the joys and challenges of moving to a four-day workweek

Workers at 70 companies are taking an extra day off each week with full pay as part of a nationwide trial. We asked four of them how they found the first month (Author: Gardener)

four-dayIn June, the UK launched the world's largest test of a four-day workweek. More than 3,300 workers at 70 companies agreed to work a day less, with full pay and the obligation to maintain their usual levels of productivity. "It's been almost 100 years since we went from a six-day week to a five-day week, so a change is long overdue," says Joe Ryle, campaign manager at study partner 4 Day Week UK. “Britain has an unhealthy culture where working full time is seen as a badge of honour, but our productivity levels are low and younger generations increasingly don't want to define themselves through a burnout lifestyle.” But in terms of hours worked, that's it UK more than an hour above the EU average of 40.5 hours per week in 2019, according to research. In the UK, 10 million people say they would like to work fewer hours, with 3 million willing to accept less in the pay in return. Studies suggest that working one day less per week can lead to improved worker satisfaction and productivity, as well as better access to the labor market and potential environmental benefits from reducing commuting. In Iceland, between 2015 and 2019, a four-day trial among public sector workers resulted in a "dramatic increase" in workers' well-being. But not every four-day-week pilot has led to lasting success. In 2019, the Wellcome Trust scrapped plans for its 800 head office staff to work a day less per week after a three-month study due to "operational complexity". The business association CBI has also spoken out against the four-day week, saying that "rigid approaches seem like a step in the wrong direction" at a time when choosing flexible working hours is seen as increasingly important. Research conducted by Gallup also suggests that while employees desire more flexibility at work, when it comes to overall well-being, other issues such as better management, better pay, or more meaningful work may outweigh the hours worked. Still, Joan Fielder, the CEO of Helping Hands, which supports older people and is one of the organizations participating in the UK Trail, says she's happy with the change so far. “It doesn't detract from our service or commitment; Instead, it allows for a better work-life balance and keeps us all focused and refreshed.” With the turmoil of the coronavirus pandemic already prompting a reassessment of priorities — and employees leaving their jobs in droves — how much could one additional day free time? We spoke to four employees in different industries as they began the first month of the pilot. In Coventry, 35-year-old Dr. Fatima Ajia's typical working day may be as early as 5 a.m. Her hours are flexible and she works from home and sits at her desk until her to-do list is checked off. "I'm a creature of habit and work is part of my life structure, so I wonder if the four-day workweek will serve to expand our free time or just embellish it," says Ajia. “Will it be that easy to unwind from the grueling work on Fridays and get on with life? Over in Salford, 49-year-old Digger Mosey finds the change a welcome respite. Before that I was in an NHS mental health department, where I worked nights,” he says. "Having a normal day at work and an extra day off on Friday is a dream come true." Since most of his friends worked full-time, Mosey spent his first Friday off at home doing home improvement jobs. "I live alone, so eventually I'll have to get on with the jobs," he says. When I got back to work on Monday, I felt so much more refreshed.” As a manager at Charity Bank, he has reservations about starting the pilot. "It's going to require a different approach to work, as I can't just squash my usual five-day workload into four," he says. "Before the lockdown, I left the house around 7am and came back at 6.30pm," he says. “Since Covid most of our work is remote so not having a set end time is much easier. With the four day work week I'm really hoping to spend more time with the boys and see if I can get back to working on my own health and fitness.” Creative copywriter Emma Colton, 28, who lives in Northampton, decides opts for an off Wednesday rather than a typical Friday, and has productive plans for her first month of four-day weeks. "I wanted to be on on my day off to fill it with personal projects," she says. "I'm in the process of selling my apartment and starting to write a novel, so I have quite a lot planned." "Being around other people really helps my creative process, and getting enough sleep helps with productivity ", she says. "I think it was a day well spent." Though she's been replying to work emails over the weekend, she's also managed to make a long-overdue visit to her nieces. "Spending time with family this weekend made me realize the social value that's being taken from me," she says. "I can't remember what day of the week it is," says Colton from her home in Northampton. "Having Wednesdays off is great for staying productive throughout the week, but it also means I don't get a Friday feeling. Two weeks into the pilot, Colton is still balancing her expectations with the realities of her free time. With plans to move on with her novel, she ended up spending her Wednesday cleaning up her apartment for viewings, which were ultimately cancelled. "But it was helpful to know that my free time might not always go according to plan." Meanwhile, Ajia still struggles to strike a work-life balance. Every day I was glued to my desk, unable to take my lunch break or stretch,” she says. "We've booked fewer meetings now, and they're shorter while interactions with other employees are more focused," he says. "Having four days means you're always thinking about how to best use your time, so carry as little forward as possible to the next week." Still, he says he can't resist checking his email at the weekend . But he also fit in a park run - "the first time I've managed one since lockdown," he says. "I used to volunteer for the homeless on a Saturday, but now I have Fridays off, I've moved it to Thursday evenings," he says. "I'm much better and I can really unwind at the weekend." He spent Saturday going to a local bar with friends and planning a trip to a music festival the next weekend. “That extra day means everyone comes back busy on Monday,” he says. I don't know why it wasn't done years ago - I'm really dreading it when we have to go back.” On a day away with her team this week, Ajia found everyone raving about the pilot. "People have their Friday lists for the fun things they want to do on their days off," she says. "Everyone seems to be for the pilot, despite his teething problems, and to be honest I'm comfortable with it now... This week I've done the practical and let go of the impossible - at work and in my personal life. Colton has spent the week coming to a similar realization after scheduled home viewings fell through again on her day off. "I've found that I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the best of the day I've been given, when I'm really busy and should be slacking off," she says. "I've noticed that I don't want to plan my private projects so rigidly, because the four-day week allows me flexibility at work, but it has also taught me flexibility in my private life. ” On Monday, Mosey is so flexible with his newfound free time that he misses our usual time slot to catch up on the week's activities. "It's a bit like having a holiday every week - you have to keep track of your days. Still, I got all my work done and I had a great time at the music festival this weekend watching Duran Duran. I'm so thankful since I was on shift this time last year and the lack of sleep is killing you - I'm too old to get back to that now." With the end of the month in sight, Herbert still feels like he's learning how to work more effectively in a four day time frame. "Sometimes the work week can feel like that crazy panic you get before you go on vacation - you're just in a hurry to get everything done," he says. "But it's worth it for the extra day off, because it makes you calmer on Mondays - I don't get that anxiety anymore on Sunday evenings." He believes that a permanent switch to the four-day week would not be too far-fetched. "We all want it to continue after the pilot - my family included - and it will be great to have the extra time in the fall when the kids are back in school. To make up for last week's fun, Mosey is up extra early this Monday and can't wait to get back to work. "Sometimes I felt like nobody got much done on a Monday, but now I feel like a new person," he says. “I can't waste any more time during the week and I feel a lot more motivated. I honestly can't think of any downsides as everyone gets their job done. My only worry is that we'll be back to working five days a week in November.” In Northampton, Colton has finally managed to organize her flat viewing and get started on her novel. "Not much has gone according to plan this month, but I have to remember to give myself some breathing space," she says. “There is no point in participating in this study hoping to relieve stress by accumulating it in my free time. Life gets in the way, and that's okay.” She thinks the creative industry in particular could benefit from the four-day week: “My writing is improving because I take more time to write creatively. Creative jobs work better when you have time to relax and think more clearly.” “I'm surprised I enjoyed this month; I don't usually like to be idle. At first it felt like I had retired from work because it does so much to give my life meaning,” she says. "But I just needed to be more comfortable with what I can accomplish in a limited amount of time and say a firm no when I can't accomplish something the way I want to." She feels like she's going through the process has also discovered more of a supportive community at work, although she initially found her co-workers' emails draining. "I don't have to do everything myself," she says. “If we really want work to get better, there are many other issues that need to be addressed besides our work-life balance – things like diversity, gender equality and pay gap issues.” In the meantime, though, she believes that another day off could have significant consequences for her own life. "I'm starting to realize that accumulating this free time could allow me to explore a lot more than I used to," she says.


