QuantumScape Corporation (QS) dives into more than broader markets

QuantumScape Corporation (QS) closed the last trading day at $8.76, down -0.9% from the previous trading session. (Author: Gardener)

QuantumScape CorporationThe Federal Reserve is set to hike another 75 basis points in July, followed by a half-point hike in September, and will not return to a quarter-point step until November at the earliest, economists polled by Reuters said. The latest poll results, released on Wednesday before Fed Chair Jerome Powell was due to appear before the Senate Banking Committee as part of his semi-annual monetary policy testimony before Congress, show that the US Federal Reserve is still going strong, more and less to do less. despite growing fears of a recession and a sharp sell-off on the financial markets.


Quoted from Quantumscape Corp (QS-N).

Detailed price information for Quantumscape Corp (QS-N) from The Globe and Mail, including charts and trades. (Author: Gardener)

Quantumscape Corp (QS-NElectric vehicle (EV) battery inventory was still down 13% for the week as of 2pm. ET Friday, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. QuantumScape's stock is now a whopping 93% down from its all-time high, hit in December 2020, just days after the company's IPO. The market sell-off had little to do with QuantumScape's stock price decline this week. Instead, an exit from the C-suite has sent shockwaves among investors, with many wondering if Friday's rebound was a knee-jerk bounce for the stock. The development prompted panic selling in QuantumScape stock as this isn't just another exit from executives. She'd only joined QuantumScape about a year ago, and it seemed like the company was in really good hands given Mikolajczak's rich experience in the EV battery industry, which has included stints at EV market leader Tesla and battery giant Panasonic. QuantumScape cited "different management styles" as the reason for Mikolajczak's exit. With the departure of QuantumScape's head of production, investors are now concerned about whether the company can meet its goal of beginning commercial production of its solid-state batteries by 2025. So far, QuantumScape's solid-state lithium-metal battery technology has attracted a lot of attention. Solid-state technology has strong potential, and QuantumScape's multilayer cells have shown promising laboratory test results, so much so that four global automakers have expressed interest in testing their batteries. QuantumScape has only revealed the name of one: Volkswagen, which has a long-standing partnership and joint venture with the battery maker. But for a company years away from production, the departure of a top executive responsible for steering the company toward the commercialization of its core product is bound to make investors nervous. QuantumScape faces high execution risk anyway, and long before it can commercialize its batteries, it must deliver prototypes and samples to automakers as agreed, and have them validated to convince investors of its product viability. It's a long road, and a lot could happen in between, making QuantumScape a speculative EV stock at best. 10 Stocks We Like Better Than QuantumScape Corporation, Better They've Been Over a Decade Motley Fool Stock Advisor has tripled the market.* They just unveiled the ten best stocks they think investors can buy right now ... and QuantumScape Corporation was not one of them! The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Tesla and Volkswagen AG.


Carol Vorderman chooses a new "milky blonde" hair color for the summer

Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman is swapping her caramel blonde tresses for a bright 'milk blonde' hair color — and it's set to be a huge trend for summer 2022 (Author: Gardener)

Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman Opts for a New 'Milky Blonde' Hair Color for the Summer Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman is swapping her caramel blonde locks for a bright 'milky blonde' hair color — and it's set to be a huge trend for summer 2022. Thank you for yours Registration! We have more newslettersShow meCarol Vorderman is no stranger to the barber chair, but it's not often we see her completely change up her hair color for a new season. Usually wearing her hair a medium blonde or caramel color, Carol has decided to give her look a bit of an update with the help of a 'milky blonde' hair color transformation - a very trendy color for this summer. The new look sees her swapping out her warm-toned and rooted hair for a cleaner and lighter shade of blonde. It's clear that she added a mix of highlights and lowlights in complementary hues to give the hair a tonal look. Left, Carol with her usual hair color, and right, with her new shade of milky blonde, Carol's milky blonde might be a good choice of inspiration for you considering other celebs like Gigi Hadid and Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney have recently opted for a similar one have opted for flattering and multi-dimensional color. So what is a milky blonde color? "This shade is inspired by platinum blonde but has a more expensive and luxurious finish achieved through highlighting and lowlighting techniques rather than a solid color," explains Dylan Brittain, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International. “The combination of highlighting and lowlighting techniques not only gives the hair an incredible shine, but also a softer finish than the platinum blonde hair trend. This color also works great in combination with a dark root to replace the lowlights, where the dark root can be used as a base color with subtle thin highlights and babylights spread throughout the rest of the hair to create the milky blonde look If you're wondering if this color might be something for you, Dylan goes on to explain that this type of color is incredibly expensive to produce and costly to maintain, requiring visits to the salon every few months to achieve to deal with root growth and keep the color toned. A bonus, however, is that the highlights and lowlight tones are fully tailored to your skin tone, so the color will likely suit most of us. Considering Carol likely has a hair dyer on speed dial, we doubt the regular maintenance routine will stop her from keeping this glamorous blonde looking fresh all summer long. For more beauty news, trends and tips, sign up for OK!'s daily newsletter here! on.


