Dominic Raab's plans will see Scotland hit by the Westminster Tories' chilling stance on ordinary people's rights - Naomi McAuliffe

On Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab introduced his controversial Bill of Rights to the House of Commons, officially ringing the start of a long-awaited attempt to repeal the Human Rights Act (HRA). (Author: Gardener)

Dominic Raab'sOn Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab introduced his controversial Bill of Rights to the House of Commons, officially ringing the start of a long-awaited attempt to repeal the Human Rights Act (HRA). Civil society has fought back, labeling this disastrous legislation a 'Removal of Rights Act' and making it clear that - for all the distortions coming from Downing Street - this has nothing to do with tinkering with the fringes of protecting rights, it has to do with everything so as to eliminate them entirely. The Human Rights Act is to be repealed in its entirety and the Scotland Act to be amended at the same time. What we have seen from this government in Westminster is an ongoing assault on the rights of ordinary people, aimed at wiping out accountability and having a chilling effect on freedom of expression - a kind many Brits probably thought they could they would never experience. So far, Scotland has avoided bearing the brunt of the assault on Westminster's rights - but the bill, which went to the House of Commons this week, has immeasurable implications for Holyrood. For the UK as a whole, this bill will repeal numerous fundamental rights protections, including requiring public bodies - from local authorities to the police to the state itself - to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), where the UK has introduced conflicting primary law. It will make it more difficult for someone to bring a human rights lawsuit by introducing an additional "legal threshold" that requires the plaintiff to show that they have suffered "significant harm" through the abuse of their rights. The bill proposes giving the UK the power to overrule European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgments - which is crucial for ordinary people looking for justice. It will prevent courts from finding new "positive obligations" that oblige state authorities to take active steps to protect Convention rights and will limit the use of existing ones. The judgments of the European Court of Justice have set numerous precedents in the UK and Scotland, including on state death trials; corporal punishment in schools and the rights of victims and witnesses. As well as being incorporated into Scottish law by the HRA, the Convention is protected by the Scotland Act 1998 – the law which sets out Scotland's decentralization arrangements. The Scotland Act gives the Convention enhanced effect in Scotland, as laws of the Scottish Parliament that are incompatible with the rights of the ECHR become invalid and can be overturned by the courts. The Act has had an impact on Scottish law and politics in other ways. As a result of the Scottish courts' engagement with the Convention and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice, important aspects of Scottish law have been guided and influenced by the provisions of the Convention and the HRA has led to a more rights-based approach in Scottish jurisprudence. Given the independence of the Scottish legal system and the inability of the English legislature to intervene, how will human rights be interpreted in the future? How can the UK Government legislate to repeal the HRA without creating a domino effect that tears at the very foundations of decentralization and the Scottish Parliament? The Department of Justice's most recent consultation on the UK Government's proposals took little account of the separate legal system in Scotland and only asked a vague question about reforms reflecting the different legal traditions in the UK. There has been a massive response from Scottish civil society to the consultation, but we have no confidence that the issues raised by the proposals and their implications for decentralization and the Scottish courts have been adequately addressed. Despite the backing of Westminster's Joint Human Rights Committee, calls from 150 civil society organizations for pre-legislative scrutiny of the bill were denied, leaving many, including Conservative MPs, to wonder what the government is so afraid of. That is why Amnesty, along with other leading human rights organizations in Scotland, have written to the Scottish Parliament's Constitutional, Foreign Affairs and Culture Committee, urging members to launch an urgent inquiry into the impact of these proposals on Scotland. Scotland, while not a human rights nirvana, is on a very different path. The Scottish Government intends to introduce a very different human rights law to Holyrood soon, proposing that further international legal treaties be incorporated into Scottish law. The movement towards a rights-based approach in Scotland is gaining momentum while Westminster is moving backwards. How these laws and legislators will interact in the future is hard to imagine - but the Scottish Parliament needs to take a proactive role in answering these questions.


Brock Lesnar returns and destroys Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar shockingly returned to face Roman Reigns as WWE SmackDown drew to a close. The beast incarnate has not been seen since it fought against the tribal chief in... (Author: Gardener)

