Saturday morning news summary

The power problems that have plagued BART's Transbay Tube under the San Francisco Bay... (Author: Gardener)

SaturdayThe power problems that have plagued BART's Transbay subway under the San Francisco Bay since Friday morning have been resolved. A BART spokesman said late Friday night that the Transbay subway's power issues have been resolved and BART trains are no longer single track on the subway between Oakland and San Francisco. The power problem was originally reported at 7:11 a.m. when an electrical overcurrent caused a circuit breaker to go offline, putting a section of rail in the tube out of service and forcing a San Francisco-bound train to return to the West Oakland BART station , where it unloaded its approximately 200 passengers around 8:35 a.m., according to BART. Trains ran on a single track through the Transbay subway until late Friday evening, except for a brief period on Friday afternoon when the Transbay subway was suspended entirely to allow BART work teams to inspect the problem area. BART officials warned earlier in the day that a repair is unlikely to happen before the end of the day as it would require a renewed disruption to all service for an extended period. One of the Bay Area's most famous high schools celebrates its 120th anniversary in October. The community is invited to a celebration of the 120th anniversary of San Mateo High School and the San Mateo Union High School District on Saturday, October 8th. The day's celebrations will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The celebration begins at the San Mateo Performing Arts Center with a historical slide show at 11 am, followed by performances by various student groups and student-led tours of the campus. The Performing Arts Center is located at 600 North Delaware St., San Mateo. The October 8 event is free and open to the public, rain or shine. At 1:46 a.m. Thursday, the officer came across the ongoing theft in the De Solo and Navarre drives area. Police said the suspects immediately fled the scene in a gray BMW four-door sedan. The driver of the vehicle refused to stop for officers, prompting a pursuit, police said. Investigators are following leads to identify the two suspects involved in the theft. Hillsborough Police are investigating multiple leads linked to a series of home burglaries this month and earlier this year which they believe are part of sophisticated organized crime rings. Investigators believe a series of burglaries in Hillsborough in March were carried out by so-called South American tourist gangs, which Police Captain Corteway said it was "too early" to say if this month's spate of burglaries was SATG-related. A description of the vehicle the robbers used last spring and the one used in the recent burglaries appear to be similar - a recent dark gray sedan, possibly a Honda. Police are investigating the similarities, the captain said, along with help from allied agencies across the state. There have been four burglaries in Hillsborough since September 8. Thieves generally enter homes through back entrances, usually by breaking glass to gain entry. A burglary on Saturday was caught on surveillance footage and shows several suspects wearing hoodies and masks. An 18-year-old Hayward man was identified Wednesday as the victim of a shooting in his hometown last month, police said. Nicholas Moriwaki died on the night of August 21 from shots fired briefly at around 9:50 p.m. in the 2500 block of Oliver Drive. Police said officers were dispatched there after several 911 calls where gunshots were reported. Moriwaki was found unresponsive in a vehicle that crashed into parked vehicles, police said. Police say he sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Paramedics treated Moriwaki but had to declare him dead at the scene, police said. One person was killed and two others injured by gunfire in an attempted robbery of a Brinks armored truck in east Oakland Friday afternoon, Oakland Police Department said. Officers were called just before 2 p.m. about a shooting in the 4400 block of International Boulevard. The police responded and, according to the police, found two people with gunshot wounds. One of the two died at the scene, police said. The other person was a Brinks employee who was wounded, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said. Police have no one in custody but are looking for information about a white vehicle occupied by several people. At least five people have been killed in violence in Oakland this week, according to police and the California Highway Patrol. One of those deaths was a shooting on Interstate Highway 580 in Oakland. The National Weather Service forecast for the first Saturday of the fall season for the San Francisco Bay Area calls for warmer daytime temperatures and sunny skies with highs in the mid to high 60s along the coast into the 70s and 80s around the bay and into the 90s in the inland valleys of the East Bay and South Bay. Saturday morning overnight lows are mostly in the 50s. Copyright © 2022 Bay City News, Inc. Republication, retransmission, or redistribution is prohibited without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. Bay City News is a 24/7 news service covering the greater Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, redistribution, or other reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from September 23rd

Welcome to the Bleacher Report coverage of AEW Rampage's two-hour Grand Slam special on September 23rd. This show had a reasonably sized lineup for a... (Author: Gardener)

