Priti Patel's revenge on Insulate Britain's climate protesters is a dramatic curtailment of our democratic rights

The "Orders to Prevent Criminal Disruption" announced by the Interior Minister would mean that people would be excluded from protests on the basis of mere suspicion (Author: Gardener)

Priti Patel doesn't like climate change activists. The only moment in today's conference speech by the Minister of the Interior when you really could hear the passion in her voice was when she cursed "so-called eco-warriors". Insulate Britain accidentally delivered exactly what Patel was looking for. You gave her the pretext to start a new crackdown on the right to protest. During her speech, Patel promised "to give the police and the courts new powers to deal with the small minority of offenders who intend to disrupt our communities". The new powers are known as the "Criminal Disruption Prevention Ordinance". They're basically a copy-and-paste job of no football commands used to fight violent hooligans or criminal behavior commands used to fight anti-social behavior. These orders prevented people from going to soccer games or engaging in wrongdoing. These orders prevent people from exercising their democratic rights. A Conservative Party source told the BBC that the orders “would give the courts the power to discourage a person with a history of interference or who has intelligence evidence suggesting that they are likely to commit a criminal offense from participating in certain protests ". This means that anyone who could disrupt everyday life - for example through traffic blockages - can be excluded from participating in a protest with an order. Patel didn't pick this idea out of nowhere. It was first proposed by the Metropolitan Police on behalf of the National Police Chiefs Council in July 2019 when they came up with 19 ideas to facilitate police protests. At that time they were called “Prohibition Prohibitions”, but that was too intrusive. That is why the concept has now been repackaged under the euphemistic “criminal prevention orders”. Even the Interior Ministry, which is not known for its liberal attitudes, rejected “protest prohibition orders” out of hand at the beginning of the year. His response warned that "this proposal essentially deprives a person of the right to protest." Several high-ranking police officers also rejected the idea. One said it would "unnecessarily curtail people's democratic right to protest." A third said that "the proposal severely restricts a person's right to protest". There was moral unease in police circles about how a legal provision applied to violent football fans appeared to apply to peaceful protesters. Football prohibition regulations were Parliament's reaction to extreme, organized, often racially motivated, unrest on football fields. Applying it in this completely different scenario - on climate activists harassing passers-by - seizes a draconian measure that can be justified by the gravity of the situation at stake, and then imposes it on someone else who does not. A senior police officer decided that this was "the toughest of requests" out of all 19 proposals. "A prohibition order would completely remove a person's right to participate in a protest," it said. So the proposal was on a desk in the Home Office, gathering dust. But now Insulate Britain has given Patel an excuse to get it out, wipe the cobwebs away and turn it into law. She could have made all sorts of suggestions, but she chose this one: the strictest of all the options available, with the greatest risk to freedom of expression and assembly. The prohibition orders would apply to those who have been disrupted during protests in the past. This is a major change. And to get that kind of information, you'd have to put activists under surveillance: following their social media, filming demonstrations, maybe even going undercover. It creates the incentives for a massive expansion of the surveillance of peaceful protests. The results of this surveillance would be imposed on a protester before he even took part in a demonstration. People would be forbidden to exercise their democratic rights because they suspect their future behavior. And the yardstick for this decision would not be based on violence or misconduct, but on the far less disturbance of everyday life. The people are particularly hard hit by the motorway protests. But once the arrangements can be applied in such a case, they can go much further. Almost all large demonstrations disrupt everyday life, be it by blocking traffic or noise. It is difficult to imagine a major protest that would not fall under this assessment. The only real defense we have against it is the courts, which must judge the orders under the normal burden of proof. Judges have always shown themselves to be extremely resistant to meddling in peaceful protests and, in particular, to prison sentences. Your judgments form the defensive protection against what is being proposed here. Your aversion to climate activists is instinctive. And she is ready to violate the most basic standards of freedom of expression in order to express them.


The climate group apologizes for “causing disruption” after Prime Minister called it “irresponsible crusts” for blocking roads

Home Secretary Priti Patel today announced tougher sentences to combat disruptive highway protests, including government plans to criminalize tampering with critical infrastructure such as roads, railways and the press. (Author: Gardener)

