West Brom injury list as a trio for the return and the risks of suspension

The Albion medical team hopes the number of attendees in the club's treatment room will be kept to a small number - or, if possible, none at all (Author: Gardener)

Like all other clubs in the EFL, West Brom will face missing players at various times this season. These 46 game campaigns are grueling and demanding, challenging the fitness and wellbeing of those who try to fight their way through and get out on the other side. In addition to injuries, there is a threat of Covid, in which a positive test can result in a player being forced to isolate themselves and miss games for which they would otherwise be available. Outside of absence for health and fitness reasons, there is also the risk of being blocked. A red card will result in you missing games immediately, while accumulating yellow cards over a long period of time will also result in a ban. Albion and Valerien Ismael will try to cope with the test calendar and get as healthy a group as possible in the coming months. What Ismael Said: “Alex Mowatt looks good. "He trained on Friday morning [November 5th], he took the next step. If everything goes well, he will now be back after the international break." Absence: ACL - Bryan limped off with knee problems just before half-time in Albion's 1-0 win over Hull. According to Scans, it was confirmed that he was going to miss the rest of that season, despite only making three appearances. Estimated Return Date: Assuming he's ready and everything goes according to plan in his recovery, hopefully Bryan will join the 2022 pre-season. Absence: ankle and ligament injury. O'Shea went over in a violent ball collision with Diogo Jota at the ankle while playing for Ireland. What O'Shea said: "Very hard to take. We know it will take between four and six months, but O'Shea certainly won't play again in 2021. Elimination would be a boost for Albion and Ishmael. In the meantime, O ' Shea the club's anti-gravity treadmill - a very good sign. Absence: Groin injury. What Ismael said: "Rayhaan Tulloch has another injury, a groin" this time injured on the other side, and he's out for two or three weeks. Estimated return date: Tulloch will have international break to complete most of his recovery before the games get tight and fast again. Absence: Concussion. What Ismael said: "He's fine now and from tomorrow [7 in a week and we have a week to prepare for the game. "So at least the injury comes at the right time with the international break." Livermore missed the meeting with Boro when Albion decided to au f medical advice not to take any risks. What Ismael said: "We did a check with Jake and it's a risk, the doc said - he could play [v Middlesbrough] but if he played and something happened it would be many weeks. If he doesn't play, it is He'll be back next week. "It's clear to the manager, stay away from the team this week and come back next week. It's the most frustrating because we want the performance with consistency, but we have to play the team with consistency so they can relate to each other. "" Livermore and Kyle Bartley have already served their respective bans for one game because they received five yellow cards and they are clear for the foreseeable future until the card amnesty is increased to 10 yellows for a ban from two games. Furlong has been serving a one-game suspension at Fulham while Mowatt's recent injury resulted in his being unable to rake in.


Top Gear's Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness talk about battling F1 drivers and a touching motorcycle stunt spectacle

Freddie, Chris and Paddy are back for a brand new series from Top Gear and they are more competitive than ever. (Author: Gardener)

Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness are back at the wheel, traveling abroad for the first time in 18 months, and getting more competitive than ever in a brand new series. There is motor chaos of every kind when the team competes against a trio of F1 drivers in a Silverstone shoot, celebrates legendary driver Eddie Kidd OBE with a spectacular motorcycle stunt and tests the latest, fastest supercars on offer. Elsewhere, they're tackling the Icelandic wilderness in some (totally unsuitable) British "classics", heading to Cornwall with some (totally unsuitable) bargains for new drivers, and reinventing the great British camping holiday with the help of three new electric cars and three very new ones small caravans. What was it like driving at the Silverstone circuit during the F1 weekend? We drove against Sebastian Vettel, a former world champion, and of course you can never get close to him. You don't want to embarrass yourself in front of a large audience in front of Formula 1 drivers on television. I've never driven Silverstone before. You don't know how fast you're going because it's so wide and everything is flat at the corners. It's really difficult. Yes sir. I wasn't like that in Formula 1 before, but now I have a new appreciation for it. I saw it over the weekend which I have never done before. I love it when we all sit in the car together, be it in Wigan to race the kart track, sit in the hearse before I dent it badly, sing together in the Tesla or do the Chili Challenge. The moments when we are all together in the car are the most fun. Tell us about the film in which you are taking the exam for your racing license. But I didn't know if I was getting on the examiner's nerves. I told him beforehand that I would comment while I was driving because I concentrate so much, but I was afraid he might think I was an idiot. In the end, the test went well, which was a relief since I only passed my driving test on the third attempt! How did you like the Chili Eating Challenge? I have traveled the subcontinent so many times as a cricketer. Every time you come back home after that, your tolerance seems to be a little higher. Were you annoyed not being able to travel to Iceland because your colleague Jamie Redknapp had contact with someone with Covid? Yes sir. The other two really needed me for the challenges in Iceland, but I wasn't there. In the end, he didn't even have Covid! The three of you have a great relationship, isn't it? Yes, and it just keeps getting better. We have a lot of fun behind the camera, but more and more we do it in front of the camera. It's not that the producers say "laugh now". It's just there automatically. People talk about our chemistry, but we never mention it. If you think about it, you don't. If you have to tell everyone the chemistry is right, obviously it's not. It's nice when people say it's there, but we don't really think about it. We just have big laughs at what we do! How did you find the race against the Formula 1 drivers at Silverstone? First of all, congratulations to the production team who gave us access to the track on an F1 weekend. That doesn't happen very often. They gave us three drivers ready and full of banter which was great. They couldn't have said anything, but it was great fun. Did you have a good time in Iceland? I loved driving around Iceland in a blue Opel Chevette. There aren't many places on the planet that look better than Iceland. It reminded us that although we love filming in the UK and have made the most of it for the past 18 months, we have to go overseas again because Top Gear is about selling a dream and that includes that Travel. Talk to us about the movie you made about the DMC DeLorean. John DeLorean is one of the most interesting characters in automotive history. You recently made a major movie about him, and it's been 40 years since the car first hit the market. The car plays the leading role in Back to the Future. It's the most famous movie car in the world, even more famous than James Bond's Aston Martin DB5. Of course, the DeLorean is a terrible car. It flopped when Back to the Future came out and that's the joke in the movie. "You built a time machine." Break. “From a DeLorean!” The great sadness, of course, is that if DeLorean could have kept the business going for just two more years, it would have been the best-selling car in America because of the movie. What did you discover while filming the old DeLorean factory in Belfast? It's a remarkable story. We spoke to some engineers and people who worked in the workshop. At that time in Northern Ireland, during the Troubles, it was noteworthy that Protestants and Catholics worked together at the DeLorean factory without any problem. How did you find driving a DeLorean? It's a car I've always wanted to drive because it's such a terrible car. It's a huge ego trip of a car. It's the story of an ego getting out of control of what I love. The moment you find people who have the right charisma and ego and can get the government to give them a few pounds, just sit back and enjoy the results! Why do you think these more serious stories work at Top Gear? Each of us has the opportunity to take up a topic and maybe grapple with it without putting on clown shoes and having to be funny all the time. Did the Chili Challenge intimidate you in the middle of nowhere? Yes sir. I always thought: "Tomorrow we have to film all day, we are in the middle of the moor and have no facilities." The next morning on this moor was a disaster. Why does the chemistry work so well between the three of you? This works very well for the other two because they're total idiots! For the new series you made a very touching film with stunt motorcyclist Eddie Kidd OBE ... It was great to do that because there will be children who have never heard of him. While I'm a huge fan, I didn't realize he was doing stunt doubles for James Bond and Harrison Ford. He's a very handsome guy. It happens all the time! I think it was a big moment for his family and the stunt drivers who performed them. Eddie had no idea that he was the reason all these actors got on it. It's very cinematic and the music is great. It's a pleasure to watch. Tell us about the "hot tour" where you always have to eat hot chillies during a tour. I know the other two guys love the old chili and really like hot food. I thought 'I ain't got nowhere' so I just sat back and watched them hurt inside! Did you feel stressed out driving in front of a packed grandstand during the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone? Yes sir. There was pressure all day. The producers said, “You only have an hour here. In the end, you have to get off the track and do this and not do that. ”We all had our cars for a few days beforehand. Driving around was then no problem. But when we hit the track, the pressure suddenly came ... Do you have a favorite moment from this series? It was definitely the Chili Challenge. That's most of what we've laughed at on this show. It's a shame, because most of it you don't see on TV! Why do you think you work so well together as a trio? You see a lot of shows and people strive for that chemistry. Even if we were joking around together before we even shot an episode, it was insane. We have a great laugh in front of the camera, as well as on it. I think that's why it's so successful - because people believe us.


