Minister shamed over cost of living crisis at Question Time

An economist who shared the panel with Suella Braverman received applause for her scathing assessment. (Author: Gardener)

Question TimeSuella Braverman was lashed out at Thursday's Question Time over the cost-of-living crisis (Photo: BBC Question Time) causing toe-hooking. Suella Braverman detailed how Downing Street has taken 30 years of high inflation rates into account in its efforts to ease the crisis when she claimed some families will be "1,600 better off this year than last year because of these cumulative changes". The audience laughed at her claim, while Braverman said, "Would I like to do more? Miatta Fahnbulleh, chief executive of the New Economics Foundation, then chimed in, pointing out that families are still £1,100 worse off on average, even when government measures are factored in. The crowd began clapping in support as Fahnbulleh continued: "It doesn't feel like the government has grasped the scale of the challenge because if you had you would have acted already. "You're talking about the lowest-income families - the Chancellor took £1,000 from those families last year and then in the spring declaration that we just had there was literally not a single measure that would support families on the lowest incomes in this country. "And there are things you could do to act but you choose not to," the economist said, while the attorney general just shook her head. Fahnbulleh pointed out that over the next three years the government could apply a windfall tax along with a major modernization of homes to improve insulation. The economist called for a £15bn package to also increase benefits to help families "who are at the sharp end of this crisis that the Chancellor is languishing". Fahnbulleh continued speaking to Braverman - who refused to look her in the eye - as she said: "People go well beyond the choice of whether to heat their home or feed their children. "The fact that you're not acting I think is unforgivable." The government has introduced a range of small measures to deal with the cost-of-living crisis, including a £200 energy rebate, the cut and freeze of fuel taxes and the Budget Support Fund - but critics always believe nor that these proposals do not go far enough. The entire Attorney General's Question Time went down like a lead balloon, even as the conversation moved away from the cost-of-living crisis.


BBC Question Time criticized for 'misrepresentation' of Newcastle

Some BBC Question Time viewers said they had to turn off Tuesday's programme, which was being filmed in Newcastle (Author: Gardener)

NewcastleBBC Question Time viewers were furious at the way Newcastle was portrayed on Thursday's show. The portrayal of the city was deemed so "disgusting" that some viewers had to turn the show off and some vowed never to visit the area. One person was so disgusted that they wrote on social media: "Note to self avoid Newcastle like the plague." That was the most disgusting Question Time I've ever seen. I'm really scared for humanity." A flurry of people were quick to defend the city, while many claimed the audience was not representative of Geordies, and she later apologized for Rwanda's success, adding, "It's clear from the comments that I owe Newcastle an apology, I had forgotten how biased @bbcquestiontime was, it had improved in the past few weeks. However, I stand by what I say about last night's #bbcqt being disgusting." The comments came after the episode aired in Newcastle, which covered topics such as Boris Johnson's ethics with Stockton South Conservative MP Matt Vickers, the MP debated by Bristol West Labor and House of Commons shadow leader Thangam Debbonaire and Scottish National Party politician Alison Thewliss.The topic of conversation quickly turned to asylum seekers in the UK.But many were angered by the audience's views expressed during of the programme. One viewer sparked anger when he expressed his opinion that too much money was being spent on asylum seekers instead of UK-born people, whom he described as 'our kind'." He said: "Most of these People who cross the English Channel are young men looking for work. Where do we put these people? "Because we ourselves going through a crisis and it seems to me that the money being spent on this problem is more money being spent on them than on our own kind." His comments were interrupted by a woman in the audience who later took the opportunity was offered to speak by presenter Fiona Bruce. The man replied, "They like our terms because we're a light touch." Views continued on people seeking asylum in the UK, with another viewer giving his opinion. I believe that people from Ukraine who are fleeing should come here. But people who have traveled through seven or eight different countries to get here... The views broadcast during the show angered many people in the region, who argued that BBC Question Time did not accurately reflect the opinions of the people of Newcastle . Many criticized the show, claiming it featured an audience composed of a majority of Tory voters. One person wrote: "Doesn't the BBC know that Newcastle is predominantly a Labor stronghold. Why did they have a conservative audience?" Another said: "The BBC should be held accountable for the show. How can the BBC defend the portrayal of this audience as a fair representation of NE?” A third person said: “Newcastle and 99% of its people are amazing. I was blown away by this crowd last night." And another wrote: "Please note that the crowd does not represent the majority of the good people in Newcastle.