Love Island's Tasha and Andrew are discussing a future marriage proposal and a baby

EXCLUSIVE: Love Island couple Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page speak exclusively to OK! on what's next for her and her future after leaving the Mallorcan villa (Author: Gardener)

EXCLUSIVETasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page's relationship has only gone from strength to strength since they left the Love Island mansion in fourth place, and now the pair have exclusive to OK! Posing for their first shoot together, the loving couple can't help but show their affection for one another as they talk about house hunting, marriage proposals and how Andrew changed Tasha's attitude towards children. It's free and gives you backstage access to stories like this one, exclusive home tours, special discounts and more! arrives for our exclusive shoot with Love Island's Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page, it's clear love is in the air. From the stealing kisses to the beguiled looks they exchange, it's obvious that this is the real deal. And it's not long before the couple don wedding outfits for our Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker-inspired shoot - following their last date on the ITV2 show, which recreated the scene of Kravis' rose-filled engagement. "For sure!" Tasha, wearing a white veil, tells us. "It was fun being in the wedding outfits and you never know, maybe it will be soon." "We'll see!" laughs Andrew. “Of course we still have a while, but it felt good to dress up. Our last date was amazing, so I have to make it a lot more intense when it comes to proposing!" Inside the mansion, real estate agent Andrew, 27, and dancer and model Tasha, 23, said it would be about four years before he had the question, but when we sat down with the couple, he told us the schedule had accelerated. "Yeah, I'm not going to lie, it definitely has," he says. "I love everything about Tasha. I don't think I'll wait four years at this rate." And an elated Tasha can't help but pump her fist and say, "Yes!" Upon hearing that, he added, "It's very much going in the right direction." I had one night without her and she said, 'No, you can come back now!'" laughs Andrew. "We're literally two peas in a pod," adds Tasha. I think the pressure of not being in the villa, cameras or around people really took the pressure off. "We started to be more ourselves, and it felt natural." Another thing that has also changed is Tasha's attitude towards having children. "Early on in the process, Tasha told me she didn't want children," says Andrew. "I said, 'That's cool, it's not a deal breaker for me. ' and then five days before the baby challenge, she sat me down and said, 'I can actually see myself having kids with you one day.' And Tasha says that her turnaround was only because of the Meeting "Right Person" tells us, "When my mom and dad walked in and I talked to them about it, even they were shocked because they knew how badly I didn't want children, but they could see how happy I am . "It just goes to show that when you meet the right person, your mind can change. Now I've met Andrew and I can see it happening. "Do you know when you have a vision in your head of your future life? It changed because of Andrew.” “Only one!” Tasha confirms, although Andrew has slightly different ideas. "I'd like two," he says. "She changed her mind from zero to one, so I have a feeling maybe we can see if we have more than one ... There's still a long way to go, but we'll discuss it later." The pair have many highs and lows at the mansion, from the official announcement and final date to the tears after Casa Amor and landing in the last spots of the public vote. It was all love and we didn't expect it. People even come up to us when we're shopping,” says Tasha. Andrew continues: "The strangest thing that happened was after we went to Coldplay and we were at McDonald's, there was a man from Denmark and he was just shaking and crying when he saw us." Support also came in form by celebrity fans including TV star Vicky Pattison, actress Karen Gillan and former islander Laura Anderson. "Karen Gillan follows me on Instagram, which is pretty cool, and Laura was really sweet and stood by me throughout the show," says Tasha. "And Vicky was really supportive and telling me that you can't please everyone. "I think I really needed to hear that and I've learned that now." Given the amount of support, how did Tasha feel when her co-star Danica Taylor said she was wondering if her feelings and Andrew's were real before they became boyfriend and girlfriend? That doesn't mean we weren't real. Every relationship has its ups and downs and ours wasn't easy, but it got us to where we are now." "I think it's hard to judge someone's relationship just because there are ups and downs. And when it comes to their journey, the two say they wouldn't change a thing." "I think everything that happened made us stronger," Andrew says of the good times." I have a saying that life is a climb but the view is great and that's how I see our relationship in the villa because in the end it was great.” The loved-up couple are currently looking for a flat in London while living in Tasha's flat share. Andrew, who lived in Dubai before Love Island, says: "We will rent and then save up so we can get a house together. Tasha is an east London girl and I've been to west London before so obviously we'll be in east London,” he laughs. "I live with roommates and Andrew lives out of a suitcase, so we really want an apartment that's ours and we can create a home," says Tasha. "My mom texts me every day, 'Have you found a place yet?'" And while the couple is yet to have a baby, they plan to add two fur babies to the family. "But we need a bit of time, just the two of us, as I get jealous when Andrew gives all the attention to the dogs." But the two say they're keeping their distance and focusing on themselves, including commenting on this by Jacques O 'Unfollowing Neill after a video circulated in which he appeared to mock Tasha during the finale. "Andrew and I are just focused on each other and ourselves and what we want to do," says Tasha. "Um To be honest, I didn't pay any attention to it at all," Andrew continues. We came to the mansion looking for someone and we found that and that's what we're focusing on." But one thing we can't talk about is Andrew's infamous line, "I got her t*t or what always licked," as he told Tasha about his antics with Coco. "Yeah, it's gotten to be a pretty big deal," he laughs. "It's kind of a iconic saying." We love it and we think it's funny. "Obviously it wasn't funny at the time," adds Tasha. It's funny to see people putting it up on signs in their bathrooms.” “I really think they're just friends, there's nothing to that,” says Andrew. "I don't know if Indiyah [Polack] minds, but I don't think she needs to worry." "Indiyah and Paige are good friends too," adds Tasha. And when it comes to the other couples, Tasha thinks they all have what it takes to go the distance. "I think they all have great potential," says Tasha. "I have no idea who's going to do that," says Andrew. "This is the first time I've heard of it, but I'd love to do it if they had me," says Andrew. "I can't dance, but I have a very good teacher in Tasha." But there was one opportunity across the pond that was particularly difficult for Andrew to ignore. "While I was at the villa, I got a DM from Selling Sunset Instagram saying I've got a job if I'm ever in LA, which is pretty cool," says Andrew, who is from Guernsey. "I don't know if that's true, but it would be such a cool show to go on. "It's going to happen, you have to believe in it!" says Tasha, who has her sights set on Strictly Come Dancing. "I think Strictly would be really interesting because I've never done his [dance] styles before, so it would be a challenge. Tasha, who is from Yorkshire, wants to continue raising awareness for the deaf community. The star was born deaf and had a cochlear implant at the age of five, which she described as her "superpower" as she opened up to fellow islanders on her first night at the villa. "I'm confident enough to be open about it so people made sure I wasn't pushed into the pool or people didn't cover their mouths so I couldn't read lips. "But Andrew was the only guy I felt comfortable enough with to actually talk about it, and that spoke volumes," says Tasha. As we sat back on the plane from Guernsey he said: 'Would you like me to change the batteries for you? ' and he did. "Little things like that are so nice to have. I feel like I grow around Andrew." And Andrew says Tasha's openness about her superpower sealed his feelings for her. I think she's just so amazing and so inspiring." So what was the reaction from the deaf community? "Amazing," says Tasha. It's overwhelming, but in the best possible way. "I left feeling like I did something good. There were tough times but coming out and to see what the deaf community said was so nice. I hope I showed that they are a superpower." I think it's something that's viewed negatively. But there's no stereotypical or particular way of being deaf." or having a cochlear implant. And your superpower doesn't define you, it's just a part of who you are." I've had messages from people saying, 'I have a cochlear implant and now I have this confidence, my Wearing your hair up." That's what I wanted to do with it and show that people can do whatever they want." She continues, "But I think a lot more awareness is needed and we still have a long way to go what needs to be done as there was some negativity after the show. "When I came out of the villa, my dad sat me down and told me all the things that had been said and I said, 'Okay, cool, I'm going to go ahead and do my thing.' I'm aware not everyone does it, so there is still a way to go. I have goals to beat.” And the person who will be supporting Tasha every step of the way is Andrew. "I want to see her smash it and I want to work hard and build a great future for us." "I want us to have the best life and memories together," adds Tasha.


