William Shatner says Prince William has "the wrong idea" about space races

William Shatner, 90, fired back on Prince Williams' criticism of space travel after telling billionaires to "try to fix this planet, not try to find the next place to live". (Author: Gardener)

New astronaut William Shatner has shot back at Prince Williams 'criticism of the billionaires' space race after the king said the rich should "try to fix this planet, not try to find the next place to live". In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 90-year-old Shatner said the day after his trip into space that William had misunderstood the purpose of his trip. He will one day be King of England, ”Shatner said of the Duke of Cambridge. 'He's a lovely, gentle, educated man, but he has the wrong idea.' Shatner, famous for playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek, traveled into space on an 11-minute flight with Blue Origin, the aerospace company founded by Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos. Without mentioning Bezos by name, the Duke told the BBC: “We need some of the best minds in the world who are focused on fixing this planet and not trying to find the next place to live. "It's really very important to focus on this [planet] instead of giving up and going into space to try to think about solutions for the future," the king said, adding that he "has absolutely no interest "I was thinking about space, and questioning the CO2 costs of space flights. However, Shatner saw another meaning of his journey into space: to protect the earth, not to find an alternative planet to live. I'm in space. ' The landing that used up all of that ... energy and people who look at it and say, 'Oh, look at this.' No, ”said Shatner. "I would tell the Prince, and I hope the Prince gets the message, that this is a small step towards the idea of ​​getting the industry up there so that all these polluting industries, especially those industries that produce electricity ... Instead, Shatner wants more energy resource companies to build their bases above ground so they don't harm the planet's ecosystem. "We have all the technology, the rockets, to send those things up there ... You can build a base 250 or 280 miles above the earth and send that energy over here and they catch it and then use it," and it is there, ”he continued. Ultimately, Shatner said, “The prince misses the point. The point is that these are the baby steps to show people that it's very handy. You can send someone like me into space. ' As for Prince William's argument to focus on the problems on Earth first rather than going into space, Shatner said he "naturally" agrees. "So fix some things down here," Shatner said. In a later interview on CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, Shatner said it would be "tragic if your children, especially our children's children, did not have a chance to be part of this beautiful cause we call earth". The journey into space is one that Shatner is glad to have been a part of. He calls the experience “indescribable” and states that there are simply “no words in the English language to tell”. "You hear people say religious experience, I don't know about religious experience, but the experience can be overwhelming," Shatner told ET before comparing the flight to holding his child for the first time. How am I supposed to protect this child? ' he said. You will be inundated with responsibility and will have to take care of [the child] and how you will do it. "When I look at what I thought was life and death, I thought it was my children and my children's children," Shatner continued. "The need to keep this blackness from overwhelming our precious planet and how ignorant people who are not as consumed as I am of the need to protect the earth." Although Shatner is now constantly being reminded of being the oldest human to travel to space, he told ET that the journey made him think about his mortality. "It reminded me of the death I will face because of my age ... but also how I can protect you and my children and my children's children in the years to come," he said. When asked by Cuomo about his new spoken word album, entitled Bill, which was released on September 24, Shatner found it ironic that he was getting closer to the moon after recording it. "I wrote a song called 'Bill' on my album that I've just released, which is so far from the moon," said Shatner. The irony of getting closer to the moon and having that kind of success is ironic because things are falling apart. “And I wanted - and that's why I was overwhelmed. I wanted - I didn't consciously think about bringing the message back. What is so overwhelming about emotions that I can barely speak? ' "It's like hearing the death of a loved one, suddenly the world no longer exists except for that blinding emotional moment." The Queen has since been commended for expressing her anger over the inaction of leaders over the climate crisis. At a public engagement in Cardiff, the 95-year-old monarch said it was "really irritating when they talk, but they don't". Kate Blagojevic, Greenpeace UK chief climate officer, said: “The Queen is right. The Cop Climate Summit is now only a few days away, but instead of concrete action to limit warming, we only hear cheap talk from world leaders. “World leaders need to put an end to all new fossil fuel projects, adopt ambitious emission reduction plans so we can cut global emissions in half by 2030, reject plans to open a global market for carbon offsetting, and make sure get rich To support other countries financially in their transition from fossil fuels. " Only then can we say that the Cop Climate Summit was a success. "Chris Venables, Head of Politics at Green Alliance, said:" We have talked enough about the world's leading politicians. Before Cop26, we need the Prime Minister and Chancellor to get out of the way quickly with an ambitious climate plan and review of green spending. George Takei targeted his Star Trek alum William Shatner for embarking on a historic space trip at the age of 90 - and re-flaming a decades-long feud that began on the set of the 1960s science fiction show. When asked for his thoughts on William Shatner's journey 62 miles above the surface of the earth on Wednesday, Takei said, "He bravely goes where other people have gone before," mocking Shatner's popular phrase as Captain Kirk. "He's a guinea pig, 90 years old, and it's important to find out what's going on," Takei added during the Broadway opening of Thoughts of a Colored Man on Wednesday night on Page Six. “So the 90-year-old will show a lot more about the wear and tear of the human body, so he will be a good specimen to study with. Even though he's not the fittest specimen in 90 years, he will be an unfit specimen! ' Shatner and newly minted astronauts Chris Boshuizen, Glen de Vries and Audrey Powers spent three minutes in weightlessness aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket earlier in the day. Shatner became the oldest person in space, beating the previous record set by Wally Funk, 82, set by Jeff Bezos on a similar excursion on a spaceship in July, by eight years. Takei, 84, has met Shatner before. Their feud apparently began during the filming of the 79-part show, with Takei accusing Shatner of ignoring him on the set. He also accused him of altering the script of the 1989 film Star Trek V so that Takei's character Hikaru Sulu would not be given command of a spaceship, according to Page Six. The two starred in the legendary TV show and six movies that ended in 1991 with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Takei described Star Trek sets as feeling like "William Shatner versus the rest of the world" in An Interview on David Tennant's Celebrity Podcast last year. He said Shatner was unsure because co-star Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, got more fan letters than he did. Shatner replied on Twitter and said, “George needs a new hobby. “We hardly saw George. The only person with jealousy is George. '