Love Island spoilers Davide and Danica cuddle as a new Villa romance blossoms

Love Island contestants Davide Sanclimenti and Danica Taylor get cozy in the upcoming episode of the ITV2 series, which will air Thursday night (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandLove Island contestants Davide Sanclimenti and Danica Taylor get cozy in the upcoming episode of the ITV2 series, which will air Thursday night. Love Island stars Davide and Danica smooch as a new Villa romance blossoms Taylor as they share a hickey in the upcoming episode which will air Thursday night. Viewers will witness the 27-year-old Italian stud and the 21-year-old dancer getting to know each other as they discuss new signing Antigoni Buxton. Bombshell Antigoni arrived on Wednesday's episode of the show and is ready to shake things up. However, it looks like it won't change things between Danica and Davide as they focus more on each other in Thursday night's upcoming episode. "I still want to get to know you, just like us," she says to Davide. He asks her, "What will happen?" to which she replies: "I don't know. What do you want to happen, Davide? Davide and Danica get to know each other. "I want to get to know you. Davide soon leans in for a kiss and things heat up as they close lips. Meanwhile, new girl Antigoni recently said she had "nothing to lose" before entering the ITV2 mansion. She claimed to be "pretty competitive" and didn't know who she had her eye on at the villa. Ekin-Su was previously coupled with Davide, but after sneaking around with Jay behind his back, things ended in a dramatic fight. New bombshell Antigoni arrived at the villa this week Get the biggest showbiz news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Mirror Showbiz newsletter. As part of her introduction to the villa, Antigoni went on a triple date - picnicking with Davide, Dami Hope and Jay. Speaking of Antigoni in the Beach Hut, Jay said: "Seeing someone new in the villa for the first time is surreal! She's a really attractive girl and I'm looking forward to meeting her." Ekin-Su, meanwhile, soon followed to outline her fears, declaring, "I won't lie. I won't feel like I've won the lottery when I've just seen the guy who I am Art falling in love on a date (with Antigoni)." Love Island, tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub Episodes are available on BritBox next morning


Love Island fans have turned Davide's "liar, actress" rage into a meme

Davide Sanclimenti's tirade a few nights ago calling Turkish soap star Ekin-Su a "liar" and an "actress" has become a meme. (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandAs the Love Island season kicks off, we know we're getting more entertainment than just the on-screen drama, with fans taking some iconic moments and turning them into memes, and while there have been some pretty incredible ones so far, chimes in Davide Sanclimenti few nights ago she surpassed them all. In case you missed it, the Italian stud was absolutely furious after Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu's secret kisses with bombshell Jay Younger. Davide was set up with the 27-year-old actress, who got his head turned by investment banker Jay and took to the patio to sneak away and share a hickey. After hearing the secret news, a dramatic argument broke out between Davide and Ekin-Su, with Davide brutally dumping her and branding her a "liar" and an "actress". It started with Davide, rather calmly, asking Jay to find out what was going on, saying, "Just real quick, honestly, as you saw I don't have anything with you, were you on the patio with Ekin-Su before?" When Jay answered truthfully, Davide called out to the soap star, "You weren't on the patio were you? "They'll give you an Oscar," he scolded, while Ekin-Su went on to explain to the girls, "Yeah, I kissed him, so what? He didn't say I'm technically his girlfriend, it's not cheating. He's acting like he cares now, what the hell? Davide then added, "That's why I haven't opened up because I'm afraid of being hurt by women like you." Before ending the relationship in front of everyone, he added, "I hope you find it your love life because me and you are closed", to which Ekin-Su replied: "I don't have that. He then said, "Now I don't actually care about you," repeating, "You're a liar and an actress. While things may have cooled at the villa, fans have now taken to the internet to spread the meme. "Primark t shirts are arriving," one fan wrote, while another added: "My line if someone snuggles me in life now is liar. Another fan commented that Davide's liar is a meme almost as good as Michael Griffith's 2019 series "Chaldish" meme, in which Michael called series winner Amber Gill childish after she pointed out his wild recoupling and dumping had reacted. Other fans were quick to suggest that Ekin-Su will repeat those lines to Jay in tonight's episode, as the teaser revealed that she said he's the one who deserves "the biggest Oscar in here." "THE LIAR, THE ACTRESS COMES BACK," one wrote ahead of tonight's episode, while another added, "Next episode spreading 'you're an actress and a liar' vibes." Love Island airs at 9pm tonight on ITV2 on ITV Hub. If you have a celebrity story, video or pictures, please contact the entertainment team by emailing us at [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or our page Visit to submit content - we'd love to hear from you. MORE: Meaning of name Antigoni: What does new Love Island girl's unusual nickname mean?