The problems Liverpool must resolve as their stuttering start continues

DOMINIC KING: Klopp tried to remain optimistic, but his frown told a different story. For the first time in 20 months, the Reds are under pressure to prevent a miserable start to the season. (Author: Gardener)

KloppJurgen Klopp tried to remain optimistic but his frown told a different story. For the first time in 20 months, Liverpool are under pressure to drop standards and are under pressure to halt a miserable start to the season. Beaten at Old Trafford on Monday, the optimism surrounding the Community Shield win over Manchester City was replaced by uncertainty and concern about the direction the team is heading. Liverpool's sad start to the season continued after losing to rivals Man United on Monday. Pep Lijnders, Klopp's assistant, says Liverpool's "identity is their intensity", a philosophy that has served them well. At best, the turbocharged way they start games can decide an outcome very early on. So far this season, however, they've stumbled from the stands. It was a damning indictment of their efforts in Monday's 2-1 defeat by Manchester United that Liverpool could have been dead and buried in 20 minutes. It was the same in Fulham on the opening day of the season when everything seemed too casual. Watching the players warm up that day there was a noticeable lack of focus and concentration and it was no surprise when they conceded a chance in the first minute. Liverpool have stumbled from the stands this season, including the opening game at Fulham Liverpool should have known they were caught in a storm in Manchester. Go back 13 years when the roles were reversed - United had just played in a Champions League final, Liverpool were run by lousy owners - Anfield sparked a storm and United were beaten 2-0. They would never win this competition from the moment Jadon Sancho scored the opening goal in the 16th minute. Liverpool's next away game is at Goodison Park on Saturday, where another blast awaits. "Defensively he's being figured out," argued former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders on talkSPORT on Tuesday, listing pivotal moments against Fulham, Crystal Palace, Manchester United and in the Champions League final, which Trent Alexander-Arnold was involved in. Everyone knows the 23-year-old is extremely talented in attack. Alexander-Arnold can stun team-mates with his ability to remain unaffected by mistakes because seconds later he will do something extraordinary, but his complacency was evident in his first three league games. Trent Alexander-Arnold's form in these first three games is way below what it should be. The way he upset Moussa Sissoko during a game against Tottenham in March 2019 is one of the finest bits of Anfield defense in modern times. In the eyes of this observer, he remains the best in his position in the world and the numbers back it up. He has the best minutes to goals conceded ratio in the Premier League since the start of last season (26 goals conceded in 3,330 minutes) but so far this season he hasn't looked as good as usual. Maybe that has something to do with the three of us have different partners in three games (Joel Matip, Nat Phillips and Joe Gomez) but this is the first time there has been a drop in standards in almost five years. He needs a confident performance to calm those nerves. This is the first time in almost five years that standards have fallen for Virgil van Dijk in those first three games and there was far more evidence of that at Craven Cottage. Klopp and Alisson had a full and frank exchange of views there, as did Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah. Teams don't win when individuals don't hold each other to the highest standards, but teams can seem vulnerable when they argue openly. And Liverpool seem vulnerable. Klopp (left) and Alisson (right) had a full and frank exchange of views at Craven Cottage Liverpool's players and staff have had arguments on the pitch and look vulnerable Klopp has been asked this question almost every week since early July. But in an ideal world, Liverpool would get someone now. They were interested in Aurelien Tchouameni but have long known that the French midfielder was destined for Real Madrid. Jude Bellingham would be an ideal acquisition, but a deal like this doesn't close in eight days. Until then, Klopp must hope the treatment room clears up and he finds the mix that will make Liverpool strong again. The last time they picked up two points from nine at the turn of the year followed a run of 10 straight Premier League wins. Klopp (left) still has a selection headache when it comes to his midfield options at Anfield


Ronaldo's Deadline Day Headache; Chelsea Kick Off $222M Buying Spree - EPL Rumor Mill

Ronaldo's Deadline Day Headache; Chelsea Kick Off $222M Buying Spree - EPL Rumor Mill (Author: Gardener)