Rangers in a defiant message to critics as the Ibrox anthem rings

The Rangers sent a defiant message to the club's critics when an Ibrox anthem rang out at the club's famous stadium. (Author: Gardener)

The Rangers have not held back in ridiculing the club's critics recently after the use of the club's anthem Four Lads Had a Dream was criticized by a number of nefarious voices. Rangers are used to being used as political football for those with a transparent agenda, and the passionate song about the club's origins was attacked on social media this week. Four Lads Had a Dream is a song that is now part of the club's formation and is sung weekly by tens of thousands within Ibrox and beyond. The song celebrates the origins of the famous club founded in 1872 by four boys Moses McNeil, Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath. As part of the club's 150th anniversary, the Rangers have now released four kits each with one of the founder's names on them. This week, the release of the Gallant Pioneers top - a white, sponsorless jersey with the original Rangers crest based on a famous photo of the club's first team - was accompanied by a special orchestral version of the song. The four boys' dream continues. 💙 Remarkably, some apparently influential voices in the Scottish media started criticizing Rangers for using the song because an offensive song uses a similar melody. There are really some madmen out there who believe that Rangers did this on purpose and that it is not about Four Lads Had a Dream, but actually about inflicting sectarian insults on our rivals. It's hard not to ridicule this proposal - and we all laughed at it a lot - but for other, more agenda-driven attacks, a dangerous narrative is forming. Rangers - determined to respond defiantly - have started posting the song on their social media channels all week, and fans reacted in the same way at Ibrox Stadium yesterday afternoon. 💙 Four boys had a dream The Rangers were born with 55 titles, we're still going strong. Fans by the thousands sang a rousing interpretation of Four Lads Had a Dream in a major up to and including the manufacturer crimes. The only thing the false outrage has really done is encourage sales of the shirt, with Rangers fans flocking to pick up the fourth shirt. The club even explained on social media how all coverage has given sales a huge boost as the Rangers release impressive numbers.


Hearts lock back Rangers with a late goal

Craig Halkett's header defeated John Lundstram's goal and kept Hearts one point behind Scottish Premiership Rangers leaders. (Author: Gardener)

