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Adam Collard flirts with Paige, Danica AND Ekin-Su

Adam Collard makes an impression at the Love Island villa on day one, a new teaser clip has revealed. (Yazar: Gardener)

Adam CollardAdam Collard is already making an impression at the Love Island villa, a new teaser clip has revealed. At the end of Sunday night's episode, it was announced that the 2018 contestant was returning to the show, and a new clip aired on Aftersun shows the Villa veteran isn't afraid to go after what he wants. The clip shows the handsome personal trainer, 26, flirting with the impressed Paige Thorne before engaging in cozy chats with Danica Taylor and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. Paige, who is in the middle of a rough patch in her relationship with Jacques O'Neill, gushes about Adam's physique and tells him he's the tallest in the mansion, before declaring at the beach shack, "He's so fit. Elsewhere, Adam meets Danica, whose match Josh chilled their romance on Sunday. 'Damn Adam Collard... what the hell!' She later gushes excitedly at the beach shack. And Adam isn't done yet when he pulls Ekin-Su, who is matched up with Davide, onto the patio for a chat and tells her, 'I won't lie, I find you super attractive and that's why I came over and wanted you speak at once.' However, Adam seems to have set his goal and tells her, "But I have to talk to everyone, don't I? Fans were left reeling at the end of Sunday night's episode when it was revealed that Adam was returning to the villa. The personal trainer appeared in 2018's fourth series, wreaking notorious havoc at the mansion, where he's been dubbed the "gaslighter" by some. Adam's return marks the first time in Love Island history that a contestant has been brought back from one past series for another. Adam said of his comeback, "I'll ruffle some feathers when I go in." Many fans have been excited about Adam's return and the drama he's sure to bring, while others have had their fill of "toxic men" enough about this year's hilarious series. At the end of Sunday's episode, a video clip of a shirtless man climbing out of the pool was shown and narrator Iain Stirling said: "Tomorrow night... One viewer said: 'Not the bad guy of bad guys coming back to wreak havoc again ?! Another said: "The poor women in this mansion are gonna need therapists now they're bringing Adam f*****g Collard back." One fan added: "Adam the menace is back," while another said: "If You saw season 4, this guy was a mesnace. Another viewer wrote: "Adam is about to make the villa MESSY and I'm here for it." Another said: "Please this is a nightmare island now. A viewer added, "I don't know about y'all but I don't think I can handle Adam Davide Dami and Jacques in the same villa at once tbh." Adam was a controversial one during his time at the villa character, with some of his scenes even raising concerns among the bosses of the domestic violence charity Women's Aid. Adam clashed with then-partner Rosie Williams in an explosive confrontation during which he was widely criticized by viewers for grinning throughout the argument and later leaving her in hysterical tears. Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of Women's Aid, expressed concern about Adam's actions that led to him joining Zara McDermott: "There are clear red flags in Adam's behavior in the latest series of Love Island." Adam arrived late at the villa and was initially paired with Kendall Rae-Knight before Rosie was his next partnership. Adam arrived late at the villa and was initially paired with Kendall Rae-Knight before Rosie was his next partnership. She then prepared to confront Adam, at which point he grinned through her tearful monologue - leading to fans branding the personal trainer "a narcissist and sociopath" for his cold reaction. In light of the shocking scenes, Women's Aid urged viewers watching Adam's behavior to recognize the warning signs and patterns. In response to the show, the bosses released a statement: "There are clear red flags in Adam's behavior in the latest series of Love Island. “In a relationship, a partner who questions your memory of events, trivializes your thoughts or feelings, and flips things around to blame you can be part of the pattern of gaslighting and emotional abuse. “Last night Rosie Adams addressed unacceptable behavior on the show. We ask viewers to join her in recognizing unhealthy behavior in relationships and speaking out against all forms of domestic violence - both emotional and physical. "Only when we stand together against abuse in relationships will we see attitudes change and domestic violence end." When he left the villa, Adam was still dating Zara McDermott and the couple moved in together in Essex . But the relationship didn't last as former government adviser Zara, 23, confirmed their split after eight months together. Zara is now in a relationship with former Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson.



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