Adele Roberts announces she is cancer free

The 43-year-old TV and radio star was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in October 2021 and has shared her experiences of chemotherapy and surgery since her diagnosis. (Author: Gardener)

Adele RobertsRadio 1 presenter Adele Roberts has revealed she is "cancer free". The 43-year-old TV and radio star was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in October 2021 and has shared her experiences of chemotherapy and surgery since her diagnosis. Posting a photo of herself jumping for joy outside the hospital on Monday, the DJ revealed that it was "the day I've been waiting for" when she received the scan results from her doctor. Adele posted photos of herself and her doctor, Dr. Khan sent an emotional message, writing: "Angels on earth. The day I've been waiting for "Hearing the words 'You are cancer free' absolutely took my breath away. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Although I prayed that Dr. Khan told me that, I didn't think my head would let me believe it until I heard it. "Everything we've been through seems to be spinning around in my body and life is feeling a bit surreal right now... BUT I AM SO GRATEFUL! "I'm also in awe of anyone involved with cancer. The courage, strength, determination... and sometimes humor you displayed was nothing short of superhuman.” You are warriors and it is thanks to seeing you so strong that it kept me going. "Sometimes it took all my strength to get out of bed and face the day, but I made it anyway. Every day I made sure I did something to fucking make you cancer. It's taken too many of us. Adele went on to thank her loved ones, including her friend Kate Holderness, writing: "Thank you to my family, my friends, everyone who took the time to message me, send love or positive thoughts. You kept me going and helped me kill this beast. That's one thing that Dr. Khan said to me. Dealing with cancer can be confusing, but that's the only thing I have control over.” “My body might have been dying – it still hurts so much right now – but there was no way I was going to let it destroyed my spirit.” “If anything, it has made me happier than ever. Walking through the darkness gave me the light. It changed me, gave me my little stoma Audrey, brought amazing people into my life and now it's time for me to really start really living. "Thank you to Dr. Kahn, his team and the whole NHS. Thank you for saving my life.' 'Thanks to my Kate. The reason I had the strength to get up every morning. In this life and in the next.' The DJ underwent colostomy surgery to remove a colon tumor last year and told her followers at the time that "this little ostomy bag helped save my life". In a colostomy, one end of the large intestine (part of the intestine) is rerouted through an opening (stoma) in the abdomen. A bag is placed over the stoma to collect feces. Adele's partner Kate has been looking after her on her own, and the star told Hello! "It sounds strange, but it has brought us closer than ever. I've always loved Kate, but since my diagnosis I've seen a different side of her. Holderness added: "I've always been a shy person but Adele's illness released a power in me I never knew I had."


Petracca good, Oliver great, but Jack Viney is the real hero as the Dees get back on track

Playing third wheel into one of the best midfield doubles in recent memory can't be an easy task. While Clayton Oliver and Christian… (Author: Gardener)

PetraccaPlaying third wheel into one of the best midfield doubles in recent memory can't be an easy task. While Clayton Oliver and Christian Petracca Brownlow collect votes, win Norm Smith medals and generally get the lion's share of the credit for Melbourne's best performances, Jack Viney has been content to get his hands dirty, fight wildly, place to create for his star teammates and generally do all the plowhorse work in the game's best midfield. The man who's essentially been captain in wait since he was 16 relinquished that role to Max Gawn and watched as he led the Dees to that fairytale flag last year. The name Viney is royal in Melbourne; Despite being a team player and Premiership player, Jack certainly burned at least a little deep inside that he wasn't the one to lift the trophy on that magical night in Perth. As he leapfrogged the Dees with Gawn on the touchline with a sore ankle and his team were thrown off their seat by three straight losses against the opponent who had usurped them up the ladder in Brisbane, it was a night like for Vine made. If you haven't watched the game or just been keeping an eye on the stats, Oliver and Petracca seem to have done their part of the heavy lifting in a 64-point smack. The former recovered from a slow start and looked clinical in the guts, winning clearances like they were on offer and snatching the ball more than anyone up close. Petracca's explosiveness looked back after a lull that coincided with the demolition of the Dees; Once again finding room on the flanks at sheer speed, the added dimension of his brutal mix of power and speed slicing the lions apart all night. Instead, he goes into the game harder than anyone else in the game, harder than someone of his stature is truly entitled to. When he can't win it, he grabs it like a demon. We knew all this about Viney, to be sure: but with Oliver and Petracca stealing the spotlight, it's easy to overlook how elite his hands are. If Tom Liberatore has the fastest hands in the game, the Demons' number seven isn't far behind. Don't sleep on his kicks either: A beautiful pass under a stuttering lion to Petracca's chest, amid a sea of ​​maroon and blue, displayed a left foot worthy of Daniel Rich. No matter which Lion was going for him, if Viney didn't have time to unload before they arrived, that wasn't a problem. A quick arm jab for a split second of space - more than enough time to get the Dees going. There's been a lot of talk about the Demons' push falling off a cliff this year, but their fights to clear it were a more direct cause of their slippage. Tonight, after a quarter-time tie, they would win the stat 46-35. Contested possessions were also a loss - 170 to 133, with Viney contributing 19 and Oliver 21. Tackling was immense too, especially in the third quarter when the game was ripped to pieces at 6.6 to a lone major. After just eight tackles through quarter-time, the Dees shot up to 26 at halftime and finished with 67. Not significantly greater than their effort in their three losses, but the second-term pressure gauge of 216, courtesy of Fox Footy, was pretty safe . It wasn't just the clearances either; It was the speed of ball movement going into 50 that cut the lions to pieces. Oliver's kicking is still not quite at his all-time best - it wasn't like he was lacing kicks within 50 to lead forward. But the Dees appeared better prepared to get it within 50 - running forward in waves of stoppages, creating overlaps and allowing James Harmes, Tom Sparrow and even Jackson, a midfielder by trade, to get on the scoreboard. When the ball went too far, there were Demons Smalls in numbers too - Brandon Starcevich, Noah Answerth and debutant James Tunstill will have sleepless nights on the speed, list and finishing class of Kysaiah Pickett, Charlie Spargo, Toby Bedford and many others have others. The Dees struggled for a month to surpass 60, hitting triple digits without breaking a sweat - and with 37 shots on goal, the damage could have been even greater. Viney wasn't the only unsung hero. Harmes won't get a Brownlow vote for his tagging job at Lachie Neale, but after the Lions star threatened to tear the game apart with four clearances within the first ten minutes, two of which led directly to Brisbane goals, he was almost none factor . Harmes' presence on the defensive side of center bounces also gave Viney, Oliver and Petracca the freedom to charge forward in waves, much like the 2021 Grand Finals as they have been at any point this season. It basically meant that Steven May, who was rusty after basically a month out, didn't even have to be at his best. Instead, as the Lions charged forward, it was Jake Lever with four intercept marks at half-time and Angus Brayshaw, again flicking from defense to wing and everywhere in between, standing in their way. If there had been a more influential player on the ground than Viney, it could only have been Lever, looking back at his 2021 best for the first time in an injury-interrupted year. Viney had been one of the few demons who could keep his head up through his three straight losses; He put up an amazing 12 tackles against Collingwood on the Queen's birthday and 28, 32 and 33 touches respectively in those losses. Suddenly, however, with Petracca back at his best and Oliver more impactful than ever, those small, incremental victories by Viney at the coal mine began to have real impact. This is a group that clearly loves each other very much - groups of teammates who will be congratulating after a booty, a crowd gathering around Viney after a particularly tough clash last term, the list of good signs goes on. The Lions will probably be fine - they're a different beast at home and have enough wins to be confident of finishing in the top four, if not the top two. But that can't be more than a serious reality check and validation of officially the best team in town.