Becky Lynch collapses after two devastating losses

WWE Raw results, grades: Becky Lynch collapses after two losses in one night, Elias reunites with Ezekiel and Vince McMahon reappears. (Author: Gardener)

Becky LynchWWE Superstar Becky Lynch didn't have the best night on Raw after losing two big money-in-the-bank opportunities. The Man kicked off the show Monday night with a chance to be number one for Bianca Belair next month after Rhea Ripley was pulled from her upcoming Raw Women's Championship match through injury. At the end of the broadcast, Lynch suffered further devastation when she also lost to Asuka and had a chance to compete in the women's Money In The Bank match. WWE's EST opened the show to reveal that Rhea is not medically clear for her scheduled July 3 match, leading to Liv Morgan, Carmella, Asuka, Lynch and Alexa Bliss coming out to speak before they all met in the first match of the night. The action was energetic and highly entertaining, with Carmella clinching the win and setting up a big singles match against Belair with the gold at stake. In the Main Event, Asuka and Big Time Becks once again met in the ring, this time with a spot on the line in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match as the two longtime rivals showcased their exceptional chemistry in a fantastic match. Vince McMahon made an unannounced appearance on the show to hype John Cena's return next week, while McMahon's promo comes days after announcing he will be temporarily stepping down as CEO and chairman to investigate alleged wrongdoing. Riddle wrapped up an intense promo following his loss to Roman Reigns on SmackDown before facing Omos in a Money In The Bank qualifier. This worked well as the Original Bro flew around the ring in a good showcase for the Nigerian Nail, who took the win to progress - and as MVP pointed out, he might not even need a ladder to secure the briefcase. After the bell, Seth Freakin' Rollins had clearly taken offense when Riddle criticized him for his actions against Cody Rhodes and he jumped on the attack and started a new rivalry that was to produce some magic. Later that night he faced Chad Gable, Otis and Theory himself in a handicap gauntlet match that had a US title shot at stake and the All Mighty emerged victorious after some very entertaining action. Lashley's flip with Gable into the hurt lock was fantastic and Chad made the most of his time in the ring. Elsewhere, Angelo Dawkins defeated Jey Uso in a crushing match with Montez Ford and Jimmy Uso ringside before their tag title match at Money In The Bank. In a wonderfully cheesy moment, Elias returned to WWE after months of being away for a special concert after reuniting with his brother Ezekiel backstage. We then found out that Owens will be up against either Elias, Ezekiel or their brother Elrod next week. This continues to be very entertaining, with KO being a big part of it. Ciampa finally attacked Styles before the pair went head-to-head in a fun sprint, with the Phenomenal Forearm securing the win for AJ. Given his talent, Ciampa deserves far more than those random attacks and quick losses, but perhaps an alliance with The Miz - laid out with a Styles Clash after the bell - could give him some meaning and lead to a funny line. MORE : Paige confirms first post-WWE appearance at huge homecoming show after announcing shock departure


Tigers rule in the rain while mud and dirt blast the blues with a fingertip

If in the past 18 months you've begun to forget how Richmond ruled the AFL world for four years, Thursday night at... (Author: Gardener)