September 23rdThis show had a reasonably sized lineup for a longer episode, especially when it came to some of the celebrities involved. A couple of big feuds were featured on this map as Eddie Kingston fought Sammy Guevara and Ricky Starks fought Powerhouse Hobbs. We also saw action as Bronson teams up with Hook for a tag team match and Trina was in Diamante's corner for her TBS title fight against Jade Cargill. Let's take a look at what happened in Friday's oversized episode of Rampage. The House of Black vs. Sting and Darby AllinRampage opens with Buddy Matthews and Brody King making their appearance, but Sting and Darby Allin attacked them onstage to get the match going before they even got to the ring. This was a no-disqualification fight, so there were no tags and weapons came into play almost immediately. Even Julia Hart got in on the action. This was less of a wrestling match and more of a stunt show. They fought all over the stage and in the ring area, using everything to hurt each other. When it looked like House of Black would win, The Great Muta made a surprise appearance. He spat green mist into the eyes of Matthews, who sent him into Hart, sending them crashing through a ringside table. Sting freed himself from some handcuffs and hit his finisher to claim the win. This was fun and had a nice cameo by a certified legend at the end, but it's always hard to judge games like this because they fall so far outside the realm of normality. This is something you will either love or hate. Matthews was very delayed when he saw Allin King attack. King accidentally flipped Matthews with a huge clothesline. The spot looked great. Code Red's all-in hit from the top turnbuckle at King looked fantastic. The way Sting fell ringside through the two tables didn't look good. His head hit the table, which didn't break on the way down. The look on Sting's face when he saw Muta was priceless. Action Bronson and Hook vs. Daddy Magic and Cool Hand AngeAction Bronson gave a live performance of Hook's performance music as they made their way to the ring to fight Matt Menard and Angelo Parker. Ring work while Bronson occasionally helped out to get a pop from the crowd. After a fun little tag match, Hook and Bronson achieved the win as both men locked their opponents in Red Rum Submissions at the same time. That wasn't a Match of the Year nominee, but it was a surprisingly impressive performance from a man who isn't an active athlete. No one expected Bronson to be able to move so quickly. This is the best selling we've seen from Hook in a match. In fact, he may have sold more in this fight than all his previous games combined. Menard and Parker deserve credit for making Bronson look as good as he does. These guys are MVPs when it comes to making their opponents look good. Mark Sterling gave a brief promo before the match saying he wasn't going to take a powerbomb, pretty much guaranteeing that he would actually take at least one. The match was physical and competitive, but it was also short and predictable. Joe and Wardlow scored the win, but Nese and Woods attacked them after the bell. The Ward Daddy parried for Joe and began conducting his Powerbomb symphony. The segment ended with Joe and Wardlow cheering with their respective title belts. The disappointment on Sterling's face when he met Wardlow with the title didn't bother him, was perfect. Joe and Wardlow coordinated their gear which was a nice touch. Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Rey Fenix ​​wasted no time getting down to business in this one on one match. They hit high-flying moves within seconds of the bell. Attempting to summarize all the action of this fight would be almost impossible as they were going over 100 MPH the whole time. They just slowed down for a moment to sell moves here and there before picking up speed again. The only thing this match showed is how much Perry has improved since joining AEW. He is much more confident in his movements and looks much more supple in everything he does. While this match was a great display of their physical prowess, they could only have slowed down a bit to sell big spots. It was a fun performance and the crowd was hot, that's what counts in the end. The 25-year-old achieved the win with an inside cradle. He and Fenix ​​showed a lot of respect after the match. Luchasaurus attacked Jungle Boy when Fenix ​​was away while Christian watched from the stage. Fenix ​​​​is not real. It was nice to see some color after spending most of 2022 wearing white clothes. He does certain things that require strength and makes them look easy. Kingston and Guevara were next for their grudge game. The Spanish god delivered a pre-match promo that influenced some of the backstage drama. The mad king immediately attacked him and began destroying his young rival. While we occasionally saw a suplex or some other type of set piece maneuver, the vast majority of both men's offense consisted of punches and eye-holes. After three spinning backfists and a submission, Kingston was declared the winner. However, he refused to release the hold, so a referee reversed the decision and declared Guevara the winner. The Mad King destroyed the entire security team to end the segment. This wasn't a traditional encounter, but it was a great way to further this feud. The beep of Guevara swearing, so clearly AEW is trying to limit the adult content in some ways. This might be the most physical fight Guevara has been in since joining AEW. For Guevara to pick up Kingston and make it look easy was an impressive display of power. Diamante challenged Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, but she also had rap legend Trina by her side to back her up. After an initial flurry from the challenger, Cargill caught her as she flew off the turnbuckle at the ring and dropped her hard onto the apron. She hit her finisher to extend her streak to 38-0. While all of Jade's matches tend to be rather short, it was still disappointing to see this end so quickly. Trina finally turned on Diamante with a slap in the face. She raised Cargill's hand to celebrate with the baddies. Adam Page was attacked en route to the ring to give this battle royal a chaotic start. After the break, the fight officially started when everyone entered the ring at the same time. A few Ring of Honor stars were there too, like Brian Cage, Dalton Castle and his boys. Several tag teams attempted to work together throughout the game, but none of them seemed to take advantage of it. Battle royales are always tricky. There's no way to make them traditional games, so judging them is getting harder and harder. This one had some fun eliminations and some storylines were addressed with quick interactions, so it had more positives than negatives. The last four competitors in the ring were Page, Jay Lethal, Rush and Penta. Hangman and Rush were the last two standing and had a small starer before engaging in a brawl. Page knocked him out for the win and a future shot at the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. The way Dante Martin was eliminated looked awkward. It was nice to see Brian Cage back in an AEW ring. He performed well in this fight. The final fight of the night was a grudge match between Starks and Hobbs. The former Team Taz members have been locked in a very personal feud that included a contest at All Out for several weeks, so no love was lost. Hobbs won their previous encounter decisively, so Mr. Absolute not only wanted to get revenge on him on a personal level, but also wanted to regain some momentum with a win. The powerhouse took control early and immediately began bringing guns into the ring. He grabbed several chairs and tables from under the ring while Starks tried to recover. From a narrative point of view, this was the best match of the night. There was heaps of mayhem and chaos like everything else we saw on the show, but they really made sure every sequence and spot mattered. After a hard fought battle, Starks scored the win with his finisher to finally defeat his former teammate. Hobbs was fine in the pregame interview. The quick video playing along with Stark's performance was a nice touch. White gear almost always looks cool, but keeping it clean for more than one game must be almost impossible. The low blow Starks hit looked brutal.


Angry couple's home of Grand Designs fans has been given permission as Kevin McCloud defends them

The family home, which cost £800,000, was demolished to start anew. (Author: Gardener)

Grand DesignsThis website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Angry couple of Grand Designs fans' home got permission as Kevin McCloud defends them The family home, which cost £800,000, was demolished to start anew. Davi and Matt were on the show and discussed their suggestions with host Kevin McCloud in an episode that aired from 9pm. The 17-month construction has done little to impress viewers at home. However, Kevin said he was impressed - and joked at the end of the episode that the "tribe came out well". Davi revealed: "This is also our children's legacy. They said, 'Mom, this is a pile of mud.' Now that it's done, they absolutely love it." She said, "My biggest regret is not being able to spend as much time with the kids as I would like ." She added, "Actually, it feels like shit. It sucks." Taking to Twitter, Twinkletoes said, "Multicultural flint home. How to coax yourself into a new neighborhood — put your neighbors in the shadows, then fly your nation's flag upside down." Emma wrote, "There you have it Plots of their neighbors devalued gigantic disproportionately light blocking invasion of privacy #granddesigns #wednesdaythought " Flopsy said: "How the hell did this get planning permission? It's huge, completely blocking light and view for the neighbors, it's really depressing. It looks nothing like the surrounding houses #GrandDesigns". Keep up to date with the latest news from around Birmingham and your region with our daily newsletter. Just click here to subscribe and stay up to date with the latest news from around the city and the wider West Midlands.King Charles reveals after the death of the Queen a new royal cipher and monogram The Queen's maid of honor dies the night before her state funeral


The matchup between Rodgers and Brady fizzled, but Packers found other ways to win

The return of LT David Bakhtiari, the emergence of WR Romeo Doubs, and big plays on defense and special teams helped propel Packers to victory. (Author: Gardener)