Roman ReignsBrock Lesnar shockingly returned to face Roman Reigns as WWE SmackDown drew to a close. The Beast Incarnate hasn't been seen since his loss to the Tribal Chief in the much-hyped WWE Universal Title Unification Match at WrestleMania 38 in early April, but he made an impression on Friday night. After a brief introduction from Vince McMahon, Riddle started the night off in earnest when he shared a powerful video in which he cheered his main event match against Reigns before paying tribute to his injured RK bro partner Randy Orton. He fiercely excited fans for the duel and promised to celebrate to Voices - Orton's theme music - if he won the gold. What followed at the end of the night was a rousing and riveting main event that got the crowd in on the action and some perfect nearfalls had people believing a new champion was about to be crowned. Speaking after the bell, he insisted he'd promised to "destroy everyone and leave," and he would do so if there was "no one left" to beat - only for Lesnar's music to bang in as the crowd let out a loud roar "Holy shit" raged. * I do not sing. While the idea of ​​Lesnar vs. Roman again - presumably at SummerSlam - isn't the most imaginative, WWE needed a marquee match with Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, both of whom are out of action. Vince McMahon kicked off Friday night's show with a short speech to the live audience, greeting fans and reminding them of WWE's signature: "Then. Madcap won his Last Laugh match against Happy Corbin in a strong display for the rising star before crackling the mic after the bell. However, Corbin had something to say to Pat McAfee after a break, insisting he criticize and make jokes about him while referencing their NFL history. The New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Jinder Mahal and Shanky in a short match that started decently but lost steam and ended weakly when the latter's dance left his partner vulnerable to a Trouble In Paradise. A video package aired after the match revealing that The Viking Raiders are coming to SmackDown next week, which is absolutely necessary to bring some life to the tag team cover art. Sheamus kept Ridge Holland and Butch - who was hilarious as he tried to beat the Celtic Warrior - backstage as he got in the ring with Drew McIntyre and Adam Pearce to find out what his Money In The Bank ladder matches was. In one fantastic moment, Pearce Sheamus said he was in, leading to an epic glee from the Irishman, who called rival Drew a "big, dirty, hairy ass", sparking a brawl before Adam revealed Drew was in too . Speaking of Money In The Bank, Raquel Rodriguez qualified after a strong win over Shayna Baszler in a match that sadly failed to captivate the live audience - but could have used more time. If you have a celebrity story, video or pictures, please contact the entertainment team by emailing us at [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or our page Visit to submit content - we'd love to hear from you. MORE : Vince McMahon speaks to fans on WWE SmackDown hours after stepping down as CEO and Chairman amid misconduct allegations MORE : Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's daughter Simone reveals new look after WWE's name change ahead of big debut


Master class in modern pop on the Pyramid Stage

Billie Eilish, Glastonbury Review: Modern Pop Masterclass on the Pyramid Stage (Author: Gardener)

the Pyramid StageWhen Billie Eilish became the youngest person to ever headline the festival, one noise was rarely heard in Glastonbury: loud, high-pitched screams. A hard core of Eilish supporters had packed the front of the Pyramid stage and helped ensure their set was as loud and exciting as anything else in Glastonbury's 50-year history. At 20, the US superstar certainly wasn't overwhelmed by the occasion, delivering a masterclass in toned, lithe, smart, charismatic modern pop that seemed to resonate with regular, flag-waving festival veterans as well as many of their own more ( shall we say) gifted fans. The huge crowd of all ages spreading up the hill was more than welcoming and seemed truly entranced by an artist who has the voice, the songs, the style, the personality and the sheer joy of performing to deserve it counting the greats of pop - for all time, not right now. A bone-rattling bass synth and a barrage of light pyrotechnics heralded their entrance, but the opening bombast was sharply undercut by the stripped-down, compact, understated tension of opening song Bury a Friend, with a silhouette of Eilish providing a platform with her energetic movements skipping down in contrast to her soft, intimate singing. This is a big element of their particular dynamic: smooth vocals driven very high in the mix, underpinned by sleek, digitally crafted rhythms and clean, haunting keyboard hooks and plenty of backing vocal texture. It's a sound that would be very difficult to recreate live without all the wonders of modern technology, which Eilish's production certainly does not skimp on. Eilish combined high energy with smooth, intimate vocals to captivate the Glastonbury crowd - MATTHEW BAKER Eilish is backed by just two musicians, a pounding drummer who brings more live dynamics and energy to her often very understated material, and her multi- Instrumentalist co-writing older brother Finneas, who runs it all behind a keyboard, with occasional forays to play bass and guitar. Eilish plays to pre-recorded backing vocals, which she adds live, though she occasionally lets things roll along while smilingly running, jumping and twisting around like the enthusiastic star student in a particularly energetic yoga class. During a song called Getting Older (a sensitive ballad about the changes that come with growing up and reminding us that aging isn't just the concern of the elderly), some stray vocals appeared in the mix, accompanied by a audible lament: "Get that voice out. Sometimes tracks are used as a subterfuge (and may be viewed with suspicion by more analogue musicians and old-school audiences), but a younger generation is unabashedly using this technology, freed from the constraints of band arrangements, to make it happen." creating the most engrossing spectacle mankind has to offer. And what Glastonbury audiences got was an utterly sophisticated and entertaining show, vividly lit, dramatically designed and sounding absolutely fantastic. It occupied a huge stage as if it were born on it , invested and interacted with her songs with warmth and passion Eilish offered her P audience with glittering, giggling spontaneity a very human presence in the pop machine, during an acoustic interlude when she played guitarist ar with brother Finneas on their song Your Power, she discussed her dismay at news from her homeland, alluding to the fact that the Supreme US Court of Justice overturned Roe v Wade's protection of abortion rights. For such a generation-defining pop star, it's inspiring to notice the care and sensitivity that informs her smart and emotional songcraft and underpins her overall performance style. Throughout the show, she urged audiences to take care of those around them and take a moment to take care of themselves. At times, such proclamations risk a certain pious preaching, especially when aimed at audiences in a much larger age group than their usual fanbase. As she encouraged us to be calm, free and "don't give a f----about anything," a man nearby called out, "What about my gas bill?" to a roar of laughter. Nonetheless, Glastonbury audiences took it all well and joined in with Eilish's dance directions and even participated in a bout of community shouting to show solidarity with her more dedicated fan base. At just 20 years old and two albums into her career, Eilish ruled Glastonbury with much more than professionalism, popularity and youthful chutzpah. She has amazing songs, a beautiful voice, an incredible spirit and the precious ability to be herself in front of audiences of all sizes. Sign up for the free Front Page newsletter: your essential guide to The Telegraph's agenda - delivered straight to your inbox, seven days a week.