Elon Musk assures DOGE of support to make DOGE and SHIB profits

Dogecoin rallied 9.50% on Tuesday, with Shiba Inu seeing a 31.20% breakout. Elon Musk provided support for meme coins in a Bloomberg interview. (Author: Gardener)

Elon Musk* On Tuesday, Elon Musk returned to the Dogecoin (DOGE) topic and assured investors of his unwavering support. * DOGE up 9.50% with Shiba Inu (SHIB) up 31.20% supported by Musk. * Technical indicators are bullish with DOGE trading above the 100-day EMA. Longtime Dogecoin (DOGE) advocate Elon Musk was back in the news this week. A $258 billion lawsuit seems to have done little to deter the man behind Tesla Inc. and SpaceX from backing the meme coins. However, unlike many others, Elon Musk has done more than just talk, as Tesla Inc. and SpaceX accept DOGE and SHIB for merch payments. Despite Musk's unwavering support, crypto investor Keith Johnson last week sued Elon Musk, SpaceX, and Tesla Inc. for promoting DOGE. Claiming he was swindled out of money by the defendants, Johnson called the meme coin a "dogecoin crypto pyramid scheme." Johnson wants to represent investors "who have lost money trading DOGE since April 2019". While Musk has remained silent on the lawsuit, he has remained committed to supporting DOGE this crypto winter. Overnight, the news reached the lines of Elon Musk, who was responding to calls to reiterate his DOGE support. Speaking to Bloomberg at the Qatar Economic Forum, Musk answered questions about the crypto market and the recent carnage. Musk made it clear that he never said people should invest in crypto. In response to calls from his company's employees to support Dogecoin, Musk reportedly added: While Musk spoke of his support for DOGE, Shiba Inu (SHIB) piggybacked on DOGE (+9.50%), posting the most losses reversed in June. A move through the $0.0648 pivot would target the first major resistance level at $0.0707. DOGE would need the broader crypto market to support a return to $0.070. Another extended rally would test the second major resistance level at $0.0756 and resistance at $0.080. The third major resistance level stands at $0.0864. A break through the pivot point would test the first major support level at $0.0599. The second major support level is at $0.0540. Looking at the EMAs and the 4-hour candlestick chart (below), this is a bullish signal. This morning, DOGE was above the 100-day EMA at $0.06526. The 200-day EMA is currently at $0.07515.


Elon Musk's vision for Twitter includes allowing users to enable a setting that blocks offensive comments

Musk said Tuesday that while people should be allowed to tweet whatever they want, their tweets shouldn't have to be seen by everyone. (Author: Gardener)

Elon Musk's* Elon Musk proposed a comprehensive filter on Twitter that would block posts users find offensive. * He said users should be able to tweet freely without their words being broadcast to the country. * The billionaire said there's a "huge difference between freedom of expression and freedom of reach." Billionaire Elon Musk on Tuesday proposed a Twitter feature that would allow users to set preferences that limit what they see on the platform and block content they find offensive. He said Twitter should allow people to say whatever they want on the platform, within "the limits of the law," but then limit who sees their comments based on other users' preferences. "But if your preferences are good, you prefer not to see comments that you find offensive in one form or another, then you can have that as an attitude and not see it." The Tesla CEO said he believes still that Twitter should be as inclusive as possible, but said there's a "big difference between free speech and free reach." "You're going to annoy people around you, but you're more or less free to yell whatever you want in a public place." Musk has previously mentioned his desire to filter out offensive and boring content on social media. At his first all-hands meeting with Twitter employees, he said he plans "not to show people content that they would find offensive." Twitter has not publicly announced a blanket feature like Musk's proposed one. However, it allows users to block or filter out notifications from specific accounts, or flag content that the platform flags as duplicate or automated tweets. In addition, the platform allows users to “mute” certain words so that they are not shown posts containing those terms. Musk said Tuesday his goal is to "make most people want to be on Twitter" because they find the content informative, entertaining, and useful. The billionaire has repeatedly stated that he disagrees with Twitter's practice of banning users who violate its policies, which currently prohibit the promotion of violence, extremism, adult content, and the posting of other people's private information, among other things.