RodgersTom Brady and Aaron Rodgers greet each other on the field after the Buccaneers and Packers face off in Week 3. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers greet each other on the field after the Buccaneers and Packers face off in Week 3. — No one sounded big fans of the way Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur brought All-Pro left tackle David Bakhtiari back into the lineup. No one said the way their offense worked was good enough. But rookie receiver Romeo Doubs found a way to break out. And while it looked problematic as Tom Brady and his weary Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense marched 89 yards for a touchdown in the last minute, a superbly defended 2-point play left everyone on the defensive side of the visitors' locker room at Raymond James Stadium chest bloated. The Packers delivered a 14-12 win over the Buccaneers in what could be considered the last meeting between quarterbacks Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but few will remember what either of them did. Rather, the Packers (2-1) avoided their first 1-2 start since 2014 with what coach Matt LaFleur described as a "grainy team win," in large part due to the three developments above. It started with Bakhtiari playing 34 of the Packers' 60 offensive games, though those games weren't consecutive on his long-awaited return. Instead, he switched series with Yosh Nijman (who played the other 26 left tackle snaps). While Bakhtiari admitted that none of the linemen were thrilled with the rotation LaFleur insisted on, it allowed Bakhtiari to sit back and not let the 88-degree heat overwhelm him in his most extensive action since taking the ACL in his left Knee 20 had torn a few months ago. "It was something that -- full disclosure -- we weren't the biggest fans of, the linemen weren't," Bakhtiari said. We looked at each other and said, 'We're going to make the best of it.'" LaFleur didn't want a repeat of Bakhtiari's first comeback attempt in the 2021 regular-season finals in Detroit, when his left tackle played the first 27 snaps of the game and then failed not going to the playoffs. While Bakhtiari admitted he was pumped with adrenaline after the game, he said he left the field in Tampa with a very different feeling about his future than he did after that stint last season. "Physically completely different," Bakhtiari said of how he felt after Sunday's game. Given how much Rodgers loves Bakhtiari, that has to bode well for an offense that clearly hasn't clicked yet. The Packers have a total of three second-half points in their two wins. The emergence of Doubs, a fourth-round draft pick who excelled in the absence of injured receivers Sammy Watkins and Christian Watson, could also bode well. Doubs caught eight passes for 73 yards and his first NFL touchdown. His eight catches are the second most by a Packers rookie in a single game in franchise history. This after Rodgers said he gave Doubs a hard time in practice on Friday by catching a ball with his body when he should have been using his hands. "He just has such great hands," Rodgers said. I have a feeling his route run was pretty solid today, but we're going to go back and look at the tape and see if there are any more opportunities I could have given him." Eventually, Rodgers needs deeper threats, and maybe Doubs can that even. But as of Sunday, 22 of his 27 finishes were within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, which ranks as the third most in his career, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information. Rodgers averaged just 3.0 air yards on his completions (the league average is 5.9), and 68% of his passing yards (173 of 255) came after the catch. He's on track to hit career lows in average flight distance and career highs at YAC. Or maybe that's how the Packers can live on -- and win -- if their defense can keep going big. As soft as it looked on Brady's final drive, her effort on the 2-point conversion attempt looked perfect. Linebacker De'Vondre Campbell dropped into the flat, and as soon as he saw Brady looking toward receiver Russell Gage, he broke the ball and loosened it. And when that didn't work, Safety Darnell Savage said, "If he didn't make the game, it was me." Two critical things happened before that: First, the Bucs shot a delay-of-game penalty that took the ball from who promoted the 2- to the 7-yard line. Second, Rodgers appeared to approach LaFleur and say something to him just before this play. While LaFleur smiled at this and pointed out that Rodgers had given him some powerful information, he wasn't about to divulge it. Whatever it was, it could be a sign that this team needs things like Bakhtiari's return, Doubs' emergence and big plays in defense and special teams to win. "Sometimes it's a little more sideways," Rodgers said. "But offensively we're young and sometimes have trouble finishing things... So we just need to tighten things up a little bit. But our defense keeps them at 12 points, we'll probably win all those games.


Denise Richards gets "hot" in red lingerie.

Actress and model Denise Richards got horny on Saturday after flaunting her bikini body in red lingerie. (Author: Gardener)

Denise RichardsModel Denise Richards is having fun with her followers this weekend! The Wild Things star, 51, slipped into silky red lingerie to embrace the meaning of Spicy Saturday! In the photo, the popular actress lies on her side in silky red lingerie, connected with a single strap across her large chest. Fans and celebrity friends went wild for the shot, showering him with fire emojis and red heart emojis to show their appreciation for her red lingerie. If this lingerie looks familiar, that's because the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted another Instagram photo in a similar pose on July 16. Still, it didn't stop her millions of social media followers from loving the shot less! RHOBH housewife Sutton Stracke commented, "Like #caturday only different." Actress Chrishell Strause and Jennifer Gareis also dropped loads of fire emojis on the post. "You look beautiful," one fan commented. "Beautifully beautiful, beautifully stunning, looking amazing as always!!" a third fan wrote alongside two heart emojis. However, many more fans asked her to return to RHOBH. One follower commented: "Please speak to Andy and return to the RHOBH. Earlier this month, the married mother of three appeared on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live to talk about a potential return to RHOBH. Though she hasn't appeared on the show since 2020, the best-selling author teased her followers about a potential return, saying. "Never say Never." That being said, she admitted she didn't know where the rumors of her return came from, adding that no one from Bravo has ever reached out to her about her return. However, she's still friends with "some" of the cast, and close friend Garcelle Beauvais has said she'd love Denise to return to the show if she got along with Lisa Rinna. Denise Richards and "RHOBH" star Lisa Rinna had a very public falling out after Brandi Glanville said she and Denise were having an affair. Despite being friends for twenty years, Lisa didn't believe her, which led to much drama both on and off camera. Denise denied rumors that she wouldn't be returning to the show unless Lisa left, saying: "That's not true. I wouldn't mind working with Lisa and filming with her. I never said I wouldn't come back with her." "I'll say this: Lisa Rinna, she plays dirty, she can be really nasty, and I think that's just something to know about when she's in of the show," she said. Denise also admitted that Lisa had apologized to her via text message after the incident. Denise said she "1,000 percent" agrees that she should at least have coffee with Lisa since they've been friends for decades but don't think they could be as close as they used to be. “I don't think I would ever do that; I could never be close friends with her after what happened," she said. "And I've been watching a couple of the last few episodes and seeing how she was, how she was on social media, I just don't agree with that. It's hard to be friends with someone like that." "But as for Lisa, if you apologize - which she apologized to me while we were actually filming, but then she just went back to the same behavior again - so falls I'm having a hard time actually believing the apology is real.” For fans who want to see more of Denise Richard's OnlyFans teasers, fans can watch her recreate the steamy Wild Things pool scene with pornstar Abella Danger by click here.