Insulate Britain has apologized for “affecting” the streets around London for the past few weeks. For the past three weeks, protesters from the Extinction Rebellion branch have blocked major highways such as the M25 and M4. More than 100 Insulate Britain protesters were served an injunction against road closure demonstrations outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday. Speaking to the Royal Courts, Insulate Britain spokesman Liam Norton said: “We cannot imagine doing anything like this under normal circumstances. We are facing economic chaos and law and order collapse in a few years. "Statement the country wants to hear - that our government is living up to its responsibility to protect us and defend law and order." The prime minister told the LBC earlier that those involved "do significant damage to the economy" and "don't" The prime minister added that his government "will give the police the powers they need to stop their ruthless and selfish behavior." Interfering in vital infrastructure such as roads, railways and the press to combat disruptive protests. After the group apologized, Insulate Britain spokesman Tim Gough told Sky News that if politicians fail to address climate change, "these inconveniences will continue," he added added that politicians “talk, talk, talk”, but Insulate Britain wants them to “go the way” and concrete M Take action to "commit to isolating UK homes to carbon-free standards within the next eight to five years". 10 years. "Mr Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson, who is an environmental activist and international ambassador for the Conservative Environment Network, told Sky News that the actions of the Insulate Britain protesters are not helping their cause. The government's crackdown on interference follows Day-long protests by Insulate Britain, which have staged sit-down demonstrations on a number of key streets around London - including the M25, M1 and M4.On October 2, the government obtained a new injunction banning the group from traffic and Obstructing access to motorways and major roads around London. The new powers will be introduced by Ms Patel and incorporated as an amendment to the Law on Police, Crime, Courts and Convictions currently going through Parliament, the Prime Minister's father told Sky News that “Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain make a mistake, w hen they think that antagonizing common people will help ”. He added, "It's not a good idea, it has to stop - whether it has to stop legally - Kit Malthouse or whatever - I don't know, but I'm just telling those who lead Extinction, Rebellion and Insulate, for practical reasons." Britain must realize that this is not really advancing the cause they want to support. "In an earlier speech on Sky News, Police Secretary Kit Malthouse said Insulate Britain protesters" crossed the line of peaceful protest "after video footage was released, this shows a paramedic removing a person in the middle of the street. The police minister described the footage as "deeply worrying" and said that something needs to be done about the situation. "Although we obviously all value the right to protest, there is Difference between causing disruption and causing damage, "he said." We believe these protesters n and some of the others we have seen in recent years who have crossed the line between exercising their rights, but also their responsibility to the rest of us, and something needs to be done. "


Over 100 Insulate Britain activists have received restraining orders to close the road

Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion offshoot have blocked major roads such as the M25, M1 and M4 for the past three weeks, and three injunctions are now in effect. (Author: Gardener)