Love Island fans share shock as Davide has 'sloppy' kiss with Danica

Davide, 27, shared a private hickey with the dancer, 21, as they enjoyed a one-on-one chat during which they admitted they were interested in getting to know each other. (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandLove Island fans were left by surprise after Davide Sanclimenti "pulled out" Danica Taylor over a "sloppy" kiss in Thursday night's dramatic episode. Davide, 27, shared a private hickey with the dancer, 21, as they enjoyed a one-on-one chat during which they admitted they were interested in getting to know each other. Danica is currently linked with Luca but he told her he wasn't interested in pursuing things further because of his connection with Gemma Owen which saved Davide from re-linking after Luca was chosen. After Davide's former partner Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu hooked up with Jay Younger, he has been getting to know Danica since her arrival messed things up at the villa. And things quickly heated up on Thursday's episode when Davide kissed Danica out of the blue as they chatted about their connection. During their conversation, Danica asked Davide, "We're still vibrating and chatting. To which he replied: "I want to meet you. Danica seemed surprised by the kiss as she didn't seem to know what to say after the passionate moment. Some fans admitted they didn't think the "sloppy" kiss looked "too nice" as they said it seemed like Davide suddenly "pounced" on them to get the peck. One person wrote: "Davide kissed Danica in such a weird way lol." How did he kiss Danica like that.' A third tweeted: 'That kiss from Davide didn't look very nice.' But other viewers went as far as to claim Davide kissed Danica to "secure his place at the villa" as he later expressed an interest in newcomer Antigoni Buxton. After Davide locked lips with Danica, he told cameras at the beach hut that the kiss was a "gift" to the bombshell. But later in the episode, Davide's head appeared to be spinning as he teased that new girl Antigoni, 26, could soon be getting one of his "gifts" too. Elsewhere in Thursday's episode, loyalties were tested as Tasha Ghouri admitted feeling a spark with new guy Charlie Radnedge - despite being linked to Andrew Le Page. Charlie received a text message telling him he could pick two girls to go on a date and he chose Ekin-Su and Tasha, who seemed quite in love with him after they met in the hot tub. Meanwhile, in a preview of Friday's episode, the islanders learned they will be reuniting soon, and Andrew appeared concerned about the status of his relationship with Tasha. Despite telling Charlie early in the episode that she is very close to Andrew, she later admitted to the girls that she would have another date with the bombshell if given the chance. After their date in the hot tub, Tasha told the girls, "It was a nice date, it went better than expected." Tasha replied, "Probably yes, there's something about Charlie that intrigues me. He's different from Andrew in that, he's more mysterious I think that's the best way to explain it.' Danica Taylor encouraged Tasha not to feel bad, saying, "What you have with Andrew is pretty intense, but they are there for you and they need to find the best connection for you." The islanders then discovered there would be a reunion on Friday, leaving Andrew angry at Tasha's budding romance with Charlie. In a clip from Friday's episode, Andrew said: "In a minute Tasha wanted to go with me and now she wants to meet him. Tasha was then seen crying on the balcony as one of the girls came to comfort her.


Manchester United respond to claims Cristiano Ronaldo could sign Chelsea

The United hero has been linked with a stunning move to Stamford Bridge. (Author: Gardener)

