Should misogyny be a hate crime?

As anger grew in the UK last week over the judiciary's handling of violence against women, public discourse has turned to a new question: should misogyny be viewed as a hate crime? (Author: Gardener)

The debate takes place amid broader national outcry over gender crimes following the murder of Sarah Everard, whose kidnapping and murder by a London police officer shocked the British and forced a re-examination of the handling of such cases by the police and courts. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there is already “a plethora” of laws to combat violence against women, but they are not properly enforced. In an interview during the Conservative Party's annual conference last week, he admitted that the way the judicial system deals with these crimes "just doesn't work," but said that "expanding the scope" puts the burden on them Police would increase. “When have we ever looked at the scale of a problem as a reason not to respond?” Asked Ruth Davison, executive director of Refuge, a charity that supports women and children affected by domestic violence. Almost every third woman is exposed to domestic violence in her lifetime. And on average, one woman is killed by a man in the country every three days, with many cases involving domestic violence, according to the Femicide Census data. The killings of a number of other women in the UK this year - including the murder of Sabina Nessa last month - only heightened calls for change. Refuge - which held a similar protest last week to raise awareness of police violence against women - is one of several groups advocating that crimes rooted in misogyny be treated as hate crimes. The groups say that misogyny is the basis of most male violence against women and that the government has so far been neglected in dealing with this violence. Davison said Refuge's efforts were not aimed at re-classifying crimes, which opponents say would add a complex additional burden to police. Rather, the group says that recognizing misogyny as a hate crime would give the judicial system expanded powers to address a pervasive problem. In England and Wales, an offense is considered a hate crime if it is shown that the perpetrator was motivated by hostility or prejudice in relation to one or more of the five categories: race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity. This allows judges to impose tougher sentences and gives the police more clarity on how to enforce them by classifying these crimes as more serious. Flowers are laid in Clapham Common, London, to commemorate Sarah Everard, whose death by a police officer on March 17, 2021 in London sparked national outrage in the definition of hate crime, to higher penalties for such crimes as harassment, domestic violence and stalking ensure and signal the gravity of these types of crime. Activists, criminal law experts and opposition lawmakers have called for legislation to expand the definition of hate crimes to ensure higher penalties for such crimes as harassment, domestic violence and stalking and to signal the seriousness of these types of crime. The Law Commission, an independent body that reviews laws in England and Wales and advises the government, is in the midst of a government-mandated review of existing hate crime laws for gender or gender on the list of protected traits under hate crime laws. Put it simply, "It's about recognizing the misogyny that exists in existing crimes." to add an amendment to broaden the definition of hate crime to a draft law on police and crime going through Parliament. Johnson has made it clear, however, that he is against the move, and his administration has received harsh criticism in recent weeks from opponents who say they are not taking the issue seriously enough. Criticism intensified last week after UK Justice Minister Dominic Raab appeared unfamiliar with the term misogyny. When asked how he feels about the hate crime classification, he said he did not support the move, adding: "Misogyny is absolutely wrong, whether man against woman or woman against man." "This is the actual Justice Minister tasked with responding to the legislative commission's proposals to implement misogyny as a hate crime," wrote Stella Creasy, a labor lawmaker, in a post on Twitter with a video of Raab's mistake. Still, not all lawyers or criminal law experts believe that turning misogyny into a hate crime would be the most effective step. Zoë Billingham, a former inspector of an independent watchdog group that reviews policing in the UK, said more should be done to get police officers to use the tools they already have. "The police are not doing right some of the really basic things to protect women from crimes such as domestic violence, stalking, harassment, rape, serious sexual offenses and child sexual exploitation," she said. Fewer than 2% of reported rape incidents in England and Wales result in indictment against a person and 3 in 4 reported incidents of domestic violence end prematurely because the victim did not support the police operation. Marian Duggan, Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Kent whose research focuses on violence against women and hate crime, agrees that the current system is broken. She said hate crime status could be a powerful symbolic tool that puts focus on the perpetrator rather than the victim. In a culture where blaming victims in cases of violence against women has long been the norm, Duggan said, it would be "a seismic shift". Some law enforcement agencies in England and Wales are already pursuing misogyny crimes as hate crimes in order to raise awareness and collect data. But activists want national enforcement and legislation that supports these measures to allow for tougher sentences. This spring, following Everard's assassination, the government ordered the police to record tentative violent crimes motivated by a person's sex or gender as hate crimes. The National Police Coordination Unit did not reply to the question of how many units had taken over the practice; Activists say only 11 out of 43 did so. A role model is the Nottinghamshire Police, which in 2016 became the first police force in the country to treat and prosecute misogyny as a hate crime. An independent study of the effort two years later showed that it had already begun to change attitudes of both victims and potential perpetrators, leading to improved reporting of these types of crime. After a gunman stormed three massage shops in Atlanta in March and shot eight people - seven of them women, six of them Asians - there were similar calls for misogyny to be classified as a hate crime in the United States. But Duggan said viewing misogyny as a hate crime was only part of the complicated process of dismantling a broken system.