Elon Musk's child wants to change his name to sever ties with his father

Reuters reports that Musk's transgender daughter has filed an application to change both her name and her birth certificate. "I no longer live with my birth father or wish to be related to him in any way." Elon Musk's daughter, via court documents, as reported by Reuters. Reuters reports that the court documents can be viewed at (Author: Gardener)

Elon Musk'sElon Musk's child wants to change his name to sever ties with his father. Reuters reports that Musk's transgender daughter has filed an application to change both her name and her birth certificate. "I no longer live with my birth father or wish to be related to him in any way." Elon Musk's daughter, via court documents, as reported by Reuters. Reuters reports that the court documents can be viewed at The Offer: The Origin Story of The Godfather Points the Way for the Future of the Franchise Spirit of the Original SeriesCaptain Pike and his crew debut today on new streaming service Paramount+Michael J. Fox will be an honorary Oscar at this year's Governors Awards in recognition of his acting career and "tireless commitment to research into Parkinson's disease". Page lamented "people's obsession with binary," but hopes the haters will come around. After coming out as non-binary in 2018, Miller was hailed on Time Magazine's first Next list of celebrities who are "shaping the future" and enthusiastically spoke preferred pronouns - she/she, it/her, and ze/zir, latest New Paramount+ UK in June 2022: Best Movies & TV Shows launches as new streamerParamount+ finally arrives in the UK with a launch roster including TV series Halo and a new film Beavis and Butthead. The Moneypenny star says she's 'down' for Chiwetel Ejio, for taking on Daniel Craig as Bond. Kevin Feige says Marvel left "clues" to the next crossover storyline — and fans think they've worked it out. More details will reportedly be released "in the coming months," according to We Know About The Jodie Whittaker, David Tennant, and Ncuti Gatwa Specials. After 2021's series Flux, the next full series of Doctor Who is some distance away, but everything changes in the upcoming TV specials of the long-running sci-fi show. year-old mother of two is burned out d wants to spend time with her family 'frozen 3' is coming. "I want to officially announce Frozen 3 without any authority whatsoever," Bell said on The Tonight Show Monday night. Entering the UK streaming battlefield on Monday with a big-budget launch in the UK capital. Local media reported the accident happened on June 16 and said the van overturned after it went off the road […]Johnny Depp fans were outraged at Disney for showing his face in the light show “curse of the Caribbean” after winning the case. "I didn't quite understand how, after that long and fairly successful relationship with Disney, that suddenly I was guilty until proven innocent," Depp said in court. "I think we'll get along fine. Especially because (Pratt) gave such a strong performance,” says Illumination producer and founder Chris Meledandri. I hate this business," the actor said. Stiller is a longtime goodwill ambassador for UNHCR - the UN refugee agency MTV News that he would be more interested in returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Johnny Storm/Human Torch than as Steve Rogers/Captain America, whom he spent a decade in played various MCU tentpoles. Evans played Human Torch in the negatively-reviewed Fantastic Four (2005) and its sequel Fantastic Four: James Bond: 8 Actors Who Hated to Be in 007 Movies. The James Bond series is one of the most successful film franchises of all time, and yet not every actor dreams of starring in one.