Manchester UnitedMan Utd hero Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked with an impressive move to Chelsea (Pictures: Getty) Manchester United insist Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale and will still play at Old Trafford next season, though the Portuguese striker has been linked with an impressive move to Premier League rivals Chelsea. Ronaldo made an impressive return to United - at least on an individual basis - last season. He scored 24 goals in 38 games and was voted PFA Player of the Year. The 37-year-old signed a three-year deal when he returned to Manchester United last summer but he was linked with a move from Old Trafford during the 2021-21 season and those speculations have only increased since the end of the season. Ronaldo, who is desperate to win trophies at United and return to the Champions League, is said to be concerned about the club's transfer strategy as several deals stalled early in the transfer window. On Saturday it was reported that new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly had met Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes in Portugal, where the player's future at United and a possible move to Stamford Bridge were discussed. While Chelsea's interest in Ronaldo is unknown, Thomas Tuchel is keen to bolster his attacking options this summer after approving the departure of £97.5million flop Romelu Lukaku, who will return to Inter Milan for a season. The Blues have also been linked with Raheem Sterling and Robert Lewandowski and it seems Chelsea will be disappointed if they choose Ronaldo as United are adamant he stays there. A senior source at the club told the Manchester Evening News: "Cristiano is not for sale. We want and expect him to be with us next season." Ronaldo, who has won five Ballon d'Or awards, stressed last month that he was "happy" at Manchester United and looking forward to working under new boss Erik Ten Hag to work. Ten Hag takes over from a team that finished just sixth in the Premier League last season despite Ronaldo's goals. "I was and still am very happy to be here and what I have to say to the fans is that they are amazing," Ronaldo said. “For me the most important thing is trying to win the games and trying to win a league or a cup but I believe Manchester will be where they belong. Like I said, sometimes it takes time, but I still believe. Of course I hope we succeed because if you succeed, the whole of Manchester will succeed as well. “We are happy and excited, not only as players but also as fans. I wish him the best and let's believe we will win trophies next year.” Follow Metro Sport for the latest news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Boehly 'met with Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes to discuss move for star'

The Athletic have today claimed that Ronaldo's current situation and the idea of ​​him moving to Stamford Bridge were on the agenda of their talks. (Author: Gardener)

RonaldoChelsea owner Todd Boehly reportedly met with Cristiano Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes last week to sensationally discuss the superstar's future. The Athletic have today claimed that Ronaldo's current situation and the idea of ​​him moving to Stamford Bridge were on the agenda of their talks. Currently, the striker has 12 months left on the two-year deal he signed at United last summer and it's believed his club intend to keep him. The same source adds that it's not clear if Chelsea will actively pursue Ronaldo, who is believed to be concerned about his side's lack of transfer deals so far. His affinity with the Red Devils remains, however, and he has no problems with new coach Erik ten Hag, who is hoping to strengthen his squad soon. Bayern Munich are also said to have mooted the possibility of bringing the 37-year-old in, although figures from the Bundesliga side insist that is not the case. Superstar Ronaldo (left, with Mendes) is reportedly frustrated with United's transfer deal. The veteran was the club's top scorer last season but couldn't stop them from finishing sixth but are yet to pull transfers across the finish line. Ronaldo is determined to play at the highest level and, according to The Athletic, is keen for United to reflect his ambition by putting money on the market. The veteran could have concerns that Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham have all quickly emerged from the blocks to support their bosses while United lag behind. In a recent interview, the former Real Madrid and Juventus man said: "I was and still am very lucky to be here. Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong is a target for United but no deal has been reached yet. "I know that (Ten Hag) has done a fantastic job for Ajax and that he is an experienced coach, but we have to give him time and things have to change as he wants. "Let's believe that next year we will win trophies. I believe Manchester (United) will be where they belong. Sometimes it takes time, but I still believe in it.' Ronaldo was United's top scorer with 24 goals in all competitions last season but failed to take them to the Champions League after finishing sixth. Ronaldo is enjoying his free time on holiday in Mallorca with his family before the pre-season Ten Hag insisted he enjoys the chance with Ronaldo and a departure of the five-time Ballon d'Or winner this summer seems unlikely if he does not doing a surprising turn. Ronaldo is enjoying leisure time in Mallorca with his family as speculation mounts.


Amid transfer claims, Erik Ten Hag must find a solution that does justice to Cristiano Ronaldo

The Manchester United boss was already faced with a pressing transfer issue before he even enjoyed his first day of pre-season training as Red Devils manager (Author: Gardener)

Erik TenThe Manchester United boss has already been faced with a pressing transfer issue before he has even enjoyed his first day of training as Red Devils manager Man Utd Expect the 2022/23 season under new manager Erik ten Hag and in particular whether Cristiano Ronaldo is still in the Old Trafford will be. Ronaldo only returned to the Red Devils less than 12 months ago but is the subject of rumors suggesting he will not return to see the second year of his two-year deal he penned last summer. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner is believed to be growing impatient given United's inactivity to date in the transfer market and the rumor mill has been in overdrive, with various reports claiming he has been the subject of transfer talks with a number of clubs. not least Bayern Munich and most shockingly Chelsea. The window has now been open for over two weeks and United are yet to make their first signing of the summer. The new Premier League season is just over a month away and given the magnitude of the makeover at Ten Hag's hands, it came as a surprise that United are still awaiting his first arrival. It wasn't for lack of trying, however. Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong is said to be the club's main target, while Ajax pair Jurrien Timber and Antony have also both been linked with a reunion with their former boss. Ronaldo is apparently showing signs of excitement and the stories swirling around him all sound very similar to last summer when he left Juventus and returned to Manchester. There would be no shortage of suitors for the striker despite his age, having finished last season as United's top scorer, but whether there are ways of paying him the money he wants is another question entirely. Where will Ronaldo play football next season? There are of course still plenty of reasons to believe he will see the final year of his United contract. Ten Hag has already publicly praised Ronaldo before the two even started dating. "I look forward to working with him," said ten Hag. Of course I want to keep it. He's been very important to Manchester United this year and has great stats to his name.” Ronaldo returned the favor with some kind words of his own. Things have to change the way he wants them to. If he does well then all of Manchester United will thrive so I wish him the best. The comments make good reading from a United perspective, but both the hierarchy and the Red Devils fanbase must have a certain level of fear that these rumors are being deliberately spread to secure an exit, especially after last season was anything but went according to plan.