RonaldoThe EPL transfer window closes in just over a week and several teams are scrambling to take steps that could bolster their title ambitions. Chelsea and Manchester United have been heavily linked with big moves ahead of the deadline, while Barcelona also remain keen on a Manchester City weapon. Erik ten Hag insists Cristiano Ronaldo still has a future at Manchester United after the Portuguese star suffered the embarrassment of being dropped for his side's rousing 2-1 win over Liverpool. United looked far more dynamic without Ronaldo as they stunned Liverpool to end a dismal run of back-to-back defeats earlier in the Premier League season. After the aging Ronaldo was reduced to a substitute in the final minutes at Old Trafford on Monday, United were finally able to successfully implement Ten Hag's aggressive game plan. After missing United's pre-season tour for "family reasons" after telling the club he wanted to leave him, Ronaldo had already entered the new season unsettled. Now that United have won impressively without Ronaldo - and certainly benched him for the immediate future - there could be fresh impetus from the striker and his agent Jorge Mendes to push through a transfer. But, publicly at least, Ten Hag is adamant that Ronaldo has a role to play in his plans. His age doesn't matter," said Ten Hag after the Liverpool game. “We have a squad and we have a way of playing, a style and a game plan. Speaking on ESPN's The Transfer Show, Rob Dawson said there had been "no realistic offers" for Ronaldo. "Manchester United have made it clear all summer that Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale," he said. “People know he's keen to leave Old Trafford this summer, he wants to play Champions League football but United have been very firm in his stance. "We understand Ronaldo is still wanting and asking to leave before the deadline but the question remains if any club out there will pay the transfer fee and his wages as United say they haven't received a realistic offer for him yet. "It's not that United are blocking his exit, they just haven't received a realistic offer. As for other steps to be monitored before the deadline at Old Trafford, Sky Sports report that ten Hag's "priority" is now to use a striker or winger as there is a lack of depth in that area. United are also said to be eyeing right-backs and goalkeepers. One the Red Devils have taken a liking to recently is Ajax forward Antony, who has already made a rejected €80m ($115m) offer. However, United are said to be ready to increase that number, while Antony has also reportedly made it clear he wants to make the move. "If Ajax are to sell Antony nine days before the window is up with little time to find a replacement then they would certainly want something to compensate for that fact." With the predicament United are currently in, selling clubs will look to exploit the perceived desperation to try and bring players to the club.” Chelsea will be one of the teams to watch as the transfer window approaches . The Telegraph UK reports that the Blues have embarked on a late £130m ($222m) spending spree. At the center of this spree is a bid for Wesley Fofana, with Chelsea's latest bid reportedly worth £70million ($120million) but still being repulsed by Leicester City. It was Chelsea's third offer for the 21-year-old, having previously offered £50m ($85m) and £60m ($103m), with Leicester reportedly withstanding a world record fee of over £80m ($137m ). "Chelsea are still missing Leicester's asking price of £80m for Wesley Fofana," Sky Sports News chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol told The Transfer Show. “The player is in a bit of a difficult position because his head isn't right, he was dropped because of the weekend loss to Southampton and what's interesting is that Leicester play Chelsea this weekend. Will Fofana become a Leicester player? Or will he become a Chelsea player? At the weekend Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers said there was no guarantee Fofana, who was dropped for the Southampton game, will face Chelsea this weekend. "He's young, he's going to make mistakes but I have to make sure I have the right mentality in the team and that every player here wants to play 100 per cent for Leicester City and I will judge that over time," Rodgers said said on Saturday. Chelsea have also reportedly made an offer for Anthony Gordon worth £50m ($85m) up front and £10m ($17m) in add-ons, with Everton said to be considering the deal. Gordon is said to be keen on the move, which he believes would improve his chances of a place in England's World Cup squad. If not Gordon, The Telegraph UK reports that Chelsea are also interested in Pierre-Emerick, Frenkie de Jong and Wilfried Zaha. However, it is said that Crystal Place is unlikely to strike a deal for Zaha given its importance to their team. In other news, Chelsea striker Callum Hudson-Odoi is said to be close to sealing a loan move to Bayer Leverkusen. Sky Sports report there is still work to be done to finalize the deal with up to 20 teams across England and Europe showing interest. In other news, Barcelona remain keen on making a move for Manchester City star Bernardo Silva but ESPN reporter Rob Dawson remains skeptical a deal can be secured. "We know Barcelona are interested in Bernardo Silva but there is a big debate about whether they can afford him," he told The Transfer Show. Dawson said City privately believe Barcelona cannot come up with a financial package that "would tempt them to sell". "Pep Guardiola was very clear from the start that he didn't want players who were unhappy. "Pep has said that if a player wants to leave and the right offer is there, it will happen, but without a realistic offer from Barcelona it can't happen." A report in The Times last week also claimed that Paris Saint-Germain were also ready an offer of around £60million ($102million) to try and bait Silva. That, too, is said to have been far too little to get City to come to the table.


Leeds stun Chelsea with a three-goal win at Elland Road

Brenden Aaronson, Rodrigo and Jack Harrison scored for the home side. (Author: Gardener)

LeedsGoals from Brenden Aaronson and reserve captain Rodrigo in the first half put Marsch's side ahead at the break and Jack Harrison turned in a third midway through the second period. Chelsea sliced ​​Leeds apart 40 seconds within the opening when Raheem Sterling sliced ​​inside and rolled a shot an inch after Conor Gallagher's pass. Ruben Loftus-Cheek was lucky to avoid a yellow card after his late challenge against Pascal Struijk before Koulibaly was booked for his foul on Aaronson. Chelsea thought they had taken the lead in the 15th minute when another Sterling try rolled into the far post, but Kai Havertz was clearly ruled offside. After Rodrigo's shot went wide, the omens looked ominous for the home side whenever Chelsea ventured into the final third. Illan Meslier saved Leeds when he dived full-length to parry Mason Mount's low shot, but a disastrous howl from Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy gave Leeds a 33rd-minute lead. Mendy hesitated when he received Thiago Silva's back pass and the quicksilver Aaronson lunged to snatch the ball and turn his first Leeds goal from a yard home. If that made the home fans rhapsodize, Elland Road was shaken to the ground four minutes later. After Sterling was booked for his tackle on Marc Roca, Harrison used a superb free-kick and Rodrigo got past Reece James to head in brilliantly into the far corner for his fourth goal of the season. Marc Cucurella missed a chance to quickly regain one for the Blues as he sent a shot wide for the first time and Leeds held on to their two-goal lead at the break. Cucurella went wide again early in the second half as Chelsea made efforts to close the gap. But Leeds continued to defend tenaciously and in numbers, and with Chelsea committed to pushing the men forward, the home side maintained their strength on the counterattack. Rodrigo and Harrison got in each other's way as they raced down Dan James' deep cross before Gallagher's well-worn shot was deflected to the corner. Chelsea pair Christian Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech replaced Jorginho and Gallagher - Leeds had already sent Adam Forshaw for Marc Roca - before Meslier saved again from Reece James' wild shot on target. The Londoners had to regret failing to convert the pressure in the second half as Leeds made it 3-0 in the 69th minute. Dan James' cross fell on Rodrigo in the area and his touch was guided home by Harrison at the far post. Only a final intervention from Cucurella denied Leeds a fourth-place finish shortly thereafter, and things were to get worse for Chelsea as they played the closing stages with 10 men after Koulibaly's red card. Koulibaly, a summer signing from Napoli, brought down Leeds substitute Joe Gelhardt and received his second yellow card as Leeds celebrated their first win against Chelsea since December 2002.