Lewis Grabban fires Steve Cooper's team twice to victory

Report and highlights from the Sky Bet Championship clash between Nottingham Forest and Preston at the City Ground when Lewis Grabban hit both sides of Jack Colback to seal a comfortable win for Steve Cooper's side. (Author: Gardener)

Lewis Grabban scored two goals as Nottingham Forest struck a comfortable 3-0 win over Preston at the City Ground. The striker opened the goal from the penalty spot before Jack Colback volleyed 2-0 shortly before the break. Grabban's well-done runner-up then sealed all three points 20 minutes before the end of the game. Preston, who had won on his previous Bournemouth appearance, saw Brad Potts scorn two decent chances but seldom posed much of a threat as Steve Cooper continued his positive start at Forest. Alex Mighten made Forest off to a positive start when he shot a shot into the box in the second minute. And the winger threatened again when he burst over the left side and shot the ball across the goal, with Preston desperately clearing. But it was Preston's midfielder Potts who took the game's first clear chance when he shot a 10-yard shot at Brice Samba, which the keeper clumsily pushed away. The driven shot by Philip Zinckernagel was heavily deflected and left Preston keeper Daniel Iversen on nervously as he went into the distance. Brennan Johnson's pace led him into the box on the right when Forest hit again, but tried to pass Mighten instead of shooting himself. Johnson took center stage, however, as the hosts took the lead in the 32nd minute. The Welsh international was cut in the penalty area by Ben Whiteman and referee Simon Hooper pointed while Grabban stayed cool to convert the penalty. Yates came close to 2-0 when he hit a shot in the corner that went over the gate. Forest doubled his lead four minutes before break when Preston only half cleared a Zinckernagel free kick. Preston had more possession in the second half, but the visitors were still struggling to find opportunities. And Forest extended his lead in the 70th minute after another good job from Johnson. The winger spun into the box, then caused chaos with a half-cleared cross and fell perfectly on Grabban, who saw his shot crawl over the line at the far post before Iversen could knock the ball away. Nottingham Forest's Steve Cooper: “I saw it again and it's a clear penalty. The irony is that it was probably less obvious than some of the previous penalties we've seen in previous games that didn't award a very good Lewis penalty and he was in the right place for his second. Preston's Frankie McAvoy: "Losing Pat after 20 minutes didn't help us. But goals change games, along with decisions. I've seen your penalty back and I understand why the referee gave it, but it doesn't look like whether there is a lot of contact there at all.


Real Madrid taps Adobe for new digital fan experiences

Real Madrid aims to develop into a global entertainment and lifestyle brand through the partnership with Adobe. (Author: Gardener)

* Real uses Adobe Experience Cloud to connect fans through immersive experiences * Club will enable brands to deliver personalized offers and contextual advertising to fans Spanish soccer giant Real Madrid has partnered with Adobe and will work with the computer software company to create new digital fan experiences to offer. To achieve this, Real will use Adobe Experience Cloud to connect with fans worldwide through an immersive sports entertainment experience that will be available online and offline. Los Blancos also use the Adobe Experience Platform, the customer data platform for Adobe Experience Cloud, to generate unified customer profiles in real time so that the club can better understand when and how fans interact with their brand and on which channel. Real also uses the apps and services in the Adobe Experience Cloud to create, manage, and deliver highly personalized content that drives deeper engagement. Real Madrid hope that their new approach to fan engagement will ensure “deeper connections everywhere,” from the stadium crowd to the fans at home, leading to better experiences and growth around the world. This new data and experience-centric focus includes bringing the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to a global audience through an expanded ecosystem of online experiences, products and services to transform the venue into a virtual destination for the fan base of Really accessible - which, according to the club, is almost 500 million. Home supporters will also enjoy a more personal relationship with Real as Adobe enables immersive digital experiences across platforms, channels and devices. In addition, Adobe intends to empower Real to accelerate its business and consumer growth in omnichannel commerce and add value to brand sponsors and partners by helping them find new revenue streams. The Adobe Experience Cloud will be used again to help Real connect fans and sponsors. Once fans are signed up, brand partners can use club-provided segment-based profiles to engage with customers in “more direct and personal ways”, including personalized offers and contextual advertising. Paul Robson, President of International at Adobe, added, “With the Adobe Experience Cloud, Real Madrid will be able to share personalized fan content in real time and at scale, accelerating its mission to become a global entertainment brand . By translating the electrifying emotions fans enjoy in the stadium into immersive digital experiences, the club will be able to forge even closer connections with its global fan base. "