Chelsea offered the chance to sign Ronaldo

All the latest Man Utd transfer news, rumors and gossip... (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaMan Utd transfer news, rumors and rumors round-up in summer window 2022. West Ham make offer to sign Lingard on a free transfer West Ham United have offered Jesse Lingard's representatives to sign the player on a free transfer. Lingard will officially become a free agent on July 1 after his contract with Manchester United expires. Lingard enjoyed a successful loan spell at West Ham in the second half of the 2020/21 season as he scored nine goals in 16 Premier League starts. Nottingham Forest have agreed a deal with Manchester United to loan Dean Henderson out for the 2022/23 season. The deal does not include an option for Forest, who returned to the Premier League via the play-offs last season, to buy the England international. Henderson's United contract expires in 2025 after signing a new five-year deal in 2020. Ronaldo likely to stay at Man Utd despite alleged 'frustration' Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to stay at Manchester United this summer and will return for pre-season training in early July, despite reports that he is ready to leave the club. Portuguese sports daily Record claim Ronaldo is looking to leave Old Trafford again after just one season as he fears new boss Erik ten Hag does not have the right resources to challenge for titles, while also expressing frustration at the club's transfer window should be far. However, the 37-year-old is understood to be back in preparation for the season after returning from his summer holidays, which will be slightly extended due to his involvement with Portugal in the opening three Nations League games in June. "When the transfer window is open, it's normal that we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United aren't in the Champions League next season and Ronaldo is unhappy about that. He said he would talk to the clubs that have won the Champions League "You can forget about the English clubs - Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham - because I am 100 percent sure Ronaldo will not play for another club in England." , while Ronaldo is not in the new project at PSG There was no interest from Bayern but Mendes spoke to them and asked the question: "What do you think about buying Ronaldo for next season?" Bayern were a little confused when Mendes offered them Ronaldo as he wasn't the is the type of player they are usually looking for."When an agent offers Ronaldo you only have to look at sporting merit - not age. Eriksen's choice between Man Utd and Brentford Christian Eriksen is said to be one Making a decision on whether to join Manchester United or stay at Brentford. Both clubs have made him offers - but United's is seen as more financially lucrative. Re-joining Erik ten Hag, with whom he coached before returning to football at Ajax, as part of United's anticipated new era has its charms. One of them is Manchester United, the second is Brentford. "It's strange to think that 10 years ago United were fighting for Premier League titles while Brentford were in League One preparing for their first game of the season against Bury. "Eriksen really is in a head or heart situation and weighs the pros and cons of moving to both clubs. Juventus have in principle agreed to sign Paul Pogba on a free transfer following his departure from Manchester United. Pogba is expected to do so officially." Signing the deal in early July. Neville 'concerned' about Man Utd transfer inactivity Gary Neville has expressed his concerns about Manchester United's inactivity in the summer transfer market since Erik ten Hag's appointment. Rivals Manchester City and Liverpool have already signed superstar strikers this summer in the form of Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez. United's only deal so far has been to confirm a mass exodus from Old Trafford that has seen Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Juan Mata and Nemanja Matic leave the club. Who has been linked with Man Utd? with Christian Eriksen - Christian Eriksen to decide whether to join Manchester United or stay at Brentford (Sky Sports News, June 23); he United appear to be in pole position to sign Eriksen thanks to Tottenham's decision to withdraw from the race (Daily Mirror, June 22); Manchester United have made initial contact with Eriksen's representatives regarding a summer move to Old Trafford (Sky Sports News, June 20); Eriksen mulls an offer from Manchester United after Tottenham distanced themselves from claims of re-signing the Danish midfielder (The Times, June 20). Antony - Antony is determined to join Manchester United this summer, although Ajax have tried to stave off interest in the Brazilian winger by charging a £69m fee for his signing (The Times, June 23); Manchester United have held talks over a possible move for Ajax striker Antony but are waiting for a breakthrough in negotiations with Barcelona for Frenkie de Jong before moving forward with other deals (Daily Telegraph, June 21); Manchester United are nearing their first big signing of the summer with Antony on his way from Ajax in a £40m move (The Sun, June 20). Frenkie de Jong - Manchester United still fall short of Barcelona's asking price for Frenkie de Jong, despite reports in Spain that the latest offer has been increased to £56m (Daily Mail, June 23); Manchester United's bid to sign De Jong has stalled because of the