Craig Halkett headed the equalizer in the 90th minute as Hearts struck a dramatic draw at Ibrox, one point behind Scottish Premiership leaders Rangers. Substitute Kemar Roofe's shot was turned to the post by Hearts goalkeeper Craig Gordon to make it 1-0, and Alfredo Morelos missed an excellent chance for the hosts just before Halkett's header. Robbie Neilson's team remains undefeated in the league, two points ahead of Dundee United. Celtic are four points behind the summit after both they and United won their away games on Saturday. Gordon faced shots from Scott Wright, Ianis Hagi and Joe Aribo before taking on Leon Balogun twice in quick succession on a corner, with Michael Smith also having to complete the clearance. Morelos, who chased his 100th Rangers goal, missed the goal when the home side had another chance from inside the box. The Rangers took the lead when Lundstram collected a Halkett distance and turned the ball from about 25 yards behind Gordon. Balogun was booked along with his teammate in central defense Connor Goldson early in the second half, encouraging the Hearts to put more pressure on them. And winger Barrie McKay was denied by Allan McGregor, who then held an attempt by Cameron Devlin to score against his former club. The home side went back on the offensive and Roofe's shot was nudged into the right post by Gordon, who then held off a dangerous header from Goldson. Roofe equalized for Morelos, who gaped on goal, and Hearts sub Armand Gnanduillet almost capitalized on a low shot from McGregor. The warnings had been there for the Rangers and Sub Gary Mackay-Steven's corner was missed by McGregor and turned by Halkett's head to make it all square. Hearts manager Neilson was sent to the stands for two bookings just before the players equalized near the technical area. Rangers manager Steven Gerrard told RangersTV: “I am frustrated with the result because I feel we did enough to win the game. Hearts manager Robbie Neilson told HeartsTV, “I loved them today. I wanted to come here and win, but in the worst case scenario, you come and take a point. "You take a point against the Rangers, you have to win next week and you have to win the week after that and the week after that." The Rangers return to the Europa League on Thursday with a home game against Danish team Bröndby (8:00 p.m. CEST) and then meet St. Mirren in the Premiership on Sunday, October 24th (12:00 p.m.). Hearts will host Dundee in the top division next Saturday (3:00 p.m.).


Robbie Neilson red carded as Jambos makes her intentions clear at Ibrox

Hearts manager Robbie Neilson was dismissed after rejecting what he saw as an unacceptable reaction from officials to the Rangers Juninho Bacuna that grabbed Stephen Kingsley by the throat. (Author: Gardener)

© Craig Halkett's last-minute goal earned Hearts some of the points during a fight with Ran ... But while the visiting manager had to sneak around the tunnel listening for the final whistle, his men demonstrated their fighting skills and reminded Rangers that they weren't at the top of the table will manage alone. Showing the Gorgie Club's character and serious intent, Craig Halkett equalized in the 90th minute, facing a Gary Mackay-Steven corner that dodged everyone else, including Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor. That leaves them just one point behind the defending champions and current leaders, who last time managed to bring some daylight between himself and Hibs and hoped to make it a big double. It was a big statement from the Tynecastle squad, but it was a frustrating afternoon for the hosts as striker Alfredo Morelos was one of several who gambled away openings and others through last blocks of dirt from a persistent Hearts team and some great saves from Scotland Goalkeeper Craig Gordon. A crisp double save by Leon Balogun in the first 45 minutes was as good as it gets, but that's his form, these exploits are almost expected. It was a tough start to the game as the Rangers dominated the early game, trying to remind the latest upstart to remember their status as reigning champions and current leaders at Ibrox with ambitions to win. It took Hearts mid-half to gain a foothold after fending off wave after wave of Rangers' advances. It looked like they had more energy and urgency at this point, and as they worked their way up to clearer opportunities, Hearts struggled to bring their main playmakers into play and when they did there was a tendency to admit it decide the wrong option when it comes to the last ball or the breakthrough pass. The guests put Hearts to the test when they reached 40. It was deserved on the game record, but since they failed to kill Hearts no one within Ibrox should be surprised they had to pay them. Barrie McKay and Devlin each tested McGregor and on the other hand Gordon and then Souttar Kemar denied Roofe, while Morelos maintained his waste. But with time running out, Halkett was much more critical, keeping the Rangers from choking on their ambitions and keeping things interesting at the top of the Premiership.