the past 18 monthsIf you've forgotten how Richmond ruled the AFL world for four years over the past 18 months, Thursday night at the MCG was a fitting reminder. Other teams may have passed the Tigers in perfect football conditions, but this team is still unrivaled in the wet. And when a biblical downpour hit Melbourne and drenched the usually so clean and accurate Carlton, it was tailor-made for the Tigers to issue a warning that they're not quite done as a big foot force. Everyone knows that the Richmond game, which relies more on pressure, determination and desperation than silky skill or explosive running, is ideal for a wet day at the office. But it's more than that - the players themselves simply know how to use the conditions to their advantage. With Blues players repeatedly fumbling and slipping, the ball slipping through their fingers like the proverbial soapy cake, the Tigers on their chest eliminated all risk and focused on what they do best: pushing the ball forward , get outnumbered in every contest, and win. Liam Baker has received a lot of praise this year, usually in the Most Underrated Player In The Game category. But his cleanliness has transformed him from a team player through and through in normal conditions to the undisputed elite in the wet. If your life depended on a player collecting a ground ball at top speed on a slippery afternoon, I'd recommend Baker as your man, but not before you're wondering how your life got to the point where you're onto something like that strange certain ride. The Tigers' game plan always defies the stat sheet; They attack no more than anyone, generate more within their 50s than anyone, receive more touches than anyone, and even intercept more than anyone. But that's not what counts; Like a father at a kick-out game, sometimes it's all about showing up. However, there are times when the tigers dominate so much that even the stats bend their way. A 6-1 differential against the Blues, who were kings this season, paved the way for the first three goals of their game. Damien Hardwick could hardly have dreamed of this first term: the Tigers dominated at the source, creating manpower both on and off the ball and terrorizing the Blues when they lost the ball. On a wet night any U10 coach could tell you to throw out every nuance and try to slap them on the shoe; The Tigers followed the rule book with a 61-26 kick handball split. The Blues, panicked by the suffocating Tigers around them and fearful of Nick Vlastuin's presence as a substitute behind the ball, went at 54-43. An underappreciated aspect of the Tigers' game is their ability to find a last resort, even in a dangerous spot. Blues fans would tear their hair out when a series of line balls that held balls went unpunished, but often, when even Patrick Cripps couldn't escape a choking Tiger tackle, the Blues released enough body to take the to release the ball legally. In a desperate attempt to expose the Blues' vulnerability behind the ball in Jacob Weitering's absence, the Tigers' ball movement became even more frenetic than normal. They played from a whopping 58 percent of their first-term grades, more than double the AFL and their own average in 2022. Adam Saad seemed the only Blue who could react; His run and carry was a constant threat to the Tigers, with the half-back wanting to parry quickly and with lots of jumping at every opportunity. His kick in the wet, too, was incredible: you'll be hard pressed all year to find a better pass than the one Zac Fisher found without losing his footing in freshman amid a latticework of tigers. However, if there's one non-statistic that sums up the Tigers as a team, especially in the rain, it's this: Richmond didn't have a single mark under 50 in their first term, despite rushing to get there. But thanks to Carlton's inaccuracy and the Tigers' ability to score points as soon as the ball touches the deck - Shai Bolton's football on the line a perfect example, despite some looming fingers from Sam Docherty who may have gotten a touch - the only three Gates were in yellow and black. Winning a free kick from a panicked young hold, making a heavily contested mark in a one-on-one and reading a ball coming out of the back far quicker than the blues in 50 alone saw Lynch score three goals scored from the direct match. Young has had a great season, but it's clear that his place of second or even third behind Weitering, where his intercept mark can be used most effectively, is big. As the Blues stabilized, particularly on defense like good teams are supposed to, it became increasingly clear and explicit that Charlie Curnow was having what I think is technically known as "one of those nights." Much of his success in a great 2022 has come from his elite overhead coverage, and the Blues know it: watch them kick him higher than say for Harry McKay, and allow him to run and jump for the ball. where his hands, size and leap make it difficult for any defender. I stopped counting how many balls slipped through his hands tonight, especially early; When Grimes passed him by a mark in his second term, it was notable that he took it on his chest. A notable improvement after half-time was with the Blues lowering their kicks towards Curnow, allowing him to use his off-target speed to get enough space from Grimes to mark safely on the chest. It's probably a testament to Grimes' place in the game that his ability to beat Robbie Gray one week and Charlie Curnow the next – two other very different players that you rarely find – and beat them with both hands is commonplace appears to be Grimes, and not as incredible an effort for a defender as you'll see in the modern game. Gone are the days when he became Alex Rance 2.0 and intercepted everything in 2019, but he remains one of, if not the, best lockdown defenders in the game. The first half was Tiger dominance - 38-25 in the 50s and 24-14 in the clearances. The Tigers are far from being a renowned post-game team - but if you resign in midfield you might as well pack your bags and go home. The focus was on Dion Prestia, who remains one of the most important Tigers around - in a midfield full of up-and-coming youngsters and veterans, Prestia is probably their only true elite ball winner. Twenty-five points down and just three goals on the board, the Blues knew exactly where to take off. Not early on - the Tigers dominated the first half of the third term - but Carlton's strength throughout the year has been his ability to maximize his periods of dominance. No team was able to turn a trickle into a torrent, into a wave, into a tsunami as quickly this year as the Blues. It happened twice in the second half - they scored the last two goals of the third season after winning 12 of the last 15 within the 50s - really, the Tigers did well to contain them as well as they did did. Then came the second wave after the Tigers appeared to have solved the problem with two early goals - Shai Bolton tempted fate by holding the ball to an oncoming blue while running into a specific goal which, while posing no danger, causing a blooper a match defining image if they would have lost from there. Finally finding space up front, he was finally able to unmask the experienced Tiger and score three goals in just four minutes to get the game back on track. Two of his majors came out of the left pocket, the third after coming out of the back of a spill and stepping off the field. A snap from Jack Newnes appeared to have set up a stands finish and dragged the lead under a goal - but every Tiger thought Nathan Broad had touched him on the goal line. And so, despite some pretty flimsy evidence, the scoring review found - for the second time after Bolton scored in a similar incident in the second quarter - that a lack of conclusive evidence favored the Tigers. The Tigers pushed the ball forward, the deflated Blues couldn't match on the rebound and Shane Edwards snapped at a centering ball from Maurice Rioli who had the Medi-Sub activated, really - it's illegal for a Rioli to play minutes and not at least have a clever game. The Blues would never finish against 76 within 50s -- the most the Tigers have ever scored in their history. But Richmond remains the master of the wet. And in this form, no matter the conditions, no one will want to play them in September.