strict financial rules imposed on Barcelona by La Liga (Daily Mirror, June 21); The mood emanating from United is optimistic about De Jong's arrival, as they firmly believe it is an 'if not if' (The Guardian, 20 June). Yannick Carrasco - According to reports from Spain, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham are all exploring the prospect of signing Atletico Madrid star Carrasco this summer after his release clause was revealed (Daily Mirror, June 23). Christopher Nkunku - Nkunku has signed a new four-year deal at RB Leipzig - which includes a £51.6m release clause - despite reported interest from Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United (23 June). Jurrien Timber - Manchester United may have renewed hopes of striking a deal for Ajax star Timber with his Manchester agent after all (Daily Mirror, June 22); Timber becomes the latest transfer target from Manchester United shying away from the club, with the Netherlands international likely to stay at Ajax this summer (Daily Mirror, June 18); Timber seems ready to sign a new deal to stay at Ajax (The Sun, June 17). Malcolm Ebiowei - Crystal Palace will win the race for 18-year-old Derby winger Ebiowei against Manchester United and Monaco (The Sun, June 22); Manchester United are "very" looking for Derby protege Ebiowei (Daily Express, June 20); Derby star Ebiowei is at the center of a four-way battle between Manchester United, Newcastle, Tottenham and Crystal Palace as he moves closer to a decision on his future (Daily Mail, May 27). Daniel Bachmann - Manchester United are in talks with former Kilmarnock and Ross County goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann (Scottish Sun, June 22); Watford goalkeeper Bachmann was recommended to Manchester United by former coach Ralf Rangnick. Lisandro Martinez - Manchester United are ready to gazumpen Arsenal and sign Martinez after failing in their efforts to sign Ajax team-mate Jurrien Timber (Daily Mirror, June 20). Tammy Abraham – Manchester United and Arsenal have both expressed interest in bringing Abraham back to the Premier League (Daily Mail, June 19); Manchester United could turn to Tammy Abraham after missing out on Darwin Nunez (Daily Star, June 15) against Liverpool. Vinicius Jr - Manchester United were among the Premier League sides to inquire about the availability of Real Madrid striker Vinicius last season, according to reports from Spain (Daily Express, June 19). Robbie McCrorie - Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag plans to lure Robby McCrorie away from Rangers. Denzel Dumfries - Manchester United are interested in signing Denzel Dumfries from Inter Milan with the Serie A side up for sale (Daily Express, June 13). Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Liverpool are set to hear offers from just £10m for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, with Manchester United and West Ham said to be interested (The Sun, June 13). Robert Lewandowski - Manchester United would like to pay Robert Lewandowski's £400,000-a-week wage demands (Daily Star, June 13); United will join the race for Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski - if his dream move to Barcelona falls through (The Sun on Sunday June 12). Robert Lewandowski has been heavily linked with a move to Barcelona this summer but United could now abuse the deal and sign the Polish striker (The Star on Sunday 12 June). Milan Skriniar - Manchester United and Tottenham have been dealt a major blow after Skriniar sealed his future at Inter Milan when he outlined his career plan (Daily Express, June 2). Mason Mount - New Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is keeping a close eye on Mount's contract situation at Chelsea as he considers a shock move for the England midfielder (The Sun, June 1); Liverpool and Manchester City Mount have reportedly made "discrete" offers amid interest from Manchester United (Daily Express, June 1). Corentin Tolisso - Manchester United and Arsenal could be among the sides preparing a bid for midfielder Tolisso, who will leave Bayern Munich on a free transfer this summer (The Sun, June 1). Pau Torres - Villarreal Torres centre-back insists the only contract offer he has received is from his current club as rumors swirl amid reports his agent has arrived in the UK ahead of a move to United (Daily Mail, 30th May). Sven Botman - Manchester United and Tottenham are believed to be involved in the race to land Lille defender Botman, a long-term goal for Newcastle United. (The Sun, June 9). Wesley Fofana - Leicester City are trying to fend off interest from Manchester United and Chelsea in their centre-back Fofana. (Daily Express, June 9). The latest players linked with Man Utd departure, Dean Henderson - Nottingham Forest have agreed a deal with Manchester United to loan Dean Henderson out for the 2022/23 season (Sky Sports News, June 24); Manchester United and Nottingham Forest have agreed the terms of a season-long loan deal for goalkeeper Henderson (Daily Mail, June 23); Nottingham Forest have achieved a breakthrough in talks over the signing of Manchester United goalkeeper Henderson (Daily Express, June 22). Cristiano Ronaldo - Chelsea have been offered the chance to sign Ronaldo. Talks are understood to have taken place with Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes, although Manchester United expect the 37-year-old to remain at Old Trafford (Telegraph, June 25). Ronaldo is expected to stay at Manchester United