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Knock off drinks and Saturday vibes

The team behind Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit knows how to pop the corks at a good party. (Author: Gardener)

SaturdayThe team behind Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit knows how to pop the corks at a good party. The team behind Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit knows how to pop the corks at a good party. Cellar Door Fest Festival Director Alex Bradford says last year's two-day Winter Edit sold out and she's expecting good things again. Your team has agreed on a winning combination that gradually drives the cellar door experience to the top of the party meter. "Friday night knock-off drinks are the vibe we're going for," says Alex. The atmosphere of the event includes a curated lineup of some of the state's hottest local folk, indie, disco and soul musicians. The Friday and Saturday sessions feature Jamie Alena, Banjo Jackson, Ash & Joseph, Mason Lloyd, Thoma and the Humbugs and DJ Ruby Chew. “We'll start with more acoustic musicians...then work our way to a crescendo with DJ Ruby Chew, who is known for creating atmosphere and bringing fun retro vibes,” explains Alex, who suggests attendees “bring your dancing shoes “. Alex says the former attracts a slightly older demographic, plus the serious wine buyers. The later meeting is the focus of the party, but Alex stresses that they are "very keen on responsible alcohol service." This third year of the Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit focuses on red wine producers. More than 80 wineries from every wine region in the state are participating, plus a wide range of local distillers. "We want people to come and experience what our local wineries have to offer, and then make their own arrangements to later travel to the regions and discover it for themselves," says Alex. There are many new wines to discover, offering an opportunity for team bonding or a friendly competition among your crew to discover those hints of old saddle leather and chocolate. With that in mind, Alex is excited to share some of the unexpected and unique offerings. They're releasing their hot new 2022 Giggle Pop Pet Nat, which is very trending," she says. “We also have some specials from Claymore Wines who will be offering their secret white sangria recipe. And Dewey Station is introducing their new Glow Up series, showcasing their range of premium wines. “At our Cellar Door Fest events we love to celebrate the best SA talent. We are delighted to once again shine the spotlight on a host of local award winners, including Rollick Wines, who have been named finalists in the National Young Gun of Wine Awards for two consecutive years. Alex explains the uptake of distilleries over the past several years, noting that our state is by far the largest for distilleries. "We have a thriving distillery scene that as South Australians we should all be proud of," she says. Alex says her team found that many manufacturers had a soft drink or two in their range and the market is growing fast. Visit the Cellar Door Fest Winter Edit website for more information, but hurry, tickets are selling out fast!



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