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Tom Holland is opening up about reprising the Spider-Man role

The 25-year-old actor raised questions about reprising the role of the legendary superhero when he appeared on The One Show on Wednesday night. (Author: Gardener)

Tom HollandSpider-Man: No Way Home passed the $1 billion mark at the international box office over the weekend. And Tom Holland addressed questions about reprising the role of the iconic superhero when he appeared on The One Show on Wednesday night. Mysterious: Tom Holland addressed questions about reprising the role of iconic superhero Spider-Man when he appeared on The One Show on Wednesday night. Tom, who was on the show alongside Mark Wahlberg for their new film Uncharted, was asked if he would return after box office success to play Spider-Man. He said: "I've had such an amazing run as Spider-Man, when it's my time to step down and the next fortunate kid will step up, I will proudly do so. The 25-year-old actor also told hosts Ronan Keating and Alex Jones that winning an Oscar for No Way Home would be the "icing on the cake" as they are due to be announced next week. The 25-year-old actor also told hosts Ronan Keating and winning an Oscar for Alex Jones for No Way Home would be the "icing on the cake" as they are announced next week Promo trail: Tom was alongside Mark Wahlberg for their new Film Uncharted Tom on the show and said, "For us as creatives, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone at Sony and Marvel, the love and support we've had from fans for the film has been so amazing, that's enough US. Elsewhere on the show, Tom was stunned when he received a surprise video message from his old dance teacher, Lynne Page. She said: "I can't think of anyone more deserving of playing Fred Astaire than you. "Everyone loved Fred, he made dancing look so easy, but you and I know it's because of all the hours of practice he put in. Touched: Elsewhere in the show, Tom was stunned when he received a surprise video message from his old dance teacher Lynne Page Tom and Mark will star in the highly anticipated Sony Pictures adventure Uncharted, based on the iconic titular video game series , which spans nine games: "You've already put in so many of those hours with your early Billy training, so my advice would be to close your eyes, trust your feet, dance, float and show the world." what it takes to make it look so easy. Touched, Tom asked Alex how they managed to do the video message and said Lynne helped his career tremendously by sending him to his first Billy Elliot audition. It comes as Spider-Man: No Way Home becomes the 10th film in history to reach that milestone, Deadline reported, after grossing $21.1 million in global markets over the weekend. The superhero film is the sixth highest-grossing film of all time worldwide and has yet to receive a release date in China, making its international totals even more impressive. Wow: The film, directed by Jon Watts, grossed $11 million domestically in its seventh week of release


Tom Holland says his parents and friends will check his ego

When asked how he avoided the pitfalls of fame and success, the London-born star replied during a meeting with ITV's This Morning: "I just have a great network of friends and family." (Author: Gardener)

Tom HollandTom Holland has said his parents will challenge him if he behaves like a "movie star". The 25-year-old actor has risen to international fame since being cast as Spider-Man, but Tom's friends and family have helped him stay humble. When asked how he avoided the pitfalls of fame and success, the London-born star replied during a meeting with ITV's This Morning: "I just have a great network of friends and family." Humbly: 'Tom Holland stated that when he's acting like a 'movie star', his parents call him when I was a kid.' "My family is the first person to tell me if I'm having, I think, a movie star moment. Tom pointed out that he's determined not to get big-headed and has no desire to change. Steadfast friend: Holland also expressed that he remained close to loved ones he spent time with throughout his childhood, saying: "My friends from home are all my friends from my childhood." He said: "I like my buddies and she wouldn't like me if I acted like some of the Hollywood people.' Tom stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in new film Uncharted, and he admitted he feels like the 'son' of the 50-year-old actor, known for his muscular physique and intense exercise regime. He shared: "The only luxury of lockdown for me was that on the first day of shooting we walked on set and I realized I looked like Mark's 12-year-old son. Tom was actually inspired by Wahlberg to get in better shape during the COVID-19 lockdown. Inspired: Tom is set to star opposite Mark Wahlberg in the new film 'Uncharted,' and he admitted he feels like the 'son' of the 50-year-old actor known for his muscular physique and intense exercise regime. He said: "I had five months at home because we closed due to COVID. The performer then expressed that his costar was impressed with his physical performances upon his return to the set. He said, "Wow, you've reached some serious size." I was really, really grateful for the break," he said. Based on the video game series of the same name, Uncharted follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan as they take on a group of mercenaries as they search for a mysterious treasure trove. Storyline: Based on the video game series of the same name, Uncharted follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his mentor Victor Sullivan as they take on a group of mercenaries as they search for a fabled trove of goods Actors like Tati Gabrielle, Sophia Ali and Antonio Banderas. The project went through a lengthy development phase and much of the current cast and crew were brought together in 2020. Filming took place that year and the crew had various concerns related to the coronavirus before filming wrapped in October, although Holland had returned for reshoots in the past summer. Uncharted is currently set to make its wide debut in the UK on February 11th and will premiere in the United States on February 18th. Coming Soon: Uncharted is currently set to make its UK debut on February 11th and the United States on February 18th