Steven Gerrard doesn't know when the Rangers will next shut down after Hearts-Sucker Punch

For a long time the champions seemed to be in top form again, but couldn't take three points. (Author: Gardener)

Steven Gerrard spent a fortnight having the Toon talk, but in the end he was stunned by the Men in Maroon. But he couldn't avoid a late Hearts shock when Craig Halkett struck in stoppage time to secure a point for the Iambos that was a ridiculous idea at halftime. Once again, the Rangers were guilty of turning them on one minute and off the next - and had their gaffer scratch their heads again. Gerrard's players produced their best 45 minutes of the season in the first half when John Lundstram's 30-yard stunner gave them the lead and Hearts keeper Craig Gordon kept the score low at times. But Robbie Neilson switched over after the break while Gers slowed down the gears. It was a shock to see Allan McGregor messing up the corner, but the goalkeeper had already saved his team with a few clever stops. But as so often this season, the Rangers were wasteful in front of goal and gambled away the chance to create daylight at the top of the table. And they grew into the game and pounced as the Ibrox nerves kicked in. Gerrard will kick himself, however. His globetrotters all came back safely from the international break and the only change compared to the Hibs game 14 days ago was that James Tavernier returned instead of Nathan Paterson, who was sitting on the bench. Gers started out like a team determined to get back into business, and Hearts had to sag a bit during the early storm. They would have put the house to Alfredo Morelos when he poked his first scoring away when Joe Aribo got the ball in his way after Halkett dipped his pocket from Scott Wright. At this point Gers had already threatened several times. Wright and Ianis Hagi took pops from the edge of the box that Gordon needed to handle. The Iambos wanted to hit the counterattack but it didn't stand out much as the men in light blue fell quickly and pushed the ball back as quickly as possible. Hearts looked strong enough but didn't get much joy at the other end, with a half-hearted call for a penalty from Liam Boyce coming into the home area from a rare game. Gordon got his side out of prison shortly thereafter, however, with a frantic double parade. It would take something special to defeat Gordon. Hearts shook, but the Rangers got a little frustrated when the midfielder let go from 30 yards with five minutes before the break. Hagi did the legwork at the bottom right and the ball was only partially cleared - so Lundstram couldn't resist digging from a distance where he whipped the ball into the top box. It was no more than the Rangers deserving of a really dominant first half. Neilson went into the game with an impressive record against the Light Blues - albeit from his first tenure when the Ibrox team was working in the championship. Gers are a different beast, but so are the iambos, and Neilson at least tried to change it after the break. He was more adventurous, and in the end they got their reward. Aribo and Morelos were looking for a grueling second goal, but they needed McGregor to get out. Boyce was offside when we were blocked, but Barrie McKay wasn't when he wriggled free and needed the # 1 to stick a leg out. Moments later, McGregor had to whistle away Cameron Devlin's drive when Ibrox's nerves began to bite. Sub Kemar Roofe almost made it, but Gordon made another excellent stop and had some help from a post before Morelos was inches away at the rear post. But if you miss opportunities, you take the risk - and Hearts paid them for it. McGregor fluttered while Halkett lurked and the great defender made the most of his knack for scooping a point.


Steven Gerrard is Wim Jansen of Rangers, and Celtic's bragging rights will wholly bring Newcastle to life

A manager who has only won one of nine trophies available to him in Scotland does not seem like a suitable candidate. (Author: Gardener)

Will Steven Gerrard be watching Newcastle on TV against the Spurs on TV this afternoon with a pen and notebook and taking notes he may need in the near future for professional reasons? If current gaffer Steve Bruce is sorting out his severance payments at St James ’Park, what basis does the Rangers manager have any chance of getting the job soon? Newcastle's new owners have inherited a team whose sub-league position can be explained by the fact that the team is full of players who are not good enough. The first priority for Bruce's future successors will be to keep the club in the Premier League this season before tackling the continent's survival. A coach who won just one of the nine trophies available to him over three full seasons in Scotland wouldn't look like a viable candidate to me. I could be sarcastic and say that Callum Davidson had a better chance of being considered because he won two trophies in a season at St. Johnstone - but I'm trying to keep the debate on a reasonable level. Gerrard now enjoys the same sacred status for performing the same trick in reverse in 2021. By and large, it doesn't matter when big decisions have to be made in places like Tyneside. Running Rangers is a means to an end for Gerrard as it was for Brendan Rodgers at Celtic. Now Rodgers is said to be disinterested in Newcastle because he believes that Manchester City is not too far to get a bigger job. Gerrard will have to polish his reputation this week when the Rangers play against Brondby. His previous Europa League campaign has not scored a single point and has left the coach's team at the bottom of his group. His time as head of Ibrox was characterized by outstanding performance in European competition. But this season the veneer was damaged by a Champions League elimination that cost the Rangers a lot of money, followed by consecutive losses to Lyon and Sparta Prague in tournament one below. What Gerrard does in Europe is perceived by the world, so now he has to reverse a negative trend. On the one hand, the Rangers manager has to prove that he is good enough to get out of here and work at a significantly higher level. Meanwhile, Ange Postecoglou has to show through the quality of his work in Celtic Park that he is good enough to stay here. Domestic football is more important to Celtic fans than Europe after losing the championship title to the Rangers. But Postecoglou cannot afford to empty the ground as much as his team did when Bayer Leverkusen removed four of them in the last Europa League game. Ferencvaros on Tuesday afternoon will be a timely temperature control for Ange. The Hungarian team did it for Neil Lennon when they won at Celtic Park, triggering the coach with a devastating loss of mood that disrupted the dressing room and devastated the rest of last season. At Postecoglou, the jury has not yet decided and goodwill alone will not be enough to determine its future.