How WWE Raw and AEW Dynamite Are the Same (And How They're Different)

WWE Raw and AEW Dynamite go their own way, but despite the differences, these companies have a lot in common. (Author: Gardener)

AEW DynamiteMonday Night Raw and AEW Dynamite are the two flagship shows for their respective promotions. These are the wrestling nights that wrestling fans tune into each week to learn more about the storylines and see the fights. Both shows are vital for any business as they bring in the ratings and provide the TV time to progress the storylines towards PPV events. Both WWE and AEW are huge promotions with overloaded rosters, and for that reason they each have multiple shows to tell their stories and make sure everyone gets enough TV time. But while both have different shows, they can only have one flagship event each week. For WWE, that's Raw and for AEW, that's Dynamite. Of course, both Monday Night Raw and AEW Dynamite feature a lot of professional wrestling matches, because that's what the shows are ultimately about. However, the difference in quality to the in-ring product is obvious to anyone who watches both regularly. WWE Stars wrestle in a certain style that is often safer than most as they tend to hold things back for the PPV events. Celebrities in wrestling might be best used at big events like WrestleMania, but when WWE or AEW are in town, it usually happens when there's someone famous. Sometimes this can be the local sports team's invitation to have a front row seat and be featured during a game, but other times it will be for in-ring or backstage segments where the celebrities will be included in the show. While it doesn't happen every week, Monday Night Raw most often begins with a promo segment, whether with just one person or with multiple stars speaking. On the other hand, AEW Dynamite usually kicks off with a ton of energy, as Tony Khan usually books a big match for the start of the show to make things feel as important as possible when fans get wild early on. Commentaries are an important part of professional wrestling as they are responsible for telling the stories, adding important details and making sure people understand what is happening. Every major wrestling show has them, and both AEW Dynamite and Monday Night Raw opt for three-man booths. On Raw, it's typically Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton, while on Dynamite, it's usually Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur filling those roles. Authority figures in professional wrestling have been used regularly over the years, and it's not unique to WWE. However, Vince McMahon loves to push this on his shows, evidenced by the fact that Adam Pearce currently fills that role on Raw and SmackDown. Not even Tony Khan is taking on that role, and instead it's just known that he's the person booking the games, and that's all that needs to happen. Wrestling is often very serious as the main stories of both WWE and AEW are filled with drama that draws people in and makes them invest. But professional wrestling is supposed to be a variety show, and that's something both Monday Night Raw and AEW Dynamite get right. Monday Night Raw often features a lot of good wrestling, but WWE rarely gives away PPV-quality matches on free television. While some see that as good business and getting fans to pay for the larger encounters, the fact that AEW is giving them away for free makes the show even more important. Whether it's huge AEW World Championship fights or big competitive fights like Blood and Guts, there's always something massive on the map for fans to look forward to and that helps make these shows feel like a must-watch in the feel like watching TV. Something that both WWE and AEW are working hard to make Raw and Dynamite feel like huge shows. Every company puts a lot of effort into the set design, the pyro, and the overall presentation of the product to make them feel as important as possible. While some promotions only put that kind of effort into their PPVs, that's not the case with these two shows as they have a great feel that helps make them even more entertaining. Dynamite typically only offers one women's game per week, which is a big issue that fans would like to see Tony Khan address at some point in the future. On the other hand, Monday Night Raw regularly features countless women's segments, often with the ladies getting to have the main event of the show without it being viewed as a big deal, as it has to be for AEW. It's one of the strengths that Raw has over Dynamite, as it allows for more variety.