Elon Musk talks about recession risk, Twitter deal and Trump

(Bloomberg) - Elon Musk, the billionaire visionary and often unpredictable entrepreneur, struck a sober tone on Tuesday as he forecast a likely US recession and cast doubt on his commitment to a $44 billion takeover of Twitter Inc. let. Most Read by BloombergLiz Cheney Pays the Price in Her Home State for Crossing Trump Bonds Fall: Markets WrapMortgage lenders timed the market perfectlyElon (Author: Gardener)

Elon Musk(Bloomberg) - Elon Musk, the billionaire visionary and often unpredictable entrepreneur, struck a sober tone on Tuesday as he forecast a likely US recession and cast doubt on his commitment to a $44 billion takeover of Twitter Inc. In an interview with Bloomberg, news editor-in-chief John Micklethwait said at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, the CEO of Tesla Inc. that the electric carmaker's workforce will need to be cut as the supply chain hampers growth. "At some point, a recession is inevitable," said Musk, who joined the Middle East forum via video link from the US in the middle of the night. Musk, who is also the CEO of rocket launch company SpaceX, has been a far cry from the facetious and sometimes edgy showman, who is a star on Twitter with nearly 100 million followers. Speaking before some of the Qatari backers of his proposed takeover of the social media platform, the billionaire was matter-of-fact, measured and respectful. His pessimistic outlook for the domestic economy follows similar forecasts by Nouriel Roubini and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Musk is also now at odds with President Joe Biden, who on Monday reiterated he believes a US recession is not inevitable. When Musk was unequivocal on his economic views, he left his commitment to one of the most controversial deals of the year -- his April agreement to buy Twitter -- in doubt. The richest man in the world said there were "a few unresolved issues" and he's still awaiting resolution over how many bots - automated accounts rather than humans - exist on the social media platform. The transaction cannot be completed until this issue is resolved and shareholders approve the deal, Musk said. * Elon Musk says Tesla job cuts will reduce workforce by 3.5% * Musk says bots are problem for Twitter deal, not China * Musk, Roubini and Goldman warn of rising US recession risk * Musk says that he supports Dogecoin as people have encouraged him to * Elon Musk's Full Interview: On Twitter, Recession and Trump Musk's reluctance or inability to fully support the deal will not dispel speculation that he is using the bot issue to potentially blow up the transaction. Musk has said he wants to put the acquisition "on hold" while he investigates how many of the Twitter users are real people. He has filed a formal letter with the Securities and Exchange Commission telling Twitter executives that he might back out of the deal if the company didn't do more to prove the size of its user base. With the U.S. economy poised to go into reverse gear, Musk acknowledged it was time to slow Tesla's expansion in some areas. He clarified the job cuts at the Austin, Texas-based electric car company and confirmed that the workforce will be reduced by about 10% over the next three months, resulting in an overall reduction in total headcount of about 3.5% . The number of hourly workers is expected to continue to increase, Musk said. "We grew very quickly on the salary side and grew a little too quickly in some areas," he said in an interview. He has set out a far-reaching ambition to have half the world's population subscribed to Twitter if his takeover goes through. That's even bigger than his vision of reaching 1 billion users, which he outlined to Twitter staff last week. The platform currently has about 229 million users. Musk told the forum his focus on Twitter will be "moving the product forward," though he doesn't necessarily plan to become CEO if he buys the company. The billionaire has emerged as a potential political force and said last week he voted for the Republican for the first time in the Texas primary. Musk has also indicated he is leaning towards Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has positioned himself as a staunch conservative and heir apparent to former US President Donald Trump. Still, in the Doha interview, Musk refused to open up about his political allegiances ahead of the presidential election. "I'm undecided at this point," he said when specifically asked if he would support Trump. However, Musk said he was willing to put a "non-trivial" amount of up to $25 million into a Super PAC. When asked where he sees the fiercest competition in electric vehicles, Musk said he was "very impressed with auto companies in China and with companies in China in general." "They are extremely competitive, hardworking and smart," he said, adding that consumers can probably expect even more Chinese-made products to come out of the global manufacturing powerhouse than is the case now. A Tesla team is working to have a prototype humanoid robot ready by the end of September, he said. When asked about cryptocurrencies, Musk dismissed a suggestion he himself said people should invest in. But he vowed to support Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency created as a hoax in 2013 because some of his employees asked him to. SpaceX and Tesla, for example, bought some bitcoin, "but it's a small percentage of our total cash and cash-like assets," Musk said. "I've also bought some Dogecoin and Tesla is accepting Dogecoin for some goods and SpaceX will do the same." Buy and support Dogecoin.”