Premier League makes new Anthony Taylor decision as Chelsea petition hits 159k

Thomas Tuchel has called for Anthony Taylor to be banned from officiating Chelsea games and the veteran referee will not officiate the Blues' next two games (Author: Gardener)

Anthony TaylorThomas Tuchel has called for Anthony Taylor to be banned from officiating Chelsea games and the veteran referee will not officiate the Blues' next two games. Anthony Taylor was criticized after his performance in Chelsea's draw against Tottenham. The Premier League has confirmed that Anthony Taylor will be a referee for the next two matchweeks - but he will not manage Chelsea after Thomas Tuchel was charged over his comments on the referee. Likewise, Mike Dean will not be involved in the Blues' home game against Leicester on Saturday and will travel to Southampton next Tuesday. Taylor and Dean are two names causing much anger and frustration in the Blues fan base following incidents in the dramatic 2-2 draw against Tottenham on August 14. Paul Tierney will act as the man in the middle for Chelsea's game against Leicester, with David Coote as the fourth official and Andre Marriner on VAR duty. Meanwhile, Michael Oliver will officiate the Blues' duel with Saints, with Graham Scott taking the reins as fourth official and Michael Salisbury at VAR. Dean, who was left out completely at last weekend's games, is on VAR for Leeds' trip to Brighton on Saturday, while Taylor is the fourth official for Southampton's home game against Manchester United on Saturday and West Ham's trip to Aston Villa the following day. Taylor will return as referee for Bournemouth's clash with Wolves on August 31, while Dean is the fourth official for Nottingham Forest's trip to Manchester City on the same evening. Tuchel broke FA Rule E3 with his blast at Taylor and Dean in the four-goal thriller with Antonio Conte's side at Stamford Bridge. Tuchel was particularly frustrated with Taylor as he felt a foul had been committed by Kai Havertz leading up to Spurs' first goal, which went unpunished. This was before Cristian Romero was then seen pulling Chelsea newcomer Marc Cucurella to the ground by the hair in the box - right in front of Taylor's eyes - seconds before Harry Kane nodded a late leveler home. This led to a prickly post-match press conference from Tuchel, who was far from happy with the referee's performance. What do you think of Anthony Taylor's refereeing performance for Chelsea vs Tottenham? Thomas Tuchel was furious with Anthony Taylor after Chelsea's draw with Tottenham. When asked if it would be best if Taylor Chelsea didn't whistle again, Tuchel replied: "Maybe it would be better. Since when are players allowed to have their hair pulled?” suggested Tuchel, then there was a feeling Taylor was working against his side, with an online petition – which has garnered 159,000 signatures – that went viral in the hours after the full-time whistle blew.


West Ham 0-2 Brighton LIVE! Premier League result, match stream and latest updates today

West Ham 0-2 Brighton LIVE! Premier League Results, Match Stream and Latest Updates Today - (Author: Gardener)

West HamYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Goals from Alexis Mac Allister and Leandro Trossard condemned West Ham to a 2-0 home loss to the Brighton bogeyman. Mac Allister's first-half penalty and Trossard's breakaway goal ensured Brighton started the season unbeaten and made it three losses in three games for the Hammers. West Ham have now played the Seagulls 11 times in the Premier League and have not beaten them once. They are yet to score in the league this season so it was surprising to see Gianluca Scamacca, the £30m summer signing who struck the bull's eye against Viborg in Europe on Thursday, back among the substitutes. Check out the entire promotion below! 19:25 , Marc Mayo West Ham's miserable start to the season continued on Sunday as Brighton easily worked the Hammers down at the London Stadium. After three games it's zero wins, zero points and zero goals for the Hammers and they never really looked to end that run in front of their own fans on Sunday. Alexis Mac Allister's 22nd-minute penalty after a foul by debutant Thilo Sweeping to Danny Welbeck gave Brighton the lead.Graham Potter's well-coordinated team clinched a well-deserved three points after 66 minutes when Leandro Trossard sped through after a clever move. West Ham failed to get a shot on target in the first half but tried to react late when Tomas Soucek forced Brighton keeper Robert Sanchez to make a couple of nice saves. Recap the game with our in-depth review! 15:46 , Alex Young 85min: Mwepu will be there in March. 15:45 , Alex Young Sanchez is twice called upon to make brilliant saves to tip the ball over the bar, first by Scamacca and then by Cresswell. West Ham are pushing but they're running out of time! 15:38 , Alex Young 78min: It should be three! March arrives at the back post unmarked but heads over it. West Ham's defenders are nowhere near him. 15:36 , Alex Young 75min: Cornet replaces Antonio, Lanzini replaces Benrahma and Johnson replaces Coufal. 15:36 , Alex Young 73min: Worried about West Ham here as Coufal is being substituted. 15:26 , Alex Young A great ankle shot from Gross sets Trossard up to run through and score. 15:23 , Alex Young Pervis Estupinan makes his Premier League debut replacing Adam Lallana. 15:21 , Alex Young 62min: First change for West Ham as Scamacca replaces Fornals. 15:18 , Alex Young 59min: West Ham are on the rise now but it's still all a bit of a sink. 15:15, Alex Young 55min: That's more like West Ham. Creswell's low, whipped ball is six yards straight in Coufal's path, but Webster boots clear. 15:13 , Alex Young 53min: Better from West Ham who are starting to cause the strange problem in the Brighton defence. A bit of a pinball in the area as Benrahma and Antonio's efforts are blocked before Rice's shot is deflected wide. 15:12, Alex Young Gross stands above and sends a ball into the box but he doesn't appear on the same wavelength as his teammates as the delivery isn't within five yards of either of them. 15:09 , Alex Young 49min: Better from Kehrer! Welbeck is on his heels and tries to take the ball from the debutant in the penalty area, but the defender stays calm and swipes it up. West Ham out 14:55 , Alex Young It doesn't help that they keep trying to find Bowen at the back post with floppy crosses. 14:45 , Alex Young 43mins: Brighton really limits West Ham who again opt for a long ball into the area but this time it's Antonio who gets hit in the air. 14:43 , Alex Young 40min: Rice's turn to take steps into the final third before finding Bowen at the back post, but again Webster just heads it clear. That's three times they've been looking for Bowen there. 14:39 , Alex Young 35min: Brighton looks very controlled. 14:31 , Alex Young 30min: Bowen continues to look lively on the flanks but can't find the last ball yet. 14:29 , Alex Young He lets go of March on the right who in turn wins another corner from Antonio. West Ham look shaky as the ball is whipped in, Fabianski comes on but misses allowing Creswell to deal with it eventually. 14:28, Alex Young 25min: Brighton is still pushing. 14:22, Alex Young 21min: So clumsy from Kehrer, who comes down from Welbeck by changing the pace (do what you want with it). 14:20 , Alex Young That was so clumsy from the signing. 14:19 , Alex Young 15min: Half-hearted claims for a West Ham penalty after Antonio went down under pressure from Sanchez, but he's still ruled offside. 14:15 , Alex Young 13min: A nice sweeping move from West Ham almost finds Antonio but the better option would have been Benrahma at the far post. 14:13 , Alex Young Anyway, he wins a corner. 14:08 , Alex Young 7min: Welbeck is released over the top by Mac Allister but he has to look back after the ball down. 14:05 , Alex Young 3min: A nice start from the hosts who started brightly. Antonio works for the left channel before laying up a cross for Bowen which Brighton clears. 13:43 , Alex Young According to bookmaker SBK, it should be a fairly balanced encounter today. 1:19pm, Alex Young West Ham have made eight changes for the Brighton visit. Captain Declan Rice and vice-captain Aaron Creswell are both back after being suspended for the Europa Conference League tie against Vigbord. Thilo Kehrer also starts and makes his first appearance in the Premier League. Gianluca Scamacca is back on the bench while Michail Antonio returns to the front. Meanwhile, Brighton manager Graham Potter has named an unchanged side. 13:05 , Alex Young We are unchanged. 📝— Brighton & Hove Albion (@OfficialBHAFC) Aug 21, 2022 1:02pm , Alex Young Here's how we line up today...#WHUBHA | @betway— West Ham United (@WestHam) Aug 21, 2022 12:58pm , Alex Young We know these two are back as they face Viborg for the midweek Europa Conference League clash have been blocked. 12:51 , Alex Young These two teams have a pretty even head-to-head record. Perhaps surprisingly, the Hammers fare worse there. 12:41 , Alex Young A nice looking venue for today. 12:36 , Alex Young The confirmed teams are coming in just under half an hour. 12:20 , Alex Young Brighton have been extremely impressive in their first two games of the season even if they have been frustrated by Newcastle while West Ham are still looking for their first point. The Hammers need to be far more clinical here than they were defeated in the woods, which should be a fun watch, and there's likely to be very little in it. 12:08pm, Alex Young Brighton have added new signing Pervis Estupinan and striker Neal Maupay to their squad. Ecuador left-back Estupinan is pushing for his Albion debut after joining from Villarreal for around £16million. Maupay will return after last missing out on the weekend's goalless draw with Newcastle amid transfer links to top-flight rivals Nottingham Forest, Fulham and Everton. 11:51 AM , Alex Young West Ham forward Gianluca Scamacca is pushing for his first Premier League start. Summer signing Scamacca opened the scoring in Thursday night's Europa Conference League play-off win over Danish club Viborg, when winger Maxwel Cornet also came on board. The side and defender Angelo Ogbonna returned from a long-running knee injury. Midfielder Declan Rice and full-back Aaron Creswell will be available for the European Cup after a suspension. 11:44 , Alex Young Unfortunately the game will not be televised live in the UK. Highlights will be shown on BBC One at 10.30pm on BBC One. 11:40 , Alex Young Hello and welcome to the Evening Standard's LIVE coverage of the Premier League clash between West Ham and Brighton. Kick-off at the London Stadium is at 14:00 BST.