Madonna brags about self-pleasure and tells lovers to "fuck me and come out"

THIS year marks three decades since Madonna's egregious documentary Truth or Dare, in which she pretended to have sex with a bottle and spoke openly about her wild bedroom antics. (Author: Gardener)

This year marks three decades since Madonna's outrageous Truth or Dare documentary, in which she pretended to have sex with a bottle and openly talked about her wild bedroom antics as shockingly as in that 1991 X-rated film, also known than In bed with Madonna. Her latest shock documentary, Madame X, debuted on MTV last night and will amaze fans again - as she admits she likes men "fuck me and then come out" and brags that she is "known" for being on the Stage to be complacent. Madonna did just that for the first time on a bed during her Blond Ambition tour in 1990, and it nearly resulted in her being arrested while on a show in Toronto, Canada. But while chatting with American comedian Dave Chappelle during her new special, she said, “I always masturbate, that's what I'm known for. You are known for smoking on stage and I for masturbating on stage. ”In fact, Madonna, who is now with her 27-year-old backing dancer, Ahlamalik Williams, believes she's just getting started when it is about their always scandalous life. Elsewhere on the TV show, she tells the crowd, “I love my grandma. I'm turning 200, bitches - just watch. ”The two-hour special was filmed during Madonna's Madame X world tour, which ran in intimate locations from September 2019 to March last year, banning fans from cell phone use. It was hampered by hip and knee injuries that she fought, but that didn't stop her from rampaging on stage. In quick and casual comments to the crowd featured in the film, she talks about her genitals and insults viewers who threw thousands out to get into the theater shows. At some point she auctioned a Polaroid photo that she had just taken of herself on stage and pushed it between her legs to "develop". She said, “I see some kids in the audience and I don't want to offend anyone, but guess what, this is my p *** y. "I love to irritate people - they hate my eyepatch" "It's a strange way to masturbate, I usually don't do it that way." Since the fans weren't able to take photos inside the venue, the auction was over Snapshots is a smart way to raise money for charity. But when another customer, who had paid for one of the Polaroids, asked Madonna to sign it, she hissed back, “Will I sign it? She wears a dazzling array of Portuguese-inspired outfits on the show, as she wrote much of her 2019 album Madame X while living in the capital, Lisbon. But she's still the same Madonna who loves pissing people off and arguing controversy when it comes to anything and everything outside of her music. The character she created for her album wears an eye patch, but she gets tired of it at some point during the movie. She scolds: “It's very difficult to hear with one eye, I don't know why. “I love to irritate people. They know people hate my grills, so I wear them. They hate my eye patch, so I wear it. Throughout her show, Vogue singer Madonna - the best-selling female musician of all time - brags about how artists should "disturb the peace." And that's exactly what she did when she promoted her film early in the morning yesterday during a US television appearance. Then she said that she likes to do drugs at home - but only smokes to look cool in pictures. She explained, “I smoke for photo shoots, I don't like it. I like opiates. ”During the performance, she was also asked about the films she turned down during her career, including Showgirls and Catwoman. She said, “I saw them both and I regret turning down Catwoman - that was violent. I wanted to kill myself - it's one of the best films in the world. ”Madonna also spent time working on a film about her life last year - but revealed that it only happens because other filmmakers threatened to leave one without to turn their stake. She said, “The reason I do this is because people have tried to make films about me, but it's always men. “Universal sent me a script because they wanted my blessing and it was the most superficial crap I had ever read. “And then I found out that - I won't even say his name - it was being directed by a total misogynist. She added, "I think, 'Why should these people make a movie about my life?'" That happened a couple of times and I had to call the studio managers and my agents and say I would stand in front of the building and protest and make everyone's life a misery if they pull it off. "I said there is no one on this planet who can write, direct and make a film about me better than me and that is the truth." If her latest film is a taste of what's to come, then Madonna will continue to divide audiences and shamelessly be herself for many years to come.