Chelsea owner Boehly is already showing power in the transfer market with a big first deal

Romelu Lukaku's brief stint at Chelsea is over as the club have agreed in principle to loan him to Inter Milan and Todd Boehly has been key in the negotiations (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaRomelu Lukaku's brief stint at Chelsea is over as the club agreed a deal in principle to loan him to Inter Milan and Todd Boehly was key to the negotiations Todd Boehly has landed his first big deal at Chelsea Todd Boehly has already proven that he may has great power in the transfer market as his relationship with Roc Nation has contributed to Romelu Lukaku's return to Inter Milan. Despite only re-signing for Chelsea last summer, The Blues have reached an agreement with Inter that will see Lukaku return to the Serie A side on loan. Lukaku has been linked with an exit since his brutal interview with Sky Italia in December, in which he stated he would like to return to Inter after questioning Thomas Tuchel's tactics. But it seems that Chelsea's new owners have already worked closely with Lukaku's representatives and helped get a deal across the line. Less than a year ago, Lukaku became Chelsea's record-breaking signing when the Belgian returned to Stamford Bridge, citing "unfinished business" in a deal worth £97.5million. Lukaku is represented by Roc Nation, a company founded by Jay-Z in 2008, and the Belgian became their first ever Premier League client. And it can be a small world at times, as Chelsea's new American owner Boehly appears to be very close to Michael Yormark - president of Roc Nation. When Lukaku signed, Chelsea were on good terms with former owner Roman Abramovich until the Russian saw his hand forced after his alleged ties to Vladimir Putin saw him sanctioned. After a long process, Chelsea was taken over by an American group, with co-owner Boehly spearheading the takeover. Lukaku signed with Roc Nation to become their first Premier League client. Abramovich was never afraid to put his hand in his pockets, as seen in the Lukaku transfer. And Chelsea fans were worried about Boehly's intentions as the club hadn't seen a change of ownership since 2004. But the American has already shown his power by being key to Lukaku's return to Inter and he will also give Tuchel a sizeable budget. Chelsea aren't the only American-owned Big Six club, but this unique relationship sets them apart. Romelu Lukaku has managed to upset both Chelsea and Inter fans "I'm sorry for the uproar I caused," Lukaku told Chelsea TV to make up for his mistake. But it seems the damage was already done after Lukaku admitted: "The second year after we won the Scudetto, I went to the club bosses and asked for a new contract. "The fact that they didn't try Getting me to sign one The new contract bothered me a bit, it even hurt me. If Inter had offered me a new contract, I would have stayed 100 percent. Although it wasn't quite as Lukaku expected, the Belgian managed to return to Inter while receiving a higher salary due to his Chelsea contract.


Todd Boehly faces baptism of fire prompting £200m transfer swap after Marina Granovskaia exit

She has been dubbed the most powerful woman in football and has effectively run the club for Roman Abramovich for almost a decade. If, as expected, she becomes the next big name at Stamford Bridge then her departure will represent a significant loss and leave a huge void that needs to be filled. (Author: Gardener)

Todd BoehlyMarina Granovskaia's future has been one of the biggest questions surrounding the Chelsea ownership change. She has been dubbed the most powerful woman in football and has effectively run the club for Roman Abramovich for almost a decade. If, as expected, she becomes the next big name at Stamford Bridge then her departure will represent a significant loss and leave a huge void that needs to be filled. Granovskaia is considered the most powerful person at Chelsea after Abramovich. With Chelsea facing a difficult summer and catching up in the transfer market, Thomas Tuchel preferred Granovskaia to remain as director for the remainder of the window. He wanted her to oversee transfers for at least the summer to ensure some continuity during the handover process following Todd Boehly's takeover. But after Chelsea announced yesterday that Bruce Buck would step down as chairman, Granovskaia will also be the next high-profile departure as the new regime takes shape. A statement from Chelsea on the timing of her departure is expected shortly but she is expected to depart before the transfer window closes. Granovskaia's departure comes as a major blow to manager Tuchel, who has developed a close working relationship with the transfer boss and knows Chelsea have a great summer ahead of them as they begin the rebuilding needed to take them to the top of English football bring back. Buck was not a key part of the decision-making process under Abramovich but Granovskaia's departure will have an immediate impact on the club's day-to-day operations. The Russian-Canadian manager has worked at Chelsea since 2010 and has been handling transfers and player contracts since 2013. Standard Sport reported last month that Boehly will personally oversee Chelsea's transfer journey and plans to spend much of the summer in the UK to ensure his new signing is capable of challenging Manchester City and Liverpool next season. It's clear that Boehly, who is likely to fill the roles left by Granovskaia and Buck, plans to be very hands-on on the job and he wants to give Tuchel more power over recruiting. Chelsea are expected to confirm their new board soon and getting the appointment right will be key. They will almost certainly have to appoint a new sporting director and have been linked to Atletico Madrid's Andrea Berta. It was always unlikely that Granovskaia, whose close professional ties with Abramovich have lasted for 20 years, would retain the same level of power under the new regime. But initially, Granovskaia and Buck were expected to remain in their roles for a transitional period. It was always clear that at some point the new Chelsea owners would need a clean break with the Abramovich regime to impose their own authority on the club. Chelsea have already seen Liverpool spend £64m on Darwin Nunez this summer and Manchester City have signed Erling Haaland for £51.2m. Tuchel and Boehly not only need to fill the defensive void left by the departures of centre-backs Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen, but also the attacking need to be addressed if Chelsea are to close the gap on the front two. The hope was that Boehly could lean heavily on Granovskaia at a time of tremendous change at Stamford Bridge. Their departure will also raise questions about the future of technical and performance adviser Petr Cech, who has also worked closely with Granovskaia and Tuchel on transfers. With the departure of Granovskaia, Boehly and Tuchel will have more responsibility, who will have to take over the transfer negotiations. However, without Granovskaia, the new owner faces a baptism of fire to rebuild the Chelsea squad in time for the start of the new season.