This website uses cookies for analysis, personalized content and advertising. By continuing to surf this website, you consent to this use. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Roadblocking injunctions to over 100 Insulate Britain activists have been served with restraining orders against roadblocking protests, the High Court heard today as members of the group held banners and demonstrated outside the building. Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion offshoot have blocked major roads including the M25, M1 and M4 in the past three weeks and three injunctions have been issued, but demonstrations have continued. The original injunction issued to National Highways on September 21 banned demonstrations on the M25 and was approved by a second on September 24, which restricted protests around the port of Dover - but this did not stop the protests, which yesterday wreaked havoc on other London streets since last Friday. They haven't carried out street protests today, but their roadblocks campaign created new misery yesterday when activis ts targeted three main locations of the Blackwall Tunnel, Wandsworth Bridge and Hanger Lane. Another 38 protesters were arrested yesterday and GB News host Patrick Christys said Insulate Britain was "a group of people with intellectual disabilities that should be classified as a banned terrorist organization". He cited the Crown Prosecution Service's definition of terrorism, which states: “Terrorism is the use or threat of action inside or outside the UK with the aim of influencing an international government organization or intimidating the public. It must also serve the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause. ”He said,“ So, in my opinion, Insulate Britain are terrorists. The police need to step in, not just to uphold basic laws and order and to ensure that the ordinary man and woman's day on the street is not massively disrupted, but actually I would argue to save Insulate Britain. At the first hearing for journalists on the injunctions David Elvin QC, representative of National Highways, said the agency wanted to postpone today's hearing so that all three injunctions could be considered together on the strategic motorway network, "he told the London High Court Protesters face six months imprisonment under law to keep Britain moving will expose plans for action to make repetitive blocking of roads or other delays punishable by High Court injunctions. In a separate move, Miss Patel will attend the conference Notify Conservative Party that a special new criminal offense will be created to deal with protests by Extinction Rebellion and its subsidiary Insulate Britain u declared a crime only after sympathetic juries acquitted a number of XR activists in the Crown Courts. It will give police new options in apprehending criminals who block highways or other places, and increase the likelihood that protesters will be arrested. Mr Elvin said 111 protesters had been served either in person or through alternative forms of restraint, which was adjourned to next Tuesday for a likely two to three hour hearing where members of Insulate Britain may have legal arguments to be dealt with at the same time. ”Prev In the High Court, Insulate Britain spokesman Liam Norton told the High Court today: “Insulate Britain would like to sincerely apologize for the disruption it has caused over the past three weeks. We are facing economic chaos and the collapse of law and order in a few years. Around the world, thousands of millions of people will lose their lives to slaughter and starvation when society collapses. "He added," Here at the Royal Courts of Justice, we ask our government to show leadership. We ask the Prime Minister to make the statement the country wants to hear - that our government lives up to its responsibility to protect us and defend law and order. That our government will take the lead to insulate and upgrade our homes. ”That it continues to work so that families can feed their children and keep their homes warm. So we can be sure that our government has done everything in its power to protect and defend our country. That's all we ask. ”But if our government feels that our actions are outrageous, illegal, that there is no right to cause disruption to prevent the far greater destruction of our economy and way of life, then it has a duty to act decisively. “Come to court, indict us, and put us in jail. The roughly ten-minute trial this morning came after Boris Johnson branded protesters blocking major UK roads as "irresponsible crusts". 13-78 September: Insulate Britain protesters arrested after blocking exits 3, 6, 14, 20 and 31 of the M25 Protesters arrested after targeting exits 3, 9 and 28 of the M25 and the M3 20-29 have to block the lane near exit 10. National Highways obtains an injunction against further protests on the M25 September 22 - Protesters burn copies of the injunction in front of the Ministry of the Interior and block the road in front of the Ministry. No arrests are made. September 24 - 39 protesters arrested after blocking streets in three locations in Dover. National Highways obtained a second injunction on Dover. September 27 - 53 protesters arrested for blocking a driveway at Junction 14 of the M25. They will all be released as part of an investigation. Sept. 28 - National Highways says it is taking "legal advice" to enforce its injunction Sept. 29 - 27 protesters arrested for twice blocking a roundabout at Junction 3 of the M25, Junction 30 at Thurrock, Essex, and nine are arrested. October 1: The group blocks the M4 at junction 3, the M1 at junction 1 and the M25 at junction 25. About 39 arrests: October 2: The third injunction prohibits traffic obstruction and access to motorways and main roads in and around London October 4th: 38 arrests after protesters blocked three main roads in London: the Blackwall Tunnel, Wandsworth Bridge and the A40, and North Circular on Hanger Lane. The Prime Minister said the Insulate Britain protesters, who have blocked motorways across the southeast in recent weeks, "have caused significant economic damage". which it will establish new measures to deal with demonstrators deemed to be disruptive. This morning, Mr. Johnson told LBC, "There are some people who call these people legitimate protesters." They are not. I think they are irresponsible criminals who basically try to stop people from going about their daily jobs and cause significant damage to the economy can get six months or an unlimited fine. "The Home Secretary is expected to announce plans today that eco-fanatics will be hit with a new breed of Asbo to put an end to their chaotic street protests. She will reveal plans." for action that would make it illegal to repeatedly block roads or cause other delays. In a separate step, Miss Patel will inform the Conservative Party Conference that a special new offense will be created to address the protests of Extinction Rebellion and its offshoot Deal with Insulate Britain. "Interfering with critical national infrastructures", including major roads, railways, seaports, power plants and newspaper printing plants, is declared a crime only after sympathetic juries acquitted a number of XR activists in the Crown Courts. It will give police new options in apprehending criminals who block highways or other places and make protesters more likely to go to jail. A Conservative source said the police would 'now have no excuse for failing to arrest and prosecute the Insulate Britain troublemakers. However, it will be months before the new powers take effect. "Freedom of protest is a fundamental right that our party will always fight for," Miss Patel will say at the conference in Manchester today. “The measures already under way in Parliament will ensure that these criminals can be brought to justice for the disruptions they have caused. Traffic jam on Blackwall Tunnel approach yesterday after Insulate Britain activists blocked part of the tunnel Police make arrests yesterday after Insulate Britain, an extinction rebellion offshoot, blocked Wandsworth Bridge in London increase the disruption of a motorway; Criminalize interference in vital infrastructure such as roads, railways and our free press; and give new powers to the police and the courts to deal with the small minority of perpetrators who intend to travel across the country, causing disruption and misery in our communities. ' ANALYSIS: Priti Patel's new plans for orders to prevent criminal interference are “illiberal”. This is a highly illiberal measure. These new laws tip the balance the wrong way. It is also important to remember that many of the protests, which have been most "disruptive" in recent years, have also contradicted the government's political positions on restricting them, should it meet with even more suspicion. As a result, the police and the courts have to decide which demonstrators should be banned from the protest. Given that all protests are disruptive, which ones will they prioritize? Undoubtedly the ones that the public screams against. That is why we have to weigh up the right to freedom of expression and the powers of law enforcement very carefully. Disruptive protest plays a key role in our democracy and should not be controlled by the police or the Home Secretary. ADAM WAGNER is a lawyer with Doughty Street Chambers in London. Another new offense of "disrupting a motorway" - announced earlier this week - carries up to six months in prison. It will apply to freeways, federal highways and all types of local roads, a Conservative source said. The Asbo-style orders, if violated, could face up to two years imprisonment for disobeying the court, targeting "a small number of productive offenders who travel the country and cause disruption and misery to others" will violate participation in certain protests. Antisocial Behavior Orders, or Asbos, were introduced by Tony Blair's Labor government in 1998. They were imposed on young people whose behavior "caused or could cause harm, nuisance, alarm or distress". A violation of the civil law orders resulted in prison sentences of up to five years. They were overturned by the Tories in 2014. All of Miss Patel's new actions will be introduced into the Police, Crime, Conviction and Courts Act next month. If they are approved by Parliament, they are expected to come into force in the spring of next year. The steps follow after weeks of protests that the police seemed powerless to stop. The activists repeatedly opposed a High Court injunction last month that prevented named protesters from blocking the M25. It is now understood that ministers will seek a broader injunction that could act as a bridging measure before the new powers are introduced. But human rights expert Adam Wagner, a lawyer with Doughty Street Chambers in London, criticized the criminal interference plans to prevent orders. He said, “This is a highly illiberal measure. Preventing people in advance from exercising their right to freedom of expression because they are “disruptive” is a risky democratic society that is detrimental to the definition. Preventing people in advance from exercising their right to freedom of expression because they are “disruptive” is a risky democratic society that is detrimental to the definition. This law would, I suppose, allow a protester to be detained to prevent him from taking part in a protest. This law would, I suppose, allow a protester to be detained to prevent him from taking part in a protest. This is illiberal. ”This government is already trying to pass laws that criminalize“ loud ”protests. This is illiberal. ”This government is already trying to pass laws that criminalize“ loud ”protests. Our law is already definitively balanced to protect freedom of expression and ensure that the police have powers to prevent illegal behavior due to protests. Our law is already definitively balanced to protect freedom of expression and ensure that the police have powers to prevent illegal behavior due to protests. These new laws are tipping the balance the wrong way. ”Read more