We go backstage with this week's best new shows and movies

Tom Holland, Bel-Air and Inventing Anna - we go backstage with this week's best new shows and movies (Author: Gardener)

weekWhen Anna Sorokin was on trial in New York in the spring of 2019 and charged with fraud after defrauding hotels, banks and other members of Manhattan's elite out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, she reportedly enlisted the services of a stylist to ensure that she looked good. For years, Sorokin was known as Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress with a penchant for expensive wine, private jets and designer clothes. She had become a social media sensation; Even during her court hearing, an Instagram account documented her outfits — a mix of designer and high street, and always her signature thick-rimmed glasses — throughout. Prosecutors say Sorokin stole from others while pretending to afford a fortune of €60 million. She was sentenced to between four and 12 years in prison, including time served after her arrest in 2017, and was sentenced in February Released for Good Behavior in 2021. Based on a 2018 New York Magazine journalist's investigation of Sorokin, the series is "completely true," the trailer promises -- "except for the parts that are entirely made up." Russian-born Sorokin moved to Germany with her family when she was a teenager and after graduating from high school, she spent time in London and Paris before introducing "Anna Delvey" to New York in 2013. In reality, he's a former trucker who, according to New York Magazine, is a Heiz - and runs refrigerated business She snuck into the city's best parties and high-end hotels, promising funds were on the way and capitalized on generous ones Tips to convince the staff that she was good for it. Sorokin used fake bank statements to apply for a £16million loan from a bank to fund a private arts club she planned to open in Manhattan, prosecutors said. The scammer also deposited £11,000 bad checks into a Signature Bank account, managed to withdraw £6,000 in cash before bouncing and used fake transfer receipts to trick victims. In all, prosecutors charged her with stealing £202,000 - including a £26,000 bill she failed to pay for a plane chartered to and from a shareholders' meeting for Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational conglomerate, in Omaha, Nebraska. She was eventually arrested in 2017 with "not a dime to her name as far as we can ascertain," prosecutor Catherine McCaw said at the time. At the end of her trial, Sorokin was found guilty by a jury on four counts of grand larceny and theft of services. She was also found not guilty of one of the most serious charges in the indictment: attempting to steal more than £730,000 from the City National Bank. Judge Diane Kiesel said the defendant was "dazzled by the glitz and glamor of New York City" and denied a request by her attorneys to have her sentenced only during the time she had already spent in prison awaiting trial . She also ordered Sorokin to pay nearly £150,000 in damages and a £17,000 fine. "I am stunned by the depth of the defendant's deception," said Kiesel, also referring to the scammer's online following. Todd Spodek, Sorokin's defense attorney, told the court Sorokin "buyed time" and always intended to pay off her debts, portraying her as an ambitious entrepreneur rather than a criminal — but that characterization was dismissed by prosecutors. What did Sorokin say about the invention of Anna? Created and produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder), the series is inspired by Jessica Pressler's 2018 article How Anna Delvey Tricked New York's Party People in New York Magazine. Anna Chlumsky (Veep, My Girl) plays a fictionalized version of the journalist named Vivian Kent on the show. Sorokin wrote an essay for news site Insider ahead of her release, in which she said she paid her refund - and highlighted a report in which she said she used her money paid by the streaming platform to do so. However, she said she would not watch while in detention. "For a long time I hoped that by the time Inventing Anna came out, I would get on with my life." Almost four years in the making and hours of phone calls and visits later, the show is based on my story and told from a journalist's point of view. And while I'm curious as to how they interpreted all of the research and materials provided, I can't help but feel like an afterthought." As part of her research for the show, Garner visited Sorokin in prison and spent hours educating herself watching taped interviews about the woman she portrayed.Speaking to Stevie Wong, co-host of the Sky News Backstage Entertainment podcast, the actress said she wanted to ask a lot of questions, but had to find a balance. "Of course I wanted to I ask Anna certain questions, but you want to feel it too, because they're tricky questions and... you don't want to push things too hard, but I kind of expected certain questions she wouldn't answer just because Anna "Is such a private person and doesn't give out all the information about herself. I just wanted to see what her energy and spirit was like." I have chosen not to record their meetings or take notes. "I wanted to go in there, not record anything, document nothing, because a dynamic changes as soon as someone feels they're being watched or seen - not even because it's Anna, I say anyone, there's an instant filter. "I just wanted to make her feel comfortable talking to me... Garner said she was "surprised at how bubbly" Sorokin could be. However, she said her mood can change: "There were many moments where she was extremely soft spoken, but then she went from light to dark in a matter of seconds. But at the same time, it also made more sense - why she was able to do what she did." Inventing Anna is available now on Netflix