Harry Kane's milestone goal sends the lackluster Spurs past Wolves

Harry Kane's milestone goal sends the lackluster Spurs past Wolves (Author: Gardener)

Harry Kane's* Wolves the better side before the break but unable to capitalize on dominance * Striker's 250th goal for the club sends Conte's side ahead ahead of later games Thank god for Harry Kane. Against a tenacious, organized, hard-to-break Wolves side, Kane was there to break an impasse that seemed stifling until his punch. After more than an hour of play and Spurs honestly not looking more convincing than last week's first half at Stamford Bridge, a corner was won. Son Heung-Min sent the ball over, Ivan Perisic flicked it and Kane stood mid-goal to bend down and deflect it home from his forehead. It was his 185th league goal - the most by a player from a single club in the Premier League - that allowed him to overtake Sergio Aguero and jump to fourth in the Premier League goalscoring charts in 30 years. The goal was also Kane's 250th for the Spurs in all competitions. Kane pounced on the back post after the break - PA "You're talking about a world-class striker," said his manager Antonio Conte. For me the biggest surprise with Harry is that we are talking about a man who is always willing to work for the team. Normally this type of player is a bit lazy without the ball. In truth, it had been a pretty frustrating afternoon for Kane and Conte up to the point where he struck. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg was sluggish on the ball, Rodrigo Bentancur sank into anonymity, and Kane was forced to drift deeper and deeper in search of a pass. That meant Perisic and Dejan Kulusevski, positioned on the flanks to provide forward thrust, were largely deprived of chances. For too long in the first half, Spurs' only attacking policy seemed to be the choppy ball over the heads of the Wolves defense for a forward to pursue. But they never got it right, the man in front was offside or the ball was cleared by the defence. Every time Wolves broke, their possession man seemed to be crushed by Hojbjerg, Eric Dier or Davison Sanchez. Antonio Conte looked frustrated on the touchline at times – PA Wolves had plenty of possession as usual. In their midst was Matheus Nunes, who made his debut after signing from Sporting. And he shouldn't have any trouble adjusting: all the other five players in Wolves' front six were fellow Portuguese. The problem, as is usual at Wolverhampton, was that the ball security of Nunes and his new colleagues failed to translate into serious chances. "In the first half we fight for many reasons," said Conte. "Maybe because we played against a very fast team." Brought into shape by their manager during the break, Spurs immediately upped the ante. A nice move ended with an arc from Kulusevski in a delightful cross that sent Kane to the crossbar. Kulusevski then played into Son again, whose shot hit the post and went behind. Then Kane struck and the dissatisfaction vanished. Wolves tried to react. A good break ended with Rayan Ait-Nouri being the furthest man forward, but he slammed the ball into Lloris' hands. And Neves chipped a ball forward to Nunes, who he hit with a fine header that drifted over the post. But this was the club's tenth Premier League game without a win. With all the impressive control they have over their midfield, they obviously lack an edge, a striker, to convert possession. "It happens so often that I don't want to have that feeling," Lage said. “Yeah, it looks like the same start as last season. We play very well, we control the game with and without the ball, but in the end we don't get any points. I said a year ago the goals will come. Now I'm pretty sure the goals will come.” That Spurs had a real finisher in their ranks was the main difference between the teams. Watching on in one of Tottenham Stadium's big new hospitality boxes was someone who knew exactly how important a goalscorer is to a team. And Ronaldo, the tall Brazilian striker, watching in the stands seemed delighted with what he saw as Kane scored. Ronaldo, the great Brazilian striker, stood in the stands at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - ACTION IMAGES Ten years after his Premier League debut, the home number 10 once again showed his value to Spurs. He now holds the Premier League record for goals scored by a player with a club. Although his manager was keen to put his striker's new record in a broader perspective. "He made a great personal achievement," said Conte. "But I know every single player here is willing to trade their personal achievement for a trophy." Sign up for the free Front Page newsletter: your essential guide to The Telegraph's agenda - seven days a week, direct in your inbox. Kane's 250th goal for Spurs put them in the lead - for a couple of hours at least - AFP * Tottenham have started the season unbeaten in their first three Premier League games (S2 D1) - it's the first time since 2004 that they did so in consecutive campaigns in /05 and 2005/06. * Wolves have now gone 10 games without a win in the Premier League (D3 N7) and this is only the second time they have gone 10 or more games in the competition without a win, following a streak of 17 games between February 2012 and August 2018 * Tottenham's win today was Antonio Conte's 70th in the Premier League (70/107 - 65%). Of the managers with at least 70 wins in the competition, only Pep Guardiola has a better win rate than the Italian (171/230 - 74%). * Harry Kane's goal was Tottenham's 1000th goal on home soil in the Premier League, becoming the fifth side to achieve the feat after Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. * Tottenham's Harry Kane has now scored 250 goals for the club in all competitions, making this his 185th for Spurs in the Premier League; the most for a player for a single club in the history of the competition. Credit to the wolves, they made it difficult. It's been a fantastic nine or ten years in the Premier League. The most important thing is to win games. We need to start the games better. But the sign of a good team is victory if you're not playing at your best. Harry Kane has now scored 185 Premier League goals for Spurs, overtaking Sergio Aguero with Man City (184) to score the most goals scored by a player for a single club in the competition. Spurs were greatly improved in this second half. Harry Kane is the man (who else) who gives the home team the three points. That was Kane's 250th goal for the club and his 185th goal in the Premier League. Seven points from nine for Tottenham from Conte, putting Spurs top of the table at the start of the weekend. He plays from a throw-in on the left side of the penalty area, but shoots just wide. Richarlison intercepts a Collins pass in his own half. He plays through Kane, who storms the field. Waiting for white shirts to join him, Kane plays Sessegnon on his left, who shoots but is parried. Back-to-back Wolves take a corner here but Spurs handle the pressure. Bissouma replaces Kulusevski. Jonny with a deep cross from the right... Emerson Royal comes in first but can only get out to the corner. The corner is taken, Lloris stays on his line and Dier heads off. Hojbjerg counters alone, he has no white shirts with him and it takes three wolf shirts to drive him out. More Spurs Subs are now to follow. Richarlison picks up the ball up the middle. He takes a few touches and spreads to Kulusevski and then Sessegnon to his right. Sessegnon crosses first and sweeps it across the box, but it's right behind Richarlison and Kane in the box. Jonny is outnumbered in the box when a sensational Kulusevski cross comes in the box. But somehow he manages to get rid of it. Spurs were much livelier and repeatedly tested this defense