Raab unveils Bill of Rights to 'restore a healthy dose of common sense'

The Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister unveiled a long-awaited package of measures to replace Labour's Human Rights Act. (Author: Gardener)

Bill of RightsHe is trying to limit the influence of the European Court of Human Rights in Britain. He is trying to limit the influence of the European Court of Human Rights in the UK, Dominic Raab said today. The Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister unveiled a long-awaited package of measures to replace Labour's Human Rights Act. The proposed legislation claims that UK courts will not always have to follow the case law of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It also states that the High Court of London is the final decision maker on human rights issues. Mr Raab told MPs the bill would "return a healthy dose of common sense" to the justice system. The release of the bill comes after the European Court of Human Rights blocked the departure of a first planeload of migrants from the UK to Rwanda. The court's 11 hour action prevented the government's new £120million asylum scheme - which sends migrants to East Africa to have their asylum claims processed - operational. Despite trying to limit the powers of the Strasbourg court, Mr Raab assured the House of Commons that the UK would not leave the European Convention on Human Rights. The Bill of Rights also aims to crack down on European privacy laws and false human rights claims by foreign criminals to avoid deportation. Mr Raab told MPs: "Our Bill of Rights will strengthen our proud tradition of liberty, it will mark a clearer separation of powers. “It will ensure more respect for our democratic institutions, better protection for the public and restoring a healthy dose of common sense to the judicial system, which is essential for public trust. “We will strengthen the separation of powers in this country by reaffirming the supremacy of the Supreme Court and by emphasizing that UK courts are not required to follow Strasbourg jurisprudence and are in fact free to deviate from it.” The deputy prime minister also pledged that the Bill of Rights would strengthen border controls. "And we risk losing public confidence in our immigration controls if we can't take the sensible actions they expect." "We also risk losing public confidence in human rights unless we restore a healthy dose of common sense." Labor branded the release of legislation revising the 1998 Human Rights Act as "a very dark day for victims of crime, for women, for those in need of care" and "for everyone in this country who counts on the state to protect them from harm". . Shadow Justice Secretary Ellie Reeves said: "For members of the party of Churchill, who inspired the European Convention on Human Rights, it is really very special to want to abolish it altogether. She also told the House of Commons the government had made "pathetic progress" on rape convictions. "This Bill of Rights scam is not just an attack on victims of crimes that the state has failed to protect," Ms. Reeves added. "Women have used human rights law to challenge the police when they have failed or refused to investigate cases of rape and sexual assault." Before the bill's release, Mr Raab had hailed his measures as "greatly enhancing freedom of expression" and the Banned courts from introducing backdoor continental-style privacy laws. He said the bill would "screen out false allegations" made by foreign criminals and others under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights; the right to private and family life. Article 8 has been used by thousands of foreign criminals to avoid deportation. Mr Raab said: "First of all, when we weigh rights, we will make it clear that freedom of expression, if you will, has a higher pecking order than the other rights. “This is particularly important when it comes to balancing freedom of expression and privacy. "Continental's approaches assume that there are stricter data protection laws. “Our approach, and that of other common law countries, is to have a stronger tradition of openness, transparency, free speech and associated accountability. “You will see a great improvement in freedom of expression. "Our approach is to weed out the false claims we've seen and allow us to put in place the most robust immigration controls possible." The bill will introduce an "approval phase" in the courts, during which individuals wishing to bring a human rights case will be required to demonstrate that they have suffered a "significant disadvantage" before proceeding. It will prevent human rights laws from being used to make claims about military operations abroad. On Saturday, the Daily Mail revealed how a number of murderers, robbers and sex offenders stayed in the UK by asserting their right to a private or family life in immigration courts. Under Mr Raab's proposals, offenders wishing to avoid deportation would have to demonstrate that a child or other family member would suffer "overwhelming, unavoidable harm" if they were separated - a more stringent test than current law.


