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Barcelona visits Celta with the pressure of the club, Xavi. to oblige

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) - While club officials in Qatar are negotiating the signing of coach Xavi Hernández, Barcelona are crossing Spain to play at Celta Vigo in a game it has to win in order to regain a foothold in the Spanish league. (Author: Gardener)

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) - While club officials in Qatar are negotiating the signing of coach Xavi Hernández, Barcelona are crossing Spain to play at Celta Vigo in a game it has to win in order to regain a foothold in the Spanish league. When it comes to Barcelona, ​​Sergi Barjuan's last game as caretaker coach will be at Balaídos Stadium on Saturday. This is followed by a two-week international break for the clubs, during which a new coach can step in and Barjuan can return to the Barcelona reserve team. "I pretend this is my team," said Barjuan of his interim job. Barjuan has so far overseen a frustrating 1-1 draw with Alavés in the domestic league and a 1-0 win at Dynamo Kiev, which increased Barcelona's chances of making the Champions League knockout round. The club, which has dominated the league for two decades, is nine points behind leaders Real Sociedad in ninth place. Barcelona President Joan Laporta insists that "there are no transition seasons for Barcelona" and that winning the title is always the team's main goal, but it is becoming increasingly clear that finishing in the top four is the most realistic goal for a financially exhausted club. the Lionel Messi lost. And the team has to improve to achieve this goal after just four wins in eleven league games. Reports in the Barcelona sports press suggest this week is crucial for Barcelona to sign Xavi. The club has sent a delegation to Qatar to negotiate his release as coach of Al-Sadd. Laporta said last week after Ronald Koeman was laid off that his staff were considering other candidates for the job without naming them. Against Celta, Barcelona have to do without winger Ousmane Dembelé, who injured a muscle in his left thigh after his first few minutes of the season as a substitute in Kiev. Sociedad will look to extend their unbeaten streak of 11 league games on Sunday with a visit to Osasuna. However, the Basque club have injury concerns over their top two goalscorers. Mikel Oyarzabal will miss Thursday's Europa League game against Sturm Graz, while Alexander Isak has doubts. Sociedad are one point ahead of Real Madrid and Sevilla, while Atlético Madrid start the weekend in fourth place, three points behind. Carlo Ancelotti's team welcomes the sixth-placed Rayo Vallecano on Saturday. Rayo has the best home record in the league this season, but only won once away. Sevilla play fifth in a Sevilla derby at Real Betis on Sunday while Atlético travel to Valencia to recuperate from Wednesday's 2-0 loss to Liverpool in the Champions League.


Xavi on the way home to Barcelona in the chronicle of an announced coaching job

Club legend turned down offers twice, but he finally returns as a defender of faith and a symbol of hope for the future (Author: Gardener)