Missed scoring chances, late penalties prove costly for the Chiefs

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Kansas City defensive tackle Chris Jones blamed himself for the Chiefs' first loss of the season. Coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes also took responsibility. The truth was, there were plenty of head-scratching moments on Sunday as the Indianapolis Colts rallied to the starting shot for the touchdown with 24 seconds left to earn a 20-17 win in their home opener. (Author: Gardener)

INDIANAPOLISKansas City Chiefs kicker Matt Ammendola (19) looks on as he misses a field goal in the second half of an NFL football game against the Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, September ' first loss of the season. The truth was, there were plenty of head-scratching moments on Sunday as the Indianapolis Colts rallied to the starting shot for the touchdown with 24 seconds left to earn a 20-17 win in their home opener. "It (stinks), man," Jones said when asked about the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty he pulled on Indy's last drive. “It was third, we came off the field, the defense fought hard and I kind of put us in a situation to get back on the field. And then we scored a goal and that sums up the game. It was my fault. It was definitely my fault.” Jones thought he was just having a chat with Colts quarterback Matt Ryan and didn't know what pulled the flag. Ryan said he wasn't sure either. Either way, the result was the same - an extended drive that resulted in loss. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes throws against Indianapolis Colts' DeForest Buckner during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, September. But it wasn't just Jones. From Skyy Moore's muted punt at his own 4-yard line to another misplayed punt that resulted in Kansas City being pinned inside the 1-yard line, Sunday's game was filled with missed opportunities. Yes, the Chiefs converted a 2-point pass just before halftime to erase Matt Ammendola's missed extra point. But they couldn't get past Ammendola, who missed a 34-yard field goal down the left and set up the Colts' final drive. Kansas City Chiefs running back Jerick McKinnon (1) is tipped in front of Indianapolis Colts' Rodney Thomas II (25) during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy) (AP Photo/Michael Conroy) Or the wrong field goal that Reid claimed on Kansas City's previous possession. "I probably shouldn't have called him," Reid said. Mahomes wasn't happy either when the Chiefs (2-1) decided to time out before halftime rather than try to score again. It led to a brief screaming match between the quarterback and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy before Reid ended it. Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (25) is tackled by Indianapolis Colts' Rodney McLeod (26) during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, September. But Mahomes was more upset by the Chiefs' inability to finish drives. Out of four trips into the red zone, only two resulted in touchdowns and both came after turnovers deep in Colts territory. Otherwise it was kind of a field goal day. "As an offense, we have to make it where those little mistakes don't cause a loss," Mahomes said after going 20-of-35 for 262 yards, a TD and his first interception of the season. If we come in in the second half and don't stop at the goal line, we'll win the game.” This time, however, the Colts (1-1-1) took full advantage of Kansas City's poor decisions. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) is sacked by Indianapolis Colts defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (91) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. nine plays after the call to Jones he went with Ryan's 12-yard TD -Pass to rookie Jelanie Woods final lead. Indianapolis Colts safety Rodney McLeod (26) celebrates an interception with Tyquan Lewis (94) during the second half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Sept. (AP Photo/AJ Mast) (AP Photo/AJ Mast) (AP Photo/AJ Mast) (AP Photo/AJ Mast) "We still have a lot to improve on and what I've found over the course of my career is that as the season goes on you usually find ways to get better," said Ryan. "But you have to find ways to win until you get there." The Colts did just enough on Sunday. Kansas City, meanwhile, will spend this week looking for solutions after losing for only the third time of Mahome's career on Sept. 16. "I didn't think I said anything vulgar or disrespectful, but I just can't say anything in the heat of the moment," Jones said.


NFL Week 3 streaming guide: How to watch the Green Bay Packers

Here's how to watch the Green Bay Packers - Tampa Bay Buccaneers game as well as the rest of the Week 3 NFL games. (Author: Gardener)

NFLTampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (#12) signals to his teammates during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers regular season game against the New Orleans Saints this September weekend. If you have plans to watch or stream Green Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers today, your friends at CBS Essentials are here to help. Here's how to watch this football game and all the other Sunday NFL action happening today. Stream All NFL Games: DirecTV Stream ("Choice" tier), $70 per month for the first two months, is scheduled to run for 18 weeks and total 272 games. Matchup begins at 4:25 p.m. EDT (1:25 a.m. PDT) on Fox. This isn't the only football game currently being broadcast on Fox. Fox will also be showing the Los Angeles Rams-Arizona Cardinals game and the Atlanta Falcons-Seattle Seahawks game at 4:25 p.m. SUMMERTIME. The football game you can watch wirelessly on Fox depends on where you live. If the Green Bay Packers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers game is near you, you can watch the game wirelessly with an HDTV antenna ($26). Many of the above games are only available in their home region unless you take advantage of a service like DirecTV's 2022 NFL Sunday Ticket Max stream plan. (Plans that include all NFL football games start at $70 per month.) Read on to learn about all of your different ways to stream all of the week 3 matches on your TV and smartphone at home this Sunday. And stay tuned to the end for our recommendations on the best streaming devices and TVs for watching NFL football. Paramount+ and Peacock aren't the only ways to watch Sunday football. You may also want to consider options like DirecTV, which provides access to all Sunday football games: NFL on Fox, Sunday Night Football on NBC, and more. DirecTV Stream doesn't come cheap, but it streams all the networks you need for the 2022 NFL season. The cheapest tier of DirecTV Stream, called "Entertainment," offers Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN for $70 a month. But get this: Subscribers to the $90-per-month "Choice" tier (and up) get Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, plus regional sports networks, and at no additional cost, access to 2022 NFL Sunday Ticket Max, a plan that covers everyone Tag streams live out-of-market Sunday game (and typically costs $395). Right now, DirectTV Stream is offering new users $20 off the first two months of any package. DirecTV Stream (“Choice” level), $70 per month for the first two months A $70 monthly subscription to Hulu+ Live TV provides access to all platforms where 2022 NFL games will be broadcast and streamed, including ESPN, CBS , Fox, NBC and ABC. For "Thursday Night Football" you still need Amazon Prime Video. In celebration of the 2022 NFL season, Hulu is now offering $20 off per month for your first three months of Hulu + Live TV—that's a $60 savings. New subscribers and those who canceled their Hulu subscription more than a month ago are eligible for this Hulu + Live TV promo, running beginning in September. FuboTV is a sports-centric streaming service that offers access to almost every NFL game of the season. Packages include CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone and more. Fox, as you know, offers Sunday NFC games through NFL on Fox; while ESPN is home to Monday Night Football. ABC also airs some "MNF" games. In addition to NFL football, FuboTV offers MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and international football matches. A Paramount+ subscription includes live access to NFL on CBS. This is the CBS listing of live AFC Sunday games. The streamer also offers NFL fans weekly studio show Inside the NFL and pregame show The NFL Today, as well as access to CBS Sports HQ, a 24/7 stream of unfiltered sports news, scores, highlights and analysis. Paramount+ has two subscription tiers -- the $5/month "Essential Plan," a budget tier with ads, and the $10/month "Premium Plan," which costs more but is ad-free. Paramount+ also offers a one-week free trial period. So if you've been thinking of trying the platform, you can watch a football Sunday on CBS risk-free. Paramount+ Subscription, $5+ per month Walmart+ members now get free access to the ad-supported Paramount+ Essential plan. Paramount+ Essential includes tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Yellowstone spin-off 1883, Star Trek: Lower Decks, NCIS, and Survivor. Perhaps most importantly, Essential plan members get access to NFL on CBS Live. Sunday Night Football airs weekly on NBC and simultaneously streams live on Peacock. (You can also stream NBC through a live TV streaming app à la DirecTV Stream.) An important streaming warning: While Peacock offers many ad-supported shows and movies for free if you want access to Peacock's premium content, including "Sunday Night Football" requires a paid subscription. Luckily, thanks to a Peacock promo deal, new subscribers can now get ad-supported Peacock Premium for just $1.99 a month, or $19.99 if you pay for the whole year upfront -- that's more than half the usual price of Peacock. With NFL+ you can stream games exclusively on your mobile device or tablet. Starting at $5 per month or $30 annually, an NFL+ subscription gives you mobile or tablet access to live out-of-market preseason, live local and primetime regular-season and post-season games, live game -Audio for each game and more. NFL+, starting at $5 per month If you want to watch NFL games without paying for a cable or streaming subscription, an indoor HD digital TV antenna is the way to go. For just $26 (the lowest price we've seen it at, btw) it delivers all of the free-to-air NFL games broadcast live in your area, as well as all other over-the-air content available in your area. We've found the best TVs for watching NFL football (based on user ratings), including TVs from top brands like Samsung, LG and Sony. Read on to see the best deals on the best TVs you can get for the 2022 NFL season. Here's a great deal to get you started: this 65-inch Samsung QLED (Q90A, 2021) is on sale at Samsung for a whopping $600 off. No matter what stream of the game you're watching, this QLED TV lets you watch the game in upscaled 4K resolution thanks to its machine-based learning AI. It's even smart enough to recognize and enhance on-screen dialogue, making it easier to hear all of the NFL commentary during games. The Smart TV also offers apps, streaming services and advanced controls. Turn your TV into a work of art when you're not watching football. Samsung's The Frame Smart TV has a built-in motion sensor that wakes your device to display your favorite artwork in 4K resolution as you enter the room. Whether you're admiring Hopper's "Early Sunday Morning" or jamming along to Carrie Underwood's Sunday night football intro, this QLED TV produces 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR films for television. You can now save $400 on Samsung's larger 75-inch The Frame model. Watch NFL stars compete in beautiful color and vibrancy on this 75-inch 4K Samsung TV. The 4K smart device also offers tailored streaming and live TV recommendations with on-screen instructions. The Samsung 4K Neo QLED has top-of-the-line features including a premium audio technology called Object-Tracking Sound (OTS). The Samsung 4K Neo QLED also has an integrated Alexa assistant. The 65-inch Sony Bravia XR OLED 4K TV features a cognitive processor designed to deliver intense contrast with pure black, high peak brightness and natural colors. This smart TV offers access to Google TV and works with most voice assistants. This 75-inch Amazon Fire TV features a 4K UHD display and enhanced color and clarity thanks to Dolby Vision. The TV also supports voice control with Amazon Alexa. Its high picture quality and large format make this TV a solid choice for football fans - and it's hard to find a screen this big at such a low price. It runs on Amazon's Fire TV platform, so you can stream new shows from Hulu, Netflix, and more without having to connect additional devices. You can also watch live TV on this device. See every game in all its glory with this 50" TCL set. The 4K TV features QLED technology, 4K resolution and Dolby Vision. All of these features work together to improve the sharpness, brightness, color, and contrast of an image. A medium-sized TV with a diagonal of 55 to 65 inches is the ideal size for many living rooms. The best viewing distance for a 55-inch 4K TV like this model is between 4.5 and 7 feet. Amazon Fire 4-Series TV 55-inch 4K TV with Alexa built-in, $430 (reduced from $520) If all you need is more screen, this 86-inch LG TV should fill your spot. This large TV is sure to show you every inch of the big game. Are you buying your first TV to watch the Super Bowl on a big screen? Roku devices, Amazon Fire Sticks, and more ways to stream the 2022 NFL season, plus tons of great shows and movies. Among the streaming hardware giants, the Roku Express 4K+ offers the most options and apps, including NFL-friendly streaming services like Hulu, YouTubeTV, and FuboTV. Apple supporters, or anyone with an Apple One subscription package, should consider watching NFL live streams on an Apple TV 4K device that comes equipped with Dolby Vision, a new and improved Siri-enabled remote control, and SharePlay, which lets you play the game along with a group of friends. Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K is a streaming device that will appeal to anyone with an Alexa-enabled home. You can switch between games using the device's voice remote ("Alexa, turn on AFC Championship..."). It offers 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+ in addition to Dolby Atmos audio, plus access to thousands of channels, some of which are free. * NFL Week 3 Streaming Guide: How to stream Sunday football games on CBS, NBC, Fox and more * NFL Week 3 Streaming Guide: How to watch the Los Angeles Rams - Arizona Cardinals game today * NFL Week 3 Streaming Guide: How to watch the Atlanta Falcons – Seattle Seahawks game today * The best TVs for watching NFL football in 2022: Samsung, LG, Sony and more * The best 55-inch TVs in 2022: LG OLEDs, Samsung “The Frame” and more * Best 65-inch TVs TVs of 2022: Amazon Fire Omni TV, Samsung 'The Frame' and more * Best 75-inch TVs of 2022: Sony Bravia XR, Samsung's 'The Frame' and more


How repeat tax looms over Lakers' failure to trade Russell Westbrook

The Lakers have a history of household attention (Author: Gardener)