Middlesbrough expects breakthrough in Tottenham's Spence transfer pursuit

Middlesbrough expect Tottenham to finalize a deal to sign Djed Spence this week, talkSPORT understand. Boro is asking for a £15m fee (Author: Gardener)

TottenhamMiddlesbrough expect Tottenham to finalize a deal to sign Djed Spence this week, talkSPORT understand. The 21-year-old is in hot demand this summer after an impressive campaign with Nottingham Forest last season. During his season on loan at the City Ground, during which he won promotion, Spence made 46 appearances for the club, scoring three goals and scoring a further five. Should the deal go through as expected, Spence would become Spurs' fifth signing of the summer after deals for Yves Bissouma, Ivan Perisic, Fraser Forster and most recently Richarlison, who joined from Everton for a fee of £60million. The full-back is undeniably a top talent but a future at Middlesbrough always seemed unlikely after a falling out with then-manager Neil Warnock that led to his loan spell at Nottingham Forest. However, the 73-year-old said he was delighted that Spence was getting the recognition he deserved. Speaking at the TalkSPORT breakfast, his former Boro boss said: "To be honest I've had a few clashes with Djed as managers do. "But I'm glad to see the penny seems to have dropped because as I told him face to face it could go either way. "I said to him: 'You could play for Bromley next year or you could play in the Premier League'. "It looks like he will play in the Premier League so good luck to him."


Boris Johnson formally rejects Nicola Sturgeon's request for Indyref2

Boris Johnson formally rejects Nicola Sturgeon's request for Indyref2 (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has officially rejected Nicola Sturgeon's request for a second independence referendum in one of his final acts as Prime Minister. As pressure mounted on Mr Johnson to quit, Ms Sturgeon released a letter sent to her on Wednesday, saying he had "carefully considered" her request for a delegation of powers to hold a new separation vote on October 19 next year to hold However, the Prime Minister told Ms Sturgeon he "could not agree that now is the time to come back to a question that the people of Scotland answered unequivocally" in 2014, when 55 per cent of Scots supported staying in the UK. Mr Johnson told Ms Sturgeon: "I have carefully considered the arguments you have put forward for a transfer of power from the UK Parliament to the Scottish Parliament to hold another referendum on independence. "As our country faces unprecedented challenges at home and abroad, I cannot agree that now is the time to return to a question that was unequivocally answered by the people of Scotland in 2014." To be clear, Scotland will have the opportunity to opt for independence - I hope in a referendum on 19 October 2023, but if not by general election. Ms Sturgeon insisted that despite Mr Johnson's refusal, Scotland will have "the opportunity to opt for independence - I hope for a referendum on 19 October 2023". Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain, Ms Sturgeon's senior barrister, has asked the Supreme Court to rule on whether Holyrood would have the authority to hold a referendum that day without the UK Government's authorization. However, the vast majority of pundits believe it is almost certain that the Supreme Court will refuse to uphold Holyrood's right to call its own referendum and is far from certain that it will agree to any ruling at all. Ms Sturgeon acknowledged that if she didn't get Supreme Court approval, she would have to resort to her controversial "Plan C" option - trying to call for the next general election is actually a "de facto" independence referendum. The SNP called for snap general elections on Wednesday but refused to say whether they would be held as a "de facto referendum". Failure to do so would mean Ms Sturgeon would not be able to implement her plan until the next general election in 2027. Ian Blackford, the SNP's Westminster leader, urged Boris Johnson to call an election, contradicting one of his bosses MP, Alyn Smith, who had said hours earlier the SNP did not want one. However, he refused to say whether the SNP would hold an election on the "single issue" of independence, even though that is part of Ms Sturgeon's plan to create a Scottish state. Opposition parties said the position exposes the "ridiculousness" of Ms Sturgeon's plan, revealed just last week, to try to claim a general election is actually a referendum on leaving Britain. Asked Tuesday whether a snap election would be held as a de facto referendum, Mr Blackford said: "Obviously if there's an election before that [the Supreme Court ruling], we're going to think long and hard about how to hold it." fight election. An SNP spokesman later said that independence would be "at the heart" of any forthcoming election campaign. However, he refused to say whether this would be Ms Sturgeon's planned campaign for a "de facto referendum" on a single issue. Wendy Chamberlain, LibDem MP for North East Fife, said current events in Westminster "throw a humiliating spotlight on the utter ridiculousness of the SNP's plan to make the next election a so-called de facto referendum". She added: "Nicola Sturgeon should say if her party intends to run in future general elections on independence alone. "SNP MPs would look ridiculous if they had absolutely nothing to say about the NHS emergency or the cost of living crisis, but it's clear these issues are always second fiddle to Nicola Sturgeon when it comes to bringing the United Kingdom to dissolve." A spokesman for the SNP said: "We would welcome an election and place independence at the heart of providing Scotland with a durable alternative to the rotten, broken and corrupt Westminster system that is causing so much damage. "


New York raises age to buy semi-automatic guns after mass shooting in US

HOUSTON. KAZINFORM Echoing US President Joe Biden's request to raise the age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21, New York state on Monday did just that. (Author: Gardener)

New YorkKAZINFORM Echoing US President Joe Biden's request to raise the age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21, New York state on Monday did just that. "Thoughts and prayers won't fix this, but strong action will," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said as she signed law raising the age for purchasing a semi-automatic rifle in the state to 21, reports the Anadolu Agency. Shots are fired, flags are fired and nothing changes except here in New York,” she continued. Under the new law, New Yorkers under the age of 21 will not be allowed to purchase semi-automatic assault weapons, making New York one of the first states to enact major gun control laws after a string of deadly mass shootings in the United States. Two of the recent fatal shootings involved gunmen under the age of 21. An 18-year-old gunman went on a rampage at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 students and two teachers. Another 18-year-old gunman shot dead ten people at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York. In addition to raising the age for purchasing semi-automatic rifles to 21, the state's new gun control measures also include requiring micro-stamping in new firearms, which could help investigators solve gun-related crimes. New York is also revising its "Red Flag" law, which allows courts to temporarily confiscate guns from people who might pose a threat to themselves or others. “In New York we are bold and decisive. We're tightening the warning signs to keep guns away from dangerous people," Hochul said.


Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner said "showing integrity" despite the "silence" of the police investigation.