Prime Minister calls climate activists "irresponsible crusties" as members continue to block roads across the UK

Interior Minister Priti Patel is expected to announce tougher penalties for motorway protests in her conference speech on Tuesday. (Author: Gardener)

Mr Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson, who is also an environmental activist and international ambassador for the Conservative Environment Network, told Sky News that the actions of the Insulate Britain protesters are not helping their cause. Home Secretary Priti Patel is expected to warn protesters blocking the highway during her conference speech on Tuesday with unlimited fines and up to six months in prison. Police will also be empowered to stop activists and search for devices used to prevent them from being moved. On October 2, the government obtained a new injunction banning the group from obstructing traffic and access to motorways and major roads around London. The new powers will be introduced by Mrs Patel and will be incorporated as an amendment to the Law on Police, Crime, Courts and Convictions, which is currently going through Parliament. The Prime Minister's father told Sky News that "Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain are making a mistake if they think antagonizing the common people will help." He added, "It's not a good idea, it has to stop - whether it has to stop legally - Kit Malthouse or whatever - I don't know, but I'm only telling those who lead Extinction, Rebellion and Insulate, for practical reasons Britain must realize that this is not really advancing the cause they want to support. "Before speaking at the conference, Ms. Patel said:" The right to protest is a fundamental principle of our democracy, but we will not tolerate guerrilla tactics, The Prime Minister added that his government "Give the police the powers they need to stop their reckless and selfish behavior." In an earlier speech on Sky News, Police Minister Kit Malthouse said that Insulate Britain protesters "crossed the line of peaceful protest" after video footage was released showing a Sa. Depicting a doctor removing a person The Minister of Police described the footage as "deeply worrying" and said that "something" needs to be done and harmed in the situation, "he said. "We believe that these protesters and some of the others we have seen over the past few years have crossed the line between exercising their right but also their responsibility to the rest of us and something needs to be done." Mr Malthouse added that the government will announce "a series of new measures" to curb protests like this later on Tuesday.


Steve Bruce explains why he won't play a striker

Quite bizarre as Steve explains to Bruce why he won't play a striker. (Author: Gardener)