Chelsea manage as Gnabry signs, Lukaku blocks the exit and Fofana eyes

YOU HAVE THIS IN CHARGE: Chelsea are the next club to come under scrutiny as we handed our Mirror Football team the keys to Todd Boehly's transfer money this summer (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaYOU HAVE THINGS IN RESPONSE: Chelsea are the next club to come under scrutiny as we handed our Mirror Football team the keys to Todd Boehly's transfer money this summer. Times are changing at Chelsea, but the Blues were probably not ready for it. The west Londoners are the next club we scrutinize over the summer as we handed our Mirror Football team the keys to Stamford Bridge where a new revolution is underway following the arrival of Todd Boehly. With changes at the club's boardroom dominating the headlines, Blues boss Thomas Tuchel is said to have been given some more leeway on transfers this summer, while the club have also been linked with a move for outgoing Liverpool sporting director Michael Edwards. Whatever they end up doing, Boehly, Tuchel and maybe Edwards have given plenty to think about with these proposals... Although we're still early in the window, there have already been a number of notable departures at Chelsea, with Thomas Tuchel needing to be in the next season without Antonio Rüdiger, Andreas Christensen and Romelu Lukaku. They may not be the club's only departures with Cesar Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso, Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech also being linked with a move from Stamford Bridge. Rudiger was Chelsea's best and most consistent defender last season, playing more games than any other player. Jules Kounde seems the obvious option, although Sevilla are proving difficult to negotiate I would consider someone like Jonathan Tah as a possible alternative. At left-back, Borna Sosa has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Alonso, who is likely to leave. A number of names have been linked in midfield and Declan Rice would obviously be the ideal option if a deal could materialize. In attack, I really liked the idea of ​​Christopher Nkunku joining the blues. Chelsea most likely got wind of this and turned their attention to Raheem Sterling, who would be an excellent alternative for the club. Now free from UK government sanctions, the Blues can finally start their summer business and their first port of call must be centre-back. Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen have both departed, leaving a gaping hole in the Chelsea defence. A top-class centre-back is certainly a priority for the club and Jules Kounde fits in perfectly. A move for Leicester star Wesley Fofana would be expensive but the Frenchman would also be a brilliant addition and given the Foxes' history of dealings, negotiations could potentially be straightforward. The next big decision is in attack and I can't fathom why Chelsea are letting club-record new signing Romelu Lukaku back to Inter Milan on loan. While the Belgian didn't have the best season last season, the Blues squad is certainly better with him. Should they remain determined to let him go this summer, a replacement must be their priority. Robert Lewandowski would undoubtedly be an excellent option as the Pole has announced his intention to leave Bayern Munich. Given Barcelona's financial worries, it seems plausible that Chelsea could beat the Catalan giants' offer and then all that's left is to persuade Lewandowski to join Stamford Bridge. One option they haven't been linked with is Ciro Immobile but the Italian could potentially be an excellent acquisition. The Lazio captain is younger than Lewandowski and boasts an impressive goal tally, with the Italian giants scoring a further 32 goals in all competitions last season. In terms of transfers, the team needs to be reshaped, with fresh blood needed at both ends of the field. After Antonio Rüdiger and Andreas Christensen, Thomas Tuchel has to recruit two new central defenders. I would go for Juventus' Mathias de Ligt and Leicester City's Wesley Fofana to inject some much-needed legs at the back alongside veteran Thiago Silva. Up front, Romelu Lukaku's steamy second term seems to be finally coming to an end, and the front section definitely needs an overhaul as well. Raheem Sterling would be an excellent addition if they could agree a deal with Manchester City. Even if they do, the Blues would still need an absolute center forward and I would do everything to get Leverkusen's Patrick Schick. Only Robert Lewandowski scored more goals in the Bundesliga last season and stood out in the European Championship against the Czech Republic. I would also look to bring in James Ward-Prowse from Southampton to complement an already quality midfield of N'Golo Kante and Jorginho. In terms of expenses, I would reckon with Ross Barkley, Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech. Chelsea's decisions to allow the sale of Fikayo Tomori and Marc Guehi last year were questionable at the time and have since become more expensive. The departures of Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rüdiger have