from Wolves. Son comes out for Richarlison. He gets it around the wall, curved nicely around the stoner, but it just misses the post. That's four out of five subs taken for Wolves. Son with another corner, this time a little deeper, but Sa is on it and smashes away. Kulusevski tries to collect himself but the Wolves push back. Spurs build up from behind. and Harry Kane is the man. Perisic flicks Son's cross out of the left corner, Kane stands in the middle of the box, escapes his man and slams his header into the net. That's Kane's 185th finish for Spurs, the highest for a single club in the Premier League. Son hits outside post! Kulusevski pulls in and plays Son in. The South Korean takes a touch and shoots away but can only hit the outside post. Emerson Royal wins a corner for Spurs. They look much livelier this half - and the game has become more interesting too. Nothing comes of it and wolves get on the counter. The ball is flashed over the six-yard space, Guedes gets a touch, but it's blocked and cleared away. Ait-Nouri with a nice one-two with Podence on the left to get into the Spurs box behind Emerson Royal. Ait-Nouri shoots from long range but Lloris saves. Good performance from Wolves and a smart move to get through Emerson Royal. It comes in from the right, he somehow manages to stretch his neck into the right position to guide the ball towards goal, a bit awkward but it bounces off the bar. Emerson Royal retreats right to Kane. Kane fires it for the first time and it gets hit by Son. But Son put too much effort, it needed more look. Out for a Sa goal kick. Another corner for Spurs that Perisic will take. It is sent in and flashes off Sanchez's forehead, bending away from him at the last second. A golden opportunity for Spurs there from a terrific corner from Perisic. Son earns his side a corner, picking up the ball in the D and working his way to the right side of the box before pinging the ball, which takes a deflection. Perisic takes the corner but it's easily cleared by Wolves. Much livelier from Spurs. Wolves get us going. Bruno Lage will be the happier manager here. Wolves had a lot more possession and shots, with Spurs pulling away and looking a little tired. The front three of Kane, Kulusevski and Son barely got a glimpse inside, benefiting Wolves' defense. The closest thing the Wolves could come to was a fleeting header from new signing Nunes. Spurs went ahead almost out of nowhere with a header from Kane a few minutes before half-time, Sa stepping back to save with his fingertips. Conte will not be happy and will certainly shake things up for the second half. Perisic with a wide cross from the left, here something out of nowhere, he is held on the corner flag. Harry Kane wins the header on Kilman, forcing Sa to step back and save with his fingertips. A brief - and rare - gush from Spurs. Wolves slicing past the outside of the box and holding the ball well. Neves lifts the ball from the middle in Nunes, a crisp delivery and a nice header, Lloris roots on point but he's inches wide. The Wolves forward shoots for the first time and it's a poor performance from a promising situation. Son dribbles down to the left and looks for his man. It falls to Perisic in the overlap and he wins a corner for his side. Spurs have a much larger squad than Wolves and will be looking to capitalize. Son takes it, it's flicked by Kilman, but just barely, and the referee signals a goal kick. Should have been a corner. Spurs have barely looked in for the past 15 minutes. They were all wolves. Emerson Royal blocks a shot from Neto, it falls to Podence in the box, who snatches the ball and sends it wide. Sanchez meets Gonçalo Guedes, slides in from behind to give another free-kick, this time around 35 meters away. It's nodded in the box, but it's wide. Eric Dier fumbles the ball out of his own box while Emerson fails to deal with the threat of Aït-Nouri charging into the Spurs box. but Kulusevski forgives a foul from 30 meters. The free-kick is delivered with plenty of pace by Neto but it's comfortably saved by Lloris. Spurs' front three were kept calm by the Wolves defense and there weren't any real chances for the home side. Emerson Royal has gone down, looks like he's holding his calf. Short game break. He takes a touch outside of the D and snaps it, Bentancur naps there. Tottenham have good magic. That right side has come into play a little more now. Emerson Royal gets a wonderful exchange ball from Kane and wins a corner. Son to take... He aims for the front post but it's deflected away by Wolves. Emerson Royal and Kulusevski exchange passes on the edge of the box. Emerson punches one through to Kulusevski who manages to square the ball but Kilman is there to cover. The Swede has been relatively calm so far, with Tottenham favoring the left flank in attack. Tottenham give away the ball and allow Goncalo Guedes to make a small run. He gets a shot away, some power on it, but he goes wide of Lloris' right post. Son free-kick from the far left after being clumsily nudged in the back by Collins. The South Korean tries his right foot and swings it in, but it's a bit of a shock and it goes into the side netting. Neves tries to bat from outside the box... it's from a corner, with the volley, but Lloris comes in and collects. Davies is looking for Kane on the left channel, he's step by step with Collins, but the England striker's first touch is a little heavy and runs behind for a goal kick. Son attempting to penetrate the Wolves' defenses, but he is picked up and obliterated by Collins in D. Wolves. Tottenham gets us going. Read John Percy's take on why Forest broke their transfer record for the 22-year-old Englishman. It's welcome good news for a club that's had an unfavorable start to the season and we've all learned never to write off Vardy. Bruno Lage has been at the West Midlands club for 14 months and has made his own mark on the team. Today there are seven Portuguese players in his starting XI: Sa, Neves, Nunes, Moutinho, Guedes, Podence and Neto. Wolves' record signing Matheus Nunes starts this week after arriving from Sporting Lisbon, while Goncalo Guedes makes his first start and João Moutinho returns to Wolves' line-up. Davinson Sanchez comes on for the injured Cristian Romero and Ivan Perisic gets a first seed in place of Ryan Sessegnon. Hello and welcome to Telegraph Sport's coverage of Tottenham vs Wolves, the first of six Premier League games today which sees Bournemouth host north London Spurs rivals Arsenal in the late kick-off. Antonio Conte has said he is a fan of the "wicked" streak that brought Richarlison to Tottenham, who joined the club from Everton this summer for a reported fee of £50million and is pushing for his full debut. The Italian Spurs manager clashed with fellow Chelsea player Thomas Tuchel during and after the draw at Stamford Bridge last Sunday. Conte was fined £15,000 but avoided a touchline ban after both managers admitted inappropriate behaviour. He's a player I like," he said of his 25-year-old Brazilian. I think that's a good sign for us." Conte wants to keep all options open offensively, especially when it comes to bringing as many goalscorers onto the field. "We're also working on the tactical aspect because the season will be long and there are a lot of games that we'll have to play even with four forwards. "In the end we played at Chelsea with Lucas Moura at full-back, Ivan Perisic - we're talking about someone in past (who) was a striker – Richarlison, (Dejan) Kulusevski, Son (Heung-min). Wolves could make a debut for Portugal midfielder Matheus Nunes, who joined from Sporting Lisbon for a club record £38million. Forward Raul Jimenez (knee and groin) and midfielder Joao Moutinho (heel) continue their recovery.