n Xavi Hernández's last evening as a Barcelona player, he left the Olimpiastadion in Berlin with the European Cup in his right hand. It was the 25th trophy he had won with the club and it was over, but only for a short time. He had come from Terrassa at the age of 12, where the court he was playing is now banned from football, and although he left 23 years later, he was already planning his return, which would eventually come on Friday. To say goodbye to Xavi, Andrés Iniesta gave a speech in which he thanked him for "everything you have given this association ... and everything you still have to give". After all, Iniesta said: "Those of us who know you know that you will come back." Xavi was also clear: “My goal is to return to this 'house' as a coach or sports director. I hope this is not a goodbye, but a 'see you later'. ”Six years later, as it turned out. Few management positions were so predetermined that although Xavi is only 41 years old and has no experience in Europe, many believe that his return should have been earlier. Until this week: Barcelona had been hoping he would fly to Catalonia on Thursday only to meet stiffer resistance from his club, Qatar's Al Sadd, than they expected. On Saturday morning, the club was finally able to announce him as the new manager with a two-and-a-half year contract. It's not the only point its arrival feels delayed. Last January, Barcelona's then CEO Óscar Grau and sporting director Eric Abidal flew to Qatar in public to persuade Xavi to take on the job he had been preparing for. To their surprise, he turned down the chance to become Barcelona manager and again in August. Xavi later said he felt he wasn't ready, which was true but also the polite version. There was little trust in the government of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who had to step down as president in October this year. On Tuesday evening, almost two years later, the new Vice President Rafael Yuste and CEO Mateu Alemany made the same trip. This time it wasn't so much about convincing Xavi, but about his club Al Sadd, whom he won for the 97th Al Sadd turned out to be unexpectedly complicated, but Xavi believes he is ready and Joan Laporta, the new president of Barcelona says he is doing the same now as the lack of alternatives helps overcome doubts. If Xavi is the only real candidate, then he is one of whom there is consensus. Xavi isn't just the man who played 767 games for Barcelona, ​​nor is he just a coach. It had to be: “I was extinct; Footballers like me were critically endangered. The architect of the greatest era of Spanish football, he has won two triples and the biggest trophy in the world every year for five years - Euro, Champions League, World Cup, Champions League, Euro - and it wasn't just about what they won but how they won it. The last time he left Barcelona he said he hopes to be remembered as someone who is "football to the bone", a man who watches every game in every league and always finds something to draw his attention to draws itself. Talk to him and don't forget, Barcelona, ​​the conversation can go from Portsmouth to Oviedo and back again, a football manifesto emerges. Combine, match, play. That's soccer - at least for me. "That's soccer - at least for me." Jorge Valdano once said: "If soccer were a science, Xavi would have discovered the formula. With a ball in front of your feet, no one has ever communicated so intelligently with every player on the pitch. ”He is still looking for this formula, the same ideals that determine his coaching as his game, the same search for spaces, the same pursuit of an idea of ​​perfection. It takes six years to prepare - "He has more experience than I did when I took office," emphasizes Pep Guardiola - and puts everything into practice. He wants the ball for us and we don't even want our opponents to touch it. ”Xavi tells the players,“ The ball is not a bomb; it's a treasure. "Last week, Laporta admitted," Maybe we need to reclaim the essence of our football, which is non-negotiable. " Nobody represents it like Xavi and with all doubts - inevitable in view of the condition of the club, a preparation in Qatar - nobody could arrive with such universal benevolence. This is important, even if Laporta was not always sure and this decision, or at least the timing, is a bit improvised. “I always said he would end up coaching Barcelona; what I didn't know was when, ”said the president this week. But in February he had hinted he did not think Xavi was ready and later said he was "unproven" and that reluctance remained. "I understand that people say I am not prepared, but I am," Xavi emphasized when he was back in Catalonia in the summer. A clause in his contract with Al Sadd always called for a return to give him the opportunity to answer the call when it came. "I'm in the market," he said, but also insisted that he was "in no rush", that he "didn't want a constant debate about whether I could go to Barcelona" and that he hadn't spoken to Laporta. This week, Laporta was quick to insist that their relationship hadn't gotten "cold," but some distance was likely inevitable for political as well as football reasons. When Laporta announced his intention to run for the presidency, Xavi had joined the candidacy of Víctor Font, for whom he would be some kind of general manager overseeing a revision. When Laporta threw his hat in the ring, Xavi's public profile was reduced, his role in the campaign was largely silent, less active than anyone expected and Font probably needed. He was the central figure in Font's project, but did not want to actively oppose Laporta, his president in the golden years and a man with whom he was closely connected. Laporta would make mischievous remarks in order to appropriate him, but Xavi was taboo for the time being and always someone else's husband. Ronald Koeman was also someone else's husband, inherited from the Bartomeu government, but Laporta stayed with him. He had said that the return of Pep Guardiola was his "wet dream", but that his candidates were Germans: Flick, Nagelsmann, Klopp, Tuchel. Koeman then went on, and again after losing to Benfica when Laporta tried to fire him. Again, only the costs and the lack of alternatives kept the Dutch at work. "Maybe I should have done it earlier," admitted Laporta. They didn't have a replacement, Sergi Barjuan became the interim manager, but there was a replacement: the man who had been there all along. "All" they had to do was get back in touch, wait for the Qatari season to end, come to terms with Al Sadd and make him their own again, bring him home. "Xavi plays in the future," Dani Alves once said.