"Angela Black", "Strictly" Film Week and "Tom Parker"

A new thriller begins on ITV, "Have I Got News For You" returns to BBC One and "Strictly" goes to theaters. (Author: Gardener)

In its fourth season, "Star Trek: Discovery" will go where no "Trek" show has been in more ways than one, as the latest trailer for the Paramount Plus series revealed. Season 4 of "Discovery" begins after Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) was promoted to captain in the finale of the third season, for the first time [...]


The Wanted's Tom Parker ponders baby number three

The singer and his wife already have a son and a daughter. (Author: Gardener)

Tom Parker has revealed that he is considering having another baby. The 33-year-old Wanted singer told fans last year that he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. But he has now announced that he plans to beat the odds and that he and his wife Kelsey are considering having a third child together. Read more: The Wanted's Tom Parker Says He Will Not Let His Cancer "Consume" His Life The couple are already parents to daughter Aurelia, 2, and son Bodhi, 11 months, who Kelsey was expecting when Tom was diagnosed became. That morning, the star said, "We're thinking about having one more." Tom said when he was first diagnosed with the tumor, he didn't want a prognosis and wanted to stay positive. He said, “I told them I don't really want a prognosis because for me it was just ... I know the statistics of this disease, but I just didn't want to hear them. "They gave us 12 months at that point, and we're way beyond that." "We are also in a positive mood," his wife intervened. "They give you 12 to 18 months of survival," he said. “But that's the general statistic. Read more: Tom Parker marks a year since the first attack with a moving Instagram post “Now we want to be cancer-free by March. That is the goal. Watch: The Wanted meet for Tom Parker's Inside My Head concert


The Wanted's Tom Parker announces his hope he could be cancer-free by March

The Wanted's Tom Parker Reveals Hope He Could Be Cancer Free By March - (Author: Gardener)

Tom Parker's goal is to be cancer free by March. The 33-year-old Wanted singer has a young family with his wife, Kelsey, 31, as the couple are raising their two young children, Aurelia, 2, and Bodhi, 11 months. Initially, the boybander was told he had an inoperable brain tumor, but after six grueling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, he wants to be cancer-free in five months. He told The Sun, “You are always classified as a terminal. “They give you 12 to 18 months of survival. But that's the general statistic. Everyone we spoke to was way beyond that. “Now we want to be cancer-free by March. That is the goal. In August, he told his Instagram fans that the tumor had shrunk. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy when he dropped to just 7kg were some of his "darkest days". He added, “Those were the darkest days of my life. It was horrible to go up there and lie under those radiation machines. It’s awful. It's annoying. ”During an appearance on This Morning, Mr. Parker spoke about the“ heavy ”and“ harsh ”treatment he has endured. Mr. Parker announced that he is “very positive” about the future and is even considering having another baby. He added, "I couldn't have done this five months ago - I feel a lot more confident and have my emotions under control ..." I feel very positive. I'm thinking about having another [baby]! ”His new documentary, Tom Parker: Inside My Head, will raise awareness of Grade 4 glioblastoma. From a daily news briefing to insights into houses and real estate as well as lifestyle, going out, offers and more.


Tom Parker wants another baby because he is responding positively to cancer treatment

Tom Parker spoke on This Morning about his diagnosis of brain cancer and possible plans to have another baby with Ms. Kelsey. (Author: Gardener)

The Wanted's Tom Parker has announced that he and his wife, Kelsey, are considering having another baby soon as he sees a positive future with a brain tumor. Tom was open about his diagnosis and recently even met up with his bandmates for a special charity gig at the Royal Albert Hall. On Thursday, he appeared on This Morning with his wife, Kelsey, where the couple gave further updates about their persistent condition and teased about possibly expanding their brood in the future. He told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, “We're considering having one more. They appeared on the show to talk about Tom's upcoming documentary and how his treatment went. Ahead of “Inside My Head,” which aired on Channel 4 this weekend, the duo gave a positive outlook as they explained how Tom's tumor had shrunk over the past few months. Tom said, “Medication is now every three weeks because I've reacted so well. So yes, positive. ”In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the singer first had to go to hospital alone and shared the moment he was told that he had a brain tumor. He admitted he didn't want a forecast because he "knew the statistics" and tried to stay positive for his family. "I just didn't want to hear it," he said. “But they said 12 months at that point, and that's long gone!” He was honest about how stressful the treatment had been: “It was pretty full. But Tom has made significant progress with his condition and said he couldn't have appeared on the show for an interview five months ago. If I had done this five months ago I would be a crying mess to be honest. I feel very positive. ’This morning will be broadcast on ITV at 10 a.m. on weekdays.