Where Tom Holland supposedly stands with Marvel and Sony when it comes to making more Spider-Man movies

A new report has provided alleged details on where things stand regarding Tom Holland's future as Spider-Man. (Author: Gardener)

Spider-ManLast December, Tom Holland, along with director Jon Watts and company, delivered a strong conclusion to his Spider-Man trilogy with No Way Home. Of course, at this point, fans are still wondering what's in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the popular web-slinger. Both Marvel Studios and Sony have kept all plans and/or negotiations close to hand. Now, however, a new report has provided some alleged details on where things stand with Holland and the studios in relation to his status as Spidey. Even before the release of No Way Home, there was speculation about the future of the Spider-Man film series. Ahead of the film's release, producer Amy Pascal surprisingly announced that Sony and Marvel would be collaborating on another film starring the iconic comic book hero and the Cherry alum. This new report claims there are indeed more projects in the works, but it doesn't sound like the lead man has already signed on the dotted line: Tom Holland has previously had thoughts about his Spider-Man status following the release of his third solo shared outing, albeit in a cryptic way. Shortly after Amy Pascal declared that more films were on the way, Holland responded to the news, saying that he and those in power "have some very, very exciting things to talk about." But he also said he "doesn't know what these things are or what they're going to be." A few months later, the actor went on to mention that "talks" had taken place, but didn't say for sure if he would officially return. Industry insider Jeff Sneider goes on to say that Sony is still actively working to stay in the Spider-Man business and maintain its overall relationship with the 26-year-old British actor: it would certainly be fitting to stick with Tom Holland, considering how valuable it is He was for the company. Spider-Man: No Way Home alone grossed $1.9 billion at the box office, and Uncharted hit some impressive numbers again that year. So you'd think the studio would do whatever it takes to keep Holland in the fold. No Way Home ended with Peter Parker, with the help of Doctor Strange, saving the world by erasing the public's memory of its existence. The film's writers have since spoken out about the ending, explaining that they wrote it while unsure if Tom Holland would make another film. Spider-Man: No Way Home is available now in Digital HD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. While you wait for news on a fourth film, stay tuned for other upcoming Marvel movies.


Why I danced for joy when I bought my own dinosaur

TOM HOLLAND: I couldn't stop banging in the air and dancing around the room to the amazement of the audience. Because I bought a dinosaur. (Author: Gardener)