Live stream, start time, TV, how to watch La Liga

FC Barcelona face Celta Vigo in La Liga. (Author: Gardener)

We don't tell you what to think or feel. We are telling you the truth. Barcelona’s Gerard Pique celebrates with his teammates after scoring his team’s first goal during a Champions League Group E soccer match between F. (AP Photo / Joan Monfort ) APFC Barcelona will be back in action on Saturday when the club takes on Celta Viga in the La Liga league game. Barcelona drew 1-1 with Alaves in La Liga last Saturday and are looking to climb higher in the LA Liga standings and take their first league win in four games. On the other hand, Celta Vigo is in the middle of a bad season and is only 15th overall in La Liga with a 3-7-2 start to the season. You drew a goalless draw with Rayo Vallecano last weekend. This is how you see FC Barcelona versus Celta Vigo (La Liga 2021) When does the game start? - Saturday's game begins at 11:15 a.m. EST for viewers in the US. However, the game will not be broadcast on traditional TV channels for the American audience. This is a separate service from regular ESPN and requires a separate subscription starting at $ 5.99 per month. Fans can sign up for ESPN + here.More coverage on Associated PressBARCELONA, Spain (AP) - Xavi Hernández, the player who embodied the attacking style popular by Barcelona and the Spanish national team, is about to return to the Camp Nou coach as an employer who Qatari club Al-Sadd said Friday that the former midfielder will be released from his coaching contract once his release clause is paid. His current contract runs until 2023. Barcelona refused to comment on the cost, but Spanish media reports say Xavi's buyout clause is 5 million euros ($ 5.7 million) in time due to the critical period his home club is going through and we understand this and have decided not to stand in his way, "said Turki Al-Ali, CEO of Al-Sadd, in a post on the club's Twitter account. Xavi is an important part of Al-Sadd's history and we wish him every success. ”Xavi will replace Ronald Koeman, who was sacked last week after a string of losses for a club that failed to sign Lionel Messi again. Sergi Barjuan has been coaching Barcelona since then and is responsible for a draw in the Spanish league and a victory in the Champions League. He will return to the reserve team coach. Amid a spate of questions about Xavi at a regular pre-game press conference, Barjuan reiterated that Barcelona have not yet announced the signing of a new coach. Nevertheless, he spoke of Saturday's game at Celta Vigo as his last on the dugout. "Barcelona haven't made anything official yet but we all hope that can be resolved," said Barjuan. "When Xavi comes, I'll be happy to help him where I can." While Barcelona didn't make it official, Al-Sadd posted a video of Xavi apparently saying goodbye to his players during a team dinner. Several players said goodbye to him in the video. "All the best. Muchas gracias, Xavi, ”said defender Tariq Salman. "It's a good step in his career," added former Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla, "and we will of course miss him very much." Points after nine games. Xavi, 41, left Barcelona in 2015 after helping the club to 25 titles, including four Champions League and eight Spanish leagues in 17 seasons. It was also key to Spain's title streaks when Spain won the World and European Championships in 2008 and 2012. With Al-Sadd since leaving Barcelona, ​​keeping the ball under pressure first as a player and then as a coach made him vital to leading both Barcelona and Spain's national team into their most successful era. FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta is now hoping that as coach Xavi can revive Barcelona's beloved style of attack based on suffocating possession and complicated passes but Xavi will arrive in a major league with no experience as a coach and will face the same formidable Facing the challenge that led to Koeman's demise: Barcelona are no longer the Barcelona he left behind as a player. The team's exhausted finances left Messi and other top players like Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suárez, limited to signing free agents in the off-season. Xavi will inherit a team that fights in the Spanish league and still has to guarantee that it will survive the group stage of the Champions League, the necessary remodeling began by Koeman. In his favor, Xavi can benefit from the work of Koeman, who brought several young players into his starting XI. Especially Pedri González, who also had a great year with Spain, and Gavi Páez seem to be a perfect match for Xavi's style of play. Striker Ansu Fati has also turned out to be a possible star. Xavi turned down the chance to coach Barcelona in January 2020 when Laporta's predecessor Ernesto Valverde fired in the middle of the season months since I coached, ”Xavi said recently. I have more experience and learn a lot here (with Al-Sadd). "


Barcelona's Ter Stegen scores 4/10 as the Catalans miss a three-goal lead

Barcelona coughed with a three-goal lead in the home game against Celta Vigo, with Marc-Andre ter Stegen mainly to blame for the rally of the guests. (Author: Gardener)