Tom Parker Bowles & Olly Smith

Tom is tempted to order the entire menu when he discovers dishes that will delight a Mughal emperor (Author: Gardener)

I've been looking forward to Clay's Hyderabadi Kitchen for some time. Ever since I first tried his dishes at home, in lockdown as it once was. Hyderabad was the furthest outpost of the great Mughal Empire, a city where lavishly scented, courtly cuisine - with its fragrant hints of Persia and Turkey - meets the exciting taste and heat of the south of Andhran. That was love at first bite. The walls are painted a soft terracotta, plants hang from the ceiling, and there is a great wine list from my old pal Zeren Wilson. The only problem is the menu. Every Chat, Pakora and Pepper Fry, every Kofta, Bhuna and Daal. I would even go so far as to call ourselves top athletes in our own way. We definitely used the training and once managed ten different meals, from tasting menus to tacos, in a particularly wonderful (if ultimately dyspeptic) 12-hour Baja California bacchanal. But even we can't break the entire menu. There are salty cabbage pakoras that carry their fragile batter like exquisite strands of silk, dipped in a green coriander chutney that is refreshing green. And grilled king prawns, the essence of sweet juiciness, doused with mustard and ghee. Pork belly, the artfully processed fat, is cooked in a thick chilli jam, the sweetness is softened by a spicy tamarind kick. Andhra style chicken fry, heavy on fresh chilli, curry leaves, and seasoned salt, is Indian fried chicken on an all-powerful, epic level. “Village-style lamb” is baked in a sealed clay pot with onions, ginger, lots of chilli and a whole bulb of garlic. It tastes of love and a life well lived, richer than the nizam of Hyderabad and just as powerful. Biriyani, also cooked in this clay pot, uses lamb loin, which is served pink. Every delicious grain is swollen with flavorful, fruitful enjoyment. Damn it, he can cook. I can't tell you how much I love this place. And there is still half the menu to discover. National Curry Week is just around the corner and with the precision of Robin Hood's archery skills, wine goes wonderfully with the spice. For the bull's-eye, pair it carefully, paying attention to the spiciness as well as the texture of the dish. A reliable all-rounder is rosé, but when things get really hot, fragrant torrontes from Argentina are my ultimate choice to put them off.


Tom Parker informs the bandmates of The Wanted about the fight against cancer in the upcoming documentary

Channel 4's latest film will accompany singer Tom Parker into his home as he and his family get used to his stage four cancer diagnosis. (Author: Gardener)

Channel 4's upcoming documentary shows Tom Parker informing his former The Wanted bandmates of his stage four cancer diagnosis. The 33-year-old Wanted singer documented his fight in the upcoming film Tom Parker: Inside My Head, which will air on Channel 4 on Sunday, and shows how he and his wife Kelsey survived months of treatment. Patients with the same tumor as Tom currently have a 10 percent chance of survival five years after diagnosis, with life expectancy between 14 and 16 months after diagnosis. In the emotional feature film, Tom also takes the extraordinary step of arranging a star-studded benefit concert at the Royal Albert Hall to raise awareness of brain tumors. With just a few months of preparation, Tom also plans to bring former bandmates Nathan Sykes, Max George, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran back together for the first time in seven years. "I know right, look at him, handsome man," answered Tom. Tom's former bandmates wanted to know how the star felt after the treatment. Tom said: “My voice is always a bit hoarse after the treatment. When you are told you have terminal cancer, everything happens so quickly. ”The star's benefit concert on My Head was an emotional moment for Tom when The Wanted took the stage, which also featured artists Ed Sheeran, Liam Payne and the band McFly made an appearance. In October last year, the Parker family's lives were turned upside down when they were told that Tom had an inoperable glioblastoma - the most aggressive type of brain tumor. Now that his first round of treatment has shrunk the tumor, Tom, who shares daughter Aurelia, two, and son Bodhi, 11 months, with his wife Kelsey, is determined to turn his situation into something positive while keeping his condition stable remain. It looks good for the Glad You Came hitmaker as he hopes to be "cancer free" by March while continuing to battle an incurable brain tumor. He told The Sun, “You are always classified as a terminal. They will give you 12 to 18 months of survival. But that's the general statistic. “Now we want to be cancer-free by March. That is the goal. Tom Parker: Inside My Head will air on channel 4 on Sunday, October 10th at 9pm. Inside My Head - The concert will follow at 10:30 pm on 4Music. To donate to Stand Up To Cancer, go to 100% of your donation will go to Cancer Research UK to support the SU2C campaign.