The integrity of SIR KEIR STARMER has been questioned in connection with the so-called "Beergate" scandal. (Author: Gardener)

Keir StarmerThe Labor Party leader has been investigated by Durham Constabulary after allegations he was involved in a social gathering while the country was under strict lockdown rules. Durham Constabulary is investigating whether the rules were broken after Sir Keir was caught on camera drinking a pint in an MP's office after a day of campaigning for the Durham local elections in April 2021. A party spokesman said last month that Sir Keir and Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner had returned questionnaires to the police who were conducting the inquiry. Both the Labor leader and Ms Rayner have said they will resign if they are handed firm notices. At the time of the gathering, non-essential retail and outdoor areas, including outdoor dining areas, were open, but social distancing rules, which included a ban on indoor mixing between households, were still in effect. Labor has argued that food was consumed between work events, meaning this was within the rules. Sir Keir and Ms Rayner have come under intense scrutiny from political opponents, who have called for the findings of the inquiry to be made public. It follows that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have both been fined for lockdown breaches. Mr Johnson has defied calls for his resignation over the Partygate scandal. Susan Hall, who is leading the Tories in the London Assembly, tweeted on Sunday (3 July): "The silence at Beergate is deafening. She continued: "Boris was fined and paid, as was Rishi - I'm sure Keir and Angie would have the integrity to do the same... The hunt for the Holy Grail took less time than your investigation into Beergate. “How long does it take, how long should it take, to investigate an event? True that [Durham Police] should be thorough and cover all bases, but doesn't it look more like a political framework than a police investigation into a lockdown breach?" A Durham Constabulary spokesman said: "This is an active police force investigation and we do not intend to make any further comment until this investigation is complete." NOT TO BE MISSED: To date, no one is known to have been fined over Beergate, while more than 50 fines have been issued by London's Metropolitan Police over Partygate Sir Keir's followers rushed to his defense in response to online criticism, citing Chris Pincher's resignation from the government in the wake of allegations that he groped two men at the Carlton Club in Piccadilly, London, with demands to explain what he said about the allegations improper conduct regarding Chris Pincher before he came into the office r Tory whips was appointed. The Prime Minister is said to have approached the MP for Tamworth as "pincher by name, pincher by nature" before appointing him Deputy Chief Whip in February. He has been brought in, along with Chief Whip Chris Heaton-Harris, to bolster support for the Prime Minister amid growing unrest among Tory MPs over revelations about lockdown parties at Downing Street. It is the second time Mr Pincher has resigned from the office of whips after Conservative candidate Alex Story accused him of making improper progress in 2017. He referred to the police and the Conservative Party's complaints procedure.


Prince Andrew could be thrown out of Windsor Castle after Maxwell's sentencing, experts say

Royal pundits have insisted the disgraced duke cannot be 'swept away' forever, with discussions likely going on behind the scenes at the palace about evicting Prince Andrew from the royal estate (Author: Gardener)

Prince AndrewPrince Andrew is likely to be thrown out of Windsor Castle and forced to fend for himself as attention turns to the disgraced king following the sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell, experts have said. The Duke of York has kept a low profile since paying Virginia Giuffre an estimated £12million settlement, which the Queen is said to have contributed to following her sexual assault allegations against him. He was due to perform at a Thanksgiving service for the Queen last month during her platinum jubilee but canceled the day before after a Buckingham Palace spokesman said the Duke had signed Covid. Prince Andrew was also reportedly barred from the annual Garter Day service at Windsor Castle in June after a last-minute intervention by senior royals, despite his name being on the official bylaws. However, royal experts have insisted he cannot be 'swept away' forever, claiming discussions are likely going on behind the scenes at the palace to remove him from the royal estate. They're going to take him out of the Royal Lodge and give him to someone else," Nigel Cawthorne, author of Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell and the Palace, told i. She hasn't done much for the royal family either," he added, referring to the Duke's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who has shared the £30million villa in the grounds of Windsor Castle with Prince Andrew Cawthorne since 2004 , Maxwell's 20-year sentence, handed down last week, is likely to draw further criticism of the royal family for allowing Prince Andrew sanctuary at the estate rather than putting an end to the affair. After the verdict, lawyers for Maxwell's victims said the FBI should next investigate Prince Andrew, with questions still surfacing about his ties to the British media heir, who appears alongside Andrew and wife Giuffre in a controversial image that surfaced in 2019. "I just can't see a way back for him now," said Mr. Cawthorne. "Various victims in the Maxwell case are urging the FBI to continue their investigation into Prince Andrew, so it's highly unlikely he'll be able to go anywhere -- certainly not to the US." to speak to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2020. US investigators petitioned the UK government to subpoena the Duke to testify through a MLA request to the Home Office, bypassing Buckingham Palace. The move would allow the FBI to force Prince Andrew to testify under oath in a British court. However, the Duke has yet to be questioned. In the FBI's most recent comment on the matter, US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said in 2020 that Prince Andrew offered "zero cooperation." The Duke is said to have been "angry and confused" by the claims and insisted he had received no such request. But while he might think he's protecting the monarchy by not speaking to the FBI, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams thinks he could actually do it more harm. "Theoretically, it would be better if he cooperated with the FBI, but the point is, he didn't," he told i. "It has been clear for some time that there is no future for him as a working member of the royal family. David Boies, Ms Giuffre's lawyer, announced earlier this year that "there is no confidentiality clause" to her out-of-court settlement with Prince Andrew, leaving the door open to more damaging allegations. He also said the settlement did not prevent his client from filing criminal charges against the Duke. Prince Andrew has already been stripped of his military appointments, patronage and mission from "His Royal Highness", leaving him with little to lose publicly should further allegations surface. "The York brand is too toxic to return," Mr Fitzwilliams told i. "The job of the royal family now is to give him something to do outside of the public eye. "His job is not what appears to be his intention at the Garter Day ceremony to make a public appearance. "It's been a while since he's been swept out of the public eye. There seems little doubt that Prince Andrew will not return to his public duties. But questions remain about what his life would be like outside of the royal flock. "There's been talk of him doing some kind of charity work, but the problem is: what charity would want him?" said Joe Little, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. "I see no reason to change that now that Maxwell has been convicted. Obviously, Prince Andrew is something of an ongoing problem.” Aside from being spotted horseback riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle last week, Prince Andrew has not appeared in public since he welcomed the Queen to Prince Philip's memorial service in March who accompanied Westminster Abbey. "Following the conviction [of Maxwell], attention is now turning back to him with speculation as to what to do next," Mr Little told i. "I don't think he's going to be any better." Prince Andrew doesn't qualify for funding from the Sovereign Grant, which turns over certain senior taxpayer money to the royals, meaning he's likely to receive financial aid from the Queen. This has led some critics to note that while he may be relatively sheltered for now, things will become much more difficult for him once Prince Charles becomes king. "If Prince Charles takes the throne, there is no chance of Prince Andrew returning to public life," Cawthorne said. Mr Cawthorne reckons the Royal Family are likely to hold crisis talks over how to deal with Prince Andrew in the event of the Queen's death.