this summer and will return to pre-season training in early July, despite reports he is ready to leave the club (Sky Sports News, June 24); Ronaldo has reportedly urged Manchester United to up their game in the transfer market - or he will leave Old Trafford this summer (Daily Mirror, June 23); Ronaldo is reportedly concerned about Manchester United's lack of transfer activity and may even leave the club before the window is up (Daily Star, June 22); Ronaldo has insisted he is "very happy" to stay at Old Trafford and believes Manchester United will bounce back from a terrible 2021/22 season under new manager Erik ten Hag (Sky Sports News, June 3 ). Anthony Martial - Manchester United are reportedly open to offers as little as £20m for Martial - but accepting even that fee could put off potential buyers (The Sun, June 22); Manchester United are ready to beat Martial and Eric Bailly for £30m, with both players available for reduced-price transfers (The Sun, June 21); Injuries appear to be the main reason Manchester United star Martial failed his loan spell at Sevilla, a club director has revealed (Daily Mirror, June 15). Brandon Williams - Williams can leave Manchester United for £10m as the defender is deemed overwhelmed at Old Trafford (The Sun, June 22). Eric Bailly - Manchester United are poised to take a £30m hit from Anthony Martial and Bailly, with both players available for transfers at reduced prices (The Sun, June 21); Manchester United will keep Harry Maguire but will look to sign a new centre-back if they can ditch Bailly, Phil Jones or Axel Tuanzebe this summer (Daily Mail, June 21); Newcastle have been offered the chance to sign Manchester United defender Eric Bailly as an alternative to Lille's Sven Botman (Daily Mirror, June 19). Axel Tuanzebe - Manchester United will keep Harry Maguire but will look to sign a new centre-back if they can sack Eric Bailly, Phil Jones or Tuanzebe this summer (Daily Mail, June 21); New Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has reportedly decided to let go of both Bailly and Tuanzebe this summer as he begins his Old Trafford overhaul (Daily Mirror, June 4). Marcus Rashford - Erik ten Hag will reportedly back Rashford to revive his Manchester United career (The Sun, June 19); Rashford has expressed a desire to stay at Manchester United and fight for his place in Erik ten Hag's team after falling down the pecking order under Ralf Rangnick (Daily Mail, June 13). United have turned down an offer from Tottenham for England striker Rashford (The Times, June 9). Paul Pogba - Pogba is using his post-season break in the US to mull offers from Juventus, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain after his Manchester United departure was confirmed (Sky Sports News, June 4). Alejandro Garnacho - Manchester United are in talks with one of their top teenage stars - Alejandro Garnacho - about a new contract as ties continue to be built over a move to Juventus (Daily Express, June 11). Edinson Cavani - Cavani looks set to move to Mexico after his release from Manchester United, with three sides - Club America, Toluca and Monterrey - all interested in the Uruguayan striker (Daily Mirror, June 10). Martin Svidersky - Manchester United academy star Svidersky has confirmed he will leave the club and join a top club in Spain after turning down a chance to work under new manager Erik ten Hag as part of his revolution at Old Trafford (Daily Mirrors, 4 ). Results: who do Man Utd fans want out? James Garner - Leicester are poised to battle Everton and other Premier League rivals for Manchester United's James Garner (The Sun, May 30); Leicester are keen on Manchester United midfielder Garner following his impressive loan spell with Championship play-off finalists Nottingham Forest (Sunday Mirror, May 29). Tom Heaton - The forgotten Manchester United goalkeeper Tom Heaton is a shock target for Middlesbrough manager Chris Wilder (The Sun on Sunday June 12). Facundo Pellistri - Erik ten Hag will give Facundo Pellistri a chance to shine during Manchester United's pre-season as his long-term future at Old Trafford is in doubt after a loan spell at Alaves when he struggled to get much playing time (Daily Post, 14th June). What do we know about Man Utd's summer plans? Manchester United will introduce a 'try before you sign' policy with their youngsters this summer (Sun Sunday 19 June). Erik ten Hag has told senior officials at Old Trafford that he intends to accelerate the career of teenage star Alejandro Garnacho at Manchester United (Sunday Mirror, June 19). Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has emailed his players to remind them that football is a team game and he will not tolerate egos as he plans to introduce a Sir-style discipline to the club Instilling in Alex Ferguson (The Sun, June 2019). 10) Erik ten Hag will have £120million to spend on the Manchester United squad this summer but could increase that by sacking the likes of Anthony Martial, Eric Bailly and Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Daily Express, May 30). Man Utd signings confirmed Man Utd departures confirmed Follow the summer transfer window with Sky Sports Who will be on the road this summer when the transfer window opens on June 10 and closes at 11pm on September 1? Keep up to date with the latest transfer news and rumors on our dedicated Transfer Center blog on Sky Sports' digital platforms. You can also read about the pros, cons and analysis on Sky Sports News.