LakersThe events of the past week have dealt a severe blow to thousands of Los Angeles Lakers fans who have been desperate for a trade with Russell Westbrook. It started Wednesday when Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan announced that Myles Turner would start the season in Indiana. A day later, Utah traded Bojan Bogdanovic, the centerpiece of a possible Westbrook deal, for the Detroit Pistons. Never say never in the modern NBA, but with Utah practically out of the running and Indiana taking a public farewell, it certainly looks like Westbrook will start the season in purple and gold. It doesn't feel like Westbrook is keen on playing another season for the Lakers. So why couldn't the team find a satisfying trade? We can at least pay lip service to the idea that the Lakers wanted Westbrook back. Of course, those trade rumors wouldn't have lasted five months if the Lakers had liked the idea of ​​having Westbrook on their basketball team. After the season Westbrook just had, no one would. It was widely reported that Indiana wanted two first-round picks from the Lakers to consider a package built around Turner and Buddy Hield. The Lakers don't seem ready to meet that price tag. But the Bogdanovic trade clouds that idea a bit. The Pistons managed to win it without giving up a single first-round pick. Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune reported that the Jazz could have gotten a first-round pick from other teams, but such a deal would have included a long-term salary. Westbrook has an expiring contract. At the very least, this suggests that if the Lakers wanted to make a single-choice trade with Utah, they probably could have done so. They didn't, and if they were never willing to give up a single choice, they had to know from the start that they wouldn't be able to trade Westbrook at all. It was widely reported that one sticking point was that the Lakers didn't want to take a long-term salary in a Westbrook trade. The Athletic's Sam Amick and Jovan Buha reported that the Lakers hope to add star-level free agency talent via cap space in 2023, rather than abandoning their draft picks for immediate upgrades, but as appealing as that vision is on the surface may appear, the reality is not quite so rosy. The Lakers literally can't make a maximum cap spot next summer. The projected cap for the 2023-24 season is $134 million. Even if they dumped every other player and stuck to their books, the 10 incomplete roster fees the Lakers would be left with alongside their two stars would put them around $99 million on the books. That's roughly $35 million in caps, a number that looks enticing at first but would actually mean pay cuts for Kyrie Irving and Khris Middleton. The best player likely to achieve unrestricted free agency for the Lakers to sign on a market value contract would likely be Fred VanVleet. Given all of this, does it really sound like it makes sense for the Lakers to throw away what may be the last season of LeBron's prime for cap rank, which doesn't seem particularly valuable? until you see the secondary value of cap space. From a practical point of view, it's almost impossible to pay the luxury tax when you're operating below the salary cap. Creating cap space usually means relinquishing the rights to your expensive free agents. Once you've signed new ones, you rarely have the residual rights you need to spend across the border or the leftover salary to make your way into tax territory. The Lakers have paid the tax for the past two seasons. Barring anything drastic, they'll pay it again this season. If a team has paid the tax in three of the previous four seasons, they will be assessed a highly punishing repeat penalty. The Lakers paid an estimated $202 million in salaries and taxes last season. Had they been considered repeat offenders, that total would have been approximately $222 million. With reports that the new CBA could create a tougher luxury tax, that bump could be even bigger when next season arrives. Reaching the tax cap next season will be a lot harder than it has been in years past because the cap is increasing so quickly. The projected taxpayer number for the 2023-24 season is $162 million. For example, imagine the Lakers made the Indiana trade for Turner and Hield. Turner would need to be renewed, and while he won't come close to the Max deal DeAndre Ayton just signed, a fairer analogue might be the $100 million deal Jarrett Allen signed in Cleveland before he All -Star became. Adjusting that contract for inflation would make Turner around $24 million a year. That number already puts the Lakers over $130 million, accounting for just four players. From this perspective, expiring contracts come with long-term costs if you plan to keep them. The Lakers probably weren't too keen on giving up first-round picks for players like Bogdanovic, Clarkson and Malik Beasley when tax concerns would see them out of Los Angeles after just one season. They've already given up Talen Horton-Tucker to bring in Patrick Beverley, a player whose cap hold they'll need to forgo next offseason to maximize their cap space. While Austin Reaves will have a low enough cap to remain in restricted free agency even after spending the cap, his final salary will count toward the luxury tax line. All of this is to say that trading with expiring salaries would have put the Lakers in a difficult position, especially from a visual point of view. They could keep all of those upcoming free agents after trading for them, just like they can keep Reaves and Beverley... but that would not only mean avoiding cap space, it would mean getting close to, and possibly exceeding, the control line . You could let some of those players walk, but that would not only represent wasted fortune but also anger a fan base that expects the NBA's third most valuable franchise to spend commensurate with its sizable earnings. Building caps, which in all likelihood takes the luxury tax off the table entirely, solves this problem at the expense of the 2022-23 season. The 2022-23 season doesn't seem like a fair price for future tax cuts when the team paying those taxes makes an estimated $150 million annually in local television revenue alone, but the Lakers aren't operating like their big-market rivals. The Lakers simply spent less on their roster than the diminutive Milwaukee Bucks in a supposedly all-in season. As a cost-cutting maneuver, they often start the season with an empty roster slot. None of this is meant to suggest that the Lakers are cheap by typical NBA standards. Given the budget constraints they've displayed over the past few years, it's just hard to imagine the Lakers willingly paying the repeat tax. Was that the only reason they kept Russell Westbrook? But given the way the Lakers have operated over the past few years, it certainly seems likely that the repeater tax was a factor in how they decided to create this roster. Trading Westbrook would have cost picks in the distant future, but in the meantime it would have cost dollars too, and in the end the Lakers seem to have decided they're not willing to pay both of them for a chance to compete this season.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from September 23rd

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns returned to SmackDown on Friday night, but it wasn't the championship leader or the SmackDown Tag Team... (Author: Gardener)