Injured Rafael Nadal fights back to beat Taylor Fritz in Wimbledon thriller

Injured Rafael Nadal fights back to beat Taylor Fritz in Wimbledon thriller - latest reaction (Author: Gardener)

Injured Rafael NadalA battered Rafael Nadal conjured up one of his more extraordinary Grand Slam wins by surviving a five-set fight against Taylor Fritz to reach the Wimbledon semifinals. It was American Fritz who halted Nadal's victorious start to the season after 20 games in the Indian Wells final in March when the Spaniard was hampered by a fractured rib and it seemed like history was about to repeat itself. Nadal appeared ready to retire at several points after undergoing treatment for a stomach issue, but instead dug in as only he can to record a 3-6, 7-5, 3-6, 7 -5, 7-6 (4) to achieve victory and keep his hopes alive of becoming the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to win all four Grand Slam titles in the same season. Next comes a delicious round of 16 match against Nick Kyrgios, but the big question remains if Nadal's body is really capable of surviving two more games. Another dramatic day at Wimbledon and tomorrow promises to be just as special with the women's semifinals. Relive Nadal's victory over Fritz below. Then Nick is a great player on all surfaces but especially on grass. He's having a great grass season. Nadal has yet to be beaten in a Grand Slam match this year. Will he win Wimbledon with stomach problems? For many moments I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the game, but the crowd, the energy, thank you for that. Honestly, I really enjoy playing these types of matches in front of you guys. For me personally, it wasn't an easy game at all, so it's great to be in the semifinals. When Nadal learns he will face Nick Kyrgios in the next round, the crowd at Center Court reacts negatively to the controversial Australian. Nadal's backhand goes long, 5-2. 128mph ace by Fritz, 5-3. Off balance, Fritz hits a backhand into the tramline, 6-3. Another desperate leap from Fritz to get a Nadal drop shot, but Nadal tucked the volley away, 7-3. Nadal's first serve not returned by Fritz, 8-3. Nadal forehand winner across the board, 9-3. Diving volleyball by Fritz Lang, 1-0. Nadal hits a dropshot, but Fritz catches it but nets, 4-0. Fritz Volley winner to keep his hopes alive, 5-1. And we go into a tiebreak if Fritz's return is long. Fritz forehand winner across the board, 30-0. Big forehand down the line from Nadal and Fritz cuts a forehand long, 30-15. Fritz hits back into the corner with a forehand winner. Fritz hits a forehand return, 40-15. Nadal somehow gets through after dealing an overhead, Fritz responds with a forehand but Nadal comes in with a sensational backhand volley winner. Another tricky hold for Fritz as he's brought up to 30-30. He responds with a nice angled forehand winner, 40-30. Nadal then hits back with another carefully hit backhand drop shot, Deuce. hold Fritz backhand winner. Fritz is one set away from the semifinals again. Wonderful half volley from Fritz at the end of a grueling rally, 15-30. Fritz slices a defensive backhand into the Tramlines, 30-30. Nadal misses his dropshot, Fritz flicks a forehand at Nadal's feet and the Spaniard hits a scooped backhand wide, break point. Sweet dropshot from Nadal and Fritz can't get his answer back in play, 0-30. Good approach shot from Fritz, he was supposed to parry the volley but he hits, two break points. Fritz saves the first with an unreturned first serve. Fritz with the backhand hits the top of the net and falls on Nadal's side, wow. Nadal backhand volley winner, second break point. Big wide serve from Fritz and he finishes the point with a forehand winner. Fritz can't get out of this game as we enter a fourth two. Nadal bullies Fritz with a series of forehands and Fritz nets, break point. Nadal's forehand on the line, Fritz scrambles to the right and gets the ball back, but Nadal finishes with a cautious drop shot to win the point. Nadal intervenes to hold serve again, looking for energy from his support box. Fast service by Fritz. Have to say Nadal's serve looks strong again. Spending previous sets doesn't seem to be hindering him at this time. And there's nothing wrong with his backhand when he intervenes and drills a cross-court winner. Nadal's trademark wide serve followed by a forehand into the corner to save. Timely ace by Fritz, 40-30. And he holds when Nadal lays down a forehand return. In the last sentence there is pressure on the scoreboard, Fritz will be happy that he serves first. Can he complete what once looked like an unlikely victory? How will Fritz react to the disappointment of losing the previous set? He's holding on to love. Bit of luck for Nadal as his forehand cuts the net, the ball falls low and Fritz blasts a long backhand, 15-0. Fritz backhand long down the line, 30-0. 108mph Nadal ace, three set points. And we go five to center while Nadal whips a forehand over the line that hits the baseline. Nadal forehand winner, 0-30. Great rally, both men at full stretch but Nadal hits his forehand, 15-30. Nadal then puts his hands on his head after putting a forehand down the tramlines, that was a bad mistake, 30-30. Fritz goes up the line with a backhand but puts it in the lane, break point. Fritz slaps the line up, they say. Fritz challenges, but the ball is long. Nadal will serve for the set next. Perfect start from Fritz as he beats a forehand winner down the line, 0-15. Nadal responds with a forehand winner of his own. Chance for Fritz to make the pass but he hits a forehand, 30-15. Nadal runs around his backhand to corner a forehand and Fritz can't get the ball back in play. 184 km/h ace to hold by Nadal. That was one of his biggest serves in a long time. Double faults from Fritz, his third of the game, 15-30. Back-to-back serves first in the game and this allows Fritz to get to 40-30. Vintage Nadal as he steps onto back foot and whips a forehand over the line, deuce. Deep Nadal forehand down the line and defensive forehand cut by Fritz is long, breakpoint. A series of deep forehands from Fritz and he ends up with a forehand winner, wow. Fist pump from Fritz to his support box as he holds as Nadal netts a forehand. Nadal will serve next to stay in the game. Nadal's backhand goes long, breakpoint Fritz. Nadal hits another forehand and Fritz breaks again. Fritz keeps in touch with Nadal, who makes a mistake that allows the American to hold. Fritz looks at a second serve from Nadal but delivers a long 30-15 return. 