After watching from the bench for over nine hours straight this season, Dwight Gayle got seven minutes of Premier League football last weekend. Against a really poor and wide open Watford, Dwight Gayle watched Newcastle United take chance after chance and ... waste them. Steve Bruce spoke about Dwight Gayle ahead of today's Wolves match, not voluntarily, of course, but when a journalist asked the Newcastle United head coach on Friday why the striker didn't get a chance. Similar questions were asked earlier this season and like before we got the same nonsensical answer from the head coach .... Steve Bruce asked again why he won't play a striker, why Dwight Gayle is being ignored: “We all know Dwight's abilities and he still has a big role to play. It's "great" the way Steve Bruce speaks most of the time, as if decisions about how Newcastle play and who is on the team have nothing to do with him. He's right, Bruce has approached Dwight Gayle over and over again in these two and a half years since he (Bruce) arrived in Newcastle, but then repeatedly refuses to play the striker. If Callum Wilson then plays fair enough BUT if Newcastle has no other strikers available, why is Steve Bruce still refusing to play Dwight Gayle? To make the whole situation even more ridiculous, Steve Bruce and Mike Ashley gave Dwight Gayle a new three-year deal ahead of this season. In 15 days, if Steve Bruce refuses to put the striker on the pitch now, Gayle will be 32, then what will happen when Dwight Gayle approaches 35 and his NUFC contract expires in 2024? There have been 82 NUFC PL games under Steve Bruce and Dwight Gayle has only started 14 of them. Steve Bruce claims that it's all about Dwight Gayle not matching his cunning setup on the pitch. Well, certainly having someone who is likely to score goals is also very important ... Brucey has claimed how brilliantly Newcastle have played (we haven't) Only three goals have been scored in the last three games, and by Manquillo's first NUFC goal when he was rampaging on the pitch. Newcastle completely lacked someone in the box to reach the end of things, especially at games like Watford where NUFC had, for once, many chances under Bruce. Needless to say, Joelinton never even came close to scoring a goal, even when he had chances, just six goals in 75 PL games. You could also play Fabian Schar in the front, as a defender he scored seven goals in 66 PL games. The really big question that journalists shouldn't allow Steve Bruce to wiggle off the hook, however, is fair enough, maybe not to start Dwight Gayle because he doesn't fit Brucey's "formation" ... but what on earth is they Justification for stupidity? Refusing to even get him off the bench when Newcastle is desperate for a goal over and over again? These are the substitutions that have come off the bench in Premier League games so far: Steve Bruce very reluctantly gave Dwight Gayle a full seven minutes at Watford, yes, a very generous SEVEN minutes in what I think was a really important game. Relegation candidates stand out as Watford look like. In addition to Dwight Gayle, who only has seven minutes in the six games, one has to wonder why Steve Bruce is leaving it so late to make a substitution in the first place. Especially when you consider that West Ham took a 4-2 lead in 66 minutes, Villa 2-0 in 62 minutes, Man Utd 2-1 in 62 minutes and then 31 in 80 minutes. Against West Ham no striker (Joelinton!) Was used until the 85th minute, against Villa it took 77 minutes until the attack change (Joelinton), while against Man Utd not a single attacking player was used at all. The home games against Southampton and Leeds too, yes NUFC took a point out of each, but these were certainly two of the winning games of the season, especially with the injury problems Leeds had at the back. But against Saints only one attack change (Joelinton again!) Before the 84th minute, then against Leeds Fraser in the 62nd minute, then Krafth in the 81st minute and Murphy only one minute in stoppage time. Why didn't Steve Bruce go out of his way to win these games against Southampton and Leeds in the final stages and what was there to lose in these three other games when Newcastle lost and desperate for goals? !! Then of course Watford last Saturday when Newcastle created chances after chances and gambled away, but Bruce left it until the 83rd minute before taking in his only available striker. Dwight Gayle may not be the Premier League first choice striker in the eyes of most people, BUT of all the options on the bench in each of these six games, surely anyone except Steve Bruce would say Gayle was most likely to come and get a goal.


Scarlett Johansson and Disney settle explosive Black Widow lawsuit

The deal ends a back-and-forth PR battle that saw the Marvel star take on the studio for the past two months and that was to have a dramatic impact on Hollywood's major studios. (Author: Gardener)