Desperate Celtic voices push Rangers boss Gerrard to an Aston Villa job

Desperate Celtic media voices push Steven Gerrard out of Rangers and into the Aston Villa job, while his ex-teammates paint a different picture. (Author: Gardener)

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard is reportedly a Premier League target for Aston Villa, but it seems like Celtic voices, not Villa voices, are most excited about the view. The Daily Mail claims the villains will be making an offer for the Gers boss and his backroom staff this week, and there is no doubt some nerves on Ibrox. In Birmingham, however, Steven Gerrard's response to these ties has certainly been mixed with much discouragement from a possible approach to the Liverpool legend. Villa of course has the right to make an offer for the Gers boss, but in the end the decision will lie with Mr. Gerrard himself. Celtic fans - their dreams are still haunted by the Ibrox gazer who stops 10IAR - are naturally eager to see Gerrard's back in some sort of paradoxical indulgence where they say something about 1 trophy in 9 in the same breath . This was no more apparent than in their pet poodles' comments in the press with two former Celtic stars hitting the headlines claiming Gerrard would pick up sticks and leave Ibrox if they got the chance. Ex-Celtic striker Chris Sutton has claimed Gerrard would accept the job if the opportunity presented itself at Villa. "I just wonder if Steven Gerrard has reached the end of its shelf life," said Sutton [BBC Radio Five Live]. "If he's offered the job, I'm pretty sure he would take it." It's not just Sutton, either; Kris Commons drew the classic 1 in 9 line while hinting that the Rangers' financial situation could convince Gerrard to jump the ship. In a sevcopathic take on the situation, Commons claims that Gerrard's comments on Newcastle suggest he is open to an exit. Something tells us Rangers boss Steven Gerrard isn't tempted to move away from Ibrox 😏 While he admits Gerrard is unlikely to leave Rangers, Commons landed the final Celtic blow by bringing Brendan Rodgers' exit to Leicester in included the conversation. All of these points are currently being frantically discussed in Celtic pubs across the country and if you listen carefully you can hear the whispers of "please, please, please" coming from Parkhead. But unfortunately for the Bhoys - and although we know that the Gerrard Villa discussion is far from resolved - those closest to the Ibrox gawker paint a very different picture. Liverpool team-mate and close friend Jamie Carragher believes Gerrard "wants to stay with Rangers until the end of the season and get away with two titles from there". Stephen Warnock - who played with Gerrard on Anfield Road and is also an ex-Villa player - is also skeptical that the Rangers manager would move to Villa. Unsure if the Rangers boss will leave Ibrox for Aston Villa, Steven Gerrard's former team-mate Stephen Warnock moved to Villa, risking fan wrath by suggesting the club had "a cap". 🤔 “Is there a step between Rangers and Liverpool? Danny Murphy says Gerrard wouldn't want to go to #AVFC. When it comes to who is likely best placed to judge the speculation a bit, we will take Gerrard's pals over desperate Celtic voices in the press. But whatever happens next, should Villa turn seriously to Rangers, the decision will likely be in Gerrard's hands and the only person who can make that decision is the Gers boss. Read more about the links here to summarize Aston Villa's history and interest in the Rangers legend.