96mph wide ace by Nadal, 40-15. Nadal is currently relying heavily on the drop shot to help him out. But Fritz comes about through this service game. Nadal forehand only long, 15-30. Nadal with consecutive drop shot winners. Fritz puts up a great defense to stay in the point but then hits a forehand. Three instant break points for Nadal. Nadal gives away the first as he lays a long forehand. Fritz saves the second with a top-spin forehand that just barely hits the baseline. But Fritz can't save the third as he puts down a long backhand. Three rest breaks to start the set. Nadal forehand down the line, defensively cut forehand by Fritz, but Nadal tucks away an easy volley. Nadal double faults, two. Nadal with a cut backhand on the line and Fritz responds with a backhand winner, breakpoint. Nadal slices a backhand into the net. Nadal just doesn't give up and creates a break point chance with a flicked forehand winner. Nadal breaks! Fritz hits a deep approach but Nadal puts the ball back in play, Fritz then hits a ball way too short and that allows Nadal to step in and corner a backhand winner. Fritz takes the set and is one set away from a first Grand Slam semifinal. First serve from Fritz extends Nadal, Fritz steps forward and puts a backhand winner on the line, 30-15. Another winner, this time from the forehand wing, by Fritz lets him hold. Nadal refuses to lower his level as he stays at 15. Fritz confidently holds as he extends his lead with an ace. The American has the match under control again. Great anticipation from Fritz reading Nadal's forehand and he whips out a forehand that wins the line 30-15. Nadal holds the winner with a whipped forehand. Fritz forehand on the line, Nadal shuffles over to get it but doesn't look comfortable, 15-15. Another forehand from Fritz in Nadal's forehand side and the Spanish nets. Fritz goes on the attack and Nadal hits a backhand, 15-30. Nadal's serve speed is still hovering around the 100-mile mark. Nadal long forehand, break point. Fritz makes his way to a quick love handle. Nadal, the ultimate fighter that he is, holds at 15. I don't think it's too unkind to say that Fritz bottled this set. Nice lob by Fritz over Nadal's head, 15-15. Nice wide serve from Fritz and he backs it up with a wrong-footed forehand winner, 30-15. Nadal backhand volley winner. He breaks and wins the set. Oooooh and ahhhhs from the crowd as both players nearly miss, but it's Fritz who eventually collapses at 30-15. Nadal somehow summons up the energy to drag his opponent left and right, and Fritz's backhand goes wide, 40-15. Nadal holds again to secure a tiebreak if Fritz return is long. It definitely looks like a low stomach issue for Vamos-Rafa. I noticed he threw the serve more to leave that 2nd set - Brad Gilbert (@bgtennisnation) July 6, 2022 103mph first serve from Nadal, that's well under his usual number. But he kind of fights through the pain, hitting back-back-forehand winners to hold serve and stay in the match. Nadal returns to court but it remains to be seen how fit he is. Fritz easily endures love. Raised touch from Fritz with a backhand dropshot, 15-30. Nadal is rushed by a deep Fritz return, breakpoint. He saves it with a forehand winner but Nadal looks disabled. But Nadal responds with a forehand return winner down the line, 40-15. Fritz hits a backhand, 40-30. Fritz hits a backhand, 40-30. Fritz hits a backhand, 40-30. Fritz hits a backhand, 40-30. And another as he was pushed wide by Nadal's return. Fritz responds to the pressure by retrieving and holding his first serve. Back-to-back deep backhand from Fritz and Nadal Netze, 15-30. Back-to-back deep backhand from Fritz and Nadal Netze, 15-30. Two breaking points. Nadal initially saves when Fritz lays down a forehand. Nadal with the forehand in the net. I mean that was halfway up the net and never went in. Gotta win the service game for Fritz I guess. He makes a good start with an ace to go 30-0. Nadal hits the net with his backhand and Fritz holds. Another quick start to a set by Nadal where Fritz has been nowhere to be seen so far. He concedes the game if he nets a drop shot. Fritiz backhand is called out, the umpire overrules, Nadal challenges and Hawkeye says the ball is in. The point is replayed and Fritz nets a drop shot, two break points. Fritz forehand in the tramlines and Nadal gets the break for free. Terrible serve by Fritz. He manages to find his first serve when it matters most and holds to open the set. Fritz holds on to love in no time. Great eagerness from Fritz to get a Nadal drop shot and flick a forehand onto the line. Nadal lobs, but Fritz finishes with a backhand overhead winner, 15-30. Nadal forehand on the tram, 15-40. Fritz doesn't do enough with his forehand approach and Nadal punishes him with a forehand down the line winner, 15-30. Nadal puts a forehand in tramlines after pulling Fritz left and right. Much better from Nadal as he steps in and whips a forehand over the line for a winner, break point. Fritz finds a first serve and Nadal can't put the return back in play, Deuce. 210 km/h first serve far from Fritz and he stops. Chance for Fritz when Nadal lays down a forehand long, 0-30. Huge forehand from Fritz and Nadal in the corner, his defensive backhand nets, three break points. Nadal saves the first when Fritz shoves a forehand long. Then the second when he steps into the baseline and shoots a backhand winner down the line. And the third when Fritz lays his backhand return long. Great serve from Nadal but Fritz gets the ball back and Nadal puts his forehand in the tramline, fourth break point. Great rally, Fritz turns defense into offense with a backhand down the line, Nadal gets the volley but Fritz has an easy forehand. But thanks goes to Fritz, who fights back from 0-30 to hold serve again with a forehand winner. Excellent wide serve from Nadal, Fritz's response just crawls over the net but Nadal finishes with a backhand winner, 40-0. Better service by Fritz as he holds to 15. First ace of the game by Nadal to start the game. Another unreturned serve from Fritz allows Nadal to stay at 15. Vintage Nadal on the opening point as he whips a forehand over the line for a 0-15 winner. Early pressure on the Fritz serve as he netts a backhand, 15-30. Relief for the American as Nadal goes long 30-30 with a forehand. Fritz can't break through Nadal after a series of forehands and nets, breakpoint. Nadal takes complete control of the rally, earning a defensive lob from Fritz and tucking away the overhead. Fritz won the draw and chose to serve first. Rafael Nadal meets Taylor Fritz on center court in the men's quarterfinals. — Telegraph Sport (@TelegraphSport) July 6, 2022 The men's and women's quarterfinals continue today, with players aiming to reach the final four in their respective draws. But my focus will be on center court, where 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal takes on 11th-seeded American Taylor Fritz. The pair only met twice, but Fritz won his last match in March in Indian Wells. Nadal said: "Actually what I learned in that last game was zero because I had a stress fracture on my rib and that was difficult to learn a lot of things because honestly the pain was terrible when I played that game played."We didn't know we had a stress fracture in the rib during the game but I knew something went very wrong, very bad during the game because the pain was too bad. "It's obvious he's playing at a very, very high level, having a great season and winning games everywhere. Yes, he's already in a very high position in the race, especially with no points here. In this case it's bad for him because he has quarterfinals - finals are a lot of points. It's going to be a tough quarter-final against a great player. But at the same time we're in the quarterfinals, so you can't expect an easy opponent out there." For Fritz, this is his first Grand Slam quarterfinal, but he insists he's ready for the moment. I'd say it feels probably kind of like a Slam quarterfinals. I think it makes the occasion bigger when I play Nadal."But I try to just approach it like last time, treat it like any other game because I played well have.