and Disney have settled an infringement lawsuit over the star's payday Black Widow, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Alan Bergman, Chairman of Disney Studios, added, “I am delighted that we have reached an amicable agreement with Scarlett Johansson on Black Widow. We appreciate your contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and look forward to working with you on a number of upcoming projects, including Disney's Tower of Terror. ”Box office milestone: 'Shang-Chi' is the first pandemic-era image to appear domestically $ 200 million surpasses its fledgling Disney + streaming service. Disney countered that Johansson was paid $ 20 million for the film. The deal ended a back and forth PR battle in which the CAA star took on Disney and which would have a dramatic impact on all major Hollywood studios. Johansson's cause has been supported in the industry, with talents and leaders - including Jamie Lee Curtis, Marvel's WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen, and mogul Jason Blum - advocating them. At the time of the complaint, a Disney spokesperson said in part, "The lawsuit is particularly sad and troubling as it disregards the dire and persistent global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic." CAA co-chair Bryan Lourd replied that Disney had "shamelessly." and falsely accused Ms. Johansson of being insensitive to the global COVID pandemic, to make her appear like someone she and I know she isn't. ”In her complaint, Johansson said that the Marvel tent pole had a exclusive theatrical release was guaranteed when she signed her contract. She claimed that her contract was breached when the film was simultaneously released on Disney +. When the coronavirus pandemic devastated Hollywood for the past 18 months, Black Widow was one of many big-budget films, including Warner Bros. 'Wonder Woman 1984 and Disney's Cruella and Jungle Cruise, both streaming and in theaters simultaneously bowed. But to date, Johansson is the only big movie star to be sued. "Why would Disney forego hundreds of millions of dollars in box office revenue by releasing the picture when it knew the cinema market was 'weak' instead of waiting a few months for that market to recover?" the complaint asked. "To the best of its knowledge and belief, the decision was made, at least in part, because Disney saw the opportunity to promote its flagship subscription service with the picture and Ms. Johansson to attract new paying monthly subscribers, keep existing ones and establish Disney +." as an indispensable service in an increasingly competitive marketplace. ”Black Widow, which has grossed $ 379 million at box offices worldwide, debuted simultaneously in theaters and on Disney + Premier Access for an additional $ 30. But what was viewed as a gross misjudgment by competing studio managers, Disney boasted on July 11 that Black Widow made $ 60 million through Disney + Premier Access, which opened the door to heated conflict. After all, Johansson has been thinking about a lawsuit for several months, says a source familiar with the lawsuit. By the afternoon of July 28, she believed that Disney would make an offer and that she would not have to file a lawsuit. Johansson was particularly upset by the announcement, which Wall Street pleased but not the talent and representation community. According to the lawsuit, Disney's move “not only increased the value of Disney +, but also deliberately saved Marvel (and thus itself) what Marvel itself described as“ very large cash bonuses ”that Marvel would otherwise have had to pay to wife ... Johansson. “Disney marked the latest iteration of an all-too-common Hollywood profit-sharing dispute, with actors battling studios over their backend compensation or the definition of" net income. " Very few of these battles seep to the surface; they often come to a resolution before lawyers are hired, or the actor's contract contains an arbitration clause and the whole process remains confidential. (A source familiar with Johansson's lawsuit says their contract included an arbitration request, but their lawyers were willing to test it.) They generated millions, if not billions, during the pandemic. '"According to Johansson's lawsuit more than a handful of other A-listers are considering filing similar lawsuits. (Jungle Cruise star Dwayne Johnson wasn't one of them because he has a different pay structure than Johansson.) But that hasn't come to fruition yet. Cruella's Emma Stone struck a deal two weeks after Johansson's lawsuit to star in a sequel to Disney's live-action film, a sign that Disney was working to secure and appease talent amid the charged atmosphere. While Disney was criticized for its handling of talent deals during the pandemic, WarnerMedia took a different approach by proactively spending up to $ 200 million to pay for a long list of stars whose Warner Bros. films are in theaters at the same time and his HBO streaming service ran Max, including Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Will Smith.


With Gabriel Magalhães and Ben White, at least Arsenal's central defense works

With Gabriel Magalhães and Ben White, at least Arsenal's central defense works (Author: Gardener)

The sight of Gabriel Magalhães, the hulking Arsenal Brazilian center-back looking for one of his teeth in the Brighton rain, was the ultimate proof that he had put his body on the line for his team's cause. At six feet thick, Gabriel is obviously not afraid of collisions with opponents, although his physique appears to be a bit more robust than his mouth: this was the second time he had lost a tooth on the court. Oddly enough, the first came in a match against Brighton at the end of last season. Aside from his moment of tooth fragility, Gabriel was again one of Arsenal's most formidable cast members on Saturday. Arsenal struggled with possession and did little in the final period, but behind they were determined to oppose a bright and resourceful attack from Brighton. The goalless draw made it three goals for Mikel Arteta's side in four games as they redesigned their defensive line by bringing on Aaron Ramsdale, Gabriel and Ben White. The partnership between Gabriel and White in particular appears to be promising. "They get a really good connection, a good chemistry and I think their qualities fit and complement each other really well," Arteta said of his two center-backs, who together cost around £ 75m. Gabriel and White are no small and big pairing, but they have traits that seem to go together. Four games are a small sample size, so there's still a lot to prove, but the balance feels right. Gabriel is a physically dominant player who wrestles with strikers and attacks the ball, while White is better suited to sweeping backwards and getting the ball out of defense. White's return to his former club, for the first time since joining Arsenal from £ 50million in the summer, was reminiscent of the kind of defender he's used to playing with him. Brighton's Lewis Dunk is a player with similar traits to Gabriel in terms of his strength in the air, and his muscular strength enables White to play his own game. The evolving relationship between White and Gabriel also points to the importance of stability off the field. In the last few years of Arsene Wenger's reign and the few seasons after his departure, Arsenal's transfer policy was shaped by various personalities as power shifted at the top of the club. The inevitable result was an inconsistency in their recruitment, with some players being liked by one executive but not by others. Arsenal paid a heavy price for this behind-the-scenes instability and are still in the process of stabilizing the ship. However, in White and Gabriel they have two players chosen and signed by the current regime (Arteta and Technical Director Edu) to play side by side in this particular system. In previous years, Arsenal would have lost that game on the south coast. In their own penalty area, however, Arsenal were determined and determined. "I think we won the duels in the penalty area," said right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu. In other rooms we lost most of the time. There is no doubt which area Brighton needs to improve.