Mark Wright reveals stunning driveway transformation at his £1.3million home

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been working on their "dream home" for more than a year, with fans of the couple getting updates on social media in recent weeks (Author: Gardener)

Mark WrightMark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been working on their "dream home" for more than a year, with fans of the couple taking to social media for the past few weeks to receive updates. Mark Wright has provided an update on the development of his and wife Michelle Keegan's "dream home," with the driveway on the property now complete. The 35-year-old presenter has been documenting the mansion's construction on social media over the past year, including through a dedicated renovation account on Instagram. The latest post showed off the property's sweeping driveway, with The Only Way is Essex alum sharing a before and after video with the couple's 387,000 followers. It showed the huge driveway during the stages of construction of the outer portion of the house, and Mark then clicked his fingers to show how it's changed since then. The couple have opted for light gray panels to complement the palatial property, which has been under construction for around two years and is reportedly worth £1.3million. Footage of the transformation, shared earlier this week, ended with Mark walking around the driveway to show the pavers now laid. The TV presenter had previously said that the driveway was the "last thing to do" with the couple assuming they have yet to move into the property, which is located in Essex. Mark seemed impressed with the transformation of the driveway. Mark and his wife Michelle have been working on their "dream home" for over a year. Mark captioned the latest video: "Driveway ready. Once you drive in it really does feel like home!" He also provided details on the build, telling the couple's followers, "For those who will ask, pavers are coming from @marshallsgroup and we're buzzing them down." That The update drew compliments in the post's comments, with one follower writing, "It's like something from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's incredible.” Subscribe to the Mirror's best celebrity news here. Another commented in reply: "A stunning home you both create. That looks good." Another person commented, "House of Dreams." Mark documented the project on social media. Alongside a laughing emoji, one fan teased: "Need a bigger ride I think." Another seemed jealous: "Looks great. The latest update comes as his wife Michelle, 35, is working abroad while the actor is currently in Australia filming for upcoming period drama Ten Pound Poms. Contact us at [email protected] .uk or call us directly on 0207 29 33033.


Michelle Keegan, Faye Marsay and Warren Brown lead the cast in new BBC drama Ten Pound Poms

Ten Pound Poms is the new original drama series from Bafta winner Danny Brocklehurst (Brassic; Ordinary Lies), produced by Eleven, the team behind the award-winning Sex Education. The series is a co-production between the BBC and Stan and will premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and as the Stan Original Series in Australia. (Author: Gardener)

BBCTen Pounds Poms calls for an ensemble cast we always support, actors we love and want to succeed. Michelle Keegan (Brassic; Our Girl), Faye Marsay (Game Of Thrones; Black Mirror) and Warren Brown (The Responder; Luther) join Australian actors Rob Collins (Mystery Road; Firebite) in leading the cast of all-new drama Ten Pound Poms . Leon Ford (Elvis; The Light Between Oceans), Declan Coyle (Long Black; Life Of Jess), David Field (Shantaram; Preacher), Stephen Curry (Hounds Of Love; The Castle), Hattie Hook (Savage River; Of An Age ), Finn Treacy (The Portable Door; Young Rock) and Emma Hamilton (The Tudors; Mr. Selfridge). The six-part series follows a group of Britons who leave desolate post-war Britain in 1956 for a life-changing adventure on the other side of the world. For just a tenner they were promised a better house, better job prospects and a better quality of life by the sea in sun-drenched Australia. But life Down Under isn't exactly the idyllic dream promised to newcomers. We struggle with their new identity as immigrants, tracing their triumphs and pitfalls as they adjust to a new life in a new country, far from Britain and familiarity. The drama centers on Annie (Faye Marsay) and Terry Roberts (Warren Brown). They try to make the best of the situation for their family, but the poor living conditions in the migrant home and the locals' attitudes towards immigrants are testing them in ways they could not have imagined. Kate (Michelle Keegan) is a young nurse who arrives without her fiancé and will do whatever it takes to rewrite her devastating past. Bill (Leon Ford) has lost his family business back home and is so desperate to prove he's living the Aussie dream that he'll stop at nothing to live a lifestyle he can't sustain. Teenage Stevie (Declan Coyle) comes from troubled backgrounds and hopes to use this new adventure to escape his oppressive father. Meanwhile, Ron (Rob Collins), an Indigenous Australian war veteran, struggles with feeling like an outsider in his own country. Danny Brocklehurst says, "Ten Pounds Poms calls for an ensemble cast that we always support, actors we love and want to succeed. It's a pleasure to welcome so many exciting Aussie talents and work with the brilliant Faye and Warren for the first time. This is my third performance with the wonderful Michelle Keegan and I'm sure we will produce another winner together.” Ten Pound Poms is produced by Eleven for BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and Stan in Australia. Joel Wilson and Jamie Campbell are executive producers on Eleven, and Olivia Trench will be co-executive producer on the series. Sony Pictures Television (SPT) will distribute the series worldwide.