September 23rdUndisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns returned to Smackdown on Friday night, but it wasn't The Head of the Table or the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match between The Usos and The Brawling Brutes that caught the attention of fans. Instead, it was the culmination of the mysterious “White Rabbit” mystery that engulfed the wrestling world in the wake of Monday's Raw and heralded a big reveal on this week's show, what does WWE mean to move forward? Find out with this recap of Fox's Sept. 22 broadcast. SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: Brawling Brutes vs. The Usos (c) Broadcast. A standard promo featuring typically great mic work from Heyman gave way to a fantastically tense moment involving The Head of the Table and so-called "Honorary Uce", Sami Zayn, to which WWE's top dog responded by asking why the lovable loser continues to join the faction and why he wears a Bloodline shirt. While he's a great heel, there's a certain appreciation and justice that Zayn instilled in the fans, and their fear of the suddenly serious, potentially dangerous situation he was putting himself in manifested itself in a tension we're normally associated with not watch WWE programs. When Jey Uso ripped said shirt off the man he'd despised for the last month, it seemed like Zayn was about to be spanked. Instead, Reigns presented him with his own shirt, much to the Tag Team Champion's dismay, and the group exited the ring together to close the segment. That was great character work and an even better example of why Reigns is one of the most compelling performers in wrestling. It works so well with Zayn's "just wants to fit in" persona and the fans ate it up. As long as the story doesn't drag on too long, this will be one hell of a payoff and one that will propel Zayn into a star like he's never been in WWE. "You don't boo the wise," said Paul Heyman, drawing even more derision. "Now that Drew McIntyre has another bridge to *clear* Kross... let's talk about Solo." Heyman was fired up to start the show. "Solo was sent by the elders of the Samoan dynasty." "Someone had to stop these conspiracies against your tribal chief!" "The elders may have sent you, but now answer me. Confirm me,” Reigns asked Sikoa for our shirt? What do you want?” Reigns asked Zayn. "You'll never wear it again because I got you a new one," Reigns said before tossing Zayn a new "Honorary Uce" shirt, much to the chagrin of Jey Die SmackDown -Women's Champion Liv Morgan continued her challenge to Ronda Rousey for an Extreme Rules Match by fighting Lacey Evans in a non-title match. However, the champion proved her resilience and hit back, finishing Evans with a Codebreaker and ObLIVion. After the match, Morgan teased that she didn't have the so-called "killer instinct" to hit Rousey, only to unload on her opponent with a kendo stick and send her into the guardrail. Fans have to believe she has a shot in hell of beating Rousey on October 8th or the reaction will be similar to what happened at SummerSlam where she was booed for weeks following the controversial conclusion of tha This went a long way towards making this happen and won over the crowd as it felt like WWE fans were fully behind Morgan for the first time in months. Michael Cole floated the idea that Morgan wasn't anywhere near extreme enough to justify her challenge to Rousey for an Extreme Rules match at the upcoming Premium Live Event, citing Evans' intensity and aggression against the relatively reserved champion called Graves. The New Day next fought Maximum Male Models' mån.sôör and ma.cé in tag team action, with Max and Maxxine Dupri watching from the ring as New Day clinched their first win in what felt like ages. Unfortunately, this wasn't about Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods at all. Instead, it was about the gradual disconnect between Max and the rest of the team as he angrily struggled to remove his jacket and then banged it down. Hopefully this will lead to the return of LA Knight as the MMM act doesn't click on that period and further wasting the talented and charismatic performer in his role as Max makes little sense. Maxxine grabbed a camera from one of the ringside photographers and began taking photos, which eventually led to the finish. The ring was reinforced for the big men's match Braun Strowman versus Otis. The Monster Among Monsters and Alpha Academy's big hoss engaged in a physical fight that involved several Force-based points, including Otis narrowly escaping a powerslam and apparently hitting Strowman with a Vader Bomb. The 2022 Hall of Famer Ode wasn't enough to hold his opponent down, however, as Strowman hit back and delivered a stunning powerbomb for the hard-fought win. Strowman has been looking great since his return n and is clearly motivated to prove those who decided to release him wrong. Strowman is massively over, as evidenced by the reaction from fans in Salt Lake City, and that bodes well for his eventual rise in the ranks of WWE. Strowman delivered an awe-inspiring dropkick that caught Otis off guard from the start. The former Universal Champion rolled over Otis and Gable at ringside, then sent the latter into timekeeper's area. Drew McIntyre stepped into the ring to greet Karrion Kross and her youngest Addressing issues, revealing the two will meet at Extreme Rules in a Strap Match. Kross attempted a sneak attack and McIntyre responded, knocking him out and whipping him with the leather strap. An opportunistic Scarlett created a distraction and Kross took over, knocking out the former WWE Champion and using the Kross Jacket's submission to put his rival to sleep. This was a solid segment that brought more heat to Kross and proved the important role Scarlett will play in his success. It also exposes him as a false promise and proves that his doomsday speeches really depend on her ability to create a distraction. McIntyre is such an effective babyface that this has worked very well so far, but the feud's success will be judged by the match at Extreme Rules and the resulting booking. "I don't like playing games and if you have a problem with me, meet me in the ring and we'll find out," McIntyre spoke of his fondness for dealing. Kross attempted a sneak attack, but McIntyre cut him off and whipped him with a strap. Scarlett threw a fireball at McIntyre and then low hit him to stop his momentum. "See you at Extreme Rules!" Kross accepted the challenge while locking the Scottish warrior in the Kross jacket. Raquel Rodriguez fought Damage Ctrl's Dakota Kai in the next match of the night. When it looked like Bayley and Iyo Sky might intervene on Kai's behalf, Shotzi entered the ring and unloaded on the former. The distraction allowed Rodriguez to score the upset win over Kai. A post-game smack from the heels ended when Shotzi entered the square circle and fended them off with Rodriguez. Damage Ctrl currently fights everyone, but in this case it's somewhat welcome. Shotzi has long been underappreciated and underused, and if Feud with Bayley & Co. as a babyface puts her on TV and gives her more opportunities, then move on. Partnering with Rodriguez is certainly an interesting choice given the number of times they wrestled in the months leading up to the turnaround. Hopefully that changes sooner rather than later.SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Brawling Brutes vs. The UsosThe Usos attempted to continue their historic reign as undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions as they primarily faced off against The Brawling Brutes defended event. Jimmy and Jey processed Butch and took control of the match while Zayn talked nonsense from a distance. Despite the hits he took early and often, Butch came back into the match late, wiping out opponents and scoring a near fall on Jey that left Zayn gasping at ringside. When Zayn tried to interfere late on, Sheamus interrupted him, only to be attacked by Imperium's Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci. The attack, a precursor to next week's Intercontinental Championship match between The Celtic Warrior and The Ring General, created a distraction that allowed the Usos to recover and deliver the 1-D to Butch for the win. This was a fantastic match with layered storytelling, Butch's best main lineup performance yet and an angle to intensify the heat between Sheamus vs Gunther II. The talent involved was off the charts, Zayn and Jey added to their disagreement, and the crowd has enough ammunition to question whether the Usos really are the best team in wrestling. A great match is enough to earn a high grade. Add even better storytelling and you have the best. The Usos defeated The Brawling Brutes to keep Jey, playing up his disdain for Zayn and ordering him to walk away while he continued to fight The Bruiserweight. Zayn argued with Jey and asked if he wanted to come with DQ as he fought Butch at ringside. Butch attempted a moonsault on the middle rope, but the Usos caught him with stereo superkicks, resulting in a near fall that burst the crowd and left Zayn upset at ringside.