Full list of government resignations over Boris Johnson leadership

Boris Johnson's prime ministership is on the brink of collapse after more than 40 Conservative MPs sensationally resigned their government posts and called on the prime minister to resign. (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson's prime ministership is on the brink after two days of sensational resignations from 46 Tory MPs in Westminster. In a historic collapse, the prime minister suffered the most resignations of any prime minister since 1932, when three cabinet ministers, 16 ministers, 22 parliamentary private secretaries, four trade envoys and one deputy chairman tendered their resignations. That's about a fifth of the total "pay vote" in the House of Commons - the number of MPs holding positions from which they would have to step down to defy the government. Children and Families Secretary Will Quince was the first to follow the initial wave of resignations when he resigned on Wednesday morning. Treasury Secretary told Mr Johnson in his resignation letter: "I can no longer reconcile my commitment to the role with "the total lack of confidence in your continued leadership of our country". But the crisis deepened when five ministers, including rising star Kemi Badenoch, the equality minister, resigned en masse with a joint letter saying the government "is unable to, given the issues that have come to light and the way they are being addressed." have been treated do not work. And the resignations continued until last night when Simon Hart resigned as third cabinet minister, stepping down as Welsh secretary. Below, MailOnline shares the full testimony of Tory MPs who have so far publicly withdrawn their support for Mr Johnson since the turbulent Tuesday night: The former Health Secretary was the first domino to fall on Tuesday night when he stunned Downing Street with an explosive letter of resignation. In a brutal farewell shot, Mr Javid said he had lost confidence in the PM and suggested the government was no longer "competent". Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak said he had "reluctantly come to the conclusion that we cannot go on like this" and that people expected the government to be "properly, competently and earnestly run". He also hinted at a split with the prime minister on economic policy, saying it has "realized to me that our approaches are fundamentally too different". Mr Sunak's resignation letter came just nine minutes after Mr Javid's at 6.11pm - but sources close to the couple insist their departure is not a joint coup. The Conservative Party Deputy Leader also resigned in spectacular fashion while going live on TalkTV during a barbecue. The Hitchin and Harpenden MP warned the PM he no longer had "the support of the party or the country". In a particularly stinging blow to the Prime Minister, one of his most loyal supporters, Mr Gullis, said he was stepping down "with a heavy heart". He wrote: "All my adult life I have been a member of the Conservative Party, a party that I believe represents opportunity for all. I feel like for too long we have been more focused on dealing with our reputational damage than working for the people of this country and creating opportunity for all, which is why I went into politics. Conservative MP Nicola Richards resigned her role as PPS to the Department for Transport, saying she could not serve "in the current circumstances". The West Bromwich East MP tweeted: "At a time when my constituents are concerned about the cost of living and I am doing my best to support them, in the current circumstances where focus is skewed I cannot leading to acting as PPS through bad judgment that I don't want to be associated with. In a letter to Boris Johnson, Mr Chalk said he was quitting "with great sadness" but added he "could not defend the untenable". He wrote: “Being in government means accepting a duty to champion difficult or even unpopular political positions where doing so serves the broader national interest. Tory MPs for Hastings and Rye Sally-Ann Hart, who backed Mr Johnson in the confidence vote last month earlier, said she could no longer support him. She tweeted: "In view of the further revelations that have come to light and the need to protect the integrity of Parliament, I am no longer in a position on behalf of my Hastings and Rye constituents to present Boris Johnson as leader of the... Conservative Party and support Prime Minister.' Secretary of State for Children and Families Will Quince was the first to follow last night's resignations when he resigned this morning. Posting his letter, he tweeted: "It is with great sadness and regret that I submitted my resignation to the Prime Minister this morning after accepting and repeating to the media on Monday assurances that have now been shown to be inaccurate." He said, "Recent events" made him realize that the Conservative Party had been "distracted by an unrelenting focus on leadership issues," a Facebook post said: "Trust in politics is - and always must be - paramount, but unfortunately it is Treasury Secretary John Glen then resigned, telling Boris Johnson: "I can no longer reconcile my commitment to the political role" with "the total lack of confidence I have in your continued leadership of ours Country have". Felicity Buchan succeeded him, stepping down from her role as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs t, energy and industrial strategy resigned. She told Mr Johnson he had lost the trust of her and her constituents. Justice Secretary Victoria Atkins, who followed Mr Glen out the door, said in her letter she had watched with "growing concern" as values ​​of "integrity, decency, respect and professionalism" had been "broken" under Mr Johnson's leadership. Jo Churchill then resigned from her role as Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, targeting Mr Johnson's "joking, self-serving approach" which, she said, "will necessarily have its limitations". Stuart Andrew, a housing minister, is the latest member of the government to resign. He said he felt "loyalty and unity" were "overriding" his sentence in recent days and said he had decided to step down after examining his "personal integrity". Selaine Saxby resigned from her role as PPS this afternoon, saying "trust, truth and integrity" are vital for politicians. She said it has been a privilege to serve at DEFRA and the Treasury Department but said she will remain loyal to the Conservative Party and its constituents. David Johnston resigned as PPS to the Department of Education with a short post on Facebook. He said the events of the last few months had "worsened the view of politics and politicians". The quintet of Tory MPs dealt a hammer blow to Mr Johnson's chances of surviving the coup as they all resigned in a devastating letter on Wednesday. Craig Williams, the PPS of new Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi, resigned around 3.20pm today. He said it was becoming "impossible" for the government to focus on "rebuilding public trust and focus on implementing good policies". He said in his letter that his constituents in Bolton "deserve more leadership". Rachel Maclean, Secretary of State for Security, said today she "could not stand by" as she called for the Prime Minister's resignation. Mike Freer, Secretary of State for Exports and Secretary for Equality, said in his resignation letter that he felt the government was "moving away from the One Nation Conservative Party" of which he had joined. Sara Britcliffe resigned as PPS at the Education Department, saying she "cannot remain part of government". Darlington MP Peter Gibson resigned as a trade PPS, saying he does not believe Boris meets the "high standards" to become Prime Minister. Ruth Edwards resigned as Scottish PPS, saying it was "a privilege to work in the Scottish office". Conservative MP Saqib Bhatti gave up his role as PPS and followed former leader Javid's example by declaring "recent events have undermined trust and standards in public life". Posting his resignation on Twitter, he wrote: "The Conservative and Union Party has always been the party of integrity and honor. Redcar and Cleveland MP Jacob Young said he would step down as parliamentary private secretary in the Department of Leveling Up and called on the prime minister to step down to "allow the country to move forward". In a letter to Boris Johnson, he said: "I hoped I didn't have to do that and you know I am grateful for all the support you have given to the people of Teesside. 'But as I told the Chief Whip and your advisers today, your position is no longer tenable. "Unfortunately, you no longer have the support of the Parliamentary Party and, having failed to heed the advice given to you, I feel I have no choice but to resign. Out of the same loyalty, I urge you to step aside now and allow the country to move forward.' The MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale has resigned as Britain's trade envoy to New Zealand after saying he was "disappointed" that Boris Johnson has not already resigned. David Mundell tweeted: "I am very disappointed that the Prime Minister did not listen to the advice of colleagues and resigned voluntarily in the interest of the country. “Earlier this week I wrote to the chairman of the 1922 Committee to confirm that I had no confidence in the Prime Minister and to ask for another vote of confidence. "Clearly such views are incompatible with the exercise of a government role and accordingly I have resigned as UK Trade Representative for New Zealand." Bury North MP James Daly has resigned as Parliamentary Private Secretary for the Department for Works and Pensions, saying he has lost confidence in the Prime Minister. In a letter to Boris Johnson, he wrote: "Recent events have made it very clear that you are sadly unable to lead our government and implement the policies that will change lives for the better and create opportunity for all. "As a result of the above, I have lost confidence in your leadership of our great party and therefore have to resign as outlined above." Conservative MP Danny Kruger has announced that following the sacking of Leveling Up Secretary Michael Gove as MP Private Secretary for the Department of Leveling Up, Housing and Communities resigns. Simon Hart resigned as Welsh minister tonight, becoming the third Cabinet minister of the day to resign. Health Secretary Ed Argar has reportedly resigned. In a letter to Boris Johnson shared on social media, Mr Argar said "changes were needed" to deliver for the country. "I was and am proud to defend that record and the opportunity to serve our country as part of this team is something I thank you for at a moment like this and am honored to have remained loyal to you since you arrived to serve Prime Minister. "However, I believe with regret that now is the time to think about the future and how we can face that future with integrity, and in this context I fear that a change is needed to do so for our party." continue to fulfill our shared ambitions for the country.' PPS at the Department of Health James Davies also resigned. "I notified the Whips earlier this morning of my intention to step down as PPS with great regret," he wrote on Twitter. "I said this would follow upon the completion of my PPS duties in the Chamber tonight for Secretary of State for Health Ed Argar MP. Conservative MP Gareth Davies has resigned as Parliamentary Private Secretary for the Department for Health and Social Care. The Grantham and Stamford MP tweeted: "It is with great regret that I have informed the Whip Office of my resignation as PPS at the Department for Health and Social Care.