Lionel Messi's behavior, discussed by teammates, amid claims he will disobey PSG

Lionel Messi missed PSG's win against Bordeaux on Sunday and the Champions League draw against RB Leipzig last week as he recovered from "knee and thigh pain". (Author: Gardener)

Lionel Messi missed PSG's win against Bordeaux on Sunday and the Champions League draw against RB Leipzig last week as he recovered from "knee and thigh pain". Lionel Messi is set to play for Argentina in World Cup qualifiers despite an injury. To the dismay of Paris Saint-Germain, the striker has teamed up with his international teammates for the double-headed game against Uruguay and Brazil, as he is allowed to prioritize Argentina games as part of his deal in the French capital. Messi was injured and missed PSG's win against Bordeaux on Sunday and the Champions League draw against RB Leipzig last week as he recovered from "knee and thigh pain". PSG sporting director Leonardo expressed his frustration with the decision, saying: "We disagree with a player who cannot play for us and is in recovery joining his national team," he told Le Parisien. Neymar, Mbappe and Messi haven't been in top form at PSG this season. TyC Sports claim via Marca that Argentina are planning to give Messi playtime as the Copa America defending champions are six points behind Brazil in the CONMEBOL standings. Head coach Lionel Scaloni doesn't want to take any chances, however, and sees it as an opportunity to get Messi back on track. Messi is believed to start the Uruguay game on the bench but Scaloni would like him to play Brazil for 90 minutes. Messi has always been a player who has put his body on the line even if he's not 100% and he clearly wants to do everything for his country that he can compare to his club football. PSG will be watching as it was the last international break the 34-year-old sustained these injuries, but his teammates are not worried about his commitment to PSG as they have all spoken highly of him since arriving in Paris . "I didn't expect Messi to leave Barca like everyone else." And when I heard you were coming here what should I say? "I've played with a lot of great players and the only one I missed was Messi! I'm proud to develop with such a good footballer. To move forward, I'll pay attention to how he trains, how he plays." It will grow the team and each of the players that make it up. We speak the same language and we're getting to know each other little by little. "Neymar likes to play with Lionel Messi again" I'm very happy, very happy to have Messi at Paris Saint-Germain. Not only is he a soccer idol, a top player, and a genius, he's my friend too. "We hope to make history together, like we did in Barcelona." “I never thought he would come here! He's one of the rare players I've put in the “impossible for me to play” category. “For me he would never leave Barcelona. “He's someone who loves soccer. He speaks to everyone, tries to integrate himself in his own way, even if he is a bit shy. But he's not shy on the pitch. ”“ He's the best player in the world. ”It's a privilege to play with him and it would be well deserved if he won the Ballon d'Or.” Kylian Mbappe greeted him Lionel Messi at his first training session at PSG. He's one of the best. To see him (Messi) train every day is a real honor. "In football there are leadership types. That's Leo. When he arrives in Paris and first in the gym is, if he's not making the rounds as a joke, that's a role model. “Since the number one doesn't think it's a joke, the younger players say: 'If number one is like that, we have to follow him.'” “I name always 'titch' him, "says Di Maria during an interview with TyC Sports." Not at the beginning, but when we became friends, I did. "He doesn't like the headlines so he gets along better with those who treat him like everyone else." instead of doing things he likes like eating together, having fun and laughing. "We all joke and call him an alien in the press - and he is - but in the end he's just Leo, he's 'Titch' and that's how we treat him."


Smith Rowe is the figurehead of a new arsenal

Smith Rowe becomes an Arsenal hero - not just because he plays so well, but because he cares (Author: Gardener)