Win Porteous Tackle "wildly" as Rangers

Hibernian's Ryan Porteous was sent off for a "wild" and "leg-breaking" tackle, Rangers boss Steven Gerrard said when his side took the opportunity to return to the top of the Scottish Premiership. (Author: Gardener)

Hibernian's Ryan Porteous was sent off for a "wild" and "leg-breaking" tackle, Rangers boss Steven Gerrard said when his side took the opportunity to return to the top of the Scottish Premiership. Kemar Roofe nodded to the Rangers and Alfredo Morelos headed the winner with 12 minutes to go. "The boy just has to play the ball. I don't know why he wants to go in with that intention." So the boy is obviously not learning and has let his manager and teammates down today. I know a thing or two about bad tackles because I've done some myself, so I'm not in the greenhouse here. "The win means Gerrard's side drops one point above Hearts, while Hibs stays third after their first league defeat, but Now four points behind the champions. Ross' side started well and must think about what could have happened if Porteous had stayed on. Chris Cadden's deep cross from the right was headed past keeper Allan McGregor by Nisbet from 12 yards escaped the clutches of John Lundstram to find space to steer the ball back into goal. But their positive opening was derailed when Porteous flew into a tackle on Aribo and made referee Nick Walsh flashed a red card, "said Hibs- Boss Ross after. He [Porteous] has my absolute support. Creative midfielder Scott Allan was sacrificed after defender Darren McGregor was sent off, and the Rangers began to dictate. But despite a lot of possession, Gerra rd's team fought lightly for clear openings before Roofe replaced Glen Kamara and equalized. The striker went beyond the Hibs defense to bring home Nathan Patterson's cross from the deep five minutes after coming off the bench. Ianis Hagi forced Hibs goalkeeper Matt Macey to make a nice save before the Rangers scored the winning goal after another header. This time Borna Barisic had time to insert the ball from the left and Morelos headed the ball clear of the post, eventually scooping three points for the Rangers. Gerrard and his players celebrated violently at the final whistle and showed how much they appreciated this comeback win against a strong Hibs team. Rangers manager Steven Gerrard: "Really happy with the result. Hibernian head coach Jack Ross" I'm pissed off to lose the game for the way we conceded. "We're a good team at the moment, but we want to be a very good team and very good teams still win the game from this position." The Rangers will face closest rival Hearts after their international break at Ibrox on Saturday, October 16 (3:00 p.m. CEST), while Hibs host Dundee United at the same time.


Cammy Devlin in the bullish Hearts title challenge answer as he yells "why not" before the Rangers clash

The jambos breathe the Rangers' necks and the two teams meet after the international break at Ibrox. (Author: Gardener)

Cammy Devlin has enjoyed every minute of his Hearts crash course, but the Aussie knows the real test is yet to come. The speed of the game, the intensity of the training, even the roar of the crowd here are all new to Jambos' A-League recruit. But after three games, things couldn't have gone much better for the buzz bomb midfield ace. The 23-year-old's arrival from Down Under has been held up by Covid bureaucracy, but since the easing, former Newcastle Jet has helped Robbie Neilson's side maintain their impressive undefeated start to the top flight. His energy and drive in the middle of the park were key to a win over Motherwell that put Hearts at the top of the table, if only until the Rangers beat arch-rivals Hibs 2-1 24 hours later. Devlin may not have been in the capital very long, but he knows enough about the situation here to realize that this is fantastic talk after just eight games, especially when his team's first assignment after the international break is a trip to Ibrox. The Socceroos U23 cap said: "We'll have a few days off next weekend, then we'll go to Ibrox, which could be the biggest challenge of the year so far." I have never experienced it before. "We're (almost) at the top of the league for good reason, aren't we? We go into every game with confidence and we will go to Ibrox with confidence." We proceed with a game plan. “We'll try to be dominant and of course we'll try to win. You will have a lot of fans, there is no fear of that. That'll be the biggest crowd I've ever played in front of. ”Tynecastle is the loudest the way the stadium is built. It's something I've never experienced and I'm soaking it up. "I know the fans will be against me at Ibrox, but I'll love that." the same. Devlin's signing looks like another smart deal from Neilson after the equally prudent additions of Barrie McKay, Beni Baningime and Liverpool loanee Ben Woodburn this summer. The quartet gave Hearts a focused look and it was too much for Well to handle. McKay was the instigator of the Jambos' opening game in the fifth minute when Liam Boyce left the ball behind. Keeper Liam Kelly hesitated to get off his line and it cost him to come just in time to cut the striker's heels. Boyce shot away the penalty for his tenth goal in 13 games, six of them in the league, to get him to the top of the charts with Martin Boyle von Hibs. Stephen Kingsley swept home another signature free kick in 21 minutes as the Jambos underscored their dominance in the first half as they fired a warning shot at the Old Firm that they are ready to do their part to help clear the title. Your stay at the summit may have only lasted a day, but Devlin feels a hunger in his new side. He said: "Coming into practice every day and knowing that we are at the top is so good. But there is no danger of resting on it - we only have eight games in the season so we can't go any further." ourselves. “Of course teams will want to come.” I've done my research and everyone knows Celtic and Rangers. But when people ask if we can win the league I would say, 'Why not?' Minutes of the second half Hearts' second penalty of the day had won. Boyce couldn't beat Kelly again, but that didn't weaken Slattery's anger, who insisted Devlin had fallen Decision to make alone in a second. "


