at the ARIA Awards in October 2007, we want to make it clear that we are amicably parting and staying friends. It added, "However, our professional demands and our lives in different parts of the world have brought us to the point where this difficult decision was unfortunately necessary for both of us." After their split, Natalie was linked to British comedian David Walliams, actor David Schwimmer, One Direction star Harry Styles and even Prince Harry, among others. The singer, best known for her 1997 hit Torn, welcomed her first child, son Max, through IVF and a sperm donor, in October 2019 at the age of 44. Johns, who rarely talks about his love life, was most recently romantically linked to model Michelle Leslie. They even sparked engagement rumors in 2019, but later split up.


Pakistan prepares Australia semi-finals

Pakistan holds its 100 percent record in the Men's T20 World Cup with a resounding 72-run win over Scotland and contests the semi-finals against Australia. (Author: Gardener)

AustraliaPakistan held its 100 percent record in the Men's T20 World Cup with a resounding 72-run win over Scotland to play a semi-final against Australia. England will face New Zealand in the other semifinals, having defeated Afghanistan and India the previous Sunday. This game will take place on Wednesday at 14:00 GMT in Abu Dhabi, with Pakistan-Australia at the same time on Thursday in Dubai. Pakistan is the only team in the Super 12 phase to have won all five of their group games and to have played confidently and entertainingly cricket under captain Babar. Babar, who has four half centuries in five innings of the tournament, hit five fours and three sixs as he anchored the Pakistani innings - overtaking Englishman Jos Buttler as the leading shooter in the competition. He finished his quick cameo with six sixes and a foursome, finishing in the fastest 50 of the tournament at India's opening KL Rahul. It's also the third fastest half century in the seven editions of the T20 World Cup. The 39-year-old has now made 99 runs out of 53 balls in the tournament and in him and Asif Ali, who scored 57 runs with a hit rate of 247.83, Pakistan has two serious finishers who will worry the remaining teams. With the ball, Pakistan, which has meanwhile won 16 T20s in a row in the United Arab Emirates, has continued to cover all bases with the fast bowlers Hassan Ali and Haris Rauf and the tempo variant of the left arm by Shaheen Afridi. Babar has chosen to hit first in the last two games to test the rackets and have his bowlers practice with a wet ball due to the evening dew and that can help. But their bowlers have never really been put under pressure so it's hard to say how they'll deal with it when the semifinals or finals get tight. For Scotland this defeat rounds off a disappointing Super 12 campaign in which they lost all five games. They were brilliant in the qualifying tournament, taking three wins against Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and Oman, but were outclassed against better opponents, including heavy losses to Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. The form of captain and opening player Kyle Coetzer will be of great importance as the 37-year-old only scored 84 in seven innings and 37 in four innings in the Super 12. Their focus is now on the T20 Men's World Cup 2022, which will be held in Australia in October and November next year and for which they have already qualified due to their successes in this year's edition. "I hope we've inspired a few people in Scotland and that proves that if we play well and work hard, you deserve a place in a tournament like this." Australia next year. Pakistan's captain Babar Azam: "We play like a unit and everyone has trust and trust in everyone else." Semifinals. "


Preview: Lyon vs. Bayern Munich

Sports Mole gives a preview of Wednesday's Champions League game between Lyon Women and Bayern Munich Women, including predictions, team news (Author: Gardener)

LyonThe most successful team in the Women's Champions League welcomes the German champions at Parc Olympique Lyonnais when Lyon Women meet Bayern Munich Women on Wednesday. The hosts put their 100 percent record in all competitions at risk, while Bayern want to continue their unbeaten start with four points from the two group games. No other team has won more Champions League titles than the seven that Lyon have amassed and the French team are looking to expand their trophy cabinet this season. Your fight for the eighth European title could not have started better. Lyon defeated Levante in qualifying and won their first two group games. After the French started their group with a 3-0 away win against Hacken, the French defeated Benfica 5-0 on matchday two. Kadeisha Buchanan scored a brace while Danielle van de Donk, Melvine Malard and Catarina Macario each scored a goal against Benfica to continue Lyon's winning streak. Sonia Bompastor's side followed Benfica's win with two consecutive league wins to keep Lyons 100% intact in all competitions and their winning streak will be in jeopardy next week with games against Bayern Munich and PSG. Bayern started the season on a positive note and have won nine of their eleven competitive games this season. However, the German champions would have been disappointed to get just one point from the Champions League opener when they played a goalless draw at Benfica. Ada Hegerberg is still waiting for her first appearance for Lyon since returning after an 18-month hiatus but has come on as a substitute in the last four games and is expected to sit on the bench on Wednesday. Saki Kumagai is likely to start for Bayern, with the Japanese international trying to get one over her former club after winning five Champions League titles with Lyon before moving to Munich in May. The current top scorer in the women's Bundesliga sat on the bench on Saturday, but Schuller will be back in the line-up and lead the guest tour. Lina Magull also had to settle for a seat on the bench at the weekend, despite being introduced at halftime, and the midfielder should be there from the start on Wednesday. Lyon have been in good shape this season and although Bayern's visit will be a tough test, we believe the French will have enough to take a narrow win on Wednesday.


How to get Holly Willoughby's This Morning outfit today

How to get Holly Willoughby's leather-look skirt and blouse off the high street ... (Author: Gardener)

Holly Willoughby'sHow to get Holly Willoughby's leather-look skirt and blouse off the high street ... We're getting the week off to a great start with another exciting episode of This Morning starring Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. And with temperatures dropping for the next few weeks, Holly, 40, went for an incredible fall look on the show. The high-waisted midi skirt from the high street store Zara is held in a noble brown and has a matching belt with buckles. The midi-piece made of polyester costs € 29.99 and is available in sizes XS to XXL. The mom of three has a dotted shirt by LK Bennett to match her skirt. The 70s print looks beautiful with the skirt and has a pointed collar, mini pleats on the shoulders and brown buttons on the front. It currently costs £ 179 and is available in sizes 6-18. While Holly paired the look with Gianvito Rossi's classic nude heels - priced at £ 535 - we think this piece would look great with a pair of white sneakers too. After her success as a presenter on Dancing On Ice, Holly was used alongside Phillip Schofield as a replacement for Ferne Britton on This Morning in 2009. After her partnership with M&S, Holly revealed the key to staying in style with ease. "" Gone are the days of wearing something and plugging it in or pulling it down forever. There isn't enough time in the day to poke yourself 50,000 times. "She also warned her fans not to get hung up on sizes, stating, I put on a sweater and it gets cut big and boxy and you might think," Me love that, but I'll wear it in a 10 or 8 and then I'll stick it in. "Holly was unveiled as the face of the Marks and Spencer fashion campaign back in September 2018 and was in the summer of 2019 with her fifth collection with the brand" Holly Loves "back. During the first lockdown, she released her fall 2020 collection and posed for pictures from her own home. She also recently shared her brand new project," Wylde Moon, "which the presenter describes as a" beautiful online space "to host the Can share things she loves. She told her follo wers: "I'm really excited to introduce you to @wyldemoon, a very personal project that I've been working on for a long time." It's a room full of things that ic h love, and people who inspire me ... from beauty and fashion to energy and healing. "WYLDE MOON Boutique is launching shortly. An English celebrity and red carpet stylist, Angie Smith has been responsible for Holly's style for over three years. Her website states, "Angie Smith is a trusted and sought-after fashion and celebrity stylist known for her clean and timeless style who regularly sees her clients on the 'Best Dressed' lists in many media outlets." Angie Previously told the Daily Mail of Holly's changing style: “Holly was open to new ideas.