Stewart Robson explains what Xavi can do to ensure Barcelona don't lose more points in LaLiga. What can Xavi do to prevent Barca from collapsing again in the future? What can Xavi do to prevent Barca from collapsing again in the future? Iago Aspas scored a remarkable equalizer in the 96th minute when Celta Vigo drew 3-2 against Barcelona, ​​three goals down, in a four-game winless run in LaLiga. With Xavi Hernandez to take over as Barca’s new manager next week, interim boss Sergi Barjuan seemed to grab a win thanks to goals from Ansu Fati, Sergio Busquets and Memphis Depay in the first half. Injuries to Ansu, Eric Garcia and Nico Gonzalez, however, sparked a Celta comeback, with Aspas and Nolito reducing Barca's lead to just one 15 minutes before the end of the game. Frenkie de Jong hit the crossbar late and Barca looked on course for three points until Aspas put in a brilliant performance from the edge of the box in the last minute of the game. - ESPN + guide: LaLiga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, more (U. Nico was sensational in midfield before he was injured. The injuries and the collapse. Barca were already missing Neto, Gerard Pique, Sergino Dest, Sergi Roberto, Pedri , Ousmane Dembele, Martin Braithwaite and Sergio Aguero for the game. Ansu, Garcia and Nico have all joined them in the treatment room, with Ansu injuring his thigh and Garcia's calf while Nico appears to have sustained a muscle injury. Barca still had a center-back pairing of Ronald Araujo and Clement Lenglet on the pitch, with experience from players like De Jong, Busquets and Jordi Alba having passed a side with serious injury problems in half, with Mingueza lucky enough not to even score a penalty DF Eric Garcia, 6 - Booked in the first half before leaving the pitch with a calf problem which could force him to leave the Spanish squad th. DF Clement Lenglet, 5 - Produced a great block to keep Renato Tapia out but got lost when Celta poured forward. Lost sight of Nolito for the second goal. DF Jordi Alba, 6 - Brilliant cross to set up the Memphis goal but struggled defensive in the second period. MF Sergio Busquets, 5 - scored well from 18 yards. Lost the ball in the build-up to Celta's second goal. MF Nico Gonzalez, 8 - Was brilliant which made his injury even more gruesome. Strong and technical, he prepared the second goal and played a key role in the third. MF Frenkie de Jong, 6 - Had good moments driving the ball forward, one creating a chance for Ansu and another when he smashed the bar late. FW Gavi, 6 - Has worked hard and was particularly effective on defense, despite playing on the right rather than his preferred central role in the second game in a row. FW Memphis Depay, 6 - Headed in Barca's third, his sixth of the season, but didn't hold the ball well enough in the second half as the Blaugrana tried to keep their lead. FW Ansu Fati, 7 - Has a knack for opening scoring. Of his 17 goals for Barca, 11 were the first of the game. FW Alejandro Balde, 5 - The teen was thrown for Ansu but looked his age when Celta yelled back. DF Ronald Araujo, 5 - Couldn't clear the ball after Ter Stegen's fumble or prevent Celta's comeback after replacing Garcia at break. MF Riqui Puig, 5 - Lost the ball too much after coming on for Nico. FW Abde Ezzalzouli, NR - The B-team winger looked dangerous with the ball but didn't produce too much in the final third.


Chaotic Barcelona throws away 3-0 lead against Celta Vigo

Barcelona threw a three-goal lead to a 3-3 draw at Celta Vigo in La Liga on Saturday in a chaotic match that underscored the scale of the task facing new coach Xavi Hernandez (Author: Gardener)

Barcelona threw away a three-goal lead to 3-3 at Celta Vigo in La Liga on Saturday in a chaotic game that underscored the scale of the task facing new coach Xavi Hernández. Celta captain Iago Aspas completed a remarkable second-half comeback for the hosts, scoring a fifth-minute goal after scoring in the 52nd. Youthful striker Ansu Fati had put Barça in the lead in the fifth minute and was captain Sergio Busquets extended his lead in the 18th minute with a low shot from outside before Memphis Depay added third in the 34th minute. But Barça saw a huge drop in performance in the second half and Celta's breathtaking comeback extended the Catalans' winning streak to four league games. Barça are ninth in the table with 17 points after 12 games, while Celta are 14th with 12. Real drew 0-0 in their last two league games at the Bernabéu, but got off to a strong start when Kroos put a shot into the top corner in the 14th minute after Marco Asensio cut into the box from the right. Their top scorer Benzema doubled their lead in the 38th minute and Real looked like he was on the bench in the second half until Radamel Falcao came off the bench and with the help of a distraction from Alaba, scored a header to get Rayo in the 76 minute. The win brings Real to 27 points after 12 games, two above runner-up Real Sociedad w