Steven Gerrard explains his passionate celebrations following the Rangers' table win over Hibs

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard insists he does not apologize for his cheering emotions at the end of his team's 2-1 win over Hibs in Ibrox on Sunday. (Author: Gardener)

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard insists he does not apologize for his cheering emotions at the end of his team's 2-1 win over Hibs in Ibrox on Sunday. © Rangers manager Steven Gerrard was in an exuberant mood after the full-time whistle of his team's 2-1 match. Selection problems, Gerrard clearly liked the way the Scottish champions ensured that he was at the top of the Premiership table in the youngest International break arrives. His energetic interaction with the Rangers supporters as he walked across the field to engage the players on all four stands left no doubt as to how important a win was to him. "There's nothing wrong with getting emotional," said Gerrard. “I really enjoyed our performance in a duel at the top of the table against a really strong team. “Listen, the support, the players, the staff - we will need each other over the course of the season to strengthen each other. That was why I wanted to show a little emotion. Despite all the struggles the Rangers have found trying to peak since the start of the season, they are only one point worse than their first eight league games compared to last season when they eventually rallied to the title. Even more important than the one-point lead over runner-up Hearts, who will host the first game after the international break against Ibrox, is his six-point lead over a Celtic team that would be expected to be the biggest Challenge poses to her crown. At the same stage of last year's title race, Celtic was just one point behind Gerrard's men and had a game in hand. “But we have to think it's a positive place, considering that we're not in top shape yet or haven't found the spark or slice of life that a lot of people keep mentioning. “The plan was to have Scott Arfield back on the team (against Hibs) but he got an illness from his daughter at school that was not related to Covid. “What we have found as a staff and what I have certainly found this season are curve balls that come towards you on the left, right and in the middle. You have to adapt and try to deal with it. As a team and cadre, we are (in dealing with it) because we are where we want to be. But we can still get better and that's the positive in my view. ”© Rangers midfielder John Lundstram was praised by manager Steven Gerrard for his man of the game. Striker Alfredo Morelos saw the Rangers dominate the territory and possession against Hibs, even before the guests were reduced to 10 men in the 30th minute by Ryan Porteous' dismissal. Hibs proved to be a tough nut to crack as they vigorously defended Kevin Nisbet's eighth-minute opener, but Gerrard was delighted with the physical effort of his players as they ultimately prevailed with goals from substitutes Kemar Roofe and Morelos. "I saw that with my team (leaving everything out on the pitch)," he said. “I saw Ianis Hagi lean over and fight for breath. © Midfielder Scott Arfield missed the Rangers league game against Hibs due to illness. We never waited, we're after Hibs. “Her goal was against the game, but from her point of view it was a fantastic goal. We have to defend this situation better. But for the majority of the game, the overall picture, I was really happy with our performance. “They say we had to work hard for it, but that wasn't a surprise because Hibs started the season well, they are in a good place. Jack trained them well, they are a good football team. “So we expected a tough challenge. It got a bit complicated when we conceded a goal after eight minutes, but I think it was against the way the game went. “We controlled it for most of the game, we played really nice football. Another plus for Gerrard was the performance of John Lundstram. After a slow start to his Rangers career, the former Sheffield United man emerges as a more than capable substitute for veteran Steven Davis in midfield. "I thought he was outstanding," said Gerrard. Steven Davis went to the fountain for us, he ran hard (in that game). He is 36 years old and will now play big, important qualifiers (for Northern Ireland). “So it made sense (to start John versus Hibs). We knew that at some point we would need Davos control and maturity. But I'm not surprised that John was voted Man of the Game, I thought he was outstanding in everything he did. "