Iambos stuns Gers as the unbeaten run continues

Rangers and Hearts met at Ibrox this afternoon as they battled for the top spot in the Scottish Premiership. (Author: Gardener)

Hearts have continued their impressive unbeaten opener in the Scottish Premiership after Ibrox were knocked out 1-1 with Rangers thanks to a late goal from Craig Halkett. The Iambos started the game on defense, the Rangers moving the ball well, trying to find gaps to get behind. Scott Wright tested Craig Gordon early on when the hosts were looking for an opening game. Hearts survived in horror when Craig Halkett's pass to John Souttar fell short and Wright stole the ball and shoved it at Aribo before the Nigerian found Morelos in the box. Hearts were slowly starting to gain a foothold in the game, forcing the Rangers away from goal and keeping the Light Blue attackers in front of the Hearts in the chain of three - allowing them to be fairly comfortable with what the Rangers had to throw at them. Liam Boyce half-heartedly called for a penalty in the 27th minute when he and Leon Balogun chased a ball over the top, but referee Don Robertson saw nothing of it and went on when the Northern Irish striker protested. Craig Gordon was the hero, tackling Leon Balogun from a corner three times in quick succession as the Rangers put pressure on looking for the opener; Gordon somehow scrambled off the ball as the Nigerian defender tried desperately to knock it over the line after his first header was saved. The Rangers had a lucky break ten minutes before break when Joe Aribo avoided the way with a warning that looked like it should have been a straight red. Hearts' resistance was finally broken five minutes before half-time when John Lundstram rolled the ball over Gordon from outside the box, breathing life into the Ibrox crowd when signs of frustration surfaced. With no changes for either side in the break, Hearts tried to start the second half more offensively to push the Rangers further up and put pressure on the light blues defense. Before long, however, the Rangers regained control of the game, got Hearts back in their own half, and tried to double their advantage - poor finishing cost the hosts a couple of times. As the game hit the final twenty minutes, Hearts came to life, forcing Allan McGregor to make a series of saves when Barrie McKay gave a brief reminder of what he'd been doing regularly at Ibrox. The Iambos turned to Armand Gnanduillet in the final 15 minutes, bringing in the 6'4 "striker for hard-working Alex Cochrane and putting more pressure on the Rangers center-backs. Just as the game seemed to be about to go to the final whistle without further incident, Kingsley and Bacuna got together and received a booking with Robbie Neilson, which was sent to the stands shortly afterwards. The drama didn't end there, however, with Craig Halkett equalizing in the 90th minute and silencing Ibrox after Allan McGregor fluttered on a corner and gave the ex-Ibrox kid a free header at the back post.


Irvine Meadow 5 Kilwinning Rangers 3 as Supersub Wardrope Hattrick lowers buffs

Medda moved into the third round of the South Challenge Cup on Saturday after a dramatic game. (Author: Gardener)