Love Island's Luca breaks silence on 'controlling behavior' and admits he 'went too far' in argument with Tasha

LOVE Island star Luca Bish has opened up about his "controlling behavior" on the show this year. The Brighton fishmonger, 23, said he tuned in to the show after a... (Author: Gardener)

IslandLOVE Island star Luca Bish has opened up about his "controlling behavior" on the show this year. The Brighton fishmonger, 23, said he rewatched the show after viewers complained about him to Ofcom. Luca admitted he didn't recognize himself during an argument with his girlfriend Gemma Owen and said he "went too far" in another clash with Tasha Ghouri, with fans slamming him for "misogynist behaviour". In a new interview with Grazia magazine, the show's runner-up said: "I've been watching parts. Addressing the allegations he displayed controlling behavior towards Gemma, he said: "If I look at it again I can put my hands up and agree - I was. Luca was upset by Casa Amor bombshell Billy, who claimed he had a connection to Gemma, which she denied. His frustration came to a head when Gemma danced for the boys in a show challenge, which the couple later rowed over. Luca explained, "If you feel that strongly about someone and then you still get into situations because they [producers] are throwing challenges at us, throwing new people in to play with your emotions and your feelings — I would really had it easy." Enough of that." He continued, "When you fall in love with someone you don't want another boy to come in and talk to them and vice versa. Luca also revealed that he has addressed public opinion about his actions with Gemma since he left the show.Luca said his treatment of Tasha was also atypical and he didn't realize he had been wrong until his parents clarified it when they entered the villa realizing what I had done.But bei The Tasha situation made me realize I had gone too far while I was still in. "If you make a girl cry, I realized I was wrong." and telling me I was wrong in my approach – nothing has hit or affected me like this before." Luca apologized to Tasha inside. He said, "I told her I was sorry for how I behaved. We have reconciled and a double date with Gemma and Andrew is imminent.


Future security in the silicon age

TOMORROW will not be like yesterday or even like today. Still, we can examine trends for principles on how best to equip ourselves for success. (Author: Gardener)

TOMORROWTOMORROW will not be like yesterday or even like today. In my day-to-day work as a Licensed Financial Planner in Malaysia, I use the abbreviation AI in three completely different contexts. Sharing these three with you, which term or strand of meaning intrigues you the most? Active income is the money you earn from paid work or the business profits you generate through personal effort. Artificial intelligence is that insane form of intelligence exhibited by self-learning computers, giving them forms of visual acuity, unguided decision-making ability, and even speech recognition. Alternative investments form the fifth asset class in conventional asset allocation, separate from cash, fixed income, stocks and investment property. This fifth asset class generally shows low or negative price correlations with the other four and includes investment segments such as hedge funds, structured products, private equity, foreign exchange and commodities. Our focus is on the second strand: artificial intelligence. I addressed it in my previous column, Increase Your Passive Income to Gain Financial Freedom ( passive-income -profit-financial). There I proposed five solutions that senior finance professionals in any national or local government could implement to improve the lives and retirement prospects of their constituents. 3. Use technology and artificial intelligence to accumulate wealth to help the elderly; 4. Steadily raise the retirement age to reduce the average time without earning money; and 5. Extend the workweeks of those who want to work harder and smarter to supplement their retirement nest egg. I made my five suggestions to national leaders for the long-term well-being of their people. For example, in relation to #3 – using technology and AI to increase personal wealth to sustain us in retirement – ​​we need to come face to face with the need to operate in the K (or knowledge) economy to be. Over the next 10 years, hundreds of millions of human jobs will be lost - not maybe, but WILL - to robots powered by their form of AI. Of course, in 2022 many new jobs will be created in areas that we know nothing about today. Yet these new skilled jobs at fabulous wages will be far fewer than the manual and semi-skilled jobs at lower wages that the global economy will phase out between now and 2032. To qualify for these lower-paying jobs and business opportunities, much higher skill levels will be needed . So keep reading, learning and tracking new, updated knowledge in your field. 1. More people who cannot find work but are still able to vote will benefit from the Universal Basic Income or UBI initiatives created by politicians eager to stay in power; 2. Funding these UBI programs means that both direct and indirect taxes are collected. So should your goal be to kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and collect money from the government just for breathing? That is the goal of most UBI initiatives. If you agree, you would then try as hard as you can to qualify for one (or a few) of the highly skilled and tightly staffed jobs that pay well in the future, but which unfortunately within the ecosystem of increasing Taxes required to fund various new UBI policy initiatives to provide the unprepared with money to live on? I have a strong personal penchant for struggling and reflecting to figure out how I can enjoy some of the fruits of my diligence and labor today and hopefully even more tomorrow. If you are like that, then the alarming rate at which machine-based AI is evolving means we should carve out economic niches where our talent, imagination, and spongy learning ability can keep our AI competition at bay. Our goal must be to future-proof ourselves in this current age of AI-driven human obsolescence. We do this by never lowering, but always raising, our personal (and ideally national) educational standards; by passionately and persistently improving our understanding of both global STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and advances; and our proficiency in STEM's primary world language: English. It was American civil rights icon Malcolm X who uttered these profound words: "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." I suggest you do everything you can today to help Prepare yourself and your children for a brighter future powered by AI. Rajen Devadason, CFP, is a licensed financial planner, professional speaker and author. Read his free articles at www.