left the Blues to the core at central defence, with Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta both linked with departures. That means signing at least two defenders this summer is an urgent priority - with Thiago Silva, who turns 38 in September, unlikely to be able to play multiple games a week. It is important to secure Romelu Lukaku's departure as soon as possible to free up the wages needed to land at least one new offensive star. Ousmane Dembele is out of contract at Barcelona and Raheem Sterling has been signed from Man City; both would fit tactically better into Thomas Tuchel's system than the sluggish Lukaku ever was. There is also a feeling that too many players are on loan and have no prospects for a long-term future at Stamford Bridge. Decisions also need to be made about Malang Sarr, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ross Barkley after they failed to convince Tuchel they deserved a starting spot. A year ago, the Blues were looking to challenge for the Premier League title but last season's slump in form, the departure of key players and uncertainty over the club's ownership structure mean expectations for the upcoming season have had to be downgraded. For Tuchel and Boehly, the defensive must have priority. Chelsea have already said goodbye to Antonio Ruidger and Andreas Christensen this summer and shouldn't rely on Thiago Silva, who turns 38 in September, to be available for every game. Inter Milan have a decent defence, conceding just 32 goals in Serie A last season, and should use Romelu Lukaku's return to Italy to his advantage. The Blues need to get rid of some deadwood. Chelsea also need to bring some of their youngsters into the fold. Conor Gallagher and Armando Broja both deserve a chance next season after outstanding loans at Crystal Palace and Southampton respectively, while Billy Gilmour remains a talented player despite his struggles at Norwich last season. Realistically, it's hard to imagine Chelsea challenging Manchester City and Liverpool for the title in 2022-23. Finishing in the top four and lifting a trophy should be counted as an achievement by Boehly and the club's new ownership group. The experiment with Romelu Lukaku clearly failed, but I'm surprised to see the idea of ​​replacing him with another No.9 being so popular. Chelsea have been at their best with Kai Havertz playing down the middle and going wide, so we have a little bit of Raheem Sterling who can do both, thank you. Raheem Sterling was closely associated with Chelsea. Timo Werner and Christian Pulisic should be kept because you can only write off so much money and I'm also keeping Hakim Ziyech. We can keep Armando Broja for a year to consider him as another option if a No9 is needed and let's take a look at Serge Gnabry at Bayern Munich after they left and signed Sadio Mane. Midfield is fine but with everyone getting along a bit I would try to mold Conor Gallagher into a deeper player when he returns to the squad and we can keep an eye on Declan Rice signing next summer when its price should have come down a bit. You probably need two new centre-backs at the back and I would put Wesley Fofana as No. 1. The second option doesn't have to be a hit, just a solid addition. So let's make a cheeky offer for Joe Gomez and see how determined Liverpool are to hold on to him. At full-back, Dortmund's Raphael Guerreiro has just a year left on his contract and could replace Marcos Alonso at left-back, playing under the coach in Germany, while Callum Hudson-Odoi needs to be trusted to step in at left-back and just when it is necessary. Central defense is Chelsea's first port of call this summer transfer window after Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen left after their contracts expired. After holding positive talks with Jules Kounde last year, the Blues must return with an offer that can put a deal over the line for the stalwart Sevillian. The 23-year-old has plenty of Champions League experience and has established himself in France's squad, making him the ideal youthful option for Thiago Silva. Sending Romelu Lukaku back to Inter Milan on loan for a hefty fee - while his salary is also being met by the Italian giants - is a smart move and will bolster the coffers for further recruitment. Another centre-back would be a welcome addition and RB Leipzig left-footed Josko Gvardiol could offset Thomas Tuchel's three-point defence. Of course, Lukaku's departure will leave the Blues without a focus in attack, but this gives the likes of Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz a chance to thrive with extended runs in the starting XI. Not signing a big name in attack this summer - despite Raphinha and Ousmane Dembele being linked with a move to Stamford Bridge - means Chelsea have more money in the bank to spend in the transfer windows to get under their new from Todd Boehly led hierarchy. N'Golo Kante, 31, is increasingly struggling with injuries and is out of contract next summer, leaving Chelsea needing to find the money to bring Declan Rice back to west London from West Ham - even if it costs a nine-figure sum next year.