Medda moved into the third round of the South Challenge Cup on Saturday after a dramatic game. Join thousands and get the latest Ayrshire news delivered to your inbox with our daily newsletter. Something went wrong, please try again later. Eight goals, two penalties, a memorable hat trick, a red card, numerous bookings and a wealth of talking points for the players to discuss until next week. A place in the third round of the South Challenge Cup was Medda's reward for fighting on with 10 men and sinking the Kilwinning Rangers, who felt the game was there for victory in the middle of the second half. However, Michael Wardrope - a former Buffs player - wrote his own script on Saturday climbing off the bench to score a stunning hat trick in this duel between rivals in the West of Scotland League Premier Division. In the 17th minute, Sean McIlroy played in build-up and fed Jamie Martin, who showed great control in the penalty area, before placing a shot into the lower corner of the net. The Ayrshire Live app is now available for download. The free download has the latest breaking news and exclusive stories while you customize your page with the sections that matter to you. The Ayrshire Live app is now available for download for iOS and Android. Kilwinning's players were furious, but their appeals to cancel the goal were denied; instead they leveled at the half hour. A defensive pass released Ally McColm, who made no mistake with a stylish finish behind Medda keeper Marc Waters. Chances came and went, but the break remained at 1-1, which prepared a breathless second half well to bring the spectators to their expense. The referee, who was busy all the time, pointed to the spot in the 49th minute after a foul had been committed in the penalty area, converting Buffs defender David Syme despite Waters's good hand. This time the piper awarded Medda a penalty and Mark McLennan produced the goods from 12 yards. Buffs enjoy Ally McColm's miracle goal that led to the 3-3, but it shouldn't be their day with some tough challenges. But Medda recovered from a numerical disadvantage just two minutes later when Wardrope raced to a through pass and whipped past goalkeeper Jamie Barclay before shooting into an empty net. In the 82nd minute, he picked up the ball from 30 yards and unleashed a violent blow into the top corner of the net that gave Waters absolutely no chance. The smart money was on Kilwinning, which won it, but the port players who didn't cash in with their local team got it right when Wardrope made it 4-3 two minutes later. It was a gate that got buffs all the way. Graham Boyd had two chances to take Meddas fifth while Wardrope denied his triple with a super save from Barclay. However, the 24-year-old had the last word when he stepped up and shot a magnificent free kick from just outside the box over the Buffs defensive wall into the net. This was Wardrope's moment and Medda's day. Don't miss the latest Ayrshire headlines - sign up for our free daily newsletter here


Ex-Gers kid stuns Ibrox and expands Hearts record

Rangers vs Hearts: The Gers welcomed Hearts to Ibrox this afternoon and are looking to gain a four point lead at the top of the Scottish Premiership (Author: Gardener)

The Rangers stay one point ahead of Hearts at the top of the Premiership after the Jambos drew a 1-1 draw at Ibrox in the 90th minute after a mistake by Allan McGregor late equalizer. The light blues made a change from their pre-international break win over Hibs at Ibrox when captain James Tavernier returned to the starting line-up instead of Nathan Patterson - the Scottish international fell on the bench. It was the Rangers who made all the early moves, moving the ball well, and moving the Hearts defense across the field while the Gers tried to force gaps into place. Scott Wright forced Craig Gordon to make the afternoon's first parade. Alfredo Morelos almost scored the first goal in the 13th minute. Scott Wright stole the ball from Hearts after a bad pass from ex-Ibrox kid Craig Halkett and fed Aribo, who in turn slid the ball into Morelos, but the Colombian pulled his shot just wide post. El Bufalo had another chance to break the deadlock when Barisic pulled Morelos about eight yards from goal, but Hearts defenders put enough pressure on him to get the Rangers star to blur his lines and his shot to miss. The Rangers seemed too eager to score the perfect goal and too often the Gers made too many touches or tried one too many pass to get the ball into the net for Hearts to stay in play. After 30 minutes, the Rangers must have thought they opened the goal only for Craig Gordon, who denied the Light Blues twice after a corner, climbed the ball free and somehow prevented a goal from being conceded, despite Leon Balogun making the best attempt to get the ball over the Line and force into goal the back of the net. Joe Aribo was lucky enough to escape with a warning. He went up after losing the ball after a bad first touch and the Nigerian could hardly have complained if he'd been shown a red card. The Rangers' deserved goal finally came five minutes before the break when John Lundstram made a breathtaking attempt from a distance to lift Ibrox's roof. The play began with a long diagonal from Goldson to Hagi on the right, the Romanian kicking the ball into the box to force Wright to displace Lundstram and the number 4 Rangers unleashed an unstoppable attempt that devastated Craig Gordon. Hearts started the second 45 much more adventurous, immediately putting pressure on Leon Balogun, forcing the Gers defender to give a free kick and earn a yellow card for a foul from Boyce - which meant both Rangers center-backs received the yellow card . The pressure from the guests didn't last too long, the Rangers quickly took control of the game as it fitted into a similar pattern to the first half, with the light blues under control and comfortable. As the game kicked into the final 20 minutes, Hearts suddenly had a barrage of chances with Barrie McKay in the thick of it, forcing a couple of saves from Allan McGregor and suddenly making the game a little nervous. With Gerrard to make a double change, the Rangers had a chance to beat the game, Morelos found space in the box but the Colombian misfired and shot into the distance again. The first changes to the game for the Rangers came immediately afterwards, with Steven Davis and Kemar Roofe coming in to replace Joe Aribo and Ianis Hagi to help the Light Blues finish the game and end Hearts' undefeated record. Roofe almost scored a quick hit and came very close to the 2-0, only for Gordon, who adjusted his shot slightly and directed it to the post when the Jamaican international thought he had scored. Morelos' bad form in front of the goal continued in the final minutes, Roofe found Buff in the penalty area, but somehow he could only swing him from a few yards, the goal was at his mercy.