Emile Smith Rowe has seen a lot for a player who has only played 42 league games in his career. In the Bundesliga he played for RB Leipzig against Bayern Munich. He has half a season in the championship. He played under Unai Emery, Freddie Ljungberg and Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. He was the subject of a bold approach from another club that came after signing a new deal. He was called up to the England senior team. Smith Rowe's Arsenal career has come at two different speeds: slow and then lightning fast. Before Boxing Day last year, he had only played two league games for the club. Since then, he has started 28 of the 35 Premier League games. Smith Rowe only made his Under-21 debut in England in March but could make his senior team debut next week. But that's Smith Rowe in a nutshell - he's in a hurry to get things done. One of the notable aspects of Smith Rowe's game is that he seems to know exactly what to do next and how fast to do it. He understands when to push forward and when to protect the ball, when to play a pass and when to delay, when to go into the room and when to hold back. There is a unique sound from a home crowd when an attacking midfielder picks up the ball and pushes it forward. And when Smith Rowe and Bukayo Saka take possession of the ball halfway, the Emirates involuntarily make that sound. It is fitting that they have a common chant that is set to “Rockin‘ all over the world ”and that will remain in your head for days after you have watched Arsenal. That excited murmur is the sound Arteta wants to hear most. Arsenal have been shuttling back and forth between problems since Arsène Wenger's peak - stadium costs crippling player investments, big-name players wanting to leave the company, misdirected recruiting and contract renewals - but a lingering problem on the pitch during this long, comparatively miserable period has been inability to move the ball fast enough. Under Emery the passing game was too stagnant and Arsenal became easy to defend. Under Arteta, the ball seemed to get stuck in midfield until recently. Precision and speed are mutually exclusive; Arsenal was either safe but sluggish, or open and a little wild. It is too much to say that Smith Rowe makes the difference. Arsenal now have young players on the field (they now make up the nine youngest starting XI selected in the Premier League this season) and it's that freshness on the pitch - in goal, center-back, right-back, middle-midfield and in attacking midfield - that brought about a quick improvement. Arsenal have been unbeaten in 10 games since losing 5-0 to Manchester City on August 28. Premier League, unless otherwise stated: But Smith Rowe is certainly the figurehead, not only because he plays so well, but because he took his chance so perfectly from the start. Smith Rowe took advantage of Arteta's new meritocracy - those who are good enough are experienced enough. Arteta also knows that patience is easier to afford when backers can see a plan and see that those who adhere to the plan are given ample opportunities to implement it. Smith Rowe can relapse; Arsenal could fall behind. The improvement and development of young players is not a straight line in a graph. But Arsenal fans have never asked for perfection and nobody expects sustainable progress without pitfalls. They just called for a club to be proud of, a team that tried to entertain, and a starting XI with players they believed were half as desperate as those in the stands. In Smith Rowe they have their new hero. You have an attacking midfielder who loves to score and score goals. You have a young man who has come an awfully long way in a short space of time and has demonstrated a remarkable ability to handle every step without losing the appealing exuberance of youth. This time next week they may only have their third English debutant in 10 years.


Mikel Arteta and Arsene Wenger's first 100-game comparison gives Arsenal hope

Mikel Arteta's recent turnaround at Arsenal has seen his side climb the Premier League table on their way to better record than Arsene Wenger after 100 responsible games (Author: Gardener)

Mikel Arteta's recent turnaround at Arsenal has seen his side move up the Premier League table on their way to better record than Arsene Wenger after his first 100 games as manager. Emile Smith Rowe, recently called up to England, scored the only goal of the game as the Gunners beat promoted Watford 1-0 on Sunday and continued their Premier League comeback. The win means Arsenal are currently fifth and have extended the club's undefeated streak to ten games with an impressive seven goals conceded this run. The triumph also marked coach Arteta's 100th game in charge of the Gunners, who was appointed in December 2019. Mikel Arteta has a better record after 100 games for Arsenal than the legendary Arsene Wenger to cheer for Arteta, but with this milestone the Spaniard can also show a better record than Arsenal's most successful coach of all time in Wenger. After 100 games, Arteta's Arsenal have won 54 wins, three more than Wenger and only two less than George Graham's club record of 56 after a century of games. Smith Rowe's controversial goal, scored amid protests from Claudio Ranieri's Watford that possession should have been conceded after injury, marked the 163rd goal of the Arteta era. While Arteta has seen his side defeated 26 times - eight more than Wenger - he recorded just 20 draws compared to the 31 the Frenchman scored during the Frenchman's opening games. The letter looked to Arteta after three straight defeats at the start of the Premier League season that left his side bottom of the table, but the Spaniard has made a miraculous turnaround. Will Mikel Arteta lead Arsenal to more cutlery this season? After Sunday's landmark match against Watford, Arteta said, “I'm just a baby in management when I compare myself to someone like Claudio [Ranieri], for example. Despite their relative inexperience, Arteta has already led Arsenal to stardom when they won both the FA Cup and the Community Shield in 2020. With Wenger earning 17 trophies during his 22-year tenure with the Gunners, the signs are promising that Arteta can steer Arsenal to more cutlery and collect impressive trophy loot of their own.