TOMNow I know how a footballer feels when he scores a goal at Wembley and what it's like to perform on Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage. To my sheer disbelief, I achieved my lifelong ambition of more than half a century at an auction house just over a week ago. I couldn't stop banging in the air and dancing around the room to the amazement of the audience. Because I bought a dinosaur. No less than the fossilized skeleton of a psittacosaurus, a 120-million-year-old parrot lizard. My joy was heightened by the fact that my winning bid was well below what I was willing to pay. The catalog estimate was £4,000 to £6,000 and I knew if it went beyond that I was screwed. My wife knew how badly I wanted to own this extraordinary relic, but she wouldn't let me reschedule the house. And I was pretty sure that a flurry of bids from billionaire fossil collectors would send the price to over £10,000 in a matter of seconds. In fact, I was certain that a perfect Psittacosaurus specimen would be worth at least double that. Instead, the auctioneer started bidding at £3,500 - and I was the only bidder. Can you blame me for clenching my fists like a Grand Slam tennis star and then jumping up to dance for joy? The auctioneer later said I was the happiest customer he had ever seen. The whole scene was captured on CCTV at Woolley & Wallis auction house in Salisbury. As I jump around, my father Martin sits next to me with his arms calmly folded. Now the skeleton has joined my family in our house. Because it's a parrot lizard that got its name from its curved beak, which evolved to help it shred the plants that were its main food, my daughters and I christened it Polly. When the bidding started, my father and I had already inspected Polly in the auction house's showroom. I knew it was in perfect condition, with the bones in a glass-topped display case on a bed of sand, as if a paleontologist had just pushed aside a layer of soil. The exhibit belonged to a private collector who bought it from a museum in Hungary and had previously been displayed in a museum in New Zealand. I first heard of its existence from my brother James, also a historian, who discovered it while browsing through the Georgian furniture that made up the bulk of the Woolley & Wallis catalogue. James knew how badly I craved a real, complete dinosaur skeleton. As a boy my favorite place to go was the Natural History Museum in London, where I admired the Diplodocus in the main hall and the plesiosaur fossils in display cases. During the school holidays I loved nothing more than to scour the shores around Lyme Regis in Dorset or on the Isle of Wight in the hope of uncovering a spectacular fossil. My historical heroine was Mary Anning, who discovered an ichthyosaurus skeleton for the first time in 1811 at the age of 12, thereby helping to disprove the prevailing scientific theory that the earth was barely 6,000 years old. I've found ammonites, the circular shell-like fossils so common on the south coast, but haven't been able to dig up ichthyosaurs. My long-suffering parents will tell you it wasn't because I didn't try. Much less was known about dinosaurs when I was a boy in the 1970s, and most books on the subject were aimed at young children or postgraduate experts. As I entered my teens, my obsession eased - or rather, transferred to a new subject, the Roman Empire. Like dinosaurs, the ancient Romans are glamorous, wild, and extinct. The Romans are the tyrannosaurs of antiquity, the apex predators, red on teeth and claws. My first history book was a study of the end of the Roman Republic, the years before the assassination of Julius Caesar. My fascination with this period matches the enthusiasm I had for dinosaurs as a boy. We live in a time of new discoveries, a golden age for dinosaur fans, when the fossilized remains of previously unknown species are identified almost weekly. Hunting dinosaurs will always be a hobby for me, not a job. I recorded a program for Radio 4, an issue of From Our Own Correspondent, in which I visited the extraordinary Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada. There I saw a dinosaur feather preserved in amber (yes, many were feathered, just like the birds that are their descendants). Three complete tyrannosaur skeletons were on display next to a rock that revealed the exact point in geologic time when an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago, wiping out the non-bird dinosaurs. My brother understood all of this and urged me to try my luck at the auction house. When my father and I arrived, our hopes of success seemed slim - and became much slimmer as we took our seats. After watching auctions on TV, I expected a crowded room of bidders waving papers and signaling their interest with winks and nods. Instead, employees sat at a row of tables behind the empty chairs at computer terminals with telephone headsets and took bids over the Internet. There were more than 50 lots for sale before the Psittacosaurus showed up, and my confidence dwindled with each lot. A few other fossils were on sale and I decided to bid on one or two to make sure the afternoon wasn't completely washed out. I was delighted to acquire a mosasaur jawbone, if only because that's the giant marine reptile that leaps out of a pool and devours a flying pteranodon in the 2015 film Jurassic World. Another hundred pounds secured me a fossil simply referred to as "dinosaur bones". One of the reasons I was so keen to buy the Psittacosaurus was its impeccable heritage. A disturbing trade has developed in fossils dug from the ground by unlicensed diggers who make no effort to preserve the site, causing immense damage to sites of great scientific value. This is similar to the illegal sale of antiques from historic sites. I had my sights set on an object that had been owned by at least two museums, so I was confident it had been acquired responsibly. After a long wait, lot 698 appeared. It has been described as "a Psittacosaurus skeleton, Lower Cretaceous, 119 million to 97.5 million years BP" - that is, before the present. The description read, "A bird-like skull and beaked mouth, mounted on a naturalistic desert sand setting, in an 85 cm glazed hardwood case." The catalog added that it was "conspicuous for its bird-like appearance." Despite its small stature and lack of horns, it was part of the Ceratopsia group, which included iconic dinosaurs like Triceratops. My daughters, who have never shared my love of dinosaurs, fell in love with Polly - although of course they were really delighted at how I was on CCTV and couldn't contain my excitement. There is now a family dispute over where Polly will be exhibited. and where nobody can see me when I do my dinosaur victory dance every day.



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