Chelsea accept Inter Milan's proposal with two key clauses missing

An agreement was eventually reached in talks over a return to Inter - but a key missing clause keeps Lukaku's long-term future in the dark (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaInter Milan have reached an agreement with Chelsea to see Romelu Lukaku return to San Siro on loan, ending the striker's miserable year at Stamford Bridge. Belgium star Lukaku returned to Chelsea - his second professional club - for £97.5million last summer. That was not only a transfer record for Chelsea, but also a British record sum at the time. But the return to west London hasn't paid off and Lukaku has made an unfortunate impression. Indeed, he has criticized both the team and manager Thomas Tuchel, and has expressed regret at leaving Inter in the first place. And while Tuchel publicly forgave the striker - despite a hefty club penalty - it was clear all was not well between player and club. Lukaku finished the season with a respectable 15 goals in 44 appearances. But those figures were significantly lower than his previous seasons as Chelsea's tactics were clearly unsuitable for the 29-year-old. In fact, he was quick to make it clear that he wanted to return to the Nerazzurri this summer should the opportunity arise. Now, after days of talks between the clubs, the player has apparently gotten his wish. The deal had looked in doubt as recently as Inter's CEO Giuseppe Marotta insisted his side would not pay over the odds. However, according to a variety of sources, Inter have now reached an agreement to bring Lukaku back. In fact, both Sky Sports Italia and Fabrizio Romano claim that the Serie A side will pay Chelsea a £6.87m (€8m) loan fee to bring Lukaku back. Chelsea had been trying to get closer to the £10m mark but now a compromise seems to have been found. In fact, Lukaku's move will include a number of performance-related clauses. As a result, Chelsea will be paid a £3.8m (€4.5m) bonus should Inter win either Serie A, the Champions League or the Europa League. As a result, Lukaku will return to Chelsea once the 2022/23 season is over. Unless another agreement is made. Lukaku is also taking a significant pay cut to accommodate the move. If all goes well, he'll likely be featured again later in the day as an Inter player. The announcement of a deal with Inter ends one of the most ill-fated transfers in recent history. While Chelsea paid for Lukaku, which many felt was excessive, many believed the forward would prove the missing link to their side. With Timo Werner struggling the season before, the capture of Lukaku should end Chelsea's wastage in front of goal. Fractures began to appear in his relationship with Tuchel, and he became a frequent bank resident. And when he spoke out against the club and Tuchel, there was no turning back for the player. However, it was clear that Lukaku's heart was never in it. When the chance of a return to Inter presented itself, the striker was quick to push for it. And although his loan deal will only keep him there for one more season, it seems highly unlikely that Romelu Lukaku will ever feature in a Chelsea shirt again. Meanwhile, another unlucky blues star, Christian Pulisic, has been told he will have to fight for his spot, while there has been talk of a nosedive for Raheem Sterling. The article Romelu Lukaku Transfer Latest: Chelsea accepts Inter Milan proposal with two key clauses missing appeared first on