Wenger recalls "regrets and shame" about the Arsenal move that he wishes never happened

Legendary former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger opened up on transfer exit during his 22-year tenure in Highbury and the Emirates, which is still eating him up (Author: Gardener)

Legendary ex-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has only opened two and a half years in his Arsenal career on the transfer outcome during his 22-year tenure in Highbury and the Emirates, which are still eating him up. Anelka established himself as one of the most promising young strikers in Europe after joining from Paris Saint-Germain in February 1997 at the age of 17. The Frenchman won the Premier League double - FA Cup in his first full season and was crowned PFA Young Player of the Year for his 17 goals returns in the following campaign. However, Anelka had a difficult relationship with Arsenal's fan base and said in May 1999 that he "couldn't stand the English press". Three months later he was revealed as a Real Madrid player after the Spanish giants charged more than £. had agreed 22 million with the Gunners. Did Arsene Wenger make a mistake by selling Nicolas Anelka? The north London club have made huge profits on Anelka after buying him from PSG for just £ 500,000 but Wenger admits the Los Blancos transfer is still eating him up. Speaking at a charity event with former Arsenal co-owner and vice chairman David Dein, Wenger said, "My greatest regret and shame is that Anelka has left. Anelka has only spent one season at Real Madrid despite being the champions before League won. " returned to PSG in July 2000. For decades of his career, he has never matched the enormous potential he showed during his brief stint at Highbury. Nicolas Anelka was one of the brightest youngsters of his generation, but which rising star will make it to the top in the years to come.His continued affection for Arsenal was evident when he beat his former club 4-1 in May 2009 failed to score goals for Chelsea, despite Gunners' work speed dubbed him "Le Sulk" due to a perceived weakness. "I still love the club, the people, even if they think I don't love them," Anelka said on Chelsea's official website at the time. The Paris native won the Premier League Golden Boot this season with 19 Premier League goals, most of which he brought back in a single season for any of his clubs.


The former Arsenal boss admits Gunners made mistakes in getting rid of Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal as the most successful coach in 2018 after 22 years before moving to FIFA to become Head of Global Football Development (Author: Gardener)

Arsene Wenger left Arsenal as the most successful coach in 2018 after 22 years before moving to FIFA to become its head of global football development. David Dein has claimed Arsenal made a huge mistake in getting rid of Arsene Wenger. Dein says they should have kept Wenger in a certain way "in the building" even after his dismissal as manager in 2018. Wenger is now with FIFA and is fighting for a biennial World Cup. Former Arsenal Dein vice-chairman said: "Personally, and I will say this frankly, whoever made the decision thought he was not good enough for Arsenal, but he is good enough to be head of global football development for the World. ”Arsene Wenger left Arsenal in 2018 after 22 years at the club, but I think we should have a World Cup every three years. That means one year we have a World Cup, the next the European Championship and the women -WM. "That means we would have four World Cups every 12 years rather than three and give players more opportunities to play in big tournaments and also earn billions for national associations and developing countries." Wenger himself recently admitted that he has more than should have left ten years before leaving for good in 2018. Was it a mistake by Arsenal to get rid of Arsene Wenger when they did? "he told the Telegraph. I should have gone somewhere else. "Sometimes I wonder - was something broken after this Invincible season?" said Wenger. I was torn between loyalty to the club and loyalty to David [your]. Arsene Wenger was talking to David Dein when they were both at Arsenal. I thought, 'I have to finish this project now.' '"I could have gone to the French national team. The English national team could have gone twice or even three times." I could have gone to Real Madrid twice. I could have gone to Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, even Man United. "Wenger has not returned to the Emirates since leaving as coach three years ago, a stadium move he oversaw in 2006. It is the end of your life - at least of a life - like a funeral. The end of a love story is always sad. "