Tom Parker could be “cancer free by March” as the “inoperable brain tumor” is shrinking

The Wanted's Tom Parker has announced that he wants to be cancer-free in five months because his inoperable brain tumor has shrunk after a year of treatment (Author: Gardener)

An error has occurred. Please try again later. Get Daily Celebrity Exclusive and Behind-the-Scenes House Tours straight to your inbox Get daily Celebrity Exclusive and Behind-the-Scenes House Tours straight to your inbox Tom Parker has announced that after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, he will be cancer-free by March next year want to be in October last year. The 33-year-old, who recently feared unable to make a hospital appointment due to the gasoline crisis, has had 30 chemotherapy and 30 radiotherapy sessions since learning of his 4th degree glioblastoma. Now he is determined to defeat the disease, as he explained: "You are always classified as a Terminal. But that is the general statistic. Receive exclusive celebrity stories and fantastic photo shoots straight to your inbox The with the daily newsletter from OK!" To tell Sun, "Now we want to be cancer free by March. That's the goal. This disease is always there. Tom and his wife Kelsey have spent the last year refusing to ask for a prognosis and they as" The Wanted Star, however, has spent weeks receiving treatments and only taking breaks on the weekends. It was a difficult journey for him, admitting that the six weeks of radiation therapy were the "darkest days" of his life when he fell to 7kg. Tom described the experience as "terrible and troubling," he said, wondering if it was any good for him and even considered stopping the treatment altogether However, Mrs. Kelsey, 31, with whom he shares children Aurelia, two, and 11-month-old Bodhi, said she would get him to continue treatment should he ever falter. Thankfully, it worked, and in his new documentary, Tom Parker: Inside My Head, cameras captured the moment when counselors told him and Kelsey that the tumor had stopped growing and instead got smaller. In August of this year, Tom announced the news that the tumor had shrunk in an Instagram post in which he shared a snapshot of himself in a dark blue T-shirt with headphones in the recording studio. In the caption, he told his legion of fans: "Okay .. here it goes. The past few days have been full of fear and concern, but I'm happy to announce that the results of yesterday's scan (nice birthday present [cry with laughter Emoji]), are stable with a slight reduction in tumor, if any. " Tom went on to explain that he had allowed a little more time than usual between scans to see a final result when he went on, “I can't tell you how grateful I am for this news, this time just scanning for the drugs to work etc. But overall a great day. ”“ Thanks to all of our health team. And thank you to all of the lovely people out there who send love and support. Stay up to date on Tom Parker by subscribing to OK! 'S daily celebrity newsletter. Log In.


Tom Parker gets emotional looking back on previous MRI scans as the tumor "shrinks"

The Wanted's Tom Parker emotionally admits "I needed this" as he looks back on previous MRI scans of how his tumor has shrunk (Author: Gardener)

Tom Parker gets emotional looking back on past MRI scans as the tumor shrinks Tours straight to your inbox Something went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for your subscription. The 33-year-old was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in October last year, but after 30 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiation therapy, his grade 4 glioblastoma is shrinking. "It looks a lot better under control, doesn't it?" says Tom as he scrolls back through the scans. It just doesn't look that prominent, does it? "Says Tom, turning to Kelsey. Tom Parker gets emotional as he looks back at MRI images during the documentary In My Head. Get exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots with OK! 's daily newsletter. This is what it looked like and here I am,' "Kelsey replies. Despite the improvements, Tom admitted, "I don't think you ever feel like you've come around a corner with something this serious. Some people die within four months of being diagnosed." However, the couple received praise for their positivity throughout the ordeal. Tom has fought tirelessly in his battle with cancer, refusing to ask for a prognosis - which he and Kelsey think is "pointless" - and only takes treatment breaks on the weekends. Tom admitted that despite its dwindling VIP, it's still a challenge and see all of our exclusive offers - for free! VIP and you will unlock access to all of our great exclusives ... Tom reveals in the documentary that the couple also explored "the private route". This has given him access to experimental new drugs at University College Hospital in London. So we decided to explore the private route, "he explains. Tom and his wife Kelsey fought tirelessly throughout his cancer battle and remain positive about OK! 'S daily newsletter. Kelsey, the mother of his children Aurelia, two, and eleven Month-old Bodhi, however, said she would get him to resume treatment if he ever stalled. Thankfully, it worked and does his new documentary, Tom Parker: Inside My Head, Cameras Captured the Moment When Advisors to him and Kelsey said the tumor has stopped growing and has got smaller instead. Tom Parker: Inside My Head will be on Channel 4 on Sunday, October 10th at 9pm. Inside My Head - The Concert will follow at 10.30pm on 4Music To donate to Stand Up To Cancer go to 100% of your donation will go to Cancer Research UK to support the SU2C campaign.