Craig Halkett's late strike ends John Lundstram's crier

Game report as Hearts defender Craig Halkett equalized in the 90th minute to share the spoils at Ibrox; Rangers remain leaders in the Scottish Premiership, one point ahead of Hearts (Author: Gardener)

Hearts defender Craig Halkett leveled the Rangers last minute on Saturday to share the booty in the 1-1 draw at Ibrox. Steven Gerrard's side had full control for most of the game, and former Sheffield United midfielder John Lundstram broke the impasse with a splendid shot from distance just before half-time. The Rangers fired 27 shots at Craig Gordon's goal, with Alfredo Morelos guilty of wasting three good opportunities. The Gers paid the price for failing to bring their dominance to fruition in the final seconds, when center-back Halkett rose the highest after a corner to throw the ball into an empty net. Lundstram's wonderful goal in the first half from 30 meters had given the home side a well-deserved break lead, but they were unable to extend it as the game progressed. And after Jambos coach Robbie Neilson was sent off by referee Don Robertson three minutes from time, Halkett was able to nod off a corner at the back post due to a mistake by Gers keeper Allan McGregor to keep the guests unbeaten in the league and still to stand one point behind the masters. Hearts had come to attack, but in front of around 1,000 away fans, the Rangers threatened with speed and creativity. Former Celtic goalkeeper and current Scottish number one Craig Gordon parried attacks from attackers Scott Wright and Ianis Hagi within the first six minutes before Gers striker Alfredo Morelos shot a shot past the far post. The light blues tried again and after a corner from Borna Barisic in the 28th minute, Gordon managed a brilliant double save against Leon Balogun, first with his head and then from close range before Hearts cleared their lines. The visitors seemed to have stemmed the tide, but when Hagi's cross was blocked from the right into the box into Lundstram, the former Sheffield United player fired his shot and let the ball hurtle past Gordon. The Rangers were less fluid after the break in the 66th minute, only a brilliant block from Stephen Kingsley stopped Morelos' shot on goal. McGregor parried Liam Boyce when the offside flag went up, but then the Gers keeper stopped a shot by former Rangers attacker Barrie McKay after overtaking the light blues defense. Another save of Cameron Devlin's long-range shot made the Gers' nerves rattle. The Rangers came back and Gordon shot a shot from substitute Kemar Roofe for Hagi against the post and the danger was eliminated. Neilson received a yellow card after a hand-to-hand fight on the sideline, in which substitute Juninho Bacuna was cautioned by Kingsley and Gers, then a second yellow card because he apparently continued to chirp from referee Robertson. But there was even more drama in the last minute of regular time when McGregor fluttered into a corner from substitute Gary Mackay-Steven and the unmarked Halkett headed on the back post to wow the traveling fans with delight. Hearts boss Robbie Neilson: "I didn't see the goal, but I just heard the silence, which was beautiful, so I was happy." I am disappointed that I got a second yellow. I'm more disappointed with the fourth official because boy (Bacuna) grabbed Stephen Kingsley by the throat right in front of him. "So I complained about it and complained again and got a second one. I thought it was a really good game, we came here and we were on an equal footing with the champions, we created opportunities, they created opportunities and I was thrilled with the players, they showed a brilliant character. " Rangers boss Steven Gerrard: "That first half performance will get us where we want to go, but in the second half I don't think we came out with the same intent and urgency." . I thought we got a little softer as the game went on. “The game is about both boxes, you have to take your chances. At 1-0 we had four or five really great chances to end this game. ”But I think we sewed it together today because we would have the second goal, the third and fourth goal to end this game, before that moment comes. "