Ime Udoka has put the Celtics in a terrible position, and other thoughts

It seems nothing has gone right for the Celtics since the death of Bill Russell and the unanswered questions about the recent controversy only make matters worse. (Author: Gardener)

CelticsIme Udoka has admitted his wrongdoing and accepted his punishment from the Celtics. Pieces picked up while looking forward to a big bowl of embarrassment at Celtics media day on Monday... · Ime Udoka has been suspended for a year and it's hard to imagine him returning to the Celtics bench. Twenty-four hours later, the Celtics announced in a brief statement (released during "Thursday Night Football" and Red Sox vs. Aaron Judge) that their coach had been suspended for "violations" of team policy. Minutes later, Udoka made his own brief statement, apologizing to everyone and accepting the team's decision. Friday morning, a full 36 hours after reports of the scandal first leaked, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck and basketball operations president Brad Stevens finally met with the media and admitted they had known about Udoka's inappropriate relationship with a for several months had female team member. The Celtics bosses said they hired a law firm to investigate the situation over the summer and only received the firm's findings on Wednesday. The inquest, the coach's hefty suspension, and Grousbeck's admission that only Udoka was punished suggest that there was more to Udoka's behavior. Speculation is rife and will continue to be, given the Celtics' notoriety, potential liability and the team's need to protect privacy. Both Grousbeck and Stevens acknowledged that harm has already been done to women members of the organization who have seen their names and photos floating in the social media cesspool. Stevens was almost in tears on Friday as he said: "We have a lot of talented women in our organization and I thought yesterday [Thursday] was really tough for them. Nobody can control speculation and rampant Twitter speculation, but I think we have a responsibility as an organization to make sure we're there to support them now because a lot of people have been unfairly implicated." And it won't be any time soon better. Udoka, who led the team to the NBA Finals in his only season, has put the Celtics in a terrible position. Say hello to your new coach, Joe Mazzulla, who is 34 and was the only head coach at Fairmont State, a Division 2 school in West Virginia. It's a thin resume for a man who's just been handed the keys to a Rolls-Royce that's expected to be heading back to the NBA Finals. I would feel better if Stevens returned to coaching for a year. I would feel better if Frank Vogel was called in as caretaker. I would feel better if Larry Bird came out of retirement to go back to the bench for a year. It feels like nothing has gone right for this team since Bill Russell passed away on the last day of July. Celtics Vice President of Public Relations Heather Walker has had some time with President Biden when POTUS visited the JFK library as part of his trip to Boston in September (since the summer of 2021 due to brain cancer) and headed to Dorchester with her husband Stephen, when Biden was in town to promote his Cancer Moonshot initiative. Biden's son Beau died of glioblastoma in 2015, and the president recognized Walker's plight when he met her in a reception line before his speech. Recalling the encounter, Walker said: "He said, 'Oh my god, you poor baby' and just gave me a hug like someone who's known me for years. He said, "One day we're going to heal this." "It helps when you're going through something that awful to have a moment like that. · Quiz: Aaron Judge has a chance to win the American League Triple Crown. List baseball's last five Triple Crown winners and the years they won (answer below). · Wondering why professional athletes don't necessarily trust team doctors? Check out the cases of Red Sox substitute Garrett Whitlock and Celtics center Robert Williams III. The Sox foolishly let Whitlock play meaningless games in recent weeks despite limping with a right hip impact. They closed him for good on Wednesday, announcing that he will have hip surgery in New York in the coming week. The Celtics had at least one reason to play Williams in the 2022 playoffs after he underwent surgery in March for a torn meniscus in his left knee. Williams has now had another operation on the same knee and is expected to be out again at the start of the season. · Enjoy it while it lasts: Dennis Eckersley is expected to play seven more Red Sox games before retiring from the dressing room. Eck will be high above Fenway for all four games with the Orioles starting Monday. He will be back for the final three games of the October 3-5 season. · Most Buffalo thing ever: Students in the Orchard Park and Frontier Central school districts near Highmark Stadium were released early last Monday to make way for the Bills-Titans at 7:15 Monday Night Football . Grousbeck told The Globe's Adam Himmelsbach, "I think we're going to spend about $200 million on the squad this year, and Brad has the green light to spend more ... You can actually look at what we're doing, which is doing what we're doing can win a league…money isn't an issue at all and this squad shows that.” Wow. Remember the good old days when the Red Sox ran their team this way? · Retired South Shore dentist Jim Lonborg, who turned 80 this year, gave up Mickey Mantle's 536th and final homer in September. A few old-timers recalled that it was the late Spiro T. Agnew — once governor of Maryland and most famously as Richard Nixon's vice president — who performed the memorable alliteration. What few know is that young Billy Belichick worked as a caddy for Agnew while growing up in Annapolis. I couldn't get Bill to tell me if Agnew was a good typist. · Staying on our political topic, did you know that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was a baseball captain at Yale, where he worked with former Red Sox left-hander Craig Breslow? DeSantis grew up in Dunedin, Florida, home of the Blue Jays, and played on a little league team that went as far as Williamsport. His Dunedin high school team beat future Big Leaguer Rick Ankiel in a state semifinal, and DeSantis batted .313 in four seasons at Yale. The late President George Bush was a 1948 Yale captain and was famously photographed with Babe Ruth when the dying Bambino came to New Haven in the spring of 1948. · Time Flies Dept.: I remember Florida State's Buster Posey dominating a weekend series against Boston College at Commander Shea Field in 2008. Posey won three World Series with the Giants and, at the age of 35, is about to join the Giants ownership group. So far he looks like Sam Horn with a much better glove. He's scheduled to debate with his opponent, Senator Raphael Warnock, on Oct. 14, but warned his supporters, "He's going to show up and embarrass me at the debate." Speaking of fools, Kyrie Irving took to Instagram and shared a discredited conspiracy theory the New World Order titled "Alex Jones Tried to Warn Us". Gene's 97-year-old father died in a car accident in South Deerfield on Labor Day morning. DeFilippo was a World War II veteran, a Holy Cross quarterback in the 1946 Orange Bowl, and a longtime history teacher and coach at Northampton High School. His grandson, John DeFilippo, is the quarterbacks coach for the Chicago Bears. RIP Jerry D'Alfonso, grandfather of the late Pete Frates and inventor of the Globe's Living/Arts section. A regular at baseball games in BC, while Pete was patrolling the outfield for the Eagles, Jerry lived to be 90 and died on September 11, 1948.