Who is Elon Musk's transgender child now Vivian Jenna Wilson

Xavier Musk: Who is Elon Musk's transgender child, now Vivian Jenna Wilson - The 18-year-old - now called Vivian - says she "no longer lives with [her] biological father or wants to be related to him in any way, guise." or shape". Katie Strick chronicles her life so far (Author: Gardener)

Elon Musk'sBut not Elon Musk's son Xavier, 18, who has announced a decision to become a woman and drop the Musk part of her last name in order to sever all ties with the Tesla and SpaceX founder, 50. Henceforth, the transgender teenager — one of Musk's seven children and five with his first wife Justine Wilson — will be named Vivian Jenna Wilson because she "is no longer living with [her] birth father or related to him in any way." want or form,” according to newly viewed documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The teen's new gender identity and legal name change is the first we've heard from one of Musk's five children with Wilson, all of whom have kept low-key so far, and a move many suspect has sparked backlash on so-called transphobia represents comments made by Musk in recent months. "Pronouns suck" is among tweets the billionaire has shared since 2020, despite insisting he is pro-LGBT rights and that Tesla is one of the best places to work for LGBT employees. Elon Musk kisses his fiancee Talulah Riley as they stand with Musk's twins Griffin (left) and Xavier in New York in 2010 (Bloomberg via Getty Images) what we know so far. Gripping. X Æ A-Xii. These are the (eclectic) names of Musk's Vivian's siblings and half-siblings, five of whom he had with his first wife Justine Wilson, a Canadian author, and the last two with pop star Grimes, who he has now broken up with. Tesla founder Musk and science fiction author Wilson met as students at Queen's University in Ontario and married in 2000. Elon Musk and Grimes are arriving at the 2018 Met Gala in 2018 (AFP via Getty Images) following the death of their first child , Nevada , from cot death at the age of 10 weeks in 2002, they conceived twins Griffin and Xavier in 2004 and then triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian in 2006 through IVF. One of the oldest sets of twins, Xavier was reportedly named after Professor Xavier in X-Men. Musk and Wilson divorced in 2008 but shared custody of all five children, who grew up (relatively) out of the limelight until news broke that Xavier had filed for a name change this week after turning 18 in April – the age of consent. “Custody of our five children is divided evenly. Almost all of my waking hours outside of work are with my boys and they are the love of my life," Musk wrote in a 2010 comment to Business Insider. His second wife, actress Talulah Riley, confirmed this: He said he is "devoted to his children". "He's trying to come home early with me and the kids for family dinners and maybe play some computer games with the boys," she said in a book about Musk, saying she and the billionaire saw the kids four days a week , while they were together . Actress Amber Heard later posted pictures of her and Musk's children while she and the Tesla CEO were together in 2017. Musk himself hasn't spoken out about his children with Wilson, but has been much more open about his children with Grimes, calling Baby X Æ A-Xii (X for short) a "protégé" and showing him on his lap on video calls. Neither the parents nor Vivian herself have commented on the update and whether Vivian will receive financial support from her father in the future is unknown. Hello, the name is little Elon, I mean baby X. @elonmusk - Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) November 18, 2021 But documents filed in LA show the teenage girl has her legal reason for lists the change as "gender identity and the fact that I no longer want to live with or be related to my biological father in any way." The hearing on the name change is scheduled for Friday. Will she shed any more light on the relationship then or in the coming months? "I absolutely support trans, but all of these pronouns are an aesthetic nightmare." "Pronouns suck." Maybe someone smarter than me can explain this dichotomy.” These are among the tweets Elon Musk — who is currently in talks to buy the Twitter platform for $44 billion — has shared in recent years. Are they the reason why Xavier, now Vivian, is so publicly avoiding her father? Elon Musk appeared in high spirits as he stepped out for the first time since buying Twitter on the 2022 Met Gala red carpet with his mother, Maye Musk (AFP via Getty Images). In December 2020, the billionaire was criticized for sharing a meme mocking people who put "he/him in ur bio." Musk has since expressed support for the Republican Party, whose pledges include curtailing transgender rights in some US states, and said he's a fan of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is of the LGBTQ community was convicted for his so-called "Don". 't Say Gay' bill banning discussion of gender identity and homosexuality in classrooms, and Musk has since insisted he is pro-LGBT rights, calling Tesla a top place to work for LGBT openness, but this month has he interfered in the trans debate again. Maybe someone smarter than me can explain this dichotomy," he tweeted on June 11. An hour later, he responded to the tweet, saying, "It's a better world when we're all less judgmental." From a daily news briefing to insights into homes and real estate, plus lifestyle, going out, deals and more.


Vincent Kompany Burnley Open Championship campaign at Huddersfield

Vincent Kompany's Burnley Open Championship campaign away at Huddersfield - The Clarets are back in the Second Division after being relegated from the Premier League (Author: Gardener)

Vincent KompanyThe clash between the newly relegated Clarets and Carlos Corberan's Terriers, who lost in last season's play-off final, tops the EFL fixture list for the new season, which was released on Thursday. The relegated Norwich travel to Cardiff the next day while Rob Edwards will have to wait until Monday 1 August to begin his reign at Watford with a home game against Sheffield United. In Saturday's first tea-time game, West Brom travel north to take on Chris Wilders Middlesbrough at the Riverside Stadium. The season's opening weekend also sees a Lancashire derby between newly promoted Wigan and Preston, while Sunderland host Coventry at the Stadium of Light on Sunday. Kompany will play his first Championship home game as Burnley boss when his side take on Luton at Turf Moor on August 6. Watford appear to have had the toughest start of any promotion contenders last season as they have a trip to West Brom after their opener against the Blades, then a home game with Burnley on August 13. All three relegated teams have good last-day home games ahead of them on 6 May: Burnley meet Cardiff, Norwich meet Blackpool and Watford play Stoke at Vicarage Road. However, in what could be two crucial games in the penultimate round on April 29, Watford will travel to the Stadium of Light to take on Sunderland, while Norwich take on West Brom at The Hawthorns. Wayne Rooney's derby kicks off League One with a home game against Oxford before their first away game against Charlton on August 6. Forest Green, who Edwards left after guiding them to the League Two title last season, begins his first League One season with a trip to Joey Barton's Bristol Rovers, another newly promoted side. Stockport begins life in the Football League after an 11-year hiatus with a home game against Barrow on Opening Saturday. Grimsby, who returned to the second division after winning the National League play-offs with County, begins a trip to Leyton Orient.